Some Responses to Others & My Clash With Obnoxious Chick

I have some responses to some of those who posted recently:

Just Jerika:

I can easily understand how it's more difficult to pee and crap when your feet don't touch the floor. Of course, you have to put your hands over the front of the seat to get the leverage to slide yourself backwards so that you can see the "results" in the bowl. Sorry, about all the diarrhea and inconvenience it caused at school. Have you thought about sliding yourself on the stool by using the toilet paper holder. This will only work if it is heavy enough and like bolted onto the stall panel. I saw an old lady do it once. She had really cracking knees and used it to balance herself with her cane in the other hand as she got off the stool at the mall.


You may be too tall to do this but a couple of times I have deliberately seated myself over the side of the seat at school so that I can pee and crap around bottles, cups and other debris in the bowl. Your knees are against the partition and it's not that comfortable, but it works and your pee won't splash back at you. Back in middle school, my whole underside and thighs midway up got sprayed when I quickly seated myself and let off a torrential pee that ricocheted back on me for like 15 seconds before I could stop my flow, stand and reseat myself. I told my mom about it because she questioned me why I want into the shower at the first opportunity when I got home. She was concerned that others had peed in the bowl and that it had probably gotten on me. However, since getting to high school, I wouldn't be able to relieve myself without sometimes sitting in a little pee on the seat. (I haven't told her about that, though!).

Jaded Jarrod:

Yes, I know you guys have bad situations at school too. Those pee marks on your crotch area would suck. Lots of guys I know wear dark black and dark blue jeans a lot. Now I know why. So many writers talk about doorless stalls. What "survival" tips can you guy give the others?

This is my story from last week about my experience with a really obnoxious chick.

Like Braidy has written about, I had to pee and was unable to get onto a stool before school. So many girls hang out in the bathrooms, there's a lot conversation, exchanging of homework assignments and sometimes a quick drag on a cigarette, etc. So I came back about 10 minutes later and there were a few less girls in there, but it was still croweded. My pee was starting to hurt me and I didn't want to have to wait another period in order to have a class break so I could sit down and go. There was one stall door out of about 20 that was banging back and forth and I walked up to it, found it was open and I prepared to drop my backpack. As I was doing that in the stall doorway, this really fast-moving girl who had toilet paper in her hand bumped into me and slithered her way around me and into the stall. She made me very mad because I was there and it was my stall.

I told her I wouldn't be long. I needed to sit and pee and would be done within two minutes. She interrupted me, got right into my face, looked at me with really piercing eyes and cursed something about shitting her pants while even taking time out to talk to me. She said she was there first, found there was not toilet paper left on the roll, and gone to another stall between users and grabbed some for her shit. She made it clear that her butt wasn't about to be seated on the stool without some toilet paper under it. Such attitude, especially since my bladder was continuing to hurt. I was getting madder and when she turned to talk to one of her friends who was at the sink, I quickly seated myself on the stool. I didn't even take time to reach under my skirt and pull my underwear down. I figured take it one step at a time. Then as I sat I slide my underwear down and figured she would start timing me. She was so surprised I did that. She stood there with all the toilet paper in her hand and started to curse me some more. She called me a "wh***" and some other things, as she stood in the doorway, with the door obviously open, and taunted me.

I guess it was because of the conflict, I just couldn't get my flow going. After about 30 seconds of her icy stare at me and a few more words hurled out at me, I started to cry but out of principle, I wasn't going to get up for her and give in to her obnoxious attitude. I wasn't even able to get a trickle going. Finally, she shoved my shoulder, put her finger in my face and said "F*** Y**", and went down a couple of stalls and took her crap. I closed the stall door and immediately my pee flow started. At that point, the two-minute warning buzzer rang and I quickly pulled up my underwear after about a minute and a half of steady peeing, and I made the run for my class. After about half way up the stairs, I recognized my load was too light and that I had left my backpack behind in the restroom. I did an immediate turn, ran against the crowd and re-entered the bathroom. As I scooped up my backpack, I noticed Obnoxious Chick's feet still under the stall door.

I knew she would be late to class. I loved it!

Good to see you are still around, Esteban. I used to live closer to the beach and there was definitely a fall off in foot traffic when the weather is cooler. The restroom stalls were also refurbished on occasion, and the doors would oftentimes come back. One of the restrooms had 4 stalls and I would usually take the large handicapped stall at the end. The toilet was in the far corner and that meant that anybody washing up at the sinks would have a complete view of me on the can or cleaning up. Definitely not for the modest, especially since I was usually on the beach in just shorts and no shirt.

College Dude-I can relate to the getting over poop shyness in college. My dorm had about 10 rooms that had 20 guys sharing 4 stalls, 4 urinals, and 5 showers. You have to use the toilets because you have no choice! By the end of the quarter, I was going into the stall next to guys from the floor and having conversations. One time I visited a friend who was living in a dorm at SDSU, very similar to my own. His dorm was a mess, though. The carpets were dirty, and the restrooms were horrible. Only one stall had a door, and the guys living there had designated a stall as the vomit stall. That's the one you use if you are going to throw up.

