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Why I HATE auto flush toilets!

I cannot stand auto flush toilets. I apologize if other people have gone off on the same rant here, but I haven't personally read any posts addressing this issue. They used to be very rare, but nowadays - at least in the public restrooms I use - they seem to be at least 50/50. I have no problem with auto flush urinals, in fact, I prefer them because I don't have to touch the flush lever with my hand. But auto flush toilets, I cannot stand. What is the point, to flush for people who do not flush the toilet when they're done? I am an adult and know to flush my poo-poo down when I'm finished. I think most adults do this as well.

Some manufacturers claim that they save water. Huh? In my experience they do the complete opposite. Am I the only one who has been sitting there, wiping my bottom, and had the toilet flush a dozen times. Any slight change in your position while sitting on the toilet usually triggers a flush. I'm not a big fan of flushing while seated, at least in public restrooms, as the powerful flush usually causes my bare bottom to get sprayed with a mist. The only time the auto flush toilets usually don't work, is when you want them to flush, e.g. during a particularly malodorous bathroom visit. Luckily, most of these devices usually have a manual flush button as well.

Some people may even say that the auto flush toilets are to reduce your exposure to germs, since you don't have to touch a flushing lever. This is not an issue for me, because I always tear off some toilet paper before touching the manual flush lever. Besides, numerous studies have shown that the majority of germs in public restrooms are on the sink handles, which is why I always turn off the sink with paper towels. Oh, and don't get me started on the automatic sinks. The type of sink I hate most are the one where you have to keep pushing down the faucet and each time you push down the faucet, the water runs for about 5 seconds. Gosh dangit that pisses me off (no pun intended)!!! But I won't go on a rant about sinks here.

A few quick tips for combating auto flush toilets. You guys may already know this stuff. From my experience, there are three main types of auto flushers. First is a square shaped thingy that sticks out perpendicular to the pipe that is in the back of the toilet. This is the easiest to combat. You can simply wrap toilet paper around it a few times to turn off the auto flusher.

The second type of auto flusher is a round thingy at the top of the pipe in the back of the toilet. This is not as easy to just wrap toilet paper around, since gravity will cause the toilet paper to just slide down the pipe. You kind of have to tear off a bunch of toilet paper and wrap it around numerous times, around the device and over the top of the device to ensure it stays intact. I've been in the middle of several bowel movements where the toilet paper falls off, and then the toilet starts its flushing routine.

The third type of device is where the flushing mechanism is built into the wall behind the toilet. Obviously you can't wrap toilet paper around this, so the only way to block the auto flush is to (this is kind of gross) spit on the toilet paper and stick it against the wall blocking the device. This usually holds up.

Of course, one surefire way to block any auto flusher is to have some Post-It/sticky notes with you. You can easily stick these over the sensor of any auto flush toilet. Only problem is I don't make it a habit to carry post-its around with me, just so I can use them in case I happen to have to go poo-poo in a restroom that has auto-flush toilets. I suppose women could keep them in their purse, but us guy's just have a wallet.

I've entered several stalls before where the previous user had toilet paper blocking the sensor, so obviously people are onto these "techniques." Just remember to be courteous and remove the toilet paper from the sensor when you have "completed the transaction."

Anyhow - happy pooping everyone, I enjoy the stories here and hope I continue to have the time to post here on a regular basis.



I am male and i wipe sitting down and wipe from front to back, hope this helps.

Sometimes at home I pee sitting down as this takes care of bad aim!!!In public i use urinals as too much trouble to use a stall for peeing

Upstate Dave

More of Our Day At The State Park

Hi to all! Glad to see a post from China Girl! Always like your postrs taking the toilets point of view! Wendy your post of going pee and poop outside was also good. Pual (from Germany) Enjoyed your travelng post with Nadine and Claudine. Iwonder if the two girls make comments about you after you have peed or pooped (if you have done both with both of them around with you) Danny great post about your new neighbor girl that you peed in front of and she did for you in the park! Did you ever ask her the reason why she had you pee with your pants pulled down? I have asked girls this question that made me do the same when I was young. Most told me that did answer me said that they did it out of curiousity first then for just plain fun if we wound up peeing again together again! I hope you post more times with your new friend.

Now let me go on with more of my post. Sandra and I wound up taking the path all along the lakes backside comming out to the entrance raod that went back down to the parkinglot and picnic area where my grandmother was along with her friend and Janice had gone back to to take her nap. Sandra and I held hands as we walked slowly alongside the road together.

Now the road is two way and I car came up the road heading towards us. The car slowed right down as it got closer to us and the horn honked and the car stopped. It was my grandmothers friend. She stopped and said she was leaving. She mentioned to Sandra it had been nice to meet her and to me she told me that I played Scrabble real well. Maybe next time I'll beat you! I laughed and told her maybe. Then she asked us if we wanted a ride back to the parkinglot. Sandra looked at me and I her and we told my grandmothers friend we would rather walk. Ok then goodbye she said to us and drove off.

