Home Crapping Obsession

The past two months I've been earning a little extra money driving this girl to my high school each morning. I also take her home after school because she lives with her mother in the apartment complex across from our house and her mom works like really weird hours in a 24-hour restaurant. Danielle is 14 and in 9th grade.

Danielle walks over to my house and because of my athletics background (which I've written about before) I'm very punctual. However, it seems like once a week she's not there outside my car when I put my book bag in and start it up. The first time, which was like the fourth day of our agreement, Danielle didn't answer the phone so I walked over there. The door to their apartment was slightly open because she had been out there to bring the paper in from the lobby and when I walked in and called out "Dani", her voice came from the bathroom. She was on the toilet with the bathroom door open when I walked in and really pushing (to the point where her face was red and flustered) to get her crap out. I waited for about five minutes in the living room and she luckily was dressed and ready to go. She said she got about half done but didn't want to hold me up any more so she was going to hold the rest until she got home after school.

I was somewhat alarmed by that remark. Although I don't think any of us particularly enjoy using the school toilets, they are a necessity and I feel (and she says it's easier for me to say this because I'm a senior and graduating in six weeks)using public bathrooms is something that everyone has to learn to do. Think college. Think job. Think traveling. I've written about being very awkward on the toilets at school and elsewhere because I'm 6'3" and tower above the partition and, especially, the stall doors at our school. I have always wiped while still seated for this reason. I sit to pee twice a day and crap just before first hour, unless Danielle makes me late for you-know-what-reason. In the past two weeks, she has had trouble crapping about one morning a week and twice has decided to stay home and have her crap there. That means she misses a whole day of school. Her mother then calls the office and excuses her.

This morning it happened again. Thirty minutes later after I got to the 2nd floor bathroom, wiped some urine and pubic hair off the seat and did some other girl's flushing job for her, I seated myself and got to thinking about Danielle's fears. I guess I feel sorry for her, but I don't know how to help her.

Any suggestions, guys?

Boy likes to hold it

For Amanda B

You are not alone, I like to do the same. I like to hold my poop as long as possible (the longest I have been able so far is 5 days) and then feel a huge crap coming out of me. How long are you able to hold it? Please describe the next time you go to the toilet!!


Spring Break

I noticed that there is another Sammy here, so I will be Sammy-FL. I am the college boy who had the incident in 8th grade.

I had decided to go home for Spring Break to see my family during the week that I was off. On the day that I left, I should've used the toilet before leaving, but I figured that I could hold it. I also like the feeling of desperation.

As I pulled onto the highway, I was starting to fidget in my seat. About halfway home, I was beyond desperate and needed to stop for gas. I pulled into a gas station and ran into the store holding myself through my pockets. I paid the man for the gas (All I had was a $10) and asked to use the rest room. He told me that there were no rest rooms. I thought, "shit", and ran back outside to pump my gas. I stood there, holding myself and fidgeting. After only $6.00 worth of gas, I gave up and left. My underwear felt damp by this time, but my shorts were still dry.

As I turned down my street, I began to flood my pants! I pulled into the driveway, and was fortunate that both my parents were gone. I ran into the house and headed for the bathroom as I still needed to pee. Just then, I saw my 15 year old brother open his door. He stood there, looking at me, and asked what happened. I told him that I couldn't hold it until I got home.

I went into the bathroom with my brother following me. I decided that I might as well put a show on for him. I stood in front of the toilet and peed in my pants. My brother was shocked! I was about to swear him to secrecy when he leaned against the wall and flooded his khaki shorts.

>>>More to come...


A survey


Assuming the moderators let this go by:

We in Europe are about to be hit by the nastiest move of all time - a large budget airline run out of Ireland is planning to introduce a charge to use airplane toilets. For you Americans we are talking a charge of 1 Euro (about $1.35 at time of writing) each time you need to go.

I'm kind of hoping that they will find it backfires on them - so here's a question or two for you:

- Would you wear diapers or incontinence pads for flights on this airline?
- If so, where would you dispose of the used ones?
- What would you do if you were taking children on the flight?
- Would you contemplate doing a wee in your seat to make a point to them?

Regards, Mac


Toilets in the Window

Lisa-It was quite an interesting sight, to see someone on the toilet behind glass like that. I wonder if they had an idea they could be seen, but didn't care. I guess you don't have much of a choice if you have to use the toilet, though. This was several years ago, and maybe guys weren't as modest. Back then, guys would use open stalls if they had to and would even shower at the gym. Nowadays, guys are so modest that they even change into their workout gear at the gym with a towel wrapped around their waists!

