hello all I'm new to this site but here goes my poop story the other day i was at home just relaxing and then felt i urge to take a poop so then i went into the bathroom n sat down and started to pee then i pushed a Lil bit then i herd a plop.plop..plop then i looked 3 small pieces of poo fell into the water then i thought i was done but still felt one more hard turd up their so i push a Lil harder n stil nuttin so then i put my pants n thong around my ankles then spread my legs a lil then took some Twp wrapped some around my finger n worked it in my butt then started to dig out the hard poop then after i was digging it came out wit a large plop...then i felt relieved then some some tp wiped n flushed ....

......any other people have has had to the same thing let me know.....


Earthquake crap!

We just had an earthquake here in Southern California. As luck would have it, I was taking a dump when it happened!

I was at the Home Depot and had just finished up wiping. I heard the stall partitions start to creak and was wondering if the guy in the next stall was coming on to me or pushing against them for some other reason. I felt the ground vibrate/shake a little bit, and I wondered if it was a forklift outside. Then the stall started to shake some more and then I realized that it was an earthquake. The guy in the next stall yelled out, "Hey, are we having an earthquake?" I replied, Yeah, it feels like it. He said, I'm getting out of here. I don't want to be caught in here if there's an earthquake. I had already pulled up my briefs and shorts and was buckling them, when I saw that my neighbor had yanked up his boxers and jeans and opened the door. He stood there buckling his belt. He was probably about 19, slim, good-looking kid with dark brown hair and Harry Potter glasses, with a ring in his lip. He looked at me and smiled and we walked out of the restroom. We were directed out into the parking lot.

I guess it's better to be in the restroom than in the aisles in Home Depot, when there is an earthquake. All that stuff piled high on the shelves can easily come down.

Grizzly Adams


Hey y'all. I was watchin some movies with my gf one night and we watched the 2007 remake of the Heartbreak Kid. I saw a scene where Lila(Malin Akerman) goes to the toilet. She gets up and her husband Eddie (Ben Stiller) asks where she's going. She turns around and says "pee-pee" and walks into the bathroom and closes the door. Then we hear the toilet lid hit the tank and a realistic sounding pee for 5 seconds. Then Lila farts loud and covers it up by saying "I just queefed big time!" We both laughed. To Cheryl: I LOVE your posts. So descriptive. It'd be cool if you could tell a poop story. I can just imagine all the juicy details. Lol.


A really SHITTY day!

Today I had to drive to another town about 60 miles away. On the Interstate on the way back I decided to stop and get some lunch. I got a sub and some potato chips. Only problem was I did not read the label on the ????ing chips and they were those lowfat chips that are made with olestra or "Olean." Maybe olestra doesn't bother some people but every time I have eaten potato chips cooked in that stuff it gave me the shits. They should re-name it O-shit! So I finished my Sun and the chips and headed home. About halfway there I got caught in this awful traffic jam. While I was sitting in traffic I realized I needed to take a shit BAD. And it started getting worse, and WORSE.

As I was contemplating get tin outta the car and just dropping my shorts and taking a very public shit in the median finally the traffic started moving and I soon saw a sign that said there was a McDonald's at the next exit so I took it. I wheeled into the McDonald's lot and parked the car. I got out carefully squeezing my sphincter to keep from shitting in my pants and walked into the restraint. Fortunately the entrance to the mens room was close to the door and there was nobody in the one stall. I thought I had made it but as I closed and latched the stall door I farted uncontrollably a couple of times and as I was trying to undo my button fly cargo shorts a couple of squirts of warm shit shot out into my Calvins just as I yanked my shorts and underwear down and sat on the seat.

Then there was a volcanic eruption from my ass that had to have rivaled Mt. St. Helens. Once I was done wiping I suddenly realized that a couple of squirts of shit had hit the seat of my cargo shorts...there was also some shit on the floor in front of the toilet and on my flip flops. So I took some TP and wiped it off my as best as I could, pulled my shorts back up, and rinsed my flip flops at the sink. As I opened the door of the men's room I saw this woman and two kids heading toward the door so I waited until they walked out into the parking lot and then walked out behind them so they would not see the brown shit stains on the back of my shorts.

Fortunately I had this rubberized raincoat in the back of the car so I laid that on the seat so the shit on the back of my shorts would not get on the cloth upholstery. Just as I started the car I happened to glance and the gas Gage and it was almost on empty. So I have shit myself, and now I am afraid I am gonna run outta gas. Who the hell is gonna give me a ride to get gas with shit all over my pants? A few miles down the road I see a shell station so I pull in and fuel the car with my ass facing the car so nobody can see the poop stains on the back of my shorts. I am so worried someone is going to notice that I had shit myself that I over flowed the gas tank and spilled gas all over my flip flops. Oh well, at least now they smell like gas instead of SHIT. Thank goodness for pay at the pump! Anyway I finally got home and got in the shower fully clothed and rinsed out my cargo shorts and Calvin's and washed off my flip flops. What a SHITTY day!


Post Title (optional) Slowly getting back to normal

Linda from Australia here again. I'm slowly gettiing back to normal after being constipated. Well after that night when I went to bed with poos stuck up my butt, I was able to go the next day after work. It only took me about 10 minutes to a poo, which is great for me. I went again on Friday and twice today (Saturday) which was so good because I've only been going once a day (mostly). I spent 10 minutes on the toilet this morning and 10 minutes doing a poo about half an hour ago. I felt finished after that dump too. I only seem to be dropping small loads lately, even when I'm constipated. I normally produce HUGE poos so I can't wait to be able to drop a massive load again.

I've been getting extremely constipated at the beginning of each week and it takes a few days for me to get back to normal. Then I have a few days of normal dumps until the next week and then its constipation for me all over again. I go most days but it takes lots of effort, up to 40 minutes on the toilet, sometimes 3 nights in a row. This has been happening for about a month now, before that, I was getting constipated about twice a month. I eat healthy food and drink lots of water. I don't normally go more than 2 days without a poo. Has anyone else had this problem?? I know I shouldn't be getting constipated as often as this - I've been getting more and more constipated over the last 6 months.

I was out shopping today when I needed to pee, so I went to the public toilets in town to find a que. There was a girl of about 16 maybe 17 in front of me & she was clearly very desperate to poo. She was hopping & fidgeting & was holding her bum with both hands. The girl was a pretty young woman with ginger hair & a petite build. She was getting really panicky by now & I knew she must be about to mess herself soon. It took 20 minutes before she managed to get a vacant cubicle & somehow she made it. The sound effects that I heard were very graphic. She had diarrhoea & it exploded into the toilet for about 10 seconds. She have a big sigh of relief & then she pushed out even more liquid poo for another 10 seconds & then she was done. I heard the toilet roll coming off the reall & she wiped & flushed. When she came out she said, "Sorry about the smell but I really had to go." I replied, "I could tell!"

