Christopher H

Vegetarian Poops

CD - I'm no longer a vegetarian but was for some years, as for the athletic thing I'm no fitness freak but I'm tall and lean with a big appetite and do keep fairly active. From what I remember anyhow I was more regular during my vegetarian times but having said that I am always regular anyway and drop ridiculously large loads every day. When I was a vegetarian, often my poo would come out explosively as many soft pieces, almost bordering on diarrhoea - more or less like when you take a dump following a night out drinking. I assume this was because of my higher fibre intake. The stink of the poo also seemed not to be as strong and it was usually not as much of a mission to properly wipe my behind as the shit was quite watery.
I'm now back to eating meat although still eat much fibre and now tend to produce lots of nice big thick warm jobbies that are soft but firm and slide out nice and slowly causing the water to splash my behind. The smell is a bit rich but its worth feeling the monster logs ease out gently ... its more relaxing. Sometimes I'll not bother to flush so that others can admire my efforts. The wiping can get you down though as the poo is thick and sticky and somehow manages to spread all over your bottom half ha ha.


Enjoyable posts

Wendy, I really enjoy reading your posts which are always vivid, detailed and well written. When you poo you always seem to need to 'do' a lot so I'm guessing you have a fairly healthy appetite. It's always good to see another UK poster here too. Keep them coming!

Amy L.

That time of month

Hi guys im posting about what happened over the weekend that i'd like to share

1. So its that time of month and you girls know lol. well on friday, I had the runs all day, I shouldn't have wore a thong and white sweatpants to college that day lol. Well I was doing okay until about noon, I was cramping, and I was so bloated ugggh I hate those cramps. About 12:30 I felt really sick, and I accidentally let out a wet fart, no one heard it, but I was about to crap myself. I told my professor that I feel really sick, and he let me leave, I tied my hoodie around my waist so no one could see the brown stain on my butt. I was debating on waiting untill I got home, but its a half hour ride. so I went to the bathroom, luckily no one was there, and I quickly pulled my pants down, and exploded. I had like 5 waves of diarrhea into the toilet. it took me a whole roll of toilet paper to wipe, and I left. I still felt very sick like I felt like I had to go again. I was about 20 minutes from home, when I got a really bad cramp, and I was seriously about to crap myself. I couldn't go on the side of the road, because there were electricians working on the telephone poles. So I squeezed my cheeks praying that I could make it home. I was only 8 minutes from home, when I just gave up, I was cramping so bad, and you wouldn't even understand how much it hurt me trying to hold it in. So I just let go, I completely flooded my sweat pants, it was like I was peeing out of my butt. i felt so disgusting. Suddenly my stomach heaved and i puked all over myself. I was crying so hard. I made it home, and I ran inside before anyone in my building saw me. My sweat pants were completely stained brown. I showered, and threw away my clothes. I went diarrhea at least like 7 or 8 more times that day, but I made it to the toilet lol, and i must have puked like 3 more times. i had to call out sick from work. I've never felt that sick during my period. But I felt alot better on saturday

Keith D
To desmondhtown: Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately, bowel training has not worked for me. Sitting waiting on the toilet has never produced a poop for me. In fact, sitting seems to be the worst thing for me. As soon as I get into a sitting position everything seems to close up down there and any urge to poop disappears. And unless I am getting a strong urge and start pushing, nothing happens. I usually get the strongest urges while I am walking around. I think I am like Mickey and I really need to catch the urge when it is strongest. If I don't managed to drop a log first time, I need to go away and wait for the urge to return.

Last night's blockbuster (assbuster?) was a good case in point. I actually got an urge to go early in the day but had to spend most of the day driving for work so was sitting down. I felt a heaviness in my lower bowels and felt something push at my rectal muscles but had to squeeze it back. After that, the urge didn't return but I did have a strange sensation in my butt like something scratchy was inside my anus. I guess a little piece of poop was lodged there before it retreated. It was just slightly uncomfortable.

As soon as I got home from work I went straight to the toilet as I wanted to push this mess out. I dropped my jeans to my ankles sat straight down on the seat, leant right forward and started pushing hard. I could feel my butthole moving in and out with each big push but it didn't seem to be opening and nothing was pushing through. I heaved and heaved and could feel the muscles down there doming out and in. But I could not feel a big poop log there it was like I didn't have anything to push out. I held my breath and pushed hard. Something suddenly moved and I felt a tiny rock hard marble-sized ball of poop pop out and my arse instantly closed. I kept pushing. Nothing followed. After three minutes I was getting tired really quickly and noticed just how hot it was inside the house. I kept pushing and pushing but nothing was moving. There just wasn't anything there. I thought of Linda from Australia and how long she struggles for. I held my breath and closed my eyes and gave one last massive push. It felt like my butt might turn inside out but there just wasn't anything there. I gave up. I didn't even bother trying to wipe or anything I just jumped up, pulled up my jeans and walked straight out. I hate that feeling of failure when you can't get anything out. I just had to get out of there. It just feels wrong walking away with all my butt muscles tense and bunched up because nothing happened. I din't feel like I could sit in a chair for an hour afterwards. It was just too uncomfortable.

Then a few hours later I was in the shower. It was nice and hot and all my muscles were aching after the long day doing overtime at work. I bent down to pick up the bottle of shampoo near the door and it suddenly hit me. A hard poop cramp. Something shifted and I felt a hard log impact against the muscles around the top of my ring. It was like being hit with a big fist with knuckles. I knew the poop would be really knobbly. I couldn't bend down any further as I felt the poop start to compress against the muscles of my ring. I tried to straighten but it cramped inside and felt like the poop was trying to retreat again. I was stuck in a half crouching pose for a couple of minutes. During this time I had waves of cramps and my ring spasmed - opening just slightly and clamping shut.

When things stabilised and the urge lessened a little. I rinsed the soap off my body, turned off the water and made my way over to the toilet in a half crouching shuffle. I sat on the seat, my butt cheecks slipped around a bit because I was still dripping wet. I wanted to get this monster out in one go. I picked my feet up off the floor and clutched my knees to my chest, held my breath and pushed. There was no response down below for a second. Then suddenly my ring expanded. Something knobbly and hard but a bit slippery started to push through. In seconds I was overwhelmed by a wave of sensations as my poor ring went to maximum extension. It was painful as the skin and muscles stretched tight. Then there was slow gentle relief as I felt the log start to slide, tapering as it did, allowing my butthole to close slowly. There was a dull thud in the bottom of the bowl. Job done. I gave a wipe but there was nothing on the paper. I was squeakly clean. I put my feet back on the floor and stood and flushed. I noticed a big thick dark brown knobbly log lodged itself in the pipe and didn't move. I went back to my shower and had to come back in a half hour by which time the log had softened and would flush away.


