To Rick


When it comes bowel movements and guys, most girls I know remain modest. I mean, yes, we defecate regularly. But I, and other girls I know, do not talk about it for the sake of first impressions and whether or not it will turn off the guy. I mentioned that I had a bad experience at prom because I had to go to the bathroom at the restaurant before going to the prom. Obviously I took a while. I was nervous, which made for a loose stool and more time on the toilet. What started out as something I thought could lead to a meaningful relationship turned into a very awkward night. Too, we also know that there is unhealthy sexual attraction involved. I hope that when I meat someone and develop a serious relationship that I can be open about bowel habits. But, I prefer modesty until then.

to Reid: I like pee stories

I have posted some pee stories. I would like to hear your's and other's pee stories.

Claire N
To Catherine.

I can relate to your post "What I Like about "Doing My Doodie"". Your toilet routine is very similar to mine. I enjoy having a poo and it comes very easily. I also never go a day without at least one.


where have you been at all my life. i bet you can do some damage to a toilet. you flush in between or do you sit there and wait till your done then flush??? tell me you best story where you clogged the toilet...thanks oh when you go how is it hard balls or long turds



my wife is almost alway constipated she sits for a long time everytime she has a bm she never closes the door so i hesr here strain and grunt she reads and smokes while on the toilet


Thanks,,,I feel better


I guess that was the conclusion that I pretty much came to myself. I am not hurting anyone else, doing anything that would cause myself harm and have not done anything that would keep me from leading a normal life. Your reply was very kind, thanks!

Regarding suppressing the need to go, I cannot do that. The feeling never goes away. As I learned with my two solid accidents, if I don't get to the bathroom, I will go. I have held it for a few hours before, but the feeling never went away.

BTW, I did a solid "log" tonight. It was only 10 inches (but thick), so not as much, but I am so happy to go normally with out cramping! My BM's were regular all week, just loose and crampy (and gassy!), but this is more like it!

I would love to hear more feedback if others have the time. I really appreciate it and hope all of you are well. Love to all!

Reid - I for one love pee stories, and that is why I come to this site. I usually skip the poop stories (unless I think it is going to be about an accident). I have posted a couple of my pee stories too and would love it if you could post yours.

Thanks so much for the advice everyone has offered in regards to my girlfriend and watching her poop. By the way, I realized I never gave my girl a name. I won't use her real name but her middle name is Beth so we'll go with that. The good thing about this situation is Beth isn't grossed out by her own bathroom habits nor is she grossed out by mine apparently. During her time here with me (she went back home for a couple of weeks) she had seen me use the bathroom countless times. One day I really had to poop and Beth was about to take a shower and was kind enough to let me use the toilet while she was showering. We have seen each other naked before so it's not a big deal to me. It wasn't too smelly so I didn't stink her out I guess. This has been one of many times she has seen me using the bathroom. She'll be in the bathroom doing something while I'm doing my business. My theory was if I open up to her, she'll do the same with me.

It looks like my theory worked. At first Beth said she would never let me watch because it would embarass her. As I said though, by being open with her, I figured that would make her feel more comfortable with me. Now, she has no problem peeing or pooping around me. I absolutely love watching her. And it has definitely enhanced some other things that I won't speak of here. She has made it clear she gets no buzz of any kind by seeing anyone (including me) on the toilet nor does she understand why I do, however, she is loving and understanding enough to accept the fact that I like it and seeing her dropping a load makes me "happy".

A couple of stories I'd like to tell. About a week ago Beth told me she needed to poop and asked if I wanted to watch. I eagerly accepted and followed her to the bathroom. She was wearing these tight fitting pink lounge pants (her butt looks so good in those things) and pulled them down to her knees. She sat down and farted a couple of times then started peeing. I sat on the edge of the tub and watched. I could hear some crackling and she was silently straining. Eventually I heard a dull plop which told me it was somewhat large. She farted again and said she wasn't done yet. She kept pushing and then started wiping. She would check the paper after each wipe. The first wipe, the paper was smeared with poop. With each wipe the paper came out a little bit cleaner until there was nothing left. That was about 4 wipes total. She stood up and I looked in to see a long turd sitting in the hole of the toilet. The bathroom smelled but I actually like it.

This past Saturday we were in the kitchen and Beth was squatted down looking for something when she got up and called my name and told me to come here. As she was about to go down the steps to the basement she grabbed her stomach and mumbled to herself "oh god". I followed her down the steps to my room. She said she had to use the bathroom. I knew she had to poop and I asked if I could watch. She had actually wanted me to come downstairs to help her look something up however she said I could watch. She pulled her skirt up and pulled her panties down. She immediately started peeing like a race horse. After that she sat there and then let out a long airy fart that lasted about 5 seconds. I laughed and she kinda giggled. I was sitting on top of the vanity this time and could hear her poop crackling out. It sounded like a good one. The smell was becoming very strong and she looked up at me and said "yeah I know it just smells lovely". I told her the smell actually turned me on. After sitting a couple more minutes and letting out a couple of farts she began to wipe. Just like the last time the first wipe was covered in poop. It took about 4 or 5 wipes to get totally clean. When she got up there were two sizeable turfs in the hole of the toilet. After that I need some "relief"...but I won't into details on what happened, hehe.

