FAT WOMAN & Nina are back!

All this talk of Linda from Australia's strenuous toilet sessions have made me want to post again. Some of you have been asking about me, I am still around and still fat! However I have been going thru some life changes so I haven't posted in a quite a while. My mother (of whom I have posted many stories in the past) passed away over a year ago and both Nina (my girlfriend) and I were laid off. We have luckily found new jobs where we both can work from home which is a great bonus as we tend to need the toilet near us often and we prefer our own! Unfortunately for our health, we have both ballooned to over 400 lbs. But on the plus (no pun intended) side the extra weight has made our sessions on the toilet something of a marathon ordeal. As many of you know from past posts we like to watch/listen to each other as we grunt and strain to relieve ourselves. I especially have noticed that the extra weight tires me very quickly. I have to stop and pant a little each time after bearing down and grunting as hard as I can. Reading on the toilet has become a rare occurrence as the urge to grip the metal bars we had installed to heave ourselves up is irresistible. It has always taken me a very long time on the toilet but at my current size it's not unusual to stay enthroned for more than an hour or even two. You may well as why this is a plus. Both Nina and I really enjoy this arduous sessions, especially the grunts of effort we make and the visual picture of our huge, fat bodies as we lean forward, straining.
I have a lot of new stories involving Nina and I (nothing sexual). Please feel free to reply to this and let me know if you'd be interested in hearing more.


Today I was waiting near some public toilets. It was busy and I saw a few women going into the small block. I noticed one woman walking rather stiffly and go in. She must have been in there for at least 5 minutes to which I conclude she must have done a poo. Her body language suggests she was in a hurry. When she came out she walked away much more calmly. I also saw a couple of very attractive girl cyclists in lycra. I gladly got taken away with the thought of them sitting/hovering on the toilet, lycra pants bunched up around their knees and relieving themselves....

college guy

She probably didn't make it

Right now i'm sitting in one of the student lounges on campus killing time between classes. about 20 minutes ago this girl came rushing through the lounge toward the ladies room, and she was moving quickly, looked extremely stressed and and was walking in a strange way, and i could hear her breathing heavily and sort of whimpering as she rushed passed me. as she passed me and got closer to the bathroom i heard her moan audible and say something like "jesus!" and her knees buckled a little and she put her arm behind her and disappeared into the ladies room. anyway, it's been a long time and she still isn't out, and twice girls have gone in there and when they door was open i though i could hear crying or whining, and two girls were talking to eachother quietly outside the bathroom with those looks on their faces like they have some interesting gossip. So, I'm pretty sure the girl pooped her pants or something before she got to the toilet and is in there trying to clean. i was trying to wait until she came out so i could confirm whether or not she did and then post this story, but i need to get to class in a minute so i can't keep waiting for her to see. It should be pretty noticeable if she did infact mess herself because she is wearing khaki colored dress pants.


Comment to Jaded Jarrod & My New Story

Jaded Jarrod:

I agree with your father, Jarrod. Don't let teasing "jade" you or it could turn into something much worse, like bullying which I know my high school is cracking down on. In my school, it's the students who don't appear to be confident or who act a little different or have different interests that are singled out for abuse. One of my friends, for example, is sensitive about living in a trailer park and she is called names for that. Like she can do something about it! Another friend plays in an adult jazz/blues group on weekends and is put down because she's not into rock music like the rest of us. What's wrong with being different. By the way, I think the substitute was wrong for being on you for missing 11 minutes of class; I don't think that's too long to take a crap. I agree with your idea to wait for the warm seat and I think that shows creative thinking on your part. Telling others about it, however, can lead to you being singled out. Sometimes I do get a cold seat at my school but that's because the smokers open the windows during the winter and the principals just look the other way because there's so much of it going on. But thinking back during my three years of high school so far, most of the seats are warm because there's usually continuous use of the stalls, especially during lunch and passing periods. Your new to the site and six years younger than me so you may not know that I have a pretty good size babysitting and child care business going on the side, so much so that there was a feature story about me in our newspaper. I know there's an awful lot of verbal abuse going on today and I have worked for parents who I felt were abusive. My mom says these kids then grow up to be socially immature and the type that might bully. But please, Jarrod, listen to your dad and don't get jaded about going to the bathroom at school. I know a couple of friends who brag about never using the toilets at school and I think they are screwing up their bodies.

