Hey, I am Mathias Mayer, a German who is currently studying law in England :) Please forgive me in advance for all the mistakes I might make in this story. So I'm gonna tell you a story which happened this summer. As I was about to start the second year in university this year, I decided to take the chance and earn some extra money. I got a job as a supervisor in local test centre, where people (mostly immigrants) took English tests. Well, my job was to basically make sure everything is going precisely as noted in the instructions.
One of the rules was that candidates can use the bathroom, which was an unisex one, with one stall, a sink and a mirron outside of the stall and two lockable doors - one for the bathroom itself, and one for the stall. The exam takes three hours and some students are likely need to use the bathroom. However, one can only go to the bathroom accompanied by one of the supervisors, and the supervisor must wait inside the bathroom, but outside of the stall, so that he can clearly hear that the candidate is not using a mobile phone or something similar.
So we had an IELTS test in July, and I was one of the four supervisors. One of them was sitting at the desk ready to answer any questions, two were patrolling around, and I was at the door, watching the candidates for behind and taking them to the bathroom. Roughly two hours into the test, I was approached by a VERY and I mean VERY hot girl, who wanted to go to the bathroom. I won't be able to describe her accurately, but she had shoulder-length light brown hair, lightly tanned skin, brown eyes, EXTREMELY pretty face, and a large round butt. I was a bit taller than her, and I am 1.83m, so I guess she was around 1.75m.
Anyway, I was pretty turned on by then, because I could guess she wanted to poop, as it is easy to hold one's pee, and one would not waste precious minutes for a slight discomfort. As events have shown, I was not wrong. I accompanied her into the bathroom, and told her I will have to be outside the stall, as it is my job to do so. She nodded, but apparently she was not happy, and it's understandable. She went in, pulled down her jeans to her knees( The stall door was quite high, so it gave me a clear view on her legs). As soon as she did so, a long silent fart escaped her butt, and I could hear the familiar crackling sound. She moaned, and something like a long thick turd slowly landed into the bowl, without making any notable splashes.
The turd was apparently quite long and I could hear crackling sounds for about 30 seconds, and then it stopped. She took some toilet paper and wiped herself two times. She then flushed, opened the stall door and went on to wash her hands. As she opened the stall door, I could feel the smell, it was pretty bsd, but not terrible. She looked at me, and then blushed, saying: "Sorry. I am not used to pooping near boys. Especially cute ones like you." This stunned me for a moment, and she smiled: "Come now, you are not English. I can tell that from your features." "Nein, I am from Germany" I replied. She smiled again... Her smile was so charming. "I like you" she said. "I know boys really well and I know that you like me too. I will wait for you at the front door after the exam and we could go for a dinner somewhere. Need to fill my stomach once more".
Thats how I met Rachel, my current girlfriend. She passed the exam for 8.25 out of 9 and we are currently happily living in a rented flat. I have some other stories involving her, but I will save them for another time.

Blue Circle
Thanks a lot movie fan. I really appreciate the answer. If anyone else gave an answer or tried to help point me in the right direction, thank you too. I'm about to go to bed so I don't have time to catch up on all the old posts right now.
To Poo Princess: I've wondered the same thing as you. It's not something I've thought too in depth about, but I've sometimes marveled at that same thought as I poop. It's an interesting question. I've sometimes wondered if someone I know, or that I have been attracted too has ever pooped at the same time as me.
I'm not too big on the mathematical analysis (no disrespect to those who have tackled this question from that perspective) but, it's definitely blown my mind.

Blue Circle.

Upstate Dave
Just Jerika the black seat toilets wre universal in that they were used almost everywhere as far as schools,commercial sites,retail stores, etc for a long time. Every school that I went to had them in both boys rooms and girls rooms. They are designed supposidtly to be used by many sized eople but do fall short for some sized people. The black seat along with the rest of the toilet was made for the expected heavy usage they get. It is rare for the seat to break on one of those toilets.

In my class there was a boy that went all the way through the same schools that we went to. Brian never got taller then 4' 6" tall even after puberty and was 18 years old as a senoir in high school. He got kidded about the standup in front of urinals a lot for some of them were just a little shorter then he was. He didn't have the problem of not reaching the florr with his feet when using the regualr toilet when he had to poop. The large opening of the seat like you was his problem also. He had to sit way forward on it to go. Also sitting so far forward and being a guy presented another problem for him also.