One last story, and it's a short one. Yesterday we were with my parents at a restaurant and the topic of bathroom stuff somehow came up. She told a story about a time when she was like 14. She was deep in the woods with her grandpa, helping him cut wood (she's a country girl) and had to pee and poop really bad. She said she looked around until she found a log to sit on to do the deed. I was amazed she did it in the outdoors like that with her grandpa nearby. She said it was not a very fun experience and to top it off she had nothing to wipe with. I was a little confused about the whole sitting on a log concept. I'm a city boy myself and doing my business out in the open like that is just a bit out of my comfort zone. At any rate, I would think you'd be better off just squatting. I asked her later when it was just us how you could poop sitting on a log. I was thinking it would get all over you that way. She said no, that the log had a hole in it and so she sat with her butthole positionEd so her poop would land in the hole, just like it was a toilet. I didn't know these things were just laying out in the woods like that, but as I said, I'm a city boy...what do I know.

There were plenty of other times over the last two weeks that I saw Beth use the bathroom but those two stories were the most memorable. I asked her one night why she had such a change of hear and she said she thought it would embarass her but it doesn't anymore. So I guess my plan worked.

Master Blaster
Rick: Well, I guess it isn't so much an embarrassment as it is a "why would that ever come up?" kind of thing. I don't know many people, guys or girls, who talk about pooping in front of others. Maybe that's just me.

Claire N


There has been a number of posts recently about wiping. I described how I wipe my bottom in the final paragraph of my post on page 1802.


Girls School Toilet

On Saturday I went to watch a tennis match at a local girls school. They were playing against a school about 300 km away so they had to make an early start to get here at 8 to start. I happened to need a good crap at about 7.45 so went off to find a loo. Wandering down a corridor I came across a girls bathroom, about 10 stalls. I went in found one with paper and proceeded to strip down and get comfortable. While dropping a good smelly load the visiting schools mothers must have decided to visit the loo. Must have been at least 6 that arrived at once, the farting, peeing, semi liquid shitting that went on was horrific. One was moaning as it dumped loads of watery shit, you could hear it all, the smell was quite something, even for me. Tampons being changed, calls for friends to pass some paper under the door, quite a show they had obviously been storing it all on the journey. What they had eaten to produce such a smelly mess was anybody's guess. Normally ladies crap quietly but this lot was some thing else.


Ooops I've done it again!

I have just had my breakfast in McDonalds in my local airport.
I had already eaten some high fibre cerial at home, I eat when I am nerveous (today I am as I don't like flying).
My nerves got to my stomach as it started to churn - a toilet visit was needed, and quickly.
I went to the ladies opposite the restaurant, sitting on the toilet I noticed my stomach was bloated and hard.
Giving a starining big push, my poo slowly started to come out.It was very painful and bobbly.
I looked between my legs, I could see I had dropped a long thick poo which was wedged in the toilet hole.
Seeing the size of it, I flushed the toilet, but it didnt go away.
Still needing to poo some more, I took the next stall, I sat on the next toilet and dropped the remainder of my poo.The remainder was soft, and still a good load.
It flushed away ok taking only 2 flushes, but the toilet bowl was very marked.
I gave my other poo a few more flushes,it was too big for the toilet to cope with.
The toilet attendant then appeared.
I was washing my hands, as she walked into the stall with the clogged toilet she said " ohh man, look at the size of that!" she went away again shaking her head, (giving me a nasty look)
Feeling better and a bit embarassed, I dried my hands and headed for the departure lounge.
I saw the toilet attendant 5 minutes later, with a maintenance guy and his tools.They both gave me a nasty stare, I think she knew it was me that clogged the toilet. I gave them a nervous smile, it wasn't my fault, it's just how it came out....


Pooping in front of women

Have any men ever had to take a crap in front of a woman or a group of women? Any women ever have to crap in front of guys?

I was working on a documentary one time and the crew was made up of fifteen people: six women and nine men. The production company had rented a vacant warehouse to set up out production office and sleeping quarters for the crew (we were out in the middle of nowhere).

There were two bathrooms. One had a toilet stall and a urinal (no door on the stall) and this was designated as the Men's Room. There was also a locker room which had showers and two toilet stalls (again, with no doors). The men had an hour in the morning to use the showers and/or lockers before it officially became the Women's Room.

One day, I desperately had to take a dump and it was right after "Men's Time" was over. I went to the Men's Room only to discover that someone had put masking tape across the stall and hung up a sign that said "Toilet Backed Up Do Not Use."

I thought about just finding a bush outside, but finally decided to be an adult and swallow my pride. I leaned into the locker room and could hear the showers running and women chatting. I said, "Hello?" A voice answered "Yeah?" I said, "The toilet in the Men's Room is busted and I'm about to crap my pants, can I please come in?" There was a moment of discussion then a voice said, "Yeah, sure."

I rushed in, averting my eyes and entered the first stall. I pulled down my jeans just far enough and sat. It took a few seconds of pushing to get my ass to relax, but finally I was able to unleash a monster load into the toilet. There was a huge splash and a pretty loud fart; needless to say I was a little embarrassed and said, "Sorry." One of the women said, "It's okay." I finished quickly, wiped my ass and flushed. I said, "Thanks" and rushed out. I washed my hands in the Men's Room.

