Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors Three Day Stay

After being upstairs after the girls got here at my grandmothers and Jill had pissed in the old kitchenettes sink we went downstairs to the kitchen. Janet had eaten but she sat with Jill and I at the kitchen table while Jill and I snacked on some danishes and glasses of milk. Janet also had a glass of milk with us.

When we finished it was 9:30. My grandmother would be here at 2:30 so we had five hours before she would be home and we would leave to go to the market together. It had been sprinkling outside and it still was spritzing rain still. I suggested going out to the tariler and play scrabble or cards. The girls said they wanted to play cards so we hurried outside and over to the travel trailer and went inside of it.

Janet sat with me on one side of the little table while Jill sat on the other side. I turned on my new big radio that I had bought on our shopping trip yesterday and we started playing cards.We did talk while we played,or sang to a song on the radio, or just fooled around as we played cards. Jill won the first game. Which she was both proud and excited about winning the game.

Janet before we started a second game slid off from the bench next to me and told me she needed to take a bathroom break. Anybody else? she asked as she satrted towards the door to go outside. Jill said; Me too! She slid off from her bench at the table and I got up tellig them I would join them.

It was still drizzling outside but the clouds looked darker then they had been earlier. So it looked like it was going to rain harder very soon. We didn't go down through the rows of the pine trees to the toilet chair. We cut through the yard along the trees and went in by the front way passing by the large bush. We all got a little wet from the bush but doing it this way was a lot less wet instead of going through the entire row of trees.

Where the toilet chair was being under the pine trees as far as the falling drizzle it was just barely getting wet here. But what we all did was that Janet went for the toilet chair Jill and I just went where we were standing in the little cleared space by the toilet chair.
Janet must of had to go pretty bad for she took no time to get her shorts down along with her panties. She didn't sit back on the old wooden toilet chair. She was sitting on the front wooden cross bar.

Janet started pissing witha gusher of a piss stream comming from her peehole which its head was wide asher vagina! It stayed wide all the way down its length hitting the pineneedled coverd ground. Jill was looking over Janets way as she was slipping down her shorts to piss. Boy Janet that's some pee your'e takeing! Janet looked back down to check on herself.

Jill at this point went and took her shorts right off! She ran past Janet opn the toilet chair. Janet turned to watch Jill go by her and asked loudly to Jill; What are you doing? Jill now had stopped right next to one of the pinetrees branches that was only a few feet off from the ground grabbed it and hopped right up on to it! That's when she told Janet; I'm going to poop out of a tree now too!

I standing there looking at Jill bare ass over the tree branch I started laughing. Janet who now had stopped pissing couldn't help but to start laughing also. Jill at least the way she was looking at it she was up in a tree but nothing like when Janet and I had done it by climbing up way off from the ground. That;s why Janet and were laughing.

Janet had also since she had finished with her piss stood up yanked her shorts up and stepped over to my side. We were faced towards Jill who had her back ti us. Jill was now pissing but with just a thin straight down stream wetting the pine needles on the ground under her. Now Janet reached down to my zipper. In a whisper she asked Can I? I was watching Jill piss so I wasn;t looking down so I just shook my head yes for Janet.

I felt and heard my zipper pulled down and felt Janet slip her fingers into my shorts touching my penis which had become erect. I felt her pull it out and her thumb press it dowward. I tok a quick gance down and then at Janet. I smiled and then looked back over at Jill who now had her piss stream turn into just a dribble and she had a turtlehead poked out showing that it was about two inches long,brown,fat,and smooth looking. It was moving along getting longer.

I started my piss right then. Since Janet's thumb had my penis pressed down My stream went angling dowwn but at the angle it shot forward as it went down my stream hit the top front wooden crossbar of the toilet chair making a big splatter off from it. Janet let out a little soft giggle but didn't move my penis letting my stream continiue splattering.

Jill's shit in the few more passed by seconds was about a half foot in its length. It would move gaining a inch maybe then stop then move again. Jills' dribbling piss did just that dribbled until her shit would move then it would do a short spurt of a thin stream and go right back into dribbling when her shit would stop its movement. So that ment Jill was doing short pushes one after the other to have this effect that I was seeing along with Janet for she was watching also.

A few more seconds went by. Jill's fat brown smooth shit was a good eight inches long which it hung there under her. Then Jill must of squeezed hard instead of doing another one of her little pushes. For her hanging shit when she squeezed down on it it jiggled forward,it began to crack which widened real fatand then her shit broke. I t broke falling down fast and a good thud hiting the ground. There was still about a three inch fat stub with a very jagged edge hanging under her ass.

That stub didn't move but Jill had her dribbling piss change into a stream which was pretty hard flowing. It had angled forward as it went down and it was softly hissing as it flowed. But this was only for several seconds and then her stream died right out with its hissing stopping and the hanging short stubby shit began to move and it fell to the grund a few seconds later.

Janet still had her thumb pressed on my penis and I was still pising but not as hard so I had stopped pissing on the toilet chair. I was wetting the pine needles on the ground out in front of it just about where Janet's piss had wet them. Jill now hopped right off the pine trees branch and as she did and satrted to turn around to face Janet and I she loudly said; There I pooped out of a tree!

She now after saying that was facing Janet and I. Seeing that Janet was taking care of me and I was pissing Jill giggled but managed to say to Janet; I see your doing it again Janet! Janet without looking at Jill told her to shut up. Go wipe yourself! Jill went on with her soft giggling as she stepped over to the hanging toilet paper roll on the other pine tree.

I was nearing the end of my piss now. My stream had thinned right down and I was pissing about a foot out n front of me. Jill said as for she was standing there with the toilet paper in her hands was watching me piss. Looks like your just about to stop. To bad Janet your fun is just about over! She then started unwinding some paper off the roll.

I then did stop pissing a few short seconds later.Janet took her thumb off my penis. I took a hld of it slipped it back into my shorts and Janet zipped them up. Jill had must have wiped herself while I had slipped my penis inside my shorts and Janet had zipped them up. There was a wad of toilet paper on the ground and she had another wad in her hand and was reaching back behind her to take a second wipe.

Then as Jill was wiping heself the second time it started to rain. For it being harder it made filled the air with its steady soft pattering noise nad as far as us under the trees we were getting wetter. Jill took a hurried fast wipe of her ass. Dropped the paper ran ove and picked up her yellow shorts. Janet said loudly; Lets get back to the trailer. She took off running I took a quick look over in Jills direction. She had pickd up her yellow shorts but she too started running towards me without putting them on! There wasn't time for her to put them on!

We all ran back to the trailer and got inside now out of the pouring rain. Jill was the last one in and Janet seeing that she hadn't gotten her shorts on and had ran half naked to the trailer began lauging hard. Jill had sat down on the bench at the table and had just started to slip her shorts back on asked Janet what was so funny? Oh nothing really Jill. she said to Jill first. Then she told Jill that she a lot of times always got cuaght with her pants down! That made Jill giggle as now she stood up and yanked her shorts up the rest of the way.

Well as it happened now we only stayed out in the trailer long enough to only get about halfway through the second card game. The hard rain had made it cool off and get damp inside the trailer. So we quit and we made a mad dash to go inside the house. We all got real wet with the run to go inside. So we all ried off using towels, I made hot tea for all of us to warm us up and Janet and Jill while I made the hot tea went upstairs and got out of thier wet clothes into dry clothes. We wound up staying in the house. To be continuied.



