Peed my pants in Disney World

My name isn't really Amy but I'm 17 and just came back from a trip to Disney World with my family around Christmas. One of the days we were in Epcot and were staying late for the fireworks that night and I had been drinking a lot and was pretty desperate but it was really crowded and I don't like the park bathrooms when there are a lot of people and we had to wait for the show so I just held it while we sat and waited. But it kept getting worse. Anyway the fireworks started and I didn't want to miss them after waiting for so long so I kept waiting, squeezing my legs together and holding my crotch when nobody was looking. Finally they ended but there were then a ton of people all trying to leave at the same time and my parents wanted us all to stay together. I was about to burst. I pulled my mom aside and told her I had to go to the bathroom right now. She asked me if I could wait until we got back to the hotel. I said no I was almost leaking as it was. She said fine we'll find a bathroom. We kept walking in the huge crowd and I was trying desperately to hold on until we got to a bathroom up near the front but then I felt a little squirt of pee come out and dampen my panties. I grabbed my crotch but didn't feel any wetness on my jeans. I kept walking next to my family a little longer but then another squirt came out and it was bigger and my crotch felt wet and a trickle of pee ran down my left thigh. I grabbed myself and started walking faster and my mom yelled at me to wait but I just kept going through the crowd as fast as I could because I could see a bathroom up ahead. Every few seconds I would leak a little more and my crotch started feeling wetter and wetter. My heart was pounding and I was begging not to have a full on accident right there in front of everyone. I was close to the bathroom when a huge urge made me have to stop, cross my legs, bend my knees, and squeeze hard but it wasn't enough and a huge jet of pee shot out and I could hear it hissing and feel the wetness spread rapidly under my butt and down my thighs before I could regain control and stop it. Then I felt someone grab my shoulders and pull me and saw it was my mom caught up with me telling me to hurry and get inside the bathroom. Mom dragged me insde but there was a line waiting for the stalls so mom pulled me towards the front on the line asking the people up front to let me go because her 17 year old daughter was already peeing her pants. I was mortified. A few of the ladies gave sympathetic looks and the woman up front said I could go first. I stood there for a few more seconds before a stall became open and mom pushed me towards it but I was so freaked out and embarrased that after I locked the stall I sat down without pulling my jeans down and just finishing peeing right into my pants with it dripping into the toilet and was almost finished before I realized it so I just kept going until I was done. Then I just started crying. Mom tapped on the door and said it was ok and to stay there and she'd bring me some new pants. I just sat there in my soaking jeans forever until mom finally came back with a pair of black sweat pants from a gift shop and handed them to me under the stall door. She asked me if I needed help but I said no. So I stripped off my jeans and panties, wiped down with toilet paper as much as I could, then pulled on the sweat pants without any panties, put my wet jeans and panties in the shopping bag, and came out. Mom hugged me and said she was sorry and I washed my hands and face and we went out. Dad and my little brother had gone ahead already back to the hotel room so it was just me and mom. She tried to comfort me telling me that accidents happen to everyone and she's peed her pants more than a few times as an adult, just wait till you have kids, etc. It was still mortifying. My little brother tried to make fun of me later but mom and dad put a stop to it fast.


A Simple Shit Isn't That Simple

to Laura:

Your stories are very interesting. Have you ever used a student bathroom? Why or why not?

for Braidy:

You saw that your boyfriend sits to pee at a highway rest stop. Does he also do that in other places too, such as where there are no doors and a lot more people around. I think I would be too pretrified to go in such situations.

to Jaded Jarrod:

I enjoyed your story. Waiting for a warm seat makes sense to me, too. But your penis being spread over the front of the bowl? That is probably one of the biggest things I have to teach the boys I babysit. I just don't think it's clean to have your organ laying over the bowl and in someone else's pee. Also, at the amusement park this summer I had a 4-year-old boy sit and shit on his own but when I looked in on him his underwear and shorts (which unfortunately were light in color) were wet because as he pushed his shit out, some pee also squirted. I know recognize that I should watch them on the toilet until they tuck their organ into the bowl. One of the boys moved around so much, he practically needed one hand to hold it down. In the end, he had more pee droppings on the floor in front of the stool than pieces of crap in the bowl. Urgh!

Just Jerika:

Your stories are always great. I just love them. However, I disagree with what your mom has taught you. I feel 8 minutes sitting on a public stool is too long and that for me, at least, it would just add to my agony and frustration. Also, and this is the case especially between class periods, I see eyes looking in between the cracks after like only 2 or 3 minutes. If I stayed on the stool 8 minutes, there would be pounding on the door and definite shouting at me to give someone else a chance. Students in my school are so rude to one another. Much more so than in my previous school where they were a lot more mellow.

This is a story about a bad experience I had two weeks ago. I hope you guys like it.

Tonight I had to do a 45-minute DT after school for 3 tardies to my first hour class. That rule really sucks and it continues to frustrate me, and although my Mom agrees with the school, I don't think the student's rights to use the bathrooms is being fully honored. Each time I've been tardy (and it is only by 2 or 3 minutes each day) it's been because I've been on the toilet doing something that everyone has to do regularly. And I get punished for it.

It was a Monday morning and I went through the drive-thru at Starbucks at like 7 a.m. and got my coffee and finished my drive to school. I like to arrive by 7:15 a.m. and on many mornings I have a club meeting or some other activity; otherwise, I just hang with my friends. We sit in the commons area and talk about our classes, guys we know, things like that. Well, as I walked into the school at 7:15 I started to feel a little pressure in my anus and knew that I wanted to drop my demons before the 8 a.m. bell because there's no way to take a shit during the passing periods when the pee-ers monopolize the toilets. Well, I immediately headed with my heavy book bag on my shoulders to the nearest restroom to the rear entrance near where I park. I personally like it in the morning because it's not the 20-30 some stalls like the larger bathrooms in the building and it is usually not that busy because it's close to the science rooms and there's not that much taffic down there before school. I walked in and to my right found the two toilet stalls and beyond them two sinks. The first stall was already taken and big adult-like shoes and slacks could be seen from under the door. There was a scratch or two of a pen and a shuffling of papers that I could hear as I put my book bag down, carefully grabbed the toilet seat that was up (from cleaning, I hoped) as I dropped my white underwear to knee level, placed the seat down carefully, and then placed my butt onto it. I thought how lucky I was that I had worn a skirt because our club yearbook pictures were to be taken that day and Mom likes to see me dress up for such an occasion. (She seems to think it was like 1975 all over again when she was in high school and dressing up was required in order to be photographed).

