Upstate Dave

Last Full Day With Marrie Part 1

I've been telling about my next door neighbor friend in the past posts. Marrie and I had become good friends while I was living in the city for a brief time when I was young. She and I as in my posts became good bathroom friends. Well it was now the time together was going to end for the house out in the country was ready for us to move in. We would leave on Saturday and that would be the day I was leaving.

Marrie and I set it up to spend a full day all day on Friday. Friday came and we both got up very early to make it a long full day together. Marrie was wearing a dress which I had asked her to. I was wearing a pair of eleastic waist band shorts which she asked me to wear them. We met out on the front steps that morning in front of her building.

As we walked down the steps and down the sidewalk we talked. Marrie asked me if I had a lot to drink last night and this morning. I told her I sure did! I made sure I would have to go first thing this morning and I do! Marrie giggled a little and I asked her if she had also. Marrie answered me by saying; I could piss right here right now! I let out a short laugh. We hurried down the sidwalk for we were going over to the clubhouse together for the last time and use the ladies and gents sink toilets together.

We both really hurried as we walked and soon enough we went through the valve factoys parkinglot and sipped in the old bar buildings backyard and slipped inside the broken back door. As we walked into the kitchen Marrie had already pulled up her dress to her waist and I had slipped down my shorts to my knees. I stepped over to the gents sink while Marrie hopped up on the ladies sink.

Before we both began to piss in the sinks Marrie hurridly rummaged around searching for something in her crumpled up dress. I asked her what she was looking fr. Marrie told me she was going to break the clubhouse rule since this would be the last time we would be using our sik toilets together. I smiled with a big smile now knowing that Marrie besides pissing in the sink was going to shit in it too!

Severla long seconds later as Marrie pulled out a partail roll of toilet paper said loudly; I found it! She held the roll in her hand and she then asked me if I needed to tak a shit. We both misewell break the rule together! I could fel that I could also sht and I said why not! (I was going toi shit outside up in the valve factorys dump but I was willing to do it now since Marrie was going to shit also. So I turned around hopped up on the gents sink and hung my bare ass over it like Marrie was already doing.

Marrie and I started t piss first. She started just before I did. Marie started with a hard piss that hissed loudly and splattered into the front of the sinks basin. I had my penis pointed down in my hand and I sent out a hard piss also with my piss stream hittin the bottom of the gents sink just before the front face of it. My piss splatterd all over the sink like Marrie's piss was doing.

We both pissed hard for many long seconds and then I felt my asshole opening for I was now starting to shit. I told Marrie I was starting my shit. Marrie leaned back and took a look. I shit very fast so when Marrie looked back I already had a long enough sht pked out between my asscheeks so that made it a good four inches. Marrie quickly told me it was fat one. It's a big one! It felt like I big one to me as it slid out. I took a glance at Marrie. She was only pissing but her stream had lessened up and its hissing had become less.

A few seconds more passed and I heard a dull thump. Marrie right at this point watching me shit said to me; It broke! There is still more comming! I asked Marrie; How big is the piece in the sink? Her answer to me wasabout a foot long. You have a five inch stub hanging out and its geting longer real fast! I could feel that my shit that was comming out was sliding right along so it was moving quickly.

Then there was a second dull thud for that shit had fallen now into the sink. Then I did three short ones in a row and I was done shiiting. My piss stream had slacked off some too while I was shitting and it sprang right back up now going full force again. Now that I waas only pissing I now leaned back a litte looked over at Marrie's cute little ass and waited for her to start her shit. Marrie's piss stream was still flowing but now it was real weak as I watched.

Then I saw after a few seconds Marrie's asshole had domed open and she had a fat blunt shit poking out of it which was about three inches in length. I told Marrie I can see you are now starting. She gave me a weak smile only not saying any thing back to me. Severla more secnds went by. Her shit gained another few inches and I had stopped pissing so I let go of my penis.

As I went on watching Marrie shit her piss stream ha dribbled some,then dripped, and came to a stop as her shit gained a couple more inches. I would say now it was maybe between eight and nine inches in length and as fat as a oda can with its blunt front end as almost as flat across as one! It now stopped moving. Marrie muttered; I have to stop for a moment and she did.

So Marrie rested with her shit and bare ass hanging over the sink. Marrie rested sitting for a good minute or more. Then she bore down giving a hard push sending out a hard spurt of piss from her vagina which it splattered hard in the sink. Her shit started moving creping along slowly too. As I watched it gained one inch, then two inches, and then reached three inches morein length. Marrie thenlet out a loud gasp of air for she had been holding her breath as she had ben pushing and her shit stopped along with her pissing which had went back to a weak stream when her shit was moving. Now also she had stopped pissing a second time.

I now said to Marrie; Your having a tough time with this jobbie! Marrie only shook her head yes very fast a few times. Then after a long minute Marrie bore down again pushing hard sending out a spurt of piss first and then again her shit started to creep along. Her shit gained another three inches with this push and then Marrie let out another gasp and her shit kept moving now on its own.

Her piss stream had again stopped but started again now with only a weak stream which was just a little more then a dribble. When Marrie's shit reached almost a foot in length it narrowed right down which it sped right up and then dropped down into the ladies sink with a dull thud followede b to little nuggets and that was it for Marrie she was done shitting. Also she pissed for several seconds more and then she dripped to a stop.

Marrie and I together got off from the sinks together. We both turned around and faced the sink and looked over our shits. We both said to each other they were big and it was quite a good job we had done. Now I could feel that I could piss some more for my bladder hadn't emptied when I had pissed. So I said to Marrie; There is one more thing to finish this off right! Marrie looked at me and asked; What's that? I'm going to piss on both shits!

Marrie giggled briefly but hard. I stepped up to the gents sink to piss on my sht first. Marrie then said wait! She stepped over next to me. Let me do it! So I let her. After all it was our last day together. Marrie aimed my penis and I pissed all over my shit and then stopped. Marrie let go of my penis and she stepped aside and I stepped over in front of the ladies sink.