If Brian had to pee while pooping being so far forward on the seat he either had to hold back pooping pee first then slide forward or hold from peeing,poop then slide back and pee. If he didn't do this he would wind up peeing right on the floor! Brian went on graduating early in January 1970 became famous being allowed going into the marines after a supreame court ruling said that is higth didn't matter. He made Life Magizine after he was in the marines with hiom in uniform standing on a bench at his locker in boot camp. Went to Vietnahm fought there and was killed in action.

middle age
Middle age was once a child and these are some true stories from when I was growing up. I remember staying in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario and was swimming in the great lake. It was the end of summer and cool winds often approached. After swimming for a while in the lake, I got up on to the dock. I just began peeing through the slats into the lake and did not even realize that I had to pee. I just went and since I had begun there was no way to stop it. I peed and peed and the waterfall went into the lake; the other kids did not say anything. Normally I just peed in the water while swimming and up to age 10 it just happened and I went under water not into the water.

Another time I was with some kids at a wading pool and we had our shorts on so we could not swim in the pool. A little boy about 7 got up and peed through his bathing suit into the pool several times; he would swim a bit with his buddies, stand up and pee, and then repeat the pattern. One of the kids I was with thought this was OK and she was a competitive swimmer; I have read that most of them pee in the pool. He reminded me of the belgian statue the pis manequin or whatever it is called. There were no adults there just some kids.

When I was 8 one of the adults in our group tried to help me to learn to swim and I really had to pee; I let it go as I swam so that he would not feel the warm water. I always peed in the lake while swimming.

One time I went to the beach with a neighbour; she was a teacher and took several of the area kids for the afternoon. We never used the washrooms and just peed in the river.

Another time I went to the beach with some family friends and after swimming for a bit I peed in the lake; one adult asked if anyone needed to go to the bathroom before we left. I did not mention to her that I had peed while swimming and did not need the toilet.

Joe Stool
Brad: Thanks for your description of your cousin. Please keep the updates coming as long as they last!


I'm from the USA, and I've never seen a squat toilet either.

I don't think the technology of a squat toilet is any better than a typical western toilet; it's just different.

I like reading about the experiences that people from other countries have. I even thought it was interesting to find out that it's common for men's and boy's bathrooms in the USA not to have doors on the stalls.

There was one bathrooom at a sightseeing location that had two toilets in the women's bathroom, without partitions between the toilets! The women who were in line outside, just went in one at a time.

Midwest Guy
I live by the Great Lakes north of Chicago and depending how well you pass(I assume you are taking hormones and your voice isn't too deep) most places won't even notice if you use the womens room. It is best to check out the restroom before you eat or drink to be sure there are doors on the stalls. By all means sit, don't stand. You might check out the ????groups for their recommendation on how to handle these situations. Most big cities have GLBT Community Centers that can provide referrals. There may be a counseling center in the city that can offer help during that difficult transitioning time. The cost is usually based on a sliding scale so it is well worth the effort to look into. Almost every place has an after hours hangout. Try to find out where the gay kids hang out after hours. That will be the safest. If you are not from the city find some friends to go with, its more fun and safer. Hope you have a good time.

My name is Erik. I am 25 yr old male. I discovered this website years ago and came back to write about something that just happened to me. after i got done eating a bunch of crazy bread it just hit me driving down the road. i never had to take a shit so bad in my life. it was bad. i was driving fast trying not to shit my pants. i was on the way to my girlfriends new house to help work on it and wasnt near a bathroom. as soon as i pulled up i ran into the house and into the bathroom sat down on the toilet and exploded for about 5 minutes. the house was being remodled and there wasnt curtains up in the bathroom. it was night and i had the light on. any one sitting on the back deck could see me on the toilet because it was like a bay window. i thought i was the first person there. her ????in sister and her friend was sitting on the picnic table about 10 feet away on the deck smoking a cigarette watching me take a dump. i mean i was really pooping and it was loud. i had the window open and she could her and see everything i was doing. i didnt even relize they were watching until i heard them start laughing. then i felt stupid and embarrassed and couldnt get up right away bacause i had to go still. then they told my girlfriend how funny it was since i didnt see them. i am embarrassed to show my face around them now

I remember as a kid waiting outside the bathroom for my mom to finish ' I heard a few pushes and her straining to push a big turd out and then I heard a big juicey fart and I remember being amazed how loud it was and could not stop thinking about it all night , weird

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Movie Fan
For blue circle...

The Yes, Dear episode you are talking about is called "No Room to Spare" and it is from 4/30/01. I have a recording of the complete episode and it is one of the best poop scenes I have ever seen on TV...

Does anyone know of any recent TV shows or movies where a female character is either show pooping or needing to poop?

If I don't get an answer to this here, I'm probably not going to get one anywhere .....

Basically, I'm a pre-op, M-to-F; and I will soon be making my first *long* (i.e., longer than my own personal bladder endurance record) trip out into the real world while presenting as a female.

This means, at some point while away from my own bathroom, I *am* going to have to take a leak.

How do other trans-people deal with segregated facilities?

And -- if it comes to that -- how do you deal with *no* facilities?

