Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors

Afer we arrived back at my grandmothers house from having our supper at the A&W stand my grandmother settled down in the livingroom and watched tv. The three of us were outside and we decided to play hide n seek. We did put places out of bounds like the gardens,my grandfathers workshop shed, and not behind the barns.

I told Janet and Jill I would be it first. So I started to go over to one of the large trees in the yard to count. Jill even before I had reached the tree took off running to hide leaving Janet with me. Janet said to me before I started counting I'll be over where the toilet chair is Dave. I have to piss! Come join me! I told her I would for I too from drinking the mugs of rootbeer I also had to go now.

I started counting and I heard Janet say as she took off; I'll see you in a few moments Dave! Janet laughed as she said it too. I delibratly counted slowly to give Janet time to get over to the toilet chair. When finished counting I yelled out real loud: Here I come ready or not! I did not go directly heading over to the side yard and to Janet. I walked around checking a few other places in case Jill might be watching where ever she was hiding.

Then I made my way over to the side yard checked some of therees there along with the scattered bushes. Then I made a beeline for the toilet chair to watch Janet piss! I ran through the pine trees and into the clearing in them were the toilet chair was. Janet was there already with her pants and panties pulled down standing in front of the toilet chair!

Janet said to me as I burts into the clearing; Took you long enough! I thought you would have come sooner. I'm just barely holding it! I explained veryquickly to Janet about taking a look around first so that Jill would see me come directly here first. Janet let out a very quick giggle and told me that was a good idea.

Then she sat down on the toilet chair and started to piss immeadiatly with a very hard stream which hissed loudly. The seconds went right by as Janet pissed. Janet even made a comment saying to me; There is one mug of pee! Now I'm doing the second one! I laughed a little at her comment.Well that may be true Janet but to realy tell if you had pissed out a mugs worth you would have to piss in the mug! eah that's true she said back to me.

Since Janet was pissing so hard she soon was done and she stood up pulled her panties and jeans right up and stepped away so I could go. I told her for time sake that I wasn't going to pull every thing down this time. Afettr all I'm supposed be loking for you and Jill. Janet giggled and said right back to me; Well you did find me and you did look at me!

I smiled and had my penis out and I shot a good stream of piss down through the opening of the seat of the toilet chair. I was pushinghard too so that I didn't take long to piss plus I cut my stream off also. I quickly zipped up and then I ran out of the pine trees over to the home tree and yelled out I got Janet! Then I went hunting for Jill. I wandered around and was downin the front of the house checking there when I heard JIll say that she was home.

I came back to home and Janet started her count since she was it. As Jill and I started to go hide I did ask Jill where she had hid. Follow me and I'll show you! So I did. Jill ran over to the side of my grandfathers work shed. There was a space between it and my one grandmothers flower garden. Jill cut down the narrow space and there from my grandmothers garden was a over hanging flower bush. Jill ducked under it with me right behind her and wthere was a clear spot to hide in! Jill had found a good spot to hide here.

We stayed there and waited for Janet to come by. You could see out if the branches of the bush were parted some. Either Jill or I would do this to them. When did take one of our looks there was Janet out on the driveway looking around for us. We closed the branches back up and waited for several minutes.

Jill then asked me to look again. So I did and Janet was still out there in sight. I told Jill she stillout there. Now Jill told me that she wished her sistor would leave. Jill was shuffling around a bit as she stood there and she also was rocking back n forth a little too. So I asked Jill if she was doing a peepee dance. Jill said YES I do have to pee! But I wanted to go on the toilet chair.

I told Jill that looked like that was out right then not with Janet out there! Just go here! I told her. To encourage her to go I also told her that I had to go a litle also. Jill didn't need any more encouragement from me now at all! For she just ripped down her red shorts and her old yellow panties and squated right down very low.

Out from her vagina came a hard spraying stream of piss. It splattered heavily which she wetted a large area of the grass that was there on the ground along with droplets of the spray wetted her upper inner thighs too! Jill let out a pretty loud sigh too which I went with a quiet shhhh. Jill let out a soft but short giggle from me shhhing her.

Jill kept up her hard piss and she told me to take a quick eek out through the bush. I turned and did. Now Janet was no longer there where she had been. I turned back to Jill and told her that I didn't see Janet. Good Jill said back to me. We can stay here and that will give you time to pee so I can watch you pee!

Jill since she had three mugs of the rootbeer also like Janet and I had done too pissed for a very long time. I even told her that she must have pissed out two mugs worth of the rootbeer she had drank already. Jill let out a louder longer giggle. Then she did have her piss stream ease up rapidly a few seconds later and then she came to a messy dripping stop.

Jill stayed squated after stopping her dripping. I wish we wre at the toilet chair now Jill said to me. I could use some toilet paper! Well we arn't I told her. I then ripped off some leaves from the flower bush. Here use these I said to Jill. She told me no. I have a better idea that I can do. But take a look to see if Janet is out there first.

I turned and peeked again through the bush. Janet was not in sight this time too. So I told this to Jill. I turned back to face her and Jilll was slipping her red shorts off over her sneakers and then she did her old yellow panties. Then she stood up and wiped herself down everywhere that her spraying piss had wetted her with the old panties!

Then she tossed them aside and put her red shorts back on. They were old anyway she siad to me as she had pulled her red shorts back up. Ok you better go Jill said to me and then we'll make a run for it! So I had enough cover this time to Jill's delight I pulled my jeans and briefs down for her to wtch me go.

I was facing the flowered bush so when I peed I peed right into it weetting the leaves and the flowers of the bush. Since I had pissed with Janet at the toilet chair I didn't really take a long piss but long enough for Jill. I did do three good spurts to finsh off with and then I pulled up my briefs and pants and we sneaked out from the bush up the space and we took off at a dead run to the home tree.

