Upstate Dave

Two Big Highlites In My Life In One

Two Things happened on the beginin of my ummer vacation. Marrie and I were out of school for the summer now. We planned to meet up in the morning to go right down to the our clubhouse in the oldabandoned bar building to use the ladies and gents sinks to piss in together. I was already outside waiting for Marrie to come outside for I was standing on the front steps of her building when she came outside.

We quickly took off holding hands. As we hurried along we talked about what we had done to get ready. I told Marrie that I had taken a big glass of water last night before goigto sleep and this morning I drank a big glass of oj and also had more milk in my cereal. So I am really ready right now to take a big piss!

Marrie giggled alittle right after I had told her what I did to be ready this morning. Then she told me that she had drank two small glasses of soda last night,drank oj too this morning but like me a big glass also. Also she had extra milk in her cereal too and she like me felt that she was going to take a good piss also. In fact I feel like I'm going to burst! I then laughed.

We were now down in the factory parking lot and were just about to head over to the bar clubhouses back door. Marrie was wearing a old faded out yellow summer dress. As we slipped in betwen the trees in the old back yard Marrie yanked up the back of her faded yellow summer dress and her ass was bare! I was already as far as my penis was partly erect. Now seeing that cute bare ass of Marries made in seconds my penis fully erectr. We were now slipping inside through the old backdoor of the bar clubhouse.

We quickly went straight to the old kitchen of the old bar and Marrie hiked up her old yellow summer dress and hopped up on to the ladies sink and perched there. She watched me stading in front of the gents sink pulling down my zipper, slippingmy fngers inside of it and waited for me to slip my penis out.

Marrie let out a very soft slight giggle once I had my rect penis pulled out of my jeans. Then she quickly asked me if she could touch it agin before I started to piss. I told her she better hurry if your going to. I'm already holding my piss back right now! I was too for I did have a tight hold which I was squeezing pretty hard to keep from pissing.

Marrie did reach right over with her hand. As I watched she took her thumb abd one finger and placed them on my penis above where my thumb and squeezing finger were on it. She did the same with the one finger. She curled it right around as to hold it like I was! Hey I thought you only wanted to touch it Marrie! Her face cheks turned a little darker pinkish color. But Marrie managed to let out a little giggle and also say at the ame time to me; I am!

I tod her she was but your holding it too. Please let me Marrie said back to me. I told her ok. Now Marrie had also been holding back all this time to keep from pissing too. She sat on the ladies sink with her thighs tightly together and was squirming around some too. I also had a sudden very strong tingling sensation come on right then. What was starnge about it it was stronger feel to it in my penis and testicles!

Then I couldn't hold back any longer and I started to piss. My stream came out very yellow in color. It was thin with a long twist and I still felt the tingling sensation but feeling myself pissing my pising felt strange but real good in a different way at the same time I Ilked how it felt! Now Marrie hd started to piss also. I only knew that she had for the sound of her stream hissing and splattering in the ladies sink. I was just over come by all the sensations that I was feeling not to look over at her to watch her piss.

I had pissing close to what I would say about seven eight seconds. Then I slipped my hand off from my penis letting Marrie being the only one holding it now. As I did this I turned to look at Marrie. Before I had gotten my head turned where I could see her she had let out a little giggle and I suddenlt felt the curled finger on my penis tighten up real hard on my penis almost squeezing my piss stream right off!

The first part of mylook was that I saw that Marrie was smiling. She also was staring right down at her thumb and finger that was on my penis. I said to her sharply and loud; Hey let up your squeezing me to hard! Marrie's two face cheeks instantly turned pink and she did let up with her hard squeezing with her curled finger. I felt the feeling of my piss again flow harder. I smiled and told her to stay just like that. Marrie smiled a little biger smile and she said she would.

Now I looked down to see Marrie piss which she was and she had speretaed her thighs wide open so that I could see her piss. Like me she had a very yellow piss stream. It was shooting straight down into the sik. It like I said was hissing very loud and it hitting the bottom of the sinl was reall splattering all over it too. I still myself felt the great feeling of myslef pissing with the tingling going on at the same time. I was really enjoying the feling of going this way and I would have to tell Marrie about it after we were done pissing.

Now as it happened Marrie stopped pissing before I did with doing several short spurts in a row and then some dribbles and dripping. After that I just watched myself pis since she wasd one. I went on I would have to say for a good half minute and then I did several long spurts to finish up my piss and I was done. Even after I was done Marrie still held me.

Hey Marrie you can let go now. I said to her. Marrie replied back with a soft what? You can let go! OH1 Marrie said with a giggle and she did let go. But she went on staring at my penis as I slipped inside through my zipper and slit of my boxers. It was only then that she did get down off from the sink as I zipped up. Then I said to her lets go in to the bar and sit down. I have to talk to you. Marrie in return told me she had to do the same also.

So we went into the bar and sat on the two old stolls that we always sat on next to each other. The first thing I said to Marrie was; You know Marrie I had some very strange but good feelings happen when you held me. Marrie looked right at me and in return said to me; You did? So did I! So we both told each other about the strange but wonderfull feeling we both had felt.Me with the strong tingling and how good it felt to piss. Marrie told me she had similar feeling too down there as she pissed. She too thought the feelings were strange but also felt real good in thier own way also.

We talked for awhile talking about it. WE both didn't know why about the reasons for it but we both did like what we had done. So as it wound up Marrie said come on I have some spending money. Lets go up to the marketget sodas drink them and do it again! I was all for it so we did go get sodas to drink. But on the way back Marrie remebered something.

Oh shit my cousin is supposed to be comming this morning! Marrie said to me as we came down the path from the market. You know the little blonde girl. So wehurried down the path through the valve facory parking lot and to the sidewalk and turned and looked up the street to our partment houses. Jill was there just starting to go up the front steps into Marries building. Marrie yelled out Jill! She turned and saw us heading towards her so she stopped and waited.

