Upstate Dave

More With Marrie

Now Marrie had her cusion Jill staying with her for a few days like I had said in my last post. Jill had shit in the clubhouses sink. We went on and played together for the rest of the day and would see each other in the morning when we had all went home for the night.

We did meet up gain in the morning. Instead of going to the clubhouse we had our bikes out to take a ride. Jill had Marrie's bike and Marrie and I would ride together on mine. We rode up to the big city park which was a short ride from where we lived.

The park had several playgrounds in it and we went to the one that was in the back of the park. When we got there the three of us started by swinging on the swings for awhile. I needed to piss for I hadn't gone yet this morning so I slowed up and got off my swing. Marrie and Jill were still on thier swings as I started to walk over to a big tree off to the left of the swings.

Marrie saw me walking away. Asking me loudly Marrie asked; Where are you going? I told her I was going to take a needed piss. Marrie shouted right out back to me; WAIT FOR ME I WANT TO HOLD IT! She let go as she swung forward and came flying off the swing and came down in a nice landing squat when she hit the ground. Marrie started to run over to me as I had stopped and was standing where I had stopped.

Now Jill was still swinging while all this took place. Jill said to Marrie as now she had put her feet down and was grinding her sneakers into the dirt to get herself stopped; YOUR GOING TO DO WHAT! Marrie then again repeated back to Jill that she was going to hold me while I pissed. Jill then said back to Marrie as she now had managed to stop; Ewww I wouldn't even touch a guys thing even if I got paid to do it!

I laughed and it was my turn to say something about that back to Jill. I suppose it is ok for you to watch for free. Maybe I should charge you Jill to watch me go! Jill gave me a dirty look but she started to walk over towards Marrie and I any way. So the three of us went over by the big tree together.

Now once behind the tree I had my hand on my zipper and was going to pull it down. Marrie this time was impaitent and she slapped my hand away and said to me at the same time; Let me do it! So I did. Jill stared hard at Marrie and at my jeans as Marrie now pulled down my zipper. Marrie slipped her fingers inside my open zipper but she still had not fully had the knack of getting my briefs slit to get it opend quickly so she was fumbling around to get it open.

After many seconds I reached down with my hand. I pulled Marrie's hand away. Let me do it before I piss my pants! Marrie got a little angry and she told me she almost had it! She shoved her hand back inside of my open zipper again. I let out a sigh for I knew Marrie had to have her way at this point. Jill now let out a giggle at she knew Marrie was a little angry.

Marrie fumbled around again but did get mu briefs slit opened and she then got my penis out. She then let go briefly stepped too my side and then took a hold of it again. Now before I started to piss she announced to me more then to Jill; See I did do it. I didn't say anything back to Marrie for I started to piss hard shooting a hard stream of piss which shot quickly though the air and splashed hard off the bark of the big tree three feet away from Marrie and I.

Jill remained silent for several seconds while Marrie held me and I pissed on the tree. Then she began asking questions to Marrie. What does it feel like? Can you feel piss? Tell me please Marrie! Marrie could only giggle at first. Then she told Jil my penis was very warm. Yes she could feel my piss flowing at least on one of her fingers. Then Marrie being Marrie took my penis and moved it towards Jills direction and asked Jill; You want to see for yourself?

Jill jumped back for she thought Marrie was going to move my penis over futhere and my piss stream would hit her. No I don't! Jill said back to Marrie. Marrie moved my pnis back and I again pissed on the tree. Marrie did this for several seconds and then she started to play. She moved my penis up and down and back and forth so I pissed that much more all over the bark of the tree. Jill watching began to giggle.

Marrie hearing Jills giggles asked Jill again if she wanted to hold me. See all the fun you can have Jill! Jill shook her head no but giggled harder as Marrie went on with her playing. Marrie kept it right up till I finished my piss. She even shook my penis after I stopped. I did have some piss droplets come off from my penis which Jill saw and now she laughed hard as a result.

Now as Marrie was slipping my penis back inside she asked Jill Are you sure that you don't want to hold or touch it before I put it away Jill? Jill stopped laughing was silent for several very long seconds seeming to be thinking real hard about it now whether she should or shouldn't. Then she shook her head no. Marrie finished putting my penis inside my briefs and started zipping my jeans back up. As she did she told Jill she had her chance. We then all went back to the swings and went back to swinging on them. That is it foir now. Upstate Dave

Flat V Long Pee
Hi, I'm new and I just want to admit I am one of those girls with a huge bladder. I'm 17 and I've been able to take the longest pee's since I could remember going into my teens.

