Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors (Shopping Day Continuied)

Afetr having supper I called Janet on the phone at my grandmothers. She answered and she told me to come right over to the old schools palyground. She would meet me there. But be quick for I just want you to be there with me. Jill may show which we will have to hide from her. I told Janet I was on my way right after I was hanging up.

I then hung up and as I was leaving I told my granmother I was going out and would be back later. She said ok and I went out the door. I trotted own the drivewy,down the road to the highway. I crossed and ran up to the intersection by the general store and made the turn and went straight over to the old school.

s I oassed the firehouse and the playground came into my view there was Janet standing by the big slide waiting. I ran up to her and we both took off at a dead run going behind the school and over behind the gym. We stopped by the back door of the gym only for a few short moments to catch our breath.

Janet said being here wouldn't do. We have to hide from Jill. Now like over at the playground teh far side of the yard behind the gym there were a row of pine trees. These trees were younger then the ones at the back of the playground. These trees could be climbed where the ones over at the playground could not.

I told Janet we could get in one of the pine trees. Jill would never look for us in a tree and we'll be able to see her if she does come. So Janet and I hurried over to one of the trees in the row. I grabbed her waits picked her up which she grabbed a branch and pulled herself up into the tree and satrted climbing up it. I jumped up and grabbed the same branch and I climbed up the tree following Janet up it.

Now as we bot climbed up the tree Janet still had on te same summer dress she had worn all day. There was one exception now. Earlier Janet had her now bikini swimsuite on under it. Now with me climbing up the tree being under her I saw up under her summer dress Janet was naked! She had taken the bikini off when she had gone home after our swim. She had not bothered to put on any underware!

We climbed up the tree about a little more then halfway. I would have guessed we were about 40 feet up in the tree. We found two branches thatwere almost te same level but were at different angles and we sat on them. We both had a good view to look out from where we were. Janet could look across the back all the way over to the playground and fire house.

If I turned sideways on my branch which I did I could see the same way or look up along the side of the gym out to the road which assed in front of the school. We were all set in case of Jill did come for we had a very good chance here in the tree of seeing her.

Now came to me the reason why Janet wanted us to be alone this time. She had been very urgent about this too. So Iasked her why. Well Janet said I wanted to be alone with you so I can talk to you alone. I have to ask you something too. It's something that I want to try if that's alright with you. Janet didn't then say what she wanted to try with me. So I was just about to ask her this but Janet was looking toward the playgrounds direction and said; There's Jill! She is over in the playground right now looking for us!

I swung around and looked the same way Janet was looking. Sure enough Jill was walking around in the playground area. So I didn't talk asking Janet the question I was going to ask her. We instead watched together Jill as she walked around. Jill soon had tried looking all over the playground and the surrounding area. Then she satrted alking towards the back of the old schol and our direction.

Soon Jill had walked past the gym backdoor and was very close to us where she was there by the gym backdoor. Then she walked further over to the corner turned right and started walking along the gyms far wall up towards the front of the gym and where the road out front passed by. I had swung around on my branch to watch and also Janet had turned on her branch and watching Jill also.

Now against the gyms wall before it ended there is a grate opening alongside the wall. The grate can be lifted up which when we had played hide and seek we had at times done this and hid down inside the small concrete cubicle under the metal grate. Jill stopped right in the middle of the metal grate as we watched her. She did check by looking down inside of it to see if we were in it. Of course we weren't!

But what Jill did next cuaght both of us right off guard! Jill had on her summer dress too that she had worn all day. Now standing there in the middle of the metal grate she pulled it right up both the back and front! Jill then got in a very high hover bent over at her waits and looked back down under herself! Jante couldn't help let out a giggle and said to me; Jill is going to piss!!!

I shook my head yes without saying anything back to Janet. Sure enough Janet was right for a few seconds Later Jill was pissing which even from our high perch up in the tree we both saw her piss splattering hard off of the metal grate! Boy did Jill ever piss so hard and long this time. I could have bet she pissed for almost a half minutes time before she stopped dropped her dress back down and walked off from the garte and went around the corner and out from sight.

Janet satrted laughing now. She also told me that Jill had pissed so much I bet the bottom is covered with her pee! I too now couldn't help but start to laugh also which I did. Then we stopped for Janet said shhh! Jill is back over in the playground again. I looked over and she was. But she looked like she was heading away for she was walking angling across it heading back towards the road. In a few more short moments Jill was gone.

Now with Jill gone I and Janet were alone again. I turned n my branch and so did she so we were faceing each other. So I asked Janet now; What is this something that you want to do Janet with me? Jante was silent for what seemed to be a very long moment. Then she got nough courage up to answer me.

I want to hold you when you piss Dave! I've wanted to do it for some time now too! That's why I wanted to be alone with you and not have Jill here with us now. I hope that I could get my chance to do it! Plus I hope that you do have to pee too! I looked at Janet which I first smiled back at her. Then I let out a little laugh next. Then I aid to Janet which the way I answered her I teased her. Oh is that all that you want to do! I though it was something else.

Then I stopped talking to Janet right then to see how she would react to my answer. Just from the look on Janets face told me. She first of all was no longer looking at me. She was gazing downward with a pout looking face. She was dissapointed very dissapointed! I saw this and I then said back to Janet: Hey I was only kidding! You can Janet I'll let you!

Jill immeaitaly looked up and right at me. She now had a bright big smile on her face. Then you'll let me do it then! As I shook my head yes I said yes to her. Janet then loudly and ever so quickly asked me; Do you have to piss right now? I did and I told Janet that I had too. Janet jumped right off from her branch right over on to the one I was sitting on and sat down right next to me. She still had that big bright smile on her face as she told me that she was going to piss too with me!

Now Janet took care of her dress slipping it out from under her ass in the back. Then she slid the front up to the tps of her thighs. Now I had on my pants and boxers so I took care of them which I pulled them bth down to my knees for Janet. I did spread my thighs apart as far as my pants and boxers would let me.