Sandra and I resumed walking. We both mentioned to eachother that we both were thirsty. How bout getting a quick drink of water from thelake I suggested to Sandra. Then we can walk down to the snackbar and get something there to drink also. Sandra was all for it so we sped up our pace till the lake appeared off the right side of the road. We cut through the woods and waded in a little ways into the lake and we both toopk many handfulls of water to drink. Then back out to the road.

We still had a ways to walk yet to get to the snackbar down by the beach. We hadn't even reached the old camp yet alongside the road so we knew we had still a long walk left. Being that we had that far to go yet we changed our minds about walking all the way to the beach and snackbar. We would insteda go to the picnic area and get a cold drink there for there was soda and other drinks in the cooler that we had brung.

Twent y minutes passed and we wre comming up upon where the old camp was by the left side of the road. Sandra said to me as we approached where the camp was; I have to piss again! How bout you? she asked me. I did and I told her. So lets stop here and go behind the camp! So we cut across te road walked over behind the old boarded up camp to piss.

Once behind the old camp Sandra asked me again would I pull my shorts right down and piss. I smiled and knodded my head yes that I would. With a little smile on her lips Sandra told me she would take her bikini botom off also and pee standing with me! I now had on a bigger smile on my face as I already had my zipper down and was unhooking the clip on my cutoffs!

I unclipped the clip which my cutoffs slid right down crumpling up around my sneakers. Sandra untied her bikini bottom and instead of letting it fall she took it right off and held it in her hand. We wre standing side by side and I started to piss just before she did. I sent a nice arcing stream through the air going across the grassy area where it was mowed and went into the bushes along the edge of the woods. That was a distance that I would guess saying almost eight feet! Sandra seeing that my piss stream was going that far giggled loudly.

Then she started her piss. At first her stream was not all that strong. It silently flowed going straight down wetting the grass between her sneakers. Then it got stronger moving fowrad at a angle which it moved out about two feet out in front of her wetting the grass. It also began to hiss loud as it flowed. Then ever so slowly her stream started to go into a arc which raised upward and her piss moved further away moving forward more.

Her piss stream made it about three feet out in front if her and that was as far it would go no further. Still as I watched this happen not bad for a girl I thought to myslef. Sort of looked like a guy pissing came into my mind too. So I told Sandra she looked like a guy right now. That made her take a short giggle and she knodded her head in agreement.

Well since I was issing hard with my long arced piss stream I wetting the grass a sit came back. So when it had come back being about the same point where Sandra's piss was wetting the grass(3 feet still) I wasn't holding my penis so I turned slightly to my right and I ade my stream move over and right into her piss stream making a big splash as they collided! We both then laughed hard toogether.

I only could do this for several seconds for I had to push to keep my stream there to do it. Then it fell back away and I then stopped pissing a few seconds later. I did give a push to see if my bladder still had any piss left in it and I did make one short spurt come out and that was all. Sandra now right after I had sent out the single spurt of piss had her stream start to slacken off. Its short arc disapeared real fast went into a angled slightly foward stream and then it went to being straight down for the last several seconds of her pissing. Then she stopped cleanly this time.

She slipped her bkini bottom back on and tied it. I sqauted down and pulled my cutoffs back up zipped them up and did the clasp. Sandra took my hand and we walked back out to the road and started walking down it again. Dave can I ask you a question? Sandra said to me as we walked. I told her she could ask me anything and I'll try to answer it if I can. Sandra smiled a little then she told me before she did ask the question that she was going to ask. Shehad also stopped walking too.

We now stood beside the road still holding hands as we stood there. Dave I noticed that on your penis there is a vein or a arttery. I said yes there is. What about it? I asked her. Well it really stands out when your hard Sandra said with a pretty hard giggle as she said it. Again I said back to her that it idd which is normal to happen. Then Sandra asked me the question she wanted to ask. If you are hard and when you piss can you feel your piss going through your penis when your'e holding it?

I let out a little laugh. Gee Sandra I can't say yes or no to that. I never played cloe attention to whether I am or not! I wasas telling Sandra the truth. It was more importent to piss then any thing else and if I had to really had to go bad just feeling the relief that I was going was the only real reason that I would feel when I did piss. So I told her this too.

After I had said this to Sandra she quickly said Oh and only oh. Then she was silent for several seconds. Then she said to me; I thought that you would be able to feel your piss going down through your penis. Then Sandra suddenly smiled with a big smile. How bout the next time you piss and youare hard tell me if you can! I thought for one quick second and then I smiled with a big as smile as Sandra had and said to her; Ok I'll try that!

