I remember one particular toilet-related experience far more than any other. When I was younger, around 12 years old, my parents and I would spend the holiday season with my grandparents. They lived in the old family house which had been in our family since my grandparents grandparents built it. Well, anyway, my grandparents had grown accustom to the old-timey style of living, so the house did not have indoor plumbing.

During the day, we would go to the outhouse for both pee and poop. But at night, each room had a chamber pot tucked under the bed for peeing. I was told not to poop into it though. Even though I didn't really know why, I would put my winter boots on and walk out to the outhouse if I had to poop. After I did that one time, I tried really hard to not have to do it again.

But, of course, despite my best efforts to poop before bedtime, I did have to poop during the night again. I awoke during the night and had to poop really bad. I wasn't sure I could hold it long enough to put my boots on and make it to the outhouse. So, even though I was told not to, I decided to poop into the chamber pot.

I sat on the chamber pot like I would to pee and I pushed out two logs of poop. Each one felt really big coming out of me, and they filled up a little under half of the pot. When I was done pooping, I found out two really good reasons why they told me not to do it. One - no tp to wipe, so I just had to pull up my panties and deal with an itchy butt. Two - the smell.

Reason number three came in the morning when my parents and grandparents found out what I'd done. They weren't as mad as I thought they'd be, but I got a punishment in my own way. Normally in the morning, I took my chamber pot to the outhouse, emptied any pee, and rinsed it. But with poop in it, I had to make sure all traces of poop were out, and scrub it clean. I'll tell you, I never pooped in a chamber pot again after that. No matter how bad putting my boots on and walking out to the outhouse was, cleaning the pot was definitely worse.


The bad one!

I was at a restruant when i started to feel one of the worst dumps i had ever had in my life. I had spicey chicken for dinner and now i know i have IBS. The cramps when i had pudding were so bad, my bowels were really being irratible. I started farting uncontrollably at the table, i tried making it look like it wernt me but after about 7 wet stinky ones and a couple of ones i moaned with, it made it obvious that it was me. I got up and said excuse me. I continued to fart quite violently as i approached the toilet. As i sat on it a huge wet turd came out. I was literally screaming in agony, then after that huge log went it was followed by liquid that spewed all over the bowl with the biggest wet fart i have ever done. After that i had to take more bad poos when i got home :(

Turd Lover
Butt Wiper : I agree a little moisture helps clean the butt better. I have always put a little water on the TP before wiping. What I normally do is take some TP and dip a part of it in the water before going. Then I make my first wipe with the moistened wad followed by some dry TP.

As I stated some time ago, SAND works better than anything else I've tried. Nothing comes close to it, but it's usually not available and it does not feel good. And of course it's a little rough on the anus.

I think a good invention would be a toilet with a video camera adapter that lets you watch your poop emerging while you're in the process of taking a shit. You could also watch yourself wipe your arse. Just a thought.

Dear Butt Wiper,

I disagree with your conclusion. I've seen lots of those videos, too, and I think the reason they ask the camera person to turn away when they have to wipe is because they probably stand to wipe, and that will expose their privates. Why showing THAT is embarassing escapes me, but that's my conclusion. I've read stories about doorless stalls on this site, and people don't seem to mind being seen with their pants around their ankles, or even heard farting and stuff, so long as their privates are well covered. I personally work the other way - I'd rather someone see my privates than me on the toilet. But that's personal.

Re: Butt wiper

Yeah--there is something about wiping. I'm totally open with my wife about being on the toilet. Neither of us thinks anything of being in the room when the other is on the can. I don't like being watched wiping, though.

The best answer is the wet-type TP that is on the market these days. It does a much better job and it's also gentler on one's behind.

