Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors Three Day Stay

When I went downstairs I did need to piss but I went to the kitchen first. I was thirsty which I wanted to quench it before I would piss. I got the oj out from the fridge and poured myself a large glass and drank it right down. I noticed on the kitchen table a note left by grandmother where I sat at the table. I picked it up and read it.

My grandmother had wrote the note saing thatmy grandfathers old workshed was to be painted today. Have Janet and Jill help you. The paint was in the middle barn the note also said. So I put the note back down and now since I was going to be painting I better get in some old clothes and get out of the pants I had on right now.

I was just about to go outside to the trailer to change when Janet walked into the kitchen. I said hi to her and she sleepily said good morning back to me. She still was in her nightshirt. I told her that we were going to do some painting today. Oh really? Janet said to me. Yes we are I said back to her. I told her tha I was just about to go outside and over to the trailer to change.

So Janet and I walked outside together and went to the trailer ad went inside. I took off my pants which Janet watched me do. I grabbed a pair of cutoff jeans shorts which were old and I used them for working in. I also pulled out one of my old white tshirts that was too showing its age for it had a couple of small holes in it. That will do I said to Janet.

Janet asked about what she could wear and Jill too. WE have only our good clothes here. I thought for only short moment and then I told Janet; Remember there is up in the one room upstairs Tereasa old clothes. You wore one of her pairs of shorts that one time when you pissed yours when you were here. Janet laughed and said; Your'e right Dave! Lets go see if there is something there in her clothes that I can put on to paint.

So Janet and I went back in the house. We went upstairs and into the room where Tereasas old clothes were kept. In a few minutes Janet had found a pair of old jeans and a purple top that looked like they would fit her. So she tried them on right there in the room in front of me. Janet took off her nightshirt tossed it on the floor. She put on the purple top and then the jeans.

The jeans were a little big on Janets small waist but Janet found a belt and put the belt on and that did the trick. Janet now had her work outfit for painting. Now at this point since I didn't piss when I first had gotten up and had gone down stars which I had the oj first,followed by readin the note, then having Janet come in thekitchen, and then getting changed. I had to piss right now!

Now this room was only used for storage so it was messy with boxes all over the place taht were partaily filled with all kinds of junk. Old dishes and glasses in some of the boxes while others had old magizines and newspapers. I looked at one of the boxes that had some old newpapers in it which were yellowed and crumpled. I walked over to it and pulled down my zipper on my cutoffs.

Janet seing that I had pulled down my zipper let out a giggle. Your'e going to piss? Janet asked me as she walked over to where I was stading in front of the box with the newpapers in it. I am. I have to go real bad! I said back to Janet. Janet still giggled as I got my penis out which was erect from watching Janet change from her nightshirt to Tereasas top and jeans.

Janet giggled and said to me as she giggled; Here let me! So I let her take charge again which she placed her thumb on my penis and pushed it down. I immeadiatly started pissing hard which my stream hit the newapers in the box first splashing all over them and wetted them also. As I pissed on the old newpapers the grumpled ones as my piss soaked them they flattened out from my piss.

My piss was very yellow in color which when it hit the yellowed newpaper it stained them almost a brown color. I stood there and pissed for a good twenty seconds. Then I had my stream ease,then pause and I did two good finishing up spurts. Janet then took her thumb away which my penis bounced u making her giggle hard. Then Janet stepped asisde and undid the belt on her jeans. Oh your'e going to go! I said to her.

Janet said that like me she was going to go when she had come downstairs but saw me so she didn't go to the bathroom. So since you pissed in the box I myswell use it too! With that Janet popped the snap,yanked the zipper down on the jeans and sqauted her now bare ass over the box of old now piss wetted and smelling newpapers. It ony took Janet like me to start pissing ina second or two.

Janet sent out from her vagina a hard thin,yellow colored,hissing, straight down piss stream. Since her bare ass wasn't all that far back over the box her piss was hitting close to the side of the newpapers and the side of the cardboard box. So her piss splashed on the newpapers and the inside on the side of the box. The carboard where it was getting wet with her piss made the cardboard of the box dark brown which there were many small dark brown spots all over the inside of the cardboard box.

Then after several seconds or more her piss had soaked the newpapers and on the outside of the box there began to show on the outside a growing dark brown big wet spot from her piss. Janet went and took a pretty long piss to since it was her first in the morning piss. By the time that she had stopped pissing which was only a pause the outside of the box had a good six inch dark brown patch from her piss.

Then like I had said Janet only had paused. Then she like I had done she did some spurts too. Which Janet must have pushed hard. For each of her piss spurts went over the top edge of the box and she pissed on the floor! That made the old wooden dirty floor have black looking wet spots where her piss had wetted the floor.I laughed seeing her wet the floor I said to Janet; Good job Janet! You even went on the floor!

Janet stood up with the waist of her jeans just above her knees. She looked down at the floor. Seeing that she had pissed on the floor Janet giggled hard. Then she stepped forward and pulled her jeans up the rest of the way. She zipped them up,did the snap and buckled the belt. Then she and I went downstairs to eat.

Jill was in the kitchen at the table and she had read the note about us doing panting. She asked about how she was gong to paint and not having old clothes to put on whie she painted. Janet told her there were old clothes upstairs that belonged to my cousin. I told Janet take Jill upstairs while I get our breakfast ready. So Janet took Jill upstairs to find some clothes to wear. I went about getting Janets and my breakfast ready.

It took Janet and Jill almost ten minutes upstairs. I had already was sitting at the kitchen table and I was eating a bowl of cereal when both of them came walking into the kitchen together. Janet and Jill did find some clothes f Tereasas that Jill could wear. Jill had on a very faded yellow shortsleeve top and a pair f jeans that were baggy on her. She too had needed a blet with them and the girls must have found another belt for Jill had one on.

