Claire N

A number two together

Towards the end of last year I posted about doing a number two in front of my husband for the first time. It was a huge step because I had always been so fastidious about privacy. After giving the matter much thought, for some time, three things finally persuaded me.
1. I was 100% sure he would have a thrill.
2. Posts on this board and my realization that it is common practice.
3. The poo I had with my friend on a railway station platform, which is the subject of a previous post. I resulted in us raising the subject and she said that it is common practice for her and her partner to poo in view of the other. They have no inhibitions.

Since that first occasion, I have been pooping in view of my hubby with no inhibitions what so ever. It is something I have come to enjoy. However, I do not do it too frequently, because I think this might take the gloss off. Restricting the occassions increases the thrill. Apart from this, I usually poo outside the house, a cubicle at work being the normal location during week days.

I had subtly raised the subject with my hubby about him doing a number two in my presence saying I would enjoy it, but he was always evasive. I could well understand that he would feel embaressed. I did not press the issue, feeling that he might come round in time. But this was not the case and I began to get a bit disappointed. I really wanted to see him on the toilet, especially as he had been viewing me for months.

Then an idea came to me. The subject of one of my posts last year was childhood and how I enjoyed using the potty. I concluded by saying I would like to re live the experience. The possibility of pooping in a potty and seeing my hubby poo in the toilet at the same time seemed too good to be true! I was fairly sure that the prospect of me not using the toilet and having sight of my produce, for the first time, would result in my hubby losing his inhibitions. I decided that the best time to raise the subject would be whilst having a poo with him present. I did so when he was having a bath, saying that I could use a potty and him the toilet. He agreed without the slightest hesitation! On my next shopping trip, a potty was top of the list. The non splash designs are now different to the level ones of my childhood. This would mean that sitting was not possible and I would have to squat. I decided on a girlish looking white one with a floral design. My hubby was impressed and it was decided that we would share a poo the following Saturday, when both home for the day.

I kept the potty under my side of bed, in readiness for the day. On the Friday night I awoke and needed a wee. I thought why walk to the bathroom - why not christen the potty now. I brought it out from under the bed, pulled down my knickers, lifted up my night dress, squatted over it and relieved myself. It felt so good! I wiped with a tissue, dropping it in the potty, pulled my Knickers up, put the potty back and returned to bed. Although the poweful stream had made a bit of a noise, my hubby remained sleeping.

In the morning I got up first, very excited, to make a cooked breakfast to eat in bed, having my wee in the toilet. I always have an urge to poo in the morning and this one was no exception. The big breakfast only intensified it. My hubby said he wanted to go as well. We proceeded to the bathroom, me carrying the potty and confessing that I could not resist having a wee in it during the night. I said I would have another one, in the potty, and pour the contents into the toilet before the poo. I took off my black knickers, dropped them in the laundry basket, squatted over the potty, lifted up my night dress and had a wee. My hubby handed me a wad of toilet paper to wipe. I emptied the contents of the potty into the toilet without flushing.
He did not flush either, removing his underwear, pulling down the seat, lifting up his dressing gown and sitting down. I lifted up my night dress and squatted over the potty again, facing him. I did need to poo and did so immediately, with no effort. A series of medium sized logs quickly dropped the short distance onto the plastic below, followed by a loud fart. Already there was a smell. It felt so nice, not sitting on a toilet, going in the squat position - and in a potty. There was more to come. I farted again and more smaller poeces followed, landing on the considerable amount already in the potty. I had eaten a few bananas and roughage the previous day with this in mind. I wanted to fill the potty as much as possible. I felt a slight urge to wee again - this was also going into the potty. I was not going to wait until the toilet was free. I moved the potty slightly forward, observed the considerable pile of poo and emptied by bladder over it. I was sure I had not finished my poo, so moved the potty back again. What I had eaten yesterday had produced a lot of gas. I farted loudly and followed through, squirting liquid poo on what was beneath me.

I was now done. In my excitement, I had hardly looked up at my husband sat on the toilet in front of me. I looked up, smiled and said I felt much better for that good clear out. I had heard no splashes and was not surprised he had not produced anything, being so excited by his view of me. In the thrill of using the potty I was hardly aware of his presence and felt no embarresment. I stood up and stared down at the potty full of solid poo , liquid poo and wee. The smell was now very strong, far more so than had the contents been in the toilet bowl. When I reached for the toilet roll I was taken aback when he asked if I would like him to wipe my bottom. Since I had been pooping in front of him this was a first, although from a long time ago he had been wiping me following a wee. I had no hesitation in saying yes. First of all I faced him, so he could wipe after the wee. I lifted my night dress for him to proceed, dropping the paper into the toilet bowl between his legs. Then I turned round and pointed my bum towards him. After such a poo, my hole would take a bit of cleaning. He had seen me wipe many times before and did so in the same manner, finishing off by pressing into the hole and continuing until toilet paper came out clean. He was very gentle and the sensation, as well as not doing it myself, felt nice. He then said he would empty and clean out the potty when he was finished on the toilet.

I said I would take a bath and give him as much time as needed. Sat in the bath I thought he would feel more comfortable if I was not looking. The bathroom absolutely stank following my poo, so odour would not be any concern. As I was cleaning myself I heard the noise of a fart. Although I could not here splashes, because of the amount of toilet paper in the bowl required to clean my messy behind, I was sure he was pooping. I did not look round for a minute or so, in case he might find it off putting. When I did, I smiled. He smiled back and said he had pooped, but thought there was more to come. I was delighted when he said he did not mind if I watched. This I did, with some pleasure. It seemed we were now more complete now we had both, and not just me, done a number two in sight of each other.

It occurred to me that when I let him see me poo for the first time, the most uncomfortable part was letting him see me wipe. I could have offered to look away, but without hardly any thought chose a bold course of action. I offered to wipe for him, returning his favour. After he had done so for me, this was something I really wanted to do. I just hoped he would consent. He did with hardly a moments hesitation. I told him to bring the toilet roll and the potty over to me in the bath. I would drop the paper into the stinking contents of the potty. He rose from the toilet, pulled the flush and proceeded to do so. Turning his back to me, he lifted his dressing gown and pointed his bottom towards the bath. I dried my hands with a towel, ripped off a wad of toilet paper, wiped and dropped it into the potty. His hole did not need as much wiping as mine and quite soon we were done. I wiped him in exactly the same way as I would myself and how he had for me.

I did not envy him the job of emptying the potty but he seemed to relish it, almost as much as seeing me fill it. He raised the toilet seat and poured in everything that would come out. He then tore off toilet paper and used this to remove the rest. Following this he cleaned stains from the potty with more toilet paper before running the inside under the tap and drying it with more toilet paper, which followed the rest into the toilet. He pulled the flush, took off his dressing gown and joined me in the bath.

I gave him a big hug, saying I really enjoyed seeing him poo, acknowledging that it was a big step which takes some doing for the first time. We agreed that a big, and thinking about it, not necessary ,taboo had been lifted on the part of both of us and we were closer. We all have to poo, and if you are intimate, privacy does not have to be a prerequisite. I also said that I enjoyed using a potty.

To Debbie,

I can relate to your post and also work in an office. The toilets are clean and I am very much into the routine of emptying my bowels in one of the cubilcles every morning. Sometimes it is as soon as I arrive. At other times it is later in the morning. I always have a wee before going home and if, I have an urge, I will poo as well. So sometimes it is twice a day at work. I can go from Monday to Friday without having a poo at home. I do like going in a cubicle. I am not alone where I work. It is not talked about but, from my experience, I would go as far to say that work is the place where most girls prefer to poo.

