This evenings poo

To upstate dave. Thanks for your comments. I love reading your posts too. As you are no doubt aware, I love to poo outdoors & after holding it since yesterday I was busting to go. I just finished work & on my walk home I decided to find somewhere different to relieve myself. Well the last part of my route home takes me along a big road that passes by the woods I normally use. On the other side of those woods there's an old empty house. It's been boarded up for years & I decided to explore it. I really needed that poo by now & was hoping the toilet was usable. As I looked around the house I became more & more desperate to go & by the time I found the bathroom I was nearly pooing myself. Unfortunately the toilet was all smashed up & most of the other fittings were missing. I wasn't to bothered by this because I could do it anywhere I liked really. I went into the garden & found there was an outside toilet. It was all working but it didn't seam much fun just doing it in the toilet. I went back inside to look for a more daring place to release my load. The fact that I was about to poo myself made it really exiting & I went into a bedroom found it had an en suite bathroom. I looked inside to find it too was all smashed up. I was quite glad about this because I love it when I'm desperate to poo & there's nowhere to go. I took a slow walk back to the outside toilet & stood outside it holding my bum. I thought about going in to use it but decided not to. Instead I went down to the bottom of the garden where I found an old shed. It wasn't locked & I went inside. There was a bucket so I pulled my work trousers & pants down & squatted over it. Immediately a turd came out landing in the bottom of the bucket with a thud. I started to pee making a hissing sound as more poo came out. I kept pooing & pooing for ages & by the time I was done there were about 5 large turds floating around in my pee. It felt a huge relief to get rid of it all after waiting 24 hours. I pulled up my clothes & left.

The Nature Boy

Lily Allen...

To the owners, love the new design, and the search feature!

Something I don't think has been posted before, singer Lily Allen was talking in a magazine interview about having diarrhea during a show:

“I came down with diarrhea but I still went on, I was desperate to do a poo the whole way through " at the end of the show I went to the toilet and it would not stop, the crowd were going “Lil-y! Lil-y!” for an encore… I didn’t feel I could send anyone out and say, ‘Will you lot just shut up, she’s having a crap!’, but that was the truth.”

China girl
Hi Upstate Dave- Thank you, I posted again too.

Julie- With entering college soon you may relax with it. In college it's all public restroom. You won't even pay attention at some point. I guess it depends on how well you can dump around family and friends while you lived at home, and in my household it was always very open. With dorm food and more activity and stress of college, you'll take some dumps that you won't believe, so not thinking about is the best approach.

Hi again. Since my last post, I have a toilet moment that occurred last night when I went to Iho.p with friend for dinner. I ordered the pancakes. Within an hour after eating them I was getting cramps and slight nauseous. I came and went though. When I got home, I had quiet evening alone, still with on and off cramps. When I went to bed, they still happened while laying down. The cramping finally came down, so I got up around 230am and when I stood the cramping was there and I was ready. I went to my toilet with wild hair, underpants and a long t-shirt. When I sat down there was a moment of silence wait for next cramp. When cramp came I took advantage and pushed my butt open. No time wasted, whatever poison this was, a huge wild chunk shot out in an instant like a cannon. I had some splash on my but hole. There was an immediate bad smell of like decay. I did big sigh of relief, and after that I was free to fart, but I was fart and squirting some crap for quite a few seconds. Then I could finish up and pee. Just after that, I got this buldge of air in my lower stomach. When I pushed it out, I blasted a mega fart like 4 seconds long in the bowl, then a small piece of crap finished the deal. The toilet looked like a disorganized mess of soup. When I flushed, the bad boy chunk became clear. It looked like a big knot that formed a ball, and it had strands around it like it was "hairy" in appearance or something. Not bad for the middle of night huh? I felt so much better and no more cramps. Whatever foul that was has got shoved down my toilet. It's had a tough couple weeks.


Incomplete Relief

On Page 1806 several months ago I wrote about a big crap I took at our city's main bus terminal when I had to go down there to pick up my grandfather. I was getting desperate for a stall, dropped my panties, and after a few minutes a very satisfying two-footer slid out and I experienced great satisfaction because I had been holding it for sometime.

Well last week a similar thing happened. As I've become more mature and freer about crapping in public bathrooms, I've written about that I find that I like to admire my "work." Sometimes my craps are a bit painful because they are so large and it takes me a while to be seated and to work them out as they slide down through me and into the bowl. However, I find that I love to either look between my legs or stand and study their size (and recently, their width) in the bowl. It gives me satisfaction for the soreness I may feel for an hour or so after I get off the stool. My boyfriend says I should shoot a picture of the best ones with my phone (and he does of his sometimes) but I think that's a little much.

Well, most recently, I peed like twice that day at school and sat down midway through last period (I was surprised my teacher gave me a pass, but I guess she likes me!) but I was unable to get my crap to come out. After sitting for about five minutes, I gave up and went back to class. I sat down again at home and was unable to get anything going in the bowel department before my boyfriend pulled up into the driveway and started honking. I knew then and there that if I was lucky I would be able to crap later that night at the concert we were going to at the Civic. By the time we got downtown, the rush hour was ending, and the closest we could park next to the Civic was like five blocks. It seemed like the walk (and he walks faster than me) activated my bowels. As soon as we got into the lobby, I knew it was time to excuse myself and do what I had been trying to do all day. I was pumped, if you know what I mean. I get this compacted feeling and I'm like blah until I can seat myself and get rid of the demon shit.

