Guilty mom
OK.... I'm the mother of a beautiful 15 year old daughter, my only child, and while I know most moms embarrass their teens, I have caused her an unjust amount of humiliation recently. First of all, she's always had issues with going to the bathroom... She potty trained at a normal pace and was always cooperative, but just has always been accident prone, she has a weak bladder I suppose. Anyway, she only recently began to overcome bed wetting, she has always worn protective underwear to bed and would wet more than once a week up until about age 12. Now it only occurs once in a rare while.... Rare enough that she no longer needs to wear protective underwear but she still will wet her panties and the bed sometimes. Other than that, throughout elementary school I had a bag with a change of undies and pants in the nurse office for her always... She needed it at least once each year through the 5th grade. It was generally all wetting accidents because she tried to wait too long, but in her 4th grade year she did have a Bm in her undies while in gym class. She was afraid to ask the teacher to go because she was mean, apparently, and she couldn't hold it in with all the running around... THAT was devastating.... Anyway, I'm sure you can imagine this has left her very self conscious. As a teen she is very nervous about spending the night with friends and she is very paranoid with needing the toilet. she gets over anxious when she feels the slightest need to go and doesn't have immediate access to the toilet, and she can get carried away... We'll be on a car ride that's only an hour or two and she'll frantically ask to pullover halfway through. I ask her if she has to go bad, and she says "not really but I'm afraid if I try to wait I'll pee/poop (depending on which she needs) my pants". Most of the time she is over reacting and at the worst she would have a small leak in her pants but nothing more. So, I tend not to take her very seriously these days. That's where we get to my guilt...
Its purely coincidence that each of these incidents have occurred since the new year, normally she doesn't have accidents like this anymore other than the occasional bed wetting. It had been a few years since she last had a day time accident, a wetting on the bus coming home from summer camp when she was 11 or 12. But in January I drove her and two of her close friends to a concert about 3 hours away. On the way home, sure enough she wanted to stop to use the toilet with only 40 minutes or so away from home. I told her it wasn't much longer and she said " mom...." in a snotty, impatient way. I angrily replied " we. Are. Almost. Home." and kept driving. About 25 minutes later I could hear her whining desperately to her friends, then she said, on the verge of tears, " mom, COME ON, I'm gonna pee myself!" and her friends both began to complain too. I was being inconsiderate... I was VERY exhausted and just wanted to get home. It was selfish. I snapped back at her "TEN MINUTES!" not two minutes later she cried out "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU! YOU'RE MAKING ME PEE MY PANTS!" and she began sobbing as her friends tried to console her. I felt SO TERRIBLE! how could I do that to her? Especially with her friends in the car... It was bad, too. She really wet herself, her entire bottom was soaked down to her knees and the car seat was saturated. She was livid with me of course....
Here is the second horrible thing I did... The very next day! one of her friends from the trip was over, and while waiting for my daughter to finish getting ready to go out, we got to talking. She basically let me know how bad she felt about her accident but that she shouldn't be embarrassed.... That's when for some idiotic reason, in the senseless brain if mine I decided it was OK to mention my daughters struggles with bed wetting... STUPID! I guess I was trying to explain why she had the accident, I don't know. But the look her friend got on her face told me immediately that I made a big mistake. Well, she must have told my daughter I said it because she gave me the worst look when I saw her later, and then wouldn't talk to me for two days....
The last incident occurred yesterday. It was very bad, and I really in the hot seat with her now. basically I delayed her from using the toilet again and she had another accident. We are re doing her bedroom and we went shopping to get things. We had finished in lowes getting paint and were at bed bath and beyond. She told me going in that we should hurry up because she had to "go". well, I kept her too long despite her protest when I was making her choose a comforter and sheet set. She gasped in panic and began to rush away suddenly, but she couldn't get to the ladies room quickly enough, and she messed her underwear on the way there.... Near the checkout area with a lot of Saturday shoppers nearby. It was loud and wet sounding and the odor was strong. It... Was... Bad....
Obviously she didn't even finish going to the ladies room, she just left the store and headed straight for the car, balling her eyes out. She was mortified of course, and I was for her. How could I be so stupid again?
She had on a skirt that was loose hanging so at least there was no visible sign of her accident on her bottom, but as I said the smell was bad and she was walking funny and sobbing, so it was obvious to passers by that she had pooped in her underwear. The ride home was awful. Hearing her cry like that was heartbreaking, and it got even worse when she sat down and had to smoosh the mess in her undies. I just apologized profusely the whole ride home but she wouldn't talk to me. When we got home she didn't leave the bathroom for over an hour. Eventually I retrieved her dirty clothes to wash for her. The skirt had become soiled and stained through on the back from when she sat down and it must have squeezed out of her underwear. The panties were a disaster. It was a soft Bm and the load was big, so they were pretty full.... Pretty much the entire seat was stained going into a point right up to the waist band in the back. They're white, too, with a light purple paisley pattern, so the stain didn't come out in the wash and I had to throw them away. Its easily the worst accident she's ever had, and I feel like the worst mom in the world for making her do it, especially just two months after I caused her to have that wetting accident in front if her friends. I've barely seen her and have not spoken to her since the incident.
So, anyway, that's why I am a guilty mom. Any parents out there with some advice on dealing with a teen having an embarrassing accident? it would be much appreciated. Or advice from anyone on how I can talk to her and cheer her up? thank you in advance,
Guilty mom.