So Sandra smild and we started walking again and fifteen minutes later we were back with my grandmother and Janice which they wre playing cards at the table. So Sandra and went right over to the cooler took out two cans of soda opened them and drank them right down real fast. Janice seeing us guzzle the two sodas right down sid to Sandra and I; Are you two that tirsty? Sandra and I both told her that we were and we reached in and took out another soda opened them and took a good long sip from them and sat down and went on to watch Janice and my grandmother play cards along with waiting to need to piss so we could go and try out what we had said we would do when we had walked togther along the road. The way Sandra looked and smiled at me and I her both of us could hardly wait to find out! I will ontinuie this. Upstate Dave

Jaded Jarrod

Comments to Others Posting & My First/Worst School Crap

To Mistee:

That story you wrote about Obnoxious Chick really touched me. I've been picked on like that to by some of the older boys. Do you think that OC is a girl who does that kind of thing everytime she has to wait for a toilet or was she just having a bad day? I like the way you stood up for youself and took your seat. I would have been nervous too about receiving her cold stare and I doubt I could have gotten my pee flow going either. It's amazing that she finally took the other stall and after you closed the stall door, you were able to start your pee. For us guys, though, there are no doors to close ... period!

To Esteban:

Let me try to answer your questions. I'm 11 and the youngest age in our middle school. There's a lot of bullying and, as my parents call it, "harassment" from the older boys. Yes, as I've told my dad, some of the guys look me over pretty good. And when I shit, I have to push it out and in doing so, some pee seeps out and over the front of the bowl and into my pants and underwear. I keep them at knee level now, but earlier in the year I learned my lesson. I now hold my dick down just inside the bowl, but sometimes when I move around, it slides over the front of the bowl and a squirt or two will go into my underwear.

My First/Worst School Crap

This happened back in August. The second week of school, the Friday just before Labor Day weekend. My parents were going to take a business trip out of town to a trade show and I was going to spend the weekend with my best friend who is 13 and is a 9th grader in high school. Because he's like two years older than me, he's helped me with several things, including the bad bathroom situation at my middle school.

Well, my parents dropped me off at my school at about 6:30 a.m. that morning on their way out of town. I had an hour and a half to kill walking around the school until Homeroom and the beginning of the day. I felt I had to shit and I thought I was going to accomplish something big by getting it out of the way sooner. Later buses start arriving and there's more guys in the bathrooms taking a shit and peeing before classes start. So I walked into the bathroom from the door on the right. There's another door a ways down to the left that leads to the same bathroom and there are about 15 toilets and 20 urinals and 12 or so sinks on each side of the wall. The toilets are placed back-to-back and each row of toilets is separated by a wall. What's bad is that there are no doors at all on any of the stalls. However, since it was so early and there was no one around, I expected to be all alone so I seated myself with my jeans and underwear at ankle level. I usually hurry myself up in public places even when there are doors. But that was the last thing on my mind because of the time it was.

I had been seated about 10 minutes, I think, and had even got off the stool partially to grab a quarter I saw next to the wall behind the urinal directly in front of me. I spread my legs a little wider and was in the process of dropping my first turd (which was a little wider and more painful than usual) when the door opened on the other side and I could hear the laughter and voices of two persons running in pretty fast and wrestling with one another. There was some laughter, one called the other a "prick" and something else that can't be printed, and instantly they came running on some kind of "dare" onto my side. One ran into the stall just to my left and dropped the seat so hard I thought it might break, and then for the first time I heard the voice of a girl just as she overran that stall and came stumbling into the entrance of mine. I remember about three or four swear words when she saw me seated, but the boy called her into the other stall and continued to "dare" her to pee in front of him. She seemed shocked by seeing me and also that there were no stall doors, but he like insisted that she follow thru.

She slowly lowered her yellow shorts, but only after he teased her about ripping them down faster for her. She was scared to sit in front of him probably because there was no door and knowing that I was in the next stall. He used a profanity I had not heard before and she seemed shocked as he gradually seated her. Then he said, "Now turn it on!" which I thought meant "Start your pee." I saw her shift her athletic shoes several times from the seated position. She let out two medium like farts and he continued to tell her nothing would count until she could pee. She swore at him about not being a "G@@@@@@ camel" and said she couldn't just automatically pee. Finally, after about five minutes, she contributed about half minute worth of pee to the bowl. He complimented her, they quickly kissed in front of my stall, and without looking in at me, went out the door without washing their hands or flushing.

I was petrified at first having the girl see me on the stool. But I enjoyed what they did to break up the boredom of my first middle school shit. Still, I'm not that at ease using the doorless stalls even six months later. I guess you have to expect anything to happen. And it probably will.


