Post Title (optional) Constipated again............

Linda from Australia here again. For the last two weeks, I've been on a really bad losing streak with my poos. I've been extrmely constipated!! I had a week of only going once a day and I could only get small loads out - they consisted of rock hard bits of poo. Then at the beginning of this week, I started getting backed up. On Monday night, I had a really hard time on the toilet. I got home from work and tried to go as soon as I got home. I sat on the toilet for about 15 minutes but I couldn't get anything out. So I ate dinner and waited about half an hour. I got back on the toilet for another go. My anus took a while to open up and I did a few farts. I knew I was in for a hard time so I tried to relax. I kept farting as my anus opened up even more. I could feel some rock hard turds moving slowly down towards my hole. They stretched my anus and it felt very uncomfortable. Then the poo got stuck. I had to push and strain really hard to get things moving again. I squeezed out a small turd and it fell into the bowl. Then I had to keep pushing to get another small turd out. I had to push and strain the entire time and I could only manage to get 1 small turd out at a time. After I had pushed out about 6 small, rock hard turds, I felt much better. I didn't feel finished so I tried to get the rest out but no matter how hard I pushed, nothing else came out. It took me about 20 minutes to get that load out.

The next day I felt like I needed to do poos all the time - I had liquid poo and butt phlegm so I knew that I was well and truly constipated. I really had to concentrate and hold on so I didn't mess my pants. Every time I went for a wee, liquid poo escaped from my anus. I had butt phlegm bubbling around my anus and I couldn't stop farting. Then about 10 minutes later, I would need to go again to get rid of more liquid poo. It was terrible. I also felt bloated and miserable. This lasted for 4 days and I was in dire need for a poo. I was EXTREMELY constipated and I just wanted the liquid poo to stop!!!

On Friday I started getting back to normal and I managed to drop 2 small rock hard balls of poo. Then on Friday night, I had an extremely difficult time on the toilet. I sat on the toilet and I felt a slight urge to do poos. I wasn't even going to attempt to drop a load but after doing a wee, I decided to give it a go. I had to push and strain with all my might to get things moving. I could feel a rock hard turd, which felt sharp in my anus. I screwed up my face and pushed hard but it took a long time for the turd to come out. I even had to grunt a bit. It stretched my anus so much that it hurt but I kept pushing. I got the first part of the load out but there was still more up there so I had to keep pushing. Finally the majority of my load came out but I still had more in me. I couldn't get anything else out so I gave up. I easily spent at least 30 minutes on the toilet that night. The next day I didn't have time to do a poo until late in the afternoon. It was much the same as the night before - I had a really hard time AGAIN!!! I spent at leasat 20 minutes on the toilet this time but it was still extremely difficult. The turds were bigger this time and I had to push, grunt and strain to get them out. Once again, I didn't feel finished after my dump but I did feel a bit better. Then this morning, I managed to drop another load. I had an easier time but the turds really stretched my anus and it hurt. My load consisted of lots of hard, medium sized turds and a few rock hard balls. I felt finished afterwards too.

As I type this, I'm getting the urge to do more poos. I'm still a bit constipated but I'm hoping I get back to my winning streak soon. I'm so glad I finally managed to drop a decent load, I went 2 weeks without doing a good poo!!


Linda from Australia here again.

To Keith D: I've been reading your posts and they have been great!!! I love readiing about good constipation stories!!! There is something about them that gives me a real thrill, I'm not sure what it is. It sounds like you have been really constipated lately. I know that feeling, as I've been having a hard time myself. I often think of you when I'm struggling on the toilet with a stubborn poo. How long did your dump in the woods take?? Did you get all your poo out, or did you still have more inside you that you couldn't get out in that session??

Okay I really need to go and take a dump, hopefully I'm not in for a hard time again!!

Adam D.

