A Trip to Two Guys

One Saturday morning, I went next door to play with Tera who was playing out in the yard. We were playing Wiffle Ball in the summer sun until her mother asked us to come in for some lunch. After downing some lemonade and eating some grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, her mother asked if we would like to go with her to Two Guys, which was comparable to Walmart of today. Her mother said that she had to buy some new clothes and that Tera could use some too!

After asking my mother if I could accompany them, we all packed into the Ford Fairmont Stationwagen, and headed to Two Guys. Once in the store, Tera whispered to me as her mother was looking at clothes, "I have to pee."

I said, "Yeah, I feel like I will have to go pretty soon myself."

"I want to go some place naughty though." She said giggling.

"Well, I don't know where ya can go without being seen, other than the bathrooms."

She got to thinking, and suggested the dressing rooms. "My mother is going to ask to try on some clothes and why don't you sneak in with me."

After her mother handed Tera some clothes to try on, she went inside the dressing room. After it appeared the coast was clear, Tera motioned for me to sneak inside. It was a long corridor of louvered, locking doors, and Tera and I went in the middle. Tera's mother was safely looking at some clothes for herself in another department.

"So do ya have to pee?" Tera asked.

I nodded. Tera said "Good!" With a smile on her face she lifted my shirt and undid my belt and undid my snap on my jeans, and proceeded to pull down my pants and undies. "I want you to get up on the bench on your hands and knees and pee like a dog."

I said "OK" and I got up on all fours with my rear facing her. I can see that she was checking my rear out, and she said "Oh Danny, this is a side of you I have never seen before." And giggled. With that I started to pee and it made a puddle on the red padded bench. After I finished, I got off, and she already had her pants and panties down, and sat on the dry side of the bench with her legs wide open!! She proceeded to pee on the floor hitting the very clothes her mother had picked out for her!

When she was done, she looked out the door, and the coast was still clear, and I ran out and giggled. I saw her mother still deciding on the clothes she was going to purchase.


to linda, and wendy!

Hi linda, i'm 18 and I really loved you're story when you said you're trying to hold on as long as you can.

and Hi wendy! I loved you're story about sneaking into the building and pooping in the chair then sitting on you're load. you must have felt very naughty hehehehe.

I have a story of my own!

I hadn't pooped in 2 days, and I really had to go about all day yesterday. I usually take a shower right when I get home from school, because I have gym everyday, and I participate vigourously so I sweat alot during gym. My parents were at work and they didn't get off until 7. and my brother is always at my neighbors house. So I got naked, and I put some newspaper on the couch, so when I get too desperate I could just push it out. I was sitting on the couch for about an hour, and the urge was pretty bad. I was cramping and I could feel the load right at my butt hole. I can tell it was going to be soft because of how my stomach was hurting so bad. I watched tv for about 10 more minutes holding my stomach, when I farted, and uncontrollably the soft poop started oozing out of my butt. I lifted my butt off the couch a little bit, and immediately my butt erupted, and there was a HUGE pile of poop forming under my butt, I felt the pee coming out, so I peed into a plastic cup, completely filling it. I pushed out a little more soft serve and I was done. Wow that was the most crap i ever let out in my life, and boy it stunk really bad. I folded up the newspaper, and stuffed it deep into the garbage can. I showered really good, then I sprayed air freshener for like 15 minutes lol. And my brother came home like 20 minutes later, so luckily I went when I did! haha. I hoped you guys enjoyed my story, I think im going to try a panty poop soon, i'll tell you guys how it goes.


Concrete Crapping & Some Advice for Braidy's Request

As those of you who have been on the forum for a couple of years know, I can empathize with Danielle's situation (see Braidy's recent post). My parents moved across the country when I was a freshman in high school and getting use to using the bathrooms in a much larger school and different and dirtier toilets took me a while. I was told at the time that I was being too clean about myself because my old school district had in its middle school bathrooms those paper toilet seat covers that I used all the time. Then I moved to a district that didn't have them and it was difficult to put toilet paper over the seat before sitting down ... well I got pretty frustrated. By the time I finished my freshman year, I found that I was becoming more accepting of just sitting down on the seats and then not worrying. However, that summer I took a summer school class which was at another high school and, guess what, they had the seat covers! However, over the past two years (as I've written about) I've gotten away from worrying about having my butt seated on the toilets and just last month I crapped in a large bathroom at our civic arena while at a concert. I just sat right down like I do at home, and my crap easily came out, although it disappeared right into the hole before I could see it or formally flush it. My advice to Danielle is to force yourself to have your craps at school on every opportunity possible. Hold it in, if you have to, and after Braidy drops you off at school, do like she writes about: go into the nearest bathroom, sit down and have your crap. If you're worried about the smell it may draw to your stall, flush a couple of times immediately after you drop a big log, and then sit back down. If another of your "issues" is farting or other blasts of noise, take a stall closest to the sinks where there's likely going to be noise from the water. Once, a few months ago, I peed in the first stall you come to just inside the bathroom. I already had a headache, but it didn't help that like every 5 or 10 seconds when the door opened, a big blast of noise from the hallways would come blasting in. Then wouldn't you know it, the fire alarm started blasting, although it was quickly turned off because there was no fire. After I wiped and flushed and got to class, it was really nice to have a quiet reading day in my history class.

