I am Amy, my youger sister Jasmin has posted about me on page 1830 which i saw recently when she left her page logged on and having seen what Jasmin has posted and I read through a lot of the other posts I thought it was time I wrote something.

Ok so a little more about me - I like having a good poo and like to go every day around 5 pm. If I need to go in the day I hold it till my usuall time and after Ive done it I strain for about 5 mins to make sure I am empty. If I dont feel I need a poo, which is most days, I still sit on the toilet straining hard untill I make myself go. I strain so hard I nearly always bleed. If I havnt done any poo after an hour I know I am constipated and get off and go back later and try again, if it feels like its coming I keep straining for another 20 mins. if its there I keep straining for a bit longer If not I get off and go back later.When I was younger I stayed there untill I did it or untill mom said I had done enough and could get off. I do get constipated a lot more nowadays and I have been for the last few days. It started I suppose on Monday evening when I sat on the toilet straining for an hour and only did a couple of hard lumps like pebbles.When I went for my poo on Tuesday evening I tried for an hour and couldnt do anything then went out with my friends we ate Mc d's, and all sorts of other stuff. By the time I got home I had stomach ache so I went for another try on the toilet but again I couldnt do anything. My bum felt really full and lots of pressure inside and I felt my bum hole when I strained it felt swollen and I could feel this hard poo inside but it wouldnt come out so I ended up going to bed very sore and very constipated.
I dont mind admitting that although I am 15 I still occasionally wet the bed, when I am constipated I wet it a lot every night and sometimes some poo comes out so I keep my knickers on. Our cleaning lady makes my bed with a plastic sheet and an old bath towel on when I am constipated,she seems to know when I am, probably from the soiled knickers she finds in our bathroom near the toilet.
The cleaning lady comes in during the day to do the house work as both mom and dad are tied up with running their business, She sorts wet beds, washes soiled knickers and never tells mom who she knows is real strict about these sort of things. I know Jasmin has already mentioned I soil my knickers when I am constipated in her post.
On Wednesday morning I decided to try to poo before going to school, much to jasmins annoyance, and spent about half an hour straining like there was no tomorrow which my piles protrude and bleed but managed to do a pebble of hard poo. I tried to go at school during lunch and made my piles really bad and bleed alot and again when I got home for more than an hour as I could feel this huge lump of poo was stretching my bum it felt like it was tearing and my piles were so big and swollen and when I got off the toilet they remained swollen on sticking out and probably will now untill I do it. Today I tried for half hour before school and did a pebble. As I was leaving for school I told mom that I couldnt poo. She said to stay at home today and make sure I did it.I had 4 more visits to the toilet today, the first from 9.30 till about 1045 when the cleaner wanted to clean our bathroom, I did a small fat piece of poo about 4 inches long. I went and laid on my stomach on my bed as that helps, I got cramps and went back on the toilet I strained and strained but it wouldnt come out and the urge to push had gone so I went and laid on my bed again. I went back to the toilet and sat there for about an hour straining and some jelly like stuff came out. I left it for a while as my piles were huge again.
Mom came in from work and we ate dinner, She asked if I had been, I said no, and then asked if jasmin had - yes I said she did a lot. I decided to stay there untill I did it this time and I finally managed to get that huge lump out after straining on it for about an hour and a half, it slowly emerged and really split may already swollen and sore bum and made my eyes water it stretched me so much. I kept straining and pushed out several more logs of hard poo and some softer stuff I spent about 2 on the toilet that time. I got off and cleaned up and had to wear a pad in my knickers as my piles are so bad.

Ok So something about Jasmin.

When Jas was younger she used to do it in her knickers on her way home from school or sometimes at school so she didnt have to sit on the toilet,she still tries to do it in her knickers when she is really constipated,so mom makes her go on a morning instead, when mom is out early I have to make her go.
Jasmin wet the bed every night till recently and wore trainer pants or pullups in bed she also had to poo on the toilet before bed in case she did it in her pullup - she still wears plastic pants in bed for that reason.
When Jas is sitting on the toilet straining she makes huummm sounds and does squeaky farts. Jas gets constipated from eating lots of sweets, her favourite pastime when on the toilet is eating sweets and reading her books.

I cant think of anything else at this point

If you want to ask something feel free.



To: Guilty Mom

Hey, yes, you did perhaps misjudge the situation and your daughter's level of need for the bathroom. Things like that happen. You've said your self that she tends to be a bit melodramatic when it comes to her bathroom needs, so it's understandable. Don't forget that she's at an age where everything's a big deal and often blown out of proportion. (The raging hormones of the teen years.) Give her a little time to cool off. Let her know in a supportive way that you'd love to talk to her when she is ready. Believe it or not, there will be a day when she'll be able to look back on it and laugh. Stop being the victim as that's not helping her either. Work with her on getting over the shyness about indicating her need to go to the bathroom until it's almost too late. I can understand this around strangers, but not in front of family and good friends. Something to consider is that going at the least "twinge" of needing to go out of fear of an accident, may contribute a diminishing bladder capacity. Perhaps she needs to work on increasing that capacity when where she feels safe in terms of being able to get to a bathroom. Kegal exercises, starting and stopping urine flow when voiding, and practice holding her urine as long as possible a couple of times a week. A good thing to do here is to have her measure the volumes when she does this and keep track of it to see what her progress is. You might point out to her that her anxiety about having an accident, may be contributing to the problem. hang in there, and forgive yourself for what happened. Your not perfect. Just <u>don't do it again.<u/> LOL (Just kidding.)


