Little Julie

Unexpected poop

Hi I was in Mac D's today, and after eating my big mac and large drink I had the urge to poo.
I rushed to the ladies sat on the toilet, no sooner had I put my butt down the poo began to come out.
It felt really good as it came out all in one go.
After wiping,I looked into the toilet to see my poo - it looked like a long snake!
Two flushes later, and the snake was still there, so I quickly made an exit before any of my friends came in.

to Just Jerkia : i really enjoyed your post! thats awesome that u left the tiolet unflushed! i always do that when i go out in public! i look forward to your next post!


Desperate to poop
On train to meeting at mo and waiting for toilet for poo. Was building all morning and now wants out. Lady beat me too it so having to wait been five minutes already and quite desperate! Will keep you posted on my dilema

Phew had to wait fifteen mins in the end. Only toilet on train. Still lovely warm seat to sit on. Perfumey smell in the air too. I had nice long pooh two nine inchers and some soft serve. Period started as well so inserted tampon.

Dan Boy

Re: Worried Guy

Worried Guy-

You could have blood in your urine or some other fluid (not sure what other fluid it may be). You probably want to go to a doctor where they can run proper tests and possibly do an MRI to see if you have internal bleeding for some reason or another.


Dunkin Donuts Disaster

Hey all, I am Tyler and I am 17. Been lurking awhile, thought I would share a really bad deal with you all.

Went to Dunkin Donuts this morning with my girlfriend. It is Sunday and I have not taken a slam since Friday right after school, which is when I most often go. Donuts and coffee have a bad effect on my crapper, and I kind of knew that going in this morning. So we order, sit down, eat our breakfast and while I am drinking that coffee, wham, I gotta go bad!

I really do not like public restrooms, but gotta make an exception this time around. I am dressed in a pair of Nike workout shorts, and long sleeve t-shirt and a brand new pair of Nike Shox. While my girlfriend is finishing up her donuts, I tell her I gotta take a slam and head for the restroom.

Now, I have this thing that everyone considers odd- I will not take a crap with shoes on- I just won't do it. I always crap barefoot, I will crap with flip flips but never my Nikes or boat shoes or any other shoes. Anway, I am the only one in the bathroom and sit down in the only stall and immediately slide my Nikes off, exposing my barefeet. One more thing- when I take a slam, I grunt- it's just the way I do it. I was brought up that everyone takes a crap, and you should do your thing, whatever that is. Some people quietly push it out, and others like me grunt and grunt loudly.

I pee a little first, then it was time to push out and take a huge slam. While I am grunting, yup, someone came in and headed for the urinal. They notice that I am barefoot with a pair of Nike Shox sitting beside my feet and proceed to ask why. Just ignored him, he left and I finished my business. I got up and, I gotta tell you, I need to not go that long without crapping again. There were a couple of very large turds with a couple of smaller ones. Wiped up, slipped my Shox back on and washed the hands.

What is it about morning craps that make you feel so good? It is like you are ready for the rest of your day.

Anyway, that's my first time post on my Dunkin Donuts disaster. Take care all!


Fecal impaction

I don't know why my last story didn't make it here on the website. I tried to keep it clean as much as possible. Oh well.

I was constipated for about a week and a half. No matter what I tried all I could pass were tiny little pebbly poops and tons of gas. I tried Metamucil tablets, stool softeners, plenty of fibre cereal, lots of water, even prunes. I even had to go to the doctor last Friday to complain that these things weren't working. She filled out a referral form for me to go to a gastroenterologist. She suggested I try Benefibre. I told her I had and it does nothing for me. She suggested I try Lactulose Syrup. She also suggested a Fleet enema for immediate relief. I didn't want to get one yet because I thought I could still try to get rid of the constipation myself. So I went home with an uncomfortably full stomach and tried what she suggested. Still nothing except gas and pebbles. I had to spend half an hour a night sitting on the toilet, with one foot on a step stool and the other foot on the bathtub beside the toilet. By Saturday I felt really sick. I ate lots of prunes on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. Sunday I finally went to Shoppers Drug Mart and bought a Fleet enema. My husband had to help administer it since it was too awkward of a position to give it to myself.

I managed to hold it for about 2 and a half minutes before I had to let it out. I pulled my undies down and exploded about 3 waves worth of mush and water into the toilet. I felt a bit better but not empty enough. I decided to use a latex glove and work out whatever impacted stool was up there. I could not feel any stool in there, but I found something much worse...a dead pink worm! I was completely shocked and disgusted and I told my husband and my mom. My mom told me to go to a doctor now, but this was Sunday night and there was no doctors office open. So she made me promise I'd see a doctor the next morning.

Monday I went to a walk in clinic, and explained my problem to the doctor- foul smelling gas, bloating, nausea, constipation and the worm. He did not take it seriously enough. All he did was give me a form for a stool sample and told me to come back in a week and a half. Some help, huh? >_< My husband and I had to go to the emergency room that night because we didn't want to wait any longer and risk me getting really sick. We spent from about 7:30 pm to 1:30 am in the hospital. It was a long wait but it was worth it because the doctors were a big help.

