A Bathroom Visit While at Da Club with Friends.

Just thought I'd dash off a quick post while I have the time, being too busy for my own good is what my life consists of. Thusly I have little time to do things for myself like chronicle my bathroom time for you all reading! But I do enjoy doing so, it's quite a pleasure to share my secret delight in these matters. Most people who know me would never guess I think about this all, never a word is uttered in public about my bathroom experiences. But to you all I can tell what goes on, and it's good catharsis to do so. For Karen, I am English in origin, having moved to the US when I was eight years old. Currently I reside in a major northeast city. For Jackie, yes I have seen plenty of other people go poo, gathered through the years of witnessing events through school, sports, work, and friends. In fact I can't imagine any young woman with close friends who hasn't been in the stall with at least one of them to witness their habits in using the toilet. Seeing a friend's poo in the toilet backs up the suggestion that skinny girls have huge bowel movements. One friend of mine in particular had a huge poo at a nightclub recently. I am 5'11 195, she is 5'9 115, thin as a model which happens to be her profession. Well around one am we went into a stall together, I rarely go alone when out with friends. I went first, a splashy and hissy pee that soaked my thighs with its spray pattern. While I was peeing she made me a nice pad of tp to wipe with. When I was done I stood up and before I could even ask her for the paper she reached forward and pressed it between my legs, soaking up my pee droplets. After about ten seconds she took the pad and folded it in half, then embraced me in a hug with one hand around my lower back and the other hand with the paper. She then wiped the back area of my vagina very carefully, having already blotted my blonde pubic hair and thighs. At the end of this treatment she wiped up the length of my crack (it came out clean as I hadn't pooped that day) then took the tp and held it under her nostrils, exclaiming "natural blondes have the smelliest pee" before bursting out into laughter. Needless to say both of us were on the sloppy side of intoxicated by this point. I strongly doubt this would have happened sober. She then dropped the tp into the toilet and lowered her jeans and sat; there were no panties to be pulled down on either of us. She giggled, looked me in the eye and said "ur gonna hate me for this" and then I heard a raspy fart followed by crackling. She kept tittering as she comically kept repeating "it's big, Di, it's biiiigggg!!!" After a few minutes pee joined the party as a hissy stream splashed into the toilet. A strong poo odor was rising up and I inhaled deeply, it smelled sharp, pungent and suprisingly floral. By now her laughter had her red faced and she made all of these funny faces as she pushed her poo along. It all was truly too hilarious for words. After about five minutes she looked up at me and said "mommy, I'm done!" loudly as if she were a toddler. I can't imagine what others in the bathroom thought. I responded "I'm so proud of you honey you made a poopoo all by yourself!" and she responded "is there any other way to poop?" We both laughed heartily as I tore off tp and made a wad out of it. I winked at her and she got the message and stood up, stumbling forward and hugging me around the shoulders to catch herself. While embracing me she said "can u wipe me I'm too drunk?" I smiled but didn't verbally respond as she hugged me and layed her head on my shoulder. I looked down behind her and saw her tiny butt and the toilet beneath it. The real suprise was the size of her bowel movement: about eighteen inches long, coiled around the bowl in one piece, and about one and three quarters inches thick as well as dark brown in color. I said to her "how did u drink all night without s***ting yourself?" and she responded "if I didn't go now I might have." Again, more laughter. I took the wad and placed it below the beginning of her crack, then used the other hand to pull her left cheek aside. I wiped to the top of her crack, then folded the soiled portion over (there wasn't much poo on the paper) and repeated the process holding her other cheek open. Then I made a new wad and wiped her front, all the while she was keeping her balance by sloppily embracing me. Her front wipe yeilded a heavily soaked wad in spite of her clean shaven status in the region. I threw that in the toilet next to the other one then flushed with my foot. The poo swirled, broke up, and went down without a problem. Like me, she is a vegetarian, so her poos don't clog the toilet often. Now we began to feel silly, two grown women hugging and laughing with our jeans still around our knees (in the ruckus I never re-dressed!) Well as a final act of silliness we counted off "one, two, three!!" and pulled up each other's jeans simultaneously (we buttoned up for ourselves though.) By now fifteen minutes had passed and we made a quick exit back to our friends, who thought nothing of the time passed as it's normal for a bathroom trip to be lengthly. After all, we *could* have been on a puke-and-assist mission considering how drunk we were. An hour later we took a cab back to my place and slept it off with no further happenings save for her peeing while I showered the next morning. Love to all and happy pooping as always!!!


Upstate Dave

Brother Sistor Peeing Stories

Hi to all. Have you ever heard and been told about if you have a brother(s) or sistor(s) have told peeing stories that they were involved in or had friend involved in with them? I have for I'm the youngest of four in my family. I have one brother who is the oldest and two sistors which one is 5 years older then I and my other sitor is just about a little over a year older then I.

The first part deals with just my brother and I. We shared a bedroom together. There was a siingle small window at the far end of the bedroom. Our bedroom was always very warm even durring the cold winters here in upstate New York. Now my brother and I would have the window open in a way that the window had a inside sash with three four inch cirle shaped holes in it. Like you would see in a bird house.

Having the holes open let in enough cool air to cool the room down with out getting to cold. They also came in very handy for another use too! Having one bathroom downstaiors for six people either at night or early morning both my brother and I would stand at the window and piss right out through one of the bird holes! That was fun to do! My brother and I got right into doing it quite often.

