I don't get it

Why do some many girls find it difficult or embarassing to talk to guys about pooping or to admit they poop? The fact is that everyone poops and everyone knows that everyone poops. That means that when a girl talks to a guy, she knows that he knows that she poops. So why is she embarrassed to talk about it or to admit she does it? Not all girls are like this, of course. But many, many girls seem to have a real problem talking about bowel movements in front of guys? Why is this?

Ashley i like when you post all the time woundering if you have any longer stories?


To Fatwoman

Hi Fatwoman and others, I also like to listen to other women when they are having a hard BM. When I am out in pupblic and need to use the restrooms, I always hope that there will be another woman in there pushing and grunting. I have been lucky heaps of times. When this happens, I always casually waite outside to see what she looks like. Do you do anything similar??

I love this site and I have posted a couple times. Ive noticed that it most posts have to deal with poop. I am not a fan of poop stories and usually wont read them. I do enjoy pee stories and have many to share. However I don't want to waste my time and yours if none of you are interested in reading and responding to them. So if any of you want to share your stories with me and mine with you, let me know. If not, I will leave this site.


Post Title (optional)hypocrite mom

I am 17 years old and my story is true and one of a kind. One day after school about a month ago while i was walking home it just happened i messed in my pantys bad. actually calling a spade a spade i straight up shit my pants. when i got home and my mom found out she was very mad at me. She made me sit in it for a while before she let me clean up. 2 days later i came home from school early thinking that my mom would be at work until long after school. well about an hour before school was out she pulled up out front. the only good place i knew to hide was in her closet way in the back behind her coats. a few minutes later she came into her room and she was crying and saying o my god i dont belive this happend to me. as i watched my mom removed her skirt and to my shock when she turned her back to me her pretty pantys where filled in fact they were packed with nasty looking goo poop. i waited until she walked in the bathroom and i left. i have never talked to mom about this but to this day she still gets mad at me for pooping my pantys when she did the same thing


Re: David

David, 30 inches is quite impressive. I admit that I may poop big, but I don't think that I have ever had one that big.

However, after having the stomach bug, my stools are still somewhat loose, though I am over the sickness. I have not had a solid "log" since before the illness began. This morning, I made a pile of mush that must have been nearly a foot in diameter. I am ready to get my bowels "normal" again.

Love to all!


My Stuck Crap Story/Conclusion

This is the conclusion of the stuck crap story I started telling with my last posting. I can only remember one other time in my 17 years when I have been constipated (is it really constipation when you can feel it down there and it's "knocking" and ready to come out, but you can't get onto the toilet because they are all taken at places like school, and then when you finally sit down and want to go, you can't get it to come out?) this bad for like three days. But that was getting only the last piece of my crap to drop (see page 1787 for that posting). I guess I don't want to believe that my situation is getting worse.

Well, right after school last Friday I made my third try at going into the bathroom, sitting down and releasing my crap. Chelsea, my friend with whom I was going to be spending the weekend, took the stall next to me and within like a second of seating herself, was able to do a short pee. But I knew she was just largely trying to keep me company because we had plans for that evening. I must have reseated myself three or four times and I spread my legs as wide as my panties would spread themselves and then I leaned down and dropped my jeans and panties from knee-level all the way to the floor, hoping to push as hard as necessary to get the three-day demon to come out. I asked Chelsea (to take my mind off my pain and frustration) if she has ever had a problem like this: having to crap, having the crap hurting you to come out, but not being able to get it to drop. She said it's happened to her a couple of times (but for just one large piece of a crap)and that she has dranken a large amount of pop to get her crap to drop. She said it usually works for her within a couple of hours and she suggested us stopping at a C-store and getting a 2-liter container of Dr. Pepper. (I knew it was her favorite but I didn't know why!). I sat and continued to push and even stood up in a partial squat because I could feel it, smell it, but it wouldn't come out.

I asked Chelsea when she had last crapped and she said during the passing period between 2nd and 3rd hours. A friend of hers gave her cuts in line at the last minute and Chelsea said she was able to drop about two pieces that weren't very large. I knew she was playing it down so as not to make me feel bad. She's such a great friend that way. Well, I got even more frustrated and told Chelsea we might as well get to the store. I didn't fake flush or wash my hands because there was no one else in the bathroom and I was getting more frustrated. We walked downstairs and got into Chelsea's car, and that activity generated even more "feeling" in my gut. We drove the two blocks to the store and while Chelsea was getting the pop, I thought momentarily about trying to sit down again, but I concluded that would be too depressing. Luckily the 2 liter bottle of pop was on sale for like 99 cents because both Chelsea and I had to watch our money as we had plans for that night.

