Post Title (optional) An Understanding Mom part 2

Mom could never understand why other moms made such a fuss over kids having accidents in their pants. She simply told us to go to the bath-
room, empty our poo in the toilet, wash ourseves and put on a fresh pair from the stack she left for us.

My brother Donnie, age 5, actually emjoyed it, and OK I did too. We would wait until we had to go really bad and just let it go into our pants. Mpm told us to enjoy it while we were still kids. We asked Momma if she ever did it in her pants.

When Daddy took us fishing, Mommy said that if she was too sleepy to get up that she would just lift her bottom, pull her panties out to make room for her poo and just let it go, after which she would go back to sleep. How about that for a Mom?

Uncle Harry

Outhouse Stall

Another nice day and another hike in the woods. It was a weekday, so not many people were out. I figured I would make a day of it, so I brought some lunch with me. This forest preserve had little in the way of toilet facilities; just a few scattered plywood outhouses. Around noon, I came to a picnic area, which had one table and an outhouse. There was a woman sitting at the table eating her lunch, so I asked if she would mind if I joined her. She was glad for the company and we talked and got acquainted. Her name was Mary. A few people passed by, but not many. After finishing lunch, she suddenly announced, "I need to use the outhouse. I haven't peed since this morning. Do you need to pee?". I said I did and we got up and walked over to the outhouse, about 25 yards away.

We saw that it didn't have a full door, but something that looked like a slightly overgrown stall door. It hung well open and when we tried to push it shut, it kept swinging open again. It had no spring or latch to keep it closed and no seat on the hole; just bare wood with pee stains around it... and no toilet paper. Neither Mary nor I had any tissues with us. "I guess I'll just have to shake and drip dry", she laughed. "Are you really going to sit on that?", I asked? "Of course not", she answered. "I'll have to squat". Then she asked if I would mind if she went in first, as she was getting desperate, and would I please hold the door shut for her. So she went in and I closed the door and held it in position. Her head was above the door, but went down when she bent over to pull her shorts and panties down to her ankles. Then the movement of her legs indicated she was squatting back over the seat. A few seconds went by, and then the sound of a heavy stream of fluid falling into the cesspit. Suddenly, I heard a shriek. Thinking there must be a problem, I opened the door. No real problem... just a mouse scurrying on the floor that had apparently startled her. There she was, staring intently at the mouse, still squatting over the hole and pissing like a hydrant. She seemed oblivious to my looking in and having no privacy.

The mouse scampered off as quickly as it had arrived. She finally looked up and saw me. "Everything ok?, I asked, while she was still peeing away. Now she suddenly seemed a bit embarrassed. "Uh, yeah. I don't like mice. You can close the door again". By now she was slowing down. "Why bother", I said. "I'm already seeing you pee". "I guess your right", she said with a smile and a laugh, as she finally stopped. Remembering that she had no toilet paper, she shook herself side-to-side a few times. Her pussy was quite hairy and she was dripping urine, but she got off what she could and then pulled up her panties and then her shorts.

She stepped out and I stepped in, and, as no one else was around, I told her she didn't need to hold the door closed. I got out my penis and started to pee, while she stood to the side, talking and sort of watching me, and telling me her underpants felt a little damp. When I finished up, we decided to hike together until it was time to go home.


Big Urgent Poo

Just a quick update. This morning I really needed to go on the way to work and farted a few times on the train! Hopefully it was so busy nobody knew it was me. I went straight into the toilet before i went to my desk. There were 2 other girls in there - at least one was pooing as well. I sat down and released my bottom muscles and after a long hiss this massive poo started crackling out. It was so wide and firm it must have touched the water before it fell. It just slid silently into the toilet. It felt SO good. That was it - just 1 very very wide long bit about 12inches long - and very smelly. I wiped and flushed and really thought it wasnt going to go but it did. The skid mark it left was wide and right down the bcak of the toulet. So i left my very smelly cubicle. The other girl was still grunting her plops out when i left. That is possibly the largest single piece of poo I have ever made! Also heard some of my colleagues going later in the day but no time now. Will post more stories soon.
Love Debbie x




I loved your story hon, it was so hot. What does this girl priya look like? I'm by the looks of it, you two may share the same interests! looks like there will be more exciting adventures, keep me posted. I read you work at a PR firm, what does your work involve? I bet you come across some good looking ladies in the restroom, like the weather presenter ( which I loved).

