Kate M.

Stress Incontinence

Yes, I pee when I cough, sneeze, laugh or even blow my nose. Sometimes it is a little bit and sometimes it is a fair bit and is repeated with each cough so that coughing several times can empty a full or half full bladder.


Constipation sucks

I had been constipated for several days. Despite taking fibre, eating healthy foods and even trying a stool softener I hadn't had any luck with pooping.

Finally sometime last week I had a strong urge to go, so I pulled up my nightgown and pulled down my underwear and sat on the toilet. I pushed out quite a bit of crap. It was about 12 inches long, half-solid and half-mushy. It wasn't mushy enough to be diarrhea and it wasn't solid enough to be considered hard. I think the tuna I ate for lunch that day was bad, because on top of that I was pooping out orange oil whenever I farted. It was so gross.

I was constipated since then (since about last Wednesday) so understandably I haven't been feeling so great stomach-wise. I felt blocked all the way up to my ribs, my stomach was hard and uncomfortable and I kept passing smelly gas. I hate my "fat" days that constipation causes. On those days I wear baggy sweatpants because otherwise my pants feel too tight.

Finally last night I made a cup of strong coffee since I thought it should help and my husband thought it was a good idea. My definition of strong coffee means milk but no sugar. Well, it worked. When I had drank the entire cup I felt everything moving down below so I went to the bathroom.

I sat on the toilet and started to grunt and push since it kind of hurt coming out. I had to lift my butt off the toilet seat slightly to let the first part come out. After the tip was out it only took a couple of minutes to "go". It felt like I gave birth out of my butt. Finally I stood up and wiped. The poop looked diarrhea-ish on the toilet paper but it was solid in the toilet. It looked about 10 inches long and really fat. No wonder my stomach was hurting! I definetly felt better after that. My stomach is a lot softer now. The bathroom really stunk though, like rotten eggs. Blech.

Constipation really sucks, especially when you've been suffering from it for your whole life like I have.

Happy pooping (hopefully) to everyone here.

Philct guy

holding back 4+ days worth of poop

fighting off the urge to take a huge dump at the library. I've been on the verge of touching cloth for the last half hour. trying to hold off on this shit until tomorrow, when i'll be back to my own private toilet.

letting out a shit this big is something i look forward to and simultaneously dread

does anyone else hold for long periods, ie 4 days +?


Dump on a Dump

Hey everyone. Last week I was away with work staying in a small hotel that had about 20 rooms none of which had an en suite bathroom. There were three toilets all of which were unisex. These toilet were all in a row and between 7:30 and 8:30am they saw a lot of action after people had their breakfasts.

Generally using the middle toilet, you were pretty much guaranteed to have a neighbour keeping you company unloading their bowels. Over the few days I was there I heard much shitting, straining, grunting and plopping going on. It was great to sit there pushing a good load out while someone else (often a young woman) was doing the same on the other side of the wall.

One evening after a good meal, I felt the urge for a good clear out. I made my way to the toilet and chose the middle toilet as usual. I opened the door and lifted the toilet lid up and to my surprise there was a mound of shit already in the bowl. I flushed the toilet but there was that much that it didn't move. Feeling a little mischievous, I decided to 'dump on top of a dump'. I sat down on the toilet, and relaxed. Within a few seconds I could feel my anus dome out as the first log made its sweet way out. It felt so good to be getting this load out. The tip of the log had by now met with that of the previous occupants, and was starting to lie on top of the substantial pile already in the toilet. It just kept coming out my arse, and started to curl round the bowl on top of the water. It finally broke off and I took a cheeky look at it.

Feeling that there was far more to come I sat back down and I was soon dropping more shit into the toilet. A little bit of pushing and log number 2 was on its way. This dropped out and thudded onto the pile beneath me. Another two logs followed and then some soft stuff shot out at the speed of light, and I was done.

I didn't want to ruin the masterpiece so I went into one of the other toilets and wiped. After wiping I went back to have a second look, there was one mound of shit in there. I tried to flush it but again it was going nowhere. There must have been 10 - 12 logs in there (all large, 4 of them mine) and my soft serve poop. I put the lid down on the toilet, thinking someone will get a nice surprise!


Finally getting back to normal

Well I fought H1N1 and won :) I'm still a little weak, but I'm feeling much better. I'm glad to be pooping something with form again! It's funny, you never think much about having a normal BM until you haven't had one in a week.

I normally have a weak bladder by nature, and lately I've had more accidents or close calls than usual. According to my doc my bladder never fully developed to a normal adult size. I'm 25 but my bladder is about 13. I usually pee about 8 times a day or more. I can't hold past say 2-3 hrs.

Turd Lover
I could not believe the massive amount of poop that came bursting out of my bum this morning. It completely filled the toilet and took 8 flushes to evacuate the bowl. The stench was overwhelming and I was gagging as I stood there and marveled at all that brown bounty.

Amy S

Wet myself in the car park

I had a long 2 hour meeting at work and I was desperate throughout. I couldn't sit still and I spurted into my thong a few times. Afterwards I ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet, door wide open and knickers still on. Instantly wee poured into the toilet. I was so embarrased but also so relieved.


