Becky M

Survey responses, and 2009 bathroom time

Age: Becky, 27

Gender: female

1. How to you select the stall you use?

I have a favorite stall at the very end of the bathroom I use at work. It has walls on 3 sides rather than just metal partitions, so it gives me a feeling of more privacy, anyway.

2. Does your bathroom have toilet seat papers? Or do you bring them with you? If so do you use them?

No. I hate them anyway.

3. Do you sit on the seat without putting toilet paper on it first?


4. Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it?

Sometimes. Depends upon the condition.

5. Do your friends sit right down on the seat?


6. Do you flush when you're done?


7. Do your friends flush when they are done?

Most do, but I have one friend who never does. Yuck!!

8. Do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom?


9. If you sit down and can't go, do you flush the toilet to fake it?


10. Do you hold your pee or crap to avoid going when you're away from home?

Not usually. I usually have diarrhea, so I can't hold it too long anyway.

There was another post where someone calculated the amount of time they spent in the bathroom in 2009. I just decided to do a quick calculation of my own:

Poops per day: ~2

Time per poop: 20 to 30 minutes.

Bathroom time in 2009: 243 hours, or almost 10 days!! Can anyone on here beat that?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Paul from Germany

Pooping in the snow

Hi there,

I found this page by chance via google.

Here is my experience that might interest you: On December 26 th my girlfriend Claudia and I visited her parents who live in a remote part of Bavaria for Christmas. Well, we went there and had lunch, coffee and dinner. It was really much to eat. At about 6 o' clock we left and started to drive home which should take us approximately 2 hours. After about half an hour Claudia, who is 20 years old, brunette and slim, got more and more uncomfortable.

I asked her if she had a problem. "No" she responded, "just eaten a bit too much". 10 minutes later we were driving through the woods. It was snowing. Then a small parking lot on the side of the road came into sight. "Please stop" Claudia said " I need to go to the bathroom".

I stopped the car. Claudia and I went out. She took some tissues we always have in the glove compartment and put them into her coat. "Come with me" she said "I need to go a bit into the woods and don't want to get lost." It was already dark and really freezing. There was a path for walkers that led into the woods. It was covered with snow. I took a flashlight we had in the trunk if the car broke down and lighted the way into the woods. Claudia became more and more nervous as we were walking. Well, after about 2 minutes she stopped. We had gone far enough so nobody could see us from the road.

"You should go right here on the path because the snow is even higher in the woods" I told her. "Yes, and please take my coat. I can't squat with it." I did so. It really seemed difficult to shit with her thick coat on. Claudia was really freezing now. She was pulling down her jeans and panties. When she had squatted down she asked me to turn around and stand guard.

Immediately I heard her farting twice. I tried my luck and turned round a bit to watch her. She was concentrating and looking onto the ground, so she didn't see me watching her with my flashlight. A big brown turd was hanging out of her ass. It fell onto the snow and immediately started steaming. Then the second turd appeared. "Paul, are you watching? Turn round immediately!" she shouted. "No, I was just playing with the flashlight" I answered. Nevertheless I turned round and heard the second turd falling, followed by a fart and the third turd. She was pooping fast. "God, I'm cold" she complained. At least the snowfall had stopped. Then there was a hissing sound. Claudia was peeing. It only took her about 20 seconds as she had used the bathroom at her parents' house soon before we had left.

When she had finished peeing she screamed: "Paul, the tissues are in the coat! Bring them to me." That was an opportunity. I took the tissues and looked round. She was still squatting. There were three fresh heavily steaming turds on the ground. Two turds lay next to each other, and the third turd one was on both of them. They were about 9 inches long and really smooth. I handed her the tissues so she could start wiping. I turned round again so she could do this in peace. Then she screamed "Done!" But my ass is freezing!". "Well then pull up your pants and it will get warmer" When she had finished I looked again at her pile. It was amazing how much she had pooped. It was still steaming and also stinking. Six tissues lay next to it. If somebody walked on the path the next day, he would see the whole mess and wonder who had done this. However Claudia was happy although she froze. Walking back to the car she smiled and said "I even forgive you for looking". She was now really relaxed. "That was breakfast, lunch, dinner and the cake combined" I said about her business. "Yes, I really had to go. Although I'm cold I'm glad I didn't have to do this at my parents. The whole bathroom would have been stinking!". We reached the car and drove home.