Upstate Dave
Hi to all! Vincene read your grandfather post. Great details! I was amused when you took the first shit in the school toilet and having the bowls water splash right back up on your asshole and you moved forward on the seat! Two girls that I have known in my past had diffenet ways of not geting splashback when they went and took a shit. Susan would shit outside when she could and Barbie H wrapped the toilet seat opening with toilet paper and shit on it. Also bus station bathrooms I myself have been in many of them. Some of them are quite filthy but others I have used have been well taken care of and were super clean.

I have a post on a request by another poster. This one was also one event that happened when I worked as a retail clerk in our local Caldors back in the mid 1980's. I was hired on as christmas help working in toys, and electronics. I worked two days a week evenings which were Tuesday and Thursday. This happened on Tuesday evening which involved when I was on break and in the break room.

I was sitting at the table sipping on a soda when two young teenage girls came into the room. Both of them I knew worked upstairs in the various stock rooms. They both got something from one of the snack vending machines and a soda and sat down across from me at the same table.

I said hi to them both and they said hi back to me. We made small talk for a few short minutes talking about how slow it was for all of us tonight. The store was not busy at all out on the floor I told them. They both told me the stock rooms were slow too. Then I sat and drank my soda as the two girls went on talking between themselves.

Both girls did mention that they both were quite tired and bored. Then the one girl said that she was so tired she had to piss but didn't want to get up and leave to go to the bathroom. The other girl replied back to the other girl she knew how she felt. I'm like that at times myslef. So I just piss where I am. That made my ears perk right up then!

Then the girl that said that she would piss where she was went on and told the other girl just go here! I'm sure Dave here wouldn't mind at all if you did! She was looking right at me with a big smile. The other girl had turned and was also looking right at me waiting formy answer. This was confirmed by her asking me would I want her to piss right there in the plastic chair at the break table. I said YES not really expecting her to do it.

Was I ever surprised. The girl slid her plastic chair back noisily on the floor. Now the girls that work in Caldors wore a store type uniform. It was a vest that was either solid burgandy or a striped white and pink vest. This girl had on one of the pik white striped vests with a white blouse and a burgandy very short skirt. As I watched now very intently the girl hiked back her skirt in the front revealing a light pink pair of bkini style panties.

Then she grabbed them slid them down to her knees. Then she reached back after lifting her ass up a litle off the seat of the plastic chair and pulled her skirt up from under her small cheeked ass and sat back down on the plastic chair again making sure she had moved far enough forward on the plastic seat to piss.

She wasn't kidding about needing to piss too! She started right off sending out from her vagina a very yellow colored stream which made a short arc before it went down to the off white tiled floor. As her stream flowed it went in out with spraying droplets off the stream. So the girl watching herself piss (she had her arms streched out on th etable and had bent down placing herhead between her arms and was watchin herself piss) moved her feet back and spreaded her legs wider open so that any piss droplets that were spraying would not wet her.

It didn't take long at all for her yellow piss make a yellow piss puddle on the off white tiles of the floor. It spreaded out over on them. Now the other girl was there had taken a quick look seeing that her friend was pissing suddeny got up out from the chair she had ben siting on. I'm getting out of here! I don't want to be in here and get caught with you pissing! She almost ran right out of the break room. Her friend had looked up and saw the girl leave and she laughed. Then she looked back down again to watch her piss stream.

Since the girls piss stream was a hard gusher she didn't piss all that long. But long enough!;-) For her stream thinned down and it now hissed for a good several seconds and then the hissing stopped when her stream turned into a dribble for a few seconds with some dripping of piss for a few seconds more. When her stream had changed to dribbling te girl had pulled her head back up and reached for a napking in thepile on the table.

When she dripped she reached right down with the napkin and wiped herself off with it quickly. Then she kiddd the chair back on the tiled floor real fast, stood up and yanked back up the pink bikini panties right back up. She left the used napkin right on the plastic chairs seat walked out of the break room saying goodbye to me as she left.

I got up looked again down at the floor looking at the big yellow piss puddle left by her. I shook my head looked at the napkin on the seat of the chair. Then I too left the break room quickly and went back to my department. Several minutes later someone else had gone in the breakroom. The music n the stores pa system was innturupted by a announcement that the stores custodian was needed for a cleanup in the breakroom immeadiatly! I laughed hard as I heard this announcement as I stood in one of the aisles in the toy department. Upstate Dave

Linda from Australia here again.

To Jackie: I think that if I wiped my butt right at this very moment, it would be clean. I'm also obssessive about wiping my butt until its clean, although I don't use soap. Sometimes, I wet the toilet paper if I've had a messy poo that requires a big clean up. I find that when I do a poo but I don't feel finished afterwards, that is when I need to wipe several times to get my butt clean. When I can get the entire load out in 1 sitting, I only have to wipe once or twice.