Marrie took my penis again and held it and I finshedd up pissing all over her shit in the ladies sink. Marrie giggled as I sent outseveral finsihing up spurts down into the sink and then I was done pissing. Now all this time Marrie had been holding the used roll of toilet paper she had dug from her dresses pocket. She was still holding it now. Now I have something that I want to do and have you do too! Marrie said to me.

So I asked Marrie what she wanted to do. She raised the hand that was holding the roll of toilet paper high into the air. Her face cheeks turned a little red before she spoke but she did speak right up. I want to wipe your ass! I looked at Marrie and then I said to her; You also said something else that you wanted too there girl. Marrie gigged a little and in a loud whisper said to me; I want you to wipe my ass!

I smiled and I reached right over for the roll. Marrie stopped her giggles and smiled. Then she stepped over to the ladies sink and pulled and gathered up the back of her dress uncovering her ass and she then leaned over placing herelbows on the sinks top front edge. I moved in behind her rapidly rolling off the roll a wad of paper. Then I tore off a wad and I knelt down.

Marrie's cute small asscheeks were several inches away at face level. There was one small problem. I couldn't see where she needed to be wiped. I told Marrie she would have to lean over more or open your cheeks.Marrie began now t laugh. But she did move by leaning over further spraeding her feet waider apart on the floor and she re reached back pulling er cheeks apart at the same time.

Now can you see! Marrie said to me as she laughed. YES I CAN CYCLOPES! Your one eye back here I can see now. I said back to Marrie. Marrie laughed even harder as I reached up with the wad of paper in my hand and I saw some brownish smudges now on the insides of both of her cheeks. I gave the smudges a gentle wipe. Pulled the paper away and there was still a light smudge left on them. There was also a brownish smudge on the paper too.

So I carefully flipped the paper over and gave her cheeks in the same spot a second wipe. I inspected the area again an the smudges were gone. Her cheeks were now clean but there was several dingleberries right on her ashole that needed to be wiped away. I did that next and I was done. I told Marrie that she was all set. I stood back up after saying this to her and tossed the wad of paper into the ladies sink.

Marrie quickly told me that I wasn't but she told me she would take care of the rest. I gave her the roll of paper and she took it. She turned right around rapidly rolled of a wad of paper from the roll dropped it on the floor. She with one hand hiked back up the front of her dress. Took the wad of paper and wiped her vagina off and then tossed the paper into the sink. Marrie gigglng again said to me; You didn't di the front which I would have let you do this time! I frowned in disapointment. Marrie seeing this quickly told me thatI would have a second chance the next time she would go. That brought a smile to my face. Marrie smiled and then bent down picked up the roll of toilet paper and waited for me to resume the position so that she could wipe me!

I stood and bent over and I like Maqrrie pulled my asscheeks wide open for her. Marrie knelt behind me like I had done with her. Marrie told me I was almost clean. It should take one wipe! As she said that to me I felt the toilet paper right on my asshole moving on it. It was quick and Marie said to me right after I no longer the paper said she was right/ Your'e clean. She tossed the paper into the gents sink.

Ipulled up my shorts wethen took a final look in the sinks. We walked out heading outside and we were both holding hands and laughing as we left. Next stop wwas a trip up t the store for drinks so we would make sure that we would be again pissing later. We also had planned going to lunch together which was going to be on me. This would be our last lunch together and our last little date together too. I'll continuie this.

I went out to get a bus up to the nearest Shopping Mall this morning , but I didn't make it, because while I was waiting for the bus, i felt the urge to poo.
Fortunately there is a playing field nearby with a toilet in it, so I used that & I got my bum onto the toilet bowl JUST in time, but i spent SO LONG in the toilet i missed my bus completely & i had another 1/2 hour to wait until the next bus turned up.
More & Bigger & Better toilet tales, later .


Do you look like the way you poop??

While waiting for responses to my last post, I wanted to share one of my quirks about defecating and bowel movements that CeeJay's story reminded me of.

CeeJay's friend met the description of someone in my mind who would have a large BM. When I look at myself, I think that I would have large BM's and the overwhelming majority of them are.

When I look at someone casually like a teacher, a friend, co-worker, acquaintance or even stranger (guy or girl)I always wonder and try to guess what kind of BM that they did. This is wierd, but I tend to associate the type of BM with their body, hairstyle or personality.

Like, I tend to think of controlling people being constipated and having dry, hard stools. For instance, Sarah Palin would be constipated in my mind.

A kind, gentler guy or girl might produce a soft but smooth BM. Or someone with fairer skin.

Sometimes I associate curly hair with loose stools, loud ones and diarrhea.

Is that wierd?? Love to all!

Upstate Dave

Marrie My First City Peeing Friend

After awhile the three of us got bored with the swings got back on the bkes and rode around the upper parts of the park. We went past the two upper ball fiels, tennis courts, and part of the gold course. Then we rode back to the road and went down to the lower part of the park.

Just to the right of the rotary circle was the parks only bathrooms building. Jill on Marries bike rode up the sidewalk to the front of the building and stopped. Jill had to piss. Marrie riding with me on my bike told me to ride up to the bathrooms for Marrie would go in with Jill. So I did. Marrie got off from my bike and her and Jill went behind the front wall and into the ladies bathroom. I satyed by my bike and stood there waiting.

Only about a minte later Marriecame back standing at the open door said to me; Come inside there is only us two in here! No one else is inside! So I hurried right over and went inside the the opened door with Marrie and into the ladies bathroom! I was sure surprised how it looked inside once I was inside.

Now this bathroom building was very old. The park had been built along with this building at the turn of the century so it was now 60 years old. Over the 60 years very little had been done to modernize it and also it was pretty run down looking inside for the city had not been keeping up with repairing it also.

First of all there was no electricity in the building. There were skylights in the cieling but many of them were extreamly dirty, some panes of glass were cracked badly and some of the ones that were had cracked had missing pieces of glass in them. This created leaks which the cieling panels which were either plaster or copper sheets plaster had come down leaving the underlying lath wood showing and the copper panels had heavy green tarnish on them.