We made it too for Janet was up by the big barn and had her back to us. She didn't hear us either till we bith made home and yelled outthat we were there. That's when she turned around and saw us both and she slowly walked back to us. She did aske where we had hidden and Jill went and told her where were! I told her she gave away a good spot. Now it will be checked. That's right! Jill said. Then I figuired out why she gave the spot away. It ment who was ever it would check it and being there checking would allow a better chance of making it to home. I thought right then to myslef; Smart GIRL!

We played several more rounds and then we quit. It was getting near the time that both Janet and Jill had to go home. So the three of us went inside just for a monet told my grandmother that I was walking the girls home now, Janet and Jill thanked her for supper, and then we left. On the way over to the girls house Janet brought up about going bike riding tomorrow. Jill hearing thsi said aske if she could come along too. Janet told her she could so Jill was happy about it.

We reached thier house and I told them in the morning. Janet said back; I'll be ready when you come over. Jill giggled an she said she would see me tomorrow and they then went inside and I walked back to n grandmothers and went inside the trailer and went to sleep. Now I'll go on next about the next morning and our bike hike that we took. Upstate Dave

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill Former Neighbors

Hi again to all. Here is the second post with Janet and Jill former next door neighbors of mine when I was young. Jante and I after peeing behind the school had walked back to the playground. I was hungr and I asked Janet if she was. She told me she was. How bout having lunch together then? I asked her. We can go over to my grandmothers I said to her.

So we left the school playground and we took the short ten minute walk to my grandmothers house. Janet and I walked inside using the backsoor into the kitchen. My grandmother was there sitting at the table reading. Hearing us come in she looked up. Seeing Janet with me she ste her book down and said hello to Janet and they talked back and fourth for several minutes.

I waited for the conversation to end and then I asked if it was laright for Janet to have lunch here. My grandmother told us that was fine. Help yourselves she said to us. Just cleanup when your'e done. We bith said we would and we went about making our lunch. As we did mygrandmother noiticed the time and she got ready to go to work while Janet and I made up our lunch.

Janet and I made up bologna sandwiches on hardrolls. I was surprised that she made up two fthem for herself. That hungry? I asked her. Yes I am! Janet said back to me. Besides the sandwiches we also had big dill pickle spears,potato chips and the biggest glassesthat my grandmother had filling them up with lemonade. We sat down at the picnic style table there my grandmother had in the itchen and we started eating.

My grandmother was done getting ready for work came into the kitchen and said see you two later. But before she wen out the door she said to Janet; Why don't you call your mom and tell her that your'e invited to supper over here tonight. I;m sure that David wouldn't mind at all. I smiled and said outloud; No I wouldn't mind having Janet stay. Janet told my grandmother wait a moment I'll call right now. She went over to the phone and made the call.

Janet must have had her mom answer for she asked if she could stay for supper here. She must have gotten the correcy answer too. Janet said loudlyand excitedly still on the phone; I CAN?!!!! Then she said thank yo and hung up. She turned around and told my grandmother she could stay. Then my grandmother said to us; See you two later. She walked out to the small barn backed her car out of it and left for work.

Janet and I went on eating lunch. We got done,cleaned up, and poured ourselves a second glass of lemonade. Now after doing this I told Janet I was going outside. Want to play cards?I asked her as we went outside. Janet said sure! Where are we going to play? she asked me. I ointed to the small travel trailer in the isde yard by the row of old pine trees that seperated the side yard form the garden. In the trailer! I said to Janet.

So we walked over to the trailer and went inside of it. Once inside I told Janet this is where 'm sleeping while I'm here. Janet said to me quickly; That's neat you can sleep outside in here! Thefold down table and benches were down so we sat down. I had a deck of card already out for I had been playing solitare with them at night. I also dug up a sheet of paper and a pen and we started playing 500 rummy.

Janet and I agreed to play a three game set too. Best two out of three would be the winner. Janet won the first game. We took a short break went back inside the house refilled our lemonade glasses went back to the trailer and began playing the second game. Durring the second game I remeberedI had my transistor radio and I turned it on and we now had tunes to listen to as we played cards. Also this time Janet talked more while we played.

Janet saked me; Do you get cold here at night? August nights can get quite cool here in August. I told her that I didn't. You must have some good pj's then Janet said to me. No I don't have any I said to her. Then she asked me; Then what do you wear ten? Your underware or something else? I told her sometimes I wear underware. Having answered the way that I did Janet let out a quick loud giggle then said to me; You sleep then with nothing on?!! I smiles and told her sometims. ( I had started doing this about a year ago the sheets felt cool on me)

So to keep the conversation going I asked what Janet wore to bed. Oh I wear pjs sometimes or other times when it is warm I wear a nightgown. Then Janet paused let out a goggle and went on telling me when it is warm I don't wear underwares with my nightgown! I laughed then and told Janet that she was sort of like me then. That made her laugh hard.

We finished our second game of rummy which I had soundly beat Janet this time. I started dealing out the cards for the last game but Janet asked me a question as I delt the cards out. Is there a bathroom here inside the trailer? There is but its not hooked up so I don
t use it. Well where do you go then if you have to go at night or fisrt thing in the morning?

Well depening at what time at night I'll just open the screen door and piss. That made Janet giggle hard. Or if it isn't late I'll go over and use the toilet chair in the pine trees. TOILET CHAIR!!!! Janet said to me. What's that? I laughed now myslef. I went and told Janet over in the row pine trees there was a old wooden cane chair with the cane chairs seat part the cane had broken mostly out of its botom.