Once Marrie and I were at the steps Jill said hi to both of us. Jill knew that Marrie and I now always were together so she made a comment about us being together and Marrie and I laughed together. Marrie told me to wait they would be right back outside. Those two went into togther and came back out together several minutes later.

Marrie first thing said to me Guess what? So I repled back to Marrie saying just what? Jill is going to join our club! Oh really! I said back to Marrie but it was Jill who said something back to me instead of Marrie. Yeah I will Marrie told me about your clubhouse when we were inside. I want to go see it and thats where we are going now. I'll also do the initaion thing too.

That made me aske Marrie; What intiation Marrie. Marrie laughed hard at first. Then as we had walked down and made the turn into the parking lot beside the old bar building she told me that Jill would have to piss in the ladies sink in order to join the club! Then I laughed hard. Jill was like Marrie in this way after all I though to myself. I ad seen Jill piss by accident the one time they both had pissed in our mopping plastic bucket when she was with Marrie the last time she had been here.

So the three of us slipped between the trees and bushes and slipped in through the backdoor and several seconds later we were in thekitchen satnding together at the old sink. Jill saw the wto sighns at the back of the sinks. The Ladies and genys sighns. Shelet out a hard short giggle. Does it matter which one I go in? She asked. WEll there is the ladies for us girls Marrie said to Jill. Jill giggled some more and then said to us both; No I'll use the boys I mean gents sink. I never have peed in a boys room before! Marrie and I both laughed hard.

Now Jill was wearing a yellow top with dark blue shorts. As Marrie and I watched Jill yanked her blue shorts right down to her sneakers. I got surprised in that Like Marrie Jill had on no underware under her shorts! Now Jill stood back up after she had yanked down herblue shorts stopped me in mid sentance for I was going to say that she wasn't wearing panties either. I never got to say it all. Jill told me it was to hot to wear them. I told Jill she was like Marrie right now. Both of those two broke into laughter.

Then Jill went to hop up on to the gents sink to piss but since she was shorterthen Marre she couldn't get her bare rear end up on to the front edgeof the sink. So I steped over in front of Jill helped lift her up when she hopped and she managed to ger her bare ass to hang down over into the sink. I stepped back to watch.

Jill I thought wasn't going to piss all that much. But as it turned out she most certainly did take a long piss. It was a fairly long drive from her house to Marries and she hadto go when she had arrived as it turned out. Marrie told her about the clubhouse and she would have to piss in the sink in order to join so having needing to piss Jill had gone along with it for she did have to piss.

Jill had a splattering stream of light yellowed piss come out. It plattered on the front face of the sink and along the bottom of the sink for what was a fairly long time. Then before Jill stopped pissing a neat low hissing stream formed and thats how she finished up as far as her piss. But Jill remained sitting over the gents sink. She didn'get down off from it.

I and Marrie were just about to ask Jill was she doen or either why she was still sitting on the sink. As we both looked Jill began to shit! From out under her asscheeks a tan thin rope styled shit apeared and it was moving very fast. Marrie yelled suddenly to Jill; Don't shit in the sink! It was to late already. The first rope shit dropped in the sink and a second one was rapidly moving out getting long very fast.

Jill said back to Marrie; You didn't say that I couldn't Marrie. I had to go just as bad to do both. The second rope shit dropped and plopped into the sink with a third one alreadyon its way out! The next one turned out to be the longest one. It reached almost a foot in length and then it plopped down into the sik. Then one very short piece fell after that one. Jill pissed a little more after the little pice had dropped and now she was done.

Boy did her shit stink too! Jill still sat on the sink. Is there anything I can wipe with? she asked. Marrie had nothing and I had nothing. Get anything Jill yelled to us. So Marrie and I went into the bar room and grabbed up some of the old yellowed dirty sheets of newsppaers that were scattered around on the floor. We both came back tothe kitchen handed Jill two sheets of the old yellowed dirty newpapers we had and she looked at them made a face at them as shelooked them over but crumpled them up any way and used them to wipe herself anyway.

Jill wiped herself and Marrie and I bith told her to toss those newpapers outside not in the sink! Jill did hop off from the sink and shuffled over to the door with her shorts still down and did toss the newspapers outside. Still her stinky smelluy shit was in the sink. It couldn'be left there. So what wound up being done was that I got a old board and more newspapers and I scraped up Jills shit n the sink and managed to get it into the old sheets of newpaper and I tossed all that oustide. Then to Jills amusment both Marrie and I each pissied into the sink using our piss to wash away any of the remains of Jills shit. It worked for the most part. For the next couple of days it still smelled like shit untill all of us had pissed enough into the sink and the oder was finaily gone. That was the one and only time that the sinks had been used for shitting. The rest of the time when Jill was here she would go back up to Marries or she wound up like Marrie and I would shit outside.

Over the summer i was at a auto show. Durring the course of the show, i felt the urge to go, so i headed over to the bathrooms (read port-a-potties) there was a line of course, and i was about 10 people back or so, between a woman about 26 or so, and a girl of about 18. There were 3 port-a-potties set up where we were. Both of them really had to go, the 26 year old was crossing her legs, and was doing a little pee dance. The 18 year old was muttering to herself that she had to go so bad. we moved up to where the woman was about 3 back or so, after about 10 min or so. I had struck up a conversation with the 18 year old, who was really hot, and as we moved up, she mentioned that she really had to go, and that she was probably going to be a while. Finally the woman in front of me went in to the one on the end, and I was next. Shortly after, a woman came out of the middle and i went in. Once i entered, I was supprised to find that there were holes cut into the walls of both my port-a-pottie and the two on the side of it, so i had a perfect view of almost everything that happened in them, although someone using the others wouldnt really notice unless they were looking for it. I sat down, started to do my business, and couldnt help but look through the hole at the woman who had gone in before me. She was squatting, and piss was streaming out of her like no tomorrow. Her stream tappered off for a second, then i saw her hole start to open. She soon was pushing out some soft serve type stuff. I looked over into the other port-a-pottie, and saw the woman who was in there just walking out the door. No sooner had she left than the girl who was behind me in line came rushing in. She yanked her miniskirt and thong down, and squatted over the toilet, like the other woman had done. She started pushing out a long soft log that got to be almost 2 feet long, and maybe 2 or 3 inches thick. This dropped, then another began coming out. It reached about the same size as the first, then dropped. What looked like a third huge log began emerging, after only a few inches, it exploded out of her followed by diarrhea. She had waves of diarrhea for the next few min, spraying the seat and the entire back area of the port-a-pottie with it. She finally appeared to be done, and reached for the toilet paper to wipe. She pulled off a several sheets, and began what was sure to be the long process of wiping. She wiped about 4 or 5 times, and still had much to go when she ran out of paper. She muttered "fuck" under her breath, and pulled off her thong to wipe with that. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do right? She finished wiping, threw the tong towards the toilet bowl, where it landed right in her diarrhea mess on the back side of it, pulled down her miniskirt and left. A girl came in, saw the mess, and quickly left. I finished up shortly there after, but decieded to sit for a while to see if i could see any more woman on the toilet. I saw several more that day, and might post them, if someones interested.

