Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors (Bike Hike Day) Part 2

While Jill and I were eating breakfast inside the kitchen of my grandmothers house from outside we saw Janet come walking up to the backporch and she came inside. She first ai hi to me and then asked Jill;When did you get here? Jill took a quick look at the clock and said twenty minutes ago I think. Janet then told Jill you should have gotten me up too I would have came over with you. Oh you looked like you were sound asleep and I didn't want to wake you up Jill said back to Janet.

I nterrupted them and asked Janet had she eaten yet. She said no so I told her get some cearla, juice, and if you want toats make that too. So Janet went and got a glass of oj,a bowl for ceareal and a spoon. She came over to the table and sat down on my side of the table and drank her juice right down and poured put the cereal, poured some milk and started eating.

As now all three of us ate I thought about the girls and thier bikes. So I mentioned about having still we had to go ver to thier house to get them. No we don't Jill said to me. I rode mine over its in the small barn. Me too Janet said next. I rode mine over and its behind the trailer. Ok then we can leave from here I said to them both.

Now my grandmother was not up yet so we ate somewhat quietly but we did all talk in low voices as we ate. Janet mentioned to her sistor seeing that Jill had on one of her summer dresses. Jill replied back to Janet telling her that Janet was wearing one too. Janet was for she had on a very pale pink one which looked nice on her and it was longer in length then Jills too.

Then Janet mentioned to her sistor; You were in a hurry weren't you? Jillasked back Why how did you know I was? Janet told Jilljust the way you had left the bedroom. You when you got dressed left a pair of your panties on the bed! Jill almost choked and began to giggle real hard for a moment. Did I do that? Jill giggled and then went on saying even giggling harder; I guess I did.

Then Jill spilled the beans next for she said to Jill still giggling hard; I saw Dave on the toilet chair this morning when I came over! He was pooping too! Janet looked right at me and I felt my face heat ing up. Janet wasn't mad for when she said to me she only said to me; You did? So I had to explain how it happened and Janet giggled off and on as I explained how it happened. Jill giggled harder and louder as I told Janet about it. I had to stop and tell Jillquiet down which she did some.

Well that was done and Janet said like Jill had told me about our pissing last night durring hide n seek game we had. She smiled with a big smile and said it sure had been fun. Jill agreed and so did I. Then our talk turned abut the bike hike. I started it off asking them both were any places they couldn't ride. Both answered telling me not along the main highway. We can cross t not ride on it. So that was easy enough to avoid I told them.

WE were nearing the end of having breakfast. My grandmother had woken up and had come in the kitchen now. The coffe was ready she poured a cup and came over to the table and sat down with us three. She asked about our bike hike for she knew we were going on one. We told her we had it mostly planned out. We just needed to make up some snacks and sandwiches.

My grandmother said ok but you'll need drinks too. She grabbed her pocket book and took some singles out from it along with a lot of change. Here use this for drinks. You can buy them and you don't have th extra weight carrying them instead. The girls said thank you along with me. WE then got up made sandwiches and snacks. We then said to my grandmother LATER! and we went outside.

I started walking towards the big barn where my bike was and Janet and Jill were togther whispering about something then Jill ran up to me to go to the small barn to get her bike while Janet headed the other way to get her bike by the trailer. I met both Janet and jill by the trailer once I had gotten my bike and Jill hers.

We got on the bikes and I asked the girls if they were ready from both girls said back to me: WE are now! So we went down the driveway and up the road that would take us up a hill and would then go several miles to our first stop for drinks at Diane's which was a litle store at the end of this road. I knew all of us would be thirsty by the time we got there.

We didn't hurry along. When we could we rode side by side n the one lane of the road which we did most of the time. Traffic was vey light this time in the morning so we only had to get sngle file a few times. We reached Diane's store after 45 minutes or so had passed. Got three ice cold bottles of soda and crossedover the highway to another older paved town side road and we rode along that road together.

We had gone about five miles and I then asked the girls would you want to stop at Ernie's Grocery next. Another drink and some ice cream? I asked them. Both Janet and Jill said YES! So ERnie's would be the next stop of our hike. From where we were right now I knew it was about ten miles. There was no direct straight through route to get there.

We reached the first of our several turns on to another road which we had to take. Then after twenty more minutes the second turn and the next road to take in our journey. When we got halfway down this road Janet spoke out saying she needed to make a stop. Jill hearing her said me too! Jill aslo followed right up also saying; I and Janet have to pee. Janet then said Jill was right. I do have to piss. I laughed and said alright sounds good to me.

Right where we were though it was all open fields of a lrge farm. The hay or grass in the fields was short. So every where it was wide open. The girls and I couldn't stop here to piss. But up in the far distance there were woods so we pedaled on picking up our pace so that we would get there quicker.

As we got closer to the wooded area it was a strip of woods that was along a creek for there was a bridge in the road. BOth sides of the creek were ined with trees and the strips on both sides of the creek were pretty wide and apeared thick as we got closer. I said to both Janet and Jill. We'll stop and go in the woods. They both said alright and in five minutes we had stopped walked our bikes in wth us and were out of sight from the road.

Jill wated no time getting off from her bike once we had stopped in the woods. Jill was not facing Janet or I once she was off from her bike. She hurridly pulled her blue summer dress up around her waist and squated. I smiled seeing her bare ass and Jill started pissing a thin stream of piss down into the leaves and weeds.

Janet reached into the wicker bike basket on the front of her bike and pulled out a roll of toilet paper from it! Whispering she said to come with her. So she and I snuck over behind a nearby bush. Janet handed me the roll of toilet paper and she hurridly raised up the bottom her pink summer dress up to her waist and she sqauted right down very quickly.

Janet let loose with a hard dark yellow colored piss stream and she also cut loose a long loud fart! Then Janet started shiting! I saw hoarse shaped pellets plop out from under her. One right after the other! They weren't quite as round as hoarse shit for they were slightly flat top and bottom of them. Almost as quickly as if you were counting one thousand one one thousand two slowly that's how Janet was shitting!

In a short time she had several of these type shits laying in the leaves and weeds under her and another one plopped down. Then there was a pause. Janet also right at this time had her hard piss stream ease right down to just a dribble which wetted her crotch and the pile of nuggetes laying under her.

Janet let out a quick grunt and I saw a tip f a shit poke down and it moved hgetting larger and longer. Her piss went on dribbling. Her shit got to be about six inches long. It was brown ike her nuggets but it was softer and then it broke fell omn her nuggets and then a small piece fellaway. Her piss stream sprang back into life again going straight down and gave all of her shit a good wetting.