This was a slow-fall as I felt the crap sliding down and as it did I became puzzled about the feet on my let and how that person hadn't moved or made any of the normal noises such as farts or her pee hitting the water in the bowl. Like every 30 seconds or so there was another squeek and shuffling of papers. Otherwise, no movement or other noise. The first of my crap--three ball like droppings connected together fell out first--and I could feel much larger activity following it when suddenly I heard my name being paged on the intercom to the office. I debated mentally for about 30 seconds whether I should interrupt my shit and go or wait until I was done. Then it came to me that the male voice was probably the assistant principal for discipline and I remembered friends telling me he's very tough on those that don't immediately come when he calls them. He suspended one of my friends for a day simply because she had cut class and didn't answer the page. He wrote it up as "insubordination" and that caused her mother to freak out because Angie now had a "record" with the office. I stood up, pulled up my underwear and straightened my skirt. Honest to God, I forgot to flush or even wash my hands. As I was hurrying down the hall I remembered that I hadn't even wiped, but I didn't want to get into any more trouble.

As soon as I got to the office the V-P held up a sheet of paper with my license plate number on it and said I was parked too close to a large snow bank and that the plow driver wasn't able to clear it away without me moving. For a couple of reasons, I was getting more of a pain in my butt and I knew that a full-sized shit was knocking like it does most mornings. He gave me a warning ticket for illegal parking (which by the way he also sent a copy of home) and told me I had 5 minutes to move my car or it would be towed. I left my bag in the office, went out to the already cold car and moved it 2 blocks away where I had to park in front of a house. In locking it, I turned around too fast and slipped on the ice, nearly falling backwards right into the traffic lane as a car was coming fast. That scare activated my anus more than anything and the cold weather also stung me to the point that I knew I had to pee ASAP. I started the walk back to school as fast as I could, although I slipped a couple of times and almost went down. By the time I got back onto the school steps there was definite pain between my legs and I wasn't sure whether the pee or shit would need to come out first. I went back into the building--with all its really wet and slippery floors--as I was now almost running back to the restroom.

When I opened the restroom door, I was shocked to see both stall doors were closed. It was obvious (now 15 minutes later) that the same occupant was in the first stall and that made me made. What was she hiding from? "This isn't the student lounge" I thought, as I remembered a couple of sarcastic teachers told us last semester when they made patrol sweeps of the restrooms and took the names of students who were spending too long in a stall. (They suspected these students were cutting class--which they probably were, but I still held out the possibility that they could be as constipated as hell...) The girl in my stall was in high heels and I peeked in and saw she had her pant suit down to the floor and a hand full of toilet paper ready for wiping. I heard a couple more trickles hit the water and saw her move her feet a bit as she stood, wiped, and within like 15 seconds she hurried out. I noticed that she hadn't flushed but I knew my goal and that was to get my butt back onto that seat before I had an accident. This time I yanked my pants down and quickly seated myself with a jolt that hurt me a bit but none-to-soon. As I sent my hand around the side of the seat to make sure I wasn't sitting on any of my skirt that would get dirty, a big piece emptied followed by an even larger turd that actually hurt because it sure enough expanded my anus. About that time, there was a deluge of pee and I knew that I would have some cleaning to do. The 5-minute warning bell rang and I was surprised when I pulled for the toilet paper, the last piece dropped from the dispenser.

I thought about taking a chance and dirtying my underwear by getting up and going to class. The shoes and noise in the other stall hadn't changed, but suddenly a science lab report paper slipped to the floor and slid a little under the partition to my side of the stall. I picked it up and immediately saw it was a lab report assigned by my science teacher. "Mrs. A. (that's what we affectionately call her!) os that you?", I called out. She said yes, and even recognized my voice. We talked for about a minute and she said she had just gotten done grading the lab papers. She has just started going into the stall and grading them as she prepares for her daily crap. She said something about 2 birds and 1 stone. I told her my situation and she pulled down like 10 or 12 tissues for me, saying she was only leaving 1 or 2 for herself. I got to thinking is she bragging or what? She was first out and I was impressed, she actually flushed the toilet. She was standing at the sink washing her hands when she said she was not going to count me tardy to first hour because she understood my situation. I thanked her and heard her leave through the door just a few seconds before the tardy bell rang. It took me about 5 minutes to clean up, flush and wash my hands.

When I got back to class, I couldn't help but thinking how normal teachers are. Just like us they have to use the bathroom, too. However, when I told my friend Arielle she said Mrs. A should be "written up for not using the faculty bathroom". I guess I both agree and disagree with that, I think.


Title Clarification../

Hi everyone,

I mis-typed the title to my story below about my friend and co-worker, Megan. The story should have been titled, "My friend took the Activia Challenge too!"

Anyway, I just wanted to clarify that.


Upstate Dave

Friends Stepsistors

Bruce and his parents did come ohome just before I was going to hit the sheets. Bruce and I talked with his stepmother and dad for awhile. I got paid for the babysitting of Chris and Linda. I would have to take the bus home tomorrow for Bruce's dads trucjk was running but not well enough to use it to take me and Bruce home. After talking for about a half hour we all went to sleep.

Morning sure came quickly and there was a reason for it. Both Linda and Chris woke up early came downstairs and they both woke me up. Both taking turns whispering told me that they knew eveyone else was home and that I was leaving today. Both girls were dressed in dresses and Chris whisperig kind of louf=d stiffling a giggle told me that both of them wanted to go outside for they both needed to piss and wanted me to come out wth them!

I told them; Let me get dressed. I was in my tshirt and briefs and they both very softly giggled as I threw the blanket off from me and they saw I was dressed this way. I grabbed a pair of shorts and a pullover shirt and put them on. Then thethree of us quietly snuck out the backdoor and the two girs haded right for the garage with me rght behind them both.