Since I kept my eyes to the floor the whole time, I have no idea if any of them got a look at me on the toilet or if they averted their eyes as well. They definitely heard every last noise my ass made.

Anyone go through a similar experience?


the quiet one
to reid, i enjoy pee stories, please keep them coming! thanks!



hey i just discovered this site and i have to say i luv it lol i have a story i'd like to share but first i'll tell u a lil about myself. i'm 23, brunette, brown eyes, white skin with a slight tan, 5'8", 190lbs and i have to say, i'm fat and i'm proud lol. i've got impressive breasts that do distract ppl from my bulging belly lmao (i figure there's no point in lyin or bein embarrassed, i luv my body the way it is lol) i normally pee about 5-6 times a day, poop 3 times, and fart a lot lol i'm wondering if anyone has ever heard of a guy attracted to farting, bc that would b the man for me! lol
ok so here's my story. As i mentioned i usually have a bm 3 times daily, mornin noon and night. i have a cheese and beef heavey diet, and recently lost a bet with my lil sis which resulted in me eating nothing but cheese for an entire day. As u can probably guess i have a healthy appetite and ate 4 large bars of cheese that day (a lil more than 1kg total). I ate this with out a second thought bc my digestive track is a bit of a tank and can handle ANYTHING lol. Not this time though. i only pooped twice that day and the last was rather hard and came out in lil balls. the next day i noticed i was farting more than usual but it's not a big deal bc i'm a farm girl and working in the barn i can let them rip all day and not care. I went about my business as usual but was beginning to get concerned about my lack of bm's. this went on for 2 more days and i was rly beginning to worry, and was starting to get a rly heavy feeling in my belly. That night i had to go to my parents house for my grandpa's b day supper. my family (aside from my lil sis) is against admitting that women fart or poop, so i was gonna have to hold in my farts for a few hours. givin their frequency this was no easy task. i started cramping up after and hour, but managed to last until it was time to go home. as soon as i got to my car i tried to let it out, but to my horrification it wouldnt come! I drove myself straight to a c store and got a laxative and immediately took that maximum dose. my belly made intense rumbling but after several hours i was desperate for a fart and a bm. i measured and my belly was 4 inches rounder than normal and i had a rly heavy feelin in my lower gut. I drank some stuff called mineral oil, which is clear oily tasteless stuff used for consipated livestock and i went to watch tv. after a half an hour my lil sis showed up to c how i was makin out and she could hear my stomach noises accross the house!. not long after that i felt a major shift and ran to the bathroom. i ripped off my pants and sat down and pushed. it was nasty! there was so much comin out of me it literally filled the bowl to the point that it was within 3 inches of my butt! i still had gas cramps after i was done wipin, but i ignored them, having been happy to have just unloaded like that. my sis had to leave bc of the smell, and it took me about an hour to get the toilet to flush. i changed into my night panties which r rather tite (let's face it wen ur butt's like mine most things r tite lmao). as i layed down i felt the gas shift, so i pushed and out came a fart so powerful it ripped a hole in my panties!

Punk Rock Girl

To Rick - Re: I Don't Get It


I saw your post and felt compelled to respond. I personally have no bashfulness regarding talking to my guy friends about my bowel functions. I've never been overly self-conscious of them. I will on occasion sit on the toilet and take a shit while my boyfriend is in the shower or brushing his teeth.

However, I know many more men who are totally repulsed at the idea of a woman taking a shit than I know women who are embarrassed talking to men about it. I actually have a girlfriend who went on a few dates with a guy who got angry at her for taking a shit at his apartment!

So remember, Rick. It works both ways. Yes, there are some women out there who harbor a lot of anxiety over their bowels, especially in the presence of men; it has a lot to do with the absurd and unfair standards society puts upon us to be perfect, sweet-smelling and lady-like. But I know MORE men who are totally grossed out by the idea of a woman farting or taking a dump, like it's an affront to them.



Shih Tzu Dog


Hi im back!!!!& happy new year!!!
I dont have much to say but I wanted to give you a fact.....

They are the most horrible thing in the world!!!
It hurts sooooo bad and it does not help at all!!!!
Instead,eat fiber! and if your not feeling well,just eat a couple crackers or bread.Itll do the trick,trust me.But the only bad part is it takes longer but its better than enemas.

Bye!!! Peace,Love,Shih Tzu!!

-Shih Tzu Dog:)


Punk Rock Girl

Hey, I really like your stories all these years. Could you please give
more details about your accident in college? Usually your posts have
so much detail I can almost picture it.

As for myself, boring. Very regular (early morning)and mostly soft.
Every day between 6:15AM and 7:00AM. Good thing I get up early...ha


To Catherine

Hey Catherine,

David here. Sorry to hear you've been ill. Stomach bugs are no fun at all. I think I had a similar bug back in September and October during football season and for a few weeks it seemed like all I was ever doing was cranking out great big piles of soft-serve chocolate mush a couple times a day. I'm doing better now and I'm producing lengthy well-formed turds in place of the mush piles.

It's kind of funny, but it's really very difficult to predict that you're about to unload a massive lengthy turd even if you're on the verge of letting loose because the urge and the sensation is about the same as a "normal" dump, maybe just slightly stronger. In fact, I usually have to go to the toilet much more urgently when my crap is simply loose and mushy or not well-formed than when I have a well-formed log that's really massive.