No bathrooms for miles

My friend owns a building which houses his apartment and a bike shop. I was visiting him, and working on my bike when he informed me that he was going to take a shower. I didn't think anything of it but right after he got in the shower I had the feeling to poop really bad. I tried to hold it until he got out of the shower because he was taking up the only bathroom in the building. Not only that, but the building is the only one open in the neighborhood, all the other buildings were locked warehouses.

I tried to hold it for about half an hour, being very careful not to do anything that would lead to an accident. My stomach hurt so bad and kept rumbling but I was determined not to poop my pants and wait until the bathroom was free.

After waiting a few minutes longer I couldn't take it anymore and began looking for a place to poop. There are no trees or bushes or anything around his warehouse because it's in the middle of an industrial district so my cover was limited. Then I saw some big wooden crates in the distance and very slowly, trying not to have an accident, walked over to them. There was a space behind the crates just in front of a wooden fence about a meter across. Just enough space for me.

I got behind the crates, unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down around my ankles and squatted. Immediately a huge log pushed its way out very smoothly and then another and another. After about 4 really easy poops came out, I had one that I had to work on a bit to push out but once my hole opened up enough it came out pretty easily. I took a deep breath and as I relaxed and breathed out I peed a nice 30 second stream.

I pulled my pants up without wiping (Everything had come out so easily I probably didn't even need to) and I looked at the tall pile of logs I had just created. I hope nobody finds it, it was definitely much bigger than what I usually deposit in the toilet.

To Wendy: I've had to poop in a plastic bag before too. I went to a friends house to drop some stuff off but they weren't home so I couldn't use their bathroom like I had planned. On the walk home I decided that I simply couldn't make it and quickly found a hiding spot in some trees, opened up the plastic bag I had with me and pushed 2 big warm logs out of my butthole into it. I felt so much better afterwards! I then took a nice pee and felt much better, although still a bit sick. I threw the bag away in someone's garbage can, I hope they didn't find out!

Amy L.

Huge Dump!!!

Hi im 19 and a freshman in college.

I work as a waitress near my college, and this is how my day goes, from 9am-5pm im back and forth in different classes, then from 6:00pm-12 midnight i work at this resturant. Well anyways on thursday night my boyfriend and I ate at this new taco place, and I think I over ate with the tacos. On friday, I was making pretty good during the day, untill about 3pm. My stomach was hurting, and I really had to go to the bathroom. I sat on my heal trying to keep my load in. Boys always stare at my butt, and tell me they want to bang me. So if I had an accident it would be a disaster, and I would be scared to show my face. Some how I made it through the rest of the day, and at 5 I practically ran to my car. I only had an hour untill work. I had to go so bad. I was still fifteen minutes from home, on an old country deserted back road. I could feel the turd literally pushing against my thong, and I was seconds away from having an accident, My stomach was killing me I couldn't hold it anymore I was in tears. The road had no bushes or nothing on the side but I didn't care nobody ever uses this road, so I rushed out of the car, and the turd started moving as soon as I stood up. I pulled my yoga pants down, and I didn't even have to push, immediately a 10 inch turd shot out of my butt, coiling on the ground, followed by a 5 inch turd. Then I had a 15 second round of soft serve poop, and I let out a torrent of pee for about 30 seconds. And I thought to myself i've never felt this relived and turned on in my life. luckily I carry wet naps in my car, and I used about 5 wipes untill my butt was totally clean. Then I looked at my load, that had to be the biggest poop I ever took in my life, it was three days worth of poop on the ground, it was a green/brown color. I took a picture of it with my phone for memories lol, and I drove home. changed and got to work just on time. I really want to poop outside again. I'm saving up another big one lol! i'll keep you guys posted :D


To Astrid

I truly appreciated your story. I am also in my mid to late 40s and have had quite a few accidents in my day. I still feel a little to shy to share, but I was hoping that you would share more.


Helping out

I work at my University and despite finals being over I have one more day of work before summer semester starts. Therefore, the campus is a ghost town, there's almost no one here and I feared I would be quite bored at my job.

Not so. When I walked into work I was headed down the hallway and witnessed a lady who was probably about 45 or 50 with her pants down around her ankles attempting to climb on top of a garbage can. I realized immediately that she was trying to go to the bathroom. I figured the bathrooms must be locked because no one is around.

I spied on her from around the corner for a while but she was having a lot of trouble getting up on the tall garbage can so I gathered my courage and walked around the corner to help her.

She turned bright red as soon as she saw me but I asked her very calmly and kindly if she needed any help. She said she was here to watch the graduation ceremony taking place later today but as she was walking she felt the need to go to the bathroom and just couldn't make it to the toilets.

I told her I'd stand guard over the hallway to make sure nobody else came in while she was using the garbage can. Unfortunately my boss was coming downstairs and she heard me talking to him and quickly pulled her pants back up before she could do anything.

I came back around the corner and she asked if I could watch her belongings while she attempted to make it to the bathroom. She started off down the hall and by this point several more people had showed up in the hallway ruining her privacy.

I watched her walk all the way down the hall with her legs crossed and saw her reach the bathroom door after a bit of a struggle. She came out a few minutes later walking much better this time.

I was so nervous for her and I was planning on helping her find a shorter garbage can so she could sit easier on top of it but then all those people showed up. I never got to help her actually go to the bathroom, something I would have been happy to do.

She thanked me and collected her belongings and left the building. She'll never know how much I would have helped her out, I was even going to throw the garbage bag away for her. Part of me is glad she made it to the bathroom but the other part of me is disappointed that I didn't get to be as much of a hero as I would have liked. Hopefully next time...


Sitting on the Toilet Bowl Rim

I enjoyed Just Jerika's two part story about their long walk to the park and her friend Gopi's apparent habit of stacking toilet paper on the seat. I believe Jerika used the word "nest" to describe the large amount of toilet paper used and stacked on the seat. She also said Gopi took off toilet paper and wiped the seat before she started to stack the paper on it. I guess I just don't understand the rationale for that. I'm almost three times as old as the girls, and among other things, manager of the "green" campaign at the bank that employees me. Wasting paper of any type for any reason is the current initiative we're working on. And I would consider "nests" of toilet paper to be in the category of wastage. Another consideration is the inconvenience to the next user who sits and will quickly find little or no toilet paper on the roll. This has happened to me several times and not always at semi-public places such as the bank. The worst was two summers ago in a port-a-potty at a classic rock concert that I had stood in line more than 45 minutes to use.

