Herb T.

To the Movie Fans

Hello everyone - Herb here. There is a good movie scene that I haven't heard mentioned on here. The movie is called "Green River Killer" and is based, oddly enough, on the Green River Killer. At the beginning, the Green River Killer brings a hooker to his house. While they are talking, the girl states that she has to take a shit. The killer says "perfect" and the girl sits down on his toilet. She asks him to leave, but he refused to and stands there. It shows her from several angles sitting on the toilet, indicating that her poo-poo is dropping into the toilet. Then she tears off some toilet paper and asks him "Mmm, wanna wipe my ass - you can if you'd like." And that is the end of the scene. Perhaps not the best scene, but pretty good.

Also, does anyone have a vinyl padded toilet seat in their bathroom? I insalled one in our master bathroom becuase my wife wanted one. It seems like those make the bathroom stink for longer after pooping. Before, we had an open front commercial style contoured toilet seat. I think the smell of the poo-poo leeches onto the vinyl seats like a sponge and makes the whole bathroom stink longer. We have both poo-poo'd recently and the other has commented that the bathroom stinks. My wife's poo-poo stinks, don't get me wrong, but she rarely stinks it up so bad that it stinks 15 minutes or more after she's done. Our bathroom has good ventiliation too with the windows. If anyone else has experienced a longer stink time in the bathroom with padded toilet seats, please post. In fact, I'm about to go poo right now, so I'll let you guys know if my wife complains that the bathroom stinks.

TO LINDA: If I have a stubborn shit I prefer a public toilet but one that is not too dirty and has a few cubicles. The reason is that I can spend plenty of time, whereas at home I would be disturbed but also I find loud grunts help me... it seems to expel the strain better. The toilets I frequent are unisex but I have rarely seen a woman in there...problably I go at less busy times. If I was grunting...and there has been the occasional male but they do not respond...most men would not and I would be worried if they did! If a woman asked if I was OK it would not worry me..I would reply.
Linda, I have no constipation stories at the moment but I can almost guarantee there will be more.
TO JEANNE: I thought it was a beautiful story...I wish you both the best.


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Linda from Australia here again. I REALLY need to do a poo right now but I'm trying to hold on for as long as possible. Normally I've been dropping a load around 8am every morning but this morning I didn't get any urges to go. I can feel a load moving down towards my anus and it feels great!!

To Jeanne: I LOVED your post!! I get a thrill out of reading about anyone taking a dump when they have been constipated. It sounds like you had lots of trouble trying to squeeze out those massive turds, how long did it take you to complete your dump?? I get constipated quite often myself so I've had lots of extremely difficult sessions on the toilet. Sometimes I even have to reach down and break poo off because it gets stuck in my anus. Are you constipated most of the time? I normally get backed up about once a month but this year its been really bad. Up until a few weeks ago, I was constipated once a week and it was terrible. I was spending up 40 minutes on the toilet, for three nights in a row, EVERY week!!!! This went on for a couple of months too.

Keith D


I have been a bit constipated again lately. It is my own fault. I have been very busy and just haven't taken the opportunity or time to stop for the toilet. When I don't take a break I just don't get the urge to go. And when I don't get the urge I can't poop! So I have only been going every three days or so. And when I do the turd is rock hard and knobbly. It takes a lot of effort and bearing down to get it out. I really have to hold my breath and push hard. The turds move out so slowly because they are so dry and they only inch along, sticking to the sides of my poor overstretched anus. The whole time there are little squeaky farts of gas escaping around it. It's a hot, sweaty hard job every time.

Last week there was a stage where I had not gone for 4 days. After dinner one night I was feeling full and bloated and decided to go for a bit of a walk because sometimes a bit of activity helps bring on the urge. I walked down the street but wasn't feeling any better. There is a set of steps that leads up through the woods so I headed up there hoping it would help. One third of the way up and the urge hit hard. I kept climbing for a bit but it got worse. I had to stop and lean forward a bit to contain the cramps and tighten my sphincter. I let a bit of gas quietly escape to ease the pressure and it felt really warm. I tried to keep walking but had to stop again. I was now halfway up this huge set of steps and it would be a long way back down again to start walking home. I rested against the handrail for a bit then tried to walk a few more steps but realised it was useless. I felt crippled.

So I ducked slowly under the handrail and walked slowly between the trees. I kept walking along looking over my shoulder until I was sure that I was far enough away from the steps so that if someone came along they would not see me. I found a big boulder that stuck out of the ground, stepped behind it, dropped my jeans and briefs to my ankles in one movement and squatted right down.

I started to bear down and push straight away because I did not want to lose the urge and momentum. I could feel my butthole puckering outwards. But I was a bit distracted by the feeling of the grass tickling against my low-slung butt and sack. I stopped pushing to take a breath and felt my butthole relax and pull back in again. I knew I would not be having an easy time of it.

I pushed down again and felt my butt pucker out again. But nothing moved. I pushed gently a few times, feeling my tight sphincter pushing out and collapsing back a few times. Nothing inside moved. Then I felt a sudden pressure near my hole and realised that a bit of gas was about to pass out. I stopped pressing so hard because I didn't want to rip a huge fart - even though I was alone out in the middle of nowhere and no one would here it! I relaxed a little and let the gas slip out silently. Once it was gone and my hole closed up again I started to push. Still the mass inside didn't move so I took a deep breath and gave a hard sharp push and suddenly there was the slightest movement. Finally I had some progress. I relaxed and released my breath and prepared for the next round of pushing. By this stage, my ankles were starting to ache from the squat and I repositioned myself slightly so I would be comfortable for the long haul.

I started to push again, just giving gentle pushes for one to two seconds and relaxing again. The pressure of my low squatting position did the rest of the work and got the turd to start poking out. I could feel the hard knobbly blunt end of the turd being gripped inside my sphincter. I gave a good hard push and I felt its dry mass start to move slowly against the skin on the inside. It moved at a rate of millimetres per minute. The texture of the turd felt scratchy. I started pushing harder and harder because I wanted it out of me.

Finally I felt something give and suddenly my hole stretched w-i-d-e. It just kept expanding as this thing came through. I was now breathing in short sharp breaths. The grass started to tickle my butt more and I think it must have been because it was getting closer to the ground as it domed out more. Then the turd seemed to stop moving. I kept pushing harder and harder until my ears were ringing but it wasn't moving. I was only vaguely aware of my surroundings by then and it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps I was too close to the ground and it was blocking the turd from coming out. I leant forward and raised my butt and the turd started to slide quickly. I lifted my butt a foot off the ground and felt the log rapidly taper off and drop backwards. My hole collapsed and I knew I was done. I quickly stood and yanked up my pants. I hoped that the dry turd had not left to much mess on my hole. I looked boack to see it lying on the cround. Well, it wasn't so much lying as balancing. It was very rounded, about 2 inches in diameter with a blunt head and very short pointed tail. It was dark brown, almost black, and was made up of lots of little round smooth shiny pebbles. there were a couple of bits of corn showing. I staggered back to the steps and headed down to the street to go home. I felt so empty inside like my innards had collapsed. My butthole was stinging and felt really warm. My legs felt like jelly. I walked slowly home to wipe up.

