Emily W

Accident in front of my sister

I was talking to my sister when the urge to poop really hit me. She noticed "Just go if you have to" My whole body relaxed and a log slid into my knickers.I began to cry. Kayleigh noticed my distress and asked if I'd feel better if she peed. I nodded and she squatted. Within seconds she wet herself under her skirt.Her knickers were soaked.After getting cleaned out we went out for supper.

Jim Carrey worked as a janitor when he was a teenager. I read that once he had to clean a sink that had poop in it.

Hello, I'm Charlie, the one who trick-or-treated in diapers with my friend. Anyway, I have another story to tell.

Last Friday, Dec. 4, I was sitting in class at school. We were 30 minutes away from dismissal, and I really needed to go potty. However, no one is allowed in the halls for the last half hour, so I had to hold it in. About 10 minutes before the bell rang, I could no longer hold it in. I completely pooped and peed myself! Fortunately, nobody noticed in class, but I heard some giggling in the halls, and people calling me a baby on the bus. Also, on Monday, someone said, "Does the wittle baby have his diapees on today?" I turned so red with embarrasment when he said that. I did have goodnites on that day, just in case, but there was no way he should have known.

Anyway, hope to post again soon, lol.


Lubing the hole

Punk Rock Girl, I lube my arsehole everyday with body cream, never get a raw hale. Try it also good for constipation if the problem is a hard turd right at your bum, a slippery hole helps it slide out.

to Dealiah: i really enjoyed your last post! that awesome that u have made a new friend!



Max from Italy
I'm 28 yo from Italy and I am always being interested in toilet topic, especially shitting.
When i was 13-14 i started to shit in a big park near my house, i loved to do it outdoor. I didn't do it in plain view, but i was seen many times nevertheless: one time i was behind a building who was used by many people as a public toilet, so after i started to push my load other 2 men arrived and after seeing they preferred to not disturb me and pissed on the flank of the building; another time it was raining and i stopped under the roof of a building, but i had to shit and so i've done it near there, and after a while arrived a woman with a dog, she looked at that big turd understanding immediately that it couldn't be produced by a dog, and then she looked at me disgusted knowing that it came from me. But it's not a big problem to be seeing shitting so if i had to go i go.
Now i live near the countryside, so i can easily shit outdoor without many people around, but i miss a little the park, i liked that someone can see my turds, or even my ass while shitting.

Message to Hope:

Hi, Iīm Eleni from Greece and read your story about getting struck in the elevator and you asked about the worst peeing experiences which could ever happen.

Several weeks ago I had a similar experience. I was in a disco near the seaside in Athens with my roommates, we are all 18 years old girls from university, we laughed, danced and had a lot of drinks, including ouzo, whiskey and beer. I had to go to the ladiesī room a several times, I had always go more ofthen than my roommates, because I know my bladder cannot hold it. Before we left I went to the toilet a final time and felt ok.

Finally we all four took a taxi, because it was late in the next morning, we were heading to the apartment where we all stayed at. It was a usually a ride of about 20 minutes but already after five minutes I felt the urge to go again. Unfortunately we got into a traffic jam because they were doing road constructions at night. The whole road was blocked and we couldnīt move. The urge on my bladder started to increase now each second. We could just move minute by minute and I started to sigh. My friends asked me what was wrong. I told them I have to find a toilet immediately. My friend Vassiliki spotted a Shell gas station just about one mile ahead of us and suggested me to wait, or get out and and pee on the parking lane. I refused because I donīt want to pee publicly ahead of other people. After a couple of more minutes Vassiliki told me now she had to go also pretty badly and letīs go out and walk together to the gas stop. Finally I agreed because I was so desperate, so we got out of the car and tried to run but I just could walk because my urge became even worse. I already felt my bladder leak a bit and was afraid everything would get out of me before I could go to the toilet and ruine all my clothes. Finally we reached the gas station and headed against the toilets and found that they were locked! I was now crying. My bladder was about to burst. We ran back to the shop assistant and yelled to him we have to use the toilets as soon as possible. He was very unfriendly and told us that too many people used it last night and he was about to close. I asked for the key, telling him that otherwise I would have an accident. He told us, no way, and suggested us to go outdoors at the parking lot and locked the door behind us. I ran to the parking lot, together with Vassiliki. I told her sorry I have to go first, she said ok, she can hold in still. I was mortified when I saw that the parking lot could be seen directly from the highway where we were struck. But there was no other choice. I asked Vassiliki to shelter me somehow, she stood behind me, as soon as I could I lifted my miniskirt, lowered my tights and panties, squatted and immediately peed on the floor nonstop for about three minutes. It just wouldnīt stop. And the splashing sounds on the floor were enormous. This was the worst experience in my life when I had to go so urgently, but I felt such a great relief after that. I so hate going outdoors, did it just some times in my life in emergency, but there was no other choice otherwise I would have ruined all my clothes and shoes. I quickly stood up, wiped with some kleenex which I had in my bag, redressed and then also sheltered my friend, she also squatted and peed but not as bad as me. Finally we were both so releived, ran back to our taxi and headed home.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Punk Rock Girl
How goes it?

