New Year's Poop

Today was New Year's Day. Just before dinner, I began to feel the need to poop. I, however, put it off. I did not want to be late for dinner. After a large dinner of saurkraut, I needed to poop even worse. But my brother got to the bathroom first, and I knew he would be there quite awhile. So, I headed out to the woods behind my house to poop. It is very snowy here, so this was not as easy as it is in the summer. But it is still enjoyable. I was looking around for an excellant spot, but I realized that I was running out of time. So I squatted down behind a tree and let loose. A large pile of poop came out really fast. I quickly wiped with some tissues that I had brought from home, and pulled up my pants. I still felt that I had to go, however; so I tried to walk it off. This did not work, so I pulled down my pants again and let out a wave of liquid poop. I was finally done. I peed on my pile of poop and walked home to my warm house. I enjoyed my New Year's Poop!

Tom hey man I'm a 26 year old guy and that happens to me but only after taking a dump and only once in a blue moon. haha it happened to me day before yesterday which was right before the blue moon. It's the white gooey looking stuff but it doesn't feel like number three (semen) when coming out.

Jason and I are both 28 years of age, and we have been best friends for years. We now both have serious committed relationships with women, but I for one have had an intense man crush for him ever since I was 15, and we still go on man dates at least once every two weeks.

This week we saw Avitar at the local cineplex.

BACKGROUND: here is a definition from Urban Dictionary

Urination Celebration

The act of going to the bathroom when a movie is finished. It lasts for at least 15 seconds, and all you can do is smile.

"Dude I watched The Dark Knight yesterday and my urination celebration was amazing. It was the best i've had yet, and I have watched a lot of movies."

I have heard rumors for years that movie exes judge the success of a movie not only by the money it makes but by urine it produces in the viewers. The more scary the film, the more intense the film, the more intense the reaction in the viewers. I envision studio exes in Hollywood monitoring the cineplex restrooms at previews to see how many boys, teen boys and guys have to visit the facilities after the movie and how much they urinate and then reporting it in meetings with their editors.

Personally I dislike most modern movies. I find them torture devises, but Jason really wanted to see Avitar with me, so I gritted my teeth. Afterwards, our both our bladders were busting.

This cineplex has a huge men room with a row of urinals without dividers, so there we stood side by side, a foot away from our urinals, pants open wide and shorts pulled down peeing gushers. The exes should be pleased with their product.

It reminded me when we first meet and become friends and went to see "Titanic" in the movie theater for the first time the first day of release, without any warnings or publicity buzz. Frankly I felt as if I had actually survived the disaster. Afterwards, we both had to piss bad, but Jason’s father was in a huge hurry to get home, so we had to wait all during what felt like a long long car ride. (Actually a mere ten miles.) We complained all the way home, so Steve took us both to their home.

Steve installed a urinal in Jason's bathroom and I remember that evening the two of us standing side by side sharing the urinal shorts pulled down in front. As a youngun, I could not stop urinating once I started, so public peeing was a commitment. It was a Titanic pee for sure.

I remember one time when we put our money down to see the restoration of "The Empire Strikes Back" in a theater. We first ate a big lunch at a nearby restaurant and then stood in long line for a long time. After a while, Jason looked nauseous and I had image of him projectiling in the line or in the lobby. Instead, he whispered in my ear that he had to bowel move bad and his descriptions made me need to poop as well. So we both suffered in the line until we could get into the mens room. Only two toilets were available side by side in the crowded facility. I hoped that I could unload quick and quiet, but no â€" between the gasps and farts I laid three long cables, and Jason’s turding was intense as well, the bomber variety one after another.


Gday guys Im a late twentys guy slim build shaven brown hair. been checking out this site from time to time and am absolutely thrilled to learn that other people are interested in this subject to.I also have a lot of respect for many people telling their stories on this site.Thought i would make a little contribution of my own.Me and a friend were at a local shopping mall and had just finished a rather big lunch to soak up the big drinking session we had the night before.My friend Alan said he needed to take a poo and i commented that i needed to as well.We both walked into the toilets to find three vacant stalls all with fairly hi partitions so you could pretty much see the other guys shoes and legs.[if any one else was in there} I took the middle stall he took the end and i dropped my shorts and boxers to my ankles as did alan except his toes were facing the bowl so i assumed he was pissing first.I did two tight farts then i relaxed a bit and felt a nice solid log slowly lowering into the bowl .Then to my suprise alan farted and i heard it ecoh in the bowl he was sitting on the bowl backwards.i could hear his poo dropping into the bowl they sounded solid and smelt like a good healthy bm.we sat there for a while and talked and laughed about some of the sounds we were making We wiped and washed up and continued our day of recovery.I was not game enough to ask why he was using the toilet like that i guess my question to other people is this a commen way to use the toilet?I tried it my self and found it uncomfortable.Just wanted to say what a bloody awsome forum this is .Thankyou to all the other contibuters.Ill keep you guys posted on some of my oher experiences.