Oh my god! I am SO glad that I found this website. I am 16 years old and had a really bad accident in my pants a few weeks ago.

I was in gym class and we had to do a pacer test. Basically it's where you have to run back and forth across the gym when this thing beeps. We had to be able to do 21 laps and I really wanted to make it, because the first person out usually gets made fun of a lot so I didn't want to go out. I also had kind of a stomach ache that day but it didn't hurt, it just felt kind of weird, like my period was starting or something. The clock went off and we started running and I was feeling ok. We got to about 5 laps and I was doing ok. We got to 10 and I was pretty tired, but I kept going. At like 13, my stomach started to feel really weird like something was moving in it. It felt really odd. At about 15, I was really tired. 18 was the worst lap. I was running across, and I just froze. I completely froze. All of the sudden, the front of my pants seemed tighter, and something was tugging the back. I tried to take a breath, and I felt my pants get heavy. I felt so disgusted because I had just realized I had pooped my pants, but I wasn't done. I still couldn't move, and my pants just kept filling more and more. I felt like I was done, and by then, my pants were filled SO much in the back, it felt SO gross!!! We had to sit out when we finished running, and I slowly sat down, which was the grossest thing I have ever done. The smell completely engulfed me and it was SO obvious I had pooped my pants. I think my teacher knew someone did in the classroom but didn't say anything. It was THE MOST disgusting thing I've ever done, but I've had other accidents like that before.

I had to wear my messy pants and panties all day. It was really gross, and some people figured out it was me, so I've been called a lot of names, and a lot of people think that I crap my pants all the time, and that I wear diapers. It's really sad.

I hate that moment when you know its coming and you just freeze. Then everything comes out into your panties and there is nothing you can do about it. I have a story kind of like what happened to me a few months ago. It was the last period of the day at school, and I went home on the bus instead. It is a pretty far walk to my house from my bus stop (about 15 minutes) and I really had to go. I walked for about 5 minutes, and then started running for about 2 minutes. At that point I stopped and couldn't move. I knew what was happening, so I didn't try to keep walking, I just started filling my panties. I kept going and going. It was awful. After a minute, I started walking again home in a really muddy part of a path (it had rained) and by my panties and pants were a disaster. A few of the girls from school were starting to run towards me (probably because they saw me stop and saw the bulge in my pants). I was already out of energy so they caught up to me (they are all pretty popular). One of them grabbed the belt of my pants, but I was able to jump away. The two others grabbed both my arms and the last one walked behind me and grabbed the waist again, and pulled my jeans down. They all saw the huge bulge in the back of my panties and started erupting with laughter and saying how gross I was, and walked home. It was SOO sad. I started crying as I pulled my jeans up and the mess spread everywhere. I got home, jumped into the shower crying the whole time.




Last year I went to glastonbury with my mate Kirsty. The one thing we weren't prepared for was the toilets. They all had ques a mile long & were filthy. We decided not to use them & instead we'd go in the bushes. The only problem was that everyone else had the same idea & there was no privacy. I didn't mind peeing too much but pooing in front of a load of strangers was not an option. Kirsty held on to her poo all weekend & as soon as she got home she had a massive clearout in my toilet. I wanted to wait untill I got home but by sunday morning I was desperate to go. I made my way over to the public toilets but the que was so long I knew I wouldn't make it so I had to look for somewhere private to relieve my desperate need. There were too many people in the woods so I couldn't do it there so I tried to go behind one of trucks but the security staff sent me away from the area. By now I was close to pooing my pants & the only place I could think of that was private was our tent. Kirsty wasn't very happy about the idea but it was better than pooing my pants. Kirsty found me a black sack & I opened it up & squatted over it. My bowels opened instantly & a mass of semi solid turds exploded into the sack. It was such a relief to get rid of it all but Kirsty was not so impressed. All she was worried about was the smell in her tent.

Just Jerika

Me & Gopi in the Park--Second Part

I knew that my friend Gopi was made at me about trying to get her to use to c-store restroom which was unisex to take her crap in after I got up off the stool from peeing and finally flushed it. She's never really curse at me like that before and I knew that Gopi had to crap because I could smell it. She had been standing with at the sinks and mirror with her butt just a few inches in front of the toilet I was sitting on and I could definitely smell that she was holding her "dump" in. I didn't want to make her mad, and I've written about how even I have a difficulty taking a crap in the bathrooms at hour middle school. Since we were walking toward downtown and the bathrooms were going to be much bigger at the park where we were going to have our "school's out" lunch, I just thought I could talk her into using the toilet that I had used. OK, I was wrong and I felt bad for at least three blocks as we continued to walk and she didn't say anything. But I knew her well enough to know she was mad.

After about 20 minutes of walking on sidewalks very close to the street and cars and trucks and an occasional bus whizzing by us, both of us noticed it was starting to darken in the west sky and the wind was kicking up a bit. I guess there were thunderstorms coming but with our heavy book bags and an increasing amount of people on the sidewalks, we could only go so fast. I looked at my watch and found it was 1 p.m. so I thought many of the people as we neared the big park were going to head back to their offices, but I guess the clouds didn't look that bad to them.

I had never been to the park before and their must have been hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people sitting on curbs, benches, etc. eating and Gopi suggested that we stop in the bathrooms before we ate our lunch because he finally admitted that she had to crap. She made it very formal with "move my bowels" and some other big words I didn't understand. Toward the middle of the park there was a brick building about the size of my parents' garage--perhaps a little bigger with signs on each side for whom the bathrooms were for. We walked over toward the ladies door and about three feet away the first raindrops started to come down. I wanted to give Gopi credit for us being in the right place at the right time and told her she timed it well. She just gave me a dirty look and said she'd been trying to hold off using the bathroom in such a large public place. She used the words "filth", "skank" and a couple of others I didn't catch but I didn't want to ask her any questions or make her more mad at me or the situation.

We entered the ladies room which was small and smelly. Three stalls, with concrete block partitions going halfway as high as the steel partitions would and no doors. Directly across the room were three sinks that looked like they hadn't been cleaned in a few years and one had the bowl all stopped us. The first stall had a lady about 60 seated. Her sweats and underwear were at floor level and she didn't seem at all shy about us walking into the room. She said something about taking laxative and that she should have been done by now but that it wasn't working. Shy tried to bum a cigarette off us but we told her obviously that at age 12 we hadn't started smoking yet. She somewhat laughed and I was surpised she caught the joke. On the toilet there was a mother about 35. She was just seating herself as we walked in and she seemed to seat herself on the very edge of the stool, so much so that I wondered if her pee was going to make it into the stool or stream down in front of the seat. It was obvious with the way she had her legs spread that she felt uncomfortable in the situation and wasn't planning to be on thes stool long. In the third stall right next to her was a boy (probably her son) who was pulling his jeans and underwear down all the way to the floor. He was standing in front of the toilet and fumbling with his organ and trying to get his pee going into the bowl. I was concerned in standing behind him that he would splash things up pretty bad, so I reached in from the right and grabbed the seat and raised it for him. Because the wall was so low, his mom would see what I was doing and nicely thanked me for that. She said, "I should have remembered to do that". She said he was 4 and that he had to do a better job because he would be starting kindergarten in August. She told him, "Sean, remember what I taught you about holding your you know what with both hands so that you don't splash too much." He said, "I am and I'm pointing it down just like a garden hose." He peed for about a minute and a half and I reached in and flushed for him. He was struggling with his zipper when Gopi asked him to step aside and she went into the stall.

