Thank you to those who responded. I will continue to post my pee stories, at least for now. In fact I have one from this morning.
Last night I went to dinner with my friends and drank a lot of iced tea. I peed once at the restaurant but by the time we were leaving I had to go again. I dropped my friends off at their houses and we talked for a bit. Since I was sitting down in my car, I didn't realize how badly I had to pee until I got home and started walking to my door. I was also very tired from working all day so I decided to lay down for a minute before I went to the bathroom and put on pjs. Well it turns out I fell asleep. I woke up once in the night and realized I still had to pee really badly, but just rolled over and went back to sleep.
Well I woke up this morning and had to pee worse than ever before. Imagine all that iced tea and morning pee pressing on my bladder. I went to get out of bed and a spurt shot out. I regained control and pressed my hand into my crotch under my skirt I still had on. My panties felt moist. I squeezed my thighs together and wondered what to do. I couldn't move, let alone walk to the bathroom without losing it. the pressure was almost unbearable. I couldn't believe I was 19 years old and about to wet the bed while awake. I didn't want to ruin my mattress so I grabbed my comforter and balled it up between my legs just in time for me to start peeing into it. I peed hard and strong for about 5 minutes and then dribbled for about 2 more. I could hear it hissing as I soaked the blanket. It felt amazing. When I finished and could move I threw my blanket in the wash and took a shower, no damage done. I did learn to always pee before bed.
Hope you enjoyed my story. Please post the absolute worst time you had to pee. Did you make it?

Hi. My name is Tiffany. I am 28 years old. I am 5 foot 10 inches tall with short blonde hair and brown eyes.

My experiences with soiling tended to only happen during my period but of course had those odd occasions when it happened when I wasn't on. I remember one time when I was 25 I had to go so bad. I DID make it to the washroom (phew) but unfortunately, I knew my stomach would've blown up if I didn't let go and released my clenching even when I had my pants/panties on. It was a mess (sure I don't need to go into details), but at the very least I was in the washroom. Usually my diarrhea accidents just go to the extent of my panties and as I said, it usually happens during my period, so the pad usually helps with it seeping too far.

I just went through a period-related issue a few weeks ago when I had it. I was using a super long when my period was already declining so it was already over absorbed for what I needed. My period tends to be very regular, so they are easily predicted. I figured I could save on my winged-pads but lo and behold, I didn't flow heavily, but it did a side leak. Maybe it was the way I put on the pad or maybe it was just a crappy pad. I leaked some of it went off the side, ugh! It was a small stain which wasn't a big deal, but here I am with a huge pad and yet it allows my period to leak over the edge. It's funny, because those times that I use winged-pads, I never notice anything on the wings, but just that ONE time I use one without wings, it goes over the side. Boy, isn't life lucky sometimes?

Laura (Teacher)

I had to go bad at work today

Hi All,

I've been slacking lately in my posts. No excuses, but, I've been extremely busy. I would like to reintroduce myself. My name is Laura, I'm a math and science teacher at a local private high school in New England. I'm 5'7", 30 years of age, 145 ish lbs, a brunette, athletic and married to the greatest guy in the world!

Today we had a large faculty lunch. Pizza, salad, soup….it was all so good. After lunch, I had an earth science class. Nothing large, just a general lecture and a fun assignment for my students. During the class, I could feel the heavy lunch putting pressure on my bowels. It was time to go. I only had 10 minutes remaining in the class, and after that, I had a free period, so there was no rush! I could take my afternoon poops in peace! : - )
When the class had ended, I had a student that had a few questions, go figure, I couldn't just leave. Don't get me wrong, she's a great student, and was happy to answer her questions, however, I just had to go to the toilet so bad. Once I answered her questions, I briskly walked to the women's faculty washroom. When I arrived, all three stalls were in use. Of course, after the big lunch, they had to go too. lol…Oh well, I guess I just had to wait a few extra minutes.
While waiting, I could feel a lot of gas building up. I slowly let some of it out as it was silent
. Luckily for me, I only had to wait a few minutes. In the middle stall, I heard toilet paper being rolled, a lot of wiping, clothing being adjusted and then a flush. The door opened, and it was now my turn to do my deed. The person who had used the toilet was someone who I did not know as she was a temporary substitute teacher. She smiled at me, I smiled back and quickly walked into the toilet stall. The smell was pretty ripe, oh well, what can you do? You know the old saying 'When you got to go, you've got to go!' I was also going to leave a pretty ripe smell as well as I had to go pretty bad by now. I closed the door, checked to make sure that I had plenty of toilet paper, placed my purse on the hook, placed one of those protective toilet seat cover thingies on the toilet seat, lifted my skirt, pulled down my hosiery, panties and sat down.
Immediately, I started my long pee. As I was peeing, I felt the long piece of poop slowly creep out of my behind…oh my goodness, it felt soooo good coming out. The relief of peeing and pooping at the same time was unreal…I had to go so badly and I simply could not hold it in much longer! I was far from done. I hunched over, dribbled out a little extra pee, and felt another long piece of poop exit from my behind. Approx. 50 percent in the toilet water, the remaining 50% hanging from my bottom. As it grew, it pinched off and a minor ka-plop sound could be heard in the toilet. As my stomach contracted in and out, I took my hair out of my pony tail and let it hang loose. I felt so relaxed as I was taking such a wicked dump. I had been somewhat constipated, and it felt sooo good. I felt more that needed to be released. With my skirt being held high, legs spread, I let nature take its course and felt another piece come out. Ka-plop, as it landed into the toilet water below. I continued to sit as I still felt somewhat unsettled…I knew there was more to come. I had another pee, and felt my stomach grumble….more was on its way. I passed some gas….(which was somewhat loud and embarrassing) and felt a few more pieces come down the shoot….ka-plop….long pause, ka-plop…..ka-plop….. another (silent) windy fart, and then a small piece of poop flew out of my behind like a mini-torpedo into the toilet water below making a 'plip' sound. What a relief! I was now done. I had only been sitting on the toilet for approx. 5 minutes, but I felt so much better. Since I had a free period, I wasn't in any rush. I stayed seated for an extra 5 minutes, just to make sure that I was completely empty. The smell that I made in my stall was simply unreal. Oh well, what can you do? When a woman's got to go, we've got to go and when you're on the toilet, anything gives! There is no such thing as being 'lady like' ;-)

