Leanne: iam 5.11.5" with blue eyes and brown hair as well! i really enjoyed both of your stories! it sounds like u and Emma had a fun day of shopping at the mall and your bathroom experiences seem cool as well! i wish i could have been at the mall and in the bathroom with u guys as well. one of u should have left the tiolet unflushed! i also enjoyed your story about u visiting Mcdonalds and entering the ladies room and it reeking of poo ! i have entered public bathrooms in the past and been unwelcomed to the stench of poo! i also enjoyed your camping story involving u and your best friend Lauren! i wish i could have been there as well! iam biosexual as well! keep posting those stories cant wait to whats ahead in the near future!




Worst time to happen

I was at the park with my boyfriend when i started cramping, i knew that i didn't have a lot of time until i was to poo myself. Though i was determined to hold the storm in. We went to the side of the park where it had portle loo's because it was in a mini funfair. I said to my boyfriend that somethings wrong with me and that i really needed a poo! Badly! So he understood and said "o..k so how badly do you need to go?" And i said "well the fact that im about to poo out last nights dinner in a matter of seconds" he was like ok, again so i said i can't help it!

On our way to the loo's i was walking/running like it was obvious that i needed a poo. I had a few awful feeling wet farts and grumbles that gave away it was a nasty poo. By now i was holding my stomach groaning while my belly shook in a horrible rumble and a few seconds later pfffft... i farted horribly again. When we got to the loo's they had a que. I was holding my behind now and saying ooooooo a few times, i finally got in. I put paper on the toilet seat and sat my filled up ass down and excreted the largest amount of poo i have ever done. It was a real mess, couldnt clean it all up.

Then on the way back from the park and to my boyfriends, i needed to go again, and i experienced the same horrible feeling as before. Before i could tell my boyfriend my ass rumbled and i excreted in my panties, leaving me to shout ooo! The whole poo was so noisey as it exploded out my bottom. I could feel first the poo stream going down my panties and then the feeling of that horrible mushy poo hitting and spreading to the sides of my bum, was not a nice feeling! But so relieving! Then i had more diarrhea so i finished off at my boyfriends.


great sighting in the mens room

I had been constipated for a few days so I decided to go to my local mega bookstore, get a super large coffee and a magazine and go sit on the toilet for a while. As a bonus, I get to share some great poop stories.

I guess I had been there about 20 mins. I was reading a computer magazine and enjoying my coffee when guy number one comes in. Nice tennis shoes, jean shorts. He pulled his shorts only half way down--I don't see how any guy can take a dump like that but I digress. Anyway he grunted a bit and let out some smooth farts and then wiped a few times and left. Only took about 5 mins---rather uneventful.

About 10 minutes later the second guy came in. Flip Flops and cargo shorts--my favorite! Those usually drop everything to the floor. He did and as a bonus was wearing white briefs. He was a heavy breather and spent about 20 mins on the can. He was very constipated and spent a lot of time sighing and grunting. He had brought a book in with him so I guess he knew it was going to take a while. I only heard three little plops. When he wiped he spread his legs way far apart and really was going at it---I could hear him scrubbing away. After that he stood up and left.

After that it got real slow and it was about 20 mins before guy number three came in. Another flip flops cargo shorts down to the ankles guy! WOO HOO! He had dark Hispanic legs and was quite hairy. He plopped down and got his cell phone out of his pocket and started letting go with a lot of loose sounding poop along with a of wet gas. He was groaning a lot too. It sounded like he had stomach cramps and was trying to push it all out so it would stop hurting. He moved around a lot--shuffling his feet around and really pushing out a lot of wet messy stuff along with lots of sighing and moaning. He was in there about 20 mins as well and by the time he was done his shorts and white briefs were all twisted around his ankles. He was totally shameless and made to attempts to cover up his noise or smell.

After this I was inspired and finally dropped my hard knobby log and called it a day.

I prefer to dump in public restrooms. I like the big toilets and having another dude next to me doing his man thing as well.

Thursday, April 08, 2010


Poo Adventures

Hi, its Phil here, I live in Northern England and its quite a while since my last post.