PS I think it is great the way everyone shares stories on here. I have suffered a lot with constipation and it's great to hear other people's stories and how they cope.

To Linda from Aus: Great to hear that you have been having an easy time of it. Twice a day must be really enjoyable after struggling for so long. When you are not constipated do you find that your logs are different? When not constipated, mine are usually not as dry and are a little smoother (much easier to pass). But I find that it also makes them bigger!

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors (Working Day) Continuied

When I walked Janet home after we had just crossed over the main highway and were ready to walk over the little bridge that was there Janet pointed over to the old woodeen traiangled shaped advertising sighn for the restuarant that used to be there which now was closed. (would be open again a couple of years later) Janet said to me as we passed the sighn; Dave we have our own toilet Jill and I inside that sighn!

You do? i said back to Janet. She giggled and told me that they did. I knew of the old sign. For when I was living nextdoor to Janet and Jill I played down here with friends, or fished, or hunted fro frogs and creyfish for bait. Us boys would crawl under the sighn to piss inside of it by also crawling under it to get inside. (there was a door but it was locked.)

I remembered about the lock and I told Janet that lets go over to the sighn. So we walked over to it and around the backside of it. The lock was still on the door but the old metal hasp that the lock went through the wood was rotted. I bet you I can break that off prying it waitha screwdriver. Janet said to me; You think you can Dave? I'm sure of that! I sad back to Janet.

Look what if I come back after I eat and try? Janet giggled. Come over and get me after? she said to me. Sure I said back to her. So that was agreed upon. We cut through the restuarants property and then over to Janets house. I said later to her and she returned saying later back to me. I hurried back to my grandmothers and soon ate went out to my grandfathers little workshed had a big screwdriver and walked over to the old sign.

I wedged the screwdriver behind the old hasp and pulled on it hard. The old wood creaked and started to splinter as the old screws were being forced out of the roting wood. Making a space behind the hasp i pushed the screwdriver down a little further and yanked. It gave and now the door could be opened which I opened it. Succes! I thought to myslef. I then left the screwdriver inside the old sighn and went right over to Janets.

I knocked on the door and both Janet and Jill came to te door and they stepped outside. Janet spoke first. Did you get the door open? I smiled and told her it was open. Jill then followed saying; Good no more crawling under it! As we walked further from the house that's when Jill told me that Janet told her about me pissing in my grandmothers little garden fountain pool which made Janet piss her shorts. I should have stayed!

It was passed six and the general store and post office was closed. I wanted something to drink so I knew the Gulf gas station had a soda machine outside so we walked over to the gas staation. I asked the girls if they wanted sodas. They both did. The girls had thier money from getting paid by my grandmother for thier helping me with the work that we had done for her. But they only had bills nochange.

I had change so I used it and we got or sodas. We crosed back over the highway and we went past the bridge turned to the right and we all sat down together on the embankmet of the creek and we had a chugging contest as far as drinking or sodas down as fast as we could! We had a good reason to do this for both Janet and Jill wanted to go piss inside the old sighn now that it was much easier to get inside of it now.

We had our little fun chuggng the soda. We all would try to out burp each other after taking a chug from the bottles. It was a lot of fun which the three of us managed to do some loud long burprs which we would laugh hard and tell each other that the burps we made were good ones. Since we chugged the bottles of soda down so quickly we had them empty in ten minutes! So our fun was very short.

Jill asked me if there was enough change that I had left to get anotherround from the soda machine. I fished out what I did have left from my pocket. I counted it out and I only had enough for two bottles but I told the grls we would split the two bottles by sharing them. So we agin walked over to the gas station and I got the two bottles of soda from the soda machine. Back across the highway for a second time and we sat back down by the creek.

WE passed the first bottle around between us. We didn't hurry this time as far as drinking the two bottles of soda this time. We sat there betwen taking our sips of soda told jokes and other things. This helped for the first bottle was emptied after 15 minutes and we started on the second one.

Jill was getting a little impaitent as the second bottle was passed around. Janet asked her if she now needed to pee. Jill told Janet sort of. I can feel that I have to but not real bad yet. How bout you? jill asked back. I do but I can wait it out yet. Then Jill asked me if I needed to pee. I told her that I had only the slight feeling to go. So Jill would have to wait till the second bottle was finished and also when Janet and I were ready to go. I should say when Jill and I had to go. Janet had told me as we sat there that she had drank a big glass of water knowing that we would be here going inside of the old wooden sighn.

We sat by the creek for another 15 minutes. Then Janet said to Jill and I; I think it's time for me to go inside the sighn. Jill quickly said; Me two. I said to them both as we all got up to walk over to the old sighn; Me three! Janet and Jill giggled after Janet told me I wasn't three but eleven!We all then laughed and reache the door of the sign which I had closed it when I left it earlier.

It creaked and squeaked as I oped it for the girls. They stepped inside the old sighn and I followed clsing the door back up after I had stepped inside. Now since the shape of the sighn was a triangle Jill went to one sde while Jill stepped to anothe side and I stayed on the door side of the trangle. We all faced twards the middle.

What Janet and Jill did was pull down the shorts they were wearing and the walls had cross beams on the inner sides and they sat on the crossbeam which was about two fet up from the ground. Plenty high enough for me to see them. What I did was that I pulled my pants down and my briefs together since the girls liked to see me piss this way.

Janet seeing that I was going to piss with everything being seen reached down to her shorts and she shoved them down to her ankles. Then she gave me a little smile. Jill had left her shorts at her knees. Janet was the first of us three to piss. (she had drank more then Jill and I with drinking the water)

As I looked over she sent a angled out stream of piss out from her vagina. Since she had drank more and having a fuller bladder her stream was hard as it came out. Good thing Janet had took a look down at the start of her piss. Being hard and angleing out as she pissed her stream headed right for her crumpled shorts down at her ankles.

Janet cut off her stream which did make it suddenly stop. With its sudden stop it still had its force behind it so her piss did wet my nieces shorts with piss. Not all that much but Janet did wet them. Janet said quickly to me but Jill had seen what had happened and she also heard what Janet was sayng to me above her giggles; I should have left them up or taken them off! Janet reached down and pulled them up to her knees.

