To the girl who had an accident in the car

I've just read your post about the time you pood & wet your knickers in your mums car. It reminds me of the time which I posted, (about 1811 I think) when I pood myself getting out of my stepdads car after he'd picked me up from work. I was mortified by the experience & can imagine how embarrassed you must have felt. It was super embarrassing for me to totally mess myself in front of my stepdad especially as if seemed to love watching me.

After last nights bout of diarrhoea I though it wise to starve myself & I'm not pooing any more. I feel ok now & I should be back at work tomorrow. Zoe insisted on eating as normal & paid the price for it because she ran to the toilet holding her bum & by the smell of it I don't think she made it. I could hear it exploding into the toilet & she kept going for ages.

I never poo at work. because I don't like other people knowing when I'm doing a number two. I always go at home but I hadn't been since the day before & I was running late so there wasn't time to go before leaving for work. I thought I'd be ok untill I got home but as the day past my stomach began to cramp up & I started to feel really uncomfortable. During the afternoon I felt more & more desperate to go but there was no way I was going to use the works toilet to do what was almost certain to be a smelly & very messy number two. By the time I finished work I was close to having an accident in my knickers & as I got into my car I almost lost it. The drive home was a nightmare. The traffic was at a standstill which was all I needed. Here I was about to mess myself in my car, in the middle of the worse traffic jam ever. I was swearing at people to get out of my way but it was no good of course. I struggled to hold my poo in for an hour an a half as the traffic barely moved. It became painfull to hold it & I though that if I let a little bit out come out it would ease the pain. I relaxed for a split second & let out some soft poo into my knickers. It felt hot & messy so I clenched my bum to stop the flow. Then the stomach cramps came back only far worse. It was agony & I knew there was only one way to get rid of them. I would have to empty my bowels properly. Not really an option when you're sitting in a traffic jam. By the time I got home it had taken two & a half hours to get home & the pain from holding my poo in for so long was unbearable. As soon as I got out of my car. I couldn't hold it any longer. I totally filled my knickers on my driveway & my next door neighbor was washing her car. She watched in shock as I stood there pooing myself & said, "Hello Louise. Are you allright?" I told her I was fine & rushed indoors.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


No van part 2

To recap on my last post. After finding the old van was gone. I had no place to relieve my urgent need to poo. Basicaly I had 3 choices. 1. I could do it in the bushes & risk someone seeing me. 2. I could try & make it home & risk messing my panties. Or 3. I could just do it in my panties & risk someone seeing me with a big load in my jeans. It took a while to make my mind up what to do but in the end my bowels had forced the issue. I felt a massive uncontrolable urge to push & the whole lot began to flow into my panties filling then completely. I tried really hard to stop it but the huge pressure in my bowels kept forcing it all out. By the time I was done messing myself I had poo all up my bum, inside my vagina & all down my legs. It wasn't runny just loose & very messy. I had to walk home stinking of poo & when I got home I cleaned up fully clothed in the bath. I got the worst off my clothes & took then off revealing the full extent of my messy accident. I don't think anyone saw me & I actually enjoyed it the experience.

Upstate Dave

Before Going To A Day At The State Park

First of all a hello to everyone. Let me continuie with my post when I was working for my grandmother clearing her land with the two new friends that I had made with Janice and Sandra who had spied on me seeing me piss, now helping me clearing my grandmothers land, and also had pissed in front of me.

Well acouple more days had passed and my grandmothers land was just about cleared now. I was very thankfull that I was having Sandra's and Janice's help. The work was easier,went by much quicker, good to have company instead of being by myself, and of course now the agreement we had made about pissing with each other when they were around.

Well I had been dropped off by my grandmother this morning. She had told me since the cleariung was just about to be completed which most likey would be today. She told me that this afternoon we would go up to the new state park for the rest of the day. If the girls come down tell them for they helped so much they can come along too. This sure sounded so good to me. Now I just hoped that Sandra and Janice would come down to help so I could tell them about going to the park!

Well the girls weren't there when my grandmother dropped me off. So I started to work by myself. It was early so maybe the girls would be here in a hour I thought to myslef as I worked. The hour went by and I was well into a second hour now. Still they had not shown up. I had just cut down a big bunch of brush and began dragging it making another pile. I needed also to piss for again a nice sunny day and I had been drinking lots of water.

So I finished with my dragging and had made another pile. Then I went and pulled down my zipper and got my penis out to piss. I started to go with a very high arcing stream that went right over the new pile of brush that I had just completed. Oh did it ever fell so good to piss! I thought as I stood there pissing.

