My naughty poo

Jimmy J.↲ ↲
I just came home from work & I'm desperate for a poo. The house is empty & I know you'd love to read about me doing it in my pants. You must think I'm really dirty but that time when I pood in the back of the van was the first time I had an accident in my pants. I've never deliberately pood myself before. Have you ever pood yourself on purpose? If you have I'd love to read all about it. I'm getting really desperate for my poo now & I'm not sure if I can make it to the toilet. I'll post again to let you know if I made it in time.


No to outdoor crapping

I just read Wendys story about her having a crap in the old van. I don't think I'd have the nerve to do it anywhere but in a proper toilet. Even if it means I end up doing it in my knickers. I've often peed in the woods though but there's no way I could have a crap outdoors no matter how desperate I am. Mind you I have had accidents a few times.

I forgot to mention that once on my way home from School I did come across a pair of knickers belonging to a girl in my class. They were in a bush & were surrounded by flies. They were full of her crap & it was all solid not runny so I reckon she'd done it on purpose. I found a stick & flipped them over to reveal a name tag with the name Claire Hughs (not her real name).

MARIAN: I agree with you. Have you ever tried pooping outdoor? It is less embarassing than exiting a toilet that you clogged.
WENDY: Nice tales, do you often poop at the park? Have you had others big urge sometimes?



Responses to Kalee and Mistee

Sorry I haven't contributed to the discussion the past few weeks, but I've been working extra hours in my job and the weather has been exceptionally (more than a foot of snow on the ground for the past almost three months) wicked.

First, Mistee's story about Susie. Putting toilet paper over the seat before you sit down on the seat in a private home? That's a wow situation that a professional should deal with! If it were my residence, my first though would likely be "Is my butt not clean enough for yours?" or "Who do you think you are?" Perhaps as Mistee continues to build her relationship with Susie, other important information will be learned.

Second, Kalee's excellent two-part report on the mall bathroom. Playing around, unhealthful and borderline criminal activities like that in the mens bathrooms is the reason why most of us now crap without stall doors, have no choice but the small pre-cut square of toilet paper that can't be wasted as much, and are forced to look at the asses of the guys at the urinals while we do our daily deed.

Just last week on Saturday I was one of like 10 guys seated at the mall for their Saturday afternoon crap. I took the first stall, after waiting for a few minutes for one to open. My underwear was at just above knee level and I was pushing out my first one when a a group of five middle school-level boys came chasing one another in. Right in front of me, one shoved his friend into an elderly man at the urinal and the guy almost fell over. One obnoxious boy walked right up to me and asked very pointedly, "When U gonna be done?". He seemed like he expected me to get up for him and I should feel guilty for finally having a seat. He went to each of the other stalls with the same question and I heard one guy three or four stalls down yell out in a very commanding voice "Get the ******* hell out of here ..." which caused his friends to tease him even more. Each of the boys must have taken two or three looks at each of us as they walked down to one end of the room and back. They were messing with the hand-dry blowers when I got to the sinks. I looked directly at the one boy who had talked to me and pointed that I was done. His snotty and self-indulging response was "Sooooo." My nephew Seemus (who I have written about previously) would never talk to an adult that way.

I'm only 28 and told a friend yesterday on my bowling team (he complained about kids peeing on the toilet seats)about the mall situation and how eventually we'll probably even lose the partitions around the toilets in public bathrooms. It would certainly make security and supervision issues easier, at least from a management point of view.

To Just a guy: There is no favorite person or persons I like listen to. But if I knew who is in next stall it makes things more interesting - no matter is she my co-worker, friend or totally stranger. Ideal situation is if we two went at the same time and took adjacent stalls. I like to listen to others as well as I like to be heard. Knowing that someone can hear my noises or notice my smell doesn't embarrass me except if my noises were really loud (for example loud, wet farts) and/or smell is extraordinarily strong. I like to poop at work. There is 2 stalls ladies room in our office wing, which is used by about 10 ladies. But I prefer use ladies room in entrance hall because it is bigger (5 stalls) and it has larger users-group which means bigger chances to hear someone pooping. I have noticed that most of my co-workers use bigger ladies room when they need to do number two. Well, more pooping stories later. Producing text is not so fast and simple for me because I have to write in english and english is not my mother tongue.


To Jimmy J

I loved reading your post & would love to see you having a massive poo in that van. I'd have to wait for you to finish & of course I would be desperate to go myself. Seeing someone else relieving themself while I need to go so bad would make it so exiting. I know that by the time it was my turn I'd be close to messing my pants & the relief would be so great. We could wipe each othere afterwards too.

Reply to Wendy and Marian:
I have 'clogging' problems with my hubby too. ^-^
In my going to work path, there's a wonderful garden-park.
I have discovered a spot in the bushes where no one goes in the morning, so when I have to go I can relieve myself in nature without shame.
Two weeks ago, for a week I didn't poop, My stomach was really full!
That morning, after a big corn-flakes breakfast, I felt the urge, but I hope I can hold it till i am at the park.
When I reached the park, I was really at the limit!
So I looked around, then ran behind the flower-bushes. Get off skirt, then 4/5 turd slided out of me without effort! It has been a very huge, long and relaxing dump! Ahhh.... wonderful poop!

