Poo in Burger King

To Ashley - Your in luck, it happens so that i do have a story almost exactly what you said. This happened like a year ago...

My best friend Holly slept over at mine, she was complaining that her stomach hurt and she was constipated. I just tried to comfort her and said we've all been there. She didn't stop complaining about it though. So i offered her a laxative, she took it and said "when will it take affect?" I had no clue and i couldn't read the label so i just said to her u'll know...

Then she did, the next morning when she woke up. She said to me "omg! My stomach hurt because i couldn't poop and now it hurts because I'm desperate!" I was like "ermm yea that is what a laxative does" She refused to go in my toilet. So she sat just farting, holding her stomach and having a hard time keeping her monster in. She was pulling an oh no face, her eyes was squinting. I was sitting next to her and i could easily hear her insides going mad! So many bubble noises and sharp movements that made Holly screech. I said will you just go to the toilet already, i know you need a poo i don't care. She said "I'm fine! Lets go to town ey?" She struggled to get up, Waddled over to the door and put her shoes on. I just went with the flow. So we was in town within 5 minutes because i live practically in it. She wanted to find a fast food place and i knew why obviously.

So we were in burger king and Holly ordered a meal, i didn't have a clue what she was doing. It's like she was trying to cover up, it wasn't working even the way she ate was reveling that she needed a toilet. So i just said finally "Holly, i know you need to go" her entire face went red and she leaned over and said "I know I'm just so embarrassed!" I simply told her it'll get worse, you'll mess your bum soon honey. She nodded then got up to go use the toilet. I followed her without her realizing and went in the stall next to her. I just wanted to make sure she was ok, and i kinda needed to go too.

Holly's bowels erupted. I heard mush and liquid pouring out of her quite furiously, a few wet farts. Then i heard several moans and then yet another wave of horrible poo. She just didn't stop! I decided to go, i don't really like using public toilets but i felt bad for holly. So i pushed out quite a big log, i didn't sit on the seat though i squatted. I had a hard time pushing while Holly shat all over the toilet. Then i envied her. There was me really struggling to push mine out but i know i needed it out my system. And then her struggling to stop. Then i started hearing Holly crying in between her disgusting poo farts (poo farts - poo that comes out with a noise) after crying a bit she had yet another wave where it sounded like she was peeing out her ass. But it was just really loose diarrhea, it lasted about 2 minutes then it suddenly stopped. Then it was silent and Holly's feet were moving vigorously as if she had horrible cramps, then a huge fart and a massive splosh in the toilet. Then she gave off a big sigh as if to say she was done. At that moment i washed my hands, Holly came out with tears down her face and with her undone jeans though they weren't pulled down. I said "feel better now?" she nodded no and said she didn't know what to do. She showed me the cubicle...

I lurked in and saw some poo on the floor where she had missed abit but that wasn't the problem. The toilet was so filled up. Not just by solids but by a high rise of the water thanks to her diarrhea. The foulest thing I've seen by far, I'm surprised she showed me. I said lets go, just leave it. We did and Holly felt better. As we were walking out i spotted that Holly had a poo stain on the back of her jeans, she must of not completely made it then. After town she went home in a hurry, i presumed that she needed to go again. Bless her little heart shes not used to having pooping problems.

Megan xxx


Back to the old house with Kirsty

I took Kirsty to that old house I pood in a while ago. We both needed to go quite badly & Kirsty was holding her bum. I couldn't wait to see Kirsty release her load & by the way she was holding her bum I was sure it wouldn't be long. Kirsty went upstairs & I followed behind her. I got a great view of her bum & as she walked up the stairs she suddenly moaned, "Oh no." When she got to top she stopped on the landing & took her hand away from her bum. I watched her bum from few steps bellow her as she let out a long loud fart. The air filled with the smell of stale poo & I knew what was coming next. Sure enough there was a sort of squelching crackling sound & then a bulge started to form in the back of Kirsty's ski pants. She peed all down her legs as the bulge continued to grow. By the time Kirsty stopped going her ski pants were hanging down heavily from the weight of that massive poo she'd done. When she took them off she was lucky that her pants had held all the poo & none had got on her ski pants. She just put the ski pants back on without her pants. I was getting pretty desperate myself by now but I wasn't prepared to do it in my pants so I pulled my skirt up & removed my pants. I squatted over Kirsty's pile & emptied my full bladder all over it. I was a little bit constipated so I had to push quite hard to get my poo to come out.


in the dark

hi im nick im 17 my story is about pooing in the woods. i was playing manhunt and i was climbing a tree when my gut rumbled and let out a wet fart and felt sumthing got exit my butt. im immedialy jumped out the tree and ran further in the woods and my gut groaned again so i ripped down my pants and released a huge wave of liquid poo. it smelt terrible but it felt great i wana do it more often the outside freedom was great

Jaded Jarrod: I love your stories about pooping at school.


Poo in peace

Hi I live in a house with lots of people where I find it hard to have a private poo. I baby sit for this family twice a week, they have an old house with 3 toilets .I find their toilet in the garage is very private where I go and sit for about. 30 mins to empty my bowels. Today I thought the toilet was going to clog, as I hadn't pooped in 4days and it took 5 flushes over an hour with a bucket of water to clear away my poo.