If parents are behind scaring these kids regarding the use of semi-public and public toilets, they are doing a diservice to their child. I was in a situation a couple of months ago that demonstrates this well. A bank officer and myself were traveling to a national convention. Just before our flight was called for boarding at the terminal, I told him to watch my carry-on because I wanted to use the bathroom one last time. It was one of those huge restrooms with at least three separate entrances and exits and I was dismayed that it was very crowded. Apparently dozens of others had the same idea I did. So I started down one side of the row looking for a stall with the door ajar and no evidence of legs or feet sitting there. After walking in front of about 15 stalls on the right-hand side I spoted an open door out of the corner of my left eye. I quickly bolted across the aisle and never took my eye off the door as I raced to get in. As I've said in previous posts, once my butt is on the seat, I can pee pretty expeditiously and in my mind I was already seated and completing my need. However, as I barged in I got a started shriek from a little girl about 5 who was seated and peeing while she was swinging her short legs that didn't reach the floor.

I immediately apologized and I took my hand and closed the door for her. Unfortunately, the door started sliding open again and the little girl was just too young to know how to use the latch. While I waited for her to get done, my eyes couldn't help seeing something peculiar: there was a black toilet seat that had been raised behind her and I looked to see what was was seated on and it became apparent she was seated on the rim of the bowl. How uncomfortable that must have been for her. From behind me I heard a woman's voice, "Hurry up, Caitlyn, we're going to miss our plane and grandma and grandpa will be upset." The girl was just finishing up and I mentioned to the mother that her daughter wasn't using the seat. "That's what I taught each of my kids," the mother snapped back. I decided not to pursue it with her and immediately after the girl came out, I dropped the seat, flushed the bowl of yellow pee, and dropped my thong and comfortably seated myself.

I peed for more than two minutes and eliminated the need to use the much-hated toilets in-flight. I wiped, flushed and washed my hands. My colleague was already in line and quipped "Feel better now?"

For the first part of our flight, I couldn't get what Caitlyn's mother said out of my mind. My the things they dump on their children! My long-time boyfriend and I don't want children. But does that disqualify me from feeling so bad for children like Caitlyn who have been taught such bizarre things by their parents.


Painful Poop

To Migraine loverer. I haven't posted here in a long while but I'm happy to share one of my many painful experiences. I'm chronically constipated and generally do a poop only two or three times a week. The need to sit on the toilet generally starts with a slight discomfort low down and gradually builds throughout the day. Experience has taught me however that there is no point sitting on the toilet until I'm actually holding my poo in.

This happened one day in the mall a few weeks ago. I made my way to the men's room and settled into one of the stalls. As soon as I was seated comfortably I consciously relaxed all the muscles in my body including of course my ring. Immediately I felt my anus begin to open under the pressure and I could tell the tip of my turd was just beginning to peep out.

I was delighted because I really love the feeling of my anus slowly opening and to be honest it usually comes accompanied by some very pleasant erotic sensations as well. Sometimes these build to the point where I engage in other activities but that's another story. On this occasion I just savored them and sat quietly while my bowel movement began.

It was only a minute or two before I felt the first twinges of pain in my ring which incidentally is not at all uncommon. My BMs are notoriously large and often stretch my hole wide on the way out. This time the pain came on very quickly and in no time was quite intense. I also had the feeling that things had stopped moving although with that amount of pain in my ring its not always possible to pick up the sensations of a turd sliding out. By the way, I always sit on the toilet with all my clothes around my ankles and for the very good reason that it lets me touch whatever and wherever I need to . So I reached between my legs and felt the tip of my poo now protruding from my hole. It was as hard as a rock and had a sharp point but the point was very short. I felt around my hole and realized it was already open wide and yet only about an inch of my turd had emerged. I could also tell that it had stopped coming out.

The contractions didn't stop however and the pain just got worse as my poo tried to get its head all the way out. It became so intense that I let out a loud involuntary painful groan which I did my best to stifle out of embarrassment that somebody might hear me. The pain became excruciating and I leaned forward as far as I could to try and make it as easy as possible for my log to come out. My cramps didn't let up either, and the combination of the two was now close to being unbearable. After a few minutes of this torture I forced myself to sit up straighter and once more I put my hand between my legs again and felt for the tip. I was surprised and even pleasantly surprised to find that a considerable length of poo had now emerged and the tip was well into the water.

I returned to my doubled over position and partly stifled another long agonized groan as an intense spasm of pain gripped my poor tortured anus. As this spasm ended I felt all the pain and discomfort start to ease off. In fact it eased off so much I could now feel the sensation of my log slowly sliding out. At least I knew the torture was nearly over and within a short time the tail fell away and my anus closed, leaving me with that exquisite empty feeling that I get only after a particularly long, hard, painful and difficult shit.

With all the drama now complete I sat up, and it was only then I became aware that I had been sweating profusely and my face was wet. I gave myself a minute or two then wiped my rear. The interesting thing was that not a single mark appeared on the toilet paper. All in all I'm guessing the whole episode took about ten or fifteen minutes. Most of which was spent in severe pain. But the sight of my enormous log lying in the toilet and the overwhelming feelings of relief somehow made it all worthwhile.


Kirsty's desperate poo

Kirsty was having a new bathroom fitted & she came home from work expecting it to be all finished. She was desperate to go but when she got in she found it was nowhere near finished. The plumber had ordered the wrong toilet & he'd sent it back leaving Kirsty without a toilet. She came round to my place hopping & fidgeting & was holding her crotch. I told her she could use my bathroom but she'd have to let me watch. Kirsty's eyes lit up when I said that & we went into the bathroom together. Kirsty pulled her jeans & panties down & thumped down onto the toilet. She peed for ages while releasing a torrent of semi solid poo into my toilet. She gave a big sigh of relief & I knew she'd been holding it a long time. When Kirsty was done she told me how good it felt & that if she'd waited another 5 minutes she wouldn't have made it. I can only imagine the mess that she would have made in her jeans if she hadn't got to my place in time.

Kirsty (Wendys friend)

My camping toilet

The first time I went camping was with the girl scouts. There was a nice clean toilet & shower block but it was miles away from our field & most of us just peed in the bushes. Of course if it was a poo we went in the toilets but I couldn't be bothered to walk all the way across the campsite so I went in the bushes. I'd just started to drop the first turd when Nicole came over & saw me. She said I was dirty & should be doing that in the toilets. I told her I was too desperate to make it. Nicole thought for a while & told me she was dying to go too. She pulled her trousers & knickers down & squatted next to me & began to pee really hard. It was a reall flood & as she emptied her full bladder, Nicole released a stream of diarrhoea into the pool of piss. She kept going for ages & by the time she was finished Nicole had a mixture of piss & shit all around her feet. I think she was wise to go here rather than risk doing all that in her underwear!


