Squatting with my brother

Hi I'm Blue ????, brother of Michael ????. I'm sure my big brother has written here before( The only family member who says Howdy).I'm fourteen, four years younger than Michael.

There was one of these days where my brother had taken me out for lunch. I usually shit three times a day while my brother five. We were just in the middle of a traffic jam when I had that urge to shit. It was very urgent so I started figeting. Michael noticed ti and was like: What's up? And I was like: I don't fell so good. He must have read my mind because he took a detour and parked at the petrol station.

Michael followed me to the bathroom. It was a small toilet with a sink at one end and a large hole with some other person's shit in there. After locking the door and unbuckling my pants, I noticed Michael was still standing there. I was like: Mike, why are you still standing there. and he said: Oh Ineed to crap to. So he un buckled his pants and squatted next to me. He let out a few farts then he had diarrhea. I crapped out a shit that grew longer until it dropped down a few cm. The hole wasn't very deep, just about 30cm deep. Michael groaned as he let out more diarrhea. I saw him sweating as he let loose more diarrhea so I went:" Mike, you okay" " Yeah, just letting out all of yesterday's and todays food" I let out a few more logs which was a relief, peed a bit and washed up. Michael shat for about 10 minutes then all pale, he washed up and we left.

It was really exiting to poo pwith my bigger brother. I will send in more posts then. See Ya!


Response to CeeJay

I rarely have a small BM. But, yes, when I do I am disappointed because it does not feel as good. I don't get that feeling of relief and that feeling of letting go. Usually, when they are smaller I have to push more. Just not the same.

It's Thursday, two days after my annual date with diarrhea, and I had a small movement this morning. For obvious reasons I eat light and cautiously when I am sick, and drink plenty of fluids. I don't take medicine because I know that my body is trying to rid itself of disease. I felt a little nauseated Tuesday morning as everything started but better throughout the day, but did not vomit. Tuesday evening and all through the night I continued to have diarrhea, but only got up twice in the night. However the diarrhea and cramping did not subside until bedtime Wednesday night. In fact Wednesday I only went three times but they were still accompanied by cramping and loose. No accidents, though...thank goodness! (Though I have had accidents with diarrhea. If everyone was honest, I am sure that we all have :) )

So, it was just a little poo poo this morning, but more formed and solid. I am taking off work again today and am going to try eating more today and see how I do.

I love different kinds of pooping whether mushy, explosive, delicate, or thick, as long as there is lots of it. It is the strong feeling of needing to go, the loss of control while going and the feeling of it coming out, and the feeling of relief that I really like about defecating. And, I like the variety of placement in the toilet. You cannot really "appreciate" all that if the movements are small. My favorite though is the solid thick log that I usually do at the end of the day. But if they were all like that, it would give me nothing to look forward to.

As everyone can see, I have a lot to say. Thanks to the moderator for your patience! Love to all!

mike from usa

to Sarah from Calgary

I read your post about your Hoilday mishap and your friends. I have read most of your other posts,isn't ther some kind of medication you can take for your diarrhea problems? Another question is that you never talk about the smell. Like your friend on the plane that had to sit there in her messed pants for an hour. Didn't other people start to smell her? At the party with your husband when you approched him for the key card he couldn't smell anything either? I know my shit smells. Love your stories,do you have any others about your friends? What kind of panties did Melanie have on with her first accident?


And the Prize goes to.....

OK, I was wondering just when somebody would finally break the ice and make the connection between the bombs in the underwear of the Nigerian terrorist and pooping. And the winner is David with his pun about filling his pants while driving. I'm glad there are still people around that see the humor in those situations!

In the past, I would have been a bit incredulous about your claim to have passed 30" logs, but this past fall, my buddy Steve who is 21 years old and about your height and size proved to me it was quite doable.... We were driving through some heavily forested area up north on the way to a guys retreat when Steve asked me stop at the nearest place we could find with a bathroom because he needed to shit really bad. We're going along and Steve's really urging me to hurry up every 30 seconds or so saying he's never had to go this bad before.

Finally after about 5 minutes Steve couldn't hold on anymore and he's begging me to pull off to the side of the road, so I do. I barely get the car to a stop and he's jumping out of the car running into the woods holding himself like nobody's business. Anyhow, I decide this should be interesting so I follow after him. I then saw him unbuckling his belt and dropping his pants before going into the squat position up against a tree. The next thing you know, there the biggest log growing out os his ass I've ever seen in my life. I start laughing and all Steve could do was squat there in complete humiliation as his shit kept pile kept growing and growing and growing. When Steve finally pinched it off, sure enough there was a 30" turd on on ground and Steve wasn't yet done. Steve then uncorked a whole bunch more soft loose shit all the while with me laughing in amazement and him groaning in humiliation. I don't think I've ever seen so much shit from one dump in my life!