Mac here - a very occasional poster and avid reader. Had to tell you about the poo I did this morning: I was in my local college for an exam, and half way through I felt the need to go. This isn't a problem (the exam room has video surveillance, and if you leave you can't go anywhere without the invigilator seeing where). So I went down to the Gents and did my business. Goodness I did a lot - must have been a dozen-odd stools, none of them very big. I wiped, and then I flushed the first time. After I flushed there were still three stools floating in the bowl. I waited and flushed again, and this time I pumped the flush. There was still one stool floating in the bowl, and I had to wait and flush a third time to get rid of it. Maybe I should cut back on the fibre... :-)

Just Jerika
This is my first post. I've been reading the posts for some time now. There's several of my friends that read it and enjoy it. I'm 12 and in 7th grade in junior high. There are two things kind of different about me (Mom refers to them as 'distinctive'). First my name is a combination of my dad's first name and my mom's first name. It was a compromise of sorts from a long list of names they had to choose from. I like the name, though, and my 4th grade teacher thought it was really pretty. Another thing that's nice is that my teachers get to know me sooner and remember my name before they get to know the others in my class. My dad likes politics and says it will be easy for people to remember if I ever run for a public office. The other different thing about me is that I'm the shortest in my class. I'm 3'5".

Going to the bathroom at my junior high is a problem that has been hard for me to adjust to. It was never a problem at my grade school because there were only like 400 of us, the stools were lower off the floor, and we had a unisex toilet next to the coatroom in each classroom plus the larger bathrooms off the hallway. Now there's like 1,100 in our junior high and we are in a building that was a senior high until about 10 years ago when our district built a new high school. The bathrooms are huge and the toilets are so high that my feet are like a half inch off the floor when I'm going to the bathroom. Also, the stools are much larger in size than what I've been successful in using at my grade school. I know I'm small but I sit only over the very front of the seat, like 1/4 of the way back and it makes me feel very uncomfortable. Others are writing about after they wipe they turn around and flush while they are sitting--well I have to get up and walk a couple of steps beck because I can't reach the flusher. Also, the seats are black and this is like the first time I have had to use (at least for the time I can remember) black seats. They are about twice as large as what we have at home and they are not even, meaning that they are kind of shaped like a pear. I feel very conscious sitting on them and because I'm uncomfortable, it's taking me long to start my pee going. There have been some comments from the other girls waiting, especially between class periods. Also, I see some of them looking in on me. Sometimes, I just give up and pull up my underwear and leave. I don't even walk back and flush to cover up the fact that I can't go. Mom says that's a mistake and that unless I flush, I'm drawing attention to my problem.

Over about the last month, however, I've found a suggestion a friend gave me really works about as good as anything. My bus comes like 15 minutes after 7th hour so in that time I walk across the street and pee at the gas station. And 2 or 3 mornings a week I go in their and crap when the bus delivers me. I just make sure I don't drink too much during the day because I'm probably not going to be able to pee until 3:05 p.m.

Just Jerika

To Blue Circle;

Yes, I remember that scene from "Yes, Dear" but unfortunately I don't remember which episode it was. It was at the very end of the episode where Kim was dancing around desperate to go as she was putting her son down in his crib. She was talking to her son that "Mommy really needs to poop" and that "Mommy can't just poop in her pants like you do."

I'm not sure but I think the episode involved making improvements to the house including either a new or remodelled bathroom. When Kim finally does make it into the bathroom, she finds a plumber there working on the toilet. The episode ends with Kim looking distressed not only that she can't use that toilet but that the plumber surely heard her talking to her son about how bad she had to poop.

This series also contained other toilet references including several dealing with toilet training the children including a fantasy sequence where Kim and Greg imagine their son as a teenager, still in diapers and pooping his diaper at the dinner table.

This morning on my way out of the house I farted and I knew I would have to take a dump as soon as I got to work. I didn't know that it would have to be much sooner. I got about 5 minutes away from work and I couldn't hold it anymore. I had already farted all I could and tried to sit on the turtle head, but I was about to explode. I was cramping and feeling a cold sweat. There was no time to waste, so I just pulled over on the busy highway, got out of my car, pulled my pants down and took a massive shit on the side of the road. Luckily I had a kleenex in my pocked to wipe my ass. Cars were honking at me and my steaming pile of human shit was disgusting, but it was the most relief I have probably ever felt in my life.

Lynn, I've never seen a squat toilet here all my life so I recon the technology has not crept this far up north yet, heh.

Regarding your earlier question there are some unisex bathrooms here, but not that common even though equality between the sexes is pretty prominent in Norwegian society.

Linda from Australia, thanks for your questions. I'm rarely constipated, the toilet choking recently was a rare occasion for me. I go pretty big but regularly. I suggest you go for more fiber in your diet, its both healthy and will help your bowels to get more regular. Also get plenty of water during the days.

