Wow... New Format. Great! And Story

Hi everyone. I haven't been able to post in a long while. It's been pleasant to see many new faces and stories. And it is also great to see the forum has been updated, although I miss the pictures! And the spelling check is great too!

I'm still in high school, my second year. I'm male, by the way, for those who haven't read my stories.

Anyway, a new story: I had eaten a lot the past few days, and yesterday I didn't go to the bathroom to empty myself. Not because I didn't need to, but because I fell asleep early yesterday and didn't wake up until today morning. It was getting late, and as a result, I didn't have time to use the bathroom at home although I kinda felt the need to go. Once at school, however, the urge went away, and I didn't feel it again during the whole school day, fortunately. After classes, I went to the gym. Maybe because of that, I felt really hungry after wards. I came home and ate more than I normally do. Now, consider the following: I hadn't crapped yesterday, I had eaten a lot the past few days, I had gone to the gym, and today I also ate more that I normally do. You can imagine what was going on in my bowels. And I did kinda feel a little uncomfortable, but it was not really noticeable unless I wasn't doing anything.

Anyway, after that, I went to read a novel for my literature assignment. After reading 20 pages or so, a familiar feeling in my bowels struck me. I knew I had to crap more than usual. I just didn't realize then how much. Well, I headed to the bathroom to do my business, unbuckling my belt while closing the door behind me. I pulled down my pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. The seat was a little cold, and after pointing my penis down I started peeing. I peed for about a minute, and while I was peeing I felt the first log poke out a little. I waited until I finished peeing to give a gentle push. I pushed for about 5 seconds, during which I felt a really big log come out steadily. I caught up my breath for a couple of seconds before I let out two more logs, which came out easily, all the while making a soft, crackling sound. After this initial couple of "crap waves", as I call them, I just sat there for a while. I wasn't done yet, but the next wave would take a little while to come, so I sat there thinking about my English Literature assignment.

After a couple of minutes I felt the need again and pushed. Two more logs came out. I still had to go, but I didn't feel like pushing so I let the rest of my crap come out on its own. Finally, I was done. Now, the unusual thing about this crap is that I didn't look at it while pooping (I usually look) because I had my pants at thigh level. It wasn't until I wiped, 4 times, that I looked at my creation. Inside the toilet there was 1 big brown log. Then there were 3 medium sized ones of a lighter shade of brown, a small one and like 15 really thin, small logs, which must have been the last wave of crap to come out. I flushed and pulled up my boxers and pants, and came out. I realized I had taken between 10 and 15 minutes, which is quite a lot, considering that I usually crap in 5 minutes or less. I felt lighter, and definitely better and quite relieved.

I'll try to post more often. At least once a month. Well, happy peeing and pooping.


Reply to mike of md usa's Survey

1.Do you pee and poop at the same time everyday?
-My poops aren't clockwork, but I do usually go around the same times (I posted some stats about that back in January.)
I pee at any time.. No real regular time.

2.Do you flush after you pee or poop?
-If I'm out and have to use a public toilet, then I always flush. At home, if I have the house to myself for a week or longer, I may just leave it and flush it every other day.

3.Have you ever clogged a public toilet?
-Never. However, one time someone clogged a public toilet I had just used with TP but I didn't notice it until I had already flushed. There wasn't anything I could do so I quickly got outta there and told a passing janitor that one of their toilets was overflowing.

4.Where was the last time you pooped(home,work,school,outside)?
-At home today.

5.Are you afraid of different toilet seats?
-Unless it's absolutely filthy, they don't scare me any more than ordinary chairs.

6.Have you ever peed outside with no toilet around?
-Yes, but not recently. As a kid, the neighbourhood where I grew up had plenty of places to tinkle without fear of being noticed.
Where I live today, I have done it only once. It was during a summer downpour that had caught me when I was walking home. Since I was TOTALLY soaked and I had to take a piss badly, I just peed in my pants while walking down the street. The rain was coming down in buckets so it was unnoticeable. When I got home, I took everything off and threw them into the laundry, dried off with a towel and put some clothes new clothes on.

7.When was the last time you pooped or peed?
-The last time I pooped was just before 9 AM this morning. My most recent pee was probably 9 this evening.

8.Have you ever been walked in when you was using toilet by somebody else?
-Yes. But just my mother when I was younger and perhaps a couple of times in public bathrooms when the occupant forgot to close the door.

9.Do you use public toilets?
-Yes. I don't have any issues with them.

10.Do you use port-a-johns in park?
-I have used one of those things perhaps twice in my lifetime. Again, no issues with using them - but I just haven't run into many situations were they were the only choice.

11.Do you wash your hands after pooping or peeing or both?
-When I use public bathrooms I *always* wash up whether I'm pooping or peeing. At home, I must admit to some hypocrisy... Perhaps only 30% of the time or less when I'm at home, I will wash up.

Take care,



Survey Answers

Here are my answers.

