Today, my 12 year old sister came home from school and went to the bathroom, I was hoping she would have to go poop so I listened by the door but she just went for a pee.
Two hours ago she went to the bathroom again so I listened by the door again. She peed
for about 2 seconds and then sat there so I knew she had to go poop this time, sure enough she did a little fart and then some little plops and plips sound echoed in the toilet. After a while I thought she was done but then she grunted and then I heard three loud KAPLUNKS as huge poops plummeted from her butt into the water. She wiped her butt and front end and then came out relieved looking.

That's all for now, hopefully she will have to go poop again tomorrow

Prettypoo :)


Hey my first post and ill do a survey


1) How often do you have a bowel movement?
2 to 3 times a day
2) After you have a bowel movement, do you wipe your bottom with dry
toilet tissue alone or do you use dampened toilet tissue or wet wipes
or something?
3) How many times do you usually wipe after a bowel movement?
4 or 5 times
4) Do you often bathe right after a bowel movement?
5) After you wipe your bottom, do you ever follow up with powder or
perfume or such

Just Jerika's

age: 15
gender: female

1. How do you select the stall you use? well i just go in any

2. Does your bathroom have toilet seat papers? No but i don't use them anyway

3. Do you sit down on the seat without putting toilet paper on it first? no cos im always in a rush to do my business

4. Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it? Yes i do

5. Do your friends sit right down on the seat? I dunno i don't really pay attention but yh i have watched them wee and poo

6. Do you flush when you're done? yh course

7. Do your friends flush when they are done? yh

8. Do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom? for after a wee not always but after a poo yes

9. If you sit down and can't go, do you flush the toilet to fake it. No but 9 times out of 10 i always go because when i get a strong urge i always rush to the loo

10. Do you hold your pee or crap to avoid going at school? No but i always wait until the urge is strong.


Response to David


Sorry that you did not receive responses. Being single, and not having dated that much, I think that I would want a guy to be compatible in the pooping department. Did you ever tell her that you knew she was eavesdropping?

I went to the prom in High School with a guy that I liked. Before leaving the restaurant, I had to spend some time in the restroom. It was an awkward remainder of the evening. I guess that he did not like the fact that I had to doodie on prom night. And, I did not like the fact that he did not like it!

Hope to hear more!


Just Jerika's Questions Answered

Age: 28
Gender: Male

1. How do you select the stall you use?
I try for the doored stall, but in more and more places I have no
choice but taking the open stall. In such situations, I go to the
very back of the restroom. In the guys' bathrooms, sometimes
there's an extreme amount of pee on the seat and then I will take
the least wet one. I also try to remember to check for toilet paper
and how much there is, especially if I know I'm going to contribute
a large crap. Another factor: crap in the bowl, although sometimes I
will flush it and not go elsewhere. There is an upside to the latter
however, the seat is usually dried (probably from the previous
user's butt).

2. Does your bathroom have toilet seat papers? Or do you bring them
with you? If yes, do you use them?
Most of my friends and I will sit right down, even if a seat paper
is available. One of my friends for like 22 years even in grade
school would put toilet paper over the seat. Of course, he was
teased, but if you had met his mother, she was one of those very
particular people and was very clean about herself. Once, for
example, we were playing in the grass, wrestling around, etc. and
she made us both wash our hands when we came into the house before
we could take out his nicely-packed-up toys. Once, I was scolded for
taking a swig of his Dr. Pepper.

3. Do you sit right down on the seat without putting toilet paper on it
first? Yes.

4. Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it? Not usually, but
while I will sit in a few drops of pee, if there's a lot of pee on
the seat I do wipe it off first. It's worse more with the white
seats today like at my place of work, because you can't always see
the pee as easily as on the black seats.

5. Do your friends sit right down on the seat? Yes, with the exception
discussed in #2.

6. Do you flush when you're done? Yes, now that we're older, but we did
not that much when we were in school. The reason: I guess it was
attitude because the condition of the bathrooms was pretty bad.

7. Do your friends flush when they are done? Most of the guys in my
office do. At the arena when I'm at a pro basketball game or when
I'm at a college football game, it's amazing the number of stalls
that 4 or 5 guys have probably shit in and then I'm almost sure they
aren't going to flush.