You asked me what I do when I'm not at work. Is this bm related? otherwise, just stuff

At my work, there are several restrooms. My office is situated at a corner in building and I have a new co worker to share the office with. Her name is Joyce, she's 40 something and curvaceous. She started sharing my office about two weeks ago, and we are quite friendly with each other. I think she's very good looking, in a mature way. She's got a great personality too.

Usually my time at the restroom is around 9:00, after a coffee. My morning routine at the office is, arrive, fix a coffee, check email and by the time I'm done with the coffee, I'm all ready for a bm ( sometimes pretty badly). On Monday, I was having coffee, and then Joyce arrived with her coffee. We had a small chat, and it was time for a bm for me. I went to the restroom which was closest to my office. It consists of two stalls, one handicap. I took the handicap stall and I passed three medium sized logs in no time. The door of the restroom opened, and it was Joyce. She took the stall next to me. I should say , I was getting pretty excited, after having read your accounts and all that. I heard Joyce ripping tp and probably laying on the toilet seat. I heard the unzipping sound of her black dress pants and the rustling sound of her hosiery. I listened intently, and heard a torrent of pee hitting water. After that, there was silence. I wanted to hear her passing her bm, I tried and strained, but end up only passing gas ( pretty loudly). I stayed for whole two minutes, but there was not much activity from her stall, except for an occasional sigh. I was done, so I wiped myself and left the stall. I got to the sink, and I could see Joyce through the gap of her stall, she looked really cute, arms folded on her thighs, her pantyhose and panties on her knees. She joined me at work after a few minutes.. I'll be on the lookout for her, and I'll keep you posted.

I went for a poo at 5pm today and although I didnt feel I needed one I was detrmined to do one so I dont get constipated and after straining for 20 mins I could feel something coming and kept straining and several pebbles came out and splashed into the water. I had a little wipe and looked at the paper there was no poo on it just some blood. I felt there was more poo to come so I kept straining and after about 10 mins could feel some more poo coming. Jasmin came in and started to talk to me so I asked her to get my high shoes from my room as wearing the shoes lifts my legs and I can sort of strain harder in a different way which sometimes helps my poo to come out. It took about 10 mins more straining before a lumpy log started to emerge.It came out about 3 inches and stuck, I couldnt strain it out and it wouldnt go back in. I moved on the seat,wriggled and strained to see if it would drop, no luck. Jasmin wanted to see and asked me to lean forward which I did and she comented that it was fatter nearer my bum hole and it was covered in blood. I sat upright and strained so hard it moved out a little more. I asked Jas to press hard on my stomach and strained at the same time, after a couple of times doing this I thought I was going to have to sit the wrong way round so she could try to bear hug me. I strained really hard and it splashed into the water. I put some tissue between my cheeks so I could stand up so Jas and I could see what I had done, It was about 1 inch across at one end and tapered to a real knobbly piece at the other that must have been 2 1/2 inches it was about 6 inches long and was like pieces of poo stuck together.
I sat back down to wipe and put some pile cream up inside and on the outside of my bum.
Actually theres something I need to ask, Ages ago like 3 or 4 years ago when I used to get really sore bum from straining alot and It was so bad I had to stay off school my mom had some cream ,well more like a gel,that she would put up my bum like 10 mins before I sat on the toilet that stopped it hurting . It wasnt like the usuall pile creams, it didnt smell like them or look like them,I used to have it on my bum at school when it was sore or I had piles.
Any Ideas