First, Gopi took a couple of sheets of toilet paper and wiped off the seat. Then she took a larger amount of paper off the roll and like made a nest on our four sides of the seat. More ladies were coming into the room and the wind of the storm outside blew into the toilet and a couple of the papers fell off. She just continued standing and then replaced them. She handled them very delicately. Then she stood in front of the toilet, unzipped her slacks, and dropped them to mid-thigh level. Very carefully and slowly she sat on the seat and looked on each side of her butt to make sure she was not getting off the papers. She started pushing a little and within 20 or 25 seconds she stood up and without looking into the stool, slide the seat papers into the bowl, and grabbed some new toilet paper. She wiped slowly and pulled her right hand around to the front each time so she could inspect her work. She did this nine or ten times and finally leaded herself against the left part-wall and with her foot flushed the toilet. It make a strange noise at first and I thought she had perhaps clogged it. Then she pulled up her slacks, zipped up her zipper and spent about three minutes at the sink thoroughly washing her hands as she would have if she was getting rid of paint off them at the end of art class.

A high school age girl quickly flopped herself on the toilet when Gopi was washing her hands. Others were coming into the room and jamming up what space there was. After about ten minutes, the storm was over and we went outside and had our lunch. Luckily there was a covered picnic area that hadn't gotten that wet. Then Gopi and I walked to her house where we played games that afternoon until her parents got home.
Just Jerika

Hey all, been a while since my last visit, but I'm still a pretty committed track and field athlete. I'm a black male 17 years old, and I hang out a lot with some of the girls who runs distance like me. I'd describe myself as a guy who has always looked two to three years younger than his age.

One day we were doing cross country training, around this local outdoor camp that's pretty famous around here. Me and one of the girls I hang out with most, who I'll just call Micky, were just chilling out during one of the few breaks we're given.

I hadn't taken a dump since we'd been there, and since we were in a heavily wooded area, I decided to mess around with her a bit and said "Man I really have to take a dump. Think the forest creatures would mind if I go in the trees?" She giggled and said "Yeah right, you wouldn't really poop in the woods" like she was daring me. I grinned at her and said "You wanna bet? I'm one with nature. I'll do it" She giggled again and said "With me here? No you wouldn't" I shrugged my shoulders and said "Doesn't bother me. It is YOU we're talking about here" and I said it that way because Micky could be...grabby at times.

She just giggled and repeated "No way!" but I could see she was really interested in whether or not I'd do this. So I looked around until I found a pretty big, slanted tree branch and pointed at it. She just smiled and said "You won't do it" but I could tell she really wanted me to. So I got in front of the large log, which is what it resembled more than anything, pulled my pants and boxers down to just under my thigh for cushion and hung the rest of my butt over the log. Almost immediately I heard giggling and she said "I can't believe you're showing me your fat booty" I glanced back and she was just a few feet back looking straight at my ass. I shook my butt from side to side and said "It's no big deal. It's just my butt!" She giggled again and kicked me in one cheek before crouching down and saying "It's bouncy!"

She was right at eye level with my crack and before I could say anything I felt two hands grab both cheeks and start squeezing slowly. I gasped dramatically and said "You're molesting my butt!" She kept squeezing and said "You're the one who showed me this fat booty." She giggled again and said "I can see where the poop comes out! There's a cute little hole here" I shrieked like a girl jokingly and said "Don't look!" but she just laughed and started spreading my cheeks while she squeezed them. I laughed myself and said "The poop will come faster if you just keep massaging my ass", which may have been partly true since it did feel good. After that, there wasn't much talking other than the occasional "It's so squishy" or "Look at the jiggle!" after giving my buttcheeks a couple smacks. I arched my back and poked my butt out more, and for a few more minutes, I let her "massage" my cheeks. She would spread and close my cheeks, move them up and down or squeeze them extremely hard until I clenched. I felt her finger rotating around and in the top of my crack as she said "This is fun! Where's the poop?"

I felt her prod up and down my crack as if that would make me poop faster. I shrugged and said facetiously "I need your help to get started" It was my turn to be genuinely surprised when I felt a finger prodding around my butthole. I looked back and said "You didn't hesitate to see if I was joking at all huh?", but she just giggled and kept prodding at my butthole with her index finger. I said "Don't blame me for the smell!" but she just kept giggling to herself. I couldn't stop myself from shuddering on occasion and every time I did she outright laughed and increased the rate of her pokes. Her other hand was still squeezing one cheek and she grabbed it really hard and said "I don't see anything poking out yet!" I felt her finger moving at what seemed like one poke per second as she whined "Hurry up! Ew! I think I felt something move!" and she moved her finger and grabbed both cheeks, spreading them wide again.

Almost immediately a loud, long fart escaped which earned a series of giggles and a "stinky butt" comment. She started squeezing my spread out cheeks rapidly as if it would make the poop come out faster and I heard her say "This is so much fun!" I pushed out another loud series of farts and I felt the tip of my turd emerge. She giggled "Your butthole is opening. I can see it poking out!" and squeezed my cheeks ever harder as I felt my hole spread wider and wider for what felt like a huge, hard turd. Micky silently giggled to herself as the turd slowly moved out with loud *psssshhh crackle* noises. Even I was a bit embarrassed by that, but I looked back and she was staring intently as it exited. I decided to make it a spectacle so I quietly grunted as I pushed the turd out. Now the sound effects were "nnnnnn...*psshhh crackle* nnnnn" as I guided this monster log out as slow as possible.

I noticed she'd finally stopped squeezing the life out of my cheeks, though she still had them spread; probably because she was so entranced by the loud, smelly monster just inches from her face. She finally said "Oh my God! It's so long!" as the turd crackled and popped its way out. It never moved unless I strained and intentionally grunted it out, and the sound effects had Micky in a fit of laughter. She started encouraging me and resumed squeezing my cheeks; her hands felt like they were attached to my butt at this point. Finally the turd fell with a large thud, and it was quickly followed by what felt like several perfectly round balls of poop, accompanied by embarrassingly loud, sloppy farts. The sound effects were an amusing *thud..thud..thud bzzzzzt thud* for about 15 seconds, and I finally felt like my colon had been completely emptied. The whole time Micky had been giggling like the Joker and staring in amazement. The farts still flowed out, just because I felt like making her suffer more, but she just laughed and said "Your booty is so stinky!" before reaching in her pocket for tissues she must have been carrying due to the ridiculous amount of pollen flying around.

I only managed a "What ar--" before I felt her spread one cheek and dig around my crack with the tissue, stating "I have to clean your booty after the mess you made!" She giggled the whole time and wiped as methodically as she could. Any time I shivered or farted, she laughed and spanked me lightly. She grinned mischievously at me and said she needed to wipe me from a better angle. I grinned back and said "You're enjoying this too much" and got on my hands and knees beside my giant turd. She whistled, giggled and got on her knees to continue wiping. It seemed like she squeezed a cheek for every wipe, as she twisted the tissue around my hole. I started farting on purpose again just to pay her back, but she only laughed and continued wiping, giving me a pinch each time. I felt her carefully work one piece of tissue up my butthole and close my cheeks as she giggled. She started jiggling my butt and said "All clean! I can't believe you did that and let me do this! You perv!" But her voice betrayed how much she had enjoyed everything.