Post Title (optional

Wats up everybody im new here but i have been reading for a while anyways im Black male 6ft im very athletic age 17 .my friend witch is a girl blonde and very hot weve been friends for a long time.we were walking to my house after a good meal of mexican food.As we walked she told me that her stomach hurts but we ignore it we walk to the park on the way she says she cant hold it any longer and ask if we could go to the bushes. I said yes when we got in the bushes she pulled her jeans and panties the she moaned loud and said here it comes she farted oww that burns plop spat plop splat fart her poo was piled up and it just kept coming out then a long fart she was finaly done my anus is burning!she said. I was so turned on she let me wipe i did uneccisary cleaning she liked it.pulled up her pants her poo had peppers and other food in it flies started to come we went to my house and hung out for a long time hope you enjoyed it peace out. ZB

Hi everyone! I'm new here and i really find the stories interesting and fun to read. I am in my final year of high school and am geting ready to go off to college next year. There is one thing that I'm a little worried about though, more than anything else really. I have trouble taking a poo in public restrooms and seeing as I won't be anywhere near my home I don't know what to do. Does anyone out there have any advice about how to make this situation a little less stressful? Input would be greatly appreciated!


My classroom poo

When I was 16 I had a gross accident:
I had the worst stomach ache at school, felt like a weight dropping in my gut. I then was very gassy, I had a series that included of flarppp, cogggg and errrrr in my bum. The boy next to me who I liked asked "are you okay?" I then said yea i just feel a bit sick, at this point I had a bad cold sweat. My stomach gave off a really loud growl 'GRRRR' then i squealed a little holding my lower stomach. The boy asked "do you like... need the bathroom?" I said "ya huh kinda" and to make the situation even more uncomfortable I produce a really wet squealer and that in the end it just rumbled for like half a minute! I knew that soon my time would be up, I needed to find a toilet fast so that I could deposit my dirt so that it would turn up at the wrong station at the wrong time! I literally began to grunt and squeal as the pain of holding it hurt. The boy next to me comforted me but because i was so embarrassed and shaky: When he went to comfort me by putting his arm on my shoulder, i released! The poo was very hot as it rushed out my bottom. As in the process of pooing myself i glared my eyes and shouted "ohhhhhhh!" and then squinted as a few wet farts releasing more poo came out. I ran out of the class covering my behind with my hands to make sure no one else sees the all the poo squashed up against my tights as all I was wearing were tights, t-shirt and jumper. I could feel yet another wave of mush coming on as i made my way to girls toilets holding my behind, I could feel all the poo slipping and rubbing on my leg more, it was the most sickest feeling that I have ever en counted. I got to a cubicle and seeing my dream..a toilet! I took off my poo filled tights and see through underwear. As my poo coated bum took the seat of the most relieving things in the world I once again completed pooed everywhere in the bowl as my bowels exploded and then my body made a sort of gurgle noise, it eventually got slower. I finally laid a normal log at the end followed by another messy long fart that spewed out more bits, sad times, i was thankful it was over!

and yes there was a hec of a lot of my poo to clean up!
p.s. Rachel i love your stories :) x

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Thursday update

First some responses:
Anonymous - The weather girl started crackling softly and it got louder - I suppose it was probably 15 - 20 sec before it plopped

Kristen - Glad you liked my story. Priya is a very petite girl with dark hair - half Indian. She has big beautiful brown eyes. I do marketing for the TV company. Liked your story about Joyce and I would love to hear more about her pooping habits - sounds as if they co-incide with yours.

College Dude - I spent 1 year at Uni in a hall style dorm. In my experience the vast majority of girls at uni poo when they need to. They dont seem to be particularly embarrased and many seemed to go at the uni buildings rather than hall. I never knew anyone who got up in the middle of the night. I later shared a house at Uni with 5 other girls and to ease morning bathroom congestion we used to never lock the door so often a girl would be pooping while 1 was washing.

Claire N - Thanks for your comments. Would love to hear some stories of co-workers pooing from your work. Your friend (the station poo one) do you ever hear her poo now?

Paul (from Germany) - Loved your story about Nadines poo and I cant wait to hear about Claudia on the parking lot. Does Caludia normally poo in the morning before she goes out?

Becky M - Thanks for the answeres to my survey. Please tell us more about your co-workers toilet habits and stories.

I am a bit short of time now but I have just done a mid-morning poo at work. I have a couple of good stories and also I have been doing a survey about my co-workers pooing habits. Will post again soon to update you all. I have 3 days at the TV studio next week so hope to get some exciting stories from that.
Love Debbie x


An old friend and a new flat mate

A few weeks ago I attended the wedding of an old school friend that was held in quite a large hotel some 100 miles from where I live. Anticipating a late finish I decided I would stop over for the night and tried to book a single room at the same hotel. They said that because of the wedding they were heavily booked but that one or two guests were sharing twin double rooms for the night and was I interested in doing the same. I asked them for a few names. Luke's name came up and, as I knew him, I agreed.