I was at a conference in Northern California a few years back, and had to use the toilet in the registration area. I took the large handicapped stall and there was a large frosted glass window next to it. The window didn't extend to the floor, but it went as low as the bowl. Of course I had to use it. Over the next couple of days, I used that stall several times. I had walked past it a few times as well and once or twice, I could see someone on the can.

I once peed myself at a horror film, it was all over the seat!


Toilet Scene

I was in between shows and decided to watch the New Adventures of Old Christine. I had never watched an episode before, but I heard it was pretty decent. For those who don't know, it's a show that features Elaine from the show "Seinfeld", and she's done well to not have her show cancelled yet. Anyway, it happened to be a new episode tonight (called "I love what you do for me"). There was a scene where Christine (Elaine) is discussing things with her boyfriend in the bathroom. He is brushing his teeth and she is in a white nightie talking to him. Eventually she goes over to the toilet and sits on it. I'm not sure if there was audio because I picked the wrong time to have the TV on mute. As I unmuted it, he had said somethin probably in disgust, and I heard her say "What?? It's just pee..." Generally a lot of people might see this as an unspectacular scene, but she had always been someone I imagined on the toilet, like in a Seinfeld scene. But I always thought she was a person above doing such scenes; so it was quite a surprise to see this, and especially since I was only watching this show until the playoff games came back from halftime! It was a pretty image of her sitting there in her nighty, and it's moments like this I wish I had a dvr/tivo function on my tv. Too bad this site doesn't have daily pics like it did back in the day, or else I would nominate this one. Anyways, just thought I'd post this for anyone who might be interested.


office dribble

I work in a large office building, typing on my iphone. A few minutes ago i was just typing and sneezed and suddenly felt my panties get damp - i had peed a little. I felt my pants and didnt feel any wetness on the outside so i hurried to the ladies room. I found a stall ans sat and peed. My pale purple panties have a wet spot the size of an egg but nothing shows on my black suit pants thank god. Now im back at my desk and the wet spot feels cold :(



Hi guys. Just thinking of this accident in my childhood times. I used to go to school with my big brother who was then 13 and I was 10. We sit in this school bus with compartments, if ya know what I mean. It is somethin like a train except it's a bus. For privacy I guess.

Anyway we got on the bus after school and was talking for a while when my stomach startd to growl loudly. My brother thought I was hungry and took out a bun for me. I said I wasn't but my stomach was upset. He asked when I last when to the bathroom and I said just now and had normal poop. I farted twice and the compartment smelled*** Thank goodness the window was open. Then I said that I needed to poop real urgently. He asked me to hold it in and I said I coudn't. So he took out a plastic bag and asked me to go shit in my pants. So I did and produced so much diarrhea that there was orange spot forming at the back of my undies. When I finished I felt warm and the diarrhea felt comfy. My brother then laughed and said that I would be scolded by dad. So I got real scared and was shivering.

We got home then and I actually did not want to enter the house but my father was waiting for us and my brother shouted out that I went in my pants. My father bent down and asked whether I had an accident and I said yes. He took it really cool and helped me wash up. My borther was so shocked that he did not say anythin to me.

Bye for now!!

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors (Working Day) Continuied

Now before I was going to start mwing again and Jill being here now I asked Janet would she go to the store and get sodas or something to drink for all of us. Jante told me she would. I handed her the needed money and she headed for the store. I asked Jill if she wanted to ride with me while Janet went to the store.

Jill said yes to me excitedly but she told me that she had to do something more importent first. I asked her what did she have to do then first. Jill told me she had to pee! The guy was still out in the field cutting hay there beside the barn so I told Jill to go in the barn. Jill seeing the guy on the tractor also started walking to the barn door that was open and told measking; Comming with me?

I left the engine running and hopped off from the mowers seat. I followed Jill into the barn. Jill only went halway back into the barn. But she did step over to the left side which would put her out f sight from the partail opened one door of the barn. Now Jill had on a blue top and blue shorts. She pulled her blue shorts right down. Again today she had not had panties on.

Jill squated right down and started to piss in a very short few seconds. She had a hard straight down stream flowing which hit the dirt hard making it splash upward some. Her piss must have hit her ass(?) or her thighs for Jill bounced right up into a high sqaut. I got a answer right off why. Opps! I peed on myself a little! Jill giggled.

Then she stopped her giggle and her piss stream started hissing. I stood in ffront of her watching her go. Jill wasn't looking back at me but looking down as she pissed. Then she did look up at me. I smell shit! Jill said to me. Dave did you shit in here?! Jill sked me. I smiled which gave me away and Jill let out a hard short giggle. You did! Didn't you? I shook my head yes. Jill laughed but said any thing more about me shiting in the barn. At least not till after she finished pissing.