I usually pee twice a day, once during the afternoon as I can skip the morning, and before I go to bed.

Sometimes my pee's are so long, my boyfriend will ask where do I store it all, lol. I must say I don't always have an answer, I just can't help being endowed with such a large bladder capacity.

If I pee for 2-3 minutes in public restrooms, I will get the occasional stares from the other girls like I'm a freak of nature. I got used to it though, so it don't bother me at all.

I just read a lot of these posts and talks mostly about # 2, but I thought I'd share myself and hope to share some more stories as this was just an introduction.

Til then, bye!

CD Math Check

CD - You stated that you had logged (pun intended) 17 hours on the toilet this year for 406 separate trips to the porcelain. According to my calculator, that's only 2.5 minutes per trip. (17 hours = 1020 minutes. 1020/406 = 2.5)

That doesn't seem like enough time to be satisfied with your personal business? Are you sure the 17 hours is an acccurate reading, or are you just a fast worker??

Here are my answers to Just Jerika's survey: 

Age: 17 

Gender: Female 

How do you select the stall you use? 
yes, the last one, so i have more privacy

Does your bathroom have toilet seat papers? Do you bring them with you? If so, do you use them? 
No. yes. yes. 

Do you sit down on the seat without putting toilet paper on it first? 

Do you wipe the seat before sitting on it? 
yes and i put tp on it

Do your friends sit right down on the seat? 

Do you flush when you're done? 
Always for a poo, usually for a wee. 

Do your friends flush when they are done? 

Do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom? 

If you sit down and can't go, do you flush the toilet to fake it? 

Do you hold your pee or crap to avoid going at school? 
The school bathrooms are nasty, so i hold my crap and poop at home.


department store toilets

Why do they work so much better than residential toilets?


Response to Lisa

Hey Lisa,

David here. I can't believe it! Here I'm all giddy writing up the big news about me and my girlfriend expecting all sorts of questions and congratulations, and ALL I get is one person questioning whether I actually have seen a sign asking people not to flush with their foot! LOL

Do not question the mighty and powerful David! (And pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!) I have pooped on toilets all over the country and have seen all sorts of stuff!.... Actually, these signs are in restaurants in my home town. Guess they think that flushing with your foot can break the handles faster and are even dirtier than hand flushing. Anyway, I respect their request and pull the lever with my hand in those cases!


oh yeah

I am 15 yr old guy simple.
we were on a family celebration and we ate at a restaurant at the mall. so when we had placed our orders i had this feeling to go number 2 it was not urgent but what the heck i haven't tried pooping at the mall so i went in it was a unisex bathroom i locked it first i peed then i sat down and a little turd came out. after that i flushed and returned to our table . after i ate i had this stronger feeling to shit so i head back drop my pants then pushed a little then this giant turd screeched out its way i was so relieved and the toilet paper was almost empty i used it then flushed twice. i had fun i hope to do it at my neighbors house without getting noticed.

Christmas Constipation

In recent years Christmas sees me constipated. Last year I started Christmas Eve without a dump...Christmas morning no dump....went out to a friend`s place for Christmas lunch and it really hit me after lunch...I very rarely get pooping urgency but that day I bowels evacuated big time..all in seconds...felt so much better after.
This year...pre Christmas poo was OK but on Christmas Eve had to take quite a bit of pain meds...Christams morning no poo, went to the same friend`s place and after lunch the urge hit but not too much though. I am unashamed....I excused myself and went to the toilet...I passed some small hard pebbles then a few slightly larger ones. That night at home I had two trips to the toilet and passed a small quantity...I had eaten so much in the last 48 hours and passed precious little. Would I take a laxative or call an enema clinic I have been to once before with resounding success?
I called and yes they were open during the festive season and yes they could see me in an hour. The clinic is run by trained staff. I was questioned first about what had been happening... the staff member knew a bit about Parkinsons Disease...she felt my abdomen and said I was very full. I was taken into the bathroom and sat on the toilet and asked to do a bowel movement or at least try....I have never done that before! Surprisingly, it was no problem and I did have some success. I was given some advise like do not push too hard...raise feet on a stool etc...I was then given an enema but only given one litre so as not to be too full. My abdomen that then massaged for quite a felt like a hot water bottle...I could hear the water moving and sloshing inside me....after some time urgency struck...I was sat on the toiet in front of the therapist and had a big evacuation...the water squirted out with lumps in it and then out came lots of big turds. The therapist did another enema...this time with 1.5 litres of water...I held it for only a couple of minutes and released it. She then examined my abdomen and said that the clean out had been very effective...she also examined what I produced and said I seemed to be looking after my bowels...whilst I was quite constipated it was not that much old shit inside me.
In previous years I have had colonics and find that enema treatments..even if I do them myself are much more effective. Colonics are certainly effective but I need several of them (and the travel) whereas with an enema, two or three I get a good cleanout in one "sitting".
The advantage of an enema clinic is that I learn new things...i.e. do not put too much water in on first enema...can therefore, hold longer.


