Kate M.

Green peeing

Since there is more than 1 Kate on this site, I will be called Kate M. to avoid confusion. I find it interesting how people are becoming more environmentally aware. Peeing in the shower is green; in fact Brazil has a public message for residents to do this to save water. Peeing on the compost heap is also good for the garden. I did some websearches on baby elimination communication whereby some western babies do not wear diapers at home to save on disposable diaper trash. They wear cloth diapers outside the home and their parents are cued into their elimination needs. Parents hold them over the bathtub to pee (and then rinse the tub), hold them over the grass to pee in nature and they carry a travel potty in public. In many nations this is considered normal since they don't have the money for diapers. I find it odd that public urination is a ticketed offense when people just get caught short - I have a weak bladder and have peed in public discreetly many times. I especially like large, wide evergreen trees with generous branches for hiding. At the beach I will wear a black bathing suit and have peed in the sand and in the water while swimming. I also always pee while showering. I have some questions: who pees in the backyard? Who pees while swimming - if so, specify beach or pool. I went swimming and I try to guess who is peeing in the pool. One older man (a senior citizen) was against the wall of the pool, very still and focusing on his private area. When he saw me he looked embarassed as he was having a quick pee in the pool. I have heard parents tell their kids to just pee in the pool. One lady in my aquafitness class told the teacher she had to pee and was told to just go and take a shower. I have also seen other people come in to shower quickly before going back into the pool. On rafting trips people just pee in the water or while stopped for a swim break.

The Plumber

My Good Deed

When I was in college, I worked my summers as a Maintenance Assistant at this large resort hotel complex. Most of the time my job was to assist the Head Plumber with various plumbing problems. Basically, I was to handle the routine plumbing problems, leaving the Head Plumber to focus on the more serious issues.

One of the maintenance calls I answered one day was for a family in the hotel whose toilet wasn't flushing properly. We had our own jargon within the maintenance department and this was something we referred to as a "tampon call." This was a family with two teenage girls and we knew from experience that in situations like these it was almost always a tampon or other sanitary napkin flushed down the toilet that was creating the problem.

When I answered the call, the whole family was there and I was quick to note that both girls were tall, blonde-haired beauties and each of them was wearing a T-shirt indicating they were on their high school basketball team. The older of the two seemed a bit nervous and she seemed more than a little interested in what I was doing. That led me to assume that it was she who had flushed the tampon and created the problem. As I went about snaking out the toilet, the rest of the family went about their business, but this girl kept hanging around the bathroom door watching what I was doing. This, of course, only confirmed my suspicions as girls her age, (or any age for that matter) just aren't normally that interested in plumbing maintenance. She asked me if I'd be able to tell what was clogging the toilet and I explained that the toilet snake would grab whatever the clog was and I'd probably be able to pull it back out. The poor girl looked even more nervous and outright distressed at the thought of that.

The job was taking a while as the clog seemed to be deep within the pipes. The father asked me how I was doing and he also asked the question about whether we were going to find out what the source of the clog was. I explained to him that we probably would. Finally, I felt my toilet snake hit the source of the clog and I felt it snag it. I slowly and carefully begin pulling it back up and out of the toilet. Eventually, I pulled it out and much to my surprise it wasn't a tampon at all, but a pair of light blue panty briefs. I was puzzled for a moment - I was thinking why would someone flush panties down the toilet? But then I looked closer and saw a healthy mess of fecal matter in the seat of the panties. My first thought was that the panties went down first and got stuck and then when someone did a bowel movement and flushed it down, the bowel movement somehow got lodged in the panties. But then I thought of a more plausible explanation and the only one that made any sense - the only explanation that would explain why someone would flush panties down the toilet.

I looked up at the girl watching me and I didn't even have to ask. Without having to say a word, the mortified look on her pretty face told me the whole story. Obviously, she had made a mess in her panties and then tried to escape getting caught by flushing the panties down the toilet. She looked about ready to cry as she know that I knew what she had done and she was obviously very embarrassed by it. It was that and also the realization that now her whole family was about to find out her shameful secret.

About that time, the girl's father was heading over to me and asking if I had found what was clogging the toilet. I had announced a few minutes earlier that my toilet snake had snagged the clog and I was pulling it out. Thinking quickly, I stuffed the poor girl's soiled panties into the plastic garbage bag that I had with me. I told the father that the toilet snake had grabbed it and loosened it, but that I lost it while pulling it out. I flushed the toilet a few times to show him that whatever was clogging the toilet was now cleared and gone and that the toilet was now working properly.

He seemed a bit insistent to find out what the source of the clog was - I think he suspected that one of his daughters had flushed something that they shouldn't have (maybe a tampon I suppose) - but I told him that there was no way of knowing if the source of the clog had even come from this particular toilet. That explanation seemed to satisfy him.

The girl looked noticeably relieved and mouthed the words "thank you" to me. I gave her a nod and a smile back, trying to let her know that it was no big deal and I was glad to help. As I was packing up my tools, I let her see my written report which, under the heading "Source of Clog" I had written "Unknown." I whispered to her "accidents happen sometimes - just be careful what you do with it afterwards." She managed a small smile (boy, she had a beautiful smile) and she thanked me again.

I guess that was my good deed for the summer. Most of my other calls were indeed for toilets clogged with tampons and stuff like that.