Name: Tory
Age: 18

Jessa's Accident Survey
1. When was the last time you wet your pants?
I had a cold in January and was at home on a Saturday and had to pee and on my way to the bathroom I sneezed realy hard a few times and peed in my panties and pajama pants pretty bad.

2. When was the last time you messed your pants?
When I was 16 on a class trip for school on didn't want to use the bathroom before we left to go back to school and the bus didn't have bathrooms and I held it until we got back to the school but didn't make it to the girls room in time before I dropped a big load in my panties, but nobody found out.

3. Was there a time when you wet/messed your pants instead of using a public bathroom? Explain.
Not on purpose.

4. Have you ever wet/messed yourself in public?
My poop accident two years ago above was kind of public even though nobody saw it happen and only my best friend found out.

5. Have you ever wet/messed your pants out of conveinence?
I ran cross country in high school and sometimes while training would just pee my running shorts instead of stopping.

6. Have you ever wet/messed in your pants on purpose?
Yes. When I was 13 I had a sleepover with a friend and we were outside and both had to go to the bathroom so we dared each other to go in our pants. So we hid from where her mom might see us and we both did it. She peed and pooped in her jeans and peed and pooped in my jeans. We thought it was funny.

7. If yes, why did you decide to do it and how often do you do it?
We just thought it would be funny and were curiuous what it felt like.

8. Do prefer to wet your pants or mess them?

9. Have you ever wet yourself in the rain just because you could?

Additional stories?


STILL constipated

Just to let you know, that story with "CONSTIPATED AGAIN" as the title is mine. For whatever reason my name wasn't in the right place. Instead it appeared over Sammy's story.

I've been taking these stupid Metamucil tablets since Sunday and drinking tons and tons of water and I STILL haven't pooped!! >_< I feel like I've wasted over $20 for nothing!

I've been drinking so much water over the last few days plus taking 5-15 Metamucil tablets per day (as the bottle says, 5 tablets up to 3 times per day) and drinking strong coffee and whatnot but my stomach still is swollen and I haven't managed to go AT ALL >_<

You can tell I'm frustrated. What a waste of money!!

Is there any other way to get all this shit out WITHOUT resorting to laxatives? Do I need to take a stool softener too with all this fibre?

Help! Please!


The Conclusion of that desperately needed poo!

I'm ashamed to say that i did shit my pants. After ten minutes of writing the post "Need a desperate dump!!!" my ass rumbled extremely, then loads of wet farts then before i knew it i felt horrible warm liquid in my knickers as it gurgles out from me in an unpleasant loud way. All in all it was a pretty gross accident, my sister came out the bathroom 15 minutes later! I wasn't happy.

Desperate to poop
Hi all had a big steamy dump at the weekend. Went to big car boot sale and whilst browsing felt last nights curry wanting out. Made way to the portable toilets and joined the queue of 4. Moved up the steps and was second in line. Two stalls pooping audibly the other appeared to be peeing. Five minutes later my turn. Just in time too! Seat was warm and toilet rel clean. I let loose with a hot barrage and was on for ten mins. Stinky but relief. Girl next to was still going when i left bad Diarreoh!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Pooping your pants when constipated.

First off, I'm female, I'm 25 years old, I have shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, I'm short and really skinny.

Ever since I can remember I have gotten constipated quite frequently. The topic of this post first occurred when I was 6 or 7 years old. I had been constipated for a while, about 6 days since I last pooped. My mom noticed that when I felt the urge to go, I would often be delayed in getting to the bathroom, and then when I finally sat down on the toilet I wouldn't be able to go. She told me that the next time I felt like I needed to go I should stop what I was doing and poop my pants right where I was. She kept me out of school that day so that I could do it at home. She told me that I wouldn't get in trouble and she would clean me up afterwords. About an hour later I was playing in my my room and I felt like I had to go so I did like I was told. I squatted down and started pushing. It took me a few minutes to start going, but I eventually felt a really big (for a little kid) solid poop coming out. It came out all in one piece, and when I was done I noticed a small wet spot on my pants where I had peed a little. I immediately went and found my mom. Just like she promised she helped me clean up, and I didn't get in trouble.

From that day forward whenever I got constipated I would go in my pants as soon as I felt the urge. I still do it to this day.

Has anyone else ever done this?

Plop Idol

Replying to Stevie

Option 4 is the better one, diarrhea pouring out of you while on the toilet and vomiting in a bucket in that way you don't many additional mess you may end up having to clear up.


At the supermarket

Hi, yesterday I was at the supermarket bathroom peeing, I was leaving when I heard a woman suddenly coming in so I stopped in the stall to see what happens. She was really in a hurry, because 30 seconds after she entered in the stall I heard pooping noises 'pffff prrr plofff...' she needed to go very badly. I waited there for not make it embarassing, but the stink was very awful. Then, after she's gone, I looked at her stall... she didn't flushed!!! The cup was full =P blah! Have you ever seen/heard a woman so in a hurry for pooping?