No van!

I got up late for work yesterday & there wasn't time to poo before I left home. I thought I'd be fine holding it untill after work. (I hate pooing at work.) Well I'd been feeling the pressure building in my bowels all morning but by break time the urge had passed so I decided to leave it untill after work. After my break I went back to my checkout but after about ten minutes I could feel the pressure building again. I had three hours to in before my shift ended I was really desperate. I didn't fancy doing it at work though & decided to go in in the old van. It was quite a long walk to the alley where the van was & by the time I got there I was nearly pooing my panties. When I got to the spot where the van was, there was just a patch of bare earth where the weeds were shaded from the light. I had lost my toilet! Now I had to find somewhere else to do my business & fast as I was having a hard time golding it. There was nowhere. All there was were a few small bushes but they weren't big enough to hide behind properly. I'm out of time now so I'll post later to finish the story.

RE: Worried Mother

Relax- It's actually a good thing that your daughter is not horribly embarassed by her accidents. Think about it, would you rather her be emotionally damaged by this?

I speak from experience, my cousin's son began having issues controlling his bladder around age 4 and it continued until age 9 or 10. She took him to a urologist and it was determined that he had a slightly over-active bladder. He was given a mild medicine and eventually grew out of it around age 12. It sounds as though your daughter is suffering from a similar condition. My cousin's son would get the sudden urge and not be able to put off urinating long enough to reach a toilet.

The best thing you can do is watch for signs that she has to go and quickly aid her in getting to a toilet or private area. Allowing her to wear goodnites may help, but most of all DO NOT panic or make her feel bad, she can not help what is happening to her.


Response to Guilty Mom

Hi, I know that it took some courage to write about your teenage daughter and to admit that you may have "messed up" regarding your daughter's accidents, but I really see some insensitivity toward your daughter. I am 29, and am an only child, and have written about an accident before in which my mother was very consoling. Though I have strong control over my bodily functions, from others who would open up and talk about it there seems to be a varying degree of bladder and bowel control among those who are "normal."

Let's face it, teenagers are sensitive and self-conscious. At the same time, others can be downright mean. Teenagers are ridiculed for defecating at school or passing gas. So, to have an accident is mortifying to them, especially in front of her friends or in a public situation. Too, teens are self-conscious to talk about bodily functions, especially having to have a bowel movement. So, you must realize that your daughter feels very vulnerable. She is afraid and that fear could really affect her life. And, by having the accident, her worst fears were confirmed.

And, knowing your daughter's history with bladder and bowel control, to keep her from the bathroom is really mean. At least, that is the way that she is interpreting your response to her needs. She is angry and you have lost her trust. I knew that I could trust my mother with anything, including my thoughts, my obsessions, and temptations.

The best thing that you can do is apologize and allow her (not force her) to forgive you. You need to EARN her trust back, which will take time. You will have to be patient. Too, finding some ways to treat her and spoil her a little with things that she enjoys doing would be in order.

Then, I would talk to your daughter and assure her, that when she tells you she has to go, that you will find a restroom. Talk to her about whether she feels comfortable with a public restroom. With the lack of privacy, an attractive young girl going to do her business is a prime target for a pervert. Please be aware of her feelings, her sensitivity, and the fact that she may need to go home to have a bowel movement. I know that it is inconvenient for you and you may have incredible control of your bowels and bladder, and not be able to relate to what she is feeling. But, this is your daughter. You love her. Let her know that you will be sensitive to her needs.

I hope that everything works out with you and your daughter.

Kate M.

Reply to moms of 7 year old Alexandra and 15 year old girl

Moms, your daughters may have bladder infections or interstitial cystitis. Please go see your family doctor or go to a walk in clinic immediately. Bladder infections can infect the kidneys and cause real damage; if it is a bladder infection, believe me, one often has very little control. To the mom of the 15 year old girl, I have to pee very often and waiting

@Worried Mother: I think you're over reacting. People get over wetting themselves at different rates. You shouldn't be so freaked out about it.


Skidmark Fixer

Dear Skidmarks,

Oh, I'm sorry, Dear Vincene,

The only way to prevent skidmarks is to wear thicker and darker panties so the skidmarks only show when you take the panties down. Actually, I wear MEN'S low rise string bikini briefs. They are manufactured by Jockey and I buy them at Walmart. They have dark solid colors and on many occasions I have discovered skidmarks on the inside when I take them off but when I look at the outside nothing shows. Because they are low rise bikini style, I do not get teased for wearing men's underwear.

That only leaves my mom and the laundry. For that, I wear the marked underwear in the bath and wash them when I wash myself. I soap them as I lather and rinse them under the tap. I put them in a plastic bag and take them back to my bedroom where I lay them out to dry. The next day I through them in the laundry and nobody knows I didn't wipe well enough.