The only thing was that with snow on the ground our piss streams would leve yellow snow trails and patches. Not only that wthout us knowing it right away our neighbors house next door was right there in plain view. Now after a few weeks of myself and my brother taking pees out through the birdholes in the window My one sistor told my brother we had been seen! It was the oldest sistor next door which was a good friend of my oldest sistor had seen bothme and my brother standing at the window taking our pisses! (this was have been in the morning to dark at night)

Both of us thgought that was very funny but we did stop it for a short while and behaved ourselves. Then my older brother started again to do it. He one morning stood there and pissed out the window for a ong time. That was a mistake! He left such a big yellow spot down in the snow it couldn't helped but been seen. It had for my father saw it later in the morning. My brother got called down downstairs.

When he came back about ten minutes later he had gotten in big trouble. He was grounded for two weeks! For him that was a life time! He was in junoir high at the time. At least I hadn't had the towel thrown in by him for he didn't say anything about that I also had been pissing out through the window too. But to be sure I got called downstairs and I was aked if I had peed using the window. I lied and said that I hadn't. Just make sure that you don't. I had been warned. Well that ended that. He and I never pissied out the window again while we lived there. But I would years later when my parents were trying to sell the house. That is another post to tell. I also have more that involed my sistor and thier friends durring the time we lived in this same house. These stories would be told years later when we all were adults. Upstate Dave

Some High School Boy
Today I ate some leftover spicy food that I had for dinner last night. It was so good, but it didn't quite fill me up so I ate the rest of the chocalate cake I ordered for dessert. Then I had to pile my dinner on top of that. Now as you can expect the outcome of that much can't be good. Well I sat on the couch in my living room and started watching tv. Then not soon after I began to get gurgling cramps which could only mean one thing, diarrhea. I got up pretending that I was going upstairs to watch a tv show that happened to be so I wouldn't worry my parents. I ran upstairs and quickly closed the bathroom door and sat preparing for the worst. Well after I farted I thought maybe they were just gas pains surrounding a little bit of shit. Well I pushed out a some crap farted and started commencing my first wave. I farted again still thinking it was gas and then it happened. A whole torrent of crap flew out of my butt. It stung a little. Then I pushed again to now only get everything out. I was struck with two more waves and flushed in between each of them. Then after the final I started to clean up. Now I thought I was in for a big job but instead I only needed to wipes for the crap but I had to now wipe off all the sweat from the crapping. After clean up I felt lighter.

Btw I have a question does anyone else's butthole itch?
Mine did after that crap and has been for the past couple of weeks now.

Well that's all for today

Happy Pooping,

Some High School Boy

P.S. Also I failed in holding my crap till 3:30 hopefully I won't have to go at school tomorrow well then wish me luck.

Hey im Suzy I am 27 years old aprox 6'0 145 pounds.

My story is about my jerk ex husband and the stunt he pulled on me the other day.
This may sound weird but we got married 4 years ago, since then have seperated and now still live together, he had recently been shoving the ideas of other girls in my face, so I decided to shove the ideas of other guys in his face basically. In our condo, we have a gym so after a nice long argument with him I usually work out, but then I always have a protine shake, that I always mix with water and not milk (like he does). Things have gotten so rough with him that we have tape with our names on the things we own...
After I was done working out, I went to the fridge and grabbed my shake.. the first thing I noticed was that it was strawberry, when I thought I made vanilla.. then as I drank it I suspected a different taste to it..

I showered, finished my shake and I was on my way.. meet a guy... or so my exhusband thought, when in reality I was going shopping alone. I don't drink milk because basically my whole life after I do, 15-20 minutes later I explode into a toilet. My stomach was sore when I got in my car and made my first stop to Wal-Mart. I was collecting things into a shopping cart when a wave of wet poop made it's way to my behind. I almost pooped my pants on the spot because it was so unexpected.

My next problem, I hate public bathrooms with a passion and i've always felt that I am too tall to squat. I went anyways, got to the bathroom and was inside of a stall, I pulled down my pants and for around 25 minutes waves of what seemed like total water filled the toilet bowl.

I left wal-mart didn't buy a single thing,
my next problem came on the drive home, where I needed to use the toilet again but had problems getting there.. I got to my condo facility.. and before I knew it in my garage I almost lost it. I grabbed a bucket.. .went outside .. prayed to god no one would see and made that bucket into a toilet. I then went back inside where I ran into my room and the pooping seemed to be done for the night

I am a post 50 year old man who just recently has been having lots of wet farts. It is annoying to have to sit more when I pee just in case a wet fart might come out. I also cannot just "let one go' in the car or home just because of this. I have not really changed diet or anything else..Anyone have any ideas?


Sitting to pee

Hello, my name is Charlie. I'm a first-timer here, so I don't really know what to write. I guess I'll just start with my toilet habits. By the way, I'm 15.

I sit down to pee sitting down (even at home) because when I started 9th grade (I'm in 9th grade still), I was always getting harrased when using the urinals. The upperclassmen would throw wet paper towels at me, and even pull my pants down.

The only problem with sitting down to pee is that the toilets at school are always dripping with pee, but I just wipe the seat off and line it with toilet paper. I always do it when I need to poop,though, so it wasn't too big of a deal. I also use seat covers when they're available, but the school doesn't have any.

I guess that's it for now. I'll post again soon ;)


To Mike, Lewis, and Sherry

This is an awesome site. A friend showed it to me. Well, on to business.

Mike's Survey for the Ladies

1. Do you wipe after going number 1 from the front? No
2. Do you wipe both front and back side after going number 2? No, just back

Lewis's Survey for the Ladies

1. How often do you have a bowel movement? Usually every day
2. After you have a bowel movement, do you wipe your bottom with dry toilet tissue alone or do you use dampened toilet tissue or wet wipes or something? Dry toilet tissue alone
3. How many times do you usually wipe after a bowel movement? One or two times
4. Do you often bathe right after a bowel movement? No
5. After you wipe your bottom, do you ever follow up with powder or perfume or such? Never do

Sherry, I am only fourteen but I sometimes sneak cigarettes. I have tried smoking while pooping. It was very relaxing, it helped me go.