Becca: In a situation like that, you should just take your trousers or skirt off (so you don't get them dirty) and poo yourself. When the bathroom is free, go in and clean yourself up as best you can, then change your panties. If it's a really messy poo, you might have to throw your panties away.

When you really need to go, messing yourself can be quite satisfying. Once I was sitting at my computer surfing the net. I needed a poo, but I was too lazy to go to the bathroom and decided to hold on for a while. I was letting out some really rank farts. I felt some pressure building, so I lifted my butt off the seat and got ready to fart again - but it was a bit more than a fart. I ended up having to put my dirty pants in a plastic bag and throw them away. No one ever found out about it.


for Frostina

Interesting story from you,Frostina,I had a similar experience with a friend of mine :)
By chance,are you Italian?


I know. It was strange that I didn't feel myself actually peeing. I guess because I had never peed myself before, unless I was really little, I didn't realize the warning signs of an imminent wetting. I guess I though I would only experience an uncomfortable feeling, and was relieved when the feeling subsided. There was a small puddle in the dip of the chair, which I dried up with napkins.


Need a desperate dump!!!

Need a poo so badly but bathroom is occupied, I think I'm not going to make it, while writing this my ass is rumbling making a sort of "grrrrr" noise. Feels horrible, really hurts. Just keep farting uncontrollably while my stomach is growling loudly. At last resort im gonna do a poo in either my outside or on my old clothes, because I cant wait any more!!! ohhhhh farts are horrible now! :( i'll post later of what happens :S

What would you do in my situation? :( x

first poster

reply to stevie

i couldn't resist replying to Stevie.

how about option 4: poop in the toilet and vomit in a bucket, garbage can, bathtub, sink, bag, or anything else that is easy to clean up or throw out.


happy toileting.

When I have soft stools, I can see a line indention along the length of the stool. Like someone scraped the tip of their finger against it as it was coming out. ? Any ideas?

Emily W
I often wear absorbant underwear at school or when shopping. I find it easier to let small amounts out when I need to wee instead of being uncomfortable holding it. It's also insurance if I do leak a little, it wont show a wet patch.

Emily xx


My First Post :-)

Hey There....I've been a lurker on this site for a while and today I have a story of my own to post :-)

One day last week I was talking on the phone with my boyfriend when he asked if it was ok if he "took me to the throne with him"....I said ok and then could hear him fart and then start plopping turds into the bowl.......then more farts...I was liking this and getting turned on..........I told him this was fun and we must do it again soon.......I'd love for him to hear me on the toilet but I can be a bit clumsy and afraid I'd drop the phone into the bowl....LOL

Anyone here have any phone toilet stories similar to mine? If so I'd love to hear more of them......Ciao Frostina :-)

Constipated AGAIN

I'm constipated YET AGAIN. It's been about a week and a half since I've had a decent poop. "Decent" for me is a big, soft-ish turd that doesn't hurt coming out. All I've been getting lately is a hard turd that hurts coming out and has mucusy stuff on it.

I've been trying to use coffee to stimulate my bowels but that hasn't been working. I finally went to the drug store yesterday and after spending about half an hour looking at all the laxatives, fibre supplements and colon cleansers I finally bought Metamucil tablets. The powder for some reason does not work for me. All it does is cause me to bloat more and give me gas.

The bottle says to take 5 tablets up to 3 times a day. So far I've only been taking 5 tablets once a day so I don't get unwanted gas, etc. It says it generally takes effect between 12-72 hours. Hopefully with all the water I'm drinking, bran cereal that I eat, plus the 5 tablets per day I'm taking, it will cause a big, healthy poop.

I would use laxatives but my doctor told me to stay away from them since my bowels became lazy from using them. Metamucil seems safe for me to take, so hopefully it will work. I eat pretty healthy and I'm trying to cut back on the tea and drink more water so I hope soon I can become more regular. It really sucks to be constipated and feel sick all the time. I'm 23, I should be healthy and full of energy, not tired, constipated and sluggish!

Returning to JESSICA`S SURVEY: I forgot to mention about wetting pants. No, I have never properly wet my pants, but often, due to urgency, I might have a squirt before I make the toilet. It just wets the front of my underware a bit.
I did say I have not had any pooing accidents but came so close this morning.
My partner was in the bathroom and I needed to poo...unfortunately she does not like me pooing in front of her. I waited and it became very urgent...I rarely get urgencies. As she came out I flew in and as I approached the toilet and turned around to sit my arse gave way and "it" started to emerge. Luckily it was dry enough and hard enough not to stain my boxers.

Kate M.

Wet pants at work yesterday

I am extremely premenstrual and leak like crazy at this time of the month; I had a poise pad on but it was not long enough - not a super one. I was in the kitchenette at work and coughed several times, leaking a lot each time. I knew I was peeing each time but I thought the pad would catch it all. I felt extremely wet and touched by butt on the outside of the black (thank God) pants. They were wet. I went to the ladies' room and looked at myself in the mirror. There was a large damp spot on my butt; I tried to pull my top as low as possible to cover it but some still showed. I slinked back to my computer station avoiding people and sat on my chair until the wet spot had dried. Next pack of Poise pads I buy will be the longest ones possible.