An "oops" moment on CNN

Hey! I hope that everyone is doing well. I have nothing new to report on my doodies. They have been their usual voluminous doodies, ranging from thick logs to piles of soft serve. But I saw something this morning on CNN that even made me blush!

Kiran Chetry is CNN's lovely female morning news co-host, and had a little bit of a faux pas this morning while on the news. I had finished my workout and was making breakfast while watching CNN about 6:15 this morning, Central Time. Chetry was going over the snow coming in the southeast with the TV projecting a weather map. As soon as the TV cut over, she lifted her left hip and at that moment there was an audible toot. It was just one "bubble" but pretty audible. She said "sorry" and her co-host said "that's fine" but started to stumble through his next story. His stumbling made her giggle and then her laugh faded to a more embarassed smile. I watched it a few times with my DVR function and could come to no other conclusion that she had audibly passed gas live on CNN!

The poot was audible, but I think had she kept a straight face and waited until going off the air to say excuse me, then no one would have known. What was weird, though, being a female pooter myself, is that she lifted her hip, possibly intentionally trying to releave some pressure quietly. Maybe she did not realize that CNN was going back to a live picture. And, I am sure that she did not think that it was going to make a sound.

Someone surely will upload it to the internet. I felt bad for her but then thought it was too cute! Bless her heart! I know that she had to be embarrassed. But what can you do, the show must go on. I have audibly tooted in public situations and all you can do is say excuse me and go on with life. However, I am sure that doing it on live TV would be a little too much for us all.

Have a great day! Love to all!


Music Festival

Recently I was at a music festival with portable toilets. I went in the gents for a poo. While I was in there it was virtually taken over by women as one of their set of toilets was being cleaned. It occurred to me that I was surrounded by girls doing their business which was quite exciting. When I came out a lady asked what I was doing there and I pointed out it was the Gents.



to Amanda: i really enjoyed your post! i wish i could have been there with you and your friend~! i look forward to your future post~


End Stall Em

My Cold Butt & My Cold

I posted in late December about my snow adventures very early one morning with my cousin. I thought it was somewhat cold then--especially at 5 a.m. in the morning--but it has gotten even colder since then and where we live gets a very strong north wind.

For the past two weeks I've had a persistent cold and a little bit of the flu. The reason I feel is not just because it is so cold outside (we've had like 5 snow/cold days off from school so far) but because the bathrooms everywhere I go with the exception of our house are so cold. For example, this morning at school the girls bathroom I used 1st hour was like 10 or 15 degrees colder than the classrooms. I know they are trying to save energy, and that some girls do open the windows a little to let their smoke out, but it sucks. I walked in, took the very near end stall (of course) and could feel the cold of the door latch on my hand and when I seated myself there was this cold tingling at the bottom of my thighs as I started to push out my crap. The seat was so cold. As I sat, I started to sneeze and I immediately reached to my left for some toilet paper to blow my nose with, and by the time I got it off and up to my face, it felt like the ice pack my mom gave me about four years ago when I wrecked up on my bike and got a bloody nose. I blew and and quickly placed it between my legs to drop into the bowl, and my right hand brushed against the front of the bowl. Again, I couldn't believe how cold it was. Luckily, my log which was about a foot long came out pretty easy and some gas brought 2 or 3 balls of crap out also. I don't exactly know why, but in looking between my legs, I found there were bubbles coming out of my crap as it floated on top of the water. I reached into my purse which was just inside the door and pulled out a new, long pencil. I was going to get down on my knees and use the pencil to push the crap down into the water to see if there would be more bubbles, but as I got down on my knees, took my right hand to pull up the seat, I got another sneezing attack and my nose started to run pretty badly again. I turned and grabbed some more toilet paper and as I did, I started to feel a little nauseous. I quickly tossed the pencil back into my purse, and reseated myself on the toilet (I had heated the seat up pretty nicely!) and a burst of really mushy crap blasted out. It was almost yellow in color and seemed to have a different smell than normal. At first, I started wiping from my seated position and as it was pretty messy and my butt was starting to hurt from all the wiping, I stood and finished my business.

Finally, when I reached down to flush, my left hand got both cold and wet as I pulled my panties and jeans back up. I started to get the sniffles again and started to feel that same funny feeling in my gut. I pulled my jeans and panties down again (although this time only to mid-thigh level) and had a seat. After about 3 minutes I felt better, couldn't produce anything more, and was getting more cold and sniffly, so I flushed. To my surprise, the crap and paper went down, although slowly and with a real funny noise. I went to the sink to wash my hands and turned the hot water on, only it wasn't hot and was pretty cold. That caused me to start sniffling again and I farted. I finished washing (is it really 'washing' when there's only cold water?)and pulled down a towel. After using it, I blew my nose in it. That was a mistake because it was so coarse that it hurt the irritated skin on the front of my nose.