Mr. Clogs

Another day at the office before Chrismas Eve!

Hello all and Happy Holidays from your pal Mr. Clogs, wow it's been a while since I've posted on here so I have a story to share, here goes.

On Wednesday December 23 didn't start off to a great day. I left my rail pass and building ID at home, so I had to pay for my train fare, and the worst part I had to get a temp. ID to get through the buildings where I work at made things not so good. Here's the worst part, I had to go to the bathroom and once I got to work! I don't like the food court bathrooms because they always smell like old smelly urine! I got in the building and made my way to Men's room. I took the handicapped stall because it was big and comfy, well when it came to the toilet seat! Some prick(pardon my language) pissed all over seat and what really pissed me off, I couldn't wipe the seat clean to sit on! Arrggggggg!!!!!! So I was forced to squat over the toilet. I had a hard time squatting because my legs were cold and tired from walking to the train station! So I did my best to go to the bathroom. I had to pee first, since I was squattin over the toilet and my thingy was too small to reach the bowl, I had a Snapple bottle in my bad that I haven't finished drinking from Monday. I poured the juice into the toilet and put the bottle up to my penis and peed into it. I had to pause and resume peeing into this bottle until the air pressure let loose in the opening because I was peeing hard into the bottle. I thought about leaving the piss filed bottle in the stall so the next idiot see what's inside. I was a gentleman and poured the piss filled bottle into the toilet. I had to shit so I pushed to get things going, some gas came out and followed bu some nice thick turds about 8" in length plopped into the bowl. I was finished and had to wipe up while standing. Not much poop on the paper and threw it into the toilet. I flushed and pulled back my clothes on and left the nasty food court bathroom, yes I washed my hands for those who are wondering, I'm not nasty like some folks are. Let me know what you think and have a great day.

--Mr. Clogs


Post Title (optional)

Linda from Australia here again. Well I'm on a losing streak with my poos, after being constipation free for nearly 2 months. I knew it was only a matter of time before I started getting backed up again. It started early last week. I've been eating healthy food lately so I don't know why I got constipated.

I went on Tuesday morning and then I didn't go at all on Wednesday. I tried to go several times during the day but nothing came out. I didn't get any urges to go but I knew I had lots of shit inside me. I went to bed feeling really uncomfortable and bloated. Then on Thursday, I started getting the urge to go. All day at work, I could feel a load moving down. When I got home, I sat on the toilet, hoping that I could do a poo. I knew it would take a while so I tried to relax. I only had about half an hour before I had to go out again. After about 10 minutes, I managed to squeeze out a few tiny pebbles. Then I couldn't get anything else out, no matter how hard I pushed. I wiped my butt but there was nothing on the tp. I felt defeated and miserable. My stomach was still bloated and I REALLY needed to do a shit!! I went to a friend's place and stayed overnight so I could spend Christmas with them. I didn't feel comfortable doing a poo at their place. I was desperate for a poo but I decided to wait until I got home that night. I spent all day feeling bloated - I was literally 'full of shit'. All I wanted to do was go home to do poos. I finally got home at about 9.30pm and ran straight to the toilet. I thought I was in for a really tough time but I had an explosive poo instead. It went all over the toilet bowl and it consisted of lots of soft, skinny logs. It only took 5 minutes to get it all out.

Then this morning, I woke up with a strong urge to do poos. I sat on the toilet and dropped a HUGE load!! It took about 10 minutes to get it all out and even then I still didn't feel finished. My load consisted of lots of medium sized logs and I counted at least 10!. Then about half an hour later, I had to go again. This time my load was the same size as my last one! I didn't feel finished yet again!! About an hour after that, I dropped another smaller load, this time the logs were smaller and rock hard. I went another 5 or 6 times throughout the afternoon but I could only push out 1 or 2 small, rock hard pebbles each time. It about took 10 minutes each time to get the pebbles out too. I felt like I needed to go 'all the time' so I know I'm a bit constipated. It felt like I had a huge load inside me aswell. Hopefully I can do more poos tomorrow and feel finished!!

Does anyone else get more constipated than usual over the Christmas season??

Desperate to poop
Merry xmas happy xmas poops. I had a big xmas dump. Girlfriends parents needed a poop and went to the loo and one of the twin sisters waiting. Early thirties. We started chit chatting. Five mins later the other twin came out and they swapped places. The other twin had said she needed a poop and was in ten mins. She smiled as she came out and i went into a stinky but perfumey toilet to unload a nice big twelve inch poop x

what I saw

Holy Water?

In spring 1991 I was taking the bus to church. The bus stopped for a time point and I looked out the window and saw a parked car beside a construction site with a covered walkway. A man got out of a nice car and stood about to pee. He looked at the bus and noticed that passengers would be able to see him. So he moved into the walkway which had its sides covered with plywood. He stood and peed then came back to the car and adjusted his belt. Then a young woman in a short skirt got out and went into the same area. She was there for about a minute or two then came back to the car. They then drove away. They were discreet and were covered although back then I was more surprised than I would be now since I have peed outside many more times in middle age than when I was young.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Christmas Shopping Madness!