Now being in a ladies room there were single old style sinks lined up in a row on the one tiled wall with plenyt of missing tiles. Many of the sinks were stained with rust. Now the toilets were in stalls with some of the doors missing, bent from vandels, and none of them had latches on the doors so they could not be secured and locked when used.

The toilets themselves were in the same condition of the sinks. Heavly rust stained, some very dirty for those ones must not be working at all so they had not been used for a long time. Now what Jill had been doing all this time was going down the line of toilet stalls and looking in them looking for a toilet to use. This is how I got to see the condintion of the stalls and toilets.

After going down the entire row of stalls and inspecting them Jill hurried back to one of the middle stalls and went isnide of it to piss. She slammed the door which having no latch just bounced back partaily open leaving a wide open gap which both Marrie and I could see Jill still inside the stall standing in front of the toilet.She turned and took the old black toilet seat and let it drop with a loud bang. Then she turned around and faced forward not bothering with the partaily open door of the stall after she did try closing it again but slowly swung partaily open on its own again.

Jill muttered loud enough so that Marrie and I both heard her. The hell with it! Jill had muttered loudly. That made Marrie burts into a short loud giggle. Jill just yanked down her shorts and sat quickly down on the old black toilet seat only for a very quick moment. Then she raised her bare ass right up from the seat. The seat was real dirty so thats why Jill got up off from it. But she had to piss so she hovered over the seat and toilet now as we looked in at her in the stall.

As Marrie and I stood watching from out of Jill's vagina a spurt of piss shot out and stopped. Then another short spurt followed by one more. Marrie then said loudly to jill after the second spurt had come out and while Jill did her third spurt; I thought you had to piss Jill! Jill loudly answred back to Marrie; I do give me a chance I'll piss! There was a shirt pause after the third spurt had come out. Jill let out a litle grunt and she gave a push.

From her vagina a stream of piss started flowing out from it and stayed flowing. It was pretty hard and there was only the soundof her piss splattering on the old porcilain bowl of the toilet. No sound of her piss hitting water came from the stall. Her stream was going straight down too. As it turned out there was no water in the bowl in this toilet. It took a few seconds for the sound pf splashing piss for her pis had started filling in the toilets trap.

Jill went on pissing having her piss now splashing in the piss that was filling the trap and bowl making the only sound until her stream did start to hiss which it did softly and then the hiss of of her stream got louder as she pissed. Marrie at this point said to Jill; Now you are pissing. Jill looked over with a smirk on her face at Marrie and stuck her tounge out at her and gave Marrie the finger too!

Marrie burst into laughter and I along with her. My reason was only that Jill had given Marrie the finger that is what made me laugh. Jill went on pising I woud have said about a half minute. Then her stream dwindled right down with its hissing stopping and she ened by dripping a lot. Jill had no toilet paper in the stall. She stayed hovered over the toilet and had asked us to check the stall for paper. Marrie and I both hurried down the row of stalls being real noisy about it and all of the stalls there was no paper in them. We came back and told Jill the place was empty.

Jill then gave herself a series of shaking her body and then she just simply yanked her shorts back up turned and flushed the toilet. Much to our suprise it did flush. But only from the sounds that the toilet made as it flushed it was doing it weakly. Jill stepped out from the stall as the toilet flushed,gurggled and groaned as it flushed.

Good thing Jill didn't stayin the stall for now as the toilet flushed light yellow water slwly started to appear and spread at the base of the toilet and started spreading around the floor in the stall! The toilet was leaking. Marrie said loudly as the yellow pissy water spread on the stalls floor I can't use that one now! That told me that Marre had to piss also and she did too. Marrie grabbed my hand and pulled me along the row of stalls looking for a toilet to piss in.

After going down the entire row of stalls Marrie went back to a stall. THis one the door was badly bent but the toilet appeared to look ok. She pulled me inside with her. Jill had watched us and seeing that we both went inside the stall together said loudly; I'm going outside and wait for you too. I hope someone comes in too and sees you both in there!

Marrie let out a loud giggle first. Then she asked me; Would it matter if someone did come in on us? I smiled and siad firmly back to Marrie NO! I added saying I would tell them that I was in here protecting my sistor. That made Marrie giggle harder but only doing it very short. The as she lifted her dress up to piss she asked me to lift up the seat. It was just as dirty as Jills was. So I reached passed Marre and lifted up the seat for her.

Marrie stepped back straddled over the old toilet but didn't start her piss. She smiled and asked me if I had to piss. I did and she smiled. I pulled down my zipper slipped my penis out wich was erect and Marrie now having being totaly used to holding my penis took it in her hand shoved it down aiming it at the old toilet bowl. Also too Marie started her piss. Unlike Jill a steady stream of piss flowed out from her vagaina and hissed loudly from the start.

Also too this toilet had water in the bowl so Marrie's piss splashed too right from the start. I started to piss after several seconds after Mrrie. My stream shot down and hit Marries piss stream just before it was hitting and splashing in the water. My stream being strong made Marries and my stream splater with a a big splateter dep in the bowl but none of our splattering piss came up high enough to splatter on ourselves.

I and Marrie both took a pretty good piss. I did outlast her this time but not by all that much. Marrie's piss stream slackened right ooff withits hissing doing a fade out and she did a couple of spurts and a short dribble and then dripped some too to finish. I had my stream ease off to like hers had done. I did two spurts to finish off my piss. Marrie giggled as she gave my penis its finishing shakes! I asked her why she was giggling. Oh I thought it would nbe real funny if some one had come in rght now and saw me shaking you! That made me smile and I told Marrie; Only you would think that way! She giggled more.

Then now having both finished she let go of me let her dress drop and waited while I took care of myself which I did in a few short seconds. I stepped back Marrie stepped forward turned and gave the toilets flush handle a push down. No water came out at all! This toilet was broken even though there had been water in the bowl. Oh well Marrie said as now togther we started walking out of the stall together.