Then her piss stream eased up and by this time Jill who we had left pissing had come over to where we both were. SeeingJanet sqauted down shitting and pissing sad to Janet; Talk about me taking a poop in front of Dave your'e doing it now. Jill wasn't mad at her sistor. Janet had told me shewas going to poop before we left! That's what they had whispered about before leaving and Janet had told Jill that she had the toilet paper roll in her basket too. Jill went and asked me if I had peed yet I told her I hadn't yet. I was waiting for Janet. Jill giggled hard and said back to me; Good I didn't miss anything!

Janet now had stopped pissing. She rolled off a big wad of toilet paper gave her ass a good wiping. Dropped the used paper down on her shit and then she gave a push and she pissed a spurt of piss out from her bagina on the toilet paper.Then she rolled off some more ppaer and wiped her vagina off. Then she was done. Now it was my turn.

So I popped the nap on my cutoff shorts, yanked them right down and I shoved my penis down with my hand. I like Jill instantly started pissing with a very hard stream of piss which I had my penis aimed wher Janet had shit and pissed. My piss soaked the tpilet paper alng with all of Janets shit. I took a fairly long piss and did several good finishing up spurts in a row too.

Then I pulled up my cutoffs andtook care of them. Back over to our bikes, walked back out to the road and we pedaled off down the road. Forty minutes later we were inside Ernies gettinganother round of sodas and we all got a popscickle too. We satyed outside long enough to sip some soda and eat the popscikles. Then back on the bikes and the next part of our hike. This time we took a dirt road which would take us over to the next paved road. This would be a half hour or more as far as time.

Toatl time I would have said nw was well past two hours closer to three hours. We came to the end of the dirt road and made a right instead of a left. Going this way would take us over to the next small town. The girls wanted to go there and go to the school that was there. The school there was like the old school in our town just bigger and it had a good playground there too. Weall knew it well for we all had been there before.

This took us almost a hour to get to the school. We pulled in on the schools grounds and went straight behind the school itself for that is were the playground was. Like our playground the swings were in front of a row of very tall old pine trees. So they were shaded out of the sun. Behind the row of pines there were hedges in a row with spaces between them and behind the hedges was a creek.

WE stopped off our bikes near the swings. First words from Jill were; Who has to pee? I do! She headed for the row of pine trees and hedges behind the swings. Janet and I loked at each other laughed and we both yelled out to Jill; Wait for us! We have to pee too! We then ran after Jill cuaght up to her as she reached the row of hedges and we all went through the space betwen two of them and stood behind them.

We were facing the slow moving creek as we first stood there. So what I did was pop my snap yank my cutoffs down to my knees and faced the creek to take my piss. Both Janet and Jill stood facing the same way and side by side too with me. They both yanked up thier summer dresses and got down in high squats together.

I didn't wait for them to start. I also had not reached down to holdmy penis. I started with a hard piss which my stream made a nice long curving arc through the air and came down into the creek not far from the far side of it. Jill seingmy piss stream yelled out: Dave's pissing in the creek! He's not holding himself either! That made Janet turn her head to take a lookat me. She let out a giggle seeing that I wasn't holding myslef asI pissed.

Both girls had yet started pissing like I had. Janet then said to me loud enough for Jill to hear asked me if I could make my penis bounceup and down. Jill hearig this laughed loudly. So with Janet's reqest I made my penis swing up and then it fell. I did it over and over again in a row making my stream go crazy. Both gitls laughed hard which thier hard laughing made them both start to piss!I knew tha they had started pissing for both of them said along these lines that if they had panties on they would have wet them! I began to laugh now.

Jill i could see her piss stream for it had angled forward so I could see it flowing wetting the dirt darkening it out in front of her. Janet who was right next to me her stream was hissing and she had a wet spot in the dirt forming under her ass. Soon there was soft splashing from Janet's piss for the dirt was soaking it up and a small puddle had formed. Jill still had her stream still angled forward wetting the dirt.

I kept going with my strong piss. Jill being the second one to start now had her stream ease and she stopped. So she stood up with her dress dropping down covering her over. She took a stpe outward and took a look at Janet and then turned towards the creek and went back watching my piss stream. Janet a short time later had her stream ease right off dribbled a little and then she stood up and watched my stream. I then shortly later my stream quit cutting right off so that my stream fell straight down its entire length of it splashing back across the creek, the sshort side bank and the dirt in front of me all at once. Jill and Janet giggled. I pulled up my cutoff shorts and did the zipper and snap on them. Then we walked back out to the swings and our bikes. We had our lunch swinging on the swings. I'll stop here for we are halfway on our hike. Upstate Dave


Sister's Little Habit

I am 16 and have an 11 year old sister Allison and 7 year old sister Riley. They both like to go to this playground at the park just down the street. I thought that Allison would start to lose interest at her age but she still has fun there. A few of their friends and other kids go there often too. Riley isn't allowed to go alone yet but Allison can so they usually go together. Anyway a while ago they were both playing there for a long time because some of their friends were there. When they finally showed up at the door my sister's jeans were totally soaked, and you could tell she peed her pants. Me and my mom were totally shocked because it was Allison that had done it. She looked pretty embarrassed but not too upset. She just said she had to go really bad and thought she could make it home. My mom just told her to be careful but we were both really surprised.

A couple months later she showed up at the door from the park in denim short that she obviously peed in and she said basically the same thing. My mom was a little harder on her this time but then it happened again a couple weeks later. A while after that my mom started sending me along to watch them to see what was going on with Allison.

One time while she was running around I thought I noticed her fidgeting a little bit. Then a couple times she stopped in her tracks and stood there squirming. The second time it was pretty obvious she had to go so I went up and asked her if she did. She just looked kind of embarrassed and said no. I went back to watching for a while and she was still looking a little uncomfortable. A few minutes later she stopped again and squirmed so I told her we should go home and that I knew she had to go. Then she said she kind of had to go but just wanted to stay a bit longer. I gave her another chance and let her go. A few minutes after that she stopped beside some of the playground equipment and started to squirm again. But then she stopped and just stood there looking guilty. I went over and asked her if everything was alright. She just looked at me nervously and yes. I just watched her as her face went red and she grunted a bit and I knew something was wrong, but she wasn't peeing her pants. Then it hit me and I just blurted out "Ally are you pooping your pants?" She just looked at me in shock for a second then nodded. Just then I could hear a crackling sound coming from her jeans and I just stared in shock. I looked back and called Riley who was nearby and told her we were going home. When I turned back Allison started squatting down and was still filling her panties. After staring at her in shock a little more I asked if she was done and she said no. A few seconds later she just said "okay" quietly and stood back up. I didn't know what else to say so I just turned and started walking back home. She got a few stares from other kids as we walked through the playground. "Did you poop your pants Ally?" Riley just realized. "Yeah." said Ally quietly. It was quiet for another minute until I said "I can't believe you did that. Why didn't you just come back home? Couldn't you tell you had to go that bad?" "I dunno, I thought if I really tried I could hold it longer." When we got back my mom was shocked again. I didn't want to get Allison in trouble but I had to tell mom that Ally knew she had to go but would come home. My mom tried grounding her but not too much because she was worried it might be some kind psychological thing.