I stayed home from work last Friday because of a hideous case of the shits. I actually sat on the toilet for nearly three hours at one point. I just read and drank water while every fifteen minutes or so my guts would cramp up and another gush of liquid shit came out. Man did it suck. My asshole was so damn sore for the rest of the day.

Luckily it only lasted the first half of the day. By the afternoon mushy shit was oozing more slowly out of my ass and the cramping started to ease up. By Sunday I was back to good ol' constipation, my usual bowel condition.

Today I have a headache but my stomach, guts and ass are all doing okay.



Upstate Dave
I've read many posts from many of the current posters and past posters about either peeing or pooping in unussial spots or containers of some sort. I myself did this. Have any of you here have done this? When I got a room to myself but still had my two older sistors home they would sometimes tie up the bathroom for long periods of time. I many times could not wait for them to get out of the bathroom.

I got around this by grabbing a 5lb penutbutter can which was empty and clean. I kept it tucked up on one of my closet shelves hidden from sight. I remember the first time I used to piss in it one morning when both my sistors were in the bathroom. I really had to piss bad so I went into my closet pulled the can down from the shelf. I hurridly popped the lid on it. I did this so fast that the metal lid went through the air bounced off the wooden shelf and hit the floor and rolled away out of the closet winding up on my bedroom floor.

With the lid doing tis it sure made a lot of very loud clanking having hiting the shelf and its rolling on the floor. I stood there frozen not suring all of the noise lid was heard. As it turned out it hadn't. I over came my fear but I stayed in the closet holding the can in my hand. I was only wearing my white briefs and I had to get my penis slipped out of them to piss yet. I quickly set the can down on the floor and then slipped my penis out to piss.

THinking about it was going to be noisier to piss in the can withit on the floor I picked t up. I tipped it some and I held it just with the hed of my penis inside the can and I started pissing. It seemed still being awfull loud as my piss stream hit the inside the metal can. My one sistors bedroom was right next to mine and I was't sure if she was out of the bathroom and in her room now that I was pissing.So I wasn't sure right at that moment she would hear me.

Since I was stadning there with the can holding it and pissing in it the relief of pissing was more then my fear of being heard. But I did kind of slow my rate of my stream down by slightly squeezing myself as I pissed. That worked for the splashing noise of my piss in the can was now less. I went on and completed pissing in the can. After I had finsihed I walked out picked up the lid and snapped it back on the can.

I set the can back on the shelf in my closet and then checked to see if either of my sistors were done using the bathroom. I checked and the door was open and they both were done and gone. I hurried back to my closet grabbed the can hurried into the bathroom dumped the piss out of it into the toilet. Iflushed the toilet rinsed the can out and went back to my bedroom and put it back in its place on the shelf.

The peanut butter can turned out to be very usefull to me. In fact I started using it even when the bathroom was not being used by my sistors. Also I wouldn't stay in the closet pissing in it. I would piss in it right in my bedroom when I needed to go. I did have to be carefull about the noise of pissing in it and also when I had to dump it and clean it. That was never a problem.