I had to have a blood and urine test and then an X-Ray on my stomach. It turned out I had impacted stool in my stomach! No wonder I've felt so sick. I explained my symptoms to the doctor. I told him about the worm, about my weight loss over the past few years (unintentional), the foul gas and general sick feeling. He asked if I'd been out of the country to which I said no. I described the worm to him, which was pink, dead and about 4 inches long. He was shocked and asked if I had a tapeworm. I said I don't know, that's why I'm here to find out. He asked if I brought the worm, which unfortunately it didn't occur to me to save it. I had flushed it when I fished it out of my butt. My husband and I had to wait again, and finally around 1:30 am the doctor called me over and told me he was going to give me "something to drink". He gave me a prescription for something called Go-Lytely which I'm supposed to dissolve in water and drink to flush all the poop out. He also told me to get a stool sample at a lab so they can check for parasites. My hubby and I didn't get home until around 2:30 am.

I went to Shoppers yesterday to get the laxative, and unfortunately the Shoppers near my house does not have it, but they ordered one from another store that still manufactures it so they told me I would get it sometime this evening. It would be nice to finally flush all this poison out of my body. I would definitely take a day or two of the runs rather than another experience like that again!

I will post again once I take the laxative and let you know how everything comes out.


Homework shocker

The hottest girl in my college came over to my appartment today to study with me.
After about 1 hour I made some dinner. I gave her a massive plateful of Curry with fries, followed by a large serving of ice cream.
15 minutes back into study she asked if she could use my bathroom, I said sure go ahead make yourself at home.
She quickly made a dash for the toilet, she was in such a rush she didnt lock the toilet door.The door doesnt close right and sprung back open - just as she let go.
All I heard was a torrent of poo unleashed into the toilet, She started to laugh, well so I thought.
I walked towards the toilet to see tears in her eyes. I was already laughing which made her tears turn from sadness to happyness.
Dont worry, I said just let it all go.
She becond me over I gave her a hug as she released another load into the toilet.
I came away and put on some music for her to hide her embarassment.
Ten minutes later, and after several toilet flushes she came out from the bathroom and appologised.
Hey dont worry I said, I wont tell a soul.
She came over beside me and cuddled up to me. She told me she suffers from real bad IBS.
I empathised with her as we continued our studies.
We are now going steady and are relaxed about pooping in front of each other.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Jimmy J
Wendy: Cool story about your emergency public poo in the van. I'd love to have gone in there and found your soiled panties. It's hot when a pretty girl needs to do a smelly one, and doesn't quite make it to the toilet in time. :)

I started the day with a really satisfying poo this morning. I had noodles for dinner last night, and then had a great night's sleep. This morning, I got up and drank a few cups of coffee. I soon needed a poo, but as every lazy college student should, I waited a while and surfed the internet while I drank my coffee. I farted a little to relieve the pressure; I could smell the pungent eggy scent of the noodles I had last night.

Soon, I knew I really had to go to the toilet, and dashed to the men's room, trying not to soil myself on the way. I pulled my jeans and boxers down and sat on the seat. Straight away, some soft poo splattered into the bowl. The smell was pretty strong already. I sat for a few more minutes and dropped some small compact turds, which splashed my buttocks with water. Then I wiped. To my surprise, it only took a few wipes before my butt was clean. I flushed the toilet, leaving a lingering eggy smell, and washed my hands. It was a satisfying start to the day.

Lauren G.

RE: Jackie

Hi Jackie I posted about my first accident well it was on purpose, and yeah it happened to me because poop got in my vag to, but it felt good.

and I also love listening to guys and girls poop!

Greg (Mike's Friend)

To Dump Bud, wherever you are.....

Hey Dump Bud,

I finally got around to concluding my Mike story I only started back on page 1658 then let slide forever and ever. It was a little on the long side, as were Mike's turds so it got put back on page 1830 where they could find room rather than going on the front page.



my survey to all
1.Do you pee and poop at the same time everyday? no
2.Do you flush after you pee or poop? yes most times
3.Have you ever clogged a public toilet? yes
4.Where was the last time you pooped(home,work,school,outside)?home just now
5.Are you afraid of different toilet seats? yes
6.Have you ever peed outside with no toilet around? yes
7.When was the last time you pooped or peed? just now :)
8.Have you ever been walked in when you was using toilet by somebody else? yes
9.Do you use public toilets? yes
10.Do you use port-a-johns in park? sometimes
11.Do you wash your hands after pooping or peeing or both?both


I pooped outside out of a dare!!