Post Title (optional) Still a bit constipated..............

Linda from Australia here again. I'm still having some trouble pooping and I've only been able to drop small loads. I took a dump this morning, it consisted of about 3 small, knobbly logs and a few rock hard balls. It took some effort to get the poos out and I had to push really hard. It took me about 15 minutes just to squeeze out that small amount. Yesterday was the same. I didn't feel finished after going this morning. I keep getting the urge to go but every time I try on the toilet, nothing comes out.

I was thinking today that I probably get constipated more often than normal. Infact, I KNOW that I shouldn't get constipated as often as I do. I seem to get backed up about once a month, even if I eat healthy food and drink lots of water. Sometimes I can go longer than that. I find that I've been getting constipated more often as I get older, about twice a month. Plus I seem to be having more and more trouble when I do get constipated - spending longer on the toilet and finding it harder to push poo out. Plus having more REALLY rock hard poos and more rock hard balls aswell. I even have to dig poo out of my butt sometimes, as you all know. Even worse is when I have to stick soap up my bum to help me go!! And of course, spending too long on the toilet trying to do poos. It takes me 30-45 minutes at times (it even took me an hour once or twice) which isn't normal. Its torture when I have to spend that long doing a poo!! I really, really hope that I don't have to start using suppositories or other stuff to help me go. I'm so glad that I'm not constipated all the time, like some other people on here.

Does anyone have any advice on how to make my pooping sessions easier?? I have tried all the usual positions while sitting on the toilet, which do help me a bit but not much.

Constipation runs in my family too. I think I have mentioned before that my Dad gets constipated quite often but he has an even harder time on the toilet than I do!!! He has to use suppositories and laxatives sometimes. My brother also has trouble with constipation, along with one of my nephews (he had to go to emergency once because he was extremely constipated) and some of my aunts. I think my pop also had trouble when he was alive.

Does anyone here ever film themselves while they are pooping?? I don't normally do that sort of thing but I got bored one day. This was a few months ago and I was having lots of trouble as I was constipated. I sat on the toilet and filmed myself pushing and straining. I even had to grunt because I was having an extremely difficult time. When I had finished, I watched myself and it was quite interesting. I couldn't believe how much effort I had to put in to push my poos out!! I know that I have to work very hard to get my loads out at times but I didn't realise how much!! Which is why I was thinking that I get constipated WAY too much!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Upstate Dave

My City Friend Marrie

Now Marrie was going to take a shit and let me watch her do it. We were up in the valve factorys dump. Marrie being dareing had climbed up one of the sanpiles and was on to of it. She yanked down the shorts she had on and then she was wearing white panties and yanked them right down. She had her rearend facinf me when she did this and he only bent her knees slightly so that she was just barely in a high hover on top of that sand pile!

I was looking up she was up that high. Marrie then placed her hands on her cute cheeks and pushed them apart making her crack open wide which made her assshole real visible to me. Marrie now gave a push which I saw her asshole puckeroutward along with from her vagina some piss came dribbling out from it wetting her skin in her crotch and droplets of her piss went down and wetted the sand. Then the dribbling of her piss stopped and Marrie let out a fffft sounding fart from her asshole and it went back into its normal shape.

Marrie a very short couple of seconds later gave a harder push with a soft grunt to when she pushed made her asshold pucker out more and I did see a tip of a dark brown colored shit poke out about a half inch. It moved some reaching about two inches in length and then I heard Marrie let out a loud gasp of air andher shit stopped moving. Marrie took a longer puse to catch her breath before she would push again.

Marrie again took a deep breath and gave a push again. Again she dribbled some piss out which ran down her shit an dripped from its head. Her shit moved slowly gaining about another two inches stopped but only pausing then started moving but comming out faster. Marrie let out a gasp of air againand her shit kept comming out on its own now. Marrie didn't have to push any more.