It was not all that bad out as far as being early in the morning. We all slipped in through the old side door of the garage and Chris, Linda,and I walked over to the far end corner where we had all went yesterday. Both Chris and Linda stood side by side in the corner hurridly pulling up thier dresses together. Once they had thier dreses pulled up niether one was wearing panties! Both girls giggled loudly and then they both squated down to piss.

As I stood and watched them both Chris started pissing right off with a tight wtisted hissing stream. Linda dribbled,did a spurt, dribbled again, and then a good stream formed that wasn't hissing and both girls wetted the dirt floor and soon had puddles formed in the dirt floor. Chris commented that she had to go and from the looks of it I did! Chris was pissing harder then Linda and she had twice the size puddle on the floor.

Chris's stream after about 15 seconds eased right off and stopped. So she stood up and was just about to let her dress drop but there was a sudden spurt that shot out form her vagina. Opps! I gusee I wasn't done! Cris only let out that one spurt of piss but stood there standing holding her dress up just to make sure that she was done. Then she did drop her dress down and went and watched Linda piss which she was still going.

Linda'spiss stream also now eased off. Her stream went right into a dribble followed by a spurt,then back to adribble followed by another spurt. Lida did this four times until she just dripped piss. Then still dripping she stood up and dropped hr dress down. Both girls were done. Now it was my turn. So they both stepped out of the corner and I stepped over being carefull not to step in thier piss puddles on the floor. I was in my bare feet.

I turned and faced the girls. Now since I had been awake for a little bit besides needing to piss I also had to shit. So I undid my snap and pulled the zipper down on my shorts. I yanked them down with my white briefs together. Seeing me do this Chris said loudly; Oh good Dave's is going to give us a complete show! I saw that Linda had a big smile on her face too. I told them both that I wasn't gving them the whold show but I have to shit too. That made both girls giggle loud and hard.

I squated right down and shoved my penis down at a sharp angle at the floor. In a very quick few seconds I was pissing sending a hard stream of piss under my shorts and ht te floor out in front of me making a good splash. I could feel my asshole being spread open for I was alrewady starting my shit. Several seconds later my shit had come out into sight. Chris almost yelling said; Look at the size of that thing! It felt like to was a big one to me that was for sure!

There was a soft crackle as I shit. My piss stream had let up some too but was still going. Linda told me that my shits tip was almost to the floor. I was down in a low squat so I raised upward. My shit kept on comming. It felt smooth to me and not dry hard chunky like I do most of the time. Now Chris told me it was touching the floor and it was bending. I stayed the way I was.

Then after several more seconds passed I heard a dull thud under me and my asshole had closed up. Chris said to me; You ought to take a look at your monster! So I cut off my piss stream stood up and turned around. Chris was right! Laying there on the floor was a good 15 incher! It was fat around most of its entire length like a soda can! It was brown in color and it was smooth. Linda told me it was a big one. Making a joke she told me I was no longer full of shit! I laughed and so did Chris.

I now hadn't finished my piss so I aimed my penis at my shit and started to piss again. I wet from one end of it to the other end wetting it all down. Both girls giggled off and on as I did this. I mad three paases over my shit and then I stopped pissing. I was done. I reached down yanked up my briefs and shorts. I wasn't sure if I would need to wipe for it didn't feel like I had to. But when we went back inside the house I did go into the bathroom and did wipe my ass. It did eed wiping and I did leave the slightest of a skid mark on my white briefs for not wiping right after I had shit. To be continuied.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

poop/fart survey
1. What is your age? 16
2. Gender? female
3. Weight, height and build(i.e. fat,chubby,tall,slim, etc.)
4. Race? (doesn't have to clear exact background; white, black,asian...) I am white, and I am quite fat
5. About how many times a day do you fart? What foods contribute to your farting? I fart rahter often, and when I have eaten fast food I have to fart like hell
6. What kind of farts do you rip? (wet, loud, silent, etc.) Does the size/shape of your butt contribute to the sound of your farts? no, and my farts are wet and loud.
7. Are you comfortable farting around others? If so who? no
8. Where are you comfortable farting? When I am at home alone, and when I am on the toilet
9. Do you have a reputation of being the person that farts alot? Have you liked farting since you were a kid? no
10. Have you ever farted in someones face? If so what was the situation? Or has someone farted in your face? No, NO
11. Do you try to push out farts for relif or humour around friends? no
12. Do you enjoy farting underwater to see bubbles? yes
13. Do you know if you fart while you sleep? No,
14. Do you know someone who rips huge farts? no
15. How many times a day do you poop? once
16. Describe the way your turds(logs) usually look. (color, size, length, texture, amount of turds, etc.) My turds are dark brown and hard fat long
17. Describe the last dump you had?big lol
18. Have you ever pooped yourself? How old were you? yes, and I was 10
19. Did you think pooping was funny or gross when you were a kid?yes
20. Have you ever clogged a toilet with your own turd? yer most the time :)
21. Have you ever pooped in a pool or bathtub? no
22. Do your turds usually float or sink? sink
23. How long do you usually have to wipe? depends
24. Have you ever had a dump so big it hurt your butthole? yer
25. Do you feel your butt is the right size/shape contribute to the way you poop. no.

Plop Idol
Just thought I'd tell you about a after work at home poo I just took.

