Toilet blog (with bonus features!)

New laptop, and I've never done this before. So let's see how it goes...

For descriptive purposes: I'm a white guy, about 5'10", average build. Hopefully that's sufficient. :)

Sitting on the pot, just let all the pee go. (Two Dr. Peppers worth.) Now waiting for poop, but I know there's a bunch in there.

Giving it a little push - but it's not quite there yet.

Pushing again, as I'd rather not sit here all night...

Some light, crackly turds. Lots of noise, but it doesn't feel like much yet.

(As I write this, I can hear my female neighbor upstairs in her bathroom as well - not well enough to know what she's up to, but still. She's definitely using the TP roll, though, as I hear rattling on the wall.)

Still waiting for more poop to present itself...

(The neighbor is using her sink...didn't hear a flush yet, so that's interesting.)

Pushing again, but maybe it's not ready yet.

(Still hearing the neighbor moving around up there - and now comes the flush. So she must have done something worth taking a little time. Again, for descriptive purposes: she's a redhead, a little shorter than me, with a reasonable figure, especially on the lower half. I don't know her any closer than seeing her occasionally in the parking lot, though.)

Wiping now, as I can't feel anything else urgently needing to come out. Not too messy - most of it came off in the first handful of TP.

Well, I think I'm done. Sorry there wasn't more to tell - maybe next time!

Thanks for the responses to my recent post.

Emily W - I used to have a terribe phobia about having a poo in a public loo for many years, but it was something I overcame. I posted about this some time back on page 1634. I'm sure you will find it interesting. Now I am the opposite, as long as the loo is clean. I poo more in work than at home. I was Christmas shopping yesterday and had my second poo in the refurbished loo.

Dave Dive - No more stories about going outside, even for a wee. Would need to be extremely desperate this freezing weather!


A Wonderful Coach

I was horrified to read some of your back posts about the way that coaches and parents treat kids that have bathroom accidents. Don't they know that kids feel bad enough when they have accidents without coaches and parents yelling at them, punishing them, and humiliating them even worse. I just think it's horrible what some of them do to their kids and I think that some of these tactics even border on child abuse.

I was in the ladies' room at the mall the other day and in the stall next to me were a mother and daughter. The poor girl was 7 years old and she had had an accident messing in her panties. The mother was yelling at her, telling her how ashamed she was of her, how girls her age don't "mess themselves" anymore, and she threatened to put her back in diapers and tell all her friends about what she did. The poor girl was already crying, but then came the worst part. Mom then told the poor girl that "Santa Claus doesn't bring presents to girls who mess in their panties." The girl just became hysterical after that and I wanted to cry myself because I felt so bad for her. Why would a parent do that to a child? Does she really think that the little girl "messed herself" on purpose? Doesn't she know that the poor girl feels bad enough already and needs to be reassured and comforted rather than to be told that Santa Claus isn't bringing her any presents. I wish I had said something to that poor girl - like telling her that I once messed in my panties when I was a lot older than her and Santa Claus still brought me presents - but I guess I was just too upset at what I was hearing to think of that.

As to my own accident, I was in 9th Grade at the time - like I said, a lot older than that poor girl in the ladies' room. It happened at a Field Hockey game that I was playing in and I can't say enough about how wonderful my coach was about the whole thing. Not only did she NOT punish me for doing it, but she was just so nice about the whole thing telling me not to feel bad about it and that an accident can happen to anybody. In fact, the only punishments that were given out as a result of my accident were two other girls on the team that got punished for teaching me about it. They each had to write 500 times, "I must learn to keep my big mouth shut."

We had a road game that day and as we got off the bus, a bunch of us heading to the girls' room. Right there adjacent to the field they had this really small girls' room with only two stalls in it. It was pretty clean as school bathrooms go, but the stalls were completely open in the front - they had no doors on the stalls for privacy. I had never seen a girls' room like this before and I didn't know how people could actually go to the bathroom where someone could see them doing it. The one thing I did know, however, was that I wasn't about to be doing a bowel movement in there. I know it was pretty stupid of me to be thinking like that. I mean, as embarrassing as it might have been to be using a toilet without a door on the stall, it certainly couldn't come close to the embarrassment of doing the bowel movement in my panties. I guess I just wasn't really thinking at all. I guess I just lied to myself that I was going to be able to hold it in through the game and on the bus ride back to my school. In hindsight, I should have gotten one of my teammates to stand guard at the bathroom door while I went in there alone to do my business, but I just didn't think of that. Under the circumstances, I certainly think I was more deserving of punishment for my accident than that little girl in the mall ladies' room. Not only was I a lot older, but a lot of the other girls on my team used that bathroom at the field and no one else had an accident, so there really wasn't much an excuse for what I did. But fortunately for me, my coach didn't think like that.

There was probably some of the mess already in my panties by the time the game was ending, but it really wasn't that bad yet. I could certainly feel my panties sticking to my skin, but it wasn't like they had "a load" in them yet. But as we were shaking hands with the other team, I could feel my ass cheeks start to spread open and I could feel a long, well-form stick of poop begin to slide out. I tried with all my might to clamp my ass cheeks shut to stop it from coming out, but I just couldn't manage it. Obviously, I had waited too long and my poop was now coming out whether I was on the toilet or not. As more and more of it was coming out, I could feel it start to push my panties outward (like the "tenting" that people write about, I guess) until the stick broke off and a bunch fell down into seat of my panties. I could feel it land back in my panties and I was relieved that my panties had held it. I was even more relieved when the next piece broke off and my panties managed to hold that as well. Finally, the last bit had made its way out, but this didn't seem to break off like the rest of it did. Instead, it just sort of oozed out and stayed there stuck in my butt crack and all over my behind. This was quite a mess - a real "load" in my panties and even though it was smeared pretty badly all over my backside, it was pretty solid in consistency and my panties (although sagging a bit from the weight of it all) seemed to be holding it.

I wanted to cry, but at this point I was still hoping to hide what I'd done, so I knew I couldn't cry and give myself away. But suddenly one of my teammates happened to walk near me and she probably got a whiff of it. "Oh My God, Kerri, did you just shit your pants?" she suddenly asked me. But before I could say anything, she realized that I had indeed done that. She then yelled out for everyone to hear, "Oh My God, Kerri just shit her panties - Kerri just shit her panties." I'm not sure of it was truly her intent simply to embarrass me or that she just said it out of a sense of shock, but she had certainly succeeded in embarrassing me like you could you never imagine unless it happened to you. Incidentally, this girl was one of those that had to write the 500 times for teasing me, but it wasn't only for this.

Of course, by now everyone (including a lot of girls on the other team) was staring at me completely in shock and I just burst into tears completely humiliated. My coach came running up to me and immediately asked me what was wrong. I told her what I had done, expecting to get yelled at, but she just put her arm around me and told me that everything was going to be alright. Somehow she just knew what I was thinking and what I needed now. "You didn't want to use those toilets with no doors on the stalls?" she asked me and I nodded my head yes. "Yeah, that's OK" she told me, "I can't blame you for that -- I really didn't like going in there, either." She told me not to feel so bad about it and keep repeating that everything was going to be alright. There was some giggling and a few comments from the other girls on my team, but most were either sympathetic to me or at least were too shocked to say anything at all. Coach gathered everyone together and reminded everyone that I was a teammate and that teammates support one another and anyone who didn't would "face consequences". She offered to take me to the bathroom now (I guess the idea was if I still had to go some more or to try to clean up some before the bus ride home) but I told her that I just wanted to go home. With that this one girl, the same one that had yelled out to everyone that I had shit my panties, joked "Yeah, she's a little late for the bathroom now." That's when the coach assigned her to write 500 times, "I must learn to keep my big mouth shut."