Janet sat down at the table.Poured out some cereal in the bowl I had out for her. Then she poured the milk in the bowl and started eating. Jill said she was hungry too so she got a bowl and spoon and she poured the creal and milk in her bowl and joined Janet and I. As Jill began to eat she giggled and talked saying that she saw the box that I and Janet had peed in. You know what? I took a pee in that box too!

Janet told me right after Jill had said that she had peed in the box that the room smelled of pee and Jill had asked her since she had gotten clothes from the room if it had been her that had peed in the box. Janet told her that she and I had peed in the box. So that was that. We all hurried eating our cereal. Once done we went straight outside to the middle barn and I got the paint, brushes, and the small ladder. WE walked over to my grandfathers work shed and got ready to paint. To be continuied.


This mornings poo

I've just had a nice big poo this morning. I woke up with the urge to go but it wasn't too bad so I got dressed & had breakfast. I watched some news on tv & three cups of coffee. After about an hour I felt the urge to poo getting stronger so I went up to the toilet as soon as I sat down my bowels opened straight away without me having to push. It was all soft & fluffy & came out quickly. There was a lot of it & there was more to come. I pushed a bit & another load of firmer poo slid out. It was about seven inches long & felt really good as it came out. The cleanup took a while needing six wipes as my bum was messy. I took a photo on my phone to show Kirsty as I knew she'd love to see my creation. I sent it to her & about an hour later I got a picture message from Kirsty's phone. Her text read. "That's nothing. I just did it in my knickers & here's a photo of it." The photo was impressive & I could see a huge amount of poo in them.


Vegetarian Poop according to Alicia and Oprah


I am not a vegetarian but do eat some vegetarian recipes now and then. The amount of fiber in them is incredible, which contributes to my large BM's.

However, there was an episode of Oprah in which Alicia Silverstone, a vegan, was describing her BM's at the prompting of Oprah. Google it and I am sure you can find a video clip. Oprah, who had been on the vegan diet for 3 weeks in preparation of the show, called the poop "fantastic." Alicia said, "Don't you want to get your friend and show this work of art!" to the laughter of the crowd. She went on to say that her poop is effortless and a work of art, and that it happens twice a day, sometimes with a bonus round! Oprah said that she did not want to show it to anybody, but that she wanted to talk about it!

That got my attention, as I have often said that I am fascinated by the loads that I make, that some one else, even famous, would say something to that effect!

I have also googled famous vegans and vegetarians and you would be surprised about those who are on the list. Some of these dainty actresses, who look skinny and probably could poop pebbles at best, are really doing large loads 2-3 times per day! And even some famous actors made the list. Check it out!


Crackle Poop

I haven't posted here for about a year, mostly because I'm rather private about using the bathroom . What happened below was at the mall and started as a slightly full feeling which I ignored at first. But after an hour of shopping I was so uncomfortable I decided I had to go and sit on the potty in the hope of finding some relief.

Since this was a Tuesday I guessed the restroom would not be too busy. I was right. When I got there it was totally deserted and I made my way to the far stall. I noticed my footsteps echoed loudly in the large empty restroom and I actually tip-toed the final few yards even though no one else was there.

I put my shopping down and seated myself comfortably on the pot sure in my mind that my poo would emerge fairly quickly and I could be on my way. After about 10 minutes sitting their I felt quite disappointed that nothing was happening and I was now considering whether to start pushing. Suddenly the silence was broken by the loud clatter of someone else coming in and taking the stall two down from mine.

After all the initial noise there was a short pause followed by the sound of peeing. It was so noisy I could hear every little detail right down to the last few drops plopping into the water. Then the sound of the TP dispenser echoed around the room followed by a rubbing sound as she wiped. The toilet flushed and I assumed she would be leaving and the restroom would once more be a private haven for me to do my BM in peace, quiet and privacy. I was now seriously considering pushing my poo out which is something I almost never ever do.

To my surprise, she didn't leave and a very loud and strained grunt told me she was also trying to make a BM, and apparently quite a difficult one. I couldn't wait any longer and I started pushing until at last I could feel I was starting to open. What I didn't expect was that as my poo came out, it made a horrible loud crackling sound. It was so loud I stopped pushing and let my breath out as slowly and quietly as I could. When I stopped pushing my rear closed up and I realized all I had done was a tiny little poo and there was obviously a lot still inside waiting to come out.

I listened intently but all I could hear was total silence and I was convinced the other person had heard the crackling and was now listening to everything I was doing. I was so totally embarrassed but I knew I had no choice, I had to get my BM out. I waited again to see if it would start coming out on its own, but it stubbornly refused. I took another deep breath and pushed hard, once more to be rewarded with very little coming out but the crackling echoing around the restroom. I was also trying to push just hard enough to make my poo come out. Any harder I feared, would only make the crackling louder and my embarrassment deeper.

Once more my rear reluctantly opened and the whole restroom echoed to the crackling as more soft poo squeezed out. I must have repeated this act of "Take a deep breath-push-crackle-stop-exhale" about twenty times before I finally felt there was no more poo left to come out. I stood and looked in the bowl and saw it was absolutely full with lots of short thin little poops. I wiped as hurriedly as I could, eager to leave in case the other person saw me. After the noise I had made for nearly fifteen minutes I was far too embarrassed to let her see me.

I quickly washed my hands and hurried out, glancing to see her feet under the door. She was still there and I'm sure I heard a muffled gasp as I dried my hands. She was obviously still struggling and I took full advantage to get as far from the restroom as I could. Has anyone else ever had crackling like this and does anyone know why it does that?