Janet relaxed and her piss stream shot again from her vagina going right back to a ngled ouward stream and hit the hard clay dirt mixture and wetted it quickly. Jill now started her piss. She sent a straight down stream which hers hissed whle Janet's wasn't. I then a couple seconds after Jill started I started my piss. I had my penis aimed down and my hard stream went downaward and hit the bare clay dirt spot right in the center of the bare spot beween us all.

The dirt was thin so it didn't take long for anyone of us to have wetted the dirt enough with our pissing. Clay is not asorbent so with the dirt no longer being able to asorb piss the three of us had muddy brown looking puddles on the ground. Jills was the smallest since hers was on the edge of the dirt clay area. Janet's was the next largest since her stream wasn't as close to the edge of the idrt and clay. Mine was the bigest since I was pissing hitting the midle of the bare spot.With having three piss puddles that we all had made there was three different splashing sounds along with Jills hissing from her pissing.

Jill was the first of us thre to stop even though she was the second one to start in the group. Her stream eased right off which made her hissing of her stream fade and stop. Just before shestopped her piss did dribble which wetted her crotchand the crossbeam which turned a dark brown with it getting wetted by her piss. Then she was done. She got her ass up from the cross beam and when she did she hadn't grabbed her shorts and they felld own to her ankles so now she like me was standing there fully exposed. She stood there watching both Janet and I piss.

So now I wanted to see if I could hit the corner where the two wallsmet to Janets right. So I raised my penis up just a lite and gave a slight push. My stream raised shot forward and it went the distance and smacked right on the corner beam wetting it and splashed some off from it. Jill let out a loud giggle and Janet had turned her head to the right and also saw my stream smack into that corner. She let out a pretty good giggle too.

Then to the girls delight I moved my penis up and ddown wetting the beam in a larger area which my piss went from where it had topped out on the beam and all the way down to its end. I did this for the rest of my entire piss. Both Janet and Jill enjoyed it for they both giggled the entire time that I had did it. When I finished I did bend over and pulled my briefs and pants back up quickly. I left them at my waist without dong the zipper or snap. I wanted to watch the rest of Janet's piss.

Well Janet did take a long piss. Her puddle had grown large in the dirt and clay. When it did start to slack off it began a soft hiss which lasted almost to the end of her piss. Janet ended her piss by giving a push before she might have dribbled. Her stream sprang out angling out slightly which ony lastd for a few short seconds. Then it stopped and she stood up. Then she reached down and pulled up her shorts which were showing a wet spot in the crotch of them. Not a big one but it showed.

I'll let my body heat take care of it Janet said after she had pulled her shorts up. Now Jill went over to the closed dorr opened it and stepped outside. Janet followed her and I followed Janet. I closed the door and we went back and sat in the grass by the creek. Janet sat there with her legs clamped together to have more heatt to dry her shorts and also to hide the wet spot. It worked ffor after a half hour her shorts had dried.

We then left and the girls wanted to go home. They wanted to get ready for our shopping trip in the morning. I did too so I didn't miond leaving early too. I walked with them over to the house. They said to me as they went in the front door; See you in the morning at 8:30. I said 8:30 it is! I turned and left stopping back at the old sighn. I forgot the srewdriver so I did get it. Then over to my grandmothers went inside watched some tv for awhile and then out to the trailer and I went right to bed. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors (Working Day) Continuied

Both Janet & Jill followed me out to the travel trailer. Inside I got changed which my white briefs did have skidmarks in them. While there I gathered up the rest of my dirty laundry and went back to theouse and through it all in the washer. While in theohouse I also gave myself a quick washdown. (I washed off my asshole tossed the washcloth and towel in with my dirty laundry)

Then I went back outside to the trailer and Janet and Jill were not there. I had a idea where they were so I stepped back outside and called ut for them both. I was right on my guess for they both answered me which sounded they were further down in the pine trees which would have been over by the toilet chair.

So I walked over and slipped into thetrees and they were there. Janet waas using the chair for she was sitting on it but not pissing yet. Jill wasn't waiting for her sitor to piss for she had her shorts pulled down and was squating off to the side of Janet. She too was not pissing yet either. Janet said to me; You just made it back in time to see us both go! Jill let out a litte giggle and she started to piss. Janet started a few short seconds after her.

Jill had a nice short straight down stream shooting into the pine needles under her. Janet as I saw looking at her had a weak stream which was a little more then a dribble so it wetted her vagina, lower crotch, and ran off from both her asscheeks pattering on the ground.Janet took only a short piss which she didn't piss much at all.

Jill took a pretty good piss as far as length and how she went. Now that Janet had stopped my attention was on watching Jill but I did ask Janet why she pissed any way. Janet let out a little giggle and told me that Jill wanted her to come with her and I thought I would piss amy way while I was here. So I did! Then Janet got up from the toilet chair didn't wipe herself off. She just pulled up her shorts and stood there with me while Jill pissed.

Jill soon ended her piss too. Like Janet she just simply pulled up her shorts very quickly as some piss still dripped off from her. So I asked them both why they didn't wipe themselves. From both of them they told me that they were going to shower or take a bath later. Besides Janet went on to say; We're saving on the toilet paper! Jill gigggled hard and she and Janet started to leave heading back out through the trees. I followed behind them.

Once back out in the yard I asked them both; Aren't you two staying around? You are getting paid when my grandmother gets home. Jill and Janet both giggled and said to me; Oh I forgot! We'll wait then! So what we did was went inisde poured some glasses of lemonade and went and sat out in the garden by the little fountain pool in the garden.

We sat there having our lemonade and we talked. The conversation mainly was about what we might do with the money once we were paid. Jill immeadiatly said loudly and giggling; I'm buying some new underware! I need some new ones. Janet told Jill that was a good idea. Janet was next. She said she would like to get a two piece bathingsuit. That one piece of mine is old and getting tight. It feels like it's going to rip right out in the backside if I bend over in it one more time!

Yeah then your rearend will be hanging out all over the place! Jill said to Janet laughing. Janet gave her sistor a dirty look and stuck her tounge out at her. My tun was next. Well I'm going to save some of mine I told the two girls first. Then I told them I would like to buy a better transistor radio. Hey I have a idea! I said to both girls. Why don't we go shopping together tomorrow! Both girls said back to me quickly; Yes great idea! So now we had plans set for tomorrow now.

We went on spending the time doing more talking to pass the time as we sat there. We all had finished our glasses of lemonade some time back too.Jill got board waiting now. I told her that my grandmother would be home soon. But she didn't want to wait. She told Janet to take her money and give it to her when she got home. Janet said she would. Jill got up said goodbye to us and left and went home.

A short time after Jill had left us I needed to piss. The lemonade had made it through my system and wanted out. So I just stood up pulled my zipper down got my penis out of my pants aimed it at the fountain pool. Janet seeing me do this sarted to laugh and say to me; Dave your not going to pee in the pool! Watrch me! I said back to her. As soon as I finished saying watch me to Janet I sent aarcing piss stream through the air and into the fountain pools water way up by where the fountain came into the pool itself.