It was 7pm and home alone, I was feeling rather bloated with the need for a good dump the increasing pressure building on rectum every couple of minutes, I could feel it literally and this was making me feel rather uncomfy to say the least. I let out a smelly fart and it stunk bad! Finally after the last urge I had 5mins ago I could feel the now impending need for a poo. So I made my way to the upstairs loo, only to my shock... no bog roll!! So I then rush to the downstairs bathroom, by the way I'm in a pair of denim 3/4 crop jeans, black work boots and my feet are tired and hot...I'm now hurrying as I can feel it moving towards my bum, I go in and lock the door, pull down my crop jeans and park my bum on the seat... I cross my arms and press on my belly and breathe in and let out some soft grunts to get things moving up there a bit. A couple of seconds later I let out another fart which stunk the aroma of it didn't hang around too long and nothing was happening. I keep grunting and feeling a tad hot now. I then let out another couple of soft grunts and I hear a crackle and feel a chunk of poo emerging from my bum and then...plop! it went into the bowl below, another couple of smallish chunks slithered and dropped out...plop-plop-plip-plop! I could still feel much much more inside just waiting to drop, it was a good few minutes and couple of grunts later before things happened again... Another crackle and this time I knew it was a big piece of poo and as it began to hang out my bum I could smell the sharp odour of it and I grunted softly and it dropped out with a dull plop into the bowl then in rapid succession I felt a huge load just slithering out and ... ka-plop, plop, plop, plop, plop-plip-plip-plop and there was still more to come and by now I was feeling quite hot from the effort. A moment or two later and I let out several short soft grunts and then some greasy poo just slides out my bum and makes a lot of noise as it hits the bowl... plop-splop, plop, plop, plop! By now the smell of my poo is hanging in the air, how can I describe it best, well it wasn't an offensive smell just very sharp that's all. I was taking my time as this poo needed some work to drop out of me and then .... Plop, plooop, plop-plip-plop, phlunk hit the bowl and now I know I was done and I took some bog roll and had a look into the bowl to see what kind of poo I did and it was many pieces which were in a pile along with a smallish 5" brown log - it was hard work but satisfying to get all of that out of my bum. Amazingly it only took about 3 wipes to make my bum clean but the sharp smell was still in the air. It was now 7:25pm and I had been on the loo for 25mins, I got up and pulled up my cropped jeans, flushed and then sprayed some air freshner in the air as it was a bit smelly after I dropped a good poo. I feel better now that's out my system and not bloated now.

Till next time, this is Plop Idol signing-off...Happy pooping all :)

To Laura: I love your stories they are great keep them coming, I'm compelled.


To David

Hi David,

I just wanted to let you know just how terrific I think your posts are. I was about to get back in to doing some posts after taking a bit of a respite since I felt that some of my creative juices had run dry and I didn't want to give a half-hearted effort to some neat experiences.

But when you started posting again, I started sitting back and just enjoying them. I've kind of stayed lurking because I didn't want to be seen as trying to compete with you or trying to outdo you. You've really picked up some of the slack (or you've pulled them down!!!) with some awesome accounts of both your own experiences and the experiences of your friends bumming on the toilet. A lot of people post either about other people doing the deed OR about themselves. But You seem equally adept at both. Please please please please PLEASE keep the GREAT stories coming! I know what it's like to be really busy, so that make's me appreciate your efforts all the more!

I'm really interested in a couple stories you alluded to. You mentioned one friend who has an exposed toilet installed in his basement since he moved down there. I'm taking it that you've been on hand when your pal had to USE said toilet.... or worse.. was it YOU??? I also would like to hear about your big friend who eats like a bottomless pit. I'm guessing he's had to unleash some SERIOUS piles!!

I think your BEST story may well have been your first one back when you gave us an account of when your buddy Brian had to take a big nasty shit right in the middle of a football game!! To me that really IS the ultimate. I can't imagine ANYTHING worse than having 10 guys around you depending on you to stay in there and you DESPERATELY have to shit! In most other areas of life, you can excuse yourself and make a dash for the crapper, but somehow if you do do it in the middle of a sporting event you're somehow seen as undisciplined or selfish, or both! Anyhow, glad your buddy somehow managed to hold on 'til halftime!! It's WAAAAY better to see them take a badly-needed dump on the badly-needed toilet (just HAD to get one of those in there!! It's a Greg trademark!!) than to see a pal have an accident!!

And now to Catherine...... I was really sorry to hear that some wierd guy (guys????) would actually freak out and get upset because you had the audacity to take a much-needed shit at his apartment. What did this guy think, that women can somehow control such things at will while men can't????? To my way of thinking, that's like 25 times wierder than a guy who enjoys hearing and seeing a girl (or another guy) take a big dump. It's probably lucky you found that out about him early because he's probably hung up on a lot of other stuff as well.

Plop Idol
Catherine's Survey:

1. Do you enjoy having a Bowel Movement?
Yes, definitely so. The feelings pre-poop and the sensations while having a bm are good and it is nice to take as much time as you need to have a satisfying bm. The good thing is that no poop is the same.

3. What do you like best about the BM?
I'd say the feeling as you begin to have a bm and the fact that you are ridding your body of it and that you feel good.

4. Do you look at your faeces after you have done it?
Yes. Always.

5. Do you think that it is weird, wrong or OK to "like" defecating?
It's not all weird or wrong cos we all have to do it no matter who we are. I just think it's OK to like defecating after all we are ridding our body of this toxic stuff cos it ain't gonna do us good if it don't come out.

6. What would make for the ideal bowel movement in your mind?
Nice quiet surrounds, fresh air and a nice firm log inching out ever so slowly by itself and then plopping out. Anything as long as it's not diarrhea.

Keep the surveys coming and also any poop stories.

Plop Idol

Answers to survey

To Jean,

My answers to your survey:

1) When you wipe after pooping, do you use toilet paper, wet wipes, or something else? If something else, say what it is...
Toilet paper and wet wipes. Wet wipes are great because they really give ya bum a good clean and they are hygenic.

2) If you wipe with tp, do you moisten it first? If so, how do you moisten it? (ex. water, soap, saliva, skin cream, or something else?)
No, use it as it is straight off the roll.

3) If you use tp, how much tp do you grab at a time? How many sheets?
Quite a bit as you can never tell the mess left on my bum by my bm.

4) After you do a wipe, do you ever reuse the same paper or wet wipe on the next wipe? No, use a fresh piece.

5) When you wipe, do you clean inside your hole? If so, how far into the hole do you clean? No, I usually don't go that far up!

6) Do you look at the paper or wet wipes after you wipe? Yes, always.

7) How do you know when you are done wiping? Do you look at the paper/wipes to see if it is clean, do you only wipe a certain number of times regardless of how dirty you are, or do you just wipe till it "feels" clean? I usually after about 3-4 wipes know that I'm clean. All depends on the kind of poo I just did but I look at the tp/wet wipe to see it's not dirty.

8) How much total tp or wipes do you use on an average poo?
tp: about 7 sheets and on average 4 wet wipes depends what's nearer at the time.

9) Do you look at your crap before flushing?
Yes definitely. I can usually tell by looking at it that everything inside is fine or that I'm not well. It serves as an indicator too.

