Hi i was out for a walk and short run when i needed to go to the bathroom . I was to far away from home and any other bathroom or toilet. I had to go very badly,bowel movement-stool with urine. I found a bush near a walkway pulled my shorts down no underpants to vagina above the knees. Neil ed down legs spread wide apart vagina and butt over feet to ground. Started having urine it was warm as it ran down between my legs to the ground. I then started to smell as bowel movement-stool started coming out my vagina and rectum. It was light tan brown soft and warm,i was going very badly and there was lot of it. I then stopped and more bowel movement-stool with urine came out of the body. After twenty minutes i was done. I wiped with some tissue and soft leaves, as i was wiping i had a large burst of bowel movement-stool with urine. I then wiped again a girl walked by and asked me if i was OK. I said yes, and she said i have to go bowel movement-stool with urine.I watched her pull her shorts down n underpants as she knee led down legs spread wide apart next to me i watched as all of her waste came all at one time lots of urine and bowel movement-stool with urine it also was light tan brown and soft. She the wiped her vagina and rectum of her waste withe soft leaves and tissue she was finished. The girl the helped me wipe the waste from my body. We were both finished checked our bodies and were clean of our body waste we pulled our shorts up and were on our way. THE girl said her name was Casey, she was in her thirty's of age i said thank you for her help, she said thank you and we would see another again . By and i enjoyed going to the bathroom with you. I like going to the bathroom outside and on a walk-way trail, near bush it is fun.

question to all the women on this site do you like to read the newspaper magazine or neither when you take a poop.


To Ashley...

I agree with listening to the other women pooping. I, too, go to the middle stahl and listening to everything from small droppings to explosive poo, including grunts and sighs. The more variation, the better.


Re. Foods that make you poop quickly

TO Micah:

Ignoring all the usual suspects - prunes, dairy products, et cetera... For me it's McDonalds burgers. For some reason, from when they go into my mouth 'til they come out the other end takes less than a day.
I can have one for lunch and be 90% sure I'll make a toilet stop by 9 or 10 o'clock later that evening.

Not as healthy as a proper laxative I admit, but definitely more tasty.

TO Fernando:
Re. Pooping Denial

People have forgotten that doing your business in a chamber pot and chucking it out the window or back yard was the norm for millions of people in urban areas. Until ~150 years ago, you *really* had to watch where you were stepping and keep an eye out for what someone might dump on you.

Take care!


TO MICAH..I love doing a big fat feels just soooo good coming out. There are no food that make me do a big one which is quite unfortunate.
JESSICA`S SURVEY: I have pooped my pants twice since leaving childhood. The first time was when I was really constipated (so what is new) and I was having a scan at the hospital...they injected die in me and I nearly shitted myself...must have been a side effect of the die...the urge quickly subsided...I was driving home from the hospital and the poo urge hit but I felt like I needed a I did but a bit more came out than gas...I really really had to poo so as my pants were already soiled I just let it go..OI got home and of course nobody was at home..I waddled to the toilet and had an even bigger was all soft and I then cleaned up. I told my partner what had happened and she said "good! you have been trying to poo for a while!"
The other time was when I was on weight reducing medication and I had just eaten a pie which must have been too high in fat. I needed to fart but squirted orange oily substance into my undies. I was only steps from the toilet so I sat on the throne and got rid of the rest of the stuff in my lower undies were a write off but my pants were OK.I stopped that weight reducing medication and used will power instead after that event.
TO KATE: re disposables etc I have never used them but could be good thinking. How much pee will they hold?

As for me I have been taking my Movicol and feeling a lot better the last few days. I am off to a Parkinsons Disease week end for young onset Parkinsons and might find out more about constipation and bowel issues there.

Kate M.

absorbent products

I read that some parents put their kids in Goodnites or pullups when they go to Disneyworld - kids who are toilet trained, but may need to pee quickly and the line ups can be long and the toilets far. Some ladies also wear these products when doing errands, attending their kids' soccer games, etc. They are good for biking since the extra padding makes the seat more comfortable. Some people wear them for long car rides. I peed in a large poise pad a few days ago; I was grocery shopping and on the way back I really had to go so I just slowly let out some to relieve the pressure. I am not going to stop at a strange house and ask them to use their bathroom; I may be kidnapped and found 10 years later as a skeleton.

Uncle Harry

High School Chemistry Lab

Braidy's post reminded me of an incident in high school. I attended a small, grades 1-12, all boys, school with about 350 students all together. There was an affiliated all girls school a few blocks away. In 10th grade, the two schools went co-ed, with the boy's school becoming the grades 7-12 school and the girl's school becoming the grades 1-6 school. The problem was, the building was not designed as a co-ed school. It was 4 stories high with one boys bathroom each on the 2nd-4th floors, each with two urinals and two stalls... without doors. On the first floor, there was one single-seater in the school office and a boys locker room in the basement under the gym. When it went co-ed, the teacher's lounge on the 2nd floor, mostly male staff, which had a two-stall toilet room without urinals, was turned into the girl's locker room and toilets, the only one in the building. The few female teacher's we had before the merger used the toilet in the office, or at least were supposed to. I heard rumors, no doubt true, that a few brave female teachers would use the "mens" toilets in the lounge rather than run all the way downstairs if they were already in the lounge.