Hey everyone. Got another story to share about Beth. Kind of a short one this time. I was not with her at the time but she texted me yesterday about 1:00 and told me she was pooping. I told her now was hardly the time to be getting me aroused (I was around other people). About 5 minutes later, I asked if she was still pooping and she said she was. Then another 5 minutes went by and I asked her if she was still pooping. A minute went by without an answer so I said "you must be wiping right about now". She said she wasn't and that she was still pooping. I was really getting a buzz from this. Never have a known her to poop for so long. I asked her what was taking so long and she said she had the poops bad. I made a joke about after pooping that long, it must be up to the brim of the toilet. She said it almost was. I was turned on to the max after she told me that. Later on I talked to Beth on the phone and asked her if she was exaggerating about the amount of poop in the toilet and she said, no it really was almost full. I asked her if it was almost touching her butt and she said it was. Then I asked if she could even see the water in the toilet and she said no she couldn't. So I guess it really was as full as she claims. Later that afternoon she tried calling me to tell me she was pooping again. It was diahrea like before and she said it was just as much as earlier.

Without actually seeing it, I find this somewhat hard to believe. She told me one time (I hope this doesn't gross anyone out) that she was so sick, throwing up, that the toilet was about full to the brim with vomit. Beth is not a large girl by any means. She's not skin and bones but not thick either. I have seen her unclothed and she has a very attractive body in my opinion. For such a small girl, she sure can hold a lot in her because I've never heard of someone her size pooping/peeing/vomiting as much as she is apparently capable of. I'm not turned on at all by vomiting but the peeing and pooping sure does. Has anyone here ever filled a toilet up to the brim in just one session as she described to me?

Two days ago I took my new girlfriend to a Steak restaurant.
She is 6ft tall slim with curves.
Anyhow, she ordered one of those 64oz steaks, (the ones they give you for free if you eat them all).She said she would pay for it if she didnt finish it.
Well, she actually ate all of it, & got it for free!
We left the restaurant and headed back to her apartment for coffee.
as I was waiting in her kitchen she disapreared to her bathroom.
She let out the loudest fart I have ever heard, it was like a short explosive blast!
She came back, had coffee with me and said nothing.
I drank my coffee and went home as i had a trip to go on.
She invited me over for tea tonight, it was pasta, she ate 3 platefuls!
I said to her where fo you put it all, she said she had a big appertite.
After the meal we cuddled up on the sofa, she complained of stomach pain, and that she had been constipated for days
I gave her a deep stomach massage, then about 30 minutes later she went to the toilet.
I could help hearing her groaning on the toilet, when she had finished she called me into her bathroom
She had dropped a massive turd into the toilet, she said it was very painful to pass, but she felt great.
Realising the turd was going no where I fished it out and put it in the outside trashcan.
She was still in discomfort, I took a look at butt hole it was all torn and beeding.


Question for Canadian Kelly

What do you mean by full cut bikini panties? I know what bikini panties are but what do you mean by full cut?


Locked out of my house.

I was waiting for my sister to get home and let me in. I was sat on a step in a knee length blue dress and matching knickers. After a while of needing to pee my bladder emptied itself. A puddle formed underneath me and down the steps. I peed for about 45 seconds. My dress was totally soaked, but I felt so much better. My sister was very understanding and washed my clothes for me.

Thank you
Emily x


Constipated still

i still very backed up i have had no luck with the stool softeners or any thing like that and im not allowed 2 have prunes. And just last nite my hubby could here me straining and grunting from the bathroom and he said u ok? I said no :( then he said what can i do 2 help? I said i dunno then he said here is a magaizine u can read that 2 try 2 relax then 40 mins later im trying he is holding my hands saying push push push then i grabed my fists 2gether and just pushed then he rubbed my ???? got the hot weat bag and put it on my ???? 2 hours later nothing :-( and i don't really like laxtavies :(

Does any 1 else have any other ideas how 2 help like ideas u could use on the toilet 2 help constiption thxz

Hi, I'm a long-time lurker and first time poster. I just thought I would start sharing with you all my experiences over the years. FYI, I'm male, 19 and from the UK. I guess I'd say average height and build- pretty unremarkable! I'll try and write this quickly because I need a poo right now.

