This last time I did a poop in my panties was 8 years ago when I was a freshman in high school. I still have nightmares about the incident. I was a cheerleader at the time and coming home from a football game, I had to go really bad. I had been holding it in all afternoon because I didn't want to move my bowels in the port-o-potties they had at the game. I guess I should have asked the coach to tell the driver about my need and have him pull over or something, I didn't want to go by the side of the road anymore than I wanted to go in the port-o-potties. Anyway, it all come out in my panties. It was a solid load that pretty much stayed in my panties, but it was a genuine load. It was a lot of poop that all come out and really filled my panties. The smell was pretty bad (and people were noticing it) but no one could really tell it was coming from me. I thought I had managed to hide it from everybody and when the bus pulled into the parking lot, I thought I was home free. I just had to get off the bus and quickly get home and then worry about cleaning it up and hiding it from my parents. Naturally, I waited for everyone else to get off the bus first, but after they did the cheerleading coach was staring right at me. I'm not so sure she knew it was my right from the start, but she could tell by the smell that someone had done it, and now with me acting suspicously, she knew it was me. She said, "Do you just want to admit it or do you want me to take you into the locker room and check it out for myself?" When I pretended not to know what she was talking about, she asked me the same question again, but this time she was yelling. And she added, "If I have to take your panties down myself, you're going to clean them out right there in the locker room in front of me, and I don't care who else finds out about what you did. With tears in my eyes, I told her that I didn't want to use the port-o-potties, that I thought I could hold it in, and that I was really sorry for what I did. She yelled back that "no one likes to use the port-o-potties but its certainly better than going in your pants." She went on to explain that port-o-potties are sometimes the only bathrooms available at games and that all the other cheerleaders use them when they have to and that if I wanted to remain a cheerleader, I had to learn to use them as well. I found out later than none of the girls actually did have a bowel movement in those things and many of them were holding it in on the way home, too. I, unfortunately, was apparently the only one who had an accident, though. Some girls on the squad didn't even pee in those things, which I did, and held in that as well. But again, I was the only one who had an accident and that was apparently the only thing the coach cared about. Anyway, she told me that I should be ashamed of myself, but just told me to go home and clean it up there and didn't embarrass me in front of the other girls. She did tell me that I had to bring my panties in to her office on Monday morning to prove that I had washed them out myself which she said that I had to do. Actually, I just through my messy panties down the sewer (and I washed the mess off of me in the shower -- again disobeying her as she told me not to do that and to "wipe myself the regular way") and instead showed her a totally different pair. The long walk home with poop in my panties and my panties sagging down below the hem of my short cheerleading skirt was really bad but I didn't run into anybody I knew and fortunately my parents weren't home to confront me. My cheerleading coach didn't suspect anything was amiss when I showed her a different pair of panties on Monday and after asking me if I had learned my lesson and if I was going to start using port-o-potty's when I had to (I told her yes, but I never did -- at least not for a bowel movement), didn't say another word about it. Though, the coach knew my shameful secret she did not tell the other girls (which was my biggest fear beacause then the whole school would know) and not even my parents found out. I guess it could have been a lot worse, but it certainly isn't something I want to go through again. Ever since that day, I have been extremely careful NEVER to mess in my panties again

Alex, I too saw "Hope Floats" this past Friday. I went with my best friend who has the major hots for Sandra Bullock, {he's male}. Although I doubt he has ever fantasized about seeing her on the toilet. Speaking of that, in one of Sandra's first movies called "When The Party's Over" there is a scene where you see Sandra and some of her friends taking turns to use the toilet. They are in the bathroom talking to each other while one of them is seated on the toilet, peeing. I thought maybe your friend, Eric, would appreciate the information. Anyways, I have never really said anything to my friend about my interest in shitting and I don't know how he would react if I told him, which I don't think I will ever do. He has once commented on how gross some of the pooping sites on the Internet are, so he would probably think I was digusting too, if I told him about my interest. Then again, some of the sites he was referring to were the ones which involved eating poop and rolling around in it, which I absolutely hate. He would probably undersatand if he knew my interest was of the vouyeuristic nature since it is a lot less intense and distastful. Who knows??? I just might have the courage to tell him someday.