My parents and Luke's parents had been good friends when we were kids with a common interest in camping, so some weekends and school holidays we would go on joint camping trips which were really good fun. This was until I was 15 when Luke's family moved over to the other side of the country because of his Dad's job. Luke and I became good friends and as 'only' kids we quite enjoyed each others company. We also, unbeknown to our parents, started taking a shit together.

By chance we both quite often needed to go a shit around lunchtime and would sometimes head off to the toilets together. When we did we always took adjacent stalls and I would listen intently to Luke dropping his load as I came to realise he was doing with me. Then one day, when we were close on 14, Luke was really desperate to get on the toilet and I soon heard him dropping what sounded like an extra large load. I eventually let my own shit slide out which was also a good big one that day. All went quiet and I sat there wondering if Luke had finished. There was no one else around so I eventually called out 'Hey Luke - you ok, that sounded like one big juicy shit'. 'So did yours Gary, hey you want to take a look at it, one of the turds is huge'. I wiped my bum leaving the paper carefully near the rim of the pan and pulling up my shorts went out of the stall. Luke had done the same and we went to take a look at each others loads. 'Wow Luke' I commented - I could be proud of that one, I'll bet it felt great coming out - I just wish I could have seen it'. Realising what I had just said made me suddenly blush but Luke seemed non phased and after a pause replied 'How about we take a shit together sometime, I'd like to see those turds sliding out of your bottom as well Gary'. With that we heard footsteps approaching and after quickly flushing the toilets we headed back to the caravans.

A couple of days later we did a morning shift to another campsite at the edge of a forest and after helping unpack, having a bite to eat and a drink, Luke and I went off to explore.
The forest was bigger than we had at first thought but had properly marked trails running though it so there was little chance of getting lost.
I'd had the first sensations of a shit coming on before we had set off and I soon started to wish that I had done something about it because it was now pushing quite hard to come out. Eventually we came to a small clearing where Luke wanted to stop for a while. He seemed a little pre occupied and on edge constantly shuffling around. Then as I saw him suddenly pinch his bum cheeks I realised he was needing a shit as well and quite badly by the way he was acting. Neither of us spoke for a couple of minutes until Luke said 'Gary - are you still on for having a shit together because I'm busting. I haven't done one since the other day and I'm going to have to do it. I grabbed some tissues before we set off cos I could feel one coming on and you did say you wanted to watch me and we did say about doing a shit together'!

'Come on Luke lets get off the track a bit just in case someone comes along then we can both do it, I've got two days worth pushing to get out as well'. We went off the track and right into the woods some 40 yards or so, then came to a area with some big rocky slabs which seemed like a good spot. 'This'll do' said Luke 'in any case I can't hold it much longer, are you ready Gary' and with that pushed his shorts down and made to squat down. As he did so I could see the end of the turd already slowly coming out of his bum hole. The turd was a beauty and must have been a good 10 inches long before it broke off immediately to be followed by another just as big, then a couple of smaller ones to finish off with. Luke sighed 'Oh I feel better for that, now it's your turn Gary' as he shuffled down off the rock with his shorts still partly pulled down.
Suddenly I felt a bit embarrassed because there was a bit more in my pants than I had bargained for, but anyway I couldn't wait any longer either and Luke had let me watch him. I moved up onto the same rock a small distance away from Luke's pile and pulled down my own shorts. I squatted down and let out a slow pop ……pop……pop of a fart then felt the end of the turd stretching my hole nicely open as it slid slowly out making crackling noises all the way. It was a long fattish snake of a turd that curled around in a loop and just kept coming and coming until it broke off. I gave a push and farted again then after a few seconds let go a few small soft turds and felt I was done. 'Wow' Luke commented 'now that's what I call a turd, it's a good two foot long, I'll bet it felt fantastic coming out'. It had, and as we both could see it had done a little more than that.
We stood looking at the two loads of shit for a while without saying much then as Luke produced the tissues we cleaned up and moved away heading back down the trail to the camp site. Eventually Luke spoke and said 'I've often imagined some big long shits coming out of your nice bum Gary, now I know. Reckon we can do it again some time'. My thoughts exactly echoed his and after telling him agreed that we would.
It was the following year before we got the chance but on three occasions we were able to admire each other taking a good shit and it was something that I definitely missed when the camping trips came to an end..

Anyway back to the present. I was very much looking forward to seeing Luke again after what had to be nearly seven years and thought back a few times to our camping exploits while at the same time wondering how much he had changed.

On the day of the wedding I drove across quite early, checked into the hotel and went up to the room. I unpacked, hung around for a short while then, as there was no sign of Luke, went off down to mingle with the rest of the guests who were now arriving by the coach load. Luke finally arrived just as the proceedings were due to start, but apart from acknowledging each other it wasn't until later in the evening that we got together for a decent chat. We had both grown up and done a lot, including university, since we had last seen each other so there was plenty to catch up on but for sure there were one or two things we definitely still had in common. We both went off to take the occasional dance with other guests when the party really got under way but seemed to end up back together every few minutes. Anyway in doing so we downed quite a few drinks and had plenty to eat from the buffet. By midnight though things were winding down and I decided enough was enough and that I was going to hit the sack. Since we were sharing the room I told Luke of my intent before going up, he said he was going to stick around a little while longer so I left him too it. I must have drifted off to sleep before he came up though but I don't think he can have been that late.

