pooing , farting and constipation

Ive asked my sister if she looked at this forum and she said no so I thought I would write about her cos her farting and pooing is funny.

Our bathroom is between my sisters and my bedroom.My sis is Amy and she is 15 and when one of us is on the toilet the other can hear if you are in your room or sometimes we go in with eachother and chat

Amy goes to poo each evening around 5 pm even when she doesnt feel she needs one and isnt constipated. She takes a magazine or book to read and sits there straining untill she makes herself poo and pushes so hard she sometimes makes her bum bleed before any poo has come out,she has cream to put on her bum when it gets sore, when she does push her poo out its usually quite hard and always makes her bleed especially when she is constipated cos she gets piles. Ive had them once and they bleed loads.
When I am in my room I hear her fart and then I hear her pushing cos she makes sighing and sort of grunting sounds and makes a tapping noise with her feet on the floor. This is sometimes followed by a heavy sploosh sound when she does a big poo or more usually a sound like a pebble being dropped in the water. When it like this she is in there for ages and I hear her straining and farting down the toilet and then plop another pebble or if there are no poo dropping sounds I know she is constipated which she is quite alot - well we both are -. Amy stays there straining and farting for ages and if its like the second evening she is constipated she will stay longer. When she does leave the toilet I go in for a pee ( I usually poo on a morning)there is often a pair of her knickers on the floor by the toilet. She Soils/skidmarks her knickers quite a lot when she is constipated especially if her piles are bad occasionally doing a poo in her knickers by accident in bed when her bum is really sore.
When she is like this she often goes on the toilet on a morning as well to try to do it before school, which is when I have to go so I end up having less time which doesnt help if I am constipated although when I am constipated at same time as my sis my mum lets me stay home to do it if ive soiled my knickers because of it.
I will write about me soon.



To wipe or not to wipe???

I habitually shit first thing in the morning then shower so do not bother to wipe, I just wash. Interesting most times I never had shit washing off in the shower, so this got me thinking. Why? So for the last few weeks I have been using a mirror to see what goes on down there. Some of our older posters Hiker and a few others who have managed to actually see the turd emerging have described the doming effect of the annus as the log gets forced out. This I observed with a mirror from the front either on a loo or outside as I love to shit outdoors. Being female it is so much easier from the front, no baggage in the way. My observation is that all things being equal and the turd being smooth/knobbly as the good Lord intended when he made us, before we added stuff like curry, spicy, rich food or alchohol to the equation, we should not need to wipe ever. As the annus domes it protrudes an inch or so inverting like a mini prolapse, the turd then slides against what would have been the rectum wall and as it drops out the small prolapse goes back inside. So theoretically the annus does not have a turd sliding past it. The problems comes when we nip it off and get crap on the annus, that needs to be cleaned or when the turd is not a shiny smooth torpedoe as was intended, hence the reason for wiping your arse!!!


The Second Floor Bathroom Sandwhich

Hey everyone! Its been a while since I have had something to post. Not much out of the norm has been going on... It wasnt until today that I had something really good to talk about.

I live in an apartment complex that is only 2 years old. There are different apartment layouts in each of the 8 buildings...The apartments differ from 1 bedroom 1 bath or 2 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. My girlfriend and I have a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment. We first moved in 2 years ago about 6 days after our building was finished. Our building is 1 of 4 that are similar. All of the apartments in it are 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The first bathroom is off the hallway. Its small bathroom with a toilet, sink, showerstall and Washer and Dryer unit. The second bathroom is a master bath, larger in size with a tub/shower combination. There are 2 sections to each building. 3 floors each with 4 apartments. This design puts one bathroom next to another stacked 3 high...

Most of my neighbors are young professionals like me. my girlfriend and I live on the second floor of the building. My upstairs neighbors, Randy and Lisa are both about my age (27-30). Lisa is about 5'5" 130 pounds, brunette medium length hair with blue eyes. She kinda reminds me of Transformers star Megan fox. I've noted that Randy works everyday and leaves the house around 7am. Lisa often doesnt leave until about 930. She dress's very casual for work wearing jeans but I am not sure what she does.

My down stairs neighbors are a bit older. Bob and Denise. They are in their late 30's or Early 40's with 2 teenage sons. Bob also leaves about the same time as Randy. And Denise keeps odd work ours that are never consistant. Denise is about 5'8" and about the same as Lisa, maybe less... Denise Looks like Actress Goldie Hawn or even Meg Ryan... I find both of them to be attractive and I started to wonder about Denise and Lisa's shits.

I know very little about Lisa, but I know that Denise is a big coffee drinker, and a smoker... two things that make people poop and fart...

One saturday morning a while back I was in my master bathroom brushing my teeth when I heard lisa shout to randy to leave her alone because she was sitting on the toilet taking a shit... I stopped what I was doing and listened carefully to see if I could hear anything else...It was about 5 minutes later that I heard the toilet upstairs flush...

2 days ago (Monday Morning) around 8 am I was changing clothes when I heard Lisa taking somwhat rapid steps into her master bathroom. About 10 minutes later, I heard the toilet flush and the steps went back into the bedroom. My guess is Lisa was having her morning shit. Randy wasnt home.

Yesterday I was getting out of my shower drying off when I heard a bathroom door slam quickly and the ventilation fans come on... I knew this was below me because I could feel the vibration of the fan starting under my feet. I stayed in the bathroom hoping I could be privy to hear a loud toilet fart or something, but I waited fifteen minutes before I hard a less audible toilet flush and the bathroom fan turn off... I had seen bob leaving for work that morning while I was walking my dog so I knew it wasnt him...

I started to think about what it was that each woman was getting rid of...and how bad they could have stunk...

