help with my daughter

I found this site while searching for advice for my 8 year old daughter hunter. I'm not sure if this is the right place or not but I'm going to ask anyway.
Hunter has been potty trained since she was 2 and we've never had any issues up until now. A few months ago my car broke down and while waiting for my husband to come rescue us, hunter announced she had to pee. I showed her how to squat by the car door and pee by the shoulder of the road. Now I'm wishing I told her to hold it because she is obsessed with peeing outside. At home she will head out back to pee every time she has to go. At first I just ignored it, but then she did it in front of company. I explained to her the difference in an emergency pee and just going outside for fun but she still continued. I then tried locking the door and hiding the key so she couldn't get outside. She stood there and screamed and still wouldn't use the toilet. Instead she held it all day and ended up peeing her pants. Now she wont even try and hold it and just pees where she is. My house smells disgusting and her school has complained on multiple occasions. She will however poop in the toilet so I know she's not afraid. My husband and I are very concerned and frustrated. Ive talked to doctors and therapists and nothing they suggest helps. So if any of you have advice, please help me

Turd Lover
One time when I was around 18, I went to a restaurant and the food & service was lousy, so I protested by taking a shit in the restroom sink. It was a nice big log. I know it was a cold thing to do, but hey, you only live once, right ?

At the time it was quite amusing and I really enjoyed it.


Wiping and its Variations

Hi everyone, I'm glad to see there's a great expression of intrest in keeping up a dialogue on wiping, and to share and contribute for the betterment of understanding of each other. I should point out that I appreciate the whole toilet experience of which this is an important part, where there is much variation in habits from person to person. Just as some people poop twice a day and others twice a week, some wipe extensively and use half a roll of toilet paper in a single session while others wipe minimally and use a single digit number of sheets. Some form a wad with their paper and others a folded pad. Some wipe while still seated while others stand to wipe. Amongst stand up wipers a variation occurs between those who wipe while stick straight upright without bent knees and those who stick out their butt using bent knees. Of those who stand totally upright some wipe through naturally closed cheeks, others use one hand to pull apart the cheeks while swiping up through the crack with the other. Of those who bend their knees and stick out their butt the cheeks naturally part, the question is how much do they part? The answer to that is based on individual physiology as much as the angle at which the bent knee posture is held. Some cracks open right up for easy cleaning access, others stay mostly closed no matter how much one bends. There is also the issue of how much poop clings to the anus and has to be cleaned away. Some have rather dry bowel movements and have practically nothing to wipe away. Others have sticky poo that leaves a mucky coating all over the anus and immediate surrounding area. Thusly, a person with an accessible crack and dry poos has a very easy time cleaning up, while somone with a deep or otherwise hard to get at bottom and sticky poos will most likely not get clean by any means, except a shower. Some wipe with a single swipe per unit of paper, other wipe up and down repeatedly with the same surface. The list of variations can go on and on and I ask you all reading to contribute your own. Of my personal habits, I poo two or three times a week and wipe using a single wad of paper. I stand up to wipe and use both straight legged and bent knee postures as my at the moment preference will dictate. This can be as simple as the shoes I'm wearing, as I tend to wipe with my butt stuck out while wearing flats, while I wipe upright with my cheeks closed when I'm in heels. This has to do with balance as you can probably imagine (no falling in the toilet for me!) I favor the single swipe to the top method predominantly but will wipe up and down when I feel it's called for. This ranges from feeling particularly moist and sweaty in my butt (aka "swamp ass") to having a noticeably smelly bottom while peeing later in the day following a bowel movement. The act of sitting down with spread cheeks on a hollow ring causes odors to circulate up from the exposed parts that you might not notice in any other case. If this is the case and I detect post poop stinky butt in the process of peeing, I'll wipe myself again in the aformentioned way. In general, my policy is to get reasonably clean using minimal resources. There is then the question of wether to wipe or not wipe at all. I'll save that one for another time. So to butt wiper, Ashley, and all those to whom I owe a shout, see ya next time!