TO ANNY: great news...that medicine will help a lot. It is vital that you shit and if usual methods do not work (fibre, exercise etc) then a laxative is needed..if they are required often then it is ooff to the doctor. I bet your impaction was psyllium husks (metamucil). You were probably too constipated for such a volumne of fibre and it made things worse.
The end result is that you did have to take a laxative...why not think about enemas...not fleet, just pure water enemas.

Plop Idol
Hi everyone :)
I thought I'd write about the 2 most recent poops I took one yesterday morning and one this morning...

Here's the one from yesterday (8 March): Around about 9:30 I felt this impending urge to have a really good poo. I had just finished my cup of tea and was passing some smelly pre-poo farts which I could tell my bowels were ready for me to have a poo, so with my shorts on I put on my black mules and held my belly and made a dash for the downstairs loo, I locked the door, pulled down my shorts/pants to my thighs and parked my bum onto the white seat and crossed my arms and pressed them against my belly... Then all of a sudden I let a really smelly wet fart rip and followed through and could feel and smell my poo dropping from my bum... ka-plop, ka-plop, plop-plip-plip-plop-plop. By now my smelly poo had filled the air but I wasn't quite done just yet...I pressed my belly again with my arms crossed and hear a feint crackle and could feel a couple of small chunks waiting to slither and drop out of my bum and they made 3 dull plops as they sunk to the bottom of the bowl and now I felt done. I took a look behind me and could see that there was about 3 logs which were broken up slightly and a further heap of small chunky poo on top, the smell was still in the air and I grabbed some loo roll and wiped my bum, it took 3 wipes and I was clean and spent about 15 mins on the loo. I flushed and sprayed air freshner in the air, pulled up my shorts and pants and had a lovely satisfying poo.

Now for the poo I took this morning... I was putting my clothes in the washing machine ready to wash when I could feel a load of poo gathering towards my bum, the urge wasn't the "GOT TO NOW" but I had time to load the machine up and then I had a few steps to walk to the downstairs loo, locked the door...pulled down my denim shorts to my thighs and sat my bum on the seat. I felt a rumble and let out a fart and could feel my poo rushing out and it just dropped out of my bum and with about 5-7 plops I was done, I felt so relieved but the smell wasn't that bad as yesterday and I had a look behind and it was just a heap of pieces and a healthy brown colour. It took about 3 wipes to get my bum clean and I felt so good and flushed the loo.

More from me next time :) Happy pooping all

I thought I'd report about the poo I did after work earlier tonight...

It was about 7pm and I was in my room, getting changed out of my work clothes into something casual so I put on my 3/4 crop shorts and flip-flops as this is what I feel relaxed in at home. I could feel a little rumbling in my belly and let out a couple of smelly wet farts which I knew were warning me of the impending need for a poo. I think I've got a bit of a bellyache.

7:15pm... I could feel the load making it's way to my bum, and let out another smelly fart and made my way to the upstairs loo with one hand on my belly. I locked the door and pulled down my shorts and pants and parked my bum on the seat and crossed my arms and pressed them to my belly with my legs spread and started grunting softly and pushing on my belly at the same time. As I was softly grunting I farted a couple of times and sure enough I could feel my poo about to emerge from my bum with a slight crackle and I could smell it too!

I then took a breath and softly grunted again and about a couple of pieces of poo dropped out of my bum...ka-plop, plop-plip-plip-plop! It was getting a bit smelly but my belly was still feeling full with more poo inside waiting to slither and drop out. I was softly grunting and then leaving it a few moments before grunting again and another couple of pieces dropped out my bum with dull plops but still I felt I had more to drop.

A couple of minutes went by and no action so I kept on pushing softly and this was making me hot and it was a bit of an effort I can tell you. All in all nothing more happened for at least 5 mins more except letting out some small farts and then a gush of soft serve hit me and it was so easy to pass as it just slithered out my bum with a wet fart and ... plop, plop, plip, plop, plop, phlunk! I then grunted a bit more as I could still feel more was waiting to emerge from my poopy bum and sure enough another wave of soft chunks just dropped out ...plop, plop, plop-plip-plop-plip-plip-plop! Sometimes when I drop loads like these I really do take as much time as I need on the loo without worrying how long I've been on the loo having a good poo and stinking the loo out with my poo. All I think of is just having a good clear-out of my belly. I was nearly done but I could feel a couple of soft pieces drop into the bowl with 3 loud plops and now I was done. It is now 7:45pm and I have been on the loo now for half an hour and I feel I have had a good and satisfying poo and I grab some loo roll and before I wipe my poopy bum I have a quick glance behind me and there was a lot of pieces nestled in the bowl and a couple of small floaters on the side of it and it did smell and it took me at least 3 wipes to be clean and I got up off the loo, pulled up my pants and shorts and flushed and sprayed some blossom air freshener in the air. I feel better after that and my belly feels like it's no knots in it now and I'm not passing smelly gas now either and with that I am now off to have my dinner now :)

Well that's it from me for now,
Take care and enjoy your poops everyone! :)

I had a great experience today. I was at uni and had 10 minutes to spare before a lecture when I felt the urge for a shit. I'd had a cooked breakfast this morning and plenty of coffee, so I knew I was going to drop a solid load.

I went into the men's toilets. There were three stalls, all vacant, so I took the one on the left. I went in, pulled my boxers and jeans down and sat on the toilet. As I sat down, another guy went into the cubicle next to me and closed the door. I heard him tear off some paper - perhaps he put some down on the seat to keep his buttocks clean? - and then sit down.