Hey I'm Melissa and I'm 17 years old. I have been coming to this website for a few days now and checking it out with a few of my friends. And now I have a pooping (and peeing) story for you.
Today me, my best friend Laura and our 2 friends Kara and Olivia were hanging out and we were bored, So we decided to play a game of truth or dare. It was Laura's turn to truth or dare someone and she picked me. She said "Melissa! Truth or dare??" I said "Dare!" She said "I dare you to poop outside, and let us watch. (We were at my house and I live pretty much in the middle of nowhere). I'm not one to turn down ANY dare and I had to go pretty badly anyway. So was like Okay.. we all walked outside, looked for something to go behind and saw the big tool shead and decided to go behind there. So we walked over, and waited a few minutes and then I really felt the need to poop. So I pulled down my pants and undies, Bent down as far as I could and grunted, and pushed. I could feel the poop coming out of my butthole a little. I pushed again about 4 times and then I heard it drop. I could hear them all giggling. But I could tell that I wasn't done. I waited a few minutes, farted and then I could feel the second log starting to poke out of my butthole. I pushed but it was kind of a big one and it felt like it was stuck. I grunted and pushed really hard. Thankfully I could feel it coming a lot more. It was about halfway out, I pushed again for about 5 second and then I heard it drop. At this point all of us were gagging because of the really bad smell. I peed then I felt more logs starting to come. I thought they were gonna be more big ones, but I pushed, grunted, and pushed some more and felt 3 logs drop out of my butthole nice and easy. Then I peed and then I was done. Kara nicely ran inside and got me some toilet paper, I wipped and then pulled up my pants and undies and then we all looked at what I created. Wow. There was a lot. 2 of which were big logs and and the rest were turds. Then we went inside and I flushed the toilet paper. My parents still haven't found it. It was kind of fun! Anywho, thats my only story for now! I hope you all enjoyed it!
Happy pooping and peeing!


Response to Mistee's Story About Susie

It's said that situations like Susie's happen. Why more people can't get along and recognize differences is beyond me. She obviously feels very bad about herself because of her weight and very unworthy of the respect she is due. I would suspect the noise of the other girls coming into the bathroom and the noise they made enabled her to get her urine going. Before that happened, she must have really been suffering in silence just sitting there. As far as her not wanting to have direct contact with the toilet seat, that's a personal decision on her part that should be respected. However, putting toilet paper down between her on the seat in a private home is a bit strange, to my way of thinking. However, Mistee did the right thing by not mentioning or drawing any attention to it.

Worried Guy

A little help here...

So I went to have a pee early in the morning and I saw something that worries me. I lazily pulled my rod out to pee and immagine the shock when I seen my pee was a TAN BROWN COLOUR. It was the colour of like maple syrup and Im really concerned, can anyone tell me why this might be happening.

~Worried guy~


Perfect turd

Short post: After coming home and resting (well, sleeping actually) for about 3 hours during the afternoon, I woke up at 7:00 pm with the need to take a crap. Some of my brother's friends were home and I wasn't desperate, so I decided to sleep some more. After half an hour, the urge to crap woke me up and I headed for the bathroom. I pulled my sweatpants and boxers down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I immediately began peeing for like a minute, and then I started pushing. Now, maybe it was the right amount of force needed, but the turd started poking out and kept coming out steadily, without ever having to pinch it off. I pushed continuously for like 15 seconds, after which the turd finally came out completely. I felt done, so I wiped once (I just needed that one time), and looked into the toilet. There was my turd, an estimated 10 incher, perfectly smooth, no cracks, with a dark, but kinda shiny, brown color. It was firm, and had the shape of a banana. I felt kinda proud, as I hadn't produced such a perfect turd in a long time. I pulled my pants and underwear up, flushed, washed my hands and left.

On a side note: I was talking to a friend of mine about toilet habits, and we mentioned the need to pee while pooping. What we concluded is that, based on our results and the people we know, it is very, very difficult to poop without peeing first or during pooping.
This leads me to ask you (everyone, men and women, can answer and would be greatly appreciated, but I would also like if people more or less my age, high school or college, answered): Is it possible to poop without peeing? Do you always pee in order to poop or do you pee while pooping or after you've finished pooping?

Thanks in advance. Good luck to you all and keep all the great stories coming.


Close one in the shopping centre

I've never felt comfortable admitting it but the main reason I hold my poo in for so long is because I love the risk of losing control in public & totally filling my pants in front of passers by. Of course it would be super embarrassing if it actually happened to me but the thought of it really makes me horny. I've been close to messing my pants in supermarkets a few times but somehow I always make it to the toilets just in time. One time I came very close to losing it in a new shopping centre. I was really desperate & I had no idea where the toilets were. By the time I found them I was about to mess my pants. There was a long que & I had to wait ages to get into a vacant cubicle. By the time I got there I could feel it starting to push its way out into my pants. I quickly shut the door & locked it before pulling my jeans down & then my pants. As soon as my bum touched the toilet seat, I started go without having to push. It was huge about 9 inches in length. It splashed into the water wetting my bum & then the next one came out. This one was shorter but fatter, about 6 inches long. This too splashed into the water soaking my bum. The third one was a litte smaller, 4 inch long poo & then I was done. I had to wipe loads, mainly to dry my bum before I was ready to flush & leave.


In a hurry to poop

My house is next to a wonderful park. I love going jogging early in the morning and relax under the ancient trees during the warm summer days.
This morning I was in the balcony, relaxing and reading the newspaper.
A woman, about thirty I think, had leaved the main track of the park, and was crossing the bushes to reach a private spot, where people can't see her. I tought she was going only to pee, but I was wrong.
She stopped in a place where she couldn't see me, I was covered by the tree, but I can. Suddenly she lowered her jeans very quick and started to poop! First, two large logs came out from her, then a lot of soft diarrhea. What a relief, I tought... If only she knew I saw all... :-)
In the afternoon I was walking in the park with a friend, when we walked near her huge dump: my friend said something about dogs and their owner, aah... if only she saw.... :D:D


Naughty girl in the van.