I've always liked to use alternative places to poo, and now that the weather is getting warmer this gives plenty of opportunities! I am pretty infrequent with my dumps, often just about once a week - I would like to go more often, but when I do unload its always a good one!

I live in a city, but near to where I live there is a road which goes through some fields and woods and this is perfect for outdoor pooing. Its literally a five minute walk from my house and I have used it quite often. A couple of weeks ago I fancied going for an outdoor dump. I left the house and walked to this road that goes through the fields. There are some horse stables just off the road and by now I was getting desperate. I decided to unload here as by now it was a matter of urgency! I hung my coat on a tree branch nearby and squatted down behind the stables on a small paved area. Virtually the second I was in the squat position I started to poo. It curled out at a very fast pace and was giving me great relief at the same time! No pushing was needed and when I looked down there was a mountain of shit under me. I moved forward slightly and let out a load more, followed by a bit of soft serve. I was done in just over a minute. I had brought some toilet paper and wiped, but there wasn't much to wipe away. The smell of my poo mixed with that of the horses!

Jules - great story about your outdoor poo!

Leanne - enjoyed your story about your mall adventure!

Wendy - your new place to poo took some bottle. The owners would get some surprise with that! You should pay a second visit!

I will post again about another adventure I have had with outdoor pooing soon.

I have had some bouts of constipation and done some grunting in public loos. The problem is constipation gives me piles....I get this hard swelling on the edgee of my can get very itchy or if I have a really hard poo I get pain in my back passage.
It is a great feeling to be a bit constipated and then get it all out!
The specialist said constipation is to be avoided and he has put me on Movicol and I take up to three sachets a day and that frees me up. He said prune juice too!
For LINDA from AUST you could try the above..start of with one sachet and see how you go! LINDA and ANNY have you tried a salt water flush..I tried it once and got a good movement.
I really like enemas...I can only do them when nobody is at home and will not be at home. It takes about an is a bit messy and I do them in the is the greatest thing for getting a hard poo out!
On a different subject went away for the weekend and my wife who is shit shy did very well...I was proud of her! We were at a motel ( a very good one) and it had two half width doors for the bathroom...they did not close entirely and there was over an inch gap in between. After a big breakie we went back to our room and I did a poo and then my wife went in to do the same. She did it with me just outside and did not turn the TV on to hide the sounds.....I do not think she got much out..I did not hear plops etc. I think she may have been a little constipated because later she said she was full of food.
On the way home I said I needed the toilet and we drove into a rest area. I went into the first toilet and sat then my wife thought the ajoining toilet was unoccupied so she boldly pushed the door open to find a lady sitting on the pan...much to her apology...I had another good shit...I do not know about my spouse.

Kate M.

Hiking Bonaventure Island

I took the train from Montreal to Perce, Quebec. One day I was there I took the boat to Bonaventure Island along with a packed lunch and tons of drinking water and my camera. I hiked 5 km to the other side of the island to see and photograph the gannats (type of seabird which nests on the island). After I began hiking I had to pee, so instead of using the outhouses (in case I got locked in - the area was remote and I am claustrophobic), I just looked around to see if there was anyone near - no. I peed just off the trail then resumed hiking. After I arrived at the other end of the island I had lunch, photographed the birds and looked at my watch. I wanted to get back to the boat launch in time to get the next boat back to Perce. I peed as needed during the day, using the vegetation. I did not go too far into the woods since I did not want to get lost - the area is quite remote. I figure I watered the island quite a bit during the day. I love peeing outdoors and the squat position actually helps to empty the bladder more than a regular toilet does. I did hiking in my youth and have absolutely no qualms about peeing outdoors. I don't use toilet paper, and wear a Poise pad instead to catch any drips. This way there is no litter.


outdoor poop

Now that the weather has finally warmed up, I have began taking my bathroom activities outdoors. I hate using the toilet, it just feels so unnatural to be sitting like that. In the winter I liked to squat in the bathtub to pee, or if I had to poop I spread out some newspaper and went on that.