I went out shopping at my local mall on christmas eve evening and it was like a mad house of crazed shoppers looking for that last minute gift. I headed to the food court for a soda and slice of pizza. After eating I made my way through the crowd to the music store. It was not long before the soda was making a suprise visit on my bladder. So back through the crowds I went in search of a restroom. When I got there there must have been a line of fifty or more people waiting on stalls!
Thats when I saw something I have never seen done before: Several times I've seen mothers sitting young daughters on the sinks when all the stalls were full! I thought to myself sure beats waiting in line so as soon as a sink opened up I unbuttoned my jeans and slid my panties down and hopped up on a sink! Did not take long before other ladies and young girls caught on and the line slowly dwindled down.
Any other girls do this? Sure beats waiting in a long line!!!!!!!!!

Lately I've been having a hard time pooping. When I have to go I have to push so much to get it out and it hurts. Sometimes when I wipe I can see a little blood on the paper I guess from pushing so hard. I never had problems pooping before I don't know why all of a sudden its happening.


Rocking back and forth

Hi Cute Linda how are you??? Its been ages since we heard from you!!

You asked about rocking back and forth when trying to deal with constipation...I'm surprised with all the stuff you've told us about your bowels and enemas that you never tried it.

Well...ABSOLUTELY does work. I do it as a matter of course almost every time I'm constipated and it does helps to get rid of an enema also. I'd say EVERY TIME I think I'm finished expelling an enema, if I rock back and forth, especially if I bear down at the same time, I get at least one more rush out.

As for the why...think about it this way. If you got a brand new tube of toothpaste, opened the cap, and bent the tube in half, what would happen? (in fact I did this once and my Mom wasn't too happy) The toothpaste shoots out the end of the tube. Why? Because, by bending the tube, it kinks and becomes smaller inside, with less space in there the toothpaste has no where to go but out the uncapped opening.
Your bowel is really just a long tube. When you are constipated, it a long, full tube of poop. When you rock on the toilet, your squeezing the tube into a smaller space. Sometimes, that HURTS because your poop is hard and doesn't want to be squeezed. But if your trying to poop and your anus is relaxed to let the poop out, some of the poop will get squeezed towards your anus.
Lets go back to the toothpaste tube. If you straighten it out and bend it again...probably nothing more will come out, but it you squeeze the bottom end, and then bend the tube again, more come out. That's just what happens when you bear down and rock, your squeezing the upper part of your bowel and making it smaller at the same time so more poop move towards your anus.-- JW


Survey Answers & Mall Incident

Gender: female

How do you select the stall you use? It depends on where I am. At school, I take one of the first stalls if they are available because the back ones, nearest the windows, are used by the smokers. At gas stations, there is usually only one toilet. At the mall, I seek out the lesser used bathrooms because I'm 6',3" and I'm taller than most of the stall partitions.

Does your bathroom have toilet seat papers? Or do you bring them with you? If so, do you use them. I sit right down on the seat. No, my high school doesn't have the papers. The gas stations I use don't. Some of the malls do have them, though.

Do you sit down on the seat without putting toilet paper on it first? Yes.

Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it? Sometimes, not usually.

Do your friends sit right down on the seat? Yes.

Do you flush when you're done? Yes, except when previous users have put hygiene products in the bowl (dumb and clogging!).

Do your friends flush when they are done? Not as much as they should. I know Coach (I'm on the volleyball team) makes sure all the toilets are flushed in our locker room before we leave a school after a game).

Do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom? Yes, almost always, but if I'm late to class, I'm not going to risk a detention.

If you sit down and can't go, do you flush the toilet to fake it? Not when I'm at school and have to get up fast when the one-minute warning bell rings to get to class. You stop your pee or crap and literally run for class.

Do you hold your pee or crap to avoid going at school? Of course not. It's not healthy, but I know several students do hold it.

This is my story from the mall earlier this week:

On Monday, the first day of my Christmas vacation, I went to the mall early in the morning so that I could avoid the crowds and finish my shopping. I got there at about 9 a.m. and it was already pretty busy. I shopped for about an hour and started getting that feeling that my morning crap was about to come.

Although I've only been in our city for about five months, I've learned that the downstairs restrooms on the lower level of the mall are the least used because there's fewer stores down there and that's where the mall offices and security are located. Instead of the escalator, I decided to take the stairs (something Coach has asked us to do for more exercise), but as I started taking the steps, I realized the activity was only helping activate the need for the restroom. Unlike the other bathrooms in the main mall area which have 10 or 15 stalls at least (I guess I've never really counted), this one had only 3 plus the handicapped one. All three were vacant and I took the middle one. I laid my bags down next to the stool and up against the partition while I lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down. I placed myself pretty back over the whole seat because of my size, but I noticed the stalls were of the usual size, meaning that my head was towering over the top. This is another reason why I like to use the bathrooms that are not that busy.

I didn't have to push much to get the first of my logs to drop. It came out so fast and hard that it splashed water up on me. I grabbed some toilet paper and from the back of the stool I tried to do a fast wipe to get myself dry but I was sitting so far back, that I had to slide forward in order to get my hand down there. I bashed the back of my right hand on the back of the seat but luckily I wasn't moving it that fast and there was little pain. A second piece fell and I quickly slide to the front of the toilet, thereby making sure it hit the inside front of the bowl and not the water first. Unfortunately, my knees were jammed up against the front of the door. (When will they realize that larger people need larger stalls?).