I was sleeping at my friend Louise's last night when I needed to crap really badly. I thought I'd be able to hold it untill the morning & go at home but my bowels had other ideas. During the night the urge to go was to much to ignore & I realised I'd have to go in Louise's toilet or risk crapping my knickers! I got up & made my way to the toilet but found her younger brother was in there. I didn't want him to know I was having a crap so I just went back to bed hoping I could try later. Unfortunately he was taking ages & I was getting really desperate. After half an hour he came out but I needed to wait for him to get back to sleep. I held on for 10 minutes before I really had to go. I wanted to leave it a bit longer but my bowels were determined to push out my crap so I went to bathroom. I just made it in time too because the moment I sat down my poo rushed out of my bum, splashing into the water making a lot of noise. I finished quickly & wiped my bum before going back to bed. Louise was awake when I got back to the bedroom & she whispered, "About time, I'm nearly shitting myself here!" She got up holding her bum & ran into the toilet saying, "Oh no. Oh no!" She shut the door & seconds later I heard her having really bad diarrhoea in there. She spent about 20 minutes in the toilet & when she came back to bed she said she felt much better but she had to change into some clean knickers as she hadn't quite made it in time.

I remember once when I was 13, I hadn't been for a crap for 5 days. I had to take a laxative & in class I felt the worse urge to go I've ever had in my life. I felt too embarrassed to ask to leave the room & anyway I hated the thought of doing a poo at school, so I decided to wait untill I got home. Well by break time I was having reall trouble holding it in so I went to the girls toilets. As usuall they were packed & the bell went before a cubicle became vacant so I had to wait untill lunch time. I was really cramping up in class & could feel the pressure inside my bowels trying to force my bum hole open. I had to clench really hard to avoid an accident & by the time lunch time came I was nearly crapping my pants. I had to run to the toilets but again they were all occupied. I had to wait 20 minutes to get to a cubicle & seeing that door open was like a magical dream had come true. I was just about to enter when another girl who was holding her bum pushed me out of the way & took my cubicle. I was devastated. I had to wait outside listening to her releasing her load down the toilet & it made me even more desperate to go. I waited & waited praying I could hold it & by the time the girl came out I was seconds from losing it. I rushed inside & locked the door begind me. Seeing that toilet made my dream come true & sitting on the warm seat felt like heaven. I relaxed & released a massive soft crap into the toilet. The relief was beyond words. If you can imagine having the most intense earth shattering orgasm you've ever had, it was like ten times better! After not crapping for 5 days & suddenly letting the whole lot out in one go was the most amazing relief I've ever felt. I had to sit there for a few minutes to recover before wiping my bum & flushing the toilet. By the time I washed my hands lunch time was nearly over so I didn't get to eat anything untill I got home.

While I love having a good crap, I hate doing it at work or in public toilets. Unless I'm desperate I always wait untill I get home so I can do it in my own toilet. This afternoon I went shopping in bluewater & was busting for a crap. I had to get the bus home & knew it would take a while for me to get home so I decided to go in bluewater. I had no idea where the toilets were as I rarely use them & by the time I found them I was desperate. When I got there I found a sign saying toilets out of order due to a flood. Sorry for any inconvenience. I had to go really bad by now & finding the toilets closed was a reall issue. I had to wait untill I got home which turned out to be a nightmare. The bus was late & By the time it finally turned up I was nearly crapping my knickers. I had to get on carefully so as not to lose control but I felt the tip of my turd poking out of my anus. I had to clench really tightly while I paid my bus fare & then somehow I had to get to my seat. The driver wouldn't wait for me to get o my seat & drove off upsetting my balance which caused me to lose control of my bowels. I totally crapped my knickers as a result. It was all soft & mushy so it made a big mess in my knickers. I had to stand up for the journey home as I didn't want to make the mess even worse. When I got to my stop, I got off the bus & walked home with a massive load in my knickers. It was so embarrassing. When I got home I went straght up to the bathroom to clean up & finish my crap off.


Sweet Relief

I went to bed the other night with that deep-inside-full feeling knowing that I really should sit on the toilet. But I was too tired and decided to just go to bed. The next morning I had to take my niece to the park for practice and the exertion of moving around brought the feelings back. By the time I got to the park I was dying to go and squeezing my ass for dear life. I made straight for the restroom and sat down, totally thankful that at last my pants were down to my ankles and I could let my poor hole open. My turd nose came out straight away and then with excruciating slowness the rest of my poop just seemed to keep coming. I must have sat there for nearly 10 minutes as four turds made their way out. Once I had finished I stood up and looked in the bowl. I was amazed to see two long fat turds about 8 inches each and two equally fat but shorter turds each about 4 inches long. That's 24 inches of poop. And yes it had been about 3 days since I had last sat on the toilet. The feeling of relief was unbelievable. Mickey


My Stinky Lady


There have been a few different "stinky ladies" in my life. I only had a few experiences with each woman, unlike you (you are very lucky). One of them was a baby sitter I had.when I was 8. She was about 38 long black hair nice butt and breasts. She used to poop every afternoon just before one of my parents would get home from work. I didn't listen though (because my brother would ruin it) but she too stunk it up to high hell. Yea I wish I coulda been there with ya all those times. so did her shits happen at the same time on the weekends? Do you know if she took more than one shit a a day?

Migraine loverer

My constapation Lesson

once when I was very little I ate too many pastiche nuts and got VERY constipated. I didn't poop for a long time because every time I tried it hurt so bad coming out that I cried a lot and pushed it back in each time. I remember my parents trying to help me. My mom would encourage me to push as hard as I could while my dad reached around and tried to grab the poop that was out of me and pull it out. It had finally got to the point where they gave me an enema. I will never forget the way it felt. It was awful. when I felt like I had to poop my mom told me to wait a few minutes. After what seemed like forever she let me sit down and try to push it out. Even with the enema it was EXTREMELY PAINFUL!!! I pushed and pushed with all my might and it FINELY came out!! I think I said, "Bad poop!" when it came out and I looked at it. My parents were amazed I think about how big and hard it looked. No wounder I couldn't get it out on my own. From this day I don't eat them unless starving. I can eat a few but no more because of the fear that it could happen again.What do you think about this story? please reply. thanks.