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors Three Day Stay

Some time in the early morning hours the power did come back on. It was before daylight so the light I had turned on in my bedroom came on it woke me up. I got out of bed and went over and turned it off. I blew out the candle. I noticed through the open bedroom door there was light out in the hallway, kitchenette, comming from the girls open bedroom door.

So I walked to the girls bedroom.. Jill and Janet were sound asleep. Jill was coveredup with the blanket. Janetwas partially uncovered for her blanket had slippe off of her lower body which also her teddy had raised up sometime while she had slept. So her ass was showing and both of her hands were down between her thighs clamped into her crotch as sje laid there sleeping.

I quietlty turned off the lght picked up thier candle which was still burning. I went over to Janet and put her blanket back over her covering her up. I silently stepped out of thier bedroom and went back to mine. I blew the candle out and slipped back into bed and son I fell back to sleep.

I felt the matress moving like someone had sat down on the bed. I opened my eyes and there was Jill sitting on my bed. The room was very bright for the sun was shinning brightly outside. I firts rubbed my eyes and stretched with a big yawn. Jill said good morning to me. I said Yeah hi good morning to you too.

The power is back on Jillthen told me. I told Jill it had come on early this morning sometime. The light woke me up in here when it did. I also turned your light out last night too I said to Jill. I didn't even hear you! Jill said to me. I asked Jill if Janet was still sleeping. Jill giggled and said; Yup she's still out lke the power was!

Then Jill told me that she had been up for awhile. I went downstairs once I heard your grandmother. I had breakfast with her. That made me ask Jill; What time is it now Jill? Oh it's past 8:30. Your grandmother has already left and gone to work. Boy that late! I said back to Jill. She laughed.

Are you going to get up? she asked me. Oh I'll think about it I said back to her. Now even though I was talking to her and she I, I wasn't all that awake yet. Now I was laying on my back on the bed to start with. Number two I was naked under the blanket and top sheet. Three I had a dream also which was about Janet and I was also erect as far as my penis. (I'm sure many of you guys here have awoken this way!)

In that I wasn't fully awake I wasn't aware that my penis was erect as I lay there on my back. Jill now must have seen the results of my penis being erect even though it was under the blanket and sheet. It must have pushed the blanket and sheet up and this is what Jill must have seen. For Jill let out a hard loud giggle, suddenly whipped the blanket and sheet back off from me, and Jill also said when she did this as she stille giggled hard; You have a big peeter this morning Dave!

With her doing what she had done first I looked down and saw that my penis was erect. I grabbed the sheet and blanket and yanked them right back over myslef. This made Jill giggle even harder. Giggling more Jill also managed to ay to me; Your walnuts are hard too! Jill was right I could feel that they were firm for my thighs were pressed up against them.

Then Jill after a moment or two stopped her giggleing. Come on get up! If you don't you won't see me poop! Jill did this in a very teasing tone in her voice asshe said it. Oh really! I said back to Jill making it sound like I didn't believe her. Jill countered back by sayingstill in a teasing sounding voice; I've been holding it for you! I did the same back to her. I then said to Jill; Oh alright I'll get up.

Jill hopped right of the bed. When she had gotten off from the bed she stood there and she opened her hand up. In it Jill was holding a wad of toilet paper in it! Seeing the wad of paper I quickly said to Jill; Your already to do this you little sneak! Jill laughed and shook her head yes. Then as I started to get out of bed Jill began looking around the bedroom.

Seeing Jill looking around the bedroom I asked her fast and loudly; What are you up to Jill? I had grabbed my ants off from the floor now also and was going to put them on. Jill giggled hard and told me she was looking for something. I asked her; What for? To POOP IN! was her answer.

Then she spotted the short but large metal trashcan over by the small desk on the far side of the bedroom. That will do!Jill sad and she ran over to it. Picked it up took a quick look down inside of it. There was a plastic white trashbag liner in the trashcan and there was a little trash in it of Jill told me there was as she now started to cross the bedroom.

I saw that there was that white trashbag lineing the can so I didn't say that Jill couldn't use it to poop in. But I did tell her that she when done was going to take and throw it outside in the large trash cans. Make sure you tie that bag shut tight! That made Jill giggle again as now she had set the metal trash can back on the floor making a clanging thud when she sat it down. Agian she told me I will!

Jill then as she had raised up her nightshirt said to me; I think I have to pee a little too. Before she squated down she tossed the wad of toilet paper out of her hand which it landed on the bed. Then she squated down ver te metal trashcan. She did look down and took one hand and moved it around under her which she did moveit a few times.

Then she seemed that she now had the trashcan in the right position under her and she took her hand away from it. A short few seconds later Jill began to piss first. Her stream was thin and very light yellow. It went straight down from her vagina and wetted the white plastic trashbag inside the trashcan. I could hear her piss osftly hitting the plastic. ( I was sitting on the bed and could only see her stream going down inside the trashcan but not seein all of her piss stream)

Jill maybe pissed for about six seven seconds and then her thin straight down stream stopped with some dripping. Now I saw a dark tan shit pokeing down. Jill was now shitting. This shit wasn't a fat one or a skinny rope style one either. It was movong right along for Jill wasn't pushing to get it out. It was softly crackling as it came out.

In several secpnds her shit was about a half foot long. Jill at this point had smelled her shit. EWWWWW! This one IS STINKY! Jill blurted right out and scrunching up her face as she said this to me. A second later I smelled her shit! YOU better tie that bag off REAL GOOD! I said toJill. Thatmade Jill let out just a little giggle. Her shit now was eight inches long.

Then a secondor two later it tapered right off making a long skinny tip and it fell away from her ass into the trashcan hitting with a dull metalic sounding thud since it was a metal trashcan it had fallen in to. It had hit hard enough that it pulled the white trashbag off from the trashcans rim and it fell downinside the trashcan.

