This is my Brown Friday story. Why is it called Brown Friday? Because it was Black Friday for shopping, but wound up being a Brown Friday for my panties.

I got up at 4 am to hit the mall for shopping on Black Friday like many people. I went with my friend Samantha, who, like me is 30 years old. We are both married, neither with kids, normal, healthy adult women. Women who aren't supposed to poop their pants at age 30!

We spent the day shopping and going from store to store and as the day wore on I knew I needed to poop but just ignored the urge each time it came up. I had to cross my legs and squeeze my butt cheeks together more than a few times while browsing for clothes, but the lines were so long and crowds so big I didn't want to fight the restroom lines or take longer in stores because there were so many places we wanted to get and so little time to do it. I figured I'd just hold it until we stopped for lunch somewhere. By 11 am, however, my body was having other ideas since I had been up for 7 hours already and was quite tired. If I had been thinking more clearly I would have gone sooner. As it was Samantha and I were standing in a never ending line to checkout at Kohls when I got the pre-poop farts again and my colon started pushing, telling me it was time. I crossed my legs and squeezed, thankful I was wearing a long, knee-length coat so nobody could see above my knees. We inched forward slowly in the line, but that poop urge was not going away - it was getting stronger. Much stronger. Sam saw I was distracted and asked if I was ok. I whispered in her ear, "No, I've really got to go to the bathroom." She said, "Go, I'll take your stuff and pay for it and you can pay me back later if you aren't back." I gave her the clothes I was holding, kept my purse, and started walking carefully back towards the far side of the store in the back to the restrooms, trying hard not to look like a lady who was trying desperately not to soil herself. I had to stop more than once to squeeze everything tight and pretend I was looking at some item to keep it inside. I was cutting it close, too close, and I knew it. My butt cheeks felt sweaty and sticky. I could see the restrooms up ahead. I could also see the line. Not good.

I got in the end of the line, which was a dozen ladie's or more long already, and shifted from leg to leg, squeezing my butt cheeks, praying under my breath for mercy and a strong sphincter. The line slowly moved forward every few minutes, but I didn't have a few more minutes. It was taking every muscle in my behind to keep the turd inside me. The clock seemed to stand still. A few more ladies exited and a few more entered and the rest of us moved forward. I was now the 4th woman in line.

I was also out of time. Try as I might, my body gave a push I couldn't stop and I felt my anus forrced open and a firm movement begin to move quickly downward and press against my panties and jeans. The clothes gave it some resistance and for a moment it stopped - like my heart, even though I could hear it pounding in my ears. Then my body gave another push and it resumed its momentum, pushing my panties outward, making room as the turd slowly and steadily forced its way out into a hot, slightly mushy pile under my cheeks and between my legs. I just stood there, legs slightly apart, face burning hot. It probably only lasted less than 30 seconds. The bulge grew, hidden under my long coat - thank God for that! - and then it was over. I had done it. I had completely pooped my panties. A 30 year old grown woman. Impossible! But then I realized I felt something else - a different sensation more towards the front and realized I had begun peeing as well. I was able to quickly cut off the flow of urine, but my crotch felt very warm and so did my upper thighs.

A moment later the doors opened again and three women exited, allowing the three in front of me to go inside, and I waddled forward, praying nobody behind me could smell my accident. I stood there feeling the warmth of the movement against my skin and it honestly wasn't an altogether unpleasant feeling. The door opened again and it was finally my chance to get inside, waddling carefully into a stall. I took off my coat, hung it on the hook, and carefully unbuttoned my pants and lowered them - the wet spot extended down to just above my knees.

I then carefully lowered the panties, feeling the ball of poop free itself and then hang limply in the seat of my pink panties and lowered them down very carefully until I could dump the baseball sized lump into the toilet with a splash. While the movement was solid, it still left a big stain in the seat of my panties - which were also quite wet, of course - so I knew I coulnd't wear them any longer. I wiped my butt clean.

I sat down and finished peeing and then took out my cell phone and hit Samantha's speed dial number. She answered and said she was just about in line. I whispered to her that I needed a big favor. She said ok. I whispered "I didn't make it". She said she couldn't hear me. I whispered again a little louder. Still couldn't hear. One more time, this time almost a full speaking voice, "I didn't make it in time!" I heard the woman at the sink giggle. "You what!?" Sam said. "I need you to bring me some panties and the pair of jeans I was buying." More giggles. "Are you serious?" "Yes, just please hurry!" "You peed your pants?" "I wish that were all..." "Oh my God!" She supressed a laugh. "Are you ok? Are you sick?" "No, I'm not sick, I just couldn't hold it and had an accident - just bring me the clothes please!?" "Ok, I'll be there as soon as I can."