I just think it's so weird that she started doing it at her age, let alone Riley not having any kind of problem at all. It looked so funny to see little Riley standing next to Ally who is getting taller pretty fast now and Ally is the one who peed herself. Anyway I just thought I'd post that up here since I don't really want to tell too many people in real life in case Ally gets made fun of or something. Anyway it's getting late so maybe I can tell a little more later because there have been incidents since then.


My cheerleading poo

I was cheerleading in front of whole school when I really needed to go toilet. There was no way I could leave the playing field so I just had to hold it in. My bladder was full & to make the situation worse I had diarrhoea. The thought of peeing my pants felt really embarrassing but the thought of shitting my pants as well was just too much to even think about. I tried to make it to the end of the competition but my pee had other ideas & it ran all down my legs. Then my bowels let go & diarrhoea exploded into my pants making a huge mess. They couldn't contain it all & I had to finish the competition with liquid shit all down the back of my legs. After the the competition I ran off the field towards the girls toilets & on the way I shit myself again. I went straight into the showers to clean up but I needed to go again. I held it untill I'd got cleaned up & wrapped a towel around myself before running to the loo to release another wave of diarrhoea. After that I went back to the shower to clean up a bit more & got dried & dressed. I went home after that as I didn't want want to have any one attacks in school.

Untill tonight I hadn't had a crap for 3 days & after after spending most of the day at work trying not to mess my knickers I was sure I wouldn't make it home in time if I took the bus. I phoned my stepdad to get a lift home but it took him half an hour to get to my works due to traffic & I was nearly crapping myself. When I got into the car I almost lost control but somehow I managed to hold it in. As we drove the traffic was getting slower & slower & a couple of police cars drove past up on the hard shoulder. My stepdad said he thought there must have been an accident. I told him I was about to have one myself & he patted my knee saying he knew how I must have felt the last time it happened (refering to time he picked me up before.) His hand moved further up my leg as he added that it would be ok to mess myself if I needed to go that badly. I was really tempted when he said that but it felt dirty so I tried to hold it. Well we spent an hour in that traffic jam & we'd hardly moved. I was getting really desperate by now & my crap had a biological need to come come out. I told my stepdad I couldn't hold it any longer & I relaxed letting out a torrent of semi solid crap. My knickers filled right up. It was all over my bum & even inside my most intimate place. I felt so relieved I didn't worry about the fact that I'd just messed myself in front of my stepdad for the second time. All I was worried about was getting it all out.


seen wiping

I'm 21, male, 6ft2, average build, brown hair, blue eyes, this is my first post, I'd like to share a story about my wife and one about me, so my wife had been needing the toilet all day long but wont use public bathrooms so i had to deal with her farting all day long, when we got home she went in the bathroom while i was shaving and sat down on the toilet and started to pee as her pee was a bout to end she let out a big airy fart followed by a squeak and then some slow crackling as her turd poked out her butt, i asked if she was OK and she said she thinks she may be a Lil constipated, her poo was just hanging out her tiny hole as she put her head in the hands after a few seconds there was a huge plop as her poo dropped out of her, followed immediately by 3 huge farts, she says "oh man" then more crackling as another fat log slides out her arse, she plopped out another 3 turds drop into the water below her butt with big kerplunks and plops, she tells me her hole feels stretched, and asks me if i want to see the poo she took, i have seen her on the toilet and heard her go alot but never seen her turds before, she stands up and starts wiping her lil hole, i look in the bowl and see 5 massive turds all the same size and length about 7 inches long and 2 inches wide, it must of stretched her hole because these were pretty monstrous and her butt hole is really tight. she wiped up and continued on with her day.

OK so second my wife was in the shower and i had to take a dump really bad so i go in the bathroom and asks if she minds if i take a poo real quick, she says that's fine so i pull my pants down and tuck my penis down and sit down i done a really loud dry sounding fart and she just looked at me with a funny smile on her face, i smiled back and started to push a big poo started to come out my bum hole and immediately started to smell she says "oh god!" that's stinks! i have this turd stuck out my hole and am pushing real hard to try get it moving, she keeps peeking at me but i wanted to get this out of me so i lean forward and push really hard, the poo slid out my butt hole and as my hole was still open and just closing i was farting, she was laughing now and turned the shower off, then i have really runny poo start coming out uncontrollably and she looks at me and says "is that poo??" it sounded almost like pee, she started to dry herself next to me as runny poo just kept coming out my bumhole, she gave me a sad face and asked if i was ok, i said yea i think so, then i just farted really loud and it made her jump! she laughs and I'm still farting while she was rubbing my shoulder, followed by shots of more poo spraying out with a few plops, and more farts, i didn't want to wipe in front of her but she was guna be a while, so i tore of some toilet paper and sat straight and poked my butt out and started wiping my bumhole, she looked at me and laughed because she knows i was embarrassed she gave me a kiss and i looked at the paper and it was almost completely covered in poo she says "eww that's gross", she knows it take me a while to wipe coz my bumhole is really hairy,so after a few more wipes and awkward moments I'm done and stand up, she looks at my junk as i pull my pants up and just smiles, i started to get a hard and she says i looked really hot, my hole was sore from wiping alot and she says she Will put some cream on it in a min, so we go to the bed and she tells me to bend over, she was about to put it on when she says "babe,you don't wipe to good, there's still poo around your hole and a lil chunk in it a lil bit" so she gets a baby wipe and wipes a circular motion around my hole then puts her hand on my bum cheek and spreads my hole open and digs in it a lil bit with the wipe, then says "omg u wanna see" so i turn around and the wipe is almost got poo all over it, she then spreads my cheeks again so my hole is open a bit and rubs cream on it then gives me a slap on the butt and says "there you go" i kinda enjoyed it and she rubs cream on my bumhole now whenever it gets sore, she even shaved my bum crack once so i didn't have to wipe so much, but it felt weird.

well let me know if u liked the story's because i got tons more, we are very open and comfortable with each other, thanks.