I wiped my front a few times, then my poopy bum over and over and over again, threw many pieces of poopy toilet paper into the toilet. However, I still did not feel too clean back there. I grabbed my purse, took one of those 'wet wipes' and cleaned a little extra back there. Once I finally felt clean, I pulled up my hosiery, pulled up my panties, straightened my skirt, flushed the toilet twice (I left a few brown stains along the bottom of the toilet bowl after my first flush) and exited my stall. I washed my hands, put my hair back into place and went back to work….only this time feeling much more relieved. Besides the pungent odor I left behind, I can surely tell you that I felt like a million bucks afterwards.

Lewis, I have answered questions to your survey below:
Q: How often do you have a bowel movement?
A: At least two per day. Usually at home before arriving to work or on the mornings that I go to the Gym, usually directly after my morning workout. The second dump of the day almost always comes right after lunch

Q: After you have a bowel movement, do you wipe your bottom with dry toilet tissue alone or do you use dampened toilet tissue or wet wipes or something?
A: I usually just use plain old dry toilet paper. However, there are days when you take a dump, it feels like you can wipe forever. Periodically, I will use a feminine wet wipe to make sure that I am completely clean in that area.
Q: How many times do you usually wipe after a bowel movement?
A: I guess that depends on the type of dump I took. I will wipe until I can no longer see any brown stains on the paper

Q: Do you often bathe right after a bowel movement?
A: There are many times that I have to take my morning poops after my morning workout. When I am at the Gym, I will do my deed, completely wipe myself clean with toilet paper, and while I'm taking a shower, use a face cloth in that area to make sure that it's 100% clean in that area. Also, I will almost always take a quick shower a few hours before bed, and I will clean that area as well.
Q: After you wipe, do you ever follow up with powder or perfume or such?
A: Not really...

I hope all is doing well!



taking a much needed dump

to Cat i don't exactly know about intervenus feeding but I'm disabled not quite as bad off a terry but more than likely would poop at least once or twice a week i, don't really know if she would like i do but, here is my story to get an idea.

I'm disabled and paralyzed from neck down and in a wheelchair.
Last night i went to bed, with that very full feeling and had a, bit of the urge to poop. I went to sleep around 1 and was cramping slightly. I am on a every other morning poop schedule so i don't get use to just going whenever i need a little relief, to prevent accidents, when out and about. Well i woke up, around 4am needing to go badly it was time to go after all and my nurse put a dulculax suppository up my butt to get me ready to take my very needed poop. After trying to sleep again the cramps and urge had me very awake i, needed to get my load out and very soon i was farting heavy like usual but the gas wasn't enough to give me any relief, i needed my poop to get out. I waited like i usually do and since i, can't really push i don't usually try to, but tonight i was getting desperate. I was getting to the point where i was sweating more than my normal and the cramps were hurting i had to start pooping either my self or getting my nurse to get me going like usual, i lay there on my right side for about another 5 minutes and looked at my clock, it was 4:22 i had almost a here ur before getting finger stimulation. I couldn't wait! I tried doing what all little kids do holding there breath and pushing until they poop. i began farting longer and louder but i wasn't holding or pushing enough to get poop, out yet. Sound i can't really take a bigger breath but more ried and held it really tight sqeezed my shoulders and everything that i, can which isn't much and held and held. Slowly i began a very big fart that turned in to pushing out poop. I was estatic but still needed to goo soooo Bad itself was like starting made my need double. So it took the deepest breath and held and pushed harder than i did last time and felt a huge shift and heard a pllllt and a thud one my paper pad under my butt it helped and i was able to slowly push out a bit more while i waited. m nurse came over at 5. Rolled me back on to my little pile yes gross i know. and started exercising my legs and arms like usual the urge was back with force once again. i told my nurse to please stop that i really needed to finish my big poop i knew that my little trick had pushed out all i could and still wasn't near done. Now since I'm paralyzed most people in my condition can't ever feel that urge i can and don't really know why. So my nurse stopped exercising and remember lled me to my left i had pooped some more from knee bends and leg crunches. She pulled out the top poopy pad wiped my butt and went and and got me a large adults diaper. I don't wear it but it's easied to poop on it so it's easy to close it up after i finish my dump. My nurse pulled on gloves once again and a little ky gel on her index finger and up my hole she went within 10 seconds i felt a flash of hot a very loud fart and felt her finger pushing inside i felt myself begin to unload on her finger as she was pulling out. I layed there pooping for another minute unloading fast i was feeling relief. I still didn't feel done but cramps had let up. i waited for another help from her finger a once again was letting out a nice wave of softer poop now. I kept pooping for a few, more seconds myself and felt almost ook. But i wanted to finish so i asked for another fingernail stimulation up little farther making sure i was empty a ione i felt like i had pooped more than my normal amount and my diaper was almost to full to tape shut but i was just very glad to unload after needing to soo, bad.