Took a dump in the park restroom this morning. There was already a guy on the first toilet, which is the one I usually use. He was probably in his 50's, a little heavy, and was wearing headphones. He had his khakis up at his knees, staying pretty well covered up. I took the adjacent toilet, pulled down my shorts and Jockeys, and sat down. The guy in the next stall finished up and walked to the sink, washed up and left. I finished up and wiped from between my legs and then stood up to finish wiping. A guy came in and stood at the urinal in front of my stall while I was wiping up. I pulled up my bright orange Jockey briefs and then my shorts, then flushed. I washed up and as I walked past the other guy's stall, I noticed a big smear of crap on the back part of the seat. It was pretty nasty! I saw the guy outside the restroom, and wondered how guys can leave crap on the seat like that!

Uncle Harry

Store Ladies Room 2

Two years ago (page 1601) I wrote a post about the, at that time, one and only time I ever had to use the women's bathroom, due to incontinence after prostate surgery. Well, last fall, another time occurred. It was the day after Thanksgiving, and I decided to get an early start on Christmas shopping, so I headed to the same two-story department store as before. For some reason, my gut was in a uproar that day. I don't know why. It couldn't have been Thanksgiving dinner, since no one else at our large family gathering got sick. I should have stayed home, if for no other reason than that is the most crowded shopping day of the year. Well, I went anyway. It was somewhat crowded, but not as bad as usual, because retail business was down due to the recession. I was in the women's wear department looking for something for my wife, when all of a sudden it hit me hard... diarrhea. Once again, I found myself right near the ladies room and no where near the men's, which was up on the second floor by the men's wear. I had to think fast and pick the lesser of two bad situations. If I tried to make a mad dash for the men's, I was quite sure I wouldn't make it. I would poo in my pants, which would run down my leg, leave a poo puddle on the floor, stink up the store, and cause no end of embarrassment, besides having to drive home with shit in my pants and get it all over the car seat. Not acceptable! Better to use the ladies room and hope for the best. Besides, the law around here says you can't enter the bathroom of the opposite sex without valid reason, and this sure seemed like valid reason to me.

So I trotted into the ladies room, hoping it would be empty. There was no line in the alcove at the entrance, so in I went. The first thing I noticed was that there were now 3 stalls; there had only been 2 the last time. A woman was standing at the sink combing her hair and all 3 stalls were occupied, but just as I came in, the woman in the center stall was coming out. "I'm sorry, ladies, but I have an emergency", I called out. The woman at the sink gave me a startled look, but said nothing. I almost ran into the woman coming out of the middle stall as I dashed in, locked the door, turned backside to the toilet, yanked down my slacks and underpants, and just hit the toilet as a heavy stream of liquid poo gushed out of my butt. If the women had any doubt whether this was a real emergency, the huge stink sure gave it away. I once again called out, "I'm sorry ladies. I just couldn't hold it". The woman in the stall just to my right, as she started to pee heavily, replied, "That's ok. Don't worry about it". The other ladies, including the one on my left, who had just finished pooping and was now also pissing heavily, said nothing, I guess figuring the woman on the right had spoken for everyone.

I decided I'd better sit for a while to make sure I was done. The lady on the right wiped up, pulled up her pants and left, followed shortly by the one on my left. Then the front door opened and some more women walked in. One, apparently seeing my men's slacks and shoes, asked, "Is there a man in here?". One of the women at the sink answered," Yes, he had an emergency". "Oh", she responded as she headed for the left stall, while the other, saying nothing, headed for the right stall. Both dropped their slacks and panties quickly and sat down. The left started instantly to piss heavily, while the right took about 30 seconds to get going. Maybe she was shy about pissing with a man in the next stall.

By now, I was feeling ok, so I wiped my butt, pulled up my pants, and started to leave. Now the place was getting crowded. Three women walked in and gave me startled looks. Once again, I apologized. "I'm sorry. I had an emergency. I'm leaving". "You'd better be", said one woman indignantly. I didn't bother to wash my hands. I left with poo on my fingers and headed for the men's room to wash.


Post Title (optional)Um.....

So, yeah, lol... i always feel really weird doing this. So... yeah, I'm kat, five two and eighty five pounds with long blonde hair. So, yeah, I was sitting around at work ( I work as a secretary) and of course, I just had to get my period.I was on the phone arranging a meeting which took forever. About half an hour later, I went over to the bathroom, tried to wash out as much of the blood from my panties as i could. I didnt have any pads so, I put a wad of toilet paper in my panties and went back to work, figuring I would be okay until the end of work and that i could just go home and rest over the weekend. Another hour later, I was feeling really sick, all covered with a cold sweat and feeling really bad. My stomach hurt to the point where i was doubled over in my chair pain and I felt like i was going to pass out. After another fifteen minutes of this, I decided to call it quits and go home. I called my boyfriend, who's really adorable and nice, and asked him to drive me home. I laid in the back seat while he was driving me, feeling really sick. My boyfriend carried me inside and put me in bed. I took some pain killers and tried to sleep. I woke up feeling really full and uncomfortable. My stomach was really bloated and it felt heavy. I walked over to the couch and sat and rubbed my ???? until i fell asleep again. I woke up and felt like i needed to go to the bathroom. I did, squeezed out a few hard turds and went back to sleep. This happened a few more times during the night. The next morning I woke up and went to the bathroom again. I wrapped my arms around my ???? and moaned. A wave of diarrhea poured out of me like i was peeing out of my bum. I felt like there was more in me, but I couldnt get it out. I decided to sleep a bit more and laid down in a shirt and some underpants so I would be comfortable. I woke up with horrible cramps and tried to walk to the bathroom. On my way, I let out a fart and filled my panties. As i walked, I kept having waves of diarrhea until it was just dripping down my legs. I got into the tub, had a few more waves of completely liquid diarrhea and felt sick. My boyfriend came in and helped me clean up. And the rest of my period when pretty well.


To stacy on page 1694

Now this happened when I was about twenty two.And my Brother was Nineteen.We was going out,and before we left home,I told him to listen to this and I tried to let a fart.But it was very greasy.And I greased my Fruit of the looms.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Migraine loverer


Does anyone have a story about the stomach flu?
if you do please write what happened. thanks.