So I sat there on the toilet in the stall, soiled panties and wet jeans around my ankles, and played games on my phone for the next 25 minutes until the door opened and I heard, "Jessica? Where are you?" from Sam. "In here," I called. She handed me a three-pack of Hanes Her Way and my new pair of jeans under the stall door. I slipped off my boots, pulled the jeans and panties off, draped the wet jeans over the top of the stall door, opened the new pack of panties, pulled on the new panties and jeans, slipped on my boots, and then wrapped the soiled panties in a few layers of toilet paper.

I opened the door to see Sam with a huge grin on her face holding an empty bag out to me, "For your jeans." I dropped my soiled panties in the garbage, stuffed the wet jeans into the shopping bag, washed my hands, and we left.

When we got to the car Sam made me recount to her what happened and why, still not believing that I could have had an accident like that at my age. I said that I had seen her pee her pants within the last few years. "Yeah, but at least I didn't poop myself!" she replied. I couldn't argue with that...

today, i did the weirdest thing. i went into a stall, put all my stuff down, sat for two minutes, forgot why i was there, and left. i didn't need to go at all, i don't know why i did that.

once when i was eight i was sick and so i went to throw up and as my muscles spazzed i dropped a huge load in my pants (my sickness had made me constipated) and i couldnt stop for around ten minutes and so when i was finished, my very strong, elastic underwear was around my knees

another time was when i was playing tennis i went to the single mens bathroom and i opened the door and turned on the light and their was this girl sitting there pooping and just as i went in she let out a wave of diarhea so i quickly left and went to stand outside because i really needed a piss and a dump and so ten minutes later (after i had dropped a huge BM in my pants and my crotch was soaked with piss she finaly came out and then moaned and then continued pooping in her pants

One of the worst and most mortifying experiences of my life occurred when I was ten years old. I was at my friend's house during the winter and we were playing in the snow with a few of her other friends. I was the ONLY BOY there. We were running around building snow forts and throwing snowballs. Before I could stop it, I let rip this loud and wet fart and splattered my underpants with diarrhea. The girls all laughed at me until they saw the look of dismay on my face. Although no one said anything, I know they all knew that I had just shit my pants. I said, "I have to go home." I had to walk six blocks through the snow with the seat of my underpants smeared in shit. I don't know that I was ever so embarrassed in my life.

To the person who mentioned using public toilets as a transsexual-

I am a FTM transman, I know you are struggling right now. Trust me it gets easier. Just go in and do your business with your head held high, I promise you know one will pick out anything amiss.

On another note-

I used a bathroom in a popular restaurant yesterday, an upscale place, the mens' room had 4 toilet stalls and 4 urinals. I walked into the empty room only to find that someone shit in the first urinal. Now I ask..WHY!? Not to be funny, but it was one average size firm piece, so it could not have been done in desperation. It wouldn't bother me if it were one of those old-school open grate urinals, but this type could not flush anything solid down, so some poor employee would have to fish this out.

to Just Jerika:
Your concerns are not uncommon for someone your age. I'm in my mid-30s and still remember when I was your age and how insensitive both the boys and girls can be to those who are most sensitive. I've written before about my live-in boyfriend John who by-the-way was harassed (I believe the more precise word being used in schools today is 'bullied')at age 4 and 5 because when he had to crap at school in those god-awful doorless stalls, he stood out because he would sit over the side of the seat and hold onto the toilet paper roll holder with his hands because he hadn't outgrown that fear he had when he was younger that he might slip backwards and fall into the toilet. His dad had tried to break him of this habit and fear, but when John was alone at places such as school, he fell back to the side-sitting routine. Also, once or twice he squirted some pee into his underwear because when he didn't remember to tuck his penis into the bowl, it was hanging over the side of the seat. After first grade in public school, his parents switched him to a parish school which was smaller and he gained a lot more confidence. I too, Jerika, gained more confidence in my body and regularly going to the crowded bathrooms when I went to high school. But that wasn't before some experiences in junior high that were outright mean-spirited. My best friend Barb--a few inches taller than you--was way overweight and frequently called "Barge" both to her face and behind her back. It didn't help that the desks would creak when she sat in the seat or one morning during our 10 a.m. break, she nearly fell into the bowl when a loosely sitting seat finally broke off when she sat on it. It didn't help Barb's confidence when her mom called the principal's office and was told that it was probably Barb's fault that the plumber needed to be called to repair the seat. For weeks afterwood, classmates would whisper about a big splash coming when Barb would walk down the hall with her wooden bathroom pass. In my case, Jerika, I gained more confidence in myself by getting involved in school activities and hanging out with those who were both sensitive toward others and confident in themselves. This is a big word but there's a "synergy" that's created by hanging with positive rather than troubled students, the latter of whom try to bring others down to their level of low self-esteem.