Untill an hour ago, I'd been holding my poo in for 3 days & although I could have waited another couple of days I felt bloated & was getting some cramps, so I decided it was time to go. I was out shopping though & I thought I'd be ok untill I got home. As I walked home the urge to go was getting really bad & I knew that I wouldn't make it. There was an alley behind some garages so I walked down there to look for somewhere I couldn't be seen. There as no one about but I didn't feel comfortable doing it in the open in case someone came along & saw me in the middle of my poo. I was close to messing my pants by now I had to find a place to go fast. Right at the end of the alley there was an old van with a burned out front end. I quickly made my way over there & found it was open so I got into the back & closed the doors behind me. By now I was so desperate I couldn't hold it any longer & felt a turd coming out into my pants. Somehow I managed to regain control & quickly pulled my jeans & pants down to find I'd got a 4 inch turd laying in the back of my pants. I squatted down & without any effort, a huge pile of semi solid poo formed under my bum. I felt so relieved as it came out & couldn't believe how much poo there was. My pants were ruined so I took them off & left them in the van on top of my pile. I pulled up my jeans & left feeling relieved & very naughty. As I walked away from the van, I realised that my pants were a pair of my old school ones & they had my name & class number in them. I felt quite exited knowing that sooner or later someone would find them & know that a very naughty girl named 'WENDY ????' had messed her pants & done the rest on the floor of this old van!

Im 15 years old and tan and blonde. One time in the middle of the night i woke up and ran to the toilet and started throwing up. as i was throwing up i started to shit. I tried to hold it back but it just kept coming. I sleep naked so it started to fall on the floor. I didnt want to make a huge mess so i put my hand back there and tried to catch it the shit was soft but not diarhea. There was too much to hold so i just thought screw it and let go.
Another time i was 14 and at school and it was during 5th period and it is right after lunch and the teacher wont let you go to the bathroom. I felt the need during lunch but i thought i could hold it so i didnt go. Right at the beginning of 5th period i starting feeling pressure in my bowels. Half way through i was almost bursting. That day we were presenting projects and it was almost my turn. when my turn came i presented and asked if i could go to the bathroom. she said no and i just couldnt take it anymore.I let go and completely filled my panties with soft poop. It smelled terrible and there was so much that it went around to the front and when i tried to clean up i saw that some poop actually went up my pussy and got all in my pubic hair(i hav a forest down there) has anything like this ever happened to anyone here i also love listening to girls and guys poop.


Accident at work

the most embarrassing thing ever happened to me this morning. I was running late for work & didn't have time for my morning crap so I decidede to wait untill I got to work. Well on the bus I started to get more & more desperate & by the time I got to work I was nearly doing it in my knickers. I raced to the staff toilet but it was occupied & I lost controll as I waited outside. By the time I got into the toilet I'd totally crapped myself. My knickers were full to capacity & I'd peed myself too. I had to ask permission to go home & change my clothes & at first my boss said no but when she realised that I really had totally shit & pissed myself she told me to go home & change.

Just Jerika

I Found Another Place to Pee!

I've written about my problem before, especially peeing at my school. I'm 12 and in 7th grade. Because I'm only 3'5", it's hard for me to get comfortable on the larger stools that are higher than I have at home or had a my grade school.

Last time (#1826)I wrote about being desperate after school and going into a bucket in the janitor's supply room. Of course, the rim of the bucket piercing my skin hurt a bit, but I was surprised I was able to go with such ease. I've sat (this was back in the fall) on the school toilets as much as 5 times a day but I haven't been able to get my pee stream going. The stools are too high and the seats are so uncomfortable. Then I got the idea to go before school and immediately after school at a gas station/convenience store right across from school, but they have since gone out of business.

As I wrote about last time, I have a few minutes after school to pee while I wait for the bus that takes me home. It's a long route and I know that there's no way I could hold my pee with all the bumping and jerking the bus does. A friend I was riding with last month Samantha also has a long ride. She has no trouble peeing at school (she's onto the toilet and out of the stall and even flushes all in like a minute and a half) while I sit and suffer. However, last week she had been holding her crap since about lunchtime because she hates to crap at school. Well, about a half hour into the bus ride (the substitute driver was driving faster than usual)the driver took a narrow turn into a subdivision and the rear wheel over which we were sitting gave us a real bump and jolt. Samantha stood up and looked at me really surprised and said "####!, I think I shit my pants." So she half sat/half stood for the last mile or so. Luckily, we sit in the back and the driver didn't notice she wasn't fully seated.

Well the next afternoon, Samantha told me that she had like one log about an inch long in her pants and she took care of it as soon as she got home. Then she went downstairs and washed her underwear before her mom got home from work. Samantha looked over at me and asked how I was doing and I said I was OK. She knows about my problem and thinks the bathrooms suck too, but surprisingly she's able to use them. Then I told her how about an hour earlier I had peed in a "new" bathroom. She thought she had used each bathroom in the school at least once and I told her she hadn't because I had used the faculty lounge bathroom. Right after school, as I was opening my locker, I heard an announcement for all teachers to report to the auditorium for a special meeting. Seeing them all walk past me in the hall and then walking in the opposite direction, I came across the sign that said Faculty Lounge. I hurried in past the room where they watch TV and eat and ducked into their bathroom. There were two stalls. Much nicer and much more modern than what we had. And on the side partition of each stall, there was this metal machine with toilet seat tissues you could pull off. I quickly pulled one (actually 2 because the first tore off midway down) off, but then quickly lowered my panties, pulled up my skirt a little, and seated myself on the toilet. My pee started immediately and as I peed, I nicely folded up the seat paper and put it in my bookbag to show Samantha. The like 3 minute pee was sooo relieving.