I went on telling Janet that when we were still living here and all of us were over here both my sistors had found it and both of them used it as a toilet and sat down on and pissed. I myslef would use it also. Janet laughed all the time while I told her. Then I got ready sorting my hand of cards out Janet said to me; Come on show me the toilet chair! I have to Janet only got out the p in pee and quickly then said piss instead.

So we got up from the table went outside and I told her just follow me. Janet satyed right behind me. I walked about 15 feet down the row of pine trees came to one of the bushes that weer along the row of pine trees turned speerated some of the pine tree pranches and we stepped into the trees. Once through the one pine tree we were there which there was a small clearing there sat the toilet chair.

It was a old dark green painted wooden chair with a brown came back and the busted out cane bottom. Janet looked at for a few seconds. Then she asked; Will it hold me if I sit in it? I laughed and I told Janet it would. I sit in it and it takes my weight when I sit in it. Janet stayed standing looking at the old chair being silent.

Then Janet spoke out; You mean that yo alos shit out here? I laughed and told her I did but I don't very often. In fact I haven't yet. Janet now must have been imagining see me siting on that old chair taking a shit! Janet was giggling hard. Then she stopped. Now she was goig to use the old chair. She had turned around taken care of her jeans and was pulling down her white panties to her knees.

Janet sat down on the old chair being carefull at first for she gingerly placed her ass on it for several long seconds. Feeling more secure Janet did put her full weight on it. I stood right in front of her looked down and Janet started her piss. She had a very hard stream of piss shoot straight down to the coverd ground with pine needles. Her stream color looked as yellow as the lemonade we had drank.

Seeing the yellow color of her piss I said to Janet; Lemonade in lemonade out! Janet then quickly took a glance down to see. Then she looked back up at meand said to me; It does look like lemonade. I wonder if yours will look the same too! We'll see here in a few moments Janet.I too had to piss so I was going to go after Janet.

Now Jante went back talking about me shitting using the toilet chair. I don't see any toilet paper? You don't use pine needles do you? That made me laugh pretty hard. No I don't. I have some toilet paper in the trailer and I'll use that when I shit out here. Janet was still pissing but she went on and asked me one more question. Do you go every day? I told her that I did right after breakfast. But inside I told Janet.

Now Janet's piss was nearing its end for it was no longer comming hard. Her stream had thinned and hissed softly for only a few seconds and then she dribbled a little followed by some dripping and then she stood up off from the toilet chair. Janet bent over pulled up her white panties all the way up and then her jeans. Then she stepped away from the toilet chair to let me piss.

As I took a step to get in front of the chair Janet said to me; Go the same way you did behiund the school! So I took my jeans and briefs and pulled them down past my knees for Janet. My penis had come erect watching Janet piss so I told her that she had to step aside. I have to step back to piss so I won't go all over the chair. That made Janet giggle real hard!

I managed to push my penis down so that it was pointed slightly down. I started to piss sending out a thin stream of piss which had a twist in my stream. My stream managed to go through the very backside of the broken cane of the seat of the chair and hit the pineneedles laying on the ground and wetted them.

Janet after a few seconds had passed suddenly said giggling hard; Your making lemonade too! I was paying attention keeping my stream staying where it was going to notice what color my piss was. With Janert saying that my piss looked like lemonade like I had aid to her that her piss looked like lemonade made me look at my stream closer. She was right. It's yellow color could pass for lemonade.

I took a lot more time with my piss then Janet had. Janet didn't mind at all. For when my piss stream started to slacken off Janet remarked that I did go for a very long time. I then stopped but did four short finishing up spurts in a row and then I was done.

Since I had pulled y jeans and white briefs down further this time I bent over to reach them and started pulling them both up. As I did Jante giggled and told me my ass was very cute looking being nice and tight! I now had pulled my breifs up and was ziping up my jeans. I told Janet that was from all the bike riding I did. Ride a lot? she asked me. I sure do I said back to her.

Then I had a idea. How bout tomorrow we take a bike rde together. I have my bike here this time. Janet smiled with a big smile and told me that was a great idea! We now had walked out of the pine trees and we were walking back to the trailer. What time? Janet asked me. I had t ask her back how early was she up in the morning. Oh about eight then I eat and can be ready by eight thirty. Ok eight thirty then I said back to her. So we now had something planned for tomorrow now. We went back inside the trailer and satrted our third and last game of rummy. To be continuied.

Although I have been having good dumps, on Friday I needed a poo (sort of, a low grade urge) but nothing would happen. At lunch time I had a big lunch but nothing. On the way home from work my bowels started to move a little so I went to my local public was close to 7 pm. A went into the cubical and sat on the throne ...the turds were hard and stubborn and I was grunting out loud...I had got out about all I was going to get out when somebody walked in and yelled out they were "locking up the toilets" i thought it was a prank then the bloke knocked on the door of my toilet and said he was locking up and I yelled out that I was finishing up...I quickly wipped and flush and apologised and we both laughed about being locked in the dunnies over night. I felt not at all embarrassed. At least he did not lock me in!
Now what would happen if one needed the toilet later on and it was locked...for me there are plenty of bushes and protected areas around this toilet for me to do my thing.
My other recent public toilet experience was at a different toilet and I was having a sit in the cubicle and it was divided by a way that did not reach the ceiling and the ladies were on the other side.
I heard a mother and what sounded like a young daughter come in and the young girls sounded a bit constipated ,I heard a few grunts and her mother called out several times "is it out yet" and eventually the reply was "yes" all took some minutes.
As for my bowel update..the public toilet lock up incident was on Friday..on Saturday nothing much happened so very early this morning I had a good dose of Movicol and about half an hour ago outit came in the form of a single big soft bulky poo...Oh, it felt sooo good!!!