I probably drank at least one third of the bottle as Chelsea drove. She asked for and I think I gave her two or three swigs but we had a 45 minute drive on the radial that snakes through our city and we knew that during rush hour it wasn't going to be without delay. Chelsea was treating me to a Battle of the Bands put on by a radio station. It was held at an old armory building that Chelsea said her friends called the "city dump" and I made a joke with like "could I get so lucky?" Her brother is in the military and in giving her directions, he had told her the building has been around since before WW I. Anyway, four bands were going to play an hour-long set and the audience would vote which band was the winner. (Chelsea thought that they would win some recording time to make a CD). I know it sounds selfish, but I told her my only hope was that I could get rid of the pain in my gut by taking a shit. We stopped about halfway because again I was getting that "feeling" again. It was one of those large c-store/gas stations that had like 24 pumps but only one unisex toilet. There was one of the double locks on the door and a click-on sign that said "occupied" so I didn't try to giggle it, but I did use some language that I wouldn't use in front of my child care kids. Chelsea was getting upset about having to wait and losing driving time, but after about a two minutes, a guy about our age opened the door so fast that it almost bashed us in the face. He apologized as he brushed by us but I didn't care. Chelsea offered to come in and keep me company and I said that was fine. She had brought the pop container in and took a couple more drinks from it as I pulled my jeans and underwear down and prepared to sit. He had peed but not flushed and she offered to flush, but I told her I didn't want to wait one more minute because some of those flushers are really mean and will splash you big time. She also pointed to the liquid over the very middle of the front of the seat and asked if it was mine. I sat back a little farther and made sure I spread my legs wide enough so I could miss it. Again, I felt like I was ready to explode but I couldn't release it. After about five minutes seated and a few more swigs of the Dr. Pepper as I sat, I got frustrated again and gave up. Chelsea sat down and quickly did like a 30 second pee while I stepped aside and was pulling my jeans back up. As she sat and peed, she asked me for some toilet paper and when I handed it to her, she quickly wiped the boy's pee from between her legs and dropped the paper into the toilet before she asked me to flush. Like me, she was sure to jump to her feet before the flush cycle started.

We finished the last leg of our drive. As we got to the armory parking lot, I scanned the whole block and not only the building, but the neighborhood looked like really old and ... a dump. In fact there was a large fence around two sides of the east side of the block and auto parts were stacked high into the air, well above the fence. Chelsea joked that she hoped they didn't mistake her car for junk (she drives a 1991 hand-me-down) and I told her as I started to feel really bloated (I had just finished the pop bottle)that although I was not holding out a lot of hope, I just needed to get onto a toilet.

There were like 200 people already in the hall and after we bought our tickets I immediately noticed a large sign to the left, faded but hanging from the ceiling with an arrow marked "Ladies". Chelsea made a remark like "Let's get this overwith" which I found somewhat mean-spirited, but I wasn't about to mention it because my gut had expanded greatly and the gas I had was just short of nauseating. The whole building looked really dingy, it had a hard dirt floor and there was only one thing I expected in the bathroom, if you know what I mean.

We walked around a double wall with no door to get in. It was like two rooms, one with like 20 sinks and on the other side of the wall like 20 toilets. All had stalls, but some of the doors were bent so bad I don't know how you would get them open or latched for that matter. I could see a couple of toilets had no seat and Chelsea, who now had to pee, directed me way down to the other end where there were two doored stalls right next to one another. In passing the other stalls--many of which had no doors--I passed two girls seated on doorless toilets. One yelled "hey Chels" and yelled out the name of the band she wanted Chelsea to vote for. Chelsea pointed me to my stall. It was absolutely the most horridly old toilet I have ever used. It was like as old as the building, literally shaped like a pear with a seat that was half faded between back and gray. I remember thinking "@@@@" when I saw two cracks on one side of the seat (the other side had a piece of toilet paper haning on it) and when I looked into the bowl, I saw about a dozen small pieces of crap. As I was pulling down my jeans and panties, I put all my weight onto the flusher and my right arm was starting to hurt as I leaned all my weight onto it. It took me like three plunges down to get my wrist to the point where the flusher activated. I quickly slid the toilet paper from the seat into the water too.