I slept in Sunday morning, didn't get out of bed until 8:00. I had breakfast, watched some television, and surfed the internet until lunchtime. After lunch the dogs wanted a walk but I had a decision to make, take a crap before I walk the dogs, or walk the dogs before I take a crap. I decided to play it safe and crap first. I went in the bathroom, dropped my pants, sat down and relaxed. Pushing was not necessary. I finished my business, wiped, pulled my pants up, put my shoes on and took the dogs for their walk. Th pressure was gone and I felt good. After walking the dogs I went back outside to straighten up the car. After about ten minutes I felt uneasy. Another five minutes passed and I thought I was getting sick. Normally I only crap every two or three days. Considering that I just went an hour ago, I was surprised when poop started collecting in the bikini underwear I was wearing. I tried my best to stop it but could only slow it down. It was light brown like butterscotch pudding.


To David and Catherine

As I think about it a little more now, I do see David's point about "shit" vs. "feces."

Shit is very generic nowadays and can be used in good connotations like "I just took a nice big healthy SHIT." or "Can I have some more coffee, that stuff is some good SHIT!" or "That new band is the SHIT!!"

On the other hand, "feces" now is used almost exclusively to drive home a negative point like "The sanitary conditions in the dog pen were deplorable with FECES everywhere."

So, let's continue to use "Shit," and we'll sound cultured and educated everywhere we go.


Are the Sick Too Sick To Sit?

Sorry I haven't posted in about a month, but I've been busy at the bank I work at and have been working about 60 hours a week because we're going to be opening a new branch and I'm going to be one of the managers (Yeh!).

But before my post, I have a few comments to other writers.

First, For Braidy and the guys out there. The information on this site tells me there's more doorless stalls out there. Are more men learning to accept and use open stalls?

Second, For Just Jerika. You write about the "old, gross and much larger toilets" in your middle school compared to your grade school. I've written previously about how my career and physical fitness interests require me to use public bathrooms up to seven or eight times a day. Take it from somebody about 25 years older than you, although it is tough on you now, experiences in using a variety of public toilets and in various situations will benefit you greatly when you leave home, go to college and start your career. As you gain more experience, JJ, you will gain the needed confidence to handle such situations. Also, maybe that gas station will reopen under a new operator. Let's hope so!

I've been at our big regional mall twice in this past week because I've been looking for some additional business outfits and I've got a few holiday gift certificates burning holes in my purse.

I got to the mall Saturday morning about 10 a.m. (an hour after it opened) and the parking lots were almost full--something that surprised me. As I cruised into the third lot waiting for a space to open I started to get that feeling that the crap I had been holding (my live-in boyfriend was still asleep at our apartment and I didn't want to wake him by flushing the toilet because he works weird hours and needs his sleep) was becoming an emergency and I was starting to think about my options. I didn't go out and workout at 5 a.m. that morning like I normally do so my crap was delayed and ever-so-urgently waiting for its entrance. I considered the handicapped stalls, and other restricted areas labeled "deliveries" for a momentary run inside, a couple of minutes seated on the porcelin seat (I've written about my fast, soft craps!) and then moving my car to a more legitimate parking slot. Suddenly, I saw a "compact car" sign in front of a space and although my Escape is anything but compact, I wheeled in. I grabbed my handbag off the front seat, placed it over my right shoulder and made the run for the side entrance to the mall which, as a frequent shopper, I knew well.

They were setting up for a dog show in one part of the mall and I also remember running past kiosks and tables for another show that looked like historic radios and stereos. The fact that there was Big Band music going and lots of people standing around didn't clear an aisle for me and I was in a hurry. I set out down a side hall and like two dozen stairs to the lower level where I knew the closest restroom was. The exercise of the stairs go me to thinking that I should have taken the nearby elevator down, but I thought my physical capabilities (aren't I vain?) would get me down there and onto the toilet faster. Just as I pushed the restroom door open, it seemed like I had run into a brick wall. One, two, three ladies were hogging the doorway and the one lady was standing there calling to her daughter to hurry up or she would get lost behind trying to follow her mom. Perhaps ten people bunched together came through that doorway while I had to wait (it got me briefly remembering back in high school 20 years ago when that would happen and it would be a bad sign because by the time I would wait for the crowd to depart, the class tardy bell would ring and I would have to hold onto my needs until the next passing period and hope for less traffic) but after like 30 seconds I slithered sideways and once I got into the well-lit room of about 20 stalls, I noticed there appeared to be only two stalls that were not in use. At the very end there was a doorless stall with a little girl who was like 4 or 5, sitting with her athletic shoes and sweats at the floor level as she swung her legs and with a big smile she told me "I'm going Number 1" Her mother was in the stall next to her and called out "Amanda, don't disturb others" and at that point the third stall door opened and an older lady came out.