That's when Sandra and Janice showed up! They both yelled out to me as they were comming down the hill towards me. Seeing me pissing Janice yelled out very loudly; Hey look at the boy fountain! Sandra added right into the fountain theame saying; Yeah looks like the water is turned on full! I had to laugh now which I did. I kept on with my piss as the girls approached me.

I went on pissing only for several seconds more when Sandra and Janice were now standing off to the side of me watching me piss. My stream suddenly dropped which both girls giggled a little with my piss streams sudden fall. Looks like the fountain is running out of water! Janice now said. I gave a hard push sending my piss stream back into a high arcing stream like it had been doing. That lasted for a few quick seconds and my stream did a second fast drop. Sandra then spoke out. Hey I think the boy fountain is now out of water. To prove her wrong I gave one more hard push which I did do another spurt but it wasn't hard at all for myt stream went straight into the pile of brush in front of me and that was it. With that both girls let out a good laugh as I put my penis back inside my pants and zipped up.

I have something to tell you two! I said to the girls. Your'e going to like this. Instantly I had both girls curiousity. Both together they asked me what was up. What do you have to tell us Dave? We are going to be treated by my grandmother this afternoon. YES YES! both girls said back to me. How bout a picnic lunch nd supper and a day at the new stae park?

Now the new park was know by all the locals. It was heard that it was real nice. The girls had heard about it and they both were real excited now that they were going to go. Then I told Sandra and Janice that they better go tell thier mom where they were going. Janice imeadiately said to Sandra; You do it! You're older. That was fine with Sandra so she said she would be right back. Sandra took off at a hard run and soon had scrambled back up the hill and was out from sight.

So Janice and I went to work while her sistor was gone. We had only worked for several minutes and Sandra stopped suddenly. She stood there stiffly not moving a inch. Seeing her like this I asked her what was wrong. Janice's reply came back fast and loud. I HAVE TO POOP! Now up to this point what we had been doing was just pissing. Not one of us had taken a shit while working. I had always gone before being dropped off. I imagened that both girls had shit before comming down to work. Looked like now Janice's need to go was to great and she would have to go now.

Janice stood there standing stiffly for a long moment or two. She must have managed to fight the feeling down that she needed to go so bad. For she relaxed a litle and said to me; I'm not going to poop right here which I would have. She told me she would go behind the pile and poop there. Janice started to head forthe pile to go behind it. As she did I told her I'll stay here. Her reply back to me was; It's ok you can watch! Just don't say anything to Sandra is she doesn't see us. I said I wouldn't and I went around one end of the pile as Janice went around the other end of the pile.

As Janice came around to the back of the pile of brush she had already had opped the sanp and had the zipper down on the pair of jeans shorts she had on. She was pulling them down as she took the last steps to get in the middle behind the pile of brush. She stopped and yanked her shorts down hard got down in a high hovering squat and she bent right over placing her hands on the ground and she looked rght back at her underside!

I seeing her in this position I asked Janice; Do you always do this when you shit? Janice giggled only when I'm outside! Now I knew that she did shit also outside now. Righht then Janice first started to piss sending out a thin stream straight down. I herd a hissin fart too as she pissed. Then I saw a long thin light brown shit poking out from under her ass. It was jsut the tip of it for as it moved getting longer it got fatter.

Her piss now had gone right down to just a trickle. Her shit got longer reaching a half foot in length. Then it fell with a dull thud on the ground. Janice's piss stream wnt back to belike when it first started beingg thin but that only lasted for a quick few seconds and went back to just a dribble. Another shit was poking out into sight. Janice seeing it along with me said with a giggle; Here comes seconds for you Dave!

This second shit ws also fat, moved faster then the first one, and was also longer then the first one. It dropped away plopping down over the first one that was laying there on the ground. Then a short fat nugget came out dropped right down to the ground. Janice then got out of her nent over position she had been in all the time and she remained in a high sqaut till she finished pissing. Now that her shit was over she was pissing pretty had with her piss wetting parts of her shit that was laying there on the ground.

Janice did ask me before she stopped pissing which she did right after she asked me if there was anything at all around she could use to wipe with. There was going to be a slim chance of that. Any trash that we had was always picked up. No paper, no napkins, or paper towels were laying around. I told Janice use some leaves. Oh no I won't do that! I always get poop on my hands!

