Easter Bunny Bowel Movement

Hey! I have not posted in a while but have had enjoyed reading the posts. I'm Catherine and am 6'1" and weigh 185 lbs., give or take a few pounds. I have long, thick brown hair, brown eyes and a Greek/Mediterranean ethnic background. One of my few vices in life is that I am obsessed with bowel movements. My normal routine includes 2 hearty, voluminous doodies per day.

A few months ago someone asked about large poops and asked what my BMs were like if I missed a day of pooping. I responded that this was rare and I never struggled with constipation or variances from my toilet routine. However it happened on Easter Sunday, and at church of all places. I had not been to the bathroom for a BM since Friday morning. For me, that is missing 3 regular trips to the toilet. I had taken a little time off that weekend and traveled to the beach with friends, got back in Saturday evening, and of course, got off my normal eating habits. I stayed so busy that I did not have the urge to go. I knew that it would hit me Sunday, so before leaving for church, I tried to sit on the toilet and go. Nothing!I was bloated and had my two bowls of Fiber One and Cheerios that morning and left for Sunrise Service. After Sunrise service we had a large breakfast at church before Sunday School. Of course I ate a lot...I always do!

During Sunday School my bloated and full stomach began to girgle and my stomach cramped lightly - not like a sick cramping, but the kind that indicates a very large BM is on the way. I thought, "Oh, no...not at church." On Easter the church is packed and my friends and I, all being single, wanted to get to the sanctuary to get good seats for the service. Too, the bathrooms were always crowded after Sunday School.

Nevertheless, I was going to have to go. I told my best friend, Jennifer, that I was going to have to go to the bathroom and asked if she would save me a seat. She whispered back that she did too, but that she would get the others to save us a seat. When we got to the bathroom, which was nice but always crowded, since there were only 6 stalls, we sat down. I heard Jennifer pee. I thought she would poop too, but she did not have to. I got situated and a huge log began to come out effortlessly and slid into the toilet with very little audible comotion. It smelled strong and a little stale. I sat for a minute, still bloated and not feeling the relief that I thought I would feel. My stomach churned a little and cramped. Then another large but softer log pushed effortlessly in the toilet. Jennifer had flushed and exited the stall. She said, "Catherine, I will save you a seat, we will be in the center near the front." I replied, "Thanks, I think that I am going to be a few minutes." Then another long, soft log exited, followed by a few plops. I examined the bowl to see one fat 18 inch log coming out of the hole, with two 12 inch logs, lighter in color floating out of the water, and the few chunks floating freely. I heard a couple of giggles from two teenage girls at the sink, who then commented on the smell. What could I do? I am not ashamed of pooping in public, but I do not want to be the topic of someone's conversation.

Then I passed gas audibly for about 5 seconds and dropped a series softer logs compounded with mush. I heard the giggles again and then I reapeated the process. Another 5 second toot, which was louder than the first and then more mushy stool. Then I heard some women commenting about how they needed air freshener in the bathrooms and that they would recommend to the church to put something in the restroom. Of course, people were entering the stalls, peeing, and leaving for worship all during this time. There was no privacy! I repeated the gas and mush about 5-6 more times before finishing. The bathroom smelled terrible!

I never courtesy flush. I believe in saving water. So I looked into the toilet and there was no water. It was thick mush. I could barely see hints of the logs I had done. I was completely releaved and flushed away the large pile of poop.

When I began to wipe, I passed gas one more time and let some more mush into the bowl, and then cramped and had diarrhea. Again, it was audible. I though that I better sit there for a while. I looked at my watch and worship was about to start. There were a couple of women still there, but they were washing up and no one else was coming in. I released some more gassy diarrhea. Finally, I felt like my stomach was settling down. I pooped a little more mushy stuff and pushed a little bit more for good measure. The water was brown with hints of mush floating at the top. It took several wipes to finish.

When I entered the sanctuary the congregation was singing so everyone was standing. I made my way to our seat. Jennifer whispered and asked if I was OK. I said yes, that my stomach was a little upset but I felt fine now. And, everything was. However, that is not the kind of bowel movement I would like to have on the most important Sunday of the year!

By the evening I was normal, with another bowel movement and I have been back to my 'regular' self ever since!

Upstate Dave

Lorrie & Janice My Grandmothers New House Part 1

Hi I was away on cacation this past week. So that is why I have been not around for a short time. Danny your friend and you peeing near the swamp was good. I'm glad you know the area where I live. As far as Peggy it was only that one time. Now let me go on with my post.

Remember Lorrie and her sistor Janice I had made friends with while clearing the land for my grandmothers new house that was going to be built. The last time we were together was early summer and we had the last time together in the state park. Well my grandmothers new house had been built and it is now August and I was up visiting again for two week stay.

The first day Lorrie and Janice were not home when I arrived at my grandmothers. I hoped that they would be. So I spent the morning with my grandmother till she had to leave for the afternoon to go to work. Now I was there by myself. So I sat out on the front deck getting my tan darker while I read a book and drank ice tea.

I finished reading and I also needed to piss so I just walked over to the end of the deck pulled my zipper down got out my penis and without holding it I sent a strong stream of piss under the top reailing and my stream hit the ground which was 10 feet down from the deck. I pissed hard and after about 20 seconds standing there and pising I heard very familair laughter. It was Lorrie and Janice!

Lorrie said loudly as they were comming down along the outside wall of the house on the same side I was pissing off from; I know that stream! Janice now yelled out; I do too! We have seen that before! It must be Dave! I started laughing now as I looked down both Lorrie and Janice were close to the wall and ran under my piss stream turned the corner and ran under the deck to get to the stairs at the decks other end.