Coach helped me onto the bus and sat me down in the front row were she'd be sitting next to me on the bus ride home. As we started for home she told everyone that she expected them "to be mature about this" and reminded them again that we were teammates and she expected them to be "supportive" to me. She told everyone that I wasn't feeling well and this could have happened to anyone. With that another girl chimed in "Yeah, anyone who isn't toilet trained." She became the second girl with 500 sentences to write and that pretty much put an end to any negative comments that afternoon.

Coach sat next to me on the bus ride home and anytime that I started to cry, she'd put her arm around me and tell me that we'd be home soon and that everything was going to be alright. Some of the other girls on the team were also coming up to me and telling me the same thing and that "it happens sometime and not to worry about it." One of the team captains even told me of the time she was in second grade and wet her pants while playing an elf in the Christmas show. Well, it really wasn't the same thing wetting your pants in second grade as opposed to ninth grade for me and wetting your pants wasn't nearly as bad as messing in them - but I appreciated her effort in trying to make me feel better. Another girl offered me a ride home (something that seniors rarely did for freshmen), but coach had already told me she was going to drive me home. Still, I really began to appreciate how my teammates (most of them, anyway) were trying to support me.

When I got home, there was, no use trying to hide this from my mom. It was incredibly humiliating to be standing before my mom in badly messed underwear and explaining to her what happened. But obviously I had no choice. She was shocked (to say the least) and said she couldn't believe "how stupid I was in letting this happen and not using the bathroom when I needed to." But I can't really complain about her reaction, especially when compared to some of the moms I've read about on these pages. "It's one thing to like privacy in the stall, it's another thing not to use the toilet at all when you really have to go," she told me, "But I guess you had to learn that lesson the hard way." She didn't really punish me (I think she thought that having an accident in front of all my teammates was punishment enough), but she didn't just let me throw away my soiled panties, either. She said that "cleaning out" my underwear wasn't a punishment but the "final part of learning my lesson the hard way." Punishment or not, it was, by far, the most disgusting thing that I ever had to do. Cleaning up me was no picnic, either, but at least Mom let me use a washcloth to clean off the worst of the mess and then let me step into the shower to finish the job. Having to "clean out" the panties like that just seemed so stupid, though, because I certainly wasn't ever going to wear them again after so totally loading them with poop. It just seemed not only a complete waste of time but a complete waste of soap, water, laundry detergent and lots and lots of bleach to get them clean enough to satisfy my mom.

It did feel great to finally get cleaned up, but I was still very upset about everything that had happened. Alone in my room, I couldn't help but cry. Mom came up and tried to comfort me, telling me the whole thing was over with now and that I shouldn't "dwell on it." "Next time you'll use the toilet when you need to even if it doesn't have a door on the stall," she said matter-of-factly, "I'm pretty sure you've learned your lesson and you're never going to let it happen again" "I don't think we need to be worrying about this anymore," she told me. Well, that was easier said than done, but Mom was basically right. I've never encountered a ladies' room with doorless stalls again (at least not one where ALL the stalls were doorless), but if I ever did, I would use it in a second rather than to risk having another accident. Mom also let me stay home from school the next day, giving me some time before I had to face everyone again. Coach called to check on me and assured me that no one at school was talking about what I had done. I later found out that Coach had threatened the team that anyone who told anyone else of my having an accident "would get a writing assignment that would make 500 times seem like a picnic."

Back in school 2 days later, no one spoke of my accident again. Coach really did follow through and make those 2 girls write those punishments for teasing me. She even showed me the completed punishments that the girls handed in - one that filled the front and back of 10 sheets of paper and the other with the 500 times written on 20 sheets as the girl only wrote on one side of the paper. Coach then had me tear up the completed pages and throw them away, telling me it was to symbolize that this whole thing was over and done with and no one else would ever know it had happened.

I'm sorry I wrote so much, but I hope you have the space to include it on your website. Even though it is almost 8 years since this happened, the memory of it is still so vivid in my mind. I can't even fathom how many different ways that my coach came to my aid that day. I can't say enough about how great most of my teammates were about everything as well. And my mom, even though she made me "clean out" those panties was pretty good about it as well. It just makes me sick when I read some of the others who when they have accidents aren't so lucky as me and get yelled at, humiliated and even punished for their accidents, like that poor girl who messed her panties at the mall.

to leslie - Like daughter, like mother ;) How embarrassing especially wetting and pooping yourself right there in the bathroom.

to Jessica - Liked your 'Brown Friday' story from a few pages back, holding it that long then going in your pants while waiting in line. Feel free to share the story of your friend Samantha peeing her pants a few years ago.


About Being an Athlete

Hey Guys,

I know it's been a while but I have been signing on and reading some great posts lately. I've just been so busy with school and wrestling right now that it's difficult to concentrate and get a good story in.

So far this season, I haven't had to wrestle yet in a match where I've needed to take a really bad shit, but it has happened to me in past seasons and I promise to get you a couple of this stories. Trust me, being in that situation is not fun. Of course, I've also had matches a few times where my opponent really needed to take a really bad shit as a match wore on. Trust me, those situations are a LOT more fun! I have a very high-energy aggressive style of wrestling and always like to be attacking. I've had a couple guys really squirming and worried they might shit themselves before the match ended but fortunately, that only happened to one kid when I was 8 years old. (Actually, that kid is still wrestling now and he's really one of the tougher guys out there.)

Anyhow, I was wondering if Guy from Montana was still out there??? I've actually been to Montana twice when I went hiking in Glacier National Park and later in Yellowstone National Park. True to my own body clock, I DID drop some very substantial piles on BOTH trails for everyone to remember me by, but I'm sure the snow and the rain have long since washed both masterpieces away!! When I think of Montana, I associate with big outdoor wide-open spaces, so it was only fitting that I take a some very big outdoor dumps while I visited! LOL

You were mentioning identifying OTHER athletes who had taken substantial dumps by identifying their shoes in class. That statement implies you also play sports. What do you play??

One thing I perceive being an athlete is that it seems like I get a whole lot more attention at school while taking a shit than the other non-athlete guys. That perception may be just me or it could be real, I'm not totally certain. It could be that I just command more attention in general anyway whether I'm taking a shit or not. But it does seem like a lot of times when I'm in the stall dropping a load, guys who see me will just start talking or making the usual jokes like "How's it GOING?" or "How's everything COMING OUT with that dump??" Or they'll tell me how much I've made it stink. I've been told a lot that I'm a loud pooper and that you can usually hear my shit crackling out of me. I'm also told a lot that I'm quite a grunter and I believe it although most of the time, I do it without even realizing that I'm grunting. I don't mind it and usually play along.

Anyhow, I was over at my girlfriend's house a couple weeks back when I developed just an overpowering urge to shit that just hit me from out of the blue. It was like one moment I don't have to go, then the next moment, BOOM, it's like I've never had to shit so bad in my entire life!

Anyway, we had been snuggling on the couch when the overwhelming urge hit me and I jumped off the sofa in a big hurry leaving her with absolutely no doubt that I needed to head to the meditation chamber and take a substantial load off my mind. So I madly dash down the hall all the while trying to be cool and maintain a calm exterior as best I could. Once in the bathroom, I just TORE my pants down and THREW my butt down on the porcelain and for the next 5 minutes, the only thing I was aware of was a WHOLE lot of soft shit and gas coming out of my body like a category 5 shitstorm. I'm totally serious. My bowels were erupting like Mt. Vesuvius! LOL I know I must have farted and pooped quite loudly for a while and anyone who wasn't deaf could tell my shit was somewhat on the loose and mushy side!! By the time it was all over, there was just an incredible amount of shit in the toilet which I decided to flush down right away due to the odor even though it really WAS a masterpiece of a dump!. I was just glad this dump hadn't hit me while I was out driving or running or something like that! Anyway, the toilet seemed to gurgle and gurgle and hesitate for a bit which got me worried before the shit finally did swirl down the hole. It took me a second flush to get rid of the remnants!