Could any of u describe how you wipe? front or back? do u stand up or sit down?


Just Jerika

Can I Get Credit for Toilet Time?

I've told you guys about my problem before. I'm 12, started junior high last fall as a 7th grader, and I'm in a building that until a few years ago served as our district's senior high, until a new senior high was built. I'm only 3'5" (the smallest in my class) and the toilets suck for several reasons. First, they are several inches higher than my grade' schools. When I'm seated on the first 1/4 of the seat, my feet are about 6 inches above the floor. The toilets and seats are much larger than I'm use to and the seats are black. The few times I've sat on black seats has been when I'm traveling with my family or at the city park. I don't know why, but I just think black seats are creepy, and I hate them. Up until last Friday I've been pretty successful at avoiding the bathrooms at school by holding it and going at a gas station right across the street during the 15 minutes I have to wait after school for my bus to arrive, and after the gas station went out of business, I've been finding other places in the school to go. The most recent was the use the teachers' lounge toilet.

Well, last Friday I didn't feel that good when my Mom woke me up. It was like there was something churning in my body, so I didn't eat any breakfast--just had orange juice so my Mom wouldn't suspect I was sick. I first started to feel like I had to crap while about 15 minutes into my bus ride. The driver goes fast, breaks hard and will sometimes misjudge a turn into a subdivision. When this happens, the back wheels on the bus jump the curb and give us all a jolt. Well, that happened twice and I knew that when I got off, I would be making a run for the first bathroom available. About a half hour later when we pulled up to the curb in front of the school, I started to sweat and figured I was probably going to be sick. I just didn't want it to happen in front of everyone on the bus. Even though it was like 30 degrees outside, someone had a window over one seat open and I stood close to it while the others were grabbing their bags and filing off the bus. I cooled myself off a bit until there was a break in the line and I took it.

As soon as I got into the school, I picked up my pace (at least as much as my heavy book bag on my shoulders would let me) and I went directly into the first bathroom.I was lucky--there were like six stalls open and I dumped my bag down in front of one, opened the door and knew I would be on the seat and crapping within like 5 seconds. Actually, it was like a few seconds more because I had to drop the seat and in doing so, it slipped out of my hand and it hit the toilet bowl with a thud. I'm surprised I didn't tear the brass button off the front of my jeans as I fumbled with it and I had difficulty in getting the zipper to go down. How I saved my underwear I don't know, but just as I was yanking it down past mid-thigh, I dropped myself onto the seat and there was a huge blast of gas followed by a torrential drop of largely liquid diarrehea that was over in like 5 seconds, but which I could feel as a warm thing messing up my butt skin. I had instant releif. I put my hands over the front of the seat, slid myself back on it a ways, and was able to see a large part of the bowl contained dark brown diarrehea. I immediately grabbed the first of what was to be like 10 handfuls of toilet paper that were necessary to clean myself and about half way through, my skin started to get irritated to the point that it hurt and then by the last wipe, I started to see a lite amount of blood on it. The smell was awful and the girl waiting for my stall peeked in twice and finally asked me "Are you getting sick in there?" I told her honestly, "Not any more." I pulled up my undies and jeans, walked to the left side of the stall and flushed and when I opened the door to leave, she just turned and took another stall. I don't blame her.