Jill took a preety long piss. Enough so that she like both Janet and I had done made a piss puddle that ranout of the puddle n the dirt where it had formed. Her piss did run over to one of the old floor boards which was sunken down and wetted it enough so it ran down the top of the board. By this time Jill's piss was ending. Her stream thinned down withits hissing got softer and then stopped. Then her stream went into dribbling and some dripping.

When Jill was dripping she reached down and pulled her blue shorts back up not careing if they got wet with her dripping piss. Jill then went over heading for the back corner of the barn! As she did walk that way she said loudly and giggling; The smell is getting stronger over here! Then she stopped. She was standing right near wher I and Janet had pissed an shit!

Jill had spotted my shit and the pieces of toilet paper thatI used first. You took a big messy one didn't you dave? Jill asked me as she looked down and was also giggling. I told her that I had. Then Jill spotted a second ple of shit and more pieces of toilet paper by it on the floor.

Jill suddenly said to me. Janet took a shit too! Seeing that second pile of shit laying there and the toilet paper I couldn't say no back to Jill. Before I answered Jill Jill said laughing now; If you don't say she did I'll aske her when she gets back from the store. Or I'll find out later when we talk! I then told Jill Janet had shit too. Jill giggled a little more. Wait till I get her to tell me all about it! I shook my head no and I started to walk back out of the barn. Jill also now headed away from the back corner and outside the barn too.

I got up on the mowers seat and Jill thengot up and sat on my lap. I put the mower in gear and we started to cirle the side yard going all the way around it. After making around four passes around the yard Janet was back from the store. She was standing by one of the small trees by the side of the road.

I slowed and stopped in front of her and shut off the mowers engine.Jill hopped off from my lap. Janet handed her bottle of oj gave me my lemonade and Janet got a coke and she sipped on it. I turned sideways on the mowers seat to face the two girls. Jill surprised me for I thought she was goig to say to her sistor about our shit she had seen in the barn. But she didn't to my releif.

Instead Janet tld Jill about her and I after I was done here we were going over to my grandmothers house to work for awhile. With Janet telling Jill ths Jill asked me if she could help too. Janet agrred wit this too. She said to me with Jill's help it won't take as long with her help. I agreed. Then I told them I was going back to mow again. I turned back on the mowers seat started the engine. Then Jill hopped back up on my lap to ride with me agian. Janet said loudly above the noise of the engine and told Jill go ahead. Janet sat down on the gras in the shade and watched us take off on the mower.

I steered with one hand while holding the wheel with one hand and took sips of my lemonade. Jill too took sips of her oj. As we cirled around the area to be mowed shrank quickly. I had only a few more cirles to go then a couple of straight back and forth rows to cut to finish too. This is when Jill sitting on my lap let out one hard fart!

Sitting on my lap her fart vibrated which I felt. A second hard fart followed the first one. I felt that one too. Also the second one even with us moving I caught a brief wiff of it. Boy did it ever stink! Oh hollred out telling Jill; Jill you stink! Jill heard me and she burst into laughter. Lukily that second fart was the last one. If Jill let out another one like that I would have shoved her right off my lap!

In about tem minuteslater I nade the two straight finishing rows of the remaining grass. I stopped the blade and rode over to Janet who now was standing up. I stopped and let the engine idle. Janet asked what happeend that was so funny? I saw Jill laughing. Jill said right back to Janet laughing; I let out one real stinky fart! Dave almost shoved me off the mower it was that bad! Janet giggled hard. Then she siad to both Jill and I; Dave she can be a real stinker sometimes! I laughed.

Then I told them both we better get going over to my grandmothers. Time is a wasteing! Jill hopped back up my lap and I told Janet I would go slow. Janet said ok she didn't mind walking. So we took off. Ten minutes later we wer at my grandmothers I started mwing her grass starting in the back section of the driveway while both Janet and jill had gotte pails of awater,rags, and vinigar to wash my grandmothers windows.

Janet and Jill started at the front of the house as I mowed. Then after doing the back sections I was now mowing the side front yard by the trailer. Janet was now on the side of the house doing the dinningroom windows moving towards the kitchen. Jill was not in sight for she was on the other side of the hose doing the windows on that side.

Soon I was finished with all the mowing. Janet was still on the kitchen dinningroom side of the house doing the kitchen windows. So I got a pal filled with water, a rag and a bottle of viniger and went to the backside of the house and went over to the far window which ws the bathroom window. Jill was not here doing windows here in the back yet for she was not here.