Now this is my new story that happened last Friday:

Last Friday was a really bad day for me in terms of going to the bathroom. I peed twice at school without a problem but I was on my third day of not crapping and I was starting to "feel it" if you know what I mean. I cut back on how much I ate for lunch and when I went into pee afterwards I thought I was about to drop my shit (normally I go daily at school and at mid morning) so I sat a little longer and heard more girls complaining and cursing about how all the stalls were taken and they wouldn't have an opportunity to pee before the one-minute warning bell rang and they had to get to class. I think there are about 15 stalls in that bathroom but it was crowded and I continued to sit, even though I saw more eyes on me thru the door crack. I felt my crap starting to slide down and I was anticipating dropping it within a minute or two. But just as the feeling got greater, the one-minute warning bell rang and I knew I had to get up. I flushed my pee while I still sat (hoping for one fast miracle!) as my crap came down the chute, but I quickly pulled up my panties and jeans, grabbed my bookbag and made a run for class without even stopping to wash my hands.

I thought through much of my history class lecture about asking permission to go back to the restroom but it is a college-prep class and our teacher is very intense during lectures and can get brutal with his sarcasm when he's interrupted. When one boy asked to go to the bathroom during the first week of school, this teacher who was lecturing on the revolutionary war, asked if George Washington would have called a cease fire so the troops could pee. The boy asked in front of the class, "Why don't you ask him?" and was denied the bathroom pass and was told to see the teacher at the end of the hour. The boy didn't keep his appointment and ended up dropping the class. So I stuck it out and at the end of the hour was back across the hall and headed into the bathroom when the entry door wouldn't open all the way. I knew what that meant--girls were standing against it because those waiting were crowded in and there would be no chance of me getting onto a stool in the next few minutes.

By the time I got to English class I knew I couldn't ask for a pass because I was in a group presentation and the teacher doesn't allow anyone to leave on prepsentation days. I could smell my crap ready to come out and actually I farted a couple of times. I was thankful I didn't have a dress on because I would fear the smell would have escaped to those around me. My group didn't have to present and when the dismissal bell rang I immediately pushed my way through the hallway crowd and back into the bathroom. There were still a large number of students in there even after school, although some were changing their clothes because of after school activities, but the first stall was open and I immediately tossed my bookbag into the doorway, latched the door and I farted like two or three times as I pulled my panties and jeans down and seated myself. I felt like I had something like a concrete building block to drop but I couldn't get it to come out. I tried spreading my legs and opening them as wide as I could spread them. I tried leaning (actually rocking myself) forward and backward as I sat with my elbows on my knees. I think I was seated like 20 or 25 minutes and my friend Chelsea came in calling for me because this was her day to drive us. I explained to her that this was unusual for me to have my crap ready to come out and not being able to release it (although I wrote about one large and hard-to-drop piece in my posting on Page 1787). When the stall next to me opened, Chelsea went in and sat down and I heard her do a short pee.

As both of us sat and talked and I became frustrated even more and started pushing so hard that it was hurting me and I was becoming short of breath, she suggested that I buy a large container of pop and drink it rather quickly. This is something that Chelsea said has helped her. So I got up, pulled up my panties and jeans and I remember staring into the bowl that obviously didn't need flushing. I just hate seeing a clean bowl after I've waited that long.

I'll conclude my story with my next post. See ya!


Public pooping

Hi it's me again. Just been for my poo today.I think the poop I had done at college yesterday has streched my butthole.
Today's poo was again quite wide- I had it at the mall.
It didn't clog the toilet, but it was big and long, (and it took 4 flushes to move it out of the bowl into the sewer pipe)
I am new to pooping in public as I normally only poop at home.
I am surprised at how poor modern toilets are at flushing poo away.
The toilet in my parents house is an old fashioned type, but it does have a bowl with a large opening and powerful flush.
I will keep you updated on my pooping activities, I am starting to like pooping in public.

Turd Lover
My morning dump was so awful and nasty and had such a horrible stench, I had to jump off the toilet seat and run out of the bathroom. I was unable to go back in for about 30 minutes.

My Answers to your survey

1) How often do you have a bowel movement? Every day in the evening.

2) After you have a bowel movement, do you wipe your bottom with dry
toilet tissue alone or do you use dampened toilet tissue or wet wipes
or something? Usually dry tissue but sometimes wet wipes

3) How many times do you usually wipe after a bowel movement? 1 or 2 depends how hard it is
4) Do you often bathe right after a bowel movement? Not usually

5) After you wipe your bottom, do you ever follow up with powder or
perfume or such? depends either vaseline or talcum powder.

To Cute Linda

Yes my mom or sometimes my older sister go with me to make sure I do it,especially if I am constipated.
I dont get that constipated from holding it,I strain real hard and it usually comes out.

I know how you feel if you cant go for 3 days, do you strain to go every day and have you been yet?