About half the stall were taken and I walked down the aisle of some 20 of them and immediately ducked into the first vacant one. There was a full crap in the bowl (so full that the tail was protruding up above the water) and I knew it couldn't have been there for long. I quickly pulled up the seat with my right hand and with my other hand I flushed. (I've gotten into the habit of doing that in public places so that the flushes don't splash up my seat too badly). Then I lowered the seat, pulled down my jeans and underwear and placed my butt on it. I normally wipe the seat first, but I don't know why I didn't this time. Within like two minutes, I could feel my large crap coming down the chute and I slid myself a little closer to the front and expanded my leg span by about three inches. Even before it was necessary, I was doing some heavy-duty pushing because I wanted to drop my demon shit so Jayson and I could enjoy the concert. I kept pushing and at one point even lifted myself perhaps a half inch off the seat in order to get the shit to clear my hole. It took about 45 to 60 seconds to get it to totally clear and I could easily feel the relief. At first, I could tell I had a lot of wiping to do and I slid back on the seat to see my accomplishment. Nothing! Then I stood up and completely turned around and could see nothing. I got a little pissed and with my jeans and underwear still down, I got to on my bare knees just above the front of the bowl and carefully looked for a trace of the demon shit. I could find none. Not even skidmarks!

I immediately re-seated myself and pulled off the first of like 9 or 10 grabbings of toilet paper. With each wipe, I pulled the paper up and could easily see the mess it had left. Then I put the paper between my legs and into the stool. After like 9 times of this routine, I could see my butt getting cleaner and I could easily smell the evidence, but I couldn't see it. I did like two or three more wipes, but at that point my butt was getting sore. I got back down on the floor and although somewhat hurting my knees, I peered into the bowl and only saw a growing stack of toilet paper now higher than water level. I felt relief in my rear, wiped up the mess, but felt incomplete because I couldn't see the end product of my drop.

I told Jayson about it on the ride back home and he seemed pretty amused by it. I asked if it had ever happened to him and he said "No". But he admits he doesn't really look at his crap in the bowl. After I got to bed, I got to thinking about if I was wrong to have told him about this. I don't want him to tease me about it for the rest of my life.

Am I that abnormal????


Great story about your "aunt" Andrea. I gathered that those days were school days. What were weekends like? Did she ever annouce to you or your mom that she had to take a shit? Do you have any more stories about observing her daily shits?

I have a story from when I was serving in the army. One day, we were out in the woods, for for a drill. I was positioned in a rather concealed place, several yards away from our camp, to act as a look out for "enemy troops".

As I sat there, I suddenly heard twigs and branches being broken, as if somebody was approaching my place. Very quietly, I got up from my hiding place to have a look. It certainly wasn't any enemy soldiers; it was a female officer we had at my regiment. She was in her mid 30's, well built, yet not what one would call overweight, nor the very slim type. She was a good looking woman in general. I saw her carrying a roll of toilet paper, so I had my guess about what was about to happen.

I sat there quietly as she unbuckled her uniform pants, pulled them down to her knees, and sat down, her back towards me. I could not believe what I was seeing, so I didn't make a sound, I just watched. She started peeing for about 15 seconds, then stopped, but she did not get up or wipe. Suddenly, I could see a dark brown turd making its way out of her beautiful rear end. She was sitting about 15 feet away from me, so I had quite a good look.

It was a thick turd, and a long one at that, so I suppose she'd been holding it in for a while. When it finally fell down on the ground, I heard her sigh with relief. It was not long until another turd started coming out, and after that one, several others, same size and color as the first one. I was astonished, and could not take my eyes away from this. All the time she was sitting there, I heard her making grunting noises, pushing heavily.

When she was finally done, she stood up and wiped at least four-five times, then threw the paper on top of her pile. She did not bother burying it. She adjusted her uniform and made her way back to the camp, not knowing that I had been there all along. That was certainly a very memorable experience from the army!

Lady CaCa

Dual defecation

First I'd like to add that I love the new search features. There have been so many memorable posts and contributors since the inception of this wonderful site and now it's so much easier to locate them. I am avid shit fanatic and thought I would contribute something of my own.

For a recent account, my boyfriend Rob and I have made it a customary habit of accompanying each other to the bathroom, that ever since one night after a party when we were both slightly inebriated, not to mention highly uninhibited, and he had filled my toilet with the most impressive pile I had ever witnessed. After eventually overcoming my initial bashfulness about "performing" in front of him, shitting together has since become second nature.

One morning, we both had the simultaneous urge to shit and decided to do so together. We both stripped naked and debated over who would go first. Eventually, we decided it would be Rob since he insisted that he's had to shit for quite some time. He walked over to the toilet while I sat on the edge of the bathtub. He started by facing the toilet, his back turned, lifting up the seat, and then began to pee. I took this opportunity to admire his ass. Oh, those firm, muscular globes divided by that long, deep cleft. How I loved it and everything that came out of it!