Thing is though, it will probably make your loads larger, and from your descriptions of your current capacity that might not be a good thing for the toilets you frequent! How big was the huge loads you dropped in the US? I've been to the USA myself and know that many things over there indeed are bigger then elsewhere. Meals included.

Friday, December 04, 2009


People have posted about squat toilets at campsites in France. I was curious about other European countries.

Thanksgiving day dump!

I had an early thanksgiving, the day before at a friend's house. Then I had another with family, both times absolutely stuffing myself. It was awesome and the food was excellent. Not one dish I didn't like. I didn't poop from Tuesday night to Friday morning. Somehow. Even with all the food stuffed in there. Well, Friday morning I had a cup of coffee... and I had to POOP. I went into the bathroom and put a few pieces of tp in the little hole so my dump would stay above it so I could see just how much I shit. I let go of my asshole and out came a piece that felt like it went on forever. Eventually it broke off and another immediately started. For about ten minutes I pooped and pooped. By the time I felt done the toilet was FULL. I mean FULL. So I flushed before wiping, and it clogged. I finished wiping so I could get the plunger, but by that time I really had to poop again. I pooped another ten minutes, wiped and clogged. I had a similar dump later that day.

Happy pooping!

For Thanksgiving this year, my grandfather who's in his early 80s, came to our city for a visit. My parents told me several years ago that because of an aviation job he had in the Korean War and a mistake that was made and an accident that had happened, he has refused to fly when he travels. Therefore he takes bus trips pretty much across the country to visit family and friends. He doesn't seem to mind it, but the day before Thanksgiving got to be pretty frustrating for me.

After school ended, I got in my car to drive home and just then I got a call on my cell from my mom. Grandpa's bus was running early and I should drive directly downtown from our suburb (it's like 25 minutes) and pick him up. I had been holding my crap for like three hours (don't ask me why--it's dumb, I know!) and I was hoping to go at home in like five minutes. Well, now I had to make a quick decision as to how I was going to handle it. So, I left my purse on the car seat (remembering to take my keys, though) and made the walk all the way across two parking lots to get back in school. The security guard at the main entrance was really rude when he unlocked the door for me and he made a couple of meaningless (to me at least) comments about why not just open the building 24/7 and saying the hell with security. I didn't say anything back except to run up the dozen or so stairs up to first floor and down the hall to the bathroom. That happens to be close to the drama department and all 10 stalls were in use and additional students were waiting. I looked at my watch, it was 3:30 p.m. already and I knew they had a play performance that night, and that's why it was so busy. The place smelled pretty bad because some heavy duty crapping had gone on and I was standing very close to a stall door of a girl who was sitting (peeing, I think) and on the cell phone crying to a friend about how she was forgetting her lines. I looked in on her again, saw her pull off some toilet paper, quickly flush and then she opened the door.

I know it was rude, but I didn't wait for her to get out. I brushed by her as she was grabbing her purse off the hook, and I heard her mutter something like "Don't let me slow you down!" as she left the stall. I dropped my panties, pulled up my skirt in back and placed myself on the toilet seat while I used my left hand to close and latch the door. Two plops into the bowl came fast, one of which splashed me and caused me to slide up a little toward the front of the stool. I also peed a little. I reached over a tore off a couple of sheets of toilet paper, pulled up the front of my skirt and slide back on the seat to admire what I had dropped into the bowl (each of the two pieces were like 6" long) and I quickly wiped. All the while I was thinking about how I was going to be late getting downtown, picking up Grandpa at the bus terminal, and worry my parents that I had been in an accident. My mom listens to a police radio in the kitchen and hears the alarms come across as accidents are called in. Another 10 or so students were waiting for the stalls when I left and just navigating through the crowd (several were putting on makeup)was so frustrating to me I didn't even wash my hands. Of course, I got a "finally leaving us?" remark from the security guard.

Back to my car! I got to thinking about how my 25 minute drive downtown was going to be like twice that because rush hour was beginning. I used my cell phone to locate the bus terminal because I didn't remember exactly what corner it was on. My drive down there was stop and go, the usual number of accidents, but I did make pretty good time. Progressively, however, I was getting another indication that I had to crap again. I guess in my haste and all the crowding in the bathroom I had gotten up off the stool too soon. I farted like three or four times (I tend to do that when I get nervous) and I could smell the results. I know the reputation of bus stations, but knew that taking my crap there would be inevitable. I parked on the street, luckily I had the two quarters in my purse that were necessary for the parking meter, and I started walking fast the final block to the bus terminal. I could see the large sign from a block away so there was no chance that I could fall into my usual routine of getting lost. Upon entering through some irregularly heavy and bodily abusing doors (I was afraid of going in my panties just from the force it took to open the door), I saw the monitor. Upon looking through about 50 arrivals and departures I found a "Delayed 30 Minutes" tag flashing in red for my grandfather's bus. Again, because of the holiday there was a pretty good crowd, although a good number of them looked like they had been just hanging out there because it's getting colder on the street.