They both I heard them loudly thump up the stairs and run up behind me and stop. I was just about done with my piss when they got to me. My stream had weakend and then I stopped. But since I always made sure thatmy bladder was empty I gave a hard push making a real hard short finishing up spurt shoot from my penis which both girls giggled hard as the watched me finish up.

I slipped my penis back inside my jeans and zipped up. I sad hi to the girls. They said hi back and Lorrie asked me when did I get here. Oh early this morning. Where were you two? I asked them back. Janice answered before Lorrie could. Oh we had to go into town and go shopping. Lorrie then said; Yeah we had to.

So I asked them if they were free now and I got a YES from both of them. They both then told me they were thirsty. Well I had ice tea and there is plenty more or lemonade too. Well Lorrie said icetea! Janice said lemonade! So we went inside and I and Lorrie poured out glasses of lemonade while Janice poured herself a glass of lemonade.

Then we grabbed my grandmothers Scrabble game and went back out on the deck sat down at the table out there and started playing Scrabble and drinking our cold drinks. We also filled each other in while we played the game. I found out from each girl that they both still would piss or shit in the woods close by where there were still piles of all the brush,trees, and wild grapevine that we all had piled when the land was cleared.

Janice even went on to say that Lorrie shit moreoutside now then in the house. Lorrie giggled hard and admitted to it too. As we layed the game,drank our drinks, and talked I noticed that since I was keeping the games score that both girls had improved a lot since the time at the park. I asked if they had been playing with my grandmother. I got hard laughs from both of them with them both shaking thier heads yes.

Well certainally enough time went by. We had refilled our glasses twice and the end of the game was nearing. There were no more letter tiles to be picked up so we only had what we had left to play. Janice played quickly taking her turn. Then it was Lorrie's turn. Janice got up from the bench of the table and asked us if it was alright if she peed. Lorrie and I both told her we didn't mind. Go ahead and pee.

So Janice just took the few needed steps over to the end of the deck where I had pissed shoved her orange shorts right down stuck her small ass between the two railings and started pissing very hard! Lorrie saw her sistor pissing off from the deck and said to her sistor; Janice! I thought you were going inisde to go. Janice giggled hard and said back to Lorrie; Well if Dave can piss offthe deck so can I! Lorrie just shook her head and went back to thinking about spelling out a word with her tiles. I watched Janice piss.

Janice was sending down a thick straight stream which I could only see the section of it till the deck hid the rest of it from sight. Her stream now started hissing and the only other sound was its splashing down on the gravel on the ground below her. I watched her piss till Lorrie did take her turn and I had to write down her score. Lorrie still had three tiles left yet. Now it was my turn to play.

But I waited for I had went back to watch Janice. She pissed for a litle longer and then her stream died right out with some dripping and then she was done. She slipped her ass back forward grabbed her orange shorts yanked them up as she stood up. Then she came back to the table. I then looked atmy tiles. Quickly figuired out a word using all of them and played it thus ending the game. Lorrie did win it.

Now ith the game over Janice said she was leaving now. She got up from the table said goodbye and ran across the deck thumped down the steps and was gone in a flash. Lorrie and I picked up the game. Then Lorrie asked me if I had to piss. She told me she had to. I asked her not being sure if she would do it here on the deck I asked Lorrie; Inisde or outside? Lorrie giggled hard and said real fast back to me; OUTSIDE but not here on the deck. Over in the woods she said to me.

So we got up togther walked across the deck went down the stairs and walke under it and over into the woods over behind some of the old piles of brush,trees, and grape vine. Lorrie stood right in front of me once we were behind the one pile of brush and stuff. She smiled and said to me; I've waited all the time since you were goneto have to do this again.

Lorrie reached down and popped my snap,pulled my zipper all the way down, and then she pulled my pants down along with my boxres. Now since I had seen Janice piss only a few short minutes agao my penis was erect. That put even put a bigger smile to Lorrie's lips seeing that it was erect. How bout me now? Lorrie asked me. So she had on a pair of blue elastic waistband shorts so I reached over and I pulled them down along with a blue pair of panties she also had on.

Thern Lorrie reached over and took and held my penis in her hand. She managed to kick off both her shorts and panties. She smiled and said to me; I've been waiting to hold you and I've been practicing going standing too so I'll go standing! I smiled now with a big smile. I started my piss first. I sent a nice long arcing twisted piss stream well through the air with it comming down over six feet away from us.

Lorrie let out a shrt litle giggle. I see that you haven't lost your touch for taking long pees! I let out a giggle too. No I haven't! I went on with my piss with both of us watching. Lorrie hadn't started yet. When I my stream started to die out that's when Lorrie started to piss. I head her start for when she started her stream hissed loudly and that made me look overand down.

She had a stream shooting out of her vagina with a short wide head went right into a short wtwist and hit the ground hard making a small splash over it. Hey you have been practicing! I said to Lorrie. It shows it! She giggled just a litle andI had stopped pissing and I felt her give my penis a couple of short hard shakes.Her piss stream now was slackening.

It thinned its hissing fadeing away and then it stopped a little short spurtfollowed and then a few drips fell to the ground and Lorrie was done with her piss. Then still holding my penis she stepped over in front of me and she kissed me! I then kissed her right back! Then she stepped backlet go of my penis. She stepped over put her panties and shorts back on while I pulled my boxers up along with my pants. Then she took my hand after we had finished and we slowly walked back over heading for the steps at the end of the deck.