After he finished peeing, he lowered the seat, turned around and sat on the toilet. He was motionless for a few seconds, his back slightly hunched, with his legs spread, arms resting across them, hands atop his knees with fingers clasped together as though in prayer. Averting his gaze from me, he instead focused on a spot in front of him, his eyes set in intent concentration. He then inhaled deeply before launching into an initial effort, his entire body becoming tense, his facial features contorted. He pushed hard throughout, emitting short gasps, grunts and prolonged sighs. His nostrils flared and his lips pursed into a compressed line. He released the occasional fart, some long and squeaky, others more loud and abrupt. I leaned back as he announced that something was going to soon occur, wanting to witness its emergence. He obliged by sitting forward so I could get an unobstructed view. I heard the distinctive crackling sounds like those of fire logs, even before the first turd became visible. His ass cheeks flexed and quivered as he pushed, and soon the knobbly tip peeked out from his dilated, domed opening, retreating back several times before finally being pushed out far enough. I watched in fascination as the turd grew, noticing its varying textures and gradient shades as it progressed along. It continued its exit with relative ease, tapering off until it stopped, suspended, giving the impression that he possessed a long brown tail. And then, it released its grip and was in free fall. Because of its length, there wasn't much of a splash on impact, but it rippled the water as it landed and settled, half of it floating, while the other half rested against the side, bending and sliding down a bit, streaking the white porcelain. I was always impressed by how well-formed his turds consistently seemed to be compared to mine. Glistening, unbroken but for the intricate diagram of grooves and deep fissures etching its otherwise smooth surface, perfectly rounded at both ends. It was almost artistic.

I breathed in the aroma of Rob's fresh shit, as he launched into another session. The second turd was similar to the first, albeit slightly shorter and lighter than the rich chocolate brown of its predecessor. It produced a great deep splash upon completion, causing droplets to fly upwards. The turd bobbed like a cork and then swayed from side to side before taking residency atop its companion which had by now bent in on itself and had slid further down from the side of the bowl and into submersion under the murky water. Amazingly, Rob proceeded to unload another fecal onslaught, two more turds, both impressive in their own right, one, an elaborate serpentine design, and the other, reminiscent of a curvaceous, thick sausage link. I inwardly told myself that if he did not stop shitting soon, there would not be any room for my own.

Rob pushed anew, trying for more, but soon realized that his reserve had depleted. He grabbed some tissue from the adjoining dispenser and proceeded to wipe his ass with great long strokes, studying the smeared tissue every time before discarding it into the wastebasket, to be flushed later when the increasingly filled toilet would be cleared of its contents. He then relinquished his position from the toilet, signaling that it was now my turn. I stood before it and looked down at the bounty of magnificent turds within as I sat down, thinking, 'How will I possibly be able to top that?'

I noted that the recently vacated seat was still warm from Rob's weight. I peed and without much preamble, I began pushing immediately, knowing from the beginning that I would have a difficult time of it as my bowels were often stubborn. I struggled in earnest, feeling my face grow hot and crimson, with Rob by my side coaching me soothingly, massaging my stomach and lower back right above my ass crack, going as far as rubbing my butt cheeks. For a while I feared being incapable of producing anything other than the occasional fart, wanting desperately to shit for Rob as he had so unabashedly done for me. Even if all I managed to pass was a mere nugget, I would still be satisfied with the fact that I had reciprocated.

By this point, my hands were pressing against my upper thighs, looking down and getting a glimpse of Rob's beautiful turds between the gap of my spread legs, somehow hoping that the sight of them would bring me some kind of inspiration, some incentive. I bore down with gritted teeth, panting heavily, at last feeling a pressure against the barrier of my sphincter. Rob looked back and announced that the beginning of a thick formation was now visible, stretching me wide. How my petite behind would be able to accommodate such a massive intruder was beyond me. This turd was the kind whose contours seemed made of jagged edges, the kind which felt as though it was coming out sideways. I groaned and winced from the stabbing sensation, just as pee began dribbling out.

I strained until I thought I would lose consciousness, hearing the drone of Rob's encouraging yet concerned voice floating somewhere behind the sound of the blood pounding in my ears. Miraculously, the turd continued its progression at a snail's pace, and I kept hoping it wouldn't become lodged halfway. I raised myself slightly off the toilet, pressing down on my slightly bent knees, my body quaking with exertion, all but ready to beg Rob to pry the unyielding turd out with his fingers. But no such extraction was needed as miraculously, the turd seemed to gain momentum. Clutching both sides of the toilet, the tip of my toes curling inward against the tiled linoleum floor, I contracted my sphincter spasmodically around the clinging mass, hoping this would coax it forward. At last it surrendered, leaving the shelter of my buttocks and landing into the depths below. What should have caused a resounding splash was registered as nothing more than a muffled thud as its landing was cushioned by Rob's turds.

This recently deposited boulder was followed by an equally overbearing cylindrical excretion, a brittle, compacted stick, and then by the rapid succession of several clusters resembling lumps of coal. Not impressive by any standard, I was surprised by the notable amount I had nonetheless managed to expel and gratified by the effect it seemed to have on Rob, made evident by his obvious arousal.

Combined together, the results of our collaborated labor, this tapestry of our respective accumulated shit was a stark study in contrast, even the odor was distinctive. I had remained seated on the toilet when Rob offered to clean my soiled and slightly irritated chute. I tilted sideways as he used one hand to spread my ass cheeks apart, while the other dabbed and swiped in between gently yet thoroughly.