Pooping in a tent (related to Wendy/Glastonbury story)

I was skimming through the past few weeks posts and saw one from Wendy titled Glastonbury and how she had pooped in a tent while there. I did that once back when I was maybe 10 or 11 thereabouts. Actually it was sort of embarrassing because my sister (2 years younger) was in the tent with me (it was during the night about an hour after laying down and we were just falling asleep at the time; my dad was in the next tent to us but I was sure he was asleep already because he was very tired). So I get up out of the sleeping bag and it wakes my sister up and she asks whats up. I told her I needed to poop but I didn't want to wake dad up but at the same time I didn't want to go out in the dark either. I told her I was going to poop in a plastic bag we had and she said no way. I told her I really had to and she said the only way I was going to poop in the tent was if I sprayed air freshener first (which we had because the bathrooms were smelly). So I sprayed and then she held the flashlight as I did my business in the plastic bag. It was mostly solid and then I wiped with a roll of toilet paper that we had. I think at that age we were not completely grossed out by pooping like that, and my sister has not seen me poop like that again, but at the time I think she was a little amused by the whole thing.

Jaded Jarrod

Sticky Shitting

Some of you might remember I wrote back on Page 1822 about how tough it was last semester to get adjusted to my really big middle school, the stalls that don't have doors, and how rude some of the guys are to those using the bathrooms. And like teachers seem to think 11 minutes is too long to miss from class even if you have to take a crap.

Well on the Friday before Spring break both me and my English class study partner, whose name is Ethan, rushed into class right after lunch. We both had full loads to drop but the older boys had the four stalls taken, plus there were lines waiting for them. We didn't want a detention for being late so we decided to hold it in and get to class. Our teacher is one of those who will put you on the spot and ask you a dumb question to make you feel dumber about the question you asked her. One girl last semester cried a little after she was turned down when she asked our teacher if she could return to the bathroom to wash her hands. I guess she had flushed and made a run to class so that she wouldn't be tardy, but the teacher wouldn't let her go back. The teacher then got even meaner and asked her what she should say to the next student who might want to leave to comb her hair.

Well before me and Ethan got our books out, we agreed that I would ask permission first. While I was gone (if I got permission), Ethan would work on the worksheet and then give it to me when I got back and he went into crap. Either way it had to be done before the end of the hour. I lied a little when I went up and told the teacher that me and Ethan pretty much had our worksheet done and she smiled and let me go. A soon as I got into the bathroom, I could smell very strongly that probably 100 or so boys had crapped in the four stalls. I walked past the first three stalls and noticed that each was splashed up pretty bad. That's not unusual after a passing period because there aren't enough urinals and so many of the guys don't want to wait. Of course, none of the toilets had been flushed. The far stall also was splashed, but most of us don't expect anything better, so I went into that stall. I pulled my jeans and briefs down and seated myself. Because sometimes I have to push rather hard to get a large crap to drop, I looked at the bowl rim where the seat cut-out is, and there was a lot of piss on it where my dick might touch so I took some toilet paper and quickly wiped the piss off.

Although there was some noise at first from some gas, this was going to be a much easier crap than I had expected. I was alone in the bathroom, it was pretty much ready to drop, and I was going to feel so much better without having to hold all that pressure in my gut. There were three logs that came out pretty easily, although the last seemed wider and a bit more painful. I always move forward on the seat and spread my legs extra wide when that happens and I can usually get it out within a few more seconds. Since my dick was now over the front of the seat, I was happy that I had done my pre-shit wipe up of the urine.
While still seated, I wiped myself. I think it took three or four wipes but I've tried to do a more better job with it so that there are less skidmarks in my underwear. I don't particularly like having to answer questions from my mom when she does the wash on Sunday mornings.

The toilet gurgled a little when I flushed and I went to the sink and washed my hands. When I signed the log back into class, I signed in a 1:15 and since I signed out at 1:09, I was only gone six minutes. I felt good about myself and the fact that Ethan could now go. I took the worksheet to work on and he went up and got permission to go.

What happened to him, though, I'll tell you about in the second part of this post which will be next time.