Now having seen Jill piss into the grate, now having found out what Janet wanted to do, and of course now seeing her the way she was getting ready now to piss alongside of me in the tree, my penis was erect. I told Janet she would either have to keep it up or push it down to where when I did go my stream would shoot under my pants and boxers. Janet's reply was; I can see that!

So what she did was very lightly touch my penis first with a couple of fingers from her hand and only pressed on it slightly so my penis was at a upward angle. (This turned out to be good when I di start my piss) Janet was giggling ever so lightly as her fingers lightly touched my hard penis. Then she satrted to piss. FRom her vagina she sent down a strong stream of piss from it.

Her stream going almost straight down missed many of the trees barnches below her. It did wind up hitting one of the lowest ones under her and spashed hard off from it. What also was nce with this piss that I ever so liked to have happen. It was hissing so nice and loud too!

Then I started to piss. My stream went out with a nice long high arc going way out of the tree. My stream was thin with a twist in it. Where my stream had reached a certain point in its downward tarvel it had becomd where it had seperated making very big droplets which wetted a very large area of the grass on the ground forty feet below. Janet now giggled harder as my piss srayed this large area of the ground.

Now Janet's piss like I said was very hard so her piss this time was on the short side. After ten seicnds or so it slacked right off with its loud hissing faded away. Her stream itself went right down thinning and Janet wound up doing a lot of dribbling wetting herself with a lot of her piss. She even had dribbled enough before she came to a stop she had wetted the branch where we was sitting on and her piss dripped from the branch for a very long time afterward after she had stopped.

I being erect took a long piss. I went for a good long time after Janet had stopped. This gave Janet some timein that she started to have a little fun of her own! She started moving my pens around with her fingers that were holding it! She moved it back and fourth so my piss stream swayed in the air going isde to side in the air. Also where my piss stream had broken up into its big droplets with now swing my droplets sprayed over a even larger area down in the grass on the ground.

This Janet did for a good long ten seconds worth. Then my stream started easing off loosing its force. Janet stopped moving my penis as my stream now had fallen and its arc had become much shorter. I seeing this didn't want to have my stream hit my boxers and pants I gae hard push which my stream went back into a long higher arc and then I cut it right off which I din't wet my boxers and pants with my piss.

It was now all over. Janet let go of me. We both took turns to et our clothes taken care of. I let her take care of her dress ans she did. Then I pulled my boxers and my pants up together and took care of them. Now with the branch being wet with Janets piss we climbed down the tree and jumped out from it when we hit the last branch.

Once back on the ground Janet said to me; Let's go see if Jill did leave a big puddle! She started running towards the metal gratewhich covered the small concrete cubicle. I had to chase after her she was that much in a hurry to find out! In a few short seconds we had reached the meatl grate. We both looked down through the grate. Sure enough there ws a large puddle on the concrete bottom! Jill had pissed that muchto make a good sized puddle.

Then we walked out in front of the school. Janet told me she wanted to head home now so that's were we were now headed for was her house as we walked. Then Janet asked me something that she wanted to try in the morning. She first asked me if I think I owuld need to take a shit in the morning! I told her that I would. I do go every day!

Then with a hard giggle she siad to me; Then how bout taking one in the tree! I no laughed hard. THnking abut it at the same time I thought; It would sure would be something different! So I told Janet I would. She laughed and said she would bring the toilet paper! Deal! I said rght back to her. So we had now plans to do this in the morning. We had reached her house now so Janet said to me before she went inside; I hope it is a big one in the morning! I laughed and said to her; I hope yours is too! Janet went inside laughng hard and I turned around laughing as hard as she had and I walked down the driveway and headed for my grandmothers. To be continuied.


Creating logs for the fireplace

I came upon this site about a year ago, looking for support and information for my particular digestive health issues. I am a middle aged
woman (mid 40's) who has had a malady that made me have frequent BMs, not
always involving any toilet. I am now better after 6 years of internal
strife, and decided to join you silly people with a story of mine that
goes back 20 years ago.
My husband and myself were living in the city. Recently married (at the time), we decided to move to a rural setting, to be nearer to a farm
where my horse was boarded. It was a small cabin. Cozy with all the
conveniences of having a furnace, dishwasher, washer & drier, fresh
spring water, etc. Plus it had a huge fireplace which we would cozy up
in front of on many late nights. So much more relaxing than watching TV.
About a year later, my (then) husband left me, which necessitated me
to work two jobs to make the mortgage payments. Still working in the
city, I would work these two jobs back to back, 14 hours per day, leaving me just enough time (with the commute) to go home and crash.
One day I came home to find that the furnace had stopped working. Naive
as I was at that time, I didn't realize that those things need to be
serviced regularly. In our cold Canadian setting, this resulted in my
water pipes being frozen, and as I was advised, probably broken. Living
on a stretched budget, I decided to have the furnace fixed but to put
off the plumbing till spring- some 3 months later. I needed time to raise up enough money for this probably expensive repair. Roughing it
plumbing wise didn't pose too much of a problem. There was a clean brook
not 30 feet from my back door. My routine was to gather two pails of water when I got home from work, one to flush the toilet (I didn't know
until then that sewer lines don't freeze for some reason) and one to
clean up with. One of my neighbors kindly allowed me to shower at their
house occasionally, but I felt dirty most of that time, especially
my hair. I don't know how people did this 100 years ago.
One Saturday evening, I was convinced by some friends to go out partying. I didn't have to work the next day, so it didn't take much
to persuade me. We went to a Mexican restaurant, then to a nightclub
for drinks and dancing. At about 1 AM I arrived home, and in my exhausted and somewhat tipsy state, didn't think about the water.
Sunday morning, I woke up late after a much needed sleep, peed (this
I didn't feel the need to flush) started some coffee and made a roaring
fire in the fireplace. I then snuggled up on my sofa with a book, turned on some music, sipped on coffee and enjoyed the warmth of the
fire while what outdoors looked to be almost blizzardlike weather.
After one cup of coffee, the Mexican food from the previous evening
started talking. Knowing that it would soon become more than gas, I
then went to the bathroom only to find, to my horror, that I had neglected to obtain water to flush with. At this point I didn't want
to ruin my relaxing morning by trudging through snow drifts in sub zero
conditions to get water, and the idea of pooping without flushing wasn't
an option- in case company dropped by.
Not knowing how it would work out, but being desperate at that point,
I returned to the fireplace and grabbed some newspapers that were stacked there to start the fire with. I then took off my panties, and hiked up my nightie. As my product exited, I was amused as to how the
crackling noise from my defecation was in unison to the sound of the
burning firewood. After completing my business, I rolled up the paper
and threw it in the fire. As I found out later, it did burn up completely.
One contingency I hadn't thought of was that I hadn't anything to wipe
up with. I had used all of the newspapers, and didn't have any TP left
in the bathroom. I had a trip to the store planned later in the day,
but at the time was content to just settle back onto the sofa with my
goat-smelling behind. As the morning progressed, the Mexican food left
in my system was making hilarious burbling sounds out of my dirty and
sweaty butt.
Eventually that day, I made it out to get water and make my trip to the
store, and because I didn't have running water, also to the laundromat
which was a routine for me on Sundays.
When I went to the laundromat, I noticed a really cute guy sitting there attending to his washing. After shoving my clothes in a washer and
inserting the coinage, I heard an AHEM behind me. I turned around and
the cute guy said "you dropped something". To my embarrassment, there
were my white panties that I had worn that morning which were seriously
and obviously browned out from my morning activities!