My own girlfriend came home tonight from her class and took a rather large shit in our master bathroom. Normally I stick around but she stunk so bad that I had to leave the bedroom...

This has been a good week for me with women taking shits... If only every week could be like this or better...


Big Birds?!

Hi people! Was watching a movie today and there was this part where a bird pooped on someone. It was a coincidence because I too experienced it.

I remember in 4th grade Ireally loved to climb trees. Sometimes I go up there to read as there is peace and sometimes I fall asleep. There was this particular day when I was at the park with my friend. We were sitting on a long and sturdy branch when I got the urge to poop. I tried to hold it in but it was just too strong so I quickly took off my pants and shifted my butt a bit. My friend saw me and asked whether it was safe to do that and I said nobody's looking so he took of his pants too. We did quite a bit. I had diarrhea and my friend was crapping normally. I grabbed some leaves and wiped up and climbed higher to another branch as were I sat before had diarrhea on it. Just then, a man walks over to find my friend shitting. It was then I realized that we had pooped into that man's bag. The man was furious and my friend jumped off and ran away. I remember what the man was saying: Huh!! You think you are a big bird or somethin'?!

John Philip

This evening's dump

Haven't been here in a while and noticed the modifications to the site but I digress..

The shit I took about ten minutes ago was particularly enjoyable. After my nightly routine I felt the usual urge, but nothing urgent or resembling the runs. So I went to the toilet, pulled my boxers down to my knees and had a seat. Three silent farts exited a few seconds after I sat down. I didn't push, and allowed the turd to move out on its own. The tip poked out briefly, and a small fart exited as the turd head went back in. I pushed and grunted momentarily to help it along, then stopped pushing since I wasn't in any rush. Nothing happened and I simply sat there for five minutes. Then, the turd slowly began moving and exited with a mild crackling sound. I didn't hear it hit the water but knew I was done. The turd I had produced was about eleven inches, fairly thin, mottled dark and medium brown with a tapered end. Very pleasant!

Kate M.

Stress incontinence

To overly curious, yes I wear either a poise pad or for when I am doing errands away from the home, I will wear a Depends. The poise pads are good for stress incontinence and the Depends are good for longer wear or for urgency. One lady I know wears Depends when she watches her kids at a sports game; she does not want to miss the action by running to the ladies' room.


An Update on Adam & Me

In my last post (page #1824) I described a traveling situation that my boyfriend Adam and I had as we were traveling to a hockey game. I discovered that he sits down to pee when he's in public and at school. That's because like 3 or 4 years ago when he was in middle school, boys at the urinals would tease him because of the small size of his organ. So he seats himself to pee so that he gets more privacy. When we talked about it at our high school I found we're both repulsed by the large number of students who have no consideration for others and they just stand there and pee over the seat. Adam says sometimes he has to look in 9 or 10 stalls and select the driest seat just to sit down and pee for like a minute or two. He gets upset that guys (even the seniors in our class of more than 500) are such bad aims with their pee. Saturday afternoon he followed me up to conditioning class at school because he had forgotten his Civics book. He had to pee and dared me to come in with him.

We entered the far wing of the building from the parking lot and it was a long walk to the athletic part of the building. There was like nobody around. What I wrote in my last post about getting the car keys from him at a highway rest stop (when I found out he was a sitting pee-er), that was the first time I remember being in a guys restroom, although my Dad claims he took me in several times before I started public school because my Mom worked weird hours back then and he was my care giver. Adam and I finally came to the restroom part of the wing and we rounded a three-turn wall that took us into the guys bathroom. There were about 20 urinals at floor level. A couple of them were apparently jammed and had water standing higher than normal and flowing outside the floor-level bowl. Several had hairline cracks and looked quite old. One was like half-cracked and I would think a good, sharp jolt would have probably slit it all the way.

Well, Adam called my attention to the right side of the room and about 10 stalls, some with doors, others without them. The stools also looked so old and of the black seats that were down, it looked like there were four or five different styles. Adam joked with me about my "big decision" about which one he would use. I selected an open stall just to my right (so we wouldn't have to deal with the door issue!) and I reached in and dropped the seat for him. Then I stepped back outside the stall and watched him slowly drop his jeans (I was worried his zipper was going to remain stuck) and he pulled his red boxers down to his knee level as he rather quickly dropped himself onto the seat. His small penis (I should say "smaller" because I can empathize with the teasing he got in junior high that forced him from the urinals) was at first laying over the front of the bowl at the cutout, but he quickly took his right hand and tucked it in. Adam shook it like two times and on the third time, I could hear a strong stream start and hit the inside of the bowl. He leaned forward more, placed his left hand on his knee, and said something about it being too quiet. Instantly, the pee was now hitting the water with that pouring sound that you couldn't miss. He took out his phone and handed it to me and by the time I set the timer, about 45 seconds into it, I could hear the noise drop off. My next curiosity was if he would wipe, but I didn't say anything. Adam stood up, used his right hand to take off one square of toilet paper, and he dabbed that square against the front of his penis for like 5 seconds. I said something like "Did you get it all, hon?" and he held the paper up for me. There was very little urine on the paper which he tossed into the stool, missing the toilet, however. It parked itself on the side of the seat and then slipped to the floor. I reached down and picked it up when Adam left the stall as he was pulling up his jeans and boxers.

"It's all yours, Braidy", he reported as he gestured that the stall was now mine to officially occupy. "Haven't you forgotten something?", I asked. He immediately said "No" with a very stern and declarative (a vocabulary word we had just learned in AP English Language last week!) voice. I lifted the seat partially with my right hand and used my left to point to the yellow pee in the bowl). "You've got to get use to that, Braidy", he said. "So few of the guys flush--even after they shit." So I quickly dropped the seat and flushed in disgust--not at him but I knew he was right and it's no different in the girls rooms.