As we walked Lorrie told me that she was glad I was here again. I missed you terribly. I too had missed her and I said the same thing back to her. She stopped walking turned around and we kissed several times. After the last kiss Lorrie said to me; I have learned more things too now. She smiled and said to me; There isn't time now but tomorrow there should be. We can do it then. Ok? I didn't exactly know what Lorrie had ment by what she had said to me but I agreed with her. When we reached the stairs to the deck Lorrie gave me another kiss and then said to me; Tomorrow? Tomorrow I said back to her. I watched her walk away till she was gone from sight.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taking a shit at JCPenney's. A long time ago I used to take a crap ay JC Penney's, too. This particular one had a row of 4 stalls without doors. You had to walk past them to get to the urinals, and the sinks and mirrors were right across from the stall doors. When you sat on the toilet, you could see the heads of the other guys on the can in the mirrors. I remember one particular guy, blonde, probably early 20's, good-looking guy. He had his tan pants and white briefs bunched up at his ankles and he peed while pointing his dick into the bowl. He seemed to be a little bit constipated, because he was making a face while pushing his turds out. I didn't see his "junk" but saw some blonde pubic hair right above where he was holding his dick.

DESMOND - I agree that a lot of times the guys with shorts and flip-flops drop all their clothes to the floor and I'm also partial towards white briefs. I usually wear colored briefs and always let them down around my ankles as well. In college, I used to study at the school library in the morning and would end up taking a dump next to some other college guy. I remember one guy in particular, because the stalls we were using had partitions that were a bit high off the floor. He had hairy blonde legs and also had his shorts and white briefs down around his ankles. This stall had the stainless steel seat protector dispenser removed from the wall and was lying on the floor between the stalls. It was very reflective and I was able to see the guy come into the stall in the reflection, drop his shorts down and then his underwear, and have a seat. He looked down at the stainless steel, saw me in the reflection, and then just looked forward and proceeded to crap. We both finished up shortly thereafter and I saw him lean to one side, wiping several times, before leaving.

At work, there's a new young man. I've noticed that he usually has a bowel movement mid afternoon, as I've seen him exiting from the stalls several times as I am at the urinal. Today, around 3, I felt the urge to wee, so I figured I'd go to one of the stalls and have a relaxing wee as I caught up on my email on my BlackBerry. It's a two stall bathroom, and I like to take the handicap stall, which allows me to observe the goings-on in the adjacent stall without the occupant knowing who is watching. I entered the handicap stall and no sooner had I sat down and started to scroll through my emails, but the door of the restroom opened and the new young man entered the adjacent stall. I couldn't believe my luck! He dropped his jeans, sat down and immediately started to wee.
While peeing, he let out a soft grunt and you could faintly hear a couple of soft plops. The sound of the urine sort of masqueraded the sound of the plops, but nevertheless, it was audible. He let out a soft sigh as he finished. He then separated his legs and spit into the toilet bowl. I thought this was interesting to say the least. Then he wiped. The lighting is such that if I'm in the handicapped stall, I can see the wiping process because of the shadows. I noticed that he took a piece of paper about 18", folded it in half, and then again in half and wiped from behind with his left hand. After the first wipe, he folded the paper, wiped again, then folded and wiped a third time. He repeated this process a second time, meaning he wiped a total of six times. He then stood up and hitched up his jeans, turned around as the toilet was autoflushing, and spit rather audibly into the bowl. He left the stall and went to the sinks to wash up, where he spit again into the sink. I am not sure what the spitting is all about. It seems that young men do that. Later, I observed him at his desk in his cubicle and sure enough, he was writing with his left hand! I will surely try to time my visits midafternoon to hopefully catch a few more of his sessions.

Hi Phil & Ashley- glad you liked my stories! Nothing much more to tell but I'll be back at university on Sunday so I should have things to tell you all soon!

This evening I had a huge poo. After dinner I felt the urge, so I went upstairs to the toilet and locked the door, dropping my jeans and panties and sitting. Soon an enormous but soft log began to slide out, and it made a big splash when it landed. This was followed by two or three blobs of mushy poo and then a kind of torrent of semi-liquid stuff, ending with another small log. When I was done I stood up and looked in the bowl- it was full, with my first turd coiled around the side! It was a foot or so long. It took me six wipes to get clean, but I felt so much better!

Bye for now everyone!


Post Title (optional) No constipation for over a week!!!!!

Linda from Australia here again. I haven't been constipated AT ALL this week!!! I've taken some great dumps on the toilet and I've been going once a day. On Thursday night, I dropped a MASSIVE load of poo!! I think it was the biggest shit I've taken for a long time. The turds were big, hard and wide.Plus there was one HUGE turd that made a loud plop in the toilet. They really stretched my anus and it felt fantastic. Yesterday I dropped a smaller load and this morning, I did another BIG poo!! It consisted of about 3 banana shaped turds, that were wide and hard. I'm feeling finished after my dumps too, which is very satisfying.

Hi, I'm a 31 year old male from Mexico. I want to share a strange toilet layout I experienced last week, on a business meeting out of the office. I work at a financial company and my boss told me and some colleagues, we had to go to another company to carry on an urgent work project. It was a small company and we were directed to a private meeting room which was located in a stylish penthouse.