P.S. Just thought I'd also mention about the poo I had at work today. It was a rather normal affair, held for four days and the size of several soda cans put together. It caused me minimal trouble letting it out and was dark brown and textured. It took about five minutes to inch out entirely, and was accompanied by hissy spurts of pee the whole way through. I peed more once it was finished as well, then stood up and formed a wad of tp. I wiped once up through my crack while stick straight (I wore heels today) and then tossed the considerably soiled tp wad into the toilet to the right of the poo log. I pulled up my panties, today purple cotton bikini, then let dowm my dress and left. I didn't bother flushing as I knew it would need to soften before it could be taken down by the low flow toilet. I washed my hands and went back to work for the rest of the day (it was morning about nine thirty.) When I peed at lunchtime I noticed a quarter sized poo stain in my panties with streaky brown wisps above. I didn't smell anything so I pulled up my panties and left when finished, wiping after peeing alone is rare for me (however if a friend is in the stall with me on a buddy pee I wipe.) Two more wipeless pees later and I'm sitting here at home writing this, of course still wearing the same panties which I will do so until showering as soon as I finish writing this, after which rest another night!

Laura, good to see you back. Your illness aside, glad that things are going so well.
I have been having the runs, on and off, for the past few days. Yesterday was especially bad, and it felt like someone had left a faucet open inside me. My stomach was gurgly throughout, and i needed 8-10 trips to the bathroom all day to let completely loose. I wasn't queasy, just releasing torrents of fluid from my rear. It was even worse because i went to work. I had two bouts in the morning, but thought that would be it. Unfortunately, it wasn't! I was feeling weird going so many times in the office, and the person who sits in front of the men's restroom must have figured out my situation. No spectacular stories, thankfully, except that i had to "run" once during a conference call, and another time i met someone on the way to the restroom, and had to have a 5 min discussion on a pending work topic. I had lined my underwear with TP to absorb all leaks.
I wonder how people like Laura manage if they are sick and need to teach. I wouldn't know what to do, if i had to give a presentation yesterday.

First Dump at the In-Laws-to-be

The first time I had dinner over at my fiancee's family's house, my now-mother-in-law's greasy cooking sent my bowels into a tailspin. Her family lived in a pretty big house but it had only one bathroom. When I couldn't hold it anymore I excused myself to go take a shit. So, I sit on the toilet and have diarrhea, not noticing that there's no TP. Not even a dispenser or spool where it should be. I'm sitting there with liquid shit still dripping off my asshole and inner butt cheeks. I was too embarrassed to ask anyone where the TP was, so I spent the rest of the night with a dirty butt. When we finally left went back to my apartment, after wiping my ass of course, I asked her about the missing TP. She said her mother kept it in a box in front of the toilet. I had thought it was a footrest! At that point she figured out I had spent the last few hours with a shitty ass. "Why didn't you just ask me?" I didn't have a good answer except that I was too embarrassed. She thought that was pretty gross and stupid, which, of course, it was.

Just Jerika
To Stac:
That was a very interesting story about Marie. Have you known other students (new or old) who carry those seat papers with them? I think she has attitude to not pick up after herself and flush. I think I might have nicely asked her about it. Of course, I don't always flush. There's only so much time between classes and it seems I'm always hurrying to get to my next class on time.

To End Stall Em:
Ouch! That type of cut would sure hurt. I would think that better lights in the bathroom would have helped you see the crack on the seat.

To Braidy:
Do members of your team use the boys bathrooms at other times too. There's pee sometimes on our seats and I would think the guys would be grosser with their bathroom.

Now I have a survey for everyone. If you are not in school, you can answer it about the bathrooms at work or at other public places. I've filled it out to get things started:

Age: 12
Gender: F
How do you select the stall you use: whatever becomes available.

Does your bathroom have the toilet seat papers Stac writes about? Or do you bring them with you? If yes, do you use them? No I've never used one even when they are available at places like Wal-Mart.

Do you sit down on the seat without putting paper on it first? Yes.

Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it? Not unless there is pee on it.

Do your friends sit right down on the seat? Yes. But there are a few girls who mess the bathroom up by putting paper tissues on the seat and they just leave it like Marie did. We hate that. Because the paper runs out faster when we're on the stool and need to wipe.

Do you flush when you're done? After a pee, yes. After a shit, no. The reason is that sometimes the bowl is somewhat full when I sit down and after I shit on top of it, I'm afraid the stool will overflow. Once, earlier this year I was still seated and wiping. I was lucky I had a skirt on and was able to jump off the toilet faster and exit the stall. Otherwise, my jeans and underwear would have been like drenched.