Laura (Teacher)

Feeling the relief after skiing!

Hello to everyone on this forum!

I recently made my last post on page 1809, however, prior to that post, I can't remember my previous post.

I would like to re-introduce myself. My name is Laura, I am a math and science teacher at a local private high school. I'm 30 years of age, very active person, brunette with shoulder length hair, I'm 5'7" and I weigh approx. 145 lbs and I'm married to the man I love!

This weekend (January 9 th) Jake (my husband) and I went for a long cross country skiing adventure in Vermont. It was great he and I spending time alone, and just doing the things we enjoy doing. On Saturday, we had been cross country skiing for most of the morning. It was quite fun, and with him and I being together, it was quite romantic. We were both getting quite hungry, so we decided to get back to the ski lodge to eat the lunches we brought. Both Jake and I had a hearty lunch. We had prepared a salad, sandwiches, some fruit, and, since we were both thirsty, we had a lot of water to drink. After we had finished our lunch, we were simply relaxing by the fire which was located at the center of the lodge. I could feel the heafty lunch pushing pressure on my bowels, and since I did not have usual morning dump that day, I was surely due (I'm a morning girl). You know the old saying 'When you've got to go, you've got to go'

I excused myself from Jake's arms, and walked to the women's washrooms. Once I got there, the place was packed. Since it was right after lunch, you could tell by the smell in the air that I wasn't the only one who needed to have a bowel movement at this time. Even though the women's toilet was crowded, I found an empty stall in the middle along the second row to the left, walked in, checked for toilet paper. When there was plenty, I closed the door, toilet papered the seat, pulled down my ski pants, thermal pants(it was very cold, so I had multiple layers) and panties, sat down and felt the relief right away.

As soon as I sat, I started to pee. While I was urinating, I could feel the first long piece of my poop exit from my behind. Very slowly, it curled around inside the toilet like a snake. Once the first piece broke off, I felt more that needed to come out. I sat for about a minute, then felt another piece wanting out. I did not need to do much pushing, very slowly, I could feel it come out from my behind. Ka-Plop…..(30 second pause)……ka-plop (long pause) ka-plip (long pause) plop (longer pause) ka-plip. I had a few dribbles of pee, and also passed a lot of gas during the process. I felt more in my bowels, waited a few minutes, passed more gas once again and felt more poop crawl out of my behind. Ka-plop (pause) plop….and it had ended when I dropped a very tiny little turdlet in to the toilet.

Even though I was done, I sat for a few minutes, just feeling the relief as I continued to pass a little bit of gas. I wasn't the only one who was passing gas…it seemed as if every woman from the ski resort had to use the toilet at the same time. Oh well, like I said before, when a woman's got to go, we've got to go!

When the end was near, I grabbed some toilet paper, wiped my front, then my behind many, many times over and over again. Once completed, I threw my poopy toilet paper into the toilet, lifted my panties, pulled up my thermal underwear and ski pants, flushed the toilet and went to wash my hands. I felt so much better!! :-)

Today at work, I had an upset stomach, and took a major dump early in the morning. I promise to post this during my next post.

I hope all is doing well!


after a week of constipation, I took a laxative. Well it was supposed to take eight hours to take effect but after five five hours I was close to pooing myself. I went to the toilet & the moment I sat down I started to go. It wasn't too runny but it was very lose. I emptied The whole contents of my bowels in about thirty seconds & the relief was indescribable. I sat there for a couple of minutes before wiping & then flushing.

Desperate to poop
I had a bout of the runs today at work. Not sure what caused it but i had to go for a good twenty minute pour at one point. Felt there was more but had meeting. Had to rush back afterwards to finish off and pants slightly stained where i did a small wet parp

Plop Idol

Odor of Poop

To Matthew:

I was interested to read your story about your wife complaining about the odor of your poo, personally I think your wife must pass some really smelly poo too at the best of times and I best you must think "Oh my god!" I know I do sometimes when I've been for a bm after one of the women in my house have done a bm before me :). Personally I think we are what we eat and that the diet/life style we eat has an impact on the kind of poo we do. I use myself as example and whenever I have food rich in iron (like Saag - which is an Indian dish consisting of spinach) then I can guarantee that my poo will really stink and it will be dark in colour and a bit greasy in consistency, when I eat meat then I get really smelly flatulent farts and my poo will have a sharp smell to it and can be a bit on the runny side and I get bellyaches. When I eat junk food it's a different story then my poo will really stink and sometimes it's a case of the laxative effect and having to dash to the loo. However I like to drink at least 4-5 glasses of water a day (easier said than done) and I find that it helps to keep my poo a brown and 'healthy' one.
Do you find certain foods you eat dictate what kind of poo you have? Have you tried pro-biotic drinks to keep the balance of healthy bacteria in your gut. One final question are your bm's always smelly?

Solent Wildpoo
Hi Zip. Thanks for your comments re my post on page 1816. My Trousers and pants were about 3 to 4 inches above the knee. I think that is about the only position were I could have straddled the bowl and squated without risking peeing on them.

Does anyone else out there squat on the toilet bowl or seat to poo? That is use it like a squat toilet, either at home or when out. It is easier when at home because you can remove all clothing from the lower half - simples. Much more difficult when out and wearing trousers. It would also be easy for girls in a skirt who could just remove their pants. Anyone sufficiently agile fancy giving it a go, I would be interested to hear about the results. I should add that it is much easier if there is something like a sink or toilet Roll holder close at hand to steady you. Be careful - don't fall in.