When Steve was finally done, we realized we hadn't brought anything for him to wipe his crappy ass with!! He eventually wiped his butt a bunch of times with some leaves off a tree and he proceeded to pull his pants back up while rolling his eyes and expressing a long sigh of deep relief. "Faaaassssheeeeeeeewwww. Man that was CLOSE! I really thought for a few minutes I was actually going to shit myself!"

We got back in the car and laughed about it the rest of the drive. We still laugh about it to this day and probably will for many years to come!


Skid and Pee Marks

I read with fascination how people wrestle with the problem of skid and pee marks while the obvious answer is to wash after going to the toilet, and not just the hands.

It is ironic that emphasis is on washing hands; also face and brushing teeth before going to bed while private parts remained soiled. Imagine having sex in this state! In countries with cold weather, people often shower or bathe only twice or thrice a week, so smelly private parts is the norm rather than the exception.

Washing after pooping is a simple procedure. In some countries (esp. Muslims) where a water hose is affixed next to the toilet bowl, this is very convenient. If not, then wet wads of tissue paper (an additional smaller wad for soap) and wash and rinse after wiping. For peeing, a small wet wad of tissue for rinsing is often sufficient. If an empty bottle or cup (eg. 'Pepsi' cup) then fill these for use (after pooping). After peeing the wet wad of tissue is sufficient.

In movies, and perhaps a reflect of reality in some instances, couples are portrayed having spontaneous sex in lifts, cars, on kitchen tables, including ????and ????. This is really revolting, when private parts are unwashed. Women and uncircumcised male often have that pee smell (some even after having showered).

So get priorities right. Wash not just hands, face and brushing teeth. Equally important are clean and odorless private parts. People who does this can wear the whitest of undies and they will be no skid or pee stains.


Lewis's Survey

1) How often do you have a bowel movement? Every day to every other day.
2) After you have a bowel movement, do you wipe your bottom with dry toilet tissue alone or do you use dampened toilet tissue or wet wipes or something? I wipe my butt with dry toilet paper alone, never use anything wet.
3) How many times do you wipe your bottom after a bowel movement? One time usually, sometimes two or more. It depends on the texture of my feces.
4) Do you often bathe right after a bowel movement? Not often.
5) After you wipe your bottom, do you ever follow up with powder or perfume or such? Nope.


Daily Dump

I remember the Daily Dump well. It was great for a while and then it became filled with junk. There was one poster I remember well--Marsha. She gave very detailed descriptions of her bathroom activities. She was priceless. Thank heavens for, which is moderated and is always of high quality.


Response to Lewis's Survey

I am a seventeen year old girl from England. This is my first post.

1) How often do you have a bowel movement? Once a day.
2) After a bowel movement, do you wipe your bottom with dry toilet tissue alone or do you use dampened toilet tissue or wet wipes or something? Always dry toilet tissue alone (sometimes it is rough on my shapely bottom).
3) How many times do you wipe after a bowel movement? Usually just once. My shit is normally firm.
4) Do you often bathe right after you have a bowel movement? No.
5) After you wipe your bottom, do you ever follow up with powder or perfume or such? Never.

I've always wondered how other girls wipe their bums. I hope to see other responses from females to this survey.


I read Jasmins post....when there is a big bit of poo that is hard and will not come not fret!!!!
I suppository or one of those micro enemas works well...I use them sometimes...they grease and oil your anus and rectum and stimulate the does not take too long and is not as messy as an enema

Delilah - haven't seen anything from you in a while. Are you still around? You still owe me a complete pants pooping story, haha. :)

I'll be posting more stories of mine soon, too. Just been very busy with the holidays and new year.



Important info

Anny, What ever you do, DO NOT operate machinery, or drive a vehicle until you know what is happening and you have it reasonably under control. Of course the first thing to be concerned about is injury to yourself, and or others. The nexr thing is unfortunately liability. I hope all things go well for you. Remember that whatever it turns out to be, you can handle it. Just take it one day, one step, at a time.


Accident on the party

The New Year party at my house started at 8 p.m., so I had much time to eat and get a bit drunk. At 1 a.m. of New Year, I felt an urge to go, but all three bathrooms were busy (two of them were closed because people passed out, and there was a line to the third one). I decided to wait, but there were several people that wanted to drink with me, soooo I had to. At 1:30 a.m. I just HAD TO go, because I was near of accident. I felt that my poo isn't as liquid as always, but is 60% wet (kind of a jelly?). I knew that I may not hold it long enough, so I ran into my room to take some panties and pantyhose, not to let the poop be visible if the worst happen. I caught my friends having sex in my room, but I ran ASAP from there, and put all underwear on me. My down-belly hurt as hell as I was waiting in a line to my own toilet. At 1:45 a.m. I run to my garden and have hidden in some bushes. I knew that in houses around me there are also parties, so I couldn't shit in the bushes, but I could wait and shit myself invisible. I waited sth about 5 minutes, holding incoming waves of shit, but it was too strong to hold. When i felt my anus leaking, I pushed with all my power, and let it go in my panties. I felt hot, half-runny shit filling my panties and pantyhose. I had to use some sprays to kill the odour of shit, but I think that nobody noticed anything.