She slowly removed the tissue paper and threw it on top of my turd. When I tried to get up, she whined "No not yet!" and I felt her hands resume their death grip on my cheeks, with the occasional finger running up and down my crack and even prodding my recently cleaned butthole again. I couldn't stop myself from farting, but she didn't seem to mind if her giggles were any indication. I let her have her fun for about five more minutes before we finally left the area. She's obviously been a lot more grabby since then. Way more of a perv than I am, but that's why I knew she probably wouldn't refuse to watch me drop a huge turd.

to Leanne: i really enjoyed your post! i have never took a shit behind an alley way! sounds like you and your friends had alot of fun! wish i could have joined you all!

to : JustJerkia: i really enjoyed your post about you and your best friend Gophi! it sounds like you guys had a funfilled day! i wish i could have joined you both! did u guys have a buddy dump? thats what its sounds like to me! i lookforward to your countination of this post! keep up the awesome stories!
to sohie: i really enjoyed your post!
to Mandy: i really enjoyed your post! i was sorry to hear about your accident that u had at school. i was pleased to hear that your boyfriend was there to comfort you through all of it!



I had the best experience ever today. I'll be 24 in a few weeks, I've been living with my boyfriend for about 3 months (we've been dating about a year or so) and while he has no trouble farting or peeing in front of me, he would always excuse himself with a "sorry babe, i need to use the bathroom" when he had to poop. He's only had one serious girlfriend other than me (at age 27) and had previously told me he never even would fart in front of her.
I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth this morning after breakfast, when all of a sudden hes at the door asking to come in. I say "no problem" and he approaches me holding the newspaper. I immediately become excited. He apologizes while blushing that "I really need a shit babe, I'm sorry, are you almost done?" Not wanting to leave right away, I tell him to go ahead, I'll only be a few minutes. He was standing there looking quite desperate, and I knew he wouldn't be able to wait. I slow down my teeth-brushing, because there's no way I'm missing this! He gets all embarrassed while pulling his pants down, and asks me to turn around.
I then started asking him about our plans for the day, and since I need to look at people I'm talking to, I turned to him. At this point it didn't matter, as he was straining, plopping, farting away... it was pretty noisy. He apologized profusely and looked about to cry but I told him it didn't bother me at all, we all do it and when you have to, you have to. I had finished at the sink by then, but to my surprise he acted natural at that point and we continued talking as he kept pushing out more poo. I knew he had finished a few minutes later, and as much as I would have loved to stay while he wiped, I didn't want to push it... then maybe it would never happen again. So I left, closing the door behind me. He came out about a minute later and found me, gave me a huge hug and kiss, and thanked me while whispering, "next time it's your turn"!

Oh, I can't wait.

The Juiceman
Yesterday I saw a woman pee in her pants. A slender platinum blonde woman wearing western-style jeans with a tight seat hugging her little rear end, with decorative fringes down the flared legs was walking slowly into a store when she stepped a bit to the side of the door and stopped a couple feet short of entering. She stood stiffly with her legs slightly spread, and dipped into a bit of a crouch. The crotch of her pants began to sag slightly, revealing the outline of a swelling pad, as the fabric began to darken subtly hinting at the dampness within. A tiny trickle ran down her left leg.

Suddenly she turned, revealing herself to not in fact be a slender platinum blonde but a frail white-haired lady in her 70s! Her face was wide eyed and confused, embarrassed. She hitched up her pants a bit and carefully waddled into the store, trying to find the bathroom before she stained her jeans. Her pretty jeans that she was just, honestly, too old to be wearing anymore. At her age, they showed her shame worse than anything else would have!

Hi, I'm Chris (short for Christine), and this is what happened the other week.

I was at my best friend Ali's (short for Alison) house and we were getting a late train back to mine so she could sleep over. It's about a 20 minute walk from her house to the train station and when we were nearly there she really had to go pee. It was a hot day so we'd been drinking loads.

Anyway we got there and she immediately ran for the toilets, but because it was so late they were locked. We still had half an hour to wait for the train and she didn't think she could make it, so because it was dark and nobody was around, she went in the shelter, took her jeans and knickers down and peed on the ground. It made a loud splashing sound that made me want to pee too, but I didn't need to go too bad, so I decided to wait for the train.

As it happened this was a mistake. I was practically bursting by the time the train arrived and to my dismay it was one of the older models without toilets. I knew I couldn't wait for the whole 45 minute journey, and I found myself wishing I'd peed with Ali.

I tried to hold it as long as I could, but pee eventually started spurting into my knickers. There was only one thing I could do. I moved to a different seat and pulled my skirt up, hovering over the seat, but as I was about to pull my knickers down the train jolted and I lost control. My bladder emptied, soaking through my knickers onto the seat, and the pee seemed to go on forever.

We got back to my house without any other problems, and I went to shower. As I was undressing, the urge hit me again, and since I was feeling a little naughty, I peed in my knickers again in the shower before washing off and changing. I never thought it would be something I'd enjoy, but I do. I've peed myself in the shower a few times since, but I haven't worked up the courage to go anywhere else yet. Any suggestions?


Topping off...

Today I decided to see how long I could go without flushing the toilet.

Well, I'm happy to say that after 4 pees and a poop it still hasn't been flushed!

Think of how much water I'm saving. Does anyone else do this too? I don't know what gave me the inspiration, it just sort of happened.

Also, I was at work yesterday and I really had to go to the bathroom. It was getting late in the day so I thought I could hold it but after 20 minutes or so I just had to go. I ran to the bathroom but the Men's room was flooded! So I made sure there was nobody around and ducked into the girls bathroom. I ran to the closest stall and pulled my pants down and let it go. It felt great although I had to hurry to make sure nobody would catch me in the wrong bathroom!

I washed my hands and left but by this time the building was almost completely empty, I think I may have been the last to leave.

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors Takeing A Poop Up In A Tree

The next morning came and I got right up and dressed putting on a short sleeve shirt and a pair of shrts. I didn't put on any underware this morning. I went inside and had my breakfast. I said good morning to my grandmother for she was up and sitting at the kitchen table when I came inside.

She asked me what I was going to do today. Oh I'm going to see Janet today I said to her. Ok she said back to me. But be around here by 2:30 this afternoon. I need you to help me. I have to go to the market. I told her ok I'll be back before that. I went back to eating my breakfast in a hurry.

I had another reason why I was eating so fast. One was Janet and the other was that I had drank some lemonade last night while watching tv before I went to sleep. So I needed to piss badly as I sat there eating. I had npt gone after I woke up and got dressed. A few short minutes later I was done eating went out the door and was on my way over to the school to meet up with Janet.

As I walked quickly I had shoved my left hand into my left side pocket and I had a tightgrip on my penis to keep from pissing which I would have wet my shorts if I hadn't held myself. As I hurried I thought to myself; Am I going to make it? Will Janet be there? That too came to my mind as I now crossed the main highway and was walking over the little bridge that went over the creek by the side of the main highway.

I reached the intersection by the general store made the turn and managed to walk as far as the firehouse. The school was right next door which I could see the old school where I was. I had to stop for I had to squeeze my penis with my hand real hard to keep from pissing myslef right there!

With my off and on squeezing my penis this action made my penis erect. I stood there in front of the frehouse for a good long several minutes with a tight grip on myself fighting down the urge that I had to go so bad. Now also while I stood there I could feel from the inside of me on my asshole the feeling that I had to shit now too! But this urge was not strong. Just enough to make itself known.