PLOP! I dropped a series of large, solid turds, which splashed my buttocks with water as they dropped into the bowl. I knew the other guy could hear exactly what I was doing.

There was a pause, and then I heard a PLOP! from the next cubicle. This was followed by about five more plops. Clearly, my neighbour was also dumping a nice solid load. The smell of his shit reached my nose - it was strong and pungent, but quite pleasant.

I stood up, tore off some paper and wiped myself several times (I'm always very careful about cleaning up, especially as I tend to get skid-marks). After a minute, I heard my neighbour doing the same. As I finished, I flushed and left the cubicle.

Sadly, I didn't get to see the guy who crapped next to me - though I did see his trainers beneath the door of the cubicle as I was leaving.
But there's nothing quite so satisfying as taking a relaxing public dump, while other guys around you are doing the same and you can hear and smell each other. :-)


Pooped accident

I was out driving yesterday in sandwich in Kent uk
I felt that I needed a poo I wad wearing tight
White leggings and tight top over my padded
bra and control knickers
I needed a poo bad so I stoped in the carpark
by the river to use the public toilet when I got
there I found the public toilets closed I needed
to poo v bad then I farted was more than a fart
and a load of wet soft poo came out into
my White control knickers I put my hand on
my bum and it was soked in wet poo I had
to walk across the car park with a
Load of poo in my knickers
I luckly had an old bag on my car to put
on my seat clean up was not good knickers
are stained after washed still stained.


Comment for Mistee & Part II of My Story: Gross Droppings

For Mistee:
I don't exactly know why, but I feel pretty sorry for Susie. Ok, she's overweight and probably can't do much about that. When she's on the toilet at school, why hasn't she closed the door and why does she set herself up for criticism buy pulling her clothing all the way to the floor? To me, it just doesn't make sense. Finally, putting the TP down on your toilet at home is also something that baffles me. However, I agree that you probably took the best approach by not questioning her too much on it. She has a lot of years of school ahead of her and they could be tough ones.

Part II of My Story:

My post-lunch leisurly crap at the mall on Monday was anything but that. It must have been a teacher in-service or work day because there were hundreds of kids at the mall, and the food court was heavily chaotic with them shoving, bumping one another and cursing, while I tried to eat my lunch. Then I was directed to a smaller restroom on the lower level where I quickly sat down to take my crap. The stall I selected seem to be pristine, at least compared to the other choice in the two staller. It had no toilet paper, lots of pee on the seat, and a pee puddle in front of the stool. There was even piped-in music and I enjoyed listening to an old Al Martino song that I remembered was my grandfather's favorite. (I sent him and grandma to Vegas to see their favorite singer for their 50th anniversary). So I'm sitting on the toilet, may crap is sliding down, and a bunch of kids (including one boy, at first) come bursting in. There's a lot of pushing and shoving, and other screwing around and this girl they called Megan Ann asks her friend to come into the stall with her because she has to "shit a brick".

Megan Ann apparently looks at the seat and says to her friend, "I'm not going to sit in that" and the friend tells her, "Just pretend we're all the swimming pool (apparently an inside joke or a sore subject)" and they both laugh. Apparently this friend "Trev" comes in again and the one girl goes and shoves him out. He said something about peeing his pants, but I didn't catch the rest of it. The second girl tells Megan Ann to just "Stand Shit". Megan Ann doesn't understand it and the friend tells her to drops her sweats and underwear to the floor. Megan Ann seems to be somewhat stunned by it and her friend then starts to pull her sweats down and Megan Ann tells her to keep her hands off her--she can shit on her own! Then the other girl starts telling Megan Ann show to "Stand shit", something she said her great grandmother "learned" her (I doubt she does well in English class!)while they were on vacation.

I notice the the sweats and underwear drop all the way to the floor. Megan Ann is told she's going to crap just like she's going to sit in a chair and to pretend the chair is the toilet. There's some laughing, a couple of obscenities are exchanged, and I see Megan Ann's athletic shoes spread out pretty widely. She's told to squat over and I guess the friend goes to the other side of the toilet and pushes Megan Ann's back down or some sort of movement. Megan says, "@@@@!, it's coming out!" and the friend says I can't see it yet, and "You need to push really, really hard." Then there's a instant plop next to my purse. Both girls seem amazed and the friend points to Megan that there's nothing in the stool. Then she walks over the the other side (my side) and tells Megan Ann "here it is!" I quickly grabbed my purse, and hung it onto the hook on the top of my door. While the girls were whispering very quietly and waiting for me to say something, I turned the purse around and found there was about a half-inch of soft, partially-brown poop toward the bottom where the bulge was the largest. I pulled off toilet paper, wiped it off quickly, and then threw the toilet paper between my legs into the stool. I released one long log of about 20 inches, followed by a couple of much smaller pieces. I studied the turd that was well illuminated on the floor and I could vaguely start smelling it. I was curious as to what the girls were going to do and I still had a couple of pieces I could feel dropping, if you know what I mean.