I was already unbuckling my jeans as I took my left hand to close and latch the door. I dropped my jeans and as I was quickly yanking my underwear down, I quickly looked in the bowl and there was a curly log of about 18-inches, but I new I didn't have time to flush. My crap was very quiet as it hit the other ladies stool, but I could surely smell what she had left. I slide back on the seat and spread my legs wider to get a better view of what she had left and this proved to be a real mistake because the stench became even worse. I don't normally do this, but I leaned back and flushed at mid-shit, lifting my butt about two inches off the seat in case of splash-back (a good decision on my part)and then I reseated myself for Round II. At that point I started to relax for the first time in the experience and was surprised when the mother next to me started to violently cough. I could see her feet change position. A series of long hacking-type coughs showed that she had a very bad cold or viral infection and I heard her pull off toilet paper probably to blow her nose with. As she did more coughing came and the girl asked "Mommy, are you OK" and she started to answer but then another violent coughing episode came on. At the end of the episode, about 20 seconds later, the mother was off the stool and on her knees facing the door. I could see her bare legs as she struggled to stop coughing. She was almost wretching to breathe, but then she seemed to get better and she sat back down on the stool and I heard her pee start. Midway into the pee, she sneezed once, and then her daughter came over the join her in the stall. There were like four or five sneezes, the last was so violent that the daughter told her mother she was afraid mom was going to fall off the toilet and pee on herself. It sounded quiet violent to me and I could see her feet and posture change.

I stood, wiped, and gingerly flushed a second time and luckily my two extra logs, which were quite wide, cleared the hole and disappeared. While I was washing my hands, the lady started to sneeze violently again, but I didn't stick around. Last night after work and before my evening college class, I stopped at the store and before picking up my altered outfits, I went downstairs to pee. Miraculously, I was the only person in the bathroom. It sure beat my experience down there on Saturday morning.


another soaked pair of underwear

Last night I went to the bar for a few drinks and some free pool. I had 64 ounces of keystone light, and a bag of popcorn. When I got home I was so tired that I laid down before I brushed my teeth or went to the bathroom, even though I meant to get back up. I awoke a few hours later to my girlfriend asking why the bed was wet and I realized I had soaked the bed. Now I'm cleaning the sheets and wondering why this keeps happening, I did the same thing last summer. I wasn't drunk, I wasn't stumbling around, I just slept hard. I'm considering diapers. Any thoughts?


Response to Peed My Pants in Disney World

Amy, I'm very sorry to hear about your incident. At least your mom was kind to you and understanding. Was that the only time you had an accident?


Upstate Dave

Friends Stepsistors

Back in the house after Chris, Linda, and I used the garage "bathroom" all three of us were hungry. So instead of messing up the kitchen and keeping from waking up Bruce and the girls parents. I asked them if they would like to go out for breakfast. Both girls said yes! So I wrote a note left it on the kitchen table saying that I and the girls went out for breakfast.

I gathered up my pack and put on socks and my sneakers while both Linda and Chris went upstairs and got changed. Then the three of us left. I knew that we would have a walk to get over to where I knew there was a diner and a bus stop so I could catch the first bus of three buses to get back home.

I mentioned the name of the diner to the girls and at least Linda knew the place but Chris had not. Linda told me it was a long walk the way I was going. So I told her if she knew of a shortcut then she had the lead. Linda laughed and said to me; Follow me! So I and Chris did follow Linda which she like me cut into alleys and used them. As it would turn ut Lindas way was shorter and it was a good thing in another way too.

After walking 15 minutes on our way to the diner in one of the alleys Chris suddenly told bth Linda and I that she needed to make a stop. Linda before I could ask Chris why asked Chris why. Chris flat out said to us both; I have to shit and bad! Linda asked Chris if she could wait till we got to the diner. Chris said back to Linda; NO!

The alley we were in at this point was open on both sides of it. No garages or other buildings along the sides of the alley. Both Linda and I looked up ahead and on the next block there were garages and other buildings along the side of the alley. I asked Chris if she could go one more block. Chris was standing quite stiffly and I pointed in the direction of the next block up from us. Chris said to me; I think I can. So we started walking again but we had to pause several times for Chris had to stop and keep from shitting herself.

It seemed to take forever to get up the alley we were in and to get to the end of it. It most have seemed even longer for poor Chris! We crossed the street and finially did get into the next blocks alley. We only went far enough up the alley where there was a large old brick building on both sides of the alley and each one only had a single doorway showing both of them being boardered up so the buildings were no longer in use.

The one on the right did have a raised cellar with window openings that were deeply recessed into the wall. The openings were deep enough so that Chris seeing this stepped right over into one and was out of sight in either direction. Chris hurridly reached under her dress ans she yanked down a white pair of panties. Let them go and they slid down to her sneakers. As she yanked up her dress Chris said to us both; I should have not put on undwerware! I could have shit when I had to go along time ago! Linda and I looked at Chris and then each other.

Chris now had stepped back further into the windows opening and she had placed her now bare ass up against the old wood that was overwhere the window had been. She only bent her knees slightly and she bent over and looked back through her own legs. As she did this there was piss already dribbling out from her vagina and she let a long loud fart from her asshole!

As her piss went on dribbling in a few short seconds a knobby brown shit appeared under Chris's ass. It was fat and it was moving very quickly! After only several seconds a good six incher fell to the concrete with a dull thump. Then immeadiatly another shit emereged comming into sight. This one wasn't as fat looking and also there was a ffffttt sound as gas was comming out with this shit. Chris was still dribbling piss too which by now on the concrete had made a small dark wet spot on its surface.

Her second shit was longer then the first one and that one dropped down with a softer thud. Now Chris's piss stream came to life for it went from its constant dribble it had been doing all along right into a softly hissing thin straight down stream. This happened for the next several seconds and then she stopped pissing. Linda at this point asked Chris; Are you done? Chris told Linda no she wasn't. I can feel that I have more inside of me. Hang on.