To Leanne

Welcome, Leanne, to our forum. I like your posts. A few years ago, I vacationed in England (first time there), where I was introduced to Andrex toilet tissue. Ah, what an adorable puppy, just like his US counterpart, the Cottonelle puppy.

Anyway, I invite you to answer my brief survey, which can be found on page 1820 in the postings of three respondents. Please have your friend, Emma, do likewise.

Keep posting, dear.

LEANNE - great stories.....

U say that u saw Emma's bum and back, would this have bothered her?

How many times have u dumped with her?

Who would u say makes the most noise and drops the biggest loads? What is the biggest u have ever dropped? What also is the biggest u have heard Emma drop and how long did that take in time?

I am also from the North of England

Keep the stories coming, I enjoy them

Upstate Dave

Janet And Jill My Old Neighbors

Danny here is another time like you have told being at a playground and with friends. First a little background about Janet and Jill. They lived next door to me but when I lived next door I played with thier brother Mike and Matt who lived across the road from me. Janet was two years younger then I and Jill was threeyears younger then I.

My family moved when I was 7 years old but we would always come back up to take care of the house (it was up for sale) and visit my grandmother. I got to spend time still with Mike and Matt and now Janet and Jill would be included in the group of my friends there now that they both were older.

Now one of our favorite places to hang out together was the old schools playground. It was still being used as a school but was closed durring the summer. We would go over use the swings,monkey bars, teeter totters, play pitch and catch, or hide n seek. I was now 11,Mike 10,Matt 9, Janet 9, and Jill was 8.

Wel I was up visiting my grandmothers this time for a couple of weks and I had gone over to meet up with Mike and Mat to help them doing a litle practicing hiting and catching for baseball. Both of them were in litle leauge. So we all were over at the schools playground playing there.

After being there for a good part of the morning Janet and Jill showed up. So they joined us boys practing also. Then we took a break and swung on the swings for awhile and then played some hide n seek too. Then Mike and Mat had to leave to get ready to go to thier game and that left me with Janet and Jill at the playground.

Now this is when I found out that Janet had taken a intertest in boys for that is all she talked about to me as the three of us were sitting on the swings swinging on them and talking. Janet had asked me if I liked her,was she pretty, etc. Jill was listening and at times she would laugh at her sistors questions. Jill teased Janet some too at her asked questions.

Well we spen enough time and some how durring our conversation at least as far as Jill and Janet peeing came up as far as one of the subjects. Both Janet and Jill told me that they both in the past while over here at the playground had peed over here. Jill laughing hard managed to say that both of them had peed on the big slide that was there in the playground among the places that they had peed over here at the school!

Then the subject changed which Jill lost interest in and she stopped swinging and told Janet and I she was leaving. She walked away headed back home. Janet and I were still on the swings but were no longer swinging on them. At this time since I had been awake for some time and I hadn't peed since geting up I needed to pee.

So I told Janet I would be right back as I got off from the swing. Janet asked; Where are you going? I turned around and told her that I had to pee. Janet hopped off frm her swing. As she did hop off from the swing Janet asked me; Can I come with you? Do you want to see my cherry? Janet then giggled hard. I'll show it to you! I have to pee too! I looked right at Janet not quite believing what I had just heard her say to me.

Janet said to me next was; Look we can go behind the school and go. We won't bee seen if we do it there! Janet was already headed that way so I went and caught up to her and we walked together. I was getting excited about it as we walked along and so was Janet. How did I know this you ask.

As we walked Janet told me that her oldest sistor Sissy (her nickname her realname was Susan) had told her about the time that she and my sistor Nancy had spied on me when I was taking a piss and shit in the bathroom by looking in the bathroom window! I would have liked to been there too watching! That's how I knew now that Janet was excited and had a reason for asking me if she could watch me!

We were now behind the old section of the school and Janet said to me; Let's go over by the gyms back doors. So we had a little further to walk yet. As we walked Janet asked me; Have you ever seen a girl pee? I replied that I had and told her about Luise (Mat's older sistor) which was my first playmate and she and I would pee outside together when we were playing outside.

Did you like it? Janet asked me. I let out a little laugh and I told Janet that I had. We were now just about to the gyms back door which there was a short porch at the back entrance door of the gym. Janet stepped up on the concrete platform turned and faced me. Ok she said to me. You go first then I'll go!

I reached down now and I pulled my zipper down on my jeans. I slipped my fingers inside my pulled down zipper to open the slit in my white briefs and Janet said to me; STOP! Will you pull your pants down? Janet asked me giggling as she said it. I looked right back at her and asked her why. Janet said right back to me asking; Don't you do that when you have to pee? I told her no that I didn't most times when I have to go. Janets next reply was that she told me that she wanted a better look that's all. Will you do it? Pleeeeez!

I thought about it for a short quick moment. Then I slipped my fingers back out from my open zipper and I popped the snap on my jeans and yanked them down over my hips and down to above my knees. Janet watching me or asI should say staring right at me giggled hard. Now I was standing there in my white briefs in front of her.

Janet then said to me; Pull down your underwares too! So I pulled them down for her shoving them down into my crumpled jeans. I was in a aroused state as far as my penis. Janet stared hard right at it without now saying a word. Janet did have a big smile on her face as she stared at me. I reached down pulled my penis down and aimed it at the concrete platform. Now Janet did giggle when I did this.

It only took just a short moment for me to start. I did have to go that's why. I sent out a thin long twisted stream of piss and when it hit the concrete it made a good forward splash on it which some of my piss splashed on the lower pane of glass of the door too. In my mind right at this time I thought to myslef; It sure does feel good to piss!

Janet stopped her giggling as soon as I had started my piss. Janet spoke right up saying to me; Looks like you really had to go! I smiled a litle and told Janet that I did. I stood there going which as I continuied to piss more of the concrete platform got wetted with my piss and aslo the glass pane of the door.