Well, during each of my classes it was like a cycle developed and about half way through, I started feeling sick again. I would get permission from my teacher, sign out and the hurry to the bathroom. It happened 5 more times. Although each time, there was gas and that funny feeling in my stomach, but after blasting off the gas, each time there was a smaller amount of diarrehea, I would wipe, flush and then go back to class. The 4th time was the worst. Although it was during class period, 7 of the 8 stalls were in use and I was getting that feeling that I was about to blast in my pants. The one stall open on the third floor didn't have a door and there was pee on the seat. Like some chick had taken her kid brother in and forgotten to lift the seat. I threw myself down on it and none too soon, but this time the brown diarrehea was more like tan if not yellow in color and I was only seated for like 2 minutes. I had much less cleaning to do, which was fine with me because I got several glances as the other users walked by. One girl actually snickered and pointed at me. That made me feel bad and I actually gave her the finger as she was walking off. There was no way she would have seen it, though.

At lunch my friend Priya asked why I was just drinking water and not eating. I explained it to her and she agreed the situation really sucked. Then Sabrina came to my table and offered to loan me lunch money. So I told her the story too. She felt sorry for me and said that if we could get credit for toilet time, I would probably get an A for the day. Then I got to thinking about it; I had spent a majority of my time sitting on a black seat and splashing my crap out.
Just Jerika


To Jane Carole Fan

I read your post about runners pooing themselves during a race & remember that famous 2005 London Marathon where Paula Radcliffe stopped & pulled the leg of her shorts to one side & pood at the side of the road in full view of the tv cameras. I was busting for a poo myself at the time & it made me want to go even more. I decided to go for a run in the woods so I could relieve myself like Paula Radcliffe did. I put on a short skirt & an old pair of panties just in case things got messy & went out to the nearby woods. When I got there, I found a few people were walking around & I fanticized about doing it in full view of them, Just like Paula did on tv. I couldn't bring myself to actually do it openly but I was dying to go so I started to run a bit more in the hope of finding somewhere private to empty my bowels. Well I looked everywhere but there was nowhere private. I was getting really desperate by now & I was still thinking about Paula Radcliffe pooing herself in the London Marathon. I really wanted to do it like she did but I didn't want to be seen, so I just kept running & let it come out into my panties. I filled them completely as I ran & it was very messy.

Hi, I've posted on here before, but am a long time lurker. I am 16, female short and have blonde hair and blue eyes.

I am mainly insterested in pee stories, but there are some great posts of either, and i find it interesting, and am glad to have discovered this site, even though it was over 2 years ago since i found it via google.

At the moment I have been holding my pee since this morning and am starting to get a bit gassy too. The main problem I have is at school, I always have an urge for a BM just as I am coming to school, and will never use the school bathrooms, because the door to the bathroom is open all the time, so the smells and noises are embarrassing!!

Can't wait to read some more of your great posts



reply to debbie

Debbie, just like you, I find pooping at work fascinating. Actually, for me listening to the sounds of clothes rustling, grunts and wipes of the person in next stall is a big turn on. Usually, my poop is firm and medium sized ( 6 inches) and I pass several pieces a sitting. I usually get to work at around 8:30- and leave around 5:30. Even in my workplace, there's quite a number of people pooping around 9

Age -36 yeah it's office based, although I travel a bit
I poop at office, around 9:00

Tell me your adventures !!!