I now had managed to fight off the urge to piss some so I started walking again walking several feet almost being past the firehouse. Just at this point from behind me Janet yelled out to me; Hey Dave! I spun around thinking to myslef; Janet! Good she is here! But just then another sudden strong urge to piss hit me. I again squeezed down hard on my penis with the hand that was in the pocket of my shorts.

Janet came running up to me. She saw thatthere was something wrong. I didn't say hi back to her or anything else for that matter. I was standing there very stiff in full concentration fighting off the urge to piss! Janet asked me quickly; What's wrong? I was silent still fghting off the urge to piss. A few long monets later I again fought of the urge and I tod Janet I was on the verge of pisssing myslef. Would you mind if I did piss before we shit? I'll save some piss for up in the tree too.

Janet said ok back to me. Lets go I said to her now that I can move. So Janet grabbed my right hand we huried down along the side of the firehouse and went around in back of it together. As soon as we were behind the back of the firehouse and we had stopped I told Janet; Get my shorts down! Don't stand i front of me either! Janet stepped slightly off to the side of me for she had been standing right in frnt of me.

I said to her; HURRY!!!! I had another sudden urge to piss and I squeezed my penis even harder with my left hand in my shorts pocket. Janet did get my snap on my shorts popped. I told her to wait a moment before she did anything else. So she waited there with her fingers on my sorts zipper as I contnuied to fight the urge to piss.As I stood there frozen still.squeezing my penis and contracting hard with my muscles around my bladder I felt the urge to piss ease up just a little.

I said right then to Janet NOW! I pulled myleft hand from my shorts pocket as she yanked my zipper down and with her other hand at first yanked at my shorts slipping them down over my right hip and down on to my upper thigh. Then with the hand she had yanked my zipper down with she had that hand on the other side of my shorts and tugged that side dowwn to my upper thigh.

My penis since I had my hand inside of my pocket holding and squeezing it with it I had it forced down too. It sprang right up as soon as my shorts were pulled down freeing it. Also now out and no longer being squeezed or held I started pissing right then! My stream went into a high arc which missed Janets arms for she had them out in frontof me still holding her hands on both sides of my shorts.

She yanked her hands away off from my shorts! My piss stream was hitting the concrete blocks ofthe back wall of the firehouse splashing hard off from it and had made a dark grey wet spot on the blocks with the same colore trails on the walls surface as my piss also ran down it. I saw this for only for a instant. I had shut my eyes now as the termedous relief swept over me now that I was pissing.

I after several long seconds later I had opened my eyes back up. The reason was that I felt now my penis was being held. Not by me but Janet like yesterday up in the tree had her fingers on it lightly and had pushed it downa little also. Since I had started off so fast once my shorts had been pulled down by Janetwith her hands on my shorts and her arms were across in front of me too I asked Janet; I didn't piss on you did I? She giggled and told me; No you missed! I let out a sigh and relaxed.

I went on with my piss till my bladder was n longer felt hard to me. Like I sad to Janet that I would save some for when we were in the tree I bared down now making my stream ease up and stop. Right after I had cut my stream off Janet said to me; Dave did you go enough? You can go more if you want to. I giggled and said to Janet; Oh you want to hold me longer? No I feel ok now I said to her also. Janet giggled hard and she let go of my penis.

I then quickly grabbed my shorts and yanked them back up before they fell down on me. I only pulled the zipper up on them. They will stay up I said to Janet. Are you ready to head over to the tree? Janet said loudly; YES! As we now walked away from the back of the firehouse heading now across the old schools playground Janet said to me; I didn't forget the toilet paper. She had on also a pair of jeans shorts and from one of her shorts pockets she showed me just the corner of a big wad of toilet paper that was in that pocket.

We now were past the playground and in back of the old school now. Janet on the way also tol me she felt that she was going to do a good pee and as soon as she finished saying that to me I asked her if she felt like she needed to shit too. She let out a good giggle and said to me; Yes I have to do that too!

A few short moments later we reached the row of pine trees along the far side of the school grounds. We walked along them and we didn't pick the same tree that we had pissed from yesterday. We found one with lower to the ground branches and we started up this one. Janet and I only had to climb up this tree about twenty feet up. The reason for this was we found where the trees baranches would allow us to sit side by side with a branch ubnder the one we would sit on we could easily reach to place our sneakers on. Also on the backside in this spot it was clear all the way down to the ground.

Janet and I together in this spot in the tree we pulled down our shorts together. But before we were going to shit Janet asked me; Dave will you just piss first before you shit? I said back to her; I can do that. Janet let out a little giggle and then she also said something else to me. Is it possible here so that when we go (meaning when we were takeing our shit) Can we get down lower to watch?

I looked down. If we stepped down to two lower branches down it could be done. I told Janet this. She giggled harder as she now looked down at the lower branch that I had said to herwhere it could be done. Then Janet told me; Ok Dave you piss now and as she said it she had reached over and took her light hold on my penis with her fingers and sat there on the branch and waited for me to start.

I only had to give a very slight push to start my piss. Like behind the firehouse I sent a thin high arcing piss stream upward and outward. Since we weren't as high up in this tree like the other tree my stream stayed as a stream all te way down to the ground. Janet was smiling as she held me and watched me piss.

After maybe ten seconds had gone by Janet asked me; Dave have you been held before this by a girl? I didn't lie for I told Janet yes I had. Janet giggled and aske me if it was Louise? The redhead girl that lived across the road form me when I was a lot younger. I let out a little laugh and told Janet it was not her. No a girl that lives near me now ut I didnt mention her name to Janet. Janet said just Oh and that was all she said back to me.

But just to make Janet feel specail right at this moment I told her that the other girl didn't have the same touch as she had. You're better Janet! Janet giggled hard aand I knew the possible touchy moment had passed. By this time too my stream was easing off so my piss was soon going to end. Janet then ripped off a long squeeky sounding fart! Then right after that squeeeky sounding fart had stopped Janet said to me; You better let me go first! I told her I would.

I several seconds later had stopped pissing but I did do a few short finishing up spurts to be sure that I was done. That was it I was done. I pulled my shorts up and zippered them up. I stepped down off rom the lower branch and down to the one that was two barnches down. I squated on it and looked back up in Janets direction.

Now the branch we had both sat on was about six inches thick. Janet had slid far enoug back so that looking up ather I could see her bare rearend hanging well off from the side of the branch. I also had her vagina clearly seen too. Janet had her hands above her head holding on the next branch that was up over her. Seeing me looking up she gave me a quick little smile.

Now Janet started. As I looked up piss first dribbled from her vagina which ran down and reached her domed asshole which was being pushed open already! It had been opened by a dark tan shit which had poked her hole open. It looked big and fat too! It moved slowly growing to about two three inches long and then it stopped its movement. Janets piss that had been dribbling went into a weak stream of piss now falling down past me. I didn't bother to see if it was hitting the ground. I just wet watching upward.

Her piss stream then jusmped outward and her shit began moving again. Janet had to be pushing now for this to happen. Her shit move maybe three inches more and then it started to crackle and I heard Janet let out a short hard gasp. She had been pushing and holding her breath as she pushed. Her piss stream satyed going like it had been and now her shit had sped up and its crackling got louder as it moved faster and got longer.