As I stepped up to the bathrooms window I saw Jill inside the bathroom! That is where she was! Jill was standing over straddling the toilet with out her shorts on! The lid and seat were up on the toilet too. Jill had herself with her ass and vagina over the bowl of the toilet and slightly bent over for she had placed her hands on her knees as she stood there.

She must have been n the bathroom long enough to get the way she was. Jill was not pissing or shiting. I stood there not moving but just stared in the window watching her. Then from her vagina came out a spurt of piss which was a weak stream. It went straiight down into the toilet bowl making ripples in the water and a soft splash.

Then a few seconds later Jill began to shit! I saw comming out from under herrearend a thin tan rope type shit! It moved real fast! It either then broke or came to its end for it fell into the toilet! It was a good long one too. A second rope style shit came out right afte the first one! It grew real long and it was stretching too and it broke and the broken piece fell hard which made a good splash in the water in the bowl of the toilet.

Then Jill started sending out from her ass a third rope of shit. But this one was thicker and it was moving slower then the first two thinner ropes had. This made her piss stream turn into dribbling which ran down her shit and ran off from the end of it! That's when I gave a knock on the window pane of the bathrooms window.

Jill turned her head quickly to the window. Seeing me there she waved and laughed. Jill said to me right then too; You do't want to be in here with me! My shit smells worse then that stinky fart I made! I stumbled backwards from the window pretending I was going to pass out. Jill laughed harder. That made her thick rope shit drop falling into the toilet!

That was it for as Jill shiting. No more came out. Instead she pissed hard for several secpnds and then stopped. Then she reached over and rolled off some toilet paper from the roll and she reached behind her and wiped. Jill took three wipes in total just wiping her ass. She never did wipe her d=front. Then she reached down put her blue shorts back on. After pulling them up she asked me if the window opened. I told her it did.

Jill turned an opened it quickly. There was a screen in the wndow and Jill squated down at the window and let out a hard gasp. Ten she giggled and took a deep inward breath. Then she told me; Oh that is so much better! I can braeth! Fresh air! Since I had stepped back when I did my prtend faint I couldn't smell any oder of shit. I di tell Jill it would be better if you did flush the toilet. Jill laughed got up and flushed it. Then she told me she was comming outside. I went and did the upper part of the window. I yelled to Jill close the window! I have to do the rest of it!

Jill heard me and she came abck and closed it. Then she left and soon was outside with me and she went over to one of the two backside kitchen windows and satrted washing it. I was done with te bathroom window and I went over to the second window next to Jill and satrted on that one. Janet was now on the second kitchen window on the side of the house. We were almsot done! Several minutes later we were done.

We dumped the pails of water out,put them away along with the rags and vinagar. Then we went inside to get drinks. We were all thirsty. Jnet said she was going to take a piss. Jill said to Janet; Don't go in that bathroom! I took a real stinky one in there. Janet knwing that her sistor could take real stinky shits stopped in her tracks. Turned around and told Jill and I; I won't I'll use the toilet chair instead! But I'll wait. I need t take a drink first.

So we pored out three large glasses of lemonade with plenty of icein te glasses too. We went outside and sat down on the edge of the backporch. We sipped at our nice ice cold lemonade and now with all the work being over talked about what we might do. What I said to Janet and Jillnext would make them both laugh very hard and Janet would tell about our shiting in te barn to her sistor Jill. I said; First thing I have to do is change my briefs! They are crusty! Remember when I had shit in the barn I used all the toilet paper I had to use and I didn't get all the shit that was on me! It now had hardened and I could feel it on me and my briefs! To be continuied. Upsate Dave

Mr. Clogs

Comments and survey

Amanda B: Umm... With regards to pooping, I would say yes, it's a turn on for me as well especially when I take a large dump nearly filling the water line in the toilet.

Here's another survey, not sure who created it, but I kick in my 2 cents worth!
1) How often do you have a bowel movement? Once or several times a day, it all depends
2) After a bowel movement, do you wipe your bottom with dry toilet tissue alone or do you use dampened toilet tissue or wet wipes or something? Almost dry toilet paper, I found that wet paper towels from the paper towel dispenser's work too. It cleans your bottom real nice. Good to use the wet towels if you wear thong underwear.
3) How many times do you wipe after a bowel movement? 2 or 3 times.
4) Do you often bathe right after you have a bowel movement? Only if I made a bowel movement then take a shower after wards.
5) After you wipe your bottom, do you ever follow up with powder or perfume or such? Nope! Don't need to. I'm a guy and I don't worry about those things.


Mr. Clogs

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hi all, I had a serious poo desp experience yesterday.