Upstate Dave

Times Being Seen Takeing A Pee

Good morning to all. Claire N great post! I and my wife have been long time doing the same as being in the bathroom together when we would pee or poop and watch eother go. Also outside when we had to do either. Using the potty was something that we had never done even having four children and we had potties for them.

Ok let me go on with my post. The first time I was seen both peeing and pooping by my one older sistor and her best friend by looking in the bathroom window from outside. Itwent like this. I was in the bathroom and I went and peed first which I did that taking my pee standing with a pair of shorts that were pulled down to my knees! (no zipper or butns on them) So my sistor and her friend got to see everything!

I finished peeing and right after i did the urge to poop came on fast and strong. I quickly turned around and already my poop was on its way out before I could sit down on the toilet seat! So being like this I didn't sit down. I just hovered high over the seat and let my poop keep comming out. I took one of my normal long fat big ones which only took me a very short time to do. It fell into the toilet with a big splash.

That's when I heard both my sistor and her best friend outside laughing! They had gave themselves away! I was so ma at them that I didn't pull up my shorts reached over and the bathrooms window had a venition blin on it which was open I pulled the blind away both my sistor and her friend were still there standing at the window and I yelled at them. This did scare them both and they took off running. Then I did wipe myself and pulled my shorts up and walked out of the bathroom. I never did tell on them.

The second time was when I was in my late mid teens. I was out on a bike hike with a good friend. We were in one of the small housing projects which there were many around in the area. This one had some new houses under construction way in the back and we both had riden back to this area. The road was a dead end. Right at the end of the road there were big dirt piles and both I and my friend had to pee so we were going to stand over our bikes and pee on the dirt piles.

We bot unzipped our jeans got out our penises and we started our peeing reaching the dirt piles and worked our streams up the sides of the dirt piles seeing who owuld go the highest. As we bot peed our streams went up the dirt piles with our streams making high long arcs througgh the air. My friend and I said back and fourth as we stood there peeing that I was going to beat you. It had turned into a little contest now.

As both of our streams had just reached the tops of the dirt piles we were peeing on came gilrs laughter from the bushes off to our left! Both I and my friend squeezed off our pee streams which made them stop flowing and our streams fell comming back down the side of the dirt piles and we both whipped our peniese back inside our jeans and zipped them right up! The two girls that were in the bushes and had seen him and I peeing we saw running away through the bushes laughinghard as they ran away.

After our intail shock and embarrasment which was only for a few seconds we bot yelled at the two girls telling them to ocme back! You can show us yourselves etc. I would find out a year later who the two girls were. The girls dad would be one of my teachers and I was invited to the house for a get together and when I met his duaghters I reconized two of them were the ones that had seen me and my friend peeing on those dirt piles! Debbie was the older of the two and after I said that she and her sistor were the ones that had seen me and my friend peeing we became good friends and Debbie more so then her sistor she and I would always bring thier watching me and my friend peeing in one way another in a fun fashon.

The last one I'll mention was when I was clearing land for my grandmothers new house being working in the woods I would just pee where I was while working. Adian while takinga good hard pee I was beinwatched by sistors that lived up the hill from my grandmothers land. Like the above post the girls laughed while they watched me pee giving themselves away. This time they stayed and din't run away. They acually waked down to me after I had stopped peeing and said they were sorry for doing it. We became friends and after this the two girls when ever I was there doing the clearing they would come down and help me. They both also returned the favor of both of them peeing in front of me! That's aother post.

Upstate Dave

The Two Girl Neighbors Make Good On Thier Favor

Again hello to all. I just recently posted about times that I had been seen pissing by being spyed upon while I pissed. Thre were two girls that were neighbors of my grandmothers that had seen me taking a piss when I was clearing land for her new house which she was going to have built on land she now owned to have it built on. The two girls did say that they were sorry for watrching after they had done it and told me that they would return a favor later.