I live in a subdivision with fencing that divides the backyards by half way. I was doing some house work in the kitchen when my stomach began to cramp and gurgle. I hadn't been for a few days, so I knew this shit was going to be big. I could feel my load pressing against my anus and I knew it was time to go. My neighbours to the right were having a small gathering outside, but that didn't bother me. I went outside and took off my shorts and panties, and then squatted beside the fence. I held onto one of the boards for balance and began to pee. My stream only lasted a few seconds and I shifted, putting my feet farther apart. I gave a small push and I let out some wet farts that really stunk. My stomach suddenly cramped again and I gave another push, and some soft serve shit began to crackle out of me. I looked between my legs and watched my caramel colored shit pile up on the grass.

My shit stopped for a minute, but I knew I wasn't finished. My stomach cramped again and I pushed, and this time some liquid shit shot out. I had two more waves of liquid shit before I finally felt empty. I wiped with some tissue before standing and gathering my panties and shorts before going back inside.


New place to poo

I've just found a great new place to poo. I got the urge to poo this morning & fancied doing it outdoors but I wanted to find somewhere different. I went out for a long walk along a footpath that forms part of the north downs walk in search of a nice private spot where I could relieve myself. There were lots of secluded places among the dense undergrowth but that was too boring. By now I was busting to go which made it really exiting & I really wanted to find the perfect spot. It would have to be a place where you wouldn't normally think of having a poo. A place that had a risk of being seen but not too much risk. Somewhere completely inappropriate. Well after walking for about an hour I was getting desperate & was about to give up & go in the undergrowth. Then I spotted a building by a mobile phone mast. It was locked but I found an open window & climbed in, almost pooing myself in the process. Once inside I started looking around the place. There was an office & a bathroom complete with a shower but of course The toilet was no where near interesting enough. I was getting really desperate by now & very exited. In the office I took off my trousers & pants & put some papers on the chair & sat down. I started to push out a turd but it only came about an inch before it met the resistance of the chair I was sitting on & stopped. It felt hot as it spread itself out between my bum cheeks & I pushed a bit harder to force some more out. It was quite a firm poo so it didn't move easily so I pushed even harder. That got it moving. It moved forwards & I pushed as hard as I could but it wouldn't move. I lifted my bum up using my hands & in one big rush the rest of my poo came out forming a big pile on the chair. I sat back down squishing all that poo everywhere. After that I went into the bathroom & cleaned up the shower. I After that I got dressed & left the building. Goodness knows what the owners must have thought when they found my poo on that chair but I loved the experience.


A day at the mall

Hi everyone, I'm Leanne from the UK and I thought I'd finally start posting after a long time reading other posts!
For those who like a mental image of who they're reading about; I'm 19, 5ft 11, with shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes. I'm at university in the north of England, studying geography.