wife pooped in bed

Hi I'm Dan, 38 and married with 4 kids aged 5-14. So having had 4 young kids in the past decade and a half, bathroom accidents are no surprise to me anymore... or so I thought until my wife had one! I guess it goes back to Tuesday night. We made some questionable meat with dinner.... It had been moved from the freezer to the fridge a few days earlier but not used right away. It wasn't in the freshest condition and probably should have been thrown away, but with the tough economy and a big family we gotta take what we can get. It wasn't great but it wasn't totally spoiled and with the right amount of spices tasted fine. My wife Laurie however got an upset stomach shortly after dinner. It didn't seem that bad, but she had a couple trips to the toilet and went to bed early saying she didn't feel very well. Later that night I joined her and began to rest up for a new day.
The new day began with quite an interesting ordeal. I was woken up very early because I could feel Laurie shuffling around a lot. I didn't think much of it at first, but then I heard a peculiar sound and her gasping and mumbling to herself. What I heard was a series of wet, rapid, explosive farts from my wife. I rolled over to see her getting out of bed with her hand on her butt, and her white panties were all bunched up in a wedgie and had a great big, wet orangey-brown stain on them. She was rushing off towards the bathroom with her legs all rigid still holding her butt and still having loud, quick explosive farts in rapid succession, and there appeared to be shit running down the back of her legs. I was completely shocked by what I had just woken up to. One second you are sound asleep, the next you're watching your wife jump out of bed shitting in her panties! as I sat in disbelief the smell hit me... It had that smell to it like she had a sick stomach, you know what I mean? sick-poo has a unique smell I think. Then I noticed there was a big blob of shit in the bed where she sleeps and a few skid marks across the sheet to the edge of the bed. It was rough. Anyway, I let her clean up in private and I took care of her soiled sheets. I could hear her in the bathroom for a long time, rolling off tons of toilet paper, flushing a lot, running the sink a lot, saying "oh my God...", and eventually taking a shower. Finally she came out wrapped in a towel and looked at me and said "don't even look at me babe! I am so sorry I can't believe I did that." I told her it was perfectly OK and not to worry, I knew she was sick and that it was an accident so she didn't have to be sorry. I gave her a hug and said I took care of the sheets. She said "oh my God" again and buried her face on my chest as if she was trying to hide from the embarrassment. It was cute. Anyway, she explained that she didn't even have the chance to get to the toilet. She was dreaming that she had the intense need to go to the bathroom, and then started to poop her pants in the dream, then woke up pooping her panties for real! Can you imagine? Anyway, I watched her put on clean panties and we both got dressed and went about our days, but nothing could follow an opening act like that! Gotta admit I didn't hate it. A little over 10 years ago she came within a minute of pooping her pants on a ride back from new york. I remember her freaking out in the car and she was farting pretty bad and was hunched forward in her seat saying "babe pull over I'm about to shit!", and we stopped at a McDonald's and I could see through the glass that she started to undo her pants on her way into the ladies room. She made it, and came back to the car with a big sigh of relief and said "holy shit i almost pooped myself!" I remember having a slight feeling of disappointment that she made it to the toilet, which confused me. I occasionally imagined if I had just put off stopping another minute, she definitely would've crapped her pants in the car. I guess now I don't have to imagine what could been been!

Upstate Dave

Our Day At The Sate Park Continuies

Now after being there back at the picnic table and after the questions that were asked about me now feeling better after my bad case of dirrhea from eating to much of the licorice candyy I had eaten while playing Scrabble I was feeling much better and it was time that I, Sandra, and Janice could walk to the beach to go swimming in the lake.

So us three got up from the table grabbed our towels to take with us and told my grandmother and her friend that we were leaving to go swimming now. Wait a moment before you three leave my grandmother said to us. She reached down for her pocket book opened it and took out her wallet. My grandmother usd a wallet instead of a purse. (more room was her reason for using a wallet)

She pulled out some money that she had taken from the wallet. She counted out twenty dollar bills making three seperate piles on top of the table. When all three piles had a hundred dollars total she picked up one pile and handed it to Sandra, then Janice, and I last. That is for all the work you three did and getting it done so quickly and doing a great job doing it.