Bus Wetting

I just got home and found this site on Google. I had to pee during last period today at school but held it and then got out of class late and had to run to catch my bus so I didn't get a chance to pee before leaving school. I had a row to myself on the bus and there aren't a lot of other kids on it with me so I could hold myself and cross my legs and nobody could see. I was wearing a jean skirt down to about my knees and normal panties so I still had to be careful that nobody could see up my skirt if they looked. My need kept getting stronger and we were still about ten minutes from my stop. I squeezed harder, sat on my heel and pressed my fingers into my crotch to keep from peeing myself. We were finally almost to my stop and I had to shift to get my stuff ready so I could get off the bus fast. Well, when I shifted to pickup my backpack I felt a shot of pee shoot out into my panties. It wasn't a lot of pee but I could feel the warm wetness on my panties against my labia and knew my panties had a decent sized wet spot on them. I reached my hand back up to squeeze again and felt the damp fabric on my fingers, too. I was about to burst and couldn't hold it much longer. I prayed for the bus driver to go faster. Then I felt another even bigger squirt shoot out and felt the wetness on my fingers and run down my crack and more wetness on my skin and knew my panties were getting really wet now. I was worried there would be a wet spot on teh back of my skirt. Then another big squirt shot out for a couple of seconds befor I could stop it and the pee soaked down my panties and onto my butt and I felt realy wet and knew it would be showing on my skirt after that one and I was starting to panic. Finally the bus stopped and I stood up and held my backpack low around my butt so it would cover my skirt and I hurried off the bus and started walking as fast as I could to my house a block away. Another squirt came out while I was walking and I felt some pee drip down my legs. I got to my door, found my key, unlocked the house, got inside, closed the door and locked it all with one hand pressed against my crotch and soaking up some wetness onto the front of my skirt where I was grabbing myself. I scrambled down the hallway to my bathroom, shut the door, unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor then barely peeled down my soaked panties in time to sit on the toilet before my full pee released itself in a gush into the toilet water. I must have peed for at least a minute. I finished and wiped and then surveyed the damage. My panties were soaked from the front of the crotch all the way back halfway up the butt. My skirt had a small wet spot on the front where I had grabbed but the back of the skirt had a wet spot the size of a dinner plate on it. I hurried to the laundry room wearing only my shirt, tossed my peed clothes in the washing machine, then ran back to my bathroom and took a shower to rinse off the pee on my legs. I don't think anybody on the bus saw me and nobody else was home so I think I got away with it. It was my first accident since I was very little and I'm now 15 years old. I still can't really believe it happened.

After I was taking my shit, my cat was watching me wipe my butt. What a cat.

I want the folks on this forum to know that what they say about lack of fruits or vegetables causing constipation isn't always true. I rarely eat fruits and vegetables, yet I'm never consitpated and my bowel movements are effortless--no pushing or straining at all


Andrea/Stinky Ladies

HSH, Glad you liked the story about Andrea. She really was something. I didn't like weekends because my mom was usually there and I couldn't listen but it never stopped me from going in and smelling. Andrea never said anything to me about taking a shit. However, on more than one occasion she did tell my mother when she was on her way to the toilet. She would always say she "had to get rid of ________". For example, she might say "I have to go get rid of last night's dinner." or something like that. Her shits were the same day after day: clicking, rustling, peeing, farting, grunting, plopping, tearing up, flushing and leaving. And of course that wonderful smell. One time she forgot to flush a shit when she was drunk. I will post about that when I have more time.
I think all of us "guys" who like stinky ladies had one special woman that we can point to in our childhood. It would be great to hear about others experiences.

Upstate Dave

Big Dump Taken!

Hi to all again! Yesreday morning as I was sitting here working at my computer I felt some slight cramps in my gut. They would be there then not. Then the cramps got more intense so I stopped my work on the computer got up and went into the bathroom.

I only had to pull down my boxers for I wasn't dressed yet. I only sat there on the toiet for about ten seconds waiting to start. I di let out a brrrrapp sound ing fart first. Then my asshole opened reight up and I started to shit along with I also started to piss out the two cups of coffee I had already drank earlier.

The way my shit felt to me was that it was moving quite fast and not all that big around. My piss stream slowed as I shit and since I;m a pretty fast shitter after only seven or eight seconds I felt my asshold close up and I was done taking my shgit. I sat there waiting now for my piss t end which it did a short time later.

I wiped my ass and then I stood up gave a look back down in the toilet. I was surprised by the length of the shit that was down in the toilet! It was a brown fairly thick one. (which it din't feel that thick when I was going) It;s front tip was down in the trap and it was laying on the bowls side comming weel up above the water line. It was a good one better then a foot long.

I started to pull up my boxers and I had a sudden urge that I had to go again so I sat right back down on the toilet seat. Sure enough only several seconds later my asshold was oped and I was shiting again! This one felt softer and it felt like it was comming out faster then the first shit I had done. So this second shit was over faster then my first sht and that included doing a finishing litle soft feeling nugget.

I wiped myself twice after this one and I got up and took a look again. Sure enough my second shit was not as big arond as my first ne but was longer! It too was down in the trap but had come upward at a different angle laying on the side of the bowl. My second shit was laying much further above the water line which I would have to say the second one was a 15 incher at least! My nugget was floating off to the left in the water. I flushed the toilet which both of my shits and the nugget went down with out having a backup. I pulled my boxers back up and went back to work on my computer.

Hey guys! Not a lot to report lately, however, I did have another brief story about my g/f Beth. She was telling me about an incident a couple of years ago when she was having an ultrasound done. It's my understanding (I'm sure some of the women here can clarify) that they want your bladder to be totally full because when your bladder is full it pushes everything up. Anyway, Beth told me on the way to the doctor she was seeing, she drank a very large jug of juice. She said when she got there (the drive was like 2 hours or something), she could barely walk her bladder felt so fool. She told me it didn't help the situation when they started pressing on her, but it couldn't be helped. So after the examination they told her she could use the bathroom. Beth said she sat on the toilet for about 5 minutes peeing. She said the stream just wouldn't quit and kept going on and on. That's a lot of pee. I'm definitely thinking that a woman's bladder is larger than a man's because my bladder has been full to the point where I couldn't even hardly walk and I still couldn't pee for that length of time. Anyway, I thought it was a good story to share. Have a great day!


waking up

Ledzebra asked if any had awakened and felt really sick. A few years ago I was staying at a hotel and went to a nearby steak place (won't mention the national chain's name) for dinner. Later that night I woke up and realized that I was about to have a raging flood of diarrhea. I puckered up my butt cheeks and waddled to the toilet and let out a flood. It was awful.
The next night, thinking that last night's problem could not possibly be caused by the steak place, I went back. That night I was awakened again in the same condition. However, this time no matter how tightly I clamped down my butt cheeks, I could not even get out of bed without squirting liquid poop onto the bed. In fact, as I waddled to the bathroom (I sleep nude) I'm sure there were some squirts that hit the floor.
I was checking out of the hotel that day so I called the front desk and admitted what happened and that the sheets were stained.

Danny, that was a great story about your new neighbor. I hope to hear more about her. Did you find out why she was able to be so open about her peeing?

Upstate Dave: I LOVE your stories, but please: it is "sister" and not "sistor".