I quickly dropped my jeans and black thong and placed myself on the seat. I was impressive (if I do say so myself) because my pee started immediately and the intensity picked up and lasted about 90 seconds. I didn't time it on my phone in case it would prove to be embarrassing to me, but I know wished I had. I waited for the final trickles to end and I quickly pulled up my thong and jeans and took on the voice of our Civics teacher as I demonstrated for Adam "the virtues of citizenship," as Mr. B calls them, and I made a big deal about leaning down and flushing. I did everything with my body language but wrap the flusher in red ribbon. Adam lead the way over to the sink (I was curious if he would remember) and thoroughly washed his hands. He spent about a minute there; actually longer than I usually spend.

Then we returned to the hallway and continued our walk to the athletic complex. Adam said he was "surprised" that I followed through on the dare. My reply was a cliche' we studied in AP English class: "Wouldn't have missed it for the world!"


This past Monday

Two days ago, I had my first accident since 8th grade. I went all throughout high school with no accidents. I warmed up on peeing in the restroom, but still refused to poop at school.

I was in the cafeteria at college doing some research on my laptop. I had been there about 4 hours and drank two 20-oz bottles of soda. Well, needless to say, that I had to go to the bathroom by then. However, I didn't want to leave my laptop alone while I peed for fear that it would get stolen, so I held it in.

About 30 minutes later, the urge to pee had subsided, and I was able to continue working. A little later, after I had finished my research, I began packing up to leave. It was then that I noticed why I had lost the urge to pee...I had wet my pants.

I was now in a panic! Here I was: 19 years old at college, sitting in wet pants. I didn't know what to do. I decided to put my backpack on, adjusting it so it hung over my butt. I then carried my laptop case in front of my crotch area, and began walking to my car.

About halfway to my car, I passed a group of girls who started giggling as I walked past, and someone else asked me if I had an accident. I turned bright red and told him I did. He said, "Oh dear, I'm sorry", but I heard him snicker as he walked away.

I made it to my car without any further incidents and got back to my dorm. Fortunately, my room mates were away.

Turd Lover

Response to Oldpoop

I also keep records of my dumps. I have several photo albums with great pictures of all kinds of different turds going back 10 years. So far I've accumulated 336 spectacular color pics of my Bowel Movements. And yes, some of them were real monsters !!

I Love To Poop

responding to Amanda


It might be that your poop is so hard that it's messing with your colon as it comes out. Or else, you could be sick in some way. Ask the doctor about it.

Just curious, how long did it take to come out?

Uncle Harry

Walker Pee

Hello, everyone. After noticing Nobody's lament that all the old posters were gone, I must plead guilty that I am one of them... not really gone, just delayed. I last posted in June 2009. It's been a busy 8 months, but I'll try to be more conscientious. For newbies, check out my 79 posts on pages 1593-1762, and my first on page 1354.

This the first in a series about times when I've had to help handicapped women use the toilet. I already wrote a paragraph in my post Toilet Attitude Review, page 1679, concerning having to take my first wife, in a wheelchair during her last 6 months of life, into either the men's or women's bathroom. These are about women I didn't know or barely knew, but had to help out of necessity.

Back in my road trip days, I stopped once again at the old gas station that I wrote about in my post on page 1603, with the old, decrepit looking, unisex bathroom on the side of the building with the door that jammed and couldn't be locked. I gassed up the car, parked it, and went over to the bathroom to pee. Parked at the door was a car with a woman just getting out of the driver's side. She swung a walker out the door, unfolded it, got out holding it, closed the car door, and walked slowly around the back of the car and toward the bathroom just before I got there. She appeared to be about 70 years old. I saw her struggling with the heavy old door, which opened inward and involved a small step up, and asked if she needed help. She said she did and would I please help her get in. I stepped inside and held the door open while she worked her walker over the threshold and got inside.

She looked at the toilet with a somewhat disgusted look on her face like she didn't really want to use it. I told her I would wait outside and to call me when she was finished and I would help her out, but she said. "No, wait". Then she told me that she didn't want to sit on "that" toilet, but had to pee so badly she couldn't make it to another facility, so she would have to squat over this toilet. Only problem was, she couldn't squat without something to hold on to for support, and this toilet had no grab bars and was centered on the wall, not near either side wall. "Would you mind", she said, "staying with me and hold down the front of my walker so I can hold on to the back side while I squat back and pee? I hope you're not too embarrassed to help me". I was startled that she was concerned that I would be embarrassed and seemed to have no concern that she would be. Of, course, I agreed. "When you're handicapped", she explained, "You get used to accepting help from whoever is available without worrying about modesty".

So she backed up to the toilet as far as she could get her walker and let go of it. She could stand, but not walk or squat, without it. Then she pulled down her shorts and her panties all the way to her ankles and stood up again. "Ok", she said, "hold down the front of the walker so it doesn't tip over on me". I pressed it down while she grasped the back of the two sides, took a very wide stance for stability... which of course really exposed her vagina... and slowly lowered herself to about a 3/4 squat above the toilet. "I'm going to urinate now", she announced. Then, after a few seconds, she suddenly let go a heavy stream, which was spraying around quite a bit. "Oh, my", she said. "I'm getting the seat all wet". I told her not to worry about it, as the whole place was pretty messy anyway. She peed for over a minute, then slowed down, stopped and started a few times, and then finished. She stood up while I went to get a roll of toilet paper, which I handed to her. She wiped off her dripping pussy a few times and then pulled up her underpants and shorts and went over to the sink. I flushed the toilet for her and then went over to the urinal to piss while she was washing her hands. She glanced ny way a few times and then commented, "You guys are lucky. You don't have to squat". After I washed my hands, I helped her out and helped her into her car. She thanked me for my help and took off.


