A Hello and a story for Iver

Long time lurker on this site. Posted a few times over the past years but nothing too official and not under a specific handle. So this is really my first post. I'm a 26yo, male, 6'0 210lbs. Blond hair, blue eyes, athletic physique. I played collegiate sports and even had a brief stint at the pro level.

As it were, I've always had a fascination with bathroom functions for as long as I can remember. I have a number of wonderful stories about both peeing and pooping, from me personally and of friends - guys and girls, largely due to my athletic career. It also seems to me, athletes both male and female are much more open about their bathroom habits and I have had lengthy conversations with both females and males about it. Personally, I enjoy peeing but I find pooping more interesting and much more satisfying. I mean, who doesn't love taking a huge dump? Nonetheless though, onto my first story about a large dump taken by a female family friend of ours - hence the Iver reference in the title.

This was in 2000, nearly a decade ago - hard to believe. I was doing a winter workout session at my local university gymnasium and was 15 years old at the time so I couldn't drive. My parents worked pretty late during the week so I had a female family friend, "E", who was home from college pick me up after my workout. However, after I was done training, I stayed and chatted for about 10 minutes with some other people before going outside to meet "E" who was waiting in the car. I climbed into the vehicle, and "E" was kind of doubled over, sort of holding her crouch. She said "hi" but also mentioned she was in desperate need of the bathroom and was thankful I came out of when I did. I told her there were plenty of nice facilities in the gym and she should have just come inside and used them. I figured she only had to pee since it looked like she was holding her crouch and not double over from a stomach - something i realized later. For a description, "E" is about 5'5 140lbs I would guess. A latino, with long dark hair and brown eyes but light skinned although not white looking. She had a thick, curvy body with wider set hips and a nice, thick butt.

We returned to my house and she came inside to use the bathroom. She rushed in a grabbed the bathroom right by the front hall. Usually everyone uses the bathroom just to pee, so i thought this only confirmed my suspicions. The bathroom is tiny, and centrally located so it doesn't provide much privacy. As it were after about thirty seconds, I walked back down the hall to get changed in my room and "E" was still in there. As I reached within 3ft of the door, I was greeted with an extremely pungent odor of poop. I was surprised and impressed, she had only be in there a minute by now and the hall outside the bathroom was beginning to stink badly. I could also hear the fan in the bathroom, so as I said, it was a pretty impressive performance already. I postponed my trip up to room to change and decided to hang out in an adjoining room so as to be discrete about my curiosity. I didn't here much in the way of farts or logs being dropped over the next 5 minutes or so, but the smell reached the edge this room. She flushed once and I heard a little commotion from the bathroom and she flushed again but neither flush sounded like it worked. At this point I quickly scurried back to the kitchen at the end of the hall and pretended to be drinking water.

"E" came out of the bathroom, did not say anything about it, and did not look the least bit embarrassed. Although she was not her usually chatty self, told me to tell my parents hello and left quickly. Almost immediately my curiosity got the best of me. I walked to the bathroom, I was already well within the radius of the smell and opened the door. Wow. The strength of the smell double, it was like walking into a fog. The odor itself wasn't a bad one really, very healthy and distinct smelling, not sour or stale smelling if that makes sense.

The toilet lid was down, so I opened and looked inside. The water was a murky brown, but not opaque and was a bit higher than usual. The hole was lodged with paper and a fat smooth log probably 8 inches from what I could see. It's thickness took up a majority of the hole but needed the paper to provide a full block. Laying off to one side of the hole, curled in a "C" shape was a beast of log that curled half around the bowl, the thickness was the same and had the same uniform light brown color. I estimate a good 13-15 inches. Gently half-floating about were about half dozen well formed pieces ranging from about 2-5 inches, same color and thickness. A large dump by most standards, covered filled most of the water and as mentioned blocked the hole. I realized her dilemma as the plunger had been moved to a different bathroom.

I retrieved the plunger from the other bathroom upstairs and returned. I had the left the door open by accident and the smell had noticeably filled the entire hallway and had begun wafting into the adjoining areas. The fan was still on but provided little in way of relief. I unblocked the toilet and flushed away the all remains after several tries. I opened the windows in the hallway and closed the door to the bathroom with the fan on. I then went up stairs to change. After 30 minutes or so I came back downstairs and closed the windows. The smell has all but dissipated in the hall but the bathroom was a different story. It took about 2 hours for it to smell normal again in there.