My name is Simon and I am 10 years old and often have accidents. We went shopping in town today and wewent into lots of shops and got lots of things. My brother who is 9 came with us. For lunch we had a sandwich and some coke and we got in the can to come back. It was hot and the traffic made the trip slow. The movement of the car and the hot sunshine made me go to sleep as I was tiered of walking round. The next thing I remember was my brother shaking me and saying "Simon, simon wake up." As I woke up at first I did not know where I was but I felt a strange sensation. I felt all wet. Jamie was saying "Dad Simon's wet his pants" I looked down and saw that there was a big wet patch on my shorts and it was getting bigger. I pushed my knees together and put my hand on to my pants to try and stop myself peeing, but it was really coming now and I could not stop. It felt all warm and wet as the pee spread down the legs of my shorts and ran down the back of them. My bottom ! was very warm and wet and so was the car seat. At last I stopped urinating in my pants and went all hot and red. Dad said that as a punishment I would have to wear my wet shorts for the rest of the day. When we got home I was getting out of the car my best friend came up and asked if I wanted to play and I said yes so we went off to his tree house. When I was climbing up he noticed that my pants were all wet and he asked what had happened. I could have died of shame but he said he would not tell and he had a secret too. When we got in the tree house he stood in front of me and pulled his shorts down to his knees. He was wearing a cute little diaper and told me he often wet himself so his parents put disposable diapers on him, and I never knew! He pulled his shorts up again and had a toy fight. I was tickling him and he was laughing and said that if I did that any more he would wet himself, so I tickled him a bit more before letting go. He took my hand and slid it down the ! front of his pants and I felt all the hot wet pee inside his diaper then it was time to go in.

Steph and Alex , thanks for making me feel so welcome! I've heard Connecticut is very beautiful. I'd like to see it someday. Alex, you really should come out west. A littlle advice, though: Winter is not the best time to see the Prairie. it's cold, snowy and..well... a frozen wasteland. Steph,I hope I get to see Leanne go (and go in front of her, too).I envey you and Alex, going in front of each other like that. I used to do that with Illy. Christine , it's nice to know I'm not the only lesbian here.I didn't really find out until is was 19 or 20. Well, I guess I knew since I was about 8 but...well, I when I was growing up, people always told me it was alright for girls to have a "Healthy interest" in other girls.I've been out very publicaly for about a year.I'm glad your parents didn't freak out; my Dad didn't say anything and my mom flipped.I'll post more stories later. Bye Lisa

Monday, June 01, 1998

Hi, all. What a bunch of backed-up postings have appeared lately. To answer your question, fluidity, I wasn't really feeling any discomfort at the time I finally peed, but I had to keep some tension applied all the time, this gets very tiring, and I'd be afraid to go to bed that way. I have experimented a bit more since. I find that I normally "feel like going" at about 650 to 850 ml. I have tried holding on again, and then I put on a short skirt and went outside and tried for distance, with some very impressive results. About one and one half times my usual 'range' without pushing, a good bit farther if I bore down. I'll let you know how this goes as time goes on... -Jillian.

Doorman: I use a garage near were I live which has a unisex toilet. It does have a lock on the door but is not very effective, it appears locked with a slight push but then a firm push and it opens and catch people out. I went there yesterday and stayed in the car park until a girl in about her early twenties went in. After about two minutes I walked up to the door and pulled it open and she looked shocked when she see me. She was sitting on the toilet with her trousers on her knees and underwear just at the edge of the toilet seat. The door was too far away from the toilet for her to do anything, so I just apologised and at that time I had a clear view of her bottom on the toilet seat, after having a good look I went outside and closed the door. When she came out she had to walk straight past me and she looked very embarrassed.