Being Pee Shy

To Just Jerka,

I am also pee shy and understand your frustration not being able to pee in the crowded girl's room when your bladder is bursting. For me, it began in Middle School when I was 13. A bully punched me in the back when I was peeing at a urinal. I stopped and couldn't go again. After that I held my bursting bladder from 7:30 a.m. until I got home at 4 a.m. It was painful. I used to pee there for 2 minutes I was so full. As I grew up in high school, my bladder also enlarged so I could hold it better. I am now in college and finding quiet men's rooms here and there where I can pee.

There is help for your shy bladder Other names are bashful bladder, pee shy, stage fright, shy kidneys. The medical-psychological term is paruresis. Look up this word on Google. Then find the IPA organization that is helpful at ????. There is a women's section. And there is a very good book that you can get there. Carol Olmert, Bathrooms Make Me Nervous: A Guidebook for Women with Urination Anxiety (Shy Bladder). Share the book with your mother. Millions of people have this problem. Write some more. I and others will respond. We are pulling for you.

The nurse at your school may be able to find a private toilet or arrange with your teachers that you can go during class when the girl's room is quiet. The nurse may have are private rest room that you can use. Perhaps you and your mother should talk to her and explain the problem.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Desperate to poop
I had a big dump at the coffee shop. Met a friend at lunchtime for coffee and a sandwich. When we left we both needed toilet. Only two cubicles and one taken. Debbie just needed a tinkle so i let her go first. She came out and we said our goodbyes and i went in for a big dump. Lady next door was dumping too and it was smelly! I let out a small parp and started to unload a nice big log. It eased its way out and was about 10 inches. I dropped a few more nice logs enjoyed the feeling wiped and left.


policeman caught a man peeing outside

I was listening to a talk show that is hosted by a lawyer. A 22 year old man called and said a policeman caught him peeing outside a bar. The man said that he was charged with being a public nuisance. The lawyer/host of the show siad that the man could be charged with indecent exposure and end up on Megan's law. The lawyer/host told the man that he should try to get the charge changed from a misdemeanor to an infraction.

The man is in his last year at a prestigious public university. He could end up with a record because of his outstide peeing, and have a hard time getting a job.

I was at my friend's farm the other day and we were on in the middle of our ride( on horses) when i got the urge to go.So I told my friend and she said "OK i have to go to so just follow me." so we went off the path and rode into the woods for a few minutes when the urge got really strong. I told my friend i had to go NOW other wise i would've gone right in my pats. She told me to get of my horse drop my pants and go. So i did as she said. I started with a few loud wet farts and then some diarrhea. I waited a few more minutes because i still felt the urge and then some more bouts of diarrhea came out. I was still there squatting half naked when my friend squat ed down and did some diarrhea too. Then we realized what we had for lunch was expired and that's why we had diarrhea. We sat there for a few more minutes when we realized we didn't have anything to wipe with so we just rubbed our butts in the snow. then we pulled up our pants and rode away where we continued to do diarrhea.


Pooping Denial

In response to the poster who asked why are women so embarrased to admit that they poop in front of men, the reason is because of our "Victorian" culture of pooping denial.

The toilet is a Victorian invention which was meant to pretend that we didn't poop (later it's main purpose became sanitary). And for women it was even more strongly enforced. Pooping was an unladylike behavior. That's why pooping became a taboo, especially to admit the a girl poops, and although everyone knows that everyone poops, it is a taboo subject.


The year so far

I am keeping a record (a log!) of my bowel movements for 2010; so far, through yesterday (Feb 15) I have had 84 b.m.'s. Some days I poop once, more days twice, and on two or three days I went three times. All have been more or less normal except for a diarrhea illness that began the year. I have taken pictures of many of the movements and kept them on my computer. By magnifying them, I can sometimes see food items that came through in recognizable bits, especially carrots, apple skins, nuts, and black beans. The most unusual thing so far: A couple of days after a dental appointment, the photograph showed a tiny shiny thing in the poop, which magnification revealed to be a round piece of metal with a hole in the center, doubtless a shaving from the dentist's drill. The last two days I've had really long turds of 16" and 18" (with smaller ones as well), that I measured using a single square of toilet paper 4" on a side.

so the past 2 days I went poop,when I wiped there was blood on the paper.I thought the first time maybe I pushed to hard cause for some reason my poops have been hard and I have to push a lot to get it out but the second time I didnt push hard at all so it wouldnt happen again. I sat there and let it come out slowly.I'm a little worried cause this never happened before.


Lapse in Judgement...