8. Do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom?
Yes, more so now and with greater vigor because of all the flu
going around. However, last night at a college basketball tournament
held on campus in the fieldhouse and a giant restroom of like 50
urinals, many of the guys didn't stop to wash their hands and
there were probably 30 sinks that seemed to be in pretty good shape.
However, I noticed at least 10 of the guys who were crapping had TP
under them and one even went to the paper towel holder and took off
the brown paper towels that he sat on.

9. If you sit down and can't go, do you flush the toilet to fake it?
When I was in school, yes, because I would have been harassed, but
since I got out of high school, I've had much better fluidity with
my bowels, if you know what I mean. Unless I'm tired and linger a
few minutes on the stool to get off my feet, I'm often seated no
longer than 15 or 20 seconds when I crap. Boy, I wish I could have
done that in junior high and high school.

10. Do you hold your pee or crap to avoid going in public?

This is my first time posting on this forum.

I am a 12 year old girl and today I had to go poop at school. It was about 12:30 when I got the feeling I had to take a poop, I told my friends Jenny and Alexis that I had to go poop and they said they had to go too. We found a bathroom and went in. I took the middle stall, Jenny took the right stall and Alexis took
the left one. I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet and peed, all three of us were done peeing and started grunting. I dropped a huge turd in the toilet that splashed water on my butt. Alexis and Jenny were grunting and plopping poop at the same time as my second poop plopped and splashed my butt again. We both finished and went back to class


I have been advised, in fact almost forced to practice meditation as a meand of coping with Parkinsons. The trouble is that if I meditate at home I keep getting disturbed, or I find there is too much to do to relax and the same applies at work.
My solution is to call in at the public toilets and meditate there. I have a meditation between 5 to 20 minutes depending. It is quite a good place and if you want a wee when relaxing just let it drip or run out. The public toilets are very quiet and relatively clean. Before I meditate I do some stretches in the is a large cubicle but my stretches are only for a couple or a few minutes. I then sit on the toilet...have a poo if there is one and move on to meditation. On a few occasions I have had some hard poo in me which will not budge but meditation has helped it come out. Sometimes during meditation I get the urge that builds up and then...push and out it anal/ rectal area seems to relax and makes my movement easier...this happens only sometimes but thank God for small mercies!
TO LINDA you need to be able to poo in other places...if I had your issue on the subject I would be a lot worse off.
If I had a guest, and often do, I would want them to poo and feel better and more relaxed and have a better time.. I know at work my staff certainly do shits and they know I do...I guess I set the example as a boss.
What got me more open about pooing was that years ago I was right into fishing...had a boat etc....we went out to see and it was too far to return for the toilet...we left early in the morning and would be out for many hours...although there were only men ( two or three of us) we use to hang our arses over the side and drop a log. When I had my enema treatment the practitioner, a youngish woman (30`s) said that she would leave me to expel the enema or if it was possible she would remain with me to see waht was exactly happening and what I produced...I had no problems doing this...I felt relaxed and normal about it.

A wet poo

I was at a party wearing a black dress, pantyhose and stillettos. As the night wore on everyone had a lot to eat and drink, I was beginning to get the faintest urge of an impending poopie session. I had decided to go and sit on the toilet and just let it happen, as I was walking past the swimming pool someone grabbed me and pushed me in. I went under the water but managed to stand up at shoulder depth with my stillettos on, I walked to the ladder and climbed out. By this time I really needed to poop very badly. I walked into the house with my wet stillettos squelching and clicking on the ground, I went into the toilet and lifted my wet dress up around my waist and pulled down my wet pantyhose and panties and sat on the toilet with my high heeled feet apart dripping water over the floor.
My rectum exploded like a volcano and spattered wet runny poo all over the toilet bowl, this followed with a huge wet bubbly fart and a fierce spurt of runny poo. I continued to fart and spurt poo for about fifteen minutes. I then wiped my bottom clean but it took three flushes to clear the toilet of my bowel contents. After readjusting my wet dress and underwear my wet stillettos were still squelching, at least I enjoyed the rest of the night feeling cooler and lighter.