Last Thursday night I had an interesting experience. I was at my computer writing a lengthy AP History paper. I told myself I wasn't going to take a break until I reached the 6th page, although my pee was starting to become an issue. Finally, I reached a place where I could save my work and I went across the hallway to the bathroom. I was barefoot, wearing only shorts and a tank top. I was tired and knew that by downing a lot of soda, I could buy myself some more time before I needed to sleep. My parents were out and weren't due back until about midnight. Before I flipped on the bathroom light, I couldn't help but notice the flashing of emergency lights from at least two angles. I stood in the bathtub, after stubbing my right front toe, on the side and almost falling and saw many more lights just up the street. Despite the fact that I needed to pee, I was curious about what was happening, so I immediately left the house walked down my driveway and up the street where I heard police/fire radios blaring away, passed a couple of news mobile units, and I could smell both smoke and see fire coming from a vacant house about a half block up the hill. I continued to walk, although a little more slowly because I didn't want to step on any glass or rocks in my barefoot state. I started to wish that I had sat and peed before leaving home, but I guess my curiosity had gotten the best of me. As I started to get into a larger crowd, I saw a news photographer walking around the back of the house next to the house that was on fire. There was more smoke in the air now and you could easily hear the fire burning and the workers calling out orders to each other. In the meantime, I could feel my need to pee become more urgent and I got to thinking about how I should go back home. However, the crowd and the time it would take for me to get back down there seemed to be too long. I had to think of something more immediate. I saw the photographer walk back to the street from the back of the house and while it was somewhat dark and spooky back there, I thought I might have an opportunity for my pee. Although the grass and some weeds were tough on my tender feet, I got to the back yard and found a wall of concrete blocks which they had constructed to separate the downward grading of their yard into like three portions. I looked around and seeing no one, I decided to seat myself on one of the blocks (these were like the blocks you build concrete home basements with)and pee. I'm not the size of a bssketball player, so I had to boost myself up with my arms, but I finally got myself up, although my right butt did hurt like it had been bitten by the concrete. I learned immediately that I had to sit still and pee. No movement whatsoever! My pee flow started within 30 seconds, although the wait seemed longer and more painful to me. It lasted about 2 minutes, perhaps a bit longer. As I sat, I looked at the bottom of the wall, but unfortunately it was too dark to see any liquid rolling out from the wall and into the ground below me. Finally, I felt relieved and used my arms again to boost myself up and throw myself forward and onto my feet. I spread my feet a little wider in the jump so as to avoid placing them into any pee that was starting to roll down the hill. I quickly pulled my underwear and shorts up and walked my way to the top of the garden. While my feet were feeling the beating they were taking on the irregular ground, I was relieved for taking my pee when I did. I figured my half hour or so break was over and that I should get back to my paper. I left the fire scene and quickly walked back home. With each step, my feet were hurting me more. The following morning (I had worked until 2 a.m. on my paper), I didn't even stop into the bathroom before dressing. By the time, I parked in the school lot, I knew I had to both crap and pee. Luckily my fast walking got me to the first floor bathroom on time and I expressed relief once I seated my butt on the comfortable, white seat. After about 10 minutes and contributing a half bowl full of crap, I stood and wiped. However, I noticed a significant streak of red on the right side of the seat. I pulled my finger over it and certainly it was blood. Although I couldn't directly see it, I felt a little pain on my right butt and with the help of a piece of toilet paper, I confirmed what I had suspected. I had indeed cut myself with my late night pee. I peed three times later that day at school, but the toilets at the other wing of the school where I have most of my classes have black seats so I couldn't see any more blood. When I got home, there was a streak of blood in my underwear. I didn't bandage it or anything and it hasn't caused me any trouble since then.



I'd been constipated for 2 weeks despite my best efforts to get rid of all that poop. My stomach was getting very hard and uncomfortable and it was becoming hard to breathe. I've been having really nasty gas too.

I had a couple of accidents last week too. The first one was last Tuesday. I had a cup of black coffee and had a bit of an upset stomach which I thought was just gas. I relaxed slightly to let it out and instead liquid diarrhea leaked out!! I immediately went to the bathroom and pulled my pajama pants down (which were white and had stars on them!) and noticed a big brown stain on the seat of my pants. I took them off, sprayed some stain remover on them, tried to scrub the mess out of them and put them in the laundry. I did the laundry yesterday and thankfully the stain is gone. The second accident I had was another sharting incident on Saturday. My stomach had been gurgly and upset all day due to being constipated and having my period, so I farted and a really loud wet fart came out. I went to the bathroom to clean up and noticed a huge orange stain all over the back of my underwear! I did more orange oil and a small log in the toilet. Once again, sprayed my underwear with the stain remover, scrubbed them out and shoved them in the laundry and showered.

The past few days I've been eating lots of fibre cereal, taking Mineral Oil (as per my doctor's instructions), drinking lots of water and eating a lot of prunes. Last night I felt really gassy again and felt like I was going to have diarrhea. Nope, just gas. I was getting more and more uncomfortable because I knew there was a lot of shit in me but it was being stubborn and wouldn't come out. I had a big cup of coffee last night after dinner too in hopes that it would help push stuff out. All it did was cause loud gurgly farts.

Finally when I got up, I had a big bowl of Raisin Bran and a 2 L bottle of water. I felt the urge to go soon after and went to the toilet. I didn't have to strain much as it was trying to come out even before I was on the toilet. I gave one good push and this huge log came out. It was at least a foot long, which is normal for me when I haven't gone in ages! The weird thing is it feels like there's more poop that needs to come out later!! My stomach does feel a lot better though and is a lot smaller.