Hi everyone, Leanne here, and standing behind me is Emma! She has a story of her own to tell, but so do I, and since I'm sitting at my laptop I get to go first!

Well, this evening I thought I'd cook a nice stir fry for dinner. This basically meant I couldn't leave the kitchen until it was done, in case I ruined it (which I have done before...) Needless to say, pretty much as soon as I started cooking I started to need a poo. I thought nothing of it at first, but soon I really had to go. I was dancing around the kitchen and holding my bum with my hand. There was nobody else in the kitchen, so I couldn't ask them to watch my food for a couple of minutes. I was getting really desperate by now, and then the sound of salvation- the door to our flat opened, and in came (you guessed it) Emma, laden down with shopping bags.
"Can you watch my food for a few minutes?" I said. "I'm bursting for a poo!" After a good laugh she said sure, so I hurried off to my room and sat on the loo. A big log quickly slid out and landed with a big splash, followed soon after by a smaller one. And then that was it! All that trouble for relatively little reward. I wiped and returned to the kitchen in time to find Emma having a cheeky taste of my stir fry! Taking advantage of another girl's dilemma to steal some food- how could she!

Hi everyone, this is Emma! I'm so surprised that there's a website like this, where everyone talks so openly about things that are, to most people, private matters, and that everyone does it in such a friendly fashion too! So, here's my story. I hope you enjoy it.

As you can tell from Leanne's story above, I went shopping today, at the same shopping centre we went to before that Leanne mentioned in a previous post. For lunch as soon as I arrived I went to Burger King this time (not very ladylike, I know, but it was cheap and tasty!) and had a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a large sprite. As I made my way around various shops my stomach started to hurt slightly, but I felt fine so I carried on. This mall has four sets of toilets; two on each floor, one at each end of the centre. I had peed before lunch in the ones in the food court. Since I knew the sort of handbag I wanted, but not where they were actually being sold, I spent a couple of hours wandering round all the different clothing and fashion shops, as well as the department stores, during which I was distracted by various other shiny things! I arrived at the mall at about 1 and got the tram home at about 4, and by about half past two I felt like I had to go for a poo. I had popped into La Senza (for all you non-British posters that's a lingerie shop) and was trying to find something that fitted and suited me (fairly hard since I'm fairly chubby and have big boobs), which of course involved lots of time in the fitting rooms. I knew I had to go and go quite soon, but I wasn't desperate. Not yet. I spent about 20 minutes in there trying to find something, and eventually I did. Standing at the checkout paying, my stomach started to feel really gassy and painful. But I still hadn't found the handbag, and the pain was only temporary, so I carried on shopping, occasionally letting out a fart when I was standing still looking at a display to ease the pressure. By 3 I could tell it was going to be a big poo, and not only that, but probably a runny or mushy sort. I tried one more shop for my handbag (no luck) and then made for the toilets at the other end of the centre which I had been working my way towards. I was really quite desperate for a poo now, and farting every few seconds (mercifully they were silent). I walked quickly towards the toilets on the upper floor, trying not to make it obvious that I had to poo (although from reading Leanne's post last time we were here, I probably failed at that). I reached them, and entered. Just like the other set there were 12 cubicles, six on each side. Unlike the other set, they were all occupied, and there was a line. Only a line of three people, but still. I groaned inwardly and joined the queue of fidgeting women. The woman at the front of the queue, about 40, didn't seem to be in any hurry, and neither did the teenager in front of me. But the young blonde girl in the middle of the queue was rocking from side to side, with one hand holding her stomach. It was clear she had to poo. It was also clear that quite a few women in the cubicles were doing just that. The smell was quite strong and I could hear plops, farts and grunts as well as peeing. Quickly enough one woman flushed and came out. The desperate girl moved to the front of the queue. I pretended to be nonchalant while actually squeezing my bum cheeks together and praying the line moved a bit faster. A minute or so later the toilet closest to me on the right flushed and the girl shot past the exiting woman and locked the door. A girl came out down the end and the girl ahead of me made her way there, meaning I was next. Two more girls joined the queue behind me with their mother. I could hear the desperate girl getting seated on the toilet, and then I heard a series of loud plops. This just made me need to go worse. I shifted my weight, trying to hold my poo in. I was dying for my poo now, and I was so relieved when I heard a flush. The cubicle second on the left opened, and I quickly entered, locked the door, and hung my bags up on the door hook. I checked the seat, which was clean, and started undoing my belt and jeans. I thought for a moment I had left it too late, because as I lowered my jeans and started to turn around I felt my poo start to come out. I hurriedly pulled down my thong and sat on the loo.
Almost immediately I farted, a long and relatively quiet one. This was followed instantly by about seven or eight soft pieces of poo that just shot out of me. I groaned and leaned back against the wall, resting my hands on my (apparently amazing, eh Leanne?) thighs. I farted again and a load of runny shit came out. I felt like a volcano operating in reverse, and I moaned again and spread my legs so i could relax more. After the diarrhea came a sort of clump of mushy poo, which came out slowly like Mr whippy ice cream! It felt sooooo good, pushing out all this poo that I had been holding for a couple of hours. A few more farts were next. Then I pushed out a couple of logs, which were still soft but at least felt solid. Then things fell silent for a while. I could definitely tell I had more to come, but it was taking its time to move down to my hole. Not so for some of the other girls in the toilets, including one of the young girls who was behind me in the queue who had entered the stall on my left. I recognised her shoes while she was moving around, and she was dropping turds every ten seconds or so. Regular as clockwork!
After an embarrassingly loud fart my next log came out, but didn't splash because of all the other poo in the bowl! A final squirt of runny stuff and a couple of small logs and I felt like I was finally done. Looking in the bowl all I could see was poo! There was absolutely loads of it. I was amazed it had all come from me! It took a lot of paper to get my bum clean, and after flushing and washing my hands I checked my watch and saw that I had been seated on the loo for 18 minutes! I wasn't really surprised given that I had done such a big poo, had to wait for the second half of it and that I like to take my time and enjoy myself. It was such a relief to finally sit down and start pushing it out- one of the best poos I've had for a while! Oh, and I never did find my handbag!