Emily's request to answer Jessa's survey

To Emily: now it's your turn to give us your answers

Jessa's Accident Survey
1. When was the last time you wet your pants? 3 months ago walking home from the post office, I couldn't hold it.
2. When was the last time you messed your pants? About a year ago, I was walking home from a concert. I made it up to about a block from my house and it just came out in a big load.
3. Was there a time when you wet/messed your pants instead of using a public bathroom? Explain. no.
4. Have you ever wet/messed yourself in public? Not exactly, but one time I was on a long drive and I peed my pants in heavy traffic, and when I stopped to change, a woman pulled over right behind me and saw that my pants were wet. i think she needed to pee as well, but was weirded out by me and got back in her car and drove off. I always wondered whether maybe she had an accident too, or if she found another place to go.
5. Have you ever wet/messed your pants out of convenience? No
6. Have you ever wet/messed in your pants on purpose? Yes, the first time when I was about 11 I wanted to know what it felt like to wet the bed. And another time, when I was 13 or 14, I wanted to see what it was like to poop in my pants. It made a huge mess because I sat in it, and I ended up throwing my underwear away in a ditch.
7. If yes, why did you decide to do it and how often do you do it? Now I don't live at home anymore so I can do it when I want; maybe 3 or 4 times a year.
8. Do prefer to wet your pants or mess them? Both.
9. Have you ever wet yourself in the rain just because you could? Yes! In a rainstorm on a nature walk to see some birds. it was raining so hard the rain was going sideways. I was in a tour group, we were all wearing rain ponchos. I dropped a little ways behind the group and just went in my pants, it was fun because nobody had a clue.

Additional stories?
One time I wanted to see how long I could hold my poop with a laxative. I took a suppository and then rode a bus across town to a coffee shop, where I bought a muffin and coffee, and then got back on the bus to come home. The bus was more crowded than I expected. About halfway home I was sweating and cramping, but I didn't want to get off because it would be a long walk. Finally I didn't think I could hold it any longer so I pulled the cord to get off. As I was standing by the door waiting for the bus to stop and the door to open, I farted and a little wet poop came out. I managed to get off the bus before stinking it up, but just as I was going to jaywalk across the street I noticed a cop watching me so I had to make a superhuman effort to hold on a little longer and walk to the crosswalk. I made it about halfway across the street and the poop just exploded in my pants, and in fact I started peeing too from the relief. At the other side of the street I stopped and just finished wetting and messing myself and then walked home, about a half mile. I think some neighbors saw me but they never said anything.


Comments on Previous Postings & "About Susie" Story

To Stac:

I wish more people would be helpful in the situations like you described. I'm still in high school, but I've written about the large amount of child care business I have. The boys Connor has seen rub their dick against the side of the urinal in order to dry it is gross, but it's probably as natural as shaking your hands dry after you wash them if there's no blower or paper to dry them with. I have had a couple of times when I've taken 4 or 5 year old boys into the ladies room with me, and they've gone into a stall to pee and to dry their dick (and this is especially true when parents have been on their case for splashing or soiling their underwear or shorts)they knock their dick over the front of the bowl when they are done. One boy this past summer did this in front of me while we were in the ladies room at the park. (There was no door on the stall so I was standing in front of him to give him his privacy). I stopped him and showed him how to use toilet paper for that. He was scared that his mother would be mad at him because the trickles he would have in his underwear sometimes spread to his light-colored shorts.

To Braidy:

Your two stories about Adam show how sensitive you are. You don't seem to judge him like some other girls do their boyfriends. I'm just taking my first physchology class this year but one theme I've learned is that people do things for a reason. Some of the things you wrote about such as him being put down in middle school for using a urinal and being bullied for having a small penis is absolutely awful. It so sucks, but it seems like he has adjusted to it well. I've known an obese girl in my classes who was continually teased beginning in like 3rd grade and I've seen how it has affected her (see my story on her below).

To Kalee:

You mention the chicks who both hover pee and line the toilet seat, too. I agree with you that it's probably a waste of time and paper. Personally, as I've said in my posts, I've never worried about sitting down on a public seat as long as it is free of a large amount of pee or has some shit smeered on it. But, those that hover pee and line the seat are probably taught to do that and they feel they are doing the best thing for themselves. Unfortunately, they don't think about the next user who could use that toilet paper for wiping, blowing their nose, or something else.

Now my story about Susie:

When Susie was in like 3rd grade, she was already way overweight. When the PE teacher came once a week for class she had some sort of special pass out of the activity and I think she went to the office to do something else. About that time boys would start making "moo" noises around her, stare her down right after she sat down on her chair (they had a special desk and chair set up for her because she wouldn't fit into the ones the rest of us used, and make really personal remarks about her as they waited behind her at the drinking fountain, etc. Eventually, either or parents or our teacher encouraged her to wait in the back of the line so that there would be less attention paid to her.