Survey Response and a Survey for You

Ok, this is my final post today. I thought I would follow by answering a survey so that some of you might answer mine. I believe that this is Lewis's:

1) How often do you have a bowel movement? Twice daily is normal. It could be only one, sometimes 3-4. I rarely miss a day or get diarrhea, like I have today.

2) After you have a bowel movement, do you wipe your bottom with dry
toilet tissue alone or do you use dampened toilet tissue or wet wipes
or something? Charmin is the best. I wish I could advertise for them!

3) How many times do you usually wipe after a bowel movement? 3-5

4) Do you often bathe right after a bowel movement? No. See my long post. I usually go after I am ready in the morning and after getting home in the evening. I may have a bath after my evening one, but it is not for the purpose of cleaning after a BM.

5) After you wipe your bottom, do you ever follow up with powder or
perfume or such? Today that might be nice! But, no.

My survey:
1. Do you enjoy having a Bowel Movement?

2. What kind of BM is (are) your favorite(s)? Is this your usual BM?

3. What do you like best about the BM?

4. Do you look at your feces after you have done it?

5. Do you think that it is weird, wrong or OK to "like" defecating?

6. What would make for the ideal bowel movement in your mind?

Also, if Jessica (p. 1807) and Tyler (1814, I think) and "Cheerleader" (1800's) are still on this forum, I have an accident story that I can relate to yours that I would love your feedback on. Thanks!

I really appreciate the feedback and I feel like this is helping me deal with the one thing that I think I feel guilty or embarrassed about and that is my pleasure and obsession with pooping.

But get this - I hate peeing just as much as I love to doodie!

Thank you all again and love to all!


Pre-Game Dumps


Having played sports in high school and college, I know all about the pre-game dump. I was a little modest with my teammates, but it happens in the girls locker rooms as well!


To Megan, Blue Circle and Matthew

OK, back from another bout of diarrhea. I do like to poop, but this is getting a little old :P

I could not remember if I responded to you since the comments are posted later on (thank you for that, BTW). Thanks for your responses. I am glad that I am not the only one who thinks that way. Again, it is not a theory, just a quirk more than anything.

Matthew, adding fiber to my diet actually helped the smell of my doodie. If yours float or are mushy, it is usually because of gas trapped inside. Fiber will give your movements density and a more healthy smell. It will also make them more regular. You may have gas for the first few days but once you get used to it, your body will reward you.

I know, I have way too much information on feces (blushing).

I do appreciate getting to talk/write about it in a way that is not embarrassing. Love to all!


What I Like about "Doing My Doodie"

This is a response to CeeJay and Iver's question about my bowel habits and the comment that I love to go to the bathroom. As I wrote before, I am 29 years old,6'1" and weigh now 190, thanks to Christmas Holidays, and have a Greek ethnic heritage - big boned, rich dark brown hair, brown eyes, and I call it cocoa, but I guess it would be tanned skin. I am athletic and have big breasts and a round bottom, but fit. I have always loved to eat and eat lots but since my teenage years I have eaten a lot healthier with more fiber, fruits and vegetables. (BTW, why are ???? and ???? considered bad words???).

I am blessed to say that I have very little bowel trouble. I guess that is why I enjoy defecating - it is not painful or unpleasant. As a response to Iver, I cannot say what it would be like to go a few days without a bowel movement, because I cannot remember missing a day but a few times. I am a person that loves routine and I rarely get out of routine. I stay busy, and therefore my bowel movements come at predictable times. If I am out of routine, I might miss one of the daily dumps, but rarely have I missed an entire day. I think that it makes them more firm to miss a day, but rarely notice a difference. I am more likely to have a day with 3 or 4 softer BM's than to go a day without having one or just one. But most of the time, it is two substantial BM's during any given day.

On any given day, I always wake up around 5 AM, and have yogurt and two bowls of cereal. I love Fiber One cereal and usually eat it with Cheerios. Sometimes, when it is cold, I will have a bowl or two of fiber enriched oatmeal. I let it settle while having a brief devotion and prayer and then do a workout on my Wii Fit (I used to have videos - I love the Wii now). After showering and primping, I eat a full breakfast of fruit, eggs, toast and either bacon or sausage. Sometimes I will change it up to have an omlet or potatoes. Breakfast is the best meal of the day! I love it. This is how my mom did it when I was younger. I was always up early and energized. I let my breakfast settle a moment, usually by checking out the news on TV or internet. Then, like clockwork it is off to the bathroom. I have a master suite in the condo that is a dream, now that I have a more powerful toilet.