Poo on the bus

It was a school day and I was having trouble holding a dump in all day. As it was the last lesson my cramps were killing me, i had a serious case of the runs! I just didn't want to go in school. After what seemed a long time school was over eventually and as i left the classroom my butt began to fart without my consent, everybody laughed and i just waddled off worryingly. I heard one guy saying "need a poo, Megan?" I kept waddling almost crying and answered to myself YES!

As i made my way to the bus stop i felt a wet patch on my bum, but i wasn't sure until i realized i had when i sat down on the bus, but it was only a little. I still badly needed to poo! Gripping on my seat i felt my belly rumble as more pressure was building up. 20 minutes later it all just came out. I couldn't hold it any more, the poo blasted out of my butt with such a force that it sprayed all over the backside of my jeggins covering my bum. Then as it drifted into a slow stop the poo was gently oozing out my butt as i was squinting. I don't think anybody noticed, though i did smell it wasn't a loud crap. When i got off the bus i covered my excreted behind with my big bag. And got home to wipe, clean and to go to the toilet twice more!

Comment if you want more stories, as i have a few... I'm very unfortunate :( xxx


What are Vegetarian Poops Like?

I go to a book club every few weeks and in the group we have member that is a strict vegetarian (and attempting to go completely vegan.) She's also a seriously athletic type - i.e. long distance bike races, marathons, triathlons, 3-4 hours+ of daily exercise, et cetera... In fact, I think she's going to run in the Chicago marathon later this year.

While we were chatting in the group, she mentioned that she consumes around 4,000 calories a day!!! (I understand that a relatively healthy dietary intake is ~2,000 calories per day for the average Joe or Jane...) She burns most of it I am sure, because she's all lean muscle - but it since she told us how much she eats, it got me wondering just how MASSIVE her poops must really be. (Our group meets in a little community centre with separate male & female restrooms - so I have never had a chance to use a toilet she has just been on.)

**My little questionnaire is fairly straightforward for any vegetarian athletic types:

1. Well... Exactly, what is your average poop like? Thickness? Consistency? Odour?

2. How do your poops compare to life before you went vegetarian or vegan? Do you spend more time wiping up after a good plop in the can?

3. How often do you have to go when you consume so many calories?

4. How long do you take to go?

5. As far as going to the potty is concerned, what do you like about a veg. only diet? What (if anything) *don't* you like about it?

6. Has moving to a vegetarian/vegan diet made the act of pooping a much more enjoyable and satisfactory event for you?


Take care,


to Just Jerkia: i really enjoyed your post! sound like there were alot of other women packed into such a small bathroom. i have been in small public bathrooms before and there have been alot of other women in there not too mention that it smelled really bad also! i lookforward to your fuutre post.

Jenny: i was really sorry to hearabout your Diarrhea accident. i had a massive diarrahea attack while i was doing laundry in the laundry room about 2 months ago. i was so upset and embarrased!

to: kk: i really enjoyed your post! lookforward to your post in the future.

to Ali: i really enjoyed your post! i have had several accidents before as well.

to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post! i have tooken a crap by a nearby stream. it sounds like that it must have been alot of fun!



Pinoy Boy
Hi! I'll finally talk about my poops after sometime of occasional posting. Unlike most people, my poops are pretty quick and I can finish in less than an hour. Unless the poop is soft, the poops aren't too gassy. I try to poop at least once a day. Also I normally only poop at home or if I am staying somewhere else overnight (hotel etc.). I only poop in public restrooms if I really have to go.

I like your stories Upstate Dave, glad you post regularly!

Also I am very disappointed that many new posters frequently hide the names in their stories while experienced ones like Upstate Dave, Wendy etc. do post their names most of the time. Why is this?

Bye for now...


Desperate young girl

This afternoon I was waiting for the bus on my way home from work. There was a girl of about 14 or 15 in front of me on her phone. I overheard her telling someone to get here fast because she needed the toilet really badly. I can remember it clearly. She said, "Look I can't wait that long. You'll have to hurry up." She listened to the reply & came back with, "Well if you don't pick me up soon I'm going to do it in my knickers." Again there was a pause while the reply came & the girl replied, "No. You'll have to leave now. I can't hold it much longer." While she was arguing on her phone the girl held her bum. She hung the phone up looking very distressed & I asked her if she was ok. The girl replied, "No not really. I'm desperate for the toilet & my boyfriend won't leave work early to pick me up. She suddenly said, "Oh no." She started wetting herself & there was a strong smell of poo. She went bright red & told me that this had never happened before. A large brown stain appeared in the back of her white jeans which slowly spread to her legs. She started crying as she continued to mess her pants & by the time she finished her jeans were totaly ruined.

Desperate to poop
Went to london the other day and had big dump on train! Was on way back from london after big meal and day out. Felt need for big poop went to train toilet which was engaged seven mins later train inspector came out she was quite pretty and commented

Ben In Iowa

First post in years

Hi everyone, my name is Ben and I used to post here semi-regularly many years ago. Since then I have turned 22 and now work as a shift manager in a grocery store. Since I have worked at my job I have had some interesting experiences that I would like to share.

My first one I remember like yesterday. I was helping out with the shelf stocking when a young lady, roughly my age, with grey sweat pants and long blonde hair and glasses comes up to me and asks where our restroom was. I told her it was in the backroom and gave her directions. After a quick crotch grab she thanked me and went back to use the restroom. Well our store is kinda old and we have 2 single occupant restrooms, 1 for the men and one for the women. Well later that night I was changing the trash bags in the restrooms. When I lifted the lid to the womens, laying on top was a soaking wet pair of panties. I don't think the young lady was able to keep herself entirely dry!

Thats another point I want to talk about. Since we have had to cut back on our help due to the slow economy, I usually have to change the trash bags at night. You would not believe how many pairs of wet and soiled panties I have seen in the trash. I have only seen 1 pair in the mens room trash though. Makes me wonder why the women seem to have alot more accidents than the men. Perhaps they are shy to ask where the bathroom is, or maybe they have to endure a longer waiting period to use the restroom. Either way it makes me wish I could math the accident panties with their owners.