After a couple of hours, I asked for the restroom. Someone pointed me to the hallway. I assumed it must be the typical office restroom, gender specific. To my surprise, there was only a door with a men and women's sign in it. I entered and found out it was a unisex toilet, with a trendy decoration. The sink was elegant, and there were flowers, nice hand towels and amenities all over the place. However, the single toilet (there was no urinal) was located separately from the sink behind and opaque glass sliding door, floor to ceiling, in a separate area, still visible from the sink. I didn't give it too much thought since I just needed a pee, and besides it was late at night, with few people by then, and they were all guys I knew. No big deal. I don't even remember if I locked the door of the bathroom. I didn't close the opaque glass door to the toilet though, and the seat was already lifted. It seemed the bathroom was used as a male only toilet, and for pissing it was o.k.

However, the next morning my boss asked us to attend the company all day long since the work was still a long way to be finished. This is the interesting part. I left my place after several cups of coffee, bran flakes, and orange juice (my usual breakfast). When I arrived at the company, my bowels were imploring me to drop the kids of the pool. So the next thing I thought was finding the men's room. Suddenly I remembered there was only the small unisex toilet. I couldn't care less in such a situation, so I decided to swallow my pride. As I approached the small bathroom, I felt a mixture of pain, fear, and excitement of having to unload in a unisex toilet. Finally, I went inside, closed the door and entered inside the opaque sliding doors to the toilet area. I didn't lock the main door, since I figured out it wasn't meant to be closed. That's why they had the sliding doors to the toilet which had a separate lock. As I unbuckled my trousers, the pressure in my colon was extremely intense and I was about to explode. I bare my butt on the toilet and relaxed. Just as shit was coming out of my hole, I heard the bathroom door opened. Someone came inside, and while I was in the middle of my poo, I saw him through the opaque glass. It was a guy who was working on the same project I was. As he tried to open the sliding door, I said "occupied". He said "sorry" and was extremely embarrassed. I think he was more embarrassed than I was. Anyway, I finished my business, washed my hands, and left the bathroom.

Later through the day, I met him a couple of times and he was casual about it. I'm not even sure he identified me as the guy on the toilet. However, since I spoke, most probably he did. So the bottom line is, did I do something wrong by not locking the door, or what was I supposed to do in such a bathroom layout???


Connie's old post from page 60

I've just been browsing some early posts about Connie's desperate poo when she was a cheerleader. I loved reading your post & would love to have seen you franticaly looking for a place to release that massive poo. I love the thought of a cheerleader girl getting so desperate she can't hold it & doing it in her pants right on the playing field. Those pants can hold an awfull lot & a girl could really poo her brains out he she'd been holding it for 2 days or more. If yoyoyou're still around I'd love to see some new posts from you. ↲
Love Wendy.

Kristen/Debbie, I really have enjoyed your stories. I'm looking forward to hearing more stories from your work place. Leanne, great stories for your introduction on this site. I hope to hear more from you too!

Cool High School Guy

My Big Craps

Hey everyone it's me Some High School Boy, since I'm getting more and more comfortable with crapping in public and around friends.

Well here some of my recent craps; last week I crapped a foot long three times in two days. I've really enjoyed it since due to some irritation from toilet paper I became constipated so I haven't gotten everything out of my system yet. Well last Thursday I crapped a foot long with three additional turds that were 5 inches each.

Friday of last week I crapped out another foot long with only two additional turds that were three inches each.

Yesterday I crapped a total five dark brown turds two were at least... hold on I've gotta go I'll be right back...I'm back the turds this time around aren't worth posting about. Well the two turds previously mentioned were close to two feet long each. The other turds were 7 inches and 5 inches.

Now for the crap I took today before I started posting. Today I crapped out a foot long with a 5 inch turd it felt great. I've also had alot of gas lately which makes me visit the toilet since the urge to fart is sometimes the urge to crap.

Well take care everyone,
Cool High School Guy

P.S. Buzzy, Billy and Kevin, Esteban and Felix, I really do miss all your posts they were all great.


Constant Conversation & Why I Failed My Test

Two days ago me and Stac walked the few blocks from our high school to the downtown library after school because we had an assignment to work on. They have some awesome data services that really help on the AP papers we have to write. It's about a six block walk and about half the way there, and it's largely downhill, Stac started to complain that she had to crap. Sometimes she has to go within a very short period or she could have an accident, but other times I know she has held it for a couple of hours or so because--well, she just does!

As we walked up the steps of the big city-wide library building, she said she was about ready to crap her pants and I teased her (I know I shouldn't have, but I did) about her tight jeans and whether they could expand enough to hold the crap. Then I told her I should probably go in to an piss before we signed out for our computers and the clock started, because if there's a line waiting, the librarians make you get off after like 30 minutes and let someone else on. Stac led us right to the back of the building where the restrooms are located and said she wouldn't be long as she pulled the bathroom door open. I told her she would likely be on the stool longer than it would take me to piss since she had to crap, but she said "no way!" So I took her up on it and we bet a pizza dinner on it.

There were about 10 urinals in the mens room. None in use. No waiting. I went to what appeared to be the middle one, unzipped and was waiting to get my piss going when I heard a voice from a stall behind me say "Son..." I startled me at first because I had not seen him. Since my flow hadn't started yet, I put my penis back in my underwear and turned around to see this elderly man, he was probably about 75, sitting on the toilet with his boxers and jeans all the way down to the level of his feet. His legs were as hairy as I had seen and his boney knees really stood out. He said he had shit a couple of "bricks" and was in a bit of pain, but had found there was no toilet paper on his roll. He asked if I would be "good enough" to hand him some from one of the other stalls. There were five other doorless stalls, none of them were in use, so I was confident that I could help him. The first two stalls to his left didn't have any and as I moved to the right, the first stall had only two sheets. I took them and went to the next stall and I rolled off about five times that amount. I felt bad about making the decision on how much to take because I didn't know how much he needed.