im 16 and i live with my boyfriend who is 18. we have only been goin out a couple months but he is really nice and cute. it was a awkward situation how we live together but we make it work. before i would try going somewhere else to poop but now that we live together it is impossible to hide some things. when we first moved in together he used to always try to disapeer when he had to poop. but sometimes unavoidable things happen. Before he came home from work one day i was taking a bath. he burst in the door all paniced and distraught. he is so shy when he has to poop. he tried saying he had to use the bathroom but didnt say he had to shit. i said go ahead. i could tell he was nervous and shy. then he pulled down his pants and just exploded on the toilet. he didnt even say anything he was just ashamed. everytime i heard him poop it turned me on for some reason and it was something i would never think would. a month later i wanted him too see me pooping. one day i just went into the bathroom with a magazine and sat on the toilet with the door open so he would see me. when he walked by it was the first time he ever seen me on the toilet. he never even seen me pee. when he looked up he had that same nervous look like he wasnt supposed to see that.

Blue Circle
To Erik: Mistakes happen. It seems imbarrassing now, but it will blow over. Look at it this way, at least they weren't totally disgusted by seeing you shit. They were laughing, so obviously they were pretty relaxed about it. Go ahead and show your face,. Once you get over the enissial embarrasment you will be able to laugh with them about it.
To Mathias: That sounds like an awesome way to meet a girlfriend. I look forward to your other stories and I hope you two are doing well.
As for me, I don't really have anything interesting to report at the moment. Hopefully I will have something to share soon. One thing I will say though, is that I go to college and live in an apartment with two other guys, but I rarely ever poop there because 98 percent of the time I clog the toilet. I usually walk to campus late at night, find a quiet bathroom and unload there. When school starts again I'll be sure to post about my experiences.
Hope everyone is well.

so i am at school for longer than normal today, and at one point i had to crap. so even though i hate public toilets, and i hate people knowing that i'm doing #2, i went into the second stall (There were only 2, a guy was in the first one already, i could see his legs which meant he could see mine, too), pulled down my pants to my knees, and started going. it required a lot of effort, but it was out in less than 3 minutes, and i flushed, and left the stall. when i was washing my hands, he came out, too, and we made eye contact, and i got out of there quickly. i felt embarassed. i don't know why though.

Sarah - liked your post about you peeing your pants in the theater while watching Titanic. The best part was no one ever finding out you peed your pants.

Grizzly Adams
Hey everybody. Been so busy lately havent had time to post. Ive got a story from a night my gf Alyssa stayed at my house. About 3 in the morning I heard her get up but I pretended to stay asleep. I opened my eyes slightly while she left the door open. She walked into the bathroom and put the toilet seat down. She then raised her robe and lowered her pink cheeky panties to her ankles and sat down. She opened her legs wide and started peeing a real gusher that lasted 3 minutes. It splashed loudly against the water. She paused and let out a long wet fart and dripped more pee for another minute. Then she let out a long that went FLOOMP in the toilet. Then she let out 3 more turds that went plop plop plop. She farted again and let out a massive watery wave of diarrhea and moaned. Then she peed for another minute. Then I saw her unroll the Charman as she wiped her butt 4 times and her pussy twice. She then stood up pulled her panties back up and flushed the toilet. Hope y'all liked my story. See ya.

Pee Brain
Last Tuesday, my alarm clock didn't go off and I didn't wake up on time for school, so my mom had to drive me to school instead of me taking the bus.

And she was in such a rush, that I didn't even have time to pee before we left!

By the time we got halfway to school, I had to go sooooo bad that I told my mom that I was gonna pee all over my seat if she didn't pull over and let me go!