Christine (formerly Khris)
*** Hi. I've posted on here before as "Khris," out of respect to those Chris(es) who posted on here before. I've decided to post this, and future ones, under my full legal name, Christine. Here it goes...*** Sorry I haven't had time to post lately. Alex, Eric, Laura, and Steph, Jodi's told me a lot about you all; you seem like very cool guys! I was at a relative's party yesterday; I'm from an Italian-American family, and befitting the stereotype, there was lots of food at this get-together. I'm Lactose Intolerant, but do like to indulge in "forbidden foods" once in a while, as long as I know a toilet's nearby. My aunt makes the best lasagna, and I had quite a bit. I had slices totaling about the size of 1 large slice of pizza, but since it's lasagna, the volume was probably closer to the equivalent to two slices. I took an antacid afterwards; any spicy food gives me an upset stomach, even if I eat non-dairy food that doesn't upset my intestines. Forward 2 hours. I was still feeling fine on the ride home (about a 30 minute ride); I lucked out, because within a half mile, or two minutes, from my house, I suddenly got a lot of pressure on my bowels. As soon as we pulled into the driveway (my dad was driving), I jumped out of the car and quickly ran into the house to use the bathroom. It was very hot yesterday (I live in south Jersey, near Philadelphia), so I was wearing a pair of shorts. I quickly yanked down my shorts and panties and sat on the toilet. To quote Redneck, I "peed from my butt" for about 15 seconds non-stop. I stopped and stayed on the toilet for a couple of minutes when I pushed a second wave of "butt pee," this time also for about 15 seconds. I stayed on the toilet for a couple of more minutes, but no longer had the urge to go. The entire bowl was a liquidy reddish-brown. I wiped two times. Alex and Steph, I'm the same as you that when I have diahrrea, I don't have to wipe as often as after taking a "normal" poop. Lisa, I'm also a lesbian, though I'm out to only a few close friends and family members. My father thinks I'm going through a "liberal college thing," just experimenting with being "different," but I've been pretty sure of my sexuality since I was 12 (I'll be 20 in June). Blake, I hope to hear from you soon (I know, I've also been very busy, so I shouldn't talk...); we seem to have so much in common! To quote Dan Cortese, "I love this place!"

Good to see that the site is back up. I am going out biking today so will hopefully have an oppurtunity to poop outdoors. The other night I went out for a night ride with a large group of people, several of which were females. One of the girls I was riding with suddenly leaped of her bike and said "Sorry guys, but I have to do this" and squated in the drain at the side of the track. There was silence for a few seconds then the hiss of her pee. This was followed by a long soft fart and a splat as the first jobbie hit the ground, she passed about 10 more over the next five minutes and told us that she had been unable to go for ages! As we left I turned my bike around 360 degrees and saw the HUGE pile she had left behind. This girl is extremely sexy and very well mannered so I guess the whole episode was embarassing for her! I'll post again soon with some stories about a girl who used to like buddy dumping back when I was about 10. Later,

This is my first post & I feel a little inhibited about it. I have been reading posts for a while and have reviewed back posts by Bridget & Lynn & pooping girl among others and finally decided I had the courage to post. It's nice to know there are other straight people out there that have an interest in going to the bathroom and in listening to other go. I find that if I am in a ladies room and I can tell by sounds that someone near me is going #2, I wait and listen. It sometimes creates a bit of an urge in me to go even if I didn't think I had to in the first place. I realize this is not a "bold" post compared to most on this site, and perhaps I will eventually post more. I think it's great that peope are encouraging each other to write by either asking questions or commenting on posts. I have not shared my interest with anyone else. Well, I guess I'll go now. Bye.

to Tony (Glasgow UK) I'm still here and fine. I'm sorry to you all reader here that I can't posted here as often as used to be due my modelling session, but I always check everything posted here. Great post. First I have trouble with my ISP,'cause they changing back bone and the internet connection become ultra slow due to reduced bandwidth. Second, The Toilet Forum seem to disappear from the face of the earth. I though somebody hacked the forum or been busted or even worse, change URL without notification... I'm glad this forum work again. I just hate dead links in my bookmark. Today after exhausting modelling trip I returned home. Glad I'm home. BMG was not at home when I arrived. I just throw the luggage to bed and turn on the CD player. I feel my urge to do number two. So I went to the bathroom and open the toilet seat cover. I lowered my jeans and undies, sit down and began to push. As usual, my shit always long and solid, even I ate the most spiciest food. The first load was good sized one, with about 6 inch long and 2 inch wide. The more I push, the more logs come down. The kerrplooonk sound effects was great and turn me a little bit. At that time I just wanna great sex after wards. As I pushed the third load out, my cellphone rings and as you all guessed, it's from my lovely BMG. Gosh I missed him so much. "Hallo honey, yuou must be on the throne right now." said him. "Yeah, dear. And this piece still hanging". I answered and KerPloosh!! Folowed by a quite loud kerploosh. "Oops" "That's must be good sized one, 'cause I'm hear the noise you make. I'll be home soon" "Yeah, and Go home immediately, 'cause I missed you so much". I closed the phone and push some more turds out. Love of My Life from Extreme is heard from the CD Player (You from UK I guess know that this song is rare and only available in UK as CD Single), It's our love song, and just make more miss him... Suddenly there come BMG at the door and he's carrying a bundle of white roses. "Honey! Wellcome home, I missed you." Then he gave me a huge kiss while I'm still sitting on the throne. "Sorry I'm in a hurry..." said him. He quickly unzipped his jeans and he's peeing in the wash basin! after about full two minutes, he's done. After I'm sure there's nothing more to dump, I clean my self, and before I even dressed my self up, he quickly grab me to bed and Yes! we make a great sex afterward! I hope this will cure to those who miss me. I always train my stomach to receive any kind of food, so my stomach never went wrong when I'm eating too much spicy food like Indian or Middle Eastern. But if you want something challanging why didn't try Indonesian food. It's not as spicy as Indian but really kicks in especially if you try Padang food.