My name is Cindy, what an intriguing little form you folks have got here! Anyway, I had an embarrassing story I wanted to share with someone. First of all, I'm 39 years old, married, one child, I have straight brown hair and glasses and in my opinion I'm pretty fit! Anyway, on the night before Valentine's Day I had dinner with a friend of mine from work at her home because we often exchange recipes and try them out together. Anyway, around 10:30 pm we finally managed to stop chit chatting so I could head home. I was feeling an uneasy pressure in the pit of my stomach that told me that I was going to need to have a BM very soon, so that helped me to get going. So I got in my car and hit the road, and as I was driving home the pressure was getting stronger and I kept passing little farts every few minutes. Suddenly, I remembered that I had planned on stopping on my way home because I still needed to get a V-Day card for my hubby! I had a brief moment of panic and debate in my head, but I ultimately decided "yeah Cindy, you can get a card really quick. You're a big girl, you can hold it." So despite how urgently I needed to get home and use the potty, I thought of my hubby first, and stopped at the supermarket for a card. When I stood up out of my car I felt the pressure in my stomach sink down and build in my butt...i knew it was going to be time to go soon, so i had to hurry... I rushed inside and headed straight for their greeting card section. Let me tell you, the selection at that time was pretty horrific...I could not find anything that I wouldn't be embarrassed to give my hubby! I tried to search quickly, all the while I kept passing little, muffled farts. Luckily there was no one else looking at the cards. I finally narrowed it down to about 2 decent ones when the pressure became intense, and i felt something begin to poke out against my underwear! A sense of complete and utter fear and panic overcame me and it took everything I had in me to stop myself from pooping in my pants right there! I fought it back in and got a hold of myself, and dropped 2 of the cards and started to make a b-line for the checkout counter! Halfway there, I became terrified as I realized "....this is, it..I am going to poop!" I can't even describe the strange feelings that came over my entire was like I had the chills, the sweats, goosebumps, everything...i was completely overcome with anxiety, as i felt a solid, hot log quickly force its way from my butt and smoosh into a large bulge in the seat of my pants. it felt so defeating, the feeling of pooping in my pants as an adult woman! it was a real squeeze too because i had blue jeans on, and i could just feel this hot lump of mush spreading over my butt. It just kept on coming too, and I didn't know what to do. I just kept standing there 4 feet from the checkout lane, pooping my pants! I'm sure I was a site to see. I can't even imagine what the look on my face must have been like. One of the cashiers came and asked me if I was ok, and if I was ready to check out, and I don't even know what I said to her. After I came out of shock and could move again, I looked around me and a couple of employees and customers were staring at me. I waddled carefully toward the counter, disgusted by the warm squishy feeling in the back of my underwear. Pretty much everyone knew I had pooped in my pants. The bulge felt enormous, although I never actually saw it... I paid for my card and waddled back to my car, still in shock, but I don't think I ever actually cried. The drive home was back and thighs got tired because I wasn't completely sitting down in my seat most of the time because i didn't want to sit Eventually I couldn't sit up that way anymore and halfway home i slowly lowered into my seat and had to feel that horrific feeling of the bulge squishing against my butt and spreading throughout my pants. That really made the smell become stronger too, and I had to open my windows despite the cold temperatures outside...By the time I got home it was almost 11:30, and i did my waddle back into the house. Thankfully, my hubby was sleeping on the couch with some basketball highlight show on or something like that, so I was able to sneak upstairs without him seeing me like that. It took me a long time to clean was thick and solid and was just caked all over me..and I had never pooped my pants before and my daughter is 16, so it's been a long time since I've had any experience cleaning poop off of a person!

Anyway, I finally recovered from my ordeal and was wearing clean panties once again. I sat down and mulled over my poor judgment, deciding to stop at the store rather than get home and use the toilet! but i did give me a unique message to write in my hubby's valentines day card..I wrote "I love you so much, I pooped in my pants to buy you this card!"

He doesn't believe me!


Overly Curious

Re: Stress Incontinence

Katie M,

Do you wear some kind of diaper or pull-up to keep it from being noticeable when you leak?


Comments for End Stall Em

for End Stall Em:

I'm sorry to hear about your problems using the cold restrooms at school. Because of your age--and I believe you've said earlier that you are a year or two younger than the other girls in your high school class--this probably only adds to your anxiety. I'm about 15 years older than you and I personally know the feeling of losing your privacy when the other girls are so impatient and they are looking in the cracks at you while you are sitting on the stool, cold, frustrated, and trying to go about your business. Add to that your cold and flu ... well I understand.

That senior girl at your table has no right to call you "dumb" for complaining to your friends when you came back to class from the bathroom. Sitting on a cold toilet seat for ten minutes before your pee starts is nothing to feel bad about. And you made the light-hearted note that you did warm the seat up to your comfort level. The important thing is that you stuck it out. You might try should this happen in the future, Em, to spread some toilet paper over the seat before you seat yourself. This should add to your comfort level. Also, there was another forum writer a few weeks ago (I believe was male), whom had to sit down and crap at school and, although other stalls were vacant, he waited until another crapper got off the stool and then he immediately went in and sat down. That way he kept his butt warm.

As I said earlier, I'm twice your age and I sure wouldn't try squatting over the seat. It takes some practice and getting use to and it can lead to a lot of different types of accidents. That teacher getting hurt is just one of them. Although I work now at the headquarters of a large financial institution and the bathrooms in our tower are 20 times better than what I had to work with in my school, I would never want to advise any person to squat or hover or some of the other terms used for such an act. It seemed like daily in my school I would be hurting and I would open a stall door with anticipation, only to find some less-than-nimble chick had left a pint of pee on the seat. And more times than I would like to like to admit, I was forced to sit down in it because there were lines for the other stalls and, of course, the toilet paper had been depleted.

And finally, Em, even though you didn't bring this up, I've always wondered what the logic was of these chicks who would spread toilet paper around the seat and then stand and squat over it to pee. It has always seemed to me to be a real waste of time and, more importantly, toilet paper that could be used by a future user.

If you don't think you can direct your pee within the big target, why not just lift the seat?