Upstate Dave

My Friend Susan's desperate Outdoor Poop

I had a friend named Mike who had two sistors. One was Brenda and the other Susan was the youngest of the three. Susan was three years younger then I. Weall were good friends and we hung around together a lot. When Mike wasn't around I just hung out with Brenda and Susan or with Susan more then Brenda alone.

Well on this late summer day I was just with Susan. Susan I liked for she had a lot of the same interests that I had. She liked to be outsidemore then inside like me for one interest. So o this daywe had spent the entire aftermoon together outside and had taken a long hike together. We were headed back to her house so she would be home for supper.

We already had went by my house and were walking along my neghborsplace which now they were not there. They only came up for the summer for they were from New York City. So Susan and I turned into the one end of the driveway and started cutting though the right side yard to walk down the hill to the highway and to Susan's house.

Halway down the hill Susan suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. She stood there very stiffly like a statue. I had stopped walking and was right beside her. I asked Susan what was wrong. She quickly blurted out that she had to poop and bad! I don't think I can even make it home she also added. I can't go right here either! We wre wide open staning on the open hillside. The hill only had a couple of old crab apple trees down in the corner right by the old fence and the highway was right there also.

Dave help me! Susan pleaded loudly. What can I do? I took a hurried look around. Now my road is a very old road. Even at one time it was a toll road a hundred and thrirty years ago. Now when the toll road was built back then they had made a stone rectangular culvert under the road. It was a large opening on the side that faced my neighbors property we were standing on.

It was only about fifty feet from where Susan and I were now standing. Susan can you make it to the old culvert opening over there? I pointed to it as I asked. Susa took a very quick over at the old stone opening of the culvert and said I tink I can. So we headed for it. Susa could only go slowly for she was tensed right up wling very stiffly. As we went the fifty feet to get over to the culvert opening Susan went even slower.

We did make it to the culvert opening without having Susan having a accident not pooping herslef. But now Susan was so desperate to poop she was standint in front of the culverts opening and she yanked her black stretch pants right down and was standing there now in her white panties. She hadn't yet gotten up into the culverts opening. It was elevated with its bottom stone edge being four feet up from the ground. So Susan told me with a very urgent tone in her voice; Pick me up! I told her to turn around. Susan did and I started lifting her up. Susan reache out with her two hands gripping the side stones of the culvert got her smeakers on the stones under the culverts bottom stone ridge and got up inside of the old culverts opening.

I couldn't block her completely from sight and the culvert itself narrowed and got smaller as it went back under the road so Susan was only at the front edge of it and was down in a squat in the opening. Her cute small ass was sticking out far from the culverts opening right in front of me! Her asshole and vagina were showing well as she had her ass raised up very high for she had bent way over when she first got up into the old culvert.

Susan then as I stood directly behind her sent out from her vagina a hard spurt of piss that shot streaight back at me! Susan ahd only said that she needed to shit not piss! I di manage almost be able to jump clear of her piss stream. I had been standing like I said right behind her but I was several feet back. Her piss only had reached and hit well don on my one pantleg of my jeans and had only hit it for two seconds.

Then a second later her piss stream losts its force weakend went the other way and started hitting the stones of the culverts bottom lip and dribbled down the stones of the wall that was underneath the culverts opening. As I looked Susan's asshole was stretching open with a fat blunt dark tan starting to slide out from it. It had a smooth look to it and it looked osrt of soft too. It was moving at sort of a fast steady pace too.

As Susan's shit quickly got longer it began to bend. I saw this and told Susan; You better get your ass down. Your going to wind up with a mess on your backside! Susan lowered her ass down and her shit then moved slightly straitening itself out. It also now began to softly crackle as it contiuied to slide out getting longer by the second. It had now almost reached the outer edge of the bottomm row of slightly stuck out stones of theculverts opening which was about eight inches below Susan's ass.

At this time her sht must have been heavy in its weight. Now it must have been stretching under its weight for a crack opned up in her shit right at where her asscheeks curved where her shit was by. IT broke hitting the very edge of the culverts slightly stuck out botom ridge stones hit them and it tumbled over and over and with a thud and loud crackle as it hit some high dry dead weeds breaking them as it fell through them too.

The remaining piece kept comming gaining lentghth quickly. Where it had broken it had a very jagged look to it. In only several seconds her shit was long enough so that it had reached the row of bottom stones of the culvert. In its pasage had moved slightly forward so it was now hitting more squarely on the one stone it had hit. Now her shit was bending outward bending slowly and making a slight long curve in her shit.

Then it reached its breaking point having a crack opening in her shit. It widened as more presure was being applied on her shit. It did breal right into alomost eaqual two pieces! The upper part of her shit fell cleanly down into the weeds first breaking them with loud crackling as her shit broke the dry dead weeds and made a dull thud again hiting the ground.

Thelower piece of her shit had stayed upright standing on the rock of the botom of the row of stones of the culverts opening. Then ever so slowly titlted over backwards fell over and it too fell but missed the dead weeds and fell with a thud on the ground behind the dead weeds. There was still more shit comming out from Susan's asshole. It was moving at a faster pace and it was also narrowing down as it came out.

It took a much shorter time for this piece of her shit to reach the stones of the colverts botom edge. It curved backwards as it began to bend. But this time it didn't get a chance to break. For it had reached its end and just fell right over right down through the center of the dead dry weeds making much more crackling as the dry dead weeds broke under her shits weight. There wasn't really a much of a thud this time as where her shit had gone down through the dry weeds beaking them they were much thicker so her sht had hit the ground really soft.

Susan had stopped pissing some time ago and she restarted pissing which she did agood job of wetting the entre face opf the old stne wall under the culvert opening. Of course I stood there watching Susan piss but I also seen that her shit had left some skid marks on her inner asscheeks and there was some rassberry stubbles on the isdes of her asshole too. So Susan was a little messy on her backside. I told Susan she was a little messy on her backside.

I'll take care of it as sonn as I finish pissing Susan said right back to me. I stood there wondering what Susan was going to use. There was only the dead mostly now broken dry weeds that her shit had landed on and broken. I only saw dry leaves in the culvert itself. They too were real dry. If Susan tried using them they would just crumble. I didn't see anything usable any place that I looked at.

Susan now was nearing the end of her piss. It had wekened where it was dribbling wetting her lower vagina and even had split and was dribbling off her asscheeks but notwhere the shit skidmarks were on her cheeks. Now she had her piss wetting her to also take care of. Then Susan stopped her dribbling and just dripped for a short time.

Then Susan keeping one hand gripped to the side stones of the culvert pulled her black stretch pants over her right sneaker and once done pulled them down and off over her left sneaker. She left them in the culvert in front of her. Then she repeated the same thing with her pair of white panties taking them off too.