Leanne here again. Hope you all enjoyed Emma's story. To reply to an anonymous poster- no, we have never actually watched each other poo, but who knows- maybe some time in the future! I know I'd happily help Emma get through a tough poo- and she's just told me she'd do the same thing for me! Aww.

Well, that's enough from us for now. Bye everyone! Will post again more soon.

Love Leanne & Emma XXX

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors Three Day Stay

As Janet and I painted moving dow the right side of the workshed the sun was now beating down making Janets shit bake in the sun and we both could smell her shits strong oder. Plus it sure had atracted a lot of flies! So I went and got a shovel scooped her shit up along with Jills old yellow pair of panties and heaved it all out into the field there behind the workshed.

No more flies along with not having to smell shit all the time was a big relief. Janet and I soon were working on the back side of the workshop painting it. I worked down to where Janet was reaching. I soon had my section of the back finished and I went around the cornet to the left side where Jill had been painting by herself all this time.

Jills first words to me were; Well about time you got around to me! I said back to Jill; Well I went to the right instead of going left thats all. Well you wanted to be with Janet Jill next said to me. Well it sounds like someone is a little jelous right now; I said back to Jill. No I'm not! Jill said back to me. I was alone thats all. Well I'm here now. By the way Jill your work does look good. Jill smiled now over being mad and she smiled and said thank you.

I did ask Jill if she had taken a break. No not a single time not even for going pee! I sbet you two did! I laughed and told Jill that Janet and I had. I told her that Janet took a wicked smelly shit which now was out in the field along with Jills old yellow panties. When Jill heard me say her old yellow panties she laughed hard. Jill even asked me if her shit was still there. I laughed and told her that her shit was long gone.

Then Jill said to me; Well I could leave another one! I said back to her; Why do you have to go? Jill giggled and told me that she felt like she could do a poop. I tthen told her not here. How bout up behind the big barn where the hay and horse manure is? That way no smell,no flies, and I don't have to shovel shit! Jill laughed and said back to me as she was now laughing; Let's go! So we took the walk going behind the small barn and up behind the big barn to the hay and manure pile that was behind the big barn.

Once we got to the pile of hay and manure Jill noticed that she had red paint splotches on her arms,legs, and she asked me if there was any paint on her face. There was and I told her. I have paint ome too and I bet that Janet does too. When we are done we'll get cleaned up. It's latex paint so it will only take soap and water to get cleaned up.

Jill now had stepped over by the manure pile and pulled her shorts down and squated her bare ass over the front part of the pile. Jill started pising first with a good hard stream of light yellow piss which hissed loudly and wetted some of the hay quickly. Her piss was a short one and it died out as I saw now a turtle head shit poking down from her ass now.

It was a chunky looking stub that slowly moved. It was a brown color. Jill asked me if I could see it yet. I told her that I could. So Jill bent down placing her hands out in front of her on the ground and took a look back. Then she said giggling; I have a fat turtle head! With Jill now bent over to watch herself shit I stepped so that I could watch from behind her.

Jill wasn't ding any pushing. Her turtle head took its time but did get longer not being a turtle head any more. When it had reached maybe 5 inches long it drropped down into the hay pile. Then Jill started pissing again which was only for several seconds and then she stopped. A second same colored brown turtle head shit now poked itself outward moving slow just like the first one had. Jill still bent down and watching giggled and said; Here comes number two!

This was like the first shit chunky and knobby looking. This time it only reached about three nches in length and it fell into the hay pile. Then Jill finished off her piss which lasted only again several seconds. Then now done she went back to squating and as she stood up she pulled her shorts up.

There was a pitchfork in the pile so I pulled it out and I covered Jills shit over with hay. Then shoved the pitchfork back into te pile. Then we started our walk back to the workshop shed. Jill asked if we could take a break. You can if you want Jill. I want to finish before I take one. So when we had walked past the middle barn Janet was now on the left side of the workshed and was painting it.