Migraine loverer

I have a request.....

I would really like to hear stories about REALLY PAINFUL constipation. Thanks
Migraine Loverer


hair free?


In your message you said "if I keep my anus hairfree that I don't get skidmarks." I have enough trouble trimming the front where I can see How to you get your anus hair free? Do you shave it, trim it with scissors, hair remover?

Claire N

Music on the toilet

I recently bought an MP3 player and it is a constant companion. I have got into the habit of playing music whilst on the toilet, often changing play lists at the same time. I will walk into work, with the phones on, and make straight for the ladies for my morning poo without taking them off. At home I will have it playing, through the speakers, when having a poo and a bath.

I used to read a lot on the toilet but, since the MP3, music has taken over. I find it relaxing and it increases the enjoyment of a poo. I would be interested to know if others play music whilst on the loo.

Hi claudia I loved your story. As a flight attendent, don't the flight schedules disrupt your biological clock? how to do you manage that? Also, got other interesting stories when you needed to go in flight?

Last week was take your child to work day. There were kids all over my office, hanging out with their parents. Mid-morning, I went to the restroom to pee. Just in front of me, a man and his pre-teen son headed in to the same bathroom. They walked to the last stall, the handicap stall. It seemed odd when both of them went in the stall. I heard the dad say, "Are you going to be okay?" The young man said, "Yeah, but I have to hurry". The dad said, "Let me put this toilet seat cover down for you then I'll leave you alone. I could see the kid holding himself. The dad finished with the cover and said, "OK, come back to my desk when you're done". The young man latched the door as his dad headed for the exit. I was using the urinal right in front of the handicap stall. Before his dad even got out the door, I heard the kid's pants hit the floor as he quickly sat down. It was seconds before I heard the familiar cracking sound as shit left his body, splashing in to the toilet. I heard a few quiet moans followed by more crackling and splashing, along with pee adding to the water. I was pretty much done at the urinal so I prepared to leave with a few quick shakes. I heard a large amount of toilet paper being rolled off. His butt must've been a mess. By the smell, this young man must've eaten a pretty good breakfast. As I finished washing and drying my hands, I saw him come out of the stall, adjusting his pants, looking much more comfortable.


at the laundromat again

I went back to the laundromat to wash more clothes.

The attendant typically has to buzz the door of the bathroom with a remote to let people in. The washing machine repair man was there. He's about 45 years old. He asked the attendant to buzz the door. Then he asked the attendant to make sure that she didn't buzz the door if anyone else asked for the door to be buzzed while he was in the bathroom.

Then a young man with a backpack walked in to the laundromat. He asked the attendant to "please" buzz the door. When the door opened, he said "thank you." He might not have been there to do laundry. He might have been homeless. There's a sign on the bathroom door, that says "for customers only."

Hey. Who here uses toilet seat covers?

Just Jerika

Me & Gopi in the Park---First Part

Me and Gopi, my best friend who is from India as you can probably tell by her name, are both finishing 7th grade. I posted about my situation on Page 1806 and many of you offered suggestions. I thank you for responding to my request.

Well yesterday me and Gopi took or sack lunches and backpacks to school just like normal. However we found out in homeroom that we were going to be dismissed at Noon because the teachers from all over our city had this big meeting that was so big they had to use a college fieldhouse to get everyone in. Me and Gopi didn't have any plans worked out but when the final bell rang, we loaded our backpacks, got our lunches and started walking toward downtown. It's about 15 blocks but we didn't have anything else to do and we thought we could get something to drink down there and sit and eat on the mall which is like one big park that goes for like a mile. Thousands of people work in the big office buildings down there and when it's 80 degrees or so they like to eat outside too. So we weren't suprised it was really crowded about an hour later when we arrived. We found the toughest thing in making such a long walk was what we were carrying on our backs.

Oh, and when we got about four blocks from school Gopi started to complain that she had to crap. She usually does it late in the morning at school before lunch, but since we were on a different schedule, she forgot. We walked through subdivisions where there were just houses and sometimes a C-store, but the one store we stopped in, the clerk corrected Gopi's English when she asked directions to the bathrooms. The clerk said there was just a unisex one. Well, me and Gopi went to the back where it was. I pulled the chain from the ceiling (I had to stand on my toes and really reach to grab it because of my size) and Gopi was right on the side of me when she saw the really small toilet with it's seat up, some urine on the floor in front of it, and the toilet paper roll which had like only 2 or 3 sheets on it. She stood there for a few seconds and said she would probably try to hold it in until we got to the park. I guess I was surprised because of all the complaining she had been doing about "exploding her ring."