Now the three of us stood ther stunned and were silent! Then Janice and Sandra giggled with excitement and said THANK YOU!!!! to my grandmother. I said thank you too to my grandmother but reached back to her with the hundred dollars in my hand to give it back to her. I said to her as I did this; I can't take this. My grandmother said back to me quickly; I know what your parents had said especailly your mothernot to take any money from me for the work that you do. I don't give a dam about that! You deserve to get paid for your work! Besides I and you don't have to tell her. I'm not going to take it back. That's that!

I knew that there was no way to argue with my grandmother for you could never win. So I thanked her and we smiled at each other. I put my hundred dollars in my wallet and then we three left and headed to the beach to go swimming. We had about a quarter mile walk to get to the beach soit would take us I thought about fifteen minutes to get there.It took longer!

One off the reasons why was Janice as she walked had her hundred dollars in her hand and she counted it over and over giggling hard a she counted it. This is the most money I've ever had at one time! Janice said loudly as we walked the path that went to the beach. Sandra had counted her money only once and then she put it away in her shorts pocket. Then she told Janice enough was enough. Put your money away too. Janice relunctedly did put her hundred dollars away in her shorts pocket but she remained excited having it. For as she walked she kept saying; I have a hundred dollars! over and over again.

Well with of of the excitement of having a hundred dollars Janace stopped walking when we got aboutthree quarters of the way to the beach. We were still on the path to the beach and were in the woods but where the woods now were not thick and the lake was to our right. Sandra askeJanice after she had suddenly stopped which made her and I stop asked Janice why she stopped. Janice's answer was that her excitement of having a hundred dollars I have to pee!

Oh you would have to. Sandra said back to Janice kind of annoted at her sistor now. Look we only have a litle ways to go to get to the beach and there should be bathrooms there. No I cann't! Janice said back to Sandra. That was all that Janice said. Then she started pulling down her shorts hard right there in the path. When she did twenty dollar bills started falling out from the pocket she had put them in.

You're loosing your money both Sandra and I said quickly together to Janice. Janice's urge to piss was to great for her to stop and pick up the twenty dollar bills laying on the dirt of the path.So I and Sandra picked them up and I took out my wallet and put them in it. Janice said a quick thank you to me and she went on pulling her shorts down.

Now Janice unlike her sistor who had on a bikini under her shorts and top was wearing a one piece dark blue swimsuite. So Janice removed her shorts completely. She then also took off her whitetopshe had on next. Then grabbed the shoulder straps of her swimsuite slipped them from her shoulders yaqnked her blue one oiece swimsuiet right down and squated right down to piss!

Now her swimsuite had fallen between her legs and was hanging down so that it was in front of her lower body. But before Sandra could finsih telling her sistor she better move her swimsuite you'll piss on it if you don't move it Janice started pissing very hard and sure enough her stream didn't go straight down it came out angled forward and she pissed all over her swimsuite! Sandra was to late in saying Janice should move her swimsuite.

Janice sice she was pissing so hard and had to go so bad just let her piss contuie to soak her swimsuite. Her piss had by now had soaked it enough that it started running off from it and started wetting the dirt making it muddy. Now what are you going to do Janice Sandra said to her angerly. Yourswimsuite is soaked with piss and your going to the beach like that now?

Janice now looked up at Sandra. No problem! Janice said first. Then she said saying to her sistor janice turned and looked at the lake at the same time; I'll go jump into the lake! I laughed and Sandra couldn't help but let out a little giggle and told Janice; I wish you would and stay there! Janice stuck her tounge out a Sandra andgave hera rassberry. Sandra just stood there and said nothing more to her sistor.