Peeing by swimming

To Courious, to answer your question:

Iīm Lyubov from Russia, 23 years, female, brown hair, tall, take part often in national swimming competitions. I never peed into the pool or anywhere else (river, lake) before but last summer it happened to me during a swimming race in a river. We had to swim 10 kilometers for a lo local championship. It was a very hot day and we all drank liters of water before starting the race. After a couple of minutes already I felt difficulties controlling my swim speed because my bladder felt full. I had no choice swimming ahead with one hand using my other hand to put my swimsuite onto the side on the bottom and let everything flow into the river, quickly continuning swimming normally ahead afterwards when I was finished. Unfortunately after a few minutes I had to go again. This time I just swam forward and let it go into my swimsuite. My bladder was aching this time but I just continued, and I felt the urge to go again every couple of minutes when I just let out some drops into my swimsuit, but it was hard to concntrate on swimming. When I got out of the water at the final I was so desperate but there was no toilet available so I ran behind the next bush, just squatting, putting again the bottom of my swimsuit aside and went there, but just drops came out of me during terrible pains. The same thing happened when I finally got to the next toilet, still in my swimsuit, half an hour later. Then I finally could clean my swimsuit. Obviously my bladder was infected otherwise I wouldnīt go into the water. Similar experiece?

TO RUBY: What happens when your Mum wants to poo? I felt so sorry for just wanted ( and needed) to sit and let it all out. You were lucky with you poo could have ended up with constipation which could have been worse. Sounds like your mother wants things to be too perfect..I would never do that to my offspring!
TO ANNY: Thanks for your post...the risk of a scope for someone your age is almost would be just as dangerous travelling to and from the hospital. How things turn out depends...after my scope I felt as though I had been on three weeks holidays I felt so good. Another friend went out to dinner after her scope...I was not up to that one. Some people can take a couple of days to get over the scope.
If the scope shows nothig as most scopes do then I think there is much more you can do to relieve your constipation..what is being offerd is reasonable but not working. You may have a polyp blocking the colon but a scope will sort that out. One thing that you are doing wrong (in my opinion) is allowing the constipation to go on too long, hence the impaction you had. Sometimes laxatives are the lesser of the two of my favourites is a soapy water enema or is messy and takes a bit of practice but is a great alternative and will move your bowels.
Keep us posted.