Her dark tan shit also got even fatter around as it got longer. IT was big enough around that it was rubbing against the insides of her cheeks. I wondered if her cheeks would have skidmarks on them from her shit as I watched Janets shit. It grew longer and I saw a crack start across her shit. That to me ment her shit was heavy and soft. In a very few short seconds the crack opened wider and then her shit broke!

Where her shit had broke the piece that fell down to the ground was a good seven inches long and it made a dull thud when it hit the ground and flattened the blunt front end of it. There was aout a three inch piece still poked from Janets asshole and it wa slowly getting longer. Jante toohad her piss stream go back to a dribble which her piss dribbled off from many spots on her broken shit that was comming out of her asshole.

That remaining shit got to be almost five inches in length and it had tapered right down into a skinny tip and then it dropped away down to the ground hittingthe first pece that was there on the ground. It barely made a thud when it hit the other piece of shit. Janet now reached in her shorts pocket and pulled out the wad of toilet paper.

I was still watching and now since she was done with her shit I could see skidmarks just showing on the skin on the outer edges of both of her asscheeks. Janet had ripped off osme of the toilet pare and as I looked up her hand came down into sight from behind and I saw her hand stuff the toilet paper between her asscheeks and she wiped down them. She pulled her hand out and I saw her take a look at the paper n her hand.She dropped it and it went down to the ground but landed a few feet away from where her shit laid on the ground.

Then a few short seconds later Janet wiped herself a second time but went slower and took a longer wipe of her rearend. After checking that paper she dropped it. Stood up and pulled her shorts back up and waited for me to climb back up on that branch. I scrambled back up and I had a big smile on my face. Janet giggled hard seeing such a big smile. Enjoyed seeing that! I said to her. Janet let out a little giggle and told me she had fun doing it. Now for more fun! she said to me. MY turn to watch you! Let me stop here and will contnuie with me taking my shit in the tree.


I have pooped my panties before...

I am 17 years old and I have had accidents before…

The most recent one was it was the end of the day at school and I had to go really bad, but I decided to just go at home because there was like 1 minute left in last period. So when I got in the car to go home, my mom said we had to stop at the store. I was like ok. So then when we finally left the store I had to go really bad! As soon as I stepped in the door I was going to run to the bathroom, but I got 2 steps in the house and it totally FILLED my panties! I felt my pants get really tight. So I waddled up the stairs and changed my panties, but I had to tell my mom because she saw me walking weird and she saw the giant bulge in the back of my pants :[

Then another time I was at a park playing with my little cousin and I had to go but I wanted to wait until my aunt got back because I didn't want to leave him by himself. Well I finally just couldn't hold it ant longer and went in my panties. I was about to start walking to the bathroom witch was like a 2 minute walk away but I saw my aunt pull up and told her what happened. Well, I had an extra change of clothes in her car (I always bring extra clothes everywhere because this happened to me a lot for some reason) so she took me to the bathroom and waited outside while I changed.

I have more stories that I will post later.


Hey, are you still there Catherine? I enjoyed your stories are they are quite similar to my own experiences. i'm a bit smaller then you physically though, but the bathroom activities are very much alike. I clog our toilet quite often. Do you have any more stories like the time you clogged your friends toilet after the pizza party?

I came home after going out for a meal last night with terrible wind. I kept farting on the way home & the last one was a bit wet. I knew that this was a warning of an upset stomach so I held it in untill I got home. By the time I reached the toilet my stomach was hurting from all the pressure & as soon as I sat down I let out a long loud fart followed by a series of loose turds. I still felt a dull ache in my stomach so I pushed & another wave of semi solid poo shot out of me. It was very smelly but what a relief.


New place to poo

I went out for a nice long walk yesterday to look for good place to relieve myself. I hadn't been since the day before so I was busting to go. I walked along the nearby stream which is surrounded by lots of overhanging trees & dense bushes. It wasn't long before I spotted a narrow pathway that had been cleared away from the undergrowth. I followed it to a small secluded clearing to find a camp that had been created by some kids. There were some fallen trees around it a of screwed up newspaper. I looked closer to find a the pile covered some turds. I thought how great it would be to do some of my own here & got really exited. A couple of feet away there was a pair of boys underpants. They were full of poo so whoever did those turds must have been really desperate & not made it here in time. I was getting quite desperate to go myself & as I had a skirt on I decided to take off my panties & squat over the underpants. I peed all over them before releasing a six inch poo which broke off under its own weight. Then another one emerged about seven inches long, followed by another one about eight inches long. It was a relief to get so much poo out & adding to that boys pile made it look like I hadn't been for a week! Which I have I've done a few times before. I went home without wiping & cleaned up in my bathroom.

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors Takeing A Poop Up In A Tree

Now I had moved up on to the barnch where we had first had chose and Janet had taken her shit and piss from it. Janet took a little more time to get down on the lower branch that I had watched her go. So as she made her way down to that branch I had pulled my shorts down and hung my ass down off from the branch as I sat on it. I also had a turtle head already poking out of my asshole as I sat ther waiting for Janet.

Janet a shirt moment or two later was ready. I knew she was for she let out a short hard laugh and said to me; Hey you have a turtle head already! A big fat one too! I let out a laugh myslef and I was holding keeping my turtle head from moving so now I relaxed and felt it start to move.AS I felt my shit moving I could feel my asshole being opened wide then slip back a little tighter and then being stretched back open. MY shit must be chunky I thought to myself.

Janet watching lookig up was laughing or would giggle as she watched me shit. After several seconds and having my shit moving right along Janet sad loudly up to me; Sure is a chunky fat one! Some of the chunks are very big! Sure makes your hole move a lot! I bent over to look down at Janet. I can tell. I can feel it going in and out. Then I asked Janet how long was my shit. About almsot a good foot! Janet said right back to me.

I for several more seconds felt my asshole go on woth ot inward and outward movements as I shit. Then my shit eneded iwth my asshole just closed rightup with a loud dull thud when my shit hit the ground. Janet must have watched my shit fall all the way down for she now laughed pretty hard for several seconds and then stopped. I went to wipe myslef. I couldn;t. Janet still had the rest of the wad of toilet paper in her shorts pocket!

Hey Janet you still have the toilet paper. You're going to have to come back up here tto give it to me. Janet did a litle giggle and then said OPPS! She started the climb back up to give me the toilet paper. She stepped up on the first barnch and I told her to stop. Just hand it up. I think I can reach down and grab it now. So Janet reached up as far as she could go and I leaned down and reached down as far as I could go. I managed to get one corner of the wad f paper and I took it from her outstretched hand. As I did I said; I've got it!

Janet stepped back down to the lower branch again and I tore some paper off from the wad and I reached down behind me and gave my ass a quick wipe. I checked the paper and there was just only a little light smear on it. I dropped the apper and it fluttered down to the ground. I tore off a much smaller wad and gave myslef a second wipe and the paer was clean after checking it. I dropped that one too and it landed in the needles on a lower branch of the tree instead of going all the way to the ground.

I then stood u and pulled up my shorts and zipped them up and did the snap on them. As I did this I felt a fe real small wet spots on the bare skin of my arms happen. It was cloudy this morning. Hey Janet I think its sprinkling. Do you feel any raindrops? I saw Janet extend her arm out. I second later she told me she did. WE better climb down then I said to her. So we did just that.