So to the story. Last week my friend Emma (who is also 19, has the same hair style and colour as me, green eyes and amazing legs!) and I went shopping at the local shopping centre. The night before we had cooked ourselves a curry in our dorm, and while we were shopping we went to McDonald's for a burger and fries. I had a milkshake, too. Then in the afternoon, I felt pressure building up in my gut that told me I was going to have to poo soon. As we walked around the shops the urge grew stronger and stronger, until it was clear I would have to go in the next ten minutes or so. Unfortunately we were trying on clothes in a department store, and Emma was taking her time choosing what to buy. Finally she chose and we paid for our stuff. I'm always a bit embarrassed about having to tell people I have to go, even close friends, but I couldn't wait much longer so I said, 'Emma, I need to go to the loo.' 'Oh,' she replied. 'Me too; I think I've eaten too much today.' This made me feel much better about having to poo, now that I knew she did too.
We made our way through the store to the mall, and then looked for signs to the toilets. It;s a very big mall, though, and it was a long walk to the nearest loos. I was really getting desperate by now; my poo was pressing down hard on my hole. We made our way to the toilets. Emma turned to me as if reading my mind, and said, 'I wish this place was smaller, I really have to go.' We finally made it to the clean, modern toilets, and just in time, too. By now Emma was walking like she was visibly desperate. I was squeezing my butt cheeks together, holding it in. There were 12 cubicles, 6 on either side of the bathroom. Seven were already occupied, three on the right and four on the left. Emma entered the fourth cubicle on the right, and I took the fifth, next to her. Before I was even in she had locked the door and I heard desperate shuffling of feet and Emma putting her bags on the floor. I did likewise, dropping my jeans and pink thong to my ankles and sitting quickly. I heard Emma sit just before me, and as I sat she sighed in relief and squeezed out a turd which plopped home. Immediately she started weeing, and I pushed out my first log, a long one that came out easily with a slight splash. I let out a sigh as well. I was almost touching cloth as we entered the toilets. It felt so good to start letting it out. I farted and shifted slightly, resting my hands on my thighs. Emma dropped another log, then a wet fart and a spray of poo. She moaned quietly. I bent forward to help my next log ease itself out, and when it plopped into the bowl I bent right down and looked under the partition. I could see Emma's jeans and white panties in a bundle around her feet. As I watched she shuffled her feet towards me, her belt jangling as it moved, and then I saw her face appear under the partition! Needless to say, we were both rather embarrassed at being caught trying to look at each other on the loo, but then we both spontaneously burst out laughing! I waved at her, and she waved back. No doubt our laughter attracted some odd glances from the other women emptying their bowels in the bathroom! I screwed up my face and farted again. Emma laughed again and started swinging her feet back and forth in the air. She sat up straight again, so I did too. She immediately dropped another log. I sat back and released three small balls of poo. As I did so I realised that there was a small gap between the cubicle partition and the wall. I leaned right back and found I could see through to the next cubicle. I could see Emma's back, her bum on the seat and most of her (amazing!) thighs. As I let out my third ball of poo she farted, and I saw her tense up as a lump of mushy poo pushed out of her hole, visible, just, to me. This was followed by a solid log that stopped halfway before she gave it a push. She leaned back and ran her hands down her legs, so I quickly moved away from the gap. I was far from done, letting two more logs and a final burst of runny mush out over the next couple of minutes, during which I heard two more plops and a fart from Emma. Finally I was done and I started wiping, and I heard Emma tear off paper to do the same. I stood up to look in the bowl first, admiring my hefty load and glad to be rid of it. I wiped, flushed, pulled up my thong and jeans and exited the cubicle just as Emma was flushing. I met her at the sinks and we immediately burst out laughing again. It was a fun and a very exciting (since both Emma & I are bisexual) experience!

Hope you enjoyed the story. I have plenty more to tell that have happened to me over the years, and plenty involving Emma too! I will probably post again tomorrow. Bye everyone!


Poor boy

Hi, I oversaw a little accident I want to share.

I was at a local bar where some party was going on too. I stood in the men's restroom peeing, when a kid entered. He tried to open the toilet door but it was locked. He stood there for a few seconds and decided he was big enough for the urinoirs (don't know if that's the right word, but you understand what I mean). He began to pee. I was finished and passed him. I heared a strange cracking sound and a small fart. When I was washing my hands I saw the boy touching his rear with his right hand. He said oh oh and finished peeing. He looked at me, and I smiled. Did not want to make him know I saw what he did. I left. Poor boy. He pooped his pants while peeing like a big kid! An hour later I saw him leave the party with his parey. I smiled at him and he smiled back. I think he managed to clean humself up without a discovery by his family. Lucky boy.


Post Title (optional) Finally back to normal!!

Linda from Australia here again. Well its the beginning of the week (Monday) and for the first time in about a month (or even a bit longer) I'm NOT CONSTIPATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Infact I even went twice yesterday!! I pushed out a small load in the morning but last night I had a VERY satisfying dump!!! It consisted of 3 very long, banana shaped poos plus lots of smaller turds. I felt SO much better after that!!! It only took 10 minutes to squeeze out all the turds, they stretched my anus but they felt really good as they came out. I had been in dire need of a decent poo because lately I've only been getting small amounts out. I didn't even have to strain much or do any grunting. I've been 3 times today, actually I just got off the toilet about 5 minutes ago, after pushing out a medium sized load. It hurt a bit coming out and it took about 10 minutes to drop my load but it felt great! The turds really stretched my anus but not too much. This morning I went twice, when I first woke up I pushed out a few poos and then about an hour later, I managed to squeeze out a MASSIVE load!!