I quickly told Jill that the trashbag had fallen down inside. Don't pee! Jill did look down and saw the top of the bag dow inside the trashcan. She reached down and pulled it up and open. But she still kept her hand on the edge of the plastic trashbag keeping it open. Then she started pissing into the trashbag with a pretty strong stream of piss which hissed nicley.

It was a short after shit piss. It only lasted several seconds. Her stream eased right off with its hissing stopping. After her stream stopped Jill did have some dripping which lasted for a few more seconds. Jill let go of the plastic trashbag it fell back inside the trashcan. Then she told me to give her the paper quick! It stinks over here!

Itossed the wa of toilet paper over to Jill. She cuaght it and she stood up and shoved it up into her rearend and did only one quick long hard wipe. She reached down slightly opened the trash bag and dropped the wad of paper into the bag. Jill didn't wipe her ass or vagina. She reached down and grabbed the edges of the white trashbag picked it up partway out of the trashcan and gave it a real hard spin making a long twist in the bag. She hurridly then tied the bag off.

Having done the tieng off of the trashbag Jill said to me; Now I can breathe! Jill then dropped the trashbag back in the meatl trasdhcan making anotherdull clanging thud. She picked up the trashcan and told methat she was taking care of it now. I smiled as she went past me out the bedroom door and down the hall. I slipped my pants up the rest of the way and I walked out of the bedroom and I went downstairs.


When nature calls

Does anyone have any accounts of shitting within a nudist colonies/beaches environment? Either solo or in groups?


Stories from Kim

It looks like I can't mix certain foods together. Last Thursday night I was helping at another church with their Bingo program. I was eating some starchy foods and drinking a Diet Coke. Just a little later I had some ice cream. About a 1/2 hour later after eating the ice cream, my ???? did not feel right. I was walking through the aisle when I felt the need to let some air go. I thought it was going to be a little explosion of air. Well, I should have known better. It turned out to be a big explosion of diarrhea in my panties. I started to walk fast to the Ladies Room. When I got in the Ladies Room, I left another small explosion in my panties. I had to wait about a minute before I got into a stall. When I pulled down my pants and panties, my panties were full of diarrhea and my pants had some marks on them. I sat on the commode exploding some more. I did a good job of stinking up the Ladies Room. I sat on the commode for about ten minutes, just firing away. I then wiped myself the best I could. I came out of the stall and used some towels to clean my panties the best I could. They were stained right good. I went back into the stall and put a pad in my panties, just in case. I made it fine the rest of the night, however I had to pee several more times. Such fun!

This past Saturday night, I was at the other church that I help with their Bingo night. I felt the urge to pee. Well, I went to the Ladies Room and into my favourite stall. I pulled my pants and panties down and discovered that my period was just starting. I had a pantiliner in my panties. I knew that my period was due to start. After I finished peeing, I took the pantiliner out of my panties and put a pad in. I bought an extra pad from the machine, just in case my flow became real heavy till I got home. I had some pads with me, but I usually like to buy a pad from the machine. The proceeds from the machine help with school and church activities.


Cool High School Guy

My Awesome Dump

Hey everyone,

I've been a bit busy lately so I can only check the posts when I get a chance. Anyway today I took an amazingly huge dump at school. I felt the urge and it was pretty intense so I quickly got a pass to go to the bathroom. Well my only problem was that the only stall in there that was available was being used. So I faked I had to pee and stayed at the urinal. Since I got a little excited since this senior I know that usually takes a dump there around that time might be coming in. Well to my dismay he never showed up but I waited for nine minutes until this sophomore that I've seen around the school alot comes out. Then after the coast is clear I make a mad dash into the stall. But I encounter a problem almost all of the urges are gone since I sat down. I told myself I wouldn't let that stop since the 1st lunch period would be getting out soon and people would be coming in that bathroom. So I begin to push with all of might to get the turd out, I did this two or three times and felt empty so I take a look to see and I was in shock. My biggest crap I've taken in 2010 was today a 20inch long 1.5 inch wide turd was produced so proudly I wiped till my ring was clean and hoped it would all go down since the only other stall with a working lock was out of order because the was 2 1/2 foot turd along with a 20 inch turd and diarrhea in there. Thankfully it all went down I made sure I didn't have any toilet paper on me shirt or shoes flushed and washed my hands.

I also have a question for all of those who are shy at using the restroom at any point in your life were constantly told not to use public restrooms? I was as a child, my dad never let me go out in public unless we were at the movie theaters and by the time he started asking me that I was way to embarrassed to go with anyone in the restroom.


Feel a lot better

I've been constipated for about a week now and was getting really uncomfortable. My stomach was getting hard and I felt very sick and sluggish. I've been increasing the fibre, drinking plenty of water (both warm with lemon and cold water), taking Mineral Oil and trying to eat as healthy as possible despite lack of appetite. I've cut way back on my tea intake as well. I used to drink about 6 cups of tea a day about a year ago and not enough water. Now I drink mostly water and maybe 3 cups of tea a day.

Finally I needed to poop a couple mins ago and I went to the toilet. I gave a gentle push and this monster turd came out of me fairly easily. It was pretty huge, at least 12 inches long and fat. There is still more poop in me but my stomach feels a lot smaller. Whoo!

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors Three Day Stay

The thunder storm outside went on. We did stay up for soetime watching it. Then Janet and Jill wanted to go upstairs and change into thier nght clothes. They both asked me to come with them. The storm still had them nervous and wanted my company. So we all went upstairs together to thier bedroom.

The girl dug ut what they brought to wear as what they were going to sleep in. They showed me first after removing thier sleepware out from thiier tote bags. Janet had a long solid white teddy. Jill had a long light green nighshirt. Both girls quickly stripped down taking off theire pants and shirts that they had on.