One example of this happened just a couple weekends ago up at a church youth retreat at a camp in Tennessee. It was the one weekend this season where I got a break from wrestling so I was really happy to make the trip. When I can make retreats, they let me play guitar in the band that leads the worship singing so I have a lot of fun just getting away from competing for a while.

Anyway at the group get-together that evening, the band gets done so I go sit down and other people start making announcements. Pretty soon, my butt starts giving me that old familiar message that it's going to require the services of a toilet pretty soon. Anyhow, I don't really have to go urgently at this point so I figure I can hold on until the youth pastor gets done. So over the next ten miunutes, the urge and the pressure get progressively a lot stronger. I realize that while I'm not necessarily going to shit myself if I don't go to the bathroom right now, the pressure is going to make things extremely uncomfortable if I hold on. Plus, in a large group like that, I was worried about accidentally letting a fart slip out thereby making me the laughing stock of the evening. So I finally decide to excuse myself and head for the bathrooms down the hall. As I got to the bathroom, a big noisy toxic fart DID sneak out, so I was glad I had excused myself in time.

When I got in the bathroom, it was just a one-seater operation and the toilet was kind of low with the bowl being kind of small, almost like it was designed for elementary school kids I thought. Anyway, by now, I'm really feeling under a lot of pressure so I quickly drop my pants and underwear and mount the small shitter. Now normally when I shit at school, at 6'1, my upper legs are pretty much parallel to the ground to the bend in my knee. On this little crapper however, my knees were definitely uphill from the groin area!! LOL!!

Once I was seated, I let out a couple loud farts that I hoped weren't heard by the group just down the hall. At this point, I fully expected to feel my butt opening up with a big log crackling out. But instead nothing happened even though the internal pressure was quite intense. So I gave a couple good firm pushes and still nothing moved. I dug a litttle deeper for a firmer push and three golfball-sized turds plopped into the water. Not exactly what I was expecting or still feeling inside me. So I dig a little deeper still and give a really firm push with a small grunt and that finally gets the massive train rolling out of the station!! I could really feel my butt really opening up as the turd picked up more and more speeed as it kept coming and coming and coming. It's like Pete described, it was a feeling like you were evacuating all the way from your stomach. I have to admit, the feeling of euphoria was really quite intense as all that shit left my body. But eventually, it finally moved all the way through me finishing up with the end tip near the top of the bowl. For the next several moments I just sat there breathing hard trying to recover while thoroughly enjoying the intense rush of relief. Another moment passed before I sensed another train had moved into the station ready for departure. So I bore down again and gave another push and this time, a medium-sized pile of mushier shit came squirting out.

When I looked down in the bowl, I realized to my dismay that there was so much shit in the toilet that I would never be able to flush it down without some help. Luckily, I did find a plunger in the bathroom. (Something tells me they have experienced this situation before!!!), and I was able to break the massive turd up and get it all down with a couple of flushes. I then wiped and wiped filling the toilet with paper which I also managed to get flushed down with the aid of the plunger.

After washing up, I returned to the group and while I didn't want to be obvious that I had just taken a great big satisfying dump, I'm pretty sure the radiant contented glow on my face gave me away!


I Took the Activia Challenge

Three years ago, coming off of the Christmas holidays, I had over done it and was bloated a little. I was going to the bathroom, but still felt a little sluggish. I thought maybe it was because I was gettng older (I was only 26). But, I had never been constipated and did not want to lose my bowel health, so I thought I would try Activia yogurt. I started on a Thursday and noticed no change. Friday, I had normal BM's but was more gassy than usual. I was passing long, loud toots (which is normal for me, except I only do this a few times a day.) I even lost control and pooted in front of my coworkers. All I could do was blush and say "excuse me!" I got some awkward smiles. It happens to us all!

On Saturday I woke up and went through my normal routine and continued with the Activia. I had a BM that morning that was substantial but somewhat loose, accompanied with some gas. I began to think that the Activia was working and that I would get used to the Activia. Even though the side effects were not as pleasant, I thought that it would go away. I went to the mall with a girl friend to spend a gift card to Belk's that I got from my parents. We ate lunch at a Chik-Fil-A and resumed shopping when all of the sudden I got hit with gas. For about an hour I tried slipping away from my friend to pas gas. It wasn't smelly as much as it was audible. I told my friend that I had started eating Activia and she confesses that it gave her explosive diarrhea. She said that she thought it would help regularity and that she would get used to it, she never did. "Well, I haven't gotten diarrhea yet. You know my cast-iron stomach!"

The gas never subsided, but got worse. I kept pooting audibly and I saw that some people were looking. I told my friend that I was going to excuse myself and see if I could not get my stomach to settle. I took the bags that I had to the car outside so I could release some gas. When I got to the car and was alone, I tooted about 10 seconds straight, audibly...and realized I had to get to the bathroom right then. My stomach cramped with a vengence suddenly. I was going to have diarrhea!

I started scooting back in the door through Belks back into the mall. My friend saw me and I just waved and kept going. I kept clenching my but as I scooted through the crowd to the food court bathroom. This is a nice mall with concrete partitions, nice and clean toilets, but the regular semi-private doors. I scooted in, slammed the door, yanked my jogging suit pants down and dropped a bomb that the world had not seen since Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I mean, you could have sent me to Afghanistan and I could have flushed Bin-Ladin out of those caves.