As I said, it was a wonderfully impressive performance especially the smell. It was a rather large dump and all the pieces had a good girth to them. I never mentioned it to "E" and I never experience anything remotely related to this with her again. I haven't seen her in years now, but I wondered if she always pooped like this or if it was a rare occurrence, particularly with the smell of it. It was probably the strongest, heaviest smelling poop I've ever encountered. I kind of wish I had broached the subject with her, not about this in particularly but just raised something about bodily functions to gage her interest. However, she was a good 7 years older than me so I was a bit shy around her at the time.

That's the story.

Definitely curious to here some stories from Wendy and Catherine, as Iver mentioned, as well anyone else.

Happy Holidays


To Benjamin

I don't get erections when I poop now, but I did when I was your age and for many years after that. I think it's probably normal and nothing to worry about.




This happened like 3 years ago (when i was 12 nd a half) I was in school I just suddenly had to take a dump i asked my teacher if i could go,but no I had to wait like 20 minutes, at this time I was almost crapping my pants I begged if I could go the toilet so she finallly said yes, I ran to the nearest toilet but there where some people there I just talked to them for a few seconds then they just left, I ran to the nearest stall locked the door, dropped my pants and the shit dropped out of my ass, infact I think I had diharreah I was sat on the toilet for ages as it all just poured out of my ass. Someone walked in and was like "urgh" I cleaned my ass washed my hands and walked out. When i walked back into class I fealt releaved and didn't have a stomach ache anymore.


Wow to the responses!!

Iver, I will post with stories soon but pretty busy at the moment. I live in a condo, and had to install a stronger toilet after moving in! I prefer defecating at home, but public toilets seem to be the better equipped for my BM's.

David, What a coincidence as to our vitals! Inopportune moments, or different locations seem to make for a memorable trip to the bathroom. I do remember vividly when the moment strikes in a public place, at a friends house, or during an exam (will post that one soon).

Matthias and Delilah, Loved your stories about how another's pooping led to a relationship. Matthias, I am single and could not imagine approaching a guy who overheard me defecating. Delilah, I wonder if your friend realized it was you that was in the locker room while having her BM??

I am looking forward to posting some stories soon. However, I am pretty busy getting ready to see my family for Christmas!! Love to all!!

Age: 15
Gender: Boy

How do you select the stall you use?
The stall that's the farthest away.

Does your bathroom have toilet seat papers? Do you bring them with you? If so, do you use them?
Yea, I'll wipe the seat down, and then place the seat cover on it or use TP if there is none.

Do you sit down on the seat without putting toilet paper on it first?

Do you wipe the seat before sitting on it?

Do your friends sit right down on the seat?

Do you flush when you're done?

Do your friends flush when they are done?
Of course.

Do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom?
All the time.

If you sit down and can't go, do you flush the toilet to fake it?
No, that just wastes water.

Do you hold your pee or crap to avoid going at school?
Yes, unless I really need to go, as other kids usually hang out in there and do drugs.

Some High School Boy
Well today I realized that I hadn't crapped yet due to the fact that I hadn't eaten lunch yet to push it out. Well I sat on the toilet and started to push and I felt a pre-fart that would start it moving. Well before I let that out I decided to try something creative. I went and got a plastic plate and put some paper towels over it horizontally and vertically so if some shot out it wouldn't go everywhere. I squatted and put my dick in a bottle so if I pissed while pushing I wouldn't have to clean up. After it came out it layered on top of itself. I was curious as to how big it was so I went and got one of my handy rulers and it measured 2" x 6" and counted the layers and estimated that it was 10" well I was impressed. So I decided to dispose of it well. When I started to let it drop into the toilet it start to unravel. And once it dropped I was in awe. The turd was actually 14" long and 3/4 inches wide. With that I sat down to clean up and thought I should take a picture well I did but stuff some toilet paper in between my cheeks to keep any loose shit that may be around butthole from getting on the floor. Well after I took the picture and sat back down on the pot the toilet paper was sticking to my butthole. So I started flexing my butthole to get it loose. It wouldn't budge so I pushed a little more of the crap I had in me and the toilet papre still wouldn't budge even after the turd pressed the back part from butt off after that the rest was still stuck so I had to move my junk out of the way and pull it off.