Janet just sat in her chair watchingme piss into teh pool laughing her brains out. I was pushing so that I wouldn't betaking a long time with this piss! My grandmother would be cmming home any time now and I didn't want her to pull in and see me pissing in the fountain pool and seeing Janet right there watching me! It did take me longer then I thought it would even with my pushing.

As the time eleasped I started muttering; Come on! COME ON!!! then my stream started easing and I went and cut my stream off. I didn't want to chance of going any longer. I shoved my penis back inside my pants and zipped them right up. I sat right back down in my seat. Janet was still siting in her chair laughing hard and she told me she had a accident! I pissed myself!

Janet strood up and showed me her shorts. Sure enough a big wet spot was all over the front of them.Also the back side of her shorts had been soaked with piss too! There on the seat of her chair there was even a pool of piss on the chairs seat! Then Janet said to me realizing the situation she was now in. Dave help me! I can't stay like this with your grandmother comming home! I can't be seen like this!

I thought quickly. Then I remebered that there were some of my nieces clothes kept upstairs in the house when my aunt and she was living here. Come with me I said to Janet. She got right up from her chiar. We raced inside the house and went right upstairs to the little side unused bedroom. In the old dresser that was in that little bedroom was my nieces old clothes.

Janet opened the drwers of the dresser and found a pair of blue shorts that were close in color of her shorts. She yanked down her piss soaked shorts leaving them on the floor. She put on the oether pair and she was all set except for her piss soaked shorts. But Janet being a quick thinker said to me; I'll buy a pair when we go shopping. What she did with the old pair she walked over to the bedrooms closet and tossed them into the closet and we hurried back downstairs.

My laundry as far as the first load was done. I asked Janet if she didn't mind hangng them on the clothes line while I started the second small load I had left. So Janet hung my wash out while I laoded up the washer a second time and started the seocnd small load. That's when now my grandmother drove up the driveway and she was home.

She came inside which I met her in the kitchen. Janet came in with the empty laundry basket and said hello to my grandmother. She said hellow back and went on saying it looked good and you got all the work done I see. I told her we had. When my grandmother heard me say we she laughed. Oh you had some help then! I laughed and said that I had. I went and told her that Janet and Jill had helped me.

My grandmother said; I see as she pulled the owrk money from her purse. She thanked Janet as she counted it out and handed it to me. I then counted it out into three equall amounts for the three of us. Then Janet told my grandmother the three of us were going shopping tomorrow. She smiled and told us both that sounded fun. Janet and I laughed and said it should be. I gve $25 dollars back to my grandmother. I'm saving that I said to her. She shoved it back into her purse. Then I told her I was taking Janet home and I would be back shortly. Janet and I left and I walked her home. To be continuied.

Monday, April 26, 2010


What a week

This week I have had to take my son to work. Not a problem except I always need to poo about a half an hour after getting up.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday I needed to go just after dropping him off so it was a short trip to the supermarket.

Well the loos had just been cleaned but I hate sitting on public loo seats so I went into the men s room entered a stall lifted a seat and hovered over the loo.

Although I am glad I am male and don't have to do this on every public loo visit

Turd Lover

Proud Pooper

Whenever I'm expecting visitors to my house, I do NOT flush the toilet after I dump a large load. Why ? Because I really enjoy the thought of someone walking into the bathroom and seeing my hefty brown heap. I really can't explain this, it's just fun to listen to the reaction of some people when they see all that shit in the bowl.


to Mac;

the airline you talked about is very controversial. the reason they charge people to use the toilet is because it is a low budget airline and the space they use for the toilets, they feel could be used for extra seats. so for some reason they have decided to charge its passengers to still make money from this "un-wanted" toilet.

also, concerning your questions about using the toilet while on the plane, the airline only travels (at the moment - apparantly start flights to american in the near future) to destinations within europe. this means that flight times will usualy only be around 3 hours maximum. i also believe that the airline prompts is passengers to use the toilet before boarding...

as crazy as this sounds, some people do not find this an issue!



to Desp2poo: i really enjoyed your post! it sounds you ladies stunk up the bathroom! the air probably smell really foul! iam glad to hear that u and your friend Anna made it to the bathroom and didnot end up having an accident! wish i could have been there hanging out with you and your friends and conversation with you all! sounds like u all had a ball! i look forward to your future post!




From constipation to love

My name is Jeanne. I'm French, 29 years old, brunette, short hair. Here's how I discovered myself as a lesbian.

It started on December 16th 2004. On this Friday, I was dining in a restaurant with workmates. I was constipated; I hadn't gone for 5 days. During the meal, I felt something was at least trying to come out through my backdoor. Just after the dessert, I excused myself to the ladies' room. Entering the room, I held the door for the girl coming next to me. It was Alexandra. She's 4 years older than me. She works in another floor in my company but sometimes has to visit us on my floor. Her last name sounds Italian and she definitely looks like a Mediterranean beauty. The company's Monica Belluci.
Anyway, I entered the closest stall to the door and she entered the one next to me. I lifted up my black short dress, lowered my pantyhose and panties and sat. I heard Alexandra peeing for 30 seconds then, after 10 seconds of silence, I heard a piano plop coming from her stall. The kind of non-loud plop a big turd makes. Then a louder plop and a third one. Then she tore up some paper four times, pulled her clothes back on, flushed, exited and washed her hands. Meanwhile, I was grunting like crazy but nothing came out. Just then, Alexandra knocked on my door "Jeanne, are you OK?" "Yeah, fine… Hum" "Want some help?" "I wouldn't say no. What can you do for me?" "Can I come in?" So I opened the door. She came in and locked the door behind her. She said "You're constipated, right?" "Yes, I replied. I usually go every day but it's been five days now" "OK, so the first thing you're gonna do is squat on the ground" So I raised from the bowl and executed myself while she was moving towards the wall. "Next, she said, you're gonna help yourself by pushing your perineum with your finger" I did and at least I felt the giant turd moving. God it was wide! I almost cried during the process. She said "let me look" and bent. After about ten pushes, I had a 2 centimeter brown tail (almost 1 inch for you Americans). She said "Now you can sit back" and I did. I pushed again and she said "Keep your finger on your perineum". I was having a hard time but she made it sweeter squatting in front of me with her hands on my hips. Finally, it broke off. It was 40 centimeters (16 inches) long 8 centimeters (3 inches) wide in the beginning, going thinner towards the end. Then I started peeing. While I was peeing, she said "You might feel much better now" "Yeah, much better, but I still have more" "You'd better flush this huge log before" and I did while sitting. After that, I expelled five more pieces, each one being 15 centimeters (6 inches). Meanwhile, we looked at each other silently with her hands still on my hips. My plops were an offer to her beautiful black eyes.
The company had booked the restaurant for an after dinner party. After going out of the ladies' room, Alexandra and I kept talking together. I learned she was bisexual. On the ensuing days, we were having lunch together. It took me time to admit I was in love with a woman but today we're linked by a civil union.