In that one trip to the bathroom, I kid you not, it felt like the entire contents of my bowels emptied. And, I was a little embarassed. I heard giggles. A little girl loudly proclaimed to her mother that "that lady has diarrhea!" For about thirty minutes I had explosive diarrhea that left me drained. My friend came in the bathroom after about 25 minutes. She identified my stall when I exploded. She asked if I was OK, and I said yes, but I understand why it is called the Activia Challenge!

I really enjoyed the dump, except I prefer that kind to be in the privacy of my own home. But it happens to all of us!

Love to all!

Laura (Teacher),

That is a horrible story about your stomach virus. I don't think I have ever had one that bad.

Becky M,

I hate to hear that you seem to suffer from diarrhea often. Has a doctor ever recommended anything for it? As a child, I used to have loose stools and diarrhea often, because my parents spoiled me with food. I ate good and badd, but would get anything from my parents until I became a teenager. I added lots of fiber, vegetables and eliminated some greasy foods and fast foods. It changed my life and my bowels.

hello everyone! this past sunday i went out for the day. i went to an expensive mexican resturant for lunch, with a Good friend of mine. we waited forever and 45 minutes later we got a table. my friend that came with me that day is Rebecca. i ordered two large burritos with beef and beans in it and an extra plate of refried beans and rice to go along with it. becca orded a cascada and a large taco with beans as well. we both ordered beer to drink. we ate and talked for quite a while. 45 mintues later i felt a huge urge to go to the bathroom becca said i will watch our table while your in the bathroom. so i proceeded to the ladies room. when i arrived there were like 100 stalls availabe. the bathroom was gigantic. there was no one in there! i was alone so i took the third stall as i would normally. that day i was wearing a dark pink shirt with dark blue jean short shorts and 8 inch high heels. i began pulling my shorts down to my knees. then i slowly started peeing. it lasted for 3 minutes. then i started pooping. it was slowly coming out. 10 minutes passed and someone entered the bathroom i could see that it was a 15 year old girl with blond hair she took the stall right next to me on my right. i noticed that she had on black sandles and her toe nails were painted lavender. she started peeing. i was still pooping and still had quite a bit to release. 5 minutes later the girl next to me began pooping. she started making noises! i was still pooping! a strong odor hit my nostriols. i could smell the girls bowel movement that she was having. i just sat there and inhaled the odor. 4 minutes later rebecca came in and called out" Ashley are you ok?" " i said yeah i have so much more to release iam gonna be a while." she told me that she would be waiting at our table for me. then the girl next to me "said hi Ashley how are you?" i "said iam Good." the girls name was Erica. she "said to me that she had a good meal and it was making her poop alot." i laughed and "told her that i was here having lunch with a friend of mine and just finished eating a humongus meal that caused me to have a huge bowel movement. " Erica " told me that she loves eating mexican food cause it makes her gassy and poop alot!" we both finished at the same time and exited our stalls and left the tiolets unflushed! we exhanged phone numbers and ! she went back to her family and i went back to my table with rebecca. becca said lets get out of here and go shopping.



Keith D
Catherine's Survey:

1. Do you enjoy having a Bowel Movement?
Yes it is a really great sensation. The early urges are a really intense feeling. Then once the log is moving through, stretching and massaging my muscles it is a fantastic feeling. The relief afterwards always feels so rewarding. I enjoy BMs even when they are a struggle.

2. What kind of BM is (are) your favorite(s)? Is this your usual BM? I usually make a single firm log and they are the best. I prefer it when they are fairly wide and nice and long.

3. What do you like best about the BM?
The feeling as it starts to slide out. It feels like it takes over your whole body.

4. Do you look at your feces after you have done it?

5. Do you think that it is weird, wrong or OK to "like" defecating?
It's not but it does feel weird. I guess not many people talk about it. That makes this site great.

6. What would make for the ideal bowel movement in your mind?
Nice quiet surrounds, fresh air and a nice firm log inching out ever so slowly by itself.

To Linda from Australia: How have you been? On a winning streak again? Or really stuck this time?


Shock! My boyfriend sits to pee

To Some High School Boy:

I found it interesting what you said about when you were growing up and your dad was with you in public places and how you were unable to go to the bathroom in front of him. I've written about a situation last month where a mom and her daughter were arguing while using the bathroom. I don't know how that's going to help the girl poo or pee.

A question for anyone: at what age should a child be encouraged to go into a public bathroom on his/her own?

To Jaded Jarrod:

I agree with your choice. Of course for us girls, most of the seats are almost continually used so we don't have to worry about cold seats in winter. You might also be interested that we had a career speaker in my social studies class last week that said that analytical and very practical thinkers make good engineers. Still, it's too bad that you're being teased. Do open stalls and having your penis so exposed cause you extra problems?

A question for all the guys: how do you deal with your penis when you're crapping in a public toilet?