Good news is that next Tuesday I see the gastroenterologist for the first time and hopefully by my birthday (June 21) I will be going through testing to find out what's going on with my bowels since I've been struggling with constipation since I was a baby. And that's even with eating very healthy and drinking lots of water! My doctor says that the gastroenterologist will probably make me have a "scope". What is that? Is that a colonoscopy?


Teen girl in a wheelchair

I'm 13 years old. I have brown hair, brown eyes, I'm short and skinny. I was born with Cerebral Palsy.

A little about my bathroom habits: At home I go in a regular toilet, except at night. At night I wear Goodnites for convenience so I don't have to wake my Mom up to help me go.
At school I wear Goodnites to pee in and I get changed at lunch and during other break periods.
While out in public I try to use regular toilets but wear Goodnites just in case I can't find a wheelchair accessible one.
I am frequently constipated, as a side effect of having CP.

Now for a quick story. When I was six years old I had to have surgery on my legs. After the surgery they were giving me IV fluids. A consequence of that is that I had to pee a lot. During the day that was fine. I had plenty of nurses and also my Mom to help me. But the first night after my surgery I woke up and I had to go BAD. I looked over and noticed that my Mom was sleeping. I thought for a second about pressing the nurse call button but I changed my mind. I can't really explain what I did next. I wasn't wearing any underwear, just the hospital gown, so I lifted it up out of the way and without a second thought I relaxed and peed on the bed. I'm not sure how long it took me to finish but at the time it seemed like a long time, and I peed a lot for a six year old. I quickly fell asleep afterwords and the next thing I knew I woke up in the middle of two nurses changing my sheets. When one of them saw that I was awake she told me that it was okay, and that accidents happen. My Mom didn't ask me about it very much and no one ever questioned whether or not I had wet the bed on accident.

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors (Our Day Of Shopping)

It was tthe next morning. I woke early dressed and went and ate and cleaned up. My grandmother told me to have a good time as I hurried for the door to leave. I said I would as I went out and I ran down her driveway to the road. I walked down to the highway crossed it and up over to the inetrsection in front of the general store and post office. I turned right and quickly went over to Janets and Jills house. I was way early.

I gave a light knock on the front outer door. In several seconds the inner door opened and there was both Janet and Jill at the door all dressed and ready to go! Hey you two guys are ready! I said to them. Jill let out a giggle and then told me they were almost going to come and get me! They stepped outside and we walked heading back over on the corner of the road by the bridge to catch the bus that went to Glens Falls to do our shopping.

On the way over to the bus stop Janet was in a real good teasng mood. Now she said to me as the three of us walked; Hey Dave Jill and I are not GUYS! Then she laughed a little and went on saying to me; You know that too from what you have seen! I laughed so did she and Jill. We now had reached the bus stop on the corner of the side road just past the litle bridge and creek and the main highway.

Since we were way early we now had in our hurrying almost a hour wait till the bus would come. Janet and Jilldidn't mind this at all. They were excited about going shopping. In fact that is all the two of them talked about! What they said they were going to buy yesterday got added to or was changed almost every second as they babbled away.

Listening to them wasn't really all that bad for it did help pass the time while we waited. Now both Janet and Jill had put on nice summer dresses for our shopping trip. Janet's dress was a cool looking light solid blue color while Jill had on a light green summer dress. I told them both they looked nice and I ment it. They thanked me and modeled them off to me.

Janet after doing her litle modeling for me and as Jill modeled her dress for me Janet whispered in my ear; I'm not wearing panties! Then she spoke up in a regular voice telling me; That will be easier for me when I try on new ones! Then she laughed. I did too. We went on with talking which the two girls did the most. I made a quick time check looking at my watch andwe still had just under a half hour left to wait. With our talking I should say the girls talking had helped the time pass by.

Now Jill spoke up. Guess what I have to shit! Janet turned and looked at Jill. Now of all times you have to! She said to Jill. Since I had a few momnets had checked the time I told Janetthere still was plenty of time for Jill to go back to the house and go and get back. Janert told Jill to go take off to the house. We will be here.

Jill I noticed now was standing there very stiffly. It looked like to me she was going to shit right there! Jill almost in a crying sounding voice told Janet that she would never make it to the house. She had to go that badly! Then I thought very quickly as I looked over at the old traingle shaped sighn behind Jill. (the one that we all had pissed together inside of it yesterday)

Jill can you make it over to the old sighn? Jill took a look back over to it. She stammered saying; I think I can. It was less then thirty feet away by walking the road over the bridge and going around to the door on its backside. It was a lot closer if the creek was not there. Jill then blurted out to both Janet and I; I'm not going alone! One of you or both of you are going to have to come with me.

Janet said kind of in a angryish tone to Jill; OH alright I'll come with you. They both started to walk away from me with Jill going very slow and stiffly. I stood there for a short moment thinking to myself; What the heck! I myswell go too. I was asked by Jill and besides I hadn't bothered to piss when I got up so I needed to piss now so oing with them inside the old triangled sighn I could piss!

So I hurried the needed stps to catch up wth Janet and Jill. They had already crossed the bridge and were off the road walking in the grass over to the old triangled shaped sighn. That's when I caught up to them. I went ahead and I got to the old small door and shoved it open. That was one other reason I went with them. The old small door was hard to open and Janet or Jill may have not been able to open it.