At this point a mother and child came in arguing. I could tell it was a little girl about grade school age and her mother who was really brutal verbally, if you know what I mean. The mom kept badgering her "Why didn't you go at home, Madison?" and kept repeating it as if she actually expected an answer. Then there were like two or three times the mom repeated "Didn't I tell you to go at home?". They were also fighting over the girl seeing Santa. I guess the mom didn't want to stay in line that long and wanted to go to a movie next and then come back after the movie hoping that the line would be shorter for Madison. Of course, Madison didn't agree. Madison walked into the stall to my right and I could see her jeans and underwear fall. It seemed like she had just seated herself on the stool when her mom looked in on her and went ballistic when she saw that Madison had already sat down and was getting ready to crap. Madison started to cry when her mom yanked her off the stool, and then wiped off the seat and carefully placed what I guess were two or three strips of toilet paper down on the seat for her to sit on. Even as the mom was doing this and Madison was crying a little, the mom kept saying Madison was wrong for not having gone at home.

I could see from her feet that Madison eventually re-seated herself on the stool and the mom went into the stall on my left. The mom was still mad and shouted to Madison about making sure she peed to because she wasn't going to be able to go during the movie. What was different about the mom, however, was that I could hear her take a sheet of toilet paper, lift up the seat and she squat peed for a little more than a minute. Then her right foot disappeared just before the toilet flushed so I figured out that she had used it to flush with. After the flush I could hear some farts and then like four plops in a row from Madison's stall. After hearing a sigh of relief from her, she called out to her mom who was pulling up her jeans and apparently having a hard time with the buckle. "Mom, come here", Madison said twice before the mom reminded Madison that she's now halfway through the third grade and needs to do more for herself. When the mom came out of her stall, Madison called her again and asked her her help in wiping this time. The mom got even more upset, but then Madison started to cry and the mom finally went into the stall with a lot of attitude but gave in and helped Madison wipe.

I was done and ready to leave but I didn't want to get involved in the fight so I just sat and listened. As I was wiping, I heard Madison get off the stool and her mom talked to the side of the stool, had Madison bend over, and completely wiped her. I heard the paper being torn off the paper roll about three times and finally the mom said something sarcastic about did Madison need her mom to pull up her underwear and jeans too. I feel sooooo sorry for that little girl. The washed their hands and were still fighting. Once they left, I went out and washed my hands.

Upstate Dave
First it's christmas eve day so I'll wish everyone a happy holiday for tomorrow that is celibrating it. Now let me get back to my city friend Marrie. Marrie and I the following day were up and out early and went straight over to our clubhouse in the old abandoned building which had been a bar.

Marrie was wearing shorts today with a shortsleeve top. We walked down to the old bar building slipped in through the back door and went straight to the kitchen to again piss together in the ladies and gents sink together. Marrie wearing shorts she pulled them down and removed them taking them off before she hopped up on the ladies sink.

I was standng in front of the gents sink and was already to piss and Marrie told me to wait a moment. Can you pull you pants down and your underware? I looked at Marrie and I asked her why. Marrie giggled and told me she had seen other boys piss that way. I think its so cute when they do! So I unbuckled my belt popped the snap and pulled my jeans and briefs down to my knees. Marrie smiled and giggled harder but managed to say thank you to me.

Before Marrie started her piss and I mine Marrie told me she hadn't gone since getting up so this one was going to feel good. I told her had done the same thing. We both let out a short laugh together and then we both started to piss. I started with a hard stream which arced upward and hit the wall above the back of the sink. Marrie was turned watching me and she laughed hard seeing that I had missed the sink and I was pissing on the wall instead.

I took two big steps back which my stream moved and now I was pissing in the sink. Now I could turn my attention to Marrie which she had started also and she had a strong stream of piss shooting straight down and splashing in the sink under her. Both of our streams were very yellow and a pissy oder was smelled by both of us as we pissed.

Marrie finished pissing well before I did this time. She had just pissed harder then I had. So she satyed sitting there on the sink and watched me piss. She did aske me; Do you always take this long to piss every morning? I answered telling her that most mornings I did. Then Marrie went on telling me if she had that much piss in her she would have never made it to the bathroom to go. I would have pissed myself! I laughed a little shaking which jiggled my piss stream. That made Marriie giggle prettyy hard.

My stream soon started easing so thatit was making a less higher and longer arc. Then it died off. I did do one spgood spurt to finish up with gave my penis a couple of shakes and then let go of it to pull up my white briefs and jeans. I had my briefs in y hands and was just about to slide them up and Marrie again told me to wait a moment. So I stopped pulling them up.

Now what do you want? I asked Marrie. The cheeks on her face turned a little red. Marrie giggled a littel and she told me she had a question to ask me. Seeing her face cheeks turn a litle red I first laughed and told Marrie that was the first time that I saw that she was embarrased! Her cheeks turned even a litle more red in color along with her giggling a little harder.I waited for her to stop her giggling and Marrie did in several long seconds later.

Well what's your question? I asked Marrie. Can I touch you? she asked me. Touch me? Youv'e touched me before! I said back to her. I know I have but that was your hands,arms, other parts of you she said back to me. I want to touch what your'e holding on to now! Now saying that to me I felt my face turn warm fast which Marrie had embarrased me! That made her laugh hard.

Then she did stop her laughing she asked me; Well will you? I was now over my embarrasment and I turned to face her and she gingerly reached out with her hand and did touch my penis with it. She pulled it rapidly away only touching it slightly. But then she again reached over a second time and touched it longer and she smiled with a big smile touched it longer and then took her hand away and hopped down of from the sink.

I then pulled up my white briefs and jeans as Marrie put back on her shorts. After that we went out to the bar room sat down on the stools and we talked for awhile. That was for a good fifteen minutes and it was about what we had felt and how we fet about doing things. Then Marrie wanted to go outside for a walk so we left our clubhouse and went for a walk which Marrie and I went up to the valve factorys dumpsite behind the factory where I had taken a shit there the other day. Marrie whispered in my ear when we were there that she was going to take a shit right there now for she pulled out a wad of toilet paper that she had in one of her shorts pockets! I would find out that Marrie did a diffent habbit when she shit! I will leave it right here at this point.


benjamin answer

hi benjamin

maybe you get turned on by the fact that you're pooing, it can also be that the poop stimulate the prostate. the same thing happens to me.