As you know from my earlier posts, I think public bathrooms suck too and the ones at school, well they suck worse. But this toilet was already flushed, there was toilet paper (although not as much as she wanted) and well we were hot and about a mile away from the park. I have never been with her in a bathroom before so I didn't know what to expect from her.I know she's a very good student and her parents moved to the US from India like a year ago and she thinks schools over here are very easy (I wish I could say that!). She turned to the mirror above the sink and was checking her hair when I asked her if it was OK for me to sit and pee. I hadn't peed yet since leaving home and if I didn't do it then, I knew I would have to at the park and that I might as well get it done now. I closed the door behind us and latched it. There was also this chain lock that I used before I dropped the seat and seated myself. Gopi was starting to smell, if you know what I mean, but I was seated on the toilet just a couple inches from her butt. She continued to look in the mirror and had a couple of fingers holding her lips up as she looked at her teeth.

The toilet was a lot smaller than the ones we have at school, which I've written about. It seemed kind of different having my feet on the floor and not dangling in front of me. I got my pee flow started after about 30 seconds and I think it was faster because I was much more comfortable. I told Gopi I would be done in a couple of minutes and she could easily take over the seat. She still didn't seem interested even though I knew she needed to crap. I joked with her that my pee was so direct with its stream that I wouldn't need any toilet paper and that she could have what was on the toilet paper roll. And I flicked the roll around a couple of times because I was bored. Then in front of her I counted and told her there were 4 and 1/2 pieces. Then she got sarcastic and said something like "Sure that will do it" and a couple of other words that were too big for my vocabulary.

For once in a public place I sure liked the comfort of the toilet and the fact that I could lean back and flush without standing and walking around the side of the stool to flush. As the flush was ending I again pointed to the toilet and as I was pulling my underwear and jeans up, I told Gopi the seat was now hers and she surprised me by turning around and saying "F##K IT--let it go." Then we left the store and it was about another three blocks before we started talking again.

I'll finish our story next time. Just Jerika


It's been a while

Between unsettled weather and a busy schedule I haven't been to the beach in a while. But today I decided I needed a break from work and headed down for a long walk. I should have pooped before I left. When I pulled into the parking lot I really had to go.

I pulled my car into a space and walked up to the ticket machine to pay. A guy was there fumbling with the machine, very confused and taking a long time. Finally he figured out where to insert the dollar bill, took his ticket and left. I got my ticket, put it on the windshield of my car and dashed into the men's room.

This is the one with open stalls... and to my surprise there he was - Mr. Fumbly-ticket-guy - sitting on the toilet in the last stall. I laughed and said, "Well, I guess we were both in a hurry."

He wasn't amused, didn't respond and didn't look at me. I sat in the next stall and let out a long fart. I could hear his turds dropping and then him tearing off toilet paper. I was letting out a long turd nice and easy when he walked by me to wash his hands, without so much as a look in my direction.

While I was there a couple of other guys game in to pee. I used to be shy about wiping in front of other guys. but no once seems to care. So I wiped away while pee-guy number two walked by me to wash his hands in the sink opposite my stall. I even checked the paper after each wipe. He glanced at me, shrugged his shoulders and walked out.

I started to take my walk, but the wind was blowing sand all over. So I got in my car and left, much relieved - literally.


to Zip

Hey Zip, regarding the unisex toilet I used a couple of weeks, the glass was translucent indeed. You could not identify the person in the toilet, but you could perfectly see the fuzzy outline of the person sitting in the toilet. And if the person inside had the lights on, it was even clearer. You could also tell if it was a man or a woman. I could identify the guy because I saw him through a small gap. Also, I forgot to tell you that the small toilet area had a lock for the translucent door indeed. However the guy didn't know and tried to open the door. But that's why I assumed that if there is a lock for the toilet, then why lock the outer door. I mean, it was relatively private. A man could be using the toilet and a woman washing her hands or the opposite. It would be weird, but then why have two locks? And by the way, any person washing his or her hands could perfectly hear all the plops and farts going on.

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors (Our Day Of Shopping Part 3)

We walked into the A&W and we all ordered a big lunch. The three of us were starving! We all ordered the biggest burger,fries, and we all got the big glass filled with rootbeer. We walked over to one of the picnic tables behind the parkinglot and we ate there.

Since we were so hungry we didn't talk at first. We just sat there eating and enjoying the feeling that we were eating. It felt so good!(I'm sure many of you felt this way at one time) After eating half of my burger and a good portion of my fries I asked the girls; Would you like some music with lunch? Sure! Sure! both Janet and Jill said to me. So I pulled my new radio out from its bag opened the box took the radio and batterys out from the box. Put the batterys in the radio and turned it on. I tuned in a good rock station and now we had tunes to listen to while we ate.

Well it took us some time to eat. A litle longer then I wanted to. The reason was that both Janet and Jill ate slower then I did and they got a dessert and had the glass mugs refilled. I didn't. When they came backk with thier desserts and scond mug f soda and had sat down I asked them teasing them both; Where do you two put all that? Jill patted her stomach with her hand giggled and said; In here! Janet smiled and told me there were times I love to eat. This is one of those times!

When the girls neared being finished I turned the radio off and put it back in its box and the box back in the bag. The girls when they finished gathered up all the trash and took care of it. Now we were ready to go. As we were walking out to the highway to go back to the busstop the next bus went zooming by us! I said Oh shit! Janet said; just Shit! Jill also said Oh shit!

Now we had a hour wait for the next one now. We all were mad as a wt hen as we stood there beside the highway. I wasn't angry really at the girls takeing so much longer even though that was the reason why for missing the bus now. The reason was that both Janet and Jill said they were sorry to me for taking longer to eat. They ment it too.

So do we wait for the next one I asked them both. We could Janet said back to me. Jill agreed with her sistor. Well there is one other thing we can do I told them both. What's that? Janet asked. We can walk I told them both. Look we aren't really that far from home from here. We can do it and be home about the same time the next bus would get us home. Are you two up to it? Janet was the first one to reply back. I can. Jill also said she rather walk too. So we started walking.