Then maybe after about ten seconds or so Janet suddenly said to me; How far can you make your pee go? I want to see how far you can make your stream go! I told her I'll have to turn around to do that Janet. Giggling she told me to do it. So I squeezed hard cutting my stream off. I turned around and faced out to the grassy area and restarted my piss.

I pushed hard now too. My stream made a long arc raising upward and moving outward across the grass as I pushed. My stream reached its maximum point which I would have have to say reaching over six feet out in front of me. That would be as far as it would go. Janet now asked me if I could make it go further. I told her that was far as I could make it go. Janet seemed to be satisfied that I did make my stream go this far for Janet now laughed hard seeing how far I made my stream go as far as it did for her.

I stood there for another ten seconds or so and then my stream began to loose its force. My streams high long curving arc fell and started comming back towards us. I was still pushing as it came back. Then my bladder did empty alost right out doing this so I stopped suddenly. I waited a very short few seconds an gave one final hard push which I did one hard single spurt of piss which went almost as far as where my stream had reached.

That was it I was done with my piss. I reached down to pull up my white briefs and jeans. Janet told me that I had done a good one and she was happy and excited that I let her watch me pee. I let out a gigge as I slid my briefs and jeans bac up over my ass and I then turned around tro face her as I did the snap on my jeans and then zipped them back up.

Janet then stepped oout to the edge of the concrete platform. Janet was wearing a pair of tight jeans. She yanked at the button on them first and it gave way. Then she yanked the zipper down on them very fast. As Janet yanked the zipper down she told me that seeing me pee had now made her need to pee that much more. I really have to go that bad more now!

She pulled her jeans down to her knees leaving just to now pulled down a whitepair of panties left to take care of which Janet yanked them right down too! Janet then got right down into a high hovering squat. Right after she did this out from her vagina came a hard loud hissing piss steam that quickly angled forward wetting both the concrete and the grass in front of it.

Janet even let out a soft sigh as she pissed. Hearing her soft sigh I asked her; Must feel that good now that your'e pissing? Janet let out a short hard giggle and told me yes that it did feel good that to piss! Janet giggled harder right after saying the word piss too. That made me quickly think that Janet found it funny to say piss so I asked her if it did. That made her giggle a little more and she did tell me that it had.

If you want me to say piss instead of pee I will! Janet said to me.I laughed and told her I did. Janet replied back that from now on she would say piss instead of pee if I would say the same. I told her I would. By this time Janet's piss stream started to ease. It had straightened out and it's hissing had just about faded out. It stopped its hissing a few short seconds later and then after that Janet stopped pissing with some drippping and then that stopped to.

Janet grabbed both her white panties and jeans pulled them both up to just below her crotch as she stood up. Then she pulled her white pnties forst the rest of the way and then her jeans. Then she took care of her jeans. Then she asked me how I liked seing her. I smiled and told her that I liked it very much. Then I told her that she had seen that. Janet knew what I ment by that since my penis was erect and she giggled hard as we walked away. This would now not be the first time for us. There would be more times we would piss together and we waould also before I would leave we would even shit togther! Plus Jill would join in with our outdoor activities too!

Keith D
To Linda from Australia: Great to hear that you are over your constipation and enjoying some nice big easy ones again. I have been struggling a bit lately but it is so good when they come out.

I have two stories for you guys
Last week I came home from being out and I had to pee but not to bad so I decided to throw some clothes in the washer first. Well my allergies have been acting up lately and I've been sneezing like crazy. While I was walking up the steps I sneezed and a squirt of pee accidently came out into my pants and I felt it run down my leg. I thought to myself no I didn't just do that. I grabbed a new pair of panties and went to the bathroom and finished peeing. There was a small wet spot in my underwear and jeans but nothing bad.

Heres my second story.
Friday I went down the shore with my grandpop and we went next door to watch a hockey game cause he didn't get the channel at his place. In between periods I went back to our house to get a drink and my grandpop stayed. I felt the need to poop and I figured while my grandpop was next door I would go cause I think I've mentioned before how the shore house had everything on one floor and you could hear what goes on in the bathroom a lot of the time. So I went in the bathroom and sat on the toilet and gave a slight push but couldnt get anything out. I was constipated. I gave a couple more slight pushes. I never like to push hard cause I don't want to make myself bleed. I don't like when that happens. I could feel the turd right there and my butt was really sore. I gave a few more pushes and got a small turd to come out. I could feel another turd coming out but I couldnt get it out I just gave up. I wiped flushed and went back over next door to watch the rest of the game.
After the game I decided to take a shower. I went pee before I got in and I have a habit of wiping my butt after I pee even if I didn't go poop and when I did I saw a glob of poop on the paper. I thought I got it all but apparently I didn't. I didn't flush the toilet yet cause I was getting in the shower and after I was done I forgot to flush it by accident and my grandpop went in. I was kind of embarassed but he didn't say anything.
After that I didn't get an urge to go till Sunday night. I just took another shower when I felt the need to go. I didn't wanna waste my time on the toilet so I waited to see if the urge got stronger and it did. I thought this time I could get it out. I sat on the toilet and started pushing slightly. I felt the turd coming out I pushed some more it moved more. I pressed onmy lower stomach and gave a few harder pushed and felt it moving slowly finally it dropped in the bowl. I breathed a sigh of relief. My stomach didn't feel empty but I was glad to get something out. I wiped about three times the first time was streked with blood from all the pushing I guess. and that was that
I haven't gone since then and my stomach is feeling pretty bloated today i'm thinking aboutmaybe drinking some prune juice but I don't know



44 year old wife and mom of two.This past week at work I thought I could make it from my office to home but I didn't/couldn't.Ended up filling my hose and panties quite bad then had to wear them home in the car and I had another accident.Quite messy and very embarrassing.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Plop Idol