So when we got to middle school it didn't get any better for Susie. She had put on a few more pounds and of course her clothing was largely
sweats and tops that were big (but she filled them out), and I know they made her feel bad. Although she wasn't in my Pre-Alegbra class, I had had lunch with her that day and knew that she wasn't having a very average day. I invited her to come home with me since it was Friday and I thought she could stay overnight. My mom had approved it and Susie said she probably could. We'll in 6th hour Pre-Algebra, my lunch had generated my bowels and I took the hall pass into the bathroom. I was looking forward to getting rid of that really heavy feeling when you're carrying crap around and I quickly walked into the bathroom.

There were about a dozen stalls. The first stall door was open and from the size of her legs and feet I could recognize it was Susie before I even got to the front of the stall. There was a yellow hall pass next to her on the floor and she was sitting on the stool, sweats and underwear all the way down to the floor, and she was sobbing. I told I was hopeful that her day would get better, but she said it hadn't. I asked her if I could come into her stall so we could talk and I suggested closing the door behind us because I knew we were about five minutes from a class break and the bathroom would be full. She didn't really seem to care. When she went to the teacher and got her special hall pass (she had permission to do that so that it wouldn't draw attention to herself) a rude boy whispered to her in the classroom doorway if she was going to "do a flood and they would need a raft or whether she was going do a dump that would shake the school"?
She told him to "F*** O**"!

As we talked I could see she was in pain. She had been holding her pee for like two hours and had waited until after 6th hour class began because she likes to pee alone and when there's no one around to hassle her. Then the bullying remark just set her off, if you know what I mean. I tore off some toilet paper for her to wipe her eyes with and I was getting more desperate to shit. I told her I was going to take the stall next to her and that we could continue to talk as I crapped. I was so self-conscious after I closed the door and pulled my panties down, and positioned myself on the seat. I looked behind me and made sure I wasn't sitting on the back of my shirt and my first five seconds on the seat were very productive. First one, and then a second piece fell, followed by a large barrage of farts that made Susie laugh so loud I could hear her. She said she was surprised I was so noisy and I joked something about having my muffler on. Then I let go of a pack of really soft crap that drops like a splat.

The bell to end the hour rang and I told Susie to pull her door shut and latch it. She said it wouldn't make much difference and I didn't argue with her, but after a few seconds, I heard her do it. I was starting to wipe when I decided just to finish up and remain seated until after the 7th hour tardy bell rang. Susie said she had something like no-questions-asked bathroom rights and then as the first girls came running in, I could hear a strong noise of pee hitting the bowl in Susie's stall. I swear it went on for like 3 minutes or more (we had 5 minute passing periods) and then the tardy bell rang and the girls cleared out. Having finished wiping, I stood and pulled up my panties, adjusted my skirt and leaned over an flushed. I asked Susie how she was doing and she said it was the most comfortable pee she had done in a long time. I knocked on her door, she was still sitting there motionless but had stopped crying. Then she stood up. At that point, I could see long sheets of toilet paper dangling from both of her thighs. I pulled the right one off while she pulled the left one off and we dropped them into the bowl. I asked her why she used toilet paper on the seat and she said she didn't know. She reached down and flushed and slowly pulled up her underwear and sweats.

As we were washing her hands, she told me that she started using the seat papers a couple of years before because a couple of girls would get out of line and go into another stall when Susie would open the door to come out. And they would snicker and point to her. I realized she had been hurt by an awful lot of things. That night at my house, she and I had a really good time. Before we went to sleep she was in the bathroom and on the toilet peeing when she gave me permission to come in and get an aspirin from the cabinet. In taking it, I noticed she was sitting and peeing (the good news!) but there was toilet paper she was sitting on that was larger than our smaller blue seat. I didn't say anything.


Saw the results of an accident once

When I was in 10th grade our high school was right next to an elementary school and in between was a big playground for the younger kids but some of us older kids would kill time there after school waiting for rides or whatever. I was in band and we had a practice one afternoon but it wasn't going to start for a while so about 20 of us where out at the playground and there was a freshman trumpet girl named Staci who was kind of cute who was on the swings but not swinging very high because she was in a skirt. I was behind her and when she would swing back I could almost see her panties but not quite. I kept watching and she eventually started to swing a little higher and then I could really see her panties on her butt and was very surprised by what I saw. It took a few swings for it to register what I was seeing but under her butt her white panties were stained brown in a large section just the shape it would be if she had pooped her panties. She evidently didn't realize anyone was behind her that could see. There was no bulge so evidently she had crapped herself earlier in the day and dumped it out but had no other panties to wear, but the brown stain was unmistakable. I couldn't believe a 14 year old high school girl had pooped herself at school and it didn't look like the runs, just a solid normal poo stain. Crazy.