Jill went up to the house to get herself a cold drink. Janet asked me wjere we had gone. I told Janet Jill took a shit but I made her go up and use the hoarses manure pile. Janet laughed. Good idea! Don't need to have more shit around here! I laughed and I went over climbed up the ladder nad started painting. Jill soon came back from her short break joined in and less then a half hour later we were done! To be continuied.

To Jaded Jarrod- That was such an awesome story! But it must have been hard for your friend to hold it in while you went to drop your load. The people at your school really don't know their manners huh.
To Bri- That story was so good. I liked it when Kelly yelled that she messed her panties. Keep up the good posts.

I have a story here which happened two days ago. My dad picked me up from the prom which was about 10pm and drove me home. I kinda ate too much so while we were going home the urge hit me. I thought, well,I'll just wait till we get home and then I'll sit on the can. That was a slight traffic jam so we stopped. Then my stomach let out this huge noise, like a toilet being flushed and then stones falling into it, and my stomach was so painful that I literally clutched my stomach and bent down till my head was in between my knees. My dad took another route and he started speeding because he did not want splatter in his GTR. :( Then we were stopped by a policeman and was asked to pull over 'cos we passed the limit.

So my dad wound the window down when the policeman knocked on it. The policeman asked us for the reason when I farted a stink bomb and I groaned. My father was desperate, saying I need to get my son to a toilet and the policeman (understanding my needs) said there was one in front of us. We stopped there and I got out and went to the bathroom. At the same time there was a guy in his 20's with bermuda shorts who went into the bathroom. There was a sink and two cubicles there. I chose the one on the left and the other guy took the right. Then we discovered that the wall had been removed and we saw each other face to face. There were two squatting toilets. So the guy said there's nothing to it and we should just go even though there was no privacy. I dropped my khaki's and breathing a sigh of relief I let out a wave of stinky, watery poop onto the toilet. The other guy smelled my load and said wow you really need to go. Then he dropped his shorts and immediately dropped some big long sausages. He grunted and pushed out some soft poop. It was a real stinker. Anyways, I started pushing out some sticky poop and then I realized that the guy and I had pooped before.

I'll finish the story next time. Chow!

Jaded Jarrod

Second Part of Sticky Shitting

This is the second part of my story. Me and my friend Ethan had gone into one of the boys rooms right after lunch but all four stall were taken, there was a line and we decided not to risk any more detention time or negative remarks from our teacher for being late to her English class. So Ethan worked on our English class worksheet while I went in first and did a pretty decent shit. The seats of all four toilets were dripping with urine from heavy use during the lunch period, but I did what I usually do and that's sit down and just hope for the best. I dropped three logs, the last of which came out harder and more painful but I was really proud of myself because I got done pretty fast (so the teacher wouldn't criticize me for being gone for like 11 minutes) and I did a couple of extra wipes so that my mother won't be able to complain about skidmarks in my briefs when she prepares to do the laundry. I got back to the room with a smile on my face, told Ethan I had done a pretty decent dump and had only used six minutes for it. He gave me a tag-team slap on the hand, gave me the worksheet to work on, and went up and got permission from our teacher to sign out. I was surprised that she told him when he was signing out that "there's no time to linger." I had not heard the word "linger" before, but it sounded like something that would get him detention time so I knew he would be as fast as possible. He left the room and I was looking up and writing out examples of verbs.

You have to realize the guys call Ethan "Tiny". He's by far the biggest guy in our 7th grade and he's so big that he plays defense on two club football teams, one that travels to nearby states on weekends for competitions. His bicceps and thighs are huge and since we don't have doors on our toilet stalls, when he's on the toilet shitting his huge thighs cover the entire toilet seat and then some. He pulls his jeans and boxers (he wears red and blue)all the way to his shoe level and often his two knees are against the sides of stall as he's pushing them out. I was once shitting next to him at school and a couple of other guys joked about not wanting to shit after him because he probably would break the seat off and they would fall into the toilet. However, Tiny is an honor roll student, has a great sense of humor, and wouldn't knowingly harm anyone because of his size. Also, when he's shitting, sometimes he tucks his dick in and pees and you can practically hear the bubbles form as his noisy pee level probably equals that of a fire hose. I remember once I was seated and he was at the urinal and he was peeing loudly for at least four minutes. It was heavy and continuous and I joked with him once about whether the drain would take all the pee without backing up and overflowing. He had a new pair of athletic shoes on and said it better not "f###IN' happen" because his parents complained about paying almost $200 for his new shoes.

I continued work on our worksheet and noticed the clock now showed he was gone 10 minutes, then almost 15 minutes. Then I heard a knock on the door and our teacher went to the door to talk to Miss J, who is a security aid. She's not a cop but does police the halls, bathrooms and cafeteria and works athletic events. She has a blue uniform and carries a two-way radio on our shoulder. I heard our teacher burst out laughting, then closing the door so we couldn't hear the rest of the conversation in the hallway that lasted about five minutes. She then came over and got Ethan's books and jacket from his chair and gave them to the guard. She then told he Ethan had gotten sick and was going to be picked up by his mother. She told me I was to turn the worksheet in at the end of the hour and to put Ethan's name on it.