Sure enough after several more seconds passed another shit had poked itself out. This one was fat again appeared softer and crackled as it moved. This time her shit got much longer and when it did fall away it was about 10 inches in length. Then to finish up Chris pissed a little more for several seconds and then she was done. Chris stepped out of the window opening quickly without yet pulling up her white panties. Giggling she told us both; Boy does it stink in there! Both Linda and I laughed but being out in the alley we both could not smell Chris's shit.

Now Chris pulled up her whte panties. Ok I'm ready to go! Chris said to both of us. We walkked away quickly. We for the rest of the way to the diner made much better tme now that Chris wasn't stopping so much like she had been. Fifteen minutes later we were at the diner ad had ordered breakfast and Chris went to the ladies room to wipe her ass. When she came back she told us that her ass did need wiping and she had a good skidmark in her white panties! Linda giggled quite hard and so did Chris. I managed a smile. One more final part so this will continuie.

High School Charlie

To Some High School Boy

Hey, I'm sure that you must have some close calls trying to hold it at school. I do the same, and I have had some close calls. hehe :)

Some High School Boy
To no name: Actually I don't have any close calls but in the past at my elementary school I did, and yesterday I took my first crap at my new high school.

I was helping set up yesterday for this festival my school was holding I don't wanna say to much but, the choir director took our orders for food went and bought us food. Well it was McDonalds and I had been somewhat constipated well after eating that I wasn't anymore. I had to plan just right and luckily after my first two attempts going to the bathroom and finding it occupied I was able to crap there and I had to stop it after the first five turds came out. I thought I heard people I knew coming well anyway I enjoyed it. I probably won't crap at school again unless I'm in dire need or know I won't be leaving the school for a while.

About past close calls in 7th and 8th grade I would walk home from school. Well I never crapped during the day since the bathroom was used by 4th through 8th grade boys. So I would take a long time to pack my bag and would have to go well since I was afraid of seeing kids I knew down there I would walk home clenching my buttchecks together and would have to pretend that nothing was wrong when I talked to the crossing guard. But by around this time last year I decided to see if anyone was down there that I knew no one was and I went in the stall and crapped away. Only a few a times I had to pretend that I was peeing till the guy came out or if there was someone at one of the urinals.

I've gotta go now Happy Pooping,

Some High School Boy


Cream on your crack

Ari, I have advised this for years on this site. it really works lube your hole and you will shit clean even a sticky one.

Mike of MD USA

poop/fart suevey

1. What is your age? 49
2. Gender? male
3. Weight,height and build? 198lbs,6'2",Moderate
4. Race? white cauasian
5. About how many times a day you fart? What foods contribute to your farting? Sometimes twice a day, Fat food and soda
6. What kind of farts do you rip?(wet,loud,silent,etc.)Does the size/shape of your butt contribute to the sound of your farts My farts are noisy and dry
7. Are you comfortable farting around others? If so who? no
8. Where are you comfortable farting? At work and in bed also in the bathroom
9. Do you have reputation of being the person that farts a lot? Have you liked farting since you were a kid? no/no
10. Have you ever farted in someone elses face? If so what was the situation? Or has someone farted in your face? No,No,NO
11. Do you try to push out farts for relief or humor around friends? yes and no
12. Do you enjoy farting underwater to see bubbles? used to
13. Do you know if you fart during your sleep? yes
14. Do you know someone who rips huge farts? yes and no
15. How many times a day do you poop? 2 or more
16. Describe the way your turds(logs) usually look. (color,size,length,texture,amount of turds, etc.) My turds are moderate and long and soft usually
17. Describe you last dump you had? It was more than a dozen turds
18. Have you ever pooped your self? How old were you? Yes and i was 47 and many times before
19. Did you think pooping was funny or gross whwn you were a kid? no
20. Have you ever clogged a toilet with your own turd? Yes and sometimes
21. Have you ever pooped in a pool or bathtub? Yes
22. Do your turs usually foat or sink? float
23. How long do you usually wipe? 5 minutes or less
24. Have you ever had a dump so big it hurt your butt hole? yes
25. Do you think your butt is the right size/shape contribute to the way you poop. Yes

Catherin's Survey
1.Do you enjoy having a Bowel Movement? Yes i have to everyday
2.What kind of BM is (are) your favorite (s)? Is this your usual BM? Yes it is my usual
3.What do you like best about the BM? I have to pass it everyday
4.Do you look at your feces after you have done it? Sometimes
5.Do you think that it is weird,wrong or Ok to "like" derecting? I think it's okay
6.Whatwould you make for the ideal bowel movement in mind? I would like it small and not stinky.
Jean's Survey
1.When you wipe after pooping, do you use toilet paper, wet wipes, or something eles? If something else say what it is... TP, Or water
2.If you wipe with tp, do you oisten it first? If so do, how do you moisten it? (ex water,soap,saliva,skincream, or something else? I do nothing except use tp or sometimes shower after
3.If you use tp, how much do you grab at a time? How many sheets? I grab a handfull, I would say about 10 sheets
4.After you do a wipe, do you ever reuse the same paper or wet wipe on the next wipe? Yes i do
5.When you wipe do you clean inside your hole? If so, how far in do you clean? No/no
6.Do you lopk at the paper or wet wipe after you wipe? Yes
7.How do you know you are done wiping? do you look at the paper/wipes to see, if it is clean, do you only wipe a certain number of times reguardless of how dirty you are, or do you wipe till it "feels" clean?
I look at the paper, If i need more i will get it, I will use water from the shower to make sure it is clean
8.How much total tp or wipes do you use on an average poo? Between 5 sheets or more
9.Do you look at your crap before flushing? Yes
Plop Idol Survey
1. Shopping Malls/Supermaket? Annapolis Mall/Safeway
2. Home? I use mine or the 1/2 baths
3. Libary? I was a long time since i used it
Least Favorite
1. Some toilets in restaurants? Some are filthy
2. Toilets at a local park? I barely like portajohns
3. Toilets at schools? That are never flushed
4. Toilets on plains or treain? Some times people do not clean them up