Tonight's poo

I got home from work at half 5 and it was a nice warm evening so I settled down for a lovely cup of tea and watched a bit of tv, after relaxing for a bit it was 7pm so I then went up to my room and was changing out of my work clothes into a t-shirt and denim shorts with flip-flops, when I suddenly felt a rumble in my belly and let out a couple of really really smelly flatulent farts which lingered in the air. I then felt activity in my belly and I knew I really had to have a poo. I passed more smelly gas as I made my way to the upstairs loo with my right hand on my belly as I could feel more rumblings. Thankfully there was an ample supply of toilet roll so I went in and locked the door undid the button on my denim shorts and pulled them and my pants down to my thighs and parked my bum on the seat and crossed my arms and pressed them against my belly. At this point I felt another cramp come over and passed some smelly gas and I gave a soft grunt and pushed and a couple of smallish pieces of poo just slithered and dropped out of my bum ... plop, plop, plop as they hit the water but I could feel more, much more waiting to drop... But I was going to take as much time as I needed like I always do when I have a poo.

A couple of moments went by with me trying to push out my poo and with my arms still crossed and pressed to my belly, I was grunting and leaning forward and then I could feel immense pressure on my bum as a huge load of really mushy poo which was in lots of pieces slithered and dropped out my bum ... ka-plop, ka-plop, plop, plop, plip-plop-plip-plip-plop-plop-sploosh-phlunk and then I let out a wet smelly fart and followed through with more mushy poo, by now it was very smelly in the loo but I could feel more poo to come as I grunted and it slipped out my bum and plopped loudly in to the bowl below... I was done and before I grabbed some tp I looked round and in the bowl was a huge brown poo couldn't quite make it out as it made the water turn brown too and I saw a lot of pieces in the bowl so I tore off a lot of tp believing this was going to be a messy clean up but I was pleasantly surprised as it only took 2 wipes on the 3rd wipe I was all clean. I got up off the loo, pulled up my pants and denim shorts and flushed the loo and sprayed some air freshner as my poo was rather smelly as were my flatulent farts. I felt better as my belly feels like it's had a good poo.

More from me soon :) take care and happy pooping


Cinnamon Challenge

So my friends Lisa and Jessie were over on Sunday afternoon and we were just goofing around like teen girls do and watching Youtube and saw some people doing the Cinnamon Challenge - where you eat a spoon full of cinnamon and try to swallow. So we decided to do it ourselves. We went to the kitchen, got a spoonfull for each of us, and then popped it in our mouths. Oh my God it was horrible! Crazy! We all were choking and spitting it out and trying to get water and almost puking. Then we started laughing at ourselves. I laughed so hard I felt a squirt of pee come out and then I laughed harder and yelled that I had peed and that made Lisa and Jessie laugh harder and that made me laugh harder and before I could even stop myself I totally flooded my jeans and made a puddle on the kitchen tile. And that made Jessie laugh so hard that she peed a lot in her sweat pants and had a huge wet spot on her butt and almost to her knees. Lisa ran to the bathroom holding her crotch and still laughing and came out a minute later with a wet spot the size of a baseball on her crotch because she didn't make it quite in time either. So all three of us peed our pants to varrying degrees from the stupid cinnamon challenge from laughing so hard. Good times, good times...

Emily W

Stuck in traffic.

Hi guys and girls, me again. I got stuck im traffic yesterday. I was with my sister in her car getting pretty desperate for a wee. Due to the traffic I couldn't get out and go. I asked Louise if there was anything to go in, there wasn't, only a towel. Feeling a spurt of wee shoot into my knickers I grabbed the towel and sat on it, my hands between my legs.

About ten minutes later my bladder gave in and I started to wet my jeans. I just stared straight ahead as the wetness enveloped my crotch and bum.


A random observation.

Turds are like snowflakes in the sense that no two are alike. That's one of the things that make them so great. Any further thoughts?

Canadian Kelly

Past Accidents

Hi Curious,

I'm sorry for not responding sooner. I have been out of town with work quite a bit lately.

Anyway, to answer your question from a while ago, yes, I have had diarrhea accidents in the past. Over the past several years, I have posted a few times, but just under the name "Kelly". I recently changed it to "Canadian Kelly" due to a few other Kelly's on this board. I went through this board and found my other posts, which is also why I haven't responded sooner. Here are the page numbers of my previous posts for you to check outů

Page 1438: I had two posts on this page. The first one is about five accidents I had from when I was 14, 18, 20, 21 and then 29 at my boyfriend's (now husband) Christmas Party. My other post is at the very top of the page when I replied to Tracygirl, as well as a Canada Day story that I remembered from when I was 25. I had gotten my period that morning. I will let you read the restů

Page 1545: This one was a couple years later when I was 31. My husband and I were out shopping and I had an accident in the change room of RW & Co.

Page 1786: This one was from September, 2009.

That will bring you up to date on my postings. My husband, Scott, has also posted a few stories about me. They can be found on the following pages:

Page 1530: We had KFC for dinner one Friday night which did not agree with me the next day on my way to work.

Page 1759: This post was about an accident I had on the golf course while golfing with my girlfriends and then a really bad one I had later that night when we went out dancing. By the way, not that it matters, but my husband mistyped my age. He said I was 34 when I was in fact 33.

That should pretty much bring you up to date.