Also it seems that the women leave the toilet unflushed a lot as well. Just tonight I went in to change the bag and someone had to have really needed to poop because the toilet was full of poop and dark yellow pee, the Ashley that posts on here would be proud.

Well thats a little about what I have had going on. Maybe sometime I will post some of my other stories including some accidents (on purpose and total accidents) and maybe using diapers since I like to wear diapers as well and have used them out in public too.

Also to Jenny, don't worry about those mean girls. Accidents happen to everyone, i have seen enough pairs of soiled undies to confirm this lol. Next time you have accident though, go to the nurse or someone so you don't have to spend your entire day in soiled clothes, it can lead to a serious rash. Well take care everyone.

Upstate Dave

The Three Day Stay First Night Storms

We all had come downstairs and sat at the kitchen table having a great supper made by my grandmother. Breade chicken legs,and breasts,baked potato,creamed oinions, and a big slice of chocolate cake. We gave my grandmother a break for us three did all the cleaning up in the kitchen after we had ate. The we played a game of scrabble which put it a little apst eight now.

My grandmother told us she was going to bed. You can stay up watch tv play a game, or do anyting else you want. She got up said good night as she walked out of the kitchen and headed to her bedroom off the downstairs hallway and just off to the right of the stairs.

So what we three did was pickup the scrabble game put it away and we went into the livingroom turned on the tv found out there was going to be a good horror movie on to watch tonight. So before it was to come on we all went out to the kitchen got out big glasses and poured ourselves lemonade into them and I also made popcorn to snack on for the movie too.

As we walked back to the livingroom we heard the muffled sound of my grandmothers loud snoring. Jil giggled and said my grandmothers snores loud! Janet also said; I'm glad she keeps the door shut! That made me laugh as now we were in the livingroom and we three sat down on the floor on the rug andstarted eating the popcorn, sipped our glasses of lemonade andwaited for the up comming move to start.

It started ten minutes later and as it started theweather outside was changing. It had become very windy which we all heard the trees outside being blown in the wind. There were some creaking of the branches as they wre being swung in the wind. Not only that in my grandmothers living room were the two big old picture windows. Above the single big pane were a row of diamond shaped panes which a strong gust of wind would rattle the big pane f glass in one of them and in the other one one of the diamond shaped panes always leaked and if the wind would hit just right it would let out a whistle. Just what we needed extra spooky sound effects to go along with the scarey movie! We all loved it too!

Now about a half hor had passed by and the wind had kept up outside. We all were really into the movie as we watched it. Having the two big picture windows in the living room there came a brillaint flash of lightning outside! We only had the tv on no lights. So that bolt of lightning lit the livingroom right up with ts brillaint flash. Jll jumped hard. Janet too also jumped but not as hard as Jill had. It even scared me just a little for I felt the sensation you get in yor stomach when getting unexpectedly scared by something.

Right after ourselves being scared we all laughed. We all kidded each other about being scared by the sudden lightning flash outside. There was no thunder clap after it either. But soon we did hear thunder but it was not loud so what we heard was far away. But there was mor lightning flashes outside some being pretty bright and others not so bright. When we did see a flash outside from the lightning through the two picture windows. One of us would say to the others; There's one There's another! Did you see that one?!

We were almost now having the same fun watching the storm oustide as were watching te movie on tv. Then maybe after when the movie as far as time was halfway there was a brillant lighning flash and a thunder clap right behind it and real close. WE all jumped being scared by its closeness. Plus the tv screen went right out. The storm now had knocked the power out!

The three of us sat there on the rug silently. We waited for the power to come back on. Sometimes with thinder storms it would knock the power out for a brief few minutes. THis is what we hoped for. But this time it was not going to happen. After waiting about ten minutes I got up and went over to the tv and shut it off. The only light we had right then was from the flashes of lightning outside.

I said to the girsl as I sat back down with them; Looks like this storm hasthe pwer knocked out for awhile. Janet and Jill agreed with me. We sat there watching te storm through the picture windows for a few minutes. It looked like it was getting stronger for lightning flashed one right afer the other. There was more thunder claps and the wind was still blwing hard too.

Jill now asked me if I could go get a flashlight or a candle. It's too dark in here! Jill sounded a little scared or nervous in the way she sounded when she asked me. I got up and I teased Jill just a little as I got up. Oh someone getting scared? Jill told me just get something so we sren't in the dark. I laughed as I went out of the livingroom and went into the kitchen.

I knew where my grandmother kept candles just for using durring a pwer outage. I opened the drawere where they were kept. I turned around and in the light of a lightning flash stood Janet and Jill stanidng now in the kitchen with me. I laughed and shook my head. Oh you both are scared of the storm now! Janet said back to me; Just light the candle Dave PLEASE!

I grabbed te natches off from the stove and lt the candle. I asked the two girls; That better? I got a loud yes from both of them. But before we were to leave the kitchen Janet said that I better light another one. Just in case. It's better to have two of them. So I gave Janet the lit candle and I got out another lit it and then we walked back into the livingroom together.

No sooner then we all had sat down on the rug together Jillsaid she had to pee. Janet also said me too. I had to go also. I told them both take a candle and go together. Then I'll stay here and then I'll go. What Janet said right after I said I'll wait she said to me: No come with us! I would feel better having you with us! ill then saidright after Janet; I would too!

So we all got up and went to the bathroom together by going through the bedroom off the livingroom and into the other door off the bedroom that went into the bathroom. Janet let Jill go first. In the yellowish light from the candles which they flames of the candles flickered Jill quickly pulled down her pants. She wasn't waering panties and she also was in such a hurry to pee the seat was down and she sat down on the seta for a short momnet flet it ws down sprang back up which Jante let out a good giggle for Jill having done this She raised the lid and the seat together accidently and plopped down real afst which not having the set down her bare ass went way down in the bowl. This even made Janet giggle harder. I even now let out a giggle.

Jill was now pissing so she couldn't stop to get up and put the seat down and then piss. She only raised her ass up and went on with her pissing. Which was a very hard piss with loud splashing and a lud hiss. In the yellow candle light as I watched Jills stream it had a combination yellowish color to it from the candle light and also glistened with other coclors for her stream was twisted acting like a prisem. So I said to Janet; Do you see Jills rainbow she's making?

Janetmust not have at first for she told me no. Then she did see it and let out a little giggle. Now Jill hearing me say about her rainbow tried taking a look to see if she could see it. Bent over to lok at her pee stream. She blocked the light from the candles making her not be able to see the rainbow we had seeen in her piss stream. Jill said loudly; I don't see a rainbow! Janet and I knew the reason why Jill couldn't and we both let out a louer harder giggle together.