Below is my story about my boyfriend Adam and what happened one night over holiday break:

My boyfriend Adam, who is in three of my classes, have been out on four dates. Being new to our city, I found early in the year that he had an interest in our volleyball team which I'm on and many of my interests. He's 6'1 (my dad calls him Shorty)and a good student who is focused on college. He plays intramurals but not sanctioned sports; he's a bowler with a 210 average. He's also involved in ROTC, which is a high school military training program that if he continues it on college, will give him a full four-year scholarship.

Two days after Chirstmas he took me to an evening professional hockey game at our regional sports complex. We had to drive an hour to get there and about halfway into the trip he started to move his legs around a little more and I told him I had seen a rest area sign about 10 miles back and that we should be getting close to the rest area. He asked if I could go to the bathroom and I said that wasn't a bad idea because I knew things would be crowded at the arena which, while I had never been to it, I know that it seats about 20,000 and these were two top teams playing.

When we got to the small restroom building, I told Adam I wouldn't be long. There were no other cars parked there so there would be no waiting and although those bathrooms are often quite filthy, I've always felt that the saying "When you gotta go, you gotta go" is pretty correct. There were two stalls. I took the first. Since both were doorless and had normal seats (unlike some I've come across that have those metal bowls that are so uncomfortable to sit on) I quickly took down my jeans and thong and seated myself. At that point, I remembered that I had forgotten to get a pad out of my purse, so I quickly got up and made the walk back to the car, only to find that Adam had locked it. I went to the entryway (there was no door) to the mens room and called for Adam to throw me the keys. He said it was OK for me to come in and get them. There were two sinks, three urinals (one of which had a broken flusher and was practically splashing over half the room)and two open-stall toilets. Adam was on the first, with his boxers and jeans all the way to the floor and his right hand on his penis pointing it into the bowl as he peed. Since he's right-handed, he clumsily fumbled with his left hand to pull the keys out of his pocket and uncharacteristically swore when the key ring slipped from his hand and fell to the floor right between his legs. His pee flow was ferocious and he slid forward a bit on the seat so he could reach down for them. I told him to just sit still and I reached down and grabbed them. He seemed thankful that I took the initiative.

I went to the backseat of the car and took what I needed from my purse and quickly placed my butt back on the seat and peed more than I expected. I changed my pad, pulled up my thong and jeans, washed my hands and I cleared the restroom exit just as Adam did. It is lame, I know, what I asked him if he dropped a few pounds (my grandfather's question about the criteria for a "healthy shit")? and he seemed surprised. As we finished the last 20 minutes of our drive, Adam explained that he pees sitting down. He said he started doing it in middle school when he was a lot "smaller" (if you know what I mean) and older boys would tease him. He said he has since just got into the habit anytime he's out in a public place. Adam told me a story about when he was in the 8th grade (shortly after he started sitting down) that he was being teased and being called DA (Diarrhea Adam) by a group of boys who constantly saw him sitting and liquid hitting the toilet bowl's water. Then he started pointing his more toward the front of the bowl so that it wouldn't hit the water. He's so intelligent and sensitive and I told him it's too bad that some mean-spirited boys will take advantage of that.

He went to the bathroom twice during the hockey game. Each time it got me to thinking about what our social studies teacher calls "cultural issues" or stereotypes. Why those who might be a little different are harassed by others their age is something I guess I don't understand. But I think it's sad that such stuff happens nonetheless.

Linda from Australia here again. I've been a bit constipated over the last few days. I dropped a load on Sunday afternoon and then I didn't go again until this morning (Tuesday) Up until now I've been on a winning streak with my poos. To FAT WOMAN: Its so great to see you on here again!! Im glad my strenuous pooping sessions made you start posting on here again! I've been getting constipated more often these days, about twice a month. I've been having a really hard time with poos, as you have probably read from my posts. I would love to read some stories about you and Nina!

Upstate Dave

Friends Stepsistors

I was spending the day babysitting and I and the two girls went outside. Now there was a p;d swing set in the back yard that could have been used by us but it was in need of repairs. So I asked both Linda and Chris if there were any tools around that I could use and any hardware. Both girls told me there was in the garage. So we all headed to the garage to get what I would need to try to fix the old swing set.

The garage was a very old garage which it needed work on also. It was pretty run down which you do see a lot of garages like this in the city. We all went in the side door and Linda did turn on the lights. I looked around and there were many old cardboard boxes stacked all over,a old car was cvered up under a old canvas cover covered with layers of dirt and debris.

Over on the far wall was a workbench where there were tools scattered all over it and boxes, jars, papers, so I walked over to it. I had to dig through the cluter and I did find screwdrivers,nuts, bolts, a old electric drill, with some bits with it. I alsoo found some chains which I could use too. With the girls help we gathered up all the items I needed and we went back outside over to the swing set. I needed ne more item which was a long extension cord for power for the drill. Both girls ran inside and they came out with one that would work.

I pugged in the drill and I drilled out some holes in the top cross bar first. I then put in two bolts and used one swing with its chains which was laying on the ground and put that swing back up. Chris hopped right on to it and started swining away on it happily. I took the next swing seat wich t had no chains on it and measured out two new chains for it and cut them. Linda helped while I hacksawed the chain.

I got that done and i attached the new chains to the swing seat. But at this point I had to stop for I had to piss. Linda asked me why I stopped working. If you want to know Linda I have to piss I said to her. She let out a little giggle. Chris who was swinging also heard me and she giggled. I set down the wrench that I had and started towrds the house. Chris seeing me heading to the house said to me loudly;Where are you going? You don't have to go inside to pee! Go in the garage we do!