Happy pooping all


Paul (from Germany)

RE: Skiing

I think it is less common to poop outdoors in winter because people do not spend as much time outside as in summer. Moreover you rather try to hold it than to squat down in the cold.

That reminds me of an experience I had two years ago. My girlfriend Claudia who was 18 then and I were staying in the Bavarian Alps for our first common holiday. We had been together for four months.

We planned to stay for three days. On the first day we relaxed in the hotel's indoor pool and enjoyed the delicious food. On the second day we wanted to go cross-country skiing. The weather was supposed to be good, and there were great cross-country ski runs nearby. After a late breakfast we prepared everything and left the hotel. It was a magnificent day in the Alps - sunny and very cold. There was a lot of fresh pure white snow. Claudia had put a roll of toilet paper from our room into her backpack. "Just in case" she said, "I haven't gone for one and a half days." The skiing was great and we saw lots of people. Two hours after we had started we were skiing through the woods. I could now feel the coffee and juice from the breakfast. But Claudia was faster: "I need a pee break!" she said, "my bladder is bursting." She put away her skis and took the toilet paper from her backpack. There weren't any people so she went right behind the next bush. I could hear her peeing. When she came back I went behind her bush to do my deed. There was a big yellow hole in the fresh snow. She had left her used paper next to it. I pissed for about half a minute. When I was done we left.

It was now one o'clock. We were skiing for four hours and were now passing a meadow without any cover. Just then my girlfriend said "We better hurry up to get to the next bushes. I need to go again!" She was looking stressed. Fifteen minutes later the forest came into sight. As soon as we had passed the first trees on the edge she stopped. "I have to go right now, I can't hold it much longer." She put her skis away and put down her backpack. Then she opened it and took out the roll of t.p.

"It's going to take longer this time" she announced. She went off the ski run and into the woods. When she was bit away I followed her footsteps in the snow. Claudia has always been a very outdoorsy girl. She had gone camping in the woods with her parents from being a small child on. She had told me before that she didn't have a problem with pooping outdoors as she had done it dozens of times. But she wanted her privacy while doing her deed. I wasn't supposed to follow her but I was too excited to see her shitting for the first time. The footsteps led to a large old tree. I stopped behind another tree and glanced round. That's when I saw her with her ski pants down. She was squatting low in front of the tree. A brown steaming turd was already lying in the snow between her legs. She was pushing another one out. It seemed really big. The turd broke and one half fell down. She shook her ass a bit and the second hard fell down as well. It was quite a big pile now and she was still pushing. A long turd fell out. Then she immediately started peeing and concentrated not to soak her pants. When she was done she took the roll of t.p. and wiped. It took her about three minutes. She needed a lot of paper. I should have gone away but I couldn't stop watching. So, when pulling up her panties, she turned round and saw me.

"Paul, what are doing here? Were you looking?" "No, I just have to pee as well and I am looking for a perfect spot!" She grinned. "Do it behind this tree." She pointed to her spot. "But look onto the ground. Don't step into my pile". She was so relieved that she made fun. She wasn't angry at all. I went there and looked at her steaming pile in the fresh snow. It was enormous for such a slim girl. There were two long medium brown turds and two shorter ones. That was the piece which had broken in the middle. I peed next to it. As I told you before it was the first time that I had seen Claudia doing her business. I asked her if this was the normal size of her piles. "Yes" she said " I can't believe it myself."

We went back to our skis and finished this great day.



for Shih Tzu Dog

Enemas are not that bad. Some enemas like the storebought Fleets can be a little irritating but they are effective.

Try using just a plain hot water enema from a bulb or an enema bag the next time you get constipated and need immediate relief. They are not bad except for a little light cramping but thats just part of the process

as someone who gets constipated a lot, I find that enemas are among the most effective relief.

Turd Lover

Flying Adventure

I fly a small plane and over the years have taken many people along for rides. Most don't get sick even though it might be their first time up in a small airplane. But about 3 years ago I had a friend sitting in the right seat who told me he was feeling "a little sick". He asked how soon we would be able to land and get to a bathroom, and I informed him it would be awhile. About 5 minutes later I caught a whiff of the unmistakable odor of a bowel movement, and I asked him "Did you crap in your pants ?" He replied "No" but I knew better. He was ashamed to admit it and pretended everything was okay, but I felt sorry for him. He was sitting there with a load of shit in his pants and couldn't do anything about it. It must have been a terrible feeling. I'm sure he had quite a mess to clean up when he got home !!

Paul (from Germany)

Camping at a Lake

Last August Claudia and I went camping at a lake. She had camped there with her parents and later with her girls. According to her it was a beautiful place and we wanted to have some relaxing days just for ourselves. We agreed that we would drive there on Thursday and leave on Sunday. Claudia said to me that it was pure wilderness there. We put everything we needed into the car - her tent (I didn't have one then because I had never camped before - only Claudia showed me how much fun it can be), a flashlight, a lighter, drinks, clothes and certainly two rolls of toilet paper for our deeds.