Chelsea was already seated and I could hear a strong pee flow as she remind me that "pop just seems to go right through her." I told her I wish I could be so lucky with my crap. As I seated myself carefully because I knew I didn't dare move around much because the open seat cracks would cut into my skin. I wasn't that comfortable for several reason. I told Chelsea that I thought the toilets were like an inch higher than what we have a school and almost twice as large. She agreed. Still, she was peeing away. (How I secretly admire such ability). Then I saw her feet move and there were like three plops into the bowl and she admitted she was "short shitting" (her term for a smaller, harder crap). As I sat studying the grafitti carved into the wooden door in front of me, that by the way included a male sex organ with a ruler drawn under it with measurements, I felt something slide out of me and I didn't need to even push. Three farts later (which Chelsea heard and cheered), came another round and I sat for like 5 minutes with almost complete dropping activity during that time. I knew I was filling the odd-shaped bowl which by the way had hundreds of hair-line cracks and a very low water level to start with. After about 8 or 9 pieces dropped you could tell that they were stacking on top of one another because there was no splash to be heard from the water. Chelsea quickly flushed and was pulling up her jeans she quickly came and knocked on my stall door. I let her in and in doing so she begged me to get up so she could see my (and I like her word) "production". She counted a couple more pieces than me, 13, and they were starting to smell because they were well on top of where the water level had been. She hugged me, but I was so happy that I wanted to carefully sit back down and let off more gas, each time adding a bit more to my production. She asked permission to use her phone to shoot a picture of the almost full bowl. But I thought what the hell, I deserved it and I stood up and stepped aside while she did. She also offered to shoot me on the stool but I remembered my mom has warned me about how such pictures could end up in wrong hands. Chelsea understood and let me have my space as I stood to wipe.

I was pretty sure that the full bowl-plus wouldn't flush and most certainly with toilet paper on it. But we needed to get in because the first band was ready to start and I had a wiping job to start. Over about five minutes I used like all the remaining paper on my roll and I was feeling sore because of all the paper over my skin. My final three or four pieces of paper had blood on them and while it hurt me a little, I was elated with what Chelsea called my "stool of production."
She has such a way with words! Then we spent four hours with the bands' sets. Before we went to the car to start our trip home, we both went in to pee. I was on the that strange-shaped toilet for well over two minutes with a steady flow. I checked my underwear as a sat and noticed there was no skidmarks on my undies but a little bit of blood from the obvious abrasions of the toilet paper I wiped with.

But I wasn't about to complain. Chelsea also peed, but didn't have as much to release as me. That made me feel good.

Pinoy Boy

Some questions from some random guy...

Hi! I've posted twice before, but anonymously, about Debbie on page 1677 about her being in the toilet in the same bathroom as Carrie Underwood, but sadly, she didn't post again (as far as I am concerned.). This is my first post under this name. I am a Filipino male 20 years old and I like pee and poop stories equally, but I like poop stories slightly more. I might post some day about my experiences, but for now I will ask some questions

To Upstate Dave: Do you still see some of your from your childhood, like that girl you befriended while you lived in the city?

I also noticed that some of the better stories are from one-time posters, like the aforementioned Debbie above (can someone please tell me what happened to her? PLEASE!)and some anons. I am also curious as to how long have the regulars here (like Upstate Dave) have been around. Also I notice that some people censor the ones in the stories names (usually these posters are also first time posters and anons)

I might post more in the future but for now bye!

college guy

She probably didn't make it

Right now i'm sitting in one of the student lounges on campus killing time between classes. about 20 minutes ago this girl came rushing through the lounge toward the ladies room, and she was moving quickly, looked extremely stressed and and was walking in a strange way, and i could hear her breathing heavily and sort of whimpering as she rushed passed me. as she passed me and got closer to the bathroom i heard her moan audible and say something like "jesus!" and her knees buckled a little and she put her arm behind her and disappeared into the ladies room. anyway, it's been a long time and she still isn't out, and twice girls have gone in there and when they door was open i though i could hear crying or whining, and two girls were talking to eachother quietly outside the bathroom with those looks on their faces like they have some interesting gossip. So, I'm pretty sure the girl pooped her pants or something before she got to the toilet and is in there trying to clean. i was trying to wait until she came out so i could confirm whether or not she did and then post this story, but i need to get to class in a minute so i can't keep waiting for her to see. It should be pretty noticeable if she did infact mess herself because she is wearing khaki colored dress pants.

Today I was waiting near some public toilets. It was busy and I saw a few women going into the small block. I noticed one woman walking rather stiffly and go in. She must have been in there for at least 5 minutes to which I conclude she must have done a poo. Her body language suggests she was in a hurry. When she came out she walked away much more calmly. I also saw a couple of very attractive girl cyclists in lycra. I gladly got taken away with the thought of them sitting/hovering on the toilet, lycra pants bunched up around their knees and relieving themselves....

Questions for fat woman

does your butt get splashed with water when a huge poop plops in toilet?

How do you know when you have to go poop?