I didn't flush and quickly pulled up my panties, grabbed my bag and bolted out because I didn't want to get caught in there. On the bus, I showed Samantha the "evidence" of my adventure. She said she had seen those seat tissues before a couple of times when her family has traveled and that her mom has tried to make her use them (but she refuses!) I said I had never used one and neither has my mom when she's out with me. Me and Samantha both think they are dumb.

It sure seemed different opening the front door to my house and not making a run for the bathroom. I didn't have to pee again until like 9 p.m. when I was doing my homework.

Just Jerika

I don't


survey answers

Jessa's Accident Survey
1. When was the last time you wet your pants?
Last night, I wet the bed

2. When was the last time you messed your pant?
Last weekend. I was busy, and had to go, so I went in my panties and changed later. I've also done the same thing when I had to pee

3. Was there a time when you wet/messed your pants instead of using a public bathroom? Explain.
Yes, I was at an outdoor concert. Of course I was high and drunk as well. The porta potties were all overflowing, and I had to poop and pee. It was about 2am and pouring down rain. I stood there dripping wet, looking at the brown m3ess running out the door and decided it was better yo just go in my panties than go in there, so I did.

4. Have you ever wet/messed yourself in public?
A few times

5. Have you ever wet/messed your pants out of convenience?
Yes to both, see answer #2

6. Have you ever wet/messed in your pants on purpose?
Many times, see all of the other answers

7. If yes, why did you decide to do it and how often do you do it?
First time, curiosity, other times, laziness, convenience and of course fetish

8. Do prefer to wet your pants or mess them?
It depends. Under a full skirt, I like peeing my panties and making sure my skirt doesn't get wet. If I'm wearing jeans or shorts, I'd rather poop.

9. Have you ever wet yourself in the rain just because you could?

Additional stories?
I wet my shorts at a theme park after getting soaked on a water ride. I peed myself 4 times that day. Whenever my shorts started to dry out, I'd go on a ride where I'd get wet again

Richard, Sometimes Wet

Peeing with Kristin

Hi everyone, I haven't posted here in a while but I thought I would tell a story no one has heard before.

Just before I graduated High School I went to my friend Kristin's house to hang out with her. She lived up in the mountains and had a hiking trail right behind her house. It was such a nice day that the two of us decided to take a hike and walk her dog in the meantime. We set out on the trail and ventured about a mile into the woods.

We stopped to rest in a clearing and talked a bit about school and stuff then I told her that I had to pee and she said that she did too. I thought we would find different areas of the woods and go separately but she said she really had to go so we should just do it. We stepped into the clearing and stood next to each other. She pulled her shorts and her panties down around her ankles and squatted. I didn't want to stand up next to her and pee so I pulled my shorts and boxers down around my ankles and squatted as well.

We were both really nervous at first to pee in front of each other but I managed to go and watch my stream run in between my feet and down the hill in front of me. Kristin stayed nervous and wasn't able to go so I rubbed her back with my hand while we were squatting to calm her down. Ultimately she couldn't pee though and we headed back to her house.

We went to a party that afternoon and stayed for a while before she told me she really had to pee, worse than the last time. The two of us left the party and walked to a nearby park. There was a stream running through the park and the two of us went down by the bank and pulled our pants down again, squatting and facing each other this time. I began to let my pee go and she soon did the same. The two of us had a lot of water while hiking, so each of us was peeing for a very long time. When we finished we pulled our pants back up and walked back to the party. No one knew we were gone.



why did you not ask a clerk for the supermarket toilet?

If You were blessed by luck, the toilets was nearby,and you asked before You began to turtleheading in front of the card-rack,maybe You got Your pants right down in time and the toiletseat under Your cheeks before the turd crackled out.

You wrote, You mulled over Your decision to stop at the store....i donīt think it did not made any difference,because due to the fact,how quickly the debacle between your buttocks took its course in the store,itīs most likely that you pooped your pants just as well in the car....

Chin up!Accidents happen...


Best friend pooped herself on purpose

Cheri isn't my real name but anyway I'm 15 and so is my best friend Jessica also not her real name. She's a little crazy in a fun way. So here's my story.

One time last summer when we were both 14 we were out in the woods by the creek just hanging out. We live in the country so there is a lot of woods by our houses. Her family owns like 100 acres or something. Anyway we're just hanging out by the creek for a long time out in the woods and Jessica is like, "Man, I've got to shit bad." So I told her to go pop a squat behind a tree like we always do when we're outside to pee. She said what would she wipe with? I don't know. So we just kept talking and sitting. A little while later she said, "I have seriously got to take a shit." So go, I said. She said she didn't want to go in the woods. Whatever. Then a little later she was like "Let's go back to the house so I can shit." Ok.