Thursday was a great warm day. We started in the morning and stopped at a supermarket to buy meat for lunch at the lake. After two hours of driving I saw the lake for the first time.Claudia knew an unpaved road that led us directly to the bank of the lake. As Claudia had promised it was beautiful. First of all we were hungry and started a fire to cook the meat. It was delicious to eat in such a great scenery. There weren't any people - we had this spot for us alone.

We unloaded the car and put up the tents. Claudia dressed herself with her new pink bikini she had just bought for our camping trip. Then she said: "Before I go swimming I need to pee!" She took a piece of toilet paper and went over to a dense bush. She squatted in front of it and pulled down her bikini pantie. Then she peed for half a minute - it was so sexy. Claudia wiped and threw her paper over the bush. We were swimming for two hours when I noticed a feeling in my bowels. "Claudia, I think I have to get out of the water and find a bathroom" I said to her. I took the toilet paper and walked a bit. I didn't want to shit behind Claudia's pee bush because of the flies that would come. I found a nice secluded spot behind another big bush where I could do my business. I squatted down and pushed a bit. My turd was coming out immediately and fell onto the ground. When I was done I looked at it. It was only one turd, but solid, smooth and long. I didn't need to wipe much. I peed and went back to Claudia who was smiling. "How was it?" "Relieving" I said "much better than in a public bathroom." It was indeed a nice experience to shit in the warm clean air. We sunbathed for the rest of the afternoon. At dusk we started a campfire. It was really romantic. Then Claudia said "I need to go to the bathroom again!" Ten minutes earlier she had peed in front of her bush so I knew that she had to poop. She took the roll of toilet paper and went behind her bush. She didn't want to walk farther away in the dark. As she is very private about pooping outdoors she wanted me to stay where I was which I did. But I imagined her squatting with her tight jeans down, a turd hanging out of her small beautiful butt. Some minutes later she came back and put the roll back into the tent. "Watch the ground when you go behind this bush" she said. We had full moon and she told me how great it had been to shit there looking at the peaceful lake. However she was annoyed that two mosqitoes had stung her in her ass while she was shitting. "Well they liked your beautiful ass" I told her.

On Friday I woke up early because I had to piss. We had drunk a lot of beer in the night. Claudia was still sleeping. It was the perfect opportunity to see what she had done behind the bush. I went there and immediately saw three pieces of paper she had thrown over after peeing in front of the bush. Then I saw the bush where she had done her deed. There were two smooth medium brown turds. The first one was about 15 inches long and quite broad. The second turd which was next to the first one was shorter, about 8 inches. She had really needed to defecate. She didn't have to use much toilet paper. I pissed onto the paper and went back to the tent. Claudia was awake. "You really had to go yesterday, didn't you?". "Yes,I wanted to wait until this morning, but it was so urgent. The good air seems to be healthy for my bowels."

She also had to pee urgently. It was great as she was only wearing her black bra and a black thong. Again she peed in front of her bush and threw the paper over.

--to be continued--

Upstate Dave

Friends Stepsistors

The afternoon passed with another phone call from Bruce. He talked to me this time. He told me they would be home now in the evening. I said ok and he asked me how it was going with his stepsistors. I told him they had been fine not giving me any problems. He told me ok. He hung up and I then told Linda and Chris that everyone would be home tonight. That was fine with both of them.

Also when I had talked o Bruce he told me to use some of the money out in the litchen for our supper. I asked the girls first would they like sub sandwhiches for supper. They both excitedly said yes to me. Then I asked where the household money was kept in the kitchen. Both girls ran out to the kitchen and got a coffee can and brought it back to me in the livingroom.

I opened it and took out a $20 bill and then got onthe phone and ordered our subs. Twenty minutes later they were delivered I paid for them and the three of us ate in the livingroom watching a movie on tv while we ate. After we all had eaten Linda was tired she said she was turning in early and she left me with Chris and Linda went upstairs.

Chris and I went on watched the rest of the movie. Then it was 8pm when the movie went off and I told Chris that she should get ready for bed. She got right up and hurried off went upstairs and came back down a few minutes later with a nightgown. As I sat on the couch Chris stripped right down taking off her clothes as she looked at the tv. Then she slipped on her nightgown and asked me to come with her.

So I got up from the couch and followed Chris and she went right into the bathroom! She went right over to the toilet hiking up her nightgown as she walked over to the toilet. She put the seat down and sat down on the seat backwards facing the tank and wall! Then Chris giggling hard raised her bare ass up some and she began to piss!