To Mac:

The airline you're referring to only charges on flights less than 45 minutes. That's the whole point -- its only a regional carrier that's charging a small fee for emergencies in order to make flying less expensive. In fact, I'm quite sure that you'd barely save any money at all by purchasing incontinence products instead of paying for the bathroom. Pay toilets are common all across Europe (especially the UK, where the company is based out of). So, of course I wouldn't consider incontinence products even for children. It's just 45 minutes to an hour max (including loading and taxiing, so anybody who can't hold it probably has to use incontinence products already. I'd also like to point out that peeing in the seat doesn't hurt the airline as much as it does the next flyer. I would know -- I sat in a pee-soaked see in a movie theatre once and it was horrible. So be considerate to others and plan ahead if you must.


Answer to Braidy's situation

Braidy always writes great stories and her problem with Danielle seems like one I've had with one of the girls in my babysitting job. A.J. is 11 and in 5th grade. I wrote about her and her mother on Page 1719. The mother wouldn't allow her to crap at a basketball game they attended together at the sports arena and after holding her crap for like 5 or 6 hours, AJ was in pretty bad shape when she and her mom dropped by our house (just a couple of blocks from the arena) at like 9 p.m. at night to see if AJ could use our bathroom. Later when I had AJ with me for a couple of days while her mom was out of town, AJ said her mom has made her stand/squat to pee since back when she started school. Her mom is very strict and I know AJ isn't about to question her or go against her.

I wonder if Danielle comes from such an upbringing. In my Everyday Living class last year we read an article on Toxic Parents and how they can cause their children to fear things and fear them. Everything's an order like "Don't do this you're bad" compared to saying something like "There might be another way to handle this...". In my case, I don't think there's a day when I don't use the bathroom a couple of times to pee and often, especially if I eat a big lunch, I crap during 5th or 6th hour. I use the school toilets just like my bathroom at home which means I sit right down on the seat and most of the time I wash my hands before going back to class. I guess I really don't think too much about it and neither do the kids I do day care for. For example, I've written about how we're out at places like the park and other attractions in the summer and on school vacations and none of my kids (other than AJ) have hang-ups about sitting on public toilets.

Although it's time-consuming and wasteful (and I personally think it's somewhat stupid), Danielle may want to rip off some toilet paper and lay it down on each side of the seat before she sits down on it. However, she's going to have to sit very still or she'll slide off it.

Holding back using a public toilet isn't something I've ever got use to doing. Some days if I feel like I can pee a little, I will even go in right after school and pee before I start my walk home. Comfort is just too important to me.

Today while out for a run I needed to take a much needed shit. I had to stop running because the pain in my stomach become much more uncomfortable. I knew I needed to find a washroom fast. I knew that there was a recreational field just a few blocks away that had a few porta potties. I made my way there while trying desperately to hold it in.

After I reached the field, I ran to the porta potty which was in the far corner near a wooded area. I opened the door and was immediately overcome by the strong odour. I lifted the lid and discovered that the tank was nearly full. There must have been half a dozen turds sitting at the top. I quickly exited out and entered into the next porta potty hopping it would be better.

I entered in and sat down almost immediately knowing I had no other choice. I let out a loud wet fart before a torrent of soft and mushy poop exited from me. The slop that I had dropped made a loud splash as it landed into the stinking vat of other shits. I quickly let out a few more farts before starting to wipe. Feeling much relieved I got up and saw the mess I left. The smell had become quite strong so I quickly left and continued on my run.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


TO: Pooperlady re. Skidmarks

Have you tried using wet wipes or a moist hand towel to clean up? (I do realize that they're probably not going to be the most convenient options if you have to use a toilet outside of your home.)

You may want to try using a mirror to see what you're missing.

Question: Has it always been this way for you or a relatively recent development?

- - - - - - - - -

TO Mac:

I heard about that on the news earlier this week. You're right. I hope it backfires on them BIG TIME. I don't think most passengers will take to kindly in having to ask the person in the next seat for change to use the loo.

Failing that, let's hope they put change machines in very convenient places.

Here in the U.S. and Canada, there are plenty of horror stories about passengers being stuck on jets on the tarmac for hours with little or no food or water... Eventually, the toilet gets filled up and things just get even more miserable from then on.

To answer your questions:

Would you wear diapers or incontinence pads for flights on this airline?
-It depends (no pun intended...) On a long haul flight (say 5+ hours in the air) or at a busy time of the year when I might expect to spend a lot of time waiting on board due to extra-long delays, some adult diapers may be an appropriate backup plan.

If so, where would you dispose of the used ones?
-Excellent question. I don't know. Let us hope they have a spot where someone could change dirty diapers (adult or baby) with some privacy or they just might start finding them tucked in whatever nook and cranny was available. (I doubt picking up that material is in the job description for your average airline host/hostess.)

-What would you do if you were taking children on the flight?
Get 10 or 20 Euros in change before coming onto the plane or resort to the option I gave in the previous question.

-Would you contemplate doing a wee in your seat to make a point to them?
If I could get away with it, why not? In fact, I think that airline will start seeing a lot of that in the near future.

Northern European skies were shut down for a good chunk of this past week due to that volcano in Iceland. As I watched reports on the news about the hundreds of thousands of stranded passengers, I couldn't help but wonder how many 'accidents' happened while people were waiting in those massive lineups in all areas of the airport.

If anyone here has any toilet related stories about being trapped in that chaos, I think a lot of people here would be interested to hear about your experiences.

Take care,


Do any girls have doctor exam stories where they get. An enema an shit in a toilet for lab test

I <3 POO (formerly Plop Idol)

My poops lately....

I have decided to change my alias and will from now on want to post under the name of I <3 POO (I LOVE POO) as I thought Plop Idol was a naff alias...

I have had some really good pooing experiences since last week when I found that my bowels started to get back to normal pattern since I got back from a fortnight in India where I was fortunate that I didn't get the holiday belly but when I returned back from India on 5 April my bowels were still operating strangely and for the next week or so I found myself have urgent bouts of diarrhea which would give me so little warning and meant that unless I darted to the loo I would literally fill my pants with really runny poo which exploded out of me. But pleased to say that since the end of last week my bowels are back to my normal two poos a day pattern (before work in the morning and after work).