Whenever I need to pee I get the urge to go someplace other than the toilet. However I'm not very creative. I will squat in the shower or on the floor or go in a container between my legs. I'm female and live in an apartment in the city so I don't really have outdoor access. Does anyone have any suggestions on fun or interesting ways or places to pee? Thanks

Blue Circle

working out and pooping

First of all I just wanted to say no problem to David. Actually, I used to wrestle myself. I got really interested in music though, and working out and all that jazz have kind of fallen by the wayside... until recently.
I have begun working out again, and I am also changing my diet to include more fruit and vegetables. I have always done pretty big loads, but a lot of the time I didn't feel completely done afterwards. However, I've noticed lately (after starting to exercise again) I can literally feel my stomach emptying out as I fill the bowl. It's really a great feeling
My poops have been nice and smooth, but still pretty volumess. (Thanks Catherine for that great adjective)

To Catherine: I totally know what you mean about people "looking like they poop". For example I would picture a fit girl with a rich alto voice and a mature and gentle radiance (hope that makes sense), to have larger but smoother defecations, maybe accompanied by some long steady farts.

Take care all,

Blue Circle

Survey for Jasmin

do you go poop everyday?

Does it make a bog plop in the toilet?


Response to Catherine

Catherine, interesting comment about the way people poop and what they look like. I'd actually do that all the time subconsciously. Kind of like random thoughts that enter my head about people but I never realized I did that or would have thought to post about that. I sometimes speculate whether a certain feature on a person means they will produce in a certain way and whether that carries to other people with the same trait. I wonder if it's also a reflection on their mood as well, particularly with the frequency in which they poop. I betting many people who visit this forum probably do the same thing.

As for your story, enjoyed it a lot, I thought it played on some interesting elements from emotions/fears we all have to relating to your friends about it. Sounds like you have some cool friends and definitely an impressive dump as well. Too bad you didn't get to do it at home and really enjoy it. Although it might have been embarrassing at the time, everyone does it and there is nothing to be ashamed as your friends proved. With my friends, especially my athlete friends, we laugh about that stuff all the time. I've have friends that love 'blowing up' toilets and telling about it later. Nothing too detailed, just a few playful boasts, and I won't lie, I definitely like to boast as well. Some of our best laughs are about the 'pre-game dump', which the dump you do before a game. The body really likes to clear itself out before game time and this has lead to some memorable moments and large movements.

Would love to hear about some more stories as well. Also, do you ever feel a sense of pride when you take a particularly large movement or disappointment when it's smaller than you anticipated?

Sarah from Calgary:

My work Holiday Celebration & a Memorable trip to Las Vegas

Hi everyone. It has been a few months since my last post on page 1802 about my trip back to Ontario in September and the time I had on that trip. My accident at the airport is still one of the worst that I have ever had.

Soccer Mom: Thank you for your support. I have read your stories and it is nice to know that I have someone who totally understands what I go through. I am sorry to hear about your daughter and her accidents. I hope that she has been doing well over the past few months.

Karen: Thank you as well. In 2007 I tried using adult diapers. I hated them. Maybe it was the kind that I purchased, I'm not sure, but I found them to be very inconvenient, bulky and hard to change when I had a messy accident in them. I bought the kind that pull on, so perhaps that was the major problem. I had to completely take off my shoes, socks and pants as it was. I suppose that if I had of used the kind that you can unfasten from the sides, I would have had better luck. But then, there was the issue with the bulk that I didn't like. Besides, my accidents don't happen every month either. When I wrote about my accidents in September, I mentioned that I had problems in October and November, but truthfully, I didn't. I mean, I had a little bit of diarrhea and some leaks, or wet farts, onto my maxi pad. Overall, those months were not that bad.