Reply to Matthew re. Methodology

TO Matthew:

I see your point regarding including wiping times as well, but obtaining that bit of data has been a logistical challenge I haven't resolved yet. I use a digital camera to obtain accurate times because it automatically creates date and to-the-second time stamps for each image recorded (and obviously, pics of the poops too.) Since I need both hands to wipe up, I cannot get accurate timing for how long it takes me to clean myself.

As far as I can figure, I would need a separate camera recording my whole process in order to gather all the information properly... That's doable at home, but not when I'm 'pinching-a-loaf' in a public bathroom or some other place.

Another reason I don't include wiping times is mostly aesthetic... After wiping myself, I throw the TP into the toilet. Not surprisingly, the stools in the toilet are usually covered up and I cannot get any good pictures of my poops.

In this new year, I am going to try to collect information on how may wipes I take and the number sheets I use in each wad of TP (- which introduces another level of difficulty for obtaining accurate wiping times.)

If you have any suggestions on how to solve my problem, let me know.

Take care,



Tour Bus AND boats

In a post by Middle Age it was stated that tour buses don't want men to stand when they pee because of the mess they make. I discovered this also applies to boats. I took a whale watching cruise this past summer. We were on a small "PT" sized boat (I don't know boat terminology); there were about twenty of us. There was an enclosed cabin below where perhaps fifteen could sit on benches and above that (the level where the man drove the boat) there was space for about another eight or ten. Outside the entrance to the enclosed cabin was a tiny bathroom.

We were travelling fast on choppy waters so the boat was bouncing quite a bit. We went on and on for over an hour and finally I could not hold my bladder any longer. I asked our guide (a woman) if I could use the loo and she said yes. I carefully went down the narrow stairs holding on tightly or I might have been thrown off into the water. The toilet was very narrow and poorly lighted. Because of all the bouncing I found it difficult to relax completely so my stream of urine was only a trickle and it took a long time all the while leaning over at nearly a 45 degree angle so my pee would fall into the toilet bowl. I'm sure I never really emptied myself but it took the pressure off.

Unfortunately I discovered to my horror that I dribbled not only onto my pants a bit but onto the floor as well. When I got upstairs I mentioned that to our guide and she was not happy. She said that men were so messy and they should always sit down. I realized the wisdom of that suggestion after the fact. She went down to the toilet and then came back up and asked where the bucket and mop were. She eventually found it and cleaned up the mess I made. I felt very foolish!


Industrial eToilet

My friend jenny slept over last nite, she is a teenager like me. This morning she came into the bathroom with me to clean her teeth. Whilst doing them she lifted her nightie & sat on the toilet. She then strained & went red, which was followed by a loud sPadoush sound. She wiped her bum then flushed the toilet. I noticed the toilet water didnt empty fully, as i looked into the toilet i saw a massive fat long poo that was way too big for the toilet to flush. I called jenny back she said that it wasnt her fault, & that we should get a toilet with a bigger opening!


Answer to... "always so curious..."

Yes we do! A lot infact!

Just yesterday i had quite a big meal at a mexican restraunt. And this morning as soon as i woke up, i knew i needed a poo, badly! I'm 5 foot 3 if you count that as being petite. I was so desperate this morning that i almost went in my panties. And we do fart loads as well, we just don't publicise it. Although i kinda did this morning to my family: Honestly the amount of times that i farted when i woke up was just unbelievable! I just made it to the toilet when an extreme amount of gross farts and gurgles exploded out of me, followed by alot of poo!

Desperate to poop
Train station desperation! I had been visiting a friend at a fairly remote place. Getting train back was waiting for train and needed big poo. Went to single ladies toilet and it was engaged! Large ???? immediately resounded round the toilet. My desperation got worse and worse as the lady cont to poop big logs. Smell was pretty meaty too. After fifteen mins lady who turned out to be ticket office attended exited apologising for the wait and that toilet was clogged. I said no problem and ran in

Angie asked when this great site began. It's easy enough to go back to p. 1-- which is much fun to read. (My favorite is the story about a woman shitting herself when she jumped out of an airplane. I'd wondered about that.) The p. isn't dated, but a couple of the items in it are dated in 1996. So apparently this site is 13-14 years old. That would make it older than a few of the people now sending in items.