In the hallway during class break both the boys and girls were snickering and talking about what they had heard about Ethan. I went back and talked to our English teacher and she said it was a "personal" issue and she couldn't say anything, but I could see a little smile break out on her face. By the end of school was more talk in the hallways and I stopped by the bathroom just a few doors down from the cafeteria we had both used and noticed there was a closed sign on it and crime-like yellow tape over the door. The door was locked.

I called Ethan on my cell phone once I left the building and started walking home. The story was unbelieveable and made me stop and listen to him carefully. The stall I had used he said was stuck in the flush cycle so he used one to the other stalls. He said down, shitted one of the biggest ones of the year (or so he said), and when he stood to wipe, the seat came up with him because he was stuck to it. Someone had put a type of superglue or paste all over the seat. He didn't think anything about it because he thought the splashes were just the usual pee. Because of his big cheeks he was really stuck and he said he was in a lot of pain when he would try and stand up and break off from the seat. He sat stuck for like 10 or 15 minutes until he stopped a boy who was coming in and told the boy to go to the dean of students office. At first, the boy thought it was a joke and Ethan had to demonstrate and have the boy touch the seat with his finger to believe what had happened. The dean came in, along with the school nurse and a custodian.

Because of Ethan's size they decided to call a rescue squad. It came without a siren or lights and the three men and custodian unattached the seat from the toilet, kept Ethan on it and placed him in a wheel chair and took him to the emergency room. The doctors there knew what to do to get him unstuck and what type of solution to mix up. Ethan told me its name, but I don't remember what it was called. His mom was called to the emergency room and was able to take him home in about an hour. His skin was still red and sore when I went over to visit him on Sunday. He and I both hoped that a week off for spring break would cause the talk to die down a little, but even last week when we were back in school boys and girls were pointing at hime, smiling, and made him feel uncomfortable. He has started holding his shit in until he gets home. As for me, I'm running my fingers over the seat on both sides before sitting down. Even then, I don't feel as comfortable as I once did taking a shit at school.

And no one has heard about anyone getting caught or punished for the act. Also, some of the girls are scared too. This girl Maddie who is in my math class raised her hand and asked to go to the bathroom. When the teacher said OK, the girl behind her whispered for her to remember to put toilet paper over the seat before sitting down. Maddie told her friend she's doing that but also learning to squat pee so she doesn't have to sit down on the seat.

Kirsty (Wendys friend)

Outdoor poo

This morning I woke up busting for a poo. After breakfast I went out for a walk in the woods intending to relieve myself behind a bush. When I got to the woods there were lots of people around & I couldn't risk being seen having a poo in public so I held it untill I could find somewhere more secluded. There were people all around the woods & I was getting desperate. I couldn't find a spot anywhere that was private enough to relieve my urgent need to empty my bowels. I decided to go home but that was an hours walk away & I wasn't sure I could make it in time. I could feel the poo pressing hard against my anus, trying hard to force it's way out. I wasn't going to let that happen & clenched as tightly as I could. I slowly began walking home but it wasn't easy. With every step I took I nearly pood myself. The poo was trying it's hardest to get out & all that clenching was hurting me & it was tiring. I had to walk very slowly to keep control of my bowels but it wasn't enough. The pressure was building rapidly inside me & I was sweating. I felt really ill & wanted to be sick. My guts were cramping badly & I felt weak. I couldn't walk any more & felt dizzy. Everything was spinning round & my knees buckled from under me. I had to lean on a branch to hold myself up. Suddenly I projectile vomited, spraying the tree trunk. While I was throwing up I realised I was pooing myself. There was nothing I could do about it. When I stopped puking I felt a lot better. I looked around to pee he anyone had seen me & took my jeans & knickers down to inspect the damage. My knickers were stained quite badly but luckily none of it had soaked through to my jeans. I took off my knickers & left them on the ground before squatting & releasing a torrent of diarrhoea all over them. The relief was tremendous & by the time I finished I felt totaly fine. There was not feeling sick. No stomach cramps. & best of all no needed to poo. Whatever it was that had given me an upset stomach it was out of my system thank god. I cleaned up using some leaves, pulled up my jeans & walked home feeling really good. I couldn't believe that half an hour before I'd been so ill.


Update on Erica and me

hey. i posted here (almost a year ago) asking for help. You can read it at page 1763, at the bottom. my girlfriend Erica had told me she liked to go to the bathroom in her pants and things got awkward, we didn't talk to eachother and stuff. i got a lot of responses back then, but I haven't replied to any of them. sorry! i haven't read this forum since then, but i remembered it today and thought i should post what happened afterwards.

the days after she told me we didn't really talk to eachother, things were really awkward. i looked at her from a distance but when she saw me looking she quickly looked away or walked away and got beet red. i felt so bad! i knew i should go up to her, but i couldn't bring myself to. after reading your responses however, i knew i just had to. it couldn't go on like that! and like most of you said: this shouldn't matter in a relationship.