Claire N
Here are my answers to Just Jerika's survey:

Age: 45
Gender: Female

How do you select the stall you use?
I have a favourite end one at work, otherwise a middle one.

Does your bathroom have toilet seat papers? Do you bring them with you? If so, do you use them?
No. No. No.

Do you sit down on the seat without putting toilet paper on it first?

Do you wipe the seat before sitting on it?
If it looks wet.

Do your friends sit right down on the seat?

Do you flush when you're done?
Always for a poo, usually for a wee.

Do your friends flush when they are done?

Do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom?

If you sit down and can't go, do you flush the toilet to fake it?

Do you hold your pee or crap to avoid going at school?
I used to at school, will go anywhere now.


to David, a sign: don't flush with your foot

David, where did you see the the sign asking people not to flush with their foot? I've never seen suhc a sign.

I'm Jas and i am new here; in case you haven't yet noticed (;

This event occured At a recent school trip to Canada. I was sharing a room with 3 of my other roomates. ( two of which were boys) Usually, girls would not have to share a room with boys, but however this was a one off due to lack of room avalibility. Anyway, one of my roomates was in the bathroom) Me and the other two guys were watching tv, sitting on the sofa. About half an hour into the movie we were watching i went into my room to get ready for bed.( I shared a room with one roomate named James*. My other two roomates J.* and Steven* Shared a room.)

The night before this ( my other female roomate ) J. had got sick, with a bad case of the runs, but she was in better shape today. However whilst i was getting changed James knocked on the door and came in to get ready for bed ( Fyi, We had two bathrooms, J. was still in the other one at the time so the only one availible was the one in my room. It was a strange sort of bathroom, it didn't have a proper door but instead a shower curtain sot of thing, so you could cleary hear what was going on in the bathroom. Anyway, as i was collecting my pj's james was lying down on his bed, i told him i was going for a bath and did he need to use the toilet before i went. He did, so he wen't through and shut the curtain. He was in for about 10 mins before i asked him if he was ok. he said he wasn't feeling good and had an upset stomach, but he would be out in a minute. Once out the bathroom, i told James just to come in if he needed the toilet again, whilst i was in the bathroom. He thanked me and i went through and shut the curtain. I opened the window before i started running the bath, and stepped in. Ten minutes later james asked if he would be able to come in and use the toilet. He awkwardly came in and apologised. I told him i'd get out the bath so he could at least get some privacy. however i'd noticed james leg shaking vigorously so i presumed he couldn't wait that long. He told me it was ok for me to stay as he didn't want to cause any hassle. I told him not to be silly, as he was ill but james told me to stay
to as he unzipped his jeans and sat down, he said he just felt a very strong urge to pee as he felt that he no longer needed to poop. Two minutes later i saw his cheeks flame red, he obvioulsy was not over the runs yet. I quickly got up out the bath, wrapped my towl round myself and went through to the bedroom. I couldn't get my pj's on a sthey were still in the bathroom. James came out, wih my pj's and lay down on his bed. He apologised and i asked him how he was feeling as i quickly put my pj's on. However he said he felt a bit better, but syill looked ill. After about five minutes of lying on his bed he immediately got up and ran towards the bathroom. I continued to read my book, until i realised he was going to be in there for a while. I got up and told him i was going to the living room, to give him some privacy. He was very apologetic but thankfull at the same time as i made my way out the room.

However later on that night he had a very unfortunate experience. My other guy-roomate steven was in Me & James' bathroom, taking a shower and J. ( the girl) was in the other bathroom's bath. Me and James were sitting on the couch, when James looked distraught and in pain. He was doubled over and clutching his stomach, and suddenly turned very pale. He then bent over and grabbed his crotch, and looked me in the eyes and said he had just pooped himself and desperately needed a pee. Thankfully J. was finished in the bathroom, so james ran in and i followed him closely. he couldn't unbutton his jeans as he was clutching his crotch so much, and panicking. i forced him to sit on the toilet fully clothed, as there was no alternative, he was shaking vigorously now, he needed to go extremely badly. He sat down not a moment to late as his jeans suddenly became drenched. he looked deeply embarrased to have me there but i couldn't leave him like this. i asked him if he was finished and he told me with an ashamed face that he wasn't,but he had forced himself to stop and he could wait until he had his clothes off before continuing. Hemade no eye contact with me as he shoved off his jeans and underwear,he quickly sat himself down on the toilet relieving himself once again. Whilst he was doing this i picked up his dirty clothes and bundled them into the bin. I turned the shower on for him and told him i'd bring him some pj's before heading out the bathroom.
Once fully clothed James went back through to our bedroom. James thanked me for all my support and apoligised constantly.

I felt deeply sorry for the guy as this completely ruined his holiday but i was glad it was coming to an end as it is one of the most memorable holidays i've ever had. I apologise for any spelling mistakes/ errors i may have made. I have somehow mangaged to reduce my screen size which has made this very diffuclt to see what i'm typing.
Anyway merry christmas to all,
love Jas xx


Sometimes I get a poo that is hard and fact I often get them. One episode I had was a few weeks ago when the problem hit....I wanted to go all day but the poo was like a rock...probably due to pain meds.
The family were away so I do have an enema...I do this in the shower. My whole family is rarely away so therefore I very rarely do an enema.
This is what happened...I came home from was very hot so I took my clothes off, went into the bathroom, turned on the radio....I set up the enema...the bag hanging from the shower...I do my enema in the shower...that way I can wash away the mess. I bring in a small foot stool and a basin....the basin is to shit in and the stool is to rest agains...either to lean on or to sit on. Although there is a toilet in the bathroom I do not risk it.
Anyway I filled the bag with soapy water and put KY jel on the nozzle .....inserted it and filled me up. I then removed the tube and stood in the show...desperate for a big shit and bloated with water. I do some stretches..squats..making sure I was over the basis if there was any dribble. When I felt myself loose control and that is when it starts to squirt out and I cannot stop it. I then squat over the basin and relax and a torrent of brownish water came out and then the loudest grunt and push from me and this previously stubborn turd goes splat in the basin. It was big and hard and help was really needed ...I did a fair bit of pooing after that and followed up with another enema and concluded at that.