In the second semester of my senior year, my chemistry class partner was a girl, Judy. She was rather plain looking and not very outgoing... rather on the shy side. We were both absent for a critical lab session and had to make it up on our own. As seniors, we had keys to the school and free access at any time. We decided to meet at the lab one Sunday to get our work done. After several hours, Judy said that she needed to pee. I did too. There was only a boys bathroom on the floor and the girls was 2 floors down. I (jokingly?) suggested that we pee in some lab beakers and dump it into the sink. She giggled at the idea, but said no, she would be too embarrassed. But she did suggest we just use the boys room on the floor one at a time. She would wait outside while I went in and then reverse. Ok, I said.

The boys bathrooms had no doors on them. You stepped into a little alcove and turned right into the toilet area, which wasn't visible unless you were in the alcove. The in-the-floor urinals were on the right and the stalls on the left, facing each other. So I went in while Judy waited in the hallway... or so I thought. I had just stepped up to the urinal and gotten my dick out when I noticed Judy sort of half into the alcove and looking at me. She jumped back when she saw me notice her. "Judy", I said, "You don't have to be sneaky. Just come right in". So she did and stood there sort of half smiling and watching me pee, apparently quite interested in the process. She said she was always interested in how boys peed, but had no brothers, never saw her father pee, and had seen other boys pee only twice... openly in the park at bushes. So I finished peeing, shook the drops off, put it away, and zipped up.

Now she noticed that the stalls had no doors on them and wanted to know if I was going to wait outside. Of course not; now it was my turn to watch. She said that she had never peed with a boy watching and wasn't sure if she could, but said she would try. So she went into a stall, backed up to the toilet, and pulled down her slacks. Then she grasped the top of her panties and hesitated a bit and then, with a burst of bravery, quickly yanked them down to her ankles and stood up. She did seem embarrassed that a boy was looking at her pussy. "Well, here goes", she said. She sat down, spread her legs somewhat, but far enough so that, with the cut-away seat, I could still her vagina. "Ok", she said. "I'm going to try to pee now". About 15 seconds went by, and then a trickle of urine began to come out, stopped, started again, and then, quite suddenly, turned into a full stream. She seemed relieved. "Well, that wasn't so hard after all", she said. She urinated for about 45 seconds before she slowed down and stopped after a few final squirts. After wiping herself off, she pulled up her pants, reached back, and flushed the toilet. We both washed our hands at the sink and went back to the lab.

To answer Micah's question, bananas always make me poop about 30 minutes after I eat them


Post Title (optional) Mom never punished us

As I think back to my childhood, Mom never punished us for pooping our pants. Some of the times she would actually tease us by making WET PFLOOT sounds and asking us if we had rabbit in our panties. I remember being surprised one night when I went in my pants under my night dress when I heard a long wet pfloop sound.

Mama, I said, surprised and somewhat shocked - how did you know I went in my pants? Well honey she said, your poo makes a lomg crackling sound when it comes out of you pooper; if you are not through, just finish your job and listen. She continued and said, "Mommy's tired tonight Jamie - just go to sleep with your poo pants and enjoy it."
So that wa my Mom. I asked her if she ever did that, and she said yes she did.

She told us that when whe was a young woman and had to poop when she was in bed, that she would just bridge up and pull her pants out of her butt and poop them and go right back to sleep. Wat a Mom!


to I Love To Poop

and I don't remember maybe like 5 minutes or so. I know it didn't take long. I rarely ever take a long time in the bathroom.

Recently I was sick. It started as I was driving home from work. An unbearable urge hit me and I completely soiled myself. Fortunately, I had a diaper on and it contained it. Unfortunately, we had guests, but I managed to sneak out into bathroom and clean myself before anybody noticed.

Next morning I was driving kids to school, and again I completely messed myself. This time I only had my sweatpants on and it was very obvious. My wife was making fun of me, she never has any accidents. But in about an hour I heard her muttering and running the water in the bathroom. Turned out she had diarrhea and leaked into her panties.

I was sick since and had several more accidents. Some into a diaper and some into pants.

to sammy

sounds like you had a pretty big pee accident, that sucks at least wasnt poop

Thanks. Yeah, I will never switch to boxers. For one, they are very uncomfortable and do not support your 'package', lol. Second, in the event of an accident, tighty whities will contain your load. If you wear boxers, the 'load' will just fall out of your pants leg, eww.


cool survey I came across

Give me your answers, and I'll give you mine!