To Rachel

I read your post with interest. I used to be of the same opinion, until I went wild camping with no toilets. It was either in the woods or in my knickers. The later was not an option. Althogh I was absolutely horrified and initially thought it disgusting, I rather enjoyed the experience. I had no qualms walking into the woods, well out of sight of anyone, with a roll of toilet paper the nest morning. The times I have had a poo outdoors are few and far between, but as long as no one can see me, it is no more of a big deal than having a wee and it is something I enjoy.

Roxanne L.

Brother's girlfriend's accident

Hey all! It's Roxanne again, back with another story. Last Friday, me, my older brother Chris (who's 18) and his girlfriend Cheyenne decided to go to a movie. Cheyenne, who I was meeting for the first time, was quite pretty, with golden blond hair that ran down her back, green eyes, slim figure, about 5,2.

We ordered the food, and Cheyenne got a large soda - surprisingly large for a small girl. We went into the theatre, and the movie began - well, not exactly the movie... There were at least a 1/2 hour of commercials and previews for upcoming movies.

Cheyenne was steadily sipping away at her soda. The commercials were still going, and she began to look uncomfortable, so she got up (to go to the washroom, probably) but then the movie started. I guess she decided she could wait, because she sat back down.

For the whole movie, Cheyenne was squirming like crazy. As soon as the credits started, she jumped on to leave. Unfortunately, we were sitting in the row right behind the first one, and alot of people were making their way down the aisle. Cheyenne tried to push through, and we followed her. She called to my brother that she needed to use the washrooms. I needed to as well, so I followed her.

By the time we got to the washrooms, the line was at least 15 people long. Cheyenne got a panicked expression on her face as she stepped into line, pressing her legs together. Pretty unintelligent for a movie theatre, there were only two stalls. Cheyenne grew more and more desperate. Soon she almost had tears in her eyes.

There were two people in line ahead of her when Cheyenne let out a moan. She was wearing a dress, and it immediately got wet, the wet patch growing larger. Sonn pee was leaking onto the floor. A couple people backed away, sonme saying "Eww, gross" or "A little old, don't you think...". Cheyenne flushed red, grabbed some paper towels, and ran out of the bathrooms. The mess was still there. I waited in line, did my business, then went out to find my brother.

He was standing right outside of the bathroom doors. He told me he knew what had happened, and that Cheyenne was in the car, sitting on a plastic bag. He told me not to tell anyone. I asked if they were breaking up. He said that accidents happen, and that Cheyenne was really embarrassed, and didn't need him dumping her as well. Then he told me to come to the car. I followed him.

Cheyenne was sobbing, and my brother brought her to our house to help her clean up, and get her clothes washed. Then they got all mushy, with my brother hugging her (once she had changed clothes of course). That's the story. :)


Jaded Jarrod

More than skid marks to worry about

End Stall Em's post last week was great. It helps us guys understand that the girls have problems too, and that the very short time and strict teachers at school make going to the bathroom really, really hard.

Some of you might remember my post two months ago (it is on page #1822) about how I was being made fun of because I waited in the bathroom for a guy to get done and leave his stall because I wanted a warm seat, rather than using three other stalls where the seat would have been cold. After I crapped and got back to class, our teacher (it was a substitute that day) put me down for wasting time in the bathroom and being gone for like 11 minutes. That caused some older guys in my middle school (I'm 11)and even some girls to make fun of me. My dad told me not to let it "jade" me and so that's my "handle".

Since that time I've had to crap at school about 15 times and I still hate that stalls because they don't have any doors. Some of the advice I've received from guys as well as girls is to keep my jeans or sweats and briefs as high as I can several inches above my legs as I sit so that less of me is showing. That makes sense and there seems to be less guys taking extra looks at me as I sit and push. But I find that since I'm hurrying more now, I'm sometimes splashing urine into my briefs because I pee a bit sometimes when I'm pushing my crap out. Sometimes I have light blue jeans on and the splashes show. And I've had large circles of urine in my briefs that spread even larger because as I hurry (Em's right, it's really hard to go between classes with other guys standing there, eyeing you and calling you "###" if you make them wait too long. Also, I sometimes get the urine patch as large as like four quarters

I just worry because it's somewhat uncomfortable walking around with a "cold spot" on my thighs or rubbing up to me on my jeans. I think sometimes I try to save them and pull my dick back into my underwear when I'm at the urinals too fast because I'm trying to save time and I know there's a line. I just hate hearing "anything happening yet, Jarrod?" in a really negative tone from those behind me. Do you guys think Em and I will ever get the confidence we need to enjoy or at least tolerate going to the bathroom at school?

Esteban! Haven't seen you post lately. Hope you are still around and doing well!

Had a nice crap in the doorless stall in the public park yesterday. I've been eating a lot of fiber lately, and I've had very efficient dumps. I parked and trotted over to the restroom. Thank goodness there was paper in the dispenser. I took the stall closest to the door. I wiped the seat and turned around. Another guy had just walked in and was walking towards the adjacent stall. I pulled my shirt up while I was unbuttoning and unzipping my shorts. We made eye contact just as he was in front of my stall and I dropped my shorts to the floor. I said "hey" and he said "hey" as I stood there in my white briefs. He entered the next stall as I hooked my thumbs in my waistband and slid my underwear down and had a seat.

That fiber really did the job. I parted my cheeks and lifted my "junk" out of the way. I knew it was going to be a lot. I looked between my legs and saw a long turd landing in the bowl. I was afraid it would clog, so I hovered a bit and flushed. It really was quite a bit of crap. I sat back down and squeezed out a little bit more. All done, finally.

The fiber has made me crap like that every morning that I go to the gym, or when I get to work. Make me wonder if I was always full of shit! I feel pretty well cleaned out, now.

I finish up, and an just hear the guy in the next stall. He was pretty quiet most of the time. I wipe from between my legs a few times, then stand and wipe a few more times. Less wiping than normal is necessary. I turn and face the toilet as I flush. I turn back and pull up my briefs. By then, there is another guy waiting for the stall. I pull up my shorts and go to the sink to wash up. I glance back at the 2 guys on the toilets as I leave. The first guy just barely has his pants down below his butt and is hunched over his thighs. The guy who took my stall has his pants and dingy briefs down at his ankles. I turn and head out of the restroom.

Debbie, I've always found stories about someone taking a dump in public restroom to be pretty interesting. I particularly like those in a work or school setting, so please do share some of your stories. Maybe the women who use the restroom at the end of the day, have been holding their dumps for quite a while and they find the bathrooms to be less busy at the end of the day.

JaneCarole Fan
Alex O.: There's quite a few incidents involving messy runners. Julie Moss became an inspirational legend for finishing an "Ironman" triathlon despite being very sick to her stomach and having diarrhea running down her legs. Grete Waitz and Catherina McKiernan also soiled themselves during events. And that Paula Jane Radcliffe...she supposedly fell out of the Athens Olympics run because she got messy. AND, during a London Marathon, she suddenly squatted by the trackside, pulled her shorts leg away, and pooped on the ground - ON CAMERA!! (The clip is easily found on viral video sites.)

Today I went to the mall with my friend Jared to buy a present for a friend's birthday. Luckily the mall wasn't terribly busy but we had trouble finding the item since one of the stores was sold out. I knew I was going to have to shit but I didn't really want to make Jared wait around for me while I went since I knew it was going to be a rather messy load. It had been a few days since my last shit and the pressure was starting to build.

Jared has suggested that we go and get something to eat since it was almost lunch time. I didn't really feel like eating fast food but I was starting to get hungry. We went to McDonald's in the food court and we both ate in a hurry. After we ate our meal, we continued shopping around. Eventually we found a comparable item that we thought would work. After we had paid for the item, Jared mentioned to me that he had to go shit pretty bad. I told him I had to go as well. The large soda that we had both had with our hamburgers and fries wasn't helping much.