When i was at my aunts i had to do a really nasty demon. It was soo hot that i only wore my bra and my hot pants on. While i was playing outside with my cousine i felt a strong urge to go!!! I started having horrible cramps so i ran to the bathroom on the way i started farting violently, i began moaning "eh eh ehhhhh" as i was running. I ran into my cousine she said "hey, you going town later?" So i stopped and I struggled to hold in when i panted "Well umm.. um um ummm... oooooooo(big moan)" then a wet fart exploded out while i had my hand on my stomach. I had spelt liquid on my knickers which soaked through to my hot pants, it wasnt all done though so i turned around to run and my cousine saw the brown and said "thats GROSS!" i just kept running towards the bathroom. When i got in there i pulled down my cloths and while turning to put my ass on the toilet it started spewing out so i got some in the bath. Then when i sat on the bowl gurgling noises began, and all you could hear was a constant flow of poop pouring into it with the occasional loud fart that made my ass sink further into the bowl, the wetness of it all was incredible but disgusting. When i finished my 15 minute session i got up and all i could see was pure brown liquid and with bits in the bowl. x

Claire N

A visit to a loo from days gone by

The recent refurbishment of a public loo in the town centre of where I live received a fair amount of publicity. Although it is underground, it was classified as a listed building from Victorian times. It had been many years since I had used it as I have preferred the facilities in the shopping malls, where I often poo. But following the renovation, and publicity, I could not wait to pay the old loo a visit, and see for myself , the next time I was in town. It would not just be for a quick wee, I would have my morning poo their on my next shopping trip.
From ground level it looked much the same, a staircase surrounded by railings. A girl was making her way out, ascending the stairs, just as I was about to enter with a strong urge. I waited for her to pass before making my way down the steps. The loo looked very clean and the stalls had very substantial large doors , extending from right down to the floor to high up. I entered one in the middle and locked the door behind me. The toilet was certainly different. The cistern was high up with a lengthy chain. The Crapper logo was prominent, both on the cistern and the toilet bowl. The polished flat wooden seat was substantial. I took off my coat and hung it on the hook provided on the door. I then turned around, undid the belt on my jeans and lowered them to my ankles. My black knickers followed. I sat down and the seat felt different. Although I had not noticed from my observation, it definately seemed small and felt a bit strange. Did people have smaller bums in times gone by?
I did need to poo and it was not long before it was coming out with minimal effort. The logs were small, but numerous, splashing into the water very rapidly. After the initial burst, I looked around at the surroundings. The cubicle was certainly large and spacious. Like the doors, the adjoining walls were also thick. They were made out of brick and painted shining white. The cubicles could not be more sound proof or private. There was natural light because the ceiling above was glass. It was thick enough to prevent anyone above from having a look - thankfully.
I then had a wee. The need to poo had been more immediate. I was not done and, following a loud fart, more poo splashed into the bowl. I remained seated, until I was sure I was done. The toilet paper dispenser was well and truly of the modern kind, with no concessions to a bygone era. I'm not sure if toilet paper would have been provided in those days and, if it was, it might have been sheets of newspaper. This is something I can vaguely remember in modern times from early childhood recollections of public loos. I tore off strips and wiped both holes. My bum did not take a lot of wiping. I pulled up my knickers and jeans before puling the lengthy chain. The flush was substantial and completely cleared all I had produced, which was a lot.
I put on my coat, unlocked the door and proceeded to a sink to wash my hands. As with the toilet roll, there were no concession to the times as the soap came out of a modern dispenser. Likewise there has a hand drier of the modern blow type. On drying my hands I noticed the placard above which referred to the restoration of this listed building which first opened in 1898. I made my way out, up the steps, feeling a lot more comfortable than when I entered. This would have been an enjoyable and needed poo anywhere, but being my first visit to this listed building loo it was a bit special. I will be using it in preference to the facilities in the malls from now on.

To Butt Wiper

No Way To Know!

To Butt Wiper,

How can you tell if wiping your butt with dry paper is incorrect if there no instructions ANYWHERE by ANYONE on how to wipe your butt????

I myself do find that I can come up with a clean wipe and get it all faster if the tp is slightly damapened. That said, it's also easier to leave little pieces of tp in your crack when the paper is slightly damp.

I've also tried the wet wipes that they sell in stores, but generally its not recommended to flush these down the toilet as they don't break up as fast as regular toilet paper.