When I finally came to my senses and my eyes stopped rolling into the back of my head, I noticed the shadow of my girlfriend's feet under the door and they stayed for several moments.

I knew it, I knew it, I FRICKIN' KNEW IT!!!! For a while, I had speculated on this forum that I thought my girlfriend enjoyed listening to me poop, and I had just given her one heck of a listening experience! I then decided to really put her to the test! I decided to pretend as if there was no toilet paper and have her bring me some. (There was actually plenty of paper on the roll which I decided to hide, even for such a messy sticky dump like mine.)

So I got up and waddled to the door with my pants and bright orange boxers around my calves and started to open the door. I gave my girlfriend enough warning that I was opening the door so she could move away.

"Hey Babe!" I yelled down the hall. "Sorry to do this to you, but there's no toilet paper in here. Can you find it in your big beautiful heart to rescue your man and bring me some??"

"There should be some in the cabinet next to the toilet." She yelled back. (There was, but I decided to follow through on my plan anyway.)

"I already checked there and you're out. I really need you to bring me some!"

"OK Hon! I'll be right there!" Great!! Now I was finally going to see how she was going to see how she would respond. So I went back and sat back down on the toilet and waited for her.

A minute later, there was a knock at the door.

"Come In!" I said. With that, she opened the door and BACKED in with her eyes covered holding the toilet paper roll out in my general direction.

"You don't need to do that! I'm decent!" I said as I made sure that at least my boy package wasn't too obvious. With that she opened her eyes and looked at me as I sat there on the toilet, pants and undershorts hanging around the calves!! This look of amazement came over her eyes but I knew she was TRYING to pretend not to be intrigued! I'm almost positive this was her first experience seeing a boy on the toilet and I was out to make it memorable!

"Whew, Thanks!" I said with as big a contented and charming grin as I could muster. "You are a LIFE saver!!"

"And YOU are such a DORK!!" But she said this giggling and not making any kind of attempt to look away at this point! I just kept smiling and started getting the paper ready for me to wipe.

"Good thing you had some paper in the house cause I have a serious cleanup job to do!" I kept griing as I began to reach under to start wiping. At this point, I could could tell she was absolutely melting at the site of seeing me on the toilet and did NOT want to leave, but she was doing her best to keep up appearances!

"Glad I could be of help!" she said kind of slyly at this point. "I'll be waiting for you on the sofa." And with that, she SLOWLY closed the door, all the while getting as good and as long a look at me as she could!

"YES!" I exclaimed under my breath as I finished up wiping. I knew it all along!

After I was finished, I returned to the sofa and snuggled up again for the movie. She asked me if I was feeling better and I could tell that my great big dump and seeing me on the shitter with my pants down was the ONLY thing on her mind.

I'm pretty sure there will be repeat performances in the future!


A Friend In Need


When I read your account of your best friends messing accident, I was reminded of the old adage "A friend in need is a friend indeed. You were indeed a true friend to help your friend out in such a time of need and also to keep it a secret like you did. I hope she appreaciates what you did for her.

Certainly, I hope you never find yourself in a situation like your friend's situation, but if you do I hope she is there to support you like you supported her. If you've been in that yourself, I don't think you can fully appreciate how wonderful it is to have someone there that will help you and support and not make fun of you.

It was really a nice story to read how you helped your friend and turned what could have been a major traumatic even for her into something that was no big deal.

I recently moved into a sharehouse with three other people, two girls and another guy. We're all about the same age, mid-late 20's.

Naturally my mind has turned to toilet matters, inparticular the two girls who I share with. In the week since I've moved in I've been fortunate enough to be around when they go to the toilet, mainly to pee but a couple of times I've heard both poo. The first time was a Sunday morning. I was half asleep when I heard someone walking down the hallway and cough so I knew it was one of the girls. I heard her close the door and the sound of clothes rustling.

pfffhut....she did a cute sounding fart
she peed for around 10-15 seconds and things went quiet, my heart was pounding, would she poo?
plunk plunk
plop plop
she started grabbing paper to clean herself, she needed a fair bit too.

She finished up, flushed and washed her hands. Since the coast was clear I went into the toilet. She didn't spray any airfreshener so there was the strong odour of her poo still lingering. Looking into the bowl I could see a small piece of poo that hadn't flushed and some strong skid marks. I examined these for a bit among other things ;)

More stories to come :)

Upstate Dave
Let me go on with my friend Marrie which was the girl that lived next door to me when I did live in the city for a short time when I was younger. Marrie and I rode together on my bike yp to the market which was up behind where we lived. We went inisde and got what I had to get along with I bought Marrie and I a soda out of the change.

I have to spring loaded carriers on my bike so I put the single bag in the back carrier and Marrie hopped on and we took off away frm the market. As I pedaled and we rode across the markets parking lot I all of a sudden had a strong urge to shit come on real fast! As we reached where the dirt trail was to go down the hill and back home I told Marrie that I had to make a urgent stop. She asked me why. I told her that I had to go to the bathroom real bad. She said ok as we now were going down the trail.

Now partway down the trail there was a dirt road that went over into a smi wooded lot behind the small valve factory that was just down the street from where we lived. It was a dump for this factory for the scrap metal slag from the metal valves that they made. I turned on to the little road and pedaled up into where the dump was.

I came to a fast stop. I told Marrie to get off. She did and I got off and let my bike fall over. Already at this point I could feel a turtle head poking out between my cheeks. I squeezed hard as I yanked at my belt to get it unbuckled. I felt the turtle head slip back inisde my asshole.

I got my belt unbuckled and I popped my snap next. Again I felt my asshole get forced open and I had a turtle head again between my cheeks. I now yanked both my jeans and white briefs right down real hard and fast. Marrie stood there silent for a momnet watching me. Then she said to me loudly; You piss this way pulling both your pants and underware down?

I only took a quick look at Marrie and said loudly back to her; No I have to shit and I've already started! I HAVE TO SEE THIS! Marrie said to me as she ran around behind me. I was now squated down and Marrie said excitedly; You ARE shitting! Marrie was seeing my turtle head poking well out now betwen my asscheeks. It was now more then just a turtle head for it already felt that it had gianed several inches in length.

I could feel that it was moving right along. Marrie was now giggling as she watched me shit. I also now was pissing weakly and my piss was wetting the sand on the ground out in front of my sneakers. From behind me besides Marries giggles I could hear my shit crackle as it came out. Then Marrie managed to interupt her giggling by saying to me; It's reached the ground! Boy you take big shits! I raised my ass up then.

Then only a few more seconds went by and I felt my shit spped up comming out of my asshole and then I felt it close. There was a dull thud when my shit landed in the dirt under my ass. I was done shitting but not pissing. Marrie still beghind me was no longer giggling but laughing. I had now had my piss stream come to life since I was no longer shitting so I was paying attention to it. For now since it was so much harder it was starting to make a puddle in the packed sand and was softly splashing.

As I pissed for several seconds more Marrie had managed to stop her laughing. You ought to take a look at your shit! Marrie said to me. I told her I would. So what I did to take a look was that I stood up and I was still pissing hard. With me doing this Marrie again went into a fit of hard laughter. I took a quick look down and I saw that I had a big fat tan foot and a halfer laying there in the sand. Then I went back to watch my piss stream making sure I had it going where it should be and not wetting my sneakers or jeans. It wasn't.