Now the challenge was to test the toilet's capacity to dispose of its substantial burden. Any failure to do so surely resulting in quite a tale to be explained to a hired plumbing service.
We both stood in front of the toilet, looking down one last time at our joint production as Rob pressed down on the flush handle. The turds rotated in the suctioning, swirling vortex, some disappearing under the bend, while other brown segments became detached and remained behind. It took several flushes until at last, no other traces were visible other than the clinging, omnipresent odor drifting in the air.


to julie

Hey Julie read your post about you going to college next year and begin afraid to use a public bathroom to poo, the good news is your not alone many people especially kids going off to college have this problem. I myself don't like to use a public restroom and I'm 25 years old. The first thing i will tell you is try to learn others bathroom habits your around so you go when no one is around. If you get in a tight go cause if you don't they be a big mess that's no fun that happen to me when I was in the sixth grade. I now doing number 2/ poop is embarrassing to do around other I myself don't like to do it around anyone. I don't like to do it at work and have one of the cashiers come behind as there is only one bathroom, the other st ockers it OK cause they are very open about it and we joke around bout going to blow up the bathroom lol. Just if you have to do it around others just start joking that usually loosens everyone up and its not that bad. One more thing always try to find the cleanest bathroom cause it is a lot easily going in a clean bathroom. I hope I have helped you got. Peace later curt_dawg



Well, yesterday I got an attack of diarrhea so bad I pooped my pants running for the toilet. I got sudden cramps and pressure and once I got infront of the toilet I exploded all over myself. Suddenly I big solid piece was forced out into my boxers followed by a flood of mostly liquid. I had to them out since they were white, and the poop ruined them. I waited for the flood to finish pouring out before I eased them down. I sat on the toilet and exploded into it two more times.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hi all another couple of stories to tell, these happened two summers ago. My parents & I had gone on holiday to Switzerland for a week. We had a great time going up mountains etc. and on our third day I had a very interesting bathroom experience. The hotel we were staying in was a nice traditional chalet-style place, and while some of the rooms had en-suites the one I was staying in didn't, so I had to use the communal toilets. There were two next to each other, in a small alcove just off the main corridor. Anyone could use them- they weren't marked for men or women, just a toilet in a little room with a lock and a sink outside.
So one morning we had just sat down for breakfast in the restaurant when a small group of students came in, laughing and joking with each other. They were speaking French so they were either Swiss or French, and amongst their number was this beautiful redhead, about 19 or 20, who I immediately noticed. As I ate breakfast I felt the pressure building up that told me I was going to need a dump soon. As I was finishing my croissant the red-haired girl cleaned her plate and got up and left the room. I wondered if she was going to the toilet or just back to her room, which was round the corner from mine. I finished my breakfast and said I would meet my parents when I was ready to go out. I made my way down to the toilets. One was locked, so I went to open the other one but found it was locked too. So I waited outside, and I could hear the plops as both people expelled their meals from the previous day. Accompanying this were a couple of low moans, easily audible through the paper-thin door, and loud, wet farts from the toilet on the right. After a couple of minutes I heard paper being torn off and the right toilet flushed. Out came, naturally, the pretty redhead from the dining room. I caught her eye as she came out and she blushed as red as her hair. I wasted no time and moved immediately past her and into the toilet, shutting the door behind me and dropping my jeans and boxers. I then found it quite hard to turn around in the very cramped toilet- it was about the size of a portaloo (that's porta-potty for our American fans)and sit down. The seat was already down, and I noticed a couple of long skid-marks still in the bowl. The air was full of the smell of the girl's dump, and the seat was still nicely warm. I could hear her washing her hands outside, and I tried to wait until I heard her leaving before I let go, but I failed as a big log slid into the toilet with a splash. I knew she must have heard, just as I could hear her. Then she walked off, and I relaxed. Another log started working its way out, and I could tell this was going to be a long dump. The other toilet flushed and whoever was in there washed their hands and left. My big turd dropped clear as someone else entered the other toilet. Another one moved up to take its place. I heard pissing from next door, followed by a plop. My final turd fell as I heard another plop from the other toilet. I wiped and pulled up my jeans before flushing. I went out and washed my hands. As I was doing this the other toilet flushed and a woman in her 30s or early 40s came out, still doing up her belt. It was certainly an interesting after breakfast experience!