To End Stall Em:
I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. That so sucks, especially since you held your crap for more than six hours. I too have had difficulties getting use to the bathrooms at my new school but it partially because the doors and stall partitions are the shortest I've ever seen and because I'm 6',3" when I sit I tower above both the stall door and partitions. I know I've written about this before on the board. I don't think I've every sat on a cracked seat but my biggest fear is because of my large size some of the seats are loose and I worries me not so much when I've peeing, but when I'm crapping when push a little or shift my weight I worry about the bolt on whatever's holding the seat on giving away, and me falling in.

This came close to happening when our van after an away game stopped at like 11 p.m. at night at a gas station just in time because I really had been holding my crap. I should have gone in the locker room right after the volleyball match but Coach was worried about a storm coming in and us getting back in time. So she hurried us along. Well when she had to stop for gas, I saw it as a window of opportunty, so to speak. This was a really old gas station with the toilets outside and behind the office. The door to both the mens and ladies rooms were open. So I crawled over my teammates--some of whom were sleeping and not going to get out of the van-- to get out of the van. I missed my step in getting out awkwardly stepped into a big puddle of gasoline. Luckily I wasn't barefoot. Immediately, I went into the open ladies room, closed the door to get some semblence of warmth in there, and there was barely enough space between my knees against the door and my butt which covered the entire seat of the toilet while my backed rubbed up against the toilet lid. I started to slide as I quickly pushed the first of my turds out and by putting my hands over the front of the seat I was able to determine that the seat was very loose and in danger of coming off. All five pieces of my crap dropped quickly and I turned around quickly and flicked the flusher which was located so high on the tank (just like we have at home)it strained my back somewhat to complete the movement such small quarters. Of course I bumped my elbow on the sink.

Before the splash came I got up and started wiping. It took like six or seven wipes to clean myself and I reached back and flushed the toilet paper down. As I washed my hands I noted there were no paper towels in the holder, so I opened the door with one wet hand and started wiping my other hand on my jeans as I pulled the van door open and started to get in. Right behind me the mens door opened and Geri (one of our freshman team members came out of the mens room and remarked how relieved she was to have finally been able to pee. Several of us started teasing her for using the mens room. Of course she had complaints about having to wipe off a wet seat first and how she hates her brothers for being so sloppy at home. I decided to withhold much of my experience from the discussion except to tell her I could read the sign and knew what sex I was she flipped me off.

All in fund, of course!

Don't you just hate it when you've pooped, wiped, flushed and washed, and then the feeling to poop is still there nagging just inside your butt?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Butt wiper
I've enjoyed the recent posts about butt wiping. This subject fascinates me because it is the one human activity that no one ever talks about, and rarely does one usually get to see how other people do it. Pooping and peeing are also private, of course, but people do talk about them from time to time, and they do sometimes get depicted in movies and TV. I can probably count on one hand the number of movies I've seen in my life where people are actually shown wiping their asses after pooing. Even on youtube, it's pretty easy to find videos of people on toilets or going to the bathroom. It's pretty funny, though, how often I see a video with someone on the toilet (usually a female) and at the end she will invariably say "turn the camera off, I have to wipe now".

What is it about wiping that makes it so private and so embarrasing? Why will someone allow themselves to be filmed on the toilet, but they make the cmaera person turn away when they have to wipe? I think it goes back to the fact that butt wiping is the one human activity that we really aren't trained in how to do - it's something everyone has to learn for him or herself. Yes, our parents do show us how to wipe when we are 2 or 3, but who can remember back that far? For the rest of our lives, we have to wipe our butts everyday in private without getting to see how other people do it. Even sex is something we can learn about by watching movies and reading books - but when have you ever seen an instructional video on how to wipe your butt?