Well, that got her attention. Finally, she pulled over at the side of the road near some woods to let me go.

I walked a little into the woods and found a good spot to do my business. That's when I heard a big vehicle coming.

I turned around, and saw my school bus drive by, with everyone staring out the window and laughing at me!

When I got to school, everyone who saw me started cracking up.

Now my nickname is "Pee Brain!" Ugh. So much for the Great Outdoors.

Had a really satisfying dump the day after thanksgiving. My girl went shopping leaving the house to myself. Our toilet is off the living room and the walls are paper thin so anything that is doen in the bathroom can be heard through the entire house. If given the opportunity I can spend all morning on the toilet and thats exactly what I did. I brewed some coffee and brought some car magazines in with me. It was one of those dumps where you sit and go and think your done. But after continuing to sit there is more to push out and then even more. Thats the great thing about having the house to oneself, you can spend as much time as you want. It really felt good to spend enough time to truly feel empty while sitting there on the toilet. When I finally got done the bowl was really full of yellow snakes, so much so that they were above the water line. I could acually see how my product conformed to my intestines by the twising back and forth nature of the turds. Just in case I flushed and then wiped and flushed again to make sure the toilet wouldn't be clogged. Anyway its not that I am a shy pooper, but I can really relax when no one else is around.

Erik, that sucks but think how hot that must have been for your girlfriend. tell her how you feel and see if she will go in front of you?

Hey everyone I had an interesting time at the gym today that I thought you all might like to hear about. I was there at about eight forty five am and was in the locker room changing into my workout attire. A lady who looked perhaps five or seven years older than me, in her mid thirties, walked in and put her coat in a locker (she was already wearing her attire and did not need to change) then went straight in to the toilet stall not five feet from where I was sitting on the locker room bench. It was quiet in there we were the only two people in the locker room at the time. I heard her lower her sweat pants and the squish of her bum as she took a seat. Then I heard her grunt and heard a hissss as she shot out a stream of pee that lasted mabye three seconds. Immediately after that I heard an audible plop and heard her sigh. Then her pee stream started up proper and lasted for about a minute or so. It was intermittently forceful and trickly as I believe it was influnced by the pushing out of a log as I heard crackles as well. After the pee was over I heard her grunt again and I heard the familiar swish-thunk sound of the end of a serious bowel movement slipping into the water. She then stood up (I could see most of her legs thanks to the high floor clearance partition of the single stall toilet) and tore off a length of toilet paper and crumpled it up I assume from the sounds. I heard a rubbing noise and I looked through the wide crack in the door (it's a very non private stall to discourage bad behaviour in it) and saw her standing up with her pants at her bent knees with her butt stuck out. She was wiping up and down the length of her crack repeatedly, stopping several times to squish the paper into her anus I assume from what little I could see through the crack. She then took the paper after about thirty seconds of this and tossed it in the toilet. I heard the toilet flush and strain and heard her swear to herself as it wasn't going down. She left the stall and ran out into the workout area not regarding my presence at all. Being the curious seeker that I am I could not refuse to inspect the stall. The second she was out the door I went into the stall and sniffed at her poop aroma. Very strong, meaty I think and very pungent. I then looked into the toilet and saw a massive log dark brown to almost black lodged against the sewer hole, perhaps nine by three inches. Wow, I said to myself, that is one serious poop! The toilet paper was lying in wad form next to it on the left and had a noticeable poop presence on the center axis of it. I felt lucky to be able to have this experience. It's rare to be able to examine somone's poo in direct conjunction with having heard the performance and seen a tiny bit of it. I felt like I could be friends with this woman, her pooping was so similar to my own. Except that when wiping she rubbed repeatedly where I favor a single swipe to the top and done, concerning the use of only one wad of tp we are alike as well as the standing posture that we had nearly identical in form from what I could ascertain. Being in the stall inhaling the strong odor I felt I just had to sit on the toilet with that huge poop in it so I lowered my shorts and bikini white panties and sat on the still warm seat. I thought about how I too leave bowel movement offerings the same as the one I was sitting above. I relaxed and peed a little bit then pushed. It had been three days since my last poop and I knew with a little effort I could push it out. After a minute or so nghh grunting I felt a poo emerge, then crackle out for a few minutes with an average feeling stretching sensation. After three or so minutes it was done and I stood up and looked at it. It had landed nearly directly ontop of hers and was slightly longer and thinner. I had my workout gloves on and didn't want to get them dirty so I just pulled up my shorts and panties without bothering to wipe. I would be changing my panties after my post workout shower and could allow my butt to simply wipe itself on them as I worked out. I'm totally fine with this as I'm something of an eco friendly person and do everything I can to help the environment. I view toilet paper as very ecologically wasteful and do my part to severely limit the amount I use. So when I feel right about it I go without wiping, I figured whatever I was changing my undies after showering anyway. I left the stall with the toilet with the two poops in it, and went and worked out as I always would. I took an elliptical machine right next to the woman whose poop I witnessed and we struck up a conversation which of course had nothing to do with that. We're now friends and agreed to have coffee and mabye hang out or something. She of course has no idea about any of this and seems to be a genuinely great person. I'll let you all know if I witness anything else regarding this in the future!