I just happed to take a quickk look up towards the ceiling as we came out of the stall. There was one of the old cracked with a missing piece out of it. I said to Marrie; I bet you as I pointed up at the skylight and Marrie now looked up at it seeing the broken cracked pane of glass the bowl gets water in it when it rains. Marrie agreed with me. It made good sense to say that. She and I walked out and Jill was on Marries bike and Marrie and I got on mine and we took off and headed for home. Now as I would soon find out my time with Marrie would be over very soon. In fact less then a month from now I would be living again out in the country for we would move into our contry house that my father had been working on all this time. Upstate Dave

Master Blaster
End Stall Em- Your stories are great, sounds like your cousin really had a monster log. 3 times all the way around the bowl, my goodness! That's got to be over 3 feet long and possibly over 4! Love all the details, keep posting!

My dumps are nearly as big as some of the folks on here. Yesterday's was pretty much average for me, as I sat down and pushed out a log about 1.25 inches thick and 8 or 9 inches long, along with a couple tiny chunks. I wish I knew how some of y'all do it!

John Philip

To turd lover

So what turds do you consider "special" ones exactly? Mostly because because none of my shits are noteworthy, just my my normal stuff.

The other morning I was in my bathroom shaving when my girlfriend started banging on the door (I guess I must have absentmindedly locked it) I went over and unlocked it, opening the door to find her pulling down her pants as she ran in. She exclaimed with relief "Oh thank goodness. I felt like i was about to..." She was interrupted by an enormous wet fart, "explode!" Her face blushed bright red as she ran past me, sat down on the toilet and release a torrent of loud, gassy diarrhea. She was doubled over on the toilet, just letting it loose. She kept on farting out little spurts for most of the morning


Waiting for solidity

I'm waiting to see if today might bring my first normal bowel movement of 2010. I've been visited by a mild diarrhea bug. It started several days ago, with just the occasional liquid stool, the others being normal. At the time I thought it was something I ate; however, on New Year's Day I had two full-fledged diarrhea movements, several hours apart, so I knew it was a Disease, and I took a tablespoonful of Pepto. The disease has never been severe--the diarrhea would alternate with slightly more solid stools, and they always came half a day or so apart. Yesterday, finally, I had no diarrhea, just two very soft but somewhat formed poops, quite dark in color and several hours apart; in the first I could see orange pieces of carrot not quite thoroughly chewed. So I am hoping that today I might get closer to a normal turd or set of turds. The farts have already started, signaling that a b.m. is fairly imminent.

Keith D


Hello all. I haven't been on here in quite awhile. Great to see so many pooping stories again. I haven't been doing a whole lot of pooping lately myself. I've only been going every two to four days or so, instead of my usual daily. I wouldn't say that I am constipated. I just haven't been getting the urge to go. And if I don't get an urge, I can't produce. I guess I've had a hectic work schedule and that has kept me distracted. Then when I finally do get an urge to poop it takes quite a bit of effort to get it out. I've been producing quite large 12 inch long logs that are dry and knobbly. They move out quite slowly and are a bit scratchy. I need to hold my breath and bear down and push quite hard to get them to inch out bit by bit. It is very hot where I am living at the moment and it can get quite uncomfortable straining over the bowl for a long period of time. I have only had a few big slow movements since Xmas.

To Linda from Australia: Great to see that you are still here and thanks for asking about me. I'm sorry to hear that you're constipated again but it's nice to have someone to share my struggles with. I take it from what you have said that you have struggled with constipation your whole life? I have, ever since I was very young. I just don't get a really strong urge to poop and when it comes the poop is so hard and moves ever so slowly that it takes a long time and a lot of effort to squeeze out. Even when I am not constipated as such, it still takes a long time and a lot of work to get out. Most people don't seem to have much trouble pooping, they are just in and out of the toilet room so I have always felt the odd one out. It is nice to know that some other people struggle too. Even though I sympathise with how hard their struggles may be!

I don't find that diet makes any difference at all to my bowel habits. No amount of fibre or vegetables get me moving. In fact I think that extra fibre and extra bulk makes my turds even bigger and harder to get out. I do find that drinking lots of water makes a bit of a difference as it seems to make the poop a little softer and help it slide along a little easier. But there is no magic bullet for me.

Linda, like yourself I don't like using any medications or anything to help myself poop. I've never had laxatives, enemas or anything like that. I'm worried I would get dependent on them as it is always a struggle for me to poop. An easy way out would be too easy. And I guess that like you I just try to "tough it out". There is some real satisfaction in completing a task if it was really hard. And I suppose that I do really enjoy pooping sometimes. It is such a fantastic feeling as it breaches and comes out, not to mention the relief afterwards and feeling of great satisfaction. But I guess that being constipated a lot is a real problem. And imagine the hours (months?) of our lives we have wasted straining over the pot!

Sometimes in my straining I will find a new technique or position that helps me get pooping more easily. I'll use it a few times and it will work well. But then suddenly it stops working and no amount of straining will help. Then I find a new position and it works for a little while then stops working again. It is so frustrating.

It is great to be able to find out about the techniques and tricks that other people use on the toilet. When I can't get one out I always feel like I am doing something wrong and that there must be some better way of pooping. There are loads of physiotherapists and sports analysts and people to tell us about advanced running techniques, athletics, standing postures etc but no one has written a manual or filmed a documentary on correct pooping techniqes! It would be great to see how different people do it and find out some do's and don'ts. I could only demonstrate how to struggle really hard though! What Thunder from Down Under described sounds useful - a therapist who watches you poop and gives handy tips! I guess I will struggle onwards.

Pete (USA)

Classic guy stories in a wide variety of ways


I haven't been on this forum for several years. I just decided to check it out and was glad to see that Thom, Jacob G, Brent C, and Zip are still posting, even if occasionally. I have always enjoyed your posts!

Greg posted about "classic guy stories in a wide variety of ways" and I agree. I enjoyed reading recent posts from Brian, Esteban, Mickey, David, Dump Bud, Martin, and Tim DE.

I agree with Greg that I hope some of that talent (for classic guy stories) will return and post on this site soon. I agree that Greg shouldn't have to carry the whole "load" by himself!

I encourage my old and new fellow posters to add some classic guy stories of public mens room experiences.