Upstate Dave

Friends Half Sistors Third Part

Chris went and she ate while Linda and I watched tv. The phone rang. Linda answered it and it was Bruce he wanted to talk to me. I was surprised completely by this for I thought he was here but still sleeping.Now as it turned out his father called and his truck had broke down in the early morning hours so he was with his dad and step mom. He asked me to watch the girls. He hoped to be back later in the day. I agreed to do it and then Bruce hung up and I called Chris in from the kitchen and I told them both what was going on. That was fine with them.

After about a hour with the three of us watching tv I now had to take a shit so I walked into the bathroom but I closed the door this time. I walked over to the toilet and pulled down my jeans and briefs together and sat down on the toilet. I started to piss which was quite hard and my piss splashed loudly. Also I could feel my asshole getting pushed open and I could fel a very fat shit starting to slide out from it.

It was not hard and dry just firm and smooth as that at least thats the way it felt to me. My piss stream was still flowing but had eased off now that I was shitting also. After about ten seconds there was I felt my asshole close right up,then a loud splash as my shit hit the water in the bowl and the splash sent cold water up scoring a bllseye on my asshole!That made me pull my ass off from the toilet seat! (How many times has that happened to you?)

I was done shitting and my piss stream came back to life and I went and pissed hard for ten seconds or so and then stopped. I rolled some tp from the roll reached back and gave my wet asshole a wipe with the paper. Checked it and it was smeared with a tan colored smear. I dropped the paper rolled some more off and gave myself a second wipe. The tp was clean with the second wipe. I dropped the paper in the toilet stood up reached back turnig as I did and I flushed the toilet. Then I pulled up my briefs followed by my jeans.

Then I walked out of the bathroom and both Linda and Chris were together laying on the couch. Both were giggling hard together. Chris giggling said that I took a big one and that I sure did pee hard. Oh both of you were out here listening to me go? Bothh girls laughed now and shook thier heads yes as they laughed. Then Chris let the cat out of the bag. We not only heard you but we could see you also!

Agan I had forgot about that slatted bathroom door. If you laid on that couch you could see through the slats of the shutter style door. So both girls had seen me in the bathroom which would have included me pulling my pants down with my briefs and also when I stood up flushed the toilet and pulling my briefs back up and then my jeans. I asked them had they seen me doing every thing which I had just described. Again both girls laughed and shook thier heads yes. I wasn't embarrased by this nor was I mad. But I did tell the two girls that it didn't take much to amuse them and that made them both laugh harder.

Then Chris asked e why did I suddenly jump offfrom the seat? Linda laughed hard at Chris. She managed to say while she laughed that I must have scored a hit on my pooper! Chris giggled real hard and said that she didn't like that when it happened to her. Linda shook her head yes in agreement for she was still laughing hard. Then Chris said to me: I wished you hadn't flushed after you pooped. I would have like to seen that one. It sounded like it was a big one! I told Chris it was. Now also Linda also said she owuld have liked to have sen it also. I shook my head in a no fashion and I then walked back to the livingroom gain and sat on the couch out there. Both Linda and Chris still giggling an laughing joined me. I'll stop here for now but there is more that would happen later once we had gone outside. Upstate Dave


To Shadow

I think that telling your girlfriend about your interests was a good first step. The fact that she seemed amused by it, and not offended or disgusted is also a good sign. But I agree with Michael when advising you not to pursue the matter unless it's casually mentioned. The last thing you want to do is become too insistent or pressure her. If anything should happen, it will come about naturally, especially if you feel it may enhance the other physical aspects of your relationship.

Have you ever pooped in front of her? Maybe if you do so, she'll be less inhibited and willing to reciprocate. I'm sure she'll eventually become comfortable enough around you to attempt it.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Post Title Smoking on the toilet #1 & 2's

I'm Anne from the UK, a life longer smoker. I work in a Hospital in an admin role. The Hospital is of the older type , occuping a 64 acre site. On the site there are 3 sets of visitor toilets Ladies & Gents, I often use the visitor Ladies toilets. The other afternoon it was around 2.30 I began to get a slight urge. I advised Gill a lady I share an office with , that I was going for a walk, she looked up grining saying to the visitors Ladies, getting my handbag , smiling at Gill I said yes. I left the office and headed to the Ladies. Entering the Ladies both cubicles were vacant , Checking both I settled for the 2nd one, bolting the door, getting my cigarettes ( supakings ) from my handbag I lit up, wriggling up my skirt, slipping my tights and knickers down, sitting on the seat I exhailed removing my cigarette from my lips. crumpling off some paper I began to pee, sliding my knickers & tights further towards my knee's, my pee gushed out ,enhailing again I farted , my pee began to dribble off to a trickle, I could feel a large log moving down as I exhailed the log splashed into the water. Peeing again , I sat holding my cigarette, I was feeling so relaxed, I could feel another log moving into place inhailing again, the log slowly edged it's way down eventually hitting the water with a splash, exhailing. Putting my arms on my thighs , more pee, another fart , followed by a large log, enjoying the rest of my cigarette. I tor off some paper and began to wipe my arse, tearing off some more paper rubbing it up and down my arse, furhter paper required and again. I wiped my front, stood up pulled tights and knickers up, putting my cigarette end down the toilet I flushed, went and washed my hands. Do many other Ladies smoke on the toilet love to hear from anyone