P.S. Jackie, I appreciate your intrest in wiping as I'm totally fascinated by it as well. I think it's cool that you like to be totally clean, I just prefer to be a bit more natural but respect and love you all the same. As far as your question goes, after pooping before a shower if I randomly wipe it will definitely come out brown at the top of my crack. How much is dependent wether I wiped once or not at all:-) All my love to you Jackie your friend Delilah!

so i am at school for longer than normal today, and at one point i had to crap. so even though i hate public toilets, and i hate people knowing that i'm doing #2, i went into the second stall (There were only 2, a guy was in the first one already, i could see his legs which meant he could see mine, too), pulled down my pants to my knees, and started going. it required a lot of effort, but it was out in less than 3 minutes, and i flushed, and left the stall. when i was washing my hands, he came out, too, and we made eye contact, and i got out of there quickly. i felt embarassed. i don't know why though.

Turd Lover
Had a great poop episode this morning. A series of about 20 or 30 little "turdballs" came bursting out of my rectum like automatic rifle fire -- followed by a very nice well-hung log which landed with a big splash that soaked ny arse. A quick wipe of the bum and I was ready to face the day with pride.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Hints from Heloise (not)
Here are two great suggestions I guarantee you won't find in Heloise Hints for dealing with problems everyone here faces from time to time...

First...How do you get rid of poop smells in the bathroom? What a lot of people do is poop, and then they spray air freshener in the air, which really just mixes in with the poop smell to give a new smell which is just as bad as the poop smell. What I do is this. You sit down on the toilet and have the air freshener handy. Then right before you are ready to poop, lift up your butt and spray the air freshener directly into the bowl. Spray a lot of it. Then you immediately plop your butt back down and poop. As soon as all the poop is done, flush it down before you lift up your butt to wipe. If you want, you can spray some more spray into the bowl before you wipe, but it's usually not needed.

Second, how do you get rid of that nagging poop smell on your fingers when you acidentally get poop on your fingers while wiping? Seems like all the soap in the world won't get rid of that lingering trace of poop smell. My solution? Two words. Tooth paste. After you wash your hands as thoroughly as you can, squirt some tooth paste on your fingers and rub it in real good, then wash again. The poop smell will go away from your fingers...

Comments? Do I have a career ahead of me as an advice columnist?

Another story from my early teens. We were on a two family holiday in Cornwall and Michael and I spent loads of time in the surf. We would go down to the beach after breakfast and spend most of the day there, meeting up with a couple of other holiday makers about our age. We would change amonst the dunes and have a game of football or cricket. Usually when someone needed the loo they would go into the dunes for a minute and then dome back.

Anyway Michael being himself, one day when he was batting at cricket, waited until the lad bowling was running in and said dramatically WAIT! he then pulled his trunks to one side and began to pee right there in the open on the beach. I could see that he was quite excited, but he managed to do a longish pee weaving from side to side. The other lads were a bit surprised at first but eventually just laughed and watched, then we carried on the game. A little while later one of the other lads said he was going up in the dunes, but Michael badgered him to do it here like he had. He didn't take much persuading and was soon spraying a jet from side to side whilst walking up the 'pitch'.It was clearly showing off time.

I was ready too and wanted to do sonething different. So i said yes i have to go too and when they all turned to see i stood with my legs apart and wee'd through my trunks, which were pushed out at the front. This got a ripple of applause hehe. This became the preferred style for the day we drank loads of pop and eadh time anyone needed to wee we would stand and do it in our trunks, Michael even managed to do a little when he was wrestling with one of the other guys and was sat across his belly.