She had a hard loud hissing stream shooting down from under her. Her piss splashed noisily in the toilet too. Chris pissed for about a half minute and then her stream eased off stopped and then she did a couple of weak spurts and then was done. She got up stepped back to clear the toilet and let her nightgown back down. Then over to the sink and she brushed her teeth. Then she was done. She smiled said good night. I told her goodnight and don't you sneak down for a drink. I don't want you wind up pissing on yourself and your sistor. Chris giggled and told me she wouldn't and she headed up the stairs. To be continuied

I have made my viewpoint very clear in the past that bodily functions are something that should be enjoyed, or at least regarded as normal. If everybody shits and pisses then why is it such a dark subject....I see a number of posts about people that are shy about toilets and such things and if they were not their bowels would be better in some cases. As to the sexual aspect the anus and ureathra are very close to the sexual organs (like extremely close)...a man pees out of the same organ that penetrates a woman. For a man the passing of a stool stimulates the postate (in varying degrees) so sexual arousal may not be too abnormal. If such things are so wrong etc, then why did God place the the anus so close to the sexual organs? Could somebody provide me with an answer????
I realise society has a long way to go in this area so I suggest now is the time to "get things moving" on the subject.
Catherin what are you going to do next time you are with a man and needed an urgent poo; are you going to hold on for dear life and hope that the urge disappears? Do you think your boyfriend will notice your distraction and may think that you are not interested in him? Are you going to risk shitting your pants at the worse possible moment? Are you going to risk constipation by holding on too long?
What about if you have a great go to his place (or yours) is getting really, really good and the urge hits...are you going to run off and say "not tonight."? What about if you go away for a few days..what will you do then?
Consider this...if you make the first toilet move then that gives your new B/F (or date) permission for him to make a move to the toilet.
What about if youy were out with a new man and he had to go...what would you think and what would your feelings be to him????
Next point...when we meet somebody who we really like then we seem to portray ourselves as flawless (not out of dishonesty but in an endeavour to succeed with that person...the truth is we are never perfect...we have our faults, all be those faults in some people are not that serious.
If your frien at the formal acted negatively then that is his problem and he might not be for you so the sooner you find out the better...or did you make it difficult for him.
Many years ago I went away with a girl (and we had only been out twice at this stage) and we drove up the coast...booked into a good motel and had alovely dinner at a beach side restaruant...went back to the motel and I had to do the biggest shit...and I did it!!! we then did(after a shower) what most people do in the evenings after a romantic night was great.. I developed the runs for the next day or so...they were not too bad though. After two days my friend said she wishes she could go like I did...she said she was a bit constipated...the next morning I gave her a stomach rub .. she then went to the toilet...was in there for a while and came out looking relieved..she said "thanks Thunder".
Catherine I am not having a go at you personally but pointing out a few issues as I see them.
The next allied subject concerns not pooing at work! As an employer and manager I wish to get good production out of my staff...I wish my staff to have good health so their attendance is good etc and I wsh my staff to be at least reasonable happy at work. Sitting there at the office desk full of shit and needing a bm does not support good work so my view is straight to the toilet for a good sit.Thanks for reading the above.



I was sitting in the doctors waiting room today when a very tall attractive girl walked in. She told the receptionist the supository she had just taken didnt work,and that she had stomach pains and wanted to see the doctor again. The receptionist told her to sit down and wait.As she was waiting she suddenly jumped up making a dash for the toilet.
Everone waiting noticed she looked very uncomfortable.
The toilet was in the waiting area, which was quite quiet.
The girl in the toilet made a "EEEEEEEEEEEEEE" sound which was followed by a loud SpUdOOsh!!
Then she fired a round of continuous poo for about 5 minutes.
I heard the toilet flush and the girl washing her hands. Then the toilet flushing another 3 times before she came out and left the surgery.
The recpeptionist checked the toilet, then put an "out of order" sign on the door, and locked the door.
Then she called a Dyno rod to sort out the problem.

Some High School Boy
To Braidy: Actually once I really wanted to go when I was let to go alone but I realized that he would still know and my mom is very open about going to the bathroom. So she would probably say something about and the fact that it would take so long and they would figure out scared me so much that I was able to hold until we got home.

To Jackson: I've gone while I was with a couple of girls and one guy, the story is somewhere in the 1760s I forgot the exact page. But depending on your relationship with them you may be able to go and complain about how bad the sinks work and maybe they'll buy it. But if they say anything about then just don't worry.

This week I'm getting over a hemy. I would advise anyone on here, if ur butthole itch's and there's no residue left on it search for anal itching because there alot of possible things it could be. My hemerroid is almost gone and thankfully it wasn't a full blown one since I caught in the early stages. But do not hestitate to tell a parent or guardian or see a doctor because it's a very little chance that what ever the consequence it will result in surgery.