Regarding Catherine's Post and Pete

I just have a few moments because I'm between classes and wrestling practice. But I had to get in and answer a few of the posts I've read:

Catherine: I'm not sure if your body type formula really works every time although your theory is interesting. Take me for instance.... You said a kind gentler guy or someone with fair skin would produce a soft smooth dump. Well, I'm fair-skinned and my reputation at school (at least among the "fairer" sex) is that I'm a "sweetheart." :-) But some of my dumps have been downright explosive lately and I've posted a couple of recent examples about them.

You also said someone "Controlling" like Sarah Palin would be constipated. Did you mean to say ideologically conservative or did you mean a controlling personality. I ask because I'm about as conservative as they come (I mean come on, my best friend for years is my Pastor's SON!), so by that standard, Brian and I should be quite constipated, but I can assure you, that is DEFINITELY not the case!! LOL

Pete (USA) Thanks for your kind words about my posts. I've always tried to keep my postings interesting and human by writing about the situations I think everyone gets into from time to time when nature calls, whether that situation be one of embarassment because of where one has to do their business or of urgency due to how badly we have to do it! Statistical things like size. color, and texture never intersted me nor mean jokes like pooping in someone's mailbox.

Although I'm just 18, I think I kind of agree with you in that public bathrooms don't seem to be as noisy as when I was a little kid. As a kid, it seemed like any time I needed to go into the bathroom, there were ALWAYS a couple stalls occupied with guys with their pants around their ankles. And those guys weren't just sitting quietly either as the room always seemed to be filled with the sounds of farting, poop cracking out, and crap plunging into the water. And the guys themselves seemed to be much more vocal in expressing their distress, the strain, the relief, and dare I say it, even the pleasure. There does in fact seem to be less of that, as you observe.

I'm hardly a boring pooper and I think that it's no coincidence that I love physical activity so much along with the fact that my parents have always stressed good nutrition. My friends are pretty much the same way. I really think our values have changed and we've gotten a whole lot more sedentary as a result and don't get enough excercise. We're definitely more obese than just a few years ago. Then when it comes to meals, we take the easy way out and go to Taco Bell or Wendy's. Is it any wonder then that our bowels don't function as well as they once did??? There's no question that I poop MUCH bigger and better than my non-athlete friends at school and I'm positive that nutrition and excercise has everything to do with it.

Ohhh... BY the way, I can't post the story now due to time, but PLEASE remind me if I forget.... My buddy Joe moved to the finished basement of his house to get a "private" area that he didn't need to share with a brother. In order to make it so that Joe wouldn't have to find his way upstairs in the middle of the night when he had to go to the bathroom, his dad installed a toilet in the corner of the basement..... but he hasn't quite gotten around to installing an enclosure AROUND said toilet..... Can you all SEE where I'm going with this??? Gotta boogie, but DON'T LET ME FORGET TO FINISH THIS! It's CLASSIC! Bye for now. David


Back to the open stalls

I was catching up on posts here this morning, when i realized I had not used the beach toilets in a while. It is a beautfiul day here - too cold for a swim, but perfect for a walk along the beach, so I pulled on shorts and a light sweater over my t-shirt and headed to the beach.

I was thinking about the wide variety of reactions guys here have to shitting in public men's rooms. From the guys who are so ashamed to shit that they are embarrassed to be seen by a guy was just taking a dump in the stall right next to them. To the guys who will use open stalls but hide their genitals. To the guys who find dumping to be so natural that it does not require privacy.

I used to be one of the guys who didn't want to be caught dead taking a shit. Then I moved near a beach with open stalls in the men's rooms and, ecourage by Zip and other guys who post here, I began using them and have been going there for more than a year now.

This morning, a guy walked in ahead of me and headed to the far stall. I took the one next to his. While I was wiping the seat with my disinfecrant wipe, i could hear he was just taking a leak. I dropped my shorts and my black briefs, sat down and let it all out. It started with a couple of long farts so it was obvious what i was doing.