Wetting Accident At School

This is my first time posting and i thought i would start with an accident i had at school a few weeks ago. Bit of background info: Im 16, english, quite slim, blonde hair and brown eyes.

A few weeks ago i left for school without using the loo before hand. By about period two i was starting to bob up and down a bit in my seat, i'm quite pee shy so i was trying to hide the fact that i was bursting for a wee. After a long lesson of wiggling about the bell finally went for break, however, i couldnt go to the loo yet as i had to go see my ict teacher about some coursework. By the time i had spoken to him it was time to go to period 3 for chemistry, my teachers really strict so i couldnt afford to be late.

About half way through chemistry i felt a spurt go into my pants, i quickly grabbed my croth and managed to control it. Like i said earlier, im pee shy so i really didnt wanna put my hand up and ask to go. It got so bad though, spurt after spurt came out and i knew that i would know have a visible wet spot. I gave in and asked the teacher if i could go. I rushed out the room so that people wouldnt have chance to see my wet trousers.

I woddled my way to the toilets, crossing and uncrossing my legs, clutching my crotch, doing everthing to stop from having an accident. But it was no good. I just stood there as wee sprayed onto the floor, running down my legs, into my shoes and puddeling on the floor. It was so embarrassing! Luckily no one saw but i couldnt go back into chemistry! I went to the office at my school and didnt need to explain anything, just one look at the dark spot on my trousers and you knew.

Someone from the office had to go collect my things from chemistry. They 'whispered' to my teacher what had happened, but of course the whole class heard and spread it round school.

My mom had to come pick me up from school after that. Im still getting over the embrassament and i havnt lived it down yet :(

Thursday, February 04, 2010

I love the fact that there has been so much talk about wiping lately. I love hearing how people wipe after bowel movements because it is something no one ever talks about. Despite what some people have said here, people DO talk about their bowel movements, particularly close friends and family. But no one, and I mean no one, ever talks about how they wipe themselves.

I do something that I have never heard of anyone doing, so I thought I would mention it here. Before I have a bowel movement, I take some skin cream and rub it liberally along my butt crack. After I defecate, it makes the wiping a lot easier and it also keeps my bottom from getting raw from wiping. When I have finished wiping to my satisfaction, I put some more cream on my crack and then wipe one last time. I feel a lot cleaner and fresher than if I just used paper. I carry the cream around with me all the time, and I can't imagine wiping without it. I was wondering if anyone else puts cream on their crack either before or after they wipe.

To: Some High School Boy

all that holding you do at school, u must have close calls, right?


As I took a dump...

Two weeks ago I had few days totally busy. On Monday I had to visit few people, on Tuesday I had to go to school, same on Wednesday and Thursday, and on Friday I had to do shopping and such things. I had no time to make a solid dinner, so I had to eat at McDonald's and similar. I was so busy, that I experienced constipation. In the Friday's afternoon I took my car and drove my boyfriend's house in North England. I realized that he's not home yet (he was supposed to be there next day), but I had the keys (it was 11 p.m.). On the way from London, I felt an urge to poo, very strong urge. But it was already dark, and it was a forest, so I didn't want to stop to shit. When I was approaching the village, I felt that my hard poo is making it's way through my anus, and I felt it touch my skin. There were 5 km still remaining to house, so I decided to hold it. Finally, i stopped on parking, and got out from the car. Before I found keys in my purse, I felt very long, very solid turd filling my panties. The urge was so strong, that it took only 2 seconds to get out. I felt an urge again, so I quickly walked to doors. But I felt another log get out of me, toward to my panties. I felt my panties are going down, and i felt them near my knees. I put them higher, and opened the doors. When i closed the doors, I felt damn another turd, and then a little squirt of diarrhea. I had to hold my panties, cuz they would fall down on the floor. I felt I have to go to toilet again, so I just pushed it, and felt diarrhea now fill my panties. I walked to the toilet, and took my t-shirt and skirt off. I was only in my bra, and those unlucky panties. I saw them in the mirror. There were 3 logs in a "soup" of light brown diarrhea. I stood over the toilet, and let the panties go down. I heard my panties rip, and all that mess felt in the toilet, with my panties.


evergreen pee

I went to run an errand and came back via the bike paths which are shared recreation paths for cyclists and runners/walkers. I had to pee and I noticed a group of evergreen trees which formed a nice area for private peeing. I climbed over the snow and went into the clear area surrounded by three nice green trees. I squatted, pulled down my pants and peed into the snow. Sometimes people walk by and they see the coat of someone in these trees but nothing private shows. Nobody has ever said anything as they walked by perhaps because they are recreation enthusiasts who spend time outdoors and they know the call of nature. It was a quick urgent pee and then I pulled up my pants and exited the group of trees and went on my merry way.