So we started walking back to her house, but we're like a mile out in the woods or whatever. We hadn't gone very far when she crossed her legs and bent over a little and grabbed her butt. "Damn I can barely hold it. I'm prarie doggin bad." We just laughed. She started walking again but kept holding her butt and was still like squeezing her legs together. A little longer and she stopped and crossed her legs again. She said, "I'm gonna have frickin hershey marks on my panties." and we laughed again. Then she asked me, "Have you ever pooped your pants?" I was like, "What? No! Gross." She said never? I said not since I was a little girl. She said she hadn't since she was little either.

Then she said, "You dare me to poop my pants right now?" I was like, "What? Why?" She said "I don't know, just because. I can't hold it to get to the house anyway so I either do it here or have an accident trying to get into the house. Either way my panties are already gonna be skidmarked and I can't keep holding it." I said, "Just pull you shorts down and go behind a tree." She said, "I can't wait that long. I'm just gonna shit my pants. I'm kind of curius to know what it feels like." and she laughed and I just said she was gross and crazy.

Then she took her hand away from her butt and uncrossed her legs and said, "Here it goes. I'm gonna shit my panties." Then she stood there for a second and sort of bent her knees a little and spready her legs out and pushed and giggled and said "ooh it's coming, it's coming!" Then she farted and then there was a crackling sound and she laughed and said, "oh my god it's coming out, i'm shitting my pants, i'm shitting my pants, i'm shitting my pants, it's so warm" and then she said "now i'm gonna piss some" and sure enough the crotch of her shorts turned dark and piss dripped down her thighs and splattered on the grass and leaves down her legs. Then she, "I'm done. I feel better now." So I asked her what it felt like. She said "Really not bad, honestly, almost good. Its like a pile of warm potatos in my panties." she turned around and the bulge on her shorts was huge and her shorts were pee stained and a little brown from the poop. She unzipped her shorts and pulled everything down and dumped the giant lump of poop like a softball into the grass under a bush and laughed at how big it was, "I told you i needed to shit. lets go back to the creek so i can wash off."

So we walked back down to the creek with her carrying her shorts and shitty panties with nothing on but her shirt and I couldn't help but look and see the shit caked on her ass crack in the shape of her panties. She shook her ass at me once and even grabbed her cheeks and spread them and bent forward and laughed. We got to the creek and she jumped in and scrubbed off her butt and rubbed her panties in the water to get the poop out of them and rinse her shorts and all and then climbed out still bottomless while her panties and shorts dried some. There was still a pretty noticable shit stain in her panties though. Later she put her damp clothes back on and we went back up to her house and when her mom asked why she was so wet she just said she was hot and jumped in the creek. She's crazy.


Becca: You shouldn't be ashamed of having crapped in your pants! When a girl's got to go, she's got to go, and it would have been bad for you to hold it in. Did you manage to clean up your soiled underwear or did you have to throw it away? Did anyone else find out about your accident?

Don't be angry at your sister - she was probably doing a much-needed poo too.


New to site

My name is Doug. It usually takes me 20 to 30 mins twice a week for my BM. My household consits of three kids, my wife (Suzzane) and one toilet so you can imagine how hard it is to get some quality time to take a dump. Besides this a friend of my wifes has been in town this week which ment eating out at dinner (chinese, olive garden, pizza) and even less opportunity to take a dump. This morning I had a strong earge to poop but had to wait for my wifes friend (chrissy) to get out of the shower. I got the newspaper had two doghnuts and juice and finally (30 mins later) I heard the bathroom door open. I went in with the paper in anticipation of some much needed relief. After 40 mins of pushing I had nothing to show for it. Suzzane knocked on the door and I knew my time was up. After everyone ate breakfast Suzzane took Chrissy and the kids to the mall. I looked online for constipation relief and found on this forum that a small slither of soap inserted up the butt can stimulate one to go. Now I normally would not stick anything up there but feeling desperate I gave it a try. After an hour of watching tv and feeling my anus slightly burning I went into the bathroom for round two. My first few pushes I pushed out the soap and some gas. I decided to read a magazine and after another 20 minutes I was finally working on the turd which had me so plugged up. I had to lean forward and compress my stomach as I pushed. It kind of hurt coming out be eventually come out it did. Behind it was a weeks worth of poop. Finally I could feel all these turds snaking out of me. When I was done there was a really fat log like a pop can partially covered by a rope of poop wich bent back and forth like my intestines. Man did it feel good to get done with that one.
I have been really enjoying reading peoples posts. I have always kind of been into both women and me taking a dump.
In response to MD usa's survey:
1.Do you pee and poop at the same time everyday? No, only when the bathroom at home is available. It takes me to long to poop at work. I usually go after dinner or Saturday morning.
2.Do you flush after you pee or poop? Always
3.Have you ever clogged a public toilet? yes
4.Where was the last time you pooped(home,work,school,outside)? Home
5.Are you afraid of different toilet seats? No
6.Have you ever peed outside with no toilet around? Yes
7.When was the last time you pooped or peed? Today
8.Have you ever been walked in when you was using toilet by somebody else? Yes, I did mention i'm a father right! A memorable time was camping a few years ago I was sitting on a pit toilet pissing but I hadn't pooped yet when an attractive girl went in, said, "oh god, i'm so sorry" and then went into the womans pit toilet. The cool thing was that her toilet was right behind mine and shared the same pit so I could hear everything. This made me go and I'm sure she could hear me too.
9.Do you use public toilets? Sometimes
10.Do you use port-a-johns in park? Sometimes
11.Do you wash your hands after pooping or peeing or both? Pooping

Amanda M

To Stevie

fortunately for me I've never gotten sick where I had diarrhea and had to throw up at the same time. If that ever was to happen to me though I would grab the trash can or a bucket and throw up in that and sit on the toilet to have diarrhea.