On the last day of that holiday we got the train back to Geneva airport. As we approached the outskirts of the city I started to feel the buildup of pressure in my bowels. The night before we had had a big meal at a Mexican restaurant, which was delicious and very spicy. Needless to say this was going to lead to a big dump for me. The train pulled in and we headed up to the airport. Before checking in we had dinner in an Italian cafe. I had a plate of spaghetti bolognese and then some ice cream. Of course by then I really had to go, but first we had to queue up to check our bags in. Naturally the whole plane was ahead of us, along with a couple of other flights, so it was a long queue we had to traverse. It took about half an hour, during which my bowels were churning and I took to sitting on my suitcase to try and disguise the fact that I had to go. Finally we were through, but as we walked through the shops I didn't see any toilets. We spent another half an hour looking at souvenirs and by the time we headed to the security I was absolutely bursting. Another ten or so minutes in the queue for passport controls and bag xrays plus of course the metal detector which my mum set off as she always does. Finally we reached the lounge and we sat down. I had seen some toilets down the stairs next to the security point, so after a couple of minutes I said, as nonchalantly as I could, that I would just be popping down to the toilets. This I did, going downstairs as fast as I could. I was so desperate, the shit was pressing against my asshole hard. I went in and, wouldn't you know it, there was a queue. There were five cubicles, all full, and two guys ahead of me. One opened up almost immediately, leaving just one guy ahead. I leaned on one of the sinks in an attempt to help hold my crap in and stop anyone seeing how desperate I was. The air stank of shit; clearly everyone was taking a dump. After a couple of minutes another cubicle opened and the guy went in, leaving just me and a couple of young kids who were now behind me. Finally the cubicle right down the end opened, and I gratefully went in, rapidly locking the door and sitting. Almost immediately a blast of painful, watery crap sprayed across the bowl. It hurt, but it felt so good! I let out a groan. A few small pieces came out next, then a loud fart. The toilet next to me flushed and opened, and one of the kids who were behind me entered. He was about 10, maybe, and as I let go with another blast of crap I heard him let out a long fart and then drop a turd. I farted again and let go with another mushy load. The smell was...strong. The kid next to me dropped another four big turds, and I followed up with a load of small bits of poo. It felt so good to finally get rid of it all. When I was finally done I sat back and just relaxed for a couple of minutes, waiting for my final big turd to come out. More shitting was still going on from next door; he must have been as desperate as I was. Finally my turd dropped with a mighty loud splash. I wiped and flushed, and opened the door. As I did so it hit something, and I sidled out to find it had hit the cleaning cart of the young Hispanic cleaning woman who had appeared suddenly! It was, needless to say, embarrassing to know that she'd been there almost the whole time (cleaning the sinks) and had no doubt heard me dropping my load. She was waiting for a cubicle to open so she could clean it, and I was so embarrassed to think she'd go in and smell my shit and see my skid marks in the bowl, but luckily the other kid was still standing outside, with a pained expression on his face, clearly desperate, and as soon as I opened the door he was in like a shot, saving me some small amount of embarrassment! All in all it was a very memorable holiday for toilet events.
Well that's me done for now. More stories later! Bye all!


Responses and Today's crap

Hi all!
Firs of all, responses:

To Braidy:

You asked if in public places males or females are more likely to hold their crap. From what I've read in this forum and my own personal experience, I will have to say that up to a certain stage in their lives, both are quite likely to hold it in public. That certain stage for us guys I believe is during college or after college, and that is because of the hours in there and studying and stuff and not being able to go to the bathroom at home as often as we did in high school or middle school, so we have to get used to take a crap in public. For girls, I believe college is an important stage in their lives too, but there might be more girls than guys likely to still hold their crap once they get out.

For me though, I'm still in high school, and I can say I still hold it when in public unless I really have to go put of "bathroom shyness", I think. I believe most girls and most guys (at least from my group of friends) still hold it until they get home (or maybe they usually poop either late at night or before school in the morning). But sometimes, when I'm peeing in the bathroom, another dude comes in and takes a stall and starts dumping. Well, at least I believe that, since I have never heard any noise coming from the stalls. You girls will have to answer about what happens in the girls' room.

Jaded Jarrod:

I know how you feel. I was once forced to go in a public restroom in a park in one of the nastiest conditions you can imagine. There wasn't even toilet paper, or even a toilet seat, the bathroom smelled like urine and the door was half-way closed, at the most, as there was a problem with it. As a result, most people, (kids actually), could see me taking a crap while waiting for one of the two stalls. What I always do in order not to get a wet patch is pee just after sitting down, pointing my penis downwards. Then I immediately start pushing my crap out, if I'm short on time. I know you probably knew that, but just always remember to point down.

As for today's crap:

I went to the bathroom and sat down, as usually. I initially set my pants down to my knees, and immediately started peeing. I also started pushing some out, and it came out pretty fast. I wasn't looking into the toilet though. I felt some more so I pushed again, and for the way it felt while coming out I knew it was one of those shits that release string-like poop that usually take me quite a while. After several minutes of this pushing and string-poo release process, during which I had pulled my pants further down, I finally felt done. I started to wipe, and this is also a stressing procedure due to the ammount of paper I have to use, as it always seems to leave some residue behind.
After I pulled up my pants and flushed, I came out and washed my hands. In total, it took me like 10-13, with about 3 or 5 from wiping.

Bathroom Beaky

My Mate`s Pooing Sister

I went to the pub with a few of my mates a few weekends ago, i was stopping at my friends house so i didn't have to go back to my house drunk lol:). At around 3.30 am me and my friend went to her house. I walked in to find a Indian Take away on the table so we started eating it. We finished eating it and i had a bit of a ????ache, so i thought i might as well go and sit on the toilet for a while, i told my friend and she said she needs a number 2 and will come with me. She sat on the toilet first as needed a poo quite badly. After about 5 mins she had finished on the loo and it was my turn. I sat on the toilet and started to strain, After 10 mins of constant straining and no poo produced a decided to give up and go to bed. I woke up at 6 am with the worst ???? ache i have ever had i held my stomach and my bum and ran for the toilet. i sat on the loo and i had the runs and it stank after about 10 mins is was still pooing like no tomorrow, I heard somebody walking towards the bathroom and knock on the door "are you going to much longer" i replied "im not sure, ive got the runs" i heard her say great under her breath and go back to her room. I was still pooing 10 mins later and she came back and said "please can you hurry up i am touching cloth" i began to get really aroused by that comment and said i am trying but i just cant stop pooing" 5 more mins passed and i had finished and started to wipe my bum which can i say was covered in sticky poo i flushed and went back into my friend room as soon as i closed the door i heard her sister sprint across the landing and into the toilet and her bum plonked on the warm toilet seat the second she landed liquid poo splatter the loo and i could feel her relief thought the walls after the first wave of her diahrea i fell asleep. In the morning i went for a wee and the smell of the bathroom was disgusting oh well what else is a toilet for!!