I have (unfortunately) noticed that most of the public mens rooms I use are much quieter than they have in years past - less straining, plopping, and moaning. I've been noticing these sounds for more than 40 years now and it's just not the same as it was in "the good old days." Any ideas why this is so? I assume that it is due to changing dietary, exercise, and general health habits that result in less constipation and easier dumps. I now notice that many guys take a seat, make very little noise, and begin wiping after only a few minutes - boring!

Any other ideas?


Sitting to pee

Dick-It's funny how you mention kneeling to pee. I do that often. I do it mainly because I tend to have a split stream. I sometimes pee and two streams come out. I believe it has to do with the urethral opening. I think most guys have a slit right at the tip of their penis. Mine extends from the tip to just a tiny bit further down on the underside. The opening tends to cause my stream to split sometimes, so I have learned to kneel on occasion, in order to minimize spraying. It's also one of the reasons I will sit to pee.

I will usually sit at home if I get up at night to take a leak. I sleep in my underwear so it's very easy to just pull my briefs down and have a seat. I don't have to turn on the light or anything. I'll also sit to pee if I'm wearing sweatpants or jeans with no belt. If I'm already unzipped, it's not a big deal to pull my jeans and underwear down to the floor.



One of the most embarrassing experiences I ever had to endure was when I was ten years old. I was at a school picnic surrounded by my classmates. I was having cramps and gas and eventually I knew I was going to have diarrhea. I raced to the restroom, which was a latrine like you'd see at a camp site. There was a trough for guys to pee in, two sinks and one single toilet. The toilet was in the far corner of the room with no stall or anything. Anyone standing anywhere in the room could see whoever was on the toilet. I had to wait on line behind two guys who were using it to pee. I thought about bailing and running into the woods, but I was desperate and I finally overcame my bashfulness. When it was my turn I rolled off some TP and covered the toilet seat, pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet. The guy waiting behind me was shocked and got on line for the trough instead. I got a lot of stares from the guys who were peeing or washing their hands. I had really gassy explosive diarrhea. Guys were coming in and doing double takes when they saw me with my pants down on the toilet. Every time I farted there would be a series of chuckles. It sucked. Finally when I was done I wiped my ass and washed my hands. I had it in my head that by the time I got out every kid on the trip would have heard that I was taking a shit. I don't know if that was the case or not, but that was the most un-private place I've ever crapped.


Sitting to pee

I see that there has been a lot of discussion about men sitting to pee and I just can't resist commenting. I'm a man and I always sit to pee when I'm at home or in a clean bathroom. I started doing this when we built a new bathroom and we wanted to keep it clean. Now I actually prefer it because I don't have to bother to aim, it's relaxing, I can multitask (like shaving), if I'm hard I can just push my penis down a bit with my hand, it's quieter, it's easier to make sure I'm really empty, it's convenient to wipe the tip of my penis with toilet paper instead of shaking, which helps keep the bathroom and my pants clean, and it helps me keep regular. I'm sure every woman has had the experience of going to pee and finding herself having an unexpected poo. Men who stand to pee miss that opportunity.

My wife made fun of me at first until she realized that the bathroom was staying clean and I wasn't needing artificial help to poop nearly as often. Now she wouldn't like it if I stood up, I'm sure.

Of course I pee standing up in dirty public restrooms with urinals. But then, my wife stands up, too, when she has to pee in dirty restrooms. She has a TravelMate funnel that she uses in those circumstances. In fact, we've even peed side-by-side standing up a few times, which is good fun.



I had an odd experience the other week. I got the sudden urge to poop while watching tv. I got up and walked to the bathroom, but the urge did not ease as usual, rather it got so bad I had to clench up. I got in the bathroom, but before I could get to the toilet my poop started coming out. It was semi-soft. I couldn't stop it and it snaked around in my boxer briefs until it crawled up my back a little, my shorts were sagging! It stopped and I eased them down and sat on the toilet just as a bunch of softer poop exploded out of me. I cleaned up, threw out my undies and went back to the tv. Nothing else happened. I've never pooped myself before, not even as a kid. I have no clue what happened. Also I had taken two normal poops that same day. Thoughts?

to End Stall Erin! i really enjoyed your posts! thats cool that your cousin and u were able to go into the unisex bathroom. when he told you to dont forget to flush the tiolet u should have left it unflushed! did john flush his prize or leave it for others to view! i love your posts keep up the awesome work!





Heyy all i am new here
first i would like 2 say i have being reading your storys linda and they r very intersting i was also constipated on christmas day :( i had 2 get a stool 2 put my feet up on i had 2 really push and strain i did a cupple of poos 2day but i am still not finshed i am like u linda with constipation can u please help me thxz

Shih Tzu Dog


Hi ppls.
Ive been sick for the past week....
And heres a story that happened to me on my sick journey.........

I was bored and went to go watch TV. And i always watch animal planet.So i was sitting on a chair watching TV in my PJs.I held in my poop since that morning.And it was 3:00.By that time i really had to go but I was very lazy.So after about 2 hours I couldnt hold it anymore. Liquid poop started filling my panties.Then my PJs.It was my first accident ever.But it felt so good! Then my mom came in but didnt punish me.Thank you mom!So i waddled up to the bathroom and looked.Mushy poop was everywhere.And a mix of Tylenol and soup.I felt sooo much better.

Also when I was about 6,I was playing soccer with my neighbors and a bird poop RIGHT ON MY SKIRT!!!I was so embarrassed.

See ya and I hope I hopfuly ill be better next time!

peace,love,shih tzu

-Shih Tzu Dog


sitting to pee

I'm a normal guy, and sometimes I sit to pee. At home I sit 95% of the time, and in public I sit if I feel I may need to poop. I have a small penis and small bladder so standing tends to be messy. I stand when going outdoors, or if I decide to use a urinal. Also I'm prone to bladder infections which make my stream weak.

Hi Everyone. Ive been a lurker for a couple of months now, but this is my first post. Im 27, brunette, about 5"6. Ill be back with stories later, but first, a quick question. How long has this site been going? I saw an old posts page dated March 2000, but that was page 300 and something, so how long has it been?