a little more than a week after she told me i got up the courage and waited for her after school. the moment she saw me she got nervous. (i did too) we greeted eachother, but neither of us knew what to say after that so after a moment of silence i asked her if we could go somewhere to talk, and she suggested her house since no-one was going to be home that day. so we walked to our bikes and cycled to her house, all in silence. when we got there we went to her room and sat on her bed, then after some more awkward silence she just burst, started crying and telling me how sorry she was about "all this" and that it was "her fault", and i hugged her and told her pretty much the same things. after a long time of hugging and crying together and lying there together we both calmed down, and we started talking about it. i told her i wasn't at all mad at her and she shouldn't feel like this was all her fault, it was my fault for reacting so wrongly, and that it meant a lot for me that she was so open to me. she too kept apologising for everything, so we quit discussing who's fault is was, since it didn't matter 'cause we were together again now.

after that i reassured her again that i didn't mind at all, and asked her if she could tell me more about it. she immediately looked very thankful for me accepting it and showing interest i think, but also very embarressed, getting all red. at that moment i could think of only one thing to reassure her more, because words didn't seem to do it; i very carefully and slowly leaned in for a kiss, and when she did too i knew she knew i meant it. at that moment it was the best kiss of my life, it really was. i felt she believed me when i said it didn't matter for me. after the kiss i whispered "I love you. I really don't mind" in her ear.
after some hugging and stuff she started telling me about it, still stuttering a lot. "so, I erm, yeah... I like to go in my pants." she stopped so i asked her what she liked about it. "well, it's warm and wet and erm... it just feels good." someone here suggested that it might be because she liked to do something she shouldn't, so i asked her about that. "yeah, that too, i guess" was her reply. i asked her how often she does this, she said it varies, depending on when she was at home alone. she does it "a couple of times a week if she gets the chance". after a pauze she said "i ehm, i sometimes just do it just a little bit when i'm not at home alone or i'm somewhere else". not enough to make it noticable, she said. "has anyone ever noticed?" i asked. she is very careful with it, when she does it, she said, so no-one has, but she does think that "once or twice" people have "suspected something" when she did just a little bit "on purpose". that made me wonder whether she has accidents often, so while we were on the topic i thought i'd just ask her. turns out she does have accidents, a couple of times a year. she then asked if I ever had accidents. "well, yeah, but it's been a while now." the conversation seemed to go pretty easy, so i thought i could ask her more; i asked when was the last time she did it, on purpose? she said that was "the day before she told me, so almost two weeks ago now. after I told you I couldn't do it anymore, I... I just couldn't do something that scared you away" she said. so i immediately started apologizing again, and she said it was alright, etc. i said she should just keep doing it, that she shouldn't quit something she liked just because of me. i'd feel guilty. (hell, i already was!) she thanked me again, said "i will, then", then keps saying "thank you" like a hundred times like she wanted to break a world record!

Long story short, we got back together that night very well. sharing a secret like that brought us closer together, that's for sure! did anyone here experience anything similar? anyone heard this from their girlfriend (or boyfriend)? anyone like Erica who likes this stuff too ever told anyone? i'd very much like to hear your stories.

again, thanks a lot for the advice you people gave me. it brought us back together, and i am happy to say we still are together, closer than before. especially to those of you who replied: thank you!

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors Three Day Stay

After opening up the gallons of red paint to paint my grandfathers workshed I gave one to Jill,one to Janet, and one for myself. Jill satrted painting the left side wall,Janet the right side and I the front of the workshed. I even being on a ladder I painted quickly and soon had the front of the shed done.

So I moved around to the side Janet was painting. She was about halfway down the right side. I placed the ladder along side the shed to paint the remaining area of the sheds wall she couldn't reach. But before I went and climbed up on the ladder to paint I needed to piss. So I walked down betwen the shed and the end of my grandmothers flower garden to piss between the shed and the large bush in my grandmothers garden.

As I passed by Janet she asked me where was I going. I told her to take a piss before I start painting this side. Janet quickly set down her brush on top of the gallon paint can and said to me; I'll join you. Then she giggled a little and told me she had to go both! So we walked down to where the bush was together.

Once we both were by the bush and were pretty much out of sight Janet pulled her shorts down while I got my penis out to piss. Before Janet squated down there on the ground were Jills old yellow panties that she had left there when she had shit several days ago when we had played hide n seek!

Janet looked at Jills panties not seeing Jills shit for it was now long gone and the old yellow panties had no longer had shit on them for the rain had washed the stains away and they were dry also now. I told Jill had used them to wipe herself when she had taken a shit when you were it when we plyed hide n seek last week. Good I can use them to wipe myslf! Janet giggled as now she squated down to go.

When Janet squated down she made sure that her cute now bare ass faced towards me. I made sure I had my penis aimed down at a sharp angle so I wouldn't hit Janet. I started to piss before Janet started to either piss or shit. My stream hit about a foot out from e and about a foot in back of Janet. My piss did softly splash as it wetted the grass. Janet heard my softly splashing piss for she giggled and said to me; I can hear you going Dave!

After I had stood there pissing for five seconds or so I saw that Janet had started pissing. She had a thin straight down stream of piss which was wetting the grass and dirt where she had squated. She only pissed for a few seconds and then she stopped. Then from her rear end came a fat dark brown shit stub which crackled softly, moved quickly gaining in its length, and was smooth looking.