Apple juice clogs up my works in milliseconds... I've known it for ages. But last Monday I went into a grocery store and had a 'bright' idea. I said to myself, "You know, I think it'll be different this time!", and bought some frozen apple juice that was on sale.

Of course... it wasn't any different and I paid the price for it the whole week.

It wasn't so bad on Tuesday. Because things slowed down a bit, I had three trips to the toilet and all produced a last one good thick and solid log. All were a light brown sausages, about 1 ―" wide x 7" long and very smooth. Wiping up was easy - taking only two wipes to get clean. I had been eating a lot of vegetables this but I only noticed the odd remnant of some kidney beans in any of the stools. The most memorable thing about the logs is that they were not gassy, but VERY smelly. When I was done, even I said, "Wow that stank. Where did that come from?"

On Wednesday, I felt so bloated that I knew going to the bathroom and pushing would be a complete waste of time - so I didn't bother making an attempt.

Thursday evening I felt a slight need to take a dump so I went to the bathroom, pulled down my shorts (I wasn't wearing any underwear) and sat down. After about 7 or 8 minutes of pushing, I felt like something was on the way out. It felt big and hard, and came out in one big splash. In fact, I was convinced that it might be another big log.
Some of the pressure was gone but I didn't feel empty. Still, I knew this session was done so I got up and turned around to see what I made. What greeted me were about two dozen 'marbles' sitting at the bottom of the bowl. All were very light brown and looked hard.
I grabbed some TP, spread my left butt cheek to wipe and one of them -evidently stuck still in my crack- and dropped to the floor. I used the toilet paper to pick it up and it felt dry and tough. (If it wasn't warm, I probably couldn't tell the difference between it and a frozen green bean.)

I *always* inspect the toilet paper when I'm wiping up, and this time I saw a trace of blood. Since I was constipated, it wasn't unexpected, but it made me pay extra attention to my bowel habits over the next few days.

I had a movement on Friday afternoon and it was a replay of Thursday - except that I saw slightly more marbles (and this time, they came out one at a time), more blood on the TP and I noticed some on the marbles.

Saturday I was out and had to use a public toilet. When I felt the need to go, I expected it was going to be a reiteration of the same toilet-time-tune - but this dump has made me worried enough to book an appointment with my doctor.
The marbles were slightly larger and I saw some obvious drops of blood in the water. What alarms me was the amount of blood on the TP. The paper wasn't soaked with it, but don't think I saw any brown stuff on the paper. I was alone in the men's room, so I took out my cell phone and took a picture with the camera. (It may be embarrassing, but if my doctor asks me, I can show it to him.)

I think today (Sunday), marks the end of effects of the apple juice. I had a single large dump this evening. It has given me some cause for relief (in both senses.):

#1. I was watching the Olympics when I felt the reassuringly strong urge to poop that comes when you know you have a big load waiting to come out. It made me get up and immediately head to the toilet, with no thought about anything else.

#2. I didn't have to push at all. I just sat down and everything came out without any effort.

#3. This wasn't a quickie 'dump-and-run' poop... I spent at least 10 minutes relieving myself and just about every moment seemed to matter.

#4. The poop wasn't anywhere near as stinky as the ones I made during the past week.

#5. When I was done, I felt the refreshing and lovely kind of emptiness you get after a good cleaning out. Like I was a few pounds lighter...

Sitting in the toilet was a large dark brown pile of mush. Not diarrhoea and it didn't have any of that kind of smell but it was very loose. It left a mess when it came out and I had to wipe 6 or 7 times with 3 wads of paper to get a cleaned up. This time I did NOT see any blood either on the paper or in the bowl, but I freely admit there was so much of the dark brown stuff that it could be there, but not noticeable.

The stuff came out in two major waves and a number of smaller ones. The first one probably produced at least solid stool of some kind (in fact, I heard it banging around the drainpipe when I flushed), however, the second and all subsequent wave came out as 'mush' and whatever was at the bottom of it all was completely camouflaged.

I have learned - yet again - that I love apple juice... but my digestive tract does not.
I'm only a 30-something, but regardless, I am going to see my doctor and make sure nothing is wrong.


TO Penny:
Re. 'To wipe or not to wipe???'

"I habitually shit first thing in the morning then shower so do not bother to wipe.."

-I usually try to go immediately before showering too so I can save a little toilet paper.
The only problem is that if I'm in a rush in the morning, I may forget to flush. That means I'll have a clean-up job waiting for me when I get home in the evening...

Take care,



To Jasmin

Great history about your sister Amy. Please, post more about her toilet sessions and about your own constipation too!

Cindy - Great post about you pooping your pants in the drugstore.

your name (Midwest ME)

Post Title Puking on the floor

I'd probably sit on the toilet and vomit on the floor as it would be easiest to clean.