TO LINDA: I think you come from the west and I am from the east coast..I would be confident there would be an enema clinic in, say Perth...if you need the details..whilst I do not know the location of one I know how they may be found...from my two experiences I would certainly recommend them..particularly the last experience.
Well, it has been over a week since I had my last enema and was getting a bit backed up....I can always tell because if I go swimming and do free style then my stomach hurts if I am full..does this happen to anyone else. That day I took quite a bit of magnesium and before bed I had the urge to go....I sat on the throne and it was big and hard and came out soooo sloooowly with quite a bit of grunting on my part. I was on the pot for over twenty minutes..I finished up with a very brown toilet but poo still in my bum. Off to sleep but woke up again with pain in my bum...there was poo there but it would not move...I supository in this case would have been wonderful but none to hand. Back to sleep again and woke up and did an easy poo...I should say I took a couple of laxatives last night...colyxl and senna and another two this morning. On the way to work I stopped at my public toilets and did a poo and I really have a build up at the moment so might get in the car and go and have a nice long sit again my favourite toilets.
I will post back if it is noteworthy.


First Time Poster....what am I, the five millionth?

I've been reading this forum since high school and some of these stories are amazing. Some I think are a little embelished but then, truth can be stranger than fiction so who am I to judge?

I grew up the oldest of five boys and I never had any privacy. While I was pooping on the toilet on any given time, any of my younger brothers could be in there too, sitting on their training potties, or brushing their teeth, or taking a bath.

As a result I've always been a bit more open than usual about my bodily functions. And, though some experts may argue that this is a trait of Asperger's Syndrome, I have always had an obsession with seeing other people of any age, gender, or disposition pooping and peeing.

I can count the number of times I've tried to catch a friend pooping or convince him to let me watch. Diahrea is not my big thing, I like watching them push it out either sitting on the toilet or outside, or even going in their pants.

When I was in Kindergarten I would climb up onto the toilet seat and peer over the divider into the next stall and one of my classmates, Brendan would be sitting there.

I still very clearly remember Brendan looking up and smiling and saying, "Nat, come in here."

Nothing ever came of that but it was still a memorable time.

It wasn't until I met my first boyfriend a few years back that I got to see another guy sitting on the toilet, pushing and grunting as he tried to get a hard turd out.

I don't know what it is about seeing someone, sitting prone and vulnerable as they strain to evacuate their bowels but it still excites me to this day. I think it's definitely linked to my childhood.

I have a ton of stories and I hope to share them all very soon.

In the mean time I want to answer a question from Curious.

Though I don't know that the current Queen has someone to wipe her behind, I know that historically kings and queens have always had a personal assistant to do this. There was a time when toilet paper didn't exist and so the only option was to use your hand.

The king had an assistant who would use his own hand and this gave ther person with the monumental task of tending the Royal Behind a lot of inluence.

Solent Wildpoo

Embarassing or what?