When I got back to study hall, a girl at my table asked what took me so long. I explained a little to her, but then let out a really loud sneeze that could be heard through much of the room. A senior girl--who just was moved into the study hall last week because she truanted out of a class--said I was dumb to be complaining about the cold bathrooms and especially the freezing toilet seats. She squats and said I should too. At first, I was offended by her "attitude" but then I got to thinking about it. I'm only 13 and don't think I could learn to do it anyway. And I remember hearing about this 6th grade teacher at my old middle school who went to the bathroom that way and later quit and sued the school. The way I heard it is that she went into the student bathroom closest to her classroom, squated over the toilet and in doing so, apparently her heels went out from under hear on some splashed water or something, and she feel back against the toilet. She hurt both her back and shoulder. She never came back to school for the last two months of the year. Most of us hated that because she was a pretty good teacher.

During my final class today I had to pee really bad. I was in the new wing of the building so I used a different bathroom, but it was cold too. Again, I took the end stall, seated myself and it took me like 10 minutes until the seat warmed up enough that I was able to get my pee stream going. This is like never a problem for me in a public place where it is warmer, but sometimes I get frustrated by those who look in between the cracks or make dumb remarks about me taking too long. I got to thinking as I sat waiting for my pee to start, that if I sat too long, my butt might freeze onto the seat. At that point, I started to get the sniffles again and reached for some paper off the cold roll. I blew my noise and started to get a bit of a headache, too. Finally, after I had a pretty satisying pee, I looked down and found it was not only more yellow than normal, but there were lots of bubbles throughout the bowl.

I wonder if that's due to the cold conditions or my cold or because of another reason.


The Biggest One Ever

One of my favourite places to witness women taking a dump are toilets in an upmarket Department store in my town. It seems a popular place for ladies who feel the urge while shopping. The toilets are clean and adjacent to the cafe/restaurent so they are very convenient. Early morning just about office start time seems the best time and a few days ago I had quite a good experience there.

As I sipped a coffee I saw a woman I'd seen use the toilet before walk in straight from the store. She was about 30/35 years wearing an elegant business suit, average build with a largish bosum and red hair tied up and wearing cool looking modern glasses. The previous time I'd seen this woman was about a month before when she'd used the toilet for a poop about the same time of day. Maybe she goes there on her way to work I thought. I heard a cubicle door slam so I went to the toilet myself.

She had taken the far cubicle of four so I took the next but one to avoid being too close. I heard lots of toilet paper being taken and then she settled down on the toilet. Immediately I heard a barely audible spluttery fart followed by a crackling sound which went on a while. There followed a soft flump partially disguised by the sound of toilet paper which had obviously been put into the toilet. Perhaps she uses the paper to soften the sound. The whole process was remarkedly quick and after several pieces of toilet paper had been taken I heard a rustle of clothing. I flushed my toilet and came out to wash my hands and as I did so the woman flushed and quickly emerged to wash up also.

I hung around until she left, glancing around as she left to see her wonderful rear end leave the door, the same rear that had taken what was obviously a very easy dump.

I looked inside her cubicle and to my delight a huge soft poop was sitting proud of the water. It curved around the bend and had lots of paper around it. There was a very ripe smell in there I can tell you. The turd was was pale brown on colour and had what looked like red and yellow pips or skins in it. I wondered if she's eaten a curry the night before. She certainly did a massive Poop and I bet she was bursting for it. I flushed it and eventually, after almost filling the toilet with water, it disappeared leaving one very messy toilet. No wonder she didn't do it at the office, or perhaps she could't make the office!

I got a hell of a kick out of it.


Survey answers

poop/fart survey
1. What is your age? 11
2. Gender? female
3. Weight, height and build(i.e. fat,chubby,tall,slim, etc.) a little chubby and tall for my age.
4. Race? (doesn't have to clear exact background; white, black,asian...) White - English
5. About how many times a day do you fart? What foods contribute to your farting? I mainly fart when straining on the toilet to poo, occasionally they slip out elsewhere especially after beans or vegetables.
6. What kind of farts do you rip? (wet, loud, silent, etc.) Does the size/shape of your butt contribute to the sound of your farts? I dont think my bum sise affects farting, they are quite loud.
7. Are you comfortable farting around others? If so who? I laugh when I do.
8. Where are you comfortable farting? On the toilet and with friends
9. Do you have a reputation of being the person that farts alot? Have you liked farting since you were a kid? no reputation, farting is funny
10. Have you ever farted in someones face? If so what was the situation? Or has someone farted in your face? No - no
11. Do you try to push out farts for relif or humour around friends? yes for relief when I am constipated and have belly ache and sometimes round friends.
12. Do you enjoy farting underwater to see bubbles? Yes in the pool
13. Do you know if you fart while you sleep? I think so
14. Do you know someone who rips huge farts? yes my older sister
15. How many times a day do you poop? 1 time
16. Describe the way your turds(logs) usually look. (color, size, length, texture, amount of turds, etc.) my logs are long and hard
17. Describe the last dump you had? 2 logs about 8 inches and 5 inches, both very hard and took a lot of straining to get out - i was on the toilet for 1 hour.
18. Have you ever pooped yourself? How old were you? yes and all ages.
19. Did you think pooping was funny or gross when you were a kid? Funny and still do and I like doing it
20. Have you ever clogged a toilet with your own turd? yes
21. Have you ever pooped in a pool or bathtub? No
22. Do your turds usually float or sink? Usually sink
23. How long do you usually have to wipe? a couple of times
24. Have you ever had a dump so big it hurt your butthole? yes lots of times and made it bleed.
25. Do you feel your butt is the right size/shape contribute to the way you poop. I suppose so.