Last week I went skiing with my school class. We stayed in the fields from morning till evening. I had to pee several times and then had to squat behind a boulder or a bush. Luckily I did not have to poop. But I know that others had to do that because I saw some poop and paper once I went to pee. I have pooped outside in summer but never in winter. Another time when skiing with my family I think my father had to poop. In summer I know that many people poop outside when hiking and camping but I do not know how common that is in winter.


farting/pooping boyfriend/husbands

I was just reading these posts and my favorites are the ones about when your husband/boyfriend have accidents-preferably pooping accidents.

So of course, I like to tell KAYE that I LOVE your stories and I would like to hear more. Also, you should check out postBBB(page1406) because I know there's a story there about a boyfriend having an accident-I think it's by JAMIE. it's one of my faves.

i don't have any stories right now but, if anyone has a story about their bf/hubs having a poop accident, please post it-I REALLY want to read about it.



How do you clean your anus?

Hi, I'm Shelly and this is my first time posting here. Someone posted this question recently, but I don't recall seeing it answered. When you wipe your butt after pooing, how do you clean your anus? Do you just wipe along your crack or do you try to clean inside your hole? I'm one of those people who puts a little soap and water on the tp, then I kind of wrap it around my middle finger and stick it in as far as I can comfortably. On a few rare occasions, I have been able to watch other people wiping their butts, and I have never seen anyone else do this. Everyone I have ever seen wipe seems to just clump or fold the paper and wipe along the crack without stopping.

What does everyone do here?


Good Feeling

I havent poopt in 3 days Until now. I am sitting on a toilet in a restaurant. Just realeased a thick turd that landed with a comes the next stuff- when is it gonna stop? Half filled the toilet, finally finished i wipe and flush. Toilet is not emptying its overflowed. I quickly leave.


Not a great time for brownies!

Hey im new here, i find this funny site on google and always read the posts but never made one, but now i have a story for you all...

Yesterday my day was planned, i was going to my boyfriends at 1pm. Unforunately at 12:55 i got up and felt a bad bowel movement coming on. I needed a dump BADLY! I walked carefully to the bathroom while feeling my gut exploding inside. I had reached the bathroom but no toilet paper!!! I then once again carfully went upstairs and said to my little brother "i really hope we have toilet paper!" as i walked down stairs i farted a lot in a gross noise, i mean gross!

As i reached the bathroom i lifted my skirt up (easier) and plummeted onto the seat farting out bits of gunge, then i felt the big one, with no effort a massive log came out of me. That was finally over, i got to my boyfriends at about in the end because all the cleaning up i had to do. It weren't over though as i felt so much pressure in my lower body, i had to fart, i knew that it was one of those quiet ones so i let it rip.

Mistake! It stunk! Luckily he didn't ask but i know that he knew i did it. I lied saying that i must leave to babysit my brother, he just said ok. I quickly left in a hurry knowing that i was gonna shit myself as my stomach was gurguling insanly. When i got in i tried clenching my arse as i couldn't stop these violent farts from coming out. But then it turned from bad to worse, i had made a mess, poo came running down my legs as i did not have tight underwear on, the whole accident itself lasted at least half a minute and it was a very noisey poo, i was kind of squatting and cursing. There was a lot to clean up, and thankfully none of my family realized. I got rid of my skirt and my panties.

That was the worst poo experiance that i have ever had to do!!!
Im still suffering! :(


Survey Responses

Many thanks to all the ladies who took the time to answer my survey (which can be found on page 1818). I hope that the responses continue. I have some words for a couple of ladies in particular.

Laura (the teacher), I find your posts engaging and I await your response to my survey. End Stall, thank you for your rich response. You informed me that you almost always wipe your bottom with toilet tissue alone, very seldom wet wipes. Do you ever wet your toilet tissue or always dry wipe?

Thank you again, everyone.