In my dorm, I got to know everyone's toilet habits pretty well. N. was pretty shameless. he was a very good-looking guy who would talk to you while he was crapping. He would walk down to the restroom in just his briefs, stopping to talk along the way. I knew it was him by the way he had his briefs down on top of his feet. S. was the first guy I knew who would crap while on his toes. He was barefoot all the time, and I could see his toes curl slightly while pushing. M. was a standing wiper. He was a very blonde guy, tall, and ended up being president at his fraternity. He would shift slightly while wiping, and I could see the top of his head. There was always the guy that you could never catch on the toilet. I wonder if he would leave the building, or was just very stealthy.


having to poop so bad you can already smell it

hi guys I'm back, if you don't remember I'm disabled and need, help to poop. And this story was this morning.

I woke up 5A.M. i had already had my suppository and was having a huge urge to take my dump. I have a new nurse who's very attractive and hs, only help me go once before and i was so tired that time, i didn't wake up, to enjoy pooping. So anyway she's begining to exercise my feet and legs and my urge is getting worse i could smell poop even though i wasn't lucky enough to start going on my own i was just getting almost desperate. I was starting to moan and fart ever so little which made my need worse. After about ten, leg lifts i was going crazy from cramps and that very very full "Please help me shit NOW" feeling. But as i said before i really think my nurse is cute and didn't want to admit how bad i needed to go. Finally Emily(not real name) says you ok your awake and sound like your not feeling good. So i say, I'm ook but have to poop SUPER BAD, Emily giggled and said why, didn't you say so here, as she stuck her middle finger i my hole no glove or anything and pushes hard against the side does one full circle and pulls out. Her finger was very messy and she wiped of with my baby wipe and said How's that you can start pooping while i finish your other lg ook? I was shocked i said didn't you want a glove? Emily said well yeah probably should have but i could tell by your gas and your face that you were more than ready it was little messier than i figured but least you can go a little while you wait for the exercises to get done. I said, yeah thanks and she started my leg, cruches, on my other leg. I could feel it squish out every time she pushed my leg, back and knew i was going fairly good. exercises were now done and Emily asks need my finger again you stoped but not sure you have much room to go on this pad. She said why don't you let me change it wipe you up and get your diaper since i don't think your done. I said no you just got me so i was going to explode. Lol and she laughed to she then shocked me again she had me on my side already a pushes her middle finger back up insde me still no gloves while throwing away the full poopy pad. She was pushing the diaper under while pushing in the finger. Emily says wow what did you eat? You feel like you haven't pooped in a week your very full, up here. I said laughing Emily you must like poop because you didn't use a glove again. and she laughed and said well don't love it but since i, already had it, up in there why use one plus i can feel where your body is inside different from the poop. I said oh well can you just pull a big bunch out because i have to go as bad as before and your finger makes me need to go even more. She aaid sure and began pulling globs of poop out of me with her bare finger. I said oh, thank you i feel like I'm actually going now. She giggled again and said well if i had to go this bad I'd want it, out quick too. i said never have had someone do the bare finger before. She said oh really i haven't ever either but it feels like your going more yourself while I'm helping this way. I agreed and my dump usually takes almost an hour but was completely empty within 25 minutes. I was done and she was wiping me and i said Emily you did great i haven't gone that much in months. She said your welcome and said she would always do the bire, finger if i liked that better. I said thanks but i didn't want her all messy and she shocked me one last time and said well it's poop you had to go bad and i can walh it off whenever you want me to I'll do it it's more sticky than anything. I said wow thanks and she said nothing better than, unloading when you really need to go really bad. I said yeah and went back to sleep. I really like Emily now just too Bad she's taken. Lol

Happy pooping all!!

Upsate Dave

Still More At The State Park

Hi to all again. Let me get right back into the story with Sandra and her sistor Janice when my grandmother took us to the newly opened state park for a days visit.

Now the three of us were enjoying a swim now at the beach. The water felt nice for it wasn't cold at all. The botom was nice hard sand which felt good on our bare feet. Janice at times would swim with Sandra and I other times she owuld go off on her own leaving us alone. Sandra and I then would swim together staying by ourselves.

Well we stayed in swimming for over a hour then I, Sandra and Janice got out. We all wre hungry and thirsty. Just off the beach there was a snackbar. So we headed for it but I stopped at the rangers station to get my wallet which I left it there. I got it and hoined the girls at the snackbar and we ordered up icecream sodas and I pulled out three twenty dollar bills gave one to Sandra,one to Janice, and one for myslef to pay for our icecream sodas.

I put all the change back and we sat at one of the picnic tables there by the snackbar. Now you could also rent row boats here to totake out on the lake. So Janaice and Sandra wanted to rent one so that was what we were going to do next. Those two hurridly demolished their icecream sodas and then waited for me to finish mine which I did.