I am male and i wipe sitting down and wipe from front to back, hope this helps.

Sometimes at home I pee sitting down as this takes care of bad aim!!!In public i use urinals as too much trouble to use a stall for peeing

Christopher H

Shit in a removal truck

When my flatmate James and I were helping deliver a furniture to a friends new house 2 hours away. They had to pay a removal truck to carry the bed. The driver and his colleagues were sitting in front of the truck so me and James had to sit in the back with all the furniture. I had eaten a large chicken vindaloo the night before and felt my stomach gurgle as if a huge load was ready to come out. By this time we were speeding along the motorway with the truck shaking like mental. I let rip a massive fart and this gave me some relief. I didnt know what to do and told James that I needed to shit badly. He just laughed and told me to try and hold it in. I was in pain and felt as if I was about to explode, it was probably the closest thing to childbirth a guy would ever experience. Seeing that I could no longer hold it in and not knowing what to do, James took out an empty cola bottle he'd finished drinking from and I dropped my underwear. I squatted down and held the neck of the bottle to my arse with one hand and held onto James' hand with the other for support as the truck was shaking worse than ever. Another big eggy fart filled the air and James was laughing hysterically. I growled and grunted like a beast as a nice big log that was soft but firm came out of my crack and coiled round and round the top of the bottle which was too small to contain it, it felt so good and I sighed loudly with relief. The shit fell to the floor and I didn't know what to do. I wasn't finished yet, I squeezed James' hand and 3 more great big firm logs eased out of me followed by a pile of soft poo. My ring was stinging from the curry I'd eaten the night before but I hardly noticed the pain because I felt so relieved. Then the panic set in. I had nothing to wipe my arse with and had just fouled a strangers vehicle. James pointed out that the truck floor was covered by a white sheet and I used this to wipe my crack and up to my lower back which was covered. It felt as if I wiped forever. Then I pulled up my underwear and we managed to cover my 'present' with the white sheet. The place stunk badly and the both of us giggled all the way down the motorway hoping that the delivery men never noticed until we were long gone. Luckily they just got on with the removals at arrival and didn't notice although they did ask had someone let off as the truck was stinking. We still laugh about it to this day.


Checkout girl gets caught short

I've just been to the DIY store & at the checkout the young girl who was serving me looked very uncomfortable, as if she needed the toilet really bad. Her light was on & when the supervisor came over she told her. "I'm desperate to go toilet. You'll have to take over from me before I do it in my knickers." the supervisor replied, "Well we can't have you wetting yourself can we." The girl replied, "Actually, it's worse than that. I've got diarrhoea!" the supervisor replied, "Oh in that case you'd better go. I'll take over." The girl got up from her chair holding her bum & ran off to customer toilets. The supervisor stopped her & said. "No not the customer ones. The staff toilet." The poor girl looked really desperate & turned round to make her way across the store to the staff restroom. She was crying by now & was walking oddly. It soon became obvious why when I say a big wet patch in the back of her trousers & a brown stain started to spread rapidly across her bum. The smell was really bad too.

Good luck at college. I wouldn't be too worried about pooing in the college toilets. Everybody else there will be using them to poo in & no one will be worried about it. Not only that, what's worse, doing it in your pants or doing it in the toilet? I don't know if you've read any of my posts before but I love to do my poo outdoors. I'd love to know if you've ever done that? Have you ever held it for so long you couldn't wait any longer & messed your pants in public? I have several times & it's super embarrassing although it's also quite exiting too!

The hottest thing I've ever seen was in a meeting at work. The boss was doing a presentation & I noticed Nikki was looking stressed & stood with her legs close together. She kept farting & it was clear that she needed to go the the toilet really badly. The meeting went on for ages & Nikki was sweating heavily. She held her bum & I knew she was about to have an accident in her pants. Suddenly Nikki let go of her bum & she began to mess her pants. She left the room in a big hurry & headed to the ladies to finish her poo & clean up. After the meeting we all returned to work & to my surprise I noticed Louise was waiting to for Nikki to come out of the toilet. Louise had a big brown stain in the seat of her jeans & there was pee running down her legs.

I was at my friend Lorraines house once when she got up & announced that she was going to the toilet to have a massive dirty poo. When she got to the bathroom she complained that there was no toilet roll left & came back into the room. Her sisters, Nicola & Tracey were just arriving from a shopping trip & Tracey ran straight to the bathroom holding her bum tightly. She shut the door & had the most explosive diarrhoea ever. When she found there was no toilet roll she called out to Nicola to bring the toilet roll up to her. Lorraine was now really desperate to go & was dancing around the roon holding her bum. Nicola brought the toilet rolls up to Tracey & she wiped her bum & flushed the toilet. As soon as Tracey came out Nicola shot into the bathroom before Lorraine realised what was happening & started to release severall big turds into the water. Lorraine was nearly pooing herself by now & Nicola took ages to finish her poo. By the time Lorraine was able to get into the toilet she was losing control. She rushed into to bathroom & released a torrent of semi solid poo into the pan. She moaned her knickers were ruined & after half an hour in the bathroom she wiped & flushed th toilet. When she came out she said what a relief that was & no thanks to her sisters!