Hi all.. I have been lurking here for some time but never got around to posting any of my experiences but the other day something happened which I thought many of you would be interested in, and being so recent, I remember all the details very clearly.
I am male and although not old I have been around for a while. Although it has not been officially diagnosed, I think I have IBS and have had for many years so I have accumulated some interesting tales.
Anyway the latest incident happened on Wednesday, the day before New Years Eve.
I was off to see a friend who lives some 55-60 miles away and set off mid morning on the journey which normally takes about one and a half hours. I was constipated and hadn't been since Christmas and although I didn't want to go when leaving home, I knew somehow that today was going to be the day.
The journey took longer than usual due to the large amount of traffic on the road and also one road was closed and I got lost on the diversion so it took over 2 hours before I reached my usual lunch stop where I have a sandwich in the car before arriving at my friends shortly after lunch. By the time I pulled into the car park I was pretty desperate for a poo but not knowing what the hand washing facilities were like in the public toilet, I thought that I would eat and then go. A big mistake.
I had my sandwich and a can of coke and by the end of this I was squirming in my seat desperate for both a pee and poo so I started to make my way across the car park.
The car park is long and narrow overlooking the River Thames and it has a public toilet at one end and is a very popular spot for people walking along the river. I was parked about halfway down so had the best part of a couple of hundred yards to walk and it was an agonizing walk trying to look normal and I was sweating with panic before I arrived at the toilets.
The toilets themselves whilst looking O.K. from the outside are very run down inside and I have recently discovered that this is because they are due to be demolished later in 2010 when the adjacent bridge over the river is replaced. On entering the Gents the room is rectangular in shape and the entrance is mid way down the long side. Facing the entrance are 5 doors. Number one on the left is padlocked and presumably the cleaners cupboard. Cubicles one and two were shut but three and four were open. There are urinals opposite the cubicles either side of the entrance and against the left hand wall with sinks along the right hand wall. The were a couple of men at the left
hand urinals and another couple waiting outside the occupied cubicle doors, with yet another man waiting leaning against the sinks. I made my way to cubicle 3 only to find that this had no door which although it sounds fairly normal in the US is unheard of here. I went to cubicle 4 by the sinks which also had no door and came out and spoke to the man leaning against the sinks who confirmed that numbers one and two were indeed occupied and that he and the other guys were waiting. Something which I did not have the luxury of doing. I had to go and it had to be very soon so not wishing to just drop my trousers in front of the chap, I went back into number three, turned round to pull down, only to realize that this was directly opposite the entrance just as another man was entering. So it was back to
number 4 which had no paper. I went back to number 3 which had a paper holder which had come off the wall and was sitting on the window ledge behind the toilet so I grabbed this and went back to number 4. I put the paper container on the floor by the toilet and started undoing my belt only to realize that this cubicle had no seat and that the china rim was absolutely filthy. Not just pee, it looked like people had been standing on it with wet and muddy shoes or worse!. So I had no choice, I would have to squat on the bowl. In fact I always do squat on the toilet even at home and have done for as long as I can
remember but it is easy to do at home as I completely remove trousers and pants. Not so easy when you don't. ( I would be interested if anyone else does this.)
Realizing that I would not be able to do this if I dropped my clothes completely to the floor, I dropped them half way but I still could not climb on, so I pulled them back up, climbed onto the toilet so I was standing upright with my legs astride on the rim facing the man at the sink and also another man standing at the urinal opposite who was
looking over his shoulder obviously wondering what all the coming and going was about.
What the heck I thought, I have just got to go for it knowing that in this position, these guys would be able to see absolutely everything.
I dropped my trousers followed by my pants, squatted and started to pee. Not a long one even though I was desperate but enough to relieve the pressure. Sometimes you just need to go too much! Then I could feel my anus opening, wider and wider and the first log started to emerge. I looked up again and saw I was now the center of attention, with another chap watching and a forth watching from the wash basins
whilst washing his hands. The log kept coming and eventually dropped making no splash as even from that height it was almost touching the water. A second log then started and by now there was a fifth man watching. The second turd gradually made it's way out during which
time a couple of other chaps who must have wondered what everyone was looking at came and had a look and the went, one with a very disgusted look on his face.
Once the second log dropped I quickly climbed down to wipe although having been so fully dilated there was not much mess. By this time only the chap leaning against the sink was left, he smiled at me with abroad grin and I quickly pulled up my clothes and left too embarrassed to stand next to him and wash my hands. On the way out I
realized that I really needed that pee now and I would have to wait all the way to my friends.

To Linda from Australia and her constipation problems: I feel for you. I am luckily very regular. I eat a diet rich in fiber and every morning before I go to work, I have a very full and satisfying bowel movement. There have been a few occasions, usually during travel, when things weren't as easy, and that feeling of being "full of shit" is most uncomfortable. That feeling of being empty after a very complete bowel movement is most satisfying. I agree with another poster who recommended that you consult with a doctor. There must be an underlying reason why your bowels are sometimes so sluggish. I myself find that when things are rock hard down there, it's usually because I have neglected to drink enough water. You really cannot drink enough water and I have to sometimes force myself while at work to stop, go to the water cooler, and down several glasses. Have you tried eating two or three apples and/or pears a day? A good bowl of oatmeal in the morning cannot hurt, and a fiber supplement, like psyllium husk powder after dinner, is also recommended.

To CD: I find your study to be most fascinating. I am a very quick pooper. I am in and out in less than three minutes. I take issue with your methodology though. I would include wiping as part of the process when you start in 2010 to do your analysis. Personally, for me, the wiping takes a lot longer than the actual release, which is usually done in a matter of seconds. My dumps are usually extremely voluminous and smelly, so the wiping is usually quite a bit of work. (For the record, I take a sheet of tissue about 24" long, fold it in half, than in half again, wipe from behind as I pull myself forward a bit, then fold, rewipe, fold again, rewipe, fold again and rewipe. I do this at least twice, often three times and sometimes even four times).

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