My room is next to our toilet and I often hear my sister straining and farting down the toilet and the poo pebbles she does dropping in the water with each strain.

Thunder from down under,

Havnt used the things you mention - my mom puts vaseline in my bum to help it come out.


Person who takes baths
This question is for people who take baths rather than showers. If you take a bath, how do you clean your butt hole? First of all, do you reach underneath your butt while it is under water to clean your hole or do you roll over on your side so that your butt is out of the water to clean it? (Personally, I roll over my side to clean it).

Regardless of whether your butt is under the water or not when you clean it, do you:

1) Clean your butt hole with your bare hand?

2) Clean your butt hole with a bar of soap?

3) Clean your butt hole with a washcloth?

4) Don't clean your butt hole because you assume it will get clean by virtue of being under soapy water?

(Personally I use my hand first using lathered up soap, and after I have gotten a preliminary clean I use a washcloth lathered up with soap.)

And finally, how far into your hole to you go to clean it? I usually try to go about an inch.

Just wondering how everyone else does it...

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Private Tutor

Hi I am 17 yrs old and currently have private Maths lessons at my tutor's home.
Last week during my lesson I asked my tutor if I could go to the toilet, he said yes.
Whilst I was on his toilet I had to poo.My poo was urgent and it came out all in one go.Feeling the urge to go more I pushed - but it was a load of gas.
I am able to fart on command, and I noticed my farts sounded really loud on his toilet, so I really went for it pushing out the loudest most powerful farts I have ever done.I then did a fart that scared me, it was like an explosion,I heard a strange ping like sound from the toilet, worried I had damaged the bowl I made it my last.
After 3 flushes to clear the toilet I had finished. I returned to his study, he was off his seat looking rather concerned.He had heard me, he asked if I was ok, I said yes looking quite embarassed.
Today during my lesson, I asked to use his toilet again, he said sorry no it's out of order- as the bowl had a crack in it.....

Punk Rock Girl

Re: Why do some people have accidents

Hi everyone!

Stevie, I have shit my pants twice in my adult life. Once it was because I desperately had to shit but simply couldn't hold it in before making it to a toilet, and wound up having a normal, solid dump force its way out of my ass and fill my panties. That was when I was in college.

The second time was just a few years ago and I posted about it. I was at work. I was wearing jeans and underneath them a thong. I thought I had to fart. I was by myself so let it rip, and a squirt of diarrhea escaped before I clenched my cheeks and stopped the rest. It was only a little, but it splattered the seat of my jeans. I had no change of clothes and ended up removing my thong, wiping my ass and cleaning out my pants as best I could, then taking the rest of the day off so I could go home and wash my jeans. Both experiences sucked.




Something I said once that made my friend laugh.

If I knew it would be so big I'd have taken my time.


Bathroom visit at retail store

hi its ashley today i was hangingout with a guy friend of mine. we went to tuesday mornings! we where there for quite a while. he was browsing the store and i was looking in the womens department at clothes and other accessories as well. 4 mintues later i felt a huge urge to go to the bathroom. i made my way to the womens bathroom. when i arrived a strong poo odor hit my nostroils! i could see that someone was already in there. there were only 3 stalls available. the third stall was taken. so i took the one on the right. i started inhaling the odor. i looked down a could see that there was a young girl who was about 14 years old in the stall next to me! she had on pink flips flops and her toe nails were red! she had blond hair. i pulled down my jeans and started peeing. meanwhile i could hear her pooping!she was making all kinds of noises! 5 minutes later she wiped and flushed the tiolet. she washed her hands and left the bathroom. next i started pooping! i let out several farts! i continued this process for 5 more minutes. finally i began wiping and then i got up and exited the stall without flushing! i went to the sink and washed my hands.



ps. Deliah i wish we could go to a mexican restaurant or a club somehere and have a bathroom experience!


Response to Pete

Hey Pete,

You were asking me what age I was when I noticed bathrooms being really noisy with pooping sounds. I was really young like about 4 or 5. My point I was making was that even though 13 years isn't all that long in the greater scheme of things, it's nearly 75% of my life and I was just pointing out that bathrooms seemed a lot noisier to me as a little kid than what they are now. Some of the reasons I thought this was the case was because I think as a whole, our diet and excercise has changed for the worse and also because I think people are a little more bashful about pooping privacy.

Shadow, my girlfriend too has called me a few times while I was on the toilet. I used to tell her I would call right back, but now I'll just say something like I am doing "my necessary business" and now we just pretty much keep on talking too. She's already heard some serious logs crackle out of me as well as assorted plops and farts. I try not to be talking and pushing at the same time, but one time, I tried to get a good push in while she was talking. I only did a small "hrrrrmph" under my breath as I worked to push one out, but she heard me anyway and started to laugh. "Did you just grunt??" She asked, and I admitted that I had!