Post Title (optional) To: Why I hate auto flush toilets

Linda from Australia here again. When I was in Canada and the US last year, I came across many auto flush toilets. Infact, I got so used to them that sometimes I almost forgot to flush, if the toilet wasn't auto flush. I agree, the toilets over there use way too much water, I was surprised that they used so much water. At first, I thought the toilet was overflowing but then I realised they were all like that. Especially in Canada, where it seems like they are big on environmental issues, well in Vancouver anyway. I thought they would want to save water there aswell but they don't, not in toilets anyway. I thought it was a bit annoying when the auto flush toilet flushed while I was still sitting on it. I also found that the water in the toilet bowl came up too high, so I was always getting the tp wet when I tried to wipe my butt!! I did like the automatic taps, soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers over there though!!

In Australia, there are hardly any auto flush toilets, most public toilets you have to flush yourself.


more at work

Debbie- I'm looking forward to hearing more from you. I love your updates. Have you been able to carry out a conversation about pooping with Priya?

I was a bit late to work on Thursday and met my boss in the kitchen area where I usually fix my coffee. I sipped my coffee while chatting with her about work and life stuff and I went to my office. I saw Joyce's bag on her desk, but she wasn't there and I wondered if she was in the restroom, having her morining bm. Morning coffee stimulates my poop, and the prospect of seeing her in the restroom made my stomach fluttering even more and I went to the restroom. Sure enough, one stall was taken and it was Joyce. I caught a gilmpse of her through the gap in the door, she had her navy blue dress pants and white panties rolled up on her creamy thighs. I was really desperate to go now, I entered the handicapped stall and lowered my dress pants and thong. I didn't even have to try, as soon as I sat down a long poop slid out of me... ahh it was so relieving. I felt like I had more, so I strained. Then I heard three plops from Joyces' stall, that made me pretty excited. I also passed a medium sized log. Then I heard Joyce pulling and ripping tp ( to my disappointment). I guess she might have wiped herself twice and her toilet flushed. She pulled up her trousers and panties, and I heard her flushing the toilet again. I was done in about a minute, and I looked at my bowl. It had one monster log ( abt 10in ) and another smaller six and 4 inches. I flushed twice. I had a hectic day on that day and really didn't see Joyce much


Post Title (optional) I haven't been here for a while.......

Linda from Australia here again. I haven't posted on here for ages, my computer wouldn't let me post so I could only read stuff on here. Now I have a new computer so I can post here again!!

Since I was on here last, I've been on a bad losing streak with my poos. I've been extremely constipated lately, even though I go mostly everyday, I've had some terrible sessions on the toilet. I seem to be getting backed up about about twice a month but lately its been happening more often. I seem to have a really hard time about once a week. I have been spending over half an hour on the toilet, trying to do a poo. Sometimes this happens 2 or 3 nights in a row. I have been getting that 'unfinished' feeling aswell and I can never get the entire load out in 1 sitting. I have been trying to eat more fibre and healthy food to help with my constipation but it doesn't always work.

A couple of weeks ago, I had an extremely difficult time with constipation. For 3 nights in a row, it was a real marathon effort for me on the toilet. The first night, I spent 30 minutes trying to squeeze the poo out. I managed to get some small turds out but I knew the big one was stil to come. I had to push and strain with all my might and then I had a huge, rock hard ball of poo stuck in my anus. It really hurt and I couldn't get it out quickly because it was so big. When it finally came out, I still had more in me but I couldn't get it out. I pushed, strained and grunted but nothing happened. I had to give up and I felt defeated because I couldn't get any more poo out. I wiped my butt and had a look at my job. It consisted of some skinny turds and one, big rock hard turd that seemed bigger when I was squeezing it out.

The next morning I could feel lots of poo stuck inside me but I didn't even attempt to get it out before work. That night, I hoped it would be easier for me but it wasn't. Infact, it was worse. I waited until after dinner to do my poo. As soon as I got on the toilet, I knew I was in for a really hard time. There was a rock hard turd stuck in my anus and it wouldn't move. I did lots of farts before anything started coming out. After about 10 minutes, the poo had moved down a bit and I could feel my anus opening up. It really hurt, even more than the night before. I felt my anus and it had opened up but there was no poo there at all. I pushed and pushed but it felt like nothing was happening. I started reading a magazine because it was taking so long. I had to grunt and strain to get things moving. I reached down to feel my anus again and a long, sticky piece of poo was sticking out. After that, it took another 20 minutes to get my load out but of course, I didn't feel finished. I spent 40 minutes on the toilet that night and there was blood on the tp when I wiped.

The next night was much the same, I spent 40 minutes on the toilet again. This time, I had to push and strain really hard to get lots of rock hard balls of poo out. Each time, I had to have a rest afterwards. I even found myself grunting. I normally lean back to do poos but this time I needed to lean forward as much as I could. I even had to put my feet up on the toilet seat and wrap my arms around my legs. This helped a bit but not much. Once again, I still didn't feel finished after my dump but I couldn't get anymore poo out that night.