See you later


diarheea new year

hi guys, just one day befor the new year, i got hit by cramps, i felt them going down, it was night, i went to the toilet, and expelled a bit at forst, but knew was more to come. so i had a warm tea with small sips, and then i got 3 waves of runny shit, which made me feel better, and went to sleep. but my rice and tea diet next day, stopped me from going to the party feeling week:( happy new year to all poopers here. love constipation stories

Shih Tzu Dog

Great stories!!!!

Whitney:Great story!!(page 1298)

Yeah its so weird i have a half sister named Whitney......but shes 18.
Right now i dont have any stories to tell but i have a question....

In the summer i have normal hard poops.
In the spring i have normal/soft poops.
In the fall i have soft poops.
In the winter i have soft serve poops.

Is there anyone else that has poops like this????
Do you know why??????

This is very unusual for me.
And it just started in 2008!

I wonder if if im starting periods...

anyways...peace,love,Shih Tzu!

-Shih Tzu Dog


An Embarrasing Encounter with Catherine's Bowels

Iver and CeeJay, as well as David, you may be particularly interested in this story, because it involved a huge BM's at inopportune times.

During my junior year in high school (twelve years ago), I was at another girl's house for a weekend church function. We stayed in a host home and had a youth leader come in to lead the study. Our house was junior and senior girls. As I have said, my bowel habits have been two rather healthy BM's per day since my early teen years. On this day, we had a basketball game on the road that was a double header for a boys game. From there, I was headed straight to the retreat. I did not do my PM poop due to the game, and getting to the house for the retreat. Because of the rush, I did not feel the urge.

We had two sessions that were really interesting and emotional. (I consider myself devout Christian, though not a judgemental one.) Afterwords, we had pizza delivered to the house for a late-night snack, as well as soft-drinks, sweets and fruit to munch on. And, of course, I ate more than I should. All the girls made comments, and I enjoyed the attention...until it hit me.

We were sleeping downstairs in a finished basement with a large bedroom and living space with a full bathroom. The girl, Kelly, was an only child like me and had her own area down stairs. We were all giggling, talking and playing games when I began to feel really bloated and crampy. Then, I got that "gotta go now" feeling that I tried to wrestle with privately for a few moments.

Though I love to poop and was then even a very self-confident girl, I just did not want to go then. I hoped that girls would eventually quit talking and I could go do my "doodie" in peace. No such luck. I got very quiet and the others asked what was wrong and I said "I have to go to the bathroom...I'll be a few minutes, sorry." I tried to play it off. When I got in the bathroom and sat down, a huge log forced its way out with no effort, uncorking a floodgate of mush followed by a loud barritone...well, you know!

I felt my face flush with embarassment and heard some giggles outside. Kelly and the other girls started knocking on the door, asking if I was OK. Though I was deeply embarassed, I tried to play it off, "Yeah, I think the pizza and pepsi didn't like me!" I finished with a few aftershocks, wiped, and flushed...and nothing happened! I had just taken a monstrous dump at someone else's house and it was going nowhere. I started to tear up. I washed my hands and came out and all the girls were staring. They could see I was upset and all I could say was, "It did not flush." Kelly, who is petite, did not keep a plunger in her bathroom. They all started to tell me it was OK and that they wanted to see what I did. When they went in they all said that it was the biggest poop they had ever seen (I did not use that much toilet paper - it was a pretty clean wipe.) It smelled, and it was big.

There was one large log, about 2 inches thick and 18 inches long that broke off and another one that curled around the bowl softer, and over one inch thick. The pile of mush formed a pie at the front of the toilet, but the thick log came up out of it. Kelly had to get her dad to come and get the toilet unclogged. I was so embarrassed!

However, that was not all. My stomach still did not feel right. About an hour later my stomach was cramping with a vengence. I was sweating and the other girls began to notice. I went in the same bathroom and this time had explosive diarrhea, which lasted about ten minutes before I felt like I could get up. I knew that they heard everything. But this time the girls tried to comfort me and told me that it was OK. After that episode, I was fine. I thought I might have a bug, but my stomach felt great afterwards.

We exchanged some poop stories, which would confirm everyone's suspicions that girls can have large loads too! I felt better after that. But I could not look at Kelly's father the rest of the weekend. The next day I was back to eating lots like always, and had a great time. Too, it was a special weekend. My friends were cool about it and I never heard about it again from anyone who was not there!

I journaled about the experience as soon as I got home. It was one of the largest movements I have had and would have enjoyed it had it been in the privacy of my own bathroom.

I hope that everyone had a Happy New Year and a great Christmas! Mine was great, filled with food and delightful defecating!


Thanks to Blue Circle

Hey Blue Circle,

Thanks very much for your ery kind words although I do admit that I DID fish for that compliment! LOL

Anyhow, I believe you are right that my little toilet episode (well actually, very FEW of my toilet episodes are little!!;-) )will probably enhance our relationship. She's been joking about it with me and I think she's on to me about hiding the toilet paper

She says stuff like, "You know, I could swear that I had put some toilet paper in the bathroom just before I needed to bring you some." Or if I'm heading to the head just to go #1 she'll say something like "Let me know if you need any paper!"

We're still growing together so I don't think I'll come out and ask if she enjoys hearing or seeing me poop. I don't want to embarass her since we're still just BF/GF. But what I think I WILL do is to give her opportunities to see me and interact when I need to perform the deed. One thing I was thinking was during hiking this spring. There, I can "hide" behind a bush with my head out where I can still see her. Or even better..... the makeshift toilet I made for the boat!!!! :-) (Some of you will remember how I devised this so that Brian and I wouldn't need to squat over the edge of a boat when we needed to perform our necessary business while out on the lake. The post is only a few months old so it should be easy to go back and look up.)

Wrestling is going good and I finished second this week at a big tournament following a kid who is favored to take the State Title. I'd like to win, but I would need my best day against this guy when he isn't quite up to speed.