I should also mention that I'm 15 and that I'll be crapping at least 2 more times today because there was corn in my poop and I had corn on Monday. I've been crapping 3 to 5 times a day. Actually I'm really proud of myself since yesterday I got the urge and I was out with friends at the mall near my house. I didn't even care if they knew I went ahead and crapped. I also think the other guy who's my friend who was with me had to go to but he was probably to embarassed to have me know and try to separate him from the two girls that were with us.

I have another story that is about these same people. In the Summer we went to the same mall and for lunch I had Sbarro pizza and it must have been a bad piece because right after eating it I heard grumbling noises that let me knew I would have to go soon. Well after two hours of walking around in agony we went to Target where I almost ran in and lost it and crapped for ten minutes straight they never said anything but I think they all knew as long as other people didn't know I didn't care.

Middle Age


I consider these pads to be emergency bathrooms. Not only are they good for coughing and sneezing leaks but if you need to take a quick pee, an emergency pee or let out the pressure a bit, they are great. The larger sizes hold quite a bit and I have peed in them when I was too far from a bathroom. Once I wore a Tena brief and the crotch was not very wide; I had just gotten off a bus and had to pee so I let it go and it went down the middle onto the sidewalk (I was wearing a dark coloured skirt). As people get older often their bladder does not always fully empty and if they have left the bathroom; these pads/briefs are great for letting out a final squirt. Noone wants to keep running to the bathroom and making a trip for a few ounces/squirt/trickle which is a pain. Just make sure that they are thrown out and don't reuse them if you have peed in them. Both men and women often have to squirt, trickle or dribble after leaving the washroom. I read that in China, there was a run on incontinence pads since the lineups for the train washroom were too long. With my overactive bladder I do pee for convenience and have had conversations with people while peeing in a Depends or an Ultra Poise pad. I am not going to go to a stranger's house and ask them if I can use the washroom. I also read that some people with bladder control problems take up swimming since it is not noticeable. I have been in the middle of a conversation with people and just let the pee flow through my swimsuit. One time I was smiling and someone asked me 'are you peeing?' I said 'yes'. I pee during aquafitness class also although I pee in the shower first. Sometimes it is just a few squirts. Some of the older ladies pee during class also. I had taken fitness/power walking courses and at night I had to pee in the park behind a hedge - luckily it was dark. I am on some medications which actually make my bladder problems worse. I had better bladder control in primary school than I do now. I have peed on a public bus while sitting down and wearing a Depends; I thought, better let it out slowly and more controllably than have a flood in a few seconds which could leak more. I throw out the Depends/Poise pads in either a bathroom trash can or down my apartment garbage chute. I have had to pee urgently in stores, on the bus, in parking lots, etc. I always pad up before going anywhere. I don't know what middle aged and elderly people did before Depends/Poise and such were invented. Sometimes while waiting for aquafitness class to begin while we are on deck conversing, I have to pee yet again. I get into the pool and swim (and pee)just before class. Some of the pregnant ladies in prenatal aquafitness also pee in the pool - I heard them talking about it 'did you do it' 'yes'. Several of my middle aged and elderly friends also pee in the pool. Once in an aquafitness class I moved over slightly to the side of the pool about 3 feet from where I was standing and just let it gush; one older lady said 'at least you get warning when you need to go' and smiled. It is not just swimming that makes me start to pee but also the cold weather. Getting up from a chair can be dangerous with a full bladder due to gravity. When I was a young kid swimming I would often just begin to pee - this happened up to about 9 years of age. Then I would get warning while swimming and just let it go at the beach. I have peed in the neighbors pool a few times as a kid. A couple of years ago I went south and had a coffee and was sitting on the beach and the urge to pee just came on so strong that I just let it go through my bathing suit into the sand. Several of my middle aged friends also wet their pants sometimes. It is so weird. My motto is 'pee anywhere you can get away with it'. Once I was photographing flowers in the backyard of my former house and the urge came on so strong that I just pulled down my pants and peed on the grass. I have also woken up at night desperate that I have just put my female urinal (available at drugstores) under me and peed into it. I did not want to soak the floor. I have been stargazing on my balcony and the urge came on and I just let it go on the balcony; I have peed on a balcony but not off it. I was wearing a long night gown and formed a puddle which was later washed away by the rain.