I decided to take off some toilet paper and I called their attention and handed it to one of the hands under the stall. It took them about two minutes to decide who was going to pick it up, but a hand on top of the paper went down to the floor and it was picked up and placed into the stool. "Here's one more", I said, as I passed them a second round a toilet paper from which to take the stain off the floor. Neither of them thanked me and it only seemed to generate some more laughter. Then I concentrated on completing my crap, but as I did Megan Ann got back into her stance and was starting to drop another one. Her friend was telling her not to miss the bowl again and that she needed to hover closer to the seat and not move as she "dropped it." Megan said, with a few more choice words, that the squat hurt her and about about 45 seconds there was a large thud as Megan Ann's feet slipped (from apparently being in the pee) and she feel onto the toilet. The girls were still laughing hard and joking around when I quickly got myself presentable and flushed. I very quickly washed my hands and left the bathroom just as a security guard was coming in.

She firmly asked me if there was a problem in there and I explained. She said it is currently a problem with the younger kids and that some of them are being barred from the mall. Also she said some parents are being called by mall security. As I waited for the slow elevator, I started to think about that word "call" and how I had to get to the bridal store, back to my work, and make at least 10 calls to customers on my loan client maintenance list before I would likely have time to go the bathroom again. It just didn't seem fair.

I produce a lot of poop, too.
Last night I was coming back home with a friend. She asked me to stop the car because she had to pee. I was also feeling the 'big' urge.
I found a place near the road, dark and hidden enough, then I went out of the car and we started to pee together, but when I started... "omg, I cannot hold it anymore!" ... before a soft, big fart, then a huge turd slided out without pushing.
My friend saw and : "bleah! what's this stink? can't you hold it til home?" ... sorry, the urge was too big :)

Just a guy
JaLe - I've always enjoyed your stories. I like the detail you provide. Since you enjoy listening to others, I was wondering if you're familar with the bathroom patterns of any of your co-workers. Also, do you have a favorite person to listen to. If so & you have any stories to share, that would be great. I know you also said that you liked to be listened to, but do you ever feel embarass about the noise or smell you're making.


Being watched

I was in the woods this afternoon ready for my weekly poo but there were lots of people about & I couldn't find anywhere private to relieve my urgent need. I spent over an hour trying to find the right spot & was getting really desperate. There were people everywhere the urge to go was becoming a biological need. The option of holding it in untill it was convenient was now gone & I had to hide myself as best I could. I got behind a small bush & quickly pulled my jeans & pants down & squatted. It all rushed out of me & formed a big pile under me. I had a long pee as well & by the time I was finished there was a big pool of pee all around an island of soft smelly poo. I looked up & to my horror there was a boy watching me. He looked about 9 or 10 & I when I looked at him propely I felt a lot less embarrassed. He had a big wet patch in his trousers & he turned around to show me a huge smelly bulge in the seat of his pants. He'd deliberately pood & wet himself right in front of me. He told me he'd been waiting for me to finish but I took so long he couldn't wait.


Got the runs

I was prescribed Go-Lytely at the hospital on Monday night/Tuesday morning. I finally filled the prescription on Wednesday and drank the laxative last night. Let me tell you, that stuff is disgusting! It tastes like salt water, really gross. And I had to drink a full glass of it every 15 minutes until the entire container was gone. That means about 4 L of powdered laxative mixed with water.

I didn't get a stomach ache like the info said I might...but I sure did go! And go, and go, and go. Between last night and today I must have had diarrhea 15 times. Last night wasn't that big of a deal since I could stay home and didn't need to go out. I could use the toilet without worrying about "Am I gonna make it?!"

I almost shit my underwear last night during a coughing fit. Good thing I clenched my cheeks shut and went in the toilet. I had an appointment with my neurologist this morning too, and the bus ride to the hospital took an hour and a half, so the whole time I was clenching my butt cheeks together trying not to shit myself! I did manage to make it to the washroom, but that was a close call. I wouldn't have wanted to crap myself on the bus in front of everybody and show up to an appointment (especially my first appointment with the neurologist) with shitty underwear and pants or have to cancel the appointment that I waited 3 months for.

I did have a slight accident about 45 minutes ago though. I thought I was finally finished having the runs so I farted thinking it was only air. Nope! Instead I got a gross, squishy surprise with it. Yuck! At least I was home when it happened, so I could shower and change my underwear. The soiled underwear went in the garbage as they were so stained and gross that I didn't want to touch them. I guess that will teach me to be careful next time.

The diarrhea is not as frequent or bad as it was, but I'm still peeing out of my butt every couple of hours or so, and I've been careful not to relax my muscles or fart since the sharting accident earlier.

The good news is I'm no longer impacted, and that laxative works REALLY well and cleans you out big time. If you need to take this stuff- be careful, and stay close to a toilet unless you want a big watery smelly mess in your pants.

Sunday, March 07, 2010


Posting on the Toilet

Hello, my name is Wyatt. I am sitting on the toilet as I am writing this and I am getting ready to have a bowel movement in addition to peeing as well. I had a high-fiber breakfast, so I am confident that I will succeed.

I lean forward, open my mouth and take a deep breath, bulging my stomach muscles forward. It does not take much for my bowels to move and the stool to be excrected from my anus.

About a minute later, I urinate for a bit.

Well, I am going to go wipe. I hope that you all have a good day.

Mr. Clogs

Squatting on a public toilet

I was in Hoboken about to catch the train back home. I felt the urge to poop so I needed to relieve myself. I took the last stall in the men's room so I can take a dump. Since it was a handicapped stall I had plenty of room. Since the toilet seat had been pissed on, I didn't want to wipe the seat down just to poop, so I squatted over the bowl. I gave a little push, let out a couple of farts and poop started to make it's way into the toilet. I finished pooping and needed to pee. I aimed my penis in the direction of the bowl to keep myself from peeing on my pants. I wiped up and washed my hands and left the bathroom.