Seeing that I had opened the door as the two girls came around to the back sde of the sighn Jill ran to the open door went inside! Janet just took her time which I stepped inside after Jill had run in the door and several seconds later Janet was inside with us now.Now Jill had gone right over to the same side where she had pissed yesterday. I stayed on the side of the sighn by the small door. Janet walked in and leaned up against the wall where she had pissed yesterday and stood there with her arms folded in front of her looking towards Jill.

Now Jill gathered up the bottom of her light green summer dress and yanked it up the front and behind of it to her waist. She like Janet was pantyless! She had none on. She then only squated down very slightly keepingher dress and her now bare ass off from the crossbeam that she had sat on yesterday. She spreaded her feet apart and she began to piss first.

She had a thin straight stream of piss shoot straight down from her vagina. It hissed as it flowed. She pissed I would have said close to ten seconds then came to a sudden stop. Then she lowered down into a lower sqaut. Right after doing that Jill began to shit. I saw it in sight under her. It was a fat one, light brown, smooth looking, crackling, and getting longer very quickly for it was comming out very fast!

I would also say in ten seconds her shit was ten inches long! It sure at that time it looked that long! It must have been heavy and soft for it broke. It hit the dirt and clay with a thump and its impact made a big crack in it and where it it had cracked it broke into two pieces. Then what remaned up under her got to be about five inches in length and it fell away from her ass and I could see that Jill had a small stub just barely visibe under her.

Now that ws it as far as Jill shiting. She went back to pissing which she pissed hard but only for about another five six seconds and that was it. Jill was now all done. But with her having that little stb shit still sticking to her she would have to get rid of that or she would get shit on her fress when she sat down. So I told Jill she needed to either try pushing that turtlehead she had off or wipe it with something or you will stain your dress.

There was nthing to use inside of the sighn for Jill to wipe with. Jill also tried very hard to push the turtle head out or off too. It was all in vain. She just couldn't do it after trying several times. I looked at m watch. There was still about 10 minutesleft till the bus would come. So I thought quickly. I went through the door and went outside.

I looked around real quick.Over by the small barn were some dead bushes with dead branches on them. I ran over to one of the bushes and broke one of the dead branches off. I raced back to the inside of the old triangled shape sighn. I told Jill use this! I raised the dead stick up that I had n my hand. To my surprise she grabbed it right out of my hand!

Jil yelledat Janet telling her to come over to her and keep my dress from falling down. Janet dd step over to her sistors side and did just that keeping her dress up ass Jill bent over and down placing one hand on the ground looking back under got the end of the stick rght up to where she saw the turtle head hanging.

She jabbed it with the stick end. Instead of dropping off when Jill pulled the stick back out from underself it satyed stuck to the stick. Jante seeing the stuck turtle head shit stuck to the stick yelled at Jill; Get rid of that! Jill held the stick and gave it a quick hard flinging motion. Didn't her turtle head fly right off form the sticks end flew across through the air inside the sign and hit the oppisite wall and stuck to it!

We all saw it and we all just broke into hard laughter! It was soooo funny. Well with my hard laughing made me feel that I had to piss and now. As the girls went on with thier laughing I yanked my zipper down pulled y penis out from my briefs and open zipper. I aimed in in the direction of the farwall and I started to piss hard as sonn as I had my penis in my hand!

Wher did my piss stream go when it shot so hard and fast across the inside of the old triangled shaped wooden sighn? You guessed it! It hi right on Jill's turtle headshit that was stuck on the wooden board of the wall.My piss hit splashed off from it and with it getting wet in a short second or two her turtle head shit fell off the wall and plopped on the ground!

Now both Jill and Janet saw all of that happen. There hard laughing turned into screams of laughter! As Janet aughed she tried saying to Jill; Did you see that! Jill also tried saying back to her sistor; Yes I did! They just managed to say what they said being barely understood. I too was laughing as I stood there pissing all over the wall for my hard laughetr I was shaking my bod and my penis that was in my hand.

WEll thegirls didn't get themselves stopped laughing till I was nearing the ned of my piss. All the while I pissed I would stop my laughing but when I looked at thw all and down to Jill's turtle head shit laying in the dirtr I would laugh again. But I stopped when my piss stream started to ease. I cut it off not getting to its end. I zipped up my pants after putting my penis back inside my briefs and pants. I took a look at my watch. We better get over to the stop NOW! I said to Jill and Janet. We had five minutes but I just wanted to make sure we were there. WEnade it with a couple of minutes to spare. Te bus came we got onn paid our fair went all the way to the back and sat down on the long single backseat in the back of the bus. We were on our way. To be continuied. Upstate Dave


Skid marks on panties.