In a few short moments we were on the ground. It was sprinkling and Janet told me we better get going before it realy begins to rain. So we hurried through the back grass yard behind the school. On the way I told Janet that I could only hang around for awhile today. Looks like the rain is going to make that even shorter. Then Jamert told me she had to be home early too.

She had to sy goodbye to her mom. She was going on a trip for a few days. Hey then after that can you come over to my grandmothers? What we are doing is going to the market. Maybe you can go. Janet said to me she could ask. So we both went straight over to her house and went inside.

Jantes mom saw us come in and said hi to me. said hello back to her. Then she told me that I was going to have some company for the next three days. I didn't know what she ment by this so I said to her; I am?
Janets mom let outa short laugh from my confusion and then explaind to both Jamet and I what she ment.

Since I am being gone for three days and your father is working the garveyard shift I needed someone to ask to look after you (Janet) and your sistor. (Jill) Dave I called your grandmother and she said that she would watch after you Janet and your sistor while I am gone. Janet almost burst out into excited laughetr but just managed to keep herself from doing it. Janet then her mother said go get some things together. Janet looked atme smiling and excitedly said; Yes I will.

Jaet spun around to leave and in cam Jill carrying a small tote bag in her hand. Hey did you guys hear>>>> THat's as far as Jill got. Janet said in the same excited voice; We know Jill we are staying over at Dave's grandmothers for a few days! With that said Janet I heard run through the livingroom and then heard a door being slammed shut. Jill said to me; I guess you two know then. But she too had a smile and was also excited about staying at my grandmothers house.

Seberal mnutes later Janet had ran back with her small tote bag. I'm ready. She gave her mom a big hug. Have a nice time. She turned to me and Jill and said lets go! Her mom quickly said that she would drive us over. Janet said to her mom just as quickly as her mom said she would ake us over. We;ll walk over! Her mom laughed hard and said goodbye as we all had started walking to the front door to go outside.

Once outside it still was only spinkling lighty. But the way Janet and Jill were walking so fast you would have sworn it was pouring rain! I laughed lightly as we hurried along. When we did get over to my grandmothers I bet you we had made the afstest tripbetwen Janets and Jills house and my grandmothers. We went right inside.

My grandmoher was at work. This made me wonder for a momentif the girls mom had called before she had left for work. She must had otherwise thiswould not have had happened. So what I did next was take the girls upstairs. There was only one bedroom with two beds in it which was upstairs. The girls looked around in it first and then they picked the bed they wanted to sleep on. Then they sat on them to try them out. They both said at the same time. Nice and comfy!

Then Janet asked me if she could eat. I didn't eat breakfast yet. She gave me a big smile. I had something more importent to do this morning then eat first! She then giggled and gave me a wink. I smiled and told hergo right ahead. You know where everything is down in the kitchen. Jill was busy pulling the packed clothes out of her tote bag as Janet left the room and went downstairs.

As Jill pulled her clothes out of hertote bag she just threw them on the bed. When she neared the end of getting her clotes out of the tote bag she pulled out one of the new anties she had bought when wehad went shopping. She held them up with two hands high in the air. See Dave I brought some of my new ones to wear! She tossed them on the bed and then just dumped the bag out with the rest of her clothes on the bed.

Then she noticed that Janet was not there in the room now. Only Janets unoponed tote bag was on her bed Where's Janet Dave? Oh she;s downstairs eating breakfast. Yeah she got right up early gotdressed and I heard her go out. Jill said to me. Did she go and see you? I told her that we did meet up but that is all that I said to Jill.

Then Jill looked right at me and said; I bet you two went and peed together up in that tree this morning! I sid whispering ever so slightly; Oh shit Janet told Jill! Jill answered me by saying that Jill told her ALL about it! She then let out a good hard giggle. You both even saw me pee when I peed on the grate while you two were up in that tree! Now I let out a quick laugh and said back to Jill that we had.

Then Jill said to me; I need to pee! Is there some place close by where I can go Dave? she asked me. Now right ouside the bedrooms door on the oppiste side of the hallway this had been a small kitchenette when my grandmother ran a old fols home out of the house back durring Worl War II. The cabinets and the old white double sink were still there and the sink still was fully working.

I told JIll if she had to go that bad go pee in the sink outside. Jill giggled hard and said to me; I'll just do that! She hurried right past me pulling her yellow shorts down as she went past me. Once she was to the sink she had turned around her yellow shorts at her knees andshe had on a light yellow pair of panties and was pulling tem down standing in front of the sink.

In one quick upward hop Jll was now sittingonthe front edge of the couneter with her now bare rearend over the sink and she sent into the sink a loud hissing hard stream of piss staright down into the white sink! In a short couple of seconds the drain gurgled loudly as her yellow piss was going down the sinks drain. Jill told me that she hadn't peed yet today.

Jill peed taking a good long one. When her stream did ease it eased off very slowly withits loud hissing getting softer as she went on with her piss. Then it stopped hissing only just before her steam stopped. Jill afer stoppingjust hopped off from the sink and pulled up her yellow panties and yellow shorts together. Her piss had its piss oder lingering in the air. So I said to Jill as I reached over and turned the cold water fuacet on; Jill just run a little water down the drain if you piss in the sink again while your here. Jill giggled and said she would.

I turned off the waterafter letting it run for severa seconds. Then Jill said she was done here. Wewere just about to head downstars and we heard Janet comming up the stairs. Janet a second later had made the turn into the beginning of the hallway. I said to Janet; We were just comming down to join you.

Then Jill burst right out saying very quickly to Janet; I just pissed in the sink! I told Dave that you told me about peeing out of the tree ove at the school! Did you two do it again this morning? Jill giggled hard as she said all this so quickly which Janet had a hrad time telling what Jill siad to her. Janet said back to Jill; You said what? Slow down! So Jill still giggled but not as hard said everything over again that she had said so fat the first time. But this time she did say it slower.

But when she talked about peeing in the sink Jill added by saying we have a place to pee rigt outside our bedroom. She turned on the cold water hard and she said to Janet See it even flushes! That made Janet smile just a little when she looked at Jill. Then she gave me a bigger smile when she glanced at me real quick. Then she did tell me she had told Jilllast night about pissing out of the tree yesterday. And she told Jill that she and I did meet up tis morning and we hadn't peed in the same tree. WE tok a shit from out of another!

Jill burst into hard laughter. I stood there knowing I wasn't going to be able to stop Janet from tellng Jill all about it. Janet did tell Jill the entire tale of shiting up in the tree. Jill giggled or laughed hard durring all of it as Janet told her. When Janet stopped and finished Jill said that she wished she had seen it. Then she paused for a shirt momnet and said with a slight giggle. I'm going to have to try taking a poop in a tree! That made both Janet and I laugh. WE then headed down stairs together. To be continuied.


This mornings poo

I've just been to the toilet & had a lovely long poo again. I don't know where it all came from but it felt so good I just had to post about it. It was hard & knobly & it hurt a bit as it came out. I had to push hard to get it to move & my bum stretched wide open. Once the tip was out the poo got wider & that's when it started to hurt. I had to push really hard but it stopped & didn't want to budge. I pushed again using all my strength & that got it moving slowly. It felt good as it bumped it's way out of my bum & it made me a bit horny. I had to keep pushing the whole time & after twenty minutes it was finaly out. It was huge & stuck out of the water. When I wiped there was hardly anything on the toilet paper so I just pulled up my pants & got dressed for work.