We walked over to where the rented boats were reneted one and shoved off and soon were out in the lake enjoying the ride, being out on the lake, and I was the one that rowed ad soon we were well away from the beach heading up the left side of the lake. Being in the warm sun and doing the rowing I worked up a good sweat. So I pulled into shore. I wanted to cool off again and take a swim. So I did with Sandra going in with me but Janice stayed on shore and went exploring.

Having worked up a sweat the water even felt better as I and Sandra swam. Then we stopped swimming and stood togther which we were in where the water was shallow so it was only at our knees. Sandra said to me; Lets head back in to shore. Are you cold? I asked her. No I have to pee! Sandra said back to me. We were in sight of the beach from where we were. Sandra wanted to be out of sight and not piss out in the lake where she might be seen. So she and I very quickly waded to shore and stepped into the trees and out of sight.

Sandra then untied her bininis bottom and slid it right down. She squated right down and I stood back a few feet in front of her to watch her go. Out from her vagina came a wildy hard spraying piss stream. Some of her piss spray did wet her bikini botom that didn't matter. We had just gotten out of the water so it was already wet. So having her piss wet it Sandra didn't bother getting it out of the way.

Sandra went on for at least about 15 seconds pissing with her spraying stream. Then it setled down going into a twisted forward angled stream hissing softly. That for was about ten seconds time and then it eased right off wetting her crotch and she stopped. She pulled her bkini botom back up and tied it off tightly. Feel better? I asked her. Sandra repled; Oh much better! Let's go back to the boat. We also have to wait for Janice anyway.

On the short walk back to the boat Sandra began asking me questions acting kind of shy too. She wanted to know if I had kissed a girl before or have a girl kiss me. Not on the cheek but right on the lips! I laughed a little and I told her that I most sertainy have! That made a smile come to her lips. Then she stopped walking turned around faced me put her hans on my hips. I want to kiss you! Sandra then did kiss me giving me a hard kiss right on the lips!

Then she pulled back looking right at me smiling. So I reached over with my hands placed them on her hips and I kissed her right back on her lips as hardas she had done to me. Then I pulled away to wat for her reaction. She smiled back at me grabbed my hand and she pulled me along through the trees to the boat and we got in and sat down in the middle seat together.

We then kissed again a few times in a row and then stopped. Sandra sais she had something else to ask me. So I told her to go right ahead so Sandra did. Did my sistor shit in front of you this morning? Now Sandra asked me about that! I had that thought pop right into my head. Now I had made a agreement not to say thatJanice had. She didn't want Sandra to know that she had. It was to be a secret. So I told Sandra no that Janice hadn't.

Are you sure? Sandra asked. I'm sure I said back to her. Sandra went on pressing me about it. Well it was your hanky thatwas laying there,the amount of shit there too was not all that much, and Janice said it was not you that had shit only you. If it had been you Janice would have made a much bigger deal out of it! I thought right then what Sandra said last was very true. So I came clean and admitted that Janice was the one who had taken a shit.

I thought so! Sandra said right back to me. What she said next completely surprised me. I wish I was the one that would shit in front of you first! I was silent for a very long moment. Then I recovered and I gave Sandra a smile and asked her; Would you really do that for me? With a giggle Sandra told me; Yes I would! I have already heard you shit and wash you ass off in the mens room! that's close enough isn't it? I laughed at that and told her it was I guess. Sandra gave me a smile then followed by a hug and we wnet and kissed a few times.

Then right after we had kissed from in the woods came Janices voice hollering out; I'm back! I'm back! A few seconds later Janice was out of the trees and in the boat sitting on the front seat. What did you guys do while I was gone? Do anything dirty? Are we leaving to go back out on the lake? She asked the questions so fast that I and Sandra could not answer them.

So when Janice did stop asking questions we did answer them once i had shoved the boat out on the water and had started rowing again. Sandra told her sistor that we had taken a little swim and that was it. Wehad not done anthing else. Whish was a lie for we had with Sandra and I kissing,her taking a piss,and her finding out that Janice had shit in front of me, and Sandra wanted to do the same for me!

So we turned the tale around on Janice asking her what she had doen while she went exploring while we swam. Oh I found paths in the woods, walked the road that was there too, and I found a fuacet and got a nice long cold drink from it too! I smiled and told Janice that she sure had done a lot then. Janice said back to both of us; I certainly had!

I went and rowed the boat all around the rest of the lake. Pulled back to the dock and we got out. That was it for the boat ride.We made anothre visit to the snackbar for just sodas this time. We took them over to where we had our towels laid down and we sat there and drank our sodas. We finished them and Janice was tired out now and she was yawning and stretching a lot. So Sandra suggested that Janice go back to the picnic arae and take a nap. This was fine with her and she got up and walked awa and heade to the path to go to the picnic area and soon she was gone from sight.

Sandra now gave me a litle smile. I'll be right back. She got up but told me to pick our stuff up as she walked away. So I did. Sandra went to the snackbar but came right back. I'm reay now she said to me. Now lets go take and do some exploring by ourselves! So there was a pth that started right by we had been there on the beach and we started our hike to go off and explore.