Hi everyone, I don't post too often. For the girls and
women that get skidmarks in their panties I've found out that
if I keep my anus hairfree that I don't get skidmarks. I also
can wipe after a BM a lot easier.
On a different subject, will any of the girls and women here
on the board this be wearing short skirts without panties and
peeing and pooping off chairs,benches, or wherever they feel


???? upset

Anne, I was sorry to hear about the ???? upset you and your daughter both had whilst out riding the other Sunday. Although I like to hear about good firm outdoor poos, what happened to you was no joke and I hope you're now much better.


horrible accident

Hi I've been looking at this site for awhile & I cant believe how amazing it is. I've always had an intrest in women pooping & this site definately delivers.
I,m a male 34 years old and have had a special interest in females pooping for as long as I can remember. I've had a certain poop facsination with myself as well but I've always kept it to myself.
Now on with my accident story:

Last Chritmas I was driving my daughter home to her mothers house which was about 100 miles away. About half way there we stopped at Carl's Jr. to ge t a bite to eat. We both ordered and started to eat. Just then, my morninig coffee had kicked in & I started to feel the urge to make poo. I went into the mens room and there was nobody in there so I went into the first stall & pulled my pants & underwear down and then a bunch of young boys came in. I've alwaya been shy about pooping in public, so I pulled my pants up & left without making a poop. The urge wasn't too bad so i figured i could hold it in. We got to my daughters house awhile later & her mother(my ex wife insisted I stay for awile). That was fine as I visited for a short time & the urge to poop was not there. Finally I said my goodbyes & was on my way back home. As soon as pulled out of their complex, I had this gut renching urge to go poop. I knew I had to go right away. I pulled off the freeway, but being Christmas Day everything was closed. I pulled into a gas station but the restrooms were locked. I panicked & my butt hole was twitching. I pulled over at the next convenient store but I knew I couln't make it inside so I ran around back which was an open field but with houses.With my poophole twitching I froze right there & let it come out.My poop hole exploded watery poo into my underwear.I was wearing boxers so it ran down my left leg & into my shoe.I had to put newspaper on my seat on the drive home.When I got home I waddled into my house with poopie in my pants & spent about an hour cleaning my mess. Lesson learned: Make Caca when you have the chance.


Being struck in a terrible traffic jam...

Hi, Iīm Claudia from Switzerland. Wish to tell my latest most memorable trip to the bathroom. Iīm 22 years old, with blonde hair and work as a flight attendant. I flew to Chicago in December, and then I had my worst experience in my life. I was in stress during the flight and during my breaks i drank a lot of water. Then the flight arrival was delayed for at least 2 hours, because of the snowfall, and already at this time I felt an urge to pee. But I had no time to go during the flight because there was too much work. Then we headed towards our hotel, but the worst thing happened, we got struck in a terrible traffic jam. Because of the snowfall everything was blocked. Our trip to our hotel was finally 2 hours instead of 30 minutes. I was so desperate. Because we moved just minutes after minutes. Finally I was crying and told my colleague, she sat next to me, I have to go immediately now otherwise I will have an accident. She told me just try to hold in or go on the street. I saw another women in desperation to get out of the car, just squatting and pee. But I couldnīt get out and do the same thing when I held still the airline uniform on and in this cold. I just tried to hold on an until finally we reached our hotel, but I was so desperate that I ran to the toilet in the lobby immediately before we checked in, lifted my uniform skirt and peed for at least 3 minutes nonstop. It was such a relief you couldnīt imagine because it was the last chance not to wet my uniform skirt. My colleagues asked me are you finally ok and I said yes, finally. Any same experiences? From airline colleagues? Claudia.


Feeling the Need

It's just after 8 am and I have to poo really bad. It feels sooooooooo good! I wnat to hold onto this wonderful feeling as long as I can.
Would like to hear how other feel when they really need to go. Does it change when you get really desperate?

Well, I just released that strong urge I was holding with a wonderful poo. Four large, firm but not hard turds are sitting in the bottom of my toilet. What a great feeling, especially when the turds are slowly sliding out. And the final feeling of relief is teriffic. Makes you body feel light as air, and sometimes it makes me horny. Want to hear about how it feels when you poo.

Linda from Australia here again. I had some trouble with my poos today. I hope I'm not getting constipated again. I could feel a load building up inside me all day so I was glad to get home and sit on the toilet. I really had to push and strain hard to get things moving. I managed to squeeze out a small rock hard turd but it took lots of effort. Then I still had more poo in me so I had to strain even harder to get it out. It got stuck in my anus but it finally came out. It was small and rock hard. I didn't feel finished but I couldn't get any more out so I gave up. It took 6 or 7 wipes to clean the poo off my anus, it was a bit messy.

To Keith D: I ABSOLUTELY LOVED YOUR STORY!!!!! As I said before in my last post, I get such a thrill when I read constipation stories. I could almost see you struggling and working so hard to get that turd out. It sounds like it was a marathon pooping session!! I also love how you often drop your loads outside when you are backed up. It sounds like you have been extremely constipated lately, four days without a poo is a long time. How long did it take to get that turd out? Did you have to grunt loudly and for the entire time you were pooping?

I often have times when I've been really struggling with a hard poo and it moves down and then goes back up - its very frustrating!! Or when the poo is sticking out a bit and if I relax, my anus sucks it back in!! It sounds like your poos were stubborn like this aswell. Have you ever been constipated and in the middle of trying to do a poo, with the poo almost ready to start sticking out, when you had to give up for some reason?? Or have you had the poo sticking out a bit and you had to suck it back in?? Do you ever break the poo off or reach down to feel how much poo has starting coming out?? I often do this when I'm really constipated.