Do your friends flush when they are done? Most of the time they do before and after school. But between classes there is no time.

Do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom? Only when there's time. Teachers in my school are really strict about tardies.

If you sit down and can't go, do you flush the toilet to fake it.? No.

Do you hold your pee or crap to avoid going at school? I've written about this before. I'm only 3',5" and the toilets are a little high for me. I sit but sometimes I can't produce anything. Then after school I walk across the street to a business and I have no trouble going.

Just Jerika

wondering mind

I saw the movie "the Road" and then bought novel to read, it wasn't brought up but I guess it wouldn'd be it's besides the point, but in a world where bushes are dead and leaves are dead what would people using to clean them selves after their bowel movents

anyway it's thought that has crossed my mind

my boss pooped her pants real bad at work last night. she's like 32 and has short blonde hair. she came bursting out of the side stock room with a worried expression on her face and rushed past me and i could hear this wet bubbly fart. i looked at her and she was squeezing her butt with her hand and there was a dark brown stain spreading on the seat of her khakis and down her left leg. she left a little trail of drops of creamy poop on the floor leading into the ladies room from about 10 feet out. she had some major diarrhea.


about Marie

to Stac,

I have four sisters. Why did you feel sorry for Marie, the girl with seven sisters?

You should have said something to her about flushing the toilet.


I would like to hear the details of your sister's story. I would appreciate it very much if you asked her the details.

What type of job does your sister have? Does she drive a car to work?


To Butt Wiper

I wonder,do more of us stand or sit to wipe? I personally have always stood to wipe my Butt, while this increases the exposure to the "privates" It is not a big deal because at home,who cares,but when using a public restroom I will get off of the toilet and wipe with my butt facing the stall door which no one would see unless someone was peeking into your stall.there was one time I had to by no choice use a restroom with "doorless stalls" and was crowded at that,took my shit in view of most in the restroom,stood up to wipe with my poopy butt exposed for everyone to see,and got some weird looks from a couple of passerbys,that was uncomfortable.but those circumstances are few and far for weting the tp,I use those flushable wipes when I can,and baby wipes will work well too.


Bad School Poo

It was a normal school day, all my friends were there. Because im apparently "underweight" the school pays for my meals free. Which is good but not great. So this one monday morning i had the cafe i had a full english breakfast, by the end of it i was so full, but i really liked it. This started a mini trend so i kept having these huge cafe meals at lunch and breakfast everyday. It was friday when i was sitting at a table with the guys i hang out with and a friend of mine handed me a cup of water from the dispenser, i thought nothing of it.

Then about 30 minutes after i had the drink, we were still at the table when i felt i really really HAD to poo. My ???? was groaning insanely and so i moaned to my friends "ohhhhhh, i have to poo!!!" I got up and ran to the nearest bathroom, they were out of order! So i waddled to the other side of the school and as i ran i felt some poo slipping out so i groaned some more. I found the bathroom and at this point i had my hands on my ass to stop the crap from rapidly coming out. I apparently had such a worried and scared look on my face according to my friends. When i sat on the toilet the ammount of gross gurgly noises i made was horrendous. I was farting continuously with all the poo. I heard some girls near the sinks saying "ewwww!" and then rushing out. I didn't really care, i had lossed all my dignity getting to the toilet anyway. I shouted "oh god, oh god, oh god!" as it was all still shoving out in a violent motion. As i put my knickers back on i realized that i made a mess in my panties anyway. I was thinking what made me poo so much, well i didnt crap in 5 days. But i was told by my best friend that some of my other friends played a prank on me and put laxatives in my drink!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


My Sister

My name is Brian, I'm 16. My older sister Steph is 18. I was home last week playing PS3 in the living room around 6 pm when the front door opened and my sister came in from her job and ran straight upstairs. Mom called from the kitchen for me to go up and tell Steph that dinner would be ready soon. I went upstairs and Steph's door was shut so I knocked but she didn't answer. I cracked the door open and hear her shower running and her bathroom door was shut. I started to walk over to yell to her about dinner when I noticed that the clothes she had been wearing were dropped in a row on the floor leading to her bathroom door - first her shirt, then bra, then jeans, then panties just before the door. A little odd. But then when I got almost to the bathroom door I noticed something weird and stopped. I picked up her panties by the waistband and held them up - they were pale blue but the bottom was dark and shiny. She had peed her pants. I dropped the panties and picked up the jeans - soaked all the way down both legs and all over the butt. My big sister had totally pissed herself. I laughed a little but then heard the shower cut off so I dropped the jeans and ran back out of her room and shut the door. I haven't said anything to her about it yet, but I can't stop thinking about it.