Well I'm feeling the urge so Happy Pooping,
Some High School Boy


Wiping and its Place in History

Hi again to everyone! I'm so pleased to be reading more and more wiping testimonials through surveys and short postings of those who don't normally post. To all, keep up the good work!!! And I welcome more posts of the same nature with intrest as this is one of my favorite parts of the bathroom experience. The issue I would like to address this time is the prospect of not wiping after a bowel movement. To not use toilet paper may seem radical to many, yet there are historical reasons for the practice of waiting until a wet clean method is available later on. Truthfully, this is why underwear became popular in the first historical sense, as a victorian era sanitary aid, to be worn to prevent one's outer clothing from being soiled by "human dirt," as wiping was not provided for in most toilet facilties of the time. Women of the 1840's began adopting underwear and its usage caused something of a generational gap between the young adopters, who were free to use the toilet confident their "soil" would be contained discreetly, and older women who still wore layers of petticoats to accomplish this task, and thus had a much more difficult time using toilet facilities thanks to the bulk of their clothing. Stories exist of women in layers of petticoats helpless to undress who as their only means of urination during the dressed daytime was to go outside, pretend to be looking at the flowers, stand discreetly on some grass and urinate a slow and controlled stream while standing stick straight, with the urine running down the legs as they were essentially naked under all those dress layers. Could some women perhaps have manipulated their vagina to direct a stream down instead of leg trickles? I wouldn't doubt it as us girls have always been crafty in how we relieve ourselves. As for having a bowel movement it was done typically in wooden privies, with no running water or butt cleaning supplies. A lady would simply lift all her clothing, sit and have a bowel movement, then stand and drop her clothing. No touching of the vaginal or anal areas was done as a sanitary measure to not spread waste onto the hands, as it was terribly hard to clean off without running water, and in strict households the smell of poo on the fingers could be reason for severe punishment. The time of the adoption of underwear was when humanity began taking a sanitation step forward, with it being known that fecal contamination was spreading illness, the knowledge in its infancy. So in effect underwear were created as a means of cleaning up after a bowel movement. The idea was to pull them back up after pooping and let a lady's dirty behind clean itself by depositing a skidmark into the thick cotton gusset, a manner that was deemed more sanitary than cleaning up at the time of the bowel movement. After all, what if one had to go immediately to dinner and could not risk dirty fingers? One could simply wash later in the privacy of one's own quarters confident her bum wouldn't be spreading it's brown leftovers onto her fine clothing. Early underwear were remakably thick and sturdy, like heavy duty versions of today's full coverage panties. Some are on display in various fashion museums, and they definitely look up to the task of being washable, wearable toilet paper!!! I also must add that as late as the 1950's this concept was still in effect, with disposable paper panties on sale for most of that decade. They proved unpopular but the idea was the same, to throw away one's butt (or menstrual) mess instead of having to do touchy cleaning outside of the bathtub. So in essence women have nothing to feel bad about if they happen to skidmark their panties, there is no shame in it whatsoever. That's what your underwear are there for in the first place. I feel proud of mine, and won't be shamed out of using underwear for their intended purpose. Granted, I wipe, but just to minimize the thickness of the skidmark. One wipe standing up gets all the main remnants, leaving just slight smearing to deposit a thin poo stain in my panties. If I go without wiping, which happens from time to time, I'll get a thick pasty spot right where my anus contacts the fabric, which is harder to clean out. But in the end I find cleaning up a poo stain with a toothbrush and a bar of soap preferable to having an itchy buttcrack and wasting seven to ten wads of toilet paper, when I wipe I use one moderate sized wad. I think it's the perfect compromise between leaving the total unwiped deposit as a skidmark and wasting lots of paper and enduring pain to prevent one. Thin skids don't even require much effort to get rid of, just rinse in the sink and they're gone. I see no reason to use loads of tp for this, in the end there is no denying the environmental impact of excessive toilet peper usage. As for the complaint that a smelly bum results from these ways, it is indeed true. That's the only real drawback. But I will tell you that it's not a true problem in the sense that if one is dressed with several layers of fabric in place then no smell escapes the butt into the surrounding air. The only time a smelly butt becomes noticeable is when naked. I have noticed my butt scent wafting up while seated for a pee later in the day, while in a gym changing room, and in the bedroom. There will be times when I'm in bed with a male friend (fyi guys I'm single again!) and he will notice my smelly butt, and we'll talk about the BM I had earlier that caused it, he can't get enough of this apparently! I'll just be like "yeah, I pooped earlier and my butt stinks, big deal..." and he'll ask if it was big and if it hurt coming out etc... I find that guys have a good reaction to a natural smelly butt, typically they're so intrigued it just takes them over. Never once has a time with a guy been ruined by my butt. I can even think of a time that I skidmarked a guy's bed after a middle of the night bowel movement where I was too tired to wipe, after which I returned to bed naked. Best thing is he thought he was the one to leave it on the sheets, even though it was on my side of the bed! Until next time, love to all and happy pooping!!!!!!


P.S. Thank you Ashley for your love and support:)


Catherine's Survey Answers

1. Do you enjoy having a Bowel Movement?
Duh!!! Oh Heck Yeah!! I liked one answer a lot some I'm going to repeat it (with quotes so I don't plagiarize the original author!! "The relief afterwards always feels so rewarding. I enjoy BMs even when they are a struggle."

2. What kind of BM is (are) your favorite(s)? Is this your usual BM? I like to start off with a huge massive great big long turd if I can and finish it up with a lot of softer secondary crap if possible!! LOL This takes a while to do, but boy does it ever feel good afterward!

3. What do you like best about the BM?
Again, another poster said it better than I could so I'll just quote it... "The feeling as it starts to slide out. It feels like it takes over your whole body." If its really big and you were desperate, the euphoria and dizziness can be intense!

4. Do you look at your feces after you have done it?
Please!!! I look at my SHIT! Especially if If I've felt a massive pile just go through me! "Feces" is so crude!! (Seriously, for some reason, I always thought of "feces" as WORSE than "Shit" and I know a lot of people that feel the same way!)

5. Do you think that it is weird, wrong or OK to "like" defecating?
Again, I don't "defecate," I POOP!! And absolutely positively NO!! There are built in pleasure sensors in that area of the body that get stimulated when we crap and that's why we enjoy it from the time we're little.

6. What would make for the ideal bowel movement in your mind?
See my answer for #2 for my favorite kind.


Re. "How do you clean your anus?"