Also too Marrie didn't keep dribbling piss so the piss that was dripping off the blunt head of her shit stopped. Marrie's dark brown shit was quite fat in its entire length that had come out so far. It looked very firm and it looked dry. From the way her shit looked to me I asked Marrie did it hurt. She told me it did just a little. Then now her shit had reached about eight inches long and it dropped to the ground.

It hit the side of the sand pile with a dull thump and rolled right down the sanpile and I had to step out of its way! It came to astop where I had been standing. I laughed hard telling Marrie she almost got me! She let out a short giggle and as I looked at her another fat blunt head poked out of herasshole and was getting longer. But it turned out to be just a big pllet shped shit. Looked just like a hoarse shit to me! Then Marrie let out several of these pellets in a rowwhicha llof them either rolled or slid down the sand pile joining her long forst shit.

Then Marrie dribbled some piss out from her vagina which did turn into a weak stream for several seconds wnt back to dribbling and then came to a dripping stop. Marrie was now all done except for wipeing herself. Which she did. She reached and took out a wad of toilet paper from her shorts pockets. She opened the wad of paper and tore osme of it off. Took the remaining paper and slipped it back into her pocket and then stood straight up pulled her one asscheel making her crack open wide and she swiped the wad of toilet paper she was holding and took a hard upward wipe with the paper!

That was the first time I saw a girl wipe herself standing and also wipe upward. Seeing her wipe this way I had to ask Marrie if she always wiped her ass that way and I did. Marrie was looking at the toilet paper when I asked her my question about wiping the way she did. She drpped the toilet paper which it blew off to the side by the slight breeze that was blowing. She thenpulled out the remaining paper she had put back in her shorts pocket.

Now she reached down in front of her and as I watched from behind I saw her hand, fingers, and the toliet paper move around on her vagina and the very lower part of her asscheeks and she wiped herself. Then she dropped that used wad of paper and she said to me. Yes I do. Do you faind that strange that I do? I replied back t Marrie; In a way I do I guess. It is the first time that I have seen a girl wipe that way when she had shit. Marrie let out a short giggle and the reache down and pulled up her white panties and shorts togther.

Then she turned around on top of the sandpile and looked downward. Seeing her one long fat shit and the three pellets she let out a little laugh. Then Marrie said to me; The one shit looks like it was made by a person but the three others look like hoarse shit! That made me now laugj. I managed also to tell Marrie I had thought of the same thing when she had done the three pellets.

Marrie then came down off from the sandpile. From down below us we heard the sound of a forklift down at the factory. We looked at each other. I sad to Marrie we better beat feet and get out of here! So we took off running and ran up the trail to the market parking lot together. We DID NOT want to be there when that forklift driver came up to the dump to drop his load of slag off. He was surely going to see the end results of Marrie shitting therein the dump! So that ended the first time that I had seen Marrie take a shit and it was a lot of fun to see her do it. Our time together continuied on with more fun things yet to happen but also would be ending soon too. For school would end and the summer would go by very quickly. Upstate Dave

To Emily W

I think it might help you to do some visualization. Imagine yourself pooping in school or any public restroom easily and comfortably
Picture every detail. See yourself walking into the bathroom, stepping into the stall and locking the door. Imagine yourself pulling down your pants, sitting on the toilet and having a nice healthy bowel movement feeling totally relaxed and completely comfortable.
See yourself walking out of the stall, washing your hands and walking out of the bathroom without a trace of discomfort or embarrassment


Answers for Jerika and Comments for Braidy

These are my answers to the survey:

Gender: Female

1. How do you select the stall you use?
Like I've written about before, I'm somewhat impatient, so I go
to the first open stall I see and make the best of it.

2. Does your bathroom have toilet seat papers? Or do you bring them
with you? If so, do you use them?
Where I work the seat papers are available in the executive suite
bathrooms. But since I'm lower level management (at this point!) I
use the public toilets on each level of our tower. Pretty much
wherever I am, I sit right down on the toilet seat.

3. Do you sit down on the seat without putting toilet paper on it
Answered in #2.

4. Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it? No, except when lots
of urine is on it.

5. Do your friends sit right down on the seat? Some do, some don't. I
have colleagues that put tissues over the seat first.

6. Do you flush when you're done? We have the automatic flushers that
in the past two months have been installed on each stool. Our firm
has been nominated for some type of national "green" environmental
award. It's partially based on water conservation.