My morning BM is usually the softer of the two, though I do not know why. It usually makes a pile of logs. It always sinks, since the fiber makes it more dense. Occasionally, this is the one that can be really mushy, even diarrhea like, though diarrhea is defined as an increase in frequency of the movements, not the consistency. But most of the time it is soft logs. It does not take long but I will sit there for a few minutes before cleaning up. The smell varies from moderate to strong, but usually, as CeeJay described, a healthy poop smell. I use Charmin to clean up and always keep some in my purse.

I eat a light lunch, usually sandwich and salad, and snack on apples or dried fruit during the day. I may add a third BM if the lunch is heavier or greasier than normal. Sometimes I meet friends at a Mexican restaraunt and that could but not normally, trigger an after lunch trip to the potty that is usually a four or five.

After work I meet friends at our church gym. Sometimes we play basketball or volleyball. There is also a karate, self-defense class that meets twice per week that I take. Anything to work a good sweat, and is competitive, I love to do. Afterwards I usually eat out with them or alone. By then, I have to go to the bathroom, though I like to wait until I get home and use the Princess Throne Room, as I like to call it!

The evening BM is more firm. I imagine that the same amount of feces comes out each time, but I am more likely to produce a large, single log in the evening. It ranges from 12-18 inches in length and is usually two inches thick (I have measured before - I know, wierd). Sometimes it will be softer and break into two or three logs. Clean up on this one is easy!

There is a scale from one to seven that helps physicians identify bowel movement types, with one and two being the hard balls or textured logs, and seven being watery diarrhea. Three is the "log," four is the "snake," and five and six are more mushy, less-formed stools. My morning poop is usually a four or five, with some being threes and some being sixes. My evening BM is usually a three or a four. If for any reason I go only once during the day, my next one will be more firm. If I go more, then they will always be soft. I rarely get true diarrhea, where I am going often, but like Laura Teacher writes, it does happen to all of us :) I probably get a bug once a year that causes the true cramping, diarrhea,and gas. I do not vomit - don't know why! In fact, came down with it this morning and am out of work today because of it!

Defecating does not take long for me, it all seems to come out without effort. I really cannot relate when I hear about people pushing or straning, because when I get on the toilet, my body takes over. I usually have to help with the remnants, if there are any, but just about all of the movement comes at one time. I think that this is what I like about it the most. I like the feeling of being out of control for a moment, being vulnerable and that ever so slight feeling of shame we all may get when we doodie. (Doodie is my favorite word for both defecating and feces. One time my daddy, who helped me learn to fix my toilet at home after having to plunge it when my teenage diet changed, said that I did not poop but doodie. Poop gives the connotation sometimes of smaller amounts. But I use the words interchangeably.) I love how it feels when it is coming out, whether solid or mushy. I love how it looks, how different the stools can be. I always look at the creation in the toilet. I even like the healthy smell when it is my own, but not when I smell someone else's. And, I love the feeling of relief after it is over. I really like the feeling of having to go, which I do need to right now, so I will finish this post.

Because of my faith I feel like I am weird because I like it to the point of obsession, though I also know that it does not distract me from everyday life, from being successful and fitting in. It is not a fetish and I don't do anything out of the ordinary. I have had accidents before, but nothing that ruined my life. I just like doing what I was created to do to rid my body of food, but yet feel a little weird because I have pics, write about it and think about it more than "normal."

I don't know what I am asking for in writing this, but would love to hear back whether or not this is not a good thing, or what anyone might think about it. Thanks for reading. I will follow with an accident story later that also contributes to my guilty pooping pleasure. Thank you all for reading and love to all!

Gotta go (right now!)

Cute Linda

To Jasmin

Wow, I never knew mom's could dictate your potty deeds like that. If you don't mind me asking, does you mom watch you to make sure you go? Holding it in must constipate you like crazy. I know it's not easy, I hold my poops till I get home so I can get some peace and privacy. Well, not total privacy but at least people I trust would hear and see. I feel so sorry for you. I'd hug you but well.. heh I'm just text right now.

Anyway I haven't gone in 3 days. I had to go so bad days ago but the weather was bad and my cousin was having to drive extra slow so I held it in and it went away. I sat down and tried with all my might. ( My cousin even held my hand and did his best to sooth me. I kinda scared him as you could hear my ties through the whole house. Good thing no oen else was home) Ug I hope i go soon, I don't feel so hot. Take care everyone.


Daily dump

Nostalgia, yes I remember the daily dump. Agree with you the pervs there killed it.