So, now onto my stories…

My company held their Western Holiday Celebration in Richmond, BC, near Vancouver, at the River Rock Casino and Resort on Thursday, December 3rd. My husband was able to come as well, which was really nice. The party was great, with amazing food, drinks and great music. I had bought a new black dress that was snug fitting in the body and flared out at the bottom for a nice flowy effect. It also had straps that criss-crossed in the back and came up over my shoulders. Underneath I wore a black lacy bra. For panties, I decided not to wear my regular bikini's or high cuts. This time, to help look better in my dress, I decided to wear a panty shaper that I bought from La Senza. If you go onto the La Senza website and click on Shape Wear, I was wearing the white one that they are showing. I could not believe that it was $30 dollars! Oh well, I guess that's the price of looking nice. It has some lace on the leg holes and it is actually quite nice. I tend not to wear these as I have found them uncomfortable in the past, but since it was only for a few hours for one night, I thought, the heck with it! I had waited a little to long to go shopping for it, so the only colour they had in my size was white. It didn't really matter that much, since it was completely under my dress. At least my bra was black. The panty shaper did its job by sucking in my ???? (stomach) and it also gave my butt a nice shape to it. I also wore nude coloured nylons over top of my panty shaper.

There was a cocktail hour before dinner, so we mingled and had a few drinks to get the evening started. Dinner was a buffet style and there was so much food. After dinner, the dance started. I am not sure exactly what it was that I ate, but about an hour or so after dinner, while we were dancing, I started cramping up. My period had ended the week before, so I knew that something I had eaten was not agreeing with me. I was thinking that I should be heading to the ladies room, but then the cramps went away. I figured it was just my body digesting my dinner. Another 20 minutes went by when all hell broke loose. I was dancing with a few of the girls from my office and the Vancouver office when I felt a little gas coming on and it ran into my panty shaper. I then decided it was a good idea to head to the ladies room. I told one of the girls that I was dancing with that I would be right back. When I got out of the ballroom and into the hallway I could not stop from letting out a huge load of wet diarrhea ran into my panty shaper. I filled it pretty badly. My panty shaper was quite tight and the mess spread really quickly up my back and into the crotch of it. I had decided not to bring a purse, even a small one, with me for the evening. I didn't have my period, so a pad change was not needed. Plus my husband was with me, so I had him carry my lipstick and key card to our room in his suit jacket pocket. I gingerly walked back to my husband in the ballroom and asked him for one of the key cards to our room. He gave me one and asked me why I needed it. I didn't tell him that I had gotten sick in my panty shaper. I just told him that I needed to get something for one of the girls...

I carefully made my way out of the ball room and over to the elevators. As luck would have it, a husband and wife along with a friend of the wife's were waiting for the elevator as well. As I was waiting for one of the elevators, another cramp hit me and I had to go again. Then of course, a few other people came over. After what felt like an eternity, the elevator finally came down and a number of people exited. The urge to go again was stronger at this point and as I got into the elevator, a little more diarrhea slipped out. Our room was on the very top floor of the resort, so I had to wait as the elevator stopped at four different floors. On the third stop, I couldn't hold it back any longer and another huge torrent of diarrhea poured into my panty shaper. This time it was really watery and I could feel it leaking out of my panty shaper and down my nylons. By this time, the husband and wife and the wife's friend were on the elevator for the fourth stop and they knew what I had done. I heard the wife whisper to her friend, "Oh, don't you just hate when that happens?" Her friend said, "Yeah, I know!" We got to their floor, the wife's friend said, "I'm sorry that you are sick. I've had that happen to me before too. I hope feel better." I started to tear up and said in a weak voice, "Thanks". I finally got to my floor and carefully walked down to my room, leaking diarrhea the whole way. At this point, it was leaking down my legs pretty badly…

I got to our room and scanned the key card. It didn't work. I tried it again, nothing. I started to panic because I did not want to have to go back down to the ball room, with a huge load in my panty shaper and nylons and have to walk in front of all of my co-workers, especially in the condition that I was in. I scanned the card for the third time and to my relief, I heard the click of the lock opening up.