Are there any snowshoers, x-country skies or runners who pee outdoors?


i just took a smelly dump into my sink. i made two poops about an inch and a half long each. the first one was as thick and as long as a banna and was sepia brown. the second poop was slightly longer skiner in width and was mushy dark brown and stinker than the first solid piece. i felt extrodnary relief. i did it in the sink so i could look into the mirior and see the poop opening my butthole.i covered the sink with toilet paper so it was easy to throw into the toilet. and i cleaned the sink. it still has a slight smell of dog poop in there. yes my poop smells like dog poop

Someone asked why most girls don't talk about pooping in front of men. The very simple answer is that we have been taught not to make other people uncomfortable, and when you have never talked about this in front of someone, there is no way to know in advance if it would make them uncomfortable. In other words, it's just simple politeness. Girls are more likely to talk about pooping in front of other girls (and guys talk about it in front of other guys) because we have grown up in a culture of sharing bathrooms with members of the same sex from the time we are very young. When you use public restrooms throughout your upbringing, you will have many occasions of hearing and maybe seeing members of the same sex defecating, so it's not a big deal to talk about it. But girls don't usually share bathrooms with boys they don't know (and vice versa), so in the interest of not making the other person uncomfortable, we don't talk about it.

In other words, it's not that we are embarrassed to talk about pooping to guys - it's that we don't want to make them embarrassed. Once you become intimate with a person, and cetainly once you are married, both people will become totally familiar with each other's body functions and it will no longer be a big deal at all.


Do people poop in comas?

When people first enter the coma they could and probably do still poop. The "food" they are given intravenously is liquid only so after the first few days, they output only urine. A catheter is inserted so they do not pee the bed.

my girlfriend is always running to the bathroom she constantly has to piss and shit is that a girl thing?


constipated wife

my wife woke up the other morning she told me she hasent pooped in four days.I made her a light breakfast we were sitting at the table she said i feel a rumbling below, thank god .She jumped up from the table and headed to the toilet , she asked me to bring her the paper and her smokes .By the time i got her stuff she was already straining on the toilet .she asked me to lght her a smoke which i did i turned to leave, she asked me to stay and keep her company.She was only in her nightgown she was having a real hard time trying to poop she would gron and strain and rock back forth still the turd would not come out she got up from the toilet and spread her but cheecks i could see it she sat back down i held her hand while she pushed ,i told her to relax i rubbed her stomack and back she started to strain with all her might she was sweeting real bad she took off her nightgown still no movement . i told her to get off the toilet and stand up against the wall and try to get it started that way she tryed still no luck .the turd was poking its head out but woulnt come. Finally she strained very hard i heard a huge splash she got up and looked in the toilet it was a wide as a soda can and about a foot long . she was very tried after that and we went back to bed she pooped 4 more times that day

Blocked Up

Had to take pain meds and I am now blocked up...tried to counter the effects of constipation and pains meds with lots of fibre but I think it is counter just seems to fill up my colon all the more. The last three nights I have been woken by stomach ache and had to have mid night sits in the toilet...passed a small amount of runny poo and a couple of thin poo, what there is of it is light brown...I have had plently of butt phlegm.
I took my laxatives this morning...senna and stool softener....I now have stomach pains and I should try the toilet soon.
In I go!!!!!!
I am Back!!!
Sat on the throne and passed big fat loggs and lots of them...they were light brown and did smell too!
I feel a lot better but there is more in me...all that metamucil...see how I go for the rest of the day but another laxative before bed might be wise.


shout outs!

to Dealiah: i really enjoyed your posts! i miss and love u! i have been thinking about you!

to: Just Jerkia: i really enjoyed your posts! keep up the good work! leave the tiolet unflushed when u feel like or whenver u are in public! thats awesome that u peed in the bucket! however u have a Good point when u said that u must explore your other options! you definietly dont want to get caught! u could get expelled or even detention!
to poogirl: i enjoyed your post about u peeing in a bottle twice and throwing out the window in the snow! i have never heard of anyone doing that! i lookforward to your future posts down the road!
to Pam: i really enjoyed your post! i would love to have a cool bathroom experience with you!
to kim: i really enjoyed your stories that u told in this post! i also lookfoward to any future experiences that u may have!
to Jane: iam really sorry to hear about you soaking your pants on your roadtrip to california: your parents should have paid more attend to you! i hope that they didnt punish you for having the accident when it was there choice not to stop any sooner for you! let this experience be a Good lesson for them!
to Tiffany: i really enjoyed your post! i lookforward to your future post! i never seem to have any problems during my period!
to Laura(school teacher): i really enjoyed your post! i lookforward to your future post and have read several of yours before you always do an awesome job! i love teachers! My Mom was one before she passed away!


Victoria's Embarrassment

I have written to this forum in the past but I mainly enjoy just reading posts, especially about people seeing and/or hearing women taking a poop.