I don't hide my stuff because in school we always changed and showered in front of each other in gym class. Nudity was never a problem among the guys, but taking a dump was.

Several guys walked in. All looked at me. None showed any reaction. Two buddies walked in and headed to pee in stalls on either side of me. They just kept talking as if i wasn't there. When the first guy finished and walked past me, I was wiping. A year ago that's something I would never have done with someone watching.

It felt good to have a large morning dump. Then a nice walk in the sun along the beach, and now ready for a day at work.

To the guys here who are embarrassed in public toilets, find some open stalls and force yourself to get used to using them. Now i don't care what people see or hear


Response to Iver

About the toilet in the condo, it was a new toilet, but when you have to plunge every time you go, it gets old.



Just logged on to the site. I thought I needed to fart, and as I'm on my own I thought I'd let it go, but it was a solid poop. Theres more to come, so I best go finish off and clean up.

Well, I'm back. That was a good one. I'd only pushed out a bit, so there was only a bottletop sized bit of poop in my pants. When I got to the toilet I let go again and it was great. I've always loved the feeling of having a big BM, and this was a good example. It slid out slowly, which is the best type I think, very pleasurable. It crackled as it came. When it released, the relief shot through me just as there was a big splash (this one was an "ass wetter"). Satisfying smell too. I wiped up, changed my panties from the accident, and came back to the computer.

Forgot the details. It was about 8 inches long, two inches wide, medium brown.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Winter is up! Any folks wearing snowsuit and need to pee? What to do?


Post Title (optional) Smoking

Does anyone here smoke while they poop? I've found that smoking on the toilet can have laxative value.

Always so curious...

Do slim/skinny girls have big poops?

I have always been curious to know this. Can these kind of girls push out thick logs? I like to think of a skinny girl eating a huge meal and dropping a healthy load the next day.

Maybe some petite girls can share some of their stories.

How much do you eat and how big are your turds?


Shower Pooping

When I get in the shower in the morning, I stand outside the water to let it warm up. While doing that I will pee every morning in the shower. Sometimes I have to poop too. I bend over and either poop on the shower floor, or right into my hand. One step out of the shower and I deposit my creation into the toilet and back into the shower to clean up and start my day. Anyone else ever do this? Btw, I am a guy, 29 years old.


huge bladder

to Flat V Long Pee,

really like your story and i hope to hear more form your bladder tales. i was always fascinated by huge bladders but unfortunately all my girlfriend had peanut-bladders...;-)

did you ever measured your capacity??

huge fan with average size bladder

I went out for ice cream with my friend Lisa late last night. I'm female by the way. Since it was new years day nothing was open besides some restaurants on the other side of the plaza. So we were sitting there eating and talking and I noticed her start to fidget and bounce up and down in her chair. I knew she had to pee because every time we hang out, she does this. She will usually just wait out of lazyness I guess. A little later she asked me if there were bathrooms around. I knew there weren't any in the ice cream place and everywhere close by was closed. Lisa told me she really had to pee so I suggested we drive around the plaza and see what's open
So we walk to her car and she is waddling and saying how bad she has to go. I told her to just to squat in the parking lot since no one was around, but she wasn't comfortable.
We get in the car and it takes her a minute to pull out because she was so shaky. She started to drive with one hand in her crotch
Halfway across the lot she throws the car in park and starts to cry. She said she never had to pee so badly and even if something was open, she probably couldn't get out of the car without wetting herself.
I spotted a restaurant up ahead that seemed to be open and told Lisa to just hold on a couple more minutes. We pulled into a spot close by. I thought Lisa would run out, but instead she just sat there. "Oh no Reid I'm peeing" she cried out. She didn't want to completely flood the seat because it was her boyfriends car so she gained control after a minute or so. This relieved enough pressure on her bladder that she could get out of the car. There was a big wet spot on her crotch and butt. She then literally ran into the restaurant and finished peeing there. We went back to her house so she could change and she spent the rest of the night telling me about all the other times she peed herself.

Do slim/skinny girls have big poops?

I have always been curious to know this. Can these kind of girls push out thick logs? I like to think of a skinny girl eating a huge meal and dropping a healthy load the next day.