I was at the tracks at our sports uni doing laps, which always loosens my bowels, and after about 10 laps they were seriously churning and telling my "hunny find a toilet soon". I told my friend anna who looked relieved and said she needed to take a dump too for several laps already!
So we made our way to the toilets by the tracks only to find both stalls occupied and a line of 5 girls in running gear waiting for them already.
We got in line and settled in for a while of waiting, as several of the girls seemed pretty nervous and jiggled around in line. They were all students as well and the first one was able to get in quickly to start peeing. The other cubicle remained closed and i could see the feet of the girl in there curling as she strained.
I was increasing my need constantly and started to clench my bum a bit to relieve some pressure, luckily the girl just peed but the next girl who dashed in immediately started with a fart and a series of plopping noises. Anna hunched over a bit and started to poo dance, wiggling her tight butt against the wall. The other three girls also danced around, the first two kept crossing their legs and squirming but the third had both hands on her stomach and moaned silently while she did a low-key poo dance like me.
After a few minutes all three of us were fully poo dancing with hands grabbing on bums and all registers when finally a stall opened and the two girls in front were able to pee quickly.
"iŽll try to hurry" the final girl said to us as she waddled in, holding her ???? and exploded with runny poo into the toilet. Anna was bursting and begged the second girl to hurry up and I wasnŽt in much better shape, constantly squeezing my butt cheeks to keep in control when finally there was a huge plop and sigh from the second stall and a minute later a girl came out relieved and apologized. Anna immediately darted in and ripped her pants down to start her poop, leaving me dancing outside listening to two girls seriously unloading! 2 younger girls came in after me and starred at me as I held my bum, shouting for anna to hurry up as the other girl was still going strong with soft poo.
Finally after what seemed like an eternity she flushed and came out, I just jumped in ripped my pants and panties down and started to poo while sitting down, it felt sooooo good to finally go! I spent 10 mins in the stall while the other girl was still having the runs, we both left about the same time.
There was a good queue of 4-5 girls waiting and I said to her "phew that was just in time" as we washed our hands "tell me about it I was about to fill my pants" she said before we all finished our running.


self poop servey often do you poop? 3-5 times a week like it? i do witch is odd but i love pooping
3.places you have gone other then a toilet? in a bucket in my room,
on my floor, in the shower,in a pot while typing this out.
4.ever gone in our pants on purpose? oh yea many times.
5. ever gone in your pants in public? nope not that
6. taking laxatives for the heck of it? yep
7.ever gone into the opposite sex bathroom and took a poop? yea couple times.
8. ever watched one of the opposite poop? yes when i was like 6 years old i watched my neighbor girl go.
9. have you ever taped yourself pooping? yes

that's all i got for now
now i want some females to take this same serve and post it on here


to Zip

There was a house in the suburb that I grew up in, that had a floor-to-ceiling translucent/frosted window in the bathroom. The toilet was visible: it was in front of the window.

Anyone walking down the street would have been able to see people sitting on the toilet. No one was ever sitting on the toilet when I rode by that house in a car.


Post Title (optional)The beach

I normally don't like having a bowel movement in public, but this time I was desperate.
I was walking along the beach and I felt the familiar full feeling in my stomach and intestines and knew that I would have to go soon.
It was almost painful; I clenched my bum but knew that it would end up coming out. I came to a secluded part of the beach with large rocks.
I sat on two rocks that were quite close together, but there was a gap between them.
I looked around to make sure nobody was near and pulled my jeans down just enough. I relaxed my sphincter and instantly began to pee, the feeling was amazing, it pooled beneath the two rocks and seemed to keep coming out.
As soon as my bladder was empty, my poo began to come out, a large brown turd slipped out of my anus, quickly followed by another two.
I closed my eyes in relief and took a deep breath - I savoured the empty feeling and pulled my pants up again.
I got up and looked down at it - I felt so naughty, but nobody ever knew until now!

Emily W

Squat toilets advice.

So there's a place I visit often that has only squat toilets, really modern, but I'm not very good in a squat and actually sit on the floor to pee.

Any squatting tips?
I'm worried about peeing into my knickers
I'm worried about falling.
People in the next stall can see my stream, anything I can do?

Thank you in advance.



Outdoor Dump

Hey, its Phil here. In my last post I wrote about going outside for a dump down a country lane near my house. I like to go here to unload as its really quiet and there are plenty of places to go -behind bushes, in fields, beside stables etc.

Yesterday I could feel the need for a clear out and in the evening decided to go for a walk. About 5 minutes down the lane there are some allotments just off the road down a small track. I thought this would be a perfect place to go. By now it was getting gloomy but it was still light enough to see where to walk etc. The allotments have a low fence around them with a wooden step over the fence.