The path led over to the road that went up along theleft side of the lake so Sndra and I walked the road for a ways till we found a path that went into the woods on the lakes side of the road. We cut on to the path and started hikeing through the woods. The path followed the lakes shore line sometimes being close to it and other times not being close at all.

We had walked quite a ways and for about a half hour too. We had almost reached the backside left corner of the lake where we came to a intesrsection where one path went left and one went right. We took the path to the right which went along the lakes back side. Afetr going about a hundred yard down the new path I told Sandra that I had to stop and piss. I hadn't gone yet after having the icecream soda first and having te large soda when we had gotten back from our boat ride.

Sandra gave me a smile and said good to me for I have to go too!Now before I went to take my piss Sandra stepped right up in front of me. I could tell that she was going to kiss me and she did and I returned her kiss with a kiss and then we kissed togther for a third kiss. Then she stepped back away from me. Will you pull your shorts down and piss? I said sure if that's what youu want. Sandra gave me a bigger smile as she started to untie her bikini bottom. So I did slide my cutoff right down letting them land at my sneakers.

Sandra as she untied her bkini botom had slipped her hand inside the back of it and pulled out some napkins! I;m going to need these for wipeing this time! she told me. She let the napkins fall to the ground and she untied the other sdie of her bkini botom and she let it fall to her sneakers too. Then she stepped out of it and took a couple of sideway steps moving away from her bikini bottom.

Now my penis had come erect by this time. Sandra saw that it was giggled and told me to just go and pee. She squated down herself which she was faced towards me but off to my left side. I sent out a hard meduim high arcing stream of piss passing through some of the closest tree limbs and then hit into some tree leaves and made a big splash off of them.

Sandra smiled a litle watching the part of my piss stream that sh could se. She was faceingme so she couldn't see where my stream was for it had gone well past her. Now as I was looking at Sandra she started her piss. She had only a thin stream of piss flowing. It went straight down to the paths dirt and wetted the dirt darkening it in a very small area of the dirt.

Sandra pissed like this for about close to ten seconds and then her stream stopped. I was still pissing through the trees and on the leaves of one tree still. Sandra then got right up took a look to see where my piss stream was going. Then she turned around so that she was not facing forward and sqauted down again having her ass now faced at me!

Sandra started to piss agin with a weak stream a second time making another small wet spot in the paths dirt. As I watched from between her ass cheeks came int sight a sharp tan colored tip of a shit that had started comming out! Sandra was taking a shit that she wanted to do for me! It moved slowly the tip widened out as her shit got longer and it was chunky,firm looking,and there weer cracks showing between teh knobby chunks.

I no longer paid any attention to my piss stream! I was riveted right on Sandra's shit watching it slowly get longer and fatter. Now it also gave off a soft crackle as it moved slowly. It was now about a half foot long but no longer geting fatter. It was staying the same size now but was still chunky with deep cracks around where the many of the chunks were in her shit.

It slid out a couple of more inches and had now also bent backwards. It now stopped moving taking a pause. Then a saw a very short spurt of piss shoot down wetting the dirt and her shit wiggled and moved again. When Sandra's shit got to be about ten inches in length it must have been heavy for it broke at one of the deep cracks at one of the knobby chunks. It fell to the dirt making a dull thud. there now was a short fat stub of a shit poked out between her asscheeks but it was moving still and got longer as it moved. Sandra's piss spurt that she did was just a psurt and she wasn't pissing anymore.

I yself had my bladder reach the point hwre it had emptied so I had stopped pissing without feeling that I had stopped. Now after a good ten more seconds had passed Sandra's shit stub had reached about si inches long it broke and fell making another dull thud when it hit the ground. A short nugget followded and Sandra then started pissing a hard straight down stream of piss making a large wte spot n the dirt on the ground quite fast. Her shit was over.

As I stood ther watching Sandra now pissing only she spoke up asking me for a napkin. I was close enough to them where she had set them down I rewached down and picked them up and I stepped foward reached down and said to her; Here yo go. She took them and waited for her piss to end which it was now nearing its end for it brief hard flow had eased right off.

Sandra stopped pissing a few quick seconds later. She stood right up and wiped her vagina off with the fisrt napkin. Then dropped it. Then she sqauted down and took a second napkin wiped her ass off quickly with short wipes. She inspected that napkin and stood right back up. She took a step forward looked down at her shit laying therein the dirt. Well that one was ahrd one she said to me. She dropped the second napkin down in the dirt where she had wetted with her piss. I won't need the third one I don't think she said to me. Shehanded it back to me.

She stepped over to her bikini botom put it back on and I pulled up my cutoff shirts. I slipped the last napkinn in one of the pockets. Sandra came over to me smiled wanted to be kissed which we did. Right after our kiss she whispered to me; What did you think. I kissed her and then told her I had liked it. She smiled and took my hand and we walked away heading down the path leaving her evidence laying theer in the path. Ther is more yet to come. Upsate Dave

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kate M.

Charity run sneaky pee

I arrived at the start of a charity run and had to walk through the parking lot. I had to pee badly so I squatted between two cars and pulled the crotch of my running shorts aside and peed on the ground. Some people walked by but they did not seem to mind since runners pee outdoors a lot. After finishing my business, I got up and went to the start line of the race.