After work poo

I was laid in my bed tonight when my sister came rushing in the house from work.She didnt know I was in, as she rushed up the stairs and landed herself on the toilet.
She made some weird squealing noises as she strained on the toilet.Next came a loud dunk noise followed by a sigh.
She then proceeded to fire turds into the toilet for the net two minutes.I was quite impressed as I had never heard her do this before.
Then she started farting, each one as loud as the last, I swear I could hear the toilet vibrate!
Then she wiped,flushed the toilet and went downstairs singing to herself. I sneaked into the bathroom- seeing the toilet seat down I opened the seat to be greeted by a very fat turd in the bottom of the toilet. I flushed the toilet but the turd refused to move.


hubby upset stomach

Was in the mall with my husband when suddenly I heared him let out a gassy fart, he excused himself and told me he's stomach is a bit upset from the food we ate for lunch. A few seconds later heared another louder fart from my honey, I can tell that my poor hubby's not well as he is letting out very bad smelly fart. At this time I noticed that he is having very cold sweat. He told me we need to hurry up hon cause I'm having a bad stomachache. After we paid the grocery we hurriedly get a cab and went off to his parents house. At this time my poor hubby is leaning forward and tensely pressing his ????.Ohhh...can't hold it anymore.. he moaned. As we arrive on their house, he was farting so loudly as he rushed to the toilet, we hear him letting out wet farts and diarrhea. Upon hearing him, he's mom asked me to give him medicine. After 20 minutes of diarrhea, my hubby came out from the toilet with pale face and so much sweat. I gave him the medicine and as I massage his ????, we heared him fart a lot the intire afternoon.



ok so im in college and i really like this guy. so thurs i have 2 classes because the rest are cancled for the day as did he. there was this lady come speek at school and it was extra credit for him. so we went and i was getting annoyed because i really disagreed with her, but there was the guy i like on the one side and then this other guy on my left. well i kept getting flashes of this bad poop smell the whole time it was annoying, idk which, though im thinking the guy on my left as he kept fidgiting. ugg


Accident on the way home

I've just had a massive crap in my knickers. I happened sort of by accident at first. I was walking home from the shops after buying some toilet rolls of all things, when I felt the worse urge to crap you can imagine. I was really desperate & tried to hold it in but I couldn't control it & had a big messy accident in my knickers. As soon as I got home I went straight to the bathroom to clean up but first I had to finish my crap as I was nowhere near done. In my rush to get to the toilet I pulled my trousers down but forgot my knickers. I quickly sat on the toilet & instantly started to crap myself. It was all soft & mushy & it went everywhere. I couldn't stop it & emptied the whole contents of my bowels into my knickers.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Plop Idol

Answers to Mike md of USA's Survey

1.Do you pee and poop at the same time everyday?
No set time for having a poo everyday but usually poo at home b4 I go to work and again in the evening when I'm at home.
I usually pee about 9 times a day sometimes more.

2.Do you flush after you pee or poop?
I always flush after I poo or wee. Good bathroom manners.

3.Have you ever clogged a public toilet?
No, I've never clogged a public toilet. Having said that I have clogged the toilet at home couple of times after having relieved myself after having had a good poo due to bellyaches.

4.Where was the last time you pooped(home,work,school,outside)?
I had a poo at home this before having a shower.

5.Are you afraid of different toilet seats?
If I notice that the seat is not clean i.e. has wee/poo stains on it or doesn't look good then I won't sit on it. I do however in public toilets always wipe the seat with toilet paper before I sit and have a poo.

6.Have you ever peed outside with no toilet around?
Countless times. If I have to go then I have to go.

7.When was the last time you pooped or peed?
I had a poo about half 10 this morning as I was about to have a shower and I last peed about 2pm this afternoon.

8.Have you ever been walked in when you was using toilet by somebody else?
Yes, I was on a caravan holiday couple of years back, was a hot summer's day and I was dying for a poo real bad, so I dashed to the loo and forgot to lock the door. One of my female friends opened the door as I was sitting on the toilet luckily she didn't see anything as I had my shorts lowered to my thighs but was dropping a big load. Both of us were embarrassed but no harm done, I blushed as I caught having a smelly poo. I proceeded to have a good poo and stink out the toilet too!

9.Do you use public toilets?
Yes, usually the ones at my local mall, when you need to go you have no choice it's either that or hold your poo/wee in and feel uncomfortable. I like having a good poo in public toilets, sitting there letting rip with farts and plops, whilst hearing others doing their poo or wee.