Marrie now came around to my side slightly in front of me. She looked at my penis and piss stream. She giggled as I pissed which I was comming near the end of it very soon. Just as my piss stream eased off before it stopped Marrie stopped her giggles. You took a good piss too Dave! You made a pretty good puddle in the dirt. I looked down and she was right. I had made a pretty good piss puddle. It was rapidly getting smaller for the sand was soaking my piss right up.

To finish up my piss I did several spurts and I was done. I bent down to pull up my white briefs and Marrie said to me; Arn't you going to shake your yourself? I stopped right then with my white briefs at my knees. How do you know about boys shaking themselves after pissing? Marrie did a short hard giggle first then she told me. Well I do have a brother she said to me. He shakes his after he taked a piss. Marrie was right. She did have a younger brother so she would know from seeing him piss.

I then pulled my white briefs the rest of the way up and then my jeans. I snapped them,pulled my zipper up, and then buckled my belt. I told Marrie there was one more thing to do. She said; What's that? Also she told me that I hadn't done something either after I had shit. I went over to where there was one of the dirt sand piles and kicked a buch of sand to cover up my shit. As I kicked the sand to cover my shgit over Marrie told me I didn't wipe. I told her that I didn't feel that I had to.

I had covered my shit over with sand and we went back over to my bike. As I picked it up I asked Marrie if she had ever seen a boy shit before me. Marrie giggled a little before she gave me a answer. Then she told me she hadn't. I was the first boy she had seen shit. I hopped on my bike and Marrie got on. As we pedaled away I asked Marrie if she had ever taken a shit outside. She quickly told me no. She in turn asked me if I had shit outside in front of a girl before her. I laughed and told her I had. As we now were heading down the hill towards home I told her about the redhead Luise and she and I played together and we pissed and sht outdoors together many times. Marrie giggled and told me as we now were back in the backyard and were just about to get off from my bike. Maybe I will have to do that! Marrie went over to her bike took off and I went inside bringing in the one bag from the market with me. I'll continuie with Marrie does take a shit oudoors which would be several days later.


Just Jerika's survey

Before taking Just Jerika's survey, I'd like to tell Stac and the rest of you guys that Marie's habiit of carrying those toilet seat papers with her in her puse and using them at school is is done in some parts of the country, although not that much. I've written about this before, but in my freshman year my parents moved to the other side of the country and I was surprised that my new school, which was much better than my previous school, didn't have the holders of the seat papers in each of the stalls. The first time I went to the bathroom and had to grab for one it was like "What????" So I improvised for a few weeks and trying to get normal toilet paper to stay on the seats became just too much of a hassle. So I got into the habit of just sitting right down. I haven't been bit or caught any diseases and unlike End Stall Em, I haven't been cut by cracks in the seat, although loose sets remain a worry for me. I don't really like it and have no alternative however, but sometimes when I have to pee fast during breaks on passing periods, when I finally get through the line and open the stall door, there's pee on the seat. Most of the time there is no toilet paper in the holder. But I sit right down and I've kind of gotten use to it. I know that Mistee has written about having to do this once. Also, when I've been on the stool, I've had teachers come in for a quick pee and they too just sit right down. However, one day I was standing in line behind our Algebra teacher (who is like 45 and really mean)and when the stall opened and she saw the pee on the seat, she said in a very low voice "No thank you! and turned around a walked out. I took the stall and sat down and peed.I don't think I would have made it to biology on time if I would have had to wait for her.

Just Jerika's survey:

Age 16
Gender Female

1. How do you select the stall you use?
I will use most any stall during the school day because speed is
important to me. The are one or two open (doorless) stalls but I
will only use them in a real emergency.

2. Do your bathrooms at school have toilet seat papers? No. Do you
bring them with you? No. Do you use them? No.

3. Do you sit down on the seat without putting toilet paper on it
first? Yes.

4. Do you wipe the seat before sitting on it? No. Often there's no
toilet paper left in the dispense anyway.

5. Do your friends sit right down on the seat? Yes.

6. Do you flush when you're done? When I pee, not always, When I crap,

7. Do your friends flush when they are done? Sometimes. (There are
times when there's so much crap and other products in the bowl, the
load isn't going to go down anyway).

8. Do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom? Almost always,
especially if I've touched the flusher with my hand and it gets wet.

9. If you sit down and can't go, do you flush the toilet just to fake
it? It happens to me only occasionally, usually at school and when
I'm really rushed. I think I flush ... I guess I've never really
though about it much.

10. Do you hold your pee or crap to avoid going at school? Sometimes
yes, and it's usually when the bathrooms are most crowded, or
security is hassling us right after school, or when I first get to
school in the morning and the toilets haven't been unlocked yet. I
took a laxative once last year at night and it didn't work until
like 10 a.m. the next morning. It was like a crap of a lifetime and
since it was during homeroom time, I had to wait 15 minutes to get
into a stall. I had to push like crazy to get it out then it just
blasted into the bowl. My arse hurt for the rest of the day and I
got to wishing I had waited until after school. However, Mandy, my
best friend, said she would have had an accident if she tried to
wait that long, so that made me feel better. What sucked, though,
is that my teacher gave me a detention for missing all of
homeroom that day and she even called my parents.

Another mom!!

Your not the only mother who has soiled and peed in her panties and clothes while tending to your baby.
Years ago when my son was small i to was in the process of changing him
when my stomach which had been gurgling all day finally erupted and i not only filled my slacks and panties bad but seconds after also wet them.
So please don't feel your alone..



Farting in tight clothing

I really wonder how you girls can fart, let alone poop your pants, when wearing the extremely tight stuff I see on you. I know this is a little weird but one night I was a little curious and squeezed my cheeks tight and then wrapped a few belts around my butt as tight as they would go just to see what this was like. Turns out I had to push with all my might just to fart. And then I was sitting on this hard chair and I absolutely could not do it unless I lifted my butt off the seat or positioned myself a certain way... and I'm not weak either. How do you girls do it? Are you cheeks really squeezed that tightly together and do you really have to push this hard when you need to let one rip? Maybe I'm just exaggerating the tightness of women's clothing.

Delilah, thanks for the informative and comprehensive discussion on wiping techniques. Considering that this is a subject no one really talks about much, how did you become so knowledgeable about it? Have you seen many people wipe their butts?

One thing you didn't discuss much involves how people specifically clean their anus. From what I've read here and from the little experience I have in watching other people, it seems most people just wipe their crack up and down and don't really pay specific attention to their anus. That is, they wad or fold the paper up and just wipe along the crack over the surface of the anus. What I do is to actually cover my middle finger with paper and stick it into my anus to clean inside. If that's not working too good, I'll smear some soap or saliva on the paper first and then insert it. But I do actually try to go inside the anus to clean it out. When I shower, I lather up the soap real good on my hand and I will then insert my soapy middle finger into my anus at least two inches to clean it out.

Does anyone else clean heir anus the way I do?

I should have posted this here yesterday, but I was too busy with other stuff that I forgot! Anyways, I took a reeeeeally great poop last night. I felt so relieved and empty after I was done, it was amazing!
Here's how it went down:
I felt quite a bit of pressure so I went to the bathroom. Upon sitting down, I could feel my butt opening up and stretching quite a bit. A huge (and I mean, huge!) piece of poo started coming out. It got stuck about halfway out, so I had to push just a bit to get it moving again. It landed with quite a splash! I could feel another piece poking out, so I pushed some more and a slightly smaller piece landed in the toilet. I must have had A LOT in me, because for the next 3 minutes or so, I kept dropping load after load of small poops. Man, it felt good! Next came the grand finale! I could feel my hole stretching wider and wider as I pushed and I felt something poking out. I pushed a couple more times and I felt another HUGE poo come out and land in the toilet. I seriously gasped when it came out and I had to take a few breaths after. Once I finished catching my breath, I wiped a couple times and flushed. After leaving the bathroom, I felt lighter, that's for sure! lol


My sisters urgent poo!