7. Do your friends flush when they are done? See #6 above.

8. Do you wash your hands after you got the bathroom? Yes. And many of
my friends and colleagues spend even more time with it now since
there is more flu going around.

9. If you sit down and can't go, do you flush the toilet to fake it?
The decision is no longer mine.

10. Do you hold your pee or crap to avoid going at work?
No. However, the manager who hired me three years ago would often
come in a few minutes late in the morning because she said she
"missed her train." She was apparently deliberately late because
she wouldn't leave her apartment until she had passed her stool.

Now, my comments on Braidy's story:

I feel very sorry for Madison and the mixed signals she is being given. She's in 3rd grade and unless its for the purposes of a picture, I think she is outgrowing sitting on Santa's lap. And her mother is very illogical. As we say it in the financial services business, "the bottom line is ...." and Madison has to crap. The "didn't I tell yous.." and "why didn't yous" serve no logical purpose. She's in a public place, she has to shit, so why make it an even bigger production.

One has to feel sorry for Madison in that she's trying to be independent just like she probably is at school. Madison finds the vacant stall, gets herself on the stool and is starting her shit when her mom barges in, yanks her off, and while yelling at her, places toilet paper liner over the seat. What does this do for Madison's independence and self-confidence? That's perhaps why she pleads with her mom in the end to come in and wipe her! Madison is getting several mixed signals in all the conflict.

I feel Braidy was amazingly restrained in remaining in her stall longer than necessary and not getting involved in the argument. I'm curious as to what some of the younger posters such as Mistee and Vincene, who do lots of child care work, would have reacted if they were like Braidy and literally in the middle of such an argument.

Interested Pooper
Jas- If it's not too much to ask, could you elaborate on your female roomies case of the runs? Im always thrilled to see a story about the runs hahaha

Thanks for the story CeeJay, it sounds like there might been something in the air about ten years ago that made our friends go big at the same time, heh! My experience was about early august 1999 so pretty close.

Wow Catherine, for you to replace your toilet at home I recon it must have been a really crappy (pun intended) toilet installed when you moved in, or you are a really impressive pooper.
Looking forward to those stories you got. Its good to read you enjoy it, far to many people turn a natural need into a source of discomfort and unneeded embarassment.

Merry Christmas and a happy new decade to all.


Toilet Time in 2009

The year is almost up… and it's ending pretty well as far as my toilet habits go.

Until Christmas Eve, I had a run of 32 straight days with at least 1 poop. (That is EXTREMELY unusual for me since I usually go for about 4 consecutive days before my GI tract takes a break.) I was hoping things would last until the end of the year, but oh well… It was still AMAZING while it lasted. I have been keeping a careful log of my poops since the beginning of this year and it looks like 2009 will end on a positive note.

Some of the info…:

-# of poops in 2009 as of today (2009-12-27): 406

-Total Toilet Time for 2009: ~17 hours

-Average # of poops per day: ~1.1

-Longest streak constipated days: 2
This shocked me actually. I thought I had least one 3 or 4 day bout of constipation.
Overall, I still had more than 60 days w/o a BM in 2009.

Some notables:
-Longest time on the loo in 2009: ~45 Min
This took place on the day I had the ABSOLUTE WORST bout of cramps in YEARS. I was about to go to sleep just after midnight when I felt a cramp urging me to go for a late night dump. I ended up dropping a few 'marbles', wiped, flushed and thought that was the end of it. A half hour later the cramps returned and I was doubled over in pain… Holding my stomach, I ran back to the toilet, dropped my pants and wave after wave of diarrhoea dumped into the toilet. It would have been more tolerable if some of the shit came out with each cramp, but there seemed to be countless cramps where absolute nothing came out. It was the kind of painful, punch-in-the-guts, wish you could double over on the ground and poop in a foetal position… kind of agony.
After one more battle of misery around 2 AM, I was able to get to go to bed and get to sleep. But things weren't over for that day - not by a long shot. I had 3 more poops in the daytime, two of which produced bloody stool and were nearly as excruciating as the ones I experienced in the wee hours, earlier that day.
Altogether, I had *6 trips* to the can that day - which will probably be my single day record for 2009.

-Unfortunately, I couldn't get any weights or lengths for any of my dumps… :(
Looking back through the pictures I have taken of my largest poops, my best guesstimate is around 8"l x ~2" w for my largest solid log (but I think some of the ropes that have come out of my bum could easily beat that.)

-It looks my diet may need to be improved since I did not pass many 'floaters' in 2009. Only 31 BM's with most of the stools are drifting about on the surface of the water.