Lewis's Survey

1. How often do you have a bowel movement? Every day unless I am particularly constipated.

2. After you have a bowel movement, do you wipe your bottom with dry toilet tissue alone or do you use dampened toilet tissue or wet wipes or something? Dry toilet tissue alone. I don't think wet wipes are widely distributed in Canada, where I reside. I don't feel the need for them anyway.

3. How many times do you usually wipe after a bowel movement? I usually wipe my smelly, unpretentious bottom just once and pull up my undies.

4. Do you often bathe right after a bowel movement? Not often.

5. After you wipe, do you ever follow up with powder or perfume or such? What?!? Nooooooo.

Lewis, I share your curiosity about such things and have enjoyed reading your survey responses. By the way, I am a fashion model and graduate student.


Question for Ladies Only

Hi ladies. I'm curious about something. Do you sit or stand when you wipe your butt? I imagine most of us guys are sitters.


perfectly normal

Thanks for your posts Catherine, they're always fun to read.

You're lucky to have such stable, healthy bowels and good appetite. Its a sign you are excersising well and eating the right stuff. Keep it up!

Also, there is nothing wrong with your "obsession", just eat, sit down and let loose! Enjoy your health.

As long as we're not doing anyone harm mentaly or physically, any hobby, obsession or interest is perfectly ok in my book.

To make an example; A few years ago a rare bird was observed in my area. There came bird watchers from over a thousand miles away to take photographs and look at it through binoculars.

They left wives, kids and work and jumped in their cars to drive for hours to see this plain looking bird.

Some of them were interviewed on tv, and these grown men were crying and shaking from excitement, just over a little bird!

Indeed, qite unusual, but harmless. Your interest would definitely clock in quite a bit lower on the "weird-o-meter", I would say.

Thouh as you describe enjoying the need to go and dropping off big loads, have you never been tempted to deliberately hold back, maybe for a day or two increasing the period you feel the need and thus also the amount?

I know I would! Though with your production that would probably result in a lot of plunging as a backside of the medal, heh.

I'll get to answer your survey sometime soon, keep the stories of your large memorable bathroom trips coming!

TV Fan

TV Shows with Female Poop Scenes

A few weeks ago someone posted here about a wonderful poop scene several years ago on an American TV show called "Yes Dear". That got me to thinking...

TV shows have gotten a lot more explicit in the past 20 years or so - and I was wondering if anyone knows of any other recent series that had a poop scene involving a girl or woman. I can think of a few shows where there have been scenes involving men - but I can't think of any recent examples with a woman. Can anyone help me here?

Plop Idol

Where's your favorite place to poo???

Time to tell you about a poo I just had a couple of mins ago. I was getting out of my work clothes and into something comfortable when I got the urge for a massive poo but I successfully managed to hold off the urge for about 10mins as I slipped into a pair of t-shirt and shorts (I more than always shorts indoors as I feel the warmth more) when the urge hit me again and it was way less than 10mins since the last one so I took myself to the upstairs loo and pulled down my shorts and pants to my thighs and slowly parked my bum on the seat, by now I could feel a sizeable dump inside me just waiting to just drop out of my bum at any moment. As I sat I gave a small soft grunt and crossed my arms to my belly and heard a faint crackle as I could feel my poo beginning to may its way out and the smell was a bit strong but not offensive in any way. I could feel it at least 3/4 of the way out and then it dropped in the bowl beneath me and then another 2 pieces just dropped in making a dull sound as they hit the water in the bowl. I was completely done and tore off some tp and looked round to see what I had done and there was at least 2 6" healthy brown logs on top of each other with a 3rd small piece just near it, and it didn't stink too much either. I honestly thought it was going to be a huge steamy smelly one cos I could feel it but it was effortless and satisfying never the less :) I pulled up my pants and shorts and washed my hands, happy that I feel good.

Just lately my routine of having a poo has altered from one in the morning and one at night to having one in the evening after work but I've always had this issue.

Now onto my question which I'm throwing open to everyone else to answer... I'd like to know what are your favourite places to poo and where you avoid going if you can.

Here are my 3 favourites:
1. Shopping malls/supermarkets - because I like to let people hear and smell me taking a good poo and it's the one place apart from home I've been caught short more often;
2. Home - there's nothing like the feeling of the safe sanctuary of your own loo to just sit there, take your time and just poo and enjoy some time to yourself on the loo plopping and farting;
3. Libraries - There's nothing like the quite atmosphere of a public library and then to hear plop, plop, plop as you drop ya load I've done that!

now my least favourite places to have a poo...
1. some toilets in restaurants - I've seen some shocking sights in my time and enough to put you off having a poo;
2. toilets at a local park - again I saw some toilets in really poor order with poo on the seat and wee on the floor and even poo smeared on the stall walls - eww! Also they're not the best kept in cleaniness.