Jill straightened back up a few seconds later. Maybe Janet or you Dave will make one when you pee! Janet and I both let out another gigle together. Jill might be right I thought for if either Jill and I had a twisted stream it might happen. Jill now had her stream easing up with less splashing and its hissing fadeing out. A few seconds later Jill was done with her piss. She got right up from her sqaut over the bowl pulled her pants right up amd stepped out of the way for Janet.

Janet stepped over to the toilet. Jill be carefull with the candle as she handed it to her. Jill said she would which she did by keeping it still with a firm grip on the candle holders handle. Janet whipped her pants and panties right down after putting the toilet seat down first.

Just before Janet sat down on the toilet seat her pants and panties sid right down crumpling up around her feet. She plopped downhard and fast on the seta making a good mack as the skin now of her bare ass hit the wooden seat. It took only a second or two and Janet was pissing very hard sending out a hard stream of piss from her vagina.

Jil got what she wanted to have happen. Janets piss stream had a real wide head on it. T went into a wide short twist. In the wide twist of Janets pisstream she had made that part of her stream like a prisem and thee candle light hitting the twist had made it multi coloerd like Jills stream had done. Jil seeing the now made rainbow in Jantes piss stream said excitedly and giggling; I see it! Janet your making a rainbow in your pee! I let out a little giggle as I watched Janet pissing.

Janet pissed hard so her piss was a short one. It lasted maybe all of ten seconds. Then her stream eased right off did some dribbling and dripping then that was it for her piss. Janet did wipe herself where Jill had not. She after wiping reached down bent over grabbed her panties and pulled them up to her id thigh. Leaving her panties there she bent over grabbed her pants and slid them up to her panties. Then holding her pants she stood up and then pulled her panties and pants up together. Then she stepped away fromthe toilet. Now it was my time to go which I was glad that I could go too.

Not thinking I set my candle down by the sink instead ofgiving it to Janet. I stepped over to the toilet and as I did I pulled my zipper down on my jeans and also reached over and put the seat up. I then slipped out my erect penis from my pants. I aimed it and was jst about to piss when Janet let out a loud shhhh. Jill don't you dare let out a loud laugh or giggle!

Jil ooked at Janet and Janet had now reachedd own to hold my penis! Jill did let out a giggle but only one that was short and soft. Janet placed her thumb on my penis pressed it down and I started my piss. I sent a thin stream out down and hard into the toilet. IT splashed now in the yellow coloered water from the girls piss had turned it yellow.
My stream had averu long thin twist in it. IN the candle light the candles lightt must have been bent even by my twist in my piss stream. For Jill giggled hard and said; Even Dave has a rainbow!

Janet said; He does! I see it. I saw it also and I smiled. Being erect and having a thin stream I took a very long piss. I would have said close to a minutes worth. Then my stream eased off and stopped which was just a pause. I sent severl short spurts after in a row. Jill giggled as I did each one. Janet watched which with my pushing making the spurts of piss ocme out also giggled a little. For even with her thumb on my penis pressed on it wit h my pushes my penis ddid bounce upward on each of my pushes. That's why Janet giggled.

I was doen and I took care of my penis nad slipped it back into my jeans and zipped them up. Then I flushed the toilet and we all went back ot to the kchen together. Weall sliced of a piece of chocolate cake, filled our glasses up with lemonade and went back to the livingroom sat down on the floor ate our cake sipped the lemonade and watched the storm continue oustide. The storm would continuie on and the pwer would stay out too. To be continuied.

For Wendy

Hey Wendy, I really like your stories, keep them coming!

Do you mind answer some questions?

What is the longest you managed to hold off your poo?

What is the biggest dump you remember dropping?

Do you worry about clogging the toilet after holding it or do you not care?


Saturday, May 08, 2010

Post Title (optional)ANNY and COLONOSCOPY

My sister, whom I am very close to and lives very close to us is a reg nurse who is involved with colonoscopies all the time. They are very safe...more often than not they reveal no problems that are detectable.
In fact my sister who works at a hospital close by has seen the bottoms of many she knows. When I was having problems she sent me to a very good GI doctor who said he would not scope me at sister`s hospital but at another hospital near by. Anyway when I fronted up my was met soon by the anethesist who said your xxxx brother and when I was wheeled into the procedure room as I bared my bum for all there were nurses introducing themselves...after waking up I was farting at force 10 (they pump air in to inflate the colon) and I young attractive nuse said "Thunder, you have to do that...I know your sister...and I will be seeing you at zzzz`s party next week."
I felt good after the scope and went home. I only felt like a small back passage was a bit sore (not too bad) and I had a good night`s sleep and off to work the next day. When my sister had her scope about a year later she did not feel well enough to go to work the next day...stayed in bed but was OK the following day.
A few tips if you have a scope. Follow the instructions about eating the day before..I found by far the worst part was being very hungry...the scope was easy..the hunger not so easy.
Start the clean out by taking the medicine more than an hour before suggested...the idea is to get a head start so you will get less disturbances during the night. Drink heaps of water...that is totally vital!!!!! Do not try and force out poo...just relax and meditate if you can..wear old gentle wiping your bottom...get some moistened tissues and do not wipe..just dab. If it is any distance to your toilet etc keep a bucket handy.
After the scope drink plenty, eat lightly and rest and keep near a toilet just in case. The next day do not expect to poo because you were so cleaned out from before.
Keep us posted.

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors Three Day Stay

Janet and Jill came down from upstairs after changing out of thier wet clothes. I had to stay in mine for the rest of my clothes were in the trailer. We sat at the kitchen table drinking our hot cups of tea watching the rain pouring outside. The tea did warm all of us up which we all drank three cups emptying the teakettle which I refilled with water.

It was close to lunch so I asked the girls if they were hungry and wanted lunch now. Janet and Jill said they were only slightly hungry and would wait awhile. We'll be hungry later they both told me. So then we all went to te livingroom turned on the tv and we all sat down on the couch together and watched tv for over a hour.

Now in that hours time having drank three cups of tea in a row all of us had very full bladders. We too all had become hungry by this time so we were going to have lunch which we agreed on soup and sanwiches. As we all got up off from the couch it was Jill who fisrt said that she had to make a stop on the way to the kitchen. Jill said right out as she first was walking slow but started taking much faster steps; I have to pee!

Oh no you don't! Janet said real loudly as Jill was almost out of the livingroom. I have to piss too and REAL BAD! So Janet ran towards Jill who was already in the dinninngroom making the turn for the open bathroom door. Janet chased Jill into the bathroom being right behind her as they went into the bathroom.