I do find that my poos are different when I'm not constipated. They are softer (but still firm) easier to push out and I often produce massive loads. I also go twice a day mostly and I feel finished afterwards. Although sometimes, even when I'm not backed up, I do still have some trouble squeezing poos out. When I'm constipated, I find that my poos are much harder and drier. My loads are smaller and come out in bits - it takes several attempts on the toilet to get the entire load out, sometimes I have to go back a 3rd, 4th and 5th time in one night, just to get all the turds out. Plus each time it takes me at least 10 minutes on the toilet. I get lots of rock hard balls of poo when I'm backed up aswell. I find that they come out before the main big turd but sometimes I get lots of big long turds. When I had my bout of being extremely constipated recentely, it was different again. I would spend at least 30 minutes on the toilet trying to do a poo, 2 or 3 nights in a row and this was happening every week. I was going once a day but it was HARD work!!

I find that even if I eat healthy food, I still get constipated and this year its been particularly bad. I have to be aware that if I do eat too much unhealthy food I will DEFINITELY get backed up and sometimes I let that happen.

I know what you mean about this site being a great place to post our stories. I have been suffering A LOT with constipation lately and its been so good to come here and share my struggles.

Keith: I'm sorry to hear about your painful constipation, and I'm glad you managed to have a proper poo in the woods when you were out for your walk. Though it hurt, you must have felt so relieved afterwards!

You should try and get into the habit of having a bowel movement more regularly, though. You could start having prune juice, bran flakes or some other high-fibre food for breakfast: then just let nature take its course. I find drinking lots of coffee in the morning often helps. Also, don't try and force yourself to do a poo when you're not ready. Just make sure you go to the loo straight away when you feel the urge, whether you're at home, at work or in public. Don't strain, but relax and take your time, and let your bowels do what they want to do until you feel satisfied.

I can't imagine going without a poo for four days. Usually, I do at least one poo a day, and if I'm lucky I can do two or three. I prefer to use busy public toilets when I can: hearing other toilet-users farting and plopping helps me to have a more satisfying bowel movement myself. My poo is always really smelly, so it's nice when there are other guys' smells mixing with it in the air. It's really interesting how different people's poo smells so different, but I guess it depends on diet, hormones and so on.

I >3 POO

My after work poo

I came home from work at half 5, and as it was a lovely pleasant warm evening I kicked off my work clothes and slipped into my denim cut-offs and a t-shirt with flip-flops, now I felt more relaxed and homely :) As I was relaxing on my bed putting my feet up enjoying a lovely cup of tea and enjoying the peace and quiet I could feel a bloated feeling in my belly and passed some smelly, rank wind which was minging cos it really was smelly and I passed sone of this bum gas quite a few times. I had a lie down after I finished my cup of tea as I was feeling rather tired and not particularly in the mood to do much. About 15mins into my lie down I passed some more smelly gas from my bum and could feel pressure beginning to build towards my rectum and it was slowly gathering. I got up off my bed slipped my hot, tired, achy feet into my flip flops and held my hand on my belly and made my way to the upstairs loo. Once I was in the loo, I bolted the door shut and pulled down my denim shorts and pants to my thighs and parked my poo filled bum on the seat and spread my legs making it easy for me to let my poo drop out.

For a couple of seconds, I could feel a little piece of poo waiting to drop out so I took a breath and gave a soft grunt and sighed as a small chunk dropped with a dull plop! This was then followed by another smallish chunk which plopped into the bowl. It was getting quite smelly but I was no where near done yet, I could feel a huge load rushing down towards my bum. By now I was grunting softly and trying to get the huge load out, I was doing this for at least 2-3 minutes and could feel my bum hole stretching as a big poo was about to drop and I could smell it, pooey!

I could feel I was going to let rip and let out a smelly fart...brrrpppttt! Followed by an absolute explosion of warm, mushy poo...ka-plop, ka-plop, plonk, plonk, plop, plop, plip, plip, plop, plip, plip, sploosh! It was really smelly as I just unleashed whatever was making my belly bloated. I then grunted again and dropped more smaller chunks...plop, plop, plop and now I knew I was done and I felt quite hot and bothered but I had a very nice, satisfying after work poo. I looked round to see what I had dropped out of bum and there was a lot of brown pieces which I dropped earlier on and a huge mess when I let rip and smaller floaters.

The smell was minging and lingering in the air but I didn't care because I just had to let all of that poo out as it was making me feel bloated and windy. I took some bog roll and wiped my poopy bum which took at least 5 wipes to get clean as I made quite a mess. I pulled up my shorts and sprayed some Febreeze in the air and flushed the loo.

Happy pooing all :) enjoy ur dumps :)

Noisy plopping

I have discovered some old victorian public toilets that are great to poo in.
You see when you fart or drop a poo it sounds really loud as it echos round the room.
Today I had deliberately not pooped for days, when i was pooping I was deliberately chopping my poops up with my asshole. I did loads of plops and bowl blasting farts, they sounded great.
The toilet took 2 shots to get rid of my load - I felt great and was admired by the que waiting 0 who were holding their noses!