It feels SO GOOD to be back to normal again, after being EXTREMELY constipated off and on over the last few of months. This past month was particularly bad, I don't think I've ever been constipated like that before - I had such a terrible time on the toilet and doing poos was EXTREMELY difficult for me. Hopefully I can stay constipation free for a while!!



to Paul: i really enjoyed your post!
to Danny: i really enjoyed your post!
to wendy: i really enjoyed your post! wish i could have been there with you at the mall in the public bathroom~!

to Dealiah: i really miss and love your stories! your always in my heart and prayers!

Happy Tioleting!




a question...

I have read this site for many years and am a big fan. I have one question though, why does the word ???? always get changed to ????. ???? is just a word for stomach or belly!! It has no rude meaning and certainly isn't a swear word!! It always makes me laugh when i see the question marks.
Keep up the good work and happy peeing and pooping everyone. x

Hi again everyone, another post with a couple of stories for you all.

Today I had lunch in a McDonald's on my way back from my netball game. As I ate I saw a young girl, about 9 or 10, with a pink tracksuit on come into the building and go straight into the toilets. When I finished I needed to wee, so I popped into the loo and was met with an almighty stink. There were two cubicles, and the girl was in one pooping up a storm. As I entered the other cubicle she let rip with a long juicy and wet fart, followed by a healthy load of diarrhea falling into the toilet. I quickly peed while she continued to fart and spray poo into the bowl. As I left she was still there, and showing no signs of stopping any time soon, either.

My other story for today comes from a couple of years ago. I went on a camping holiday with my best friend from school, Lauren. She's shorter than me, and has blue eyes and short blonde hair. We were 17 at the time, and it was my first holiday without any parents involved, so we were certainly having fun. One day there must have been something wrong with our food, because the next morning I awoke early with a sharp pain in my stomach and a throbbing urge to poo. Our tent was much too small really, only meant for one person, but it was the only tent either of us possessed. Lauren was between me and the door, and I was tucked up tight in my sleeping bag. I didn't want to wake her, since it was only about 5am, and especially not to say would she mind moving because I have to take a big dump! So I lay there waiting, and after a while the need went away and I fell back to sleep. I awoke again at about six, and immediately knew I would have to poo soon. The pressure was strong in my guts and I could feel a hot load pressing down on my bum. Lauren was asleep next to me, still blocking my way out, so I settled down in my sleeping bag to wait for her to wake up. We were both sleeping naked, so I curled up tight and used my hand to help squeeze my cheeks together. Time passed and my urge grew and grew. I started squirming around as I do when I'm desperate for a poo. This must have woken Lauren, for she rolled over and sat up, holding her sleeping bag over her chest. She ran a hand through her tousled hair and then reached down to hold her stomach. She asked if I was ok, because she felt like there had been something wrong with our dinner the night before. I agreed, and she groaned and unzipped her sleeping bag, climbing out and reaching for her pajamas, saying she really had to go to the loo. I said I did too, and we got dressed. We headed quickly to the toilet block at the campsite, wearing our PJs and trainers. The block was dark but as we entered the automatic lights came on. There were 10 cubicles, and I entered one and Lauren took a seat next to me. I felt my hot load moving immediately as I weed, but Lauren went first, letting off a massive long fart and then a torrent of diarrhea. She moaned loudly. I followed suit moments later, blasting a load of runny poo into the toilet. I could see her striped PJ bottoms around her feet underneath the cubicle wall. She was sitting in the same manner I was, with her feet apart and knees together. I dropped a big, soft log as Lauren grunted and let out another wave of diarrhea. A sharp stomach cramp hit me and I bent over in pain as I ripped a long, loud fart. This continued for about 10 minutes as we both let go with waves of diarrhea, loud farts and the occasional solid log. Finally Lauren finished, and then a couple of minutes later I was empty. We both sat for a while, just getting our breath back and chatting. Apart from this incident it was a great holiday!