We both made our way to the nearest washroom. I entered into the handicap stall at the end and Jared took the stall next to me. I quickly undid my belt and lowered my jeans before sitting down. I let out a loud fart and Jared laughed at me before sitting down. Luckily there was nobody else in the bathroom. I started to push out what felt like a big turd. I heard Jared let out a few quiet farts and several loud plops before he sighed in relief. I continued to push until I heard someone come into the washroom.

I stopped for a moment and gathered my breath. The person washed their hands and approached the hand dryer which was right outside my stall. Unfortunately, there was a large gap in the stall door which left me rather exposed. I could clearly see him as he stood there before taking a glance at me through the gap. I put my head down and continued to push. Finally the turd dropped into the bowl below and I sighed in relief. I let out another smaller log before starting to pee.

Jared was finishing up as I started to wipe. He flushed the toilet but did not exit. He flushed again before telling me his load wouldn't do down. He exited and made his way to wash up. I got up and saw that I had unloaded one very long and thick turd with another smaller one that was equally as thick. I flushed but the toilet clogged almost immediately. I flushed again but the water level rose almost to the top of the bowl.

I exited quickly and washed up as Jared dried his hands. Somehow we both managed to clog two out of the five toilets in the bathroom. I looked at Jared's massive load. He had also dropped a few thick turds that simply blocked the drain with all his toilet paper. We both started to laugh as we made our way out to leave.

Post Title (optional)PARIS AN D RACHEL

PARIS: That is what I have been advocating....a laxative is sometimes necessary. In the case of Anny ( a few days ago) a laxatives (and a strong one) was needed.
RACHEL: Try pooing will feel more comfortable, not risk accidents, enjoy yourself more and have less constipation than by holding it in. I was once like you but that was a long time ago and I am glad I have changed my view.


Big Poops

Hi, im kieran, im from the UK. Im new here and i just wanted to tell you about my shits.
Im male, 15 years old by the way,

So it all started last week, i was playing foorball with all my friends, the i got an urge to go to the bathroom. I always have huge shits, (dont really know why) so i go whenever i feel the urge. I couldnt go straight away this time though, I was in the middle of a game,
The urge started getting pretty bad, And i could feel some warm shit smear against my bum cheeks, so when i ran, i looked VERY wierd. The game was finally finished. I sort of toddled over towards the bathroom, It wasnt diarrhea, but it was soft and quite warm.
I was just at the door when my friend shouted on me. It was Ryan, Hees my good friend, He said he needed a shit really badly and was on his way. I told him that i was away to have a shit aswell.
We both went in together. I was pretty embarrest about having a shit infront of my friend, but i still done it.

We both got in a stall. my ass was really sweaty from playing football for ages so i was sliding a little on the seat, i held my shit in and waited for ryan to go first. I told him that. I then heard some crackling from the other stall, and a huge splosh, immediantly followed by a loud, watery fart. he breathed in delight.
Your go !
I laughed, then just let it loose, I felt a long soft
shit coming out of my, it crackled and really stretched my spinkter out. i leaned down so my head was at my knees. It was still coming out, then finally it snapped off and make a loud splash in the water. I then pushed as hard as i could and about 10 medium sized, light brown turds came out. i farted and a little bit of watery shit came out.
All this time, Ryan was shitting aswell. More or less the same as what i said.
I looked back and it was horrible ! There was a light brown mess everywere, just then i heard ryan say,
When your finished come in my stall !
I wanted to show him mine aswell, so i didnt wipe my ass just yet, I walked into his stall, were i saw him proudly standing beside the toilet, there was 3 long thick logs in there, and the water was brown, joined together, it would look about 35 inches, I said
This is your normal, everyday shit?? Then he said
I only shit when i go to football (which was 1nce a week)I love maing a mess of the toilets, he laughed
I then told him to look at my turds,
There was about 2 master logs, and 10 small ones, the small ones were about 5 inches each, about 1 inch thick, the 2 big logs were about 15 inches, by 2 inches. i was proud of myself.
I then remembered to wipe my ass, so i asked ryan to get out of the stall while i wiped.
I pulled down my shorts and saw that there was a huge skid mark on my boxers, i forgot that some shit smeared on my ass before i came in, so i took some paper and it took about 8 wipes to get clean, my ass is quite hairy so it took longer that normal.
We talked some more, and we agreed to meet up at the toilets next week.

Im going to hold my shit in aslong as possible so i can have a bigger, messier shit than ryan. (we said we would have a competition to see who could have the messiest toilet hole)


Uncle Harry

Unisex Bathroom Safety

SJ's post reminds of an on-going dispute about unisex, multi-stall, public bathrooms, even though it was a fictitious story. In June 2008, Colorado passed a law allowing a person to use the bathroom of whatever gender they identified with. Objectors interpreted this as a green light for anyone to use any bathroom for any reason, although I read the law and didn't interpret it that way, but, in practice, I suppose that could happen. Their argument, among others, was that now perverts could go in the women's bathroom and molest women; women would no longer be safe. I think they got it wrong. A molester is not going to be deterred from entering a women's bathroom for nefarious purposes just because the law says he can't. That's why burglars still rob houses, even though the law says they can't. However, if there were men in the bathroom, no molester is going to try it. The other guys would jump on him. Thus, women would actually be safer if men were around. I don't see the privacy issue as a big deal. Stalls with doors and locks should be enough privacy. Any comments?

Anyone here from Colorado? How is that law working out?

Constipated badley

Hey im TJ im 25 and come from Melbourne any way im constipated i have not had a BM in almost 2 weeks i drink 2 L of water everyday and i eat lots of fruit and ???? im not a big fan of straining. Just be4 i tryed 2 go so i got a mag and sat down on the toilet then i just waited but nothing came out :( so im still constipated :( does any 1 have ideas that could help me? and im not a big fan of stool softeners or laxtavies so do any of u have any ideas 4 constipation :( thxz

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Got a pretty good story to share with everyone today. My girlfriend, Beth, probably took the biggest dump last night I think I've ever seen her take. We went to the movies last night and both of us got 2 large drinks and some popcorn. While she doesn't mind using public restrooms, I'm a bit leary about using them. Not so much because I think they're nasty, but just because I'm not very comfortable using the bathroom around other people. At any rate, I wasn't thinking about the fact that we'd be in the movies for a while and plus we had to stop by Wal-Mart on the way home. So we'd be out for a while, yet I still ordered that large soda. By the end of the movie, I was bursting to pee. So bad that my gut actually started hurting really bad and made me need to poop on top of that. My g/f said she had to pee really really bad and was going to use the bathroom at Wal-Mart. As usual I said I would wait, to which she responded by saying I was just weird and needed to just go and use the bathroom. Still I refused and asked her to wait as well because I was in a hurry and wanted to get in and out of there as quickly as possible. She rolled her eyes and said fine. So we got home and I put our stuff away and ran downstairs to my room to my bathroom. I peed and peed and peed. The urge to poop had subsided by this time so I just decided to wait. While I was at the sink washing my hands and face, Beth came in and sat on the toilet. I just think she looks so sexy sitting there and have told her that in the past. She started peeing and I could tell by the sound that it was coming out slowly. She peed for like 2 minutes straight. About midway through though I realized why it was coming out so slowly. I was picking up some stuff in the bathroom while she was going and started to smell something. I asked her if she was pooping and she laughed and said yes. Instant buzz! She was peeing and pooping at the same time. I hung out in the bathroom while she finished her business. She sat a minute after her stream died off and then she started wiping her front. After that she wiped her back end. The first couple of wipes were smeared with poop. It was apparently a soft one. After about 4 or 5 wipes she got up and and looked in the bowl and said "oh my God!". I looked over and saw a huge pile of light brown turds. We're talking some pretty sizaeble logs and the bowl was totally filled. I said to her sarcastically "Dear God, did you have to poop???" We both laughed and she said she didn't. It just hit her. Not really sure how a person could poop that much and not know they had to poop. That had to be brewing in her for a good while. When she flushed, the toilet was barely able to swallow up that load and there was a mosaic of skidmarks left over. She asked me if that turned me on and I told her it definitely did. I showed her how turned on I was later that night but won't go into those details.