Re: Roger and responses to "Do You Look Like How You Poop"

Roger, I have to say you must be a pretty awesome person. I thought it ironic to read a few other posts where they met their significant other while pooping, but I must say that your character in that situation is awesome. My friends really proved to be good friends when they did not spread the word about clogging the toilet at a weekend retreat. Best wishes for a wonderful life together!

Iver and David, please don't take my quirk as an insult to your poop style. Though I look like a "logger" I have had my share of fluffy poops, mushy poops, and other types of loose stools. It's just a wierd quirk of mine. And, I consider myself to be sort of conservative, but it is Sarah Palin's personality and appearance, not her beliefs.

CeeJay, it really is with me kinda random. I don't dwell on it. It may strike me when I see someone, "Hey, they must have done a log this morning, or had diarrhea."

Megan, I am glad to know that I am not the only one.

Thanks all for the responses. Love to all!

Donnie C.


I get the idea that Palin would be more of the irritable-bowel-syndrome type...she can't deal with adversity at all.

Answers for Jacob

do you go poop everyday? Yes - occasionally cant when I am constipated

Does it make a bog plop in the toilet? when they are like pebbles.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I wonder why some people poop in their pants when they try to hold it while other people become constipated?

Always so curious...

I am quite skinny and have done real big poops that hurt to come out.

usually I have 3 meals each day and if I poo each day they are not too big but sometimes if Ive eaten too much such as McDs in addition to my normal meals I get ???? ache and next day do a big poo that takes a lot of straining to get out and occasionally I cant do it for a couple of days and it feels like my bum hole is not big enough for it to come through even when I really push very hard on it.
A few weeks ago I got like that and didnt do a poo for 3 days even though I sat on the toilet straining real hard every evening. As I kept dirtying my knickers on 4th day Mom kept me home and I kept trying to do it and eventually this huge poo started to come out it stretched me and hurt so much it made me cry but I kept pushing on it to get it out even though I was crying.
It was about 12 inches long and hard and knobbley and another pices that was a bit softer and smooth, it blocked the toilet and my mom had to clear it.



Need to crap badly

Howdy! I'm a newbie here so I am not really sure what to write. Anyway, I'll just talk about my crap session today. BTW I am 17 years old.

I had a really big lunch today at school mainly consisting all my favourite food. I was just walking to class when this sudden urge to crap struck me. It was nearly end of lunch so I just quickly entered the mens. My school has toilet reserved just for us 6th formers so that was where I went. After pulling down my black pants and boxers, I sat on the toilet seat and tried to crap. Pure silence.... I just coudn't crap so I left the toilet.

When school ended, the sensation came back to me. I got real frantic as the crap was really urgent and I was walking along the streets with my pal ya see. My pal must have read my mind 'cause he said:" Hey Mike, why not stop at the mall to crap, I just happened to need to go too." And so we raced to the mall's toilet to find one stall only. I really needed to go and so did he so we were both standing there sweating and debating on who should go first. Then I let out a loud fart. Weakly I said:" Let's go together" 'n thats what we did. We tried to share the most space we could to go. (I think it's called "buddy pooping or somethin'). We started letting out huge "litres" of liquid crap into the can. My pal on the other hand started to let out real smelly gas too.

About 10 minutes later, the bowl was filled with liquid poop. My friend and I wiped up and left the scene. We stayed at the mall for a while and let out more diarrhea for about 6 times. Apparently later we found out that the food at the canteen was off so all us students had food poisoning.



To Sherry - I do not smoke when pooping, but I clearly feel that smoking stimulates the urge.

To curious - I am quite thin and I often have quite thick logs, especially when I have eaten much vegetables.

To middel age - I am from Sweden and our family has a cottage in the woods with an outhouse. I think we all pee in the woods. From time to time I also poop in the woods.


A matter of perspective?

A hypothetical story. The alarm sounds waking you up, it is around 6:30 am. You get dressed and make your way to the bathroom where you pee and poop. You prepare and eat breakfast. You are supposed to be at by 8:30. The roads are icy and slippery so you leave early. About half way there you realize the morning poop is unfinished. Another twenty minutes to work, can you make it, or do you need to detour by Walmart? Walmart it is!

You arrive at Walmart and walk inside heading straight to the restroom. You walk in the restroom and "surprise," an out-of-order sign on the stall door. After a momentary pause, you realize there is another stall so you resume walking.

You arrive at the stall and are forced to stop walking and clench. Relief is so close, three or four more steps, only about ten more seconds...but I can't hold it!!!

Ok, so for me it is not hypothetical. I actually stood in the Walmart bathroom staring at the available toilet and pooped my pants. I continued pooping as I stepped into the stall, turned and locked the stall door, and unfastened my belt. What a mess!!! It was like extra thick pudding.