Laura C

Holding a big one

Hi I'm new around her but iv lurked for some time

I'm 15 yrs young

I'm gonna start with a survey

1. What is your age? 15
2. Gender? female
3. Weight, height and build(i.e. fat,chubby,tall,slim, etc.)I'm 5,2 and I'm fat and proud
4. Race? (doesn't have to clear exact background; white, black,Asian...) White - English
5. About how many times a day do you fart? What foods contribute to your farting? I fart everyday and the amount i fart varies but when iv had curry or McDonald's i fart quite wet and smelly farts sometimes iv even messed my knickers
6. What kind of farts do you rip? (wet, loud, silent, etc.) Does the size/shape of your butt contribute to the sound of your farts? I rip long loud wet farts and i do have a big bum but i don't think that matters
7. Are you comfortable farting around others? If so who? Friends and sister
8. Where are you comfortable farting? On the loo and around my house
9. Do you have a reputation of being the person that farts lot? Have you liked farting since you were a kid? I am the farter in my friend group and the smellier of me and my sister
10. Have you ever farted in someones face? If so what was the situation? Or has someone farted in your face? No and mo
11. Do you try to push out farts for relief or humour around friends? I fart when i need to and only push them out gently for relief when i need a poo
12. Do you enjoy farting underwater to see bubbles? Yes in the pool and bath
13. Do you know if you fart while you sleep? my sister says i do
14. Do you know someone who rips huge farts? me and my sister
15. How many times a day do you poop? 2 times
16. Describe the way your turds(logs) usually look. (color, size, length, texture, amount of turds, etc.) my logs are long and usually soft
17. Describe the last dump you had? 4 turds that were large and soft and i was on the loo for about 20 Min's
18. Have you ever pooped yourself? How old were you? yes last time was in my story
19. Did you think pooping was funny or gross when you were a kid? Funny and gross but I'm weird like that
20. Have you ever clogged a toilet with your own turd? yes
21. Have you ever pooped in a pool or bathtub? once
22. Do your turds usually float or sink? varies
23. How long do you usually have to wipe? about a minute
24. Have you ever had a dump so big it hurt your butthole? no not really
25. Do you feel your butt is the right size/shape contribute to the way you poop. Yes

Story time :)

It was Saturday morning i woke up and had a wee in the toilet. I went down for breakfast which was a bacon sandwich. My sister came down had her breakfast and we went for a run we came back and i felt the urge to poo. i ignored it and me and my sister went into her room to play on the xbox. During the xbox my urge became strong and i started fidgeting my sister noticed and said Laura u OK? i said yeah and 5 Min's after playing more xbox i farted and we laughed. My stomach grumbled as if to say go and have a poo and at this point my sister went out the room and said I'm just going for a poo be back in a bit. I suddenly let out a big fart and ran to the toilet and knocked on the door and said how long are u gonna be and she said ages why and i said i really need to go like now and she said oh and she farted and plopped and i couldn't take it anymore and i said never mind and i ran into my bedroom shut the door got my bin and squatted over it and started shitting my brains out farting and sharting you name it. all of it was in my bin i was still pooing and my sister came into my room and saw and shes like ewwwwwwwwwwwww what the hell and i said i couldn't hold it any longer after hearing you poo and she came over and hugged me as i was shitting my sister felt bad and i said whats up as i wiped and she said wait a min and she was grunting and i heard crackling and some poo came into her knickers and she pulled her jeans down and put her knickers in my bin and said i feel bad and i still needed to let some out in a way i felt better because of that so i threw away the contends of my pooey bin and me and my sister went and played on the xbox

Hope u enjoyed ill post more with request

Happy Pooping :)

PS Blissey where are u i miss Ur stories please come back :)


Peeing when laughing

This is an answer to Amanda who asked about how often other girls pee a little when they laugh. For me it doesnt' happen a lot but it does sometimes maybe once or twice per year at most since I was old enough not to. But it still happens sometimes. Usually not a lot comes out and it doesn't even show on my pants, only my panties get a little wet, usually a tiny wet spot the size of a penny or quarter at most. I've had a few times where I laughed hard and more came out, like the size of an egg or golf ball and those sometimes make a small wet spot on my pants.

But my friend Sara a few months ago laughed so hard she started peeing and couldn't stop and like totally soaked her jeans in the middle of Target and had to hide in the bathroom until her mom could buy her new panties and jeans to wear. Lots of people saw. That was embarassing but still funny.

A lot of girls say that when they have to go pee really bad and have a pad on, they just go into the pad. How does that work? Do you guys have small bladders? I have a very big bladder and know I would absolutly FLOOD a pad! Or do you guys just go a little bit to take the pressure off? If so, is it hard to cut the flow off when it is time to stop?


This week I had to see the neurologist and I said, amongst other things, that I was often constipated. He said that constipation was the norm for people with Parkinsons. He said take Movicol and prune juice. I have not ventured into the prune juice but Movicol has helped...I have not had pain meds for a few days and did not take my Movicol for the last few days. This morning I sat on the toilet and gave a push...a big hard stubborn turd went into my arse and it got stuck..I was on the point of no return...I could not suck it back but rather had to expel it. I pushed really hard and nearly blacked out with the effort but out it came with a resounding plop..and several other loud plops....I then took my Movicol to get an easier and safer BM.

Hello, my name is Sammy. I came across this page by accident, but I do have a story to post:

I remember one time in 8th grade, I was in a computer class when I got a bad urge to poop. I was terrified of the school restrooms because I was shy and didn't want anyone to know that I had to go, so I just tried to hold it in. I was noticeably bouncing in my chair and shaking my legs. After about a minute, I REALLY had to go. Our chairs had wheels on them, so I started wheeling around a little bit. The next thing I knew was that a lot of mushy poop came out in my pants. Fortunately, I didn't pee, and since I was wearing tighty whities (still do), my poop felt contained. I stood up carefully and slowly walked to the teacher for the bathroom pass.

When I got into the bathroom, I went into the stall and removed my pants and underwear. Now, I didn't need to go again since it all came out earlier, so I just tried to clean myself up. I was a mess. I didn't even try to save my briefs and just threw them in the trash can.

After I cleaned up as well as I could, I put my pants on with no underwear, and went back to class. About 10 minutes passed when another kid said that it smelled like poop. The teacher then told me to go to the nurse's office. I had to call my mom to pick me up.

Ginny- I loved your story. Like you, I love to watch and listen to other women having a bm, be it a public place or my workplace. I have written many of my experiences in this forum before and would love to hear more from you ( my earlier workplace afforded more opportunities). Keep up the good work!