I knew the distance we had to walk with the two girls would be longer then waiting for the bus. We were over 5 miles from the old road that went to the four corners in town by the general store. But what the heck I thought to myslef. One it was a nice day. Two a good way to work off the big lunch. Three we all would darken our tans with the walk.

As we walked and after the first twenty minutes Janet and Jill kept right up with the me having no problem. Janet mentioned that she was glad that we were walking. She said that with the walking like I had mentioned she wasn't feeling as full now like she had been before. Jill also said; Me too!

Now to help pass the time as we walked I had something on the back of my mind which was about Jill and Janet both. So I asked; What is it about either one of you about taking a pee and a shit letting me watch? That made Jill giggle. Janet let out a short laugh. Jill I said to her to give me your reason why. Jill told me; It's just plain fun to do! Janet said back to me after Jill; Yeah it's fun but I like showing you Dave! I let out a short laugh.

Then they both took turns and asked me back the same question about me peeing and shiting and letting them watch me. I told them that it was also fun for me to do it. Then the two girls in turn started t give reasons whythey liked wtching me. Jill told me that she liked seeing my walnuts. (remember that is what both girls called my balls) That made Janet giggle. Janet shook her head to Jill'sanswer meaningg that she liked seeing them too.

Then Janet went and said another reason why she liked having see me go. What's that Janet? She giggled and told me that it made her feel funny kind of in a strange way down there! It makes me get excited a little too! Janet added. Jill giggled but she didn't say anything to what Janet said to me. But Jill said to me now was; You know Dave sometimes I wish that I was a boy. Why? I asked back. Giggling hard Jill answered me; For a boy having what he pees with you have so much fun with it! That broke me and Janet right up!

With our talking it sure did seem to make the walk take less time. For now we had the small french restuarant in sight which we were now about two and a half miles from the old highway road that went into town. We had also now taken almost a hour in time to get this far. Also I needed to piss now from having the big glass mug of rootbeer durring lunch.

Before I told Janet and Jill I had to piss we had to cross the highay to the other side. On or side was all open cleared fields which were cut so the hay was gone. No cover. The other side there were pine trees which were planted when the road was built which was forty years ago. I told Janet andJill now that I needed to take a piss and we had to cross over so I could go in the woods.

Both of te girls giggled a little for me saying about needing to pisss and that I wanted to go in the woods to be out of sight. Janet teased me about it too as we stopped and had to wait for traffic to go by for us to cross. Oh Dave you need to hde behind a tree! Janet teased. Jill now joined in now. Giggling she said; yeah Dave won't show himself out here in the road and let everyone else see his thing and pee! Janet laughed harder and Jill also laughed.

But the girls teasing ended as traffic had cleared both ways which we ran across the highway ans up the slight embankment and into the pine trees. Like the other area of pine trees above the rootbeer stand where we all had pissed and the girls showed me thier new swimsuites and I my boxers the pines were verytall with the bottom branches way up off the ground. So we had to walk back again deep into them to be out of sight from the highway.

Once we were far enough back and we had stopped. Both Janet and Jill told me that they both had to go also. They and I set our bags down on the ground which was covered with a deep layer of pine needles and lots of large pine cones veywhere also. As I pulled my zipper down Jill asked me if I would pull down my pants and new underwares too! Gigglingshe said; I want to see if Janet gets excited! Janet stuck her tounge out at Jill. Then she said with a smile; What if I am! Jill let out another litle giggle but didn't say another word more.

Jill was lifting her dress up with her hands under meath it to pull down her bikini bottom. Janet now also was doing the same. I had my zipper down,had did the snap on them and I was shoving my pants and new boxers down my thighs. I was faced towars the girls which they were a few feet apart being almsot side by side. Jill had her bikini botom slid down to her thighs but had stopped pulling it down any further. She was watching me so that's why she had stopped. Janet was standing still almost the same way as Jill was but her bikini bottom was at her knees and her dress was down yet.

I shoved my boxers andpants down more leaving them at my knees. My penis was erect and Jill let out a loud short giggle seeing that I was erect. Then Jill said to Janet looking at her at the same time; See Janet Dave's excited are you? Then Jill squated down to piss. Janet still looking diectly over at me said back to Jill; Yes I am. She then tugged her bikini bottom down into sight stopping at her knees and squated down.

I now had my penis held at a very slight upward angle and my piss stream shot out from it. It made a very long shallow arc in the air going well past the two girls going between them and started wetting the pine needles on the ground. The girls saw my stream go shooting past them. They both took a quick look back to see where my piss stream had gone. Jll then said quickly with a giggle; That;s another reason I wish I was aboy. I could go that far! I smiled and Janet let out a little giggle.

Then both Janet and Jill looked back and down for bothh of them had pulled the fronts of thier summedr dress way up with one hand and with the thier other hand had pulled thier bikini bottoms outward. Then one after the other with Jill starting first they both began to piss. Janet real hard with a short arcing hissing stream. Jill with a slight angled outwad stream with it hissing too.

After several seconds of pissing Jill raised herself up into a higher sqaut. Janet stayed down in her low squat. Jill too would take glances up at me seeing that I was still pissing the same way with my stream still going betwen her and Janet and still going behind them. Jante wasn't bothering to watch hesrself go. Her intrest was watching me piss instead.

We all went and took a very long piss. But I did end well before the two girls did. I ended by doing many spurts in a row. As I did each one they were shorter then the one before. Jill now was watching me. She giggled as each spurt came out. Janet was smiling as she watched me doing my spurts. Both of them still had strong streams going with thier streams still hissing as they pissed.

I felt a lot better now for having pissed. I gave my penis a few shakes and then as I bent down to pull up my boxers and pants Jill giggling hard seen that I had shaken myself asked; Doe's that also fell good to you Dave? Janet took a quic look over at her sistor. I told Jill it does but I do it to make sure I don't have a little just inside at the end I said to Jill. Oh she said back to me. I thought it might be something else why. Jill then went and looked down to see herself going.