I note that a lot of you manage to measure or estimate the length of your logs. How on earth do you do this? When I drop one of massive proportions, the end seems to go straight down the pipe making any measurement impossible. I just estimate the length sticking up out of the water and steaming and assume that the other end is half way to the treatment works! I dropped one on Wednesday with about 3 inches sticking out. It came out like a torpedo and I didn't think it had much of a smell but my wife disagreed when she came into the bathroom later to find it hadn't flushed. It had to be plunged to get rid of it but it obvioulsly didn't go too far, as for the next 24 hours or so the toilet nearly overflowed when flushed. Luckily it now seems to have sorted itself out.

Hey guys. I know my posts are only about a day apart, however, I actually wrote my last post about a week ago and never got it submitted until yesterday. Well I told my girlfriend everything. It started a couple of nights ago when we were in my bed "doing stuff" when she said she had to poop. As if I wasn't already "in the mood", this really got me going. Then she said she was kidding, sort of. She said her stomach was hurting but the kind that means she's gonna have to poop soon. It's all I could do to contain myself. I said something about that turning me on. She kinda looked at me funny at first then laughed hysterically. I started to tell her and then I decided to wait until we finished what we had started, if you catch my drift. After it was over and we were just laying in bed, she said "so what were you going to tell me about poop?" It took me bit to get it out. I told her that this was one of my deepest darkest secrets and until now, had never told anyone so she had to keep it between us. I trust her with my life so I know she wouldn't betray me. After a few minutes I finally told her that the sight, sound, and smell of a beautiful girl taking a dump turned me on like crazy. All in all she took it pretty well. She did admit that it was a little different but she wasn't totally surprised and found it more hilarious than anything else. I was pretty relieved. She cannot relate to this "interest" but doesn't seem to mind that it turns me on. I think the fact that I told her it would enhance our intimacy was good enough for her. So after we talked, she said she really did need to poop. In fact she let out a big fart indicating her need to go. She hadn't gone in 5 days (as I said before she doesn't eat much and thus doesn't poop but maybe 2 or 3 times a week) and it was time. Keep in mind this was like 2:30 in the morning. I told her it was a strange time to have to poop. She just shrugged her shoulders and said "when you gotta go you gotta go". So she started to go upstairs to do it and then go to bed but I guess she saw a disappointed look on my face and said "what, do you want me to do it in your bathroom?" I told her yes and she said "I would but I really don't want to stink up your bathroom". I told her I didn't care and she just kind laughed and said okay but I wasn't to listen at the door. Because I'm such an honest guy, I kept my word. I wanted to get up so bad and listen but I promised not to so I had to resist. I could sort of hear her going but with the furnace running (coincidentally it started running when we went into the bathroom) I couldn't hear that well. All I really heard was some pee coming out and toilet paper being torn off at the end. The whole job took her about 3 minutes tops. When she came out she asked if I had any bathroom spray. I told her no so she told me not to go in there for a while. After sort of hearing the act and her telling me that, even though we had just did stuff, I was about ready to bust out at this point. Then she told me what it looked like. Based on her description I'm going to guess it was about a foot long and 2 inches in diameter. I had to take my contacts out so I went in the bathroom despite her warning. As soon as I went in, the smell hit. Yes it stunk, but at the same time, the smell just sent shivers down my spin. It smelled like she had just taken a very healthy dump and that really turned me on. I just kinda stood there for a second and inhaled the smell. When I got back in the bed I told her she really did stink but that I thought it was really hot. I was so turned on at that point so we ended up "going at it" again.

So ever since that night, I haven't been able to keep my mind off of what took place in my bathroom. My girlfriend is so beautiful and has a very nice figure. Just thinking about the massive turd that came out of that fine butt of hers, it's just hard to keep myself contained, HAHA! I asked her that night if I could watch her and she said no. Later I asked if I could watch next time and she still said no so I asked her why. She said because she can't do it in front of someone and she didn't want me smelling it either. I told her I didn't care about the smell and it actually turned me on. She said only one other person in the world has seen her poop was my little second cousin that she babysits. She said she had to both pee and poop really bad and she couldn't leave him alone so she had to take him with her to the bathroom.Thinking about her having to desperately do both jobs got me turned on AGAIN. So after a while I asked her again and she said, well maybe. I'm hoping she will overcome her shyness and allow me to be in the room with her next time. This whole thing has really made certain things very hot and very passionate. I just can't stop thinking about it.

Does it sound like to you all that I have this situation under control. Am I doing this the right way? I don't want to push the issue too much but I'm dying to see her take a big one. Thanks for any advice.


Richguy's question

I think it depends on the circumstances.

Diarreha tends to be harder to hold back, naturally. It's liquid basically and liquid tends to go wherever it wants.

If there isn't a lot of fluid in the stool then it's probably easier to hold. It holds true to things in real life. Think about it, how easy is it to hold something heavy when your palms are sweaty? Your anus is like a muscle too in that you are holding a solid mass in place only when it's wet or moist it's harder to hold onto as opposed to when it's dry and hard.

I was in Boston this past summer. I was looking for jobs in Salem, Mass and the Hostel International in Boston was the cheapest place I could afford to stay in.

And one thing I discovered about Quincy Market is the apparent lack of restrooms between the T-station and the water front. It's like the more my brain is telling me I need to go, the worse the urge becomes.

Twice, once while in Boston and a second time when I was in Salem I nearly pissed myself looking for a public bathroom.

Salem is even worse in this regard as it's mostly a tourist area, and the area where the Salem Ferry docks is far from the center of town. I was so glad there was a port a potty there but man it was a close call.

End Stall Em

Responses to Questions/My Pee Frustrations Yesterday

Thanks for all your positive comments about the sledding experiences my cousin Jacob and I had. Several of you have been asking questions and I'll try to answer them here.