And the way we do it is so ridiculous (at least here in the US - people in other countries seem to be more enlightened). We Americans use dry paper to wipe away our shit, and in the old days people ripped pages out of catalogs or used newspapers. Why in the world would anyone use dry paper to wipe away dirt? We use a wet mop on our floors. We use a wet washcloth to clean our dishes or to wash our faces. Yet for the one part of our body that is the dirtiest and the most in need of cleanliness, we use dry paper? It makes no sense.

I am one of those people who always tries to wet the tp before I use it. If I am in a public restroom, I will take a paper towel (if they have them) and put soap and water on it before I go into the stall. Then I use that to clean up my ass after I use the tp. If it's one of those restrooms where they don't have paper towels, then I will grab some toilet paper from a stall before I go in and moisten it with soap and water before I go back in. If it's too crowded to do that or too embarasing, I will literally moisten the tp with my own saliva to help clean my butt. As someone else mentioned, I will even sometimes use my own urine on tp to help clean my butt.

Anyway, to Jackie, Delilah and anyone else who talks about butt wiping, keep the discussions going. I'd really like to hear more about how other people do it and why this is seemingly such a taboo subject.

Some questions have been asked about reducing the stench from a bowel movement in order to avoid embarrasment. This has never been an issue for me because I actually enjoy the smell of a good healthy shit. The greater the stench, the more satisfaction.

However, for those who are conscious about others smelling their poop, I would recommend flushing the toy-toy at the same time the logs are emerging from the butthole. When the bowl is flushed, this creates a vacuum effect and the stench is sucked down the drain. I've tried this and it works.

End Stall Em
Last Friday, me and my friend Jewel who hang around together a lot, were able to make some extra Christmas money by helping her dad set up a craft fair at our city's convention center. It's a big building downtown and since he's in advertising, he rents the place out to craft makers who pay to sell their stuff for extra Christmas money. Well, he wanted Jewel and me to meet him right after school at the convention center to help him set up.

As somewhat usual, I had had a "bad" day at school; the lines were as long as ever in the restrooms and twice I had just gotten a stall, pulled down my underwear, but the one-minute class warning bell rang just as I sat down on the seat and before I could get my crap to come out. I've written about this before but it's so frustrating to "sit but not shit" as Jewell calls it. And I really have to run to my next class because I can't afford any more tardies and then getting the Saturday School detentions. After Jewell and I left our last class, I immediately went across the hall confident that I would take my crap but the door was already closed off and the security guards in the halls were herding us out like we were animals. Jewell had the directions needed to take the bus downtown to the convention center and the two transfer points we would need to pass through. Neither, by the way, had restrooms. I couldn't believe it. I had been like holding my crap since 9:30 that morning and now it was like 4!

It also didn't help when we got on the second bus because it was rush hour and all the seats were taken. We had to stand and grab a pole on the side of us as the bus jerked from stop to stop. One very large many was really rude when he pushed through the aisle to get off and as I took my hand off the pole to let him by me, I started to lose my balance and grabbed upward to catch another pole. At that point, I felt like I was bound to drop my crap right then and there. I even got a little nauseous, and quickly passed a couple of moderately loud farts that Jewell heard too. Then I knew that my crap was less packed in (if you know what I mean) and that it was going to be coming out shortly. I only hoped that I would be sitting on the toilet at the convention center when that happened. Luckily the buses were running on schedule and we got downtown faster than I expected. What didn't help was me being thrown back and forth as the bus started and braked and having to hold on to prevent from falling over. For about the last four or five miles I could even smell what I was carrying and what was so desperately trying to escape.

When Jewell and I got to our stop luckily we had only about a half block to walk to the convention center. I had my book bag over my back and was hoping to get her to walk as fast as possible because I new I needed relief. Because it was rather cold out, Jewell said she had to pee so we both were counting the minutes when we would be in the building and on our toilets. Luckily, three of the doors were open as exhibitors were loading stuff into the convention center. Most had these two-wheel carts and I remember thinking to myself that I was carrying such a heavy load that I should be on one of the carts. I'm sorry, but when I have to crap, any physical movement tends to scare me more that I'm going to go in my pants.