My sister had just come back from her college When we met in the mall for some shopping. It was the first time i had seen her in 2 months. So after about 10 minutes of looking at cloths Becca (My sister)randomly decided to go back to my house. To get there we had take the bus but unfortunately they were out of service because of snow on the roads. She decided to go sit in mcdonalds to see if it would start again. And as soon as we walked in becca said "i need the toilet" I said ok and she waddled to the ladies room and looked as if she was having trouble holding it in.

She came out about 10 seconds later saying i dont need to go that badley actually. I was like sure, i bet she just thought the toilets were gross! (obviously i didnt say it to her though) Then we spotted a bus so we got on it and headed home, she couldnt sit still, then i heard her belly go off. It was the most loudest stomach gurgle that i have ever heard! Becca tried playing it cool but then she started bitting her nails in a really nervous motion. When we got off she quoted she had a stomach ache, and i was like a bet you do from the way your fidgeting! As we got in she tried to play it cool again, so she said to watch some TV with her and hopeing that i'd soon get bored and go upstairs to my room. She was wrong. And then she looked like she was trying to get comfy on the sofa when really she just was trying to hold in a really bad poo. So then we started talking and as i was saying something i heard a little fart that made a wet noise. I then said "did you just fart? that stinks!" And she nodded happily but with a worried look on her face. I said thats actually foul and then went into the kitchen. As soon as i made it to the kitchen i heard the bathroom door slam.

Then as i went to my room i passed the bathroom and i heard here ass smacking the toilet seat as she was so desperate. I dont really know why but i stood by the door just to check if shes ok. All i could hear from then on was toilet wars. Literally she was farting out bits of sloppy poo from what i heard and kept on hearing gross toilet farts. I then went to my room and about 5 minutes later i got a text from her saying "Do we have any toilet roll, if we do then can you pass some down." I then went sown saying no, i heard her moaning "ohhhhhhhhh". She said "can you get some from the shop then?" i replied no because they're shut because its a sunday night. Then i said "don't worry i will hand you some of my old cloths and a bag", then she said "yea...ok" knowing that she had no other option. When she was finished she got some toilet products to clean it up, when becca went to the other room i went in there to despose of the dirty laundry.

I was met by an absolute stench! And as i bent over to get the cloths i saw all the mess that she had made in the bowl, it was totally digusting! The bowl had almost turned completely brown. All the bits of poo was still in their floating in light brown water. and up from that was the worst case of skid marks that i had ever seen! They were all round the bowl!!! I gagged a few times because it was so vile. After that i went up to my room and thought to myself, its good to have you back!


Replies to Pam & Catherine

TO Pam:

It may have been socially awkward to have a diarrhea attack at that party, but it's nothing to be ashamed about. You said yourself that you didn't know anyone there anyway... So if a bunch of strangers you probably are never going to meet again think you had a smelly dump, then that's their problem.

People have been brainwashed into believing that bathrooms at all times should smell like flower shops or perfume boutiques. (As long as the facilities are properly clean,) if I step into a bathroom after someone's smelly dump, I might not be pleased, but I WILL pull down my pants - sit down - and get on with my 'business'. Two to 5 minutes later, I will wipe my bum, flush, and wash up. My mind will be focused on things other than the person who used the toilet just before me...

To Catherine:

I have been maintaining a journal of sorts and take pictures of my poops at home. "Why?" Curiosity.
#1. I am just interested in finding out things about my bathroom habits that I would never have noticed otherwise; and #2. It's just nice to have a record of things so I can reminisce about the most pleasurable and 'special' ones.

Take care!



Peed with friends

The last time I peed my pants was on purpose. It was last summer after finals. I'm in college, btw. My roomates and I decided to celebrate the end of our junior year and becoming seniors by having a party at Marcy's parent's beach house. So the six of us all spent the weekend at the beach house after finals week. It was an awesome place, very big, great pool, private beach access, tall fences for lots of privacy. Anyway that Saturday night we had bought some alcohol to party and were all a little drunk but not bad. We were playing music and dancing and just fooling around to blow off steam. At one point we were all laughing at something funny Amanda said and then Sam screamed that she had peed her pants a little. She turned around and showed us a wet spot on her shorts. So we all laughed harder. Then Marcy dared Sam to finish peeing in her pants. At first she said no but Marcy said she would do it too if she did. Sam said only if we all do. Well since we were all alone and all a little drunk we finally talked each other into doing it. We decided the patio by the pool was the best place so we went outside and stood in kind of a circle so we could see each other and did a count down. At first we couldn't pee in front of each other and just laughed but then finally Sam started and pee ran down her legs and dripped on the patio and we all laughed more and then Marcy started, then Amanda, and finally we were all peeing our shorts and making puddles on the patio and laughing the whole time. I hadn't peed myself since I was a little girl. It was weird feeling the warm wetness spread in my panties and shorts and run down my legs. When we had all finished peeing we compared how wet our shorts were then decided to just jump in the pool to rinse off.

TO: Some high school boy, I liked your story about the conditions at your school. Thanks and very funny.



Hello. I am 15 years old and have a question. I usuallly get an erection when I poop and am wondering if this happens to anyone else. This is not a subject I can ask friends or my dad because it is way too embarrasing. This happens to me just about every day.

To Catherine

To Catherine Who Loves To Poop

Hi Catherine. David the football player from the SE USA here. I was going through the posts a little more carefully and I noticed someone mentioning something about 6'1 and 185 pounds and I thought for a second they were referring to ME cause those are MY numbers too, except I'm an 18-year-old GUY!! LOL (Actually, if I play football into College, I'd LIKE to top out around 210, but I don;t want to go much beyond that!

I'm really with you in that I too feel like I'm an otherwise well-adjusted and successful individual (at least my life SEEEMS to be going in that direction by God's grace!), but I too enjoy the guilty pleasure of sneaking away from time to time and writing about that 2nd most private thing people do. (You need a partner for THE most private activity!;-)

Where we differ just a little is you like to write about the actual act, whereas I like to write about certain innoportune situations that I or my friends have gotten caught in when nature calls our number.

I too do the high-fiber bit, but it's more about nutrition with me. Of course, the results are the same anyway! My ethnic heritage is white, whiter, and whitest! LOL. I have green-blue eyes and dirty blonde hair.

While my own stories have been about either myself or other guys I know (because that's WHAT I know), I am glad to see you aboard and I am very much looking forward to seeing some of your stories in the near future. I've been dating the same girl now for a couple years now but only recently have I figured out that she ENJOYS hearing/seeing me poop! But after readinga lot of the posts here, I've discovered it's not THAT unusual which was a relief! *whew* LOL

Desperate to poop
Egypt desperation story. On trip in jordan and had bit of dodgey stomach. We were at petra with time to ourselves when my belly played up and i needed toilet fast! Told toilets not the best but i had no choice. Queue of three for porta loos. Waited five minutes and one large girl in front left. Few minutes later she got in. Clinging on now my bowels screaming i waited am agonizing five ten mins before she came out. Place reeked and was very dirty but no choice squatted and exploded all over the bowl.

Here are my answers to Just Jerika's survey

Age: 18

Gender: Female

How do you select the stall you use: I usually use anyone.

Does your bathroom have the toilet seat papers Stac writes about? Or do you bring them with you? If yes, do you use them? Sometimes I see them but I never use them.

Do you sit down on the seat without putting paper on it first? Yeah.Sometimes I just squat over it.

Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it? No if the seat is dirty I'll go to a different stall.

Do your friends sit right down on the seat? I don't know.I never saw a friend use a public bathroom.

Do you flush when you're done? yeah always.

Do your friends flush when they are done? I'm sure they do.

Do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom? Sometimes.

If you sit down and can't go, do you flush the toilet to fake it.? I've done that a few times.

Do you hold your pee or crap to avoid going at school?
I try not to ever go at school. If I have to go pee really bad I'll go at school but I would never go pee at school.

I.B.O. James

ice cream gone wrong

Hey everyone!!First time posting but long time reader(im a 21 yr. old male by the way)and I Luv this site!!! Got a story...I went to my mom place and ate a HUGE bowl of vanilla(my fav)ice cream it was very good!! However a few hrs. later I had the worst wet crap ever,really stinky and got everywhere lol as I sat there in pain I said to myself life is too short to not enjoy food u like cuz it makes u crap like crazy, it was well worth it.

Happy Pooping!! Merry Christmas!!


I wipe usually from between my legs approaching from the front....I do often try the normal means of reaching around the back but I can sometimes make a mess. Due to Parkinsons my flexability is a bit limited so the front is easier...if I am having a really good day I do reach behind.
On occasions wiping for me is difficult if I am really stiff and sometimes I do not do the best in that area. When that happens I give the crotch of my undies a scrubb with soap and water.
There are the other occasions when their is poo in my bum that is stuck there and that leaves skidmarks too.
These days I am using wet wipes etc and find they are great.
Today`s poo was big... had an average poo on Saturday, nothing yesterday and nothing this morning and I was in the city at a clients place so after lunch things started to happen down below so I went to the toilets and grunted out some big hard back passage is now sore and my belly hurts because there is more in there.


In Infants school I slightly pooed my pants in Kindergarten and I had a bit of a loose squirt of the runs in my undies once in third class, the rest I let loose in the toilet.
In fifth class ( about 10 years old) I had to leave the class on two consecutive days and do a big shit in the toilet...I remember the toilet paper was really hard.
In high school which was for six years I never dropped a load at all and never really needed to. I sat on the toilet twice before leaving home and almost always produced a good result and occasionally after dinner. Constipation, excepting for a couple of brief occasions was unknown to me.
I started work at 18 and after a couple of months I experiences my first bout of proper constipation...since then I often move my bowels at work and elsewhere. Now my medical condition dictates it.
I will start dealing with topics in my next post.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


light rail

There aren't any bathrooms at any of the light rail stations. The distances aren't very far from the downtown to the outlying areas. There are a lot of men who pee by the tracks. They must be either homeless or don't want to bother waiting until they get home. I've never seen a well-dressed man pee by the tracks.

how's this for humiliating irony? i was christmas shopping in the mall and had my 10 month old daughter with me. after lunch and hours of shopping it was time to hit the ladies room. i had to go bad, and emma had already gone and needed a change. we got there and i had to take care of her first because she wouldn't stop crying otherwise. well, while i had emma on the changing station, i just could not hold it in anymore and i started pooping and wetting in my pants right in the bathroom! other women saw and i was so upset! i had to rush through crowds of holiday shoppers with a baby stroller, shopping backs, and obviously soaking wet jeans with a giant poopy bulge and stain on my butt to go home and change my underwear!



I've posted a couple of times about my tenage peeing games with my friend Michael. His Cousin Lesley went to our school too. During a summer vacation we spent some time with her on the beach and working on a local farm for the harvest.

Obviously when we were stacking straw we would all just have a wee in the field when necessary. At first Lesly was a bit shy, but we boys just would do it in front of her however it wasn't long before she became much less cautious. She really liked to see us two side by side seeing who could pee furthest, especially if one of us became excited. At lunch times she started going behind a hedge or stack to avoid us. It wasn't long before we got to know her favourite places and we would take it in turns to watch her. She would slip her jeans and knickers right down and half squat - it was great to see her neat dark patch of hair and the stream of wee flowing behind.

One day Michael was ill and did'nt turn in for work. Lesley and i got on as normal for most of the day, until about 4 pm (we usually worked till 6). She had peed a couple of times and so had i - she had watched closely once as I had wet the side of a stack. Anyway, as the afternoon passed I became more aware that I needed to do more than just have a wee. This was different. Showing off and weeing in front of each other was one thing, but that was as far as any of us was accustomed to. I was getting uncomfortable and Lesley had spotted my discomfort.

She began teasing me about not working hard enough and eventually I farted - we both laughed and I admitted that I really had to have a grunt before we finished work for the day. I was both embarrassed and excited but was left with little choice.

Lesley seemed determined to get her own back for earlier spying and teasing. After a while we agreed that she could watch while I went. I pulled two bales together with a small gap between them, took my jeans and briefs off completely and sat across the gap between the bales. At first Lesley stood right in front of me to get a good view, but i warned her that if I started to stiffen that she would be in the firing line of my pee so she moved a little to one side and knelt on the ground to get a good view.

Shortly I began to push and after a couple of small farts my first turd started to come out. After a deep breath I pushed another one out and began a nice wee right out in front. Lesley grinned at me and said that was nice and stroked my back - but i told her that i wasn't finished yet. She stayed with me, holding hands whilst I pushed out some more turds, weed a bit more and shook off the drips. When I was finished i stood up with one foot on a straw bale and turned away from Lesley to wipe my bottom with the paper bag from my lunch - she watched from behind.

Afterwards she told me how much she had enjoyed watching, how exciting she had found it and that she would have liked to have wiped my bottom. I tried to persuade her to go too, but she could only do a wee. She did take her jeans and knickers right off to let me watch close up though as she sat between the same bales i had used.

middle age

Advice for mother of Hunter

Many people do enjoy peeing outdoors; hikers do it all the time. It appears that Hunter has never done this until recently and has become obsessed. Why not do some outdoor winter sports such as snow-shoeing, cross country skiing and then hiking in the spring/summer. Peeing outdoors while snowshoeing is no easy task. Maybe once Hunter becomes habituated to it, it will not seem like such a fun/novel idea. All I can suggest is that you keep the family bathroom clean and spa like so the idea of using it may be more appealing. I remember growing up when little boys used to pee in the backyard often; sometimes girls did it also. One of my middle aged friends lived on a farm and they did it; however there was more land and privacy. I go cycling and do stop in the wooded areas to take a leak. Many men pee off the back deck or when they are working in the backyard. People with backyard pools often pee on the grass. One of my childhood friends used to do this when at her pool. When I was a kid and we went to the local wading pool I had to pee so I got out of the pool, sat on the grass and peed through my swimsuit and then went back into the pool. Squatting down to urinate also is more relaxing and I in middle age feel that my bladder drains more easily than sitting on a toilet. Some people with interstitial cystitis (not bacterial which is a UTI), will squat in their bathtub and pee then get up and take a shower. I read about this on a website for IC. Ironically, with water use conservation measures, people are encouraging homeowners to urinate in the compost heap to save flushing. Our pioneers used the earth for their toileting (outdoor privies) and maybe this is more natural than using so much freshwater for flushing. If your daughter wants to urinate in places other than a toilet, perhaps you could tell her that many people pee while taking a shower and noone can tell. Just make sure it all rinses away. Some women won't even do outdoor activities because they never learned to pee outdoors as a kid. At least you won't have this problem. Good luck.

Some High School Boy
I haven't posted in a while and have some stories to share.