Jill after she had stripped down wiggled her bare ass at me and then slipped on her night shirt. Janet stood there for a moment also completely naked but she face forwards giving me a quick look at her and then she out on her teddy. Jill next asked me where I was sleeping. I hope here upstairs Jill said to me. I smiled and told her I couldn't not in here. Please at least sleep upstairs! Then both Janet and Jill said together.

Ok look you two I'll sleep in the big bedroom off the kitchenette. There was a large bedroom off the kitchenette that one time had been my grandmothers bedroom. She no longer used it. I'll keep the door open. I'll alskeep a candle burning too unless the power does come back on durring the night.

That seemed to satisfy both Janet and Jill. Now if you two don't mind I'm heading off to bed. Since we had just the two candles the girls had one thre in thire bedroom and I had the other which I needed in my bedroom. So I asked them before I went out of thier bedroom if either one of them if they needed to piss. I told I was going to. From both girls I got a YES!

So both Janet and Jill followed me out to the kitchenette and I held the candle and both girls went right over to the old white double sink hopped up on the sinks front edge with Jill having her nightshirt pulled up. Janet had pulled up her white teddy. Both girls one right after the other took a good hard noisy hissing piss into each section of the double sink.

I watched them both piss. I also told them both to make sure that they both emptied thire bladders. I didn't want to be woken up later with one of them needing to pee again. That brought a giggle form both of them. I won't said Jill and Janet said he would make sure her bladder would be empty with this piss. Both girls were up to thier word.

Fotwhen each girl neared the end of thire pisses each girl did a lot of spurts and then they hopped down off froom the sink. I then stepped over to the sink gave Jnaet the candle to hold. I pulled my jeans down which Jill giggled for she had now stood on my left side while Janet was on my right side.

I like the girls had done took a hard piss for them. I too did't want to get up later so I made sure I emptied my bladder with this piss. I would have guessed my piss was over a minute in lenghth. That included the spurts that I did too. Then I was doe. I walked the girls back into thire bedroom. Both of them got into thire beds. I said good night to them. They both said good ight to me in return.

I walked out and down to my grandmothers old bedroom.I set thecandle down and I got undressed completley. I pulled the one top cover and sheet back slipped underneath them pulled them back up and snuggled up in them.I was soon sound alseep. The last thing I remmebered was the lightning flashes outside and the thunder too. Upstate Dave


Ladies room surprise

I live next to town museum. Last week I was coming back home from a working day. My bowels were completely full, I was bursting. When I reach home, my wife told me she was showering, so I didn't want to ruin her shower with my poop. Town museum's toilets are semi-public. I mean everyone can use them, they're a little far from the bar, so I thought I could go there. I was really desperate so I entered the first stall I saw, down my pants and relieved myself. I produced three or four pieces very large which clogged the toilet. I was so proud of my shit.. so I left the toilet unflushed :)) but.... I didn't notice that stall I was in was a LADIES toilet!! So I rushed out and, while I was in the sink area, two middle-aged women came in and politely smiled at me. You must see her face when she saw my log,ehehhehe ...... Finally I escaped!

To AmyL: i really enjoyed your post! thats so cool that u took a huge dump on the ground. its also amazing that your huge dump was made up of three days worth. i also find that when u mentioned the color of your humugous load that must have been beautiful! i wish that i could have been there to witness your gigantic dump. i look forward to your post in the future!

to Laurel: i really enjoyed your post. thats really kind of you to be nice to the young child ahead of you! iam sure that her mom apprecaited it! i truely believe that you would make a good mother! i lookforward to your post in the future!

to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post! thats not good that your friends bathroom was not finished on time. it sounds like to me that the plunber made a big mistake! in this case i hope that the plumber replaces the tiolet for no charge. i was really pleased to hear that you allowed Kristy to use your bathroom. that prevented her from having a really bad accident! you sound like a good friend and i wish that i was friend with you! i look forward to post in the future!

To Kristy: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that u took a crap in the bushes! that must have been fun! however your friend nicole should have understood that u could have had a major accident if u had waited too long! that was smart of nicole to join you instead of waiting. i lookforward to your post in the future!
to Megan: i enjoyed your post! i was sorry to hear about your bad accident on the bus. i would love to hear a story about you and your friends having to use a public bathroom somewhere. u guys should leave the tiolet unflushed wherever you deciced to go!
to Wendy#2: i really enjoyed your post! thats horrible that the 14 or 15 year old girl has a boyfriend that doesnot care if she has an accident and therefore he is too lazy to pick her up.i would dump him in that case! i was very pleased to hear that u didnot make fun of the girl and that u instead decided to comfort her when she had an unfortunate accident that could have been prevented! you sound like a caring women! i lookforward to any stories that u might have!
to Ben: i really enjoyed your post! alot of women have had bad days and just dont feel like flushing the tiolet. others like to play practical jokes and little kids dont know any better. some women like to leave gifts for everyone to see. i always leave the tiolet unflushed so everyone can see my beautiful creation. alot of women are just too lazy and know that someone else will clean up there mess. i was proud to hear that someone left the tiolet unflushed in your last post! i lookforward to your post down the road! take care!
to Catherine: i really enjoyed your post! i hope that your doing well also. take care and God bless.
to Dealiah: i really miss your post! i think about you alot! i hope that evrything is going well in your life! God bless.



Kirsty (Wendys friend)

Desperate poo at supermarket

I went shopping today & suddenly felt a desperate urge to poo. I was at the checkout & the que wasn't too long thank god but I had a lot of shopping to pack & by the time I'd paid for it & got the shopping in the car I was nearly shitting myself. I ran back into the store to use the toilets & as soon as I got to the ladies I found all 6 cubicles were in use. I was beginning to panick but it only took about 5 minutes before one of them became vacant. I rushed inside & locked kid door. I quickly pulled my cargo pants & knickers down before sitting on the toilet. The moment my bum touched the seat my bowels erupted into the water with explosive force. It was the biggest relief I'd ever felt & I'm sure if I'd waited another minute I wouldn't have made it.