I posted last month (page 1802)about how at my high school I'm an ambassador to help new students find their way around and feel part of the total school. Sometimes their parents are in the guidance center too when I'm called down there, sometimes it's just the student. I generally will eat with them, walk them to their classes, and answer questions about our sports and clubs and other activities such as the environmental club that I'm an officer in.

One day last week before school I was in the first floor girls bathroom crapping when apparently they started paging me to the guidance office. I flushed, washed my hands and Connor told me to go to the guidance office once I got out into the hall. I knew it meant that I had another new student to orient. The girl I was introduced to was Marie. She seemed very shy and this was the first time she has had to change schools. She's a freshman. There was like a half hour before classes started so I took her on a quick tour of the school and showed her, according to her schedule, where each of her classrooms was and I took her to her locker. She put her coat away and we continued our tour. Not to far from her locker was the girls bathroom on the 4th floor. I just mentioned it to her in passing but she asked me how far it was to her 1st hour class and whether we would be passing any other bathrooms. I had to think about that for a moment and look at her class schedule. I took it as a hint that may be she had to use the toilet but was afraid to ask so I offered to take her in, telling her I had to pee (I did a little but it wasn't that bad!).

There were only about 8 or 9 of the stall in use and I took the first and motioned to Marie to take the next one so we could finish our conversation. I took my jeans and underwear down and was seated and already peeing when I noticed Marie was still moving around and not yet on the stool. I said something about how I pee more in the morning since I stop for coffee on the way to school and I could hear she was fumbling with something. Then a small piece of paper with multiple folds dropped to the floor almost immediately under the partition between our two toilets. At first I thought it was one very large Kleenex but I saw Marie's feet in front and facing the toilet and I heard some unfolding and fumbling with the paper. It didn't click with me at first regarding what she was doing but then I got to thinking about the "mystery" girl I wrote about earlier who piles the brown hand towels ontot he seat before sitting down, and then I got it. Marie apparently carried a package of seat covers with her and was putting one down.

Her feet turned around and I could hear her butt crush the seat paper. She sat very still and used the time to ask me about how much walking she was going to have to do and she told me how she had difficulty in making it to some of her classes at her old school on time because of the jammed up halls. She has seven sisters (two older, seven younger) sharing one bathroom at her home but while she has to crap usually when she wakes up at 5 a.m., the bathroom is almost always in use so she holds it until she gets to school. I felt so sorry for her as she told me about her family. About five minutes later I heard some splashes in the bowl, a sigh of relief from Marie, and she immediately started unrolling some toilet paper to wipe with. I quickly wiped and flushed and walked around the other side of the bathroom to where the sinks were. I washed my hands and when Marie didn't immediately follow me, I went back around the wall looking for her. She was just picking up her book bag as she came out of the stall and headed for the sinks. I quickly walked back to the stalls and was surprised that she left her toilet cover on the seat and that she did not flush. I took my right hand and slipped it into the bowl and with my left hand flushed for her.

When I rejoined Marie on the other side of the bathroom, I decided not to say anything to her about not flushing and pickingup after herself. I walked her around and delivered her to her 1st hour class. After I got done, I walked with Connor to our first hour class. I told him that a student using a toilet cover was something new to me and he agreed too.

Am I wrong or are they used in schools in other parts of the country?

middle age

Fart is a 4 letter F word

I have to go to the doctor; she thinks I may be lactose intolerant. I have had flatulence, diarrhea and painful cramps for 3 weeks. It is so disgusting and gross. I cannot believe that I have just become lactose intolerant. However, if this is the case I will drink lactose free milk although this is expensive. Diarrhea, loose stools, flatulence, odor, mucus in the stools, blood in the stools. The medical tests will begin this week....I have felt that I was giving birth up to 12 times per day and was moaning and groaning in the bathroom. At work it is embarassing and gross.