Hope you all enjoyed the stories. My friend Emma wants to post so I might let her later! Bye for now everyone.


Toilet trip with an uncle

Hi guys!!! Haven't posted here for quite a while....

As the title says, yeah. It was kinda awkward watching your 28 years old uncle taking a dump in his house. Anyone of you experienced this?

It was in our break where my parents went to attend a conference in Florida and they dropped me off at my uncle's. He's a bachelor and he really good at Maths and Science. I really like this uncle because he's always kind and helpful. He lives in a small flat with a kitchen, a bed room and one toilet. He really designed it himself.

It happened when I was sitting in the living room wih him when he starts farting and he clutches his stomach. I took this as a sign that he ate too much breakfast. I got up and went to the bathroom to take a dump (haven't gone in a few days) when he rushes in. He says sorry for barging and struggles to unzip his pants. y this time I had locked the door and my boxes were showing.

My uncle quikly sat on the toilet and let out some diarrhea with a lot of farts. The stench was horrile and I gagged. He apologised and let out a second wave of shit. I felt sick and vomited a bit into the sink. After a few more farts, my uncle got up and I took his place and sat down. I watched my uncle wipe and he turned around just as I shot out some really big hard poop. He exclaimed that he really wanted to watch me shit and I was relieved that he was.

That's all for today!!!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Christopher H

shitting together

Gary , loved your story about shitting with your friend. Glad to hear you might be able to enjoy this kind of thing more often - keep us updated. There's something very therapeutic and rewarding about crapping in the company of a friend. I used to think I was the only one who appreciated this kind of thing. Luckily my own flatmate James is likeminded as you may know if you read my post about the removal van. It was quite awkward for us both at first but now its an almost daily routine. I'm slim but a big bit of a guy (6ft6in)and could shit for britain whereas James tends to crap less but still does a nice big load when he does - its a pleasure to watch.

It was very embarrassing at first as I say - I still remember now. James and I had been great friends for years and ended up sharing a flat -and soon a toilet, together at 18. I would often listen secretly outside the toilet door to all the big plops and farts he would make whilst sitting on the pan and knew I wanted to be in there watching. I was always too embarassed to ask though, best friend or not. Then one night I had an idea. The lock on our toilet door has never worked. James was in the bath and I was watching TV when the urge took me. I could tell it was going to be a monster and just had to share it. I walked in and sat down nervous. James seemed shocked at first and stared down at the water until I started conversation with him whilst rubbing my stomach and grinning slyly as I could feel a lovely big soft warm turd gently forcing my arsehole open and making a crackling noise. I asked James if he could hear anything and he lied shyly saying "no". Then I let go and felt my beast of a log slide out as I growled with pleasure. There was a loud splash and my cheeks were soaked. James laughed and said "I heard that, smelled it too". I then told him there was more to come and let out a nice big watery fart before 4 smaller logs 6 inches long and very thick plopped out into the water. By now I was more confident and was watching James like a hawk, I could tell he was in his element. Suddenly my crack began pulsating again and as I leaned forward and sighed with relief lots of nice soft smelly pooh came out and smeared round the sides of the pan. I then began to wipe and asked James if he would like to see the evidence. We both looked down at the same time and smiled at each other, I could tell James really appreciated my craftsmanship. Ahh.. great times. Since then James has gradually stopped being so inhibited and we've had the pleasure of actually watching the logs emerge from each others bums.

Paul (from Germany)

A Road Trip - Part 2

Here is how our road trip home went on.