So anyways, lastsummer my parents and I went to an airshow about 50 miles from us. It was a great day out, made more memorable by an interesting bathroom-related event that happened.
It was a hot day so I had made several trips to the toilets to get rid of all the water I'd been drinking. Then in the afternoon the picnic lunch I'd eaten worked its way down and began knocking hard. Unfortunately this was just as one of the stars of the show, the Eurofighter Typhoon, was taking off to display, so of course I had to watch that. I waited until something less interesting came on and made my way to the bathrooms.
As anyone who's ever been to an airshow will no doubt know, the queues for the toilets are....usually quite long, shall we say. Luckily since this was a big show there were about twenty of those portacabin-type things with a few cubicles and sinks in, fairly evenly split between women and men, in the nearest toilet area to me, so I walked quickly over there and luckily found a queue with only three guys in front of me. I joined it and waited. I paid no attention to the queue forming behind me, instead watching the helicopter display team that was performing. I did notice, though, that from the queue you could see under the doors of two of the three cubicles in this cabin, but I didn't look too closely. Finally I was next in line, which was lucky because I could tell it was going to be a big poo and it was pushing hard. The middle toilet flushed and the door opened, and to my surprise out came a woman in her mid-thirties! Understandable I suppose, since the queues for the ladies are always longer, and I wasn't going to complain! I climbed the steps and sidled past her as she waited to use the sink, quickly locking the door behind me. Someone else came in and headed for the urinals. The toilet to my left, the other one I could see from outside, flushed and whoever was inside left, replaced almost immediately by someone who went in and shut the door as quickly as I had.
I dropped my trousers and boxers and sat on the seat still warm from the (not unattractive) previous occupant, relieved that I was on a toilet, and so relatively quickly, too! I heard the rustling of my neighbour doing the same, and I peed a bit while I got settled. Normally I enjoy taking a dump in a toilet with someone in the next cubicle or somewhere in the bathroom doing the same, but I felt a bit shy when I remembered people outside could see my feet under the door. So I waited for a high-speed (and therefore loud) pass by whatever jet was now displaying, and dropped my first load. A fart, followed by a big log that slid home quietly. I let out a little sigh of relief- it felt good.
My neighbour moaned softly and I heard two logs plopping into the bowl. I looked at the floor and reflected in a puddle of presumably piss I could see their feet. Sandals, pink nail paint and feminine-looking jeans? Could this be a woman taking a dump in the cubicle next to me? It certainly seemed that way. I could hardly believe my luck! I pushed out a blast of mushy shit, making it loud so my neighbour knew I was pooing too. She then followed suit, releasing what I assumed was a wave of chunky diarrhoea similar to mine. Next came a couple of soft balls of poo from me, and then a fart and a log from my neighbour. I pushed out another log and she followed suit, and then with a final fart and a couple of balls of poo, came silence. A minute or so later I heard the tearing of toilet paper. I wanted to get out first to see who I had just shared a (relatively) intimate poop experience with, so I hurriedly pushed out my final two logs, but it was too late. By the time I started to wipe my neighbour had flushed and left. Needless to say I spent most of the day looking for someone who matched what I saw of her feet and shoes- and eventually I found her! Just as we were starting to leave at the end of the show, I realised she was sitting just a few dozen feet from us with her boyfriend. She was about 22-25, with short brown hair and a pair of big cheesy sunglasses, and an rather nice figure! I was amazed that I had heard her pooing just inches away from me, the other side of a thin wood partition in the cramped toilet cabin thing! It was an amazing experience and I'm sure I'll never forget it.

Well, hope you enjoyed my first story there. I have to go now because I really have to shit! I will probably write another one after I get back. Well bye for now!

Upstate Dave

A Day At The Sate Park

Hello to all. Let me answer PeePee's survey first.
3.couldn't make it
4.I was alone
7.I at this time was going home after sgchool. I had a long bus ride which was 40 miutes long and I on the bus started getting very painfull gas pains and my guts were rumbling. I knew that I had a case of bad diarrha comming on. The pressure to go as I sat there on the bus increased every mile and I fought hard to keep from going!

Now the long bus ride was the first bus ride. We would stop at the middle school to tranfer busses which would be the bus that would drop me off at the stop near my house. I still had about 600 yards to get to my house from the bus stop. I could have gone in the middle school and use the bathroom then. But if I did I would have missed my bus and had a 5 mile walk from the school.So I didn't and got on my second bus.

What was good about the second bus my stop was the frst stop that the bus made on its route. So the time on this bus would be short. But I was having a real hard time to keep from going dirrhea in my pants! I was squirming around in the seat,broken out in a hard sweat, and had my butt cheeks squaeezed as hard as I could get them.

In less then ten minutes I was at my stop and quickly got off the bus. Right after getting off the bus I had to fight real bad to keep from going right there as I stood by the side of the highway waiting to cross it. I could have made a choise for right where I was standing was a friends house which I could have gone down to and use my friends bathroom. But this time of day no one would be here so that was out.

Traffic cleared and I crossed the highway and every so slowly started walking up my road to get home. I had to constently stop to keep from shiting myslef. What a struggle. I was now comtomplating of just going outside which on the one side of the road was my neighbors property but where I was right then there was no cover to do it. I would have been right out in the open of the highway and would have been seen.

So I started again to do my slow starting and stopping slow walk up my road. I managed to get as far as where there were pine trees that my neighbor had along the road now. I stopped again and almost went and ducked through the fence and go into the pine trees. I couldn't! My nieghbor was oustide mowing the grass at the start of the row of pine trees! That was now out to go here.

Again I resumed my struggling walk to get home. As I went around the turn in my road my house was now in sight! Not far to go now only a few hundred feet. Dave your'e almost there! I thought to myself. I got as far as the side yard of my house. I had to stop for I had anotherreal hard attack and I again had to keep from going right there! Now also I had to make a choice. I could have walked to the other side of my house turn and go to the door on that side of the house and go inside. Or I could cut through the yard that I was standing by and go through the side door on this side of the house.

It was a no brainer. Where I was cut through the yard here for it was a shorter distance to go. I was headed to the same bathroom which I could go to which was off the kitchen anyway by going either way. I felt the preasure ease up just a litle right then so I took off at a run now heading through the yard heading for the side door.

I got halfway and suddenly I had dirrhea shooting explosivly out of my asshole into my white briefs that I had on under my new tan pants! Was it ever wet,smely and filled my briefs to overflowing! I froze in my tracks! I also now had it running down the inside of both of my pant legs! Now I could smell it and boy did it ever stink! Now that it had happened I justlet it keep comming out which it did.