Anyway, for some reason, it NEVER fails..... EVERY time I go to one of these tournaments, I ALWAYS have to take a really MASSIVE shit in the morning at some point between matches. (Thank God at least it's been BETWEEN the matches!) And I mean ALWAYS, and I REALLY mean MASSIVE!! I really don't quite know why I produce these gigantic piles at tournaments but I sure do. It might have something to do with nerves or anxiety because I do get a bit worked up at the start of the day and settle in as the day goes on. This past Saturday was certainly no exception as I was talking to one of our coaches and friends following my first-round match and reviewing technique and stuff.

Sure enough, I feel my gut start to quake and rumble like a New York subway at rush hour. I knew right then that a big massive poop load was headed straight for my butt and taking no prisoners. So I quickly excuse myself before things got really desperate which came about 15 seconds later. 30 seconds later, I'm just farting and pooping insanely while driving a big massive pile out of my butt having just made it to the porcelain bowl in the nick of time and in a very much heightened state of urgency. Luckily for me, I had found one stall open as the other 4 stalls were already taken by guys in various states of pooping, pushing, farting, or crackling. For the next 30 seconds, it seemed like the ONLY thing I could do was fart and let a WHOLE lot of shit out of my butt. I'm not sure what's gotten into me lately, but I've had some big desperate shits hit me right out of the blue. Usually when I have to take a great big shit, my body gives me anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes for me to act on my own before making life unbearable. But lately, I've gone from "empty" to "urgent" instantly a couple of times. Hope it doesn't keep up because I don't want to be caught out driving or running when an urge like that strikes!

Anyhow, as I'm sitting there on the shitter violently unloading, there's guys sitting on either side who can clearly hear all this shit coming out of me. I mean, they were doing their own plopping, fartung and crackling, but I probably drowned them out!! LOL!

After I was through the worst of it, I hear this voice in the next stall call over to me.

"Yo. David, is that you??"

Dang. Did I really have THAT much of a reputation?? I wasn't sure I wanted to answer! LOL!!

"Yeah." I finally gasped.

"Ha! I would know that groaning ANYwhere! It's Justin from XXXXXXX. We've been at wrestling camp together the past couple summers!"

"Oh Yeah!" Really good guy as I recalled.

"Anyhow, I was HOPING I would see you here!!" Justin then thought a moment about what he had just said, then he amended his thoughts. "Well, I didn't mean HERE (in the bathroom), but at this TOURNAMENT!"

"I knew what you meant. Can we pick this back up outside?? I just had to take a really massive shit."

"Uh Yeah... You just totally stunk us out over here." Justin laughed

"Sorry about that!" I laughed. "Seems I always have a great big messy shit the mornings of tournaments!"

"Haha!" Justin laughed. "That's ok! Get it done NOW before the bigger matches later on!"

After that, Justin grunted a bit and crackled out some smaller pieces of crap before he was able to wipe up. It took him just four wipes before he was able to flush and leave. The guy on my other side was wiping too, but he was devouring the whole role which told me his dump must have been quite sticky. For me, it took me a little more effort to grunt out several smaller soft piles of residual shit but I eventually got it all out of me. As you might expect, my wiping was a bit more involved than Justin's as my butt was a real mess. Took me about 10 to 12 wipes before I was finally able to get up, flush, and leave.

Seeing Justin in the hall, we kidded each other over pooping so much (but mainly me!) and talked for half an hour before he had to get ready for his next match.


My only accident since I was a little girl

I was remembering this experience the other day and got online and Googled it and found this site. So this is the story of the only accident I've had since I was a little girl. I'm a senior in high school and last year when I was a junior I had just started driving to school so I had my own car near the end of the school year. I have always hated to poop in public bathrooms so I always held my poop at shcool until I got home if I had to go at school. This led to some close calls over the years and an ocassional brown hershey mark in my panties but never a full accident. Until last year when I was 17 freaking years old, lol.

It was a Thursday in May and I was wearing a pink knee length skirt and pink bikini panties underneath and a white top. Very cute. Anyway, I had felt the urge to poop starting to build early that morning, which was unusual, and it got stronger as the day wore on but would go away and come back and go away and come back like it does. But each time it came back it got stronger and stronger. But I hate the nasty school bathroom toilets and don't drink much during the day to even avoid peeing in them and even then I hover and pee as fast as I can and get out.

By the time my last class of the day, English Lit, was halfway over my abdomen felt bloated, my butt muscles were shaking and tired from holding it all day, and my body kept pushing to empty itself of the giant load. I couldn't pay attention at all to what we were supposed to be silently reading and knew I'd never make it home in time.

My legs were shaking in an effort to keep holding it and I was biting my lower lip and bouncing my pencil up and down in my hand to distract myself but as the seconds ticked by - go faster! - my bowels kept pushing stronger and stronger. I was sitting on my heel and suddenly my anus opened up and my body pushed and I felt the solid turn shift downward and push against my heel and press against my panties. I gasped a little and held my breath and fought to pull it back inside. My anus quivered and struggled but finally I was able to regain control but I knew I had to get to the bathroom RIGHT NOW. There were still 15 minutes left in class before school got out.

I grabbed my purse and hurried to the back of the room to the teacher's desk - thankfully I had a female teacher for this class. I told her I needed to go to the restroom and pulled a tampon barely over the top of my purse as an excuse and she happily let me go. Thank God, I thought.

I hurried out into the hallway, clentching my butt cheeks as tight as I could and speed waddled down the hall. Of course the bathrooms were on the far end about as far away as could be. I begged for mercy under my breath as I hurried but all the movement only made the need to go that much stronger. Not much farther... a few more seconds... almost there...

But my body said, "Too late!" as I approached the girls bathroom door. I was only steps from the door but stopped dead in my tracks as a mighty spasm hit my abdomen and I grabbed my lower belly and gave an involuntary grunt as my body gave such a strong push that I couldn't stop it. In a matter of a few seconds all of the following took place:

My skin flushed and my heart pounded and my ears rang. My legs were partially spread and my knees buckled underneath me so that I was partially squatting. My anus shook for a brief second and then the weight of the turd was too much to resist. My hole spread and the poop surged downward like a rocket and in less than a second or two pushed my panties down and spread into a large, hot, slightly sticky, very heavy mound. The crackling noise is made sounded as loud as our marching band drum section at a football game in my ears. A small squirt of pee also damped the crotch of my now sagging panties.