Then came a morning when gain I couldn't get into the bathroom again. This time it was different in that besides needing to piss I had to shit too! I thought of the peanut butter can. I'll use it and do both in it. I hurried into my closet grabbed it from its place on the shelf. I hurried out of the closet with it. I wasn't really sure how I was going to both piss and shit in it but the need to shit forced me to just go ahead and do it.

I popped the lid off from the can. I tossed the lid on my bed. I firs tried setting the can on my bed and sat on it. That was no good at all! My matress made te can move and tip over under my weight! So I got up from the bed and sat the can right down on the floor. Now having the can on something solid should work I thought to myself.

I pulled my white briefs down and took them right off. I squated down and felt the rim of the can on my ass lightly. One problem remaiined. I needed to piss too but the can was to small as far as the size of the opening so I couldn't piss in it! So I squeezed hard with my hand that was holding my penis to keep from pissing.

Good thing I when I shit I go fast. If I didn't I would have never been able to keep squeezing myslef to keep from pissing. I felt myself starting to shit. I heard the soft crackle as my shit was sliding out. Only a few seconds had passed and I felt my shit moving against my bare cheeks. It had bottomed out in the can! I raised my ass up now which I no longe felt my shit on my cheeks.

Several more seconds later I was done with my shit. I then stepped back still squating doing this and then I got right down on my knees beside the can. There was my shit! It had reached the cans bottom and had bent some. About a good half foot of it was well above the top lip of the can. I could smell its light oder as I looked at it. Then needing to piss I just let up with my hand and I pissed into the can. I pissed some on my shit and sometimes on the inside of the can.

I wound up taking a good piss this time too. After pissing I stood up. With my shit sticking so far above the opening of the can I couldn't or didn't want to press the cans lid back on. That would just make a bigger mess to clean up. I also needed to wipe my ass too. So carefully and quickly I slipped over to my bedroom door opned it slightly.

I checked the bathroom first. The door was open. No one was in there. I laso listened for my two sistors. It was totaly silent. I then went grabbed the can from the floor. I dashed out of my bedroom and right into the bathroom. I dumped my piss and shit into the toilet. I flushed it. I also wiped my ass. I then really gave the can a good cleaning out using the tpiet brush and plenty of water too. That worked well enough. I again being nude cracked the bathroom door open. I headr nothing and made the mad dash back to my bedroom and closed the door once inside.

Now having done both piss and shit in the can without being cuaght I was really confident. I would keep pissing in the can and when I needed to sht I would also use it. I did use the can many times for both after this. I even had other friends use it to piss in when they were here staying overnight or just visiting. This was done by not only guys but even a few girls! Also my using the can was found out by my one sistor but she understood why and she thought it was clever and funny. Upstate Dave

Upstate Dave
Let me go on with my 5 lb peanut butter can toiet. Now I had said that it would get used by other people besides me. Also too my one sitor would find out about me having my can toilet. First my best friend Tony at this time would stay overnight at my house at times and me at his. I'm sure just about all of us here had overnight visitors at one time or another.

Tony and I being best friends when together we would piss togther indoors or outdoors. If it was inside we would both stand of to te side of the toilet and we both would piss into it. If outside side by side we would piss when we went. Tony was staying this one Saturday night and we had stayed up ate watching the tv I had in my room eating popcorn and drinking a lot of soda and I even snuck up a few bottles of beer and we drank them too.

We had slep in as far as the morning went. We both had waken up and both of us needed to piss very badly from the soda and beer we gad drank. Tony had gone out of my bedroom to see if the bathroom was in use and it was. MY sistor was in it taking a shower. He came back closed my bedroom door behind him. Your istor is in there Dave. I HAVE TO PISS!

Without saying a word back to Tony I went right into the closet grabbed the peanut butter can toilet from the shelf and walked back out into the bedroom with it. Tony looked right at it after I popped the li off of it. Here is what I use in a emergency I said to Tony. Without any second hesitation Tony took it from me opened the slit on his white briefs and pulled his penis out of them.