Now this pair of white panties looked on the old side. The waist band was stretched out some for they didn't hug against Susan all that tightly. Plus they being white the whitness of them was no longer real white but a srt of dingy white. Plus there were a couple of small holes in them too on the back side of them. As I watched Susan took the white panties in her hand and reached back around aand under her ass and used the panties to wipe herself!

She took a short quick wipe and then pulled them back around and took a look at them. Reached right back around again and gave herself a second wipe with them. Checked them again taking a second look after the second wipe. Moved them a litle in her hand and went and took a third wipe with her white panties wiping a much bigger area of her ass this time.

Checked them again and turned them some what inside out and then gave her vagina a quick wipe and then tossed the white panties deeper into the old colvert. Then being carefull Susan turned around and faced me. She had picked up her black stretch pants before she turned around and she managed to get them put back on as she squated in the culverts opening.

Susan ws now ready to get down and out of the culvert. I said to Susan very quickly; Don't just step down when you get out! You have your shit all over the place right down in front of you! Your'e going have to jump out. Susan looked down right at the ground right in front of her when I had told her that her shit was right there all over the place. Susan giggled hard when she saw that her shit had gone all over the palce when she had shit.

Then Susan stretched her arms out wide gripping the side stones of the edges of the culvert on the right and left sides slid her sneakers forward tilting them downward on the bottom stones of the culvert. Catch me! Susan said lauging as she pushed off and I reached out and cuaght her and set her down on the ground in front of me. Susan turned around and did a second check looking at her shit laying there in the weeds and then she said to me let's go and we walked away and I took her home. Upstate Dave

Love when I was at the supermarket. I was at the shopping mall, buying some things. Suddenly I felt the urge to poop. So I rushed to the public bathroom. In the next stall there was another woman shitting so badly. Noises were awful.. prrr pfff plop plop plop... and the small was the strongest. When she left I went to see... she left a huge mushy dump in the toilet! bleah!!!

Hey everyone my name is Chainey. I'm 15 years old and female. I'm new to this website and like pee stories. I have lots to share if anyone is interested. I have been reading back posts and was wondering if xochitl is still out there or if anyone knows what happened to her. Although I'm generally not interested in poop stories, I liked reading hers. We have a lot in common because I live with my big brother too and I am very comfortable around him. I would love to swap stories with her.


Comments on the posts of Vincene, Jry and Julie

To Vincene:

That was quite a story about your crap disappearing before you got to see it. I was surprised that you went that far though (get down on your knees at toilet bowl level at your auditorium) trying to get at least a peek at the tail of the crap, but I guess (was the lighting kind of dim?) your frustration got the best of you. I sympathize with you and remember about 25 years ago (I'm 35 now) the same thing happened to me two times at home. I was at home, though, and not in a public place. On one occasion, I had one of my friends over for the night and I told her about it and she came in an actually watched me wipe. I guess I wanted a witness. My butt must have been lined up 100% with the drain route. She thought it was strange that it would do that too. However, I remember three or four times when Jill was staying over, she stopped up the toilet. For some time after the incident, she joked that she didn't have the "talent" or luck that I did. However, Jill would almost never look at what she left in the bowl. I had to break the news to her later when I had to pee or worse yet, Mom would come into my room and complain. Isn't it interesting that we're all so different in our interests and how we handle such situations?

to Jry:

Do a lot of you guys pee and crap at the same time? Is it because you push your organ down and into the stool to prepare to crap and you are somewhat bored while you wait for the crap to come, that you trickle a little pee? Have you ever done a torrential pee and heavy crap at the exact same time? Some writers--but I think they were girls--have complained there's so little time to go between classes at school and this would be the ultimate situation?

to Julie:

The pooping at college "fear" is really valid. Although it's been 20 years since I was an undergraduate, I'm taking graduate classes so I'm on campus at least once a week. I agree wholeheartedly with the suggestion made that you will likely have a better experience if you leave your dorm (and do I remember the 20 to 25 stall toilet and shower complex on each floor!) and go to one of the classroom buildings, student union or library when you have to take a major crap. For example, my college had about 40,000 students and as a freshman in the 1980s, it looked like the campus went for miles and miles. By the second or third week of classes, I was taking almost all of my pees in the classroom building I was in (and I always went upstairs to the top floor because there was less waiting) and my craps have always been early in the morning (I've written about these several times)so I would stop by the library which was open 24/7 on my way to breakfast. In the library, again I went to the top (4th floor) where there was a two-staller that was largely in an area used by master's and doctoral students. I enjoyed sometimes sitting and reflecting on what I needed to do that day because there wasn't anyone waiting for my stall. And it got me away from my roommate who was homesick, drunk and puking most of the time until she flunked out.


Post Title (optional) Backed up again

Linda from Australia here again. Some interesting stories on here lately. I'm on a losing streak with my poos again this week. I went on Sunday afternoon and then I didn't go at all on Monday. I didn't even feel the urge to go. I tried sitting on the toilet and I did some pushing but nothing came out. I had to go to bed feeling defeated because I couldn't do a poo - I hate going to bed knowing I haven't done a poo since the day before. I could feel a load building up inside me all day today so when I got home, I headed straight for the toilet. It didn't take long for the poos to work their way down towards my anus and I managed to squeeze out a few turds without much straining. I only spent about 15 minutes on the toilet tonight but I didn't feel finished. I ate dinner and waited about half an hour before trying again. I could feel a rock hard turd in my anus but no matter how hard I tried, it wouldn't come out. So now I've got that uncomfortable 'unfinished' feeling and I will have to go to bed with a turd stuck up my butt. Hopefully I don't have any more trouble this week - for some reason, I seem to be getting constipated once a week

To Fat Woman: I haven't seen you on here lately. Have you got any good constipation stories??

To Keith D: I haven't seen you on here for a while either. Are you on a winning streak lately? Or have you been getting constipated like me??


Going after someone else

I love going to the toilet when a gorgeous girl has just had a good crap. I was at work once when I really needed to poo. Kirsty was in there & I had to wait ages for her to come out. By the sound effects & the smell I knew she was having a massive poo in there. She gave a sigh of relief which turned me on especially as I was busting to go myself. By the time Kirsty came out I'd been waiting half an hour & was getting desperate. I went in & sat down on a really warm seat. It felt so hot to feel the warmth of Kirsty's bum as I pushed out my poo into the toilet.


Messy crap

I had a really messy crap this morning. I woke up with the worse urge to crap ever. I had to run to the toilet holding my bum & only just made it. The moment my bum touched the seat I was doing it. It came out like an explosion & it really stank. I pushed a little & even more came out making a big mess in the toilet. By the time I finished the whole bathroo stank.