I own an appartment in Spain and decided to take a break from all the cold weather in the UK and have a few weeks there. I arrived on my own but invited a workmate Victoria to join me later on for the final week. Victoria is a woman aged 40, slightly younger than me and although married with a teenage daughter she is going through a separation at present. I think she is strikingly attractive albeit she lacks confidence in her own appearance, believing herself to be overweight. She certainly has a feminine curves! We've been friends for about 2 years.

I picked Victoria up from the airport and for the first few days I showed her the sights and we met some of my Spanish friends. She told me she was suspending her dieting for the holiday so we ate and drank well. On the fourth day she told me she was really bloated and kept rubbing her ????. In the afternoon she asked if I'd mind if she had a lie down in her room so I said no problem, I would also have a sleep ready for a trip out to the bay in the evening for food and drink at the local karaoke bar.

Victoria closed her door and settled down. I stayed in the lounge and read my book. A few minutes later I heard her door open quietly and she when into the bathroom. I silently walked to the door and heard a rustle of clothing and a creak from the toilet seat. Almost immediately a long bubbly fart was heard as I listened in anticipation, followed by the hissing of a pee. A soft grunting sound indicated that Victoria was pooping, much to my elation. Initially only a few pellets seemed to plop into the toilet water (the bathroom is all tiled so is quite echoey, and there is a good gap under the door). After a few more farts and grunts a loud flump was heard as Victoria finally gave birth to the main event. A few more soft grunting sounds and wet farts meant that perhaps there was more to come but this was not to be, lots of toilet paper was needed for the clean up.

I retreated back to the lounge and Victoria went back to her room and closed the door. After a minute I tip-toed into the bathroom and was struck by the smell of a very healthy bowel movement but not overwhelmingly so because she had sprayed air freshener around. The toilet had foamy water in it from a toilet block but it soon cleared to reveal considerable brown streaks around the base.

We got ready to go out and as we did so I asked Victoria if she was OK for eating and drinking for the evening and she said she felt a lot better. Later on we had a great evening and following on from a cracking Spanish pizza we had a few beers with friends at the Karaoke bar. Towards the end of the night Victoria told me she had stomach ache so better not have anymore beer. I could tell she was embarassed when I suggested we could go home if she needed the toilet, she blushed (she is fair skinned and blushes easily) and said she was sure it would go off. I was certain she needed to poo when I was suddenly aware of a strong sulphurous smell a couple of times coming from her direction. I'd had a few drinks so I said "Poo, have you dropped one Vic?" hoping this would ease her embarrassment but she was very reticent about it.

We got back to the flat and I made coffee, I imagined that this would do the trick for Victoria. After a few minutes she said, "I'm ready for bed, do you need the bathroom?" I replied that I would get ready for bed first. I got the impression from her body language that she was ready for another session in the toilet. After I got ready I rejoined her in the lounge and was immediately struck by the same sulphurous smell I'd sampled earlier.

I said I would watch TV for a while before going to bed and Victoria went straight to the bathroom. I quickly assumed the listening position and after a rustle of clothing I heard Victoria's ample bottom settle on the toilet. Moments after a quiet grunt I heard what sounded like a torrent of soft poo plopping rapidly into the water accompanied by an equally rapid wet fart sound. This was an urgent dump of epic proportions and I loved hearing it. I then clearly heard a massive rumble from her intestines which intrigued me, I imagined a lot of movement going on inside Victoria's gut. After a couple of minutes she started to tear off toilet tissue but then after a short silence another wet fart was followed by some soft poop and a sigh from Victoria. I could hear the air freshener being sparayed. A big clean up operation involving lots of tissue then ensued. Victoria had obviously opened the window because I could feel, or rather smell the air coming under the door. It was overwhelmingly more of the smell I'd experienced earlier. In fact the smell quickly filled the flat. The toilet was flushed several times.

After a few minutes Victoria emerged and came into the lounge, she was weeping and said that she'd blocked the toilet (probably the combination of lots of tissue and poop. I gave her a cuddle and assured her that I would sort it out and not to be embarrassed so because it happens to us all. She apologised for the smell and I started giggling which seemed to remove her inhibitions. I retrieved a toilet plunger from under the kitchen sink and she insisted on unblocking the toilet herself.

Victoria explained that she was reluctant to use the toilet earlier in the week and this is what probably led to the problem. She relaxed now and said it had happened before. We had a good laugh about it and I can tell you I found the whole experience exhilarating, hope you did too.

Mr. Clogs

Had to pee very bad, almost made it.

Just to keep this story quick, I was out and had to pee really badly. The worst part I was driving and couldn't stop anywhere to pee. I usually keep an empty water bottle in the truck for such emergencies. After I went to the bank to make a withdraw, and the thrift store to donate some my mother's purses she's no longer using. I made it to the train parking lot to buy my weekly train pass for next week. I had the bottle ready for me to pee in. I unbuttoned my coat, unbuttoned my pants and slid my underwear down to let my penis out to pee into the bottle. Once I did all that I peed to my hearts content into the bottle! I felt relieved knowing I didn't pee in my pants in the freezing cold! Enjoy!

Mr. Clogs


To: Punk Rock Girl

Hey Punk Rock Girl, you mentioned in a recent post that you pooped your pants twice in your lifetime. One was in college and the other was at work. You said you posted about the one at work. I just did a Random Old Posts search and I think I found it. Was it on page 1261?