Now the two girls the older one was Sandra, while the younger sistor was named Janice. Now I was staying at my grandmothers for three weeks to finish up the clearing of the her land before the new house would be built. My work schedual was my grandmother would drop me off on her way to work and pick me up after work. She worked part time and always would pick me up at 1:00pm in the afternoon.

Well I was dropped off and I went right to work. This was the third day after Sandra and Janice had spied on me and saw me piss. I had not seen them since then. So I had pretty much given up on them comming back. Well I was going to be wrong on this. I had been working for about two hours now and it was now after nine am. I was takeing a short break so I was just standing by a pile of brush that I had just cleared out and was going to clear out some more.

From off to my left and up the hill came to loud yells; Hi Dave! We're comming down to help you! I turned in the direction I had heard the loud voices and here came Sandra and Janice through the brush together. I smiled and waved back and said loudly to both of the; Good morning I see you two have returned. So I stoood there waiting for the girls to get down to me.

It took them a few minutes to get through the brush to get where I was in the cleared out spot I was in. Both girls were ready to work as I looked at them. Both girls had on heavy jeans, long sleeve but light tops, workboots, and both had a pair of heavy leather work gloves. When both of the girls were there in the cleared out spot Sandra kidded me by saying to me; Boy you lookl real busy just standing around! I laughed for I knew I was being teased.

Then they both asked me what I wanted them to do. I told them take the stuff that I was going to cut and stack it into piles. You'll have a short wait for I just finished stacking the last that I had cut this morning. So they both watched me as I started the saw up and started cutting up more brush, small trees, and the very pesy wild grape vines that was all over the place.

It didn't take me long to cut up enough to have tghe girls start pulling it away or pick it up and start to make piles. They worked hard doing this type of work which I was very glad for that I one didn't have to stop cutting to drag it or stack and make the piles. So much more could get done in the time that I had to do it.I went on cuting till my saw would run out if gas. Thats when we all would take a break to.

Well my saw ran out of gas again. So time for another break. This was the third time third break we had taken. Now as part of my needed stuff for the job while I worked was gas, snacks, and drinks. So I had a cooler with ice and drinks. There was a bag that had the snacks in it and a five gallon gascan. We had been snacking and having drinks durring the two breaks before this one.

Now Sandra,Janice,and I had drank a lot so that we all wouldn't dehydrate. I didn't know about them I needed to piss this time on our break. I had just finished filling up te saw with gas and set it down. I said to the two girls I'll be right back and then we'll get back to work. I had only taken a few steps and I heard Janice say to Sandra; I bet Dave is going to take a pee!

Sandra said to me right after her sistor; Wait a minute Dave! I stopped and turned around facing the girls who had been sitting down but now were standing together. First thing that came right into my mind at this momnet was that at least as far as Janice saying that I was going to piss she wanted to see me go again.Sandra I didn't know if she wanted to watch too. So I said back to bith of them; Oh what! Do you want to see me piss? That brought hard giggles from both girls making me think even more that's what they wanted.

But Sandra spoke up saying not exactly very quickly. Janice shut up for a moment won't you. Jance had started to say something but Sandra cut her off. Remember Dave we had told you we would return a favor for you that day when we had spied on you. I replied back saying that I did. But isn't helping me now the return favor? Now Janice had her chance to finish what she had started to say before she was cutoff by Sandra. Kind of sort of! Janice said with a hard giggle. Sandra told me also; Well there is a litle more to it then just the work.

So now I asked them both; What is that then? Both giorls looked at each other laughing and Sandra said to me; We'll return the favor and let you watch us pee! We do owe that to you. So both Sandra and Janice walked over with me behind one of the tall stacks of cut up brush,small trees, and cut up grapevine. Both girl as soon as we were behind this big pile of brush stood side by side pulled down thier jeans and panties and sqauted down to pee! Which theyt both did which both of them peed thier hearts out!