Kelly's accidents

I've been with my fiancee kelly for 5 years and we just got engaged. We moved in together a year ago. Kelly has this one pair of panties that she's had for years that I have always liked. They are pink with a darker pink flower pattern and they are cotton and really tight on her. She wears them to bed a lot. Anyway, I'm bummed because she threw them out the other day... here's why.
We were going to bed at night and she was complaining that her stomach hurt, and I could hear it rumbling. She kept rubbing her belly and went into the bathroom 3 times. Each time she came back she seemed more uncomfortable and I knew she was having trouble pooping. I told her to take a stool softener or laxative, and she did. We went to bed, and she was wearing her pink flowered panties and an old yellow t shirt that barely covered her butt.
So the next morning I got up early to get ready for work. As I was in the shower I heard kelly knock on the door. I yelled that I was almost done and she yelled what sounded like "I need to get in there!" And I said "5 minutes". The door was locked and I didn't even remember at the time that she took something to make her poop the night before. I heard her yell what sounded like please hurry and I said I'd hurry up. About 3 minutes later as I was stepping out of the shower I heard her knock once then suddenly stop. I said "one sec babe" and she let out a big gasp/cry sound. I said are you ok and she didn't reply. I kept hearing her breath heavy and whimper a little. I asked again if she was ok, and she said, sobbing, "I just need to get in there..." I got concerned and grabbed a towel and opened the door for her. There was kelly in the middle of the bedroom in tears with her face bright red, her hands behind her back and her legs pressed together. The overpowering odor of poop filled the room. I looked at her and she cried out "I couldn't hold it anymore, I messed my panties!"
I felt so bad. She waddled carefully past me into the bathroom. I surveyed the damage pretty well because her hands were behind her holding her t shirt up revealing her panties, because she was holding onto the waist band of her panties to contain the poop. It was a major load and it was really mushy...her butt had an enourmous brown stain on it and there was a major bulge in the seat of her panties, which were obviously wet too, and some wet lines were going down her legs, so she obviously peed herself too. A very small amount of poop had overflowed from her panties out of the right elastic leg hole onto her butt cheek and upper thigh. It was bad, the worst accident she's ever had. She's peed her pants 3 times since I've known her but this was the first poop accident. Anyway, she took a very long time cleaning up, and is still feeling ashamed of herself. I feel bad for her but I told her its no big deal. When she came out having showered and changed into clean panties, she had the bathroom waste basket and took it to the outside trash bin to empty it. So no more pink flower panties...
That was by far her worst accident. The others were all wetting accidents and she didn't dispose of the panties. In fact, one of the wetting accidents occurred in her pink flower panties, when they were still new. It was our senior year of high school when we first started dating. In the cafeteria at school her friend emily put tomato sauce on her, and soon a mini food fight occurred. It escalated and wound up with kelly falling out of her chair on the floor. She was laughing and sat with her legs crossed and hands on her face. She continued to sit there and wouldn't say anything or get up. Suddenly she stood up to reveal a puddle on the floor and a giant wet spot covering the butt of her jeans. She said she sat in something but it was obvious she peed her pants. She went home and didn't come back to school, and later confessed to me that she peed her pants laughing, but didn't tell me it was that pair of panties until a few months later when I commented on how I liked them.
Another incident was like a year ago after we moved in together. She has a weird thing about peeing while at someone's house, like she uses public restrooms but she's too shy to use peoples bathrooms while visiting! Anyway, we had been at my parents' house visiting all day and she NEVER peed. So by the time we were going home her bladder was bursting. Well she never said anything about stopping so I never stopped. We passed a gas station that I normally fill up at going home because its the last stop for like the last 40 minutes of the trip. Turns out she was banking on me stopping there but I didn't need gas. She got upset but I convinced her she'd be fine until we got home. Well, she made it about 20 more minutes before letting out a deep sigh before telling me timidly "I totally wet my pants..". I looked over and I cold see her jeans were soaked in her lap between her thighs. Even the side of her thigh had wetness coming up from under her butt. She was really soaked. I apologized for not stopping and she said it was ok because she should've said something. When we got home and she got out of the car her jeans were completely soaked on the back from her knees up and it wrapped halfway around her thighs. I watched her pull her jeans down inside and she had purple cotton panties on that were drenched. I had to use a deep cleaner on the car seat, too.
The final accident was a bedwetting, on new years day this year. Pretty simple, she drank a lot of champagne on new years eve, then peed into her red plaid christmas panties and her bed sheets in the middle of the night because of it. She was not thrilled about kicking off the new year with wet panties!


bathrooms for professors

At one college that I attended, I once walked into a bathroom which was for professors. There were three stalls. One of the stalls had walls and a door that extended from the floor to the ceiling. Why would professors need such privacy? The professor's offices and bathroooms were in separate buildings from the classrooms and student's bathrooms.

At another college that I attended, the professors and students didn't have separate bathrooms. The college must have done that to save money.

Kirsty (Wendys friend)

To Ruby when had an accident on her way to school

Hi Ruby. I loved your story about you messing your knickers after holding it in too long. A remember when I was 16 a similar thing happened to me. We were going on holiday to the south of France & we had to leave home a four AM to get the ferry from Dover. I hadn't had a poo for three days & we were running late so there wasn't time to go to the toilet before we had to leave. I figured I'd be able to go when we got to Dover docks but by the time we got to Dover the ferry was boarding & I was close to having an accident in my knickers. I told my mum I had to go to the toilet but she said there wasn't time & by the time we got onto the ferry I was seconds away from losing it. I had no idea where the toilets were & had to search for them holding my bum. After twenty minutes of frantic searching I finaly found the toilets. I was so desperate to go by now, I needed to use both hands to hold my poo in & the sight of those toilets was the most beautifull thing in the world. Untill I read the sign on the door that is. It read. "IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO USE THESE TOILETS WHILE THE SHIP IS IN PORT."↲
By now I couldn't wait any longer so I ignored the sign & tried to push the door open but it was locked. I felt my bum hole open & tried to clench it shut against the pressure but there was nothing I could do to stop the advancing poo. All I could do was to lean on the wall outside the toilets & fill my knickers. I even wet myself while I pood myself & by the time I managed to stop the flow I'd totally ruined my clothes. I still felt full but much better after releasing some of the pressure. I then had to wait half an hour before the lock opened on the door & a que had formed begind me. Everyone knew what I'd done & were making remarks & holding thier noses. I ran inside found a vacant cubicle & took off my soiled clothes. Then I sat down & released the rest of my load into the toilet bowl. It felt a massive relief to finaly clear my bowels out even though at least a third of it was in my underwear.