Jessa's Accident Survey
1. When was the last time you wet your pants?
2. When was the last time you messed your pants?
3. Was there a time when you wet/messed your pants instead of using a public bathroom? Explain.
4. Have you ever wet/messed yourself in public?
5. Have you ever wet/messed your pants out of conveinence?
6. Have you ever wet/messed in your pants on purpose?
7. If yes, why did you decide to do it and how often do you do it?
8. Do prefer to wet your pants or mess them?
9. Have you ever wet yourself in the rain just because you could?
Additional stories?

Ok so one time I had gone to sleep and woke up the next morning feeling odd I didn't think anything of it then. I went to work and wirked until my lunch break. After eating lunch I started getting a pressure in my bowels. I don't like to go at work because I hate sitting on the toilets. So I work till 9 at night so I was working fine until 4 then the pressure was getting worse by 6 I could barely hold it in and I was feeling really bad like I might throw up. At 6:30 I couldn't take it any more I went to the bathroom. There were 6 stalls and five were occupied with other women answering natures call. I took the last one right in the middle and was about to pull my panties down when I started to throw up so I got on my knees and started puking. So as my body was heaving poop started to come out it was a long and sift turf so the first bit that came out my thong barely held I also had on jeans so I knew that if I didn't stop throwing up that I would really mess my pants. But since I couldn't it all came out there was so much that my jeans were cutting of the circulation from the bulge in the back. So I ran home and cleaned up and had dinner and went to sleep. That night I woke up again and ran to the toilet and started puking. I sleep naked so wheni started having diarhea all over the floor it was okay

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Plop Idol
To Micah,

Completely agree with you on that one, I also love the feeling of a nice, big, fat, brown poo just dropping out of my bum and plopping into the bowl below and the smell it leaves in the bathroom. To answer your question about which food/s make me poo shortly after I have eaten them is Weetabix in warm milk with sugar, I can almost guarantee that after having had Weetabix for breakfast it will be less than half an hour before I get the all too familiar "NEED TO GO NOW" poo, it acts a laxative with me and then I have a bellyache and pass some really smelly gas and the poo is a very healthy, brown one which is so very pleasurable and effortless and just slides out of my bum and plops into the bowl with loud plops but is also quite smelly and I usually fart a lot. Interestingly enough sometimes more often than not a nice hot cup of tea can also result in me having the same experience. Any comments welcome.

I work at a medical school and I enjoy using the first floor men's room so I can listen to the young students doing their business. The best time is around 9:30 in the morning, since there are relatively few students around (classes start later) and the bathroom is pretty quiet, which makes for less noisy distractions like flushing urinals and such. Yesterday I heard two events. The first was a young man who entered the stall next to me (I was in the middle one). He put his back pack on the hook on the door, took off his coat, then dropped his jeans and sat. He let out a short high pitched fart and then expelled about seven or eight small pebbles, which went "plip, plop, plip." I imagined they were the size of medium size marbles. There was then a short two or three second pause and then a "flump," as he expelled a larger log, probably about the size of a small cucumber. Unfortunately, there were no sighs or grunts. He then peed, wiped three times, pulled up his jeans and left. Through the crack in the stall, I watched him wash up. He was short, with a scruffy beard, glasses and a baseball cap that was on his head backwards.

The next event took place about five minutes later. A young man entered the same stall, dropped his backpack to the floor, took off his coat and put it on the hook, then positioned himself in front of the toilet, dropped his jeans and sat. There was complete silence for about two minutes. I was perplexed. I then heard a series of small, moist crackling sounds. It sounded like a turd might be stuck and he was exercising his sphincter muscles in an effort to dislodge it. I was right, because after a minute or so, there was an audible plop. I imagined it was a dry knobby stool about the size of a golf ball. There was no sighing, no peeing either. He then wiped once (it must have been very dry) and left the stall. Unfortunately, I did not get a good look at him at the sink since there was someone else there in the way, but he appeared to be taller than the first chap. He must have been a bit constipated.

to sammy

that sucks that u had an accident good thing u had tighty whities though :)

There is nothing better than the feeling of a big, fat poop slowly coming out of my butt. This happens every time I eat spaghetti. My question: Are there any foods that always make you poop shortly after you eat them??

To Lynn


If That 22-year-old has an attorney worth his salt (and I assume he will have one if he's at a prestigious Univ.) will get that charge busted down to something like a public nuisance. I shudder to think where ANY of us would be if every stupid thing we ever did when we were young followed us around for the rest of our lives. We'd allbe unemployed and wearing scarlet letters. I've lost count of how many lawn jobs I did with my '73 Mustang and how many firecrackers I planted in mailboxes as a teenager.