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors

Janet and I played our third game of rummy in the trailer. This last game of theree game match as we played it was very close. Almost every hand the lead would change. Both of us really got excited by this happening for each one of us could win it or lose it.Janet was more excitedd then I for she almost said every time that she took the lead away from me; I'm winning!

But with the great building excitement with the game it effected Janet in a different way too. Her great excitement befoore the game would reach its end Janet's excitement made her have to piss real bad and I mean real bad! It was Janets turn to play right now too. But she slammed her cards down on the table suddenly and said to me loudly; I have to piss! Janet got up and ran for the door of the trailer.

I got up to go with her for Janet was going to use the toilet chair again over in the pine trees. Janet was in such a hurry that she had slammed the screen door of the trailer right in my face as she went outside! I pushed it open and I cuaght up to Jante at the bottom of the steps. Then as we were just about to head over to where we would enter the pine trees and the toilet chair we were inturrupted.

Hey guys! Jill cried out. It was Jill Janets sistor and she was comming up the driveway towards us. I stopped but Janet kept going heading towards the bush and where we went into the pine trees to the toilet chair. Jill seeing Janet hurrying off as she came up to measked me? Were's Janet going in such a hurry? I quickly blurted out; Janet is going to use the toilet chair.

The toilet chair? What's that!! Jill said to me. Look I don't have time to tell you Jill! Just come with me and you'll see. With that I quickly took off with Jill now right on my heels. Janet had reached the bush and was trying to get through the pine trees with some diffaculty but I reached her and I helped by pushing the branches back for her which she srambled through along now with Jill behind her.

It only took Janet a few short seconds to get through and reach te little clearing where the toilet chair was. As I came into the clearing Jill was standing there off to the side looking at the old chair and Janet. Janet had already turned around and was shoving her pants down to her knees. Then she tugged her white panties down into her jeans and starte to lower herself down to sit in the toilet chair.

Now Jill looking at the old chair asked Janet; Is that going to hold you? It sure doesn't look like it will. Janet didn't say anything back to Jll. She was in to much of a hurry snce she had to piss so badly. Janet was in a squat but not yet siting in the chair when out from her vagina piss gushed out from it!

It was a spraying stream too. It sprayed on the front wooden cross piece of the chair, all over the front pieces of the broken cane, and down through the hole in the cane, and all over the pine needles on the ground. Then Janice plopped her ass down hard now sitting in the chair. Then Jill said; I guess it does hold you then. Jill watched her sistor piss and I was behind her and watched also.

Janet was sitting in the toilet chair with her eyes closed for several long seconds after starting her piss. Then she let out a long soft sigh of relief and then she opened her eyes. In her urge to piss Janet had not noticed Jill at all! For when Janet had opened her eyes she saw Jill and Janet said; Jill when did you get here/ Jill giggled and told Janet just as you where headed here.

Janet still had her gushing spraying piss stream going as they coninuied to talk. Jill now sid to her sistor giggling; You almost peed yourself again! You always wait to long. Janet asked Jil in return; How did you get in here? Then Jill told Janet that I had told her about (Jill giggled) the toilet chair! Then Jill after saying this realized that I was standing there watching Janet piss along with her. Jill must have thought that I diodn't come in also. Jill said to Janet now; Janet your'e peeing with Dave here!

Janet looked at Jill and said to her; I know that Jill! If you must know Dave has seen me piss twice already! So you keep your mouth shut about this. And if you must know also I have seen Dave piss twice also! Now Jill was only silent for one short second. Then she turned around and said to me; Is that true Dave? You peed in front of Janet and she in front of you? I laughed. Well she is pissing in front of us right now! Jill now giggled a litle and said; That's true. She turned back around and went back to watching Janet piss.

Jill watched Janet for only several seconds and then as still watched her sistor she said to me; Dave would you pee if you have to go now? I thought for a short second or two and I told Jill that I didn't really have to go. ( I did but was just having a little fun with Jill right then also I was going to piss after Janet anyway) Jill was dissapointed by my answer just by the way she sounded asking me again if I would pee.

At this point Janet's gushing spraying piss stream was easing off. Its spraying had stopped and her piss stream was thin and going straight down now. Then Jill blurted out saying to me: Dave I'll go if you go! That made Janet now pay attention to what was going on as far as Jill. Jill you don't have to say that! If Dave doesn't have to piss he doesn't have to. Then I butted in right after Janet and I said to both of them; I don't mind Janet. I was teasing Jill. I do have to piss. That brought a loud short gggle from Jill.

Janet a few seconds later had her stream pause and then she did some spurts and a lot of dripping. Janet then said to me; Dave this time I'm going to need some toilet paper. So I asked Jill if she would go get it from the trailer. I told her where it was and jill before she left said to me: You better not pe while I'm gone! I laughed and told her she better hurry or you'll miss it! Jill the really took off running therough the pinetrees hard.

Janet stayed sitting on the toilet chair. She did say to me; Do you have to piss? I told her I did. You don't mind if Jill watches while I go? I asked Janet in return. Janet told me no that she didn't. Then a few seconds later Jill came crashing through the pine tre barnches into the little clearing with the roll of toilet paper in her hand for Janet.

Janet took the roll from Jill whipped off a lot of paper rolling it around her hand and yanked tearing the paper off from the roll. As she was rolling the paper off I said to Janet quickly; Hey leave some for me in case I need it in the morning! Now Jill who ha heard me and she had a quick mind figuired right out what I had ment by what I just had said. For she blurted right out; You poop out here too!!!! I just simply in return said back to her; I do.

Jill giggled real hard as Janet now had wiped her lower crotch and now was wiping off her vagina. She then dropped the used toilet paper down under the toilet chair and stood up. Give me a little more paper she said to Jill. Janet had dropped the roll when she had ripped off the paper from the roll to wipe herself. Jill picked up the roll and tore off several sheets from it and handed them to Janet. Janet then wiped her ass where it had ben wetted with piss and that was it she was done. She dropped thgat paper down through th hole of the toiet chair and then pulled up her panties amdpants stepped away from the toilet chair.

I started to step forward to take my piss but Jill who was standing closer to the toilet chair stepped in front of it first. Jill giggled and said to me; I'll go first just to show you I'll do it! Before I could reply Jill who was wearing a pair of dark red shorts yanked them right down along with a very old looking pair of washed out looking faded yellow panties she also had on.

As Jill went to sit down on the toilet chair she did look back at to see where how she was going to sit on it. What she did when she did sit down on it was not sit down placing her ass over the broken cane hole. Instaed she sat down placing her ass on the front wooden cross rail of the seta itself placing her vagina out in front the wooden rail.