The next day I couldn't go at all. That was on Thursday. So I went Wednesday night and then I didn't go again until Friday morning. When I woke up that morning, I dropped a HUGE load!! It took me about 20 minutes to get it all out but I still had more in me. About an hour later, I had to go again. I spent another 20 minutes on the toilet pushing out several rock hard turds. Then about an hour after that, I had to go again!!! This time it was an easier dump but the poos still hurt coming out. It took about 10 minutes to get them out.

This week I had the same trouble, I spent 30 minutes on the toilet, 2 nights in a row. That was early in the week but later on this week, I had an easier time. I'm not sure why I've been getting so constipated because I eat healthy food.

I find that I talk to myself while I'm doing a poo - especially lately when its been taking me so long. When I'm straining on the toilet, I quite often say out loud 'Come out, come out!!! I also have to screw my face up and close my eyes while I'm straining, this helps a bit but not much.


Finally had a huge shit

I'd been constipated for the past week despite a good diet, lots of fibre, exercising and drinking up to 6 liters of water a day. I have also been taking stool softeners every day as per my doctor's instructions. Unfortunately I still couldn't poop even though I was doing everything right. My stomach was getting more and more bloated and I was getting frustrated because I could feel all that poo inside me and it refused to come out.

I wasn't feeling well last night and this morning, between suffering from seizures on and off and being so bunged up. Both caused me to want to vomit. Finally after lunch I could feel stomach cramps and my bowels working, so I went to the toilet and sat down. I grunted a bit as I pushed out the HUGE load. It hurt a bit but it sure did feel good to get rid of all that shit.

It only took less than 5 minutes. I stood up and wiped and I saw how big it was. It was really thick and fat, and had to be about 10 to 12 inches long. No wonder I've been feeling so uncomfortable! That's a lot of poo! My stomach is a lot softer now and I feel a lot better.

Post Title (optional) An Understanding Mom

I think that I submitted this before, but can't fine it anywhere in the posts. Mom never punished us for having accidents in our pants. When I was eleven, I was watching a TV show in bed when I suddenly had to do a poo very badly, but I had to see the end of the film. So, I decided to do both; Mom and my brother were visiting Gramma, and had planned to stay overnight. I stopped holding my poo, pulled out my panties to makem, and PFLOOP PLAAA it exploded into my panties. The first was about sis inchesed a little longer. And do you know what? - I enjoyed it and even liked the peeyoo smell when I heard SLAM - THEY WERE HOME EARLY! I called Mom to come to the bathroom right away. She saw what I had done and sang,ha ha ha, Julie pooped her paaants, Julie pooped her paaaants. "Oh Mom, Justin will hear you! Mom just said to empty my poo in the toilet, wash up and come to bed, unless I was enjoying it. I said, "HUH, ENJOYING IT"? "Come om dear daughter, really, didn't it feel good?" I laughed and said "Oh Mom, I love you."
"I know dear and I love you". Go sleep Mommy'z tired.


Caught pooing in public? Maybe.....

Hi last night I went to the woods to have a poo. I looked to make sure there was no one around & couldn't see anyone so I pulled my skirt up & lowered my pants. I heard a twig snap but couldn't see anyone so I carried on. At first I peed & a couple of seconds later I felt the tip of my poo poking out of my anus. I gave a push & a large turd slid out landing with a thud on the bare earth. There was more to come though but then I saw a branch move in the distance. For a moment I thought someone was watching me but I couldn't see any one. I got quite exited about the idea of someone watching me & carried on pooing. I pushed another big turd out which was softer & longer than the first. It curled up around my first turd as it flowed out. Suddenly I heard a rustling sound & looked up to see a branch moving. I still couldn't see anyone though so I wiped using some leaves, pulled my pants up & smoothed my skirt down & left. I'm not sure if anyone was watching me but the thought of it felt so hot I secretly hope there was someone there.

I remember when I was 15 I was in class & needed a poo really badly. I hadn't been for 5 days & as the day went on I got more & more desperate to go. I could feel the poo right at my anus & I had to clench tightly to avoid messing my pants. Reluctantly I put up my hand to ask to leave the room but I was told to wait untill after the lesson. I was sweating by now & could feel my anus being forced open by the huge pressure inside my bowels. Luckily I was sitting down so the emerging poo only made it as far the crotch of my panties. The only problem was when the lesson ended. As soon as I got up from my chair I felt it coming. I tried to stop it but It quickly gathered speed & I totally filled my panties in front of the whole class. It was so embarrassing. My trousers were in such a state there was no hope of getting them cleaned up so I went home. The worse past was I had to walk home with by panties full of poo a big brown stain in the back of my trousers making it very obvious that I'd pood my pants.


I worship this website

Hello, I've actually been reading this website since I was in high school. Was dedicated to read every single one for a while, but then when I got to page 100, I realized that would never happen, so I randomly thumbed through. ANYWAY, why I'm here.

I think the whole thing is awesome. I love an environment where you can talk about how bad you have to pee, or what the size of your dump is, and people won't give you gross looks, or ask "What is wrong with you?". And to add to that, I really admire women who are secure enough with themself to discuss these things. So many girls are snoody, and act like they'd never poop, how dare you even ask, meh! So in a way, talking about something that others consider unnattractive makes her more attractive.

I do have some stories, but I'd rather melt in here a bit before I start sharing them. Great to finally speak out in this place! :)

Male btw


To Canadian Kelly

Yes that does clarify what you mean by full cut bikini's. Sounds like your husband is very understanding when you have an accident.Isn't nice to have support when you need it? Do you have anymore stories?

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