Maybe some petite girls can share some of their stories.

How much do you eat and how big are your turds?


Just Jerika's survey and some questions

lst--this is for Just Jerika's survey:

age: 16
gender: male

1. How do you select the stall you use? At school I look for one that's vacant and most importantly, doesn't have urine on the seat. At other places, I look hard for a stall with a door. But they are getting harder to find.

2. Does your bathroom have toilet seat papers? No, not at school. Do you bring them with you? No.

3. Do you sit down on the seat without putting toilet paper on it first? At school, yes. If I'm in a store or place like that that has the seat covers, I will use them. I wrote about that in one of my postings that some guys in open stalls using paper on the seats are hassled.

4. Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it? It depends. Sometimes at the mall or a gas station, the seat looks clean enough. At school sometimes I do and sometimes I don't depending what level of the building I'm on because some bathrooms are cleaner than others.

5. Do your friends sit right down on the seat? With the doorless stalls at school it's pretty obvious that they do. Many of us who are upperclassmen have learned to keep or pants and underwear high enough so that we are exposing a lot less, especially when we are in line for the stalls. An example: my Dad taught me to keep my underwear and jeans at mid-thigh level so that only my tailbone is actually touching the seat. It worked for him in the '70s and he said the conditions sucked back then too.

6. Do you flush when you're done? Pretty much all the time but since many guys use their foot to flush and put too much weight on the flusher, the flushers get broken easily. But there are some that just shit, pull up their pants and run for class. Flushing is the last thing on their mind.

7. Do your friends flush when they are done? Most do, or at least they try.

8. Do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom? Not always when I use a urinal, but when I crap I try to. For every 10 sinks, there are 2 or 3 not working or which have been vandalized. And there's always some guys standing there talking to one another and not watching behind them who is leaving the urinals and toilets. I may be in clubs and activities but a 16-year-old is not going to order a group of seniors just messing around to leave.

9. If you sit down and can't go, do you flush the toilet to fake it. Sometimes I have. And I've also faked wiping. Once was just last semester. Me and my friend Stac arrived at school for music practice at like 7 am. and I felt like I had to take a shit. Since I was the only guy in the bathroom, she stood in the hallway outside the entrance (there are no doors, you walk around a wall to get in) and started to joke ("Connor, did you fall in?"). So I made up some pushing noises after about 5 minutes, spun the toilet paper roll, and flushed, all the while I was frustrated because I couldn't get my shit to drop. Then I leaned back and flushed. She told me the 7:15 music bell had just rung and we were late to practice. So I immediately pulled up my underwear and jeans and ran out to meet her. As we walked down the hall, I put my arm over her shoulder and she jokingly told me not to touch her because I hadn't washed my hands! I told her "@@@@!, I just can't seem to win!" Then I wisely (I think) decided to drop the topic as we hurried to practice.

10. Do you hold your pee or crap to avoid going at school? No. Stac and I have both written about how we're in a lot of activities and sometimes are at school from 7 am. to 9 pm. Both of us would probably explode if we tried to hold it.

And a question for Clara and any others who would like to respond:

In the Just Jerika surveys completed so far, why would you need to BOTH wipe the seat and paper it before sitting on it???

To End Stall Em:

That was a great story about you and Jacob using the unisex bathroom together. Did you feel any thing that may be he would feel awkward or out of place by papering the seat when you then you followed him on the stool and you sat right down? Is that seat covering habit more popular on other sides of the country? This is a real issue that Stac and I have written about before because when we are at the mall or at a concert at the Civic, I paper the seat and Stac will continue to sit right down. However, we're in separate restrooms.


Another Survey?

End Stall, I've enjoyed your posts as well as your survey responses. I've expressed my curiosities about (female) bathroom habits in surveys of my own on this site. Will you and the other female posters be good enough to answer the one below? Thank you in advance.

1) How often do you have a bowel movement?
2) After you have a bowel movement, do you wipe your bottom with dry
toilet tissue alone or do you use dampened toilet tissue or wet wipes
or something?
3) How many times do you usually wipe after a bowel movement?
4) Do you often bathe right after a bowel movement?
5) After you wipe your bottom, do you ever follow up with powder or
perfume or such?