I got into our room and went directly into the bathroom. I took off my shoes and put them in the hallway just outside the bathroom. I reached behind and unzipped my dress and carefully pulled it over my head. It was unsoiled. I looked at myself in the mirror and started to cry. I had messed so badly that it had leaked down the insides and back of my nylons to just below my knees. I was lucky to be wearing them… Otherwise the mess would have gone all over the floor. I then started to peel off my nylons. As I did, I had yet another cramp and just let it go. I didn't even bother to hold it back this time. By this point the diarrhea was really wet and watery and just poured into my panty shaper and down my legs. I finally got the nylons off and tossed them into the sink. I looked at my panty shaper. What was once white was completely brown up the front, up the back and all over my bum area. The lacing was damaged pretty badly in areas as well. I peeled off the panty shaper and dripped diarrhea all over the floor. I tossed the panty shaper into the sink as well and turned on the shower to clean myself up. Since my hair was already done, I didn't want to wash it, so I washed off the mess on my lower half. As I was cleaning up, I heard to door open. Realizing that it was my husband checking up on me, I remembered that I had haphazardly tossed my messy nylons and panty shaper into the sink AND that there was diarrhea all over the floor. As he was walking into the bathroom he said, "Sarah, what's going…" Then he stopped talking and I could see him looking around. He said, "Oh Baby, are you okay?" I turned the shower off, grabbed a towel to dry off with and started crying when I looked at him.

I sat with him for a few minutes deciding if I wanted to go back to the party or not. I started feeling better so I decided it would be okay to go back to the party for a bit. My panty shaper was ruined, so I wore a pair of black full cut bikini panties instead. I didn't have any clean nylons, so I had to go without. I put my dress back on. It still fit okay, but not as smooth as when I was wearing the panty shaper. My husband assured me that I still looked beautiful which helped me with my confidence. Fortunately, nobody knew what had happened to me. All in all, I was back to the party within 30 minutes of my accident. I threw away the nylons and wrapped up the panty shaper in the plastic bag from the garbage can in our room and hid them in my suit case to wash when I got home. I had to wash it a number of times to get it cleaned out. I bleached it as well and for the most part, it is clean. There is still a faint stain on the bum area as well as on the lacing, but overall, I was able to clean it out enough to wear it again in the future.

I was accident free for the rest of that particular night. In fact, I have been relatively accident free since then! I had a little bit of diarrhea during my last period, which I got on Christmas Day. I had a few squirts of diarrhea into my maxi pads, but nothing as major as what happened on December 3rd at the River Rock Casino.

On Boxing Day, my two best friends, Melanie and her younger sister Megan and I went to Las Vegas for three nights. It was fun. The trip was interesting considering the attempted terrorist attack. We left Calgary early in the morning of December 26th. It was slow going through the airport and our flight was delayed about an hour, so we were quite lucky. We later heard that some delays were several hours in length for any flights going into the U.S. We were not allowed to bring any carry-on luggage, so I made sure that I had a number of maxi pads with me as I was on day two of my period. I also had with me a pair of dark pink full cut panties with me for just in case. Ironically, I wasn't the one who would need the clean panties…

We actually flew through Delta to Salt Lake City, for a one hour lay over, and then on to Vegas. As most of you know, on flights into the U.S., at this time, you cannot get out of your seat for the last hour of the flight. On our way into Salt Lake City, I could feel that I needed to change my pad, so I made my way to the toilet. When I was done, I got back to my seat. I was sitting in the aisle, Melanie was sitting in the middle, and Megan, being the shortest, was sitting at the window. I asked the girls if they needed to use the washroom and both said no. 15 minutes into the last hour of the flight, Melanie started complaining of cramps. I asked her if it was her period and she said no. Hers had ended the week before. Suddenly she said really quietly, "Oh no, I just went a little!" I said, "Okay, we are getting up and I am taking you to the washroom." As soon as we got up and started walking down the aisle, two flight attendants from the front of the plane and two from the back walked right toward us. One of the women, the head flight attendant, said to me, "Ma'am, please, we need you to sit down." I said, "My friend is really sick and she needs to use the toilet. Could you please let us through?" I could hear Melanie moan, "Oh god, nooo!" Then I heard it. She let out this torrent of wet diarrhea into her pants. She started crying and another wave erupted from her. One of the flight attendants ran back and grabbed a newspaper for Mel to sit on. They still would not let us through to the washroom. So, poor Melanie had to sit in her mess for another hour as we flew into Salt Lake City. I was so mad at the flight attendants for not allowing Melanie to use the washroom. Talk about paranoid!!!