TO Shelly:

I usually just wipe my crack in 4 or five swipes of TP folded over.
It's only when things won't seem to get sufficiently clean that I start focusing on my anus specifically.

Usually, I save any heroic digging efforts up there (i.e. actually going deep inside) for the times when I'm in the shower. Personally, it feels a lot easier to do and I get much better result in the shower vs. a wet piece of toilet paper.


TO corrina:

RE. hypocrite mom

Is your mother the very religious type? A lot of people still equate bodily functions with 'sin'. She may view your accident (and probably hers too) lit by that perspective. i.e. As divine retribution for some secret moral failing or a conscious act of defiance against whatever religious doctrine her holds dear.

If she isn't the religious type, you may want to confront her about how *she* would have handled your situation.


I think I may need to get some more fresh vegetables back into my diet. Recently I have been buying the pre-cooked, sliced stuff and I notice that my BM's have been unusually 'odoriferous' since I began going the way of convenience packaging.
The smelly dumps were an amusing change of pace at first - especially since they seem to be coming out in substantial logs with a good amount of gas and a longer time on the toilet to make the emptying experience rather satisfying. But I think it's time to put the genie back in the bottle and actually cook and chop the vegetables myself.

Take care!


My answers to Catherine's survey:

1. Do you enjoy having a Bowel Movement?
Yes, always enjoy it, wherever and whenever I have one

2. What kind of BM is (are) your favorite(s)? Is this your usual BM?
Favourite BM is first thing in the morning at home or in public toilets if lots of other dumping is going on. Normal BM is generally after work at home though, usually 4 or 5 logs with little or no pushing to do

3. What do you like best about the BM?
The feeling of relief as its dropping out

4. Do you look at your feces after you have done it?

5. Do you think that it is weird, wrong or OK to "like" defecating?
I think its ok to like it - we all have to do it

6. What would make for the ideal bowel movement in your mind?
Pretty much my answers in number 1 - having an enjoyable poo every morning

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I have been reading this surprising site for a little time and feel I ought to write.

I have only messed my knickers once as an adult. My husband and I had been out for dinner. Something obviously upset my stomach. I thought I was going to explode in the car on the way home. Then, as I got out of the car I did. My knickers were filled with a horrid mushy mess. I was quite upset but my husband was very comforting.

I have occasionally wet my knickers. It happens once or twice a year and has happened since my later thirties - I am now 48. It's not always a full flood though it has been several times.


Post Title (optional)The Motorway Poop

It's not the first time I have pooped my pants on the motorway. I sometimes sit in tail backs and wonder just how many other people are sat there desperate to pee or poop and exactly how many do fill their underpants. I know there must be a lot of others. I gave in yesterday sat on our M1. I'd been stationary for an hour. I am a pragmatic kind of a guy and I knew I'd never hold it so I took an old towel off the back seat - use it for drying the dog off usually - placed it under my bum. I took the precaution of undoing my trousers and easing them down around my thighs. I let go and peed. It was a gusher a warm and strong flow that squirted in a small fountain through the cotton of my briefs before the flow subsided. My need to poop was painful by now and was already presing itself into the back of my previously white briefs. I raised my bottom a few inches off the seat and my load slid in - up and down my bottom crack along below the waistband of my pants and forward squeezing through the leg elastic and between the top of my thighs. As I sat it squeezed all over - or so it seemed. I should make the point I had a newspaper on my lap in case you think I was just sat there with no trousers on. Where the page was resting on my briefs the print had become wet. It was another hour before traffic moved and as I drove past the crashed cars I cursed the drivers. From the car park at home there is quite a long and open walk to the flats. I carefully eased my trousers back but I knew my underpants were sticky through and my trousers would be stained in seconds so standing by the car I slipped my hands inside the waistband of my trousers and pulled my briefs high so they were tight against my bottom and walked carefully to the flat and very carefully up the three flights of stairs. Inside the safety of my flat I stood on the tiled bathroom floor and wet myself - this time on purpose. It had been a messy accident. My briefs were plastered - white to brown and yellow - my trousers were wet and stained from the walk from the car and my shirt had been tucked inside my briefs and the back of that was plastered as well. Sometimes it gets caught as I dress and yesterday I paid the price.

I drive as part of my job and accidents are almost a part of the job description. I don't have the fortune a being a 'great holder'. If I last an hour from first needing to go it's exceptional. One of my good friends has enjoyed his share of driving poops and if anything he has less holding power than me so at least I have a friend I can joke about it with.

While I'm doing a post - my first for a very long time - I should mention being on the underground a few weeks ago. It was crowded and I was standing and looking down on a guy - late teens - sitting - smart and in a suit. My story reminded me because this lad had a paper open on his lap and I smiled to myself as a wet stain began to spread over it. He was unaware for a while and then he must have noticed me looking down and he had no idea what to do. A few stations later he got off and as he walked out of the train and along the platform I watched the deep stain of piss in a sort of teardrop shape on the back of his trousers. I felt a little sorry for him because everyone else saw it as well and where he had been siting was saturated.

Although 'accidents ' are unfortunate and sometimes dreadful when you know everyone else knows what you have done I can laugh about them and reckon thats the best thing to do.