Janets shitalmost looked like it was soda can sized it was the big around! Since it was moving quickly it took about seven eight seconds it was over six inches long and its front blunt end was just touching the ground. Now as it still was moving right along and with it touching the ground her shit began to bend since it was on the soft side.

A few more seconds passed and her shit had bent so much it cracked wide open and then broke with the lower partt of her shit flopped over laying on the ground partialy under her ass. The second part still comming out grew about three inches more and then it fell away hit the ground with a dull flump and Jill resumed pissing wetting the second part of her shit with her piss.

Jill's piss lasted only for about five sconds then she stopped. She reached over picked up Jill's od yellow panties off from the ground. She stood up turned around and looked at her fat shit laying on the ground in two parts. Now I was still pissing so I raised my penis up just a little and I went and took the rest of my piss by pissing on Jamets two pieces of shit laying there on te ground. Janetstood there watching me piss on her shit and giggled.

I soon finished my piss. I slipped my penis back inside of my shorts and zipped up. Janet now reached behind with Jill's old yellow panties and gave her ass a long wipe. She checked the panties turned them over and gave herself a second wipe with them. She made a second check. Then wiped her ass once more checked the panties again and then tossed them under the bush. Then she reached down and pulled her shorts and took care of them.

After taking care of her shorts Janet told me she felt so much better. I laughed and I said back to her; You should! That was one big shit you took! Yeah I was full of it wasn't I! Janet said back to me. We both laughed and we walked back to where we were painting and I went up on the ladder and started painting while Janet continuied where she had left off.Soon we would be done on this side and would go around and do the back of the workshed. To be continuied.

Amy L.
Hi again guys, I have something to share!

On Wednesday afternoon around 3, I walked to the local beach, to do some tanning, I was off from work on wednesday, so it was perfect to go to the beach. My stomach was hurting a little, and I could feel a bowel movent coming soon. I lied down on my beach towel, for about an hour. I was wearing my brand new bikini, and the urge to poop got stronger, and I was letting out little farts. I hadn't pooped in 3 days. i tried to shrug off the urge, and continue tanning. It worked for about another half hour, when I felt the turd start to open my hole. So I quickly packed my bag, and wrapped a towel around my waist and started to walk home. Its only a ten minute walk, because I know a shortcut through the woods. Getting off the beach was a pain, every inch I moved it felt like I was going to loose control. When I reached t he begging of the woods, I farted uncotrollably, and I lost control, and My bikini quickly filled with a long turd, it felt like the turd was stuck, because I really felt like I had more to come out. I found a secluded bush, and I took off my towel, and pulled down my bikini bottom, and my butt exploded, and a mountain of soft poop the size of a small football quickly formed under my butt, The relief was unbelieveable! My bikini had a HUGE turd in it, and I dumped it on the ground, and luckily it only left a small hershey mark, because it was hard. So I was able to save my bikini. I wiped with my wet naps I keep in my bag. And I took a picture with my phone of my mountain of poop! lol. What an adventure. Hopefully More interesting stories Will come soon!

Got a couple of good short stories to tell about my fiance Beth. Sunday night she had to poop bad and asked me to come with her. She pulled down her lounge pants and panties to her ankles and sat down. Immediately she started peeing. After that all was quiet but I could tell she was straining to push a big turd out. She let out an airy fart while it was coming out then lifted up to look underneath her because she said she couldn't tell if it had dropped. I didn't get a good peek so I couldn't tell but she said it had. Over the next few minutes she let out a few more turds and farted a few times in the process. Then she sat there and we talked for a minute before she let out a monster fart. I mean it was huge! We laughed and then she grabbed some toilet paper to start wiping. She wiped and it was all over the paper. Then she suddenly farted a couple of times and said she apparently wasn't done. Then I heard some loose crap drop. She farted loudly a couple of times and then continued wiping. It took her 4 or 5 wipes before she was clean. She got up and I looked in the bowl. It was full of turds. She said that was the most she had pooped in a long time. The bathroom stunk really bad but it turned me on like crazy and what followed that event cannot be posted here. She knows how much pooping turns me on, haha!

Second story happened a couple of nights ago. It was early evening and we were out and Beth said she had to poop. We didn't get home until later on and I guess by then the urge had passed. She never did use the bathroom until really late that night. I was actually just sitting down on the toilet to take a dump when she walked in and said "oh I didn't know you were in here". She said she had to pee really really bad and since I hadn't even started yet, I got up to let her pee. She started peeing and then changed her pad. After that she just sat there. I asked her what she was waiting on and she just looked at me and I immediately could tell she was straining. I said "you're not pooping are you?" and she replied "yeah, why?". I just joked with her saying that's not fair because I was pooping first. She said that it was too late because it was already coming out. I started to smell her and it was pretty strong. It was driving me crazy and she knew it! She sat there for a good 5 minutes making several plops and farting all the way. Her poops are usually pretty messy so it always takes her 4 or 5 minutes to get totally clean. I told her to let me see the toilet before she threw the toilet paper in and once again, the bowl was full. After she got done I sat down and contributed to the already potent stench in the room. Afterwards we had a little after-poop fun...if you know what I mean!