To Connor:

You asked if there was awkwardness when Jacob, who had to shit so bad, stopped to put paper over the seat before he sat down. I didn't say anything but I was surprised because neither me nor any of my friends do that before sitting on the toilet. Jacob seemed surprised later when I took the stool and sat right on the seat. He said his father taught him when he was really young never to sit on a public toilet and he seemed surprised that I hadn't been taught the same thing. Although I sometimes tease him (and he does me)I don't want him to be to self-conscious or whatever the proper term is. I did notice, however, that as he was crapping, the papers moved off the seat and I don't think they did him any good, but I didn't want to say anything.

To Master Blaster:

I asked Jacob about the large size of his crap and at first he had told me that he had crapped at the airport the day before. (My mom and me saw him coming out of the bathroom there). But I guess in large bathrooms like that he has trouble having a full crap. I don't know how private the stalls were there or how clean they were.

To Ashley:

You asked if Jacob flushed after our now "famous" buddy dump? No he didn't. Being outside like that in the cold for so long causes me to really need to pee badly and like I said, I kind of pushed around him as he was wiping and seated myself. (I remember when I first started seeing him tearing off the toilet paper and placing it on the seat, my first thought was "Like what!") A couple of minutes or more were being lost and I burning with pain and about to have an accident! In such a situation, I'm not about to reach around him and flush. Also if it clogged, we both would have had a problem. I hope that answers your question.

To Lewis:

Here are my answers to your survey:
1. How often do you have a BM? Pretty much every day.
2. Do you wipe your bottom with toilet paper or wet wipes? Almost always toilet paper because I'm at school or away at a place like the mall. We have the wet wipes at home and I've used them a few times when my BM has been large and sloppy.
3. How many times do you usually wipe after a BM? Two or three unless it's really soft and there's more to clean off.
4. Do you bathe right after your BM? I usually go during mid-morning at school. A bath is not an option, of course. However (and I've written stories about this) I've gotten written up and assigned detention time just for taking a shit in another wing of the building with a cleaner and more private bathroom. If I went down to the locker room for a shower, I'd probably be suspended!
5. After you wipe, you do follow up? Sometimes, but like I said in Number 4, time is not usually on my side. My best friend describes it well: "sit, shit/pee and run!"

Now a short story about what happened to me yesterday at school:

Me and my science lab partner signed out of study hall and walked up to the sciene lab because we got behind on our last two exercises because both of us are kind of lame at using some of the equipment, if you know what I mean. Well as we walked to the other side of the school and were passing a restroom, Sky was like "I think I have to pee, I should probably go now, shouldn't I?" (She's not very decisive you see) Well, we decided to go in. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised but of like 10 stalls, were taken. There were two open in the middle and Sky told me to come down that way and that we could have stalls next to one another. Of course, as you know, I like the privacy of the end stall so I waited right by the entrance because I saw legs moving by the person in the end stall. (The far stall on the other end was in use also). Sky was in her stall and I assumed already peeing because she didn't have to wait when the end stall door slowly opened and a girl came out and stopped in the doorway because she was having difficulty in getting her panties and jeans up onto her hips and a button finally broke off while she was fumbling with it. She looked like she was probably a junior and you could see she was really struggling, probably because she was late to class. I stopped and didn't want to upset her by trying to slide in behind her. Finally, she look up at me, kind of apologized and said in a really strange tone, "Good luck!" I didn't know what she meant right away but as I opened the door all the way to go in, I saw her yellow hall pass had been left on the floor and I called out to her just as she was clearing the door to leave. She was thankful that I called her back because I don't think she would have been admitted to class without it.

Sky was already out of her stall and washing her hands just as I was closing my door and preparing to sit down. I looked quickly at the seat as I pulled up my skirt with my right hand while I used my left hand to drop my underwear. I was like about a half inch off the seat looking partially backwards when something caught my eye. There was like 3 or 4 pieces of crap floating on top of the water and around it two pop cans and a large like 2 liter bottle of pop. I knew Sky wanted to get our science work done and that I had to think fast. I have friends who had complained about such a stopped up bowl, but I had never yet experienced it. It shot down my belief that the end stalls are not only more private, but also cleaner. I have like a normal pee flow but was worried about splashback from the cans and bottle. Now, I realized why the previous user hadn't flushed. The fact that I had a dress on made it more complicated because it was harder for me to look down between my legs and behind me so that I could move and direct my flow to the area of the bowl where the litter wasn't floating.

As I sat, worried about the time this was taking and that Sky (who by the way is a straight A student and who is an excellent lab partner and of great study help to me) was probably getting upset, I called her over and asked her to come into the stall. I opened the door for her, stepped aside and showed her the bowl. She said she was in a similar situation several times this year and she took her hand and showed me to sit on the very front of the stool so that may be only an inch of my butt is on the seat. That way she said is that my pee will fall just inside the front bowl rim and not hit the water and there's like no chance of a mess by splashing away at the main part of the bowl where the splashback might happen. She went back outside and I latched the door and re-seated myself ever so carefully over the front. My knees were pretty much against the front door and I was anything but comfortable. I got more concerned and frustrated as my tailbone started to hurt a bit and I couldn't get my pee flow going. What was very uncomfortable became even more so I counted slowly to 20 and then stood up, pulled up my underwear, straightened my dress and unlatched the door to leave.