Answers to Survey for skinny girls

1. How often are your poops thick? most times especially when I get constipated
2. Do you sometimes have really long poops? depends how long between going
3. Do you eat a lot? sometimes
4. Do you like when your poop is really big? yes but it can be painfull and need a lot of straining out
5. Has a friend or family member ever saw your poop and was surprised by the size? yes my mum and older sister
6. How big was your last poop? 8 inches and thick
7. What kinds of foods do you normally eat? (lots of ????, fast food, etc) all sorts and LOTS of sweets. Sweets make me very constipated and my poo hard but I still eat them all the time.
8. Do you poop at school, work, stores, restaurants, etc? No I try to hold on till home
9. Have you ever not flushed a toilet so someone else would see your poop? Yes at home
10. If you had a boyfriend who was totally cool and didn't think poop or farting was gross for a girl, would you be comfortable (and relieved) you could do that around him? I suppose so


Desperate to poop
To whoever asked i have pooped in desp in many gross ladies toilets (as opposed to unisex) the worst one was a two cubicle public toilet. One was engaged and i was really desp the other someone had exploded dreadfully all over the back and the seat! It was quite full in the pan and a bloody tampon too. I had to go though so squatted and unloaded myself. I prefer to sit but no way i could do it here. I felt sorry for the cleaner


Last nights poo

I had a bit of a ???? upset last night. It wasn't quite diarrhoea but it was very loose. I was walking home from work & I started to feel my stomach cramp up. I knew I had to get home quickly & luckily I wasn't too far away. By the time I got indoors I was close to messing my pants & just about made it to the toilet in time. I pulled my pants down so fast I ripped them & as soon as my bum touched the toilet seat my poo rushed out in a big messy torrent. It felt such a relief. I sat for a while & pushed the last bit out which was more solid & landed in the water with a loud plop. I couldn't believe how much I pood especially as I'd only gone a day ago. The toilet was easy to flush though. Not like usu all!

Mike of MD USA

How many time a week/day do have to go.

1.Guys and Gals do you put the seat gasket on when you are out in public?
2.Have you ever left pee and poop in toilet?
3.Do you ever find toilet stopped up?
4.Gals and Guys how many time have you poop and pee at the same time?
5.Gals do you ever have to put the seat down?
6.Guys and Gals how may time do you pee a day? you pull your panties all the ways down when you poop and pee?
Now here are my answers to my survey
1. Sometimes
2. Yes occasionally
3. Yes
4. 2 times a day or more
5. n/a
6. 3 or more times
7. yes for poop and sometimes for pee

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Post Title (optional) Watching Woman Poop

I have recently found this site, and like other men that post I am really into watching women poop. I am 42 WM, 5'11'' 180lbs, live in the Mid- Atlantic region. For me, the turn on is because it's the opposite of lady-like, and reduces even the most attractive woman to the same as any other human being, we all have to poop. I don't share this fascination with anyone other than the women I have had the opportunity to watch. I have enjoyed the stories I have read here from both men and women on this subject, and I have a couple of stories to share, but will start with one.

A couple of years ago, I met a woman in the town I worked in (in Pa.) at a luncheon and was immediately attracted to her. Brunette 5'5' about 120lbs, outgoing personality. Two weeks later I asked her out on a date and we had a great time and the start of a great relationship. Two months into the relationship we went on a weekend trip to Toronto and stayed in a nice hotel downtown. The first night we were in the room playing the beer/flipping quarters game when she started fidgeting in her seat with a pained look on her face.

I asked her, "what's wrong?"

She said she had to go the bathroom. I said, "OK, we'll break the game."

Her reply was, "I've got to go number two."

I said, "Okay, I'll wait.

Then she said something that I have not forgotten to this day.

"I've always wanted to have a guy watch me go number two. Please come watch me."

"Absolutely," was my response as I couldn't believe my good fortune, she got up and I followed her to the bathroom. She was wearing a white t-shirt and just panties underneath.

She sat on the toilet pulled her panties down and started to pee for about 15-20 seconds as I stood to the side.

"Come over here behind me I want you to see everything that happens," she said as she raised herself a couple of inches above the bowl and I moved behind with a perfect, close view of her butt and her exposed hole starting to open up.

Suddenly the first piece of light brown colored poop came out quickly, about 5" long, and instantly the aroma of fresh poop hit the air.

"Did you see everything?, she asked.

I told her I did, and within a few seconds the next semi-hard 4" piece came out her enlarged hole. This was such a turn on, I was so excited I was practically shaking. Several more followed over the next few minutes until she proclaimed she was finished and asked me in an almost matter of fact manner to wipe her. I pulled of TP and gladly began to wipe, taking it seriously to make sure her hole was clean. When finished she flushed, we both washed our hands and went back to the game. I still think about it all the time, and in fact when I found her picture online in a new job out of state, the first thing that came to my mind was she was the woman that wanted a guy to watch her go number two.