That's it for today!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Accident in the local shop

I went to my local shops earlier today to buy some tea bags & noticed a teenage girl of about 14 looking distressed. She smelled of poo & when she walked up to the counter to pay for her stuff she asked the assistant if she could use the toilet. The woman serving her told her that it wasn't the shops policy to allow customers use the shops toilet facilities. The poor girl was obviously very desperate but the assistant wouldn't budge on the issue. The smell grew stronger & the girl ran out of the shop leaving her stuff on the counter. I paid for my tea bags & went after the girl to see if she was ok. I caught up with her as she ran into a block of garages. One of them was open. As I got closer I heard her farting & the sound of liquid hitting the concrete floor. I waited for a while before I followed her inside. The girl was squatting in a pool of diarrhoea & urine. Her pants were round her ankles & were full of diarrhoea. I asked her if she was ok & she replied, "I would have been if the shop had let me use thier toilet before this happened!" When she was done she took off her soiled pants & pulled her jeans up. We went our separate ways after that.


dear ruby

hey ruby i read your post about needing to go to the bathroom and your mom wouldnt let. iv never been in that perdickiment but if i was i would just go and drop my load. It naturally and our bodies is made to go at least once a day. Its embrassing i know to do it at school or around company but hey when you got to go you got to go.


Perfect airline lavatory???

If you could design your perfect airline lavatory.
How would it look, smell and touch like?
How would you arrange vanity, faucet, soap dispenser and waste basket?
Anything you have never seen but always wanted to have in an airline lavatory?

Any post is highly appreciated.



School toilets

Hi, I'm Abbie, I'm 15 and at school in the UK. The toilets at our school are really gross, they are smelly and dirty and you can't lock the doors properley, I only ever use them for a wee and even then only if I'm really bursting. This is bad for me as some days I'm getting desperate for a poo by lunch break and find it hard to hold it in for the afternoon. This is a story about one day I ended up having to go on the way home. That day I'd been wanting a poo since about ten in the morning, I needed it so bad I nearly went to the loo at lunchtime but decided I could wait. I met up with my friend Lucy to walk home, by then I was so desperate I could hardly talk to her. We walk home through some woods, I'd been really quiet so lucy asked if I was OK. "I just really need the loo, I don't think I can hold it much longer" I told her. "Actually I could do with going too, we can go off the path behind those trees, no one will see us." I could feel my poo starting to come out of my bum and touch my knickers so I didn't argue, I just followed Lucy off the path. I knew I'd have to deal with my embarasement of needing a poo later, I hoped Lucy needed one too so Iit wasn't just me. Lucy quickly hiked up her school skirt and slid her pink knickers down to her knees. I took a deep breath, lifted my skirt and pulled down my yellow flowery knickers. We both squatted down and started to wee, I could feel my poo starting to slide out really slowly at the same time. "I'm really sorry, I've got to have a poo as well" I said to Lucy feeling my face flushing red. "Its Ok, I think I might need one too" she said, sounding releaved. Suddenly she farted a few times and then I heard a splat as her poo dropped onto the ground. I started to push harder as my poo was getting wider and starting to get stuck. Lucy reached into her bag for some tissues and wiped herself carefully before pulling up her knickers and letting down her skirt. For a couple of minutes I couldn't get my poo to move at all, I was really blushing now as Lucy had finished and was sitting against a tree waiting for me. I realised I hadn't had a poo in about four days so it was going to be hard work. I dug my toes into my shoes and gave a really hard push and ended up grunting, how embaraseing! Luckily that push meant my poo started moving again and with a few more hard pushes it finally dropped out with a thud. I could feel more inside me so I carried on pushing, about 5 minutes later I was finished. Lucy's eyes widened at the pile of poo under my bum but she didn't say anything. I reached over for the tissues she'd left out for me but I only needed to wipe once. I pulled up my knickers and smoothed down my skirt and we both went back to the path to continue our walk home. I'll post again about a sleepover I had a while ago.


My first accident in my knickers.

I was 14 when I first soiled myself. I was walking home from school when the worse urge to poo came on all of a sudden. I thought I'd make it home in time but about half way I felt a large mass of liquid moving through my bowels. I had to clench really tightly but it wasn't enough to stop the enormous pressure forcing my bum hole open against my will. I had the most explosive diarrhoea in my knickers & they couldn't contain it all. I tried to stop the flow but my bowels just kept pushing it all out. The whole thing lasted for over thirty seconds & I totally cleared my guts out. I had to walk home with liquid poo all down my legs. I needed to pee quite badly & figured that as I'd already pood myself I might as well wet myself as well. I peed all down my legs washing most of the poo off so no one noticed that I'd pood myself. When I got home I sneaked into the bathroom un noticed & took off my soiled knickers & dropped them in the toilet. I sat down & finished my poo & cleaned up in the shower. I couldn't believe my luck. I'd totally messed myself in public & no one knew what I'd done. It was really hot & after that incident I did it more & more.

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