To ROTFLMAO: Thanks for your great story about your friend Steve. Sounds like my kind of guy! Brian and I are very much like that in that when we have to shit and can't find a bathroom, we'll use whatever reasonable means are at our disposal to relieve ourselves. We won't do anything mean like crap on somebody's lawn or porch, but we've definitely left some serious piles under a tree a two. And yes, I can assure you that a 6'1 185-pound physically active 18-year-old male definitely IS capable of delivering poop logs nearing 30" in length, as your friend Steve demonstrated. LOL Mind you, I don't do that every DAY, but it has been happening 2 or 3 times a month recently. I'm sure Brian and another buddy of mine have topped this. This one guy I know is 6'5 and 240 pounds and he's constantly eating without gaining an ounce of weight. Trust me, after visiting the bathroom with him one time, I have it figured out where it all goes!! :-O

Upstate Dave

Friends Half Sistors

Durring my life time I made many friends. I met a friend that his mom remarried so he had two half sistors in his life now. I spent a weekend with him and met the two half sistors on this weekend. Now at this time I was not yet in my teens. The older two of the half sistors was nine and the other was five. The older girl was named Linda while her sistors name was Chris.

Both were brunettes,slim,wore thier hair straight and long. Both were very out going and friendly. Now durring this weekend when my friend Bruce and I were there I slept on a very large comfortible couch between the livingroom and dinning room. My friend Bruce had a single bed upstairs and thats where also his two sistors had thier own bedroom.

Now the house was a old house which was being remodled at this time too. There was still much work being done. The living room,the dinning room were done. The kitchen and the upstairs bedrooms had yet to be done. The bathroom was done and it was done over nicely. One thing that was different about the bathroom being done over was the door that was used on it.

The bathroom door was one of those sltted shgutter type doors. It was right across from the couch I was going to sleep on. When I laid out n the couch and having the sltted bathroom door I could see through the slats into the bathroom! This would play into the post of this story. But not right away.

Now Bruce and I this Friday night the first night were baby sitting the half sistors. We watched tv in the livig room together till Bruce who was extreamly turned went to bed before I and Linda and Chris did. So us three watched some more tv before we turned in. Linda and Chris did get changed into nghtgowns befire watching more tv.

After watching tv Linda went into the bathroom first to get ready for bed. I sat on the couch with Chris. She waited for her sistor to get done in the bathroom. Now Chris hadto pee for she said loudly to Linda that sh e did and hurry up so that she oculd pee. From the bathroom Linda told her sistorto hang on she was lamost done. Just wait I'll be done in a few short moments. Chris let out a soft groan but stayed seated on the couch with me.

Now as we sath re on the couch togtether Chris became more impaitnet. She sat there now palying iwth the bottom of her old nightgown. Sh had it litfted up and was swishing it lifted up and swishing it back n forth. Also she was squirming back and forth as she swished her nigtgown bottom around as she went on complaining that Linda was taking to long.

At tis time th sound of running water flowing from the sink stopped. Linda had been brushing her teetht at the sink in the bathroom. Chris asked loudly; Now are you done? From the bathroom Linda said to Chris; No! I have to piss! Then from the bathroom came th sound of the toilet seat lidbeing slammed down and a short quiet pause. Then came the sound of loud hissing and slashing. lInda was pissing! ( I had yet to lay down so I idn't know that I had yet to see that I oculd see through the slats of the bathroom door. (only hear!)

Chris still sat on the couch swishing her nightgown bacn forth but had pulled it up higher now absent mindedly as she did. Agian saying to her sistor as her sistor pissed; COME ON HURRY UP! No reply came back. Only th sound of her sistors pee stream hissing and splashing going on. Then after several long more seconds it stopped. The sound f the toliet ppare rool being rooled followed next. The ppaer being torn and then the toilet flushed.

The door opened and Linda came out. I'm done. Linda said ggod night and walked back to the kitchen and thmped up the stairs. Now Linda got up from the couch real quick. As she ran acroo the room heading to the now open bathroon door as I watched she pulled right up her nightgown exposing a bare behind and went right into the bathroom! Chris also didn't shut the bathroom door as she went in but went straight to the toilet to pee.

Once she reached the toilet she sat right down on it. As soon as she sat down she started to pee very hard, There was loud splashing and hissing.Chris was not lookiing back. She was looking down a she sat on the toilet. Leaving the door wide open with the toilet in straight on in the back of the bathroom I llokd in straight on to Chris. I could see all of what went on from the couch.