to Ruby: i really enjoyed your post! i was very sorry to hear about your accident that u had in your pants during the night. i completley understand why your really angry with your mom and why u didnt speak to her for a week. i also agree that she didnot handle the suitation too well either. i lookforward to your post in the future!

to LeakyLaura: i really enjoyed your post! i was sorry to hear about your huge accident that u had from a night of drinking. at least u were able to shower and refresh yourself. thats good that u were able to continue on with your fun and games with friends! i lookforward to your future posts! take care!i

to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that u and your friend took pictures of your gigantic dump that u guys experienced! i ookforward your next post! have a blessed day!

to Anny: i really enjoyed your post! iam gald that u made it to the tiolet in time for you to realease your massive load! iam gald that this resulted in an accident free day for you! i lookforward to your next post! take care!
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad that u feel better and are relieved from your terrible constipation that u experienced! i lookforward to your next post! take care!
to AmyL: i really enjoyed your posts! iam sorry to hear that u experienced sickness during your period! i have to admit i have never experienced that at all during mine. iam glad that your all better now! i lookforward to your next post! take care!
to Brenda: i really enjoyed your post! your bathroom experience at the mall sounded interesting! i must admit that i have had some rather cool experiences while visiting the bathroom while shooping at the mall. that women must had had a gigantic load to realease! i lookforward to your next post! take care!
to Kim: i really enjoyed your post! both of your stories sound rather interesting to me! i was sorry to hear about your accident that u experienced. i was glad that everything turned out okay in the end! iam a christian as well! God bless u! take care!
to FB: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that u actually took a gigantic dump in the ladies room! Good Job for clogging the tiolet and leaving it unflushed! thats really cool that the ladies smiled at you as you leaving! i would have smiled at you as well! i lookforward to your next post! take care!
to Kaylee: i really enjoyed your post! iam so proud of you for being a Good role model towards the little girl and taking her in the ladies room and helping her in the stall! you deserved the five dollars! the girls father must have been very proud of you! its not everyday that u see an older adult teach a child the proper way to use the bathroom. Kaylee your a true Christian and iam really proud of you! take care and God bless you!




new wine and onion cake


iīm a 25 year old girl from Germany and a frequent reader of this site. Now i want to share a story to you. Please excuse my bad English.

Last autumn me and my friend Tina went to an farmhouse round about 3 miles away from our hometown. They have a little restaurant, called "Besen-Wirtschaft" and they serve old Germany specialties. One of these specialties is new wine and onion cake. The new wine tastes very good and have only a little bit of alcohol.
During the evening everybody of us drinks at least half a liter of new wine and eats three peaces of onion cake. My friend Tina told me, that this combination has a strong laxative effect. I laughed and said: Lets see what happened. On the way home, i became a strong urge to pee. I told this to Tina and she said, she has to pee too, letīs go behind the bushes nearby the street.
We went behind the bushes, let down our trousers and began to pee. All of sudden, i felt a strong cramp in my stomach and i had to poo too. As i was constipated more than four days, i couldn'tīt hold back my poo, i exploded backwards like an volcano.
It doesnīt bother me to pee together with my friend Tina, but i never have poo with someone together. So i went red and told to Tina: Excuse me, but i canīt hold it back. The new wine cleans my bowels out and i was constipated since four days.
Tina said: Donīt mind. Iīm also constipated but i feel things moving to. She moaned a little bit and than i hear plops and crackling like a machine gun.
We went home to our village. During the night i have to go two times to the toilet with diarrhea. The next day i feel very well, because i was totally cleaned out without constipation.