Mr. Clogs

ssbbw Paula

New here

I am a six foot ssbbw (super sized Big Beautiful Woman.)400 pounds. Have you ever been curios how a big huge girl pees or has a bowel movement? It's OK if you do. I am posting for the fist time. We went to Southern Country for breakfast today. I went to the bathroom with my niece. We went into the handicapped stall and she peed. I took my turn and moved by bowels. It was about 2 inches wide and 4 inches long. It was a vein Popper.


Accident at the supermarket

I was shelf filling at work yesterday when a young girl of about 14 came up to me & asked where the toilets were. She was holding her bum tightly & looked very anxious. I told her that we didn't have an customer toilets & started crying. I could smell poo & the girl started wetting herself. She had a big brown patch in her jeans which started to spread down her legs. I felt so sorry for her as I'd been there myself. The poor girl had totally messed herself & was mortified by the experience.

Pinoy Boy
Does anybody know whatever happened to Jessa, the one who asked us the Accident Survey? Apparently that was her only post, she might have had some good stories :( Oh, and what happened to Upstate Dave? His stories were quite good.


Public performer

There's nothing I like better than taking a noisey poo at my local starbucks. There's always a line of folk waiting to use the one toilet in the store.
Today when I went i quickly pooped and farted 3 days worth.
It stank really bad, and was a really big load, the toilet took 3 flushes and was having problems moving my load down the pipe.
When I came out proudly looked at everone in line, my friend Janice went in after me, who also had a poo.
When she came back to the table she said I must have clogged the pipe as when she flushed the toilet her poo went no where, the toilet just filled up with water.
We quickly put on our coats and left the store.

Mike of MD USA

Jessa's Accident Survey

1. When was the last time you wet your pants? It was a 2 days ago
2. When was the last time you messed your pants? I did it a little bit Monday
3. Was there a time when you wet/messed your pants in stead of using a public bathroom? Yes there was
4. Have you ever wet/messed yourself in public? Yes i did wet myself
5. Have you ever wet/messed your self out of conveince? Yes i did
6. Have you evre wet/messed your self on purpose? Yes
7. If yes, why did you do it and how often do you do it? It was a accident
8. you prefer to wet your pants or mess them? I prefer to wet them
9. Have you ever wet yourself in the rain because you could? No

To : Turd Lover Re : Brown Giant

are you a male or Female, and has the picture caused a lot of discussion ?

Sunday, March 07, 2010


Greek toilets are rubbish

Hi, just got back from Cyprus on a girls holiday.
I was away with my two friends Julie & Louise who are sisters age 20 & 21.
We were at the waterpark when we all went down this really fast slide.
Julie said that the water had gone up her bottom on the slide and she needed the toilet quickly.
I went with her, when we got there we went in together as the cubicle was quite big.
Julie undid her costume, hovered over the toilet and said: "oooh man my stomach is really painin me, I can feel it moving"
I couldnt help but notice a fat turd slowly making its way out of her, then it broke off and fell into the toilet with a loud DUNK!
She started to laugh and said "Greek toilets are rubbish, they dont make the hole big enough, look!"
I peered into the toilet, sure enough her turd was too fat to fit in the hole.
As she flushed the toilet she confessed that it wasn't the first time she had this problem in Greece, and that her sister Louise had the same problem.
On the last day of the holiday,Louise did exactly the same, only this time it was the toilet in our hotel room, she was a bit embarassed by it.

Tyler: Good story. But I'm not sure why you called it a "disaster". It sounds like a normal, satisfying crap in a public restroom.

You should try and get over your dislike of public restrooms. When you need a shit, you should go to the bathroom and do what you need to do, no matter whether you're in public or private. It's better than trying to hold on, failing and messing your pants in public.

Just try to desensitise yourself to public restrooms. The only way to do this is practice - so maybe try and time it so that you have to take a shit at school, work, a shopping centre, or somewhere else public. Once you've done the deed once, you won't be embarrassed about it in future. And don't worry about the whole taking-your-shoes-off thing. It might be a little unusual, but no one really cares. If you need to take your shoes off in order to take a shit, then just do it.


Favourite Poops

Tbonz - yeah I agree that kind of dump is always good, thats my normal type. Four or five heavy logs all piled up in the bowl. Also, like growing a poop tail, seeing if it can get to the water before it breaks off. Thats a great poo as it eases slowly out and then speeds up.

Had a good dump after work today. Very gassy to start with, then things got moving fast. A rope of poop started to exit, this broke off, and was followed by a lot more, which was breaking up as it dropped out. Dunno if it was breaking up coz I was that desperate to go, but there was plenty splashing going on beneath me. I'd had chips for lunch from the chip shop and quite a few of the girls at work say they get the 'chippy shits' after eating them. Perhaps that is what I got, but it felt good to get it all out.

Bathroom Beaky

Need some questions answered

1) How come when i go poo in a public toilet it always floats wheras when i am using the loo at home it always sinks.