He held the top edge lid of the can tilting it and started pissing hard into the can! It made its metalic drumming sound for several seconds and then the drumming turned to splashing as his yellow piss had fikked the can to where his piss stream was now splashing. I was looking at Tony and I started laughing. He took a quick glance up over at me asking why I was laughing. I told him justthe look of relief on your face! I said back to him still laughing. Tony managed to smile a little and we went back watching his pis stream shooting into the can.

Even well before Tony would end his piss into my toilet can I told him that I had to piss. Hand it back to me when your done. I said to him. Tony told me he would. I stood and waited a long twent seconds as Tony kept on pissing and hwen I saw and heard him do several finishing spurts of piss in the can I knew he was finishing. I reached out with my hand to take the can. Ton saw m hand reaching out and he laughed. Hang on a moment Dave. I'm not done yet! Tony di one last long spurt in the can then let me take it from him.

Now I was more desperate to piss then he had been. I already had my penis slipped out of my briefs and was holding it sqeezing it very hard in my hand. Seeing Tony piss made my desperation that much more too. I shoved my penis down hard as I tipped the can slightly and I let up on my hard squeezing with my hand at the same time.

I shot a hard piss stream out form my penis. Too hard! For Tony had issed a lot of piss into the can and had filled it pretty full with piss. My piss hit his piss and it made a big splash. Some og the splashing piss splashed outside of the can and went on the floor! Tony cracked up into hard laughter. I just went on with my piss but readjusted the can so that my stream hit the side of the inside of the can which stopped the big splashing that had happened.

I went and pissed longer then Tony had. The can was getting heaver with my piss and his piss that was inside of it. I had started holding it like Tony had from the top ridge of the can with one hand. Now that it was so heavy I wouldn't ne able to hold it one handed anymore! So since my penis was limp not erect (thank god!) I shoved the can up higher slipping part of my penis inside of the can and held it on the top and bottom underneath the can.

Tony stood there laughing as I went on with my piss. I told him I almst had dropped it. I also told him this owuld be the most piss that the can had ever had in it too!The can was past 3/4ths filled and I was still pissing hard. The amount of piss in the can crept upward. I moved the cannow so it was no longer tilted but level. I went and pissed till the level had reached the last rib and then I like Tony did several finishing spurts of piss.

Icarefully slowly lowred the can down after I stopped pising. Tony now saw how full the can had beeen filled with piss. He laughed and said loudly; That's really filled with piss! I had to in return go in a loud long shhhhhh! Tony shut up! My sistor may here you! Tony didn't say anything more but having me scold him made him laugh louder!

I carefully set the can down on the floor and put the lid back on the can. With our piss in it the metal was warm as far as the entire can. Tony and I then got dressed. I went out the door first checked to see if my sistor was out of the bathroom. The door was partway open so she wasn't there. I stepped back walked over to the can grabbed it and Tony and I went into the bathroom.

I set the can down on the counter of the sink. I ever so carefully and slowly worked the lid off the can. I did spill a little which made a ring of piss on the counter. I carefully took the can over to the toilet and dumped it out quickly which made a real loud big splash in the toilet. Having so much piss in the can emptying it intoi the toilet rose the water high enough the toilet flushed on its own. That made Tony and I laugh hard and loud for a short moment. I then rolled of some toilet paqper cleaned off the piss ring on the sink counte and filled and dumped the can three times. Then we were done. We went back to my room and I put the can back in the closet. Then we headed downstairs to have breakfast. The next time I go on will be the time that my one sistor Judy knew about my can toilet. Upstate Dave

this weird girl pooped her pants while training for a job with me and acted like nothing happened! i was running orientation and had her and 2 others filling out paperwork and watching training videos. i remember she shuffled in her seat a lot and made a funny face and there was a faint but noticeable poop smell but i thought someone farted. the other 2 trainees kept looking at her and each other. when we got up and toured the store you could see she obviously crapped her pants. there was a big lump spread completely across her butt and a dark damp spot but she just acted all casual about it like it didn't happen. i had no idea what to do about it and it was so weird because she's like 23 .

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