By the time my dirrhea stopped most of my tan pants legs had been soiled. My tan pants were dark brown as far as the back of them,up in front in the crotch,and most of my pants legs and even my white socks wer mostly brown. I was so mad! I only had about less then fifteen feet to go which included the distance to get to the bathroom off the kitchen inside.

So what I did after I had stopped since I was out of view from the road was that I took off my tan pants,my former white briefs,and my socks. They were all ruined. So I walked down to the end of the yard and heaved them down the hill. Then I walked around to the back of the house where we had a hose turned it on and washed myself down with the hose rael good. Boy that felt good to get all the shit off me.

I turned off the hose and went inside went upstairs to me bedroom got a complete change of clothes, went into the upstairs bathroom and took a very long hot shower. That felt great too. Now this happened back in 1969 and the tan pants that I had shit on with the massive amounts of dirrhea and my white cotten briefs too may still be down on the side of the hill still!

Now lets go on with my story. My grandmother had picked up me and the girls. Now I was going to see how close the girls did live to my grandmothers property. It wasn't all that far at all. My grandmother stopped and Sandra and Janice got out form the backseat. Sandra told me to come with them. So I got out with them.

We waked up to the house going around to the back of it and thier mom was oustide in the ayrd. Both girsl introduced me to thier mom which the way they first said thier introduction was to me funny. Hey mom meet the guy we have been working with! De Dunns grandson they said next. Then they said my first name. The girls mom said it was nice to meet me and I said the same back to her. The two girls went inside and I talked with thier mother while I waited for them to come back out.

Thier mom and I made small talk about having my grandmother as a new neighbor. Also she asked me what the new house was going to look like. I told her it was going to be different for it was going to be octogon shaped. That is going to be different! the girls mom said back to me. I can't wait to see it then she also added. I said the same thing back to her. I also told her that they should start building it next week and should be up and done in less then a month too.

The girls came back outside and I said to the mom; It was nice to met you. She said the same thingback to me a I walked back to my grandmothers car and we got in. Next stop was my grandmothers house which we had to pick up waht we were taking to the park as far as food, drinks, snacks, my grandmothers Srabble game, and I a change of clothes.

We wer at my grandmothers in ten minutes. We all went inside. In the kitchen my grandmother asked for help there in the kitchen to get the stuff together. Janice said she would help. Sandra also said she would help but she needed to use the bathroom. I told her I'll show you where it is. So Sandra and I walked out of the kitchen into the dinningroom. The bathroom had a door that was in the dinningroom and I walked over to it and I went inside with Sandra right behind me.

The reason I went into the bathroom wa there was a second door which was one that connected the bathroom to the bedroom next to it that I was using. It wass a shorter way to go then going to the other door that was in my bedroom too. I showed the bedroom that I was using to Sandra. My grandfather had decorated this room. (he had died several years ago. It had a lot of american indian stuff in it along with a indian pony hide rug on itsfloor. Sandra though that was so neat!

I told Sandra go take your piss while I didg out my change of clothes. Sandra walked back into the bathroom using the bedrooms connecting door leaveing it open. I heard her go to the other door closed it and heard her hook the lock. I heard her come back through the bathroom and she left my bedroom door to the bathroom wide open!

I at this time was diggingout what I was going to wear at the park so I was rimmagng through my rucksack gettig my clothes out that I was going to wear.Sandra said to me; Aren'y you going to watch? She giggled hard too when shge asked me. I looked up and Sandra was standing in the open doorway. Let me go lock the bedroom door! I quickly said to her. I got up hurried over to the other door and I locked it. Then I hurried right back to the other door to the bathroom.

Now Sandra was standing at the front of the toilet. She pulled down a red pair of shorts she had changed into at her house when we had stopped. Under her shorts she had put on a bikini styled swimsuit which was blue. She slipped down the bikini bottom letting it fall to the floor at her sneakers. Then she sat down on the toilet seat to piss.

It only took Sandra a quick second or two to start. Her stream came ou strong with a very loud hiss, and splashed noisily in the bowl. I stood there watching with a smile. Niether one of spoke at firstwhile Sandra pissed. The n Sandra asked me what was I going to wear at the park. I had what I was going to put on slung over my one arm. Oh I said these. I had a pair of cutoff jeans sort, a pair of jeans, a light grey tshirt and a regualr pull over shirt for later in the day.

Sandra took a pretty long piss this time too. It satyed hard and kept up its loud hissing and noisy splashing almost the entire time she pissed. Only just before she stopped the hissing stopped and the splashing was much less. Thn Sandra stopped. But she must have given a push to make sure that she had emptied her bladder. For she let out a short but loud fart but she didn't have any piss come out with the push just her fart.

She reached over and ripped of some toilet paper and wiped her self off with one quick wipe. Stood up bent over pulled her bkini botom up a long with her shorts together. She held her shorts up at her thighs as she slipped her bkini bottm up the rest of the way and then her shorts after. She flushed the toilet and then she asked me if I was going to change now. I told her I was. Good mind if I watch? I laughed and tod her to come in. She laughed I stepped back into the bedroom and she joined me.