Stomach promblems

I have bad stomach aches and i always plug the toliet, how do i stop? O time i had to go so bad and i made the toliet overflow, how do i stop. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Linda from Australia here again. I'm still on a winning streak with my poos, which is fantastic for me!! I haven't been constipated at all for well over a month now, probably closer to 2 months!!!

HardToPoop: I loved reading your story!! It sounds like you get extrememly constipated quite often. How long did it take you to do that poo in the public toilet?? It sounds like it was a huge load too!!I have some tips for you, as I get suffer with constipation on a regular basis:

Try sitting on the toilet with your feet up on the bowl, like you are squatting and wrap your arms around your legs. This helps to get the turds moving.

Some people say that leaning forward as far as you can while you are pushing out a load seems to help but it doesn't for me. I find that leaning back is better for me, as I can relax and the poos seem to come out easier.

I like to read something while I'm doing a poo, especially if I'm having a tough time because its a distraction. I find it easier to drop my load if I'm concentrating on something else.

If I'm having a really hard time on the toilet, sometimes I put my fingers on my anus and push down while I'm straining. This helps a bit but I also get poo all over my hands.

Occassionally I try to dig the poos out too but that is quite painful!!

Take lots of vitamin C tablets, this helps me if I haven't done a poo for a few days.

Some people swear by laxatives and suppositories but I never use them. Enemas are also meant to be good but I've never used them before either.

If I'm really constipated and trying to do a poo, I find that I have to rest half way through. This also helps to get things moving when I start pushing and straining again.

I know what you mean about not wanting to do poos when your flatmate is at home. When I'm constipated, I like to go when my flatmate is out so I can grunt and strain without anyone hearing me. Also, I don't like him knowing how long I spend on the toilet, because it takes me a while to do a poo. It can take me 30-45 minutes to do a poo sometimes.


benjamin answer

hi benjamin

maybe you get turned on by the fact that you're pooing, it can also be that the poop stimulate the prostate. the same thing happens to me.

The subject of needing a poo in a public toilet and not being able to do it is of concern.
I really do not know the answer but i have a few ideas.
I suggest that you pick a rather busy public toilet...not too busy though that you cannot have a good long sit!
Try eating somehting that will move the bowels or take a laxative or better still a suppository where you will be deperate to drop your load and you will have no choice...try and do this regularly so as you will get use to it. Try going to a shopping centre and just sit there..meditate read etc.
The main problem you all have and so did I once is that you regard bodily functions as taboo or dirty etc...they are the need to bring yourself around to enjoying a good poo.

As for me I do a real lot of shitting away from home. Due to my condition I am physically slow in the mornings and I have to drop the girls off at school so I cannot fit a crap in or I do try and nothing is happening.
The toilets at my work are interesting ..thre a male and female and each have two toilets...the airflow in the females is non existant but the mens is OK. What we should really have is one set of toilet for number 1 and the other for number 2. I certainly use the toilets at work for a poo as needed, however, I prefer my public toilets nearby as there are 4 toilets and they are unisex etc. I find there i can have a good long sit if need be. If constipated as is often the case I can really grunt it out and quite frankly I do not care who hears me. Some of the readers are interested in constipated poops and I provide plently of material at my toilets. The public toilets are located in an upper class beautiful area and I have been using them regularly for almost a year. The is rarely anyone visiting when I am there...I think a few men have a wee about three have had a poo couple of ladies have had a wee and a young girl had a quick but successful sounding poo. It is strange because the toilets are often used..but not when I am there.
I will probably call by on my way home if need be.
Merry Christmas to All!!!!!


Not going to make it back.