Plop Idol

Talking about bowel movements with guys

To Catherine,

Having read your post about being modest when talking about bm's, I was particularly interested that you wouldn't bring that up incase of wrong first impressions a guy may have of you. You will be absolutely amazed to hear that I for one, wouldn't be turned off by this in fact more the opposite actually. I would admire the courage it takes for some people to actually discuss their bowel habits with friends/family and for me it's just being honest and the fact that we all poo is nothing to hide. I like girls who can openly talk about this without getting all embarrassed and coy about it. I love it! I've heard lovely female friends of mine taking a dump on holiday as the walls weren't that sound proof and the aroma they left after their poo didn't repulse me at all, because I went in after them and had a dump as smelly as they did. I openly say it in front of friends that I'm going for a dump guys and I think life is all about overcoming taboos like this.

I'd like to know what you think of my view on this, in fact what does the rest of you think about this.

Plop Idol :)

Blocked Up

Had to take pain meds and I am now blocked up...tried to counter the effects of constipation and pains meds with lots of fibre but I think it is counter just seems to fill up my colon all the more. The last three nights I have been woken by stomach ache and had to have mid night sits in the toilet...passed a small amount of runny poo and a couple of thin poo, what there is of it is light brown...I have had plently of butt phlegm.
I took my laxatives this morning...senna and stool softener....I now have stomach pains and I should try the toilet soon.
In I go!!!!!!
I am Back!!!
Sat on the throne and passed big fat loggs and lots of them...they were light brown and did smell too!
I feel a lot better but there is more in me...all that metamucil...see how I go for the rest of the day but another laxative before bed might be wise.

Some High School Boy
Nothing out of the usual today but the second to last class I had today someone farted and it was BAD!!! Whoever it was stunk up the entire hallway and people could smell into insde the computer lab which is at the other end hallway. Well I'll be going out in a bit I play an instrument and I don't wanna say to much since I think some people I know are lurkers but I really wanna crap there so I'm hoping my mom will hurry and pick me up so I can crap there.

Take Care,

Some High School Boy

Mike T.
I'm 21, male, and a senior in college. I run regularly, so I'm pretty skinny even though I eat a lot. Because of this, I crap at least three times a day. My bowel movements tend to be pretty big, too, and I always stink up the bathroom. Most of my dumps take place in public toilets, either at my dorm, at the faculty building or at the gym.

Yesterday afternoon, I was taking a dump in the men's changing-rooms at the gym before going out for my run. There aren't any doors on the stalls, so I could be seen sitting on the toilet with my running shorts around my ankles.

A guy came in. He was about thirty, well-built and muscular, tanned, wearing a vest and tight shorts. He was glistening with sweat, so I could tell he'd just finished a good workout.

He turned round, stared at me for a minute, then grinned and started getting changed on the bench right opposite the stall where I was crapping. He kept sneaking peeks at me over his shoulder. I could tell he was looking, and I didn't mind.

I farted a couple of times, good loud ones, and then I leaned forward as several of my turds plopped into the bowl, splashing my buttocks with water. It didn't smell too pretty!

I noticed the guy was taking a suspiciously long time to get changed! "Sorry about the smell," I said.

He turned round and grinned. "That's OK," he said. "Everyone's shit stinks." He had a strong foreign accent, probably Hispanic.

I released another fart, and then it was time to wipe. I tore off some toilet paper, lifted my buttocks from the seat, and wiped from the side. I could see the guy looking.

Once my ass was clean, I pulled my shorts up and flushed the toilet, leaving skidmarks in the bowl and a lingering smell.

To cut a long story short, before I went out for my run, the guy and I exchanged numbers. It turns out he's called Juan, he's from Paraguay, he's a grad student in engineering, and we're going out for a few beers tomorrow night. He lifts weights and he eats tons of protein, so I bet he produces some pretty toxic shits. Hopefully our shared interest in public crapping will lead to some great "buddy dumps" in the future!


Ass Wiping Survey

Since there has been a few posts here lately about wiping, I wonder if everyone could fill out a short survey on this subject:

1) When you wipe after pooping, do you use toilet paper, wet wipes, or something else? If something else, say what it is...

2) If you wipe with tp, do you moisten it first? If so, how do you moisten it? (ex. water, soap, saliva, skin cream, or something else?)

3) If you use tp, how much tp do you grab at a time? How many sheets?

4) After you do a wipe, do you ever reuse the same paper or wet wipe on the next wipe?

5) When you wipe, do you clean inside your hole? If so, how far into the hole do you clean?

6) Do you look at the paper or wet wipes after you wipe?

7) How do you know when you are done wiping? Do you look at the paper/wipes to see if it is clean, do you only wipe a certain number of times regardless of how dirty you are, or do you just wipe till it "feels" clean?

8) How much total tp or wipes do you use on an average poo?

9) Do you look at your crap before flushing?

Desperate to poop
I had to take a dump at a petrol station at the weekend. It was a rural one and was really gross pooh on the rim turds in the bowl and a bloody pad on top. I was desp though and had to use it. I usually like to sit but this time i squatted as there was too much shit to wipe off. Im afraid i exploded a bit and added to the mess but what relief! After the initial runny poop i let a couple of nice logs out and wiped and left no point trying to flush. As i walked away another lady was walking in poor sod

People often say that everyone poops. In fact, that's the name of a famous children's book. I've often wondered - when people are in coma (like Terry Schiavo was years ago) and they are fed intravenously, do they still poop?

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