I stripped right down quickly taking off my work shorts and the briefs I had on also. Sandra giggled just a little for my penis was erect and she looked at till I had slipped my cutoff jeans shorts on. Then I took off the shirt I had on put on the grey tshirt and that was it for now. The pair of jeans and te other shirt wre for later.I went over to the door I had locked unlocked it.

I;ll go out this way and you go out thrtough te bathroom. I'll meet you in the dinningroom. Sandra let out a little giggle got up from my bed and went through the bathroom door and I met her in the dinningroom. Back out to thelitchen we went and pitched in gathering up what was to be taken with us for the day. Once that was done out to the car we wnet put everything in the trunk got in and we left heading to the new state park.

Fifteen minutes later we wer there and pulled in and stopped at the rangers station. My grandmother paid the girl ranger. She told us we could go down either road to get to the picnic area. There was a fork ahead of us where the road split into two seperate roads. My grandmother took the left fork. The speed limit was 15mph which it was a ways to get down to the lake,the parkinglot, and the picnic area.

Now before the area had become the park there were compa on the lake. As we came to the backside of thge lake there was one of the old camps still there but it was all boarded up but had been fixed back up and it looked nice. That turned out to be the only camp left standing the rest of them all had been torn down.

We soon had reached the parkinglot that was the closest to the icnic area. Mygrandmother parked and we got out grabbed all our belongings out of the trunk and started walking to the short wak to thepicnic area. Now not know to me mygrandmother had prearranged to meet one of her friends who was already here. So she told us and we walked to the picnic table where we were to meet up with my grandmothers friend.

In minutes we were at the table where her friend was. Her friend had cjosen a good table. It was in the shade out of the sun,had the fireplace and habachi close by it. Plus the bathroom building was only fifty feetaway which the girls liked having it so close. (as you will find out it was nice to have it close for me too!) We set our stuff up and since we all had not had lunch yetwe made up a hearty lunch and we all ate.

After eating and picking up from lunch the Scrabble game got setup on the table. The girls and I couldn't go swimming yet so we joined in to play. So we did. Now while we played oneof the snacks that was brought was black licorce candy which were hard type not the thisn strings ortwisted thicker long pieces. I snacked on them eating more of them then the girls, and my grandmother.

This was a mistake on my part. Licorice acts like a laxitive if you eat to much of it over a short period of time. I had done this too! As the game was nearing its end thelicorce kicked in and I could feel that I had a case dirrhea comming on strong! I held myself back to keep from going and not letting the girls,my grandmother, and her friend that I had to go. Boy was that ever so hard to do too.

Thankfully the game ended which I wound up winning. I hurridly got up from the bench at the table. I said excuse me I have to go! That brought giggles from both girls and my grandmother. (she knew about the laxitive powers that licorice had!) I ran the fifty feet to the bathroom building ran inside the mns room over to one of the stalls slammed thedoor loudly ripped down my jeans short =s and sat down hard on the black toiklet seat!

I let out a loud very wet fart to start off with. Then I started haing spurts of very runny dirrhea shoot hard out of my asshole which smeld bad, splashed loudly, and burned my asshole as it came out of it. I sat ther with my eyes tightly shut and very stiffly as the dirrhea just poured out of me. It would ease off and stop only for a few seconds which I would feel much better for when it did take its very short pause. But that ws just for the time that I did pause.

Then I would have another hard painfull cramp which I would tense right back up agin and start doing a nother hard spurt of dirrhea come spurtig out hard of my asshole! This went on repeatedly. I sat there now thinking to myslef; Come on please! When is this ever going to stop!

I dodn't know how long I had been sitting there on the toilet in the mens room shitting my brains out with my bad dirrhea attacks. It had been long enough to raise some concern. For I heard Sandras voice and she must have been outside by the doorway to the mens room when she said asking me if I was ok. I told her I was for the most part. I got a bad case of the runs from the licorice. I heard her giggle slightly.Then she told me that my grandmother had told them that might be what had happened to me. I got a litle mad about that for a quick short momnet only. I had another hard crmp and I released anothr hard spurt of dirrhea out of myasshole.

Hering my dirrhrea make its loud splash even fromthe doorway of th emns room Dandra aagin asked me if I was ok. I said yes back to her. I did several moore psurts of dirrea in a row but the intensity of the spurts was less on each one of them. I knew I was nearing the end? At least that's what I hoped for. It was for I went and now only did many wet farts in a row and thepent up gas inside of me eased off and the cramps easd up to and then I did stop.

I ever os carefully wiped off myasshole for with the acid that was in my dirrhea hurt when I wiped my asshole. But I nanaged to get it wiped off. I got up from the toilet. I did take a quick look down at the bowl. It ws filled with tannish colored water and many little pieces of tan colored strings of shit. I flushed it and I pulled my cutoff shorts up and hurridly got out of the stall to get out of my stink!

I was right Sandra was standing in the entance way to the mensroom. I had walked over to the sinks along the wall to wash my hands and I also wanted to use warm water and sopa to wash my asshole off too. So Iasked Sandra to stay there and watch for any guys heading towards the menroom. I need to wash my asshole off. Sandra couldn't help let out a giggle but told me she would. So I slid my shorts down ran some warm water and wtted a papertowl with the warm water and the liquid soap and washed my asshole right there at the sink. I did it quickly and oh it felt so good to do it too!