I was out at a customers office yesterday, it is on two levels and I was on the upper level. Each level has a toilet which does not have a is internal so a ceiling fan is used and air freshener.
Downstairs there is one staff member who is a very pleasant looking girl or should I say lady. She is not overly attractive but looks pleasant and happy. I went down to see her with some work..she was not there...I went upstairs only for a couple of minutes and came down again...still no Melinda..I did a quick bit of photocopying and then I heard the toilet flush and Mel came out....I could smell the air freshener on her so it is clear that she had a an employer I prefer staff to poo when needed because as a boss we want staff to be productive and as healthy as possible so attendance to such bodily functions is important.
Today I had a pleasant dump at my public toilets whilst I read a was so relaxing.
I have had not constipation for several days or more probably because I have not needed pain fact I have been pooing between once to three times a day.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

After reading some old posts, I remember this contest we had when I was fourteen, and at Winter camp. For some reason (and to this day, I can still not fathom why) everyone wanted this one bed. Supposedly (and magically u-u), this girl, Sienna had a bottle of laxatives she kept in her bag for camp 'contests' like this. The contest was that, we would all intake the same amount of laxatives, and sit on the floor for who knows how long. The first person to go would lose the chance w/ the bed first, and so on. To keep their privacy, I'll change their names. There was : Sienna, me, Rachel, Shannon, Ellie, and Cassie. We took our fair share, and sat in a circle. At first, we were all giggling and imagining ourselves the winner. After the first hour we got bored and started to forget about the contest (we didn't read the label ;-;). Everyone started to move around, and after another hour, we completely forgot. It was about 2:00 o'clock and it was snowing.

After two hours & a half, Ellie had this uncomfortable look on her face. She sat down on a bed and farted, just a bit. No one really heard, and if we did hear we thought it was something else. She shot back up and crossed her leg. Her hand started to move to her stomach and her face turned red. She let out another fart, and cursed. She opened the back door to the cabin (every cabin had a little 'backyard' that no other cabin could see), and pulled down her sweatpants. It was really cold, and her bare butt was exposed. The river of diarrhea was flowing from her butt, and we were all staring from the window, horrified. She, by now was crying, and quite a bit of the snow was stained brown. Just a few minutes later, two other girls, Cassie and Shannon started to let out tiny farts. By now, they knew what was happening so the joined Ellie outside, who was still outside, freezing her butt off, and crying. The let their panties and pants down and started to release it (we were pretty stupid, so we didn't head off to the bathroom when their was time, we just watched everyone else).

Sienna looked horrified, because she knew what she started. Ellie, by now was finished, and had to pull her soiled underwear and pants up and go back into the cabin. About ten minute later Cassie and Shannon were also finished, but Rachel had just started. Sienna joined her midway through, and I was the last one. By the time it got to me, it was horrible. The little patch of snow/land was now brown, and I had barely any place to go. I could go to the front and have everyone watch me, and the bathroom was pretty faraway, and I couldn't take the risk of stopping midway with a surprise attack, so I stayed on the floor. Everyone else, was still releasing little farts, and the cabin was pretty horrible.

A good thirty minutes came and gone, and everyone was looking at me, enviously. Apparently, their looks triggered my bowels. You can guess what happened next.

The next day the conseulors came in for a checkup. :/


Peed at lunch with my family

I found this site and wanted to share what happened to me yesterday. After church I went out to lunch with my family and some other people. I'm 17 btw. Anyway, I was wearing black dress pants, which turned out to be a good idea. After we had lunch we were sitting and talking and joking around and laughing and my cousin said something really funny and I was laughing so hard suddenly I let out a BIG squirt of pee into my pants. My face went red and hot and I could feel hot wetness on my butt and crotch and thighs. I got control and tried to act normal but it was really hard and I still had to pee. So I pretended that I dropped my napkin and bent to pick it up and looked and couldn't see any wet spot on my pants since they were black but my panties were really wet and I knew the pants were wet too. I just had to hope nobody could see. I got up and walked quickly to the bathroom. I went into the handicap stall since it has a mirror and checked my front and back but couldn't see any wetness on the black pants. I pulled the pants down, though, and my panties were really wet - some in the front and partway up my butt cheeks. I sat down and peed and tried to wipe my panties off with toilet paper. I felt in my pants and the thighs and butt were really wet but not showing. I had no choice but to pull up my wet clothes. At least nothing was visible. But now the wetness was cold and weird on my skin. I went back to the table like nothing had happened and nobody said anything like they suspected anything weird. A little while later we left and I was so glad I had driven my car that day so I was by myself in my pee pants and nobody else could see or smell what I had done. I hurried home first before anyone else got there, ran into my room and changed. It was totally embarrassing. I'm 17 years old, I shouldn't be peeing my pants like that.

Jeanne: i really enjoyed your post! it sounds like you and your coworker had quite an indulging experience in the bathroom! iam biosexual as well! one of the reasons why i enjoy using public bathroom is cause u never know u will meet! you might even make new friends! it has happened to me on several occassions! it sounds weird i know! i wish that i could have joined you and your coworker in evacuating your bowels and lots of wonderful conversation!
to Braidy: i really enjoyed your post! i always endure alot of unflushed crap when using the bathroom in public!

to Emily W: i have never experienced using squat tiolets! that sounds like fun! i wonder how challenging it would be? i lookforward to your future post! keep up the awesome work!