We saw the "enter" and "exit" doors and started to pick up speed. We were closer to the exit so we went in there. Jewell ran for the first stall and beat me to it so I went down to the end of the room and took the final stall. I heard Jewell close the door and then yell an obscenity when she saw that she had picked a toilet with a wet seat and I threw my backpack off and against the wall, and had my jeans and underwear partially down as I threw the end stall door open and dropped myself onto the seat just as I had downed my jeans and underwear to the floor. The light on top of the stool was burned out and my tailbone was very close to the front of the seat. My crap was coming out when I spread my legs wider and slide myself much farther back on the seat so that my crap would make the bowl and that I would be more confortable. I pushed and within like three or four seconds I could feel the head slide out rather fast and I knew from the firmness of what I felt, it was large and pretty big in diameter. Within like 10 seconds I felt complete relief and that I had just dropped like 10 pounds. I yelled down to Jewell that I was done and she said something like she had peed a couple of gallons, but I knew she likes to stretch things.

The while seat was like the lightest thing in the stall. The marble-colored panels and older wooden door which had some gang and other carvings in it were of little interest to me as I looked between my legs to see how big may crap was. I had a hard time seeing because the toilet had a very large sliding front to the bowl and you couldn't even see any water. At that point I got a little mad and slid back as far as I could until like the backside of my knees were against the front of the seat and the back of my butt was like an inch from the hinges holding the seat on. At that point, I felt a pain mid-way down my left thigh. I slide myself a little to the left and felt an even sharper pain. I quickly stood up and looked down into the bowl and found my crap about 2 inches in diameter and 20 inches long. I don't know why but there were some bubbles coming out of the water. However, what scared me the most was a streak of blood and the pain I was feeling on my left underthigh. I took a finger and ran it over the blood on the seat because the light was so bad, I couldn't tell it was mine or one of the other users. I then found that the seat had a large tear in it--just like the wood on our front porch that sometimes would give me a sliver when I ran my hand across it. As I looked at the crack more carefully and called for Jewell, who I had just heard flush, I could see where I had probably torn my skin. It sure hurt. Jewell came into the stall and looked at my production in the stool, saw the blood and looked carefully at my butt. She said my skin was torn but about an inch and a half. She took some toilet paper off the roll, cleaned up the blood on me the best she could, and suggested that I get a band aid when I got home. Because I didn't want the bleeding to start again, I was very careful when sitting down the rest of the night. And on Saturday and Sunday when we were working at the show, I had gauze taped over it.

I'm going to be more careful now in sitting on toilets away from home. And I'm going to stand up when I need to move, rather than slide. A seat that you can only partially see can be dangerous. Jewell joked on Sunday afternoon that may be it shouldn't use the end stall anymore. But I'm still going to, though because the privacy is nice.

What's also nice is the $100 that each of us earned for this Christmas.

Random Guy
Hey everyone, I'm a routine reader but I don't really post too much. I was wondering if anyone on here has ever had to poop a lot due to stress. One night about a week ago I took a nice, normal crap, but several hours later when I was becoming stressed out with the amount of work I had to do for a paper I had to write I suddenly had to go and clean out my system a lot more. I think I ended up having three trips after my original one from a few hours before. Does this happen to others? Or am I just out of the ordinary?

Also, if Brad or Braidy is still following the board, I'd love to here more about your stories. In particular for Brad, I was wondering if you could share more stories involving Stefanie. Does she ever talk about her time in the bathroom to you or anyone else? If yes, have you perhaps maybe seen if there was an opportunity for you to somehow let her watch while she poops?

Laura (Teacher)
HI All,

It has been such a long time since I had last contributed to a post on this forum. I think my last post was way back on page 1734 ? I would like to reintroduce myself. My name is Laura, 30 years of age, 5'7" 147 lbs, athletic and a brunette. I work as a math and science teacher at a local private high school.