As I went over and leaned down to hand it to him, he saw my school's name on my hoodie and immediately took a liking to me. He was a "proud" 1954 graduate of the school and told me about what things were like there about 60 years ago, the classes he liked, teachers he had, and his first job as a "grease monkey" at a gas station. I had a difficult time turning my back and getting back to the urinal because every time I tried to turn around, he would ask me another question or have another memory about his childhood years. I think it was about five minutes before I was able to start walking backwards from his stall entrance toward the urinal. I knew that Stac was probably getting done and that I would probably now owe her the pizza dinner and pitcher of soda, but he just continued talking and talking.

I didn't want to seem rude, so I kept the conversation going a bit even after I turned to the urinal and started to piss. He was still going on and on and still had the toilet paper (unused) in his hand when I turned around, zipped up and walked to the sink to wash my hands. When I was finally wiping my hands, he asked me to come over to his stall (I had lied to him that my computer was probably on sleep by now and if it turned off I would lose my work) and he asked me to hold his arms and pull him straight up off the toilet. His knees were bad and he said there's a lot of pain if he has to get up on his own from such a low seat. He was very thankful and called me an "outstanding young lad" as he took some of the toilet paper from his left hand and started wiping.

Of course Stac was waiting for me in the doorway and faked being mad, although I know she wasn't. As I explained to her about the old man, she seemed very interested and we watched from our computers for him to leave. He left about 15 minutes later and walked very slowly toward the front door. She still held me responsible for our pizza dinner that night.

Shit @ JC Penney's

I took a good shit at JC Penney's. Every time I go to JC Penney's I gotta shit. Why?


Poopy Memory

Hi guys. I was with my cousin today (he's 6) and he sort of had an accident in his pants (I dunno, his mum just came and said to me since I'm taking care of him that he did and I was shocked.) It kinda made me remember about this thing that happened to me when I was 13.

It's kinda embarrasing to say that a 13 year old guy actually pooped in his pants. Thank goodness I was with two caring teacher and my best friend (both boys)so it was a less embarassing. We were actually in a kindergarden. My friend( let's call him Russ for short form) and I were assigned to help two teachers clean up the classrooms there. Apparently there was a international bazaar there and the whole place was pretty messy. Russ and I took this job because nobody wanted to do it and I felt pretty bad for the teachers. The kindergarden only has two toilets. One for boys and another for girls.

We were cleaning an outside area which was near the bathrooms when I farted. It was pretty audible and the smell of rotten eggs wafted around. Russ and the two teachers did not really care about it and one of the teachers even decided to fart himself. We laughed a bit and it turned out everybody was farting. We stopped for a breather and the teacher was saying that we could pee in the drain 'cos the toilets were under repair.

My stomach was starting to growl really loudly and I was experiencing stomach cramps. I felt kinda shy to tell the teachers that I needed to poop 'cos I'm kinda the person that would just go quietly or pretend that I went already. The only person who I talk about this subject is with my father and Russ (now the teachers too). Russ was nearby and he saw me clutching my stomach so he figured that I had a stomachache. He told the teachers and they came over to me and ask if I was ok. I told them that I needed to poop and they got me some newspaper and said I could bring it to the back and go do what I need to do. The back looked kinda creepy and I coudn't actually hold it till I made one big round around the compound so I told them that I would go here. I was arting a lot and they helped me spread out the paper on the ground. I was trying to pull down my underwear but it got caught to the zip. coudn't hold it anymore and let loose in my pants. The teachers saw me and they and Russ came to help me. I was in tears and there was a huge brown bulge in my white undies. They finally managed to get it off and they saw my poop in there which looked kinda like curry. I squatted and started to shit again like crazy and the whole paper stank like hell. The teachers helped me clean up afterwards and they threw away my old undies because the damage was bad. I wore another pair of undies of course. I was pretty much red faced but the teachers just old me it was ok and they even told me about their accidents. We still talk now and we meet up to poop sometimes.

Gotta go take a piss now. Will post some stories about my cousins soo. Bye.


Watching Kirsty

I was walking home with my mate Kirsty after a night out when she said she needed to in to the toilet. The only place to go was an alleyway behind some shops & severall girls were already peeing there so Kirsty didn't feel uncomfortable about doing it here. She invited me to watch her go & of course I needed no encouragement. Kirsty lifted her skirt up & lowered her knickers & began to pee. What I didn't expect to see was when she started to crap. It was all solid & there was a lot of it. Six pieces in varying sizes from 4 inches to over 9! She said she'd been holding it in for a week & couldn't hold it any longer. I loved it & told Kirsty about my love of outdoor pooing. She got very exited & we agreed to do it together more often. She even asked me if I'd ever pood my pants & when I told her yes she admitted she had too & loved it. I'll post again soon to let you all know what happens next.

I don't like having a crap at work & usually wait untill I get home but today I was really desperate. I'd been holding it in all morning, gradually getting more & more desperate untill I got to the stage where I was about to do it in my knickers. It wasn't my break time & we're not supposed to go to the toilet between breaks but I was about to fill my underwear so I rushed off towards the toilet holding my bum. The supervisor was totally insensitive about my situation & told me to wait untill lunch time. I was too desperate to wait that long & still holding my bum I walked up to her & told her that if she didn't let me go to the toilet I would crap myself. She basicaly read me the rule book & told me I would have to hold it untill lunch time. There was no way I could wait that long so I told her "xxx" & went to the toilet anyway. It was such a relief but when I came out I got a warning for disobeying the supervisor & swearing at her. But what was I supposed to do? I really did not want to shit myself at work!