Paul (from Germany)

A Road Trip

Last August my girlfriend Claudia, her sister Nadine and I were travelling to the north of Germany to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their aunt. We had to drive more than 700 km and started early in the morning. Before that Claudia and I had done our morning poops at home. We collected Nadine who is two years younger than Claudia and started driving to the north. We were lucky that there weren't any traffic congestions. After about 4 hours we decided to stop at a parking lot and all went to the bathroom to pee. Normally we all prefer the woods to those restrooms, but this parking lot was so crowded that the girls didn't want to squat in the woods. The restroom itself was really clean, but you had to pay for using it. We drove on in the sunshine. It was really hot now, and after about 7 hours we arrived there without stopping again. The party was great,with a lot of delicious food. The next morning, we decided to drive home after lunch so the girls had more time to chat with their aunt. Due to the distance they rarely see her. Anyway, despite eating so much, I didn't have to go number two.

After lunch we started driving home. At two o'clock, we were driving on the autobahn, Nadine said: "Please stop at the next parking lot, I need to go to the bathroom." There was a sign that the next parking lot was 2km away. We left the autobahn and stopped at the parking lot. We were the only car stopping there. It was just a paved area in front of the woods with several dust bins and no restrooms at all. "Doesn't matter, I need to do it now" Nadine said. She took the roll of t.p. we carried in the trunk and asked us to come with her.

There was a path that led into the woods. To the left and right we saw many piles and pieces of paper. "Watch the ground!" I said. "That's disgusting" Claudia responded "can't they go a bit away?" "Let's go on a bit" Nadine said "it's too dirty here. I can't go here." After about 5 minutes we came to an area where everything was clean. People obviously didn't go that far into the bushes to do their deeds. The path had vanished and Nadine headed down a mild slope. Then she stopped in front of a big tree. "Paul, please stay here and watch if anybody is coming. Claudia, please give me some cover!" Claudia went in front of her and I looked away. I could hear Nadine unzipping her shorts and farting loud twice. Some seconds later the first turd fell with a loud thud onto the dead leaves on the ground followed by a second gentler sound. I really wanted to look at her squatting there but decided to let her do her business in private. She farted again and I heard a third loud thud we she passed her third turd. It was a bit windy and by now I could smell her poop. The she peed for about half a minute. I listened to her hissing sound. Next she wiped for about 3 minutes. After that I heard her stand up and zip up her shorts. "Done!" she grinned, " that was urgent. I hadn't gone for two days!" When I turned round to look I saw that Claudia was now unzipping her jeans. "Gotta pee" she said. She immediately squatted down, holding onto a branch with one hand. In the other hand she held a tissue. When she had relieved herself, she wiped, threw the tissue away and stood up. "Let's go!" Nadine said. "No" I responded " I need a pee too." I went over to the tree where Nadine had done her business a few minutes ago. Then I saw them: She had laid three turds there. The first one was the longest. It was U-shaped with its beginning quite dark and knobby. Then it became much brighter towards the end. The second one was much shorter and had fallen into the middle of the U. It touched her first turd a bit. The third one was long and straight. It had fallen next to the U. She must have changed her position a bit between releasing the second and third turd. Next to it, she had left several pieces of t.p. I could see many brown skidmarks. Damn, this was quite a big load for such a slim girl. I pissed near Nadine's mess and went back to the girls. When walking back they discussed the proper etiquette when shitting outdoors. Nadine and Claudia were complaining again about the piles that were everywhere near the parking lot. "You always have to look onto the ground or you step into someone's shit!" Nadine said. " I always choose a spot where nobody comes along! If I had a spade I would even bury it." "Perhaps people have to go really bad and don't have time to go that far" I responded.

A few hours later when it was dark Claudia pooped onto the pavement of another parking lot - but that's another story.

ZIP: Thanks for asking. Yes, I'm still here. I haven't posted because nothing too interesting has happened. Some of that is the weather, so fewer people are at the beach, and some is there are fewer open stalls around. Some have been replaced with new facilities; others have had doors installed. Bummer!

Most interesting thing was at the beach recently, I was sitting on the toilet in an open stall when two guys walked in chatting with each. They by-passed the urinals and came over to the toilets to pee. I've never quite understood that... One went to the toilet to my right. The other was surprised to see me sitting there, but just walked to the toilet to my left. They continued their conversation as if I wasn't even there. The guy to my left finished, walked past me (without flushing)with only a glance in my direction, and left with his friend. I finished a very satisfying dump, wiped and left to finish my walk.

Jaded Jarod: Why are you pulling up your pants when you're on the toilet so you pee on your shorts? Are other guys really looking at you to see your junk? when i was in school we always showered and changed together after PE. Still do at the commercial gym I belong to. I say when you're sitting on the toilet just do what you have to do and don't worry about anyone else.