Since I had last posted, there have been many changes in my life. During the summer months to make extra cash, I worked for an online media company, I went back to school part time for my doctorate, I had been coaching the cross country running team where we ran pretty much on a daily basis, and more importantly, I have been married to Jake since September! He's the love of my life, and I love him so much. :-)

As you are probably aware, there has been a nasty stomach virus that has been going around. A few weeks ago I woke up feeling somewhat nauseous with some minor cramping. I wasn't feeling too well, but, I simply ignored it thinking the stomach pains would go away. As I was making the bed, I felt my stomach gurgling. I stopped what I was doing and made my way to our only washroom. Our apartment is extremely small. I knocked on the door and told Jake that I needed to use the toilet ASAP. He was in the shower so he told me to come in (since we both get ready in the morning at the same time, it is okay for one of us who really need to use the toilet to go at any time). I entered the washroom, and pulled down my pj bottoms. As soon as I sat down, I had a bad case of the wet poops. Jake's shower had ended, and when he stepped out he asked if I was feeling okay. I told him that "I had been bloated and somewhat constipated" so he wouldn't worry. I continued to sit as I expelled a lot gas and diarrhea from my behind. He put his hand on my shoulder, gave me a quick kiss and told me that he loved me and hea had to get going for work. As I sat and after the third round of the wet poops, I felt that it was okay to wipe, shower and for me to get ready for work.

As I was driving to work, I just wasn't feeling quite right. I was very tired, extremely cold, and I felt somewhat queasy. As I was driving, the cramps were coming back in full force. I arrived to work (my classroom) placed my things down at my desk and quickly bolted to the women's staff washroom. Since I arrived extremely early, there was nobody in there. I took the middle stall, closed the door, lifted my long skirt, pulled down my hosiery and panties and sat down. As soon as I sat, I farted and simultaneously let go of a large wave of chunky diarrhea. The cramps were unreal. I continued to sit, In fact, the stomach pains were so sharp, that I leaned forward to help take away some of the pressure. I could hear the growling that my stomach was making and I could feel the cramps returning. As I sat, I continued to have, I guess you could call it 'chunky diarrhea'. After sitting for a while, I felt that it was safe for the time being to start cleaning up. It took about 10 wipes, and the toilet water was completely brown. I left a large stink behind, but, I simply couldn't help it. When a woman's got to go, we've got to go! I pulled up my panties, hosiery, straightened my skirt, flushed the toilet and went to wash my hands. While washing my hands, I still had a major stomach ache and was thinking of telling my boss that I was going to go home for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, I decided to rough it out.

When I got back to my classroom, there were a few of my students already in there. Luckily, for me, this was an exam day and I did not need to lecture or demonstrate any equations on the board. As the test was about to begin, the stomach pains grew sharp and I was getting more nauseous. I told my class to come to my desk to pick up the exams. There was no talking, and today there were no questions to be asked during the exam. A few of my students seemed puzzled by my behavior. If someone has a question during the exam, most of the time I will answer and sometimes 'give them a quick hint' for encouragement. During the exam, the stomach pains came back in such force that I didn't know if I was going to throw up or have diarrhea. It was going to be diarrhea again. Not to make it obvious, I slowly left the classroom. Once I arrived to the main hall, I started running. I wasn't going to make it. I was feeling really sick. As I was running, I unfortunately let go a tiny, tiny bit of wet poop into my panties. I arrived to the women's staff washroom, entered the first stall, closed the door, lifted my skirt, pulled down my hoisery and panties once again, sat, and released the pressure which was banging against my back door and within my stomach. In fact, the amount of diarrhea was so forceful (and loud) that I had actually sprayed the inner edges of the toilet bowl. As I sat, crouched over with major stomach cramps, I inspected my panties, and while running to the toilet, I did, in fact, release a bit of poop. It wasn't a lot, perhaps the size of a dime. I grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned those immediately.