Well on page 1805 Brady asked about shitting at school and what were the conditions. Well this week I had to take finals and we had a ten minute passing period before we took each final i was surprised by the amount of guys who shamelessly walked in and went into a stall. Right after my first final i had to pee and while in there two guys in the stalls were talking and one was talking about the huge turd that was coming out of his butt i was surprised to say the least. Then the Spanish teacher came in the guys clueless due to the stall doors and nobody knowing who the guys were they kept talking about the huge turds that had just come out of their butts. I really enjoyed this but had to act shocked since i knew one of the guys at the urinals. Well after being excited by the whole ordeal i went to the bathroom to wash my hands and went to see if I could find some other guys going well in the other bathroom only one guy was going and he was plopping away even though he knew that the bathroom he was in was the most used one in the entire school.

I've had some great dumps since I last posted well just yesterday I had one of my biggest ones in a long time. The turd slid out pretty fast that i thought it was just a couple of smooth turds but when I got up to take a look I was shocked. The turd was over a foot long. I was proud of myself and wanted to take a picture but couldn't since I had a friend over but he was impressed with my huge turd and he made one just as big about an hour later.

Since I just finished the first half of the year in school I thought I should mention to people's at school bathroom habits. Well there's one guy i don't know who he is but about once or twice every two weeks his ass explodes and can't flush the thing down since the toilet isn't strong enough. But his craps are quite impressive and the one of them towards the beginning of the year made the bathroom stink the entire day it was bad but worth being able to a 3-foot long turd in the toilet mixed with a little bit of toilet paper and diarrhea. Now for the other guy, he craps at school during second period the same time I pee everyday and he was in the bathroom exploding for about half a hour. His girlfriend's locker is next to mine and he doesn't know that I knew he crapped his brains out and that craps there regularly.

Also I read an old pag in the 1500s or the 1400s and someone said that the brown noise worked well I'm going to trick my friend into doing it and see if it worked. I'll report the results here later

Bye, Merry Christmas to all the posters on here and Happy Hannakah

I took a seasonal job placement over the Christmas holidays at a small electronics outlet. Since it was a busy time of year, they needed a few more employees over the Christmas period. Today, I had the closing shift. It was busy a bit earlier in the afternoon but it had started to quiet down past dinner time. I had to shit pretty bad and since I was dealing with customers all day, I hadn't had the time to relieve myself.

This was my first week at the job so I didn't know the other staff members all that well. There was another employee named Danielle that was dealing with a customer in the sound department while I was doing some inventory in the back. It was approaching 8 pm and I was going to be the last one to leave when I closed up at 9 pm. I heard her finishing up with the customer at the other end of the store.

There were two single unit washrooms in the store, one for customers to use down the hallway past the television and video section, and another one for employees located near the back of the store near the lounge room. They are both handicapped units with a single sink and toilet. The customer washroom remains locked until it needs to be used due to security reasons. I heard Danielle start to approach me as I sorted through some boxes on the shelf. Danielle was a few years older than me and was quite fit and attractive.

She walked past me with a odd look on her face, but I didn't think much about it. She entered into the employee washroom as I continued to sort inventory. The last customer in the store had just left. I heard several loud farts being let out and then what sounded like multiple turds dropping. I continued to unload boxes but the noises coming from the bathroom were hard to not notice. Five minutes past and the toilet finally flushed. She came out and quickly said goodbye to me before leaving in a hurry. It was just after 8 pm and I still had an hour to go. I went over to the front desk and finished what I had to do on the computer.

I hadn't shit since the morning before and I was needing to go pretty bad by now. I locked the front door and began to close the store down. I made my way to the employee bathroom and discovered the mess that Danielle had left. She completely overwhelmed the toilet with her dump. There were three thick logs that filled the entire bowl up. One was about 10" long while the other two were both about half of that.

There was a large wad of toilet paper that looked like it had plugged the toilet up. I was amazed by the amount of poop that she had left. I tried to flush the toilet but the water level just rose upwards without taking anything down. Desperate to relieve myself I was out of luck since I did not have a key to the locked customer bathroom at the other end of the store. I knew I had no other choice so I dropped my pants and sat down. It hurt for a bit as I tried to push the big log out. I let out a few farts and then it slowly started to make its way out. It landed quietly on top of the other logs that she had left.

I didn't know how I was going to clean the mess up, but I knew I would have to before someone discovered it in the morning. I wiped and saw that I had laid one good sized turd about 12" long. I quickly grabbed the toilet brush and started to break things up so it could go down. I started to plunge and after a few flushes I got both loads down, but the toilet still seemed a bit slow in flushing. I cleaned everything up and washed up before leaving to go home.


Response to Just Jerika's survey

first for Stac:

I loved your story about Marie. I guess it's new to me to hear about someone carrying seat papers in their purse. Like in my school, we just sit down and pee or crap and don't think about doing anything else. But, there is a large number like Marie who don't flush, especially when they crap. Like you, I find that to be so gross! And a few do lay the toilet paper over the seat, but there is not that many that do it. I think they know that just takes wiping paper away from the rest of us and it clutters up the bathroom.

I do know, Stac, that there are some parents from hell. I posted on Page 1719 about a 10-year-old girl I do child care for (sometimes for several days at a time) who has a mom who won't let her crap in a public toilet because the mom won't let her sit on the seat. She's allowed to pee because she stands/straddles to do it and mom insists on that. She's so intimated by her mom's rules that she enjoys being out with me because I just let her sit down to pee and crap like us normal people.

Stac, I also have had to really insist that the kids I'm caring for flush. The boys who are about 4 or 5 are the worst. I take them into the bathroom with me and when we're out at a public place like a park I'm not about to let them go into the mens room on their own until they are mature enough to flush and wash their hands. I think the girls are better about automatically washing their hands, but that might be because they know I'm watching them. I do childcare for about six families and its interesting how many families don't spend much time on how to use public bathrooms.

Now here are my answers to Just Jerika's survey:

Age: 17
Gender: Female

How do you select the stall you use?
I go with what's open. When I have my kids with me, I select stalls right next to one another for us. I will sit on any public toilet with the exception when there's a lot of pee on the seat. I was so desperate once when I had kids at the park that I did have to sit in pee or have a really bad accident. But I showered as soon as I got home!

Does your bathroom have toilet seat papers? Do you bring them with you? If so, do you use them?
No. No. No. I have used toilets at like Wal-Mart and at malls that have the seat papers, however, I don't use them.

Do you sit down on the seat without putting toilet paper on it first?

Do you wipe the seat before sitting on it?
No. Many times a school I have so little time to pee and there's no toilet paper left on the roll.

Do your friends sit right down on the seat?

Do you flush when you're done?

Do your friends flush when they are done?
Some do, some don't. It depends on a lot of things, I guess.

Do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom?
Most times, but not when I'm in the port-a-potties.

If you sit down and can't go, do you flush the toilet to fake it?
I'm almost always able to produce something. As I've said in my previous posts, I'm able to go fast and vacate the stall fast. There are also times when I quickly get up off the seat, it seems that my butt is like sticking to it.

Do you hold your pee or crap to avoid going at school?
Only on rare occasions.

to Deliah: i really enjoyed your post about the huge bowel movement that u had at work!thats cool that u would have a buddy dump if you had a friend come to the bathroom with you whether it be peeing or pooping!~ thats cool that u continue to leave the tiolet unflushed! i have continously doing that when iam in public! do u ever make noises when u are on the tiolet? if so what noises do u make! i would so love to have several bathroom outings with you on several occasions! whether it be peeing or pooping! i miss u and have been thinking about you!




I love to poop name is Catherine. I am 6'1" and weigh 185lbs. I have think dark brown hair that goes to the middle of my chest and back, big boobs and a round, big, but fit, butt. I am athletic and am considered somewhat attractive - cocoa skin, brown eyes, and have Greek/Mediterreanian ethnic heritage, athletic and 29 years old.