Hope you enjoyed.


How often to other girls/women pee a little when they laugh?

My name isn't really Amanda since this is kind of embarrassing. I'm 18 years old and a freshman in college. Yesterday in one of my classes we were joking around and laughing and I was laughing so hard all of the sudden I peed a little in my pants, enough to show a wet spot about the size of tennis ball on the crotch of my pale blue jeans so it was very obvious to anyone that could see my crotch. I covered my lap and tried to act like nothing happened and was careful to try to hide it with my jacket after class but my roommate saw when I got back to our room and laughed a little but said not to worry because it happens to her sometimes, too. We got to talking and it seems like we both pee ourselves a little a few times per year from laughing too hard and both of us have full out peed our pants from holding it too long at least once since we were old enough not to.

So it got me wondering how often other girls and women have wetting accidents - either small or large?


So I was watching a show on the discovery channel about conjoined twins named Abby and Brittany turning 16. These girls had each a separate heart lungs and stomach and shared a bladder. They basically looked like one body with two heads. I started thinking about their bathroom habits and how weird it would be to have someone attached to you while you peed or pooped. I wonder if they have to pee a lot since there's two of them but one bladder. And when they decide to go. And since they both have their own stomach, they are pooping for two. Imagine someone else's poop coming out of your butt. And who wipes? I just found this topic both interesting and weird and wanted your guys take on it.

China girl
Hi everyone. Like the new feature and all the posts. I had my friend over last week who is like sister to me. She is the one who was with me a lot in my early posts. It was funny after we went shopping and a night out and we came to my place to relax and girl chat. On subway home she really had to take dump. We walked fast from station to my place. She's funny and kept joking about the huge dump she must take. We've always talked in the bathroom for years so I knew it would be good. When we got to my place, she did a jog to the toilet. She's done a lot of loads in my toilet and has clogged and even stained the inside bad before. The lid was closed and she slam it open to get toilet ready. She pushed her pants down so fast and kept saying oh boy over again as we laughed. When she sat there was no time. She knew I could see her so she kept her back straight and leaned forward putting her hands around her knees to be in a humorous position. Once she sat, there were 2 loads that rapidly shot with direct hit in the bowl, one right after another less than a second. Then, another hit came but this time a load of crap streamed out for several seconds. She just say ahhhh, and then "whew" because of smell. I said to her I have to pee after you, and she said jokingly say I should let my toilet recoperate and air it out a little. Before finishing, she did a couple of these long farts, totally clouding my toilet with crap and smell, because the smell was out in apartment. After the second long fart, there was a slimy wet sound of some more crap, not as strong though. Since we keep talking I can see what happened, and it was a dark mushy water. After first flush, you could see these 2 oddly shaped huge turd chunks that were flakey around edges. The toilet had difficulty with those. After seeing them with the smell we quickly just closed the lid on them after we saw them squeezing down after another flush. My friend joked that she felt whole again and said she did a "commode shocker." I took her advice and peed later. I'll be back with another post.


After some time

Hi, I haven't visited this site for like 6 months... I used to post around 1755. Wow this site has changed! much to my disappointment, It seems like some of the old posters have disappeared :-( ( Gillygwentgirl, do you still visit this site? drop a line if you do) . Gotta run now, I may post some stories

Paul (from Germany)

Camping at the lake - part 2

We drove to town and had breakfast at a cafe. We went back to the lake and sunbathed. Two hours later we wanted to swim to an isle in the middle of the lake. Before that it was time for me to empty my bowels. I went behind the bush I shat the previous day and did three turds. One of them was long while the other two were shorter. My turd from Thursday had dried a bit in the sun. I wiped, threw the t.p. away and went back to Claudia who was ready to start. It would take us about half an hour to swim to the isle. "Can we start?" she asked. "Yes, we can. I'm lighter and faster now!"

We were approaching the isle when Claudia said "We need to swim faster to get to the isle. I have to go urgently." She accelerated. I was swimming behind her and hoped she wouldn't do her deed in the water. I was still in the water when she reached the isle. She went out, the water still running down her body. She took two fast steps and immediately stopped to pull down her pink bikini pantie. She squatted and a second later her liquid shit ran out. She had diarrhea. It came out like a waterfall. I was watching from behind as I still was in the water. Good for me she had been able to hold it until she was out of the lake. She was still shitting when I came to her. "Uhh, I think I'm sick" she said, still letting out the poop. The puddle on the ground grew bigger and bigger. Finally she finished. "I have to clean myself in the water" she announced and went into the lake, still without her pantie. I looked at her poop. It was a giant puddle. The juice she drank at the cafe must have caused this. When she came back she said "I'm feeling much better now! I nearly couldn't hold it while swimming but I didn't want to spoil my panties. Moreover you were swimming behind me, honey!" "Nice of you, Claudia."

We went to another part of the isle to sunbathe. Claudia didn't have to poop again. When evening came we went back. The spot where she had squatted down was now full of flies. We swam back and had dinner (fish).