I asked a luggage man where the bathrooms were and he smiled and pointed to the far back of the terminal. I lost my way back there a couple of times in the crowd that was largely caused by people stopping and talking/waiting right in the middle of the aisles. I remember when Grandpa last visited us about two years ago he had this line everytime someone pissed him off that "There ought to be a law..." Well, now I agree! There was no door leading into the ladies room and I could easily smell it and see people going into and coming out of the entrance. I guess I was let down a bit by seeing another big crowd. I walked in and found it was surprisingly small: 4 stalls, 2 with the doors marked "do not use" and one stall with a door where I could see legs under it and one open stall toilet with a girl like 9 or 10 sitting on it with her jeans and panties all the way to the floor. She sure wasn't very modest as she just sat and stared forward. While I was waiting, the other stall opened but another lady hurried right ahead of me and beat me to it. "You b****!", I thought under my breath. Then I saw the young girl reach back to flush and she wiped while still seated and then stood and pulled up her jeans and panties. The fumbled with the button on her jeans longer than I thought she should have, but she at least smiled and said "Hi" when we saw me and was leaving the stall. I couldn't wait to get on the seat but I pulled off some toilet paper and quickly wiped the seat off before I sat down. While I've never liked using a doorless stall, my skirt did make the invasion of my privacy seem less serious and I don't think my butt was on the seat for more than 4 or 5 minutes before I changed position a bit and let out one giant push. One long log about two feet in length slid out. It was so long that the tip was well into the part of the toilet where it flushes down and the back was soft enough to be outside the water and practically against the inside of the bowl right in front of me. I was messy and it took me about six or seven times to clean myself. I stood up, pulled up my panties and leaned over to flush. There was some splashing and some resistence from the toilet, but it all went down, although there was the largest number of skidmarks I had seen and contributed to for a while.

While I was at the sink washing my hands, I farted a couple of times (something that often happens after I unoad a big one!) and I looked back in the mirror and heard the loudest fart of the day just as a middle age woman pulled down her undwear and seated herself on the stool. There were more blasts just like thunder and while this was happening she took out her cell phone and started to make a call. I was happy to get out of there and hoped that Grandpas bus would arrive soon. Luckily it did. I didn't have to wait too long and definitely didn't need to use that bathroom again.

blue circle
Hey all, I've posted here before, under multiple names, but I am going to try and post more regularly now. For my first post though, I have a question. Does anyone know the eppisode of Yes Dear where the one female character (Kim maybe) needs to poop really bad? She talks about how bad she needs to go as she is putting her child in his or her crib. I only caught that part of the show when it was on, and that was about 7 or 8 years ago. Does anyone know what I'm talking about, and can you give the exact name of the eppisode? All my searching has turned up nothing.

Thanks for any help.

Here is a random question for everyone. If each person reading this were to wipe their butt right now, how many people could say that the toilet paper would come out clean on the first wipe and how many would find poop on the tp?

I'm especially interested in people who have pooped since their last bath or shower. I kind of think that most people who randomly wipe some time after their last poop (but before bathing or showering) are going to find some poop on the paper, but I'm not really sure. My own butt is likely to be clean because I'm pretty obsessive about wiping and use soap when I wipe, but I don't think most other people do. What says everyone?

Hi,Been having real probs with my stomach lately, was in the hospital friday where I had a barium meal.
Was told by nurse to poo as soon as possible.
Well I didnt poo until today.I was at my new boyfriends parents house for tea tonight, and during the meal I had to leave the table for the toilet upstairs.
I was bursting, it suddenly came on like never before- as I quickly undid my jeans I was still standing when it was snaking its way out.
It fell into the toilet with a really loud thud like plop.
As I looked at my solo poo it was greyish white in colour.
I quickly flushed the toilet washed my hands and returned to the table.
Mark my boyfriends 10yr old brother asked to leave the table.
He went to the toilet and discovered my poo had not flushed away.
After announcing it at the table I was highly embarassed- my new bofriend looked at me in disgust.
After the meal my boyfriend said he had to go out, and dropped me off home.
I got a message from him 10 mins ago stating he didnt want to see me anymore - I think it had somthing to do with my barium poop.

Upstate Dave
Some great posts here this morning! Sarah I liked your sneaky theater piss. You were lucky that no one noticed when you went and when you went home riding in the van. Boos Of The Outhouse good story too. Middle Age I live in a older city which at one time had many nieghborhood bars.

One bar that was near where I lived always had big weekend crowds of 18 yearolds and young twentyish patrons. This is when the legal drinking age was 18 here in New York. There was a long gangway that ran from alongside the bar right through the block over to the next street. I lived in a a partment at the end of the gangway on the next street.