By this time I was ultra desperate to release my load. I sat on one part of the step and hung my arse over the other side. Almost immediately I started to unload. Boy did this feel good! A huge rope of poop was coming out of me and the air around me start to smell temporarily. This is gonna be a good one I thought and I wasn't disappointed! There was just no stopping the poop (this was 6 days worth). Another long rope of poo started to exit my bum and I just sat there enjoying the relief. After that had dropped out I started to release loads of small bits of poo. About 10 -15 bits must have come out in rapid succession. I pushed out a couple of more small bits and was done. I looked on the other side of the fence and there was one mountain of shit there.

After a good wipe, I thought that the allotment owners could use it as fertilizer for there plants and stuff. There was certainly plenty there for them to use.

Hope you liked my story, and I will post again with any further adventures I have.


horrible diarrhea

I spent the last 8 hours on the toilet every twenty minutes with pure liquid exploding out of me. I have no idea whats going on, but I can't handle much more of this

Migraine loverer

the worst day at camp

I was at camp and started feeling sick. A few minutes went past and it got worse. I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. A lot of diarrhea come out of me. It felt good. It least I wasn't going to throw up. A few girls came into the bathroom. I was horrified! they smelled it and laughed. They then left. I finished up and wiped. I don't think they knew it was me.
p.s. please give me some feedback on my stories so far.
thanks for reading,
Migraine Loverer

Hi all!

I'm new here, it looks like this is a great site. I'm 19 year old male.
I've been lurking around for a while, now I'll post some memorable experiences I remember from my life.

The earliest pooping I remember is from when I was about 2 years old, I was still in diapers and I was playing on the carpet, while my Mom and her friend watched me, and I suddenly felt poop come out and the stench hit me. My Mom saw my pondering face and asked "Is it stinky?"

There was another one I remember from around then: I was about 3, and there were a few months when I could use the potty, but still required diapers for pooping. I remember mom put a diaper on me, then I went into the bathroom and started walking around and pushed it out while walking.

When I was about 11, is when I first remember hearing a girl fart.
One of my classmates, a girl I was friends with, came over to us, and we started playing on my PlayStation. We reached a single-player level and she decided to complete it, while I went behind her to watch.
She was sitting on her knees but I was watching her bottom and her panties sticking out the top instead of the game. Then suddenly, there was a pretty quiet "pfffffffffft" with an even quieter trumpet-like noise mixed into it, and a few seconds later the fart smell hit me.
We didn't say anything about it, but she obviously noticed it, even is she was too absorbed in the game to hear it, the smell would still hit her.

One time, when I was 12, my parents weren't home, and some very rare episode of "Cramp Twins", I think the one in which they slept in a motel, was on T.V. I had to go poop very bad, but I didn't want to go to the toilet and miss it. Then, I noticed, that the plant-watering jug was on the shelf, and a roll of toilet paper was sticking out of my school bag. I grabbed the jug and the paper, and lined the bottom and sides of the jug with paper, then I sat down on my McGyvered camping toilet and let loose. Ohhh, what a relief. It sounded strange farting into that plastic jug, and the poop came out pretty quickly, but thankfully, it wasn't diarrhea. After that, I wiped myself, put a heavy towel onto the jug, so the smell won't get out that easily, and emptied it when "Cramp Twins" ended.

When I was 17, I was spending the afternoon in my school, because the math teacher thought I needed some extra practice to improve my grades.
I was waiting in front of the classroom, and directly opposite it was the very small teachers' bathroom. (Just a small step-in place with a toilet and a sink, even a train's toilet is bigger than that place).
Suddenly, the fat english teacher came out of the teacher's lounge. She started walking towards me and went into the teachers' toilet. A few seconds later she had very loud and strong explosive diarrhea, the first time in my life when I heard a woman do this.
A few minutes later the torrent stopped. She wiped, flushed, washed hands, came out, and started walking back, but cast me a weird look.
She was probably building it up the whole school day, and after all her lessons were over, she went in to finally explode.

A few months ago, I was in school, and had to go diarrhea bad, and so bad, that I quickly put up my hand, told the teacher I need to go, she released me, I ran outta the classroom, and could only make it into the girls' bathroom, because the boys' was on the opposite end of the building and I couldn't get there with this thermonuclear shit about to blow.
I jumped down onto the bowl, and boy did I explode! I came out in three waves and took 30 minutes.
The next lesson, I had another attack, but it wasn't so intense and reached the boys' bathroom.

Response to the Cinnamon Challenge

Hi Tiffany, I read your story. Wow! that must have been lots of fun. Very hilarious too. That video on youtube was hilarious LOL.