This morning I was walking the dogs. I hooked up their leashes and headed out across our yard to the neighbors yard. When I left the house I had no indication that a poo was ready and soon. I was only two minutes from the house when I had to stop walking and clench my cheeks to hold it in. After about fifteen or twenty seconds the pressure let up and I resumed walking. I should have headed back to the house but no, I thought I could finish walking the dogs. Boy, was I wrong. Anyway, when about five minutes from the house I again had to stop and clench to keep my pants clean. Again the pressure passed and I continued to walk the dogs. I realized at that point that I would not make it back to the house. My parents were home so pooping my pants was also not an option. I walked the dogs down a path into a wooded area on the far side of the neighbors property and after two additional clench sessions (almost lost the last one.) I hooked the dog leashes over a tree branch, walked up the path another fifty or sixty feet, and stepped about twenty feet off the path. I unfastened my pants and panties and pulled them down to my knees, squatted, grabbed my bum cheeks, pulled them apart, and relaxed...would you believe at that point I actually had to push to drop that log in the fresh snow. It was over two inches diameter and solid but very soft. I had nothing to wipe with so I pulled my panties and pants back up, went back and got the dogs, walked the ten minutes back to the house, went to the bathroom and washed my bum.

To Katja K.

Your English is excused. Many American can not do as well. Please tell us about your other accidents.


Biggest Poop Of My Life

I'm new here. I have blonde hair blue eyes, I'm about 5'7" and nearly 200 pounds, 19 years old. Lately I've had a lot of trouble going number two. I took a walk last night and stopped near a park because I felt some grumbling in my stomach and a little movement in my bum. The bathrooms there aren't too disgusting. Strangely enough it's usually where I go when I want some privacy from my friend/roomate. She has a weird obsession with listening to people poop. I don't really feel comfortable with that. So anyway, I walked into the bathroom and one of the three stalls were occupied and there was a girl standing in the bathroom next to the sink texting and talking to the other girl in the stall. I smiled and walked into one of the free stalls. I knew I wouldn't be able to poop with them in there so I hoped they would hurry. The girl next to me would breathe really heavy and then stop for a few seconds and then let out a deep breath. I assumed she was trying to poop. The girl outside of the stall kept talking to her about how she was really consipated and didn't think she would be able to poop if she tried. I thought about speaking up, but thought that'd be a little weird. The girls continued talking about their pooping problems while I let out a long stream of pee. I didn't feel anything in my bottom end anymore. I pushed a little bit, no longer caring if they heard me poop. Nothing was happening. I tried a bit more, hearing a splash from the stall next to me. A loud "YES!" rang throughtout the bathroom from the girl I was predicting to be about 17. Her friend started laughing. She kept talking about how good it felt to finally have it out. I heard her get some toilet paper and wipe once, then flush. She washed her hands and I heard their voices become distant as they left the bathroom. I became excited and knew I would finally be able to do whatever it was going to take to get this big turd out. I pushed on my stomach, curled my toes, rocked forward and backward, pushed on the walls, grunted, squeaked, everything. You name it I did it and nothing happened. I got about three marbles out and that was it. It hurt so bad. I could now feel a huge jobbie up there and wanting to come out, but it wouldn't budge no matter what I did. I pushed again with all my might, no way was i leaving before i got it out. Right as I felt the head peak out the two girls from before returned. Laughing and giggling quite loudly. This startled me which caused me to stop pushing and my turd went back in. Ouch. One of the girls was talking about how the other should have pooped while they were there before. Obviously the texting girl felt like pooping now. I heard her go into the stall and sit down, but I didn't hear the door latch shut. The other girl asked why she didn't shut the door and she said she'd like her to watch. I didn't know if they knew I was still in there, so I figured it was my time to be quiet. They were giggling and the other was grunting and pushing and breathing heavy. They kept talking and laughing I decided I couldn't be quiet anymore. I asked them if they knew any tricks to help constipation. They were silent for a second and then the girl told me to lean forward and wrap my hands around my ankles and push. I did so and sure as heck, my turd started making its way out. It hurt so bad. It was huge! It was so dry and knobby. It felt like I hadn't pooped in days. It had only been about two, which wasn't unusual for me. I continued pushing and decided to try my rocking method again. It was coming out further and further. Spreading my hole wider than ever. My oh my was it painful. It hung there for a few seconds before finally dropping into the toilet, splashing water up onto my bum. Boy did that feel good to have it out. I sat there for a minute, catching my breath. There was no way I was going to try to get the rest out right now. Way too painful. I wiped and there wasn't anything on the toilet paper whatsoever. I stood up, pulling my underwear and pants up as well. I turned around and looked at my work. I couldn't even tell you how long or how wide it was. It sort of looked like a soda can, both width and length. Ouch. I thanked the girls as I left and told them it really helped. I didn't want to stay there any longer so I quickly washed my hands and left them alone. That was just yesterday. Early this morning I pooped a little turd, but it took about a half hour to get a little fat guy out. I gave up. At about 3 I dropped a few marbles. And about twenty minutes ago I tried to poop but nothing happened. So here I sit with a ???? full of poop. I want it out so bad. And I want it out before my friend comes home from work. I don't want her to listen to me have a hard time.