New Look Toilet Stool

Wow! This is certainly a new look.

It may take a while to get used to the new style but I *definitely* like the PDF health files from the CDC and NIH. (Every time I see one of those cure-all infomercials, it makes my blood boil...)


TO Jay:

Get well. H1N1 was not nearly as bad as it could have been, but a few online friends I know did catch it reported their own miserable encounter with that bug. They didn't get into much detail about their toilet experience beyond saying that they had things coming out both ends of their GI tract for a day or so.

Take care,


Post Title (optional) Tidey Bowl Man


I work in Maintenance
If your Toilet get Clogged Try using a Bucket of water Flush the Toilet pour the water in the Causes a suction and will open it up it works good for me most of the Time.
Happy Pooping
Tidey Bowl man


Conclusion to The Flaming Seat

This is the conclusion to my story. Stac and I and four other Student Council members represented our school on a Student Council Exchange Day. We went to a much larger nearly 3,000 student school on the other side of town for an all day visit. Stac took her crap right after getting there and liked the much more modern bathrooms. She noticed they had a machine behind each toilet that held the toilet seat covers. She didn't use one (many of our friends call them ass-gaskets)and she liked how there was less open space between the panels and doors on the stalls. When she was done and rejoined me in the hall about 7 a.m., and Stac and I walked down to the office where our school's group was going to meet with their Stu-Co, she was telling me how relieved she feels after having a good crap first thing in the morning. Now, looking back, I find it a bit ironic because that was about the time I gradually started feeling a churning in my gut. As our meeting with the administrators and the other Stu-Co members progressed, it got more intense.

After the meeting, my first chance to get on a toilet and take my shit (this was on a Tuesday and I can't recall shitting since homeroom on the previous Friday) fell through as I was being introduced to Sean and some of his friends and now I could feel it was going to be a big one that I figured I had been saving for three days. I was hopeful there would be time before his/my first period class AP Calculus but that fell through even in the hallway as he continued to introduce me to his friends. I remember thinking to myself that the only friend I needed immediately was the toilet seat. But that wasn't to be. We got to his first hour class just in time before the bell, and I suffered through an introduction and probably another half hour until Sean just told me to get up and leave as the teacher was walking around helping students and consequently couldn't see my hand raised for permission to to. I pretty much ran to the bathroom area way down the hall that Stac had used a couple hours earlier. Although the school is like only a year old, I had difficulty in getting the door latched while I was already seated and my massive load was dropping. I felt better using both hands to secure the door because I knew I was going to be the occupant for a few minutes.

At first there was a torrential blast of gas and I could feel a hard and huge log slowly work its way down and expanding my hole to the maximum. The momentary pain took my mind off the fact that my dick was hanging onto the front of the bowl and that I had not reached down to tuck it in. The fact that it was getting a little cold finally caught my attention, and I both slide back on the seat by a couple of inches and my dick then feel pointing into the bowl. My massive crap was steadily sliding out, but not without some pain because of its size, when suddenly my attention was jolted by a flashing of the overhead lights and a blast like every three seconds that was every bit as loud as once last year when I spent a School-to-Work day with my uncle in his factory and I had to put a special headpiece on to save my hearing. My first inclination was to stay seated and as I was thinking (and still shaking with fear from the way the alarm punctured my silence)about what to do, my first piece dropped and the pain in my ass subsided quite a bit. Suddenly, a police officer or security guard came running in, pounded on my door with his fists about five times and said I needed to leave. I had to think quickly. My grandfather had given me three packages of boxers for Christmas and I had the green ones on. Since there wasn't time to wipe, I just acted instictively. I stood up, reached behind the toilet to the ass-gasket machine, and by wanding my hand under it, a seat paper rolled off. It took like three or four seconds but it seemed longer since the officer or security guard was still standing in front of my stall and started cursing at me. I grabbed the paper, crunched it up with both of my hands and stuck it between by boxers and butt. I was pulling up my slacks as I opened the door and the guard escorted me fast down the hall where I could see a large number of students clearing the corner. I was starting to get more pain from my shit interrupted and was feeling a little warm and still a bit uneasy in my stomach.

We were forced to wait in the parking lot immediately across from their huge football stadium. In the background we started to hear the wait of sirens and as we started to shiver (it was like 20 degrees out) teachers came and moved the crowd back into a much farther lot. Within two minutes three fire trucks and a chief's car arrived. Later the sheriff's cars came so we knew it was probably something pretty big. I think we were outside and getting progresively colder for about 20 minutes before they let us back into the building. They extended the first hour classes because of the interruption and one of the principals got on the PA and announced a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the student involved in the fire. (At lunch, Stac told our group she heard the fire was in a downstairs girls bathroom. Apparently a not-too-intelligent girl was on the stool with one of those ass-gaskets down and she tried smoking while she sat. Some ashes fell onto the ass-gasket and she freaked and ran out. The seat got burned and some of the fire spread to paint on the stall panels).