As I walked out there was a girl (I think she's a freshman like me) who gave me attitude and even said "Too hard to flush?" when I first saw her. I apologized nicely, quickly turned around and with my left hand put all my weight on the flusher. Then I motioned for Sky to quickly run out of there with me. I didn't even wash my hands. Both Sky and I would have loved to have seen the girl's face when she knew what she walked in to. About 45 minutes later after we finished our project, I went down one floor to another restroom and had a nice long, satisfying pee. Even though it was one of the older bathrooms and one of the really beaten up toilets that I normally hate, yesterday it was very comforting for me.

post your stories about the worst case of the runs you ever had

Mine took place 2 years ago on a cold winter night. I woke from a sound sleep at about midnight with the worst case of nausea i have ever had in my life. I sprang out of bed and headed to the bathroom sure i was going to have to vomit. a few retches and dry heaves produced nothing but during this ordeal i quickly realized i needed to poop. I barely head time to get to my feet yank down my panties and sit on the toilet before the diarrhea just gushed out of me. It was nothing but pure brown water. After out about 10 minutes i finally was finished and the nausea had stopped. Pretty wiped out i cleaned up and went back and layed down on the bed. It wasnt more than another 10 minutes when that previous wave of nausea hit me again and i barely had time to make it to the toilet. Again that same watery diarrhea exited me for another 10 minutes. This same scenario occured more times throughout the night than i can count. Finally exhausted about 4am in the morning i crawled into bed and slept a good share of the day. Turns out i had talked to my girlfriend later that day and she went through the same thing. We had gone to lunch the previous day and both got food poisoning.

DAVID: I think it's totally awesome that your girlfriend likes to see and hear you poop. I personally think that kind of openness brings two people closer. I met a girl a few months ago and after talking for a couple of weeks we started dating. She is the most amazing girl ever and I love her so much. She means the world to me. At any rate, from the very start I've been very open about my bathroom habits. I don't know why because there was a time I would never have shared such information with a girl, but I have discovered that I find sharing stuff like that quite arousing. She stayed with me a couple of weeks and I would openly tell her when I had to pee or poop. One time she was in my room putting some clothes in my closet. I have a bathroom in my bedroom and was taking a good dump while she was right outside the door and we were talking the whole time. When we talk on the phone I'll tell her I have to pee or take a poop. In fact just the other night I had just walked into the bathroom to take a dump when she called. She asked what I was up to and I told her I was in the bathroom getting ready to poop. She asked me if I wanted to call her back when I was done with my business. I told her it didn't bother me and we could talk while I "did my business". So that's exactly what I did. It was a very large dump and I spent a good 10 minutes or so on the toilet, grunting and plopping and farting the whole time while I was talking to her. At times I would have a strained voice which I'm sure she noticed. Then after I was done I told her how much better I felt and how the bathroom really smelled. Amazingly she has never been put off by my openness. She thinks it's kinda funny actually. Another night we were on the phone and we were just trying to think of what to talk about and she just said "let's talk about poop since it's your favorite subject". I kinda played it off as a joke and made the remark that I hadn't taken a poop that day. She then said "well you'll probably poop twice tomorrow then". She knows I poop pretty much every day. After that she said "I haven't pooped in two days." I replied "you'll probably poop tomorrow then won't you". She said "maybe, I only poop 2 or 3 times a week". She doesn't eat that much and as a result, doesn't poop much. A little while later we were talking about something else and she's like "hey can I call you back". I asked why and she said "because I have to use the bathroom". I then said "didn't you pee like 30 minutes ago". She says "I have to do the number 2". Then I said "you mean to have to hang up to do that". She replied "Yes, I do". After that she told me she was just kidding and that she really had to get in the shower. She ended up taking a bath and staying on the phone with me the whole time. I asked her later on why she made such a random remark about pooping. She just said she wanted to see what I'd say. I just laughed and said I wouldn't care if she talked to me while she was pooping. One time we were talking about suppositories and she told me that she gave herself one a few years ago because she was constipated. She did tell me that she often gets constipated. I thought that was kinda nice to know.

She is visiting with me again for a couple of weeks and on our first night together, we were shopping and had just finished eating. I'm not sure what it was, but I started getting some really intense cramps in my gut and feeling a definite need to poop. I told her of my predicament and she suggested finding a bathroom. I really didn't want to do this in a public restroom. I don't absolutely hate using public restrooms, I just find the comfort of my own bathroom more appealing. I also really had to pee, like really bad, which may have contributed to my stomach cramps. We left the store and decided we were done for the day and went home. After we got in, I went straight to the bathroom in my room. She also came to my room to put some stuff away for me (she's so sweet) so once again, I was taking a massive dump with her right outside the door and it was somewhat noisy so I'm sure she could hear the multiple plops coming from me. I had to of been on the toilet for at least 10 minutes, maybe closer to 15 though. When I came out she asked me if I felt better. I said "oh my God yes, I really needed that". She said it sounded like it.

I think that she kinda suspects that I'm into hearing/seeing girls taking a dump but we've kinda beat around the bush on that subject and I'm not ready to confess to that yet. I really do love her a lot and I don't want to scare her off by coming out with my true feelings on that subject. I'm just glad she's been as receptive as she has on the subject. Some girls really find that repulsive. Anyway, maybe in the near future I'll tell her. I have a feeling she won't be totally surprised and maybe would even let me accompany her to the bathroom. I also like the idea of being seen by her using the bathroom. A couple of times I jokingly told her I wanted her to come with me so I wouldn't be lonely. She just laughed and said "I don't wanna smell that". Maybe I should try the "no toilet paper" act and see how that goes.


My First Solid Accident and the Reason for Seeking Advice

If Tyler from 1817, Jessica from 1807 (Brown Friday) and Cheerleader are still reading, I would love to hear your feedback, as anyone else's, especially those who have had accidents. Also, there is a story on 1242 by Julie that relates well to the story that I have to tell.

I have read many pages in my days off (of work but not the toilet!) and really feel compassion and sympathy to all who have had an accident that has caused embarassment. Life is difficult and there is nothing as bad as being humiliated with a bodily function. However, I have read that some actually "liked" the feeling of their accident, which brings me to my story.

I was in the ninth grade in the spring of 1996. I had already grown to about 5'11" at the time and weighed just as much as I do today. I had the same hearty appetite (maybe ate a little more since I was a teen and growing!).