It was all over in a short time. Chris had only taked a short time to pee. The next thig I knew was that sh was done and she wiped herself off. The toilet flushed and she cam out from the bathroon turrning off the batroom light and and now closed the bathrooms door. With a huuried good night Chris ran out of the room heading through the kitchen and like her sistor Linda thumped up the stairs and up to bed. Upstate Dave

Person who takes baths
This question is for people who take baths rather than showers. If you take a bath, how do you clean your butt hole? First of all, do you reach underneath your butt while it is under water to clean your hole or do you roll over on your side so that your butt is out of the water to clean it? (Personally, I roll over my side to clean it).

Regardless of whether your butt is under the water or not when you clean it, do you:

1) Clean your butt hole with your bare hand?

2) Clean your butt hole with a bar of soap?

3) Clean your butt hole with a washcloth?

4) Don't clean your butt hole because you assume it will get clean by virtue of being under soapy water?

(Personally I use my hand first using lathered up soap, and after I have gotten a preliminary clean I use a washcloth lathered up with soap.)

And finally, how far into your hole to you go to clean it? I usually try to go about an inch.

Just wondering how everyone else does it...


The meaning of mooning

Last summer I went biking and camping in the mountains with a friend of mine. Some nights we camped at sites where also other campers stayed, usually not many others around. But one day we settled down at a site which turned out to be very popular for wild campers. Quite many tents and caravan cars were spread around on the mountain plain. Close to us there were several families some of them obviously travelling together as a group. During the afternoon and evening I several times felt an urge to take a dump. Usually I would go away to find some privacy and get it done. But there I did not take the chance. There were no vegetation, only some boulders spread around, and lots of people everywhere, especially children playing around. We went early to bed, before the darkness in the Nordic summer had come. But at midnight I woke up and felt the urge again. I went out of the tent. The site was very quiet, no people around, only a big bright full moon hanging on the sky. I took the roll of toilet paper and went away up a small hill behind the plain with the campers. Behind a boulder I pulled down squatted and got it done. Before finishing I was admiring the view of the mountains and the tents bathing in the light of the moon. Then I became aware of a person (adult woman as far as I could see) walking in my direction. I tried to hide a well as possible. Just 30 meters or so from me the other person stopped and yes, obviously she was out there for the same reason as me. She had her back in my direction when she pulled down. She did not really squat but more bent forward with her legs spread leaning her elbows on her knees I think. She had quite dark clothes so her bum was really shining white when reflecting the light of the moon. Then I suddenly understood why it is called mooning! Well, nothing more to tell. I could not directly see who it was but the next morning I saw a woman (around 40) with the same jacket, obviously a Danish woman staying there with her husband and children. By the way the next morning I went up quite early. I am quite convinced that most of the adults used the quiet hour before the children went up to go for a walk alone to find a spot with some privacy. I am somewhat surprised that even at a site with so many persons staying close together without any doors to lock it still is possible to find spots where private things can be done, as long as you time it well!!


Out of the blue....

Hi, My name is Nikola, I am a 17 yr old student.Today at college I was in class when out of the blue I got really bad stomach cramps. I asked to goto the girls toilet, the teacher said yes go ahead.
I quickly made my way, however the nearest toilet was a disabled toilet.Due to the shocking pain I was in I had no choice, so I quickly entered it with my jeans already undone.
As I sat on the toilet the pain got worse, I pushed but nothing happened. I pushed again and again. still nothing.
The pain and urge went away, I was just about to pull up my nickers when suddenly the pain returned, this time I had choice as my poop hole opened and realsed a poo.It made no sound as it landed in the bowl, I wiped, the paper was clean.
I then glanced in the toilet and was shocked to see I had done the biggest poo of my life. It was so wide it didnt fit in the hole in the toilet.
I flushed the toilet, which just filled up with water - this was the first time I had ever clogged a toilet bowl.
Washing my hands I left the disabled toilet quickly before anyone saw me.


To: Richguy

I think the difference between pooping your pants and constipation is a matter of how strong the various muscles are.

If the internal muscles are stronger and your body insists on expelling the poo you fill your pants. If the sphincter is the stronger muscle it stays inside.

to Deliah: i really enjoyed your story about you and your friend at the night club! i have missed u!