Friendly Pooping Experience

Hi everyone! Haven't posted anything for a while.... Good to be back. Got this experience here that I witnessed last week. I had attended a field trip to Gui Lin with some good Chinese speaking fellows from Alice Smith. We were at the airport and I really needed to go take a piss so I excused myself from the group. There was another guy who followed me (all Year 13s). He went into a stall next to mind (The bathroom only had two stalls). As I was pissing, I heard him saying: What the f**k! Why won't it come out! followed by a fart. He went out later.

On the plane to Gui Lin, I learnt he was a student from China who entered in Year 10, name's Lee. He was a real friendly guy but he had a phobia to squatting toilets, he really did not know how to use them. I figured he may have a slight prob in Gui Lin.

About 5am, I woke up from my room in the hotel and went outside. Just then, I saw Lee. He was standing there clutching his stomach and crying. I went up to him and was like: What's wrong Lee? And he was like : I don't know how to use a squat toilet. I really need to go. I decided to give him a lesson on how to use it. After all, I too needed to shit.

I taught him carefully how to use the squatting toilet and I finished it off by letting out my 10" long turds. Turn's out his real parents dumped him into a squat toilet when he was an infant. That's why he was so scared. After a few minutes more of training, he grunted and let out diarrhea. It was like the Niagara falls. About 10 minutes later, he farted, wiped up, zipped up, and surprisingly gave me a big hug. He was like: Thanks Michael, I owe you one. Lt's be friends.

And that was how our tale ended. Lee and I sometimes go shit together but other times we are seriously studying for our A Levels. See ya people!


Stories from Kim:

At the beginning of December, I was doing some Christmas shopping. I just finished shopping. I went to a restaurant for some dinner. After eating, I felt myself leaving some gas. As I got up from the table, I felt some more gas pains and some diarrhea went into my panties. I headed to the Ladies Room but I couldn't hold back the gas pains. A little more diarrhea went into my panties as I got to the Ladies Room. Luckily, there were a lot of stalls in the Ladies Room. I choose one that was far from the door. There were two other ladies just finishing peeing in their stalls. I went in the stall I choose, and started to pull down my pants and panties. A little more diarrhea came out before I sat down fully on the commode. I sat on the commode for maybe 15 minutes. Some ladies came in and peed while I was in the stall. I tried to clean up the best I could. My panties were soiled but I got them cleaned up with some water and soap. Not a good job but they would hold up till I got home. Since they were wet, I thought a pad would help me till I got home. Since I wasn't on my period, I didn't have my usual supplies with me. So, I got a quarter out of my purse and bought a pad from the Modess Machine. It was a Stayfree Maxi-Pad. That was great I went back in the stall and put the pad into my wet panties. That felt a little better. I then had to pee. After peeing, I pulled my pants and wet panties back up, and came out of the stall. Some more ladies came in to pee. I was washing up at the sink when one of the ladies in the stall said "Oh No." I asked her what was wrong. She said her period started early and she didn't have any supplies with her. I asked her, "What do you use, pads or tampons?" She said, "pads". I told her I would buy her one from the machine. I did and handed it to her under the stall door. She opened the box and put the pad in her panties. She said, "Thanks" and offered me a quarter for the pad. I told her to keep the quarter for another emergency she might have. We told each other our names and we'll try to stay in touch with each other. We both then left the Ladies
Room and restaurant and headed our own way. I got home in about 15 minutes. I got undressed and took a shower. That felt good! I then washed my soiled panties. What a day!



Short Survey

Here is the easiest survey in the world to take. There is just one question:

What is the longest amount of time you have ever gone without pooping?

Please exclude any period where you were either sick or on some special diet, like a starvation diet or liquid-only diet where you weren't taking in food. I'm talking about situations where you ate a normal diet but either couldn't or wouldn't defecate.

The longest I've ever gone is about four days, and it was when I was traveling and couldn't get to a private bathroom easily. When I finally went, it hurt like hell and was very painful.


When you gotta go, you gotta go. Take it from me. :)