Janet looked back at me and she had a bigger smile on her face after looking back at me. I knew she knew there was another erason why boys shook themselves. But I would ask her later when she and I were alone and not with Jill to fond out if she knew. Now Jill was getting near the end of her piss. For it had stopped its hissing and she was dribbling hard where her piss was wetting her ctroch and her asscheeks having it dribble off in several places down into the pine needles under her. Janet was also not issing as hard as she had been for her stream had dropped going straight down and it was hissing much softer.

I had my boxers and pants pulled back up now. I was zipping up my pants and had the snap snapped. Janet now had her stream puase and then like me she was sending out short spurts of piss which she did several in a row like I had done. Jill now had reached over to the closest bag to her and pulled from it a bunch of napkins. She took a quick look over Janets way and she tossed a few napkins for her to use.

Jill now stood up and used one napkin and she wiped the piss off from her asscheeks. DRopped that napking took another and wiped her very lower asscrack and then took a long upward wipe from her crotch up th entire front of her vagina. Then she dropped that napkin and reached down and pulled her bikini bottom all the way up under her dress.

Janet did the last of her spurts and she took a napking and only wiped her vagina off once and dropped the napkin. She stood up and ulled up her bikini bottom into place. I was done also so we pickedup our bags and hiked back through the pine trees and out to the highway. When we got out to the hihway it was clear so we crossed it and we walked heading home again. In another twenty minutes we were at the girls house and we went inside. To be continuied.


Secrets out

The other night I got massively drunk with my best friend. The topic got onto fetishes and I admitted that mine is women going to the toilet. She said "so? lot's of people would be into that". She's a keeper and if she wasn't in a relationship I'd have a go! Earlier she was talking about her boyfriend farting and also admitted she likes to wait until her housemate is out of the house before she takes a shit.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Post Title (optional)It Is Back!!!

The hard poos are back. This morning I arose from bed and had the feeling down below. I had a very short time to leave with taking one of the girls to school (could not be late) so I did not sit on the toilet...after doing my parental obligations I called in at my public toilet on the way to work.....there was plenty of grunting but the poo was lodged hard...wedged in my rectum and would not budge....after a few minutes of valiant effort I left the toilet and headed to work. In the afternoon the urge developed and guess what??? the water was turned off by the plumber. Not to be defeated I headed to my public toilets and placed my arse on the rim of the stainless steel toilet and with a loud grunt/groan a big turd was really bum is sore from the event and I still have quite a bit of shit in my lower belly.
TO ANNY: A will be starved and given medicine to make you poo and poo you will you will poo, poo, poo.
You will have the scope and wake up farting at force 10. Sounds bad???. It is not bad at all..I felt much better after my scope..a good shit might be just what the doctor ordered.

Was at a country fair at the weekend and had desp situation! Lovely day enjoyed lots of different events and stalls and enjoyed lots of food burgers etc. Halfway through needed a poo. Despite numerous toilet blocks big queues i joined a queue of ten for a four stall block. Queue went down quite quickly for first five. Sixth lady went in and everyone appeared to be pooping! Lady who just went in had runs two ladies constipated and one dumping big. Five minutes later a big flump and lady in middle stall

First stall became free and i rushed in gruesome toilet bowl but i could not care less seat was clean so i plopped on and started evacuating my bowels. Ohh the relief! I spent ten minutes unloading and a further four wiping and other things

Out. Lady next was young blonde she just had to pee and so did lady after her but next lady had been holding her bum for a while and she dashed in not even shutting door. What an explosion of poop. I was getting very desp myself! Two ladies with the runs now. Finally end stall became free and older lady got in to pee. Just then brunette in front of me did a wet fart. Oh she muttered she must have leaked. She followed the old lady in and you could hear her wwiping her crotch. I was in agony

Keith D

Work poop

To Linda from Australia: Sorry to hear that you are struggling again but at least you will have some more great stories to write about! Yes I have been having lots of problems. Have been so busy with work and just don't get the opportunity to go when I get the urge. And after I've waited and the urge has passed, my turd just doesn't want to come back again. It just stays up there and gets dry and hard and knobbly. I really need to make more time for myself. But I guess, as you know, that constipation can be such a waste of time when it comes to extended sessions sitting on the pot for little reward. Maybe I should try and read the paper while I'm in there or something! But I find that I need to spend all my energy and concentration working the turd out. I wonder how other people spend their time? I love to read other people's stories to find out how they cope. Constipation can be very lonely - it's not like other people can help you out!

That poop I did in the woods was certainly a marathon effort. I've had so many lately. It has only been taking about 10 minutes to work my logs out but it takes a huge amount of pressure and I need to psyche myself up beforehand. And afterwards I feel drained for about an hour. It is so frustrating when the poop just pokes its tip out under pressure when I am straining then just sucks back in. I have to push it out so many times only to wind up back where I started. I don't grunt a lot - I need to save every bit of energy I have for pushing. I take a deep breath, hold it, and bear down really hard. I don't stop pushing until I need to take another breath. When it gets really tough and I have to hold my breath for a long time to get the log to keep moving I wind up gasping for air between pushes so it can get a little noisy. I've been in public bathrooms before and heard people really cursing and swearing while trying to get their poop out. I don't know if that helps or not but maybe it makes them feel a little better.

I hate to have to stop when I'm in the middle of a poop. It has happened to me a few times. Usually when I'm already in the toilet and someone else comes along and knocks on the door. It puts me right off and I have to stop. My butthole clenches and squeezes the log back up in. It's a sharp sudden shock to have something push back up in like that. After a fright like that I can lose the urge to go again for days! Once my poop starts to stick right out though there is no stopping it!

To Anonymous: Thanks for your support. Like Linda, I find that even though I eat healthy food with plenty of fibre it makes no difference to how I poop. I always need to push hard to get it out. I don't know that I've ever had one just work its way out by itself while I'm just sitting there. I am jealous of the people who can just sit, relax and let it drop. I've heard that there are relaxation techniques but have never tried them. And I am jealous of people who can go twice a day. It is such a great feeling getting turds out!