When I was school once in year 10, leanna who was sitting in front of me kept fidgeting in her seat. I knew she desperately needed the toilet but she was too shy to ask for permission to leave the room. As the lesson went on she grew more & more anxious untill all of a sudden she peed herself. It was a real flood too as she emptied her full bladder onto the floor. She stood up & ran out of the room crying as the odor of crap filled the room. Leanna stopped at the door & just stood there crapping herself. It took a while for her to finish & the smell was overpowering. I was sent to the girls toilets with her to help her clean up & she went into a cubicle & took off her skirt tights & knickers & sat on the toilet. Leanna pushed out another load into the pan as she looked at the state of her knickers. They were full of diarrhoea & totally ruined so she dropped them into the toilet together with her tights. Luckily there was nothing on her skirt. I wetted some paper towels & helped her wash her bum before she put her skirt back on & we went back to class. Everyone was whispering about what had happened & I can only imagine how embarrassed Leanna must have felt.

I was walking around a boot fair when I started to feel unwell. I felt sick & my bowels were cramping up. I knew I had to get to a toilet fast but there weren't any. I was about to throw up but the biggest problem was the storm that was brewing in my bowels. I went between some cars & all of a sudden I threw up everywhere. My bowels opened against my will & I totally flooded my pants with what felt like a gallon of smelly diarrhoea. I had to walk home with my jeans soaked in runny poo & vomit all over my top. On the way I threw up again & pood my pants some more & by the time I got home I'd pood 4 times in my pants & even wet myself.

I used to do a paper round a few years ago when I was 15. I hadn't had a decent crap for 4 days & I was in the shop sorting my papers out ready to be delivered when I felt the urge to go. It was really bad but I didn't want to use the toilet in the shop & thought I'd be able to wait untill I got home. Well the round takes about 45 minutes to do & as soon as I started delivering I felt the urge to go getting worse. After only 5 minutes I was nearly doing it in my knickers but I still carried on delivering. After another 5 minutes I was having a real problem holding it in. I knew by now it was diarrhoea but still I carried on delivering. After another 5 minutes I knew I had to go home to use the toilet. There was no way I could carry on delivering my papers without having an accident. I was a long way from my house though & as I made my way there I leaked a bit into my knickers. By clenching tightly I managed to stop too much of it coming out. Then I had to cross the road which was busy. As I waited I leaked some more. This time it was a bad one. My knickers were a real mess & by the time I got home it was soaking through to my beige trousers. As soon as I got the door open I ran upstairs to the toilet but when I got there it was occupied. Zoe as having a crap in there & was taking ages as usuall. I couldn't hold it any longer & let the whole 4 days worth of diarrhoea pour into my knickers. The funny thing was that Zoe was almost done on the toilet & 3 minutes later she came out of the bathroom to find me standing ties with liquid crap running all down my legs!

TO RACHEL: When you have to go that`s what you have to do! It is much better than going in your pants. I have never been in that position but I would do similar.
WORRIED: Constipation is very common in to your doctor. One thing that is good is prune juice. You might try a suppository.
MEGAN: When you have got to go...maybe you should head to the toilet before you reach that stage but sometimes there may not be much warning...I hope you b/f was understanding...I know I would be.

I have raised this topic often but laxatives etc are not as bad as the alternative to prolonged constipation. A bit of occasional constipation will hurt no one but if it is prolonged then it can be very serious. I have Parkinson`s Disease and one of the usual symptoms is fact it is often the first symptom of Parkinsons. On top of this the pain meds make the situation a whole lot worse. I have seen many doctors and even GI specialists and the claim is that laxatives, although other health measures should first be tried are far better than constipation. In fact some laxatives are not that bad at all, particularly the osmotic laxatives that draw water into the colon as opposed to irritating the colon. I was also advised to alternate the type of laxative. Suppositories are only good if the stool is in the rectal area and then it is great as an expelling agent. High fibre is recommended and particularly psyillium but it must be taken with lots of water. On the other hand psyillium can make the problem a lot worse particularly if the colon`s movements are slowed by pain meds.In that case a quick follow up with a laxative is needed.
Before I started with laxatives etc I was having big constipation problems and I am now much better and whilst constipation is still a big problem my management ois much better.
Fo WORRIED that just posted and if the poo is well into her rectum and she cannpot push it out a suppository or a fleets enema or a water and soap enema would cause no harm.
As for today, I have not taken a laxative for two days. I got up needing a poo but wanted to get out of the house before I was held up. I called in to my public toilets and had a great felt sooo good.
This constipation has taught me to really enjoy a good poo!!!!

Migraine loverer

My constapation Lesson

Thanks J
I love constipation stories for some reason.
When I was very young I ate too many nits and got EXTREMELY CONSTIPATED! My parents would try to help me by trying to pull it out and tell me to not give up. After a few days they gave me an enema.It was the worst thing ever! It hurt even with it! To this very day I don't eat nuts because of it. Hope you enjoyed the story. My poops are regular.
Peace and Love,
Migraine loverer

Have you ever had such a big,hard, wide, stiff and painful poop that you LITERALLY cried from it?

Have you ever helped someone get a poop out?/someone helped you get a poop out?