I thought right then that the way Jill was sitting withher wieght on the front rail would make the chair tip forward. I told Jill you better sit back! The chair might tip over. Jill said she was ok. But just as she started to piss the chair tilted forward. Jill let out a short loud scream and at the same time stopped pissing skidded her sneakers foward and stopped the chair from tipping over.

Janet broke into hard laughter. I couldn't help but laugh too which I did. I did step over to the side of the chair and I placed my hands on the top of the back of the chair and held it steady for Jill. Now being where I was I could look right down between Jill's slim thighs and her crotch,vagina and her small curvy asscheeks.

Jill got over her sudden fright of the chair tipping and she started her piss again. The way she pissed was that she would piss with her stream shooting outward come back when her stream was less and then shoot foward as it got harder again so her piss stream swung back and forth as she went. Oh when her piss would change its flow it was also hissing so its hissing would go louder and softer as she pissed. And by the way her piss stream was a light yellow too.

Jill took a short piss as far as its length of time. When her stream stopped she did a lot of dribbling and dripping like Janet had done when her piss had ended. But Jill unlike her sistor Janet just stood up reached down and pulled up the old faded pair of yellow panties right up completely. Janet said loudly to Jill; Arn't you gong to wipe? Jill let out a good giggle as now she was pulling up her red shorts said back to Janet; No Dave's goping to need what's left of the paper in the morning when he poops! Jill had her red shorst up now and was stepping away from the tilet chair. As she was doing this she said to Janet; You don't wipe yourself all the time when you pee too! Janet didn't reply back to Jill for she knew she was right. I knew she was right too for she had not wiped on the two earlier pisses she had done today wth me.

Now it was my turn to go. So I just stepped back a couple of steps from the toilet chair after I came around in front of it. Like before when I had pissed with just Janet there with me I undid my pants and yanked them down with my white briefs together shoving the all the way down tomy knees. Jill seeing me standing there with every thing showing was silent for a few seconds. She seemed shocked by what I had done. Janet who was standing besides her sistor she burst into hard laughter at Jills suddeen silence.

Jill then did speak out as I now had my penis and hand and was moving it down to piss into the toilet chair. First words out of Jill's mouth were; Geee your thing is so big! That made Janet laugh even harder. Then Jill said loudly next; Dave you always pee that way? I told her sometimes but your sistor likes to see me this way. That made Janet let out another hard laugh. Jill now giggled along with her laughing sistor. Then Jill said that it was a neat way to go. I like it also!

I let out a short laugh and I started to piss. I sent a good long twisted thin stream of piss from my penis but it ht the front wooden cross rail of the toilet chair and splattered hard of from it. Both Janet and Jill laughed hard watching me piss on the chair instead of pissing through the broken cane hole of the chairs bottom.

I kept them laughing while I pissed for I moved my penis all around wetting the all of the broken cane in the seat and I even went and moved my penis up and around and pissed on the back seat wooden posts,and the three back wooden rails of the toilet seat. Both girls now were laughing real hard.

I even went and moved my penis upward so my stream missed the chair and I pushed hard making a high long arcing stream which managed to go over six feet and went into the branches of one of thefurther back row of the pine trees. Iwas showing off now seeing how far I could make my stream go. Janet and Jill went on with thier hard laughing as I kept up my stream going its long distance.

I knew tha I would start having my stream lose its force so before it did I moved my penis side to side and pissed all over the one pine tree branch that my stream was wetting. My piss ran off from the needles and pine cones hanging down. That made both Janet and jill laugh even harder! Then just as my stream eased off and fell Janet said while she was still laughing hard; Dave stop it! I can't take anymore! Jill managed also to say; me too!

My stream after a few more short seconds did stop. My bladder had emptied out which I felt that it had. So I did not need to give a push to do any finishing spurts. I just bent over and pulled up my white briefs and pantstogether and took care of them. As I did the wtogirls laughetr got less and then they stopped. Janet said to me as I turned around to face them; Oh that was so funny! I laughed so hard. My stomacj hurts! Jill said; mine does too!

I said to them both I'm glad you two had a god time. Janet let's get back and finish our last game. So I went through the trees first pushing aside the branches for Janet and Jill. Once out of the trees we all ran to the trailer and went right inside. Jill and Janet sat on one side together and I on the other side. Jill cheered for both of us as we played on to finish the the game. Well as it happened Janet won by five points. So she won the game and match.

They both Jill and Janet celebrated for a short time. Then got quiet. Whe they did from outside a car pulled in the driveway and it was my grandmothers car. She was home from work. In our fun we had that much time pass by. Doesn't even ever to seem to go that way when you are having fun? We all got up and raced up to her car as she got out from it. My grandmother seeing both Jill and Janet with me said hi to them and she told Jill that she was invited for supper since she was now here. Jill asked Janet Can I? Janet said yes but call home to ask. So when we went inside Jill used the phone calledc and she too got permision to stay and eat with us.

Now as far as supper plans my grandmother changed them. She told us that we were going out to eat instead! We were going to go to A&W instead of staying there. Go get in the car she told us. I have to pee and I'll be right out. So the three of us went oustide and got in the car. Janet and Jill in the back while I sat up front. My grandmother came out a few minutes later adnd we were off. Wehad a great time at the A&W stand. We ate a lotand us thre kids we drank three mug glasses of rootbeer which we were able to keep the glass mugs. My grandmother bought them for us! Then we headed back to my grandmothers and I'll leave it here for now. There is still some more to tell you that would happen before this day ended. Upstate Dave


Strange Dream

A few weeks ago I had a rather unique experience while taking my nightly dump. I pushed out one or two lumpy turds and began working on a third. I knew quite quickly that I was constipated, but I kept pushing in hopes that I could get it out. After 15-20 minutes I gave up, wiped, flushed and went to bed. About two hours later I was having a dream about wooden barrels pushing against metal crates. I woke up and realized it was actually a turd pushing at my butt. I reluctantly got up and found my way into the bathroom, and seemingly just in time since as soon as I sat down 3 or 4 small lumpy turds rapidly exited my body. I don't ever remember having a dream telling me I had to go to the bathroom before, has anyone else experienced this??