I was at the mall going to meet some friends for lunch. All of a sudden acramp started in my stomach and at the same time my bladder felt like it was ready to open too. I was wearing a very tight short mini, bikinis and a tight top. I started to run to the public toilets but only got a few steps when a lump started to push out into my panties. Soon a baseball size poop rested in my pants. Nothing showed on the seat of my mini so I carefully walked towards the washroom. I almost made it but suddenly I was grabed from behind and held by a guy from my class that I really liked a lot. His touching scared the shit out of me. People use that phrase; in my case it was real! My panties filled with shit; pee soaked the front and back of my skirt and pee and shit ran down my bare legs. He was shocked and speechless as he looked at the large puddle on the floor between my legs. I ran out of the mall in tears and never talked to him for several months.



Don't worry, I don't drive or operate machinery so both myself and others are safe from that. Fortunately I haven't had any seizures since the one on January 5th. These fainting/seizure episodes used to happen several years apart, usually triggered when I was sick with an awful stomach flu or sinus infection. They used to happen every seven years or so (weird I know) ever since I was 9 years old. Unfortunately they've started happening more often lately. I've suffered from 3 of these episodes- one at the end of January, 2009, one in November, 2009 and the most recent on January 5, 2010. I am still going through tests, as they can 't find out what's wrong yet (nothing has come up so far). Quite odd and frustrating. Thank you for the concern.


to Solent Wildpoo

Thanks for your posts. Now I understand the sign in a Chinatown restaurant. It said "Please do not stand on toilet seat." I never knew what they meant or why they would post it.


Sarah from Calgary

To: Mike from USA

Hi Mike,

You know, I am not really sure why I never talk about the smell of my accidents. Just one of those things that I block out for some reason. To be honest, sometimes the smell is just horrible. Sometimes it is really bad and other times there the smell is almost sweet. That might not make sense, but I hope you know what I mean.

Mel's accidents were both really bad. With the first one, she was wearing white bikini style panties. Obviously, they were stained really badly. We cleaned them out at the hotel, but they still had a major stain in them. I am not sure what she did with those. As for the ones I gave her, they still have a stain as well. We did get some weird looks from people on the plane and at the airport in Vegas.

As for my accident at my work Holiday Party... My husband didn't notice the smell when I went to get the key card to our room because I was only near him for a few seconds. I think he knew what had happened, considering my past, and that's why he came to check on me. I don't think he was prepared for what he saw in the washroom though.

And yes, I do have other stories about my friends, namely my best friends, Melanie and Megan. I will be back with stories about them some other time.

Take care!
Sarah from Calgary.

Upstate Dave

Brothers and Sistors Stories

Hi again to all. Let me go on with peeing stories involving my one brother and two older sistors. This one ivolved myself and my ywo sistors and thier friends. Now with me my one sitor discovered that I and the girl Luise who was my constant playmate at this time found out that she had I had been peeing and pooping together behind the big fallen ead tree in the one field just past our driveway. Luise and I had been doing this for some time together.

How my one sistor had found out was that after Luise and I had one of our sessions over in the field behind the the old fallen dead tree my sistor after we had left walked over to take a look. For she she had seen us both run over to this spot together and then after a short time had run back out form there and had gone back playing together briefly in the yard before we took off.

My sistor came upon the left evidence laying there on the gorund. Both Luide and I had pooped which we left big multiple ones there laying on the ground. Plus there was also our wet spotsthere too form peeing. Well my sistor did come up to me later in the day and told me she knew about Luise and I peeing and pooping outside. My reaction was at first I was going to get in big trouble along with Luise getting in trouble along with me. I would wind up loosing my one playmatetoo!

Now as it turned out I didn't. My sistor told me she would keep my secret doings with Luise. For this sistor and I were lose not like my other sistor. I was relieved big time by her saying this to me! In factthis sitor would tell me about my older sistors friend having a get together in thier shared bedroom.

So here is wht happened on that day. My two sistors along with the nieghbors duaghter which had seen both me and my brother pee out our bedroom window was visiting my oldest sistor on this day long with a few other friends of my sistors. Now like my brother and I had my sistors also had a chambor pot to use also. The chambor pot was used by them but very rarely. On this day it did get used!

Here's how it happened too according to my youner older sistor. My oldest sistor had left the bedroom for she had to pee. The bathroom was occupied by my father for he was home it was a Saturday. My sistor came back upstairs to the bedroom. She retreived the chabor pot out form the closet to pee in it. Now this brought on various reactions form the other girls in the room.

Some had a idea what it was used for well some of the othe other girls there didn't have a clue at all what it was going to be used for till my sistor got ready to pee in it! My sistor was wearing a dress ans he reached under and and pulled her panties down first. That's when the erest of the girls in the room knew that my sistor was going to pee using the chambor pot!