I'm 16 years old and just got my drivers licese. Well, of corse I woke up early the very next morning because I wanted to do some shopping with my new car and independence! I was tired so I had about 3 cups of coffee before heading straight to my favorite mall. As I was driving to the mall the coffee seemed to have reached my bladder... It felt a bit full but I ignored the mild urge. Once I reached the mall I had conpletely forgotten it. Heck, I even ordered a soda at one of the mall resteraunts. I spent the next few hours looking around the stores, looking for good bargins and what not. I finally desided on a tank top and pair of ear rings. As I was in the check out line the urge to pee hit me again, I realized this time I truely had to go BAD. I paid for the stuff and nearly ran for the restrooms. There was a line of about 8 people for the two-stall facility. In my desperation, the pressure in my bladder seemed to get a million times heavier. I decided it was best if I ran to the little resteraunt next door to use their bathroom. My bladder was filling up waaay to quickly (stupid coffee and soda!) so I nearly sighed with relief when I reached the resteraunt... only to be absolutely horrified to find an "out of order" sign on the door. My bladder was acheing so bad... My crotch was burning with the effort to hold the flood back... I was even more desperate now, thinking I was seconds away from relief, only to be denied it! What absolutly horrible luck!! I couldn't believe it! I ran back to the clothing store and decided that I would just have to wait in line. Luckily the line had died down a bit... so I was 5th in line now. I wanted so bad to do one of those "pee dances" that little kids do, but I was way to embarassed. However, I had to figdet a little, so I did it softly and quitely. 10 minutes later I was only 3rd in line. My bladder was really acheing badly and with a suddenly intensity it cramped up and seized. A small gush of pee drizzed into my pants. Without thinking I gasped and shot my hand down to hold myself. Of corse the girl in front of me turned around and stared. Embarrassed, I took my hand away, the girl raised her eye brows and turned back around. A few seconds later my bladder cramped up again. Hot with panic, I tried so hard to clamp my muscles shut and lean forward in order keep the pee back. It worked, or so I though. The second I relaxed a bit and stood up straight, another achey cramp hit me. This one was too strong. Another spurt of pee came out. I was second in line now, and I was shifting back and forth. I didn't care too much anymore. To wet myself completely would be more embarassing than any pee dance....and to get into my new car dripping with pee was out of the question! The girl in front of me turned around and asked how old I was, obviously in a mean way. I told her I was sorry and that I just really had to go! Of corse another bladder cramp hit me right when she was looking. My body instantly went tense, I rocked up on my toes a bit trying to shake it off, the pressure was directly pushing on my bladder like a heavy weight, and without thinking I said "oh!" as pressed I hand to my croth. Luckily I was able to keep everything back this time. The girl sneered at me, almost laughing. How humiliating! Finally it was her turn to go, she took her time walking in, as if to mock me. A minute later a stall for me finally opened up. I rushed inside, of corse in my rush another spurt came out as I moved. I slamed the door shut and tore down my pants,another spasmy cramp hit, pee gushed out but luckily I was able to throw myself on the toilet righ as the full torrent of pee gushed out of my bladder. Usually I am embarrassed if I pee loud, but I was soooo relieved I didn't care! The pee seemed endless too. When I was finally done I felt shakey with relief. I was a bit worried though cause I didn't use a toilet cover (I hope I don't get a disease!!). I couldn't help it though. Suddenly, I heard a voice from the stall next door say "wow, you really did have to go". I recconized it as the mean girl that stood in front of me in line and realized she had been listening the whole time. I felt myself turn red. I quickly pulled my pants up to get ready to leave, I glanced at the croth of my pants, there was a tennis ball sized wet spot. I figured it was nothing compaired to what it could of been. I ran out of the bathroom without saying anything else to the girl. On the way home my bladder filled up completely again (why does that always happen after having a previous desperate moment?). I almost didnt make it again and peed A LOT when I got home. Luckyily I didn't have to go for a while after the second time. I don't drink a lot of coffee or soda before going out now! Anyone else have an equal desperate moment?


Music Festival

Recently I was at a music festival with portable toilets. I went in the gents for a poo. While I was in there it was virtually taken over by women as one of their set of toilets was being cleaned. It occurred to me that I was surrounded by girls doing their business which was quite exciting. When I came out a lady asked what I was doing there and I pointed out it was the Gents.

Some High School Boy
Hey I've been a little constipated lately and just took a crap yesterday and it sounded like a bomb went off. It for some reason made me think of this huge crap friend took 3 years ago. It was in the summer I had come over to spend the night and he said that he didn't feel good. Well about an hour later he said that he was feeling like he was going to throw up. So I jokingly told him to stay close to his garbage can. But within the next 20 minutes he said he had to go to the bathroom. He was in there for 2 hours I told his mom since she said he hadn't seen him around for a little while. I surprised that she even noticed since her house is always filled with children. She was a little worried. Well 7:00 rolled around and Naruto came on at the time I was obsessed with it. I still am but no where near as much as I used to be. Anyhoo right when the show ended he said he had just taken the biggest crap in his life. I said wow I bet you needed the plunger. He blushed and called me a dork.

Also while reading through old posts I saw someone mention Disney World. Well when I was 9 my family went to Disney World for second time and we ate the House of Blues for dinner I had to crap so bad I passed out in the car from the pain and trying to not crap my pants. Well I did make it toilet in time and I crapped out a giant 16 inch long turd that was about 2 inches in diameter. I was in such relief that I feel asleep right away right after I came out of the bathroom.

mike of md usa

my survey to all

1.Do you pee and poop at the same time everyday?
2.Do you flush after you pee or poop?
3.Have you ever clogged a public toilet?
4.Where was the last time you pooped(home,work,school,outside)?
5.Are you afraid of different toilet seats?
6.Have you ever peed outside with no toilet around?
7.When was the last time you pooped or peed?
8.Have you ever been walked in when you was using toilet by somebody else?
9.Do you use public toilets?
10.Do you use port-a-johns in park?
11.Do you wash your hands after pooping or peeing or both?
Now here are my answers to my survey
2.Yes after i poop and sometimes after i pee
7.I pooped at 2:00am and peed at 11:15am
11.after pooping


Shout outs!2

to whoever posted a story titled : Dump on Dump i totally agree with you on the subject of selecting the middle stall! i always make a point of doing that wherever i go cause i totally enjoy hearing other women releasing there bowels its so cool and exciting to hear what others do and the sounds they make!

to Endstall Erin: i really enjoyed your post! i totally agree with you people should not complain about the amount of time one spends relieving themselves in the bathroom. after all when u gotta go u take as long as you need to! i look forward to your post in the future i wish that we could have a bathroom outing together somewhere!

to Ginny: i really enjoyed your post! i look forward to your post in the future!

to Amy S: i really enjoyed your short post! dont be embarrassed i have had accidents in my pants before too! i look forward to your post in the future!

You would think since spicy foods like curry have been around for 2010 years, that SOMEONE would have invented a way for it not to burn as it exits you...


(anyone have any answers?)


Oops moment for Tiger Woods

The story about CNN's Kiran Chetry passing gas audibly while on the air reminded me of Tiger Woods. I had read somewhere that he enjoys engaging in "farting contests" with his caddy Steve Williams. Several months ago, before his personal and well chronicled troubles began, I was watching a Sunday tournament. Although I'm not 100% sure, I could swear that either he or Williams let loose with a very audible fart. There was then hysterical laughter on their part. Does anyone recollect this moment?

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