Thank you again, ladies.

middle age

Sitting to Pee is Requested on Tour Buses

I have taken many tours by bus (not greyhound but bus tours where everybody pre-pays for a multi-day tour which includes transportation, hotels, some meals, sight-seeing, etc.). I have seen signs in the washrooms at the back of the bus - actually they are decals showing a gentleman peeing standing up with an X through it and then beside it a pictogram of a gentleman sitting to pee which is basically a request for all users of the washroom to sit down to pee. Imagine highway driving and not sitting down - the mess would be great. One of my colleagues (male) told me that men do not sit to pee in greyhound bus washrooms and the mess is great. These on-board toilets on the tour buses have toilet paper, wet-wipes, and they actually flush into a holding tank. At the start of each tour, the tour guide tells us that these bathrooms are for emergencies only and we are to use the bathrooms at all rest stops. I have a weak bladder so I must also use the on-board bathrooms. I always telll the tour guide at the beginning of the trip that it is a bladder issue only (vs. bowel movement which would be much worse). I don't like using these bathrooms however and would rather pee in the bushes but en-route that is not possible although we do see several cars pulled over and people going to/coming from wooded areas. It costs money to empty the bus septic tank and there are only certain gas stations that are set up for this - usually the ones that cater to RVs. Most people who use the on board bathrooms are women although a few men do. The ladies know that the line up at the rest stop will be horrendous. Some of the senior ladies actually go into the men's room with no qualms - they say they have/had husbands and raised sons and have seen it all. There are occasions when the on-board bathroom has been out of order when someone got ill and vomited. I always travel with a couple of travel johns in case this occurs. One can pee at one's seat discreetly with these by covering one's lap to do the deed. For those who do now know about these products they are available on line and are basically small bags with a polymer to solidify urine or vomit for travel sickness. They are good for men, women and children for travel, boating, etc. Some of our bus tour rest areas have ranged from travel welcome centres with nice, multi-stall washrooms with large sinks, mirrors, hand dryers and tourist brochures all the way to outhouses at parks, etc. Several people on the bus tours wear incontinence products just in case. I have read that some parents put their kids in pullups for travel just in case also and that some parents with sons keep a bottle in the backseat for an emergency pee. With fewer public washrooms available, I would like to know how many people wear incontinence products as emergency bathrooms. Every drug store and grocery store sells these now. In Scandinavia they even recycle them. I was reading about Swedish culture - families often have a cottage and have an outhouse for #2 and just pee in the woods - it is more environmentally friendly than having water/sewage systems.

middle age

Quick pee stories

Anybody have any quick urgent pee stories such as peeing in a parking lot? Any sports and peeing stories? Any stealth peeing stories (where it is so discreet nobody can tell)? Does anyone pee in the gym showers such as at a fitness facility? I heard that some people pee down the drains of changing rooms? Any truckers have to go by the side of their rig?


Pee before or after?

I have a single question survey for the women here. Do you pee before or after you poop? My wife has always peed before (or during) her poops. But I've heard other women pee after.


My name is Jasmin,here are my answers to Just Jerika's survey

Age: 11

Gender: Female

How do you select the stall you use: Take any that is free.

Does your bathroom have the toilet seat papers Stac writes about? Or do you bring them with you? If yes, do you use them?: I never use them when they are there.

Do you sit down on the seat without putting paper on it first? I always sit.

Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it? Depends how urgent I need to pee, If it was to poo then yes probably as I take a while to poo but usually only poo at home.

Do your friends sit right down on the seat.Yes those that Ive seen

Do you flush when you're done? Sometimes.

Do your friends flush when they are done? Sometimes, it depends if we are sharing a stall then we all might pee before flushing.

Do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom? Sometimes.

If you sit down and can't go, do you flush the toilet to fake it.?: No, I usually only have that problem with doing a poo which I do at home and my mom makes me sit there untill I do it and I am not allowed to get up untill I have done it.

Do you hold your pee or crap to avoid going at school?
I try not to ever go at school. I Pee at school but always hold poop till at home cos I get into trouble when I cant go.

I liked reading the stories and might post some


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