We got off the plane and headed directly to the ladies room to get her cleaned up. I gave her my clean pair of panties while Megan went searching the airport stores for a clean pair of pants for Melanie to wear. As we were waiting for Megan to return, I dampened some paper towels and handed them for Melanie to clean up with. I gave her some dry ones as well and threw the used ones in the trash. After a little while Megan retuned with a pair of light grey yoga style pants for Mel to wear. She said that grey was the only colour they had in Mel's size, which is a large. Like me, Melanie is tall at around 5 foot 11. Anyway, Mel put on the extra panties that I had given her and then put on the yoga pants and got herself together. She put her soiled jeans and panties in the bag that Megan had for the yoga pants. She washed her hands quite thoroughly while I changed my pad. We exited the ladies room just as the pre-boarding announcement came on for our flight to Vegas…

Megan asked her sister if she was feeling okay, and Melanie replied by saying that she was feeling much better and that I did not have to worry about her having an accident in the panties that she borrowed from me. We had the same seats as we did from Calgary to Salt Lake City, as we were on the same plane. I asked Mel if she would like the aisle seat and she said that she was okay to sit in the middle.

As our plane was taxiing to the runway, Melanie let out a little moan. I looked over at her and she had a panicked look on her face. Megan looked at her as well and asked her, "Hey, are you okay?" Mel shook her head and whispered, "No! I don't think I can hold it either!" A few seconds later, "Oh god…" The plan then turned down the runway and sped up to take off. There was quite a bit of turbulence when we took off and as we were going up, a horrified look came across Melanie's face. She closed her eyes and the tears started pouring down her face. One of the flight attendants made an announcement that the pilot was about to turn off the seat belt sign so we could get out of our seats if we needed to. I asked Mel, "Do you want to use the toilet and try and clean up?" She said, "No, it's okay. I will just sit this one out." Before the one hour deadline, I had to get up to change my pad again. In my hurry at the airport in Salt Lake City, I didn't put my pad on quite right and it had shifted to the left of my panties, causing it to leak through my pants. It wasn't a huge leak and wasn't really that noticeable through my jeans, but it was there. The weather in Vegas was warm, so I was able to tie my jacket around my waist. Melanie did the same as her mess was quite noticeable through her grey yoga pants.

We finally got to the Venetian, where we were staying and got checked into our room. We ended up getting a great deal on a huge suite with two king-sized beds and a nice pull out bed. We were there for three nights, so we each took a turn on the pull out bed. It also had two full sized bathrooms which was great. When we got to our room, I asked Melanie, "Do you need help with cleaning up?" She said, "No, I'll be fine." But I knew that she was lying. She grabbed some clean clothes and went into the washroom. Megan and I gave her some space while she showered. In the meantime, I had to change my pad again, so I pulled out some clean panties and clean jeans from my suit case and went to the other washroom to sort myself out. When I was done, Megan got up and lightly knocked on the door of the washroom that Melanie was using and asked, "Hey, are you okay in there?" In a weak voice she said, "Yeah, I think so. You can come in." We opened the door and let the steam escape. In one corner we could see her soiled yoga pants in a pile. She said, "Sarah, I am so sorry about your panties." I said, "Hey, don't worry about it! How many times have I had to borrow a pair of yours? And how many times have I messed in your panties? It's no big deal, really. That's what I'm here for! Besides, I have had to wear Megan's panties and although it was nice to be wearing clean ones, they sure are a snug fit!" This brought back a story from Canada Day, 2009 when I made a mess of my panties and capri pants and had to go back to Megan's apartment to get myself cleaned up. I then had to borrow a pair of Megan's high cut panties, which fit more like bikini's on me.

Megan and I helped Melanie wash out her jeans, yoga pants and both pairs of panties that she messed in. We got her jeans clean, but the yoga pants not so much. Also, the both pairs of panties were stained very badly. I didn't care so much about mine, because those went into my period panties pile. Melanie was upset though and offered to buy me new ones. I had to insist that she didn't.