Canadian Kelly


New guy and technology

Hello my name is Seth and I am 14 and from Tennessee. I am into mostly stories that I can relate to. I have been visiting this site for a few years. I am sending this via iPod touch. This I find cool about technology. That I can bookmark and look at this site from wherever I'm at. This includes the toilet. Which i am doing right now. This is so cool I am takin a dump and talkin to y'all at the same time. Well I've got to go but if y'all want to here some of my stories just post me a comment and I will tell y'all some.
See y'all later


My Sleep Crap

This past weekend I went back to my college campus for a sorority alumni function. Because we are raising money from the business community to support scholarships for current and incoming students, we were given a VIP tour of campus by one of the college vice presidents and the current president of our sorority. It's been seven years since I graduated and our group of about 50 enjoyed the briefing and tour.

I got there about two hours early (no complaints about my flight which was ahead of schedule!)and I took advantage after leaving the plane at the airport to go into the bathroom and pee before I picked up my rental car. (Believe it or not, I've learned from some of my earlier experiences which I've written about when I've been traveling and had near accidents!). I did have to wait about 10 minutes for a stall because several flights came in at one time and there must have been a hundred of us in this one very large bathroom that actually had four doors entering and exiting--two from each of the two passenger terminals it served. Entering the stall just ahead of me was a girl about six. Her mother was already in the next stall and I guess this girl just wanted to be independent. I saw her shorts and underwear fall all the way to the floor, held up by only her shoes that we about a half inch off the floor. There were a couple of farts and quickly then I heard a couple of splashes into the bowl. The last of which was the loudest and immediately I saw her feet hit the floor and she got herself down and turned around to look into the bowl. "Stay on the stool, honey, and make sure you are completely done because there aren't a lot of options once we board the airplane," the mom warned her daughter. "I've got two number twos," the girl said. However, the mom told the girl she wanted her to continue to sit for another five minutes because she wanted to make sure she was done.

I saw the feet raise off the floor again, although they were flinging around more, so much more that after about 30 seconds the auto flush activated and the girl again jumped down. "My butt's wet now," she told her mom who I could hear was just finishing a robust pee. "Well, clean yourself if you're done and meet me at the sink," the mother said. The girl came out before her mother almost immediately, and the mom called her back in because she saw that her daughter had wiped and dropped the used toilet paper onto the floor, apparently missing her throw into the toilet bowl. That movement activated the auto flush and the girl exited pretty fast, actually bumping into me.

The flush cycle was just finishing as I put my carry-on bag onto the floor and laid my purse on top of it. As I unzipped my suit pants and dropped them and my thong, I quickly looked at the seat (only a few splashes from the flush)and I seated myself. It was mid-afternoon and I was feeling a little tired. It didn't help that I couldn't generate my pee flow immediately and I was a little warm from the flight and all the walking and then waiting in the crowded restroom. I slid myself a little bit to the front of the seat and there was a squeak from under my butt that could faintly hear. Finally, a few drops of pee started and I knew I should be crapping within a few hours because it had been three days since I last had taken a complete crap. I glanced at my watch and it was 10 till the hour and I remember yawning and feeling a little warmer.

What I remember next was being aroused by a strong pounding sound on the door and the cleaning lady saying "Maam ...are you asleep?". It startled me and since I guess I didn't respond immediately, she continued to pound on the door. I remember looking through the space between the door and partition and seeing her eyes and she had some kind of long tool by the latch lever that she was trying to open the door with. I told her without thinking that "I'm almost done and will be out in a minute or two..." and at the time I was just getting my orientation back from what I guess was a short, impromptu nap. I looked at my watch and it said 34 minutes had gone by. Still, a little groggy, I got off the toilet and looked into the bowl. There was one moderate-sized log of about 14 inches in there. I assumed it was mine and assured myself of the fact when I test wiped, and sure enough, cleaned myself. I felt embarrassed as the auto flush went off, I picked up my carry on and purse and walked out to the sinks. The cleaning lady was just finishing in the stall next to mine and she said I had scared her. About a month ago, someone who was on drugs had ODed in that same bathroom and she said her husband, who also works for the airport authority, had to call in to get help for a guy who suffered a heart attack while taking a crap.

I thanked her nicely and then went downstairs and picked up my rental car. We had a great meeting, planning session and tour of the campus. I did, however, have a little difficulty getting to sleep that first night. When my boyfriend texted me back, he said it was probably because of my unusual (I almost never take one) nap.


drink in moderation

my name is jami, i'm 22 and a senior in college. i've been kind of a party girl in college and i just want to warn the younger readers here that if you are prone to having difficulty controlling your needs to go to the bathroom or you have overactive bladder or ibs or just frequently go to the bathroom or anything like that, i highly recommend that you refrain from drinking a lot of alcohol when you go to college lol!