It was a pleasure doing your survey :)

I had a good dump yesterday but have been in some pain but avoided pain meds.....woke up this morning needing to go but the poo was too high in the colon.....after lunch got the urge and on my way back to work called in at my public toilet and did a very big easy soft serve that was not that smelly. I have been taking Movicol today because i will go home soon and take a good dose of pain meds and do not want more constipation.


Road Trip

I was so excited! We were taking a road trip to California. When we were on a seemingly endless highway I felt the urge to pee. I asked my mom where the next stop was and she said Nevada. I asked her how long until we get to Nevada. She told me 3 hours. I knew I couldn't hold it that long. I could sustain another hour of torture but that is all. After 45 minutes I was close to peeing. I knew that the slightest bump would be it. I begged my mom to pull over. She said we couldn't or we would be late. I couldn't believe this! I was going to soak my new panties and skirt and my mom didn't care. After another ten minutes my dad suggested i pee in a bottle. I knew how to pee standing up but peeing in a bottle was just a new challenge so i did. I went to the back of the car away from my little brother and got ready. I moved my panties to the side put the bottle up to my vagina and let go. Unfortunately the bottle filled up before i was done so i tossed out the bottle and sat back down with half a bladder full of pee. After another hour we got stuck in traffic. We sat there another hour and knew we were going to take even longer to get there. I just gave up. I couldn't hold it any longer so I just peed soaking my skirt and panties.



hey i just discovered this site and i have to say i luv it lol i have a story i'd like to share but first i'll tell u a lil about myself. i'm 23, brunette, brown eyes, white skin with a slight tan, 5'8", 190lbs and i have to say, i'm fat and i'm proud lol. i've got impressive breasts that do distract ppl from my bulging belly lmao (i figure there's no point in lyin or bein embarrassed, i luv my body the way it is lol) i normally pee about 5-6 times a day, poop 3 times, and fart a lot lol i'm wondering if anyone has ever heard of a guy attracted to farting, bc that would b the man for me! lol
ok so here's my story. As i mentioned i usually have a bm 3 times daily, mornin noon and night. i have a cheese and beef heavey diet, and recently lost a bet with my lil sis which resulted in me eating nothing but cheese for an entire day. As u can probably guess i have a healthy appetite and ate 4 large bars of cheese that day (a lil more than 1kg total). I ate this with out a second thought bc my digestive track is a bit of a tank and can handle ANYTHING lol. Not this time though. i only pooped twice that day and the last was rather hard and came out in lil balls. the next day i noticed i was farting more than usual but it's not a big deal bc i'm a farm girl and working in the barn i can let them rip all day and not care. I went about my business as usual but was beginning to get concerned about my lack of bm's. this went on for 2 more days and i was rly beginning to worry, and was starting to get a rly heavy feeling in my belly. That night i had to go to my parents house for my grandpa's b day supper. my family (aside from my lil sis) is against admitting that women fart or poop, so i was gonna have to hold in my farts for a few hours. givin their frequency this was no easy task. i started cramping up after and hour, but managed to last until it was time to go home. as soon as i got to my car i tried to let it out, but to my horrification it wouldnt come! I drove myself straight to a c store and got a laxative and immediately took that maximum dose. my belly made intense rumbling but after several hours i was desperate for a fart and a bm. i measured and my belly was 4 inches rounder than normal and i had a rly heavy feelin in my lower gut. I drank some stuff called mineral oil, which is clear oily tasteless stuff used for consipated livestock and i went to watch tv. after a half an hour my lil sis showed up to c how i was makin out and she could hear my stomach noises accross the house!. not long after that i felt a major shift and ran to the bathroom. i ripped off my pants and sat down and pushed. it was nasty! there was so much comin out of me it literally filled the bowl to the point that it was within 3 inches of my butt! i still had gas cramps after i was done wipin, but i ignored them, having been happy to have just unloaded like that. my sis had to leave bc of the smell, and it took me about an hour to get the toilet to flush. i changed into my night panties which r rather tite (let's face it wen ur butt's like mine most things r tite lmao). as i layed down i felt the gas shift, so i pushed and out came a fart so powerful it ripped a hole in my panties!

the quiet one
to reid, i enjoy pee stories, please keep them coming! thanks!


To Catherine: My took the Activia Challenge too!

Hi Catherine,

I just read your post about taking the Activia Challenge and it reminded me of a story about my friend and co-worker Megan who started eating Activia yogurt a few years ago. Megan is now almost 25 years old and is a really cute little blond with great blue eyes. To be honest, she is more like a sister to me than anything. She works in sales, while I work in service in the same office.

Anyway, like I said, Megan took the Activia Challenge a few years ago. At one point she started complaining to me that she was sick at work one day after I had left. I asked her what she meant by that, and she replied with "having the runs". She kept complaining that everything she ate was going right through her. I sit near the door of our office and she sits near the back. One afternoon at around 1pm or so, she came running through the office, ripped open the door, not saying a word, only moaning. After about a half an hour, she finally came back to the office, walking quite slowly. I noticed that she had been crying. I asked her what was wrong and she replied with "I didn't make it." I said something like, "What do you mean?" She said, "It all came out as I was rushing out of the office." She said that she was in the ladies room trying to clean herself up and having diarrhea on the toilet at the same time. When she turned to walk away, her dress pants were stained quite badly from her accident. She doesn't live too far from our office, so I told her to go home and get herself cleaned up. She did just that and stayed home for the rest of the day.

It happened to her again the following week, although this time I wasn't around. She told me about it the morning after it happened. Apparently on her way home from work, she started cramping up and having the runs in her pants again. She parked her car in the underground parking lot at her condo and got out of her car. As she was walking to the elevator, her bowels relented and diarrhea poured into her panties and down her legs. She was crying as she told me this story and I came up with one of the funniest lines of all time. I said to her, "Megan, there's a reason why the arrow points down!" I was referring to the down arrow on the Activia boxes and commercials.

Megan gave me the rest of her Activia yogurt to try, and it did loosen things up for me, but not to the extent of what happened to Megan.


Hi Reid

I really like pee stories hope to read some soon

I hadn't had a shit in a few days so when I woke up this morning I felt pretty uncomfortable. As I drove to school, the pressure in my bowels began to increase. I arrived at my Sociology course on time and didn't bother to use the washroom before since I knew I would go right after class. The professor kept us over and continued on with the lecture. After sitting for nearly three hours, I was needing to go as much as ever.