Hi guys! Bridget, I agree with you about this being "therapeutic." Silent Spice, I always had a subliminal interest in this stuff since I was younger, but it was last Summer, when my best friend, Alex, introduced me to this site, that I really became interested. We'd been close friends for about 4 years up to that point, and I always enjoyed listening to her going when we were out and sat in adjacent stalls- I had no idea she also enjoyed listening to me. Hi Lisa. I do live on the east coast, about a one hour train ride from New York, NY. I'm not bothered at all about you being a lesbian; I hope you and Leanne do have the chance to go in front of each other. Alex and I have gone (and we're both straight) in front of each other, and it's quite an intimate experience. Jim Bobbob, great story about Donna; I'm glad you two love each other enough not to let an accidential "fart" ruin your relationship :) I was surprised when Alex told me she resorted to taking a laxative. I strongly disapprove of using them, but again, it's her body and I won't let that effect what has become a very close friendship. I'm just happy she finally got it all out. We went to the movies last night and had, among other things, buttered popcorn. I'm not LI, and am usually not bothered by dairy products, but I woke up this morning with mild diahrrea. Maybe it's because the popcorn was so oily. "Old timers" will remember I worked last Summer at a New Age shop run by a really cool girl named Amelia. I'm starting there again tomorrow. She's another very close friend and I hope to be able to hear her go- we dumped together (albeit in adjacent stalls) at my school several times. Peace and love, Steph

Lots of really good posts, I suppose its the backlog (if you pardon the pun) as this site was off line and like a bad dose of constipation the postings built up and have all now come down in one big load.

As far as Alex's constipation is concerned. To me she doesnt seem to have a great problem, I often don't have a motion for a couple of days then do a really nice big firm to easy whopper especially about the time of my monthly period. Again I would recommend Liquid Parafin (Mineral Oil I think its called in the US), or even try a remedy my ???? friend Donna uses of drinking a wine glass full of Olive Oil before going to bed and this seems to lubricate the stool the next morning. Certainly it has helped her pass some of the huge jobbies she drops.

I cant help but think from recent postings that modern day US readers are more concerned about constipation than here in Britain. True in pre World War ll British society "regularity" was a big issue and adverts for laxatives of various strengths and powers were legion in magazines and periodicals. The passing of a motion every day preferably in the morning as soon as one got up or after breakfast was considered essential and many children had the indignity of being made to take a weekly dose of a strong laxative even if they did not need it and often had nasty soiling accidents as a result. This ironicaly led to a generation or two who actually became chronically constipated as they could no longer have a bowel movement without using laxatives as their colon had become lazy not being able to deal with anything but watery stools and needing the stimulation of substances such as senna or cascara or other such chemicals. I was lucky, as was my husband George, that laxatives wer! e not used (except the mild lubricant Liquid Parafin for realy obstinate cases) in our families and daily defecation was not considered essential. Other readers comments on this aspect both from the USA and UK/ Europe would be welcome. In the end its what you are personally comfortable with. George and I hate having the runs but perhaps others such as Alex feel likewise if they have to pass a hard or very firm stool.

Kerri's post about the teacher who punished her for going to the toilet when she was desperate to do a motion made me very angry! No wonder there is so much violence in US schools if they treat the pupils in this sadistic manner! In my own school days I can remember a couple of incidents such as this and George's friend Tony has already told of a similar accident he had when not allowed to leave the class when he needed a jobbie. Luckily in my school the teachers were usually quite reasonable about such matters unless a pupil was blatantly abusing the privilege. Once a girl in my class at Grammar (High) School when I was about 14 used to ask out quite a lot and we knew she was just doing it to skip a boring (Math) lesson and have a smoke. Eventually the woman teacher decided to teach her a lesson and said she would accompany her to the toilet as she obviously had some problem if she always had to go to the toilet during this particular class. We were told to get on with our work while the teacher took her to the staff toilet just down the corridor. Of course all she was able to do was a little trickle of wee wee and she was very red faced when she returned. No further comment was made about it by the teacher but she didnt abuse the system again.