I hadn't had a crap for 4 days untill this morning. I took a laxative last night & it didn't take effect untill I iottm work. I have doing a crap at work but I knew I'd mess my knickers he I tried to hold it so I went to the toilet on my break. It was a fantastic relief as it came out. The first turd was 6 inches long & the next one was about 9. Then it got softer & a mass of small turds shot out like a machine gun making a big mess in the toilet. I sat there for a while before I felt another wave coming. I pushed out some diarrhoea & then I was done. By the time I finished I'd been in the toilet for over 20 minutes & I only get a 15 minute break. I got into trouble for being late back to work but it was better than crapping myself.


Pee story and B-day's crap

Hi everyone!

Today, tuesday, was my birthday, and within the last two hours I had two great craps to share with you.

I had travelled over the weekend, and usually being in places away from home makes me constipated. Anyway, I had been drinking lots of water which made me need to pee. But because I was travelling by plane, and I don't feel really comfortable peeing in a plane, I decided to hold it until I got back home. By that time, I was really busrting, as it had been more or less 5 hours since I first got the feeling. When I went to the bathroom, I didn't even close the door as my pee was about to come out, and I'm sure that while I was unzipping I was doing a pretty funny pee dance. Fortunately, I got my penis out and started peeing into the bowl before I had an accident. The sense of relief was overwhelmingly good. I peed for like two minutes. Fortunately my brother didn't see my pee dance, ;).

Now, continuing with the constipation thing, Monday passed and I still hadn't gone to the bathroom. I dind't feel the need though, but it had been 3 days since I last went. I went out to eat with my family and had a pretty big meal, steak and shrimp fajitas. I also had two lemonades. I could feel by then that a big dump was coming, and the urge was increasing rapidly. Since we were not yet going home, I decided to tell my family that I was going to game store to check out some prices. Of course, I wasn't going there, but I was actually going to the mall's nearest restrooms. I still don't like using public restrooms, but sometimes, like this one, I have no choice but to go there (actually, I probably could have waited until I got home, but I didn't want my brother to tell me about my huge birthday crap after I came out of the bathroom). Anyway, as I headed for the nearest ones, I saw from a distance that they were being cleaned, and decided to find another restroom. I got there, and there were many urinals but only two stalls and the handicapped one. Both stalls were being used and I don't like using the handicapped stall, so I decided to stay there and wait for one to open. What I wasn't expecting though was that an old friend, who I hadn't seen since I entered high school, came into the same restroom and to take a dump too.

At first, I just turned around to see who it was, and we both saw each other and didn't at first recognize the other one because of the different size and hairstyle, but in the end we did. We started catching up until one stall opened and my friend told me, "your turn", pointing at the stall. I embarrassedly walked in, closed the stall door and locked it while pulling my pants down just far enough to let my crap out, and then I sat on the seat. As my friend was standing just outside, I felt a little unconfortable. Suddenly, the guy in the next stall flushed and left and my friend went in to use that one, to make an akward situation for me even more akward. With him in there, I gave a small push, thinking that might be enought to get the first log to drop. Oh, I wish I had been right. Instead, I released a semi-audible fart, more gas than noise, while realizing that my urge had subsided a little because I was surprised by seeing my friend there. I then started peeing, while in the next stall my friend was sitting down and apparently peeing too. I finished peeing first, so I gave another push, this time stronger, and felt my log moving a little, while still inside. I sighed as quietly as I could, already embarrassed, and began pushing again. My friend had stopped peeing by now and immediately started releasing a log which I guess must have been long enough to make crackling noises for like 8 or 10 seconds and not producing a plop on the water as it fell. This was followed by a sigh on his part. By then, my first log was starting to come out, slowly but surely, and also producing crackling noises. I stopped pushing, and the first part of my log fell to the water below with a plop sound, while some of the rest was still sticking out of my butt. I caught my breath and pushed again, producing involuntarily a kinda loud grunting sound, which made my friend giggle. He jokingly asked "everything ok in there, Jry?", and I answered with an ashamed "yeah". The rest of my log came out, again producing a plopping sound. I sighed, and waited for the rest to come out. Meanwhile, I was listening to what my friend was doing. I heard nothing for a minute or two, and then I heard a couple of plops. I could feel my next wave coming, so I pushed again, and released a 9 or so inch long turd that came out faster than the others, this one making crackling noises but no plop. I pushed again, and released a couple of smaller logs. Afterwards, I started wiping.

While I wiped, I could hear my friend release another one, and he let out a loud sigh after it dropped. "Who's having a hard time now, huh?", I said jokingly. He started wiping too. I was done by then, and flushed and left the stall and went to the sinks to wash my hands. After I finished washing them, he still hadn't come out, but as I was about to leave he came out and started washing his hands too. I could tell we were a little uncomfortable about, emm, "taking a dump together", but in the end we left it behind and started talking. I left when I got a phone call from my family, asking where I was. If only they knew...

Well, see you later, and keep the stories coming.

Upstate Dave

Still More To Tell At The State Park

Hello to all. Wendy you are welcome. Old empty houses or buildings are great places to go in. I and my friends have used many different empty places to piss or shit in. China girl your post again avery enkoyable one to read. Lady CaCa I'm glad to see that you and your boyfriend enjoy being together in the bathroom together. I sounds like both of you will enjoy the special company for a long time!

Ok let me get to my post. I was in charge as doing the cooking on the hibachi. So I asked who wanted what to everyone. Tow hamburgers,four hotdogs,and two cheeseburgers so I got out what was ordered and started grilling everything. Being the cook I always drink a lot when I'm cooking so I drank soda while I cooked. It didn't take all that long for every thing to cook and the four of us had a nice picnic supper and as I ate my bladder filled up quickly as I aate and by the time I finished eating I had to piss!

I held on while I waited for Sandra to finish eating. I didn't want to get up and go over to the mens bathroom for if you remember Sandra wanted to be with me again when I had to go the next time so I had to sit in a little agony waiting for her. What seemed to be foreever Sandra did finish eating and she got up picked up her trash dumped it all in the trashcan and she told me she was ready to go for a walk. Janice also had finished and she was going to go with us this time also.

Before we all were going to take a walk my grandmother reminded us to be back before the park was going to close and we told her we would. So the three od us took the path out of the picnic area which headed over to the entrance road. This was the same path that Sandra and I had taken the last time when we took a walk together and had pissed together.

I was in front of Sandra and Jance for they were behind me with Sandra saying something to Janice. I couldn't tell what was being said right then but as Sandra talked to her sistor Janice did say very loudly; Oh yeah your gong to do that? Then there was loud laughter from Janice as Sandra kept on saying what ever she was saying to her sistor and the last thing Janice said bacj to Sandra was; I won't I promise.