Like I said before, Beth doesn't share my interest in watching the opposite sex poop, in fact she made it quite clear that she finds it nasty, but she is so understanding and is willing to be open with me about her bodily functions, just because she knows it gets me aroused. I couldn't ask for a better girl. There's only been one occasion where she didn't allow me in the bathroom with her. She was sick a few weeks ago, throwing up all morning and then diahrea that night. She was in my room putting stuff away and I was upstairs at the time. When I went downstairs, my bedroom door was shut. When I went into my room I saw the bathroom door was shut and called Beth's name. She said she was using the bathroom. Without thinking twice, I entered the bathroom and the room smelled horrible and there she was sitting on the toilet. We exchanged a few words and then she told me to leave and close the door. I asked her why and she said "because I'm trying to use the bathroom and it's diahrea so please leave me alone". I will admit I was a little taken aback by that, only because we had been so open in the past, but I eventually got over it. That was really the only time she didn't let me watch.

Uncle Harry

River Pee 2

Upstate Dave: Glad to see you're back. I had been away for a for quite a while too, until last month. I really enjoy your stories.

Once again, spring came late to northeast Illinois last year, only this time it didn't leave until October. We never had any real summer that year, just cool weather. That was ok. Hiking in cool whether is good because you don't get too sweaty. In April, we had a brief warm spell and, being hiking- deprived all winter, I wanted to hit the trails again. I called my friend Marty one Friday to see if he had time for a hike the next day. He didn't, so I called another friend, Kate. She was available. My wife no longer hikes because of arthritis.

Kate is a real outdoors woman, hiking, camping, canoeing, the whole works. She's a widow. Being an outdoor type, she had no qualms about finding little or no bathroom privacy in the woods. She always carried P-Mates with her and usually wore loose slacks with long zippers and loose panties, to make it easier to get the P-Mate inside the fly without having to pull down her pants.

After a while, and drinking much water, we both had to pee. We came to the bend in the river where Marty and I had stopped to pee once before. (See my post, "River Pee", on page 1750). We both stepped up to the river to take a leak, with Kate fairly close on my right. I got out my dick and Kate unzipped, pulled aside her panty crotch and worked a P-Mate under her pussy. Just then, a guy came up to the river and asked if we minded if he peed. With Kate's men's pants and short haircut, he apparently mistook her a man. I said ok, and he stood a few yards to the right of Kate. He got out his dick just as we started to piss, when the guy, with a startled look, suddenly shoved his dick back inside. "Hey, you're a woman", he exclaimed, apparently seeing her P-Mate. She just responded, "So? You got a problem with that, fella'?" The guy didn't seem sure what to do. He stepped a few yards further away and got out his dick again. Then, aiming it with his right hand, said, "Don't look, lady" and started to piss. Of course, that's exactly when Kate turned her head to look. So he held his left hand to the left side of his dick to try to shield it, which wasn't very effective. Well, Kate and I had finished pissing, so I put away my dick while Kate wiped her pussy with a tissue, threw it and the P-Mate into the river, and zipped up. We said "So long" to the other guy and walked away while he was just finishing his piss.


Television Toilet

Every once in awhile the subject of toilet issues in movies or on television comes up. Last night on Criminal Minds a toilet scene came up. A women stopped at a roadside rest area, left her teen daughter in the car, and went into the ladies room. She went into a stall, pulled out a seat cover, placed it on the seat, turned around, pulled her pants down, and set on the seat. Somebody else came into the ladies room and the lady on the toilet called out her daughters name. But the kidnapper/serial killer kicked open the stall door and grabbed the lady off the toilet. Just thought you might be interested.

to sammy

awesome story id love to hear about other accidents


constipation from hell!!

Hello again! Yesterday I had one of my toughest BMs ever. I had not gone in four days, not even feel the slightest urge during this time, until yesterday evening I felt a very intense pressure in my rectum. I prepared myself for the task, put on some favourite music, went to the toilet, took my clothes off from my waist down, prepared myself a sit bath (my usual routine) to relax my anus. When I was doing it, I gently touched my anus to check if i could feel the poop. It was there, and it seemed thick and hard. Bad news, I muttered to myself. I sat on the pot and started reading a magazine (as usual) waiting for things to move. But it didn't. I am not fond of pushing and straining at all, but I knew this time I would have to. I started pushing, first gently, afterwards more heavily, but nothing happened. I went on like this for 15 minutes, but still nothing. I was starting getting nervous, and my face was red from the efforts. I decided to change my position and squatted on the toilet seat. After some more minutes of serious pushing, the tip finally started to emerge. I reseated for a second to regain my breath, and sucked back in! I was going nuts. It was time for emergency measures. I put some TP on the floor, squatted on it, grabbing the toilet seat with my hands, and started to strain like i had never did in my life. By this time, 40 minutes had passed since i went in the bathroom...After some minutes of straining, the tip emerged again. I went on pushing and straining, being afraid that it might go back again if I stopped. I felt like I was going to faint, but went on until the fattest, biggest poop I had ever produced was on the floor. Then I spent about 10 minutes sitting in the toilet resting, feeling a bit dizzy from the exertion, then I wiped, not surprisingly there was some traces of blood in the tp. As a whole, it took me about 80 minutes. Seriously speaking, does anyone else take soooo long to poop? Is it soooo difficult for you? I would like some answers.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Alex O. (Runner)
Wendy, I loved your story about your poo in the van. I agree with Jimmy - I love stories about when people can't make it to the toilet and end up having an emergency poo. I have a great story for you about an outdoor poo I had to do the other day. :-)

A few weeks ago, I was out for a morning jog in the woods near where I live. It was early in the morning, and nobody was around. I hadn't had a substantial poo for two days, and was feeling a bit bloated after a big meal the previous night - I hoped that the exercise would get my bowels moving. It worked better than I could have planned. After ten minutes of running, I felt the urge, and knew I needed to poo like a draft-horse. I soon realised I was going to shit my shorts if I didn't make a relief stop soon.

I left the path and ran into the woods, looking for a private place to do my smelly deed. I found a nice spot near the roots of a big oak tree, concealed from view of the path. I pulled my shorts down to my ankles and squatted down, my bare buttocks hanging over the tree-root.

PHWWWP! I let out a loud fart, and sighed with relief. There was a crackling sound as I laid some big, solid turds on the ground. I could smell the pungent stink of my own excrement. The feeling of relief was so great, and I was a little bit excited by the fact that I was crapping outdoors.