I stood there for a brief second, shocked into immobility. I reached for the bathroom door but then decided there was no time to get in and clean up in privacy because it would soon be full of girls after the final bell rang. I took a tentative step, felt the mass of poop shift slightly but stay in place, and so I waddled, full pantied, as quickly as I could without looking obviously like a girl who had just completely shit herself, out to the parking lot, leaving my books at my desk.

I got to my car, opened the door and almost sat down, still in a daze, when I realized I'd probably just squish poop everywhere. So I looked around, saw noone, and so I moved the few feet over to the grass behind my car door, pulled my skirt up slightly, and slowly lowered my very heavy panties, careful not to get any poop on my legs. The dark brown pile was giant and must have weight a pound or two. It was a few inches wide and long and rose to a point in the middle where it had pinched off from my anus, squeezed into almost a mohawk look from the crease of my butt cheeks. I got my panties down past my knees and then tipped it sideways so that the pile fell out the side of the leg band and onto the grass with a slight "plop". I squatted the rest of the way and pushed, releasing a stream of pee and one more small turd, dwarfed by its formerly panty bound cousin, and debated removing my panties entirely and trying to wipe myself with some napkins from the car door but then I hear the bell ring and knew the lot would be swarming with students before I could finish. I stood and pulled my brown seated and wet crotched panties up all the way, fell the stickiness and dampness against my skin and got in my car to drive home, thankful I was the only one there so I could shower and clean the panties in peace and quiet. Luckily nothing got on my skirt or car seat.

I had to swing by that English Lit class first thing the next morning to grab my books and had to make up a story for the teacher, but I certainly didn't tell her the truth - that one of her 17 year old students had completely crapped her panties like a little girl.

I learned my lesson, though, and will now use the bathrooms at school for emergencies, because as nasty as the school toilets are they certainly beat having to wipe poop out off your panties.


The Guy Who Pees Sitting Down
Thanks for your replies everyone!
These are my reasons:
1) I've always done it.
2) I've developed a strong distaste for urinals.
3) I like sitting down as opposed to standing up (I'm a lazy person).
4) It's more practical, and more clean.
5) It feels right for me.
6) I wipe my tip when I'm done (really, shaking it off does NOT fully clean it), so it's best to be near toilet paper when I must do this.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Post Title (optional) Slowly getting back to normal.........

Linda from Australia here again. Well I'm slowly getting back to normal with my pooping habits. I've been having trouble since the week before Christmas so its been over 2 weeks now. Today I've got lots of butt phlegm and liquid poo coming out. It started this morning after I dropped a very small and loose load. It must be because I'm still a bit constipated.

I went away for a couple of days, to stay with a friend that I hadn't seen for ages. We celebrated new years and we both had a good time. However, as you all know, I hate doing poos when I'm away from home and it didn't help that I was already a bit backed up. This is one of the reasons why I get constipated so often because I only feel comfortable going in my own toilet. Occassionally, I will go in public toilets or when I'm somewhere else but not very often. I normally wait till I get home, which is bad for me because I have problems pooping even when I am at home.

Anyway, I needed to do a poo before I left to go to my friend's place. It takes over an hour to drive there so I wanted to have a decent shit first. I got on the toilet and did a wee, then I had to push quite hard to start things moving. It me took about 15 minutes to get about half of my load out. The turds were small and rock hard but after lots of pushing, they came out easily. I tried to get the rest out but no matter how hard I pushed, they just wouldn't move. I wiped my butt and pulled up my pants. I felt a bit uncomfortable, because I still had lots of poo stuck up there. I had to be happy with getting at least some poo out so I got in my car and left.

I stayed overnight at my friend's place and I felt like I needed to do a poo most of the time. I kept farting, my stomach was crampy and I literally felt like I was full up with shit. Every time I went for a wee, I did lots of farts and I could feel the head of a big, rock hard turd in my anus. I really needed to get the turds out but I didn't even consider going at my friend's place. I knew I would be in for an extrmemly hard time when I got home.

On the morning that I was leaving to come home, I was desparate for a poo. I really wanted to go then but I didn't want to spend ages trying to do a poo on somebody elses toilet. Plus I would be home soon enough and then I could relax and take as long as I liked. I kept getting an even stronger urge to go so I decided to try for a poo, even if I only managed to get a little bit out. It was better than nothing and at least it would relieve some of the pressure. So I VERY reluctantly made my way to the toilet and closed the door. The toilet was away from the main living area which was sort of good. It still didn't make me feel any better about doing a poo in a toilet other than my own at home. At least it was away from everyone else. I did a big wee first and then a few farts. I could feel a turd sitting very close to the opening of my anus. It felt huge!! I did some gentle pushing and changed my mind about going there. I decided to wait until I got home. It was going to take me a very long time to get all the poo out too.

The drive home seemed to take forever because I was in such dire need of a poo. I really, really needed to go! I did some more gentle pushing as I drove and lots of farts escaped from my butt too.
Finally I started getting closer to home. By now, I needed to pee aswell. When I got home, I quickly grabbed all my stuff and threw it on my bed. Then I ran to the toilet and closed the door. I was so glad to finally be going in my own toilet at home!! I did a wee and then I waited. I tried to relax in the hopes that it would get things moving. Then I started pushing. This dump wasn't going to be easy. I had to push so hard that I couldn't hear anything. I had to push with all my might a few times, just to get the first turd to move. I had to keep pushing the entire time I was on the toilet because the turd was so big and rock hard. It kept getting stuck too. It stretched my hole really wide and it hurt. After about 15 minutes of pushing, I managed to get most of my load out. I had a look at my job and it consisted of about 6 medium length turds that looked rock hard. They were medium brown in colour. My hole was so sort after that and I didn't feel finished but I did feel much better. I thought that dump was going to take a lot longer, like 30 minutes or more. 15 minutes is quick for me. Later in the afternoon, I pushed out about 5 more rock hard turds. They took about 10 minutes to get out.

So as you can see, I'm not as constipated as I was before but I'm still having a hard time.

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