Service station poop

What you are wearing makes all the difference when having a poop. My husband and I were on our way to a funeral, he was driving and I was sitting in the front passenger seat. During the journey I needed to have a bowel movement very badly, I told him to stop wherever there may be a toilet. He stopped at a service station and I got out the car and walked toward the building. I was wearing my black two piece suit, black knee length high heel boots and black hold up stockings. I entered the building and went into the ladies toilet, there was only one cubicle and to my horror the toilet did not have a seat. I went in and locked the door, by now my bowel was at maximum capacity. I took off my skirt and panties and hung them on the hook on the door. I squatted over the toilet with my legs apart and my bottom exploded, several soft lumps of poop shot out of my rectum and splashed into the toilet followed by a loud wet sounding fart. I looked down and could see my curly turds in the toilet, I remained in the squatting position teetering on my high heels and as I pushed to release some more poop there was a long gush of runny poop followed by a loud wet sounding fart. I bowel finally felt empty and I tore off some toilet paper and thoroughly cleaned my self and flused the toilet, some of my anal deposits remained in the toilet. I put my panties and skirt back on and flushed the toilet again but still some poop remained. I left the cubicle and the whole room was quite smelly thanks to me, I went back to the car and my husband and I drove off.


Big load

This morning before reading the new posts which there were none i felt a pressure and went immediately. two thick logs and very firm wiped three times usually I wipe only once. Also i wipe front to back, have always done this!!

yesterday i was at a local grocery store locked the bathroom door and needed a pee, but got a stiff penis and could not urinate. very agravating when that happens as i needed to go. Know this does hot happen to you girls but does it in a different way, if so please comment.

About a week ago i took a dump before a shower and the log was very short 3" thick and needed the plumbers helper to go down, my wife was MAD!!!

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors (Bike Hike Day)

It was first light in the morning and I had woken up. I needed to piss which I should have doen last night before going to slep but I hadn't. Now I did have to go. I put my white briefs on for I was only going to step ouside the trailer and piss there by the trailer. As I walked towards the screen door of the trailer I remebered about being almsot out of toilet paper. I was thinking about the Janet and Jill if they used the toilet chair again might need some more toilet paper.

So I quikly went to the backdoor of the house slipped quietly inside and went to the bathroom to get a roll of toilet paper. I noticed that was almost a full roll on the holder so I took that roll off and replaced it with a new roll. Then I quietly went bac outside and back over by the trailer going behind it to piss.

Instead of opening my white briefs slit I just pulled them down to my thighs and let it loose. I didn't bothe holding myself either. I did piss some on the lower side of the trailer at first so that made me take a hold of my penis and push it down so now I pissed on the ground.

I was not fully awake so I was yawning hard and stretching as I stood there pissing. I also thought that I hoped that I wpuld go back to sleep for a bit too after I finished my piss. I had made one other mistake too. It was quite cool and I got a chill just standing there in my pulled down white briefs pissing. So I pushed to make myself go harder and wanted to get back inside the trailer and back in my warm bed!

Well the pushing cut the time right down as far as my piss. Soon enough I had stopped pulled my white briefs up and was back inside the trailer and under the sheet and covers. I did fall back to sleep too which slept for another hour or more. Then I woke up and I stayed up this time.

I turned on my transistor radio to catch the time and the temperature. I soon had the time said and the temperature. It wa 7:30 and it had warmed up to 62 degrees. The high today was going to be in the low 70s and not to be humid either. I thought to myslef; Great day for our bike hike! Now I began thinking about what to wear for the bike hike but as I ay there in bed I felt a quick building urge inside of me that I had to shit!

I was still only wearing my white briefs and it was early yet so I thought that I would just again slip outside and use the toilet chair. Afetr all like I had said before that I did use it when I needed to shit (not often) and I did have to go which felt like if I got dressed and went inside the house I would not make it. When I have to shit I have to shit and do it quick!

I grabbed the new roll of toilet paper and slipped out of the trailer and this time instead of crossing through the yard over to where the spot was to get directly to the toilet chair I ducked into the rows of pine trees and went through them all to the toilet chair. It may have taken me a little longer going this way but I was out from sight. Also too going this way I could stop and shit in any spot there in the pine trees too.

I reached the little clearing where the toilet chair was. Now I also before had a different place setup to use it too as far as when I used it to shit. I went over to the other used spot kicked away some pine needles which uncovered a square piece of wood that was laying under the pine needles. I flipped it aside which there was a hole in the ground there. Then I got the toilet chair and placed it so thebroken bottom seat of the chair was over the hole in the ground. Now I can shit! I thought to myself.

I slid my white briefs down fast and let them go. They fell around my feet and I even kicked them off. I sat down on the toilet chair. I took a hand reached down and pushed my penis down in case that I pissed too. I then let out a short loud fart and I felt my asshole being pushed open hard. I was starting my shit.

I felt my asshole really being pushed open wide also for I felt it being stretched. I knew by this I was going to take a fat shit. This time was unlike my normal shits that I take. When I shit my shit comes out fast no matter what size it is but not this time! It was creeping out moving ever so slowly. I thought to myslef; Well it doesn't really matter. So I just sat there relaxed and waited as my shit took its slow time.

I maybe had been sitting tere now for about a half minute. My shit had stopped moving. So I gave a very short hard little push. I felt it move along with a short spurt of piss shot out from my penis. Then I felt my shit continuie its slow movement so I didn't do another push. I also too wondered how fat it was as I sat there. So I got up off the chair bent way over took a look under myself through my legs to see if I could see how big and long my shit was. (I'm sure many of you guys have done this!)

Sure enough I had shit enough so that I could see a very fat almost soda size shit hanging down! It was a very chunky, dark tan in color, and dry looking one too. Now having taken a look I was in the process of sitting back down when there was crashing sounds of tree branches in front of me. That made me look right over to see who was comming! Jill popped right into sight! She had come over like she had mentioned when I had left her house last night.

With it being her I froze not being down sitting on the toilet chair. Jill too froze for a instant. Then she said very loudly to me; You're pooping! What a hudge one! Since I was n't sitting down Jill could see my shit hanging there in the air. The only thing tat I could say back to Jill right then was; Jill what are you doing here? Jill now was silent for she didn't answer me. Now I sat down on the toilet chair and asked her again.

This time Jill did answer me. Isaid I was comming over last night. How did you know I was here? I asked her quickly. I checked the trailer you weren;t there and I looked in the kitchen window too and you weren't there. also. So I came here. Then Jillwas silent but only for a short couple of seconds. You know Dave your'e the first person that I've seen pooping!

Jill you must have seen your sistor shit and with me saying the word shit Jill let out a short giggle. Yeah I have but thats only Janet, a girl not a boy! Jill giggled again. Well I guess that makes me the first! I said back to her. Jill giggling shook her head yes. Then she stopped shaking her head along with her giggles and went on watching me.