According to my other sistor this brought variuos recations from all that were there in the room. Some of them giggled at first, some of them said that my sistor was going to piss!, one or two of them sai that they would'nt do that at least pee into a old bowl but the majority of them aid if the had to they would!

Well as it happened my oldest sistor did take a long hard piss using the old chmber pot that they had in front of all the girls. Then right after my oldest sistor was done pwith her pee then amonst more giggles my other sistor,the girl from next door, and two other girls that were friends of my oldest sistor also went and took turns pissing into the chamber pot one right after the other!

Also two of the girls that used the pot to pe in told by my one sistor that had also shit when they had peed! (Sue the neighbors duaghter that had see my brother and I pissing out our bedroom window.) Along with one more girl of that was a friend of my older sistor also shit when she pissed using the chambor pot! My sistor laughed telling me that Sue and the other girl had shit too. For Sue after pissing and shitting had dared any of the other girls to shit! That's why a second shit would up in the pot from the other girl!

This was the one and only time that thier chmbor pot was used by so many not by just by my two sistors only or one friend or two. Then the last multiple event involving my sistors which I would be told later was they both were again with thier friends and it was done outside while out on a hike.

This happened on a summer day when my two sistors along with three other friends which one of them was Sue from next door were hikeing. Now there is a local spring which is a mineral water spring which they had come upon while on the hike. Now most of the mineral spring water does not have a good taste to it. This one was like that. But all the girls being thirsty from the hike did manage to drink some of the springs water.

Then one of the friends of my oldest sistor went and lifted up her dress pulled her panties down and pissed right into the bubbling spring! As she pissed into the springs water she said to the rest of the group of girls; That's what I think of this psring water! That brought laughetr from all the rest of them. Then my sistor went on to tell me after that all of them either lifted up thier dresses,skirts, or pulled down thier pants and the all took turns and pissed into the spring. Then as the last girl finished up with her piss she tod the group of them; Now I dare anybody to take a drink now! They all laughed hard and walked away.


Hey Shadow

Hey Shadow. I read your story about telling your girlfriend. You haven't done anything wrong yet but take it easy. You want to ease your way into getting to watch her. It has to be her decision to show you. I've told a few girls about my "interest" and I've gotten a few different responses but and I've had one similiar to this but I pushed too hard and she pretty much told me to never bring it up again. We didn't last much longer after that for other reasons but I'm sure that didn't help. Don't keep asking but find ways to keep showing her how much it turns you on and if she really cares about you, she'll evenually come around. You just have to spark her interest. She has to wonder why you're so turned on by it. Unfortunately, she sounds like the type who is grossed out by her own bathroom habits let alone anyone elses so just take it slow and good luck. Whatever you do, don't keep asking. Be discreet. Hope it turns out well.

Some High School Boy
Hey there again,

I have to go so bad right now, but I can't since I don't become regulated to go around the time's that I'm still in school. It's actually kinda of strange but I can go into a public restroom alone just not with other people around. It's a little funny for me though since when I think back to when I was kindergarten and 1st grade I could easily go at school. But I could never go while I was out in public because my dad would always come with me to the bathroom which I hated.

Well I'm still going to keep holding it until 3:30 which is when I would normally be home, wish me luck.

Some High School Boy

does nebody have any stories about being scared into having accidents i'd like to hear them


Catherine's survey

1. Do you enjoy having a Bowel Movement? Yes!

2. What kind of BM is (are) your favorite(s)? Is this your usual BM?
My favorite is the one long perfectly shaped turd that doesn't require any wiping :)Unfortunately, this is not my usual bowel movement.

3. What do you like best about the BM? I like it all: the anticipation, holding it for a bit, sitting on the toilet,and the best part is releasing the poo. I like how it feels when it's sliding out.

4. Do you look at your feces after you have done it? Yes, always.

5. Do you think that it is weird, wrong or OK to "like" defecating? It's OK, not at all weird or wrong. It's part of our natural bodily functions,like eating, having sex, etc., right?

6. What would make for the ideal bowel movement in your mind?
See question #2 above.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


female tram driver about to wet herself

hi all,

long time lurker, first time poster.

this morning, while on the tram to work at 0645 i saw the tram driver with her right hand pressing into her crotch and her legs were bouncing widely up and down. she had a look of pain on her face and by the time, that i got off at my stop, i was wondering if she would make it to a toilet in time. she had at least another half hour to the final stop, where there is a coffee shop, which is opened in the morning.
if she made it, i am sure her panties would be surely damp if not wet, judging by how bad she needed the toilet.

kind regards, nature_friend

vienna, austria

ps: i am male, mid thirties and am quite often walking out and about.