I found the nearest bathroom on the floor and found it to be busy. I made my way to an empty stall and quickly closed the door before setting my bag down and sitting down. I heard the guy next to me release a tremendous load of what sounded like a bad case of diarrhea. I pushed hard as I felt the turd slowly ease its way out. I felt a sharp pain in my anus as the turd pushed out. It exited for what felt like a minute before slipping into the bowl quietly. I sighed in relief while gathering my breath. I could hear people around the stall and someone tried to enter not realizing I was using it. I let out a loud fart which I'm sure everyone heard.

I quickly started to wipe realizing that someone was waiting for me to finish. I got up and saw my massively large turd sitting in the bowl. It must have been a good foot in length and was very thick. I flushed and to my amazement it went down but the water level soon came up and my wad of toilet paper did not go down. Realizing I had clogged the toilet up I tried to make a quick escape but there was someone already waiting outside the stall. I quickly exited and made my way over to the sink. The guy behind me sat down almost immediately and it sounded like he also had to relieve himself pretty badly. I'm sure he probably figured out the toilet was clogged, but I guess he had no choice.

Later in the afternoon I returned to the same washroom to go pee. I looked in the stall I had used and discovered it was full with several logs and toilet paper. Does anyone else have problems with clogging toilets?

Upstate Dave

Friends Stepsistors

We played outside till lunch time. I made BLT's for our lunch along with lemonade. After cleaning up our mess after we finished eating Chris stayed inside while Linda and I went back outside. She and I went back to the swingset and swung again on the swings together for awhile. Then Linda went inside just for a moment. She went in to check on Chris.

She came back out and told me Chris had fallen asleep on the livinroom couch. Linda seemed to be in a hurry when she did come back outside for some reason. She came over to me closer and in almost a whisper told me to come with her. I got up off from the swing and Linda headed for the garage again. As I walked with her towards the garage which Linda was walking quite fast as we walked I asked her if she needed to piss. Linda told me she did but then added; I have to shit too!

We reached the garages side door and went inside leaving the door open. Linda went over to the corner where I had pissed earlier when we were in the garage when Chris had pissed and shit in the paint can, I pissed here in the corner, and Linda had done also. Once over in this corner the dirt was again dry but we both could smell the light oder of piss from our earlier pissing.

Linda grabbed one of the carboard boxes that was there near by. She emptied the trash out form it. It was a large low long box. Linda faced me and then stepped backward so that she now stood straddling over it. She then dug out a big wad of folded toilet paper out from her pocket. Here hold this she said to me so I took the toilet paper from her.

Then Linda asked me if I was going to piss. she also said to me; I'm sure you have to Dave. I did and I told her I would. Then she asked me if I would pull my pants down and my underware! I was somewaht surprised by this. Seeing that I was surprised by her asking me this Linda giggled slightly for a few seconds. Then she told me she has seen boys do this when they pissed and she added saying to me; I DO LIKE TOO SEE ABOY PISS THIS WAY! I now had to smile and I did.

Linda stood there and when I did pop the snap and pulled my zipper down she knew I was going to do it and she let out a little squeal and said to me I knew you would do it! I let out a short laugh and I did yank down my pants and white briefs down to my knees. Good enough? I said to Linda. Smiling and looking right at my crotch looking at my equipment Linda giggled a harder litle giggle and said YES!

So mow Linda raised and gathered up her old summer dress up around her waist. She got down ito a high hovering squat over the old cardboard box. I was standing a step back from the one end of the box holding my penis and had it aimed down at the box. Linda started her piss by having only have some piss dribble out from her vagina. It pattered noisily n the dry carboard of the old box darkening the tan color of the box making it almost brown in coclor.

Linda dribbledlike this for several long seconds. I now started my piss which I sent a strong thin stream down into the box which did splash some inside the bottom of the box which wetted a good area of the bottom of the box almost instantly. My piss did run over te bottom also. Now Linda dribbling turned into a thin stream of piss which went straight down into the box. In a very short time after she had went this way and my hard pissingtthe entire botom of the box was now wet with our piss.

Then Linda let out a fart and her piss stream weakened up some being more then a trickle. Then I saw a sharp pointed tip of her shit apear under her. It was a dark brown color and it was knobby looking looking. It moved getting longer and it got fatter as more of it came out. I did notice that Linda was having no problems shitting for she was not tenesed up and she was not pushing to make her shit move. Now that her shit was fatter the knobs or should say it chunks were different sizes some bieng small and some large ones too.

Her sht soon was over a half foot inlength and it broke. It fell down into the box with a good thud. Where it fell into the bottom of the box was where my piss stream was hiting the bottom of the box. Now my piss hit her shit and sprayed all over the inside of the box. I let out a laugh. Linda quickly asked me what was so funny. I'm pissing on your shit! I said back to her. Linda then stepped back a few steps. She looked down and saw I was pissing on her shit down inside the box. She let out a loud giggle and then stepped back to where she had been and resquated back down in her high squat again.

Linda let out a slight grunt for this time she did have to push to start her shit moving. With her push her trickling piss stream which had started againg ereupted into a short arcing piss tream which hit myp[iss stream which made our streams splatter which Linda had to squeeze off her stream to stop the splattering of our piss. Her shit did start moving again wit the short hard push she did do. I saw the blunt fat broken end of it hanging under her. It was creeping slowly along. Also Linda had relaxed enoughagain in that her piss stream was comming out making a very thin trickling stream again.

Myself by this time my stream was easing up for it wasn't shooting so far into the box. Linda saw this and she gave a push to sped up her shit and her stream thickened and got harder. She didn't have to worry now about having her stream and my stream collide. Severla more seconds passed and I sent the last of my piss down into the box. I didn't need to do any pushes to do any finishing spurts. So Is tood there watching Linda.

Her shit again was a good half foot long hanging straight down under her. It stopped. Then the hanging shit fell into the box with a good thud again. I saw Linda's piss stream move back and forth a couple of times. Linda had pushed just maybe she had felt there was more shit to get out but no more sht did come into sight. Then after several more seconds her piss stream slackened right off going right down into just having piss drip into the box.