I am new to this site and wanted to post something that happened to me last week. I am a sophomore in high school and like many of you, do not like using the school bathrooms. It is not because I am embarrassed or because they are dirty, but i usually do not have time, plus I like the feeling of holding it. I am talking about pee since I always poop in the morning before school. Normally by the end of the day I have to go pretty badly, but it is not yet an emergency. I walk home and there is an empty lot about halfway between my school and my house. The lot is overgrown with bushes and shrubs and for the past two years after school I stop by the lot and take a nice pee outdoors behind one of the shrubs. I live on a secluded street and no one is ever around, plus you would not be able to see what I was doing. I love the feeling of a full bladder all day and finally releasing it outdoors.
Anyway, last Friday I had more to drink than usual throughout the day and I was dying to pee in 5th period. I almost asked the teacher to go but we were reviewing for a test and I needed the info. I did not have time to go before 6th period and again almost asked my 6th period teacher. I made it this far I thought, I can make it home. I was really looking forward to my outdoor pee. when the bell rang i grabbed my stuff and hurried out as fast as I could without loosing control. I had to keep stopping and to grab my crotch and wriggle around but finally the lot came into view. I was so excited I nearly peed myself but i kept control and kept walking. As I got closer to the lot I almost died. There was a chain gang cleaning up the lot being supervised by some police officers. There was no way I could pee there now and I did not know if I could make it home. I had no choice but to keep walking, my bladder protesting with every step. I never had to pee so badly. I finally made it to my front door and searched for my key. I had my hand shoved in my crotch and my legs tightly crossed. I bounced up and down while trying to get my key in the door. Finally I opened the door and ran to my bathroom. I did not even bother to shut the door and went to undue my pants. At this point my panties felt welt because I had shot some pee into them. My zipper was stuck! I actually started to cry and tugged on my zipper. It would not come undone. All at once I completely lost control and started to pee my pants. It gushed out of me completely soaking my pants, shoes, and the floor. About halfway through it occurred to me to sit on the toilet with my pants on. The pee bulged at my butt and it felt very weird. When i was done I felt a great sense of relief but also very embarrassed. I cut the pants off of me and threw them away then cleaned up the floor and showered.
Well that is my story thought Id share. Please post more pee stories!


Comments for Braidy

I feel so sorry for Danielle. She's 14 and missing a lot of her freshman year of high school because she doesn't want to sit down and crap in the school bathrooms. Has she considered not only what she is doing to her body for holding her bowels until she gets back home or what is going to happen if she doesn't pass her classes because she's missing so many days of school by staying home to avoid using the school bathrooms?

When I was in 8th grade my mom got an emergency call from a neighbor lady who had a critcally sick relative (who later died) and this lady needed to leave her child Madison, who was 10, with me and my parents for a few days and this was extended then due to the funeral. Madison was not really any trouble for the eight days or so she was with us, but she was very conscious when we were away from home and she had to pee in a public toilet. She would eventually sit on the seat like a normal person but before she did, Madison would pull of several sheets of toilet paper, take her hand and then lift the seat up, and then she would lay two or three layers of paper over the water in the bowl. Then she would take her hand and drop the seat with a little bit of thud, sit down on it, and instantly start her pee. I was often in the next stall to her and it took me a couple of times to become curious about what she was doing. One time, I think we were at the mall, I let her go in first and wanted to get a better idea of what she was doing while I stood immediately in front of her stall and let my crap get a little more ready for exit. I had to strain to hear her pee hit the water. Since we were the only people in the bathroom at that time, I asked her about it as I waited. She had started doing it as a 5th grader in middle school because being a bit overweight, a couple of "mean girls" would pick on her and snickered a few times in class when they discussed how loud her "flood waters" were. I told Madison how sorry I was that she had to undergo such bullying. As she came out of the stall, I hugged her before I went in and sat down for my crap. Then I grabbed for my wiping paper from the dispenser and found she she had used the last of it. I asked her to get me some from another stall which she did immediately, and I thanked her. I wasn't about to ask her if she knew WHY we were short the toilet paper.

My question is why doesn't Danielle want to crap at school? If she were to turn a faucet on before going into her stall and sitting down or flush just before she seats herself, the noise might for a while mute the noise of her farting or crap dropping into the bowl. I would think that the squat peeing you say her mom taught her before she started school would not only be difficult but also make her stand out compared to the other girls. And pee hitting the water from a greater distance is going to make more noise and draw more attention to her.

School bathrooms or any public restroom can be troublesome enough without a parent becoming involved and teaching a child the routines such as squat peeing or, worse yet, staying home to avoid using a school toilet.


Post Title (optional)

Linda from Australia here again. After I posted yesterday, I still had a strong urge to do a poo but I held on for about an hour. When I finally went to the toilet, I had a bit of trouble. I had to push and strain really hard to get things moving and a small pebble of poo shot out. Then I had a big turd stuck in my anus. I had to strain really hard but it didn't take long for it to come out. It hurt as I squeezed it out but it came out all at once. It really stretched my anus and it felt great! It took me about 10 minutes to drop that load but I could still feel more poo up there. I couldn't get anymore out yesterday, even after I ate dinner. I hope this doesn't mean I'm getting constipated again.

This morning I could feel more poo inside me so I sat on the toilet after I woke up. After a bit of pushing, a few small pebbles of poo came out and they felt rock hard. I still had more poo to come out so I stayed on the toilet for a while. All I could manage was lots of farts and a few more rock hard balls of poo came out. I couldn't get the rest out, no matter how hard I tried so I gave up. That was about half an hour ago and I'm waiting a while before I try on the toilet again. I've been doing some gentle pushing to help the poos move down. I can feel some rock hard turds sitting in my anus so hopefully I can get them out soon. I'm going to sit on the toilet now, I will come back soon....

I'm back from the toilet, it only took me 5 minutes to squeeze out my poos!! As soon as I got on the toilet, I didn't have to push much and lots of long skinny turds slid out of my butt easily. They didn't even hurt coming out either! Now I feel much better because I thought I was starting to get constipated again.

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