From Linda she said loudly; Chris! Chris now stopped herself on the swing and she laughed. Well its true you pee in the garage and so do I! Beats havng to go inside all the time. I had stopped walking towards the house and I turned around and faced the two girls now. Oh I know the real reason why you said the garage. ( I was directing this to Chris more then Linda) You want to sneak a peek again don't you? Ghris giggled hard bit she did answer me while she giggled. Yes I wouldn't mind and Linda wouldn't mind either! Linda I saw was standing there smiling.

I looked right at the bth of them. Thtats what I thought! I said to both girls. Then Chris hopped off the swing and she said to me; Ok tell you what you can watch both of us go if we can watch you go! Chris started to walk towards the garage.I asked Linda; How out it? You would go along with what your sistor just said? Linda smiled and said certainaly. So she and I walked heading to the garage together and cuaght up with Linda at the side door of the garage and the three of us sliped in the door and Linda shut it behind us.

Now Chris must have had to go for she ran over to where there were some of the old cardboard boxes on the floor that were filled with grabage which were papers, rags, very small pieces of wood, and used empty paint cans in them. Chris hurridly pulled out one of the old used gallon paint cans without a lid on it and set it down on the dirt floor.

Chris like Linda was wearing a old summer dress. She started to ull it upward and gathered it up as she lifted it up. as Chris did this I and both her sistor Linda watched Chris and we saw a spurt of piss shoot downfrom under Chris's dress! Chris let out a short scream an she took one hand and she clasped her crotch with it! I just peed my underwares! Chris said loudly. She stood there for a few long moments getting control again.

Chris did stop from peeing herslef more and she managed to with one hand on her crumpled up dress yank down a pair of old white panties one side at a time get them down. They were wet from her piss and were yellowed by it too. Once her white panties were pulled down Chris let them go and they slid down around to her sneakers. Chris got right down into a squat over the old used paint can and boy did she ever start to pee into the paint can hard!

Her stream sprayed as Chris peed. Some of her spray wetted her very upper inner thighs. Her pee made a racket insde the paint can too untill her pee had covered the bottom of the can. Now it splashed on the loud side as she continuied peeing into the paint can. Chris as she was squated and peeing into the paint candid check her panties. Then she went back to just looking down.

Chris had now been peeing for about fifteen seconds and she let out a long brrrraping sounding fart as she peed. Thenall of a sudden a tan four inch shit came out and shot down hard into the paint can making a thud and a splash in her pee already in the can. Then another four incher shot down hard followed by by a half footer which didn't come out as fast as the first to four inchers. Then two litele nuggets followed right after. Linda said to her sstor; Hey you didn't say abot taking a shit too Chris! Chris looked up at her sistr; Well I didn't but I didn'tfeel that I was going to do a poop too! It just came out.

Chris now had her stream of pee ease up and come to a stop but taking a puase. She did do some dribbling and dripping into the paint can. Now done Chris took her old white panties right off wiped herself off with them in the front area and then used them to wipe her ass off with them! She had stayed squated when she wiped her front off but stood up when she took care of her ass!

Chris let out a giggle. Then she said to both Linda and I; Boy does my poop stink! Can you two smell it? At first niether of us could. But then after a momnet the oderdid travel over t us and Chris was sure right! It stunk to high heaven! Linda aid loudly to Chris; Well I'm not going to piss in that can! Chris laughed harder but she did pull out a lid from the box and put it on the paint can she had pissed and shit in. Then she walked over to a different box that was filled with trash buried the paint can and her soiled panties amoung the rubbish in the box. She turned around and asked; That better? It was for the intense stink that had filled the air was now gone.

Chris then came over by Linda and I and asked who was going to go next. I looked at Linda and she me. There was a short silent pause. Then we both said at the same time; You can go next. That made the three of us laugh. Ok I'll go is what I said to Linda and Chris. I did have to go for I was the one that had mentioned that I had to. Chris giggled hard now. Then she made both Linda and I laugh again for she said to me; Ok mister whip it out and pee!

After I stopped laughiing I said to the grls that I wasn't going to pee right where I was. It was right out in the middle of the garage in the open. I just didn't want it to be that obvious. So I walked over to one of the corners of the garage where there was a small clear area and I would take my piss there. Both Linda and Chris came right over with me. Both of them stood slightly behind me and at my right and left side.

Both girls intently watched as I pulled the zipper down on my jeans. Chris began to giggle slightly as I slipped my fingers into my down zipper opening. She even leaned over to take a closer look! Linda said loudly; Chris get back you won't miss anything! Chris did stand back up but as she did she said giggling harder; He has on white underware! she also told Linda she wanted to see how I would get it open! I couldn't help but now laugh myslef.

I did sepearte my briefs and quickly puled my penis out of them and out of my jeans. Chris kept on with her giggling and Linda now leaned forward with her hands on her knees and she was smiling. Chris seeing Linda leaning over now said to Linda; Now who is taking a closer look! Linda said back to Chris; Oh shut up! Chris giggled harder. I then startedto piss. I sent a good hard stream of piss downward and it also went over and hit the floor right in the the corner where the two walls of the garage met. It hit the floor hard and splashed up on the two walls.