I went back to the same stall, both shivering from the cold and nauseated from my interrupted shit. The sensor had flushed for me. I dropped my slacks, pulled back my bulging boxers, and carefully pulled out the seat cover that was about the size of a softball. I got soft crap on my thumb and three of my fingers. I flicked it into the stool and re-seated myself on the toilet. Within the minute I had half filled the bowl and as I was doing that, I was using quite a bit of toilet paper off the roll to clean my fingers with. I now felt the relief I had sought like two hours earlier. I looked between my legs and slide sideways onto the toilet so I could get a better light and see if my boxers remained spotless. They had! I re-positioned myself on the toilet and sat for another couple of minutes just to make sure. I then slide all the way to the very front of the toilet and looked behind me into the bowl. My crap had completely arched over the "softball" that was floating in the middle of thes school. My phone was in my coat in the classroom and I felt bad that I didn't have it for a picture because I knew Stac would have liked it. I re-seated myself and it took about five minutes for me to completely clean myself. Then I went back to class very confident and content.

At 3 p.m. after school we met up with the Stu-Co members and administrators again. There was some mention of the "incident" (as they called it) and an apology. But other than telling Stac about my experience, I didn't feel like "sharing" with the rest of that group.

Sarah from Calgary

One of Melanie's Accidents

One time, when Melanie, Megan and I were in University, Mel had a real problem with her period. She was using tampons at the time and for some reason her body rejected it. I'm talking TSS! One day I was driving. When we got to school she got out of my car and threw up everywhere. She also got the runs and lost control of her bowels on our walk up to our school building. She messed herself badly. She had gone so much that the mess had gone up to her waist in the back and up her front as well. It went down the inside of her legs as well. Luckily I had my "emergency kit" with me, so I went back to my car and brought her a clean pair of panties and jeans to change into.

That weekend she was very sick and was complaining that she had the flu. The next week was her turn to drive to school and on Monday she came to my place early to pick me up. From when she left her apartment, to when she got to mine, she was sick again. It was unbelievable. She went straight into my bathroom and started throwing up. A few minutes later she asked me for some help. I went to the bathroom and she was just a mess. Her panties were filled with diarrhea and her jeans were stained all the way down to her knees. I had to give her a clean pair of underwear and jeans to put on. I gave her some Imodium. After a while, she started feeling better and I told her that she needed to go to the doctor. I talked her into going to the doctor's office on our school campus. The doctor, a woman (thank God), was really nice. She let me come in with Mel for support as she checked her out. She said that Melanie wasn't showing any signs of having the flu. She asked Mel some personal questions about her period and what she used for protection. Mel told her that she used tampons and the doctor said that she was suffering from a mild case of TSS and that she needed to stop using tampons immediately. I said, "A mild case? Really?" The doctor said yes, it was just mild. She said that she has seen TSS so bad that some girls lived on the toilet for days, puking and having diarrhea. Anyway, I gave Mel one of my pads and she went to the washroom in the doctor's office to put it in her panties. We ended up skipping our class and went to a drug store and bought her some pads. She still had some diarrhea that day and at one point wasn't able to make it to the ladies room. She messed her pad and her panties a little in the back. I helped her get cleaned up by passing her wet paper towels while she cleaned herself, her panties and change her soiled pad.

Anyway, that's one of Melanie's stories.

Sarah from Calgary.


To: Brian

Re: Clogging the toilet

My experience is that if you flush after each substantial piece that there is little chance of a clog.


To Jay and Brian

First of to Jay and any other readers who are suffering from the flu, be it H1N1 or any such flu, my thoughts are with you. Just be grateful that our bodies have this wonderful system for getting rid of bacteria and other harmful toxins.

But don't forget to drink plenty of fluids and to keep yourselves rehydrated after an attack of diarrhea. Stay away from sodas and heavily sugared beverages, at least until you have a more solid bowel movement. And you should avoid anti-diarrhea medications as this is your body's way of getting rid of this illness.

If you have accidents wash your clothes thoroughly, preferably in bleach and keep soiled clothes away from other clothes if posible.

Again, my thoughts are with you. I want to see many more posts from you in the future, not find out that you were taken like so many others by this difficult illness.

Brian, I used to clog the toilet quite frequently when I was growing up and I've done so a few times in recent years.

Some of the best ways I've come up with for dealing with it are to try to have a bowel movement as soon as I feel the urge. This keeps poop from building up in my intestines until basically I'm having a week's worth of bowel movement in one day.

Secondly: Try wiping after you flush your poop. This keeps the toilet paper from adding to the bulk of what needs to go down the pipes.

And of course the best piece of advice is to drink lots of fruit juices like apple juice. My parents made me drink prune juice every time the toilet clogged. (which tastes like wine without the buzz) Corn, beans, and a lot of high fiber food does the trick too. Eggs are another big one. I usually have to have a pretty urgent movement after eating eggs.


at work

i am a truck driver. so i had this job delivering plumbing supplies to new schools and other varies construction sites. (key word had) Im out on the job i make all of my stops and im on the trnpike headed back to the shop. when the urge to crap hits me so hard i felt paralyzed. this is bad there is no were to go no were to stop for at least an hour. this coupled with the habit of trying to hold in a sneeze and well you sort of have a problem. this is a problem because i had pressure in my lower system trying to hold back a massive quantity of crap from coming out. so in holding in the sneeze caused pressure in my upper system. something had to give. so i half sneezed and crapped my pants at the same time all while driving down the interstate. the worst part is that i had to call my boss and explain what happened. which of course led to all kinds of teasing about my "blow out" on the interstate. i think just about everyone has a story about an accident they have had. so i thought i would share mine because while it wasnt funny at the time it sort of is now.