As for other stubborn shits I have resorted to squatting with paper towels underneath me when sitting on the toilet just was not working and I have squatted over a basin too.
There are some shits that will not budge and an eneam or a fast acting laxative is the answer...there are some shits that will not budge on the toilet and there are others that respond to squatting.
I have lots more to say on the topic and will do so soon.

John Philip

Reply to poster benjamin

I wouldn't necessarily worry about it as this tends to happen to me as well.


Buddy Dumping

I am always interested in people dumping together, very casually, not too different than two guys standing at a urinal and taking a leak and conversing back and forth. Peeing together, at least for guys,is considered very normal, but buddy dumping, on the other hand, is not. For some reason, when we go into a stall, we are expected to be very private and embarrassed. I work at a major urban medical school, and the restrooms are frequented by young medical students in their mid-twenties. The other day, I was sitting in stall #3 (there are three in there) and two guys came in and the conversation went like this: "I have to drop a major duece." "I do too." Both entered adjacent stalls, put their backpacks and coats on the door hook, and proceeded to lower jeans and sit. There were a few assorted grunts, farts, splashes, sighs. Then one said to the other, "I really had to go. Here's the sports section if you want it." "Thanks. I did too. Sorry about the smell." Then there was a courtesy flush. They both sat there for a while reading, all the while there would be an occasional pee, or a fart, or a plop. Then one started to wipe while the other continued to read. "I'm going downstairs for something to eat." "Okay, I'm not quite done, so I'll see you at the biochem lecture." One finished and left, the other continued to read. About five minutes later, he wiped and left too. I thought this was such an exciting, natural event--two guys sharing what is usually a very private and intimate moment together very naturally without embarrassment.

Things to post!!

First... Zip had asked me about my friend bein in the bathroom with me in my story. My friend and I have been friends pretty much our whole lives. We have seen each other pee and have bowel movements many times, so it never really either of us to continue, even though we are in our early 20s.

Benjamin-- it is actually very normal to get erect when you poop. Once you hit puberty, you get them anytime. I don't quite understand the reason behind it but I think it has something to do with your cowpers gland. It may embarraass many, but to me, its normal so I don't who sees.

Now for stories:
My first one comes from right before Thanksgiving. I was leaving work,going get things that I would need for the next day. When I got on the main highway, I noticed my stomach was beginnning to hurt. I was thinking of reasons as to why. So, I asked myself questions that I ask my students when they tell me that there stomach hurts. Suddenly, I realized I had to poop REALLY bad. So, I went straight to the restroom when I got to the store. There were a couple of guys at the urinals, but that for some reason kept me from being able to go. The first time I ever that I could not go when I needed to. It was hours later before I tried again.

Lately when I get to work (I get in early some mornings), I have to go, so I go lock myself in the teacher's restroom to go.

The other day, we had nachos in the cafeteria. It felt like some of us had taken a whole box of laxatives. We tried to figure out what did it. The next day, we had mac and cheese as a side (with the same cheese left over from nachos). I was the only one that ate the mac and cheese. My planning time was about 45 minutes after lunch. As soon as my students were at PE, I could not make it to the bathroom fast enough. I just got my pants and briefs down in time.

I will post a childhood story later on...

Friday, December 25, 2009

just a quick survey for everyone. has anyone ever pooped in the shower on purpose or accident? please tell story.

Upstate Dave
Let me go on with my friend Marrie. Now I had come back outside and like I had said she took off riding her bike when I went inside to leave the bag of groceries that we had got at the market.I still had the two bottlkes of soda that I had bought for us. So I figuired that Marrie had taken off for a short ride so I went looking fir her.

I first went down to the small playground down the street from where we lived. No she wasn't there. So I turned around and headed back. On the way back up oour street I saw her bike laying down by the side of the valve factory parking lot. Also right where her bike was laying dow was a old abandoned building that looked like it was a two family apartment house.

So I rode over to where her bike was and left my bike there with her bike. Now this building sure looked like it had been empty for a long time. What was the back yard had mostly grown in with small trees and high grass. There ws plenty of litter and trash scattered all about too. The backdoor of the place as far as the porch was broken off its hinges and the back door that went inside was only on one hinge so it was really cockeyed patraily open.

I slipped past the crooked hanging door and only took one step inside. I yelled out Marrie are you in here?! There was momentary silence. Then she yelled back; Dave I'm in here! I went through what looked like a storeroom and then came ito what was a kitchen. Again I asked Marrie where she was. She said in here! Her voice was comming from what I thought was the next room so I went through a closed door and there she was.

It was not a apartment as it turned out. It was a old bar! The bar was still there along with some of the stools running along the bar. There was no bottles of booze but there were a coup;e of beer tap handles behind the bar along witha old cash register. I said pretty neat!as I looked around. Marrie laughed and she told meit was a cool clubhouse. Great idea! I said back to her. Since this was a bar I have just the thing outside. The two bottles of soda. We can drink them right here at the bar. Marrie was all for it and I went out and got them.

We sat on two of the old bar stool together when I had come back with the sodas. The bar stools were the type that were leather flat topped and they spun around. Boy did they ever squeel when we turned around on them. There wasn't anything else in the bar room though except for a lot of trash on the old bare dirty wooden floor.

We did stay at the bar till after drinking our sodas. Then we got into the exploring mood. So we started rummaging around. Whie we explored together Marrie said to me; You know that this was a bar. There had to be a girls room and a mens room. I laughed and told Marrie there should have been. So we went looking to see if there was.