I tossed the brown paper towel in the trash pulled my cutoos up and zipped them up and did the snap. I walked over to Sandra who had stood guard which no one had came and we walked away togther and went back to the table. i was aked bymy grandmother if I was ok. I told her I was and I also added saying. I'll never do that again. Sandra,Janice,my grandmothe, and my grandmothers friend eithe smiled,giggled,or laughed. This would be the start of the day at the park. For me it was a bad one but soon it would be much better. I'll stop here for now but will go on with more for there is much more that happened. Upstate Dave

Louise p


Hi, whenever I go for a poo I get a urge to go, sit on the toilet push..then nothing.
After waiting for a minute I wait for the urge to come back, then I push again.
Usually on the second go my poop all shoots out in one go.
Today whilst shopping at the mall I had to go.
I sat pushed waited, pushed then my poo camr out in one super fast lump.
It crashed into the toilet witha big spudoosh totally soaking my bum.
Someone in the ladies said "wow what was that??"
After wiping I looked into the toilet whilst flushing.
It did the same as any other toilet I use - filled up and didnt empty.
I must do heavy or big poops I guess



When I got up this morning I had really bad ???? ache. I knew I had the runs so I ran to the toilet. As soon as I got to the toilet I took down my panties, (I sleep in just my panties) & sat down. The moment my bum touched the seat, wet diarrhoea literaly exploded into the toilet. It felt like a gallon of liquid poo had been pumped out of my bum & the relief was almost as good as sex! It was lucky I was at home at the time because I only just made it to the toilet. If I'd waited for even a few minutes I would have messed my panties big time.


After work crap

I came home from work tonight dying for a crap. I had to run upstairs holding my bum & it was already coming out into my knickers by the time I got there. I had to get my trousers down fast & my zip had jammed. I frantickly pulled at it & all the time I was crapping my knickers. By the time I managed to get my trousers down my knickers were totally messed. I sat on the toilet & did another 4 big turds & when I was done I dropped my crap filled knickers into the toilet & flushed.

I love playing with my dirty shit & wee! Ha ha. But seriously. I came home from work busting for a crap but I wanted to finish my game on my DS first. It was the last level & took ages to complete & my urgent need to have a crap was making it hard to concentrate so it took longer to play. That of course made me even more desperate to go & by time I'd killed the last alien I was almost crapping my knickers. Then there was the big mother ship to destroy & that was really hard. I could feel my crap pushing its way out of my arse so I pushed my bum down has against my chair to stop it coming right out. The mother ship was really hard to destroy & I kept dying. (I was dying for a crap too!) Well eventually I managed to destroy it & the game was complete. I dropped my DS on the floor & ran to the toilet holding my bum with both hands. When I got to the bathroom I found my sister Zoe was in there having a smelly crap. Fortunately she came out after only five minutes but she hadn't flushed the toilet. I was too desperate to care about the smell or the huge messy crap Zoe had left for me. I didn't even flush it away, I was just glad to make it to the toilet without crapping myself. I practically ripped my trousers & knickers down before thumping down onto the toilet & the moment my bum touched the seat my crap just slipped out into the pan. Zoe must have been on the toilet for ages (she usually does when she craps) & the seat was really hot to sit on. Judging by the soft fluffy texture of her crap, I don't think she was very well & the hotness of the seat meant she had a temperature. I just relaxed as the first turd came out. I did about 6 huge turds right on top of Zoe's & when I flushed the toilet just filled with water & it wouldn't clear the crap away. It took a further 5 flushes to get rid of it all & even then it left some seriously big skid marks. When I came out of the bathroom Zoe was waiting impatiently by the door. She rushed straigt back into bathroom, muttering, "Oh no. Oh no." 5 seconds later I could hear her releasing a torrent of diarrhoea into the toilet. She spent over an hour in there stinking the place out. I guess she'd got a stomach bug or something. Well I went back downstairs to watch some tv & went to bed at about 10. I woke up at about 3 desperate for another crap. It was really urgent & I knew I'd got the bug from Zoe. I ran to the toilet but Zoe was in there again. Not surprisingly she took ages & I was nearly crapping in my pyjamas. Hearing Zoe squirting her diarrhoea into the toilet didn't help & after waiting over half an hour I was starting to lose control. By the time Zoe came back out I had diarrhoea running down my legs & I still needed to go. I rushed into the bathroom, took off my crap filled pyjamas & threw them in the bath. Then I sat on the toilet to finish my runny crap. For the rest of the night we both alternated in & out of the bathroom to release our diarrhoea & a couple of times we both needed to go at the same time. Zoe crapped her knickers twice & I did it once more. The following morning the whole house stank of diarrhoea & we both kept going all day. It must have been something we'd eaten.


Quick Update

Hi everybody - this is just a quick update because I am at work. It is 9.15am and I have just returned from mt morning poop. I felt it as I was travelling in as usual. After taking my coat off and saying good morning I made my way to the ladies toilet. I notices that Priya, a very beautiful Indian girl, was a few paces behind me. I held the dorr for her and said hi as we went into adjacent cubicles. I thought it was her poop time as I had heard her poop at this time before, and sure enough only a very short time after sitting down I heard a little grunt followed by 9 plops - yes 9! in fairly quick sucession. I passed my poop - it was 2 wide bits each about 5 inches long. We both wiped and finished about the same time. At the sinks we chatted and Priya seemed to bring the conversation around to pooping - I think she may share my fascination for other girls pooping habits. She said bet that feels better and I said it sure does - with a smile on my face. I said it sounds if you needed that - and she immediately smiled and started telling me that it was fairly urgent this morning. I think this is something to build on!