My shit was still moving ever so slowly. Jill stood there like I said watching but she couldn't really see much since she was standing. Then Jill blurted out and asked me if I would getback up like I had been when she first saw me. I could see better! she tsaid to me. So I raised myslef up from the chair. Now Jill could see and she giggled now that she could see.

I myslef took a look again at my shit. When I did Jill's giggles turned into laughter. Then she said to me; Don't you wait till your done then look? I told her this one is going so slow I just wanted to see how much was there. My shit was about ten inches long and still just as chunky looking,same tanish color, and just as fat.

I wanted to get done now so I was going to push. I told Jill if she wanted to keep seeing me shitting she better move. I'm going to push and I'll piss if I do. You can't stay right in front of me. Move behind me. So Jill quickly moved right behind the toilet chair and stood there. I gave a real hard push which I felt my shit make a quicker move and like I said would happen I shot out a hard spurt of piss with the push too.

I went and did seberal good pushes in a row which made my shit move in quick spurting movements. Then I didn't have to push after those severa pushes. I felt my shit move faster and then after several more seconds later I heard a hard thud and my asshole closed right up. I stood u from the toilet chair but I couldn't turn around to look or grab the toilet paper either. I now was pissing so I stood there and pissed which was for about ten seconds then I stopped.

Jill who was behind me for the last part of my shit had giggled all the time watching me shit and also as I stood there pissing afterI had stopped shitting. She did stop when I turned around and saw that my shit was a good foot and half one laying along in the dirt down inside the hole. I reached down grabbed the toilet paper roll rolled some off and I gave my asss a quick wipe.

I checked the paper after wipeing and there was no tan on it all. My shit had been that dry. I dropped the used toilet paper in the hole and then I pulled upp my white briefs. I was now starting to pick up the toilet chair to move it and put the wooden cover back over the hole in the ground. Jill said to me loudly; Wait Dave leave the chair there! I have to pee!

So I left it where it was. Jill came around from behind the tilet chair. Jill today was wearing a light blue short length summer dress. Jill pulled its bottom right up and sat down on the chair. Before I could ay anything to her Jill let go with a loud hissing piss which went down into the hole and splattered off rom my monster shit in the hole. It was only then that I could say to her: Jill where are your panties!!!

Jill giggled just a little and told me that she was in such a hurry to get over here to see me that she never put a pair on. Then she giggled and told me speaking of panties Jill told me that her and Jill last night laying in bed told each other about thier pissing lastnight while playing hide n seek. I even told her that I left my old yellow panties back there where we wre hiding and I used them to wipe with. Jaet though that was real funny. I laughed hard shaking my head no as Jill said all this to me.

Jil went on with her piss for a good twenty seconds or so and then she stopped. She rolled off some toilet paper off the roll gave herself a quick wipe and then stood up and she picked up the chair for me. I put the wooden cover back over the hole and kicked osme pine needles and they covered the wood cover. I took the toilet chair from Jill and put it back where it had been.

I had Jill follow me back through the pine trees and I told her I was going to get dressed then eat. I asked Jill if she had eaten. She told me no. Well then eat with me then we'll go get Janet. Jill said ok to having breakfast with me but went on and told me Janet was comming over here sowe didn't have to go get her. I said ok ad we were in the trailer now and I got on a tshirt a pair of jeans cutoff shorts, socks, and my sneakers. Then we went to the house went inside and we had breakfast. I'll leave here for now and will pickit when Janet arrived at my grandmothers house. Upstate Dave

To Migraine loverer:
I really love constipation stories, too. Those are my most favorite stories ever.
To answer your questions:
1. Have you ever had such a big,hard, wide, stiff and painful poop that you LITERALLY cried from it?
No, but I love your story of when your parents used the enema on you. For some reason, I wish I could have went through that.
2. Have you ever helped someone get a poop out?/someone helped you get a poop out?
No, but I can think of some people who I would love to help in that way, if I had the chance.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Herb T.

Embarrassing Experience with the School Nurse

Hello - I did a couple of posts a few pages back on public restrooms and why I hate auto flush toilets. I didn't see any comments on them, so I guess everyone agreed with me. Anyway, this is my recollection of a humiliating experience when I was in elementary school, about 4th grade. This experience definitly ended up contributing to my interest in the topics associated with this forum. So...

When I was around 11 years old or so, I used to get occasional constipation. It resulted from either holding things in too long when I needed to go. I never liked to poop at at school, and sometimes when I was playing with my friends, I would also hold things in becuase I was too busy to go. I would either wait it out, or my mom would sometimes give me a laxative. She always told me that I should not hold things in and just go when I needed to - whether that be at at school, or when playing with friends, at home, or when out in a public place. She repeatedly told me that I shouldn't be embarrassed to poop in public restrooms and that everyone has to go at one time or another. Since everyone has to poop, she told me, I should have nothing to be embarrassed about.

I remember one weekend in particular I was constipated pretty much all weekend and by Monday morning, my stomach hurt really bad. I told my mom this, and her response was basically "Tough, you'll have to just go to school - I've told you many times to just go poo-poo when you need to go." So, I did as I was told and went to school. The stomach pain increased all day - I made it through the first half of the day, but after lunch, the pain was unbearable. I asked my teacher if I could go to the nurse's office, and she allowed me to go. I'd never been to the nurse's office before, but I'd heard from several other kids that you basically go to the nurse, then the nurse calls your mom, and your mom picks you up and takes you home. This was my plan.

So I got to the nurses office, and she was a tall, thick, no-nonsense woman from what I can remember. I remember sitting down on the padded exam table, and it was covered in a sheet of the white rolling paper to protect it from germs. I told her I had a stomach ache and she took my temperature and had me take a few breaths while she listened with a stethoscope. "So you have a stomach ache, huh," she asked. "When is the last time you moved your bowels?," she asked me. I didn't know what that meant, so she rephrased it, asking "When is the last time you went poo-poo?" I told her that it was last Friday (today was the following Monday). "Oh, OK," she said, "So over two days since a bowel movement. Alright, well I'll call your mother and see if she can pick you up." She called my house, and my mom answered the phone, and they began talking. The nurse explained what was going on, and asked my mom if she could come pick me up. This is where the conversation got weird. I couldn't hear my mom, but I heard the nurse saying "Oh, OK. Hmm. So you have an appointment. Hmm. Well, if you'd like I can administer a suppository. Yes, sometimes. OK. Alright Mrs. Smith, well that's what I'll do. Yes, then he'll be fine to go back to class. OK, you too." The nurse told me my mom wanted to speak to me and handed me the phone. My mom explained that she had an appointment and couldn't come pick me up, and that the nurse would be giving me a suppository. She further explained that a suppository was a small capsule that is inserted in your bottom and is held there to draw water into your intestines and makes you go poo-poo. She seemed to be in a hurry to get off the phone, and ended the call a little bit abruptly. Now with the phone call over, the nurse said something like "OK young man, I'm going to be giving you a suppository that will make you go poo-poo, then your stomach will feel better and you'll be able to go back to class. This all happened very quickly and I was starting to get very nervous and embarrassed. Not just that the nurse would see my bare bottom, but that I would have to poop there in the small bathroom attched to her office. I saw inside the bathroom when I was sitting on the table, and there was a tank-style toilet with an open front seat, and a sink. At least there was a door to the bathroom.