Amy L.

That time of month

Hi guys im posting about what happened over the weekend that i'd like to share

1. So its that time of month and you girls know lol. well on friday, I had the runs all day, I shouldn't have wore a thong and white sweatpants to college that day lol. Well I was doing okay until about noon, I was cramping, and I was so bloated ugggh I hate those cramps. About 12:30 I felt really sick, and I accidentally let out a wet fart, no one heard it, but I was about to crap myself. I told my professor that I feel really sick, and he let me leave, I tied my hoodie around my waist so no one could see the brown stain on my butt. I was debating on waiting untill I got home, but its a half hour ride. so I went to the bathroom, luckily no one was there, and I quickly pulled my pants down, and exploded. I had like 5 waves of diarrhea into the toilet. it took me a whole roll of toilet paper to wipe, and I left. I still felt very sick like I felt like I had to go again. I was about 20 minutes from home, when I got a really bad cramp, and I was seriously about to crap myself. I couldn't go on the side of the road, because there were electricians working on the telephone poles. So I squeezed my cheeks praying that I could make it home. I was only 8 minutes from home, when I just gave up, I was cramping so bad, and you wouldn't even understand how much it hurt me trying to hold it in. So I just let go, I completely flooded my sweat pants, it was like I was peeing out of my butt. i felt so disgusting. Suddenly my stomach heaved and i puked all over myself. I was crying so hard. I made it home, and I ran inside before anyone in my building saw me. My sweat pants were completely stained brown. I showered, and threw away my clothes. I went diarrhea at least like 7 or 8 more times that day, but I made it to the toilet lol, and i must have puked like 3 more times. i had to call out sick from work. I've never felt that sick during my period. But I felt alot better on saturday


To Thunder From Down Under

Thank you SO much for all the helpful information :) That makes me feel a lot better about what to expect. You mentioned wear old underwear...does that mean I should be expecting any accidents? I'm not being sarcastic, just curious is all. I do drink lots of water anyway (about 6 L a day) so I will be sure to keep hydrated especially since so much poo will be coming out. I was prescribed Go-Lytely back in the beginning of March because I was impacted(had to stay all night at the hospital and hubby & I didn't go home until almost 3 am). That gave me the runs like crazy, the day before my appointment with a neurologist no less! Believe me, with how constipated I get diarrhea will be welcomed! I'm not looking forward to the tests the gastroenterologist will be putting me through, but I know it's necessary even if it's uncomfortable(much like yearly pap smears). The sooner I know what's wrong with me the sooner we can find out how to fix it. My husband will be taking the day off work to go with me and I'm sure I'll feel pretty woozy afterwards, but a nap and keeping hydrated should help me feel better. I will keep everyone here posted on how the gastroenterologist appointment goes and when I am scheduled for the tests. Thank you again :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010



Hello everyone! Today I think I must officially join Keith and Thunder Under in the Constipation crowd. I was in the hospital for a week and got very constipated. I ate three meals a day but only pooped ONE time the entire week I was there. When I get constipated I get very gassy and fart constantly. All the nurses were female and I was so nervous that I was going to fart when they were close to me changing IV's and such. I would not have minded if it was male nurses--I kind of like to fart around guys--I think it's kind of a male bonding thing.

I am at home now and still very backed up. Today I could feel a big turd pushing at my hole and it was a really strong urge. I am not supposed to be on my feet and they gave me a bedside commode but I am not sure about it so have not used it yet. Anyway I sat on the toilet three times today and only once did something come out. It was a small knobby ball and it hurt like hell! I pushed really hard and some really loud pressure farts came out but only that one little turd ball.

I ate a bunch of Mexican food for lunch hoping that would help but so far it has only made me fart even more and kind of upset my stomach. I can feel a lot of gas moving around inside of me and I really hope I can take a big shit tomorrow. I don't want to take a laxative because sometimes I get flare ups and get diarrhea so I have to be careful.

I really need to go hit a big department store or bookstore restroom and settle in for a few hours with a good book. Being in a public restroom hearing the other guys shits seems to help me get going. Again, I think it's that male bonding thing. Unfortunately I can't at the moment. I had foot surgery and have to stay at home off my feet. I guess it's kind of strange I have heard lots of people say they can't shit in public and can only shit at home but I am the opposite! I can't shit at home but can take a mean long shameless loud stinky dump in public with pride!

Anyone else like this?


School trip to the zoo

When I was about 15 I went to the zoo with my class. I started to feel really ill & knew I had to get to a toilet urgently. I could feel a churning sensation in my belly which I knew was more than just wind. I tried to hold it untill we got to the toilets but I needed to go so bad I couldn't hold it any longer. It litteraly poured out of me totaly filling my knickers. There was nothing I could do to stop it. My bowels just kept pushing it all out & by the time I was done I had it running down my legs. I was so embarrassed & the cleanup was a nightmare. Everyone knew I'd pooped myself & I had to sit on the coach back to school with a plastic bag under my bum.

Kirsty & Wendy

Pooing together

Wendy took me to that camp by the stream earlier today. She showed me the pile of poo she'd left there & as I was busting to go I decided to add to it. Wendy loves watching me do this & while I was releasing my load. She took her denim skirt off & removed her knickers. She stood right in front of me & started to poo at my feet almost doing it in my jeans! We finished off together & went back to My place.