Then when they had finished they had peed a lot which they had both left a piss puddle on the grund which was slwly being asorbed into the ground. Then since they had both peed for me I thought why not let them see me go again. But before I did I asked them both; How bout making a agreement? Now more favors needed I said to them both. Look you have seen me piss and I have seen you two piss. How bout just taking piss breaks together from now on? Both Janice and Sandra took a quick look at each other smiled and both said Why not! So I took my piss right after that with both girls being made happy for watching me and being a lot closer watching this time. We would have many more piss breaks together with the three of us or one of the two of them if only one had come down to work with me. There is a lot more to tell that happened over the time I was up there to work which I will post. Upstate Dave

My understanding Mom

Mom, my little sister and I were sleeping late on one Sunday morning. I was in my own bed and had just awakened and could hear Mom and Lori talking in their own bed; Lori wpuld often crawl in with Mom. Lori had just pooped her pants under her nighty. Pretty soon Mama went
"pflooop!" "Mama, how did you know I pooped my pants?" Mom said "because it makes a little crackling sound aas you poop.

Mom told Lori to go to sleep and enjoy her poo. Maaama, what do you mean? Well didn't you enjoy the feeling of relief and doesn't it feel good and warm in your panties and kind of 'naughty'. Well, Mama, yes but....Mom said "go to sleep honey, you know what to do in the morning, Mommy's tired. Mom was like that, she never punished us for going in our pants - she just told us how to clean up - she always had clean panties for us.

Punk Rock Girl

I shit my pants... again...

Hi everyone.

Sorry I've been scarce around here. Been so busy. I guess I should just be happy to be employed!

So, my big story this time is that I shit my pants for the first time in several years. I was at home (thank God). I was cleaning my apartment and went into the bathroom to pee. So I sit on the toilet, pee, wipe, flush, pull up my pants and walk to the sink to wash my hands.

I thought I had to fart so I let it rip and a big glob of shit spurted out of my ass. I quickly pulled my pants down and got my ass back on the toilet, but I had already dumped a good load of semi-soft shit in my underpants.

So I cleaned my underpants and my sweatpants in the tub, washed my ass and went back to cleaning. Luckily Colin wasn't here. I can take a shit in front of him, but to shit my pants in front of him would be mortifying.



Claire N

What a great story peeing and pooping on the potty and with your hubby watching . Only thing surprised me is you wear knicker under your night dress . However good exciting story especially hubby wiping you

Thanks for sharing

Tuesday, March 17, 2010


TV Channel poop

First some comments on your posts-

Shadow - I loved your story about Beth. Can you tell us more about when and where she normally poops. I would love to hear some more about her motions

Matthew - Thanks for your comments. That odour related rule does seem silly and unworkable. It certainly wouldn't work in our office!

Claire N - wow loved your potty pooping story with your husband. I love your posts and particularly enjoyed the railway station one. Do you ever see your friend poop now? It seems that we are on a similar pooping schedule. I think a number of girls do like pooping at work. I think some enjoy the more relaxing environment without partners or children around! I actually find some girls, particularly younger ones are embarrassed with their boyfriends. There are at least 2 girls in my office who poop as soon as they get to work but only when they have stayed over with their boyfriend. Do you know the schedules of your colleagues. I would love to hear more about it and to hear about what you can hear in an adjacent stall!

Not Named - Thanks for your comments and glad you like post. Your explanation of 5.30 poopers is one I have wondered about. Another may be that they are basically evening poopers but are a bit embarrassed about doing it at their partners house or while out in a restaurant or bar, and try to go before they leave.