So, how do you proceed from this point? As you're trying to wipe the crap off your bottom, even though you can't see it, do you think, "This is not going to be a good day"? Or, do you think, Ok, it doesn't get any worse than this, it can only get better from here."

Obviously I did not get to work on time but I can say I didn't crap my pants in front of fellow workers and friends. At least not today...


Does anyone remember the Daily Dump?

The Daily Dump was a popular forum in which you could discuss your dumps. It's been defunct for something like ten years now but I would bet there are many here who remember that place. The Daily Dump lacked moderation and as a result it was stormed by idiots of all kinds who scared away all of the good on topic posters. Does anyone remember the dump and have any anecdotes or stories to share?


Catherine. do u look like the way you poop?

hi catherine ur not alone with those thoughts i too think about it. i always guess what type of bms others make depending on their looks, cant tell from guys though but definitely other girls,i could not agree more, sarah palin does look like the constipated type or does dry hard ones. i usually guess by hairstyle and the way they present themselves, for example the longer their hair the bigger the length, the better they dress and look the harder their bms will be, i always think the short boyish or butch type looking women do looser,mushy type bms. My hair is waist length and i can say im fairly attractive and i always push out hard logs ranging from 7 to 11 inches. i thought this is wierd too but glad to see im not the only one with those thoughts lol. 2 great minds think alike.

Mike of MD USA
Jerika's Survey
Age 49
Gender Male
1. I first look to see if it is occupied if not check if the seat is down
2. No
3. Yes
4. Yes if there's poop or pee on it
5. N/A
6. Yes
7. N/A
8. Yes after pooping and sometimes after peeing
9. No
10. NO
Another survey?
1. 2 or 3 times a day
2. I usually wipe with dry toliet paper
3. 2 or more times
4. Before going to work or after work
5. No
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here's my survey for ladies
1. do you wipe you after going # 1 from the front
2. Do you wipe both front and back side after going # 2
Men i prefer to sit if i have to pee on the job or plane or train or cruise ship

Hi my name is Meghan and this is my first post. I am a 16-year old female brunette and pretty attractive according to the guys. Anyway over the summer I went to the waterpark with my bf. On the way there I felt the urge to poop but i told myself I would wit until I got home because I hate using public restrooms. When we arrived I removed my T-shirt and shorts revealing my tight green bikini with white polka dots. After an hour of riding down slides I felt the urge to go again, this time stronger then before. I also felt the need to pee. I stupidly held it in and went to ride the next slide. This next slide has a tunnel that you go through really slowly and then a huge dropoff. As soon as I hit the dropoff I was so scared I felt my poop start to come out. When i reached the end I felt my butt and I felt a poop about an inch out of my ass touching against the back of my bikini and tenting it slightly. I freaked out and told my bf I needed to use the restroom. I went to the public bathroom as I had no other choice, but when I got there I saw that there was a huge line! Now I was starting to panic. I really really had to pee now as well. My bf suggested I go into the lazy river right next to us and pee to release some pressure ad help me hold my bowels. I thought this was a good idea, so i went into the lazy river and started to pee. But this did not work out like I thought it would. As soon as a started peeing my poop started to come out slowly. I tried to stop but there was nothing I could do. I felt the back of my bikini bottoms slowly filling with poop and stretching down. I was in so much shock I couldnt even move. When I felt I was done I reached back to feel my ass and felt a huge bulge the size of a softball in my bikini, making it obvious what i had done. I cried and got out of the pool and went back in line for the bathroom. My boyfriend was speachless. Everyone behind me in line was smirking at the large bulge in my suit. When I finally got to the bathroom I cleaned up and went home, completely embarressed. My boyfriend broke up with me the next day, saying he would never be able to look at me the same after that. Anybody else have a pooping accident in their bathing suit?

Last night when I got home from work I was in urgent need of a dump. Like I think I said in a previous post, I only have a dump once or twice a week, and this was only the second one of the year, but boy it was needed.

Not long after leaving work I felt the urge to go, but I have a 30 minute walk home. I was that desperate that I contemplated going outdoors, but thought it was too cold to do so. By the time I got home the need to go had become desperate.

I rushed into the house, ran upstairs into the bathroom, and pulled my trousers and boxer shorts down. I plonked myself onto the toilet and just let go. Straight away, the relief was immense, as the first log came out and grew longer and longer before reaching the water. It was that long that the start of the log was in the water as it was still coming out of my arse. This is gonna be some dump I thought, and I wasn't to be disappointed. When the first log was finally out, it was quickly followed by a second, which was nearly as long. I sat for a few more seconds then another four smaller logs came out.

I looked into the toilet and there was a mound of shit in the bowl. It felt so good to have got that load out, I just sat there and relaxed for a minute or two.