A New Friend

I am new here and I really enjoy reading the many entries on this site! I really love reading about Upstate Dave's adventures from when he was growing up. I have a few experiences from when I was a boy that I would like to share.

I came from the city and I grew up on a street with lots of old, typical red-brick city row houses. Immediately next door to us, the elderly neighbour died, and the house went up for sale. Being 11, I was hoping a family would move in so I would have someone to play with. One day, my dreams were answered when my mother said that while I was at school, a moving van was here, and a family moved in, and it appeared that they had a girl. I thought that was great!

After dinner and as the family was moving in and I saw the girl inside, as they had the front door wide open moving furniture in the house. When she saw me on the sidewalk, she came outside and introduced herself, as Tera. She wore like a multi-coloured tye-dyed t-shirt with blue jeans. I told her my name and I told her that we have a nice park up the street, if she wanted to go while there was a couple of hours of daylight still left. Her mother saw me and introduced herself and she told Tera to go with me as she won't be under foot no more.

After telling my parents, we walked side by side to the city park that hand a pond, woods, a few hiking or jogging trails that were paved, and of course some old fashioned swings and a sliding board. We talked, and I found out that she came from across the city and that she is 12 years old.

As we swung on the swing set, she told me that she had to pee. I told her that we should be getting home then so she can go to the bathroom. She said, "No, if I go home, my mother will make me stay inside then and not let me come out until tomorrow." "I said, yeah I know, my mother will probably do the same, but tomorrow is Saturday, and we can play all day." She said, "I have a better idea! I'll pee right here!" Looking around, I asked "Right here? Suppose some sees ya?" She replied, "No one will see me and no one is in the park." I said "OK, ya can go behind those buildings there," pointing to the cinderblocked maintenance buildings. "No, how about behind the slide?" I said, "OK" So she took my hand and led me to behind the sliding board, and pulled down her pants. I was watching her every move, since I have never seen a girl naked, let alone pee before. Once her pants and panties were down, she squated and peed right before my very eyes!!

When she was finished, she pulled her pants up and asked "Do you have to go?" I answered her, "yes" and she said "Well, go ahead! I want to see!" Nervously, I pulled down my zipper and was fetching my penis, and she said "No, I love watching boys pee with their pants down." So, I pulled down me pants and undies and I started to pee. Afterwards, I pulled up me pants and we both went home. The first of many pee together experiences.

Hey all,

I was just wondering if this happenned to you before. When you suddenly wake up and you feel really sick?

Well this happened to me ages ago, and i woke up and went to the toilet to be sick, but nothing, so i went back to bed, but as soon as I lay down i felt ill again, and this happened like three times until i forced myself to be ill.

Another time this happened but i was too tired to get out of bed, and just ignored it. But in the morning i woke up and had a massive diarrhea attack!

Has this ever happened to anyone else?


My awakening.....

I have accidentally wet my pants a few times as an adult (I'm currently 22) but I couldn't imagine that I would ever poop in my pants by accident. I'm embarrassed to say I had a very messy awakening. This past weekend I went to visit a friend and late on Sunday afternoon I began the almost three hour drive back to my home. About an hour into my drive I stopped at McDonalds for a large Coke. I was still about twenty minutes from home when I started having a strong urge to pee but I figured I could make it to my house without having to stop. My stomach had been churning also and I really needed to poop but I was positive I wouldn't have any trouble holding that in until I got to the bathroom. By the time I got home I was more then desperate to pee. I had already leaked a little bit into my panties and it was taking every bit of effort I had on my part to keep from totally wetting my pants.

I rent a small house with two female friends and when I parked my car in front it was obvious that neither of them were home. The house inside was dark and the light on the porch was also not on. As I grabbed my bag from the back seat more pee dribbled into my panties and I knew I was about to pee my pants. I hurried to the door and was literally dancing as I tried to put my key in the lock on the dark porch. In my haste I dropped the key but before I could reach down to pick it up I again felt myself starting to pee. I froze and pushed my hand into my crotch to stop the pee and it seemed to get my bladder temporarily controlled. Then to my complete surprise I suddenly felt myself starting to poop and I clenched my butt cheeks as tight as I could. I could tell some poop had already come out but I felt like I'd got it stopped also. I bent over to pick up my keys and poop started coming out again. I quickly straightened back up and tried again to clench my butt cheeks tight but it was no use. This time I couldn't stop and there was a crackling sound as I stood there feeling warm messy poop push past my thong and spread over my butt in my tight jeans. As I was pooping I began peeing again but by that time I didn't even care and didn't try to stop. I couldn't believe that I'd actually pooped but the smell and the gross feeling of what was in my pants made it all too real. I still hadn't picked up my key and when I bent over poop squished on my butt and down the back of my legs. I slowly waddled inside to the bathroom and really gagged from the smell when I peeled my wet jeans down. I knew I had pooped a lot but the mess was even worse then I imagined as there was thick gooey poop coating the inside of my jeans and sticking to my butt. To make matters worse my roommates arrived back at the house a few minutes after I started cleaning up. A few minutes later one of them needed the bathroom and asked me if I'd be done soon. I wasn't even close to being cleaned up and I also didn't have anything to wear afterwards. I ended up having to tell them what happened. It seemed to take forever to clean up and it was by far the most embarrassing moment I've had in my life.