Emily W

To Claire N

Hi Claire, I loved your story. I like to have my wees in the mall too; I've never been able to poo in one though. I sit there for ages, push and everything but it won't come out unless I'm at home.

Any advice Claire?
Emily W

Dave Dive

A visit to a loo from days gone by

Hi Claire

It souns as though you enjoed your possing experience in the refurbished loo . From your stories it sounds like when you go for a poo you do a big load . Looking forward to your next story . Have you had any other ourdoor experiences

I recently stayed at a guest house due to a friend's wedding, and naturally the rooms were not en-suite. There was about 10 rooms and two toilets - one for men and one for women. After having breakfast I felt the need for a good clear out (I generally only go about once every 5 or 6 days - not very regular at all!). The toilets were upstairs and as I was making my way there a woman (probably in her 30's) came out of her room and went into the ladies toilet.

I was a tad apprehensive about using the toilet right next to her as the walls were very thin and you could hear everything that was happening next door. Anyway, I went into the gents toilet and got seated and held on, thinking she would probably be done in a minute (I presumed she would just need a pee). Perhaps, she was unaware of how thin the walls were because after she had peed, there was silence for a few seconds, then the crackling started (thats how thin the walls were!). This lasted for about 5-10 seconds then I heard a loud splash. This was then followed by another splash and then silence. By this time, I was quite desperate so thought I would let the back doors open. The familiar crackling noise started and soon a long rope of poo was coming out my backside. This slid quietly into the water, as it was pretty long.

That was just the start for me. A few seconds later, another log was on its way out and this dropped quite fast into the toilet making a splashing noise. I was sure my neighbour would have heard, and soon there was splashes coming from her side. Another 4 or 5 logs came out making dull thudding noises as these hit my previous logs in the bowl. My neighbour carried on with her dump and it sounded like she was having a major clearout as well! For a while we were both dumping together, the toilets were taking a proper hammering between us! I squeezed out one more log, and then began to wipe. A bit more was pushed out 'next door' and then I heard toilet paper being pulled off and used.

We both flushed around about the same time. My neighbour was first out the stall, and headed to the bathroom where the sinks were located. I followed shortly after to wash my hands. When I went in, she smiled, and commented on how thin the walls were, which surprised me. I agreed, and she didn't seem shy or embarrassed at all. She even said she had needed that for some time and felt much better! I certainly felt better - I had just evacuated six days worth of shit, and it had been a great dump, made all the better by having a neighbour doing the same. Sounded like she really enjoyed it too!

Claire N - great story about your public loo poo!

On the topic of doorless stalls, maybe they are ot as bad as we think
When visiting India I notice many people in poor parts of the country who have nowhere else to poop but out in the open. They just squat down go start pooping out next to the street! Wow, I could never do that out in front of everyone. If I lived in this condition I would wait until dark at least. I guess that might be easier said than done if you have to poop really bad in the morning. It may be almost impossible to hold it that long.

your name rachel

My desperate crap

I was late getting up for work one morning & didn't have time for my morning crap. I went to work busting to go & spent all day clenching my bum. By the time my shift was over I was desperate & knowing the bus home would take over an hour I phone'd my stepdad to get him to pick me up in the car. I took him twenty minutes to get to me & by then I was nearly crapping my pants. I had to get into his car very carefully to avoid having an accident & as I sat down I let a little poo out. I tried to hide the fact but the smell betrayed me. I spent the rest of the journey home trying not to mess myself completely but the urge to go was really bad & I had another accident. When we got home I tried to get out of the car without messing my pants but I was too desperate to go. The pressure in my bowels was now too great to bear & I filled my pants completely.

Linda from Australia here again. I haven't had any trouble pooping over the last week and no constipation at all!! However, I haven't felt finished sometimes after pooping and need to go back a 2nd time to get it all out. I've been going once a day mostly. I find that on weekends, if I'm at home, I go twice a day and only once a day on weekdays. I prefer to go in the morning before work but this morning I didn't get the urge. I felt a big load developing inside me all day and I had to wait until I got home before I could do a poo.

To Keith D: I haven't seen you on here for a while. Have you been constipated lately? I bet you have more trouble than usual at this time of year, as its getting close to Christmas. I remember your post from last Christmas, when you got really constipated while you were staying with some friends. You even attempted to dig the poo out but it was too dry. You eventually took a dump in the forest.