Janice went onwith her piss. When she did finally finished her entrire swimsuite as most o the top f was wete with piss making it darker. Her piss also made a very muddy looking piss puddle in the dirt path. Then Janice got up rom her squat. She took a hold of her bathingsuites shoulder straps and started shuffling away over to the lake. The way she was walking trying to keep her piss soaked swimsuite off of her was so funny! Both I and Sandra began to laugh. Sandra was over her anger with her sistor now. Janice waded quickly out into the lake squated down quickly and she made sure her entire swimsuite became wet.

Janice then popped right up from her squat in the water furned around and faced Janice and I. She said to us laughing; See you can't tell that I pissed all over my swimsuite now. Then as she started wadeing back to shore only then she pulled her swimsuite back up covering her nudity! When she stepped up on shore then she realized wht she had done. Gee I hope I wasn't seen by anyone! Both Sandra and I laughed harder and Janice joined in with us.

Then Janice picked up her white top and shorts off the ground and we proceeded to the beach agian. Sandra on the way now took out her hundred dollars and told me to put in my wallet too so I did. We soon came out of the woods an were at the beach. I went over to where there was another ranger station and gave the ranger my wallet and got a receipt for it which I would turn in to get my wallet back. Then we went to the beach put our big towels down on the sand. Janice ran down to the water and went right in while Sandra and I got undressed and then we went in together. To be continuied.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Keith D

Pooping at work

To Wendy: You say you don't like to poop at work and try and hold it in. Can I ask why? What could be better than enjoying a good healthy poop at work, on company time and getting paid to do it?


Rachels ???? bug story

I read Rachels story about the time she caught a ???? bug from her sister & how she pood her panties waiting for her sister to come out of the bathroom. I had similar experience a year ago with my ex boyfriend. He'd been trying to pursued me to poo my panties in front of him for ages & I kept refusing to. He promised to do it in his pants if I did it but I knew he wouldn't keep his part of the bargain & kept saying no. Well one night I came home from work dying for a poo. He said he needed to go too & made me wait outside the bathroom while he had a massive poo. He took ages & listening to his turds plopping into the toilet made me even more desperate. If took so long I'm sure he wasn't just having a poo in there! By the time he came out I was nearly pooing myself & he wouldn't let me into the bathroom. He told me to do it in my panties & I was tempted but I didn't trust him to keep it quiet. He had a camera & wanted take photos of me pooing myself. There was no way I was going to let that happen & threw him out of the house. The funny thing was I lost control & totally messed my pants & he never got to see it anyway.

When I was younger I used to be shy about doing a poo at someone else's house. I'd always hold it untill I got home but one day I went to my mate Emmas house after school, for a sleep over. I hadn't been for a poo since the day before & was getting desperate so I asked Emma if I could use her toilet. She said, "You're not having a crap are you?" I said, "Well actually yes I am." Emma said, "Can't it wait untill tomorrow? Only I like to keep my toilet spotlessly clean." I was almost pooing myself by now so waiting untill tomorrow was not an option! I told Emma I had to go really bad & she told me, "Well in that case you'd better go. But you'll have to let me go first." I said, "Ok." Emma went into her toilet & I waited by the door for her to finish. I could hear her pulling her jeans & panties. She farted & I could hear several splashes. She gave a sigh of relief & hearing all the sound effects made me want to go even more. Emma took ages & after half an hour I was within an inch of pooing my panties. Eventualy, Emma flushed & I felt so relieved to be able to get to the toilet in time. Emma came out of the toilet telling me it was a bit smelly in there but I didn't care. All I wanted was to get to that toilet without messing my panties. As soon as I entered the room the smell hit me. God knows what Emma had been eating but whatever it was it made her poo stink. There were some thick skid marks below the water & when I sat down the seat felt hot. I relaxed & let out a torrent of small soft poos. There was a short pause followed by some diarrhoea & gas. I sat there for a while & pushed out some more diarrhoea followed by some more soft stuff. It was such a relief after holding it in for nearly two days.

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