With the large number of patrons in the bar on Friday and Saturday nights the gangway was used a lot for many of the bars patroons to piss or shit in! Most of them were the girls too! The bar only had single toilets in each of its bathroom. So the girls and guys that had to go would just walk outside use the the gangway to go in and then back inside the bar.

If a girl or girls came out to go and there were guys or others out using the gangway they would move further down it towards my end of it and piss or shit there. Many times the girls would ot be quiet as they approached where I lived for they were drunk. There would be laughing,loud talking, and of course the sounds of them pissing and shitting. There were two windows that I could look out of and at times see girls squated down with thier bare asses showiung as they squated or were leaning up against the outside wall as they pissed or shitted. There were times that the gangway sure was busy and got plenty to see!

There was one drawback. When it was very hot and muggy and if anyone had shit in the gangway it sure did stink! Also too you had to be real carefull walking through the gangway too. You didn't want to step in any shit that was there! One good thing was that the bar people after many complaints would have somone the next day take and hose down the gangway and clean it up.

This morning

Fascinating figures about the number of people pooping at the same time!
Imagine over two million people grunting and pushing out logs at the same time--Wow!
There is another stat that I wonder about; and that is how many people NEED to poop at the same time and are holding it. Such as folks in large crowded malls, sporting events, arena concerts, in their cars,etc. As we know from reading many of the posts here, there are a lot of people who will not use public toilets to poop, and will hold their poop, sometimes for a long time. Many, it seems like especially women, are either too shy to poop in a public toilet, or don't want their friends to know they have to poop, or there just isn't a toilet available. Which begs the question of how many folks NEED to poop at any one time. I'm betting that the number needing to poop is a pretty good multiple of those actually pooping.
Anybody have some thoughts about it?

I woke up feeling full and bloated. I knew almost right away that I was going to need to take a huge shit. It had been several days since my last dump and all the leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner weren't going to help. I knew the toilet in my bathroom near my bedroom was going to clog so I decided rather than make a mess at home I would do my business at school. In fact, the toilets at home seemed to always have trouble flushing even the smallest of my loads so I usually planned to just always shit away from home.

I left early for class at around 7:30. This would give me sufficient time to take my shit before my first class. During the drive the pressure was starting to build up. I let out a bit of gas to help ease the pressure in my stomach but it was starting to get more and more uncomfortable. To make matters worse, there was a serious accident that closed several lanes of the highway. I was stuck in traffic for nearly 20 minutes. I knew that I was now going to be late for class. I quickly sped up a bit to try and make up for lost time. I arrived 5 minutes before class started so I had no other choice but to hold it in.

Over the course of the next two hours I desperately tried to hold it in. Fortunately, the professor was showing a film so I was able to relax a bit. As soon as we finished I left to find a bathroom. I went to a quiet end of the floor where classes were still in session. I walked into a bathroom at the end of the hallway. There were nobody around as I quickly made my way to the handicapped stall at the end. I locked the door and undid my jeans before sitting down on the cold, hard seat. I let out a massive fart before starting to push. I pushed for nearly 30 seconds while a massive turd came out before dropping into the bowl. It felt good but I knew there was more to come. I pushed again and another turd started to make it's way out. I farted loudly several more times and thankfully nobody else had entered in.

The second turd dropped with a loud splash. I quickly started to pee while letting out more farts. I got up and saw that the toilet was filled with poop. The two logs were about the same size, nearly 8 inches in length each. They were quite thick and I knew they would have clogged the toilet at home. I wiped for several minutes and let out even more gas. The stall was starting to stink up. I quickly pulled my pants up and flushed. The first turd went down but the second got stuck. I flushed again but it didn't budge. I flushed several more times and eventually the force of the water spun it around and it went down. I washed up quickly and exited before leaving for home.

This is too funny. I found this site after searching google because of what happened last weekend. My name is Tania, I'm 17, and my cousin Torie and her parents were staying with us last weekend because of Thanksgiving. She's 17 also, btw. Anyway we get along great and always have. We're like best friends when we're together. Anyway, we were up really late Saturday night just goofing around and somehow we started playing truth or dare. At first it was pretty tame and we talked about boys and kissing and touching and how far we had gone and the dares were pretty tame, but the longer we went the more daring we got. One thing led to another and I wound up daring her to fart, which seemed no big deal at the time. She got on her hands and knees with her butt facing toward me. We were both just wearing our panties and baggy t-shirts. Anyway, she was there and trying to fart but nothing would come out. We were both laughing. She tried harder and pushed more and said "I might have more than a fart back there" and we both laughed even more and I almost peed a little in my panties. She got back on her hands and knees again and said "ok, here it comes" and made more pushing noises and then all of the sudden she let out a big fart but at the same time her panties tented out towards me and there was a loud crackling noise and in just a second or two there was a giant bulge on her butt because she had pooped her panties! I just burst out laughing and fell over on the floor and this time I really did pee my panties quite a bit and she just knelt there laughing her head off too and also peed her panties. Thankfully it was a solid poop. After we calmed down from laughing and peeing ourselves we went into my bathroom, dumped out her panties and both hopped in the shower to clean up. Our mothers just laughed at us the next morning when we had to wash our panties. It wsa the funniest thing ever.