We had stuck in a traffic jam for about three hours. It was dark now and I realized that Claudia was getting more and more uncomfortable. She was holding her belly. Nadine was complaining and holding her crotch. So we decided to stop at the next parking lot. It took us half an hour to get there. When it came into view both girls sighed. "Bathroom break" I said. It was an old parking lot without any lights or facilities. When we stopped Claudia said: "I need to poop urgently, but I won't go into the woods here. It's so dark that I would certainly step into someone's poop or fall over a root." "Well, just squat here.We will open the front and the rear door and you can squat between them - nobody will see you there." We were again the only car at the parking lot. We had stopped at the edge of the parking lot. There was a small paved sidewalk next to it. "Better than nothing" Claudia said "I will do it that way." She opened both doors and went to the trunk to take the roll of t.p. That's when Nadine went between the doors. "Please wait a second Claudia, I have to go soooo bad" she said. Nadine lowered her pants, squatted and let out a strong gush of pee. She had drunk a lot of coke and water during the drive which had to get out. There was a hissing sound when the pee hit the still warm pavement. When she was done she wiped with a tissue and threw it into her puddle. "Thank goodness I'm wearing shorts or I would have splashed my panties. Claudia, the bathroom is free" she said. Nadine went out and Claudia went in. She put the roll of t.p. onto the seat and pulled down her shorts and panties. "Nadine, what did you do here?" she said, looking down onto the giant puddle.Nadine went a bit away to smoke and Claudia asked me to position myself in front of her to give her cover. There was a bit of moonlight so I could see everything. Claudia started to fart. With the first fart, the her first turd came out of her butthole. It was rather soft, thick and long. The turd fell down immediately, directly onto the tissue Nadine had used. Two seconds later the second turd appeared and fell down quickly. That one was also soft and a bit shorter than the first one. It landed on the first turd. Claudia was pooping fast and passed two more shorter turds. Then she farted again and let out quite a lot of mushy and extremely smelly poop. There was big pile now on the ground. It completely covered Nadine's tissue. Her bowels must have been really full. Then she started peeing. When she had finished there was a whole lake of piss on the pavement. That was Claudia's and Nadine's work! Claudia changed her position a bit and started wiping. She threw her used paper onto the pile to cover it a bit. When her butt was clean, she stood up and pulled up her jeans. "That was urgent" she said. Claudia was relieved and happy nobody saw her doing her deed. Nadine had finished smoking and was coming back to us. "Paul, please drive away a bit, we can't get in the car without wetting our shoes or step into that pile there." I did as asked and the girls could get in the car, but stopped to take a piss myself. I went out and peed into some dirt on the edge of the parking lot. When we were driving out of it we saw a car entering the parking lot and stopping on the spot where the girls had done their deeds. Claudia wondered what these people would say about the mess there. "Normally I do it where nobody can see it, but it was so urgent" she said.

We were about an hour away from home and driving on a country road when I felt an increasing pressure in my bowels. I also hadn't pooped in the morning and eaten a lot at the anniversary party the previous day. It was really strange that I hadn't felt the urge to shit the whole day. I stopped in front of some dense bushes. "Why do we stop? Has the car broken down?" Claudia asked. She was asleep and had woken up when I stopped the car. "No" I said " I need to go to the bathroom!" "Good that we stop" Nadine responded "I need to pee once again." Claudia also went out as she felt a pressure in her bladder too. I went to the trunk and took the roll of t.p. "You can go behind these bushes first and we wait here while you shit" Claudia smiled. I went behind the bushes and saw that the grass there had been mown recently. It seemed to be the perfect place to go to the bathroom. It was still warm, there was a gentle breeze and the moon lighted the scenery a bit. As I have told you before I try to avoid pooping outdoors but this was much better than a smelly and dirty public bathroom. I pulled down my pants and squatted low. It was really great to feel the warm night air around my butt. I pushed a bit and immediately felt the turd coming out. There was a loud thud when it fell down into the short grass. Another push and the next turd was making its way out of my butthole. This time, the thud was softer as it fell onto the first turd. However, I still wasn't finished. One more turd came out without pushing much. Then I peed into the grass. I looked down what I had laid into the grass. Wow- there were three long, firm and smooth turds in the moonlight. They were equally long and had landed on top of each other. I wiped two times - that was enough. When I stood up I heard Claudia's voice from the other side: "Paul, have you finished?" "Yes, you can come! I'm done and feel so much better! But watch the ground!" I went back to the car. Then I heard them talking behind the bushes. "Look at that pile! My honey really needed to relieve himself!" Claudia said to Nadine. "Well, that must have been yesterday's food. At that parking lot, I needed to shit so badly. Seems that Paul had to do the same!" They giggled. A few seconds later, I heard them unzipping their pants and peeing together. "Watch out!" came from behind the bushes. Immediately I saw tissues flying over the bushes. When they came back, Claudia kissed me and we started driving home.