Upstate Dave
Hello to all. Ian great post for it reminded me of my youth for I lived in the country most of my childhood and teen years. I had worked on farms also where groups of u kids picked corn by hand. Many of the times the groups would be both guys and girls. We would split into smaller groups and pick corn. We would do the same if we had to piss or shit. We would do it right where we were in the rows of corn. We knew each other anyway so it didn't bother any of us to do it for we all at one time or another had pissed or taken a shit letting each one of us watch when we had done it. Other people that I have gotten to know in my life later said that they had done the same thing too. (guys and girls)

Speaking of pissing outside I have known like I said many girls would piss outside when I lived in the country. The one short time when I was young when I did live in the city for a short time I had made friends with a girl that lived in the next door apartment building next to me. How I found out about her was that Marrie had to piss so bad one day she had pissied in the hallway in her building and I had seen the massive sized pee puddle she had left there. Marrie also had been cuaght doing it by the woman who lived on the first floor in Marries building which I heard the woman that had caught her telling someone else about it.

Several days later I would catch Marrie pissing in the back stairway in our building! Here is how it happened. The two buildings were matching with two stairways. The main one in the front and a much narrowere stairway in the back side of each building. Each floor there was a landing with a side door into each apartment. The landings on the back stairs were used for storage. Ares was used for storage like everyone else that lived there.

I heard some noises comming from the back staircase at our landing one early morning when I was up. So I went to the door which went out to the landing and I cracked it open to see what or who was out there. Well it was the girl Marrie and one of her friends. (turned out to be a cousin of hers)

Marrie was hovering over a big blue plastic bucket which was used to mop the floors. She was wearing a dress which she had pulled way up with a white pair of panties down around her ankles and she was pissing in the blue bucket! Herccousin was standing there watching Marrie piss so she didn't see me at the door standing watching what those two were doing.

I stared watching Marrie piss till her stream started easing off. Then I said loudly; Hey what are you two ding out here! Marrie's cousin saw me now and she screamed. Marrie did turn and saw me standing in the doorway. She was momentarrily silent not trying t stop her pissing. Then she said to me; What does it look like? I'm taking a piss. That made her cousin giggle hard for she had gotten over her shock that I was there.

Marrie a few seconds later had stopped pissing and she just calmly reached down pulled her white panties and smoothed out her dress. Then she told me she had to piss so she saw the bucket and used it to piss in. I spoke up saying to her; At keast you didn't make a big pudd;e like you did a few days ago. Marrie giggled and said that's true. Your not going to tell on me too are you?she asked me. I smiled and told her no.

I did say to Marrie shebetter not use that bucket again. I told her it was one that was used for mopping floors. Well I had to go! Marrie said back to me in protest. Look maybe there is another one around that can be used just in case you need to piss again sometime. I said back to her. Marrie had a little smile on her face now. I slipped out of the open doorway and the three of us went up the stairs together to the tird floor.

The third floor apartment was being renovated. Sure enough there were several white plastic buckets which were drywall compund buckets. Two of them were empty. I grabbed one. Here use this one from now on! I said to Marrie. I popped the buckets lid off and there was still some compound left in it. So it would have to be cleaned out. Come on this has to be cleaned I said to Marrie and her cousin. So we headed down the stairway together.

WE did stop at our landing and also took the blue bucket that Marrie had pissed in and then went down to the first floor and outside. I turned on the outside fuacet which there was a hose hooked up to it and cleaned out the white plastic compound bucket and the blue platic bucket after Marrie dumped her piss out of it. Now it was all set. We went back inside and I put both buckets on our landing. It would be a few days later on a Saturday the white bucket would get used. Upstate Dave

Upstate Dave
Let me go on with my new made friend that lived next to me while I lived in the city. It was now Saturday morning. Durring the wek Marrie and I walked to school together even though we went to different schools. She went to a catholic school and I went to a public school. It was nice to have someone to walk with even though it was only part ofr the way.