Linda from Australia here again. I'm constipated again so I've been having some trouble. I went almost 2 days without doing a poo! I went on Saturday, early in the afternoon and then I couldn't go again until last night (which was Monday). I tried to go before work yesterday but the poo just wouldn't come out. I could feel a hard turd in my anus but no matter how hard I pushed, I only managed to do farts. I felt uncomfortable all day and when I got home, I finally had success!! It didn't take me long to get the poos out last night but I could only get out a small amount. I felt bloated all night so I'm hoping I can drop a load before work this morning. I haven't been eating enough fibre lately so thats why I'm backed up. I knew it was only a matter of time before I got constipated again.

Linda from Australia here again. I tried to do a poo this morning before work but I couldn't get anything out. All day at work, I had a strong urge to go. When I got home, I made my way to the toilet straight away. I thought I would be in for a hard time but it only took 10 minutes to get my load out. I didn't have to push much either. It felt like only a small amount had come out, but when I had a look at my job, it was quite big. I didn't flush the toilet before work so my load went on top of the toilet paper in the bowl. It consisted of lots of thick, sticky looking logs. It was hard to count them all because they were in a pile. Even though I felt better after dropping that load, I could still feel more up there. I had dinner and did more poos, this time only 1 or 2 golf ball sized turds. I can still feel more poo inside me. I think my losing streak is coming to an end. I don't feel bloated anymore. Hopefully I can stay constipation free for a while.

To Iver: Yes, I do produce huge loads at times. Even when I'm not constipated (which is quite often for me), I often drop big loads. Yes, I did do 10 golf balls and 4 banana sized poos the other morning. The turds filled up the bowl completely. Then I did more that day too, I had heaps of poo inside me!! I still had more in me after that second session but I couldn't get it out until the next day.

I recently went on a big overseas holiday, to Canada and the US. I LOVED the toilets over there!! They had bigger bowls that held more water and I could see my loads of poo more easily. I also produced the BIGGEST loads I have ever done in my life on that holiday!!! I was surprised that I didn't clog the toilet with my huge loads!! I still had some trouble with constipation but mostly, I had really enjoyable dumps!! I can't remember ever clogging a toilet completely, but I have had to flush more than once on a few occassions.

What about you, do you have problems with constipation? I get constipated about once a month, I go 2 or 3 days without pooping but I have 1 or 2 weeks of trouble, where I still go once a day but its a real marathon effort for me (20-30 minutes on the toilet, occassianlly its even longer) Sometimes I have to break poo off with my hand because it gets stuck in my anus and I have even considered digging poo out before aswell.

Small Town Girl
Normally I'm pretty constipated. On average I poo twice a week if I'm lucky.

Yesterday I felt pretty full and wanted to get it OUT. I decided to pack up the fiber. Throughout the day I had a fiber one bar, a grilled cheese sandwich with whole wheat bread, a bottle of Ensure (which has a decent percentage of fiber), some fiber rich oatmeal, and a couple of chewable fiber tablets called fiber choice.

As the day went on I was annoyed that I didn't need to poo. Then I woke up this morning and still felt nothing.

BUT NOW. Just now. I felt the twinge so I seated myself on the toilet and had a glorious poo. It slid out easily and it was thick and long, probably about ten inches, maybe a little less. It felt heavy, it had bulk! I peed too, which I love. I love when I have to pee and poo at the same time, it doesn't happen to me very often.

It felt SO GOOD. Now I have no fullness in my ???? and I feel so relieved. My plan worked!! I'm happy. I'll have to try to remember to eat like that more often.

It's my first time publish and im extremely shy but here it goes.
I like reading all the others stories and they encourage me to write this storie.
Whem i was younger i was playing playstation2 and was almost completing the level but i needed to poop so i afte to chose and i chose going to the bathroom. When i came back i never won the level. I got disapointed and told to my self that the next time it would be diferent. So last year i was using an webcam call with a friend i aft to go to the bathroom but the conversation was so interesting that i picked a paper and put it betwen my underwear and my ass to protect my underwear from permanent damage. And than i tried to hold on until the conversation end but after 2 hours he was still talking and i just couldn't old it any more. I was about to let it go into my pants when my dad came in asking he was fine(my talky friend). When he left the room i got with my pants soaped in shit. I dont know why but i love the feeling of wet and worm in my pants that i love it

to Jimmy: thanks for the support! i will write a post soon!

to Dealiah: please tell any pooping stories while out in the public! i really miss u!



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