Greg (Mike's Friend)

Mike's Grueling Toilet Ordeal

"More Tales From Mike's Stall"

Hi Everyone. I'm back from a bit of a hiatus with the creative juices flowing better once more. If you will recall, about four years ago, I introduced you to Mike, my high-school and college buddy. (Page 1482). It is my humble yet well-informed dump aficionado opinion that Mike may well have been THE best pooper of his generation and along with his brother and my other buddy Josh teamed up to take some of the greatest dumps in the history of dump taking. What made Mike so terrific was a very special combination of good looks, attitude, and of course highly productive movements. When Mike had to shit extremely badly, his every look and slight movement would always convey to his companions a deep and very palpable sense of urgency that would have his friends feeling like THEY were the ones who really needed to shit. Then while on the toilet, everything that Mike did conveyed the great stress he was being subjected to from the way he wore his lowered pants and how much his legs were spread to the flickering gaze in his eyes and the tension in his neck and shoulders.

I was once dubbed on this forum "The Poet Laureate of the Overloaded Rectums of Youthful Male Specimens." It's a title that makes me blush, but I DO try to take my subjects seriously and do try to do some justice to their sometimes traumatic pooping experiences. So in remembering this experience, I have withheld it from the forum for some time trying to do Mike's pooping experience justice. But the time has finally come to do as the Nike ad says and "Just Do It!!" With that, here is the story. Hope everyone enjoys reading almost as much as I enjoyed watching!!

I remember early spring of my junior year in college and I was expecting my buddy Mike (Yes this IS another Mike story!) up for a long weekend visit as he was on Spring Break from his school. During his drive up, Mike encountered about the same situation as your cousin Vince. That's because for about the last 17 miles of the trip up to my school, there were no exits with bathrooms. This was during the time when 55 miles per hour was the law and that stretch of highway is always crawling with cops, so speeding to cover the last several miles in a hurry was out of the question. Mike took pride at that time in life (Age 21) in telling me that he usually experienced at least one significant bowel movement every day and two in a day more often than not. So anyway, Mike had called me about 90 minutes before to let me know he was getting in the car and was on his way. I previously described (Page1452) the bathroom setup in my fraternity house as being one small bath per each two-bedroom suite. I had already anticipated having the opportunity of seeing Mike loaded on the toilet because the door to the bathroom had already been torn off by another fraternity brother in a drunken rage. I sure wasn't expecting what I got however!!

Before leaving, Mike had eaten a substantial lunch. He also had quite a bit for dinner the night before followed by his usual big breakfast the following morning. (Do you get the idea that Mike ATE a lot? He never put on any weight though, so it all had to go SOMEWHERE!!) Despite all that, Mike had not had a bowel movement in several days which was quite unusual for him. It was all about to catch up with him at the wrong time. After stopping for fuel and a drink, Mike felt the first urges of a very strong and large bowel movement coming on. At this point a potential catastrophe could have been averted if Mike had only headed straight to the toilet, dropped his pants and made a pre-emptive strike right then and there. Mike actually KNEW his rectum was quickly filling with crap but luckily for me, the bathroom there wasn't exactly the cleanest or very private so he really didn't want to drop his pants and unload there. Banking on his enormous capacity for great big loads, Mike, never one to doubt his own capabilities confidently figured he could easily hold all his shit until he got to my fraternity house. So, my increasingly-loaded buddy and his rapidly filling butt got back in the car and resumed his journey.

After a few minutes back on the road Mike was really regretting his decision not to bum out at the gas station as his digestive tract mounted an all out assault and kept on relentlessly filling the increasingly worried young man with excrement. Mike's mind then began filling with anxiety as 21-year-old butt kept filling with shit. Mere minutes later, Mike's highly capacious rectum was ABUNDANTLY full with a whole lot more shit behind it. My desperately-loaded buddy was now in a state of heightened concern from the enormous incessant intra-rectal pressure just minutes after deciding he didn't need to sit and poop on the gas station toilet. More ominous was the fact that the extreme pressure from all that shit inside him was beginning to weaken Mike, and he knew it. For the next several arduous grueling miles, the shit inside Mike's butt continued to pound away at my agonizing buddy as the nearly unbearable pressure continue to wear away at his weakening resolve.

Meanwhile, it was about 4 in the afternoon so I was expecting Mike to arrive any minute. I then saw Mike's car absolutely tear into the parking lot on 2 wheels and I waved to him but he had this really intense look on his face and didn't wave back to me. When I saw the way Mike jumped out of the car and the way he was moving with his butt tightly clenched, I started getting aroused realizing that my buddy was desperately loaded with shit and in really serious trouble. I had seen this kind of body language before when Mike really needed to shit, and it was greatly intensified now.
"Hey Bro! How are you doing?" I yelled as I approached the car. The preoccupied Mike seemed to not hear me at all as he quickly grabbed his duffel bag out of the back seat, legs and butt cheeks clenched tightly together, slammed the door and broke into a very brisk walk-run toward the front door. Obviously, the duffel bag wasn't the only big load Mike was carrying with him. The urgent Mike was PREGNANT with a full-grown chocolate python and was in full blown labor pains with exceptionally strong GI contractions. Mike desperately needed to reach the porcelain delivery room very quickly.