2)How come at home i usually take about 10 mins to do a poo whereas when i poo in a public loo it takes me around 15 - 20 mins

3) Lastly how come when i wipe my bum i hardly ever have poo on it, even when i am doing a loose poo i rarely have to wipe more than twice

Any answer would be greatly apprecatied



Good toilets are hard to find

Is it me, or are all modern toilets getting worse for flushing away your poo?
Bring back the old ones with the water tank 6 feet up in the air.
My hubby is so sick of fishing my fat poo out our toilet, that I always now use public toilets.
However I am finding more & more of them are now also failing to flush away my poo, and can sometimes even clog if I havent poopt for a week or so.
I do enjoy a good session on the toilet, but i have lazy bowels.

Pooping maniac

Pooping my pants

Ok, so I woke up this morning and I had this slight urge for a smelly stinky, wet bumpy mushy turn do log out of my butt. The urge grew more as i smelled my poop like breath. I heard my husband dropping a load of soft serve in the back room. Our toilet was broke down so we had to use a bucket. Everytime I waled in that room i could hear him grunting and with each grunt the soft smooth serve made it way into the bucket. He was farting a lot as well. As he walked out of the room i went over there and vasted in the enormous load of hot mushy poop. The smell was almost unbearable. After that and looking at the poo i deliberately pushed. It was a habbit. The turd poked its way out to say hello to world. It fell and made a big kurplunk!

Today, I was walking home from school. After a horribly greasy breakfast of sasusage, pancakes, and eggs, my stomach wasnt feeling the best. I farted a few times to relieve the pressure, they were wet. I got home and checked the panties, The farts had left a large stain in the back. Later that day, I was laying on my bed eating steak, Doing homework, and I ripped this loud, wet fart. I felt my panties fill with warm, mushy, diarrhea. I'm never eating sasusage again! Those poor cookie monster panties!


Multi-Generational bladder problems?

I work for a well known retail store in the US. I won't go into which it is under the odd assumption that a boss or someone in corporate stumbles across this post. (Although it would be priceless to learn that said boss visits this site)

Anyway, in the check out line where I was set a woman came through with a shopping cart full of absorbant products.

There were two bags of Goodnights for Girls, Two more packages of "Sleep Pants" (Generic brand), gender not specified. And then there was one package of Depends Maximum absorbancy refastanable underwear.

Of course it was my professional nature that prevented me from further inquiring as to just how many people in this house suffered from bladder problems of some sort. The woman was probably in her forties but the Depends could have been for someone else entirely.

So, here's a story that proves I'm not wasting your time on trivial nonsense.

Yesterday I had the day off so it was Laundry Day. Since there's no washer and dryer in the place where I live and there's only one very good laundromat across town, that meant a full day out and about.

I decided to wear a pair of Depends since I would doubtless be drinking liquids of some kind and you can count the number of public restrooms in this town on your hand. So I get my laundry done and of course I feel breakfast and lunch ready to come out. I decided to go in the Depends on the way back, once I was close enough to a public restroom to get cleaned up.

Well I had been peeing all afternoon so by now this thing was pretty soaked. I don't know if it was a combination of carrying two heavy bags (one with my laundry the other with my laptop) or the pressure from the poop and my bladder, but I actually had to stop a few times just to pee a little more.

Finally I was standing outside of a clothing retail shop that I knew had a public bathroom and I just pushed with very minimal effort. I filled the Depends but even more pee rushed out and the absorbant material just overflowed.

I'm a 19-year-old guy, and I get skidmarks practically every day. Whenever I wear tight boxers, I find I can see some dirt in them from my ass by the end of the day. Sometimes it's just a few skids, other times I get a proper brown shit-stain. I don't know why this happens. I always wipe my ass several times after taking a shit, and I shower and change my underwear every day. I think it's probably just natural to get skidmarks, especially for someone like me who tends to produce soft, messy stools.

I shit at least once a day, sometimes two or three times, and it tends to be very gassy and noisy. I have a massive "gastrocolic reflex", so when I've eaten a big meal, I often have to run to the bathroom straight away and explode as soon as I sit down on the toilet. My shit always stinks up the bathroom massively.

I live in a student house where there are both guys and girls, so I get embarrassed about crapping at home, and try to use public bathrooms whenever I can. (I'm not embarrassed about stinking it up in public, as long as it's only other guys around, preferably ones I don't know.)


Gross Droppings & Why I Could Never Teach

I'm 27 and work in the financial world and I've written about going back to my old high school for presentations to the business classes. But I do know one important thing, although I once considered it, I could never be a full-time teacher. Trying to control the students would do me in.

Yesterday I took an extended lunch hour because I had to drive to a mall 40 miles from my office to visit a bridal store and be measured because I'm in a wedding this summer. The bride, a friend of mine since high school also went to college with me, and she teaches in a large public middle school. She loves it.

Well, I got to the mall about 12:30, found a parking space, and almost immediately saw more students than I had seen in a long time. That surprised me since it was a Monday, but I later found it was a teacher-training or meeting day. That probably explains why the food court was so crowded when I sat down for a quick bite to eat, before going to the bridal store. There were what looked like middle school students all around me and the pushing and shoving as well as the language from some of them made me nervous. Five guys took a swig from one girl's coke and then a sixth guy pretended or maybe actually spit in it. I got bumped two or three times while I was just sitting still trying to down my food.

I hadn't had my morning crap at the office. I was reminded of that when I finished my 20-ounce drink. Several of the kids went to the toilets right across from where we were sitting, so I got up, bussed my trash (something almost none of them did!) and walked to the customer service desk where I asked two questions: how to get to the bridal shop and if there was a adult (she laughed when I asked) restroom I might use. She recommended one directly down stairs and directed me to the elevator since I was starting to feel more activity coming in my bowels. I quickly found the bathroom and pushed the entry door open. My first thought was "how nice ... my kind of room", two stalls and a sink and even some elevator music going on an intercom!