I never actually faced the situation that you described although did once sit on the toilet and vomit a little on the floor of the woman's handicap stall in the library. I was feeling sick and the floor was bad enough to get my slacks dirty so sat down the toilet and quietly made a little puddle of liquid on the floor. When I was done I grabbed toilet paper to mop it up and informed the front desk what had happened.

You can find the post back around June 2007 under my old name Damp Pants In The Midwest

Sandra B.

Waited too long.....


Last summer I was at a weekend trip with two was a wonderful sunny weekend at the 1 pm at sunday we started our departure.i sat relaxed at the backseat of the car and slumbered a little bit(the party-night before was long)

of couse, a few words about me:
Iīm 24,office clerk,5.7ft,160lbs,black hair,,length a little bit over my shoulders,iceblue eyes,full firm breasts, curvaceous hips and buttocks and well-formed legs...

around 4 pm i felt the beginning pressure deep in my guts.i had not take a shit at this weekend,because i can pee at unfamiliar toilets,but "number two" i did(until this day)strictly in my own bathroom,if i i can reach my home somehow or other.i have really solid turds and can hold my poop for hours and so i thought i could make it until home at this day too....

until 6:15 pm the pressure increased more and more but around 7:30 i would reach my home and relieve my guts as habitual and so id didnīt changed my plans....

but my friends,Holger and Andreas,decided to stop at the next McDonalds.
you may think,itīs good and i could use the restroom,but i was stubborn.I didnīt want to use the restroom,i wanted to do my number two at my own toilet-by all means!

So i sat sweating on my plastic chair and poked around in my salad,while the two guys enjoyed their meal.finally,around 7:00 pm,we were left.i was in a hurry to reach the car,because already while i sat,the pressure was really bad,but without a seat under my butt...oh dear !!! by the way-i hadnīt made take a shit since 4 days and had a turd from a size of a rocket in my my lower guts... i had to sit down immediately to disable the launch-countdown!

Back in the car,i pressed my butt at the backseat and clenched my cheeks.i wore tight jeans,that helped a little bit....after precarious two or three minutes i had my butt under control again....
but my lightblue cropped shirt was sweat-soaked and i felt streamlets of sweat between my breasts,my cheeks and on my belly...

nevertheless,i tried to tell myself,i could make it until home,but about 10 minutes later the urge came back with all might and this time my butt opened up and the tip of my huge turd poked out. i yelled "oooaaaaaaaah,stop,stop,stop the car.....i shit myself..aaah" But there no possibility to stop at this moment(we were at the autobahn)and however i tried-it did no good....

I squirmed at the backseat while a huge massive log crept slowly,but unstoppable...
As we stopped 5 minutes later,at least the half of the turd was squeezed out.

I waddled to the restroom,lowered carefully my pants,sat down at the toilet and pushed the rest out.
As i emptied out my pants thereafter,i could not believe how huge my turd was....both halves,the one in my pants and the other in the toilet were big enough to let me have to go absolutely badly....unbelievable that i was able to hold it in that long....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


What would You do?

Hey everyone

I have wondered this before but never asked. If you find yourself sick and unable to prevent expelling from both ends at the same time, which would you do?

1. poop in the toilet and vomit on the floor?
2. vomit in the toilet and poop on the floor?
3. keep your pants on and soil them while you vomit in the toilet?


Toilet Fright

To Braidy:

Isn't that a little different to have 4 or 5 different style of toilet seats in one bathroom? Does Adam have a favorite? I know Connor has one he likes better because it's smaller and reminds him more of the one he uses at home. (I should probably encourage him to write about that!) Also, it's nice that he is more discreet about using toilet paper to wipe his dick after peeing. Connor told me he has seen some boys just knock their dick on the side of the urinal a couple of times to get it dry. Both he and I thinks that's gross!

For Kalee:

I agree with you about the girls and women who paper the toilet seat and then stand over it to pee. Why waste all that paper if you are not going to sit down? It doesn't make any sense to me either. The next several users then have to do without the TP.

Me and Connor went to a country & western concert with several acts that was held at our civic center. It was on a school night and we went right to the concert after our after-school activities. I drank like more than 20 ounces of pop on the train-ride down there so my bladder was becoming uncomfortable. I peed right after my last class before my environmental club meeting, and looking back, I should have peed again at like 5:30 p.m. again just before we left campus

Once we got to our stop, there were no toilets in the station so we hurried up the escalator. Although it was rush hour and we were tired, we walked around others on the stairs to make it to the civic center ASAP. The streets were jammed as were the sidewalks. There was a cold rain starting and that's the last thing I need to have hitting my body as I'm getting to the stage where I'm desperate to pee. We could see the marquee of the auditorium flashing a couple of blocks away and dodged slower walkers and those clustered together waiting for busses. Once we got into the lobby, we found out it was a sell out and there were lots of people already there. Luckily, Connor had bought the tickets on-line and as we went through the gate, I was already planning to spot the nearest restroom sign as we cleared the corner and entered the arena. I made Connor promise to stay close to the door because on a couple of times before he has strayed too far, and when I come out I've lost him for a couple of minutes.