Haven't pooped again for two days now. My last was while I was at work, right before lunch. I had just got up from sitting at a workbench and as I straightened up I felt something move down there and sit on the top of my anus. I had some time so I went to the toilets which were on the top floor. I opened the door and went inside. Bathroom is a weird set up with a small foyer and two stalls side by side. One marked male and the other female. As I pushed open the door of the male side and turned to latch it, the young woman who works on the first floor stepped into the room. When she saw me she paused for a second, looked like she would turn and go, then gave a nervous smile and ducked into the stall beside me. I locked the door dropped my pants and sat down. By the time I had sat I could already hear the muffled sound of peeing coming from next door. The walls are solid and really thick but her pee stream was really rattling in the water. As I leant forward to make myself more comfortable she had already finished up and was flushing and leaving. Once all was quiet I relaxed my tightened sphincter and an airy fart squeaked out.

I started with a little pushand felt my butt muscles contracting but nothing moved inside. And now I had a second urge. The sound of all that forceful peeing had given me the urge to pee. This was a bit of a dilemma. The toilet I was sitting on was quite short and there wasn't much room. My butt cheecks were covering the toilet and my junk was left sitting on the front of the seat. If I had peed it would go everywhere. I thought about getting up and standing to pee but I knew that if I did that then I would lose my pooping urge. I hadn't been for two days and didn't want to wait any longer. I had to move right back on the seat so that I could direct my stream into the bowl. I kept pushing. My butthole started to open and little spurts of pee came out with every push. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and bore down really hard. My sphincter opened and something very dry and scratchy started to move through. Leaning right forward on the toilet like that with my butt at the very back I was nervous that some poop might get on the seat and my sphincter was clenching as the poop moved out, squeezing it into a thin ribbon. At least the log was fairly soft. A piece broke off and splashed in the bowl and was soon followed by another. Very little pee came out and I didn't feel finished but decided it was enough. I wiped with a couple of bits of tp and my butthole was quite sticky. I quickly flushed and left and made my way back to my workbench downstairs. Nothing like taking a crap on company time!

Hi again everyone! A couple of new stories for you all.

A couple of days ago the girls & I went out with some friends. Of course, much alcohol was consumed during the evening, and as we were walking back home I was desperate for a wee. So, naturally, were two or three other girls, including Emma and Sophie, another girl from my flat. We passed a convenient alley and ducked down it to relieve ourselves. I hitched up my skirt and dropped my panties as Emma and Sophie did the same. It was a great relief to finally drain my bladder, watching the puddle grow as it flowed down the alley. After about 30 seconds I was done, and Emma finished shortly afterward. But Sophie wasn't done yet, because her face contorted as she pushed out a short turd! She looked at us both and we all spontaneously burst out laughing!

In my last post I mentioned my biggest ever poo occurred when I was at school. To be precise I was in Year 9, which means I was 14. I had been holding it all morning, but just before lunch I was in my chemistry class when the urge became unbearable. I had to go and I had to go now! I never liked asking to go to the toilet at school, even just for a wee, so I was quite embarrassed even though nobody knew I had to poo. The teacher gave me the toilet pass-card-thing and I quickly made my way down to the toilets.
The toilets in the big science block at my school consisted of eight cubicles with floor-to-ceiling doors and walls, four opposite each other, with sinks and mirrors at the back. But they weren't in a separate room; rather the bit in between the two rows of cubicles were just open to the corridor, so anyone walking by could see you queuing for a wee at lunch time, and could in theory hear you if there wasn't much background noise. When I arrived two of the eight cubicles were already occupied, so I made my way into the end cubicle on the right and quickly locked the door. On that particular day I was wearing school trousers rather than the school skirt (since it was winter, and I quickly dropped them and my pants and, after wiping the seat down with toilet paper, sat down. Immediately I had a quick wee while at the same time my turd began to crackle its way out of my bum. It was soft but my stomach still hurt while it came out. I sat there for 30 seconds or so while it came out, the end slipping from my anus and dropping into the water silently. When I stood up to look it was coiled around the bowl and was well over a foot long! I felt so much better!

That's all for now folks!

sophie poo

M and S poo

Hey guys I'm 14 from UK and heres my story

I've recently started work experience at a primary school and i was just sticking in some work into the kids books while they were doing P.E when i got an urge to poo. I instantly got worried because I didn't know if the staff had any toilets i could use. A short fat girl came in looked at me and as i was about to ask her if she knew if there was any she asked if she could use the toilet and i said yeah hurry up. As I waited i heard the noises in the order.
1. Door open
2. Door slam close
3. Toilet seat open
4. Weeing
5. 5 Min's past and a loud plop (ewww)
6. A fart (ewww)
7. Toilet flush after about 10 Min's
8. Kids shouting
9. Teacher giving me something to do
By this time i was squirming a little and let out some smelly farts. By the end of the day i still needed to go and needless to say my walking was a little different and i waited for the bus for a long time (it seemed it) The bus journey to town was a lot longer when i finally got to town i ran to Marks and Spencer's and went to the toilets it was occupied but it soon opened. I ran in dumped my bag on the floor next to the toilet and pulled my skirt and knickers down and started pooing. WHAT AN AMAZING FEELING. My entire poo came out at once as i started pushing and when it came out it was huge. I nearly blocked the toilet but i was finished and felt so much better.

I will post more soon bye bye :) xxx

Linda from Australia here again. For the last few days, I've only been pooping once a day. I've only been able to squeeze out small amounts aswell. I've been doing the early shift at work all week and I've been holding on all day until I get home. It has been too early for me to go before work. I haven't felt finished after dropping my loads either so I've been going to bed each night, with poo stuck up my butt which is very uncomfortable. I'm in need of a decent shit and I can't wait to drop a huge load!

Pinoy Boy
Haven't posted in a while, posted one but apparently didn't get accepted. I noticed that new users (example below: October) frequently hide the names in the stories but old users (like my favorite Upstate Dave) usually tell the names.