Now I didn't go the same way the girls did. I went through the bedrooom off the livingroom and through the other door to the bathroom off the bedroom. I had ran and I was there in the bathroom before the girls. I laughed as Janet and Jill ran down to through the bathroom. Seeing me standing by the toilet and laughing Jill said to me; You cheated! No I said back to her; I took the shortcut!

Then Janet and Jill both tried shoving each other away so that one of them would get the toilet. They also argued as they shoved each other saying; I was here first! No I was! I laughed more but I said wait! quite loudly to them both. They stopped thier shoving and turned and looked at me. Now I had thier attention.

Look don't argue. We all have to piss. Why can't you two just piss together in the toilet? JUst hover side by side. There's room to do that. I'll just piss out the window. That brought a giggle from both girls about me pissing out the window. I lifted up the seat for them and then I turned and lifted up the slightly opned window higher and raised the sceen.

Janet and Jill pulled down thier shorts as I took care of the window and screen. Jill being slimmer then Janet took the left side of the toilet to stand next to for the left side space between the bathtub and toilet was smaller then the right side between the toilet and the wall. I then zipped down my zipper got my penis out to piss as Janet and Jill got into a high sqaut over the toilet.

Now if you counted one two three that's how we all started pissing. Me on one, by the time you wuld have said two Jill started her piss. ON saying three Janet started her piss. Since I was pissing out a wide open window where the open space was so large I didn't have to watch myslef piss. I turned and looked over at Janet and Jill and watched them piss!

Both girls were pissing hard with niceclean twisted streams with very loud hissing. With both girls pissinginto the toilet together in a few short seconds thier iss had rapidly risen the level of the combined piss and water wher now thire streams made loud splashes along with the loud hissing thire streams were making.Janet was able to see me pissing out through the open window. Jill could not since she was faced away from me.

Janet asked me as she was watching me piss; How far are you going? I took a glance back out the window and then back her way. Oh about five six feet maybe. Janet could only see as far as my stream went through the window so that's why she asked me. Jill was the first of us three to have her stream ease its hissing and slashing fade away and stop as her stream came to its end. She did just a little finishing up dribbling and dripping.

Jill said done! Janet hand me some paper. Janet now had her stream easing up but she reached over spun the roll of apper tore it off and handed the small wad to Jill. Janets was now dribbling which she dribbled longer then Jill had and had more piss dripping after her piss stop its dribbleing. Janet rolled off a bigger wad from the roll then what she had given to Jill.

Now Jill had stood up and had stepped out of the narrow space betwen the tub and toilet to wipe herself. I to see this had stepped slightly so that I had my body turned which I still was pissing out the open window I could see Jill standing where she was and she had the wad of toilet paper in her hand and had it down on her vagina and was wiping upward slowly on her her vagina. She was not looking at herself as she slowly wiped. She was looking right at me with a litle smile on her face as she looked at me!

Then only doing a sngle wipe Jill flipped the wad of toilet paper into the toilet and pulled her shorts up. Janet was still in her high hovering sqaut over the toilet and she was wiping her ascheeks now that I was looking at her. She did them both and made one long upward wipe from in her lower crotch to the top of her vagina. Then she dropped her wad of paper into the toilet and stepped outstanding right next to me but waited for me to get done pising . Then she would have enough room to pull her shorts up.

I several seconds later I stopped my piss just by cutting it off. I had pissed enough so that my bladder felt like it was well empty. I slipped my penis back inside of my shorts and zipped up. I stepped back which Janet stepped forward and she bent down and pulled her shorts up. Jill then flushed the toilet and we left the bathroom went straight to the kitchen and started making the soup and sandwiches for our lunch. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors Three Day Stay

There was still about a half hour now let before my grandmother would be home. Therain outside had let up enough for me to get out to the treailer retrieve some much warmer clothes that I had out there. I came back inside with them. I changed into the heavier jeans, dry socks, tshirt, and a light longsleeve sweatshirt.

Both Janet and Jill had accompanied into the bedroom off the bathroom and watched me change. Jill got giggling seeing my bare ass and my penis between changing my pants. Janet sat there on the bed with me and she smied watching me change. After changing I told them both I felt a whole lot warmer.

We spent the last of the remaining tome wating for my grandmother sitting out at the kitchen table and just talked amoung ourselves. MY grandmothers purple Dodge pulled up outside stopped she got out and came inside. She said hello to us all first. Asked us if we were ready to leave which we were and we all said yes to her. So she told us to get in the car. I'll be out in a few moments. We went outside to the car while my grandmother walked out of the kitchen.

Janet and Jill scrambled into the backseat to sit and once in the back I put the seat top back and got in the front and shut the door. My grandmother came out a few minutes later got in and we were off heading to the city and the market in Saratoga. My grandmother talked as she drove on our way to the market.

She asked where Janet and Jill were sleeping. Janet tolf my grandmother that they were sleeping upstairs in the bedroom with the two beds in it. Jill told my grandmother it was a nice room and the beds were comfy. I know that I'll have no prblems sleeping in it. My grandmother said back to Jill; I'm glad to know that.

Then she asked us three in general what we had done today while waiting for her. I answered first and told her we played cars till it got to cold in the trailer. Then Jante spoke up saying we watched some tv. Jill was the last to give my grandmother a answer. Oh we had a good lunch thanks to Dave and we sat around and taled some fooled around some (Jill smiled and let out a short giggle at this point looking at Janet and then me)

We soon were in Saratoga and were behind the market where its entrance was and my grandmother parked the car. It wasn't raining here as we got out from the car and headed for the markets entrance. My grandmother told us that we could help this go much faster. She had the list and she went and told us she would tell each one of us get the item that she would read from the list and bring it back and put it in the cart.

We were now in the market my grandmother had a cart and she nameed off the first items for us to get as she started shopping herself. Myself andJanet and Jill went off retrieving the item my granddmother had told us to get and come back to her and she would tell each one of us another item to get and we wpuld go get it. This really cut down the time having Janet and Jill here compared to just me and my grandmother doing the shopping.

We were in the checkout line in about twenty five minutes time instead of 40 minutes or better when it was just me and my grandmother. All the groceries were soon paid for, in boxes, and the box boy were putting the filled boxes on the converyer and we had left to go up the stairs and out to the car.