The following morning we were both awake reasonably early and after each getting a shower headed down for a good English Breakfast finishing off with toast and fresh ground coffee. Eventually we made our way back up to the room, and perhaps not surprisingly after the previous days indulgences then the recent coffee I could feel a very substantial shit coming on. Strangely I was slightly embarrassed with Luke being there and went about packing up my clothes rather than heading for the toilet which is where I really quite urgently needed to go. Suddenly as I leaned over my bag I let go a short and quite juicy pre shit fart. I made to apologise to a now grinning Luke. 'Sounds like you need a shit Gary and if your interested so do I, quite badly in fact. Do you want to watch'?
Without waiting for me to answer Luke went into the en suite leaving the door wide open. I briefly paused then followed just in time to see him dropping his bum hugging jeans and briefs and sit well forward on the pan. Almost straight away a long fat turd came cracking out of his bum and landed with a dull thud in the pan with the tip well out of the water. Nothing happened for a minute or so then he farted and soon after pushed out four smaller but well formed turds before finishing of with a bit of soft serve. That's the beer he commented, always makes the last bit dead soft. With another fart and a bit more soft shit he decided he was finished and stood up to clean up. 'Your turn now Gary, I've really missed our craps together so I was sort of hoping this would happen.'
'I don't think you'll be disappointed Luke, I've been a bit sluggish all week and never went at all yesterday and it feels like a big one.' Luke flushed the toilet and moved out of the way while I dropped my pants. The turd was already starting poke out as I sat on the pan, again well forward so this time he could see. I still had to give a slight push to get the turd really moving but then it slid out on it's own - a nice smooth 12 inches long. Things were really moving around in my guts and in the space of the next two or three of minutes I dropped a total of six long and truly satisfying sturdy and perfectly formed turds in the pan along with the odd little fart. 'Wow' Luke commented 'you ain't lost your touch have you Gary. Lets get a better look. I briefly stood up to give him a better view before realising there was still more to come out and sat back down to let slip a couple of soft turds.
I stood up again this time to wipe as Luke went to take another look in the pan. 'Bet you feel better for that Gary, that's one big load. Reckon we can do it again sometime?..... I didn't say anything before but I'm moving back near you when I start my new job in two weeks time'.
' And I'm looking for a flat mate if your interested in sharing, Luke'……………..


to College Dude

I lived in a hall-style dorm during my first year of college... but, I can't answer your question because I spent most of my time studying in the library. It was so noisy on that floor with all of the music playing, that I just went back to the dorm to sleep.

When I was 12 I was in my garden & needed a poo. I'd held it in for ages & needed to go really badly. There was no one looking so I went behind the shed pulled my trousers & pants down & had a massive poo on the bare earth. I had to pee as well so I let my full bladder go all over the pile of poo. When I'd finished I looked at the pool that had formed around my huge poo island. I looked up to find my mum watching me. She told me off big time but I loved it.

I woke up this morning with stomach ache & an urgent need to poo. I had to run to the toilet holding my bum & pulled my pants down so quickly they ripped. I sat on the toilet with a thud as an explosive flood of wet diarrhoea sprayed all around the pan. It lasted about 15 seconds before it stopped & I sat there for a couple of minutes. Then another wave of watery diarrhoea came out & I was done. I wiped & flushed feeling very relieved. I got ready for work & left the house. As soon as I got to work I could feel another stomach ache coming on & I knew I had to go right now. I hate doing a poo at work but I didn't want to risk pooing myself so I went straight to the toilet. I got there just in time but there wasn't much to come out & I knew that whateveter had upset my stomach was out of my system. I went downstairs & clocked in to start work.

Herb T.

Best Public Restrooms

Hello - a quick question for everyone, but first, a little background information. I enjoy taking dumps in public restrooms, particularly office buildings and hotel lobby restrooms. It's usually on my lunch break, and in my local area, I know all of the good restrooms (and bad ones too). This kind of goes without saying, but the qualities of a good restroom are, in my opinion: cleanliness, comfort (high quality toilet paper and comfortable rounded contoured toilet seats), and privacy (low traffic, which also contributes to cleanliness). Other pluses are manual flush toilets (I hate auto flush) and music (to drown out the sound of farts and splashes, etc.) Within a five mile radius of my office, I know of at least 15-20 good public restrooms to "take care of business." Like I said above, I prefer office buildings (multi-tenant buildings with suites) and hotel lobbies. I find these to be much cleaner than retail establishments, like Barnes and Noble, Target, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc. I find that retail stores are dirtier, have higher traffic, and use lower quality supplies.