Chris said loudly; Boys sure can pee hard! I said gilrs can too! That brought a slight giggle from Linda. I went on with my pee with Linda and Chris watching me do it. After about ten seconds of peeing Chris askedd me giggling hard as she asked; Move it around! I want to see you move your thing around! Bruce does it when he pees! I;ve seen other boys do that when they pee. Will you do it? I shrugged my shoulders and thought to myslef; What the heck!

So I moved my penis up and down back and forth wetting the walls of the garage more of the floor and even pissed on a couple of crumpled up carboard boxes laying on the floor. Chris laughed hard all durring this. Linda would also giggle at times to. Then both girls started shouting out telling me to piss on this or that thing and I did. This brought hard laugter from each of the two girls.

Well the fun soon ended. My stream started to eae off. I finished off by just pissing on the dirt floor but left a muddy looking piss puddle. I did do a couple of finishing spurts too. Then I was done. I started to slip my penis back inside my pants and white briefs. Again Chris leaned over to take a close look again. This time Linda didn't say anything to her sistor. As I slipped my briefs open Chris suddenly said very excitedly and loud; That's how its done! I slipped my briefs back over my penis and then zipped up my zipper.

Ifelt Linda brush by me just as I finished yanking my zipper up. She stepped out in front of me and she had already had hiked up the old summer dress she was wearing. She had it up in the fornt and back at her waist! Linda didn't have to worry about panties for she had none on. Chris now satisfied more then enough started to walk away. Lin=da asked Chris; Arn't you staying? Her reply back to her sistor was; Why should I? I've seen you pee many tmes before. I came in to see Dave go!

Ilet out a short laugh Linda smiled. Chris had reached the door opened it and left leaving te door for us. Linda got down in a high hover and was bent down so she could watch herself go. She started her pee with a short hard spurt making a wet area in the dirt on the floor. Then she did sevral more spurts makingthe wet area on the floor in the dirt darker and larger. Then she paused again after the series of short spurts of pee.

Then she started with a thin steady stream going straight down wetting the dirt floor. As the seconds passed her stream did get harder with it moving forward moving forward on the floor. Now as she peed her stream started to hiss which at first was soft but got louder as her stream got stronger. Now with her stream flowing harder Linda who had been bent over straigtened up. She could now see her own stream this way since it had moved forward.

Iwas squated down out in front of Linda. I was intently looking down at her vagina and piss that was shooting out from it. I was no longer watching just her streams forward progress. Linda was. Linda suddenly said to me; Dave move I'm pissing on your sneaker! I hadn't felt that she was nor heard the sound of her piss splashing on it. I did look down and I aw that her stream did reach my left sneaker and was splashing ff the very top front tip! I poulled my foo9t back. Linda now laughed. I laughed a little myself.

Linda and went on pissing steadily for some time. She made a good sized puddle on the garages dirt floor. It was a muddy brown and tthe piss foam that her piss had made was a a dirty yellow color. Then her stream moved back fast going back to just going straight down. Its hissing stopped. Then her stream went into a dribble for several seconds and then she stopped pausing just having drops of piss comming off her lower crotch. Then Linda did do several spurts one right after the other which all of her spurts were different hardness. Some short ones and some that shot out hard commiong well forward again with one even wetting my left sneaker again! Then that was it Linda was done with her piss.

She stood up and so did I. She dropped her dress down and we headed over to the open door and walked outside. Chris was swinging on the swin again. Linda and I walked over and we went back to work on the swing seat. As she held the seat I attached the chain to the bolt on the top cross bar. Linda then told Chris she missed it. Chris asked back; What did I miss? Linda told Chris thatshe had pissed on my sneakers! Chris laughed hard. Let me see! I piked up my eft foot and turned my foot and Chris saw th wet area on the top of my sneaker. She laughed harder. I went back to my work and soon Lindas swinwas up and also the one I was going to use. More would happen later so I leave it here for now. Upstate Dave


Morning Dump

Hi, its Phil again. I think I said in my previous post that I am very irregular with pooing and have no set pattern to my BM's, and that I rarely have a dump first thing in the morning.

Well, yesterday morning, was different as when I woke up I had the urge for a dump. It had been about 5 days since I had last 'grown a tail', and was pleased that this was going to be a rare morning dump. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. It took a little while for things to get moving, but within a minute or so it started. The back doors opened and log number one started to slide out, taking its time to drop to the water below. After 30 seconds or so, I could feel the next one wanting to be out and this also took its time, stopping for a while, leaving me with a poop tail for about 10 seconds. Once this one broke off, four more logs shot out of my backside in quick succession, thudding on to the mound beneath me. A couple of small bits followed and I was done.

I sat for a while just enjoying the feeling of a good satisfying dump. It felt good to have got all that out and made all the sweeter as I enjoy a morning dump, which is so rare for me. My arse felt like it was glowing, with that great after-poo feeling. Does anyone else feel this after a good clear out?

Anne - great story about your dump in the visitors toilets at work. Having a relaxing shit is all good!

Plop Idol - favourite places to dump are:

1 - Home
2 - Shopping Centres
3 - The large set of toilets at work - about 30 stalls and always pooing going on at 7:30am
4 - In the woods

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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