That morning I missed my morning BM because we got in late following an all-day softball tourney. So we got up late but we never miss church. I wore a nice yellow dress and Mama fixed my hair really pretty with some curls at the end. It was pulled in a barrette. (In addition to being an only child I am adopted. I am Greek, but my parents are caucasion). Daddy encouraged me in sports and Mama made sure I was a lady. They both made sure that I would be a Christian! They also spoiled me but I tried not to take advantage of them :)

I really did not get a whole lot out of church because I was worried I would have to go to the bathroom there. The bathrooms in the youth department were small, with two stalls in a small area. I had pooped in them before and everyone knows who is in there and what they are doing. Not a good thing! However, I never got the urge but felt a little bloated.

Some Sundays we would eat with my grandparents and others we would eat out. This Sunday we ate Chinese at a buffet and I put away five plates of food plus dessert! I love all kinds of food and Chinese is a treat - good for you too! Then my parents decided that we would go for a drive and see some of the country side and some new subdivisions that were going up in the suburb where we lived. It was a beautiful, mild spring day and I was all for it. I love my parents, and even then enjoyed talking with them and spending time with them. So, I went to the bathroom at the restaurant and peed quite a bit and tried to have a BM, but nothing was happening. I thought that I was good to go. I washed up, brushed my hair and put it in a pony tail for the ride.

After riding around for about 45 minutes I got that very heavy feeling in my stomach that indicated I was going to have a massive BM. I still tried to enjoy the ride for about another 15 minutes when the knock came at the door. And I knew that I would answer sooner rather than later. I could tell by how it felt that it would be solid thick one. But the pressure was intense...which I enjoy, but not the fear of having an accident around my parents.

After another five minutes I passed a little gas that smelled, and Mama turned, grinning and asked, "Catherine, honey, are you OK? Do we need to go home?" And, I responded that I did and that I needed to go the bathroom really bad. My parents knew my bowel habits but Daddy would not talk about them. I guess the whole situation would be different with sibblings. I was comfortable with them, but still did not want to have an accident.

The pressure continued to build as we had a thirty minute drive back to the house. They asked if I wanted to stop but I said that I could make it home. I was worried. I usually have pressure before I go, but never this intense.

Finally, we pulled in the garage. I got out of the car and ran in the door that led upstairs to the main level. Now we have a bathroom on the main level, but it is kind of like the one CeeJay described. You only use that one to pee. Not very sound proof or private for the smell of a BM. So I made the decision that cost me. I skipped the hall bathroom and ran up stairs to my room(s) which had a Jack and Jill bathroom between them. I got up the stairs and shut the door and was stopped in my tracks.

For what seemed like an eternity, but really happened only in the amount of seconds. I froze for the longest 2-3 seconds ever in my life. I could not move though the bathroom was in reach. I involuntarily bent my knees and felt my abdomen shiver and push. My hands moved to my stomach. My face flushed and chills went up my spine. My anus gave way and my stomach pushed. I felt I thick, solid, clay-like substance push against my Hanes, cotten white panties and a warm mass pile into my panties. I heard all kinds of crackling. I noticed some squirts of pee, but did not empty my bladder. I was overcome by a strong scent of healthy feces. My heart was racing and I could not breathe during defecation. The pushing and piling lasted maybe seven seconds. When I finished, all I could do was stand there. The first clear thought that came across my mind was:

"Catherine doodied in her pants"

I moved over toward the bed and reached for my panties to make sure that they had secured the load. I felt like the whole world knew what I had done. However, I loved how it felt. The mass was solid and clay-like. It all came out in one continuous push. It was a huge load too. It was warm and softer, but not mushy, where it touched me, but solid at the panties.

I leaned a little against the bed as I tried to regain composure. I was confused and even a little outside myself, if that makes sense. Clean-up was not on my mind at that point. Though I did not do anything with the movement that would be questionable, I just stood there for a few minutes recalling how it was feeling and how the accident felt while taking place. I was ashamed, yet felt like I had not a care in the world until I heard a knock at the door of my room that snapped me back into reality. The door was turning and I scooted to catch it. "Catherine, is everything OK? I never heard the toilet flush." I responded sheepishly and with tears, "I did not make it, Mama." She said through the door, "I understand. I love you and it is OK. Is there anything that I can do?" I sniffled and said, "No, I just need to get cleaned up." She said, "I'll be here, if you need me." When I heard her walk down the steps, I waddled to the bathroom and began to need to tell the rest of the details except that I threw away the panties and load and tied up the bathroom trash before cleaning and showering. I was not going to try to put it in the toilet. My mother later talked with me about it and asked if I was OK. She was very cool and compassionate about the whole situation. Daddy never let on that he knew, though I am sure that he did.

What bothered me then and to this day was that I enjoyed the way everything felt - the intense pressure, losing control, the warmth of the load. However, I made a promise to myself and to God that I would not ever do that on purpose, and I have not. However, secretly I wished that it would happen again.

It never did until the week before Thanksgiving. I was coming in the condo after a long day of work. I had to get there early and did not have a morning BM. I stayed late and still went to the gym and out to eat, like normal. I felt it coming at the restaurant, though I wanted to get home. As soon as I got in the door of the condo the pressure was too intense and I defecated in my pants a solid load for the second time in my life. It happened and felt like the way that I remembered.

I have had a few diarrhea accidents, but that was gross and felt nasty. This was different.

For those of you who have experienced accidents, is this normal? Should I be worried that it felt good to me? Should I seek a counselor? Like I said, that accident before Thanksgiving is what led me to this sight and I really appreciate your feedback.

Love to all!

Post Title (optional)Mental Issue with sudden pooping.