After I was done, I looked down at my pile, and felt a little bit proud of the amount of poo I'd produced. I hadn't brought any toilet paper and didn't have anything to wipe with, so I just pulled my shorts straight up and continued with my run, figuring I could clean myself up in the shower afterwards. When I got home, I found my shorts were heavily stained and smelt of poo, so I put them straight in the wash. No one ever found out about my impromptu bowel movement in the woods. I enjoyed the experience so much, maybe I'll try and plan so that I can have another al fresco poo on my next run. :-)

Wendy: I've never crapped my pants on purpose, as such, but there was one time when I was surfing the web and felt the pressure building, but was just a bit too lazy to get up and go to the toilet. I decided to fart to relieve the pressure, but it turned out to be a bit more than gas. My boxers were heavily soiled with wet poo, and I ended up having to put them in a plastic bag and throw them away. Nobody ever found out. :-)

On a related note: running usually makes me desperate for a poo. When I finish on the treadmill at the gym, if I haven't already done my business that day, I often have to run straight to the toilet. I think it's really cool when long-distance runners get diarrhoea and poo themselves rather than risk losing the race. There was a German world-class marathon runner a couple of years ago who was seen on TV crossing the finish line with soiled shorts and poo running down his legs. And I read a blog once from someone who ran the London Marathon who said that, by the end of the run, there was a strong smell of poo in the air and you could see that lots of runners had messed themselves. If I ever run a major race and need a bowel movement en route, I'll definitely poo my shorts and keep running (and I'll post here to tell you all about it). :-)

UpsTate Dave

Very Close Morning Call This Morning!

Hello to all. This morning I was up at my normal time. (5:00am) I madde my coffee and had my breakfast. I had some needed work to do on my computer so I was in the computer room doing the needed work that I had to do. As I worked I drank my first cup of coffee finsihed it and went and got a second cup and went back to work on my computer.

Working hard makes time pass by rather quickly when your busy. I wanted to get the work done tha I was doing. As I now worked I could feel in myrectum preasure building inside of it. Also my bladder was letting me know that it was getting filled too. I did'nt want to stop for I was nearing the completion of the owrk that I was doing. Then I would go take care of my need to piss and shit.

The preasure increased real fast up inside of me as far as needing to shit! My bladder wasn't as bad. I had maybe several more paragraghs left to type out so I went on typeing on the keyboard. I now also becuase of my shit was pushing so hard wanting to come out I was squeezing hard to keep it in!

But ever so slowly it did begin to push its way out even with my increasing squeezing to keep it inside. I could almost tell from what I was feeling that this shit was going to be a big fat one. It was going to be a firm one too. I went on with my typeing getting closer to finishing.

But all of a sudden I felt my shit poking out of my asshole! I had a turtle head now that was poking out! To me right then it was a big one too for I could feel that it was pressing the inside hard up against my cheeks and was out about 4 inches also pressing against my boxers! I had to stop my work! I stood right up pff from my computer chair now almost squeezing as hard as I could as I stood there. I managed to stop my shits progress!

So what I did next kept up my hard squeezing keeping my shit in check. The bathroom is right next to the computer room so I took and hurridly stepped out form the computer room and right into the bathroom. As I did this I yanked my belt hard unbuckling it! I was now in the bathroom. I popped the snap on my jeans and as I started to sit down on the toilet seat I just yanked my jeans and boxers down togther. My zipper made a loud zit for I didn't bothe unzipping it when I pulled down my jeans and boxers.

I hit the toilet seathard with my ass. I let up on my squeezing as I plopped down on the toilet seat. MY shit started moving at once! Boy could I ever feel it moveing so fast out of me now! Also since I had relaxed now I started a very hard piss at the same time. Since the need to shit had been so great I was not holding my penis and I shoved my hand down and pushed it down so I wouldn't have my stream wet the seat of go on the floor!

Now since that I had waited offr the last possible second and my shit was comming out so fast as far as the time to atke my shit it was over in less then ten seconds! I sat there in great relief that I had shit and also had not shit in my boxers. Oh that was ever so close this time! I went on pissing which with having drank two big cups of coffee I took a good long one.

I did wipe while I still was pissing. Then I did stop pissing. Now I stood up. Now to check what my shit lookd like! I turned and looked down inside the toilet. What was in there was one of my really big long ones! It was a lightbrown one with its front tip well down into te hole. It leaned off sideways in the water on the side of the toilet bowl comming well up the isde of it. Its end was almsot up under the rims edge! Its entire length of this one was big around as a soda can!

Seeing how long and big around it was as I stood looking down at it made me think right then to myslef; Boy no ownder why I had to squeeze so hard to keep it from comeing out! Also that's why it also had made such a large turtle head sticking out through my cheeks! If this one I had not been able to stop would have really made a big package inside of my boxers! I smiled to myslef and then I flushed the monster down. Pulled my boxres and jeans back up buckled my belt zipped up my jeans and went back now feeling much more comfortible and finsihed the owrk on my ocmputer.


Reply to Rachel. Did I make it or not?

So You want to know whether I made it to the toilet in time or did I poo my pants. Well I held it in for so long I was within a millimeter of doing it & I could hardly move. I had clench really tightly & held my bum with both hands as I waddled of to the toilet. It wasn't easy but I just made it into the bathroom before it was too late.

I was 14 & was in the woods with my mate Danielle. I was busting for a poo & Danielle dared me to do it in my knickers. I had a short skirt on so I knew it wouldn't be too messy but it felt dirty & at first I didn't want to poo myself. Danielle kept on at me though & the thought of doing it in my underwear felt so hot I gave in & pushed a huge turd into my knickers. Afterwards I took them off & left them in the woods. We walked back to Daniells house after that & when we got there the house was empty. Danielle said she needed a poo so I told her to do it in her knickers. She told me she wasn't wearing any & placed some newspaper on a chair. Then she sat on it. Danielle began to poo while still seated & it was really smelly. She lifted her bum off the chair to reveal a mass of soft goey poo stuck to her buttocks. She pushed & a steaming pile quickly formed on the newspaper right under her bum. Danielle sat down again sitting right in her own poo. She pushed really hard & even more poo spread out all over the newspaper. Danielle was in a terrible mess but she loved it.

I was walking home from college with my friend Emma, when I noticed she seemed really stressed. She kept farting & I realised she wanted the toilet really badly. When we got to my house Emma sat on the front edge of the sofa in an obvious effort to avoid having an accident. She must have been really desperate because she was sitting on her hands. She went bright red & asked to use the bathroom but as soon as she got up I heard my sister Zoe going in there. Emma muttered. 'Oh' & sat back down. Emma was sweating by now & I knew she was struggling to hold it in. Zoe was having a poo & she always takes ages when she has a poo. After half an hour of waiting Emma said, "I hope your sister isn't going to be much longer in there because I'm nearly shitting my pants!" I really thought she was going to poo herself at this point so I asked Zoe to hurry up. Zoe took no notice & made poor Emma wait another half an hour before she finaly left the bathroom. To my surprise Emma stayed sat on the sofa. She was crying & was scarlet red. The smell was all the explanation I needed to reveal that Emma was losing control of her bowels. She said, "I'm sorry but your sister took too long in the toilet & I can't wait any longer." Emma stood up & I could see a big bulge in the back of her jeans. She'd wet herself too & she ran to the bathroom holding her bum. Emma sat on the toilet with a thump & I heard a sigh of relief as she released the rest of her load into the pan. I counted five loud plops, followed by another four smaller splashes & by the time she was finished Emma had been in the bathroom for twenty minutes. She came down looking very relieved & I had a right go at Zoe for taking so long & making Emma poo herself.