Most of you probably know from my previous postings that I'm 26, work for a large company downtown and take college classes at night. Because I'm away from home a lot, I'm relying on public bathrooms almost all the time.

First, the splashback that Vincene had while she was crapping at school, has always been a concern to me, too. Back when I was her age, I didn't always flush the unflushed toilet before using it. Sometimes I was lazy, sometimes I there was pee and several persons' pee and I didn't want to have the stool run over. But then one day in Everyday Living (sex ed) class, I got to thinking about that filthy pee from someone else on my vagina and from that day on I always will flush first or, and this is something my grandmother taught me, lay strips of toilet paper across the top of the water, before I crap. You pretty much need to lift the seat first if you're going to do a good job with it. Second, I agree with Vincene that's it's nice to have the skirt on when you have to use an open stall at a place like a bus terminal. That 9 or 10 year old girl just sitting there with her jeans and panties all the way down to the floor. If her mother were to have walked in while she was on the stool, I wonder what "advice" she would have received. It just seems like our worst craps are always the messiest to clean ourselves up from and that they happen in the worst public places.

I also wanted to comment on Just Jerika's post. She brings up a great point about how older-style toilets and the pear-shaped seats (yes, I've had to use those too)can be really intimidating to a person her age. Smaller people are going to feel even more intimidated and self-conscious having to get up on and confortably (well maybe that's too much to ask for!)sit. Regarding seat color, come to think of it, I'm seeing less of the black seats today in public places. In stores and offices they are almost always white. When I was Jerika's age and others were waiting for a toilet I was using and I got frustrated and couldn't produce, I would still flush. I know it's not totally honest but you have to look out for yourself and why subject yourself to ridicule and perhaps bullying? Back when I was in school and even now I have friends who will risk being late in the morning so that they can crap at home. As you will find in my previous postings, I may have a higher confidence level about using public restrooms but there are times when I would have benefited by by getting up earlier so I could go at home.

Upstate Dave
First I have a question to ask. Have you ever been to a public event or place of any kind where there were no bathrooms or the there was but closed, out of order, or locked up for another reason? If you had what did you do to take care of needing to go? I have ran into this at many times over my life time. Many more times when younger but some even more recently. This is what my post is about.

This post deals with two male friends and thier sistor. Now the two male friends Charlei and his brother Rick played little league. Charkei pitched while Rick was the catcher. Both of them were asian in appearence for thier moms first marrage was to a asian male. Thier mom divorced him and married again having Patty. Now Patty was blue eyed, blonde and cute as a pin.

Now thier mom also had divorced after Patty was born so she was currently single again. Kind of ahead of the time for this was in the late mid 1960s. Well we all went to one of Charlies and Ricks little leauge baseball games on a Saturday. Charle and Rick practiced before the game and thier mom,Patty, and I were in the bleachers watching them practice and warm up when the ganme started.

Three innings were played with niether side scoring. Patty now asked her mom could she get something to eat from the snackbar. He mother told her it was ok. I offered to pay which her mom told me ok on that. So Patty and I left the bleachers. Once down off of them I offered Patty to ride on my shoulders. She told me yes. I squted down and she got right up on my shoulders sitting n them and I stood up and we headed to the snackbar.

n the walk over to the snackbar Patty told me she had to pee. I told her ok you can do that while I order your hotdog ok? Patty told me yes. In a couple of minutes we were ther in line at the snackbar. I let Patty down off my shoulders and she went looking for the bathrooms there at the snackbar.

A moment later she was back. She told me she saw no bathrooms here. I told to her hang on. I was next to be waited on. I told Patty I'll ask where the bathrooms are. Patty said ok but hurry I have to go! A moment later the person that was in front of me got there order and I was next. I asked for two hotdogs and where was the bathroom. The girl that was there told me there wasn't one!

I told her that the girl with me had to go. She told me take her around the ball field and go behind somewhere along the fence. That is where everyone does go. I glanced over at the fence that ran along the outfields of the ball field. That was sure far away.My order was done so I hurridly paid for it and grabbed some napkins and Patty and I walked away.

I told Patty there were no bathrooms here at all. I told her that the girl told me everyone goes behind the outfield fence and goes there. Patty looked and she said what I had thought about at the snackbar. Dve that's to far! I also now have to poop too! Patty added saying to me. Now I thought to myself; We are in real trouble now!