Though I am an otherwise adjusted and successful person - I love to poop! I would almost consider myself obsessed. As a young girl I was a little overwieght and ate a lot...i mean, it was unreal the amount of food that I could put away. As I got in my teen years, I was more concious about my size and appearance. I played sports and worked out, just so I could eat...and, I became quite good at them. I added high fiber cereals to my diet and loved fresh fruits and ???? (I am from the south), but ate a lot of them. I loved to eat anything, not just sweets.

And, I began to notice that I had large, volumous bowel movements and I still do today. Never struggled with IBS, cramps, or constipation. To this day, I have on average 2 large BM's per day. I eat a hearty breakfast and go in the morning and in late afternoon, early evening. Sometimes they come out soft and make piles in the toilet, and other times they are firm and loggie.

But I love it...I look forward to pooping! Sometimes I would write in my journal or take pics of some of my "memorable" momennts I became worried that this was abnormal and found this site. I can see that, maybe we are a minority, but there are many of us who share a more than normal fascination with pooping!

I do have some memorable stories, a few accidents (that still embarass me to this day), quirks, and concerns that i hope to share as time permits. Love to all!!

Blue Rizla Girl

To Kirstyn

Your daughter is just finding stuff out for herself. It's kind of normal. To be fair, most kids get it out of their system before the age of 8; but even I was 10 years old before I discovered the pleasures of exterior urination. Yes, pleasures. It *is* actually fun ..... until you pee on your clothes, or get caught in the act, or nettle your sensitive regions, or it's -5 degrees out.

It might also be a cry for attention, in which case you might be making things worse by acting lie it's a big deal. Locking the door is just increasing the temptation to do what's forbidden. One of her friends will call her out on it, or she'll decide it's too cold, or get stung by a nettle, or something. Or she'll just realise that piddling isn't the way to get your attention.

At least be grateful that she is using the toilet for big business.


outdoor poo

My name is Wendy & I'm 27 years old. I love to poo outdoors. I only go once a week & whenever I use the toilet it takes ages to flush it all away. I love to relieve myself in the woods especially when I'm desperate to go. I can hold a lot of poo inside me & produce at least a dozen steaming turds.

Upstate Dave
Hi to all. Just Jerika I'll answer your survey. 1. I use what is availible.
2. I sit right down without using paper on the seat.
3. I will wipe the seat off if there is piss on it using toilet paper. Other times not if there is not enough paper to do that. Then I'll hover over the bowl with the seat up.
4.Yes they will. Others sometimes not.
5. I do flush after peeing and shitting but after I am completely done. This way I can make a fast escape if the toilet does overflow or has another problem.
6. Most of the time but not always.
7. After shitting yes. Being a male after pissing no.
8. Never had to fake it. I always have either peed or shit using the toilet.
9. In grade school I used the bathroom. In high school I hardly did use the school toilets. I could hold it till I did get home as far as peeing. I always shit before going to school when I was in school. When I worked I did shit at work if I had to.

Delilah you brought up some intesting points on the various ways to wipe. Every one does have thier own ways. Also too it will vary on what type ofpoop you do. I myself most of the time only have to use a few sheets. (3 or 4) My poop is dry and firm. Other times my poops will be sticky which leaves much more on my anus and cheeks and pubic hair. So I have to use much more paper.

I will sit and wipe downward first and then f needed wipe upward if more wiping is needed. Sometimes like you mentioned I get very sweaty in between my cheeks too and my crotch area. I have a good reason for this for I was badly burned when I was real yound so I have skin grafts that were done. I dont sweat as far as my upper legs but sweat heavily above my legs. Having a lot of pubic hair doesn't help either. So I will many times use more paper to wipe the sweat off of me too.

butt wiper
To Sean and Delilah:

I always wipe while still seated on the toilet because my butt cheeks are naturally open at that point and it makes access much easier. If you stand up before wiping, your butt cheeks close up which makes access more difficult and it also causes the poop to smear a bit. To be honest, I actually can't think of a single advantage to standing up before wiping.


Shy friend finally peed!

My best friend moved in with me last year, and in that time I have never seen him so much as go into the bathroom, other than to shower. He never shoes signs of needing a bathroom or anything. He's 20, blonde and very mature and professional.

Firday night, he and I went out to get some Christmas shopping done (yeah, last minute...we're guys...). I picked him up directly from work around 5pm. We stayed out later, after the stores had closed, arounf 11pm. I was driving. On the hour drive home, my friend started to wiggled a bit. I asked him if he needed to piss and he said no. Five minutes later, he started to lose composure. I was fine, since I had gone at the mall. He started to get a panicked look and started puting his hand in his lap a lot. I asked him again if he needed a piss. Surprisingly...he admitted that he did. Unfortunately, there were no stores open that time of night, not tat there were any stores at any of the exits we were passing anyway.

After a couple more minutes, he looked at me and asked me to stop the car because he was "going to urinate". I found this hilarious and exciting. But I wasn't going to torture the poor guy, he seemed tortured enough that he had to admit it. He was nearly in tears.

I had no more exits for nearly 10 miles and he couldn't wait. I pulled onto thhe shoulder of the road and put on my flashers. He opened the car door and used it as a sheild from the traffic. He got out of the car (barely), unzipped and immediately began peeing on the road. It sounded like a really thick stream, as it was splashing really loud. It was so funny to me...that this guy had never given any sign of needing a restroom in over a year, yet here he was, in a business suit, peeing on the side of the road! It seemed to last forever. Finally, he shook, zipped and got back in the car, looking relaxed.

I asked him when was the last time he had peed, and he said 6am before his shower! I found that amazing, I could never have held it for 17 hours! He opened up just barely by answering my question about how he never pees. He said he always goes early in the morning before his shower, usually while everyone else is still in bed. And he has a strong enough bladder to usually hold it all day until everyone is in bed at night...
...that can't be good for him.

Karen (New York)

Post Title (optional) Confessions of a Wiper

Bottom wiping seems to be the last frontier of privacy. Like some of you, I've always been curious about the wiping habits of others, so allow me to satisfy some of your curiosity, as you have satisfied mine. First, some facts about me. I am a professional woman of thirty one; caucasian, tall, brunette, slender, curvy. I practice law in NYC. My hobbies include reading, theatre, music, chess, and sailing.

I am not a meticulous wiper, far from it. I'm a simple, old fashioned, rather careless one. After I shit (which is almost daily), I remain seated while I wipe. I arch my back sharply, reach around behind me and wipe my smelly bottom with just one swift stroke of dry toilet paper and pull up my undies. The usual texture of my shit (hard, dry) makes further care seem unnecessary. I've never used wet wipes or dampened my toilet tissue nor have I ever used a bidet. I almost never bathe right after a bowel movement. According to my boyfriend, I have a smelly butt. I just laugh with him about it. I like to be natural.

How do the rest of you ladies wipe? Stand or sit? Wet or dry? Once or more than that? I'm interested.

Hello, Delilah. It is always a particular pleasure to read your posts. May I know where you are from?

Happy holidays, everyone!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Am Back

I have not been posting or reading for about 6 months...too tied up with other things.
I am the person with regular constipation and I have a few stories to tell on that subject well as public toilet experiences.
My condition has come about because of Parkinsons Disease...Parkinsons affects the bowels ( not in all cases but in most). The Parkinsons meds may cause constipation and the pain meds almost certainly will.
I can talk about laxatives and high fibre diet...a suppository experience of interest and also enemas. I will do a comparison between colonic and enemas in due course.
In brief, yes I am managing my bowels and I think I have "accumulated" some knowledge on the matter. The basic principle I have is not to let the constipation go on too long.
More next time

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