Janet, Jill, and I were together ahead of my grandmother who stayed behind and giving the box boy a tip for loading up the boxes with our groceries. As we thre were going up the stairs Jill told Janet that she had to pee. Janet said right back to Jill; Your'e not the only one! I have to pee too! All that hurrying around in the market is what makes me have to go now. I told both girls your going to have to hold and piss when we get back. Both Janet and Jill made comments about that they hoped that they could hold it till then. (back at this time markets had no public bathrooms)

Again Janet and Jill piled into the backseat. I walked over to where our boxes wuld be picked up and my grandmother went to the car started it and drove over and stopped where I stood. She hit the trunk release and I loaded the boxes up in the trunk quickly once done shut the trunk and got inisde and we were now on our way home.

It was a quieter ride home with a lot less talking. My grandmother did thatnk us all for helping her which we told her she was welcome and we thanked her for taking us. It had been fun. Jill and Janet became quiet and both ofthem were sitting very stiffly in the backseat and didn't say a single word from this point or the rest of they way back. I knew they both were fighting the urge to piss thats why they were sitting so stiffly and quiet.

The ride home was not any longer then normal. But to Janet and Jill it must have seemed much longer needing to pee I thought this in my mind to myslef. Then we were almost home. My grandmother made the left turn off the main highway went up the few hundered feet on the road to her house turned of it at the driveway and pulled up the driveway stopping right at the end of the backporch.

As my grandmother released the trunk and pulled the keys from the ignition both Janet and Jill had slid real quick on the backseat to behind me. Jill said loudly; Let me out! Janet had the same look of let me right out now all over her face so I opened the door and got out of the car.

Both Jill and Janet scrambled out of the car ran up on the porch and ran inside the house. I walked back to the trunk took out three of the boxes of groceries and carried them sindie while my granmother took one and came insie behind me. Not seing the two girls she asked me where they had gone. I almost laughed but I stiffled it. Oh both of them had to go to the bathroom I guess.

My grandmother and I went back outside and got the rest of the groceries out of the cars trunk went back inisde into the kitchen and started putting them away. As my grandmother and put the groceries away Janet came into the kitchen a couple of minutes later. I looked at her and she gave me a quick smile and Iknew she was the one that made it to the bathroom first.

Janet went and started pulling groceries out from one of the remaining boxes and helped put them away. Now with my grandmothers kitchen being so large all of us had to walk around it as we put the groceries away. On one pass going through the kitchen I saw through the dinningroom the bathroom door was open. Janet had left it open when she had come out from it.

So when she and I were getting groceries out from one of the boxes with my grandmother was on the other side of the kitchen I whispered to Janet; Where's Jill? She 's not in the bathroom. The doors open. Janet let out a short quick low giggle. Jill went upstairs. She' peeing in the sink! I let out a giggle myself that was real quick but I stiffled it right off before it got loud.

Us three got all the groceries put away and thats when Jill finaily came walking into the kitchen. My grandmother was sitting down at the kitchen table when Jill had walked into the kitchen. She was checking her checkbook writeing in it and she head Jil come ito the kitchen so she looked up stoppping her writeing.

She looked over at Jill and said to her; I didn't hear the toilet flush young lady. Now Jill stopped dead in her tracks hearing my grandmother say this to her. Now Janet and I were standing over by the sink filling up glasses with waer to take a drink. WE heard what my grandmother had said to Jill. Janet quickly slapped her hand up to her mouth to cover it and she had ll that she could do to burts into laughter! I seeing her do this I spun around so I wouldn't see her and not burst into laughter too!

What made it even funnier was Jills reaction. She took a quick look over at Janet and I with a very dirty look and then she knew she had to go flush the toilet even though she had not been in there! She spun aound and did go into the bathroom. Jane and I hurriedly gulped down our glasses of water and ran out of the kitchen through the dinningroom and into the hall and raced upstairs. WE heard the toilet flush and we lost it! WE BOTH burts into hard laughter tripping on the steps of the stairs and we fell with Janet falling into my lap.

We did get right up and went into Janets and Jills bedroom and waited for Jill to come upstairs. When she did several minutes later Janet and I laughed hard. Jill gave us both a dirty look. We teased her pretty good about t for a short time but then Janet and I stopped. It took awhile for Jill to get over it but before we were called down to have supper she had over come our teasing and she now thought it was funny and she giggled a lot off and on nad told us she almost had not made the sink to pee into it. We then went down to eat supper. Little di we know a fe short hours later us three would have one hell of a evening together!

Earlier this week I had to write my final exam for my Physics class. I spent a good part of the night before studying. When I woke up the next morning I realized I had overslept so I was rushed and didn't take a dump before I left for school. I figured I would go when I got to school.

When I arrived at school I realized I didn't need to go as bad as I first thought so I decided to hold it in since I was already running a bit late. As soon as I sat down to a sudden pain started to set in my abdomen. I suppose I was just a bit anxious to start the exam. As soon as I started the exam the pain went away. I wrote for the next 2 hours and as expected no bathroom breaks were allowed since it was a final exam.

As I was nearing the end of the exam the pain returned in my stomach except it was much stronger this time. I knew I would have to go as soon as I finished writing so I focused on finishing and checking my answers. As soon as I handed it in and left in a hurry.

I let out a loud fart as I walked over to the bathroom down the hallway since nobody was around. When I entered in I discovered to my horror that all three stalls were occupied. Not wanting to wait for a stall to open up I decided I would go to the other washroom located at the other end of the building. I walked over quickly while trying to disguise the fact that I was about to shit my pants. I hoped nobody else was going to be in the bathroom because I already knew it was going to be a loud and messy dump.

I opened the door and saw that one of the stalls was being used but the handicapped stall right next to it was empty. I made my way over and set my bag down before slamming the stall door shut and sitting down. I waited a moment to see if the person next to me what going to leave but it sounded like they were just getting started. I let out a few loud farts and then let out what felt like a massive turd with no effort. It took a few seconds for it to drop into the bowl with a pronounced thud and splash.

I sat and waited for the guy next to me to finish and leave before letting out several more farts and another log. I got up and saw a massive turd that filled the entire bowl. I flushed but it didn't budge a inch. I started to wipe before trying again. It took two more flushes before it went down. The smell was horrendous so I quickly washed up and left.


Clogging the Toilet

To Anonymous: I do not have any stories like clogging my friends' toilet at a weekend church function. As I mentioned before, I did change the toilets in my condo not long after I moved in because they were small and did not have enough flush power to them. Because my routine is regular and I defecate at home just about all the time, I really don't have memorable stories like that. But it was embarrassing!

Jeanne: What an awesome story! How tall are you and Alexandra? I hope things are well for both of you.

Leanne and Ashley: Definitely can relate to you being tall and having large BM's. I hope that each of you are well.

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