Anyway, those are my stories for now. I apologize for the long post. I tend not to post as often as I used to, but when I do, I seem to write forever!

Take care,
Sarah from Calgary.

middle age

Snow sports and peeing

I know someone who goes snowmobiling and wears a 1 pc snowsuit; it is easier to pee that way especially outdoors. For a man it is easy to wear the 1 pc but a lady needs help in outdoor peeing. Some camping stores even sell full P zip pants for ladies/girls. These have a zip all the way around to the back of the bum for modesty. I used a freschette for peeing when I went snowshoeing.

Pete (from Austria.
Yes I sometimes smoke when I poop. This a good way to support my bowelmovement. It also a good way t reduce the smell of my poop.

Clean up guy

sitting to pee

I saw some posts on this site about guys sitting down too pee. Sometimes I sat down too when I was at home. I can say sitting down to pee is better, it keeps the toilet cleaner, also if i have a urge too poop I just let out it in trip. So what i'm going to do for now on when I'm at home i will sit to pee. Also I like to pee bottles and in a hospital urineal. I was thinking about peeing outside again but i'm scared of getting caught. Any tips on peeing outside or were too pee at.


Advice for Catherine

Wow Catherine, if that is what you do after missing one of your two dailies, may I suggest you lay off the pizza should you break the routine? And make sure to visit a public bathroom if your condo toilet aren't up for it, heh.

One 18 inch long alone is very impressive, with the rest added to it I'm not surprised your friends toilet protested.

Understandably you were embarrassed then as you were visiting, although its in my opinion a perfectly normal human process and no need to be bothered about it. One should just sit down, enjoy and be proud!

I have to wonder though, have you ever gone longer then that without pooping? The load my girlfriend left behind some ten years ago after being stopped up for a week was about 3-4 times the size of yours I recon. There was no water visible in the toilet at all.

Not to belittle your "achievement" hehe, It sound you could do something similar if you were in her situation. She was on painkillers that slowed her bowels. Have you ever wondered what your capacity might be?

I replied to Catherine's first post before I saw the question regarding dumps and looks.

I'm sorry Catherine, but I will have to contest your theory. I'm 5"9 and with a slightly thin athletic build both from genes and doing swimming/martial arts since the 3rd grade.

However I seem to have larger loads by far then most people I know, both at and over my own size. I blame my metabolism.

Turd Lover

answer to question

To John Philip: A turd I would consider "special" is anything abnormal in shape, size, color or texture. Most of my poops are very normal, however, over the years I've had some unique logs which stand out from the rest. My longest turd ever measured around 22 inches by 2+1/2 inches thick. I still don't know how my butt was able to give birth to such a behemoth. And then there are those rare occasions when I've laid some "snakes" in the toilet -- the ones that wrap around the bowl. Some have been multi-colored and some loaded with "peanuts" and other matter. I take photos of the ones I am never likely to see again.


How I Met My Wife

I guess technically this story is not about how we first met, but about how we first really noticed each other. It was in high school when she was a freshman and I was a junior. We were both drummers in the school band. Technically, we had met on the first day of band class in September and we had been in band class together every day since then and at numerous parades and a whole season of football games. But it wasn't until she pooped in her panties at the school's Christmas show that I really noticed her.

It was the Tuesday before Christmas and that night was the school's annual holiday concert in the high school auditorium. This was always a huge event and the place was packed. We drummers were always positioned in the back and I just happened to be sitting next to her. As the holiday concert progressed, I couldn't help but notice her fidgeting in her seat. I was like she couldn't find a comfortable way to sit and as the show progressed, her fidgeting only got worse. A couple of times, I whispered to her, asking her what was wrong, but she would only answer "nothing." After a while, I did suspect that she had to go to the bathroom, but I wasn't really sure. When intermission came, I kind of expected her to head for the bathroom, but she just sat there fidgeting in her seat the whole time. I went to the bathroom myself, and when I got back she was still just sitting there looking very uncomfortable. At that point, I figured that she just didn't have to go after all.