Kristen - thanks for your coments. We seem to be synchronised at about 9 at work!. Tell us more about your poops and what you do when you are not in the office.

Must get back to work now.
Love Debbie x

Debbie: I liked your story about the weather lady a lot. Just out of curiosity, how much time passed between the crackle and her plop?

Brian: I like your stories too.

I wish I had some to post, but things have been boring for me.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Post Title (optional) Accident on the motorway

To P{ee Pee

I was about 16

Poo and pee

Traffic accident

Mum knew



It was a simple long traffic hold up and I was desperate to pee and to poo. I was in my schoolgear and on the way home with Mum driving - I should have gone before leaving school But I was late out and Mum was in a rush. After half an hour I told Mum the problem and I was going to have an accident. She put an old dog blanket under my bum and I peed myself watching the wet stain spread all over my trousers and feeling it soaking up the back of them. Then quite simply I raised my bum off the seat and filled my briefs. It was quite firm and I sat on a pad off poo until we got home about two hours later. I dont suppose anyone lkes having an accident in front og their mum aged 16. The others I have had have always been when I have been on my own.

Worried Mother

Help me!!!!

I am really worried about my daughter, Alexandra. She is seven years old (much too old to be having accidents, and is in grade two. I also have a five year old son, and he hasn't wet his pants in ages!

It started two weeks ago, when I got a call from my daughter's school, saying that she had had an accident, and needed a change of clothes, but would resume regular activities afterward. I wasn't sure if that was best, knowing that my daughter was probably humiliated at the thought of wetting her pants!

Much to my surprise, when I got to the school with a change of clothes, ready to meet a tearful daughter begging me to take her home, I found my daughter in the office, happy as can be. She was not humiliated, and did not even seem to care the slightest bit about having wet her pants!

I found that strange, but thought that maybe she just didn't want me to know how embarrassed she was. But then, the next day (Saturday), my family and I decided to go for a walk. There is a wooded area in the neighbourhood, and we decided to take a walk. As we were walking, Alexandra crossed her legs together, and began to look uncomfortable. I asked her if she needed the washroom. She said no. A couple minutes later, she said "Mommy, I need to pee." I looked at her, and saw that there was already a growing patch of wetness around the crotch of her dress. She glanced down at her wet spot, and said, "Mommy, I think I wet my panties." Then she continued walking. She didn't even care!

Then, a couple days later, she and her brother were playing outside. I heard the door open, and my daughter came in. There was a dark spot on her jeans, and I asked her if she had wet her jeans. She nodded, and then was about to go play dolls, when I told her to go change. She reluctantly went to change.

Please help me!!! Why is my daughter wetting herself so often? Se is too old to be doing so! Why does she not even care? If you have similar stories, please share them, and if you have any advice, please share it as well.

Worried Mother

I was coming back from office when breakfast suddenly kicked in. I was in a really empty street so I squat between two parked cars and I let it out. After that, there was a big smelly pile behind a lux car. What a nice view.


Husband had an accident

My 27 year old husband had a minor sharting accident last night. He was peeing and he thought he had to fart, so he did. It wasn't just a fart! He ended up having quite a bit of diarrhea in his underwear. I was in the bedroom when it happened and all I heard from the bathroom was FLURRRRRP! and then "Crap!" I asked what was wrong and he opened the bathroom door (now sitting on the toilet) and he said that he pooped his pants. He said my prediction was right, that if he continued the loud, wet farts eventually he was going to crap himself (he does do lots of loud wet farts). I felt bad for him though because his stomach was bothering him, and the bathroom smelled terrible from all the diarrhea he was having. Luckily he didn't have to throw out his underwear; he rinsed them out in the bathtub to get most of the mess out and then put them in the hamper. No big deal, accidents happen to lots of people :) I even had a sharting accident over a week ago when I thought I was finished having diarrhea from the laxative I was prescribed.

To TJ (Constipated Badley)- Did you try a fleet enema? Or even just a plain water enema? Those work really well, provided you don't use them all the time. I know you're not a fan of laxatives or stool softeners but maybe you should try a stool softener like Colace (Docusate Sodium)or Lactulose Syrup, like what I take. They are gentle and don't cause stomach cramps, and they will help since you drink lots of water anyway. It just helps the poop become softer and easier to come out without nasty side effects like stomach aches and diarrhea. Or you could try prunes or prune juice if you don't want to go the laxative/stool softener route. Hope you'll be okay and that you'll finally get some relief.

Chris Drybread aka toast


Hey all it's been a long time sI nce I posted but nothing out of the normal has happend to me, in tell Sunday. Up intell Sunday I had taken to peeing out in my back yard when no body was home it was sort of fun and eazy but Sunday my mom whom I live with told me to stop!! I don't even know how she found out It's been a long time since i felt that much embarasment. All I can say is that it is good thing that she didn't tell my dad who would have knocked my glasses off my face.

I will do my best to keep you in the loop.

Chris Drybread

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