I habded the wad of toilet paper to Linda now. She took it took it reached back behind her and she wiped her ass. She looked at the paoper and without tearing off or flipping the paer over she wiped her vagina off with it. Once done doing that she dropped the toilt paper wad into the box. She stepped back away from the box. Linda the picked up all the trash she had emptied from the box and threw it back into it. Then we both kicked the box back over where it had been. The box was to weak to be picked up with our pissing into it.

I started to pull up my white briefs. Linda said to me; Don't pull your underware up yet! I did have them pulled up where the waistband had my balls covered. I want to take one last look! linda siad to me. So I did pull them down but did it by doing one side at a time and bouncng each of my hips with each tug. That made Linda burst into hard laughter till I stopppe and gave her her last look. Then I yanked both my pants and briefs up together. I pulled up my zipper and did the snap.

As we headed towards the garage door Linda giggled and told me my litle strptease show was cute and funny. I smiled. Would you do that again? I laughed and said I would if you want me to. Linda grabbed my hand which stopped me right where I was and she gave me a kiss on my cheek and in a whisper said yes to me. Then we did walk back out of the garage and went inside the house to check on Chris. To be continuied.

Just Jerika

My Bathroom Is Closed & I'm Bursting

Some of you may remember my post on page 1806. I'm in 7th grade and having great difficulty in using the bathrooms at my junior high. They are like 25 times as large as what I used in grade school, the toilets themselves are really old, gross and like much larger than what I have used before. It also sucks when I'm sitting on the toilet that my feet don't quite reach the floor. You see I'm only 3'5" and the smallest person in my class.

I had real problems back in the fall when I would sit to pee, see other girls looking in on me and hear them talk about how they were going to blow up their bladders and pee their pants, and I guess I got frustrated and felt guilty just sitting there and not being able to produce. So I would just get up off the stool, pull up my clothing and go back to class without being able to get my pee flow going. I realize now that I made a mistake about not flushing. That would cover up the fact that I had just sat and not been able to go. Also, Mom advised me to drink less at school so I would have less need to pee. And that worked somewhat, but I've always felt during a good winter, I pee more. Then one morning back in like September as I was getting off my bus across the street from my school (I had been holding my crap for like 15 minutes of the 45 minute ride across our city), a friend suggested I go into the gas station a few feet away and crap. It worked well and I've been crapping there sometimes 2 or 3 mornings a week. And I had been pretty successful at holding my pee until school got out and then I'd go in and pee after school during the 15 minutes I had to wait for my bus to pick me up.

What sucks, however, is that two weeks ago the gas station closed. It's boarded up and has a For Lease sign on it and I've lost my bathroom. Unfortunately, there are no other businesses nearby so I've been "sentenced" to use the school bathrooms. And I hate them! Like yesterday morning, I went in, put my book bag in my 1st hour classroom and then went across the hall to the bathroom. There must have been 30 or 40 girls in there, some were crapping (sure makes me feel good!) and when I finally got a stall, closed the door, pulled up my dress and dropped my pants and seated myself, there was the usual gas and one like 2-inch piece. That was all I was able to get out even though I sat for like 10 minutes until the warning bell rang. At the gas station I would have done like 4 or 5 pieces and not have had to go through my day feeling bloated.

I got a pass from my 6th hour teacher and went in and tried to pee. It was a joke. Once I pulled my underwear down and seated myself, I looked at my watch (advice from my Mom) and I sat for 8 minutes but was unable to get my pee flow going. While I sat and continued to get frustrated (I was in the 2nd stall)3 girls came in and peed in the stall to my left. After 8 minutes I jumped down off the stool, pulled up my pants, staightened my dress, and walked around the side of the toilet and did the fake flush thing (like my Mom said to do). Then I finished my last two classes with additional worries that I was going to have an accident. That feeling got worse after school as we were bumping into one another and their bookbags in the hall after school. So I knew I would have to do something drastic.

I trying to get around the crowd I bumped an open door that was a small janitor's closest. I swear it's no bigger than what I have in my room at home. I hung around that hallway as most of the others left and in going past the partially opened door, each time I was able to see a little bit more of what was available to me. There's something about curiousity when you know you're going to do something that radical, I guess. So after about 5 minutes, I took my bookbag and squeezed it into my locker, which luckily is in the same hallway. There was nobody in the hallway so I quickly slipped into the closest. It smelled of chemicals but nothing like the bathrooms at 8 a.m. after several dozen students crap in them. I checked the door to make sure it wasn't going to lock me in and I wouldn't be able to get out and then I closed it. There was a mop bucket on wheels which I pushed against the back wall and then I dropped my pants and seated myself on it. I was amazed that I got my pee flow going almost immediately and the empty bucket and the fact that I was an echo of sorts in the room, made what I felt was quite a bit of noise. I think I peed for about a minute and a half and I remember my butt hurt and I hoped I wasn't bruising my legs on the bucket which was very uncomfortable and cutting me it seemed on the left side. (I think a rubber bucket would have been more comfortable but the bucket sure beats the regular toilets!) There was a floor drain there that I had almost turned my ankle on but I wasn't about to take any more time to pour my pee out. I quickly slipped out and walked very innocently to my locker, got my bookbag and then made a run out to my bus. Luckily it was still there, and I was the last person on.

Mom was in the living room when I got home. I asked if she could take me to the mall to get some poster board for a presentation my group is working on in science call. She was surprised I wasn't running for the downstairs bathroom. Even at the mall, she remarked about my not needing to use the bathroom. I felt good that she didn't question me any more about it.

I know my pee closet isn't going to be open every day and that I would probably eventually get caught. I guess I better start thinking about my other options.

Just Jerika

To Cat
I used to work in a nursing home, and yes people who are in a coma and are fed through an iv do still poop. Usually they are given it is very soft and liquidy. If they do not poop every day they are given laxatives so that they will poop.

poop girl:)

pee and poop in classroom

hy guys, today i was alone in the classroom, it was freezing outside, the toilet is on another floor, so i closed the door and blocked it, i took a plastic glass and peed twice in it and pour it on the window in the snow in the yard. then i also pooped in the same glass a few pieces, and did the same. i had to leave the window open for fresh aer. i usually poop in the toilet, very rarely in opther places. i'll keep ypu informed if it happends again. love ur stories about constipation, i don't know why but it makes me be curious, i hope u'll post more. bye:)

Sarah from Calgary

One of Megan's Accidents

Someone had asked about Melanie and Megan's past accidents. Here is one that happened to Megan last year...