Slim/Skinny Girls... Survey from a boy.

Of course, I never saw a girl poop. I'm just curious about skinny/slim girls poop... :)

1. How often are your poops thick?
2. Do you sometimes have really long poops?
3. Do you eat a lot?
4. Do you like when your poop is really big?
5. Has a friend or family member ever saw your poop and was surprised by the size?
6. How big was your last poop?
7. What kinds of foods do you normally eat? (lots of ????, fast food, etc)
8. Do you poop at school, work, stores, restaurants, etc?
9. Have you ever not flushed a toilet so someone else would see your poop?
10. If you had a boyfriend who was totally cool and didn't think poop or farting was gross for a girl, would you be comfortable (and relieved) you could do that around him?

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New features have been added.

Most of our regulars are good people. Thank you for 14 good years. There would be no point without you.

The internet is a different place than it was. We all have to work to keep the values alive, from days gone by. Everything is "instant" and everywhere now and people feel obligated just to be mean. Have you seen the comments on most news sites? This will be pointed out to the tiresome bunch, who do nothing more than complain. People get the idea that new features can and should be pulled out of the blue at a moment's notice. Something like 5,000 lines of code and several hundred hours were involved, so yelling until you get your way solved nothing.

The search function and spell checker were actually added in 2006. The search engine was specifically written, to be able to index the names of the people posting. One can dump out a list of every page containing at least one post with a certain poster's name on, but not in a post. This gives the ability to find posts not replies etc. For example: This is a search for "Carmalita" everywhere. It yields 591 matches. Page 1743 for example, is included. Carmalita has not been heard from since page 1491. Limited to the name field on top of the posts only, these results display pages with posts by Carmalita. They yield 162 results.

(A branded search engine was never employed, because they don't index all 1800 + pages reliably, and don't have the above feature.) Both programs sat complete for almost 4 years to the day, because they were never commercially feasible to run until about 6 months ago. At that time, the search engine had to be sent back to the programmer who did the original work, to add a similar function for the titles on posts that started page 1808. Finally it sat again in testing while the user interface was redone.

The underlying principle is that the memories recorded here, from those who have taken the time to tell their stories over the years, matter and deserve respect. That's why we didn't install something to half the job.

For some time now I have been having trouble with clogging toilet after taking a shit. For this reason, I rarely shit at home since the toilets often clog with even the smallest of my loads. I usually shit away from home to avoid this but even then on occasion I may clog a toilet. Yesterday, I had to go quite badly and didn't take the opportunity to go at school. When I got home from school in the early afternoon I immediately made my way to the bathroom near my bedroom.

Since nobody was home, I knew I could at least try to take a dump and then at the very worst, clean up my mess. After sitting down I let out several logs which of course required quite a bit of toilet paper to clean up. I crossed my fingers when I pushed the handle but sure enough the toilet clogged nearly instantly. I spent the next half hour plunging and flushing while trying to clear out my mess. While at school I will often clog the toilet, though not on every occasion. Since the toilets have a more powerful flush I often assume I won't have any trouble but this has not always been the case. To avoid the embarrassment and hassle of a clogged toilet I've discovered to try and use either an outhouse or porta potty whenever I can.

This week I discovered a porta potty at a local park near my school. It is only about a 5 minute walk and is clean since it appears to be emptied frequently . After class one day this week I made my way over to take my daily shit. I first dropped my bag in my car before making my way over. As soon as I sat down I pushed out a fat turd which I'm sure would have clogged most any other toilet. It dropped below with a pronounced thud and filled and was very visible in the holding tank. The best part is that I could use as much toilet paper without fearing a clogged toilet. I left feeling much better.

There is also a local park and recreational area near my house that I found to have a restroom building. Today, I made my over to take a shit while out for a run. Inside there were four stalls. I made my way to the large stall handicapped stall right near the main door. I discovered it was a vaulted toilet, much like an outhouse except without the stink. I pulled my track pants down and sat down on the unusually high toilet. I let out what felt like a few good sized turds before wiping.

Again, I'm sure the dump would have backed up the toilet at home or at home. I washed up before continuing my run. Does anyone else have similar problems with blocking toilets with their dumps? What have you done to solve the problem?

I just went poop in undies because the toilet was broken. i was really mushy and wet when my mum smacked me for it, the 5 inch poop went everywhere

The last few days I have taken nothing for my laxatives just lots of fibre.....yesterday, despite pain meds I took a big healthy dump in the toilets at work and another smaller one later. Last night I went to bed but was woken at 1 am with the need of a poo...I tried but nothing happened...this afternoon, again at work I had a big shit..lots..the turds were hard and stubborn...there was lots of grunting etc...nobody was around though. After a mammoth effort I got all the poo out of me...hooray!!!

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