Anyway on to my poo that I took on Wednesday evening... It was a really lovely, pleasantly, warm evening and as soon as I got in from work I dashed straight upto my room to get out of my work clothes as fast as I could and into more clothes befitting the lovely warm weather... so I slipped into a black v-neck t-shirt and a pair of sexy denim shorty shorts. As I was getting changed I could feel a bloated feeling in my belly as though I had trapped wind or something and it felt that something was waiting to escape from my bum... I passed some rank, smelly gas which lingered in the air for a couple of minutes, then I thought I'd better enjoy my cup of tea, so I got on my bed and put my feet up for a bit and enjoyed my cuppa...

About 7 mins later at 6:00pm, as I was mid-way through my lovely cuppa that I was desperate for a really good poo and I leaned to my left and let rip with a loud smelly fart which again stank the air up and I could feel my poo rushing to my anus so quickly I finished my tea and hot footed it barefoot to the upstairs loo and went in and locked the door. I then opened the window and undid the belt and pulled down my shorts and pants and plonked my bum on the bog, within a few seconds I could feel a huge load of poo rushing to my bum, so I crossed my arms and pressed them to my belly and softly grunted and then a huge load of poo was crackling at my bum and I could smell it! It then dropped out of my bum...ka-plop, ka-plop, plop, plop, plip, plip, phlunk, phlunk, plop, plop, plip, plip, plop! The smell was bad but I knew I still had so much more up my bum which was still waiting to drop and I let out a fart and then another wave of chunks slithered out my bum and dropped in to the bowl with loud plips and plops and it was quite smelly in the loo now but I felt I needed to take as much time as I needed to let this huge big boy out of me. A third and last wave of mushy poo hit the water with more plops, finally after being on the loo for at least 20mins I was done... I had unleashed a huge, smelly poo but as they say better out than in!!! I felt good and had a look behing me into the bowl and there was about 3 big brown logs with a load of mushy poo around it and heaped on it...I tore off some bog roll and wiped my bum it took 3 wipes to get clean and then I got off the loo, pulled up my shorts and pants, flushed the loo and sprayed some Febreeze in the air as I had dropped a stinker of a poo...

I enjoyed the rest of my evening and just love having a really satisfying poo. Till next time happy pooping all

I <3 POO :)


Post Title (optional) Still on a winning streak!!

Linda from Australia here again. I've been on a winning streak with my poos for a few weeks now. I haven't had any constipation at all and its been fantastic!! Ive been pooping twice a day most days and I haven't had to push or strain much. I hope I don't get constipated again for a long time.

To Thunder from Downunder: I love reading your stories! It sounds like you have been really constipated lately. Do you always go to a public toilet to do a poo when you are constipated?? Do you get other people asking if you are ok, as it sounds like you need to grunt a lot. I have been doing poos a bit more in public toilets lately and its not that bad. If I'm backed up, I wait until I get home so I can really relax.

To Keith D: It sounds like you have been constipated lately aswell. Have you got any good stoies??

TO ANNE: Your first poo outdoors since a child! I am sorry it was not a more pleasant experience...the point is when you have to go....
I love an outdoor poo. I hope you have many more but not like your last one.
TO EDINA: Magnesium is good for helps them relax and reduces cramping...but if you have a bit too much Mg it will make you poo...well you did your first wee on a marathon but what about if you had to poo?
TO DESMOND: I am a toilet is great to sit and relax..sometimes read but mainly meditate...I am often constipated so if I really take my time I can sometimes complete my mission.


Skid marks

Pooperlady let me help with your problem. I found years ago that because of the nature of my bowels, a soft ending to all movements that I could not get clean. I resorted to putting a moisturising cream on my aresehole before and after having a shit. This makes for easy wiping and minimal mess on your annus after a crap. I also try and shit then shower in the mornings not always easy. I love crapping in public toilets so cannot shower but teh cream sorted things out.


Skidmark solution

I get skid marks in my underwear, not matter how many times I wipe. I have discovered a way not to get skid marks in my underwear. I put a few light sanitary pads in the back of my underwear. Then the skidmarks go on the sanitary pads and not my underwear.

Of course, this method doesn't stop skidmarks altogether, but it does prevent me from dirtying my underwear.

i just pooed on the bathroom floor. i went in, pulled my jeans down to my knees, let it all come out, then seated myself on the toilet so i could pick it up from the floor (it was very solid) and put it in the bowl. i cleaned the floor, wiped my bum, washed my hands, and came to post this.

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors (Working Day)

I had a good nights sleep out in the trailer. I woke up got dressed in a short sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans. I wqent into the house and my grandmother was up. Today was her long day at her work so she was up and just about to leave when I came inside. She said good morning to me and I said the same back to her.

She knew today was a working day for me. I was going over to my old house to mow the grass and I was also going to mow her grass also and wash the windows here also. She also told me that she was going to pick up some red and white paint today. Would I be interested in painting the workshop? I told sure I would do that. I knew it ment extra money I would be able to make while I was here.

My grandmother then got up told me she would see me tonight and she left. I went about after she had left getting my breakfast ready. I ate and then right after I finished I cleaned up and then went out to the small barn checked the gas in the riding mower filled the tank for it needed it and then hopped on it started it up and rode it over to our old house and started mowing.

I was so glad to have the use of the riding mower too as I started in the side yard that faced towards Janets and Jills house. Using the old push gas mower would take me more then half the day when I had to use it. Now with the riding mower it was only a few housrs to do it all over here. I soon had finsihed the side yard and now I was mowing around in the back of the house.

I noticed too while I was mowing there was a guy on a tractor cuting the hay down on the old state farms property. I waved at him and he waved back. I soon finished up the back yard and then started on the front yard which was the smallest section and had finished thatin about a half hour. Now I only had left was the big side yard between the house and the small barn and a narrow strip on the other sode of the driveway.

So I rode by the side of the road as I headed towards the driveway cutting a strip of grass of the side yard. I was going to do the narrow strip by the driveway first. Then I was going to check the tank to see if it needed refilling for I had been running the mower now already for quite awhile. I cut the narrow strip by the driveway and then shut the mower off.

I then checked the gas tank and it did need to be filled. So I started to walk to the barn to unlock the door to go inside and open the front doors and get the gas can too and fill the mowers tank. That's when from behind me yelling out a loud Hello Dave! was Janet. I stopped and waited for her. Janet came running up to me and we both walked together for the barns side door.

Janet told me she heard me mowing got up ate and got dressed. She had on this morning was a bright ping pair of shorts along with a lighter pink tshirt styled top. As we walked up to the side door of the barn she told me it looked like I had already had mowed most of the grass already. I unlocked the door opened it letting Janet go inside the old barn first thenI stepped inside behind her.

I told her besides doing te yard here I had also had to mow over at my grandmothers and wash her windows. So most of my day today was a work day. Janet asked if she could help me. I can start on the windows as you mow. Sure you can do that. We'll split the money that I make then. How's that? Janet laughed and told me that suited her fine!