By now we were far enough away from the picnic area and I cut into the woods with Sandra and Janice following right behind me. This was not the same spot where Sandra and I had gone togethre the last time when we had pissed. I hurried along searching for a suitible spot which thre woudld be a clearing to use So far no luck as I kept hurrying along.

I could have gone over to the shore of the lake but that was not really the place to piss for what at least Sandra and I were up to. Then I came out to the small creek which the trees and brush had been cut back from and this was the needed spot where I could piss and if Sandra and Janice also had to go they could go too!

Since I had been hurrying the two girls were well behind me so now I had to wait for them to catch up to me. So I simply had to piss so bad I unclipped my cutoffs yanked them right down letting them go and they slid down aroun my sneakers. I then gripped myself with my hand squeezed my penis hard and yelled out; HURRY UP YOU TWO! From behind me the two girls said they were comming. I thought to myslef as I stood there waiting; I hope they get here real soon or I'll just let go and piss!

I could here the gorls behind me breaking twigs and branches along with the sound of crunching dry leaves which all this sounds the gorls were making in such rapid succesion they were running. A few short momnets later the girls broke through the brush and had reached me. Janice seeing me with my cutoffs around my sneakers, standing there with my bare ass showing and holding on to myslef burts into a hard giggle. Sandra came right over to my side and she slipped her shorts down quickly then pulled down her bikini bottom right after pulling down her shorts first. I knew that she had to piss. Janice moved around in the front of us but off to the side and she had on her one piece swimsuit and she started pulling the shouldwer straps off from her shoulders so she was going to join in with Sandra and I and also take a piss.

I quickly said to Sandra; Are you gomg to piss first befor you hold me? Sandra told me; Since you look like you really have to go bad I can wait to piss. I'll hold you first. Sandra reached over and like when we had pissed togther the last time she took her fingers wrapped them around my penis and I took my hard squeezed fingers right of my penis.

When I did I sent a hard wide headed long twisted stream of piss flying though the air reaching the creek and it splashed ever so hard in the creeks water. Oh the relief was so termendous to piss I shut my eyes let out a long soft sigh along with a soft moan. OH did it EVER feel so good to piss! This brought a long giggle from Janice. Sandra said to me; You really had to go that bad I see. If I was the way you are I would have pissed myself!

As I stood there pissing feeling the great relief I heard the sound of soft hissing comming from off to the side of me. I had my eyes shut up till I heard the soft hissing sound and the light crackle sound with the hising so I opened my eyes and Janice was now pissing so I watched her piss. Now as I was now watching her piss and having Sandra holding me I had been in a limp state and I started to have my penis getting aroused now. That brought a giggle from Sandra.

Janice went on with her piss which she was squating with her one piece swimsuite ppulled down to her knees. She wasn't looking at me and Sandra. Janice was watching my stream going into the creek which she did for several seconds then she looked down and stayed looking down watching her piss stream. Sandr now asked me if I was feeling better. I told her I was but this one is going to be a very long one. Are you ok? I asked. Sandra smiled and told me she was. I can wait till your done . Then I'll go.

I went on takeing a very long piss. Janice had finished her piss had stood up and pulled her one piece swimsuit back up and stood and watched my piss stream till I had finished going. Sandra stood there holding me all the remainig time also. I had my piss stream finially die out and I did do two hard finishing spurts to finish up. Sandra then let go and now my penis had become erect and it bounced right up and pointed almost straight up Janice let out a loud hard laugh and Sandra squated down to take her piss so I stepped over off to the side in front of her to watch her go.

Sandra sent out a short hard spurt of piss first. Then there was a pause. Then she sent out a second hard spurt. Then a second pause folloed. Then she started to go aain and this time she stayed going sending out a hard stream which was going straght down along with some spraying too. I smiled as I watched. Janice was no longer interested for it was only her sistor going now so she started tossing sticks into the creek.

Sandra took a fairly long piss. Not as long as I had done but a long enough one. Sandra finished like she had started sending out spurts but did many more in a row then just the wto shehad done when she had started. Then when she had stopped I helped her with her bikini botom as she stood there with her shorts in her two hands. Then when I was done she pulled her shorts up the rest of the way and took care of them. Now I was the only one left that had to take care of my shorts so I pulled them up and took care of them.

Now since we wren't going to have a lot of time left I had the girls money and my money in my wallet. We made up our minds to head now to the snackbar down at the beach to have desert. So we hurried out to the road and some times we ran or walked very fast and went to the snackbar and got ice cream sodas which we drank quickly for at least Sandra and I wanted to piss one more time here in the parke before we would leave. Well that didn't happen for we ran out of time before we did need to piss. We went back to the picnic area helped pickup and went to the car and we left.

On the way back to my grandmothers house she had asked if all of us had a great time. Janice laughing hard but looking at Sandra and I said that she had. Sandra smiled with a big smile only looking at me also said she had a good time. I also answred looking first at Sandra with a smile and then Janice said that it had been a real fun day for me. My grandmother told all three of us she had also had a good time. We made only a brief stop at my grandmothers and then we went and dropped the girls off at thier house. The next time I would see them both would be after my grandmothers new house was finished and I would be staying there for two weks later in the summer. I'll pos about some activities that I had with both girls or each one over my two week visit. Upstate Dave



today was a bad day i think i must have had a stomach virus cause i pooped my brains. Well the it started was yesterday i was felling sluish to say the least my stomach stared running off was fairly soild at first then became more liquaid. This morning bout 2 am i woke up and had a one more bad cause of the runs by six this morning water was going straight throungh me sounded like me peeing out my but. It finally went away bout 12 noon i hope it is gone.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Im still constipated

I postes here about 2 weeks ago and got no help so im going 2 post again.

Im constipated big time i eat healthy and all that its just that im constipated and u just need help so can some1 please help me thxz

S d C d S

Bowel urgency

I wonder how do you all feel when you feel you need to have a poo? I'm getting confused about what people define as the urge to defecate--if I follow the medical text, I will only feel the urge when there's poo in the rectum-- and needless to say this is the feeling that poo is coming out.
However, I don't seem to have that kind of urgency even I think my bowel health is fine (as in having soft, easy poo every day); for me defecation is defined by a strong feeling fullness on my lower left. I'm sure my colon won't push the waste out my itself, but the fullness was so distracting that I need to defecate. I wonder what happened here? (I still have rectal urgency when I have gas or diarrhoea-- but not if it's solid. Even if I take a stimulant laxative, for example, there's still no rectal urgency at all, just my abdomen hurts more.)

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