3 short pee stories

Hi long time lurker, first time poster. I'm 17, thin, blond and i like to run.
Once when I was in school, in PE i was doing cross country running and urge to pee. I foolishly ignored it and pee'd through my panties and running shorts.Fortunely nobody noticed.
Once when I was smoking in school at lunchtime in the forestm, I needed to go, and my friends dared me pee on a tree. Feeling rebelious I hiked up my skirt,pulled my panties across and pee'd through the leghole onto the unknowing tree. By diong this I succeeded in soaking my right leg.
Once during an Art class my teacher started to squim and shudder. With in five minets the run out the room leaking her panties and Jeans. A few students followed her. When they returned they annonced Miss______(i won't say her name) had failed to make it and she going home crying. Next time I saw her (two days later) she looked normal and any body who found out kept Quite because she was too nice a person to mock.


Stories from Kim

I have had my share of changing messy panties. I have changed several at work. I have changed a few pairs while helping out with Bingo. The handicapped stall in the bathroom there has a sink in it. That's makes it a little bit easier to get myself cleaned up.

The strangest place that I have had to change my panties is an old gas station. The bathroom didn't have a stall. You had to close the door and make sure no one else came in while I was changing my messy panties.

That gas station was an old one, with a real old Ladies Room. It was made for only 1 person at a time. There was no stall around the toilet. The toilet and the sink were side by side. It had a really old Kotex Machine on the wall (it took dimes). I wonder how old the pads were. Anyway, I must have eaten something that didn't agree with me. That happens a lot with me. I remember that I was driving somewhere and then all of a sudden I let out some gas. The gas turned out to be the runs (diarrhea) in my panties. I knew that I had made a mess of myself. This gas station was the first thing I came upon in my travels. The toilet was an old one with sort of a wooden seat. Not like the kind you find now in public restrooms with the open front. My mom always told me not to sit down on public toilets unless you use a protective cover or put toilet paper on the seat. So, I put some toilet paper on the seat. I then pulled down my pants and soiled panties. I must have sat on the toilet for about 15 minutes, hoping that I was done with the diarrhea. As I was sitting, I tried my best to clean myself up and clean my panties too. Luckily, no one wanted to use the Ladies Room while I was in there. The smell was gross! I finally finished up and wiped and wiped until I was somewhat clean. I pulled up my soiled panties and my pants. I then headed on my way.


Wednesday, May 05, 2010


To Keith

Hello to Keith. I must admit I enjoy your stories, but at the same time, I do worry about you. That extreme pushing is not good for you. you could end up giving your self a heart attack, a stroke, or at the very least pass out on the toilet. Have you tried training your bowels? By that I mean go sit on the toilet at the same time, several times a day. Make it a strict habit. Bring a book or magazine with you and just sit there and relax and see what happens. Maybe after a while your body will get the signal and you can start pooping more regularly. Like myself and Thunder down Under, I think you should be a toilet king. Find yourself some good comfortable toilets where you won't be pressured. Pick one with at least three stalls so you can really take your time.

Good luck to you and in the meantime keeps us informed!

LEANNE - kepp them stories coming of you and Emma.........

Have u ever properly watched each other, who watched who?

If either of you were having trouble "going" would the other help and when did it last happen?

Please try and get Emma to contribute on here


Constipation troubles

Thank you to Thunder From Down Under and the un-named poster who explained to me what a colonoscopy is. I was supposed to have my first appointment with the gastroenterologist yesterday but they cancelled because the doctor wasn't in that day. Of course I didn't find out until I got to the office. They did apologize and re-scheduled my appointment for May 19th, which is just a consultation. Hopefully they don't schedule me for any tests on my birthday (June 21).

My bowels are once again giving me trouble. I'm taking Mineral Oil every day like my doctor asked me to do, and taking Benefibre a couple times a day. I also drink up to 6 liters of water a day and eat plenty of fibre cereal, fruits and vegetables. It's frustrating that after all that my body still won't co-operate. I go 4 to 5 days without a poop, and when I do go it's a huge log (about a foot long). How frustrating :( My doctor thinks there's something wrong with me which is obviously why I'm going to the gastroenterologist. I think 23 turning 24 is too young for these kinds of health problems :( I'm an otherwise healthy woman; not overweight, blood pressure and heart are fine, diet is good. The information on the colonoscopy did reassure me a little but I am still nervous as I've never had one done before.


Post Title Using an outside toilet in my early teens.

One morning whilst on school holidays, my mother had gone out to work. I needed to S--t so made my way to the outside toilet. I pulled my trousers and pants down and sat down. The toilet I was using had another along side for our neighbours use. To my horror in those days I heard female foot steps approaching this other toilet. I was to scared to move. The other toilet door was opened, the toilet seat put down, and the door shut. The lady from next door raised her skirt, and loudly pulled down her pants. I was still scared to move. After several minutes, of silence and what appeared to be adjustments to the position of her pants, the sound of a plop was heard. The same silence's occurred on three more times, with a further three plops. After what was the fourth plop she had a long pee, farting at the end of the wee. This was followed by a very loud plop and several more plops. She wiped herself several times, pulled up her underwear, flushed and left. I then did my business very quickly and left, but that raised my interest in the subject matter.


Hair free


I go to salon and have my anus waxed. I've had it done this
way for such a long time it doesn't hurt anymore. When I can't
have it done this way I shave it a bath or shower. I just squat down,
put shave cream on anus and in a gentle motion run the razor across
it. In bigger cities and college towns you should be able to find
a salon that does butt waxing because they include the anus with it.

On another topic I didn't get any feedback if any the women here
plan on wearing short skirts this summer and pooping and peeing
off of swingsets,etc.


Keith D
Was just about to go to bed last night when I suddenly got a strong urge to poop. It was a welcome relief because I had not had any activity down there for the last two days - not even the slightest urge. I didn't respond to the urge immediately when I got it. I was watching TV and held on for a while. The poop was moving down and trying to open my sphincter which would then clench involuntarily and the poop would be pushed back up a little. While all this was going on I let some gas escape quietly to relieve the pressure.

Right before bed I made my way to the toilet, shed all my clothes and sat. As soon as I sat on the hard seat, I immediately felt the log retreat back up into my bowels and lost the urge. But I wasn't about to let the opportunity slip away. I leaned back on the toilet and lifted up my knees to my chest and crouched low to push and squeeze as hard as I could. My first push met firm resistance and I didn't feel the log move at all. I took a few breaths, steadied myself, took one deep breath and bore down again. There was immediate movement and I felt my hole start to open and the tip of the mass squeeze into it. I kept pushing and I could feel the log deforming as it opened the hole. At least it was still soft. It slid down and stopped.

I stopped pushing and released my long-held breath. I was able to relax a little, drawing shallow breaths and concentrating to keep my sphincter from involuntarily clenching and forcing the log back in. As I rested I was overcome with a feeling of relief. The feeling of having my ring opened up and the muscles stretched was so relaxing after two days of if being tense and closed and blocked. I reached down to find out how far the mass was sticking out and how much more work would be required. It was sticking out about 1 and a half inches. The skin around my normally puckered hole was stretched smooth and tense and was a little sticky. I took another breath and bore down hard. It was expelled into the toilet with a splash and my ring closed quickly. I wiped up flushed and left.

It felt so good having a big poop before bed. I was so relaxed and went right to sleep.

To Linda from Australia: Sorry to hear you have been suffering again. But thanks for sharing your trials. I hope you manage to get something big out soon!

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