I'm just asking since I love those stories for some reason.
Peace & Love,
Migraine loverer

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wendy I really liked your last post about sneaking into that building and pooping on the chair...Ive also done that same thing except it was in an abandoned building.Keep on posting those great stories!


My first outdoor crap

Last night I was waking home from the local shops when I felt a desperate need to crap. It was really sudden & I was cramping up. I knew I wasn't going to make it home so I decided to do it in a nearby alleyway. It felt really dirty but it was better than crapping myself! It wasn't very private so I quickly pulled my trousers & knickers down & squatted between two small bushes. I pushed out a massive load do soft muddy crap & pulled my knickers & trousers back up as quickly as possible before anyone saw me. I walked home with a sticky feeling between my bum cheeks where I hadn't wiped & when I got home I went to the bathroom to clean up. I had a massive skid mark in my knickers but not too much on my bum. I purpose I'd got most of it off in my knickers!

End Stall Em

My Pee Accident

This past Monday was not a good day for me. I woke up with a headache,I had been constipated all Easter weekend, and I didn't get much sleep because on Sunday evening our family cat tried to sneak into my room and when she does, she goes under the bed and into the closet and it's really difficult to get her out. Well I slammed the door as she tried to slip in between my legs and while that was successful, I mashed my right thumb in the door. It has swollen up a lot and throbs.

When I walked into my school, I knew I was going to have to pee before my first class. It might have been my bad mood, but my bladder was really hurting. So I stopped at the first restroom I passed, pushed open the entrance door with the side of my hand so as not to make my thumb hurt any worse, and all 10 or 11 stalls were taken. It's somewhat unusual in the morning so there must have been a large group music department meeting. I flung my book bag off my shoulders and set it against the wall as I waited for my favorite end stall. I saw the user's feet move as she I guess got off the stool and within a minute or two she was opening the door, she flushed, and headed to the sink. I quickly went in, used my left hand to latch the door, and then I got frustrated with the top button on my jeans. I know I've put a couple of pounds on, but even though my good thumb was getting a workout, I couldn't get the button through the hole necessary to get my jeans down.

It was getting so frustrating. Here I was with a burning pee but I couldn't get my jeans button to work. I almost had it through the hole a couple of times, but then I chipped my fingernail and that made me madder. The light was pretty dim and I thought if I could seat myself on the toilet, I might have better luck. That helped a little as I was able to see better and with some more damage to my thumbnail, I finally extracated the brass button from the hole. From the seated position, I was starting to pull my all-too-snug jeans down my thighs, but my good thumb was hurting worse and of course my fingernail was torn even more. After I pulled my jeans down to knee level, I remember looking at my fingernail and feeling more pain in my forefinger. About that time, I started to release my pee and I quickly started feeling a liquid warmth that was fast building between my legs. I quickly looked down and saw that I was sitting with my white underwear fully up. How could I have been so stupid? I quickly stood up a couple of inches off the seat, yanked my underwear down as fast as I could, and put myself back on the seat and resumed the pee blast. Unfortunately, I got urine on both of my hands, a stream of it was dripping off the front of the bowl and onto the floor, and I moved my feet into a wider stance so that I wouldn't be getting my shoes into it. By the time I was done, and this was close to two minutes later, I grabbed for the toilet paper and there was nothing on the roll.

I stood all the way up and then sat my butt back down on the stool while I lifted my legs out of my jeans. I hung my jeans on the door latch and closely inspected them for damage. There was a little bit of urine on the rear very close to the top, but since they weren't faded that much, it wasn't going to show. From my seat on the toilet, I then pulled my really waterlogged underwear off, all the while getting more pee on my hands and noticing that I had urine on the bottom of my thighs and now that the black seat was also moist under me. There were a lot of girls coming into the bathroom just before the first hour bell was to ring, and as I sat I had to think about how I was going to dry myself off and get rid of my underwear. I knew it wouldn't flush, so as I sat I picked it up, folded it up as compact as I could in my hand, and placed it behind the stool, somewhat concealed against the wall. I heard the door of the stall to my right open, and then bang against the partition as the stool flushed. Seated, frustrated and close to tears, I saw what could probably save me: the toilet paper roll had been yanked on and the extra paper from it hung all the way down to the floor level. I leaned from my seated position down to snag the end, and I pulled it under the partition and onto my lap ever so carefully. One rip and my plan would be no good. Then I took my finger and tore it off.

From my seated position, I did the cleaning necessary of my body. I also dabbed up the puddle between my feet on the floor, and I wiped off the seat which had a good amount of my moisture toward the front. I then reseated myself and put my jeans back on. It's sure a strange feeling to have that jean fabric snuggly rubbing directly onto your most private area. And I had a full day ahead of me. I was about five minutes late to class, but after dismissal, I told my teacher that I had had an accident before school and how bad my day had started. She was sympathetic and said she wouldn't make out a referral this time.

I went in and peed twice later in the day. Very uneventful, except that it felt so different not having any underwear. I was worried about some leaving some spots in my jeans each time I peed, but that didn't happen. I felt my long-awaited crap coming on about 2 p.m. and I was able to hold it until right after school. Then I sat down and let it drop. It was about a foot and a half long and luckily was very well formed so there was little mess left. Still, I was worried about staining my jeans, but that didn't happen.

When I got home I went right to my underwear drawer.