Was that the first time you and your friends had accidentally wet yourselves?


Inferiority complex my foot.

Been lurking for awhile and it seems I just figured it was time to hop up on my soapbox and mention that...

Most women seem to have this thing about lording over guys that they can best them in bladder strength or bowel capacity (either by nature or nurture) and alot of these claims are outrageously untrue or they happen to be achieved by very unhealty means. I myself seem to have a very low urgency to urinate (not sure how or why) and it strikes me as odd when my female friends and girlfriend feel snubbed that I can drink a whole pitcher of water and not need to pee for hours. In this instance I think this is less of a gender thing and more of a person thing.

Mr. Clogs

mystery man's survey

mystery man
1. If possible, please give a brief physical description of yourself. Male, 29, African-American decent.
2. What drinks make you pee? Water, coffee, beer
3. What foods make you poop? ????, fiber supplements,
4. Do you wash your hands after you pee? Always, sometimes, or never? Yes
5. Do you wash your hands after you poop? Always, sometimes, or never? Yes
6. If never or sometimes for #5 or #6, why? Please be as specific as possible. N/A
7. If you have the urge to pee, what do you do? Hold it in or find a bathroom? Find a place or something and someplace private to pee.
8. If you have the urge to poop, what do you do? Hold it in or find a bathroom? Try to get to a bathroom, I'm better at holding poop than pee. I try to look someplace or something to poop in.
9. Generally, what kind of underwear do you prefer? Thongs or briefs? Why? I wear boxers for the winter or if I wear shorts and want to the cool summer breeze cool off the family jewels, briefs for everyday wear I prefer colored briefs because it masks stains and yes I do wipe! Thongs for the weekends and during the spring and summer time.
10. Do you pee in the shower? Yes
11. Do you poop in your pants on purpose? I can't technically say on purpose but I tried to see what it felt like. It feels weird but felt good feeling the warm soft poop in my briefs.


Mr. Clogs

to lauren: i really enjoyed both of your posts! thats cool that u held your poo in all day long! iam sorry to hear about your poo accident at your cheerleading competitions! what kinds of foods make u produce logs ? i think that it would be really cool to have several bathroom experiences with you! try to leave the tiolet unflushed when u go to the bathroom in public ! i cant wait to hear your future posts!



Amanda B


Hi I'm Amanda, 17 years old long time lurker but new to posting. I've always enjoyed holdng it in when I have to shit because when I finally do try and go I love the feeling of 9 inches of crap coming out of me. It also turns me on sometimes. Is anyone else like this?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010



To Lewis:

Yes, I usually buy Andrex too! It's so soft and you're right- the puppy is adorable :) Although the TV adverts with him in have been running for a veeery long time now, so it's probably not the same dog I fell in love with as a little girl...

1) How often do you have a bowel movement? Usually twice a day
2) After a bowel movement, do you wipe your bottom with dry toilet tissue alone or do you use dampened toilet tissue or wet wipes or something? Almost always just dry
3) How many times do you wipe after a bowel movement? Four or five times I would say is average
4) Do you often bathe right after you have a bowel movement? Only if I have to go when I wake up before I shower
5) After you wipe your bottom, do you ever follow up with powder or perfume or such? No, it's too much hassle!

To Shakerboy:

Since I met her when we started university last year, Emma & I have dumped and peed together maany times, sometimes in weird places. Our flat is very open and none of the girls in it are shy about their bodies and their associated functions, so I know Emma wouldn't have minded me seeing her, especially since she was trying to look at me as well! She is by far the loudest person you will ever be likely to meet, both in normal conversation and on the toilet (sorry Emma, but you know it's true)! I think she probably produces the bigger loads most of the time, but I have been known to create the occasional monster! My biggest probably came when I was at school (I'll post about that in the future), and the biggest I have known Emma to take was one morning before we went in to lectures. At 10 she said she was going to the loo, and I said OK and I'd meet her in the kitchen when she was ready to go. I got ready and went to wait for her. Half past ten came and she was still not there, so I went and knocked on her door and she said she was almost done. After another ten minutes she came and told me I had to look at her poo, so I did. It was about a foot or so long and very thick and hard; no wonder she had taken so long to pass it!

Glad you both like my stories; I'll post another one now. This happened last Friday. I was walking back from a lecture and I could feel the pressure building. As I passed the student's union I thought about using the toilets in there, but I thought I would easily make it home. I kept walking and was still a fair distance from my flat when a very strong urge hit me. I had to stop walking and pretend to be reading a message from my phone while I tried to hold it in. I knew it was about a ten minute walk to my flat, but my this time it was almost the same distance back to the union, so I kept walking, faster now. I really had to go so badly. Because of the sunny weather I was wearing a short white skirt and a pair of panties, so I really didn't want to have an accident. I hurried up the hill to the flat, feeling really desperate. By the time I got inside I was almost going in my pants. I fumbled with my door key and got inside and on the loo just in time. A big, big log slid out almost immediately and I felt sooo relieved! There was another, much smaller log, and a final couple of pieces of poo, and I was done.