We were only halfway back to the bleachers at this point. I started looking around for another closer spot where Patty could go. Now all the cars were parked in a very long single row along the entrance road. There was a high thick hedge that ran along the front of the parked cars. The ends of the rows were open. So any one could see up the entire row of cars from either end of the row of them. Not the best spot I thought to myself but it was closer then trying to go out around the ball field.

So I told Patty we would go over by her moms car. You can go there. Patty told me she would do that. So I grabbed her hand ducked between the two cars next to us and went to the front of the two cars and walked quickly to her mothers car where it was parked. When we got there Paty walked over inbeween her mothers car and the car next to it.

I quickly said to her don't go there Patty! I told her that her mom, Charlie and Ricky would see her poop there. I told her cme around to the front of the car and go. At least you can sit on the bumper and pee and poop. Patty seemed to like that for she smiled a little but hurridlycame around to the front of the car already had her red pants partway down!

As soo as she was standng in front of the bumper she yanked both her red pants and white panties down past her knees and plopped down on the bumper. Good thing too for as soon as she was sitting on the bumpershe started to pee very hard. She would have never made the long walk around the ball field to pee. Patty had a the look of great relief come across her face now as she peed.

Then after about tenseconds her pee stream slowed but didn't stop. I saw a big fat tan nub of a poop start comming out from under her. It softly crackled as it came out. Patty was now pooping also! It was one of those smooth firm soft type poops. It moved quickly and soon it was long enough so that its weight was stretching it for it began to crack and the crack widened.

The crack widened more as Patty's poop got longer. Then where the crack had formed it broke with a good six seven inch pice dropped to the ground with a soft thump. In slow motion her poop tipped over and fell forward. and laid out on the ground. Now her pee hit this piece of poop and splashed all over it and the ground.

The remaining piece still was comming out and had picked up more speed. It reached a longer length then the first one nad it broke away falling to the ground with a thump. More poop kept on comming out. This one turned out being longer as the other two. It stayed fat right to the end of it. It dropped to the ground and the threepieces layed there side by side. Patty stopped peeing right after the last poop had hit the ground.

Patty stood up and took a step forward. Then she turned around and looked at her own poop there on the ground. I pooped a lot! she said to me. I told her she sure had! Then she knew I had napkins and asked me for one of them. I handed it to her. She did a standing wipe and after doing this she took the napkin and covered her poop over with it but there was just to much there to cover it all. Pattypulled up her panties and red pants and we then left and went to the bleachers to sit with her mom,eat our hotdogs and watch her brothers play the game. Up state Dave

Traffic Jam
My mother died of cancer when I was about eight. When I was twelve my father remarried, to a woman whose husband had died in a traffic accident. This woman had one child, a son, who is just about my own age. We all really hit it off very well and I called him my 'brother' Jack and he referred to me as his 'sister' Miriam, although we are not related by blood at all.

Two years later Jack and I were riding in the back seat of our car with my father driving. We got into the Holland Tunnel going back to Brooklyn from Patterson and suddenly all the traffic came to a halt. We never found out what had happened but whatever it was, we were left sitting there for nearly an hour. About half an hour into this I was really needing to pee. Normally we would have been home already. I whispered my problem to my father and suggested that I open the door on the passenger side, crouch down, and do what I had to do.

"No way! The tunnel is monitored on video and if they see you I'll be in for one hell of a ticket," he whispered back to me. To emphasize the point, he locked the doors so I couldn't open one if I wanted to. Every minute seemed like ten and I was really squirming. I again leaned forward and whispered my now more urgent problem to my father.

"You not sticking your butt out of the car to pee in on camera and in public!" he alomst shouted back.

I turned red as a beet.

"Dad! Now Jack knows!"

"Listen, sweetheart. There's an adult diaper I keep under the front passenger seat as a spare for grandma. Take it and use it if you have to."

"Dad! With Jack right here next to me?"

"Better he should see your butt than to have you displayed and maybe recorded on the surveilance cameras. Jack will keep his mouth shut, won't you Jack?"

Jack said nothing, and I could see a surpressed smirk on his face.

"I'll guarantee that he'll keep it a secret if he knows what's good for him."

As the urgency grew I really had no choice. I fished the diaper out from under the seat.

"Could you pleeese turn the other way, Jack," I whispered.