My first accident in my knickers.

I was 14 when I first soiled myself. I was walking home from school when the worse urge to poo came on all of a sudden. I thought I'd make it home in time but about half way I felt a large mass of liquid moving through my bowels. I had to clench really tightly but it wasn't enough to stop the enormous pressure forcing my bum hole open against my will. I had the most explosive diarrhoea in my knickers & they couldn't contain it all. I tried to stop the flow but my bowels just kept pushing it all out. The whole thing lasted for over thirty seconds & I totally cleared my guts out. I had to walk home with liquid poo all down my legs. I needed to pee quite badly & figured that as I'd already pood myself I might as well wet myself as well. I peed all down my legs washing most of the poo off so no one noticed that I'd pood myself. When I got home I sneaked into the bathroom un noticed & took off my soiled knickers & dropped them in the toilet. I sat down & finished my poo & cleaned up in the shower. I couldn't believe my luck. I'd totally messed myself in public & no one knew what I'd done. It was really hot & after that incident I did it more & more.


To: Curious

I pee a lot while swimming. I just can't help it, I'm surrounded by water!

I go on a lot of river trips too so peeing in the water is really the only thing to do while you're out on a boat. One time I even pooped in the river too. I'd never do it in a pool though.


Girl at th bus stop again

I met that girl from the bus stop who messed her pants today. She thanked me for not embarrassing her about what happened & that she's since dumped her boyfriend. I told her about some of the times it's happened to me to help make her feel better about it & she admitted that this wasn't the first time she'd been caught short in public. She told me she suffers from frequent bouts of constipation for several days followed by diarrhoea. When she gets the runs she said has to find a toilet almost immediately as she can't hold it for long periods of time. I asked her if she needed to go now & she said she was fine at the moment as she was constipated but in a few days she would be running to the nearest toilet (if she was lucky enough to be near one) to have a massive runny poo.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hi, I am just curious - who pees while swimming. Do you do it in the ocean, the lake or river or the pool or all of them? Let me know. Do you sit in the sand on the beach and pee? Parents, do you ever tell your kids to pee in the water while swimming? Or on the sand at the beach? Did your parents ever tell you to do this as a kid? Do you tell your friends you pee in the water while swimming? Have you ever peed in the water during a swimming lesson? An aqua fitness class?