More stories to come! I'll get Emma to post something as well.


Forget this but remember that?

Hey Kev,

Your letter is interesting. You say that after drinking you sometimes forget to pee before going to bed yet you expect to remember to put on your depends before going to bed...let us know how that goes.

Anyway, the prospect of never having a few beers on the weekend may sound troubling but the incontinence products I have tried don't work well while sleeping. With a full adult bladder I could only release all into the diaper while standing. If I am sitting or laying down when I release it leaks out. If I sit down after filling the diaper, it squishes out.

I've always wanted to pee outside and the other day I was finally able to. I was home alone so I decided to go tan outside on my dock (I have a lake in my backyard). I had to pee so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. I went to the side of my house where there was bushes and no one could see me, squatted and pulled me bathing suit bottom to the side and peed. It was fun and I told my boyfriend about it and he laughed.


Pooping in the Woods.

I remember the days before all these electronic gadgets, we boys seldom went home after school when the weather was nice, except to get out of our school clothes. We always played in the nearby woods building tree forts, damming the creek, swimming, ect. until it got dark. Adults never went there. When we had to poop, if we went home, our parents might make us stay there.(This was in Georgia, warm weather) so we just did it downstream in the creek, using leaves. There was a fallen tree over the creek that was perfect to get comfortable on.


Alcohol bedwetting

I'm typing this about an hour after my girlfriend woke me up to ask if I had peed the bed, again. I've done this probably 25 times in the last 2 1/2 years, and it only happens if I drink a lot before bed and forget to pee first. I am so embarrassed by this problem, and usually she is understanding, but I always sleep at her house and I've peed in her bed so many times that I feel I owe her a new mattress! The times that I make a mental note to myself that I've had a lot to drink and that I should pee before bed, I don't have an accident. But that doesn't mean I always remember, I stayed at my parents house about a month ago after drinking with my sister and wet myself that night. I ordered a free sample of depends a few minutes ago as a last resort until I can afford to go to the doctor, I'm afraid that it's not just a drinking problem but that the alcohol is revealing another problem. I never have accidents or leaks during the day, or on a night that I haven't drank at all, but earlier tonight in the car just after I peed at my house (in the toilet) I felt like I leaked a little bit. I couldn't really tell and I couldn't go anywhere to check (it didn't go thru to my jeans if it did happen). Anyhow, I put the sheets in the wash (thank god she got me up in time that the mattress wasn't wet at all) and she's sleeping on the couch, and I'm a little upset and unclear about what I should do. I'm a healthy weight for my height 6'3" 190 lbs, 23 years old. I only had 3 beers tonight, but I had them within an hour and went to bed not long after. Again, I don't think I have a medical problem, but I'm not sure. I don't want to be destined for a lifetime of depends, or the prospect of never having a few beers on the weekend.


Texting in the bathroom

I'm sitting on the toilet right now with my phone typing this post. I've been holding my poo all day & I'm dying to go. I'm a bit constipated & I can't seem to get it to come out. I'm pushing really hard now & I can feel my anus stretching out wide. I can feel the tip of my poo poking it's way out but I have to relax to breath & it keeps going back inside me. I'm pushing with all of my strength now & my anus is burning. My poo is coming out more now but my bum feels like it's on fire. The poo is hard & knobly & I can feel it bumping it's way out of my anus. It's a big one & all that pushing is tiring. I have to keep going though. I need to get this monster out! Finally it's out. But there's more inside me. I'm pushing again but now it's a little softer & easier to pass thank god. It's another big one too & smelly. Now the last one, I think. This one's different. It's just flowing out under its own weight & it's soft & wet but not quite liquid. The relief is indescribable & so is the smell! I'm wiping my bum now & it's very sore. I don't think I should hold it so long next time.

I love holding my crap untill I'm too desperate to wait any longer. I can hold it for days at a time & love the relief I get when I finaly let myself go. I've had a few accidents when I can't get to a toilet in time & even though it can be extremely embarrassing, It feels so good. I've decided to see just how long I can hold it before I really have to go & hopefully my "accident" won't happen in public! ↲Today is Saturday 17 April 2010. I haven't crapped since this morning & I don't need to go right now. I'll post daily to keep you all updated on how I get on.

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