Yay! :)

Hi, it's Anny again. I pooped again, for the 2nd time today. I felt fullness in my stomach, and after taking Lactulose Syrup and drinking 2 L of water I felt a strong urge to poop. So I pulled down my underwear and sat on the toilet and I felt my stomach contracting as the poop came out. It was big like the last one, only this one was about the size of a banana. This is pretty good for me, pooping twice in one day. Usually I go once a week if I'm lucky, but I guess my body needs a good cleanout. Now hopefully I can poop more regularly like this from now on! There is still more in my stomach that needs out, so I'll probably drink another 2 L bottle of water and hopefully the rest of it will come out. No wonder I've felt so sick; that's a lot of shit clogging my body! Good thing the laxative is helping and so is the amount of water I'm drinking, and it doesn't really hurt for it to come out. For once I'm having soft sliders, not rock-hard turds!

I finally pooped about 20 minutes ago. I haven't been feeling well at all for the past few days (what else is new?). I've been constipated and feeling like vomiting and just generally felt blah. I've been trying to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables I eat, eat bran cereal for breakfast (but not overdo the fibre either), eat more yogurt and avoid white rice and bread since they seem to bung me up worse. I also have been taking the Lactulose Syrup like my doctor has said for me to do, and drinking tons of water.

I have been passing really foul gas over the past couple of days. And by foul I mean it smells like rotting meat, it's gross. Finally when I went to the bathroom I pulled down my undies and sat down and I didn't need to strain for once. I pushed gently and a fairly big log fell into the toilet.

It was light brown and pretty long, about 10 inches long. My stomach feels better even though there is still more to come out. As long as I keep up the water intake and eat as healthy as I can I hope the constipation will be minimal.

I see the gastroenterologist at the beginning of May so hopefully she will send me in for some tests and I'll finally find out what's wrong with my bowels and find out how to fix it. You don't know how tempted I am to go back to a vegetarian diet (I tried it a couple of times). The amount of poop that came out was amazing, and I was going 2-3 times a day, huge ones too. It sure as hell beats being sick constantly, which I am.

Happy pooping (hopefully).

End Stall Em

My Skid Marks Are Drawing Attention

For Vincene:

It's so nice that you have posted about your problems in using toilets in public places and how you views have changed. I hope Mistee and several others will be able to show Susie that their advice is sensible and that this putting paper between yourself and the seat idea is like crazy and also very wasteful as I talk about in my story below. There are many other better uses for toilet paper, like wiping your butt (don't I know that one!). And the idea that Susie lines the seat with paper at Mistee's house is again like crazy. It's like so anal. However, I know that some guys do it to. When my cousin Jacob visited my family in December, I wrote about how he covered the seat at the park and was surprised that I didn't when I took the seat to pee. And he tore off toilet paper and put it over his hand before he reached up and dropped the seat. (Page 1815). I can only think of one time when sitting on paper would have helped me. That's when me and my friend were at a city-wide craft show and when I moved myself on the seat, a tear on the seat cut through my skin and actually tore some of my skin off. But I would think the broken seat would have torn right through the paper and still gotten me. Which is back to my original point that public toilets suck!

Now my skid marks story:

Now that we're in the 2nd semester, my class schedule has changed and I have a different order of freshman classes. Because I'm 13 and in a program for talented students, my schedule is full and I no longer have the morning study hall that I previously wrote about. That was a good opportunity for me to do my homework and also take my daily crap. I got so use to it, although as you know from my other postings, I got into trouble a couple of times and got detention times for not using the dirtiest and closest toilets, but rather walking to the new addition of the school where the bathrooms are cleaner and much more well lit.

This semester my only opportunity to crap is to go during the crowed passing periods. They suck really bad. If I really run down the hall to the bathroom right after lst or 2nd hour class (and that means standing in the doorway and opening the door as the bell rings) I can get one of the two end stalls. (I just have an even harder time going in the others with two other girls so close to and hearing me go). So I throw my bookbag against the wall nearest to the end stall and I drop my jeans or hike my skirt and drop my panties and I'm seated on the stool within like 15 seconds. Sometimes, I'll even be pushing and dropping when I lean forward to latch the stall door because every second counts.

Often I'm done with my crap within 1 minute and right after I latch the door the next part of my routine is to tear off about 6 inches of toilet paper and have it ready for wiping. I wipe from a seated position that quickly becomes a standing position as I do it and often I drop the TP into the bowl with my right hand while I lean down with my left hand which I use to flush with. Then I yank my panties and underwear up as fast as I can and I especially like wearing my skirts because I don't have to fumble with my jeans which seem to get tighter all the time and harder to latch with the button. If there is a line for the sinks, I pick up my bag and make a run for my next class. Sometimes I have to bust through crowds talking the in halls and sometimes even us the down staircase to go up because it saves me like a minute and with this No Child Left Behind plan, teachers just don't want students missing any part of class. And they say the administration is cracking down on students in the hallways during class periods. That's probably why I got the Saturday School for using the unauthorized bathroom last semester.

Well, several times over the past few weeks I've been reminded that my fast-wipe strategy at school is not working. Like I'm leaving pretty much every day skidmarks from 1 inch to 3 times that large in my underwear. Last Sunday when my mom was doing the wash, she noticed it and came to my room when she delivered the laundry and she mentioned it. She's not mad, it's just something she noticed. I told her basically what I've just said in this post and she didn't ask a lot of other questions, although she did say I should always wash my hands. Sorry, but upon the 3rd tardy, I'm in school on Saturday morning again, and that's yet another school crap for me. And two weeks ago in PE when we were undressing for the showers, I swung around unexpectedly and found two girls pointing at me and snickering. One of them even asked, "Did you shit your pants?". I said something about there not being any TP in the stall and she said something like "yes, I'm sure!" And a couple of weeks ago on President's Day weekend, I stayed over at a friend's house and Trish noticed when we were putting our pajamas on that my underwear was soiled. She's like a freshman, too, and she said (and I think I believe her) she's never had to use a bathroom at school this year. I asked her "Even to pee?" and she said she goes immediately before leaving home in the morning and holds it until she gets back home.

My skidmarks suck and I just don't know what I can do about them.


Pooping at work

My name is Debbie - I am 25 and work in a big office in London. I am average height and build with long dark brown hair, I have often read posts here but have never posted. I work in a PR company with many very attractive girls. I also get to visit TV and Radio companies frequently. I am fairly regular as far as pooping is concerned, and my usual schedule is to leave for work and get feelings of a need to go during my train trip. I sometimes poop as soon as I get to work and other times I go after a coffee. I nearly always poop before 11am. My poop is usually firm and wide and I usually pass 1 big piece about 10 or 12 inches long, fairly easily. I sit for a few seconds and push gently and it begins to move slowly and easily. Over the past year I have become fascinated by just how many girls poop at work. I vary my time a bit so I can hear different girls poop. I am compiling a record of the schedule of each of the work poopers. They seem to be very regular. Busiest pooping times in my office are about 9am, about 10.30am, about 1.30pm and about 3.30pm. Strangely there are a few girls who seem to poop at 5pm - 5.30pm immediately before they go home. I am not sure why - any ideas? I also visit radio and TV studios and often do my morning poop before I start a meeting. I usually get to hear staff there, including presenters, having a good morning poop. Starnge to see them on TV when you have heard them drop their load! I will post my own poops and those of my colleagues if you are interested. In the meantime, I would be interested to get answers to my small survey from girl posters here.
Age, Do you Work (what hours?). Is your job office based?
When do you normally poop - time(s), where?
Are you at ease pooping away from home or prefer home?
What is your usual poop like?
Do many of your colleagues/co-workers poop at work?
Look forward to the answers. Will post again soon with some stories I have. If anyone has a request for a particular interest let me know.
Love Debbie x

To THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER: It could've been the psyllium husks since I had been taking so many of them. My doctor tells me to stay away from laxatives though now I pretty much have no choice. Fibre, exercise, water, etc does not seem to work so I will have to use a laxative. My doctor prescribed me Lactulose Syrup to take every day but that seems to only work sometimes >.< Quite frustrating eh? I have tried pure water enemas but once again the doctor said to stay away from them. I don't know what other choice I have other than completely changing my diet to vegetarian (I tried it once and you should've seen the amount of poop that came out of me!). I see the gastroenterologist for the first time in May and hopefully will have a colonoscopy done to find out what the heck is wrong with my bowels. They've been a mess since I was a baby (almost 24 years ago).