-Two weird looking logs that got my attention this year...
One was a thick one, dark brown, about 7" long and ~2" wide - but shaped like a hockey stick. The 'blade' had the right angle and appeared to have the proper length ratio to the 'stick'.
The second looked... well... it looked *exactly* like a penis. Foreskin and everything. It was so remarkable that I stared at it for about 5 minutes. For a brief moment, I wondered in a part of my anatomy had dropped off!! LOL!

-Yesterday, for the absolute first time *ever*, I hovered above the toilet when I pooped.
I was sitting at first for a few minutes but nothing seemed to be happening. Giving up, stood up and was about to flush when I felt something on its way out. So I bent over a bit and gave a good push, then two turds plopped out of me in quick succession. I turned around and saw that they were each about 4" long, light brown and carrot shaped. When I wiped, I didn't see anything on the TP. It was completely clean.

-It's the holiday season so eggnog and milk were my drinks of choice for the past two weeks. That means I have been ULTRA-gassy since I am Lactose Intolerant. Nothing smelly, but a couple of times I wonder if I woke up the neighbourhood, LOL!

This holiday has been a season of delay for all travelers. Here in North America, two bad winter storms (and now this failed terrorist plot in Detroit) caused havoc in the skies and roads. Has anyone got some good stories about their experiences at the airport of bus terminal?

Happy Holidays everyone,



I have used suppositories several times and the results depend on how high the offending shit is in the colon. I have used Fleets Enema once also and with not much got rid of a few pebbles etc but when I followed up with a litre of water the results were spectacular. In summary, if the poo is big and hard and waiting to come out suppositories are great, but if it is not near the bum hole then the result is minimal. Mostly I need a proper enema or a form of laxative.
A story that I had was a few weeks ago I was at a natural health centre...I woke on the second day and there were problems down this place they use to give enemas when i was last there but that was some years ago. Anyway I went up to the nurse and asked to have an enema but she said they only give out she gave me one, plus a small container of lubricant and a rubber examination glove....I was walking back to my room this my "goods" and I came across a woman who I had got friendly with ...she was a nurse who was staying there...she looked at what I had, smiled and went on with the conversation as though nothing registered...I went back to the room; used what I had with poor result but some hours later my bowels opened up and released the turds that had been held...bliss!!!
TO BRAIDY`s comment about the girl needing a poo and the mother was being my public toilets I had the same experience but the little girl needed a wee and her father did not stop complaining. What parents need to be careful of is that the child will then say nothing and have an accident or may need to poo, but be too scared to say so and end up constipated.


Buddy Dumping

Matthew: As a guy, I agree with you that it's not very comoon for two guys to buddy dump together. Nevertheless, I don't think for a man, going into a stall is such and embarrassing situation. Of course there are shy guys, but for many men, pooping in a stall with other peers around is no big deal. There's no reason why pooping should be more embarrsassing than peeing. Both are physiological functions and there's nothing more natural than going to the bathroom. Only the smell some guys produce can be uncomfortable at times but the same can be said of the smell of pee all over the floor and around the urinals. Actually, I've entered some men's restrooms with a cleaning lady inside while there are guys pooping in the stalls and there's nothing wrong with it. It feels even more weird to pee since urinals have less privacy than stalls.

I think the reason buddy dumping between guys is not as comoon as peeing together has more to do with the fact that for men, urinating is a much more frequent physiological function. Although defecating varies from three times a day to three times a week, for most guys including me, it is a once a day necessity. In contrast, most guys pee several times a day so that the probability that we end up peeing together is higher. But the chances of pooping together are slim. Even if two guys enter the restroom and one needs to take a dump, the probability that the other guy will do the same is small. Most likely he will take a leak.

middle age

Exercising the Squat Muscles

I have put my bike away for the season and will resume my outdoor life (and outdoor peeing) in the late spring - probably early April. In order to keep the squat muscles exercised and in shape I get into the bathtub squat and pee facing the drain. Then I get up and turn the shower on for a few seconds to rinse it away. It is easier to pop a squat when young and thin but I can still do it and it is important to keep up muscle strength. The relief from emptying a bladder when squatting is greater than when sitting on the toilet when the bladder has sagged somewhat. In case I ever travel to countries with toilets which are a hole in the floor type of deal it will be easier to pee. One can also monitor one's hydration level this way. There are several woodlots in the area which I use as peeing stations. When I went snowshoeing a few years ago I used a freshette - sold in camping stores.

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