Jaded Jarrod

Ice Cold Toilet Seats

This is my first post. I'm 11 and in middle school. The building is big with something like 800 students. Most of the bathrooms don't have stall doors, except those by the principal's office. Those are used by parents and visitors and I guess they want to keep them nice. Where we live winter got here in like early December and there has been a lot of snow and we've had several days off because we've had high temperatures
of like 5 below. Well I was assigned a social studies class work partner who is really smart and wants to get the best grades possible. I'm only average and I guess happy with that. Well, we were working on our Civil War project and I told her I had to go to the bathroom and would be right back. I know this is dumb but I told her I hate crapping at school because the seats are so cold. I think the temperature in the bathrooms is like 15 degrees or more colder than the classrooms. The school wants to save money on heat. I signed out with the substitute and quickly walked down the hall. There are 4 stalls, none with doors, and only one was in use. That was the second one. There was a big guy that looked like a 9th grader just finishing his crap and wiping. At that moment I got what I thought was a great idea. I held my crap in and waited down by the sinks for the boy to get done. I knew his seat would be warmer because of the body heat. In about two minutes he pulled up his sweats and underwear from the floor and walked out. He headed directly for the exit. He didn't flush or wash his hands.

There was a big blob of soft and mushy crap in the bowl. It kind of looked like soft ice cream in a sundae cup. I reached over with my hand and flushed and while that was happening I dropped my jeans and briefs and took my seat. I was so thankful the seat was warm, so he must have been there a while. By contrast, though, my dick was quickly getting cold resting on the front of the bowl. So I slid back on the seat and that allowed it to drop a bit into the bowl. That was somewhat of a relief because I peed a few drops before I started pushing. My well formed log of about 6 inches hurt me a bit because it was so wide. I was thankful that I was able to get it out. I had last crapped at school on Friday and this was Monday. I started wiping immediately. I wipe between my legs from the front while I'm still sitting. So I stood, pulled my sweats up along with my underwear and I flushed with my left hand. I went to the sinks and washed my hand. At that point Adam from my class came running in and quickly put himself onto the first toilet. He swore when he felt how cold the seat was. I told him he should have taken mine but before I could finish you could hear him blasting away. He was so fast that if I waited for 30 seconds, we could have walked back to class together. Well, when I got to the room, the substitute said something about me being done for like 11 minutes. And my study partner said something about me freezing my butt on the seat. It got a few laughs, especially from the girls.

Later when we were at our lockers, one was teasing me about how big my stomach would be if I were to hold my "poo" until April. I told my dad and he said something about not letting it "jade" me. I learned that you probably shouldn't tell girls about things like this.

Last night my hubby's having sort of stomachache in the middle of our sleep, he woke me up and saw him with very cold sweat. I stood up and massage his stomach with mint oil. He moaned and ask me to put some pressure as it is relieving the pain. He excused himself a few minutes later as he feels that he is about to fart. He grunted while I put more pressure on his stomach and suddenly ppfffft, pfffttt, brrrrrrp, it was the longest fart I've ever heard. it is also so foul smelling, this explains why my poor hubby is having so much air with bacteria inside. After that he thanked me and express absolute comfort.

has anyone of you experience boyfriend or husband with upset stomach? please post in detail

Some High School Boy
I was going to post next weekend after I had a talk with a friend about pooping but today something really embarassing happened. So I was reading some old posts on this and felt the urge to go. I contemplated whether or not I should go now since I don't want to become regulated around that time since it wouldn't be convient for me at school. But I went anyway and after I finished I forgot to flush since my dad called asking what I wanted for lunch. Hours later he went to use the bathroom and said that me or my mom forgot to flush. Well I lied and told the truth at the same time. I told that I probably did because I made several trips to the bathroom half awake this morning.

Also yesterday I went in the bathroom to drink some gatorade I had in my pocket. Well when I went into the bathroom there was a toilet filled with nothing but toilet paper and brown water. I then went to the last stall (at school there are only three the first stall's lock doesn't work) I opened the door and was shocked that the toilet had so much brown water in it. Well I drank it but while doing so someone came in and washed their hands. But that person didn't leave I made it obvious that it was occupied by rubbing my shoe across the floor where some gatorade had spilled. Then I accidentally hit my head on the hook that was on the door. The person must have thought that I was about to come out and dashed out. I wasn't quite sure if the did leave so I was going to put the almost empty bottle back in my pocket. Well when I did the left over contents spilled into my side pocket. I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to get it out but eventually I did well that's all for now.

Happy Pooping,

Some High School Boy

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