Till next time, happy pooping all :)


Private Tutor

Hi I am 17 yrs old and currently have private Maths lessons at my tutor's home.
Last week during my lesson I asked my tutor if I could go to the toilet, he said yes.
Whilst I was on his toilet I had to poo.My poo was urgent and it came out all in one go.Feeling the urge to go more I pushed - but it was a load of gas.
I am able to fart on command, and I noticed my farts sounded really loud on his toilet, so I really went for it pushing out the loudest most powerful farts I have ever done.I then did a fart that scared me, it was like an explosion,I heard a strange ping like sound from the toilet, worried I had damaged the bowl I made it my last.
After 3 flushes to clear the toilet I had finished. I returned to his study, he was off his seat looking rather concerned.He had heard me, he asked if I was ok, I said yes looking quite embarassed.
Today during my lesson, I asked to use his toilet again, he said sorry no it's out of order- as the bowl had a crack in it.....

For those familiar with my posts know I use public toilets a fair bit because I am out and about a fair bit, my bowels do not always perform first thing in the morning, medically it is important for me to poo when the urge strikes and lastly I have no real shame...I am confident with my bodily functions.
This has happened in recent days.
Event 1. I was on a trip up north, I had been a little backed up and left early am with no BM. I arrived at public toilets nearing my destination and the time was now, I dropped my pants and this big hardish turd was one of the best I had done. I flushed and for the first time my turd had clogged the toilet...the water just rose up and then the pressure of the water on the obstructing lump of shit pushed it through.
Event 2. The same day after seeing the customer...I had drunk a couple of cups of coffee and a glass and a half of wine etc I said farewell to the customer and needed to wee. As soon as a got into the car it was desperation times...I drove above the limit in agony trying not to wet my pants to a toilet close by...I arrived..the car park was full but for one space..I grabbed it! I raced out and straight to the toilet...I had a couple of small squirts of urine in my undies but I made it to the trough for the main event and weed and weed and weed...what a joyous relief!!!
Event 3. Same day after the big piss I headed home but I think with all the drink and the urgent bladder issue it stirred my bowels to life...I pulled into a unisex toilet...there were two toilets. One was occupied and a teenage girl with her father was just ahead of me and she took the vacant toilet...she was out in an instant and said there was no toilet paper and she needed a poo...the next toilet became vacant but no tp so I gave her some of my tissues and I took one toilet and she took the other I had a quick easy poo and she seemed to as well..we exited at the same time and she thanked me again.
Event 4. I was out walking and needed a wee so I approached the toilet and outside the womens there was this lady looking rahter if she had been waiting for quite a while...I went into the mens and decided to take a toilet and have a sit...then I heard a loud voice "Emily, are you alright?" The reply was "Yes, I fell know I am tired." Soon later I heard the toilet flush and Emily left.
Event 5. I had not had a poo for two days and at work in the afternoon I got the urge but it was a hard one...I slowly passed large hard pebbles and rocks...lots of grunting but minimal result.
Event 6. Leading on from the above just before leaving work I slipped in a suppository and drove to my local public toilets.... I walked around the park until the urge from the suppositries was strong and dashed for the toilet I gave a good display of grunting and groaning but the result was minimal as the hard turs were too high in my colon.
Event 7. The Grande Finale...I took my laxative that the morning nothing happened and I took another...later that afternoon at work the urge hit big time...loke extreme...I raced to the toilet( they service a few businesses) and plonked my arse on the seat and there was a great torrent on shit gush from me and that was it! Somebody opened the dorr to come in but quickly exited...obviously the smell..that was his problem...I felt much better!

Upstate Dave

Friends Half Sistors Second Part

Let me go on with my psot involving my friends two half sistors. I woke up early in the morning. I didn't know the exact time but it was early. I hadn't ped before I fell asleep last nigh and I had to go NOW! I was in my tshirt and underware and I got right up from the couch hurridly went across the room and into the bathroom leaving the door open behind me.

As I fumbled with my fingers getting the slit open on my briefs I was bouncing up and down saying come on!(to myself) After several long seconds I had opened the slit got my penis out and I was pissing very hard into the toilet making a very loud splash in the toilet. As I stood there what a great feeling of relief came over me! It really felt that good to pee!

My pee was very yellow and it sure made a lot of foam in a short time. Enough foam in that only where my pee was hitting the water the rest of the waters surface was covered. I was holding myself with one hand while I peed but I needed to stretch and yawn. So I let go and did my stretch and yawn. My stream satyed where it was so I didn't bother to hold myself so I just stood there watching my pee stream till I was geting near the end. Then I did hold myself to finish up. I did several good spurts and I shook myself. I put my penis back inside my bries reached over and flushed the toilet.