10.Do you use port-a-johns in park?
I used a port-a-john at a farm once and it was ok, not the cleanest but I had to go for a emergency wee so I couldn't complain much as I was close to pissing myself had there not being a loo nearer. The local park where I go has new toilets put in.

11.Do you wash your hands after pooping or peeing or both?
Always :)

Take care,

Happy pooping



Re: Pooping your pants when constipated

Hi Gina, I wanted to reply to your post.

I have always had problems with constipation. I'm 25, too. And female. I never go in my pants when I feel the urge, but the idea makes sense to me and I kind of wish my mom had me do that when I was a kid. Sometimes when I finally have the urge to poo, I'm unable to because I'm at work or in the car or something. Then once I'm able to get to the toilet, I don't have to go anymore. I get so frustrated! I just want it out of me. I go twice a week, IF that.

I've tried everything to cure my constipation but I think this is just what my body does. I eat a lot of fiber and drink a lot of water. I exercise. No matter what I do, I can't get "regular."

Do any of you think that for some people, it's normal to be constipated? Or is it a health issue? I've been this way forever. If it weren't for the internet, I'd have no idea that the way I poo isn't normal since this is how it's been my whole life.

Turd Lover

Brown Giant

The most awesome brown monster came sliding out of my arse this morning. It was about 16 inches long and around 2-3 inches in diameter. It splashed and sunk immediately. The stench was magnificent. It took 4 flushes to finally get it down the drain. I quickly grabbed my camera( always next to the toilet ) and snapped a half dozen shots. I plan on enlarging a couple of the pics and framing them on my living room wall. It's a great conversation piece for those who come to visit.

Happy Again

Shamrock Shake

The Shamrock Shake is back at a fast food restaurant whose logo is a big yellow M. Maybe I am becoming lactose intolerant, but their shakes really get things moving. I hadn't been able to go #2 since three days ago which is unusual. Finally today I could go about an hour after consuming the shake. I feel much better.

They don't taste like normal shakes though.

sarah brittany

my only accident...

when was 16 i had my only ever bathroom accident in my pants.besides as a little kid i mean. anyway, I was dating a boy and at the timei was extremely shy about going to the bathroom. i didn't even want him to know I peed at all so I never mentioned having to go or made any trips to the bathroom when I was with him. sometimes this meant holding it for hours! I would be bursting to pee so bad that it was the first thing I'd do when I got home and I'd pee for like 5 minutes! anyway, one day, I didn't make it... I went to his house early in the day, and at night we went to a movie with his friend and his girlfriend. I had to pee like crazy, but that wasn't the problem, I had to poop too... the pressure in my bowels was making the pressure in my bladder so much worse. finally the movie ended and we were able to leave...we got in his friends car and piled in the back...and I couldn't hold it. for the first time in my life I began to wet my pants. I had to work so hard to keep my composure and not let them know something was wrong... I sat there slowly wetting myself for 3 minutes before I could stop it, but I was soaked... it felt so humiliating! just this warm saturated feeling under my butt.....i had blue jeans on so they were all gonna see that I had an accident when I got out of the car. so, I asked my boyfriend if his seat was wet.... he said no.... I told him it felt like I was sitting in something wet, and now my butt was wet.... I totally blamed it on his friends car seat being wet! I don't know if he ever suspected a thing, but I got home without them thinking I peed my pants and thankfully I got home without pooping myself too... I actually stood near my front door with my pee soaked butt trying not to poop myself as he kissed me goodnight. the second he walked away though, I did it. the worst feeling in the world, the poop forcing its way into my pants beyond my control making a weird feeling warm squishy bulge in my wet underwear... thank god I didn't do that in the car, it smelled awful and the lump on my butt was telling. they would've known I pooped my pants. but they didn't, and no one ever found out until now, and I haven't had an accident since!- sarah brittany

theo (optional)


For a great portion of my life, I pooped once a day or less. I often felt constipated. About three years ago I started working overnights, and now poop two or three times a day. Two of them are usually at night. I can take my lunch break whenever I want, so usually go home to crap. Almost always have to go before or after lunch at work also. I'm 41 and maybe five years ago I noticed my rectum not going up very fast anymore. Many times this means I can wipe forever and its still poopy. Also, too many wipes and you get bloody. I like pooping frequently but dont like walking around with a poopy or bloody ass. I often go back after a hour to finish wiping. I haven't been on this site very often, but have been entertained by many of the stories. Body functions can be very funny.


Survey Answers

1. When was the last time you wet your pants?
- A couple weeks ago in college (I posted the story).

2. When was the last time you messed your pants?
- 8th grade (again, a story that I posted).

3. Was there a time when you wet/messed your pants instead of using a public bathroom? Explain.
- No.

4. Have you ever wet/messed yourself in public?
- Just in 8th grade and college.

5. Have you ever wet/messed your pants out of convenience?
- No.

6. Have you ever wet/messed in your pants on purpose?
- Yes, I used to cut through some woods to get home from my bus stop, and I wanted to see what it was like to use my pants (I'll post some stories later on).

7. If yes, why did you decide to do it and how often do you do it?
- I was young and curious ;)

8. Do prefer to wet your pants or mess them?
- Both, if I control when and wear I do it.

9. Have you ever wet yourself in the rain just because you could?
- Once, when I was about 8 (story at a later date).

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