While sitting, I was really starting to feel sick and nauseous to my stomach. I continued to stay crouched over and expel diarrhea. Luckily, no one had entered the washroom and there was no need to be embarrassed with the sounds of diarrhea splattering into the water and farting that I was making. After spewing diarrhea like a volcano off and on for nearly 10 minutes, it was time for the cleanup. I wiped my poopy bum many times, over and over approx. 15 times. I flushed twice, pulled up my panties, pulled up my hosiery, adjusted my skirt and washed my hands. At this time, I was feeling really sick to my stomach, very dizzy (the room felt as if it was spinning) shaky in my legs and I was absolutely freezing. It was then and there I knew I had the stomach bug. I walked to my manager's office, told her what was going on. She came up to me, gave me a hug and told me to go home and that she would watch my class. I told her that I was going to lie down for a while, I was feeling extremely nauseous.

Luckily, I am good friends with the school nurse Sarah. When I walked into Sarah's office, I told her that I was sick and needed to lie down for a while. She escorted me to a cot in the back of the office. I told her that "it's only a matter of time that I'm going to throw up." She decided to pull the main sheet across from the rest of the cots and she let me use the back toilet as my 'private toilet' for when I needed it. Sarah was so sweet when I was feeling so horrible. She retrieved a few extra blankets, covered me up, and let me sleep for as long as I needed to. Because of my diarrhea, Sarah brought over a glass of luke warm water. She told me to drink slowly as I could get dehryated. I managed to drink 1/2 of the glass. Within 20 minutes, I started to feel sick. I pulled the sheets off of me and sat up in my cot. I was going to throw up. I prayed "please, please, please, do not let me throw up. Please, please...anything but this." As I felt myself get all clammy, and that sour taste in my mouth, I knew it was coming up. I walked to the toilet, closed the main door (privacy - no lock). Lifted the toilet seat, knelt down in front of the toilet, gagged hard a few times and before you knew it, I expelled my breakfast into the toilet. Sarah heard me gagging, knocked on the door and entered. She asked if I was okay. I told her that I would be shortly. I also said that "I know you are doing your job, but, I'm going to throw up again, I'm soo sorry if this makes you sick." She came up to me, rubbed my back and held back my hair. She told me that it didn't make her sick, she just wanted me to feel better. Again, I placed my head over the toilet, started to salivate, gagged a few times, and threw up more of what was in my stomach. I felt horrible, tired, and extremely embarrassed for getting so sick in front of a good friend. No sooner had I vomited the second time around, as Sarah reached over to flush the toilet, I told her it was coming again. No sooner did I get my head over the toilet, I didn't even gag, just one heave, and a lot of 'yuck' from my stomach came up. I flushed the toilet, caught my breath and then noticed the smell. It was absolutely horrible. I told her how sorry I was. I realize I shouldn't be sorry, but, as I said earlier, throwing up in the presence of a good friend is extremely embarrassing. As I flushed the toilet, I felt my stomach cramping up. I told her that I needed to empty my bowels and would need some privacy. She understood. Since there was nobody in the office, and since the back room was completely shut off from many of the students, she left the door open. As I was lifting my skirt and pulling down my under garments, she brought a trash bucket over in case if I had to throw up while I pooped. No sooner did I sit down, and even front of Sarah, I let the flood gates empty. I didn't care. I was feeling so sick. She was only in there for 10 seconds, left and then closed the door behind her. I felt the cramping and churning of my stomach. With my panties down to my ankles, my skirt lifted well above my waist, and my elbows at my thighs while hunched over, I continued to spew more liquid from my bowels. I felt like I was a water faucet. The smells and the sounds that I made were absolutely disguisting. I didn't care though, I was sick, and we all get bad diarrhea every now and then. My stomach felt empty, but I continued to stay seated for quite a long time. Sarah politely knocked on my door and asked how I was doing. I told her I would be ok. I started to wipe, many, many times. When the wiping process was complete, I flushed twice, I pulled up my panties, hosiery and adjusted my skirt properly. I then throughly washed my hands, rinsed my mouth (horrible taste) and left the washroom. I needed to lie down for a while, the dizziness was at full force. Sarah helped me into the cot, covered me up and told me to rest. I didn't resist. I fell asleep almost immediately. When I awoke, it was mid afternoon. I had been sleeping for nearly 3.5 hours. I couldn't believe it! I was shocked. I felt the need to take another watery dump. I slowly got up from the cot, walked briskly to the toilet, closed the door, pulled down my hosiery, lifted my skirt once again and took a seat onto the cold toilet seat. The pressure was building up and I let go of a loud trumpeting fart which echoed into the bowl. No sooner had I farted, I spewed liquid from my bowels. Again, because of the force and needing to go quite badly, I sprayed the inner edges of the toilet. I managed to drip poop periodically for 5 minutes. The cleanup took forever. After wiping my poopy bum, and adjusting my clothing. I flushed the toilet, gave the toilet a thorough cleaning with the toilet brush, flushed the toilet once agian and left the washroom.