There was no door, just about a half-turn around a block wall and a room with about 30 toilets. All in use and another 20 or 30 waiting. When I'm desperate, I will check out every option and that is usually walking past each toilet and personally checking to make sure each is in use. I've found doors that were partially stuck, so others would not want to mess with them. I just love finds like that! And sometimes there are the stalls with some urine on the seat, no toilet paper, a stopped-up bowl, etc. I take them without a second thought if it means avoiding a mess in my underwear. As I worked my way through the crowd, I noticed a girl about 11 or 12 wearing a skirt and middle school sweater stick her head into a stall and stand there for two or three seconds. She looked like she was embarrassed and thinking as she blocked the stall. "Are you using this?", I asked politely. "I dunno", she said very quietly. I pushed her aside but didn't take the stall until I looked her in the eye, told her I was bursting and it would only take me a couple of minutes to pee and she could have it. She gestured it was OK for me to take it and I slipped in around her and saw one problem. The door was off.

But that didn't deter me. I've used doorless stalls several times because sometimes speed is the need. I dropped my jeans and underwear almost instantly and tossed myself onto the seat so fast that my left leg started to hurt a bit. My pee flow blasted out and the girl who was still standing in the doorway like somewhat sideways turned to me and said "You weren't lying, were you." I thanked her for letting me use it. I wanted to ask her what her "problem" was, but in my leadership training they've stressed being tactful and that that is best way to get information. I joked to her that I had only like one more quart to go and she laughed a little and thanked me. I couldn't hear any more stall doors opening closeby and I asked her if she needed to pee as bad as me. She said she had been holding her crap for about an hour but didn't think she would be able to hold it until she got home. I leaned back and flushed and and was standing and pulling my jeans and underwear up as I told her the stall was all hers. She said something about how "easy" it seemed for me to use a public toilet and that she had never sat on a public toilet without one of those seat tissues before (and most of our largest public bathrooms don't have them).

I told her there was still about two or three small squares of toilet paper on the roll and that she should not think about it anymore. I told her I would shield the doorway for her if she would just come in. sit down and crap. She had been holding it so long I could smell it. We traded places and slowly slid her panties down to mid-thigh level and seated herself over just the very minimal part of the front of the toilet that would allow the crap to fall into the bowl. Like me, she wasn't lying about needing to go. I saw almost no pushing on her part but there was about six plops into the water and a couple of others that were escorted by farts. I noticed a few tears in her eyes and when I asked her why, she said the pain had stopped and she felt so much better. She stood up as quickly as she was done and with one hand pulled off the remaining toilet paper, one square at a time, and put her hand under he skirt to wipe. She didn't look at any of the toilet paper pieces as she quickly dropped them directly into the stool. Then she took her left foot, leaned against the left partition and flushed. Upon the second try she got enough pressure on her foot to activate the flusher. As we washed our hands together, she thanked me for being so nice and understanding. I found it was her birthday and that her uncle had brought her from 40 miles away for the concert.

Before we walked out, the crowd was continuing to grow. A middle-aged woman was now sitting on that toilet and shamelessly peeing away. I thought to myself, with a little more practice that girl (whose name I didn't ask) would get more confidence and probably feel better about the need to make the best of public bathrooms. They are like a necessity. They can't be avoided.

Lynda A

Using Absorbant Pads and pull ups.

I just needed to add my bit after reading the posts from Katie M and Erica.

I am a Mother of 2 Girls ages 12 and 7. I am also another person who uses either Poise pads or tena pants due to stress incontinence and also use these and pullups when its going to be an inconvenience to visit the toilet like when attending events at the school,Concerts, travelling long distance or generally when its likely I will be queing.
Both girls have grown up with this and wear absorbant underware / goodnights etc at these sort of events. Where its very late we wear and use them in bed and also If we are camping or in our camper van as its such a pain to go outside/use a bucket in the night.
My 12 yr old wears poise pads to school and leaks into it instead of being uncomfy till break or having to ask to leave the class room and miss something important.

When I was younger I used to withold my poo and after several days would do it in my pants, usually during the night in bed or during the evening whilst in my room or occasionally at school. I was never told off, all that was said was ' Try to use the toilet next time'.
Both girls have poo ''accidents'' in their underware;the youngest in trainer pants or a goodnight and the Older keeps her pants on and does it in bed. My view, having spent many years witholding,is that its better to go poopie regularly how and where you are comfortable rather than be uncomfortable and have difficulty going and then start witholding.

Lynda A


You wet your pants...and did not know it?

To Sammy

I am always the first to know when peeing myself...I know when I only spurt in my panties and my pants are still dry. I know when I have a tennis ball size spot on my jeans. It should have run off the edge of the seat and made a puddle on the floor under your chair. I do not understand how a 19 year old can completely wet his/her pants and not feel anything?

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