My son and daughter are 2 grown adults now and this issue still goes on since there were small. Whenever they go inside a new store or a certain store they both get the urge to poop. Something about the store they say is creepy, and they suddenly have to hit the bathroom right away. its not that the store is scary or anything, they say its just a feeling they get. I'm sure if my 2 children have it there are others that have it too. What is it called and why do they do it ? Please e mail me with an answer.

96? That is a while. Almost 14 years. And yeah, there are some interesting stories on that first page! Had the usual daily dump today. Nothing really to report. Pleasant as always.

see you soon.

Grizzly Adams

RE- Nicotine As A Laxative

Dave- I too dip tobacco and it does seem to make me shit when i put a pinch in. Different brands effect me differently though. For example Skoal's fruity flavors really make me shit. Then I switched to Grizzly and I havent noticed a problem. Maybe you need to switch brands. After i smoke cigars i often have to take a shit. So yea i think Sherry is right about nicotine has a small laxative effect. See ya. GRIZZLY ADAMS.

Pete (USA)

Response to David

David -
You wrote that when you were a kid, you noticed stalls occupied with guys farting, with poop cracking out, and crap plunging into the water - that were vocal expressing their distress, strain, relief, and pleasure. How old were you when you first noticed this and how old were you when you first became interested in this? I think I was about 10 or 11.


farting hubby

My husband is lactose intolerant. One morning in the middle of our early breakfast, after sips of bliss milk, I noticed that he suddenly paused with faced grimaced, he told me that he is having a stomachache so I put my hands on his ???? and pressed it slightly then pffft,prrttt my poor hubby farted in pain but kissed and thank me. After that we went off for work when suddenly while on the train I heard his stomach grumbled then I saw his face turning pale with very cold sweats at this point he asked me if we can go back to our apartment as his having very bad stomachache and he needs to go to the toilet.I agreed right away, as we we're walking my poor husband farted a lot, he looks embarrassed and apologized but said that he can't hold it anymore. This time I noticed, very cold sweats and he is slightly trembling. As we entered the apartment he was already farting endlessly, he run to the toilet and wasn't able to close door so I saw him sat on the bowl and had almost 10 minutes of wet fart and gassy diarrhea. I went up to him and kissed him, I also tried to massage his stomach as he is really in so much pain.

could you please post more of husband or boyfriend story having episodes of farting and diarrhea on your presence?


Why do some people have accidents?

To Richguy,
People are different so some can hold long term and some can't. Under normal circumstances my logs are very firm but even then I can only hold if I sit. In those instances, my body somehow softens the load.
I can attempt to hold a hard log but over a short time, (less than half hour) my firm log will transform to a very soft log. If I continue to sit and continue to hold, another fifteen or twenty minutes and my "log" is now liquid and will escape even when seated.
I have soiled many, many panties learning this about myself.

Phil J

to Meghan

Awww, that's so embarrassing! I'm sorry your boyfriend broke up with you. You deserve someone who is more understanding and compassionate. If my girlfriend had an accident I would comfort her and do whatever I could to make her feel better. Shit happens to all of us!!


To Always so curious...

Yes skinny girls can poop big huge logs. Take me for instance. I'm very tall (5'10") and skinny and most of the time I'm constipated which means big bulky loads, especially if I've had coffee or lots of fibre. My logs usually are around 12 inches long and thick and usually block the toilet.

Does that answer your question?

To Paul from Germany: Great story about your gf Claudia! Your description of her steaming poo in the snow is priceless. If there are any more stories about Claudia, please share!

To Nostalgia: yes, I remember the daily dump. It was a great site until it was taken over by flamers. I remember some really great toilet stories.
I remember one in particular where an executive woman in a hurry to get to work, ended up shitting in her panties,and her husband had to go pick her up!

Post Title (optional) cheer leading motion

naughy cheerleader;
I have been looking at your site for awhile and I think that it is great. I thought that I would add something while doing a motion. I am a high school cheerleader. a couple other girls on the sqaud are in stalls right next to mine. I bought my lap top to practice and bought it into the stall with me before the others came in so they do not know that I have it with me. It was hidden in my book bag anyway.
The girls in the near by stalls have started. I just heard a loud fart from the one on my left. and I saw the panties just go down on the one to my right That is putting my body in the mood. Grunting has started on boh sides and I will start myself'
Ummphh! I Am starting to push.UUUMm!Ii is about an inch out now! UUUUMMMPP!UUUUUMMMMPPHHHH! AHHH! My poop just splahed down into the pan. AAAAAAHHH!We all let out a sigh of relief in unison. It is a slow day for that nobody else needs to use the bathroom now so we dont need to rush to let anyone else use it. The others are now wiping themselfs because I just heard the toilet paper dispensers.
Now they have left thier stalls and are washing thier hands. They think I am just taking longer so I am starting to pee! AAAhh! Now I will stop, put my lap top back in my book bag, wipe myself and clean up.


Young Memories with the Toilet

Howdy all. It's Michael here again.

I was somehow reunited with a childhood memory yesterday when I was at my granma's house. I was resting when I had the urge to go. At the toilet, just as I was taking off my boxers I saw this potty-thing at the doorway. It wasn't actually a bucket where toddlers sit and do their stuff but more of a extra add-on toilet seat just the size of a 3-5 year old kid's butt.
Just to try that thing out again, I put the seat on and sat down. It was a bit small but otherwise Ok. I put a towel in front of the toilet so that my pee won't exactly go on the ground. I let out a few small pellets which hit the seat first so I ahd shift a bit to get my gigantic butt over the small hole. I let out a few nuclear bombs before straining to push the crap out. I measure my last solid crap as 6" long and 2"wide. The rest was all diarrhea. By the time I was done, the seat was a little out of shape from supporting my big butt but otherwise it was ok. After washing up, I said goodbye to the memory of my childhood days.

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