Prom Dress Shopping Accident

My name is Marcie. I'm 18 and on Saturday I was out shopping with my mom for a prom dress for senior prom. We were at the mall shopping, then had lunch in the food court, then were shopping some more. We had been shopping for about an hour after lunch when I felt my ???? start to rumble like I would need the bathroom soon. I was in a dressing room trying on a great dress at the time so I ignored it. That one didn't fit right and I tried on a couple more in the same store, all the while feeling the need in my gut get stronger. We moved on to a new store and found a few more dresses for me to try on and I went back to the dressing rooms and started trying them on. I was starting to feel a little desperate and knew I'd have to go find a bathroom pretty soon but I didn't want to stop shopping and we had to be somewhere later so I didn't have all day to shop. I just held it and kept on trying on the dresses. I had go into a nice strapless pink dress and was showing my mom when I had another rumble in my gut and my body gave me a warning that I had to go RIGHT NOW. I must have made a face or something because mom asked if I was ok. I said "no, I need the bathroom." She said she'd ask the cashier if they had a bathroom while I changed out of the dress. So I went back into the dressing room and got out of the dress and put my tshirt and skirt back on and when I came out mom told me that they didn't have a bathroom and the nearest one was by the foodcourt, which was about half the mall away. So we started that way. I could feel a massive poo pushing against my anus and was farting some and knew I couldn't hold it much longer. I told my mom I was going to run ahead and she could just catch up with me and I started jogging. It didn't help much but I knew I didn't have time if I didn't. I broke out into a cold sweat and was praying for more time. I got to the public bathroom, got inside the ladies room, found an empty stall, jumped inside, turned around and fumbled with the lock for a second before getting it to lock, took a step backward so I was in front of the thankfully clean toilet, and started to pull up my skirt when it happened. I shit my panties. I was just about to grab the waistband of my panties when my body pushed and I couldn't stop it and a mostly firm turd just shot out of me like a rocket and quickly spread into the seat of my panties. I tried to hold back but another turd shot out right behind it - this one mostly soft - and it spread even more onto my butt cheeks and crotch - before I snatched at my panties and started squatting just in time for a load of runny diarhea to shoot out into the toilet water. I finished sitting down and had more diarhea for another minute or two, just staring down at the large pile of shit wobbling in the seat of the formerly white panties at my knees. Thankfully it was solid enough not to be dripping out or anythign and all the diarhea went into the toilet. I always figured that if I had an accident at my age that I would cry or something, but I didn't. I wasn't sure what to do, really, but I never felt like crying. I just grabbed some toilet paper and started wiping my butt, but there was so much poop on my butt cheeks and um... forward of there... that I was having a really hard time. Then I heard my mom's voice inside the ladies room: "Marcie, are you in here?" I figured I had no choice but to answer and said yes. She came down and was in front of my stall so she didn't have to talk as loud, "Are you ok?" I just sighed and whispered, "No, mama. I didn't make it in time." Then I saw her lean enough to see into the door crack with one eye and at my face then her gaze travelled down. I moved my hand to cover my crotch but her eyes stopped when she reached the clearly full panties between my knees, her eye got big and wide for a second, then she quickly looked away and she said, "Oh, dear, Marcie. I'm sorry. What can I do? Do you need a new outfit?" I told her, "No, I just need some wet paper towels and clean panties." She said sure and walked away. So I slipped the full panties down the rest of the way until they were off, the giant load of poop swaying them like a swing, then stood up and dumped the load into the toilet with the rest. I didn't know what to do with the panties so I just set them down on the back. Mom knocked on the door and reached under the bottom with a handful of damp paper towels and said she'd be back in a minute. I started wiping off with the wet paper towels, which was much easier. I had to pull my makeup mirror from my purse to make sure I got it all off. Then I flushed and let my skirt down and stood there in the stall waiting until my mom got back and handed me a clean pair of panties under the stall door. I slid them on, then grabbed the soiled panties off the back of the toilet by the waist band, opened the door and stepped out. I carried the panties to the nearby trash can and dropped them in. The seat was clearly dark brown, obvious that I had soild them badly. I washed my hands really, really good. Mom just hugged me and told me it was ok, that things like that happen sometimes. We went and got ice cream and I told her what had happened and she told me not to beat myself up over it, that it probably wouldn't be the last accident I ever have. "Just wait until you are pregnant or have kids." she said. Great, I can't wait...


Constipation story.

Hi I'm usually a lurker but now i've got something interesting to write. I'm 6'5 165Ibs I have brown hair and I'm 22. I usually poop twice a day but I wanted the sensation of a great dump so I decided to hold it in for 4days. I can tell you this, if you poop twice a day it's not a good idea to hold it in for 4 days:-) I sat down with a magazine in my bathroom and pushed for maybe 5min and it was not moving. I tried to push really hard and that hurt quite a bit but at least it got the turd going. It was really painful but when the tip was out it was going great. I sat and let the turd come out by itself and after 5 min it dropped in the toilet and it sounded like a rock crashed into the water. the turd was as big as my forearm and had totally clogged the hole. I felt i had some normal turds in me so i started pushing and after 2min i've dropped three turds 6inch long and 2inch wide in the toilet. Finally i was done I wiped my butt and the paper was almost clean the first wipe. There was no way this was going to flush down so i left it to loosen up. After 4 hours i came back and broke up the turds with a coathanger and flushed. It took 5 flushes to get it all done. It lefted big skidmarks in the bowl. At the end i must say it was a very satisfying bm:-)



Can anyone help me? Im pregant and and i havent pooped in 4 days. I need to go but it wont come out. I would usually take a senocot to help me go but im told its dangerous for the babay to take any thing like that. Does anyone know of anything in can take to help me.

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