Question for Everyone

Hi, I had a question for everyone at this forum. I was wondering if anyone knows (or has ever known) a girl that could stink up the bathroom really bad after taking a dump, and was proud of this ability. I'm curious because I have know guys who are like that, but it seems like most girls are embarrassed if they stink it up. So if anyone has stories about a girl who would stink up the bathroom and not care if anyone knew about it, I would like to hear those stories.


Comments for Just Jerika & Braidy

I'm no authority to be speaking on this subject, but Connor has commented about how "relaxed" I seem to be about having to use toilets away from home alot. This is especially true at school, because often he and I are on campus like 12 or 14 hours a day. I guess I'm just pretty open about doing my toilet thing when I have to and I've written about those experiences for you guys.

For Just Jerika:

I can understand how your smaller size can make it tougher for you in public places. And being that small at age 12 and using toilets which are larger and higher than normal, well I hear what you're saying. However, don't take it personally. And just because your fingers don't work as fast as you would like in unbuttoning your jeans is not your fault. Your description about putting your hands over the front of the seat to push your butt farther back on the seat got me to thinking about what it's like to sit with your legs dangling and not being able to put the weight on your feet in order to accomplish such as a simple thing such as a slide back on the seat. Does the color of the seat make any difference to you? Sometimes I've gotten the impression from your stories that it really does and that you would rather be sitting on a brighter color.

For Braidy:

That was one great story that a lot of us can relate to in both public bathrooms in general, and especially at our schools. Personally, I would have used the first stall. Crapping on a floating box or coke bottle wouldn't cause me to give it a second thought. I wouldn't, however, want to pee under such a situation because I would be afraid of getting a large amount of splashback. And that happened to me several years ago when I was at an amusement park. (I'll write about that in the future--thanks for reminding me!). Did you compare your crap and what it added to the growing pile as it built up even higher? What you said about pulling the seat up with your butt isn't that weird and it happens to me occasionally, but I notice it's in places like gas stations and restaurants where the stools are the kind and size of what many of us have at home instead of the larger, heavier stools with larger and heavier seats like we have at school.

Kate M.

Peeing at sports

I am just curious - can anyone pee while they swim. If so, which stroke do you use. I overheard a kid telling her mom that while swimming she had to pee so did it while swimming the breaststroke. I go to the beach a lot and find head up breast stroke the easiest way to pee while swimming.

Can anyone pee while biking? If so, how do you do it? This I cannot do and must park my bike in front of some bushes.

Claire N

Re: Previous Posts

Debbie - I am glad you like my posts. The station incident was a one off. My friend and I often talk about it with amusement. Whether something like that will happen again - who knows.

As for work, I can hear a lot from adjacent stalls, grunting, farting, slashes and wiping. It is my prefered place to poo and not because of any embarressment about going in the house.

Canadian Kelly

Full Cut Bikini's

Hello "Curious",

When I refer to "full cut bikini's" I am basically talking about bikini panties that cover more area around my bum than what typical bikini's do. Plus, they do not come up as high in the waist as high cut panties do.

Does that clarify things?

I must say, that I was so happy to be wearing the panties I was the day I had my last accident. If I had of been wearing regular bikini's, I'm sure the mess would have been much worse than it was.

Hi Wendy, I know what you mean about the pressure in your bowels pushing everything out. It's a helpless feeling, but sometimes, what can you do?

Canadian Kelly


Close call

I do not like to poo in public restrooms or at work but sometimes holding it until you get home is just not possible. Last Thursday after lunch I needed to poo and hoped I could wait. When I almost pooped my pants and still had almost three hours before work ended, I went to the restroom and unloaded. I was relieved afterward but I was even more relieved later. About an hour later I was involved in a car crash. I most certainly would have had an accident in my pants during that collision. Imagine the embarrassment of being loaded in the ambulance and transported to the emergency room with pooped pants.


Interesting night out...

First time poster here. Thought I'd share a story that happened to a roomate of mine a couple days ago. We're both sophomores in college, and share an apartment with 2 others guys that were away on Spring Break at the time (we live in the area). Anyways, we had been out drinking and sometime around midnight we were both pretty drunk. We had left a party and were walking back when I noticed he had been fidgeting a lot. I asked if something was wrong, and he mumbled he had to pee. I told him I'd look for a place, but I didn't think it was that bad. In town, most stores were closed (it was after midnight at that point). There was a CVS fairly close, but it was in the opposite direction, and I just wanted to get home. We kept on walking through town, till we got to streets that led to our apartment. By this point, he was grabbing his crotch a lot, and had mentioned again he had to piss bad. I told him we were close, and he said he wasn't sure if he was going to make it. By this point, I could see he was definitely pretty desperate. He started saying "Shit, shit" as we came to the building and I helped him to the door. He was grabbing his crotch and yelped "Dude, I just leaked a little!" I told him we were almost there, and to just hold it till we got in the room. We took the elevator up, and quickly fumbled down the hall. I finally got the door open, and he ran over to the bathroom, cursing as he tried to unzip himself. Suddenly he sighed as he finally got it out and pissed for what seemed like ages. When he was just about finished, I went over to help him out of the bathroom, as I was slightly less drunk. He had a small wet patch about the size of a baseball in the crotch of his jeans. He was still dripping quite a bit, but in his drunken state he just put it back without shaking and zipped up. He laughed as I helped him out of the bathroom and set him on the couch. "I kind of dribbled a bit" he muttered as he feel back against the sofa. We laughed and I told him he basically made it. The next morning, I saw his white boxers laying on top of the hamper. There was a huge piss stain all over the front. There were also a few skidmarks, but those aren't exactly a new sight in an apartment with 4 guys!