I am once again constipated. I stopped taking the Metamucil tablets since they didn't seem to work. I've been eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, eating Raisin Bran, taking Lactulose Syrup each day and guzzling water, so I hope very soon I can poop.

I farted today, lots, right in the high st.....stunk, I'd had a Indo Chinese the night before, fab food but crikey it was hot and spicy.

I only had 400 yards to get back home but couldn't make it without a right old chocolate cake being deposited in my pants. She was a beauty, and sat nicely in the the gusset of my boxers until i could peel 'em off.

I was real lucky, lesson learned, no more Indo Chinese for me unless my arse is sitting, waiting for a shitting,

Gawd bless yer all


Huge poo emergency!

In school at 4Th period i felt that i really needed a poo. Luckily it was only 20 minutes until lunch time. I was relieving the pressure by trying to fart quietly but they kept making a lot of noise and they were wet. I failed in class to keep my cool, i was working up a terrible cold sweat as my gut was moaning loudly making bubbly noises. Everyone in class could tell i had to use the toilet as i couldn't sit still because i was focusing on clenching my ass. It wasn't long before i was stamping my feet because i was in so much pain. It went really diarrhea, it was just a really big bad pooey.

When class was finally dismissed, i literally ran with hands on my ass to the girls bathroom. I was farting very badly on the way there, the wetness of them sounded as if i had pooed my panties already, but no i did that as soon as i entered the cubicle. As i closed the door my gut made a horrible rinsing noise and just completed filled my jeans with poo. I ran home still needing to finish off...

Canadian Kelly

My Gold Medal Accident

Hi, my name is Kelly and I have posted here many times before…

A couple weeks ago I had a terrible accident in my pants. My husband and I decided to join a few friends of ours to watch the gold medal Olympic hockey game. We went to a pub in our neighbourhood and decided to walk there since it wasn't that far away from our house. That day I decided to wear my red full cut bikini panties, matching red bra, jeans, a red t-shirt and my red Canada hockey jersey. My Canada hockey jersey is quite big and actually goes down below my waist and covers my bum area. This turned out to be a VERY good thing!

I was actually feeling really good when we left our house and even during the game. The pub was completely packed with screaming Canadians cheering on our team. It was an amazing sight! The game started at 1pm (MST) and my husband and I got there at around noon. At that time the pub was already three quarters full. We met up with our friends and were lucky enough to get a booth at the back of the pub. There were TV screens everywhere, so that wasn't a problem. I ended up sitting in the corner of our booth. Anyway, we ordered a pile of food, wings, nacho's, you name it. We also ordered a few pitchers of beer.

For anyone who saw the game, you know it had its ups and downs. The biggest downer was when the U.S. tied the game with about 20 seconds to go! Anyway, the game went into overtime. During the intermission, I decided to make my way to the ladies room. I was still feeling fine by this point in the day. Tired and stressed about the game, but otherwise I was doing okay. I got to the ladies room and went into the first stall available and went pee. As I was in there, I felt my ???? tighten up slightly. I pushed a little bit and let out a wet fart of diarrhea into the toilet. I was quite relieved that I did that because I didn't want to have to get up during the overtime. When I was done, I cleaned myself up, washed my hands and went back to our table just in time for the overtime to start.

The cramps came and went. Since they were not constant, I figured that I would be okay until the game ended. Then, it happened…

Luongo made a save and Canada turned the puck up the ice. Sidney Crosby had the puck and made an attempt at the net. The puck went into the corner where he was joined by Jerome Iginla. Iginla had the puck and passed it to Crosby. (It was at this point that the cramps started up again. I ignored them…big mistake!). Crosby got the puck took a step or two and fired it in the net. The entire pub and all of Canada erupted at the same time when Sid the Kid scored the winning goal. Right when Crosby scored and right when everyone exploded with jubilation, my bowels erupted into my panties. When I jumped up to cheer, diarrhea poured into my panties. It was horrible. My husband hugged me and picked me up all the while I was filling my pants with diarrhea. Everyone was so happy. I was trying to show my enthusiasm for the game, but it was hard with a massive load of diarrhea sloshing around in my pants. The smell wasn't that noticeable right then. The bar was so packed that I think the overall smell of B.O. out did the mess in my pants.

We continued to stand for a few minutes and I asked my husband if he was ready to leave. He looked at me like I was nuts. He said that he wanted to see the medal ceremony and sing O'Canada with everyone. Our friends ordered another pitcher of beer and some more wings. I really did not want to sit down, but sort of had to when everyone else did. Don't ask me why I didn't go to the ladies room, or even go home at this point. I was just in complete shock of everything. So, I sat down very gingerly making sure to move my hockey jersey out of the way so it would not get any stains on it. Even still, the diarrhea spread all around my pants. After what felt like forever, the medals were passed out and it was ready for our national anthem to be played. Those of us who were sitting stood up again and sang O'Canada along with everyone in our country. Like I said earlier, my Canada hockey jersey hung over my bum area, so it did its job really well.

When the anthem and medal ceremony was over I asked my husband if we could leave. He said he was fine to go since we still had to walk our dogs. Our friends stayed behind to finish their beer and wings. On our walk home my husband was really excited, waving at cars and cheering with everyone who was out. I was really quite and he asked me if I was okay. I told him that I wasn't feeling well. I needed to go again and was trying not to let out another load of diarrhea into my pants. It was no use. With each step towards our house more diarrhea slipped out into my panties. My husband could tell that something was wrong and asked me what was up. I told him that I was sick and that I had gotten sick in my pants at the pub. He put his arm around me and told me that he was sorry. He felt bad because he wanted to stay and watch the medal ceremony and sing our national anthem. I told him that it was okay and that it was actually pretty cool to experience, even with a massive load in my pants.

We finally got home and I went directly into our washroom to clean myself up. I took off my hockey jersey and turned around to look at my pants. They were stained right through the entire bum area and down the insides of my legs. I took off my socks and decided to jump into our bath/shower to take off my clothes. Taking of my pants was a challenge as they were caked in diarrhea. I turned on the water and let it warm up while I stood there in my messy panties and jeans. Before I turned on the shower, I took off my t-shirt and bra. Once the water was warm, I peeled off my jeans, and washed them out as much as I could. I then lowered my panties and washed them out as well. When I was done showering, I washed all the clothes I was wearing. Luckily, since my panties were red, the stain from the diarrhea wasn't too noticeable.

Anyway, that was my "Gold Medal Accident". I hope you liked my story.



Campsite troubles

Hi, I was camping with a group of girlfriends last summer, whilst we were away I became very constipated.
On the last day of our 2 week stay a boy on the site asked me if I was pregnant!
I told my friend I was very constipated, she gave me a medicine called picolax that she sometimes uses.
That afternoon we were waiting in a bus station when the picolax kicked in.
I rushed to find a toilet when I saw one of those superloo toilets, I quickly put some money in the door, and quickly sat on the toilet.
What happened next was like that toilet scene from the movie dumb & dumber only worse.
I have never done so much poo in one sitting in my life ever!
Plop PLOp PLOp PLOP PLOP SPLat Splat splat... " when is it gonna end ?" I thought to my self. I must of been continually pooping (fast) for 5 minutes
The laxative completely cleared out my intestines, and boy was that toilet loaded! After washing my hands and exiting the automatic toilet on it's LCD display read "Sorry this toilet is out of order, assistance required"
My stomach was flat again, and boy did it feel good!