Melanie, Megan and I went shopping and Megan had diarrhea and had an accident. We were in a store called "R.W. & Co." and she said that she needed to get to the ladies room right away. She started walking funny as we headed out of the store and then she started crying a little bit. I asked her what was wrong and she didn't say anything. She bolted into the ladies room and there was a bit of a line up, of course. She just kept on saying, "Oh god, please hurry". I was beside her and then she said, "Oh my god, no..." Finally a toilet opened up and she ran into it. I was on my period so I went into the next available stall and changed my pad since it was full. I beat Megan out of the washroom and met up with Melanie who was waiting for us in the hall. Mel asked me if Megan was alright, and I told her that I didn't really know. After about 15 minutes of waiting, Megan came out of the washroom crying and walking funny. She said that she needed to go home. Since my place was closer than theirs we went to my place. Mel asked Megan what was wrong in my car on the way home and she said that she suddenly felt sick and had diarrhea. She said that she couldn't hold it and pooped in her pants rather badly.

She had a shower at my place and I gave her a clean pair of underwear and jeans to change into. We washed her clothes at my place as well. They were soiled pretty badly. I think those poor pink panties of hers will have stains in them forever!

Anyway, we got to talking about some of our accidents. Apparently Melanie had diarrhea on a school trip when we were 15 and ended up messing per pants on this trip! She did a good job of hiding it because I never knew that happened to her. Another accident Megan had happened when she was 13 and had diarrhea in her cheerleading uniform in grade nine.

I have told both Melanie and Megan about this website, and I know that they have both read some of the stories here before. Hopefully they will post their own stories some day!

Sarah from Calgary.


Reply to Catherine

Catherine, thanks for your reply to my post. It never entered my mind that some girls don't like to talk about pooping in front of guys because they think it will turn the guy off. My belief is that most decent, substantial men will NOT be turned off if a girl talks about or references her bowel movements. We know that girls are human too, and I think the most important thing to a decent guy is that a girl be honest, open and not ashamed of herself or her body. I'm very sorry for the bad experience you had at your prom. But think about this. If a guy you were with was turned off or repulsed because you had to make poop - is that really the sort of guy you want to be involved with?


Poop Scenesin TV shows

Someone asked about female poop scenes in American TV shows. I saw one earlier this season on the series "Heroes". Claire and her college friend Gretchyn were having lunch with Claire's father, Noah (also known as "HRG" or horn-rimmed glasses guy). They were at some kind of Chinese or Thai restaurant, and they had some kind of exotic food (I can't remember what it was). At a certain point, Gretchyn excuses herself to go the bathroom and makes a comment about how the kind of food they were eating "always goes right through me" or something like that.

I think that qualifies as a female poop scene. Anyone know of any other scenes like that in recent shows?


Re: Cat

If you're fed by IV there won't be anything in you to poop out. However, tube feeding is also possible and that will leave stuff inside. I don't know how what decides which way a patient is fed.

the Juiceman
Cat - people in comas do poop. They put diapers on them and feed them through a tube. IV feeding won't keep a person alive indefinitely. I'm told that the food is in fact vile, which has been known to be the first thought they have upon awakening - although of course many never do.



Claire N, Thanks for writing. I am an only child and currently live alone, but hope to find Mr. Right and marry some day. I read about the struggle you had to go to the bathroom in front of your husband. I enjoy pooping in private. Though I do not want a potential husband to be repulsed by pooping, I do want to have privacy most of the time. Do you have any boundaries when it comes to when he can see you and not?

David, I think sometimes I can judge what type of movement I will have. As you say, the need to go feels only slightly different, but I can usually tell. Glad to hear you were helping with a youth retreat and using your talents to make a difference!

Braidy, I have read several of your posts and can relate to some of the quirks about being tall (i'm 6'1") and going to the bathroom. On top of that, I did not slim down until high school. Some times I would go into the bathroom at school and others would just stop their conversations to gaze. I also hate that your boyfriend was teased. No one deserves that. I would not go back to being a teenager for anything!


Stories from Kim...

Hi my name is Kim. I am 23 years old and am about 5 foot 6. I have blue eyes and long brown hair.

I have had accidents in my panties for not getting to the restroom fast enough. One time in high school during gym, we were outside and I felt that I needed to go. I asked the teacher but she said we'll be going inside in about 10 minutes. Needless to say, I couldn't hold it any longer and I stained my panties. What a mess! When I got inside and into a stall I cleaned myself the best I could.

Another time I was at the mall and just finished eating when I started leaving gas. I headed for the nearest Ladies Room. There was a line for the stalls. Again, I came in my panties before I got into a stall and had another big mess in my pants.

On January 2nd, I got a stomach virus. That was no fun. I ate spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. After I ate I didn't feel too good. I went to pee and everything seemed fine. I went to bed and in the middle of the night I got cold and my stomach started turning. I went into the bathroom, but before I got on the commode, I lost control and had diarrhea in my panties. What a nice big mess! I was still sitting on the commode, when the next round came. However, this came fast because I had diarrhea and I was vomiting at the same time. I didn't have time to get the wastebasket, so I had it all over my nightgown too. Sorry for being gross. I was sick from both ends at the same time. How wonderful! I put my panties and nightgown in the sink and rinsed them out the best I could until I could get a chance to wash them. I then jumped into the shower and rinsed off. This was 4AM. In the morning, after my shower, I put on a fresh pair of panties and a nightgown and waited for the next round. I had some bad accidents the rest of week too.

The longest I had to wear soiled underwear was about 8-10 hours. It was at work. Some of the handicapped stalls have a wash basin in them. That's why I like to use a handicapped stall during my period. Anyway, I took off my soiled panties and washed them the best I could in the basin. I put a pad in my panties so that when I put them back on, the wet panties wouldn't feel to bad. Usually at home, if the panties get soiled, I put them in the sink in the bathroom to wash and rinse them. If they are stained to bad, then I throw them away. If they are stained just a little bit, I will wear them again during my next period.

More stories to come later!


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