This had been a very much needed and enjoyable poo. I usually go after work, between 6 and 7pm, but with being so irregular don't have a set time. I rarely go in the morning, but I find the most enjoyable poo's are those that you do first thing in the morning. I reckon a good morning shit, sets you up for the day ahead. Pity I don't have more of them. Has anyone else found this? Please let me know if you have!


Response to Linda


Thanks for the awesome story. 18 inches sounds huge for a girl. Is that your personal best or have you exceeeded that?? You did say that it broke off so the whole thing was even longer. I myself in the past two years have had maybe 15 or so dumps where the main turd HAD to have at least approached or maybe even exceeded 30 inches. One in particular felt more like I was growing a 3rd leg instead of delivering a massive log!! LOL... I'll have to post about that one in more detail when I get more time! That particular dump hit me while I was driving and several miles from the nearest restroom. Oh my God. I felt like I was ready to fill my underwear with more bombs than than Nigerian terrorist guy in that flight over Detroit!! LOL

Hope to hear more of your stories soon!! David

I'm on meds for a skin infection and they,ve given me the shits. Bit runny. Had a shower after work and farted - wow - up the shower wall. had to rinse it off. had a close call later with a small shart.


Odor of Poop

My wife complains very vocally about the smell I leave after a bowel movements. I must admit that my sessions leave the bathroom virtually uninhabitable for at least a half hour after. It is a very strong, lingering stench. Which leads me to wonder if a strong odor is associated with good or bad eating habits? I eat little meat, mostly chicken and fish, and lots of fruit, vegetables and I take two heaping tablespoons a night of psyllium husk powder. My stools are voluminous and relatively soft. I have been in the rest room and have noticed the odor of other guys' movements. Some are virtually odorless, while others are very strong and sharp like mine. Some have a somewhat milder odor, like a ripe cheese. This cheesy smell, I believe, is due to lots of gas mixed in. Does anyone have any thoughts on what a strong, very smelly poop means? Is it good? Bad? Not important? Is there a way to improve the smell? My wife would be most grateful!

Anybody ever?

I'm a 49 year old mother of two and a grandmother of three.Three years ago my three grandkids were with my husband and i on vacation and one hot day we went into the motel pool to cool off while my husband napped in our room.After 20 minutes or so my stomach started to rumble and act up, knowing I had to poop bad soon i got the kids from the pool and wrapped a motel towel around my waist and we started back to the room.
I never made it as my bowels suddenly erupted and let loose filling the back of my wet bathing suit with first wet poop then the second firmer load , i don't wear bikini style suits so part of the poop traveled half ways up my back and I had a baseball size lump protruding out of the bottom of the wet suit.I had a terrible time waddling back to our room where i quickly woke my husband so he could watch the grandkids while i took a shower in my stained still filled bathing suit.
My bathing suit being as wet as it was didn't help matters causing my mess to spread quite a bit, besides that the bathing suits tightness was much like one of my girdles which caused my mess to shoot up my back.

Has this pooping in a wet bathing suit ever happened to any other ladies who visit here or am i the only one?

Young Gramma


In hospital for 3 days

On Tuesday night I was hospitalized for a seizure. Tuesday morning I had to go in for a holter monitor test to check for any heart abnormalities. When I left the hospital after that test I was starting to feel unwell, so I just thought I was tired. In the afternoon I had to babysit my 9 year old sister. My 12 year old sister went out for a while and when she got back she sent me home because I didn't look too well. I got home and changed into my pajamas and went on the computer for a while until I started getting a headache. Soon I felt nauseous and had a pins and needles feeling in my face and I got this odd smell, like burning rubber. I messaged my mom on MSN mentioning my symptoms, and went to lie down because I felt very sick. After that I don't remember what happened, but I was told later by my husband and mom that my husband had found me on the floor, leaning against my bed with my eyes rolled back. He called my mom for help and I was vomiting. The scary part was I didn't know I was throwing up. They tried to help me sit up but I couldn't sit up on my own. They called a cab to take me to the hospital, but the cab driver wouldn't take me because I was vomiting, so they ended up calling an ambulance and had me taken to the hospital.

I was pretty out of it for the first night and they ran a bunch of blood tests and whatnot. When it came time for me to give them a urine sample, they gave me a bedpan since I still couldn't sit up on my own. The problem was, I missed the bedpan and peed mostly in the bed! Oops :( I was mortified but luckily the nurse was nice about it and changed the sheets and dumped what little urine was in the bedpan into the little cup.