Having said that, I don't like to go poo-poo at my office. Number one is no problem. I work in a small two story office. No restroom upstairs and two single person restrooms downstairs. There are three very attractive women who sit right by the restrooms downstairs and would definitely know if someone is taking a dump (time in the restoom, pulling of the toilet paper, etc.) There is one guy in my office who does not hold back when he has to go, but he's the only one I know of. In addition, I don't always get the urge to go during the day, but if I do, it's usually around 11:30 - right before lunch, so I take my dump while out to lunch. But that's not my issue - my issue is this:

Today, for example, I took a dump on my lunch break at a local hotel. I won't name it, but it's a subsidiary of a major chain. I like this hotel and have been going poo-poo here on my lunch breaks for the last 7-8 years (I use this hotel's restroom approximately once to twice per month or so). So I parked near the side exit door and walked around and entered through the front door. I nodded to the clerk as I walked through, as if I was saying "hello," turned left after the front desk and there is a short hallway to the resrooms. On the left side of the hall near the restrooms there is a table that always has newspapers, so I grabbed a paper, then turned to the right and entered the restroom. This is a small restroom, one sink, one urinal, and one stall. No one was in there when I entered, so I went into the stall, locked the door, then proceeded to wipe down the seat with some toilet paper. I then undid my belt and lowered my pants and boxers down to my ankles and sat down on the toilet. I like to just relax when I can and let the poo-poo make it's way out of my butt without and pushing or straining. Long story short, I read two articles in the paper - one on the house approval of the health care crap (no pun intended) and another on the college basketball tournament. I then proceeded to wipe, flush, tuck my shirt back in, etc. and exited the stall. I placed the newspaper by the sink, washed my hands, then left the hotel through the side door (so I didn't have to walk by the clerk again). I drove back to work and finished the day. So - for those of you still reading - this is a great restroom, nice comfortable toilet seat, sparkling clean, plenty of soap, paper towels, toilet seat covers, etc. Plus, no one came in for the 10 minutes or so I was in there. My question is this:

Is it rude for me to be taking a dump there? I am not a guest or visiting a guest. Am I tresspassing? Is it rude or bad manners for me to just go in there and stink up their bathroom and leave? What do you guys think? I don't think I'm breaking any laws - if I was ever questioned, I would just say I was driving by and had major diarreah and had to go immediately and I saw the hotel and went in. Worst case, I would just never be able to go back. Anyhow, I'd like to hear your thoughts and opinions. Does anyone else like to use hotel restrooms when nature calls?

This is my first post, but I'll post more later. I have some interesting stories to contribute. BTW, I am married and my wife and I have an "open door" policy.


worst day of my life

Hey everyone my name is curt_dawg and I have a story to tell you. I am now 25 years old but the story I am going to tell you happen to me in the sixth grade. Well I had the runs already went like twice that day and even got made fun of the guy outside the stall said it sounded like a dump truck it was bad. Anyway the rule was go to restroom during lunch or at recess so I did, but later on it hit me again and the teacher would not let me go, so finally I went in my pants it was a mess a lot of the other students said it stuck but they never new where it come form. I ended up going three or four more times that day I was one sick boy. Anyways thanks for reading see yea peace curt_dawg