On the Doorman "walking in accidentally on purpose" subject. I have had this done to me often. As I have already said in previous posts I have often let close friends and my young brother watch me doing a motion from my childhood days and have no bother with this and have likewise watched them. There have been times when both males and females have walked into the toilet when I have been doing a motion and Im sure it was NOT an accident but this has not annoyed me, anything but. Once at a party when I was about 18 I was last in the queue (line) for the toilet. There was a lad in front of me and he offered to let me go first but I said I needed a motion and might be some time and let him go before me. He only did a pee then came out and I went in. I was sitting on the pan actually pushing the jobbie out when the door opened (there was no bolt) and he came back in saying he had left his watch on the shelf above the wash hand basin. Indeed his watch was there. I nodded for him t! o come and get it and he entered just as my jobbie went "Ker-sploonk!" into the pan. I deliberately got up off the toilet to let him see the big fat turd lying in the pan and he did have a good look. I had my knickers pulled up to the top of my thighs so he couldn't see my slot. I noticed too that he had an erection bulging the front of his trousers so Im sure he left his watch in the toilet on purpose so he had an excuse to come back into the toilet when I was sitting there.

Finally, to Diskputers I havent given it much thought but I suppose "pushing" occurs when one passes all but the most loose or watery stools whereas "straining" is when its a very firm or hard motion and takes a lot of effort to pass.

I just found this page to today and so far its very intersting. I had a an accident yesterday and I felt really bad about it. I know it happens to others so I set out to read about others experiences and found this gallery. Well anyway I'll tell you about what happened to me. I had just come back from grocery shopping and I knew I had to pee, but not so bad I couldn't get my groceries out of the car. Anyway after I had got the last bag out the car I came in the house and shut the door and was headed to the bathroom when I the phone rang. I picked up the phone in the kitchen and was glad to hear my boyfriend on the line. He often calls me on his breaks and we talk for maybe five minutes so I didn'even think about telling him to hold on so I could go to the bathroom because I knew I could hold it five minutes. We talked for about five minutes and the urgency got strong and as I hung up the phone, I felt a strong sensation and I could not believe it but I was peeing. I had on a skirt and I felt the pee running on my thighs and I couldn't believe it. I tried to stop it so I could get to the bathroom, but it continued to pour out of me. I finally just let nature take its course and peed on the floor of my kitchen. When I finished I took off my shoes and went to the bathroom removed my soaking panties and thought of what a strange thing to happen. I mean how could I have peed in the house. I had never ever had an accident before and when I do I'm in the house it was so bizarre. I had been with friends before when they had accidents and always thought they should show more control and hold it. I especially remember thinking that about a friend who lost it at the door to her apt. Never again will I be judgmental. Anyway when I came out the bathroom I mopped up the mess and I haven't and won't tell anyone (especially my boyfriend) because they would think I was stupid. After reading the stories found here I don't feel so wierd, so keep it up.

your name (optional)Happy Camper
To doorman: I'm interested more in your walking in on girls stories, especially how it is done. Don't most people lock doors when they use the john which keeps people from walking in accidently on purpose. To silent spice: I have been interested in this since I was a young boy, but only watching females. Watching men doesn't do anything for me. There is no cause to why I like this. I feel I was just programmed this way when I came out of the womb.