A friend of hers come up to her and asked her if she was alright as she had noticed her fidgeting in her seat as well. Much to my surprise she answered, "I just have to go to the bathroom." When she volunteered to go with her, she answered, "No - its number 2." Her friend got a look on her face that she understood and that she felt sorry for her. Well, I for one, didn't understand - I mean, whether it was #1 or #2, why was she just sitting there instead of going to the girls' room now while she had the chance. Her friend obviously knew something that I didn't and I didn't know her well enough to ask what the problem was. Then she suddenly tensed her body and sat there frozen in her seat with a noticeable grimace on her face. She was very obviously in a need to move her bowels and was fighting to hold it in. Her friend obviously noticed this as well and asked her again if she wanted to go to the girls' room. "I just went myself - it wasn't so bad," her friend told her, "Maybe you should just go and do it before the show starts again." "I'll go with you - it won't be so bad," she offered. "I can wait," she answered, "I don't really have to go that bad." It was all very confusing to me, but it really wasn't any of my business - I just figured she must know what she is doing.

Well, obviously she did have to go bad, because it wasn't long after intermission that there was a noticeable smell in the drum section. At first, I really didn't believe that she had had an accident and the smell wasn't really as bad as you'd think poop in someone's pants would smell. But the smell just hung there in the air and wouldn't go away and there was no doubt that it was coming from her. But now, her fidgeting seemed to have stopped and she sat rather rigidly in her chair, but she looked no less uncomfortable and there was quite a look of distress on her face. Still, it was hard for me to believe that a girl in high school could actually mess in her pants.
After the show, she just sat there in her seat for a while, trying not to draw attention to herself, but I was very curious as to what had happened. When she eventually did get up, I was able to get behind her and get a good look at her butt. I still didn't want to believe a girl her age could ever have an accident, but getting a look at her butt in the tight black pants she was wearing, I got my confirmation. It's not like there was this big lump there like others have described in accidents they've witnessed. It really wasn't as noticeable as that. It was actually quite flat in appearance - more like she had a piece of flexible cardboard in her pants - and if you really weren't looking at her behind closely, you probably wouldn't have noticed anything unusual. But when you knew what you were looking for - as I was - you could clearly see that something was in her pants. Instead of seeing a nice, rounded butt as you'd normally expect from a girl in tight pants, you saw little lumps and flattened ridges. I guess the poop in her panties had gotten all flattened out from her sitting on it so long, but looking closely you could clearly tell it was there. Part of me was disgusted by it, but mostly I was just amazed at what I was seeing. I was simply astonished that a girl her age could just sit there and let something like this happened rather than simply going to the girls' room when she obviously needed to go.

At one point, she turned around and caught me obviously staring at her behind. This is the point were the guy doing the staring is usually embarrassed (and indeed I was), but under the circumstances, she was obviously a lot more embarrassed than I was. Although, it would be years later before she'd actually admit what she had done, it was clearly at this point, that she knew that I knew what she had done. I guess her worst fear was that others in school would find out she'd had such an accident, and now with my knowing about it, that seemed like a real possibility to her. Even I would have previously thought that I'd find something like this too funny not to spread all over school. But when she looked at me with that deep look of shame on her face and those sad puppy dog eyes ready to cry, I just melted. Without saying a word, her eyes cried out to me not to tell anyone what I knew and right then and there I knew that I would keep her secret. She would later tell me that the way I looked at her that night, told her also without saying a word, that I was a really nice guy who felt nothing but sympathy for her in a terrible moment of shame and that her secret was safe with me.

As I said, it wasn't until years later that she was finally able to admit to me that she had indeed had an accident and messed in her panties that night at the band concert. That was even though she had long known that I already knew the truth. I guess it was just too embarrassing for her to actually say the words, "I messed in my panties in high school." In fact, we were both in college (me a senior and she a sophomore) and recently engaged before she finally admitted to it. It was then that she also explained that throughout her teen years and even later, she had a terrible hang-up about "making" in public toilets - especially at school. She didn't mind peeing so much, but a #2 in a public toilet was a real problem for her. She said that even at home, she didn't like people to know that she was doing it and would often wait until she was alone or make some excuse to sneak away from the group to do it. Her aunt was actually the school nurse in high school and she would let her use the bathroom in the nurse's office whenever she needed to do a #2 at school and couldn't wait. Even though that was a public toilet and she still avoided using it when she could, it was at least private enough that she could manage to use it when she became absolutely too desperate to wait. Of course, that night at the band concert, the nurse's toilet wasn't available and not being able to force herself to use the girls' room like everyone else, she ended up messing in her panties.