Now for my post-

This is a bang upto date one which happened this morning. I set off from home about 8.30am for a 10am meeting at a breakfast TV channel in London. I was going to go direct to avoid going into work first. I could feel my poop beginning to move on the train as usual. My plan was to get there in plenty of time so I could have a relaxing poop and a coffee before the meeting. I am a frequent visitor there and I am usually left to make myself at home. I checked in at reception and decided to have a coffee before my poop. I helped myself and was sipping my coffee quietly whist going through my notes for the meeting. The meeting rooms there have glass walls to the corridor so you can see whats going on outside. I saw the weather presenter go past - she is hot and well rounded with long dark hair and lovely eyes. She had a blue trouser suit on which showed the contours of her bottom nicely. I though 'I wonder if she is going to the toilet?'. So I left my coffee and papers in the meeting room and set off to follow her - several yards behind. She went into the ladies toilet - a very bright room, mostly white with lots of mirrors. By the time I got in there she was in a cubicle, so I took the cubicle 1 away (1 empty one between us). She was hanging up her jacket and pulling her trousers and panties down. I lifted my skirt pulled down my panties and sat down. There was silence from her cubicle. I started to let my poop come to make her feel more at ease. I heard her pushing - not grunting just breath in - hold and expel air. I dropped a plop then held on and listened intently. I could hear a very faint crackling noise as her poop emerged. Then there was a massive kerlommmp followed by a sigh. Then she began to pee and immediately wiped. I then continued my poop - I did 3 more plops which came easily and were a bit smelly and unusually floated! By this time she had flushed and was washing her hands and shortly after left. I finished off and cleaned myself up and flushed. Before I washed my hands I looked in her toilet - a massive wide skid mark well over 6 inches long! It must have been a monster! Her toilet smelt but only slightly. I washed my hands and went back to my coffee, quite excited about what I had just witnessed!

Please post more about girl work poops - I will keep you upto date on my life.
Love Debbie




1. How old were you when you pooped/peed your pants?

-under five years
-6 to 10
-11 to 15
-16 to 20

2. What was the accident?


3. Why did you have the accident?

-you were to lazy
-you coudn't make it
-you were too busy doing something else
-you did it on purpose
-OTHER??? Please specify.

4. When you had the accident did anyone see?

-I was alone
-Some people saw

5. Where did you have the accident?

-Public place (mall, restaurant, store, library etc.)
-At home
-At somebody else's house
-Oustide somewhere
-OTHER??? Please specify.

6. Were you embarrased?


7. Please describe your accident:



Pooping at Work

I enjoyed Debbie's post and I too am fascinated by people's pooping habits at work. Personally, I always go at home, just before I leave for work. Occasionally, maybe once or twice a year, I will do a second one at work, but this is rare. I like to mentally keep a tally on which guys poop at work. Almost all of them have done so at least once. There is a small number who do so regularly, like Debbie. Like clockwork, you can observe them at a certain hour every day heading to the toilet, some with a rather urgent and determined look on their face. On some, you can almost imagine a feeling of pleasure as they are about to unload their bowels. There are a few who are in there at least twice a day. There are a few who will walk to the mens room with newspapers, as if they're announcing to the world, "I'm about to take a big shit." There's one rather shy fellow whom I've observed going to another floor and very surreptitiously entering a restroom where he'll be less known so he can take a crap rather anonymously. Then there are a few--maybe two or three colleagues--whom I have never observed going or coming from a stall (although I could have quite possibly missed them). There is one colleague with whom I have actually discussed the shyness issue. He confided to me that he has never gone at work, and on the few occasions that the urge has hit him during the working day, he has held it until he got home, causing quite a stomach ache. Although I am not wildly enthusiastic about going at work, I do not think I would resort to such measures.

I remember reading an interesting tidbit in the local paper in an etiquette column where people post questions about work issues (such as how do I deal with a colleague who has body odor; or how do I deal with a colleague who cracks her chewing gum). This one reader--a woman--wrote that at her work place there were unisex toilets and there was a rule that on one floor, the toilet was to be used for peeing and on another floor, the toilet was to be used for pooping. This protocol had been decided because of the odor issue. Apparently the pooping toilet had better ventilation. She was concerned because on the odd occasion where she needed "to do a number two" as she put it, she had to walk up a flight of stairs to the pooping toilet, therefore announcing to the world that she had to take a dump. The moderator of the column said that this rule was ridiculous, everyone has to go, and the office should banish this silly rule and invest in some air fresheners so that everyone could take a shit wherever he or she wants to. I thought that this was hysterical.

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