I turned around and walked out of the bathroom and went back over on the couch and sat down. Then from the kitchen came Linda's voice; You know you should have shut the door. I turned and said back to Linda; You saw me! Linda giggled and told me she had but only my stream. I bet you didn't hear me either she said back to me. No I didn't I replied back. That's becuase your pee was splashing so loud! Linda said this giggling hard. You MUST have to go bad to make that much noise. I smiled and said back to her; I DID!

Linda asked me if I wanted a glass of juice. I told her I sure would. I was thirsty. I heard glasses clicking,the fridge door open, juice being poured, the fridge door closed and Linda came walking in with two full glasses of oj. She handed me one and she sat down on the couch with her glass. I took a short sip but then became aware that I could smell pee in the air and it was quite strong too.

I looked over at Linda which she was chugging her glass of oj right down and she had on the same old nightgown that she had on last night. I now noticed it looked wet and stained. I asked Linda right then; Did you pee yourself? Linda stopped chugging down her glass of juice. No I didn't Chris did last night. She peed herself and me!

How could that be? Chris peed before she went to bed last night. I didn't say that I had seen her. Linda then told me that she and hercame downstairs for they were thirsty and drank big glasses of soda. I told her you two must have been quiet. I never heard you two. Linda laughed and told me that I was sound asleep and cutting big logs too! I was snoring? I asked her. Linda laughed and told me I was.

Linda finished her juice and she got up to go out to the kitchen to put her glass in the sink. As she walked towards the kitchen I noticed that even the back of her old nightgown was wet and stained. So when she came back out and sat down on the couch again I asked her; Are you sure you also didn't wet yourself? There is just to much wet area on your nightgown from having Chris pee on you. Your even wet on the back of it and its also stained.

Linda became silent. I said; AH HA! you lied! Linda then said back to me; Oh alright I did in a somewaht angry tone. That settled that. I asked her why she hadn't changed. I have nothing else to get into right now she said back to me. Look I'll do some laundry then so you will have something clean to put on. Linda smiled and said thank you. I got up which made Linda giggle for I was in my tshirt and white briefs. I heard her say something about me being cite in what I was wearing. I smiled as I went out to the kitchen.

I had the washer going with a full load of clothes which most of them were Linda's and Chris's. I came back out and Linda was not on the couch. I heard the sound of soft hissing and splashing to my right and I automaticly turned and there was Linda sitting on the toilet peeing! Not bothering her that I was watching her pee Linda asked me; Got my clothes in the washer? I mimbled yes back to her. also said to her I have some of Chris's clothes in there too. She is going to need some clean clothes too. Linda laughed and told me she sure would!

By this time Linda had stopped peeing and reached right over and tore off some toilet paper and she stood up and wiped herself off! Again not being bothered that I was there seeing her do it! She then flushed the toilet and came out of the bathroom. I;m hungry she said to me. I was now also hungry so we went to the kitchen and had cereal and milk. The washer stopped while we were eating and I unloaded it and threw the clothes in the dryer and started it.

Linda and I finished eating and as we dumped our bowls and spoons in the sink she asked me if I also watched Chris pee last night? I didn't lie and told her I had. She didn't shut the door either. Linda laughed. Well both of us don't have guys around to often except for our dad. He's not home much at all either. Then Linda laughed again. Then as she laughed she told me she had let me see her pee on purpose! I saw you pee so it was only fair to let you see me! I laughed and told Linda that it was fair. We walked out to the livingroom and turned on the tv. A half hour later the dryer stopped and Linda changed out in the kitchen and she now had on a old dress and she also did wash up in the bathroom and she no longer smelled of pee. Upstate Dave

High School Charlie
Hey, I'm Charlie who posted about bathroom habits and sitting to pee. However, I noticed a few other "Charlie's", so I will be "High School Charlie".

@Some High School Boy: You and me are alike. I also hold my poop in to avoid becoming regulated at inconvienent times. I'm self-conscious when it comes to pooping at school. I know it might sound silly because I sit to pee anyway, but I guess its because I fear being gone for a long time and leaving a stink behind. lol.

@Jaded Jarrod: That was a good idea, waiting for the other guy to leave so you can have a warm seat. I live in Florida, so it doesn't get too cold, but we did have a big freeze a couple weeks ago. Putting toilet paper on the seat helps to block out some of the cold, though I don't know about 5* weather. lol.

@ David: Great stories. Keep them coming.

Well, I really gotta poop now. At least I'm home from school. Its 4pm, when I usually go.

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