In the spring that year, a rumor did begin to circulate around school that she had messed in her pants at the Christmas show several months earlier. It turned out that her friend (the one that I had volunteered to take her to the girls' room that night) had told a few people and the news began to spread. I scored some major brownie points with my future wife when I reminded everyone that I was sitting next to her at the concert and I would certainly know whether or not she had pooped in her panties that night. And I assured everyone that she had not. And her friend also made up for her loose lips, by telling everyone that the two of them were in the girls' room together before the concert and they both went #2. Accordingly, it was really doubtful that she'd have to go again during the concert. The rumors pretty much died after that and no one really believed it was true.

When she finally did admit to it, she said she still couldn't believe how she managed to hide it from her parents - especially in the car on the way home from the concert or while she was in the bathroom cleaning it up. But I guess it was like I had mentioned about how it really didn't smell as bad as you'd think. Still, I agree with her that it's hard to believe that her parents didn't smell anything in the car. She said that cleaning herself up after the accident was quite an ordeal. She said that the mess was not only just in her panties but smeared all over her. That much I could believe based on what I saw with the mess all flattened in her panties. She said it was two entire rolls of toilet paper that she had to use and even that wasn't enough to get herself completely cleaned up - that was just to get cleaned enough to step into the shower to finish the job. She told me that she cut up her soiled panties with scissors and flushed them down the toilet in three pieces. She said that between all that toilet paper and her panties, it was like 25 toilet flushes and that her parents didn't notice was nothing short of a miracle.

The only other person, as far as we know, to know about my future wife's accident was our band teacher. She was a very nice lady and a very good band teacher, but she was also very strict. She was known for her detention sessions that lasted for up to 3 hours at a time. It was not surprising at all that several students received varying amounts of detention for their behavior at the Christmas show. That happened after every band performance with this teacher. What was indeed surprising was that my future wife was one such person and what was downright shocking was that she got a 3-hour sentence. She was so shy and quiet that it was hard to imagine what she could possibly have done to get a 3-hour detention. Officially, the detention was for "being unprepared" but that just didn't make any sense. The only thing that I could think of, of course, was the accident in her pants, but I wondered if you could really get detention for something like that.

Again, it wasn't until years later that she admitted to me that "being unprepared" meant not having gone to the bathroom either before the show or at intermission. It seems that right after her encounter with me that night, she got confronted by the band director. After asking her if there was a medical reason for her accident (and finding out that there wasn't any), the band director called her actions "immature and irresponsible." She explained that she didn't want to embarrass her further by letting the whole class know what she had done (as I said, she was a nice lady), but what she did was "inexcusable" and that she couldn't let it go without her being punished. Hence, she wrote her up for "being unprepared" but the real reason for the 3-hour detention was, in fact, for pooping in her panties.

It wasn't until college and dorm life, that she was able to move beyond her problems with "making" in public toilets. I mean, what choice did she really have but to use the public toilets in the dorm - it wasn't like high school where she could just hold it in until she got home and her aunt wasn't there in the nurse's office with a toilet for her to use in an emergency, either. She told me later that her worst fear in starting college was that of having another accident and then not having a private bathroom to clean it up in. She convinced herself that it was better to go in the public toilet than to have an accident and have to clean it up in public toilet. I guess after she conquered her fear completely (at first, she'd only go #2 in the dorm bathrooms when she could be alone in there, but she gradually learned to go at any time), she was able to look back and admit to me about her previous problems and the accident she had that night.

Our three year anniversary as husband and wife is in 2 weeks

any women like to read the news paper when they take a poop?


nicotine as a laxative?

I think there may be some amount of truth to nicotine as a laxative. I don't smoke but I do dip and almost every time I put a pinch in I have to poop within the next 10 minutes.

Anybody else with similar experiences?

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