Peeing while skiing

This took place a few years after the day that I described in my last
post. By then I had moved to the U.S., just barely, to a small city.
My friend/workout partner and I decided to make a morning of cross country skiing. Linda showed up at my house, which was located near the
city's recreation path. We skied into the heart of the city, about six
miles, without incident, and having worked up an appetite, I offered
to treat Linda to breakfast at a great little restaurant that I knew of
that had an all-you-can-eat breakfast bar. Knowing that there was a six
mile ski home ahead of us, I ate a variety of things but not in too much
amounts, plus drank three cups of coffee. Linda, on the other hand had
about three platefuls of pancakes, sausages, eggs, toast, fruit, etc.
Having paid the tab and availing myself of the restroom, we began our
ski back to my place. About halfway back, the sudden urge to pee hit me
despite my visit to the restroom at the restaurant not long before (coffee has that effect on me, I should have known better than to have
had so much).
Now this rec path is located on a former railway. It winds through
residential neighborhoods with a chain link fence separating it from
people's backyards. In the summer, I jogged on it often, and when the
urge came, could find places with shrubbery or something against the
fence where I could shift my running shorts to one side and complete
my business discretely. That day was in mid February, so the task was
more difficult because of the need to pull the pants down, and the lack
of any foliage. Still doable for me, because as I had discovered before,
skis provide great leverage for outdoor peeing! Without saying anything
to Linda, I simply stopped in my tracks, pulled my sweatpants down
just enough and let er rip. There were already plenty of yellow spots
on the path from dogs (hmm, or maybe not) and my sweatshirt pretty much
came down enough to cover my backside. Linda looked back at me and said
"I can't believe you're doing that! I wish I could, I didn't go back
at the restaurant and I'm feeling it!" Now I knew what she meant. Not
just that she was wearing tan corduroy jeans which would have to be pulled down further, but the fact that she was so tall (well over six
feet) and her jacket wouldn't cover any of her butt. I told her that
I could stand behind her shielding her from the view of the house we were near to, if she really had to go. She replied that that wasn't
so much the problem, but as she put it "Nature was knockin at both doors" I suggested to her that, as I knew from experience, sometimes
if you can relieve one pressure, the other is more bearable. She then
sighed and told me to stand behind her. Not wanting to be voyeuristic,
I started to look away, but then yielded to my curiousity as she
pulled down her pants and full cut (good thing!) panties that had a
floral design on them. I then watched as she clenched her butt cheeks
shut with her hands and let copious amounts of urine flow. All was
going well, I thought, as her pee stream died down, until suddenly
a loud "SPLUT" sound came from her backside. She immediately stood up
and whipped her pants back up. Noticing that nothing but pee had
actually hit the ground, I couldn't but wonder if the little flowers
on her panties were going to be receiving some fertilizer. This was
confirmed. As we set back out she asked me if she could take a shower
at my house when we got there, which I then told her that she could.
Groaning and farting the whole way back, Linda valiantly struggled
to keep her dignity as we neared my house. Not 100 meters from my
place, I heard a horrifying sound come from her. It didn't sound like
any fart I'd ever heard. Then she did something that surprised me. She
took off her skis- I have no ides why, and with no apparent emotion or
comment, squatted down and started to move her bowels into her pants.
I'd never witnessed anything like this before, and was surprised at how
different it sounds from being on the toilet and doing the same. Now I
myself in that situation would have gone for partial relief, to minimize
the damage. Linda, on the other hand seemed to be intent on completing
the process as she squatted there for several minutes, adding to the
disaster and also urinating. When she was finally through, she stood up
and proceeded to walk the small distance to my place. She remarked that
she hoped I had plenty of TP and something she could borrow to wear.
When we got to my house, I gave her some sweatpants and some stretchy panties that I hoped would work despite our size difference, and she took what I thought was a long time to clean up. Her clothes went in the
Being six foot two tall, and looking like a model, Linda was a noticeable person on any day, but I don't think anything could make an
individual stand out more than waddling along with five pounds of poop
sagging out the back of them!


Not allowed to poo!

First off, personal bio: I'm 16 year old girl who is average height and reasonably skinny. I love to read the posts, Megan so sorry to hear about your story xxx. Well here's mine...

It Was a Sunday night and my mom was having guests over for dinner. I had been constipated for the entire weekend and my last stool i did was the Wednesday before the weekend. So on the Saturday i decided to take loads of natural laxatives like herbal tea and spinach. By Sunday night the need to poo was destroying me so i got my book that i always take in the bathroom to read and made my way to the toilet quite anxiously when my mom stopped me because she saw the book that i always take when i go for a poo. She said to me "i hope your not going for a number 2" I just shook with fear and desperation and said no. She walked away while saying "good because the Johnson's will be here any minute and i don't want you to embarrass me" I just slowly walked upstairs thinking to myself what am i gonna do! We only have one bathroom and I'm not to leave the house as i have guests coming. I was panicking so much as my butt started rumbling violently. I thought i might as well try asking so i went down to my mom and said "seriously mom, i really need to go i haven't gone since Wednesday!" she simply said "sorry but you'll have to wait its not my problem you held it in all this time." I was so angry. Next thing i know they arrived and after a few moments of greeting we were sat at the dinner table. From basically all of the meal i was fidgeting trying to hold my huge load in.