As Mike approached, I tested him again and opened my arms for a big hug. Mike and I were best buddies then and he was normally quite affectionate. But this time, Mike just blew right by me only saying "Let's get inside quick!" The desperately loaded Mike was very singular and focused on his urgent mission….. find a toilet, drop, sit, and poop. That was all that mattered right now.

Once inside the frat house, I could see Mike quickly looking around casing the place with that highly anxious "Where's-the-F***ing-BATHROOM?" kind of look. However, the only facilities on the first floor were a powder room for female guests and one in the Presidential Suite which was locked and off limits to us. I'm sure an emergency exception could have been made for my distressed buddy to use the powder room in such dire circumstances, but he asked not, so he received not!

"Which way??"(To the bedrooms) Mike asked urgently sweating bullets although he had not yet come right out and said he desperately had to take a really major shit. He didn't need to say it. I could tell from the look of fear/distress on his face and the tight movements that this was one SERIOUSLY loaded young man. As the badly-loaded Mike made his way up the stairs with me close behind, I could see that every last muscle in his ass was locked in a desperate life-and-death struggle to somehow keep the shit inside his body just a few moments longer and prevent the massive chocolate python from being born in his pants. But those muscles were weakening quickly under the enormous strain and the chocolate python was not only extremely large, it was very mean and angry and wanted to HURT someone for keeping it pent up! In this case, that someone was my desperately loaded buddy. As we made up the stairs, the desperately-loaded Mike was really farting a lot and I kept looking at his butt almost thinking that at any moment a bulge would start forming in his pants accompanied by a that sickening squishy sound announcing that Mike had lost his valiant but ultimately futile struggle. But somehow, some way, battling heroically, the besieged Mike managed to hold his incredible mass of shit inside him.

And then I heard it… brrrrppffffffffttttt. There was no doubt about it. Some shit DID escape the weakening Mike's highly-pressurized butt despite his courageous efforts and was now being smushed around between his still tightly-clenched cheeks.

"G** D***it!!" Mike exclaimed in bitter frustration as he made it to the top of the stairs and opening the door to the hallway which led to my suite. Mike rarely swore so you KNEW that these were exceptional circumstances. Despite this release, the astronomical mass of shit inside his butt continued to pound away at Mike… Continued to threaten to overwhelm Mike at any moment…. Continued to weaken Mike.

Then sure enough….. brrrrppffffffffttttt. Even more shit managed to escape the inundated Mike who was beginning to panic. This shit also squished between Mike's tightly clenched butt cheeks as he urgently made his way down the hall along with the shit that had escaped him just moments before. I couldn't believe it, but the incredibly-loaded Mike was on the verge of filling his pants with shit. And yet Mike had not yet ADMITTED he was desperately seeking a toilet on which to relieve his poop-filled butt.

Finally making our way into the suite, the shit in Mike's butt was throbbing intensely and relentlessly as he quickly dropped his duffel bag and started tearing off his jacket in the foyer. I then said that he could take the stuff into the room.

"That can wait dude! I have to SHIT sooo bad! But you can keep talking while I use the toilet real quick."

With that, the panic-stricken Mike dashed quickly into the doorless bathroom, and threw down the horseshoe-shaped seat before positioning his young fit solidly-built 6'3 frame in front of the badly-needed toilet. Since Mike had told me to keep talking, I decided to take him up on that so I just stood in the doorway and watched my quickly-weakening buddy feverishly go about his agitated pre-shit ritual. As the badly-loaded Mike desperately fumbled with his belt and zipper with those big hands of his. I heard him moan "Oh God" and seem to look heavenward as if he had been hit by one more massive GI contraction further weakening his already beleaguered ass muscles. (What had actually happened was that Mike had lost his grip on still more escaping shit which began to partially fill his underwear just before he got them dropped.) Poor Mike was now just barely able to hold his shit just long enough to get his pants down in time. Quickly getting his pants dropped out of danger to between his knees and ankles in unmitigated defeat, the desperately-loaded Mike urgently deposited his bubble-shaped and shit-filled throbbing butt onto the urgently-needed toilet in unconditional surrender. I have to say now after all these years of walking and pooping on Planet Earth, that Mike's 21-year-old butt was quite possibly THE most loaded butt I have EVER seen in my entire life as I watched him collapse to the desperately-needed toilet.

The war with his bowels was hopelessly lost as the defeated Mike sat there pants down on the toilet prone in humiliating subjugation. With the weakened Mike no longer able or willing to put up any further resistance against the devastating onslaught of shit, it was now time for his raging bowels to take out their furious retribution on my vanquished buddy. The defeated Mike, knowing just how badly he was beaten just didn't care anymore and only wanted to get his punishment over with as soon as possible.