Does anyone else have any good constipation stories??

I haven't posted here in a while mostly because I've been busy with family things and going to the doctors multiple times, for my constipation problem and other things that have happened recently.

About 3 weeks ago I was in the hospital for 2 1/2 days. What happened was I was babysitting my little sister at my mom's house and for some unknown reason I got really hot and tingly all over and then I had a fainting spell or minor seizure. My mom came home to find me on her bed (in the livingroom) staring at nothing and not all there. She had to have my stepdad help me outside to get some air and then to lie down. He had to help me home as well. After a while when I didn't get better my husband had to call an ambulance. The paramedics thought I was fine but I could not even sit up on my own.

The whole ordeal was awful, especially when they kept insisting I give them a urine sample. My husband had to help me in the bathroom and when I would not go in the little cup eventually they gave me a catheter. I've never had one before so when they inserted it it was painful and I was screaming. I would not have acted like that if I was conscious and aware. I slept most of the time in the hospital and the few times I went to the bathroom, there was a lot of pee but I barely pooped. Since then I've had a hard time staying regular.

My doctor prescribed me Lactulose Syrup which tastes disgusting and does not work for me. It gives me nothing but awful stomach cramps. So for the time being I've been taking Benefibre (powdered fibre you mix in any drink), eating bran cereal and drinking a couple of cups of strong coffee a day and it seems to be working to clean me out. Coffee is probably the cheapest laxative there is lol :)

As for my health problems, I'm going to see a neurologist after Xmas to find out what's going on with me regarding the fainting spells since this is not the first time it's happened. And for the constipation, I guess trying to drink lots of water and keep up with the fibre will be the only things that can help. I hate laxatives and I don't like prune juice so hopefully these things will help.

Happy pooping to everyone (hopefully) :)

Katja K.

the day of the brown lumps

Hi,IīKatja,34,5.8ft,158 lbs,blue eyes,honeyblonde colored hair.

I had 3 mentionable accidents through the years and i will start with the first....

I was around 9 or 10 years old,a more unimposing girl(i look much better today...haha...)tall for my age at that time,clumsy,a little bit ????,but not fat,and i wore my straight,dirty blonde hair with that typical dreadful eighties-style haircut:more cutty with long fringes over my brows and shoulder-length hair behind my ears.
but my blue eyes and my cute freckled snubnose were always my amenities ....
on this fateful day back in time i was on a school excusion.already as we left the bus i felt a little pressure in my guts but i didnīt pay much much attention t this.

one hour later the pressure was growing to an undeniable urge to poop.but i was not much concerned because i was really good in holding back my poop,my turd were really solid and i could hold it over a few hours.until this day i had no accident in my school days...a few ticklish situations but i made it everytime to a toilet in time.

so i was really self confident at this day,epecially it was only one hour until lunch and then i would use the restaurant-toilet....

but 30 minutes later i got anxious more and guts was pretty filled with shit and the load pushed already against my sphincter.i had should ask where the bathrooms were(we were in a museum at this time)but me,little katja, was so"unbelievably intelligent" and decided to wait until would work somehow anyhow....

but as we reached the restaurant later i was literally on the edge to poop underwear was soaked from the cold sweat that runs down from my armpits over my body.i was clenching my cheeks desperately,gritting teeth,shivering hot and cold.

I was going to make it,only a few minutes....just entering the restaurant,ask for the bathroom,...reach the toilet...,to open the toilet lid...pulling down my jeans and panties..and then... aaaaaahhhh...sweet relief.....

but this was just wishful thinking,it was too late,i had gambled too long,my anus was already opening and closing,uncontrollable pre-pooping farts escaped my butt and the tip of the turd poked its head out between my cheeks,was bending over with clenched knees and accompanied by crackling farts a huge turd slipped out into my panties and jeans in front of the complete class.
their laughter followed me as i waddled to the bathrooms,redfaced and with tears in my eyes.
little brown pellets fell out of my trouser legs and rolled around over the floor.
into the toiletbox i pulled down my bluejeans and dropped carefully my heavy-loaded panties.i startled as i saw what a huge load of brown lumps filled my underwear.
luckily for me,my shit was really solid and didnīt smelled much and thus my jeans were almost unsoiled.
nevertheless i was the dork of the school within the next weeks...that was not a good time....