He did, much to my relief. I pulled down my panties and tried to position the diaper on me but I soon found that I was getting it all bunched up and I was afraid I would leak pee all over the back seat. I screwed up my courage to ask Jack for some help but before I said a word Jack sensed my problem.
"Need some help, sister? .
I really didn't have much choice.
I nodded my assent and just lay back, covering my face with my skirt, as Jack slipped the diaper into position under my naked butt with my private on full display, fastened the straps tightly on me, and then slipped my panties up over the diaper.

"Okay sis. You're ready to go. Let's feel Miriam's well like the Israelites had in the desert." he whispered. I sat up. His hand was still on my crotch. I relaxed and finally let go as he felt my warmth through the diaper. I felt a fart coming on and as I relaxed to let the gas out I got a surprise.
"OH! NO!" I felt a turd explode out of my butt into my diaper. So there I was, next to my brother with his hand still on my peed and pooped diaper. I began to cry!
Jack wiped away and kissed away my tears.

"It's our secret, Miriam. Even dad won't know what just happened."
To this day he never told anybody about me pooping myself. Its our little secret!

Turd Lover
Aaron -- I've had similar experiences. All those cars were probably honking because they were jealous of your awesome brown pile. There's nothing to be ashamed of here, taking a good shit is something to be relished and treasured by everyone.

My morning dump was unique -- the long log was actually touching the water while the tapered end was still departing my anus. It was like a connecting rod of brown glory. Finally it broke loose and landed in the bottom of the bowl, and was flushed away with pride.

I first became really fascinated by toilet stuff at about 13/14 yrs old. At that time my family lived near an old fashioned seaside town, my parents were friendly with another family who had 2 sons - the younger was the same age as I.

Michael and I used to go to the beach once or twice a week during good weather. One day we arrived about 9.30 to find a fairly quiet beach. We found a spot on the gently sloping concrete slope at the back of the beach proper and began to get changed. We were both sat down with our towels over our laps to take our trousers and pants off. When Michael was undressed he reaches over to his sports bag to get his trunks and told me that he really needed to pee. Within a couple of seconds I could see a stream of pee running down the slope from under his towel (he must have been starting already when he told me his need).

I watched fascinated until he had finished, when he quickly pulled on his trunks and stood up. Though i didn't really have to, I told him to hang on as i needed to go too. He waited in front of me as I raised my knees a bit to keep my towel away, pulled back my foreskin and directed a jet out from under my towel. Sharing this was so exciting and easier as i didn't (at that time) even know Michael very well.

All a long time ago, I'll write up a few more experiences soon.

It's been a while since I have posted here (1106, 1108 & 1404)

On the subject of How Long Does It Take to take a dump....

For me, as I have gotten older (now 61), a really satisfying dump takes around 10-15 minutes. When I feel the pressure building, I like to settle down on my favorite toilet seat and "just let it happen". I think the style of toilet seat you use is very important for a satisfying movement. I am 6 feet tall and like the elongated, open front, contoured seats where my butt gets nicely swallowed into the opening. This style seems to feel the most comfortable for me, anyway. I usually take a magazine or newspaper with me to pass the time as I am usually not in a hurry. Years ago, I was always in a hurry to finish often straining and forcing the movement. That caused hemmorrhoids, fissures and other problems for me, so now I just RELAX.

A "typical" BM for me usually starts with a few seconds hissing farts, which relieves the pressure, but it may take a few minutes before the first turd begins its slow exit. It often pokes out streching my ring as it thickens in diameter. Sometimes, it will just stop for a minute or two, giving a very satisfying feeling while it just hangs there out of my butt. I have noticed that when I don't force it out, it might as long as four or five minutes for a turd to finally exit. A minute or so later, another turd will usually start to emerge, again slowly working its way out. I usually ease out three (sometimes four) nice sized turds (about 10-12 inches each) without forcing or straining in 15 minutes. For some reason, the last turd usually hangs for a longer period before dropping, probably because it is usually smaller and lighter size and gravity takes longer to drop it out.

One Negative of taking a leisurly dump is: It can get very stinky in the bathroom with those "hanging turds" emitting their odors for several minutes before they completely drop into the wather. I usually keep the window open!

A Positive thing: My bathroom time gives me time to relax and recharge. Having a slow, unforced movement is very satisfying for me and I feel GREAT afterwards. I have also discovered that wiping is much less messy for me when I just "let it happen" without straining.

I hope this answers those who have asked why it takes some of us longer to do "the deed" than others. It is an interesting subject and probably not discussed anywhere but in this forum.

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