I also now with Janet here with me decided to take a short break. I did find the gas can and set it by the front doors of the barn. But I didn't open them up yet. I hadn't bothered to take my morning piss when I had got up earlier at my grandmothers house. I ate and then came over here and of course mowed. Now my bladder was aching wanted to be emptied.

From outside too was the chugging of the tractor that the guy was using in the hay fields outside. FRom inside the barn he was doing the field along side the barn. So goingoutside to piss I couldn't do. It didn't matter I would just piss here in the barn. It wouldn't matter if I did for the floor here in the barn was part wood and dirt.

I went and took the wooden bar off the front doors of the barn and opened the left one a little bit to let some air and light inside. Then I told Janet I was going to take a short break before I was going to fill the tank up and start mowing again. That was fine with her. I also told her I had to piss.

Janet perked right up now right after I told her that I had to piss. Oh me too! she said to me right after I told her that I had to. At the same time I could also feel some preasure in my bowels so that ment I might have to take a shit also. So I told Janet that I may have to take a shit too. Janet smiled with a bigger smile at first. Then she pulled out from her pink shorts pocket a big wad of toilet paper and held it up in the air. Janet said to me giggling and said; Me too! I came prepared too!

I laughed as we both walked together towards the back cornier of the barn. We went over to the left corner in the back of the barn. Going in the corner put us back and out of sight from the partaily open door of the one front door I had left partly open. There was nothing to sit down on for either of us. So we would both have to squat and go which was no real problem for either of us.

Now what we did was we faced each oter about three feet apart. Janet with wearing her pink shorts they were the elastic waist stretch type so she had only had to pull them down and her pantie sif she had any on. I had jeans with a belt on so I had more to take care of before I could squat and go.

Janet put the wad of toilet paper down off to the side of us on the floor first. Then she pulled her bright pink shorts down to her knees. She did have n a pair of panties today. They were pink also but a lighter shade of pink. She stood there waiting for me not pulling her panties down yet and squat.

I yanked at my belt making it unbuckle. Then did the snap and pulled my zipper down. I pulled my jeans down past my knees and I had on my white briefs and I pulled them down now. I was ready now to squat down and go. Janet started pulling down her pink panties down now. As she did Janet giggling said to me; Dave our walnuts look normal today! Smooth not wrinkled!

I laughed for since yesterfay with us had been swimming in the creek my balls had been wrinkled and hardened by the cool water of the creek. Janet said that they had looked like walnuts and that name would nw stick for my balls! Now Janet had her pink panties down and we squated down together to go.

I had my penis pushed down with my fingers. Since I had to piss I started pissing first. I sent a wide short headed stream with a short twist in my stream angling foward as it came out. It hit the dirt of the foor right in the middle between Janet and I making a splash which my piss did splatter some but not enough so that it hit Janet. So I kept my penis aimed just where it was.

The dirt darkened with my piss and then since it was thin my piss started making a muddy brown puddle in the dirt after several seconds. Having a puddle form made my piss make a louder splashing sound. Now Janet had yetto start either pissing or shitting yet for I was looking over at her. Now she began to piss.

From her vagina a thin tisted stream went straight down out from her vagina. Where she had squated there was no dirt on the floor. There were theold wooden boards instead. The grey dust turned black as her piss wetted the boards and then her piss ran over the one board sideways and started running down the crack heading my way. Also her stream began a very soft hiss as it flowed.

I was still pissing pretty strongly as I watched Janet piss. I said to her; It tok you long enought to get started. I also told her that she wasn't going that hard for not yet taking a piss this morning. (Janet had told me she hadn't) Janet let out a slight giggle. Then she told me she was starting to shit! That was why I'm not gong hard. I told her I didn't see anything yet as far as shit. Oh it's comming! Janet said t me. I can feel it.

Sure enough Janet was starting to shit! For a few short seconds later her piss stream went right down to just a dribble and I saw a rounded very fat rounded blunt end of a dark tan shit poking down barely showing between her asscheeks! It was creeping slowly down getting longer. In a few more seconds enough showed so that I saw that it was smooth,firm and I saw pieces of corn in it!

Seeing the corn on her shit I laughed. You had corn last night didn't you Janet! Janet said yes she had. How can you tell? she asked me back. I laughed again and told her there were kermels of corn in her shit. I could see them. Janet righ then lifted her ass way up in the air placed her hands on the floor out in front of her and leaned way over looking back under herself.

Janet saw her tan fat shit hanging in the air still moving slowly along with she was still dribbling piss from her her vagina. She saw what I had told her the kermals of corn in her shit. As Janet got back into her sqaut again she was giggling hard. Janet also too now squated hgher with her ass higher up from the floor.

I at this time now had my piss stream slack right off for I could feel my asshole being pushed open. I was starting to shit. I quickly told Janet that I was. Her now being in a higher sqaut could see me better. A couple of seconds passed and then Janet said to me; I can see it now Dave! At least along skinny tip of it! It;s comming out fast too!

I could feel that it was comming out fast myself. This was going to be one of my real quick normal job one. It was getting aftter as it came out too. I could feel that it was. I quickly asked Janet what it looked like. She told me it was now very fat with a three inch thin long but curved tip on it. It was brown in color too. When Janet stopped talking to me beside s my spiss making a soft splashing sound my shit ws crackling loudly. That made Janet giggle a little and she told me that I was taking a noisy shit! I let out a little chuckle.

Then there was a dull thud comming Janets way. Her shit had dropped down on the wooden floor. Her shit that now laid thereon the floor was about a seven incher. There was another one in sight under her so she was still going to shit more. Then right then Janet told me that mine had reached the floor which it was starting to curve and bend backwards.

So Ilifted my ass up higher giving my shit more room. Then a few short seconds later as I looked over at Janet her second shit fell on the floor missing her first shit and made nother dull thud hiting the wooden floor board. Then her piss stream which had been dribbling all the time she had done both shits sprang into being hard again with a louder hiss then the soft hiss after she first started to piss.

Janet also now told me it was starting to stink in here. I said to Janet as I heard a dull thud under me; Fox smells her own hole! Janet laughed and said right back to me; Oh no it's not this fox! It is you! I let out a short hard laugh which I felt my asshole open a little and a little more sht was forced out but stayed there. It didn't fall.

I ike Janet when I had my big shit finish comming out my piss stream went back to being hard. So between her and I our piss made quite a mess. My piss had made a puddle like I said and with my added piss into it it over ran the dirt running now over one of the woodenfloor boards and into the crack where Janet's piss had been running own. With more piss adde together our pis widened out now arn down over two floor boards and reached all the way over to the side wall of the barn and pooled there.