this was my first,but unfortunately not my last accident.
more of this later...
Excuse my bad english,i live in germany and itīs not my native language.....


best friend's accident

okay so this story happened to my best friend last year and i just thought about it because we just did our wrapping paper thing at the mall again. anyway my bff staci and i are both 17 now but last year were 16 duh and are both cheerleaders at school. for a fundraiser at christmas we go to the mall and setup a table and wrap peoples presents for donations. so last year i was riding with my mom and we picked up staci from school early on saturday for the mall thing and had to pick up some stuff from a few places and drive to the mall like an hour away. staci and i sat in the back of the minivan and mom in the front. even though we sat together we still were texting each other. after a while staci texted me something like this

staci- omg iv got 2 go so bad
me-what do u mean
staci- bathroom
staci-we better get there soon

my mom had to stop for gas so when she got out i told staci to go use the bathroom. she said no way not at the nasty gas station and she would hold it until the mall. we got going again and she was fidgeting and really uncomfortable. then she texted me again.

staci- im seriously about 2 go in my panties
me-ha no way
staci-yes way
me- u culd p in a cup haha
staci- if only
staci-not p numbr 2

we were getting close to the mall and staci asked me mom to drop her off at the entrance so she could run to the bathroom. i wanted to go with her but mom said i had to help carry in some boxes and stuff. so we pulled up to the front and staci jumped out and walked realy fast to the door. mom and i went to park. so mom and i carried stuff in and found our table near the food court and started setting up and i got another text

staci- i need u
me- why
staci-just plz come
me-where are u
staci-bathroom n sears
me- ok brt
staci-bring my bag
me-its in the van
staci- i need it
me- ok

i got the keys to the van from mom and went out to get stacis bag (she was going to spend the night so she had clothes and stuff in the bag). while walking i texted her back

me-why u need bag
staci- clothes
me- why
staci- accident
me-w hat
staci- didn't make it
me- omg u 4 real
staci- yes
me- in ur panties?
me- im sorry
staci-plz hurry
me- almost there

i got to the bathrooms and went inside and said staci?

staci- in the big stall

i knocked and she opened the door and i went inside and we locked it. she had tears on her cheeks and her eyes were red from crying.

me- what happened?
staci- i had to go so bad couldn't hold it and it just came out when i got to sears.
me- i'm so sorry
staci- i just stood there and totally crapped myself in the mall and then had to walk the rest of the way here with my panties full of crap.
me- is it bad?

she turned around and lifted her cheer skirt. her white tights had a big bulge under her butt.

staci- is it showing?
me- no. i mean, yes, there's a bulge, but no brown marks on your tights.
staci- thank god. can you help me?
me- sure

we pulled down her tights and i could see her pink bikini panties were brown where the big ball of poop was under her butt. i helped her peel them down so the poop wouldn't fall out and then she dumped the poop into the toilet and then sat down. she peed and then stood up and started wiping the poop off her butt cheeks.

staci- can you get my clean panties out of my bag?
me- sure

she wiped some more then turned around so her butt faced me and asked if she got it all. i looked at her butt and said yes.

staci- god this is so embarrasing. i'm 16 years old! i shouldn't be crapping my panties like a little girl!

me- hey, it's ok. accidents happen. remember when i peed my pants in class a few years ago?

staci- yeah but we were like 12, not 16.

me- still, it happens.

staci- you won't tell anyone? promise?

me- i promise.

she pulled on her clean panties and her tights and threw away her soiled panties in the garbage can. we walked back to the van to put away her bag. when we got back to the table my mom asked if we were ok and i told her staci just needed a tampon so nobody ever knew she had actually pooped herself.

The other day on my way home I suddenly realized I had to go bad. I tried to rip a fart to relive the pressure and I felt a little bit of shit squirt out in my underwear as a quicly tihtend my sphincter. I suddenly realized I was not gonna make it. I NEEDEDTOP GO NOW, so thought well since I have already made a mess in my underwear anyway I just let the rest go in my pants. BAD IDEA When I did I completely fulled my boxerbriefs with warm liquid shit and it flowed out of the leg holes and into my jeans. When I finally made it home i just got in the shower fully clothed and cleaned up. It was AWFUL!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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