A moment later, Mike's broad shoulder's tightened up, his jaw slackened as he began moaning and his deep dark eyes glazed over and opened so wide, I didn't know what was dilated more, his butt or his eyes. It would have been blatantly obvious that my badly-loaded buddy was beginning an overwhelming shit even if I didn't hear anything. But hear it, I most certainly did! A second after an absolutely deafening fart, an absolutely massive load of shit erupted out of Mike with the explosive violent rage of a tube of caulk being run over by a Mack truck. The python was PISSED and SOMEBODY was going to PAY!! And pay Mike certainly did as he sat just BRUTALLY overwhelmed by the absolutely devastating barrage of poop, turds, shit, crap, excrement and whatever else comes out of someone during the biggest of dumps. (And make no mistake; THIS was one of THE very biggest!!)

"Finally!" Mike moaned under his breath as the safety of the toilet allowed him to commence his enormous dump. "Fuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh……" Mike didn't quite SAY the "F word," but almost as he helplessly sat there feeling totally overwhelmed as the overpowering avalanche of crap stormed right through him like the German blitzkrieg through Poland. Still, you could still clearly tell just how grateful, happy, and relieved the pooping Mike was to finally have a toilet to poop on and feel all that pent-up shit leaving his 21-year-old body. Bbbpppffftt Bbbpppffftt Bbbpppffftt Bbbpppffftt Bbbpppffftt…. The thick mean chocolate python continued to grow and grow and grow longer and longer as it crackled, hissed and uncoiled its way out of dismayed groaning young man and coiling its way around the inside of the large porcelain bowl.

As my helpless overwhelmed buddy sat there moaning and filling the BADLY(!!!)-needed toilet with excrement, he continued to stare down into his underwear with the biggest eyes I have ever seen him make. The bumming Mike managed to gasp out a few moans of relief with his stifled breathing as the overpowering load of turds just kept coming and coming and coming out of his muscular young athletic body. As the pooping young athlete sat there on that toilet just bumming and bumming with his pants down, it seemed like every muscle in Mike's terrific fit body, from the top of his tensed-up head to his curled up toes was thoroughly committed to this massive explosive dump, more so than any other I had ever seen him or anyone else ever take. Seriously folks, Custer had a MUCH better chance at Little Big Horn than Mike did against this monstrous overwhelming dump, and just getting his pants down and seated on the toilet in time with at least MOST of his shit still inside him was nothing short of a minor miracle for Mike.

Mike's extreme dump also had sort of an up side for him too even though I was clearly getting the most out of it. Mike had been working hard at football in order to impress the coaches and earn more playing time. With his pants down around his ankles, at least this was an opportunity for the helplessly pooping young man to show off the results of his weight and resistance training and they were looking quite good. For starters, his loaded butt, although quite busy at the moment expelling turds, was looking firmer and rounder. Moving down from there, Mike's thighs and quadriceps were definitely showing some excellent tone and definition. Finally, I could see that his calf muscles were showing very good definition and firmness even though his underwear was stretched around them and they were partially covered by his white socks. Mike's underwear seemed to hang from his calves like a white surrender flag. Poor guy hadn't yet admitted it yet because he was so pre-occupied, but Mike's underwear was pretty well smeared with shit due to his extremely rare loss of control. Mike would take the opportunity to show off his upper body later, but for now, it was the legs and gluteus of the pooping young athlete on display.

Several moments later, the devastating rush was finally over and Mike, obviously weakened by the grueling ordeal, slumped forward in euphoric relief and let loose a long heart-felt moan. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

The moment was short-lived however as a large mushy afterbirth to the python quickly got into position and hit my weakened friend with another great big round of shit, this time quite a bit mushier than before. Mike's butt and diaphragm began quivering again while Loud mushy-sounding crackling and spluttering splats announced that a whole 'nother round of chocolate syrup, chocolate pudding, and chocolate ice cream was gushing out of a helpless Mike and landing on top of the angry chocolate python that had preceded it. What made this spectacular round of shit even better was the pooping Mike's body language as all the shit went right through him. As all this mushy soft-serve shit was coming out of him, Mike's head was rolling back and his glazed-over eyes seemed-to-be rolling in the back of his head.

Meanwhile the other end of Mike's long lean pooping body was also reacting in sympathy as well to the action taking place in his undulating rectum. Even with his pants draped over his shoes, Mike's size 15 feet were more than long enough for you to be able to see that his toes were curling up as all the mushy shit was coming out of my badly-loaded friend. As the massive wave of soft-serve mushy shit kept coming out of Mike, you could hear all the excrement pounding the water in rapid-fire succession into the badly-needed toilet and rapidly piling up beneath my indisposed buddy …… Ppppfffffftttp…. Ppppfffffftttp… Ppppfffffftttp…splutsplatsplut.. Ppppfffffftttp… Ppppfffffftttp…. Ppppfffffftttp… splutsplatsplut.. Ppppfffffftttp… Ppppfffffftttp.. Ppppfffffftttp.. splutsplatsplut The shit just kept coming and coming. Mike was clearly one helpless young man bumming on the much-needed toilet in the throes of an overpowering dump.