Big Black Girl

Hi, I am Moniqa. I am 5'9", 267 pound, 23 year old girl. I have been reading this thing for a while and thought I would post. I was reading here when I to go have my daily toilet. I am your classic black girl whith an enomous bootay. Yes, I have to arange my thighs just to take my urination. Anyways, I was reading the posts this morning and I had to go have me some bowel movement. I lumbered into my bathroom with my book I'm reading. I sat down, did my usual arangement bit where I first get my thighs away from my front part then pulled on my booty to open it up back there. I started reading for about a minute and relaxed enough to get my urine going. My bladder was hissing from the impairment because my huge lips block my urine stream. When my pee started to hurt, I had to reach down there and spread so it wouldn't hurt. After my urine was done, I sat another five minutes trying to have a natural bowel movement. I always try the natural route first because it's supposed to happen it's own and it does sometimes.

My bowels need some pushing help. I guess I was constipated because I had to quit reading and had to spead my legs wider so my belly could drop so I could lean forwrd. I thought I was havin a big log, which is usual but then I heard several pellets hit the water at one time. I did this three times I sat back up and started reading again then my good bowel movement happened. It was very slow comming out. I had to put my book back down because my bowel movement was feeling so good. It was realy big. My intestines were really getting the good movement they needed. I usually only Bowel Movement a four inch long, fat wide stool. I bet that one was over 12 inches! You know it's long when it reaches the botttom of the toilet and quits going while still comming out. I couldn't pich it off to finish it so I had to strain to force it out. When it did end, it fell forward and rubbed my vagina.

I felt so good after that, that I had to sit for another 10 minustes I had to stain to have more urine because I needed to after that one.

College Dude

Response to Braidy's Question

Hey everyone, I've been reading posts on this site for well over a year and have posted a couple of times myself, but generally under different names. I'm 19 years old and am in my second year of college. In reading the most recent posts, I thought I would respond to Braidy's question...

I think it really depends on the person. I know that as a kid growing up, I was terrified of pooping in public places, especially at school. At my elementary school, boys would make fun of others if they found out they were pooping, which for guys is pretty easy to tell just by the way a person's feet are under a stall. I know once in elementary school I was about 5 minutes from getting on the bus and heading home. My house was actually within sight of the school, in a neighborhood that sat on a hill above the school, however we weren't allowed to walk because the school board was afraid of what may happen if a kid got hit by a car or bus while going to/from school. And since bus riders got to go home before car riders, each afternoon I would ride for about 3 minutes from the school to my house. Anyway, back to my story, I was about 5 minutes from getting out of class and going to get on the bus, and I REALLY needed to go. I had been trying to hold it for a while, but couldn't anymore. So I received permission to go to the bathroom and started going, and sure enough other boys came in and started making fun of me. I don't remember now what they said, but I was extremely embarrassed, and decided from that day on I would avoid going in public at all costs. Looking back now, I see how ridiculous it was for me to let that bother me, but when you're that young you don't know any better I suppose.

Things have changed since I started going to college though. All freshmen are required to live in on-campus dorms, with some being suites of 5-10 people, and others being halls with as many as 20 rooms, with 2 people per room. I was in one of the hall style dorms, and we all had one bathroom to use, which had 5 toilets and 4 showers, along with 4 urinals. Anyway, I quickly realized that there was rarely going to be a time that I could go in private, so as the year progressed I just accepted it and adjusted. I now am even okay with going in public places, particularly the university's buildings, as long as the bathroom is relatively clean.

So Braidy, as you can probably tell, everyone's going to be different based on different circumstances. I guess technically you could call me a "convert" for adjusting from one who was poop-shy to one who can now go wherever. But if I had to make a guess, based on all the stereotypes you hear about, I would guess that guys are more likely to go in public, just because it seems like more girls think they have to pretend they don't go.

Which leads me to my own question. I always wondered when I was in that dorm last year what it was like on the girls floors. Do they try to avoid pooping when others are around? Do they not care? I've even read on different websites that some girls will wake up in the middle of the night to go in private, though I have no idea if that's true. Do any of the ladies on here who've lived in hall-style dorms have any stories? Thanks in advance for responses. And I hope this helped answer your question Braidy.

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