Jim Bobbob
I've got a whole lotta movie stuff to talk about.I went and saw "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" (ok film. It fllowes the book almost to a 't' but that last 20 minuets just suck. I'd recomend reading the book before you see the movie. Or just read the book. it's one of the greats.)Back to the story. with about 40 minuets left, I've got to pee SOOOOOO bad. Why dose this happen only at movies? When it comes to anything else, I've got the best bladder. I can drink GALLONS and not feel for a long time. But when I get into movies, I drink the smallest pop and it never fails. Last 40 minuets. I have to pee. So anyway, I decide to wait it out and it hits me; why do people do this? anywhere else, we feel the need, we just go. Why is it at movies,we feel the need to torture ourselves like this? it's so stupid. However, I sit there and watch the end and, like everyone else who held it, I run to the bathroom. It feel so good to pee after you've held it for so long, know what I mean? But it takes me so long. I'll stand at the urinal for like 10 minuets. Horrable! on to other things. Like most high school kids, my pals and I enjoyed a good horror flick. It's great; sitting down with some bud's, getting the deadpool going, it's a lot of fun. Now, we've all heard the saying "it scared the shit out of me." I always thought that was just a saying. I never thought I'd see it happen. we where at my house and had been out for a while before we came to watch the movie. There was this girl named Jodie with us. She and I had kind of been flirting and I was planning to ask her out after the movie (I had it all planed out. I was the only one with a car, so I had to drive everyone home. I would drop her off last and ask her out then. slick, huh?)Anyhow, while we where out, Jodie pulled me aside and told me she felt a little sick to her stomach. I asked her if she wanted me to take her home, but she said "no, I'll be o.k for now, but what if I get sick during the movie? Will you take me home?" I said "sure!" So, we where wathing some lame slasher flick (P.S, I won 3 dollers in the deadpool!)Jodie's sitting beside me and suddenly the killer jumps out od a closet or something and everyone jumps and screams. She leeps over, grabbs my arm and lets out a big fart that only we heard. "Uhhhh!" she moaned. She leaned over and whispered "I just pooped my pants!" I said it's ok and I took her to the washroom. She closed the door and cleaned up (at one point, she sat back on the toilet and had another big wave of diarrhea) and then showered. After, I told my friends I was taking her home because she felt under the wether. So I drove her home, always talking to her so there was no scilence so she wouldn't feel embarrased. Once we got to her place I walked her up and asked her out. She said....No. Because she embarrased herself infront of me. Ouch. Jimmy

To Phillipe. Thanks for the report on your visit to The Catacomb. I have often wondered what that place would be like on a busy night and now I know (I was just there on a very slow week night). Last Saturday night (memorial Day Weekend in the USA) I slept on my boat and was able to get away about 11:30PM to a nearby town and visit the gay bar there. It is a mixed dance club place without 40% female clientelle. The place is under new ownership since I was there in '97. The formerly ladies room now has no label on the door so I treated it like a unisex restroom. I had a great time in there over the next couple of hours-not much to see but lots of interesting listens. The room is tiny with two small stalls and a sink. One girl peed for about a minute, alternately going hard and then soft. I talked to some girls in there while coming in or going out and none seemed to mind my presence. I intend to go back this summer (and to several other such gay dance clubs in Toledo and Columbus). I am curious about one thing-Do you ever have an outdoor events in Toronto where you can see girls peeing behind a bush, or a trash container or in the woods, etc? That occassionally happens here but not as often as I would like.

This is for Kerri, your chem teacher is such an @$$hole ! There are certain God given rights that we have. One of them is to relieve ourselves when we need to. I wonder what he would do if he was in your shoes ? Do as I say and not as I do. He would break his rule and go dump a load or suffer and try to hold it in.
Another item. Where I use to work at for 5 years, my first job after college, my boss would have the knack to be on the shitter whenever there was a phone call for him. usually the caller is persistent in wanting to talk to him NOW ! I tell the person that he is busy on something :). One caller asked if he was taking a dump and I started to laugh.
A different item. A friend of mine use to work at Golden Rule Insurance in Indianapolis and one of his favorite habits when he had to take a good shit was walk to the other end of building and really stink up the bathroom. One time, he bragged about taking a really loud shit with lots of loud farting. When he got out of the bathroom, he heard remarks from people if whoever was making the noise was going to live. I have to tell him about this site. In fact, we were out driving around after eating dinner smoking cigars and he had to take a shit. We went to the Butler University campus and we went into one of the dorms and he took a shit there. It was funny :)

To Tony from the UK, I loved your description of one of your latest shitting sessions. What turned me on the most was reading about what you were wearing or rather what you WEREN'T wearing while sitting on the toilet. There's something about guys pooping in the nude that really fuels my excitement. In answer to Diskputers question, for me, the difference between pushing and straining is that pushing is what's required to pass a fairly easy turd. Pushing is simply to add some slight pressure to help slide the turd along. On the other hand, straining requires a lot more effort in order to pass hard, difficult turds, such as in cases of constipation. Anyways, that is how I view the difference between the two. Regardless, no matter what the differences are, these two actions still remain, for me, the most fascinating part of shitting!

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