We did find where they were. Both bathrooms were off from what was the kitchen. The two doors had still old sighns on them. Gents for the mens bathroom and ladies for the girls bathromm. We checkked both rooms out. No toilets just sinks were still in them. We had checked the gents room first then the ladies. After checking the ladies room Marrie told me she had to piss. I asked herif she was going to use the ladies room. She told me no even though I had told her she could just piss on the floor.

Marrie told me she had a better place to piss which wouldn't stink if we made it a bathroom instead of just pissing on the floor in either of the old bathrooms. Ok then where? I asked her. Follow me! Marrie said. So I did. Marrie went back out to the kitchen. In the kitchen there was one of the oold double grey colored cast iron sinks. A real deep one too.We can use the sink to piss in! Marrie said to me. One side is ladies the other side Gents! I laughed hard and so did Marrie. It was funny but a good idea it seemed at the time.

Hey before you do go Marrie I'll be right back. I picked up a old knife from the kitchen floor went back to where the bathrooms were and I pryed the two sighns off from the bathroom doors. I came back to the kitchen and placed the ladies sighn leaning it up againt the wall by one of the sinks and the gents sighn behind the other sink. Now we have a mens and ladies room! Marrie burst out laughing for a short moment.

Then she lifted up her skirt hopped up on the counter placing her now bare ass over the ladies sink to piss in it. I stood t the gents sink pulled don my zipper fished my penis out to piss in the gents sink. Marrie watched me not taking her eyes off from me. Once I had my penis out to piss I looked over at Marries bare ass and waited for a piss stream to apear also.

As it happened We both started right after each other with Marrie starting to go first. I saw just a thin stream of piss apear goin straight down into the old sink. My stream when it started did a nice short high arc and came down hitting the back inside of the sink. Marrie giggled just a little seeing my arcing piss stream. Marries piss stream got harder as she pissed. So soon it was twisted and hissing softly as it flowed.

Both sinks had a lot of dust and dirt inthem. Our piss turned brownish with it picking up all the dust and dirt in the sinks taking it with our piss and sending it down the drains. The good think was the two drains were complete so our piss went down into them and out into the sewer pipes. When both of finished pissing we both had made clean trails in the dust in dirt in both sinks. Marrie hopped off the ladies sink and she and I both laughed seeing the clean traii marks in the sinks. We did make this our clubhouse and would use it all durring the summer at times while I still lived there. Upstate Dave

Emily W

A thankyou.

Sorry about asking for advice on here twice, that was accidental.

Claire - I read your post, I haven't managed to try it yet and face my fears head on but hoping to soon. I will keep you informed.

A thank you to anybody else who may have replied to me since submitting this.


To leslie and other moms

As I have mentioned before, I am a bedwetter and have to wear diapers each night. I do not use them every night and if I wake, I use the toilet. But when my son was little, he woke up crying and I had to take care of him immediately. There was no time to use the toilet and more often than not I could not hold it long enough. So I changed him first and me afterwards. I only pooped myself a few times, but that also happened. So don't feel bad, shit happens.

Turd Lover
I dumped a load of the most beautiful shit this morning. The first turd was multi-colored, semi-smooth in texture and looked like a boomerang. It was around 14 inches from tip to tip. The second log was bacically a miniature version of the first one but not quite as bowed in shape. This was followed by 3 or 4 little "loglets" which resembled little cannonballs and plopped into the water with considerable force.

There's nothing like taking a good shit.


Just Jerika's Questions

Hi everyone! Both my boyfriend John and I are off work today so we're both going to answer the Jerika's questions. Here goes:

Age: Laurel, 34
John, 36

Gender: Laurel, female
John, male

1. How to you select the stall you use?

L: I will usually select one of the first two stalls I look in. Just yesterday at my bank in the main floor bathroom, a woman came out of a stall and I immediately went in. I was ready to pull my suit pants down and sit to pee when I noticed quite a lot of pee on one side of the seat. She must have been a hover pisser who lacked good aim. I ended up going into the stall next door rather than wiping the pee off first.
J: At the plant I work at, there are 8 stalls, all without doors. I go into the stall at the far end of the room because there's less traffic down there. (We have about 300 employees)

2. Does your bathroom have toilet seat papers? Or do you bring them with you? If so do you use them?
L: The last time I used a toilet seat paper was when I was traveling in Mexico about 10 years ago. They're worthless and I remember even then it ripped up because I don't sit still when I sit.
J: Yes, we have the toilet seat protectors at the plant. Like many of the guys I use them. Almost all of the older guys do. I wonder if it has something to do with age.

3. Do you sit on the seat without putting toilet paper on it first?
L: Yes.
J: No.

4. Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it?
L: Occasionally, but only if it's wet and all other stalls are in use.
J: I only remember doing it once or twice when the seat paper holders hadn't been refilled and I needed to shit bad.

5. Do your friends sit right down on the seat?
L: Mostly they do.
J: See #2.

6. Do you flush when you're done?
L: Almost always. However, I don't think my arm is getting any weaker but it seems more often now I have to flush three or four times just to activate the flush cycle.
J: Yes.

7. Do your friends flush when they are done?
L: Almost always, but we currently have one college intern at the bank who doesn't. I have a hard time believing that a 23 year old woman with a private college education could be so negligent.
J: Yes. And when a stool is stopped up, someone goes to one of the production line computer and e-mails the problem to the physical plant engineer. It's usually fixed within a half hour.

8. Do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom?
L: Yes.
J: Yes.

9. If you sit down and can't go, do you flush the toilet to fake it?
L: I don't think I've ever been in that situation. As I've posted about many times, my bowels empty pretty fast and frequent.
J: Yes. This happened to me several times in junior high and high school. I would get up, slide the seat papers in and sometimes even lied about what a fulfilling shit I had taken.

10. Do you hold your pee or crap to avoid going when you're away from home?
L: No way. I sit down and go at the first available moment.
J: Yes, sometimes if it's last in my shift and I'm going to be home in a half hour, I will hold my shit. Peeing however is another story. That's ASAP for me!

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