even sober, i've always peed a lot. i was never diagnosed with an overactive bladder but i pee way more often than any of my friends, i just have to go a lot! sometimes when we all go places and take more than one car the joke that whichever car i go in is going to have to stop at least once so i can pee which is kinda true. i wouldn't say i have a lot of accidents but i have wet myself a handful of times in my life, more than most people i suppose. i peed my pants twice in the second grade because i couldn't wait until the time we were allowed to make trips to the bathroom (which resulted in the school changing their policy of allowing specific times for all kids to have a bathroom break), and i peed my pants on the bus going home from a school field trip when i was in 7th grade. i peed my pants at the movies when i was 16 because i waited to see the end then couldn't hold it waiting in line during the big end-of-movie bathroom rush, and i peed my pants in the car two years ago when i was stuck in traffic while driving home for winter break...those were all just honest accidents of being in a situation where i just couldn't hold it long enough to get to a bathroom, but the last couple of years since i've been in college i've been causing myself to have a lot more bladder and even bowel mishaps due to drinking too much...basically i'm ashamed of it and have humiliated myself one too many times and i hope by reading this some of you will make sure avoid putting yourself in similar situations. when i drink, i need to pee even more frequently and urgently than i do when sober, so it's a constant back and forth to the ladies room. my friends joke that i need to just stay on the toilet while we are drinking or i should just wear a diaper (which i actually seriously considered, as ridiculous as that sounds). anyway, there was more than one occassion when i would be several drinks into the night and the pee would just start to do its own thing. by my 10th or 11th trip to the bathroom i would get to the toilet and reach down to undo my pants to find that they were soaking wet because i was already peeing myself. other times i would get to the toilet and pull my pants down then just sit there and pee in my underwear on the toilet, and sometimes i would be too drunk to even realize i didn't take my pants off and i would just sit on the toilet fully clothed and pee in my pants. essentially my friends had to drag me home in soaking wet pants pretty much everytime we went out drinking and partying. it was horrible and i'm so ashamed of it... they would have to help my change my underwear and get into my bed, and sure enough i would spend the whole night wetting the bed and wake up the next morning completely soaked. my mattress in my dorm has the most disgusting stains on both sides...just a gigantic pale yellow stain the size of like a doormat, with a darker yellow, almost orange ring around the perimeter from peeing in bed so much. anyway, earlier this year it started getting even worse. my drinking got so out of hand that i was beginning to lose control of my bowels too. the same sort of thing would happen where i would be several drinks into the night and be very drunk and eventually wet myself, but then i started getting stomach cramps and diarrhea like urges to crap, and i would be too drunk to get myself to the bathroom in time without pooping my pants really badly. the first time i pooped my pants my friends thought it was really funny and took pictures of me... i'm still trying to live it down to this day and have had to go above and beyond to make sure the pics aren't popping up on people's fb pages and stuff still. after that, i did it again at a party when i wasn't even that drunk, i just couldn't make it through the bathroom line and peed and pooped my jeans. i remember being really devastated about that incident because i was actually sober enough to realize it was happening... anyway, the last straw was about 6 weeks ago. i was at a very small party with just a couple people. it was more like a gathering i guess. anyway, there was drinking going on but mainly just socializing, and i overdid it. i drank too much and was making my ridiculous amount of trips to the bathroom. i was making it without a problem each time, until i got that uneasy rumble deep in my stomach and knew i had to have diarrhea. i got up and rushed into the bathroom and yanked my jeans down and got on the toilet so fast and started pooping my guts out...but of course i didn't take my panties off, and i just completely filled my underwear with wet, messy poop and started wetting them too. i was really drunk but i knew the situation was bad because i was in a guy's apartment with less than 10 other people who weren't as drunk as i was. i yelled for my friend becca to come in and she did and she actually freaked out at me. she was embarassed about me doing it and didn't even want to deal with me, and i see why. everyone else was just socializing and enjoying the evening and i got so drunk that i was shitting in my underwear while sitting on the toilet. i guess you could say that i was literally a party pooper. i had empty my filled panties out as best i could into the toilet without making a mess of the whole bathroom and then had to put them back on and pull my jeans up over them and leave the party. i was a disgusting mess and it was obvious to everyone that i had shit myself.

the next morning my friends becca and jen and talked to me about how i was getting out of hand and that i need to tone it down with the drinking. they said that it was funny a few times that i got so drunk i peed my pants but that it was just getting to be embarassing and a hassle for them to deal with me peeing my pants all the time, and now that i was starting to poop myself a lot that it was just sad and a lot of people were talking about me behind my back and judging me for being a sloppy alcoholic... it was really hard to take and i was mad at them for a while for saying those things to me. but they were right. i only cared about drinking and having a good time and never took my accidents as a serious problem, but it hit me that day that the frequency with which i was peeing and pooping my pants was not normal and probably not healthy and socially acceptable. i mean the state of my mattress and most of the panties in my underwear drawer could attest to that. anyway, i've stopped drinking in the past 6 weeks and, naturally, i've stopped making a fool of myself by using my underwear like a diaper. it's very hard to not drink because all my friends go out and drink (its a party school after all) but i just need to keep reminding myself that my body clearly can't handle a lot of alcohol consumption. perhaps with time i'll be able to have more self control and only drink to the point where i can still control my need for the bathroom, but i know for now that its a slippery slope. i'm just trying to gain back some respect and shake the reputation i have for being a sloppy drunk that constantly messes herself... anyway, i know it's not the most common message for drinking in moderation, but its real and relevant to a lot of people whose posts i've read here that are young and have control issues. drinking will make your control issues worse, i'm telling you! so be careful.

The only time I have had outside assistance when I have had a big hard poo inside me was when I was having a seies of colonic. I had been there 4 days before but since that visit I had not crapped one single turdlet.
I got up onto the was one of those that has a bowl under your bum like a toilet....a tube goes up your rectum, water is injected and you shit it out into the bowl under your is like a cross between a toilet and a bed pan.
Anyway the day before I tried to poo but could not shift the was right on my anus but to big and hard to make it through my hole.
The next day, first thing in the morning i went to the colon clinic, took my pants and undies off and laid on the table...the nurse came in and then inserted the lubricated tube up my bum but as she did she asked in a loud and forceful voice "when did you last poo?" I replied accordingly. She then felt my ???? and it was sore. She said that the irrigation would flush it out and also push the tube out. She turned on the water and left...the urge built up to an extreme point and there was a big high pressure squirt of clearish water from my butt...the squirt was short and stopped abruptly. And then a loud ploppp and out came the tube. The whole process just about split me in half!
I pressed the buzzer and the nurse came racing in and turned off the water and said I want a good look at your poo..."big and chunky" was her reply. The therapy continued a nd did I shit big time!

As for today I am on a winning streak with my poos! I woke up and soon later had to sit on the toilet urgently which almost never happens to me theses days. I quickly and easily expelled some really big bulky well formed, firm, but not hard was really satisfying.

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