Holding my poo

In reply to the questions about how me holding my poo etc. ↲
If its been more than 2 days since I've pood it always blocks the toilet & needs several flushes to clear it all away. I love to hold my poo in as long as I can as I love the relief. I usually do it in the woods to avoid blocking the toilet especiall if I haven't been for a few days. The longest I've held it was a week & I almost did it in my pants as I looked for somewhere private to relieve myself. I found a nice place behind some bushes & lifted my dress up, quickly pulled my pants down & squatted. It was hard & knobly so I had to push hard to get it out. The first turd was 12 inches long & landed with a thud. The second was smoother than the first & came out easier. It was 10 inches long & landed neatly on top of the first. My third turd was softer & came out quickly with no effort. It was 12 inches long & curled up around the others on the ground. My fourth turd was firmer & needed a little push. It was only 5 inches long but it felt good to get it all out. By the time I was done my bum was really sore & I used the wet wipes I brought with me to wipe my bum & looked at the huge pile I'd made. I went home very satisfied after having vice marathon poo.


Bashful Bladder at the Ball Park


"Take Me Out to the Bathroom"

Can you tolerate another "bashful bladder" (paruresis) story from yours truly?

As some of you might recall I have cerebral palsy, I just turned 60, and I post here a few times of year about, what else?...going to the bathroom (a life long favorite topic of mine).

About two years ago I posted about my issues with bashful bladder or my inability to urinate in public restrooms. I've struggled with this since childhood and at various times I've thought that I've overcome it, but alas, I rather suspect that it's mostly wishful thinking.

Yesterday I had a doozie of an experience and almost had a major wetting/soiling accident.

I live in the middle Atlantic region and as soom of you might know we've had a major cold front accompanied by high winds sweep down over this region. I attended a major league baseball game with a friend
that was played mid afternoon. I'm very conscientious about using the toilet before I leave home and yesterday was no exception. I might add that I'm on a diurectic (HCTZ) for somewhat elevated blood pressure and this doesn't help at times (by whch I mean the increased frequency of the need to pee isn't always helpful).

When I arrived at the ballpark I knew I needed "to go" but I thought I'd be OK. I was waiting for a companion who had arrived late which sort of changed my plans for an earlier bathroom visit. (I had the tickets so I had to wait for him outside of the stadium). We got to our seats a few minutes before the start of the game (actually I was using my wheelchair) and again, I thought I'd be "OK" for a while.

By the fourth inning or so I knew I couldn't postpone this much longer, so I excused myself and headed off to the men's room. When I got to the men's room there were fewer urinals than I expected and a crowd was starting to form. I got to a urinal right away, locked (braked) my wheelchair and stood at the urinal and attempted to "go." I could sense the lines forming and almost immediately I paniced.

I'm very self conscious about people waiting behind me in public restrooms and I know that because of the conspicuousness of my disability I tend to stand-out. So, that quickly I fixed my trousers, got seated in my wheelchair, and departed the men's room with the full bladder that I came in with.

When I got back to my seat, my companion said, "That was fast" and I just similed and said "Yeah, I don't waste time." Obviously, I couldn't share my problem with him.

As the afternoon wore on it got cooler and windier and this too was not helpful. I mostly took my mind off my situation in hopes that I'd be OK. I never considered making another visit to the bathroom as at this point I thought the situation was rather hopeless.

When the game ended, I decided to simply leave the stadium. The transit agency in the city in which I live operates a door-to-door service for the disabled and my ride was scheduled in the current time frame. The good news was that my ride was waiting for me as soon as I got outside. However, this is a "shared ride" service and the bad news was that my driver had two additional pick-ups and drop-offs to make before he'd be dropping me off.

It's usually about a thirty minute ride (mostly on an intra-city expressway) from the stadium to my home but now it turned into a
ninety-minute ride.

Now my bladder was really beginning to bother me and to make matters worse I was starting to feel the need for a bowel movement as well. For reasons I can't explain (like diet, etc), I've been having two BMs a day for the last several days, and although I had a substantial BM
earlier in the day, I wasn't suprised by the urge to poop. Needless to say, this only added to my distress and now my biggest concern was
not having an accident on the vehicle.

Taking deep breaths and trying to relax I did everything possible to retain my control. Although I rarely have accidents, I've had a few as an adult and obviously they're never pleasant. Fortunately the urgent need for a bowel movement began to subside, traffic cooperated, and we had a pretty quick ride from the second drop-off to my house. Once in the house, of course, I went right to the toilet and took care of myself.

The truly frustrating thing for me is that after all of these years I still can't deal with my "bashful bladder" issues. Sometimes I think I'd be better off wearing an adult diaper in situations like yesterday's, but then I think that I don't want to sit in a wet diaper for an extended period (I'm not even sure I could change myself in a public restroom). But given all of the discomfort I had yesterday, I need to find a better way to manage this.



Wendy wrote about Glastonbury last summer. I was one of those persons that took the chance to go to toilet in the bushes. Our tent was placed close to the edge of the woods and it was easier and even more comfortable (no smell at least!) to to stick away in the bushes than line up for the toilets. Certainly no guarantee for privacy but as everyone in there had the same needs I did not care and my bottom is quite similar to other persons' bottoms. Well, to be quite frank, I must admit I felt a bit embarrassed when the girl friend of my brother came by just as I sat there squatting with my bottom exposed. But everyone seemed to be quite considerate and leave others in peace as well as possible. Still it is a bit amusing to get confirmed that going to toilet is something for everybody. I think I saw people at all ages in there from about 20 to 60, of both sexes. The old hippie guy at 60 and the young punk girl at 20, the more decent read haired housewife at 40 with her very white non-tanned ass and the gray haired leather clothed MC'man with his well tanned skin, all with the same needs and the same basic squatting positure.