Finally a very relieved-looking Mike leaned back with a long moan of euphoria mixed with relief and gratitude that his torment was almost over. It was only at this point that Mike, now finally lucid again, finally noticed that the bathroom door had been ripped from the hinges. Mike had been too delirious with panic to notice when he had arrived and he had been only semi-conscious while sitting there bumming helplessly on the badly-needed toilet. (Yes, I know it's becoming an overused "Gregism," but in this case, it really is hard to overemphasize it!!)

Mike hadn't been the only person rendered helpless by his awesome shit. As Mike regained his bearings, I suddenly realized I had been just standing there totally wide-eyed and completely astonished by this tour-de-force performance this pooping young athlete was putting on bumming on the greatly-needed toilet. I must have stood there speechless for at least a couple minutes as the overwhelmed young man on the toilet helplessly pooped and pooped and pooped filling the toilet with excrement. I was a bit embarrassed at first as I realized what had happened, but I then realized that the overwhelmed Mike had been TOTALLY consumed with his OWN situation and had not noticed a thing other than the highly euphoric sensation of a whole lot of shit quickly leaving his young fit body. Another problem I had though was a slight bulge in the front of MY pants that this pooping young man's awesome performance had caused. I'm normally quite disciplined and self-controlled about such things as they are in the process of unfolding, but THIS was otherworldly. You gotta remember that Mike and I now went to different schools and seeing this fit young athlete let loose like this so badly loaded on the toilet was something you just didn't see every day. Like I said before, Mike was probably THE best pooper of his (and my) generation! Luckily, I was able to cover up and adjust myself without TOO much of a problem and I don't think Mike ever noticed the OTHER problem as well. At any rate, I've posted some other stories of similar experiences with Mike on page 1489, page 1600 and elsewhere, but THIS may well have been THE most helpless I have ever seen him.

"Dude, what happened to the door?" Mike exclaimed in surprise finally looking up. I then explained to him that it needed to be repaired because a fellow classmate had gotten pissed off after a fight with his girlfriend and took out his frustrations on the door. "Dude, I had to shit SO bad, I never noticed until just now!" I laughed at this response. Mike explained that he had an opportunity to bum on the toilet back at the gas station but the place wasn't clean enough for him to drop his pants and sit there. It was only after he got back on the road that the urge to shit got extremely bad and that he had just barely made it here in the nick of time. I laughed and told Mike it was blatantly obvious he needed to shit really bad from the moment he pulled up even though he didn't admit it until we had reached the suite. "You walk like a freakin' PENGUIN when you have to shit!" I told him. We both got a good laugh out of that one. It was funny but true. Mike DID start to walk stiffly and with his butt cheeks tightly clenched whenever he needed to shit quite badly. At any rate, Mike was now looking and sounding greatly relieved as he sat there now able to smile and laugh again in a relaxed manner.

I took this opportunity to ask the very relieved-looking Mike how he was doing. He responded by giving me a big thumbs up, the universal signal of pooping young men everywhere that his great big dump was going quite well.

"Dude, can you do me a big favor" asked. I agreed. "But you've GOT to keep a secret!" I said sure.

"Well, as you could tell by following behind me, I didn't QUITE make it on to the toilet in time and my underwear sort of got hit by accident. There are some clean boxers in my overnight bag, can you bring me a pair??" Anticipating that I would say yes, Mike was already bent over untying his canvas sneakers in order to get his pants and underwear off completely so he could change.

Saying sure, I asked Mike if he was about wrapped up with up with necessary business.

"Just about. I'm trying to get the rest of this shit out of me and that should do it." That last statement really shouldn't have surprised me. It seemed that whenever Mike took a great shit (and trust me, THIS was a really GREAT shit!), he always had some more in reserve just when you were thinking he had to be about done. That was Mike for you. Like after a superb fireworks show where you still get the grand finale. After getting his shoes and pants off, he handed me the folded-up smeared underwear. Surprisingly, they didn't get TOO much on them to the point of destroying them. They would clean up but would need to go through the hot cycle with the bleach.