I was silent the whole evening. But when i went to clean up the dishes, i had so much gas and it was pushing its way out of me. I was alone in the kitchen and our dinning room was a few rooms away from our kitchen. So i decided to fart to relieve the pressure. I did so and because it was so relieving i started farting constantly. My face probably looked like i was having an orgasm because it felt so good!!! While letting the wet farts loose my mom came in i didn't realize. I was in the middle of letting off a really gross enduring wet one that came out slowly sperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I had the face on this one too, my eyes squinting and my mouth wide open. Then my mom shouted "Ruby! That is absolutely foul! Go to your room until the guests have gone, we'll talk later." My face was so red. I quietly made my way to my bedroom crying. I was sobbing on my bed in embarrassment and desperation. I thought to my self at least i can let off gas here. So i began and after about 5 i decided to stop because i didn't want to fill my knickers. Time went slowly as i layed impatiently.

The next thing i know it was the next day i must of fell asleep, i don't know how i managed that. But when i woke up i treated it as a normal day until i stood up and the enormous urge to poo hit me. I made my way downstairs to the bathroom and then noticed my sister was in there. She must of needed to go last night too, because she was taking her time plus i could hear her. She must of had something wrong with her too because what i heard weren't pretty.

She was taking far too long for my patience, so i got my bag and left for school, thankfully my school doesn't require uniform. I was walking on a small narrow pathway. I had fart trouble again so i did to relieve pressure and after about 20 (no exaggeration) i had this one that lasted quite long and at the end, it shot out a bulk of poo! Leaving me to hold my bum with both of my hands and stand still in shock for a moment until, another rumble came that brought some gross mushy poo. After that it started to spray, loosing control of my legs i ran into a bush violently shoving my cloths down and then squatted as my wave of crap literally sprayed out also with alot of gas. I was lucky that no one really used the footpath because i don't think anyone heard and saw me. When it was all over i had another problem my cloths were covered in shit. So i just wore my gym kit to school and put the crapped on ones in a plastic bag.

Then in school the urge was bad again. It was my 4th lesson and i was fidgeting again on a chair. I was trying not to fart so bad! The bell rang for lunch and i made my way to the girls bathrooms. I had made it! I released the most relieving torrent of diarrhea and mush that i have ever experienced. All i could do was just let it out holding my head high with legs wide apart. A few minutes later it was getting ridiculous i had let so much out and it was still coming in waves. My hands were gripping my stomach as i moaned quietly thinking of how disgusting i felt. But it's good to get it all out of your system as they say. I got home after a long day and my mom was on the couch, she said "hey sweetie how was your day?" I ignored her i went upstairs to my room. I think she got the idea of why i was angry at her. I didn't speak to her properly for like a week! Too right in my opinion though.

Has anyone else held in a dump for ages like that?

I feel so gross and ashamed about the whole thing, to this day i regret it... even though it was only a couple of weeks ago.

Ruby x

Leaky Laura

Party Accident

On last new years party (at my house) I got hammered (well duh) and felt painful bowel cramps. I ignored them, and in about a hour felt the urge to fart, being drunk I fart and felt a warm rush of wetness exit my behind. Because of my thick and tight panties it did not dribble down my legs, but insted pooled in my panties. I qwikly ran off to my toilet, sadly it was occupied. However I have two other toilets, so I ran upstairs.....But Shock Horror! one of the stairs has a slippy carpet. Down I go, turn on bodily fluid taps, yes not only do I ruin my lower clothes and carpet with torrets of diareah but with at least a pint of fresh hot urine. Crying and empting my bowels and bladder I reach the "mercifuly" vacant bathroom. I stripped off to my riuned panties and shower. When clean I dry off and inspect damage= panties ruined, skirt soaking with pee. I roll them up together, put upper clothes back on, wrap towel round waist and exit bathroom. Outside is a long q whom most have guesst what happened, but I cheered up when I saw some of them had similir problems. Dash in to my room, dress lower body in clean panties and short skirt. Then I enjoyed the rest of the night by gettind more drunk.-Leaky Laura

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