To Upstate Dave and Leanne:
Love your posts! To Leanne, please post some, more, your stories are very good.

I might post again soon, goodbye for now.


a colonoscopy is a long bendy fiberoptic camera which they put up your butt to see if there is any inflammation in your large bowel.
You will probably need a strong laxative the day before to clear out your bowel.
You lie on your side with your knees bent up to your ????, and the doctor (with the help of some lubricant) inserts the camera into your rectum and moves it very slowly up you sigmoid colon and then descending colon and then further round to the rest.
Whilst this isn't really painful, it can be uncomfortable, especially as the have to pump some air in to get a good view.(makes you feel like you want to fart really badly).If they find any inflammtion they take a biopsy with a small pair of tweezers.You dont usually feel this.
As they slowly remove the scope the take out most of the air with it.don't worry too much about it.I've had several and it's not that bad.
hope the info helps and reassures you.


A series of unfortunet events... literally!

This is perhaps the most embarrassing day and shittest day i have had ever! The night before i had a huge curry so i think that's what made me get an upset stomach...

On the way to school i felt a really slight rumble in my system, i didn't think much of it and proceeded towards the gates. At break time (2 hours later) i felt quite a fair bit of pressure building up. I could feel so much poo trying to push through, though i was determined to hold the horrible load in because i am against doing poo's at school its just ewww! By lunch time i was really struggling to no shit myself. I was relaxing on my boyfriend, i was laying on him and that's when it hit me. It was now or never if i wanted clean panties. I realized when i had a mushy wet fart accidentally on my boyfriend. I was so embarrassed!!! My bum just suddenly went flarrrrp right on him. Doing a me i got up instantly and walked off pretending it weren't me (he knew) so i made my way to the girls toilets. RELIEF! As soon as my ass hit the toilet my hole started shoving poo out, quite violently too. Some parts of the episode made me shake or twitch. But after a couple of minutes my bum slowly dripped to an end... for now!

By the end of my last lesson i was extremely desperate again, i had no idea what was wrong with me. I was having a cold sweat and my best friend asked "whats wrong? do u need the toilet or something?" and i said "exactly!" she said "what 1 or 2?" and i squealed 3!!! I walked back home with her as she lives near me, i felt as if i was actually going to mess my panties i was so frightened and embarrassed easily. I get embarrassed easily without the help of my bum erupting making poo all the time! I weren't happy. I could see my house! My belly shook and rumbled leaving me to moan anxiously. I was almost crying when i got to the toilet. While shaking i pulled down my skirt in a very stressed out manner. Spewing out poo i was wining shouting ooo and clenching my stomach as more and more poo shot out of me. Round 2 was up!

Me and my family went out for dinner, during the main course it happened just like that... I had shit myself. I thought to myself: What an inevitability! It was so gross, i had poo mush on my bum cheeks. Luckily though i got away with it as my family didn't ask anything. I threw my panties away. I'm trying so hard to forget it all now!


Holding my poo

Sorry for not posting for so long. My data usage had maxed out so I had to wait untill the new month before I could get back online or my network provider would charge me 1 per megabyte. Anyway, I'm back now. To recap on my poo holding, I managed to hold on for 5 days before I got the runs. I woke up at 5:AM with an urgent need to poo which I definately could not ignore. I had to run so the toilet holding my bum & only just made it in time. As soon as I sat down a torrent of diarrhoea exploded into the toilet. It lasted for about 15 seconds & there was a wait for a minute or so before another wave poured out of my now sore bum. This happened severall more times & by the time I was done my bum felt like it was on fire. It really hurt when I wiped myself but the relief was beyond words.

a few days after me & Kirsty did the dirty deed in all that underwear, I went back to that spot to have another poo. As I was getting close there was a girl there holding her bum. I hid myself so I could watch her & she looked in the bag to find it was empty. She said, "Oh no!" I could smell she'd already pood her pants & now she had nothing else to wear. She hadn't finished & I watched her lift her dress up & take her soiled pants off. She saw the pile where we'd pood & she said, "Someone's been here." I watched the girl move her legs apart & then she pood right on top of our poo. It was so hot to see such a thing. I was busting for my own poo at this point & had trouble holding it. By the time the girl left the scene I was about to poo my pants & as a moved over to the spot I lost control & totally filled my pants. I had to take them off & left them on top or the pile. I left after that to clean up at home.

I had a messy crap at work yesterday. I had an upset stomach & on my way in on the bus I started to cramp up. By the time I got off the bus I was nearly doing it in my knickers & I had to run down the road holding my bum. Somehow I managed to get to work before it was too late & the sight of the toilets were heaven to me. I pushed inside, opened the cubicle door & pulled my trousers & knickers down before thumping down onto the toilet seat. As soon as my bum touched the seat the worse diarrhoea of my life exploded into the pan. It just poured out of me like a bucket being emptied. It went on for ages & was really smelly. The relief was unbelievable. Better than the best orgasm you can have. I sat there for a while before a second wave came out. This time it wasn't quite so intense but still a big relief. I wiped & flushed the toilet & washed my hands & started work.

After my messy crap yesterday I say a girl of about 17 at the bus stop was looking very worried & was hoping & fidgeting a lot. I asked her if she was ok & she replied, "No I'm not. I really need to go toilet & I'm about to shit my pants!" She held her bum with one hand & said, "Oh no." Then she used both hands & she said,"Oh no. Not here. Not in my pants please no." The smell of crap filled the air & the girl let go of her bum & totally crapped her knickers. It mad a big lump in her jeans & a wet patch had formed which quickly spread out in the back of her jeans. When the bus turned up she got on & paid her fare & followed her on. I sat down in my seat but she stood to avoid making the mess in her jeans even worse.


at the laundromat

When I was at the laundromat, a woman walked into the bathroom and wasn't able to lock the door from the inside... so she kept on opening the door, checking the lock and looking around. She couldn't seem to deal with the thought of maybe someone opening the bathroom door and seeing her sitting on the toilet.

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