Comment to Laurel & My 'Helpful Citizen' Experience

To Laurel:

I agree with you, Laurel. A young child being taught to sit on the bowl rim instead of the more logical seat in a public bathroom is to me more than bizarre. I see it was a form of child abuse. That girl ... I think you said her name was Caitlyn ... is enduring a lot more strain and stress and what does that tell her about the importance and necessity of using a bathroom away from home. You said the mother told you that she has taught all her kids that sitting on the rim is normal. Well I disagree. I feel that public toilets, while they can be somewhat taxing and less clean than we have at home, are necessities and children should not be taught to avoid them or sit on the bowl rim, build toilet paper nests on the seat, or any of some of the other extreme things that are sometimes reported on this board. And nobody like Laurel should be put down by a parent in another stall for helping out with their child. All of us have a responsiblity to be of assistance in such situations because that's what good citizens do.

This is the story of what happened to me last year when I tried to be a good citizen when my financial industry work required me to go to our state's Capitol building in order to do a last minute legal filing just before the 4:30 p.m. deadline.

I left my office and immediately went downstairs at our headquarters and checked out a car pool vehicle. The drive was a little over an hour and with the Interstate, I didn't anticipate any problems. I've been to the Capitol several times and it's part of my job description. I put my case with the documents on the front seat next to me and was off. The most traffic I encountered was in town and getting to the Interstate because it was lunch hour, there was some road construction, and that led to a couple of rear-enders. Three guys were sitting on the rear bumper of one of the cars and they had a child sitting nearby on the curb. The boy looked like he was about 4 and I noticed he had his hands between his legs and looked like he was in pain. I felt sorry for him and all the attention the minor accident was getting from passers-by.

Once I got on the Interstate, I made up for some of the lost time. I had two cups of coffee during my drive to work and another one while my computer was turning on. As I've written about before, so much coffee will hurry on my daily crap and I remembered that other than a very small stream during my crap about a half hour later, I hadn't had my usual mid-day pee. I decided to hold it for five more miles because I knew there was a rest stop there right on the side of the road that was fast and didn't involved driving three or four miles into some small town. That would cost me valuable time. Finally, I got to the rest stop and saw about 10 or 12 long-haul trucks parked. It didn't worry me except for the thought that I hoped that most of the drivers were men because I didn't want to spend that much time in there. My dad, when we were traveling as a family, use to say the length of one song on the radio should be enough, but that wasn't too bad if it was an album-rock station or one of those 12 or 13 minute disco cuts my parents listened to the 1980s.

I stopped, parked and locked the car. I quickly walked to the restroom building and noticed there was a lot of talking and noise coming from the men's side as a I passed it. I turned the corner and got to the six-stall ladies room. There were no doors on any of the stalls with the exception of the handicapped one (which, of course, was taken). There were middle-aged women on the first two stalls, each had shorts and their underwear at knee level as they sat, and in the third stall there was a retired-looking lady seated with fabric on her lap and she was crocheting like she was sitting in her favorite chair at home. I took the fourth stall. I hiked my skirt up with one hand and dropped my thong all the way to my ankles and seated myself on the toilet seat that was surprisingly a little warm and higher from the floor than most of the bathrooms I use. I spread my legs a little more and felt a little uncomfortable because of the height, so I slid myself a couple of inches back on the seat. It was somewhat embarrassing because my butt squeaked, but right at that point my stream started and my pretty hefty flow went on for a couple of minutes before it slowed, but still continued for another 45 seconds or so. The chrocheter laughed a couple of times and said she wished her craps would come out as easy as my pee. I forced a laugh and said she made me feel lucky. She said I should. I quickly wiped, leaned back and flushed, and raised my thong. As I was straightening my skirt, I walked to the sink, washed my hands and was just exiting when I was startled by a guy about 28 or 30 standing with a girl, who was about 7, and obviously in what I remember from my babysitting years as "pee-pee pain."

The dad said he usually takes her into the mens room when it's not crowded, but he had to make an exception today. He offered me $5 to take her in, but I said that wasn't necessary and I would be happy to do it. I put my right hand on the girl's shoulder and led her in. We went right to the stall I had just vacated. The girl dropped her jeans pretty fast and pulled her underwear down to mid-thigh level and was ready to seat herself when I got to thinking about the high seat. I quickly looked to the stall on our right to see if the stool was smaller and the seat lower, but I noticed she was so self-sufficient. Before I could say anything to her, she pulled her panties down to her ankles and took her two hands and by placing them over the front of the seat, she boosted herself up and onto the seat that was probably higher than she was accustomed to using. The put her hands back on the front of the seat and (as I had done) slid herself back on the seat. She squeaked too, something that caused her to put her hand over her mouth and apologize. She peed for more than a minute, although the stream was not as continuous as mine had been. Then she slid herself forward on the toilet, again squeaking and this time laughing about it. She was still partially seated over the front as she pulled up her jeans and underwear and she was zipping up her jeans as she started walking toward the sink. I asked her if there was something she forgot, and she said, "Oh, I'm sorry" and seemed very embarrassed about quickly running back and putting some weight from her left arm on the flusher.

When she and I came out, her father waved her to their pick-up truck. I complimented her, she thanked me, and I watched her as she got into her dad's truck and they drove off first. As I was fastening my safety belt, I noticed something under my windshield wiper. I got out and found the father's $5 bill. I didn't want to take the money but they were already gone.

I got to the Capitol in time, transacted my business, and stopped in the bathroom before venturing out to my car. I peed a little in the two-stall bathroom. I was the only occupant and it was really quiet.

Migraine loverer

What should I do?

Thank you Mickey, I loved your story.

Does anyone hold their poop in until they get home from school? I do. My parents don't like me doing this because it leaves skid marks on my underwear. I just don't want anyone at school to hear me and plus my classes are 42min. long so I don't want to be late to my next class ether. Does anyone here understand me?

Sunday, May 09, 2010

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