I thought "oops" when I opened the first stall's door and found a black seat literally dripping of urine. There was also a puddle on the floor in front of the seat and I got to thinking that perhaps it was a little kid who was unsupervised and had not yet developed his aim. I quickly noticed there was nothing on the toilet paper roll. OK, I thought, the other stall will be better. I was right. It was flushed, the seat practically sparkled and there was a full roll of toilet paper for me (although I typically don't need to use too much). I unzipped, pulled my pantsuit down to knee level, and leisurely lowered my black thong. I seated myself for what I was convinced would be a pleasant post-lunch crap. I could feel my customarily large log sliding its way down and I leaned forward, grabbed a mirror from my purse to check my makeup, and placed my purse next to my right foot a just about the stall partition line. I also pulled out my small note pad to check on a couple of things I had written down for myself.

At that point, the door burst open and two or three girls burst in. They were running, laughing and apparently a boy also came in and they were wrestling with him to get him to turn around and leave. One of the girls called him a "7th grade perv" and I guess when he saw that my stall was occupied, he turned around and left. They continued to joke around with him in the doorway for about a minute before the first girl she had a "shit a brick". Her friend told her that would hurt her and the girl told her friend to come into the stall and keep her company. The first girl opened the stall door and swore at what she saw. Her friend then came into the stall and made a joke about how wet the place was. "Well, Megan Ann, you're a good swimmer and you like water; just pretend we're at the pool." "F@@@ Y@@!", was the reponse.

I'll finish the story with my next post. I promise!


To Anonymous

I'm ashamed because it was such a mess! There was poo all over my behind. But pooing myself nicely relieving but i feel gross for thinking that at the same time! And i threw my underwear away as well as my leggings :(
And yes my sister did, because i said it was her fault. And yh what she done was absolutely disgusting! x


favorite poops

A while back on someone's survey, there was a question about favorite poops. There were a few responses, but I'm sure there are many more favorite type of poops out there.
One of my favorites is what I call the "heavy load". This is where you drop "heavy" turds that sink to the bottom on the bowl, and pile up from there. The turds are in big chunks, kinda like big scoops of ice cream.
Anybody else ever do this kind of poop, and really enjoy it? Would like to hear about other favorites out there too.


I promised a story of when I walked home from the bus stop

I first started to ride the bus home from school in 6th grade. My bus stop was about a block away from my house. It was a pretty good walk home. There was also a canal that ran behind the houses on my street, as well as the houses on the next street over. It was almost always dry, so I would walk follow the canal to get home.

Anyway, I should start off by telling my first bathroom experience back there. In 6th grade, I had gym class as my last class. This was the only time I used the washrooms during school. I would go into the locker room washrooms. One day, I forgot to go, but thought that I'd be fine until I got home, so I just got on my bus.

When I got off at my stop, the need to pee was urgent, but not desperate. I walked down the canal, stopping to hold myself every now and then (even though it wasn't needed). I finally got to my house (well, behind it), when I started thinking, 'what if I just peed here?'.

I walked over to the pipe that went under the road and unzipped myself. I took my *thing* out and started peeing. I got about halfway done, when I got nervous that someone might see me (today, I doubt that anyone would've seen me). I stopped peeing, zipped up, and went home.

I got out of school at 2:00 PM, so I had about 3 hours to myself. I began my homework, when the need to pee came back. I started thinking about doing it in my pants for some reason, but decided on using the toilet.

More to come...


Sick and wanting to feel better

I've been constipated for about a week and a half. I've tried stool softeners, fibre tablets, bran cereal, plenty of water and coffee. Nothing had really worked. I spent every night on the toilet for about half an hour, one foot on the bathtub and the other foot on a stepstool, straining to poop.

On Wednesday when I went to the doctor, I complained to her that I've been doing everything I'm supposed to and I still can't poop properly! I mentioned to her that I'd seen mucus in my stool (when now it occurs to me that it was a worm) and that stools were hard to pass and painful. She said she didn't understand how the things I'd been doing weren't working. She suggested a Fleet enema for immediate relief. She also filled out a referral for me to see a gastroenterologist. It could take a few months to be called for an appointment but if this person can help me, it is worth the wait.

Finally last night when my husband and I were grocery shopping, I bought prunes. I had about 7 last night, and took Lactulose Syrup. Once again I spent time on the toilet straining and pushing on my stomach. All that came out were little pellets. I also drank 2 1.5 liter bottles of water. I peed a lot, but no poop.

This morning I didn't feel well. I got up and had bran cereal, a huge 1.5 liter bottle of water and some more prunes. After another half hour of farting, straining and struggling to poop, I suggested to my husband that I should go buy a fleet enema. I'd been avoiding it because I didn't want to use it if I could help it and in all honesty I thought it wouldn't help. I couldn't poop, and we were literally at the last resort, so what could it hurt?