Then I said to Janice Wait a second! I remembered I had a hankerchif in my back pocket. I had been using it right along to wipe sweat with it. I yanked it out and tossed it to Janice. It was damp with sweat but right now that didn't matter to Janice. She smiled with a big smile saying THANK YOU!!! real loud. Janice stood up wiped her ass and looked at the hankerchif and dropped it down on her shit. She yanked up her shorts pulled the zipper up on them but left them unsnapped.

We went back to work. Ten minutes later Sandra was back. She told me and Janice it was ok to go. Janice let out a loud Yipee!! So Sandra joined in with us and we worked quickly and hard to finsih up. Sandra did go over by the one brush pile that I had pissed on and this pile is where Janice had shit and pissed behind too.

Sandra said loud enouh that I and Janice heard her say that it smelled like shit back here. It didn't smell like it before when Dave was pissing here. Sandra quickly stepped around the side of the pile and stopped. She saw my hankerchiff and the shit on the ground. Janice and I took a quick tense look at each other. When Sandra asked me seeing that my hankerchif was laying there Sandra asked me if I was the one that had taken a shit. That brought a instant look of relief on my face and Janice's face too. Good thing for my hankie!

We did wind up cmpletely finishing the clearing out. It was all cleasred back to where the spots were marked on trees to make the cleared area. We all three were so proud. The other good thing was even with our hurring along there had been enough to get done that we only had to wait a half hour for my grandmother to pick us up. Now we were headed to the park to spend the rest of this day there. There will be a second part to this post. Upstate Dave


Comment to Just Jerika & Decision Story

To Just Jerika:

That was a very descriptive story about the several times you had to run for the toilet at school and release even more of your diarrhea. In a situation like that, I think I would have either gone down to the nurse's office or called my mom to excuse me from school for the rest of the day. That girl that basically taunted you while she walked by your doorless stall and saw you sitting and basically "peeing" your crap out was so rude in snickering and pointing at you. How did she know you were sick? I wonder if she was in an adjacent stall and heard the liquid come out of you. She's lucky you didn't do more than just flip her off to her back. I don't know if it's better at the high school level because we have some obnoxious and very immature students too.

This is my new story:

A couple of week ago, I got to school at the usual time in the morning
and could feel my morning crap coming on. I had about 10 minutes before the 1st hour bell so I quickly headed to the nearest bathroom. Being 6'3", I've had friends tell me that sometimes I walk as fast as anyone they've seen. This was one of those times. I swung the bathroom door open, went around the wall and I was greeted by one of the fullest bathrooms I have ever seen at school. Obviously, there was someones legs showing in each of the 15 or 16 stalls and another two or three girls deep in waiting. You could hardly move. I gave up and turned around quickly, turning with my backpack so abruptly that I nearly decapitated a girl. I apologized to her, helped her put her glasses back on and assured myself that she was OK, before I backed up and out of the bathroom.

The warning bell rang and I knew I didn't have time to get to the upstairs toilet. So I went to my first hour class, remembering that we had a test and knowing that we would have what our teacher calls a "lock down" (nobody leaving) until you complete the test and turn your paper in. I had to reposition myself several times during the test and when I turned my paper in, I was given permission to go to the bathroom. With about 30 minutes left in the period, I figured I would have some privacy. Because I was in one of the smaller wings of the building, this was a three-staller I had not used before. Legs and jeans on the floor of the middle stall told me it was taken, so I quickly headed into the first one. As I was pulling my skirt up and pulling my underwear down, I noticed an ominous amount of pee in the bowl along with a small crushed cardboard box (like our class rings come in) and a coke bottle just before I seated myself. I quickly stood up and walked two stalls down to the other open one. I didn't feel I had much time for a decision but there was the crap of at least three others in the bowl and the stood was obviously stopped up. Since the shit was higher than the water level, there was quite a smell.

My decision was made quickly as I continued to pull my underwear down and hiked my skirt and seated myself. Luckily, this was not a situation where I was going to be seated for 5 or 10 minutes. My crap slid out quickly and fell atop the earlier deposits. I quickly stood to examine it, mysteriously pulling the seat up with me for a couple of inches before my butt unstuck itself, and I admired my log which was the size of about two bananas and the darkest of the crap in the bowl. I grabbed for the toilet paper. Gone! I had no choice but to waddle back to the first stall, seat myself and make about four or five wipes. Then I pulled up my underwear, adjusted my skirt and went to the sink and washed my hands.

As I got back to class and others were still finishing the test, I got to thinking about this question: In public places, are males or females more likely to hold their poop in? Please help me out on this one.

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