Can you tell us about your accident in college as well?



Reply to Delilah

Delilah, thanks for your fascinating article about wiping. Your comments about possibly not wiping after a bowel movement reminds me that for the first couple of years after I graduated from high school, I lived alone in an apartment and did not have any toilet paper in the apartment. The reason sounds pretty stupid today, but the truth is that I was too embarrassed to buy toilet paper at the store. I was 18, most of the clerks were young women, and I just could not bring myself to buying toilet paper from them. So for about three years I had no tp in the house. How did I deal with defecation? Well first, I normally pooped in the morning before showering, so I just cleaned myself off in the shower. I was going to college at the time, so if I had to go while at school it was pretty easy to find bathrooms on the campus that I could use. If I had to go while at home and it wasn't my normal shower time, I would just stand in front of the sink with my pants down, lather up some soap, and then clean my ass with my hand covered in the lather. I would clean my ass with my hand and then run my hand under the water and lather up some more soap and do it again. I would do this a few times until the soap came out clean and I knew I was done. Then I would wash my hands really throughly.

At some point, I started dating a girl and I told her about it and she thought it was hilarious that I couldn't bring myself to buy tp. But she also admitted that my butt was probably a lot cleaner than hers, and she was right! At some point we became intimate, and whenever that happens, you usually get a pretty good idea of how clean your partner's butt is. Not that hers was all that dirty compared to other people, but it was certainly dirtier than mine. Since I basically washed my ass after most of my bowel movements, it was rare that there was any poop residue or smell on me. Eventually, I got married (to a differnt woman) and got over my fear of buying tp, and I gave up the practice of washing my butt after most of my bowel movements. But I've never forgotten how clean I always felt when I washed my butt, and I wonder if anyone else does what I used to do? Does anyone here wash their ass with soap and water rather than use tp?



Scott, I hate that happened to your friend Megan. Though my friend did not claim to have accidents, she did have that kind of diarrhea for several days until she realized that she could not get used to the Activia. However, I quit the challenge that day. I was back to normal in a couple of days. Whatever is in the Activia, it is pretty potent!

Rick, I guess that I was left with that impression after my prom experience. Because I have never had a long-term relationship, I don't know how it might go. I don't want a husband who would be turned off by it. If one is turned on by it, I do think, like Claire N, I would want some boundaries. That's all! But, I think that healthy modesty is always a good bet for girls!

David, I will remember that about "feces." It is a wierd sounding word. Will strike it from my vocabulary! But the other, well, my mother would have a cow!

Plop Idol, thanks...I have never and never will deny that I defecate, that I just went to do it or am going to do it. I just don't feel comfortable being in a group of guys and sharing my experiences. That's why I love this site!

Delilah, I am always thankful that I live in the time period that I do. I always wondered how those ladies, with the petticotes and fluffy dresses, could take care of their needs.

Thunder, like I said above, if I have to go to the bathroom in public, with guys in the group, on a date, or whatever, I will. I think the issue that I see is that I would rather get to the know whether or not the guy is put off, attracted to, or indifferent to my bowel habits. I just don't know that it is a great conversation made some great points to consider. Thanks!

Laura, your bowel habits sound a lot like mine. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your posts!



Hi Reid

Thanks for psoting your peeing Stories I hope you can post more . I really like girls peeing stories

Claire N


I had my first poo in front of my husband late last year. I would not have considered it if I had the slightest inclanation he would not be happy about it. Have had a few in his presence since, but have not made it a regular habit. Besides, most times I poo I'm not at home.


All is well with the world

Catherine, its good that you're comfortable with your natural need. Hopefully you're not crying and shaking from excitement like the fanatical birdwatchers, though hehe!

Your bowel habits does seem very similar to my female friend ten years ago.
She only did her massive load due to the pain killers slowing down her bowels.

Judging from the result, it's probably for the best that your body overrides your will and goes at certain times.
I doubt even your new toilet would be able to handle the results. Just imagine yourself not going for five days and then drop all at once into the toilet.
I'm still happy I was not me who ended up having to unblock her unfortunate throne. There was so much I still wonder how she carried it all without being seriously uncomfortable.

1. Do you enjoy having a Bowel Movement? Absolutely.

2. What kind of BM is (are) your favorite(s)? Is this your usual BM?

The long tick logs that doesn't require any wiping. I'd say 90% of my movements are like this.

3. What do you like best about the BM?

Definitely letting it all out after holding for a bit.

4. Do you look at your feces after you have done it?

Yes, unless its a rare depth charge log that escapes around the bend.

5. Do you think that it is weird, wrong or OK to "like" defecating?

It's perfectly normal and one of the pleasures of being alive and healthy.

6. What would make for the ideal bowel movement in your mind?

See question 2, and lots of it! If only there was a way to avoid the often needed plunging afterwards..


timing people in the bathroom

i time my friends when they go to the bathroom. sometimes i try to guess whether they're doing #1 or #2. i usually time from the time i estimate or hear their pants being unzipped or pulled down, until the time the toilet flushes. also i do it with people i don't know, like if i see someone walk into a public bathroom, and i'm sitting nearby, or if i'm in a stall and someone comes in and sits down within an audible distance. am i weird? does anyone else do this?

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