I remember the nurse saying "OK young man, this is going in your bottom, so remove your shorts and under-pants and lie down on the table." The nurse was putting on latex gloves, so I reluctantly did as I was told and removed my shorts, then underwear, and sat them down on a chair. I climbed back up on the table and laid down, naked from the waist down. She instructed me to roll over and bend my knee, which I did - I was facing the wall and my butt was facing the nurse. I remember her sticking the suppository up my butt, which was a little uncomfortable, but didn't hurt. She started a timer on a desk and said "OK, you'll need to hold this in for 40 minutes, then you can go poo-poo. If you feel like going before then, you'll need to tighten your bottom and hold it." I'd never had a suppository before, but geez, those things work fast. I was already feeling the urge within 10 minutes, but held it as I was told. She was working on something at her desk, but would come over every few minutes and re-insert her finger to ensure the suppositry was pushed in far enough. The urge was getting more and more unbearable, and the nurse kept saying "OK, just a few more minutes." Finally, the timer dinged, and I felt like I was going to explode. I was at the point of over-coming embarrassment because I seriously needed to rid my body of those feces.

The nurse stepped into the bathroom and I heard her pulling a toilet seat cover out and tearing out the flap and placing it on the toilet seat. "OK young man, you can use the toilet now," she said. I got up off the table, wearing only my shirt, and entered the bathroom. "Go ahead and go poo-poo," she said. I waited a minute, because she was still standing there, and she let the bathroom, but left the door cracked. I sat down on the toilet, finally relaxed my butt, and man-oh-man, the poop just flew out of my butt. There was a caucophony of toots, splashes, wet farts, and a horrible stink. It was glorious relief though, I think I even uttered an "Ahhhhhh," as I unloaded the contents of my buttocks. This was a very fast dump, from the moment of sitting down, until completion, it was about a minute or less.

I looked at the toilet paper holder, and it was empty. Since the door was cracked, I yelled out to the nurse, "Excuse me, is there any toilet paper?" She came into the bathroom, keep in mind I'm still sitting on the toilet, naked from the waist down, and she pulled out a roll from a cabinet underneath the sink. I remember being told to scoot my bottom forward, and she took a look at what I'd left in the toilet before allowing me to wipe.

Long story short, I wiped, got dressed, and went back to class. Humiliating to say the least. I think my mom had the nurse do that strictly to teach me a lesson. So the moral here kiddies, is do not ignore the urge to go!!


more at work

I am quite busy with work. Debbie, I'm waiting to hear one from you :-)

Yesterday, I had a group meeting at 9:00, so instead of having my coffee at my office, I fixed my

morning coffee and headed straight for the meeting. It was torture!. The boring meeting dragged on for

like half an hour, and I was quite desperate to go throughout the meeting . I had

to suppress a couple of farts and the end of the meeting was a welcoming relief. I rushed out to the nearest rest room. It wasn't the usual restroom that I use, this had four cubicles, all of them were empty ( I pretty much entered the stall with my skirt hiked up, I was that desperate). In no time I got my panties down and expelled a huge log, which was almost about a foot in length. It was such a tremendous relief. I felt empty and as soon as I reached for the tp, the door of the restroom opened and I saw someone entering the cubicle one away from me. I recognized the pair of pants and it was a girl named Kim, she was with the meeting with me. I ripped tp and slowly began to wipe myself. Although Kim was one cubicle away, I could hear her straining. There was a "mmmhh from her cubicle followed by a deep sigh. Then I heard a crackling sound of poo. It was quite loud ! it was followed by a couple of plops and a fart. There was a moment of silence and I heard Kim pulling out tp. I was done, I exited the cubicle and went to wash my hands. I heard her pulling up her pants. She joined me at the sink and we exchanged hellos. She said she was quite really busy and "didn't even have enough time to use the restroom". Later on that day I saw her in her cubicle, she was engrossed in her work


to 31 yr old male from Mexico

I've been in the same situation before. I ended up locking the outer door to the restroom because it opened up to the outside and the restroom was rather small. I walked in on a woman using the toilet in this particular restroom and it seemed sorta weird. If it is unisex, then I would probably lock it again. I think I would be afraid that a woman might get a bit freaked out. Although since the stall walls were floor to ceiling, I'm not sure if I would have locked the outer door. Hmmm........

You said you could see your co-worker through the opaque glass. Did this mean that the glass was actually somewhat translucent, and you could identify someone on the other side of it? Did this mean that he may have been able to see you as well, even if only as a fuzzy outline? I was in Mexico several years ago and used a toilet stall in Leon, GTO, (I think). It had glass or plexiglass partitions between the walls and although you couldn't really see your neighbor, you could sometimes make out an outline if he got very close to the wall. The guy in the next stall brushed up against the wall as he was entering it and I could see the details of his shirt and trousers pretty well. When he was seated on the toilet, his knee leaned up against the wall and I could actually see the hairs on his knee, too. Very unusual material.

I used to live near a fraternity house that had a large floor-to-ceiling window with translucent/frosted glass next to the upstairs toilet. Anyone from the street could see if someone was using the toilet. It was particularly visible at night, when the bathroom light would be on. I saw several guys standing in front of the toilet taking a leak and lots of guys as they were perched on the toilet, unloading their bowels. You could make out if they dropped all their clothes around their ankles or kept them up at their thighs. Some guys would pull their shirts up, exposing their stomachs and lower backs. I guess that was to keep crap off their shirts. I could tell if they were standing or sitting wipers, if they wiped from the front or the back, and even the color of their underwear. Back then, more guys wore white briefs, so it was easy to spot the underwear as it was being pulled back up. On occasion, a guy would stand to wipe and be facing the window, so you could even see a dark patch of pubic hair. Guys actually lived at the house and I do recall seeing once a guy who came into the restroom wearing only white briefs, and sitting on the can to unload. He was naked, except for his underwear at his ankles. Interesting sight from the street!

Eventually, I moved and when I went back several years later, the window had been replaced with a smaller one, higher up.

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