Then we both only pissed hard for just a short time. Both of our streams eased up together with Janet's stream stopping its loud hissing that it had been doing. Also now since this was both of us first mornings piss besides having the stink of ur shit there was now the added smell of our piss in the air. Janet stopped pissing before I did but I stopped right after her.

Now we boith went to reach for the toilet paper laying on the floor. WEboth laughed hard since we both reached for it at the same time. Janet said to me after we stopped laughing; Ladies before gentlemen! So I waited for her. Janet did unfold the wad of toilet paper ripped some off and handed me the paper she had ripped off form the wad. I thanked her and I lifted my ass up higher to wipe.

Janet had reached down under the front of her between her legs and took a good swipe between her asscheeks. Took a looka t the paper flipped it over and gave her ass a second wipe. I by this time had given myslef my first wipe. There was a lot of brown shit on my paper from the small piece of shit that had stuck to me.

I very carefully tore off the used pieces of toilet aper that were smeared with shit. I dropped them on the floor. Janet seeing all the shit on te pieces of paper said to me as she was now wiping her vagina off now standing up. EWWWW! you are a mess! I didn't say anything back for I was taking asecond wipe now. The second pieces of aper when I checked them after wiping were smeared with shit too.

I still had three sheets left so I gave my ass a third wipe with those last sheets. Janet had wiped her vagina now and she stood there not yet pulling up her pink panties and shorts. I had given my asshole its third and final wipe for that was the last of the toilet paper we had to use. It too had some brown skid marks on it. Janet seing that there was shit on the last ppaer said to me with a giggle; Your'e going to have skidmarks in your underwares!

I looke at her and told her that I most like would. I'll change them when I go back to my grandmothers. Janet let out another giggle and then we both pulled up our underware. She did her pink panties and I my white briefs. The she her pink shorts and me my jeans. That being done with the smellof our shit and piss WE hurried for the front of the barn and fresher air!

I picked up the gas can when we got by it and then Janet and I stpped outside. She took the gas tanks cover off while I opened the gas can up and screwen on the nozle to the can. I filled the tank up closed the gas can back up while Janet put the gas cap back onthe gas tank. Then I hopped up on the mowers seat and Janet follwed hopping up on to my lap. I started the engine put the mower into gear and we rode around like this as I started to mow again. We would be joined by Jill a short time later for she would come over. That's where I;ll leave it for now and pick it up gain.


Toilet Kings

I have noticed a trend in mens rooms lately, and would like to share it with my fellow toilet lovers in this forum. I will call them "Toilet Kings"

A Toilet King is a man that uses the toilet, in this case public toilet, for his own personal relaxation or get away time, and may or may not actually be having a BM.

Examples include:

College Campuses--The student that studies while sitting on the toilet. May spread out his books on the floor and be totally comfortable with no shame whatsoever. Also may include professors that grade papers on the toilet.

Malls/Department Stores--These can encompass a wide range, from daddies sitting out a long trip to the mall with the wife and kids; Dad doesn't really want to be there at all so he decides to spend it on the toilet and let his wife and kids shop or even see a movie while he sits on the toilet undisturbed. Employees on lunch breaks; may spend the entire hour sitting on the toilet. High School kids. Do to high food intake as well as no privacy at home, coupled with that well known other drive, may spend hours on the toilet.

I have seen wrecker drivers sit on the toilet reading with their radios on. When they get a call they get up and make a run--an hour later they are back on the toilet waiting for their next call.

Also have seen guys at Auto Repair places spend the entire time their car is being repaired on the toilet.

I think that cell phones are a major catalyst to this trend. We no longer have to worry that someone is trying to get in touch with us as long as we have our cell phones with us, not to mention the games and apps that are on said phones.

Has anyone else noticed this or does anyone do this?

"Toilet Kings---sit proud"!


Having to go outdoors

Hi, Iīm Anne, 38 years old, and last Sunday I was riding horseback with my 12 year old daugther. After a half an our I started to feel very uneasy in my stomach and after a couple of more minutes I knew that I would have to go very soon. I was getting desperate because I knew there was no toilet available nearby. My daughter noticed this and asked if I was ok. I told her: "No, sweetie, I think I will get sick". Now my bowels were cramping, and I knew I needed I have to go immediaetly in order to avoid an accident. I knew I was going to have diarreah. There was a forest nearby and I told my daughter we have to ride immediately in this direction. As soon as we got there, I was already shivering, I jumped from the horse, told my daugther to take care of my horse. I ran behind the next tree, quickly lowered my panties and trousers, squatted and immediately a torrent of diarreah ejected out of me. It was horrible. It came out of me like a waterfall during two minutes nonstop and splashed on the grass. Then my stomach was quiet but I had to pee for at least a minute nonstop. I thought I was done but my stomach was still gurgling. My daugther asked if I was finally ok and I was almost crying I told her "no sweetie, Iīm terribly sick and have to wait". I squatted again and let out a second wave. Finally it seemed that the diarreah was over, but I had to vomit. I stood up, my panties and trousers still down and vomited my lunch out behind the tree. Then I had to squat again and a third wave came out of me. Just brown water. It was horrible because between the waves I just could squat and wait. It was so unconfortable. I didnīt dare to go on because I dindīt want to have to go again in a couple of minutes. After 20 minutes I was finished. I didinīt have anything to wipe and felt so horribly dirty. I could clean up finally in the riding center where I had a final diarreah wave 10 minutes later. But at least this time I made it to a toilet. Then my daugther came in and told me she is going to be sick too and also had diarreah. I donīt know if the lunch we ate was posioned or if it came from the juice we drank before riding - but it was a really terrible experience. It was the first time I had to go outdoors since I was a child and the first time before my daughter.



Iīm Edina from Hungary and took part in the Vienna City Marathon 3 days ago. Iīm female, 30 years old and have run quite a lot of marathons before. I had my usual sport drinks before the race but this time I tried a new drink with magnesium which must have been too concentrated as it had a very strange effect on my bladder.. After already a couple of kilometers I felt a stong urge to pee and I soon realised I wouldnīt make the marathon without a pee stop, which has never happened to me in the past. The urge got stronger and stronger almost every minute. It was very annoying because it was a city marathon and no toilets available underway, not even bushes which you can usually find when running in the countryside. After 20 kilimeters the urge got so strong that I feared I will pee myself. Finally the marathon went through a city park and I quickly ran behind a bush, squatted, lowered my running shorts and let out a torrent of pee. It lasted for ages and was an unbelievable relief. I finished the marathon nevertheless with a good result. It was for mee the first time to have to pee within a race - does anyone have a similiar experience?


They replaced the frosted window in the bathroom.

Neighbors must have complained about the house that had a floor-to-ceiling frosted window, with the toilet visible from the street.

The lower part of the window was replaced with a wall.

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