Well this Saturday morning I was outside by the side door fixing a flat tire on my bicycle. Marrie came around the back corner f my building behind me and said hello. I turned and looked around and said hi back to her. Fixing a flat? she asked me. Yes I am almost done too I said back to Marrie. Then Marrie asked me if I could fix her bikes flat tire. I told her sure go het and I'll fix it.

So Marrie got up from where she was sitting on the low stone wall and ran off to get her bike. I was sitting also on the stopne wall and I leaned back and watched her run off. She was in her school clothes with a white blouse, green skirt, and a jumper vest whic was plaid in her schools colors.

I went back and finished putting the tire back on and started pumping air into it. Marrie now was back with her bike and placed it next to mine tipped it right over on its seat and handle bars for me. She sat down on the stone wall and watched me pump up my tire on my bike. As I pumped my tire up I asked her why she was wearing her school outfit. Oh the rest of my clothes are in the laundry she said to me. This is the only thing I have to wear right now.

I finished pumping up my ture got up and tipped my bike back over and put the kickstand down and then started removing her back tire which was the flat one. Marrie was squirming a little as she sat there on the stone wall. Seeing her squirming around I asked Marrie if she needed to pee. Yes I do have to piss! Marrie said back to me. But I can hold it till your done I think. She went on watching me workon her bikes flat tire and squirmed as she sat there.

I got the tire off and pumped some air back into the tube. I heard hissing of air in what sounded like two different spots on the tube and sure enough there were twoholes in the tube. I kidded Marrie about the tubes hissing saying to her it sounds like you! Marie giggled hard for she knew what I had ment by this. Marrie then said back to me; Yeah it does sound like when I piss but there is nothing shooting out of the holes but air! I laughed.

I marked the two spots where the holes were and roughed up the first one,applied the gluse and put a patch on. Then I did the second hole.Since I was intently involved now patching her bike tire I wasn't paying any attention to Marrie. I was now just starting to put some air into the tube when Marrie told me to hurry up. I've pissed a ittle already!

With Marrie saying this I turned around quickly and looked at her. Marrie had pulled her skirt back from under her rearend and the face of the stone wall had been darkened with piss which had run down the front of it. Marrie wasn't pissing still right then when I was looking at her. Oh you did piss some! I said to her. Marrie again just told me to hurry up.

So I rapidly pumped air into the tube. No leaks in the two patches. I deflated the tube and put it in the tire and the tire back on the rim. I tightened down the nuts and pumped the tire up real fast and till it was good and hard full of air. I tipped her bike back over and I told her I was done. Marrie was smiling but squirming pretty hard now as she sat there on the stone wall.

Is the backdoor opened? she asked me. I told her it was. Marrie got right up off from the stone wall ran over to the door and went inside with me following right behind her. Boy did Marrie ever go up those stairs in a real hurry! I could barely keep up with her even as I was skipping a stair at a time as I went up them.

Marrie had already reached the landing as I reached it and she had the white bucket in her hands starting to pop the lid off from it. She popped the lid off from it letting it drop and noisily hit the floor. She set the white plastic bucket down, raised up the bottom of her skirt, as she stepped over the white plastic bucket. As she stepped top get over the bucket Marrie started to piss with a thin very yellow colored piss stream going straight down into the white plastic bucket!

Now Marrie started to squat down which herpiss stream became much harder as she moved lower towards the plastic bucket. The loud drumming turned right into splashing for her piss had covered the botom of the bucket already! That was in a few seconds too! Two things came right into my mind. One that's why Marrie had pissed some outside not being able to hold it back then. The other was she wasn't wearing panties and if she had she would have wetted them before she could have pulled them down.

So I said to Marrie that it was a good thing you didn't have panties on. You would have pissed in them. Marrie shook her head yes agreeing with me. Marrie wound up pissing in the white platic bucket for only a short time. She did piss hard all the time while she pissed. She also came to a clean stop without dribbling or dripping. It was just like a fuacet turning ot off fast. A lot then nothing.

Marrie stood up stepped forward and let her skirt back down but took a quick look inside the white bucket. Giggling just a little as she spoke she told me; That is really yellow! I replied back saying it really was. I picked up the bucket and we went back down stairs going outside and I dumped it out while Marrie went over and got the hose turned it on and she rinsed the bucket out with water while I held it. I dumped it out and I went back inside upstairs and put it back.