Saturday in the Park

Thanks Upstate Dave and I really enjoyed your last entries! I was wondering if ya had any more experiences with that girl Peggy that peed for ya in that junkyard van? I am kind of familiar with the Troy area, because I go through Troy and Woosick area to get to Vermont. I so love the country up there! So, I am familiar with the NY Route 7 corridor. I'm now 42 and ya inspired me to share some of my pee experiences with a girl that lived next door. I don't know why the girls always asked me to pull my pants completely down. I guess curousity or being that they pulled down their pants too, they wanted me to do the same. I really enjoyed staying the summers on my cousin's farm in Nothern New Jersey, and the girl that lived up the road would come over and play with us, and I don't think she ever wore undies...she would just lift her dress up and pee! And she always encouraged my cousin and I to pull our pants completely down and pee, she would also encourage us to have peeing contests...see who can pee the furtherst.

When Saturday morning arrived, it was warm and sunny, and I immediately went next door when I heard Tera playing in the yard. She was wearing a t-shirt and jeans and she asked if I would like to play Wiffle ball with her. I said "Sure, I love playing Wiffle Ball!" So after playing for an hour, her mother called for lunch, and she asked if I would like lunch as well. I said "ok" and I went inside for some grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and lemonade. After we ate lunch and downed like 5 glasses of lemonade, Tera asked her mother if we could go to the park. She said, "OK, but be home when the street lights come on!"

After telling my parents where I would be going, we set off for the park. Unlike the day before, there were a lot of kids playing on the playground equipment, so we played more Wiffleball. After about a half hour, she came to me and whisperred in my ear that she has to pee, "Wanna watch?" I answered "Sure!! But we can't do it here, there are too many people."

Behind the park are woods that leads to a swamp. I motioned to her that we could go into the woods there and find a place to go. So she giggled and said "Ok" I took her to the path and when we were close to the water, I looked back and said, it looks pretty safe here. So when we got to a none muddy clearing, she said "time to make some lemonade!" She looked around, popped open her jeans and pulled down her zipper and then pulled down her pants and undies to her ankles. She squatted and then let out her golden stream. I was so amazed!

When she finished, she asked don't you have to go? I said "Sure" I started to undo my jeans and she asked "Can I do that?" Nervously I answered "Ok" So she undid my jeans and pulled my pants and undies down and she took hold of me and said, "OK, ready to make some lemonade?" After a few minutes, the stream finally came and she aimed my penis all over the leaves. She giggled and said "Boy ya really have to go!" When I finished, she pulled my pants and undies back up and we went back to the park.


Constipated still...

I am still constipated after 4 or 5 days without a good poop (by that I mean a good, easy, big poop). I went to Shoppers Drug Mart yesterday before my family's Easter dinner and bought psyllium powder (no-name, unflavoured) and Mineral Oil. I took two doses of the psylliym powder yesterday, one in the afternoon and one near bedtime and took Mineral Oil before bed. I haven't gone yet but I feel things moving around inside me so I hope soon I'll be able to have a good, big shit.

Friday night & yesterday my husband had quite a bit of diarrhea. He thought he had food poisoning from the Chinese food we had but I didn't get sick so that couldn't have been it. I think it was just that the food was so oily and he wasn't used to it.


Stomach flu stories

I have a few:

I'm the type that almost never throws up, but I have diarrhea anytime I get sick. A few months ago I suffered a bout of stomach flu that lasted almost a week. It began with waking up in the middle of the night and exploding green poop all over the toilet. From that moment on I ran to the bathroom every hour with doubling cramps and voilently explosive diarrhea. I filled my shorts with poop the consistency of vomit about 5 times, simply because the cramps literally pushed it out before I could make it the twenty or so steps to my toilet.

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