For the moment, I was feeling ok to drive myself home to my apartment. I walked up to Sarah, gave her a big hug for helping me while I was in distress and while I was at my most vulnerable state. She told me to get better and that I had nothing to be embarrassed about. I left and drove home. Once I got home, I immediately took a warm shower, and went to bed only in my loose fitting panties and bra. Usually, I always wear pj's, but, because of the stomach cramps, I wanted something very loose around my waste. When Jake arrived home, I told him what had happened, and he was very caring, sympathetic and loving. He let me sleep for the remainder of the early evening. During the night, I got sick again, but, I will post that at another time. It's getting late, and I've got to be up early tomorrow morning.

I hope everyone is doing well! :-)


Saturday, December 12, 2009

How's this for terrible:

I got dragged to party by my college roommate to an apartment clear on the other side of campus. She drove, so I was at the mercy of her for a ride home. I knew NO ONE at this party. While there, my guts cramped up and I felt a bout of diarrhea coming on. I had no choice but to wait in line for the only bathroom in the place. Finally when it was my turn I go in, sit on the toilet and shit my guts out. After wiping my ass and flushing, I realize there's no air freshener, no window and the bathroom now reeks. I finally open the door, sending the odor of my shit explosion out to the people waiting their turn. I then had to sit on the couch and wait for my "friend" to finish mingling and hope that no one knew I was the girl that stank up the bathroom.

It sucked.

China girl
Hi again everyone. Got recent story to post on a good turd I did couple days ago. I was at my parent house again and used the toilet in my parents bedroom. The one I stunk up on last post. Anyway, I did quite a memorable one that it made quite a stink again and it was clearly an overwhelming experience for toilet. Once I sat down, I just knew it would be big. The turd would not slide out alone. I pushed, but did not strain. When I pushed, nothing shot out, but my hole open even wider. When I push again, my hole was open all the way, and the turd started to crackle sound. When it crackle, you could already smell it before it even came out. Once I push calmly again, the head push out and then you could only hear a fast but soft sliding sound. My hole was maxed open all the way. At the end, the turd stopped but stayed connected to my but. Then very slowly slid out that I can feel my hole close slowly and bring end of turd to a point. I let it out naturally and did not push cause it was like turd was being displayed to toilet. Of course, the smell was much spread out before it was over. The turd was thick, and situated right in the toilet hole, budging thick and was long and straight to the point where it had to curve. The curve part rested on inside porcelain and was sticky there. It was like big J shape, and thick all the way up till a nicely shape point. I was able to release some soft gas after the turd came out while I peed. The toilet was left with the task of lapping up this turd in one long piece. After a few flushes, it made its way down. It must have been painful getting that down with crap smell all around you, and dealing with witnessing that foul turd coming from my but. My brother and mom, could smell when they walked past the bedroom, and thought it was funny how I stunk it up again. They commented the toilet would need to recoperate and said it should be left alone. I thought it was funny that I could do that and bring the toilet to that level. A couple hours later, since I closed bathroom door, my mom went in to get ready and I went in as well and noticed some smell. It only stunk around toilet though, but my mom sprayed freshener directly at toilet as if to say it is performing poorly in doing its job. I'm sure it was still somehow getting over that load I did. Hehe, oh well. Thanks guys, and thanks for the posts.

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