I now had to do one more thing which I told Marrie I had to go to the store. Want to go with me? I asked her. Marrie said Sure I'll go! So I got on my bike but Marrie didn't get on her bike. She asked if she could ride with me. I told her get on and she got on sitting on the top bar infront of me and we took off to the market. I'll end it right here but comming back from the market I would have to do something making a very needed stop. Upstate Dave

Emily W

Advice anyone?

I'm a 17 year old girl and due to being in a rush in the mornings I'll have my morning wee at school. I always need to poo too but I'm too shy so I hold it all day. No matter how much I try I just cant go in a public stall.

Any advice?


large loads

Wendy and Catherine, hi and welcome. I liked your entries, you both sound like nice healthy girls that know how to poop!

Back on page 1804 I wrote about a experience I had some ten years ago with a female friend of mine. Long story short, she pooped. A lot!

The experience with her back then sparked my interest in females going to the bathroom, and I'm wondering if what she did was a once in a lifetime thing, or of there are others out there with the same "gift".

So I'm wondering, what's the largest dumps you recall having, if you don't mind me asking. It sounds like clogging a toilet won't be very hard for either of you, but have there been any special cases, maybe surprising yorselves?

Hope I'm not being too inquisitive! Others are offcourse welcome to tell their tales, if there's any.


Survey Answers

I posted kind of late Saturday evening so I signed in today only to find out I didn't make the cycle cutoff time. :-( It was on the theme of girls seeing guys poop and vice versa and the fact that my girlfriend finally got her opportunity to see me on the toilet for the first time and made the most of it. Anyway, I guess I'll have to wait until the next cycle for it to post then another cycle to see your responses. Oh well. In the meantime, I figured I would put in my answers to the survey:

Age: 18
Gender: 100% Red-blooded American Male

How do you select the stall you use?
I start with the far end stall and then move from there depending on availability, cleanliness, toilet paper, etc...

Does your bathroom have toilet seat papers? Do you bring them with you? If so, do you use them?
Sometimes, but I usually just wipe the seat down if it needs cleaning. I have pretty good hygiene and I usually shower anyway before school and then after wrestling practice. If I have a skin abrasion or an open cut on my buns or the rear part of my thigh, I'll take more precautions.

Do you sit down on the seat without putting toilet paper on it first?
Yes, but I do have a lot of friends who won't.

Do you wipe the seat before sitting on it?
Yes. I will also spray a disinfectant on it if its available and I'm not in a desperate hurry.

Do your friends sit right down on the seat?
Most of them at least wipe the seat down while several will use the ass gaskets.

Do you flush when you're done?
Yes. Sometimes more than once!! ;-)

Do your friends flush when they are done?
They darn well better if I see them or I'll be kicking some tail!

Do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom?
Yes, even though most of the time I try to flush the shitter with my foot unless there's a sign asking people not to do that.

If you sit down and can't go, do you flush the toilet to fake it?
Nope. I'm a pretty genuine guy and if my load is lodged in there good, I'll joke and let someone know I can't get my shit out. If that happens, what I've found is taking a brisk walk for 10-15 minutes and coming back for a second try helps get things moving.

Do you hold your pee or crap to avoid going at school?
Pretty much never. It's not worth the discomfort as I spend so much time there besides classes.


Help with fracture pan.

Just brought my wife home from the hospital after back surgery caused by an injury. She is supposed to be nearly flat on her back for the next week. The nursing staff told me to get a fracture bedpan at the pharmacy for her, so I did. She despises the thing, so she held it as long as comfortable. After several hours at home she asked me for the pan. So, I helped her into position on it and left the room. Instantly, I heard string of profanities and she called for my help. As soon as she started, most of it sprayed the bed between her ankles, and there was virtually none in the pan. She had stopped very early mid-pee, so she was desperate to finish. I grabbed some diapers from our toddler's diaper bag. She completely soaked two and started a third before finally being empty.

Have any women used one of these pans before? Is there some magic trick if the woman is laying down to keep the stream in the pan? My wife really can't sit up much or bend at the waist yet. Diapers sure aren't the best solution.

Cute Linda

Just asking

I've always wondered as I read a lot of people do it. Does rocking back and forth really help or do anything? If so how and why?

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