China girl
Hi guys. I wanted to write about a great dump I had alone in my own place. It started a good day and a half before the dump when I kept farting hot farts like the kind you do get before a dump. Only it lasted long time in my case. For almost 2 days every time I pee, I keep farting in toilet too. I blasted my toilet with stinky farts. It had a smell for two days hoping the turd wouldn't be coming (because I go at work sometimes too). On the afternoon that I finally had to go, it was challenging because I kept having to fart. I was shopping with my mom then felt the need to go but I was trying to put it off. In doing that, I was easily leaving fart trails. So I looked my best but was not doing this lady like thing. When my mom dropped me off I kept farting in the car, it was silent bad smelling fart. She drop me off at my place and commented she's glad she won't have to hear me on toilet. When I got home I was by myself. I farted a couple times on the way to my floor and entering my place I farted soft again. When I got to my toilet and pulled my pants down, there was smell that spread out already from the farts. I went to sit down gently on the bowl and even before sitting a soft airy fart quickly came out of my hole. It stunk. When I sat and my but relaxed I did a series a soft farts that you could hear that sounded like air blowing in the toilet. The day before they were blasting, but this is familiar with my toilet because the soft farts mean a turd is in the way. I was alone so it was nice and relaxing and all you could hear was what my but was doing. I had to wait for the turd cramp to come again for it to come out. So I was just tooting away and stinking up the toilet. I peed first, and while peeing, I did a really long air fart that was a little stronger. My toilet really deserved a break because the week before it was getting beat up with dumps, but I easily had to brush aside its defenselessness and it was going to have to endure the ultimate turd that made it stink for two days when I sat on it. When I stopped peeing the urge came. When the buldge started opening my hole, it sounded like the wet sound a kiss makes when my hole opened, then there was more stuttering soft farting and then it just stopped as you could hear the turd crackled. My hole opened so wide and stopped for a couple seconds. It smelled bad from the farting, so the toilet had the smell and this huge opening to look at, hehe. Well I had to push a little cause my hole couldn't open more, when I pushed my hole streched with a little pain, then the turd shot out like cannon directly into the toilet hole and the sound of a huge gulping weight pounding the bowl was the only sound in the air. I think the sound was elevated because a pressure fart came out with the turd, and I think the gas pressure shot that turd out. Once the turd cleared my hole there was already a fart still coming out before my hole closed. It was a terrifying loud thunder fart. When all that was finished the smell that has been 2 days old was easily 10 times more potent. As I would fine later, it permeated my apartment. So my toilet saw this entire process through. After the turd and brutal fart, I was still sitting there and blew a few loud farts now that turd was out. So my toilet was just seeing my but blow while a huge turd was laying in it hehe. I waited out the farts, which took time. At the end, there was a small piece of crap that crackled out, then I did three farts quickly together and it stopped. I stood up and squatted to wipe my butt so I could see the turd and smile. It was a huge thick one very repulsive in appearance. I had grapes with seeds like a couple days ago and it was laced with seeds all over. It was very ugly, and my toilet had to get the hole thing down with my but smell. How horrible to not have a choice. The bowl took time to recooperate after flushing. It was a little slow for a while I think because of the turd length. Either that or it was begging to have it taken back. After my beast creation and having a previous week of some strong dumps (yes my friends were back), I'm sure it was trying to plead with me for mercy. Hehe, sorry if I sound weird. Keep up the good posts.


"Aunt" Andrea

Clayton: your post inspired me to post about the woman who taught me that pretty girls are fully capable of stinking out a bathroom. When I was little, I lived with my mom. When I was about 11 or 12 one of my mom's friends was getting a divorce and moved into our apartment with us for about seven months. Her name was Andrea but I was instructed to refer to her as Aunt Andrea. She was in her mid thirties and absolutely stunning. Average height, skinny, long brown hair, lovely green eyes and a huge chest that seemed almost out of proportion to the rest of her body. Aunt Andrea was a secretary at the local high school and got home shortly after I did. For about two hours, we were the only ones in the apartment. Her routine never varied. She would come home from work carrying the mail from the mailbox. She would drop my mom's stuff on the table and take her mail right into the bathroom with her and shut the door. I would jump off the couch where I was watching t.v. and sneak to the bathroom door so I could listen. First, I would hear the sounds of her high heels clicking on the tile floor. Then, the rustle of her clothes as she sat on the toilet. A few loud farts followed by a stream of pee. Then, loud sustained grunting while she pushed out a log. After this she would start opening up her mail. Then, she usually started round two. More grunting followed by lots of splashes and farts. Silence for a while then the sound of tearing paper as she shredded some of her mail. This was the que that she was finished and I would sneak back over to the couch. About a minute later she would come out of the bathroom, smile at me and make her way to the spare bedroom to change. As soon as she locked her door, I was off the couch and into the bathroom. The smell this beautiful woman produced was ungodly. Not just once in a while, but all the time! The whole bathroom reeked of the shit she had just taken. She was good about flushing the toilet (except for one time when she was drunk) but she always left tons of medium brown skid marks in the bottom of the bowl and never bothered to remove them. From time to time there would be a little pebble of her feces floating in the water or a used piece of toilet paper or an undigested bit of food. It was not uncommon for the smell of her shit to invade the entire apartment if she left the door open when she was done and I remember my mom commenting on it a couple of times. Andrea wasn't bothered by it and would just laugh it off. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the story.

Becky M

Work poo

Hi, Debbie, I saw your survey, and I'd thought I'd answer:

Age, Do you Work (what hours?). Is your job office based?

29, I work in an office, 8:30 to 6/6:30. Travel sometimes too.

When do you normally poop - time(s), where?

I can poop anytime, but usually once mid-morning (around 10ish), and again after lunch (1:30 or so). Some days are even more often. There's a ladies room on a different floor I try to use when I can make it.

Are you at ease pooping away from home or prefer home?

I'd much prefer home, but I often have no choice.

What is your usual poop like?

Mostly diarrhea or very soft, runny poo. Sometimes takes me forever.

Do many of your colleagues/co-workers poop at work?

Yes. I spend enough time in the bathroom to get an idea of my co-workers habits. I swear some women never poop at work, and I just don't know how they manage it. There's one women on a different floor who's had diarrhea attacks same time as me on a few occasions. We sometimes tend to chuckle when we see each other coming in or out of the ladies room.

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