As I went out and threw Mike's soiled boxers in the laundry hamper, I could hear Mike start to bear down. Hrrrrmmmph…. Hhhhrmmph …. Hhrrmph…. The struggling Mike was now executing what is more technically known as the Valsava Maneuver. It's where a person tries to expedite defecation by forcibly blowing air into a closed glottis with quick sharp thrusts of the diaphragm, pelvic, and chest muscles. It's more commonly known here on as "grunting." The cool thing about Mike was that as he sat there "grunting," he would also wince and shut his eyes tightly at the same time. I know that a lot of my Mike stories posted here have to do with him going urgently with a whole lot of shit coming out of him fast and easily. But Mike was also an excellent grunter as well when he really had to struggle to get through a difficult shit. I can remember one time on a trip we were at a hotel and Mike had a mild to moderate case of constipation. The dude must have grunted on the toilet for a good 25 minutes to get his turds out.

Mike then grunted out a few more smaller crackling rounds of shit all the while farting, and farting, and farting and conversing with me at the same time. A few minutes later the grunting and the farting stopped as Mike was FINALLY empty at long last. I handed Mike the clean underwear and he slipped them on around his knees.
Then surprisingly, Mike admitted he wanted to look at his massive creation and asked if I wanted a look too. "I have a feeling this is going to be IM-PRES-SIVE." I feigned reluctance at looking at someone's shit but I was absolutely dying of curiosity and also wanted to see the vast amount of turds that had been bummed out of Mike's fit young body. I'm not a coprophiliac and I'm not so much concerned about the shit itself, but seeing it WOULD serve as a good indication of what kind of experience my buddy had just gone though. Mike then looked down into the bowl first.

"Dude, You are NEVER going to believe how much SHIT is in the toilet unless you see it for yourself!!"

Mike then carefully covered up his boy package and stood up and turned around. Still somewhat overcome and drained by his overpowering crap, the weakened Mike almost passed out as he stood up, but he caught himself in time. What I saw was absolutely startling. Curled around the perimeter of the bowl and down the drain was the newborn chocolate python which was EASILY greater than the diameter of a golf ball. Accompanying the python was quite a substantial array of brown mush of varying consistency and color. Mike was right, it WAS impressive! I couldn't believe that Mike had been able to keep all that shit held inside him for over 15 minutes! There's no way I could have held it for 15 SECONDS!

"Now that's a load off MY mind!" Mike joked as we both laughed. I commented that it would have been a load off a GORILLA'S mind! As far as great dumps go, this may well have been Mike's Magnum Opus. If one of Mike's regular great big dumps was comparable to a Wagner opera (load dramatic and of mythic proportions), then THIS was more like an entire Ring Cycle!!!

"I don't think I've never been loaded with THAT much shit before in my life, bro!" Mike exclaimed as he moved to sit back down to finish up with the paperwork. Mike and I usually didn't talk about stuff like defecation, but THIS was certainly an exceptional circumstance. To this day, I'm not exactly certain why Mike allowed me to witness him taking this great big enormous shit but I'm certainly glad he did. A couple reasons have crossed my mind. They're all speculation but I can't rule any of them out. One reason could be that maybe Mike in the condition he was in just felt like he couldn't stop me or maybe he just didn't care. He lived at a fraternity house at his school too so he was most certainly seen pooping numerous times as well as having seen numerous other guys poop many times. But two other reasons I can't put past Mike are 1.) That he was showing off what a big man he was by demonstrating how big and virile his shits were or 2.) He was making a play for sympathy demonstrating how overwhelming his dump had been. Of course, there could have been elements of ALL those things in Mike's reasoning.

Mike then reached for the flush lever and pulled it and then sat back down to finish up. His monstrous fecal beast gurgled and groaned but eventually all swirled down the hole. We continued to talk as Mike reached for the first round of toilet paper. The first wipe resulted in a wad of paper absolutely covered with shit. Mike's butt had been really loaded up with crap, so quite naturally, so was the paper. It took my greatly-relieved buddy a whole bunch if wipes to clean up since this big nasty dump had left his butt extra shitty and extra sticky. I really wanted to go out and do some things with Mike after this but I knew that major bowel movements always seemed to leave Mike feeling weak, drained and exhausted for a while. This time was no different as Mike clearly looked, well… weak, drained and exhausted.

A few moments later, a greatly relieved-looking Mike flushed the toilet for a second time to get rid of all the soiled paper, pulled his pants back up and emerged from the bathroom heaving another long sigh of relief. I had left only at the end to get his stuff situated for the weekend. At this point, he finally opened his arms to give me the hug he had withheld in the parking lot when he so desperately needed to shit.

"Good to see you Bro." Mike said as move toward me with open arms. However, Mike was still so weakened and dizzy from his enormous explosive dump that he almost fell over on me as we went to embrace. I ended up having to hold him up and help him regain his balance.
"Sorry to blow you off before, but I was so loaded with shit, I was afraid I would shit myself if I got hugged." Mike probably was right.

I then mentioned about going to dinner. He then said he was feeling tired and wanted to rest up for a bit. He then laid down on the sofa and was out like a light. He didn't wake up for another 3 hours following his arduous and emotionally charged toilet ordeal.

Be Safe,

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