I'm still waiting on more tests, but it looks like I might be epileptic. I finally got out of the hospital on Friday, and hopefully whatever this is that causes my seizures isn't too serious.

middle age

frozen pee

I did my grocery shopping at a community grocery store which is not in a mall with washrooms. I had just left the store and had to pee. I knew I would not make it home so I let it go (it would have started within a few seconds anyway - I just stood on the sidewalk). I was wearing a Depends but did not anticipate it leaking. It was a long pee and as I continued, I noticed that it was running down my leg - there was a huge wet spot on my butt (covered by my parka) and another large wet spot on the front of my thigh. Luckily I was wearing black slacks but it was noticeable. I came home, went into my apartment, and put the clothes in the wash. I took off the wet Depends and threw them down the garbage chute. It was minus 27 celcius with windchill today so this made the urgency worse. I usually have 1-2 major episodes a week (not including stress incontinence).


Does anyone else have this problem?

I must not be using good butt-wiping technique. It seems that just everytime I wipe my ass after a particularly messy BM, I always get a spot of crap right in the middle of my palm. Evidently, when I hold the tp in my hand, it covers my fingers and extends to just short of the middle of my palm. It's right below where the paper extends that I always get poo on my palm. I can avoid the problem by using a lot more paper, but I don't want to waste the tp.

Does this happen to anyone else?


Squat to Dump?

Solent Wildpoo-I liked your story about squatting in full view of the other toilet users. I imagine that it could be a bit embarrassing. When you pulled your trousers and pants down, are they all the way to your ankles, or higher up on your legs? If just below your thighs, then you definitely were exposed!

I've tried squatting on the bowl a few times, and I really haven't gotten the hang of it. In situations where there is a filthy seat or bowl, I usually just hover above the toilet and let the turds drop in. I usually stand to wipe, so that isn't a problem. Although I've hovered in doorless stalls, I don't usually get an audience like you did!

To add to the discussion of men sitting down to pee, I do more often than not sit down to pee under of a couple of circumstances.

1: I had this pair of sweat pants I wore as pajammas and for some reason I would go to pee and I could never stop accidentally spraying the sweatpants. Either I couldn't get my penis to aim right or I was half asleep and too tired to notice and I would basically pee on myself right infront of the toilet. So to avoid this I began sitting down to pee in the middle of the night and early in the morning.

2: During the work day I might get once or two chances to sit down. Since the bathroom is the one place I'm guaranteed any privacy I drop my pants and sit whether or not I have to poop.

3: If I'm really desperate to pee and there's even a chance I could end up getting it on my clothes I sit down before letting it out.

On another note, I've been wearing Depends at work lately. Because I'm not always in a situation where I can get to the bathroom and sometimes the urge is just so strong that I do have to let it go.

But you have to be careful. If you pee too forcefully you could flood the Depends so completely that it's not very comfortable. But if you pee in short bursts you give it time to absorb and you can wear the same diaper for a couple hours.

Plop Idol

First time post

I'm a 31 yr old guy and am 5'5" tall, slim and am a first time poster on this site having read and been intrigued and gripped by all the poop stories, buddy dumping and accidents you guys have been posting, I have got so say that they are great keep them coming :) Anyway on to my own story from this a couple of days back, I think it was on Thursday evening, it was half 5 and I got home from work and was feeling bloated a bit having not had a poo all day and I don't enjoy it when I haven't had a poo cos all day it feels like I haven't had a good clear out. I normally have a bm as I'm getting ready for work in the morning and again when Icome home from work in the evening. I was sitting on the sofa, putting my feet up having a cup of tea feeling yuk and was quietly letting off gas which was a smelly but not flatulent, so I drank my tea and went upstairs to my room to get out of my work clothes and into something that I find relaxing. I put on a pair of denim 3/4 length shorts and as I had just put on my flip-flops I felt the urge for a poo, it was kind of like the "need to go NOW!" urge so I dashed out of my room and to the upstairs loo , went in and locked the door and quickly unfastened my belt and slipped my pants and shorts down to my thighs (what I usually do) and parked my bum on the seat. No sooner than that I let out a smelly, wet fart which stunk and then crossed my arms and pressed them to my chest and all of a sudden a gush of poo just shot out of my bum with a blast ... plop, plop, plop, plop-plip-plop in the bowl below, but I wasn't done yet I could still feel more up inside me that needed to plop out and I grunted softly and more brown sludge just dropped out and hit the bowl with a huge plop, it stunk but still I felt more to do and I could feel a cramp in my belly and sure enough I let out another wet fart and followed through with more poo which were small chunks ... plop, plop, plop-plip-plip-plop-plop ... and I was starting to feel relieved when the last of 4 waves hit me and I could feel one last effort was in store and I pressed my arms to my belly and grunted a bit and then it just slithered out and hit the bowl...plunk! I was done and I took some tp and looked behind to see what I unleashed in the toilet and it was a mess I couldn't make it out as the water turned brown and obscured my view but all I can say is that I had a really good clearout which took me the best part of 25mins and the smell was bad but not hurrendous by any means, I took me 4-5 wipes to wipe my poopy bum and it felt good.

Happy pooping all :) more from me next time

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