My 6th grade experiences

I first started to ride the bus home from school in 6th grade. My bus stop was about a block away from my house. It was a pretty good walk home. There was also a canal that ran behind the houses on my street, as well as the houses on the next street over. It was almost always dry, so I would walk follow the canal to get home.

Anyway, I should start off by telling my first bathroom experience back there. In 6th grade, I had gym class as my last class. This was the only time I used the washrooms during school. I would go into the locker room washrooms. One day, I forgot to go, but thought that I'd be fine until I got home, so I just got on my bus. When I got off at my stop, the need to pee was urgent, but not desperate. I walked down the canal, stopping to hold myself every now and then (even though it wasn't needed). I finally got to my house (well, behind it), when I started thinking, 'what if I just peed here?'. I walked over to the pipe that went under the road and unzipped myself. I took my *thing* out and started peeing. I got about halfway done, when I got nervous that someone might see me (today, I doubt that anyone would've seen me). I stopped peeing, zipped up, and went home. I get out of school at 2:00 PM, so I had about 3 hours to myself. I began my homework, when the need to pee came back. I started thinking about doing it in my pants for some reason, but decided on using the toilet.

About 2 months passed, during which I kept thinking about that day. Those 2 months were filled of occasionally refusing to use the washrooms during gym to experience the feel of desperation. However, I always made it home and used the toilet. One day, however, I decided that I was going to do it. I was going to wet my pants. I had an extra soda at lunch, and when gym came, I didn't go to the washrooms. As I got on my bus and sat down, I was fidgeting and shaking my legs. I also began to hold myself. As the bus approached my stop, and I got off, I was hit with a sudden urge to pee. I knew that this was it, there was no turning back now. As I stood there wetting my pants, I became filled with many thoughts: I was worried that someone would find out, I was excited that I had done it, and I was disappointed that no one had seen me. As I walked home, I kept feeling the crotch of my pants. It felt amazing what I had done. When I got home, I put my clothes in the washer, and my parents never found out.

A few more months went by, during which I had wet my pants walking home about 3 more times. Each time was similar to the first time so I won't recap them all. However, one day I had pooped my pants. The urge hit me at lunch, but there was no way that I was going to poop in the school washrooms. It wasn't urgent, so I was able to hold it in just fine. However, I started thinking, 'what if I did poop my pants?'. I decided that I was going to do it when I got off the bus. I again skipped the washrooms at gym, and got on the bus. The urge had increased to urgent while riding on the bus. When I got off at my stop, I was enjoying the urgency of my bathroom needs, so I started walking home. About halfway there, I squatted, began peeing and pooping. Once finished, I finished my walk home, enjoying the bulge I had back there. It was then that I realized I didn't know how to hide poopy briefs. I undressed behind some bushes near the canal. I hid my tighty whities and pulled my shorts up. I then went home.


Response to Mistee's Story on Susie

I'm going to use a word that my social studies teacher uses a lot, to describe putting toilet paper between yourself and the seat on a friend's home toilet, "incredible". I do, however, sympathize with those who are different (such as over-weight) and how they are hassled by their peers, but you have to change and accept change. Sometimes the change may be for the better and in my case, it was difficult, but as I look back, it was for the better. For example, when my family moved to our current city two years ago, my new high school didn't have those toilet seat papers that my previous school district had in each stall. Some of you may remember that I wrote about about this at the time, but I learned to just sit down at school and pee or crap just like it would be if I were home. Now I do it in public places, too, and I've written about that. If Susie is going to remain so particular about putting paper between herself and the seats, she's going to develop even more health problems. I would think urinary tract infections and constipation would be among them. Using the bathroom is crucial and washing your hands well afterwards is the most important thing. I see myself as an example of how the seat covering thing can be taken to some pretty bizzare extremes. I hope Mistee can help Susie feel better.

Roxanne L.
I have a story about my friend Crystal. She was really humiliated, and would be really mad if she found out I posted this. We were at Walmart together.

My mom was gonna make me watch my little brother while she went grocery shopping, so I told her that me and Crystal had stuff to do. Thankfully, she allowed me to go over to Crystal's, and we decided to go shopping, with the few cash we had earned.

While we were there, Crystal began looking uncomfortable. I asked her what was wrong, but she said "nothing". About ten minutes later she pressed her legs together, and said "I need to go to the washroom." We went to the washrooms, but they were closed for maintenance.

"Can you hold it?" I asked. Crystal shook her head. "I need to go, now!" We went to the cashier lady, and asked if there was a washroom available. She shook her head, saying that they were closed for maintenance, and that she was not allowed in the staff one. By now, Crystal was looking distressed, and was pressing her legs together tightly.

We thanked the lady, and I told Crystal "Let's go next door." Next door was a McDonald's. We were starting to walk over to the door, when Crystal said, "I can't walk, I'll piss myself." She was looking nervously around.

"Try and hold it, were almost there" I said. She nodded, and took a step forward.

"Oh no!" She whispered. "I'm pissing myself!" I watched as a dark patch appeared on the crotch of her jeans. Soon the piss started making a puddle around her legs. She turned red in the face, and, clutching her purse, ran out of the building to her car.

As soon as I got into the car, she burst into tears, and made me promise not to tell anyone. See was really embarrassed. :)


Favorite type of poop

Phil and Tbonz, I also like doing heavier turds. My favorite is when your pushing a firm log which picks up speed and tickles the anus as it comes out.

Last week I was really constipated so I've cut back on protien, started running more and am eating salads at lunch. After dinner tonight I sat on the pot for my usual 20+ minutes but unlike usual I pooped almost the entire time. As I sat and read every minute I would feel more poop ready to come out. It was a little gassy but still solid so that as I pushed out some more rope it would kind of sputter. Our house is kind of small and I could hear my youngest Heather giggle when she could hear me pooping. I then heard my son Jason tel her to leave me alone. Its great when you can let your kids work things out on there own thus allowing me to enjoy a big dump. When I got up to wipe there was a mountain of poop about an inch above the water line. Man did it feel good to take that one.

Upstate Dave

Always Wondered Why

Sorry I've been away for awhile. Just have been so busy here at home. Now I have some free time to post again. Many of you here know I'm a long time poster and have told of many times durring my time posting here on the sight I have seen or been involved peeing pooping either by myslef or with others.

So this time I'm combining some of my posts into a sort of survey. I t mainly is about peeeing and pooping. So here I go.

First when I was young there was myslef and the redhead girl that lived across from me. We played together and we started peeing together outside in a field behind a old fallen dead tree together. At first with us peeing together it was that niether one of us wanted to stop playing and walk inthe house to go. Ever do this? Then as time passed we found it was fun to do and we also started to poop too. Have you done this also?

2nd Then with other girls with some of them it was a emergency and they went. Done this? Many times my answer whether it was me or the girl.

3rd Or the reason was just curiusity only. Again have you done this. Again I have and some of the girls that had seen me pee.

4th How bout doing it on a dare? I more on a dare then the girl but had the girl not back out also.

5th Showing off? Girls seem to show off just as much as guys!

6th Wanting to see for yourself? Many times.

7th Getting excitted by it? Sure did and stll do!

8 Just plain likeing to do it? Again many times.

9 Having the great feeling of relief when you did go and pleasing someone else when you did? I can say yes to this also.

10 The last one Any other reason? Having company when I have gone.

I will say for all of them I and the other persons involved did it for the reasons I asked.

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