I bought the fleet enema from Shoppers Drug Mart, came home, took off my jeans and was standing in my boy short underwear and a hoodie. I pulled my undies down slightly and tried to administer the enema myself but it was too awkward, so my husband helped me. I laid on the bed with my butt up in the air and he inserted the tube in my bum and asked if I was ready. I said yes and he squeezed the medicine into my bum. He emptied about half of it into me and asked if he should put more and I said yes. He emptied the rest of it into me and I managed to hold it for 2 1/2 minutes before the stomach cramps and urge to shit became too strong. I went to the bathroom, pulled down my underwear and absolutely EXPLODED into the toilet. Tons of nasty, loud farts and chunks of shit were flying into the toilet. My stomach hurt pretty bad too. I had two waves of diarrhea before I was done.

I still felt like I wasn't completely empty, so I wiped and then put cream onto my finger and inserted it in my butt. After a couple of times of putting a (gloved) finger in my butt and looking for impacted stool, I came across a WORM! I thought maybe it was mucus or something, but no. It was a disgusting pink worm. Dead, but still gross.

I was scared and told my husband, as I got back on the toilet for another wave of diarrhea. After I was done, I told my mom about the worm. She told me to go to the doctor or the hospital now. Since not many doctors are open today and my hubby and I didn't want to wait for hours at a hospital, I promised her I would go to the doctor first thing tomorrow.

I've been having diarrhea on and off the rest of the day. My stomach hurts like crazy. I think I overdid it with the prunes. Luckily I haven't seen any more worms, but it doesn't mean it's not still inside me. My mom thinks I might have a tapeworm in me since a lot of my health problems match, such as constipation, gas, bloating, headaches, seizures, weight loss, lack of appetite and anemia. I've noticed I've lost a lot of weight and been getting too skinny unintentionally and that my stomach problems are getting worse, but it never occurred to me until she told me.

I am going to the doctor tomorrow and if it turns out to be intestinal worm, the doctor will give me a prescription for strong medication that will kill these things. Hopefully that will get rid of my symptoms. I feel really shitty and my stomach sounds and feels awful.


Ghost Poop

WORRIED have a kidney infection...go see a doctor now! (Been there done that)

FAT WOMAN...welcome back, sorry to hear about your mother, she will live in our memories, seated on the throne, straining for a poo as you peeped on her in your youth.

This morning I was making my lunch in the kitchen after breakfast, when the urge for my morning poo came on in an insistent way. I scurried to the bathroom, lowered my gray plaid flannel pajamas to my knees, and wedged my skinny ass into the commode seat. While the urge was upon me, and a log was knocking at the door of my nether hole nothing was forthcoming. So, I bore down in a concentrated strain to gain relief. Slowly the door opened and a hole stretcher began to emerge causing a tingling and roughness to my sphincter. It worked its way out a bit, then began to slide, trundling past my brown eye...I could feel it lumbering down from up inside, I pulled my feet toward the toilet, and went up in my toes to better position my bottom and help the process with a change of anal angle over the toilet water. The lumpiness of the log rumbling past my hole, for a few seconds, until the caboose exited, leaving my ???? a bit achy and my bowels cramping slightly with their effort at expulsion. Where upon I lifted up my rump to peek into the semi-darkness below my bottom...AND IT WAS GONE! Vanished without a trace! Except for the sense of ease in my colon...had I even taken a poo? Maybe just maybe...I entered the "Twilight Zone" (the old television show, not the latest teen heartthrob movie).


Question about camping

-> I ask all girls/women in the forum about pooping at the camping, or at the beach or similars. Have you ever done it? Did someone see you? What place did you shit on?

One day at the camping near the sea, I saw a beautiful thin woman walking fast to the bushes with toilet paper in her hands. When later I had to pee, I went to the same place and I found a HUGE log. I wonder it was her dump. Have you any experience about pooping outdoor?


to worried guy

Tan urine could be an indication of reduced liver function, such as hepatitis. You should definitely see your doctor about this.

I like this site's new outfit and its search function. It is a long time from my previous post so it is justifiable to tell few words from myself. I am 48 years old married female. Visiting public toilets fascinates me and I love to be heard and I love to listening others going, especially pooping.
About a month ago I participated in one course which was concerning my job. There were almost hundred participants and most of them were women. Around noon we had lunch break which lasted hour. Some headed straight to the dining room, some rushed to the ladies room. I belonged to last mentioned group because I needed to pee fairly badly. But each stall was occupied in a trace and long line of ladies was waiting their turn. Actually I was the next to last in the queue. Behind me was youngish woman, maybe about 25-30. We talked a bit and as I astonished at length of queue she told that she has been there before and if she remembered right there was another restroom on the second floor. "Let's try it, otherwise we must to wait at least 15 minutes", I suggested.
We climbed the stairs up and indeed - there was another restroom. It was much smaller than floor farther down. There were only two stalls, but both were empty! I heard how this young woman took some sheets of toilet paper and wiped the seat. She took few more sheets and repeated it once. I think that she put them directly to the toilet bowl. Perhaps she was going to poop and put the paper to the bowl to muffle splashing.
As soon as she sat down she made a hissing fart and had short pee, whilst I started my pee. I noticed how she shifted her feet closer to the toilet and began to grunt softly. She went on her tiptoes and I could clearly hear the crackling sound of pooing. Pretty soon log landed in the water with a FLOOMP-sound quickly followed by 3-4 chunks plopping loudly into the toilet. She must have really big urge to go.
I was finished my pee and I wiped and flushed toilet. Young lady stayed sitting and as I went to wash my hands I could hear her making some smaller plops. I wished I could listening her to the end but then two ladies came and I had to leave. She didn't be there very long, because I saw her coming dining-room about 5 minutes after me.

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